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PGA Tour needs to pay close attention to LIV Tour

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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June 14, 2022 2:37 pm

PGA Tour needs to pay close attention to LIV Tour

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 14, 2022 2:37 pm

The US Open takes place this week, and Trey Wingo joined the show to talk golf, including how the PGA Tour needs to pay close attention to the LIV Tour, and how the latter won't be leaving anytime soon. Wingo also talks about what the punishment that the NFL could lay down to Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson.

Also, sports betting picks by Adam & Dennis.

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This is the Adam gold shell Trey Wingo have forgotten history pro football network PGA Tour. I mean everywhere how are you brother how are you and also you will have your support workers are to consult your brand glass resort always absent: middlemen will make wagers Windows we we do this every day. I am curious your thoughts I've seen you tweet about it but I haven't. It's been more just kind of like little comments on what other people have done or other people have said, trying to separate if you even can.

The Saudi involvement here. The live series, which is not a towards really, I mean I think Jay Monahan was right when he called an exhibition because that's really what it is at this point, but the live series.

They're going to continue to siphon players off the PGA Tour because the money is beyond any comprehension bordering what is your view about the live in the PGA Tour and whether or not they can even coexist. Will I do find it interesting right like what you just said. Jay Monahan said starting towards an exhibition.

Why is he so concerned about because it was just exhibition and it was a real tour. Why would he and the PGA Tour being this full assault mode because they know the problem they know it's a problem for them and you know my overall feeling is the PGA Tour's always can be the tour with the best players the best competition never got change what I do think is important is for the PGA Tour to understand that it's not going anywhere and you can do the whole batten down the hatches and full speed ahead, you fire the torpedoes, but has a plan for you like it to be.

It's very similar to me. Adam what the NCAA did when they knew that name, image and likeness was, college sports.

Okay, they fought it as hard as they possibly could, knowing full well that it was an eventuality, and instead of trying to find a way to work with it. They fought it. And then when I got here like well nothing we can do. You guys figured out they bury their heads in the sand and I understand it's personal.

And let's be honest, they are taking it PGA Tour very personally, but end of the day it's business and you better figure out a way to make this coexist because an all out war doesn't serve anybody well somehow someway. That's the stance of the PGA Tour steak. I can absolutely understand why the tour doesn't isn't going to be his play nice with live five of the events are in the United States and like the National Football League would try to squash any rival league that took place between between the different National Football League has contracts with players that pay them and if it's a binding contract.

What is what is the binding contract with the players in the PGA Tour right it does business with the tour and the players except they have to play by a certain set of rules and those rules have always been formalities except in this case when the PGA Tour knows that lives and really it's not just live lives goal is to exist. Greg Norman's goal is to exact a measure of revenge on the PGA Tour that he's been carrying around for 30 years and be 14 events in 24 and 25 they were neighborly put out there.

They haven't said where they're going to be, but there to be 14 events. That's a full-fledged tour at that point and I'll bet half of those events will be try to be in the United States of North America tour isn't in a lot, this isn't going to allow that to happen. Rewrite all beacons are problematic and very interesting job. I Got Back after This. Now You That Whatever Because It's Suit Them Logistically beyond What's Requested Most of the Top Players Play Anywhere between 18 and 25 Events.

The Concept of Right so If You Do Go Join the Lipitor and in Two Years You're Playing 14 Events on the Lipitor and the Four Majors Taking Events and How Many PGA Tour Events Are You Are You Really None yet, but There Are Some, Especially When You're Making 7X Right Language for John Ron Had a Really Interesting Press Conference. Yes I Did Check out Very Interesting and the Way He Way He Spoke about like to Me That the Strategy That the PGA Tour Should Embrace.

I Feel like They Should.

They Should Be Reminding People of What the Tour Is in Rewarding People for Their Loyalty Rather Than Punishing People for Leaving That's Never Gonna Work Is Never Gonna Work like Dustin Johnson after the First Live Events That I Didn't Do This to Play More Golf. I Did It to Play Less Calls and I Thought That Was a Really Honest Answer and You Only 37 like Phil Mickelson Are Summaries of the Guys Are Chasing Are Ian Poulter Who Happens for a Long Time in Their Mid to Late 40s Are Even till Director 51 with a Different Dynamic Than Someone like Dustin Johnson Who As Recently As Last Year Was Number 1112 Majors Goes the People That Should Be Tour Should Be Concerned about What Patrick Reed Is Not Dustin Johnson Help a Player and Use 3433 Exactly Right. Those of the Players That PGA Tour Needs to Set up Punishing Trying to Figure out a Way to Reward Them for Staying in Their Never Got a Copy with the Money That You Understand There Are Things That They Can Do and I Think Incentive Is Always Better Than a Better Driver of Behavior Want of Punishment. I Just Believe That If You Get Some Carrots Gypsum McCarrick in the Graphic. But If You If You Trying Beat Them in the Submission Lot Is Gradually after You Bro Work from. Why Didn't I Think Dustin Johnson Did That, by the Way, Basically Told Us What the Lipitor Offered Him Today throughout a Number Randomly. $400 Million.

Like Apparently That's What Little They Offer Tiger If If I Were to Attention.

I Would've Sent a Plane for Tiger to Monahan but I Apologized Thinking about Greg Norman A Lot. If I Were Jay Monahan, I Would've Sent a Plane for Tiger Woods to Come up to Brookline and Just Basically a Press Conference and Then Go Home Because They Would've Talk to Tiger about the PGA Tour. He Had to Turn down 1/2 $1 Billion It Had to Greg Hi Nine Figures As Somebody's Been Follows the Game Is Been around the Game and Has Worked for the Tour or Lease the Broadcast of the Tour. The Rory McElroy Winning Last Week Art I Don't Think They Could've Had a Better Winner Not Named Tiger and the Fact That Rory and JT and Ron Were Probably the Most 33 Most Important Players to the Tour Right Now to Have Them Be. So Throw PGA Tour Is Probably the Best Thing Absolutely. And by the Way That We Report on Sunday. The USGA Would Die This Week but Love at That yet the PGA Tour Is Always Going the Most Competitive and the Best Players That Is Never Going to Debate, but the Other Thing That's Not Debatable in the PGA Tour Needs to Understand This Thing Isn't Going Anywhere. The PIF Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia Is Flushed to the Tune of $600 Billion. Now in Trying to Break the Complex 600,000 Million. It's Not Going Anywhere. It's Not If It's a Reality Now, Especially When You Can Say Whatever You Want a Job on Such Think I Don't like to Forgo Cut I Get Back. A Lot Of People Thought It Was like the Format Itself I Think Is an Interesting Concept and Interesting Diversion from Standard Golf and the Team Aspect of What I Think Is Also Really Brilliant Idea and All Transparency. A Friend of Mine It for Long-Term Radius Damage on Branches Was the Driving Force behind Getting This Thing Just Resigned from Live Greg Norman's Conference before the First Batch like the Idea Solid. The Problem Is Where the Money Is Coming from What Just behind but That's a Slippery Slope and I Hate That Phrase Could Use It and Everything but that's a problem for the PGA Tour because it doesn't take much of a quick Google search to find out how many of the PGA Tour's partners also have business in Saudi Arabia.

Okay like that's that's an easy thing to connect so it can't be that the PGA Tour stance is adamantly against this because of Saudi Arabia. So what is it really about. It's not about a moral issue for the PGA Tour. It's about a monopolistic issue for the PGA Tour. That's the reckoning that they have to deal with was a little heavy-handed this week when Jay was in the booth with Jim Nance on CBS thought that just like guys. I don't think you the PG.

I don't think you really want to go there because then you're inviting some scrutiny that you probably don't want to wait 360 US corporations do business in China. Right. And China has been the it's not quite the equivalent. And there's a difference between doing business for in doing business with regard with regards to China and Saudi Arabia, but we have 350 US major US corporations have major interest because so China has 1.4 billion customers potentially are.

Let me ask you this about DeShawn Watson what is ultimately going to happen between the NFL and DeShawn Watson in a suspension.

I think it has to be high double digits to start might get reduced on appeal again. Just remember, historically been waffles burger. One allegation, no criminal charges six games with this deformed appeal. Ezekiel Elliott one allegation, no criminal charges six games reduced for appeal.

We are now talking about the 25th civil suit to be filed and the New York Times did a remarkable story over the weekend about the number I don't know if I had 66 massages in my life and he's had 66 different women overeat in less than a year and 1/2 searching searching for them on Instagram look, if your professional athlete your body is your temple. It is your business. It is how you you make your money and find me another session will actually be going on Instagram DM to find a massage therapist. Do you know how this works.

You know when you find something that works and can get your body right you stay with those people you do not go to 66 of them in a year and 1/2, so this is Mrs. ultimately got and very poorly for DeShawn and potentially for Cleveland as well. I recommend reflexology. I think you'll like it. I'm not hot stones are good, but reflexology is really good don't it didn't. The Houston Texans like have a massage therapist will they do this is where the New York Times article is really interesting because one of the things that that DeShawn alleged in the article is DM's with these women want one.

Texans have a place set up for me at this hotel.

So now basically he's implying that the Texans were in on this on some logistical form and I'm sure the article you need to talk to you guys about that added to the lawsuits so that said that certainly instincts it's looked. I'm not even put I know the rest of the league is bent out of shape over the contract because the DeShawn Watson guaranteed contract.

$230 million worth now sets the bar.

He's not close as a quarterback to the mall homes Allens of the world that have release and or Rogers that have set the bar on what a legitimate contract is for a quarterback these days, but because that's what the Browns had to do to get Watson to agree to the trade. That's where we are. These days, and I don't even care that it's only going to cost them even if he misses the entire year, $1 million because the way the contract set up it's it's gotta be a principal thing at this point well.

The entire process. If you promise to write and I will say this I think DeShawn is a really good quarterback like last year. He played his numbers were fantastic. We just didn't care because the Texans with the Texans on the finish for 12, but that contract is going to have the first NBA contract in the stuff exactly what it is and there is nobody wants just to go well for Cleveland like that's one reason is big Michael is still there and still the problem, why would we help you screwed all there's no incentive for us to help you in any way shape or form. This is this is really problematic. I will also save my thing else about African Browns okay when they have the embarrassing press conference after he was signed until it well.

You are our legal team told us we could talk to criminal investigation of the NFL.

These women nothing more litigious Corporation out there in the National Football League.

You tell me your brilliant Cleveland legal minds have a better understanding of the situation.

The NFL you can interview this woman could you want possible, but I don't don't don't don't hide it any other way you wanted to be able to say we had no idea because you wanted this quarterback you had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a terrible franchise forever and your banking on the idea that once you actually eventually sees the field will play so well that you forget about all the stuff that's what would've been the honest thing for them to say just like you know how I would've loved to have heard any of those live golfers say it looked. They paid me $100 million to do this.

That's why we would've loved to Browns just went with the Browns were about. They want to win, which I get means professional sports. The truth is is that once the grand jury returned no charges. This was always going to happen so that's that's where we are right. We have to let go.

The other thing else and in closing at Windows on Twitter about the people.

At least Richard Bland yes journeyman playroom. Your finger wonders 437 struck the first time. At least he would be on yeah I'm my best days are behind me. I can cash a check that my future. What you think I got it, but like always and do I want to grow the just trying to just say it say it. And you're right about Richard said the same thing when ice read his comments Mike Lee somebody's honest about it go at Windows on Twitter, who's your pick for the for the open Caesar's glories of paper based on last week and honestly three guys I'm looking out our Scotty Scheffler because his game is made for US opens just consistent straight fairways and greens will develop courses will wait for scared has been amazing in the majors. She struts five this is fiberglass of the majors are top tens are top top tens of segment PGA.

I think he's he could breakthrough this week and we are going to happen at Brookline new.

It's it's kind of crazy stuff. The smartness of those in the first two names that I would absolutely put put out there train window I procedure time server will talk again very soon. Enjoy the open and will talk again. You got it Windows on Twitter at WI and GOZ capital financial advisory group. We are talking retirement coach. Let's say you have more than $1 million balance in my 401(k) revelations connect actually come back and bite me because in this is a thing that we did we get a mirage receiver Rogers of the desert before you see what's what.

Her head was not there when your financial garage is thinking that that total balance in your 401(k) or IRA is yours. We have two people that want to get a hold of the two uncles North Carolina and Uncle Sam both ever get to do some damage that balance depending on what kind of other income you have lose 40% of value. So if you're looking at a million-dollar IRA baby so we were 6000 you. So how do we get around is what you don't get around it could end up in jail. If you try to do what you can do tax planning to minimize the effect of taxation into the future. The text train is coming out and we need to make sure to minimize the effect of the derailment of a financial accountant for the next 10 people will do the no-cost relegation put together your very own tax and retirement plan 800-661-7383 or text Adam to 21000P to its time for today exactly by actually breaking news Julie. This is according to Joe Popp Leon L Joe probably auto works for the red huddle, you huddle the guy does something, but he announced today broke the news that MLS has agreed to a deal with Apple TV. Yeah I okay I saw that 10 year deal worth $250 million annually nice. So that's a good spurred John Moran her friends all right in sports business Journal or nearly 2.8 times the current $90 million a get annually from ESPN. It really is a big deal for MLS. You look at it to her 50 year familiar as well as a 90 mill becoming a thing man you're too young to remember that my know you are. When we first started hearing soccer is the next big thing. Soccer is the next big thing. Soccer is the next big thing were working were were absolutely here see it with the interest in the Premier league.

You see it with ESPN's interest in the La Liga Bundesliga mean if you go to ESPN plus now were sort of out of season. Except for MLS for some reason we play our soccer season is in the summer in the blistering heat of the summer, but everywhere else in the world are all done by all the European leagues are finished, but there there's so much soccer on so locker on is the thing. So the Joker would feature Joaquin Phoenix Wright is getting a sequel it's looking like this equals can be made to become like a musical. Actually, which is very interesting because the first move is very, very dark, but I'm sure you probably can blend the two. In some way shape or form but according to several outlets.

It appears Lady Gaga is in the early negotiation stages of playing Harlequin yes she's pretty good actress by the UC stars more. I did that she did really well great, she was great.

I cried when the when the dog was outside whatever is in Jack's garage. We hung himself a crime side that a spoiler alert. Movies only been out what three years. So I cried. I cried my eyes out the disc will bring dogs into it. I don't need it. I don't need dogs try to get me to get a puppy.

No right we have what we have a dog and it would be good for the dog to have a friend of another dog and he's going to be six in a month and I promised Earl that when he turned five. We would give him a puppy and so he keeps asking me to give men alien keep show me pictures of puppies like not don't do that to me don't show even acute.

All puppies are cute yeah make a difference. What kind of puppy. It is there all adorable. If it's ugly it's you sometime. The uglier the cuter exactly my point.

Main grant in the grand scheme of things mean you wouldn't like date a dog right now so cannot I in the world of gaming news had a couple news and so a very popular video videogame known as overwatch the second iteration of the game overwatch to is getting an open beta actually opening up in two weeks on June 28 and there's nowhere how long it's going to be open. What is confirmed is that we will be on PC and console and is going to be a once again available open beta starting June 28. Sign-ups will begin on June 16 was also when more details of this are to be revealed whatsoever couple days if you want to sign up if you do love the overwatch Camry want to try it out again to open beta doesn't cost anything, which is the best part I like that I'm okay. I wish wargames would do this give you the free trial or these beta. I gave you to do this all the time as a teaser to get people to purchase the game. I wish more videogames would still do that because I don't want to buy a game and realize I hate this and I just meant 50 bucks or whatever on again give me an opportunity to test out and try something like that back in the day. It was a Sega Dreamcast work correctly used to have on there, they would stay would have discs when they would people will buy the console in their samples of game on a disk he go there and choose different ones. That way you actually go back to the store and buy those games so I wish wargames. I was more systems would do that.

Also in the world of gaming, it appears that will be soft always for you have you be soft is going to in September. Looks like they're going to announce a new assassin's Creed was a very, very popular videogame franchise, assassin's Creed actually one point was adapted into a movie with Michael Fassbender, Kathleen Lee character.

I actually did see about her wasn't that great but it looks like sometime in September. We are going to get an official announcement of assassin's Creed, a new game in that series. I believe will be the eighth installment in the assassin's Creed are the first games coming out back and like 0506 somewhere around that time was very popular franchise in terms of excellent.

We talked about earlier. The P St. bridge winner undefeated undefeated once again saw earlier today, a tractor-trailer, saw pictures, according to IDB insider of the bridge once again claiming another victim fantastic 08, 4 inches, people will be 4 P St. bridge insists that it is not the same as ITB insider grade it, isn't it P St. bridge bridge is in it. Yes, but it is not the same as ITB insider, although I again I stand by. I have never seen the two in the same room at the same time see other pictures on ITB insider of the house.

Dorsey victim and try things like of the truck into what we call the truck that got stuck. I will say the victim was a loser loser loser yes Jackie visit. It's a win for P St. bridge so when you think it's a little me that's that's potential damage to the bridge. Don't know best thing.

It's not, it's still standing.

Don't damage it takes no damage. It only takes prisoners to trucks that it does.

I did it this morning. It should be like when when Andrew Wiggins dunked on Derek White yesterday. I claim the body yes P St. bridge claim the body in. That's 100% would dunked all over truck for those who don't know may not live in downtown Raleigh near downtown rather than downtown Raleigh on the northeastern end of town.

P St. has a train bridge that goes over top yet piece P St. right there by Glenwood South nearby were Krispy Kreme Ms. William peace University.

So there is quality P St. bridge and trucks trying to fit themselves underneath this bridge is 12'4" and they said to himself, know it's not rubber I'm not a lie so where I used to do improv a place called comedy works is right there in the corner restaurant. I know exactly where that is. You did improv. I did is now cross from Meredith College on Hills history as were comedy works is now been out to Publix on the high-rise apartment. But anyway we used to joke over a comedy works that if somebody got stuck under the bridge we were at the run out there giving two free tickets.

I wasn't there when it happened but I think it did have at least one time some was very run out, giving two free tickets. I hate to be stuck here for a while. Come watch amazing yes I that's we have here.

That is when we come back. Dennis is on a heater yeah will add about I went over three last night. Next June 19, 2000.

Starting May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak.

Figuring it out on the fly became fifth anniversary of the Carolina listen heater carried to make consecutive threes at some point during the game.

He made no wonder I had Boston at +145, they lost and we both at the same soccer match but you had the correct outcome. I did not.

So you you collected something I collected nothing. I collected 25 totaling $25 total. Have you already made the adjustment have right so here we are positive, you haven't made my adjustment yet so I will take the 300 off on the +3415 Dennis is not still way behind Bill. Are you still doing much better run a heater this week are, let's do it is that we place our bets are a sponsor for this by the way, we should not say that you are responsible for getting that somebody out there should want to sponsor this will just make up a sponsor. Each time I brought you by me yeah by P St. bridge gas proxy by the P St. bridge claiming lives 11 per truck at time you know what we should make that are sponsor P St. bridge by place your bets broadly by P St. bridge 12'4", ladies and gentlemen. Germany takes on Italy UA for nations leaking give me Germany, minus a goal and 1/2+210 waiting to see what me.

Italy is the defending euro champion right yeah allegedly I know that was a thing that happened but they have not been they have not been stout if you well. I like it. I am also on that you get to go to World Cup qualifying to start were still not done this till the spot left yeah Costa Rica is playing at home against New Zealand first spot in the World Cup. I will take a mystery getting pretty stout favored home taken given a goal and 1/2 at +345 over New Zealand to make it worth my while zeal is no Porky's yes Jimmy Juan Soto home Ron +600 again +600 yeah, especially if it does not run. Eventually I think your you're onto something more soccer the United States will play El Salvador in CONCACAF nations lingo it's our version of it United States on the road, minus a goal and 1/2 to make this worthwhile. +145 El Salvador not good not good be disappointing if the United States didn't flex a little bit that they're knocking to win five nail but I could see if 31 when at El Salvador civil take the United States +145 minus going okay, I give you an early early bets here on PLL okay for possibly early in your player profit. This is coming up this Saturday, 4 o'clock cannons take on the archers will mandate over 4 1/2 points +150 will will many what will have close well that is first okay I don't know who that is what I'm again the knife greatest points or more per lacrosse appreciate your honesty.

By the way, when these bets are in because I injected major league baseball today raise playing at the Yankees opening up a three-game set Gary Cole on the mound for New York. He's been great Cory Kluger on the mound for the raise.

He's not Garrett Cole raise a +18 went. That's what that's what I am doing what Garrett Cole I want the Yankees to lose is probably a bad idea. Rooting against the Yankees. I guess they will allot the best record in baseball the best record in baseball. But tough break for the Braves last night. Ozzie Albee's on a swing apparently suffered a broken foot.

Yeah so II like I don't know how long he's going to be out hopefully will not be that long. I am not one of these people that hates the Braves the rivalries been great, but I also think the rivalry has been good for both teams and kind are respectful always thought that it was cool that chipper Jones named his child. Shay for dominating in New York when they played at Shea Stadium. I like that so I am not a hater of the Atlanta Braves. We fight back.

The Mets played badly. Bets by pretty well. They just did a 10 Game Rd. trip through Los Angeles and San Diego when they went five and five split with the Dodgers lost the series in San Diego one to edit three against the Angels who are not nearly as bad as their record might indicator of late. They lost 14 or 01 point but brazenly fun so shouts to Atlanta for climate back in this thing since the so so there you go, will you watch on ESPN. Plus the United States and El Salvador tonight.

We have no other competition. This is the worst part about where we are. Is this the Stanley Cup finals doesn't begin until tomorrow. Right we don't have another NBA game for like 16 days seven days. Something like that by Thursday I that is game six.

So were kind of left with the day of well to stay awake to be hard for me to be hard for you what I've been doing. Also producing morning radio right week seven waking up at five in the morning. Well that's why Al Gore invented caffeine yeah I don't really know you don't do caffeine. Caffeine no I just don't so no kid like Coke or no really nothing good for you. Have a hot green tea has little to capture its negligent very negligible. So no, for me, I will stick. I just never done anything for me. I drink coffee before does nothing for them. Not the biggest fan of coffee taste does not totally understand this is the gold shell June 19, 2000 May 6, 1997 the announcement that the Hartford coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak. Figuring it out on the fly anniversary of the Carolina listen

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