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Sebastian Aho reflects on this past season

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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May 26, 2023 3:14 pm

Sebastian Aho reflects on this past season

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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May 26, 2023 3:14 pm

Carolina Hurricane Center Sebastian Aho joined Adam to reflect on this past season and what he's proud of the most. He compares the ending of this season to last season and can point to one thing that made the difference in the Eastern Conference Final. He also shares what he plans to do this off-season and improve as a player. 


Sebastian Ajo had another great year for the Carolina Hurricanes. I believe he was named the team's Most Valuable Player. I don't know how many times he's won that award.

Probably not enough. And he joins us on the Adam Gold Show. First of all, how are you? Are you alright?

I'm doing very well. You were fun to watch this year. The team was fun to watch. The playoff run was great.

I know it doesn't get easier, but what makes this year maybe different from last year and how it ended? I think everyone saw it. We were right there. We had a really good chance to go all the way and win it all. I'm not saying we didn't have a chance last year, but I guess it just felt different this year. It felt different in the room. I'm sure all the fans and other people noticed it too, that we really had a good chance. It's just things that we couldn't get it done.

Sebastian Ajo is with us here on the Adam Gold Show. So, when you think back on why, Rod is right. Every single one of those games against Florida could have gone the other way.

All of them. When you think back on why it didn't, do you have an explanation for it? Is there something you can point to as to why whatever the break or whatnot went to Florida each of the four games? It's just crazy to think that it was four games in a row.

I'm still not saying it. I always think the better team wins in the best of seven series. It was a weird one for sure. Obviously, they are hot goalie. So did we, by the way. We had a great goal-tending all playoffs.

They did their job. Obviously, their goalie played unreal. Having said that, we couldn't score enough goals to win those games. Sometimes hockey goes like that. They took a lot of momentum those first OT win and second OT win.

It just went their way. I talked to you before the series. I didn't talk to you after the four overtime epic of game one. How did you feel coming out of that game?

Obviously, everyone is pretty gassed. It hurts to lose a game like that. You're in that game forever. You like to win those ones for sure. You like to win any game.

That one for sure. Physically, I felt fine. Obviously, you were a little bit more tired next morning. I think you ended at 2 a.m. in the game. Sleep was a little short. I recovered pretty well. It wasn't that lost us this year at all. You played over 45 minutes.

I think everybody by the end of it looked a little bit slower. Can you think back on that game and go, at least I played in it? Or do you not want to think back on that game? Either way, I think we're all going to remember that game for a long time.

It doesn't happen too often, the fourth OT and all that. It was a crazy one. I definitely played enough in that one. You're going to be 26, by the way. I know I'm not going to speak to you on your birthday, but happy birthday in July.

You're going to be 26 years old. This is the fifth time in a row. The road has ended in the playoffs. What you guys have accomplished as a group, as a team, is outstanding.

It's unprecedented in this franchise's history. What is the next step for you as a player and this team as a unit? What is the area where you want to get better?

No, it's just simple. The whole group's mindset is to win it all. Individually, anything I can do to help the team win. Of course, I like scoring goals. I like scoring points.

But it doesn't really matter. The mindset is there that the only next step we want to take is win it all. To me, personal stuff doesn't really matter. Even if the personal stuff leads to team stuff, though.

As you already said, you want to score goals. Did you feel targeted in this series? Did you feel like Florida was physically going after you, going out of their way to get to you in those ways?

I don't know. They're a physical team, for sure. Obviously, they play physically on me, but I think they play physically on anyone else, too. People know who they're out against.

Obviously, they try to shut me down, but I don't think it was too much of a target for me. Let me ask you one quick question about a teammate of yours who I thought took a lot of strides, even though his offense wasn't as good this year as it was last year. How much did Seth Jarvis grow as a player this year in the way he approached the game?

He took a big step, especially this postseason. I liked a lot his game. He's a good kid.

When you talk to him, when you tell him something, he listens and he learns. I think he's a skill. He's very coachable. He works his tail off every single night.

You can't ask a lot more than that. I really enjoyed playing with him. It's funny. You called him a good kid. You're 26.

You will be 26. The last time I talked to Seth, I asked him about – my favorite Sebastian Ajo, I like to watch you when you get agitated on the ice, when you get angry at your opponent. That's my favorite way to watch you play. I asked him about that and he goes, yes, except when he's yelling at me. Do you yell at Seth a lot? I try not to, but sometimes we're all there to win and sometimes it's necessary to yell. I'm not yelling. Sometimes it's for me.

I need to wake up. Get the line going and try to bring some energy. Sometimes it's yelling. Obviously, you'd rather not yell and everything goes your way, but it's hockey. Sometimes it's not going your way and you need to do something different. Take out your frustrations on the kid.

I appreciate that. Did Seth ever yell at you? Not yet. I think he might be coming. He might be a little different than me. I haven't seen that in him yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if he would come next year. Two more things and I'll let you go, Sebastian.

I appreciate your time. Are you somebody who will watch the Stanley Cup Finals? I don't know if you have friends who play for Dallas or Vegas on the other side, or if you've got any friends who play. I know A2 Lou Starinen played here for a few months, but will you watch the Western Finals and then the Stanley Cup Finals, or are you done with it for now? Well, when you're in it, I love watching it. I think the playoff hockey is so nice to watch. It's so intense and lots are going to happen and all that stuff. It definitely hurts. It's not the easiest thing to watch, but I'm still aware. I'm not saying I'm going to watch every game and all that, but I'm definitely aware of what's happening in the West and in the Cup Finals. Do you want Florida to win? I don't really care. It's not us.

You don't care. When do you head back to Finland? I imagine it's the next day or two.

No, me and my girlfriend, we still figure it out. Maybe hang out for a week or so here. We'll figure it out. Don't leave until it gets really ridiculously hot.

Take advantage of nice weather here. Finally, I really have to say that I was very impressed, and even my wife mentioned it, that she loved your playoff beard. That's the biggest improvement you've made in the five years of the playoff run. I remember in year one, I said, nice playoff beard, and you looked at me like, no, it's not. It's terrible. Well done.

I think it was still terrible, but at least it was better than five years ago. You're right. You were this close.

One more round and it would have looked like Brent Burns. Right. I agree. Thank you very much. I appreciate your time. Have a great offseason, and we'll catch up with you when you get back to town after the summer. All right. Thanks, Adam. Have a great summer. You too. Sebastian Aho here on the Adam Cole Show.
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