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Charlotte Hornets beat the Minnesota Timberwolves, 128-125

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January 23, 2024 3:58 pm

Charlotte Hornets beat the Minnesota Timberwolves, 128-125

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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January 23, 2024 3:58 pm

Brenden Whitted, Bison Express, on the Charlotte Hornets and ACC men’s basketball schools.  

What does Brenden think about UNC and how they’ve been looking so far this season? Was this just a random win for the Hornets or could we see things start to click a little more for them? What areas do they need the most work on?


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See website for details. RJ Davis had a career-high 36 points last night. Karl-Anthony Towns did not even have an NBA high 62 last night as the Timberwolves lost at home to the Charlotte Hornets. Hornets outscoring the Tea Puppies by 18 in the fourth quarter for the win.

I got to play a little bit of Eric Collins because Eric's over the top as the, as the Hornets were winning this game. 38. No!

No! Are you kidding? I don't even know what that was, but it didn't matter. That was Towne shooting a 3. Like a crazy 3.

He made 10 of them. Anyway, 62 points, but it didn't matter because they lost. And the Hornets today made a trade.

Terry Rozier, who only had 11 last night, goes to Miami for a 20-27 first round pick and offensive guard Kyle Lowry. The joke is in there, people. You can find it. Brendan Whitted, my friend, at H.U.

Cosell on Twitter. Did you get the joke? I, no, I got it. It was very subtle. Thank you. As usual, very, very, very, very light hand, very light hand on the touch there. There you go.

All right. So my read on this trade is that Rozier is very, very valuable as a bench scorer to a contending team. And they got him for what amounts to a 10th grader. Yeah, they got, I mean, they got him a layaway, right? Like, you know, they got the you know, I've done I've gone to Rent-A-Center and got a whole whole den bedroom set like the whole thing. I just can't bring it home yet.

Yeah, I can't bring it home yet. But like, I got it for later. And that's cool.

And that's essentially what they did. Like, honestly, I'll be real. Like, I'm actually very proud of the Hornets franchise for finally striking while the iron is hot and getting an asset for somebody that you knew you weren't going to resign. Like everybody knew that like everybody knows what the shake is.

And that's the thing about the trade deadline. Do you know who you are? Right. Do you know who you are? Because everybody else does. But do you?

And so like sometimes like Toronto, Toronto, they know who they are. Oh, gee, I don't know. Gone. See, I'm gone. Why? Because they know this isn't working and we're going to make different. We're going to make different choices. Right.

Those are two fantastic guys. The Knicks got better. The Pacers got better after they made those trades. But do you know who you are? Like if the if you're the Lakers, you know, you need to be better. Despite the in-season tournament championship, you know, you need to be better.

So it's a Lavon. Is it Colin Sexton? Who is it that's going to make your team better? Because you need a third guy. I love Austin Reeves, too. He's not bad. He's a good player. He's just not a somebody you need to build a franchise around. And so do you know who you are?

And if you don't, you could end up in like, oh, no, we're going to like a perfect example. I'm Mr. Lavon. I think Chicago's won the last their last three games. Kobe White is look really good. Like, yeah. Are you are you a seller or are you are like, are you are you are you going to. Are you headed towards a championship or are you headed towards a playoffs?

What do you want? And then move forward from there. And I really appreciate when teams know who they are and the hardest know who they are. And I don't think they're done. I think more people will get moved from from this squad. Who else gets moved? Brendan Woodard, by the way, is joining us at H.U.

co cell on Twitter. Who else gets moved? Because I'm looking at this deal like four years away. I guess that's still an asset. It's still a first round pick that you can use somewhere else.

I'm not quite as bullish on it as as you are. And Kyle Lowry for for a team that, you know, needs like maybe a young. He doesn't he doesn't he doesn't even need to rent in Charlotte. No, no, he's not. He's not going to get bought out. He's going to be used as an asset.

They're going to redirect him somewhere else. You know, maybe after a treadmill. But I mean, do I mean, I don't I apologize. I mean, I know he's always been so he's been a little, you know. But everybody we don't have to we don't.

I put it all out there. But he can help a team that might just need an old head to kind of keep him focused for a playoff run. Or just to make the playoffs.

He can definitely help a team. But I don't know what you're going to get. You're not going to get a first round pick. Yeah, I mean, you're not you're not going to get.

He hasn't been good. Like he has no, like there's some there's some hashtag leadership stuff going on that you can probably move here. Like if John was still healthy, maybe you would go to the Grizzlies. Yeah. So like you just want like a like a old head in the locker room type star.

But like they but they know they are right. Like without John, they're just another team. Like they're just another squad. Yeah. I think at this point who he is, he's he's pretty much six to you.

Donna's has them. You know, I mean, like, hey, you're just there for like, you know, to make sure the company picnic goes well. You know, I mean, like you're just saying I'm not the only one. Well, that was that was unfortunate.

I thought you were going to call him Oliver Miller. I didn't see. You know what?

You know what? I'm not even I'm not even engaging today. Today's not the day go today's another day. You're not going to get me canceled.

Okay, you can't. I'm just I'm still out sharing these streets. I'm just I'm like, okay, look, I love I love what Kyle Lowry is or was. I'll get was as a player didn't really work out. As it turns out, Miami didn't really need the leadership that Kyle Lowry was going to bring them. He didn't really provide it last year. They didn't need it because they had Jimmy Butler and Jimmy Butler. I would say he was good in the postseason, like he was bad regular season.

But the postseason, he actually was really good. And that's the craziest part about like we talk about the trade deadline a lot. And I love the trade deadline because like buyers, who's a buyer seller? I love I love that conversation.

It's a good conversation to have. But also. Like the buyout window is important, too, because we mentioned Miami. Their team that picked up Kevin Love from Christ for nothing, nothing, nothing. And he like that Cleveland, who had one of the worst bitch scoring, like one of the worst bitch scoring in the league last year, just decides, OK, we're going to kick him.

And Kevin Love ends up starting in finals game. I know. I mean, like it is what do you know who you are? That is that is that if you take nothing else away, basketball or otherwise, do you know who you are?

And that and that's going to be another whole fun, fun part about this whole thing. And in a few weeks, before I ask you about the Tar Heels real quick, Brennan Wooded at H.U. Cosell on Twitter, Bison Express.

You want to read some of his work? The the Knicks traded R.J. Barrett and Emmanuel quickly to Toronto to get O.G. and I'm not even criticizing the deal. And nobody's dynamite player. And I think the Knicks went on a run after that. And I think the Knicks are pretty good.

I don't think they're great, but I think they're pretty good. But if you trade Barrett, doesn't it make you go? Why didn't you trade him for Donovan Mitchell a couple of years ago to give you a bonafide bucket getter on the perimeter back? You know that a guy who could give you 40 any given night.

That's the first thing that struck me is like, well, why didn't you make the deal two years ago? Hello, it is Ryan. And we could all use an extra bright spot in our day, couldn't we? Just to make up for things like sitting in traffic, doing the dishes, counting your steps, you know, all the mundane stuff. That is why I'm such a big fan of Chumba Casino. Chumba Casino has all your favorite social casino style games that you can play for free anytime, anywhere with daily bonuses.

That should brighten your day a little, actually a lot. So sign up now at That's I like Donovan Mitchell. I do, too.

I don't love it. Yeah, but he doesn't seem to really move that new here. Everybody remembers bubble Donovan Mitchell like the like that whole run that he went on.

I get that. Is he is he like that? Has he made Cleveland that much better? Like he's they're a better team for sure. Are they a championship team? No. In Utah, were they a championship team because they had Donovan Mitchell? No. I like I actually like the O.G. trade because like he's something different.

They had a whole bunch of the same in New York. Sure. Like R.J. is kind of just the same.

He's like he's just he's just it's kind of the same guy. Like I need to be fed in the right places so that I can play well. O.G. is a lockdown defender that they can just go sick on people.

They haven't had that in a long time now. Quickly. I thought quickly was a loss. Like I know he's not he's not necessarily held at the same sort of esteem as some people are. That boy bucket. Yeah. He just like he just walk around and get get get bucket.

And even in his short period of time, like they I think he was like twenty five minutes or something like that for the Knicks at the time. And he was putting them up like he was putting them up and going to go get like I appreciate guys that know who they are. And like I like the O.G. pick for that.

Like I like the O.G. swap for them. It's changed them. I think they're better. Again, are we talking about championship? No, but like I like the idea of the Knicks no longer just trying to trophy hunt. Oh, we're going to get Durant.

Oh, we're going to get LeBron. No, stop. Stop that. You're not. You're not.

Well, they get them both when they're 40. Oh, wait a second. LeBron's already.

My fault. LeBron's already there. Before I let you go, Brendan went in and we don't have a ton of time left. But my read on the Tar Heels is that we know historically they're an offensive ball team. But this team is a defensive first team. And we know the offense will be there. And it will certainly was in the second half last night. I just think that that mix puts this team in a position to cut them all down. I love the makeup of this team.

How do you see it? You know how I know that UNC is good this year. And I retweeted. Shout out to Candace Cooper, the homie.

Cool. When she was like, I'm not sure about this and that. UNC fans when like fans fans know like when we start nitpicking. That's when you know a team is good. Like, like when we're trash, we'll be like, well, maybe if this happens and this happens, we can maybe be good by March when they come. Well, we're good. We're good. Good. Now, like only the only problem I have with us now is if anything happens to R.J. Davis, we're cooked. Right. We don't have enough playmakers.

And I know Cadeau. I get it. But like, he's just not.

You can't shoot below 60 percent from the free throw line and be my main playmaker. But like they were able to beat Boston College without a big Baycock performance. Like, they're good. Like they have an incredible comment like that, that if there was one thing that I could harness on, I'd be like, hey, make it easier. Make it easier on that guy. Like just just put him in some D.H.O.s, put him some pick and rolls, set some cross.

Stop trying to make like he knows there are so many possessions when you have to grab it from the defensive rebound and then go sprinting down the court and then just dribble, dribble, dribble and try to make it work. Just be. Hey, you just be you know, you got a dog right here.

Just like me. Like just I mean, that'll be my only thing. You know, I guess there's two things.

Well, I guess it's 100 percent. You see, I like I really believe in this team. I think by March they're going to be really phenomenal defensively. They're so much better.

There are times when they still get lost and stuff. But every team in the past has always been. I hope we score. I hope we score more than them because we're not going to stop a nosebleed. And then now they're like, OK, well, if we're just good half the time on defense.

It's fantastic. I am so much I am so excited for this team. Like it's it's keeping me alive with the Hornets and the Panthers. It's just like your boy has been on a struggle bus. I'm already talking to my therapist about my sports teams. I'm like, bruh, could you help me out just a little bit, bro?

Like, I don't know what's happening, but yes, the U.S. is for real. And I am so excited. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Hubert.

Thank you. Thank you, Roy Williams for making this transition happen. Like, just I'm just happy. Like, wow, I'm just yes, this is this excited, happy Carolina fan, because we don't ever you don't ever get that.

You'll never get that on the media. So I'm going to do this. I'm going to be contradictory. It's like, you know, like, you know, and Rogers, but with some common sense. So like, there you go. I'm going to be contradictory and be Rogers with some common sense.

Write that down. That's Brendan Whitted at H.U. Cosell on Twitter. But man, I'll talk to you soon. Thank you. Always.

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