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Has Demetri found a way to save the ACC??

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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June 7, 2023 3:43 pm

Has Demetri found a way to save the ACC??

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 7, 2023 3:43 pm

Why does Demetri feel so adamant about his take on the ACC and its future? What actions lead to his opinion and is there any going back? There's also been some MLS news, so what does Demetri think about the recent Messi news? 

The Verdict
John Munro
The Verdict
John Munro

Dimitri Rabinos, Barrett Sports Media, my friend, has ideas of what the Public Investment Fund can invest in next, and I appreciated number one and it got my wheels turning, Mr. Rabinos, and I appreciate your time.

So, it's your list. Let's talk about it. Um, what are you, what, he left me. That great introduction and he dropped off. That was it? You stole my number one gold and now he's gone? Can't do that.

Get better internet. We'll get back to Dimitri Rabinos in a second. I do wonder, because we've talked about this before, remember the conversation with Chip Patterson was about the soul of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

There is a place for romance, not only in college sports, but in sports in general, right? Oh, he's back, sort of. There you are. What's going on, sir?

As soon as I heard my name, my screen just went black. I don't know. Maybe there's a reason for that. I don't know. So, let's talk about this list. I've been looking for ways to save the ACC.

You might have found it. Dimitri, talk to me about what the Public Investment Fund can fund next. Well, let me preface this by saying that while I have lived in North Carolina for 17 years and am very much a North Carolinian at this point, I am very realistic about, there's no saving the ACC. We are on the death march right now. Let's just stop. Why?

Tell me the brand. Okay, this actually ties in perfectly. So, I put in the column that I think the place that makes all the sense in the world for the Public Investment Fund to change sports again is college sports. They don't need the ACC. They need Duke and North Carolina basketball. They could let the rest of the thing go down in a pile of flames.

Although, I don't know that flames pile on top of one another. Right, but you just make the deal with the ACC and you get Duke and Carolina basketball and you get all Syracuse and you get Notre Dame and you get Wake Forest. They want wealth. The whole reason why the Saudi Public Investment Fund is involved in golf is to put themselves in front of an affluent audience. They understand that the oil economy is going away and that's the whole point of this is to take this wealth that they have which is based on oil and if that economy is gone then this public wealth fund is not going to be worth as much. That's what they're doing. So, yeah, but if you are looking at, if you're not looking at golf, if you're looking at any version of football or basketball, I would say probably the same is true if they get into, like I propose in the piece like why not go buy the Olympics.

I think it would be very doable for them. I think then what you are looking to do is spread your message a little bit and what I mean by that is if you are in something that is more mass appeal you have the inventory to put the message out there about come visit Saudi Arabia or to your point come invest in Saudi Arabia because if you watch CNN or Fox or MSNBC during the day you see a lot of those ads. You see a lot of ads that like not so subtly say hey slavery is legal here why not put your business here. I think that would be the reason to invest in college sports, particularly football, please excuse my cat's tail getting into the picture there. It's quite all right.

It is a little bit more mass appeal and spreads that message to an audience that maybe hasn't heard it yet. Well, look, I'm not, I'm not in any way saying that you're wrong. I'm just looking for a way to save the ACC, Dimitri. That was my whole goal in all of this but it would make sense just if the ACC got in on the ground floor of this suddenly we could make more money than the SEC in the Big Ten.

It would require a unity that I don't think exists. You think somebody's turning that down? I don't know that everybody's going to get invited. I mean honestly like Florida State and Clemson and North Carolina and that group of seven schools that are saying hey we deserve more than the rest of the conference. Dude, don't think Ohio State doesn't feel that way when they look and realize I was getting the same amount of money they are. I'm 100% with you but those leagues are making so much money it almost doesn't matter.

But are you realize that the public investment fund bankrolls live golf which is giving them exactly zero return on their investment? Yeah. What, what makes you think that, I mean the ACC would give them something.

Yeah. An ROI isn't necessarily the deal breaker. I think that the here, here would be my pushback and it's not even about the ACC. It is about the fact like you mentioned you also did Wake Forest.

Well I mean who outside of Winston-Salem gives a flying fart, right? Right, no I understand that but if they have an affluent alumni. Yeah but here's my point. If you're the, if you're the public investment fund why are you sticking to the alliances and the quote unquote rules that you didn't make? Why would you not just go out and say hey we are going to form something completely away from the NCAA and guess what Duke basketball you're going to be playing Ohio State every year and you're going to play Kansas every year and you're going to play Indiana every year because that's your new league. Like to me that is the public investment funds play in the sports world. Right I mean we have but we already have existing college alliances the conferences so they'd have to at least work I mean if they were advertising funding these things you'd have to stay within the framework of the deals although because they have so much money they could probably structure something that had completely nothing to do with it. That's exactly I think the thing right? That's what will challenge the money to buy on the grant of rights.

Exactly. The public investment fund does right now. Do you think they do?

Yes they do. I yeah absolutely. Listen you're right the oil economy is going away but it ain't going away tomorrow they could still print that money right now.

650 billion dollars is what I just read yesterday is the ultimate worth. Dimitri Ravanos Barrett Sports Media is joining us here on the Adam Gold Show. Let me go to the bottom of the list because you say soccer and you're right but they're already involved in soccer. They are but they're involved they're involved on a team level. Right oh I see they could buy ACC soccer Dimitri. Sure I mean the grand history of the Virginia Cavaliers on the men's side in the North Carolina Tar Heels. Ah yes is there a better brand in in any soccer than North Carolina women's soccer?

You know Adam Gold as far as I'm concerned wants me a hand left Chapel Hill I don't know that she did anything else with her career. It's true but they are well they're not only just involved in team and we know that they're involved in basically they run Formula One. They own Newcastle United they just basically took controlling interest of the top four teams in the Saudi League. Each week we dive into the mind of the con artist uncovering the secrets behind the biggest Ponzi schemes you've never heard about. We're not talking about Bernie Madoff or Charles Ponzi.

That's right those guys have been covered to death. The Ponzi playbook will focus on those fraudsters who have swindled millions from unsuspecting investors. Subscribe to the Ponzi playbook wherever you get your podcasts. The new Chevy Silverado HD puts you in command. Own strength with its enhanced available Duramax 6.6 liter turbo diesel V8. Own the lake with its available advanced towing technology and own technology with an available 13.4 inch diagonal touch screen. The new Chevy Silverado HD own work own play own life.

Learn more at find new roads Chevrolet. Did you read that? Yeah yeah I did and the the other part of that too and I'm sure you know this because you follow international soccer a little bit more than I do. All of a sudden all of those guys that are looking to cash one last paycheck in MLS before they call it a career all of a sudden they seem to have a real interest in those four teams at the Saudi League. I know Messi is coming to Miami and look the MLS has done a really good job of getting the big stars when the big stars want that one last paycheck but if you had the injection of the kind of money that the public investment funds do like who's to say they couldn't put together the kind of package that convinces killing Mbappe to leave PSG and come play for I don't know Atlanta or Charlotte or something like that. I also think the other thing too is NBC has proven that at the top level there is some interest in soccer in the United States absolutely right so it doesn't even have to be the MLS to my cat's tail no right under my nose it's quite all right it might bother you it doesn't bother me because I can't feel okay very good good point yeah I mean it doesn't even have to be the MLS or something us-based right if Saudi Arabia got behind reviving the super league effort that's still going to have a huge presence in this country yeah I'm trying to think Juventus just pulled out of the basically it's just Real and Barcelona the only two clubs that may be PSG that are interested in the super league all the premier league side just said nah Bundesliga went nah I think for the betterment of European football I think that's going to die on the vine but it is interesting if if they decided to throw money at major league soccer which would bring some of the like I remember when David Beckham signed a 50 million dollar deal to come to LA Galaxy and what Messi did I don't know how it structured I don't know what the money is going to be but he basically left 400 million euro a year on the table to go to Saudi Arabia so a New York Times article yesterday I quote tweeted it about how the the Saudi pro league is trying to become the top league and then one of the top leagues in the world and they highlighted Ronaldo, Benzema and I'm like anybody under 35 going there exactly I mean listen the the MLS like I said has done a really good job of getting those of being the the best retirement league right yes so far the best player they've had in his prime is probably Landon Donovan because U.S. Stocker wouldn't let him leave like you could very easily with serious investment unseat him tomorrow if you were able to offer the kind of paychecks that premier league teams do oh there's I mean the interest I don't I don't because they they offer a lot of money over over there as well not quite I mean Messi is going to make more than any probably more than any teams would earn correct me if I'm wrong is it part of his deal that he gets a portion of every subscription to that Apple TV plus MLS package I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised I mean app he's got a separate deal with Apple separate deal with Adidas for playing major league soccer and I wouldn't be surprised if like Beckham there was ownership down the road of something I mean you have to be creative I also think that part of the deal is as soon as Barca can figure it out that he'll go play at Barca for one more year I'd be stunned if he didn't play his last season of professional football at Barcelona I'd be stunned if that didn't happen he would he would have gone back if they had if they could have figured it out with financial fair play and all of those all of those things it's fascinating piece to meet your revenues it's Barrett sports media on what the public investment fund could fund next and Dimitri and I agree it is ACC women's field hockey yes that's the one listen there is a Stein at the state line celebrating unc's national championship for a reason it is where the people's pulse is women's field hockey outstanding thank you very much sir actually they probably hate it they would think if you think about it they would probably hate that right yes it's very true is somebody someone that I talked to earlier stole my fake it said do you really think there's a chance that uh the saudis would want to have a bowl game in uh jetta like what saudi person is going to do a college football bowl game and my answer to that is the ones that are told to that is going to be showing up for that game you here's your ticket we'll see you there all right sir we'll talk to you again yeah all right talk to you later you got it to me Dimitri Ravanos here on the Adam Gold show the new Chevy Silverado HD puts you in command owns strength with its enhanced available duramax 6.6 liter turbo diesel v6 own the lake with its available advanced towing technology and own technology with an available 13.4 inch diagonal touch screen the new Chevy Silverado HD own work own play own life learn more at find new roads Chevrolet
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