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UNC news in the middle of Canes playoff updates

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April 22, 2024 3:35 pm

UNC news in the middle of Canes playoff updates

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 22, 2024 3:35 pm

Al Hood, TarHeelBlog/CanesCountry, on Harrison Ingram going into the portal and the Carolina Hurricanes are playing Game 2 in Round 1 tonight.

Harrison Ingram is in the transfer portal. Will Ingram keep his options open to returning to UNC or is he strictly trying to go into the NBA? Is UNC involved in the transfer portal pretty heavily for this upcoming season? Why does Al say he could make a good argument for Pyotr Kochetkov to be in net tonight instead of Freddie?


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Visit us at Sir, you wear many hats. Let's put on the light blue one first. Did Harrison Ingram go into the NBA and surprise you at all? No, not at all.

Sorry, I laugh because if we were able to do this by video, you would see my wall of hats where I literally do wear many hats. No, Harrison going to the NBA doesn't surprise me at all. He kind of got forgotten about over at Stanford, but it's easy to forget he was a pretty highly rated recruit coming out of high school. You cannot ask for him to have had a better season on display than he did with Carolina this year. He was used in a correct position. They used him more as a guard, a weird guard position down low in Stanford. As the Brady Manic 4, he just thrived at Carolina. He showed rebounding ability, he showed takeover game ability, he showed range. I'm not surprised he's going through the process at all.

Especially in the class that a lot of experts consider one of the weaker ones. There's real talk to where he could sneak into the first round. If you can get a first round guaranteed contract, you've got to take it. The natural follow up to that is, because when you say real chance he could sneak into the first round, I've looked at a lot of NBA mock drafts and have not seen Harrison Ingram's name anywhere in the first round. Is he keeping options open to return to UNC or is he simply turning pro? John Rothstein actually tweeted this out earlier.

He kind of confirmed some things that I have heard. His intent is to stay in the NBA draft, but he's not hiring an agent. His intent is to keep his college eligibility open. So the idea is that if he goes to the combine or if he doesn't get an invite to the combine, he goes through workouts and he basically gets that guarantee.

The feedback he gets is, I'm sorry, you're just not going to be a first rounder this year. He still has his options open to come to Carolina. But you can make an argument that even if he doesn't have that guarantee of going into a first round this year, this is still going to be his best chance to move into the pros. Even with NIL, even with the other opportunities, he would have to come back to Carolina because, again, next year is supposed to be a stronger class. He's not going to have Armando Baycon down low to kind of draw defense's attention next year like he did this year. There's a real chance of regression for him next year. You can argue this is going to be the best his stock is going to be this year.

Al Hood, Tar Heel blog, Canes Country, final Tar Heel, probably not the final Tar Heel blog question. I hope he comes back simply because I look at him as a potential 3 and D guy, but Sam Vassini didn't have him anywhere in his two round mock. Although maybe he didn't know that Ingram would declare and maybe an updated one would have him in there. But Seth Trimble goes out, which to me is an indication that R.J. Davis must be coming back. But do you have any feeling about one way or the other what R.J. Davis is going to do and who else? And, you know, Carolina's got to be involved in the portal pretty heavily, no?

They do. The folks over at Inside Carolina do great inside work on this, hence their name. The indications we got from Carolina this year was that unlike last year, where they were obviously very aggressive in the portal this year, they understood that things were just going to need to take their time to shake out in the question of R.J. His his situation is also very similar to Harrison in the sense that you could argue his stock is never going to be better. But you also can argue that stock is one that's never going to go into the NBA. So why leave you and see when you are probably going to make seven figures in an I.L.

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Adam Golan is a paid spokesman investment advisory services offered by Capital Financial Advisory Group, a North Carolina registered investment advisor. So my feeling is since the beginning of the season, I always felt that at some point R.J. is going to go through the draft process. She should. He should get the feedback. It's free. Get it.

Find out what they say. What what possibility you might have. But he's been gifted this extra COVID year. He's had his his career at Carolina has had many ups and downs. Hard to believe.

Hard to say that it's been more up than it is. And, you know, Carolina has some great five star recruits coming in with Powell and Brown next to Powell Jackson Brown next year. The supporting cast he's going to have is going to be different, but it is going to also be really good that he has a chance to shine again.

I would love to see this team with him on it again. I would be surprised if he decides to if he decides to leave Carolina, but I wouldn't be I wouldn't understand if that makes sense. Yeah. I mean, if he if he feels like he can be in, you know, in an NBA on an NBA roster, you know, then, yeah, go go ahead and do that. But, well, I mean, it also makes sense. I mean, it also makes sense to there gets to be a point, you know, this would be his fifth year of college, like you thought was enough.

Yeah. At some point, you're just like, I'm ready. I'm ready to grow up. I'm ready. I'm ready to leave college. I said that to my son when he was asking for a fifth year.

That's another that's another story altogether. Alan Tar Heel blog, Cane's Country joining us here on the Adam Golter. Let me just now kind of flip to Cane's Country real quick, because in our offline communications, you said you could make the argument for Piotr Kuchetkov to be the starting goaltender tonight in game two. I just talked about this a second ago and is like I think Carolina's got two really good goalies. No offense to Piotr Kuchetkov. I can't make a good one for a goalie not named Frederick Anderson to start tonight unless there's an injury that we don't know about. So make make your argument for Piotr. I didn't say it would be a good one.

No. So I think that the easiest argument, the easiest argument meant that you can make is that as good as Freddie has been, he's still pretty recent from coming back from the blood clotting issue. He has not done a back to back game since coming back. And at worst, he's had, what, three days off between starts, even when they were through that gauntlet of a schedule where Carolina was playing every other night. So now all of a sudden you're going to ask him to say, OK, now only after playing seven or eight games. OK, now let's let you play back to back starts.

And it could mess. It could mess up his recovery process. The fact that he didn't skate yesterday, the fact that he didn't practice yesterday also kind of rings a little bit of an alarm bell to me because it's like if you're going to have him start, why wouldn't you have him at least get out on the ice and play and take some shots as well so he can start to kind of get back into that routine, get back into that mindset. And you can feel comfortable putting P.K. in net because he's the big reason why the turnaround started before he even came back.

So it's not like you're saying, OK, let's just relax. You know, we're going to take a step down by putting P.K. In fact, is he the last time the most recent game that you could try to compare the games playing the Islanders back in March? P.K.

was in net and they won. It was that it was. Yeah.

So you. There there's also the marathon, not a sprint argument that let's not jump into putting Freddie in back to back games right at the start, because if this is going to be a long Stanley Cup run, let's not wear him out now. You've got to want to leave.

You've got a little bit of wiggle room to work with. Why not keep going with the process in the way that you've been going? And then you've got yourself the luxury that if for whatever reason P.K. falters or if he doesn't have it, if he has issues, you can go back to Freddie. He still comes back with his regular. He comes back with his regular rest in his routine.

And then if he is stellar like you would expect him to be, then he understands now it's going to be that way. That's the argument. All that said, if you expect you expect Freddie Anderson to start tonight. Yes. I'm not going to be I'm not going to be I'm not going to be surprised at all.

I am not like the case for it. I will talk to Rod Brind'Amour Alhood from Toriel blog and Cain's Country joining us here. I will talk to Rod Brind'Amour at five o'clock today.

Maybe five or two. And it will be the first question I will ask. Like, goalie, if he says Piotr Kuchetkov, I am not going to respond with, are you out of your mind? I'm not going to say that because I know how good he has been, especially since that game in Ottawa in December. I mean, the numbers, the numbers don't lie. He has been a top five NHL goalie. No joke. Since that, his save percentage is near 930 since December 12th.

So I'm not going to I'm not going to say, have you lost your marbles? Because I get it, but I might think it only because I think Freddie has shown steadiness that look, Kuchetkov is go is and is going to be their number one, a number one tight goalie for them. But right now, the way Freddie is playing every opportunity I have to have him play, he plays. I do think there's an argument to be made if Carolina wins the game tonight that you could turn to Kuchetkov in Game three.

Which is almost a free shot, right? I think you could turn to Kuchetkov in Game three if you wanted on Long Island, which, by the way, that was where his good game was. In fact, Carolina's two best games that they played against the Islanders in the regular season were both up at UBS Arena. The two here were both kind of gong show, goaltending poop show. And Kuchetkov started both of the games here. But I would if if I was going to throw him in anywhere, I think it would be Game three of this series. And then, no, I'm coming right back with Freddie or maybe they do it Freddie three and Kuchetkov Game four simply because there's a only a day and a half because they go Thursday night, Saturday two o'clock in the afternoon. So I think you'll see two different goalies there.

But I don't I think you'll see Freddie tonight. But you see, you also make but you also are making my argument why you continue the rotation. If you're going to rotate them in Long Island, why would you go ahead and rotate them?

Only rotating in Long Island because of the because of the time difference. I know. I know. I'm not doing it for any reason.

I didn't say it would be a great argument, but there is an argument I'm not surprised. Oh, also, I know you're probably getting close to up against it. To answer your question, Roxie Bernstein and Kevin Weeks are doing the call for ESPN tonight. That's right.

We do have Weeks in the house. Roxie Bernstein used to used to cover the 49ers in football for radio way back in the day. But I just dated myself.

I don't need to explain that. Al Hood at Al B. Hood on Twitter. Tariel blog.

Canes Country. Thank you very much, my friend. I'll talk to you very soon.

No problem. Happy to be the most important person that ends up on your show today. You're the first one. You hit leadoff.

You are. You were our Ricky Henderson. Justin Williams. Eric Cole.

Tom Dundon. Al Hood, you know, just that's just probably the closest I'm ever going to be in the same place with him. It's the Fab Four. It's the Fab Four, Al. Thanks, Adam. Take care, man.
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