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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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April 23, 2024 5:34 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 23, 2024 5:34 am

The Knicks STUN the 76ers in Game 2 | What are Joel Embiid and Nick Nurse so mad about? | The Carolina Hurricanes complete a comeback of their own.


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Hyundai, there's joy in every journey. Danny Gokey is this performer's name. I've actually seen him do this song live and the place was pretty nutso.

Singing every word back to him. It's a really catchy song and boy does it apply to a manic Monday night in the postseason. This is why we love it, right? As much as people have been ragging on the NBA and it's true. It seems like we go blow out to blow out to blow out to blow out and I'm really hoping that this night serves as a catalyst where we'll have some competitive games. Not just series that go the distance but games within these series that are extremely competitive and give us compelling finishes. Between these two games, the Knicks and the Nuggets and their very distinct rallies plus the Carolina Hurricanes and how they came back from down 3-0 to the Islanders late in the second period of that game. We had three very distinct flavor of comeback. It's a little bit like ice cream flavors. So we're asking you to rank the craziest comebacks of the night. We've got a post up on Twitter at Amy After Hours and also on our Facebook page and it really is it just kind of depends upon your opinion and which ice cream flavor you like the best. Didn't we do that during the final four? I think we did. Final four ice cream flavors and it was one of those where we ended up just wanting to eat all of the flavors. No answer is wrong in this case. It's just a matter of opinion. Which one was craziest to you?

Was it the Nuggets down 20 in the second half chipping away chipping away and every single time the Lakers took the lead in that last minute and 15 seconds the Nuggets had an answer and you get the true buzzer beater from Jamal Murray. Funny enough I just had class here on the campus of Syracuse University a few hours ago before I got immersed in the playoffs and I was telling my students we were talking about sound and without visual what do you hear? It was one of the questions or as you're working on a radio show because that's what I'm teaching. How can you give listeners the full body experience? How can you immerse them in a particular topic or a game that you're talking about even though they can't see it with their own eyes?

How do you give them give them the full experience? I used a couple examples from the play-by-play world and also believe it or not use the trailer for Mission Impossible because that's a full body experience and just asking them what do you hear? You can't see it but what sounds? What music? What audio do you hear?

What stands out to you? I was telling them the story about the craziest finish I've ever seen in person which was the Chris Jenkins buzzer beater Villanova over North Carolina national championship in Houston in 2016 and I was describing to them how. Jenkins lets the ball fly then the buzzer sounds then it goes through the hoop the crowd goes crazy and the confetti guns go off and I'm sure they were miked because they were so extremely loud but that sequence where its ball gets released buzzer sounds then it goes through the hoop and you've got this mass chaos that ensues.

It wasn't as large a venue in the Mile High City on Monday night because we're talking NBA arena versus a football stadium but it was just that crazy. Jamal Murray releases the shot over the top of Anthony Davis and his outstretched arm and his fingertips then the buzzer sounds then the ball goes through the hoop and then the crowd goes wild so that sequence of noises and really iconic sounds in sports it's one of the reasons why I dig radio so there's the nuggets come back. The Knicks which we're going to talk about here in this segment and let you hear it hear H-E-R-E versus H-E-A-R the Knicks are down five points in the final 30 seconds so this is not a slow burn like the the Lakers getting torched over the you know only scoring 40 points in the second half and over the course of those two quarters just coughing it up this is so tight and dramatic that it's stunning for that reason alone the Knicks are down five in in the final 30 seconds they go from down five to up three they score the final eight points and the way that it happened everything had to go right because they they're out of time it's tight it's close quarters they need not just a turnover after well first of all they need a Brunson bouncer which is what I'm calling it Jalen Brunson releases this awkward three-point shot from the corner and it looks like it's no good it bounces off the rim and back through right so it goes up in the air and just the spin of the ball it drops through so it's a Brunson bouncer then as Philadelphia inbounds the Sixers turn the ball over I think there's going to be a whistle because it certainly looks like there's contact and a foul no whistle Dante DiVincenzo launches a three that isn't good there's an offensive rebound for the Knicks back out to Dante who then nails the go-ahead three with 13 seconds to go so it's not a buzzer beater but it's so dramatic in that well and then the Sixers had a couple of opportunities themselves and couldn't get a shot to drop but they go for it's this wild swing right the seesaw in the final 30 seconds and then we talked about the Hurricanes two against the Islanders they're down three goals to none it's late second period you could argue what was the turning point of the game against the Islanders was it just getting on the board late in the second period feeling like okay we're now within striking distance was it the first goal in the third period that now pulls them within one or is it the bang bang and there's where really where the shocking element comes in the bang bang of the two goals in nine seconds and that happens late in this game so they tie it I think it was about two minutes and 15 seconds to go tie it and then they take the lead and of course the empty netter is more of an exclamation point than anything so for my money as a talk show host these kinds of moments in sports are the ones I dig because of what they sound like and because of the emotional experience of the fans and those are all the things I was talking about with my students a few hours ago and then to have it play out the way that it did and I even started the show by saying to you I don't need to give you bells and whistles I don't need to figure out what to talk about it's not one of those nights no it's a night where the sports and the moments they they drive the bus and they carry us which is amazing I'm just following along it's after hours with Amy Lawrence I'm still here in Syracuse on the infinity sports network in control room three Paul is back so Paul's one of my students a grad student actually who was just telling me he finished up a tv package that he had to do for one of his other classes and our class our fourth class where he has to let us all hear his radio segment that he's put together that's his very last class as a student which is amazing so it's good to have him in here again josh was here earlier for a few minutes but he had to be on camera at eight o'clock in the morning eastern time so these grad students are down to the final few days and I certainly remember what that feels like so I appreciate them taking the time to come over rank these crazy comebacks is it nuggets is it nicks is it canes which one was most stunning which one would you like to watch again but if you didn't know that it was happening that's actually kind of fun can you put the genie back in the bottle and watch it like you don't know what's coming and we still want to give you more reaction from nuggets and Lakers but want to get into this Knicks Sixers game the Sixers led a few times 10 points was their largest lead but they led a few times where they maybe thought they had it Tyrese Maxey another one of these incredible performances man it's fun to see him come into his own 35 points for him and he did have a big shot that put them up by five with 30 seconds to go right so the the Sixers were never really out of reach necessarily or the Sixers didn't ever put it out of reach necessarily but it felt like they were in control for we'll say most of the game but it's a good back and forth the Knicks are tough and that crowd at Madison Square Garden is is pretty incredible so you you have the the Sixers with this huge performance from Tyrese I got the time wrong was about a minute and 10 seconds to go he put them up for 196 but you also have a gutty performance from Joel Embiid and the reason I say this is because he's clearly in pain whenever he comes off the court he's got trainers talking to him they're looking at him he's grimacing I mean he is laboring to give it absolutely everything that he's got in this game and and he was brilliant for a good portion of it so you've got 35 points from Maxey you've got 34 points from Joel Embiid to go along with 10 rebounds and six assists I mean in his condition and he's still trying to get back into basketball shape after being out for several months in his condition for him to to go all in blood sweat tears that whole proverbial leave everything out there on the court that's what an MVP does I know his his numbers or his time on the court this year wasn't enough for him to be eligible and he would tell you he's not the MVP of the NBA this year but this is what a leader does this is what an MVP does no matter how you feel you give it absolutely everything you've got for better or for worse they did get 10 points from Tobias Harris but again not ever enough to to bury the Knicks or to feel like they were safe and they were never quite out of the danger zone and I'll give the Knicks credit for this too and if you know their personality they are they're a team of fighters they're not a team of superstars Jalen Brunson's terrific and he's really come into his own since he's been since he's been there with the Knicks since he was traded there for the Mavericks he's really blossomed into an incredible point guard and leader though he's not shot well in this series either it's kind of interesting the parallels between Jamal Murray and Jalen Brunson these two awesome point guards all-star point guards and yet neither one of them has shot well but come kind of nitty-gritty and the late stages of these games we see them rise to the occasion and that's what the best players do how often have we seen Steph Curry doesn't matter how poorly he's shot over the course of a game he's going to be there with the ball in his hands at the end LeBron's another one of those guys and yeah I'm naming future hall of famers but Jalen Brunson Jamal Murray they have that quality in that they're able to mentally put whatever's happened in the game behind them because my team needs me so neither Jalen nor Jamal has shot particularly well in the first two games of their series and yet coming through at the end so with the Knicks you've got all right you've got the one star in Jalen Brunson Julius Randle not available some people think Julius Randle actually is a guy who doesn't make the Knicks better but limits their options that's a whole nother debate he's not in the series but the Knicks are a group of guys that are fighters they're they're role players Josh Hart's played amazingly well of course end stages of game one and then on into this game where he has a double double and I do love the Villanova component of this I think it helps when you've got guys who either have a connection or have played together before Dante DiVincenzo also comes from Nova which is kind of funny so you got three of their starting lineup guys who came from a basketball culture where they're expected to win but I love the the fighting the fighting the scratching the clawing I love the grit I love the guts and for that reason the Knicks not saying that there can come back from any deficit but in this case a 10-point deficit against the Sixers team that is laboring against an MVP that is laboring they were never out of it it just yeah it just took a few moments that went perfectly the way of the New York Knicks it's after hours with Amy Lawrence so Jay let's pick it up well I don't have the numbers sorry in front of me trying to talk and look at numbers at the same time but the let's let's go with where the Sixers kind of get that that lead with Tyrese Maxie back to Tyrese he turns the corner he hangs fire it's good Maxie delivers from the right wing a 16 footer on the move and Maxie gives the Sixers the lead Maxie still dribbling to Joelle he turns the corner three to shoot he goes back to Tyrese three-pointer in the air it's good Maxie with the biggest shot of the playoffs for the Sixers he nailed it and Maxie has made it a four-point game so there's where they're they're at the point right where they're they look the Sixers look like they're on the cusp and even though there's plenty of time to go you have Tyrese Maxie with just over a minute to go makes it 196 and you hear that on the Sixers radio network and then you know there's there's the whole coaches challenge and you know the Sixers are challenging a foul they don't get the call blah blah blah anyway going into the final minute then Jalen misses a three so right still not really locked in and not shooting well and the Sixers get the rebound and Dante DiVincenzo commits a foul so Kyle Lowry makes one of the two at the other end and that's where the five-point lead comes in so now there's a off the miss free throw Brunson gets the rebound and the Knicks have possession of the ball with 45 seconds to go but they're down three and this next sequence is is pretty incredible so the final 30 seconds are where the stunner the stunner comes in the shock value if you will shock and awe remember those words uh going back to when I was first getting into radio shock jocks that was a big thing I don't know if that's still a thing now in radio but there is a lot of radio that it's all about just shocking you as much as uh they can saying something crazy hot take type of thing oh yeah you don't need them for these final 30 seconds of the Knicks and Sixers loose ball picked up by DiVincenzo circling at the top of the arc into the corner Brunson pump fake three-pointer left side front rim gets the roll three-pointer is good it's a two-point game Knicks down two with 27 seconds to go inbound is knocked away by maxi gets the ball back falls to the floor stolen by Hart DiVincenzo three-pointer no good Hartenstein the offensive rebound he kicks it out to Adanobi DiVincenzo again knocks it down six lead 13 seconds to go time out philadelphia so it's not a buzzer beater but what the nuggets and the nicks have in common in addition to the win is the crowd and the electricity and the noise behind them so with 13 seconds left Dante nails that three and as I say the sequence it's nutty Jaylen takes the three from the corner it bounces up off the rim I mean probably got a good foot off the rim and then back down through the cylinder so that happens and it's 101.99 as you hear on Nick's radio then Tyrese Maxey turns the ball over so Josh Hart's got active hands he's in there he he's able to grab that ball but there were other guys around him and maxi kind of got I wouldn't say swallowed up but he got swarmed by a couple of different Knicks so this is Tom Thibodeau defense right this is the pressure this is unrelenting this is you get your ass out there and you defend type of a thing that's Tom Thibodeau his intensity starts on the defensive end and we've seen that with the Knicks not a lot of offensive star power outside of Jaylen Julius when he wants to but what they have is a team that will defend and and are physical and they're tough and they're hard nosed and while initially when Tom Thibodeau got this job it didn't necessarily translate now you can see where that defense has become a quality that toughness and that aggressiveness has become a quality of these Knicks so Tyrese loses the ball Dante gets one shot at a triple from the top of the key it's errant so 15 seconds to go and what happens Isaiah Hartenstein drive well not drives him but flies in and gets the offensive board and to me well you know I love offensive rebounds they're sexy as hell but to me that is again emblematic of the Knicks and their hustle and the hustle stats if you will they get it back out to Dante which I think is cool because he gets another chance how much do we love the mini redemption stories in sports and Dante nails this one the crowd goes crazy and now there's 13 seconds to go however they're not done at this point the Knicks are only up by the one point and so you've got multiple shots still for for the Sixers on the other end Tyrese misses one end up that you know Joelle Embiid has a triple kind of at the end too that one was that was a that was a tough sequence for the Sixers I know they wanted Maxie to take the shot but he didn't feel like he had it he hesitated the window closed he finds Embiid it I wasn't even sure Embiid got it off before the buzzer sounded he did but it was not a great look and it bounces kind of high off the rim and so we'll let you hear the Sixers version after we come back from the break but just the way that this one played out it was so stunning for the Knicks for their fans and yet if you know how the Knicks play basketball yeah a lot of things had to go right but it wasn't so completely beyond the realm of possibility that they would force a turnover that they would get an offensive rebound because those are kind of the qualities that embody how the Knicks play it was loud as hell in there um and so after honestly after I missed the first one I was really really really really really hoping that Isaiah got it because I knew that you know the rotation of everything I was going to get a second look so um thank god he got the offensive rebound how about that so that's the version of Dante DiVincenzo he's he said it's loud as hell in there and just that moment of hey please get the ball back to me I can do it the second time and I love that they feed him they're not looking for someone else he's the guy that's open don't overthink it give him another chance and and the ball goes in and then Josh Hart with his version of that final sequence. JB did a great job denying um that we were able to get the you know get that steal kick it out and take it out and Tae was able to hit that uh you know that shot so it was crazy it was hectic um but at that point we had nothing to lose we gotta be as physical as we can and um you know it panned out. Jay no Jaylen Brunson I know I have an incomplete list here but did we hear anything from Jaylen? Jaylen had I think a microphone issue oh I couldn't hear well that sucks it was in the podium he was on the podium with the two other guys but his he spoke he answered a question and it was unaudible inaudible oh that sucks uh all right so a little bit I don't know if it's controversy although I did hear that there's maybe potentially a protest by the Sixers of this game because Nick Nurse was so upset that he was trying to call time out and couldn't get one they score we take a look at getting it in quick we don't get it in quick uh I call time out uh referee looked right at me ignored me went into Tyrese I called time out again then the melee started and yeah I mean I guess I gotta run out onto the floor or do something to make sure and get his attention but I needed a time out there to advance it would have been good but couldn't get it. 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not going to agree with every call i do get that um but to not only and maybe he's referring to the fact that they don't get the time out i think it's kind of big picture there but you nick nurse tried to call a time out in an in an arena in an atmosphere as loud as that one it may feel like the the officials looking right at you and and there's so much going on we talk about sensory overload it just could be that the official didn't see him as as frustrating as that is for nick nurse um and and dante even said it was huge it was loud as hell in there right um and then you've got so you've got that but you've also got these other moments that the Sixers cannot blame on the officials just like the Lakers can't blame the officials for a 20-point collapse you know you can't blame the officials for an offensive rebound you can't blame the officials for this turnover on the inbound even though nurse says that that's where he wanted the time out which would have advanced the ball you also can't blame the officials for dante divincenzo hitting the shot of his life so i don't love i don't love that look i get that they're frustrating and at times we all are looking for someone to blame but the nicks they got they created this opportunity uh and it's fun the the history of it too in the play-by-play era that goes back to 96 97 so you're talking about uh you know fairly uh big sample size of several decades but the the play-by-play i don't know why they call it that the play-by-play era it's only the fourth time that a team has won a postseason game after trailing by at least five in the final 30 seconds um so yeah you've got a few of these moments that gosh i remember a couple of these uh in the nba finals in 2013 ray allen remember miami against san antonio and the big ray allen shot that was game six and then uh the heat go on to win in game number seven also a golden state of course is in there and then this one may stand out to some of you kobe bryant hit a game winner to beat the suns in a first round series in 2006 and tyrese maxey was sick still at the 35 points the 10 assists the nine rebounds he was amazing he actually missed their morning shoot around because he wasn't feeling well and didn't have a ton of energy and bead gave it everything he had so i understand the frustration but to blame the officials for it to me is lame i mean it's lame it's missing the forest for the trees um so to speak what was the craziest comeback of the night you can rank them on twitter a law radio or on our facebook page there were three of them that were pretty nutso uh and we'll we're gonna sift through the rubble if you will of a manic monday night in the postseason on both the court and the ice it's after hours with amy lawrence on infinity sports network you are listening to the after hours podcast run some of the rebound new york on the move left to right sixes lead by five brudson on the dash in the building up a two back out the heart now back to brudson new york with the ball lowry right there he knocks it away it's loose he steals the ball it's back out top though deep intenso with it new york on the move to the corner brudson he paints max he shoots the three remain good he got it he's made it 101.99 sixes looked in about 27 seconds ago it goes to max he dropped it he's doubled he's knocked out no call max he loses it they get it three for the tie no good rebound no good rebound hartstein 16 seconds to go back to dante three point shot out top is good and they take the lead 102 101 max he lost the ball and the garden is all a bedlam dante di vincenzo got two cracks at it for three the sixes were rolling around with the ball and the nicks for now have taken the lead 102 to 101 this is after hours with amy lawrence really extensive call there from tom mcginnis on sixers radio and it goes back to even before the jaylen brunson three that goes high off the rim and he mentions the moment where i thought there actually might be a whistle it seemed like there was contact with tyrese maxey when he coughed up that ball now i have no trouble or no issue with officials allowing guys to play that doesn't bother me as long as you're calling it the same on both ends so that's the only thing i ever asked when i was playing basketball or when i was competing as long as the officials are calling it the same way i prefer that they let us play i think in the postseason you're going to see nba officials do more of that it's less of the constant whistles and and parading guys to the free throws to the free throw line excuse me which is boring as heck but you are going to see maybe a little more of that physical quality in the postseason so as long as they're judicious and applying the same calls or same strategy on both ends i'm good with that but yeah tyrese maxey i thought there was going to be a whistle i don't know maybe it was just me thinking that that i missed a whistle somehow and they should have stopped there but you hear that with tom as well i don't know if the sixers stop playing or if there's that part of it but dante di vincenzo gets two shots at it and is able to get the second one to go down and then on the other end it was it was a final few seconds for the sixers in which i think they were hoping that maxey would end up with the ball in his hands because he had shot well and he had some big shots in that fourth quarter but the defense was good by the nicks and he hesitated and that the the opening that he had the advantage he had kind of closed up and he he had to pass it off to embiid who really didn't have a great look or any time to try to to to get a his feet set or anything like that he was off balance and i mean i give credit to tyrese maxey and joel joel is playing through injury and tyrese is not feeling well i don't feel great at all honestly i mean i don't like taking medicine everybody knows that like i really can't stand taking medicine but i took medicine iv i did whatever they asked me to do and we're gonna win this series um you know we we're gonna win this what did he say we know what we gotta fix we did a better job today so we're gonna fix it uh but with a better team and we're gonna keep fighting i'm sorry joel what i think we might have to replay that did you hear what joel m beat said post game we're gonna win this series um you know we we're gonna win this we know what we gotta fix we did a better job today so we're gonna fix it uh but with the better team and we're gonna keep fighting not only are we gonna win this series referring to the sixers we're the better team and we're going to keep fighting wow you think that's gonna make it into the next locker room if it hasn't already it will we're the better team we figured out what we had to do we made the adjustments which is true we're gonna win this series we're gonna win this series yeah i think we're gonna have to keep that joel m bead prediction around it's after hours with amy lawrence here on the campus of syracuse university this is frustrating i know for the guys who come out on the losing end the lakers are just as frustrated as the sixers though you have a slow burn for the lakers as they kind of crash and burn uh but it but with the sixers it's completely different because it happens so quickly uh and and it's so completely nutso inside madison square garden as it does which is why i love kind of the juxtaposition of these two comebacks one takes an entire half and and is capped with a buzzer beater another takes all of 30 seconds and there isn't a buzzer beater but there's a wild sequence from the category of you can't make this stuff up and so those two uh kind of put back to back which is what they were we go right from the nicks beating the sixers in those final 30 seconds to you know the nuggets and the lakers game so digesting one and then getting the other one right on top of that uh is pretty incredible so yeah i loved it as for tom thibodeau i mean it you want to talk about slow burn with the nicks they've been working on this culture they've been working on this identity for several years and just haven't had the personnel the draft picks by the front office for the most part have been atrocious jay remind me the stat that you gave me last night about the new york nicks and their draft picks going back to the 90s it was in 2018 they signed mitchell robinson to or maybe it wasn't because i think he was a second round pick but recently they signed their they they hadn't signed their first round draft pick since 1994 until i believe it was 2018 so for that entire stretch from 94 2018 all the first round picks they drafted they had not given any single one of those players a second contract so they and then even after that though they've made some moves draft moves free agent moves that just haven't panned out it's felt like a well like my italian grandmother throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it would stick gosh it's kind of like the denver broncos and their quarterback room right now or really going back to when paton manning retired i have zero clue what they're doing and trading for zach wilson i don't get that either but we'll i don't know forget i guess we'll get to some football but it's secondary right now which is rare because this is draft week but i digress and so it the nicks made some some moves that were cringy not just draft moves but free agent moves so it's taken them quite a while to get to the point where they have not just the personnel that fits tom thibodeau but they also have the the leadership and jaylen brunson and they've got the fans that are just over the moon and the two seed which helps them though of course boston is still the team to be in the east but yeah i like the fact that this wasn't a quick fix for the nicks oh and by the way carmelo anthony at msg just reveling in all of it it's funny how much camera time he gets right since the last time the the nicks were in the playoffs as a relatively high seed it was when carmelo was still part of the roster so for tom thibodeau it's a bit of redemption that it's finally playing out the way that he wanted it to well there's been some pretty wild finishes but that was right up there with the best of them and that just uh shows you what the playoffs are all about and oftentimes it's it's a hustle play here hustle play there just finding a way to win and that's really a hallmark of his teams but also this next team which i don't want to say is devoid of star power but it's not like you're talking about a core three with the golden state warriors you know steph and dre and clay it's not like you're talking about lebron james and the groups that he puts around him hell it's not even like you're talking about lebron and ad i mean there isn't an ad for jaylen's lebron if you will i'm not sure if that's sacrilegious marco balletti is in studio back at our headquarters and so i can't see him but i know he's there and i'm wondering how you would rank these comebacks the three crazy comebacks that we had on monday night uh i think for the just the dramatic aspect of it the next one because you didn't see it coming um like you said the laker one was that slow burn this nick one was i mean the game was over yeah you're down five points with the basketball with 27 seconds left and it took them forever to get that possession to be able to get the bronson three was the only three shot that he was able to get to go all night right it didn't feel like there was something brewing it felt like it was just kind of uh this is this is over it's just a question of what the final score is so that kind of came out of nowhere and then the crowd erupting the way it did that always helps as well it's it's wild the way the nicks were able to snatch defeat and this one because they really had no business winning this game for most of the game i know they were up in a lot in the second half they really had no business winning this game because jaylen bronson who is their best player was awful i mean he's been awful in the first two games so the fact that they're up 2-0 is kind of a miracle for the nicks yeah incredible so after the nicks would it be nuggets or canes uh i i think i would go with the nuggets i know it's easier because you're the defending champ but you're still doing this against the lakers and lauren james and and anthony davis so i would still go there and then the hurricanes the fact once they got to three two you just felt like everything was almost like a question of when and then it happened in the blink of an eye all right so marco balletti gives us the nicks nuggets canes i've seen a bunch of you on our facebook page who are going with the canes now there's i don't want to call it a slow burn it also wasn't instantaneous so it's kind of a um amalgamation no that's the wrong word a map i'm gonna have to look that one up i can i can feel it in my brain but it's not coming out right it's um it's a compilation well we'll use that one of the nicks and the nuggets and the you know the stark contrast of as marco was pointing out those two different comebacks uh it's the jamal murray buzzer beater that makes the nuggets so dramatic but the canes are kind of somewhere in the middle uh they're the happy medium if you will where they're down late in the second period sure there's a lot of time still but it takes them until the late stages of the third period to get those two goals in nine seconds and so you have not just the slow burn but also the bang bang that happens so quickly so yeah in hockey too it's just it's incredible because i don't want to say no lead is safe but the the momentum swings over the course of a hockey game even if there are no goals scored you can have a team dominate and still not have a lot to show for it i love that each of these teams that rallied though did it at home and the fans got a treat in that respect it's after hours with amy 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new york at madison square garden and in denver with these three home teams that all rally in improbable fashion with in incredibly dramatic sequences we've talked about the nicks we've talked about the nuggets and the game winner and how about the carolina hurricanes who were down at home three nothing to the islanders late in the second period they do get on the board before the second period is done which i think maybe kind of takes some of that pressure off just a little bit but still there are three minutes to go and they're playing long shifts and they're exhausted and you've got the sebastian well empty netter right so they've got an extra skater on the ice but you've got sebastian ahoh who's kind of posted up right next to the islanders net and he's able to deflect a puck into the back of the net that ties it they're still if you watch the tv broadcast it's kind of funny on tv they are still giving you the deets on the sebastian ahoh goal and talking about that they're doing the face-off at center ice and nine seconds later it's jordan martinook who is able from kind of behind the net on the left side to to curl the puck into just inside the the net it just inside the iron and so it is pretty amazing to watch and the reaction to going from down three to up two so a swing similar to the knicks though it did take longer than 30 seconds haha but the nine seconds so dramatic it's after hours with amy lawrence from syracuse university martinook jordan martinook is the one who nine seconds after sebastian ahoh is able to get that go-ahead goal i don't really know how to describe it you get a whole it's just like juice it hits you and then um yeah obviously i get in on a forward check and um lucky luckily be able to pick them and make that play now this is the team that's favored right the islanders are not i don't wanna say they're not supposed to win any games here but the islanders get into the playoffs because of how they uh perform over the last couple of weeks of the regular season it was kind of touch and go there for a while but the carolina hurricanes are a favorite to win the stanley cup they've been so good over the course of the season but comebacks like this not only do they require things to go your way right they require a sequence where you've got moments that break your way and you're you're by virtue of how you do it you are causing i don't believe in luck so you're causing those moments to play out in your favor but that's why it's so stunning is that it requires not just your team doing its job at the highest level and and going after those those hustle stats in the case of the nicks but getting rebounds in in the case of the islanders but it also requires the other team to not be doing its job at the highest level too and so there's kind of the yin and yang of it i go back i go back to atlanta falcons and their collapse in the super bowl 28 to 3 and how many times i said it wasn't just the patriots it was the falcons who opened the door wide enough for a semi-truck to drive through well that's what these losing teams did on monday night it's after hours with amy lawrence this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law okay picture this it's friday afternoon when a thought hits you i can spend another weekend doing the same old whatever or i can hop into my all-new Hyundai Santa Fe and hit the road with available h-track all-wheel drive and 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