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Carolina Panthers report to training camp

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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July 26, 2022 2:33 pm

Carolina Panthers report to training camp

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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July 26, 2022 2:33 pm

The Carolina Panthers reported to training camp today as the first practice will take place Wednesday. Julian Council of the Locked On Panthers Podcast joined the show to talk about expectations for the upcoming season, including how a revamped offensive line will help the offensive, the need for Christian McCaffrey to stay healthy, and if Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, or Matt Corral will start at quarterback under third-year head coach Matt Rhule.

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Visit us at You know, it'll be a fun ride when we know we know. When we know, we'll know. You can't do any better than that. Can't do any better than that. Can't do much better than that. It's the Adam Gold Show. That's all folks. I am Adam Gold.

That is Dennis Cox doing his imitation of Matt Ruhl, which is fairly good. Thank you. Julian Council, Lockdown Panthers Podcast will join us in about 15 minutes to talk about the Panthers then. Although they were an option in Listeners Choice, which we do at one o'clock just about every day. So, let's see where we had. You put a poll out. I did. Oh, we got a little music behind us.

Very nice. And here was the poll at the Fan Rookie. What should we talk about at one o'clock? Write-in votes always welcome.

The write-in votes are always a little bit goofy. It's funny. There's always someone that's like, talk sports.

I just give you four options. Talk Ultimate Disc League. Yeah, I watched a little of that. It does not surprise me.

Very late at night the other night. And you bet on it? I didn't bet on it. I'm sure you can. Not in this state.

No, not in this state. It's always fun. Right? Also, it's a fun game. Ultimate. Yeah. I got no problem with with Ultimate. Plus, they don't call it Frisbee football. I know it's Ultimate. It's Ultimate.

Yes. Good name for it. As opposed to Disc Golf, which it ain't golf. My older son wants to play foot golf. That's also not golf.

I'm not knocking the activity. Let's call it something else. They don't call pickleball tiny tennis.

Right? They don't mini tennis. They don't call it that. They call it pickleball. They came up with a name for it.

It's all masking. Come up with a different name for it. All right. So here are the options. Sorry.

Personal tangent there. First question. First option was Kyler Murray. Twenty one. Twenty one percent. Cane's off season. Fifty percent.

I guess we have to start there. Carolina Panthers. Twenty five percent. Kevin Durant. OK, whatever. Kevin Durant. Four percent. All right.

Person voted for Kevin. Yeah. So.

All right. Real quick about Cane's off season. Signed Ryan Dzingle to a two way contract yesterday.

Ryan Dzingle, who was with the Hurricanes. The first what the was it the first second year. Second year they made the playoffs.

So it was after they signed him as a free agent in the off season after making the playoffs for the first time in a decade. It didn't go well. It just it wasn't working out. And then the year before the bubble, I guess they or it was last year early in the season, they traded him to Ottawa for Cedric Paquette, former Tampa Bay Lightning. So and Cedric Paquette was good.

But again, that didn't really work out either. But Ryan Dzingle is back to a contract, probably going to spend the entire year or most of the year in Chicago. And would be an emergency call up with NHL experience.

And those are valuable pieces to have. So is Greg McKeag. No, actually, I wish he played like McKeag. If he played like McKeag, he would have a chance to make the team.

Yeah, but he doesn't play like McKeag. So to me, he's going to have to rehabilitate his career in the minor leagues. But you know what?

There are worse places to rehabilitate your career than making two hundred thousand dollars in Chicago. It's fair, right? Fair point. Other than that, hurricanes really haven't done all that much lately. I think the East has gotten stronger. The Hurricanes certainly have a very good team and they are a playoff team. But I don't think I would look at them like we looked at them a year ago and think they could really win that division.

The Metro, she is stacked, stacked. The Rangers will be better. The Devils got better. I don't think the Flyers really got better. No offense to our friend Tony DeAngelo, but the Flyers are a mess, an absolute mess.

So you should hear how they're talking about the Flyers in Philadelphia. All right. I want to talk more about Kyler Murray.

Can we do that? Can we talk a little bit about Kyler Murray? Oh, yeah. So it's embarrassing that the Arizona Cardinals put a clause in that we want Kyler Murray to do your homework. It's embarrassing. It's an awful, awful thing.

I started to get to this and we ran out of time in the segment in the beginning of the show. If you're the Arizona Cardinals, that is a conversation you have to have. But it's a conversation that you have to have privately. You said the quiet stuff out loud. And you put it in writing like if you felt like he wasn't going to work hard enough to justify the contract, then you shouldn't have offered him the contract. But you put a clause in his deal. That's it.

You have to do four hours of homework a week. Are you joking? Do you know how much the great quarterbacks work after work a lot? I just don't even get what they're doing. Dan Graziano of ESPN basically criticized Arizona in two different ways.

Here's for the reward. This is in a contract that's going to pay him over forty six million dollars a year, one of the highest contracts in the history of the league. So you're not only saying this, obviously nobody's perfect, right? We're not going to say it, but you're saying this is a player that we don't feel works hard enough. Yet we rewarded him with this contract because it would be even worse for us to have to go find a new quarterback.

I'm yes, but I I am 100 percent in the camp that. Like, I've never bought into who's your alternative? I've never bought into that, because if you spend bad money.

You're better off with the who's your alternative than spending bad money? Because if you don't believe that this guy is going to be like you drafted him first overall, you got rid of a first what a top 10 pick at quarterback after one year. Now, Josh Rosen hasn't hit anywhere, so he probably should have been moved on from although you spent the 10th pick of the draft and gave him one year. But you had made the decision you drafted this guy number one overall, and now you're not sure to the point that you have to put this clause in. But what does it mean for future contracts?

And that's where Dan Graziano went next. My first reaction was this is a terrible precedent to set for future contracts. And we've talked about how, like quarterbacks, you know, could insist on more guarantees than they do and help out, you know, the larger body of players going forward.

And they rarely do it. But this is another step. Like this is going to let teams put anything they want in a contract. Like you're gonna be able to say, well, this guy was the number one pick and he agreed to this homework clause.

Like, why shouldn't you? Yeah. You know what else is in the clause in the contract? He is not allowed to do any official baseball activity. You know how Russell Wilson will go?

I mean, it's just a ceremony right now. He's technically is part of the Yankee organization. Russell Wilson in the offseason has been going to, you know, spring training when he was with the Rangers because I think the White Sox got rid of him. He ends up with his rights with the Rangers. So he would show up. He'd spend a day at training camp at spring training with the Rangers. Maybe he'll get into a spring training game and that's it.

It was just fun. It's good publicity. It's good publicity for the for the Rangers and then ground. He did it with the Yankees. I actually think he played an inning of a game with the Yankees. Murray's contract is void if he does that.

I mean that makes I get that. I get it just shows up in spring training. Well, he said baseball activities if he shows up, but doesn't do it. No, but you can't do that. Oh, okay.

Well, that's different right so he can't go to Oakland A's who drafted him can't go to Oakland A's training camp and take BP in any official capacity hysterical to me hysterical to me. Got a question for you. I'll play the devil advocates.

All right. Do you think this is micromanaging someone in a workplace? Of course, it's micromanaging. Yes, it would it would be worse.

If there was a surveillance component to this. Yeah, there isn't it's the honor system, right? Okay, we're trusting you but you know how we're going to find out on the field. And everybody they'll know we won't you know dope dopes like us watching games. We're not going to know but the coaches will know the coaches will know if we spend all week going through these types of things.

This is what's going to happen. This is what this team does in this situation when you when they show this this is what they do. All these things that they're all tendencies and you only have so much time to go over them during practice. This is why players watch so much film. It's why Ryan Clark was just like, I mean bewildered that quarterbacks have to watch film.

You know what it reminded me of and we have to close on this. It reminded me of one of the most talented players to ever play quarterback in the NFL, eventually down the road, admitting that he didn't watch film. Michael Vick.

Yeah. Because Vic later in his career lamented the fact that he didn't study hard enough. He was simply getting by on his ability, which was extreme, and he was still incredibly effective. Michael Vick was a great player. If Vic had been a studier in his prime and didn't go to jail for two and a half years for dog fighting and related charges. Who knows how good that could have been? Yeah, that's the scary part is that he was that good and he wasn't doing the work.

But that's what I thought. First thing I thought of was, man, Kyler Murray is like another. It's a Michael Vick situation. He's not doing the work. The Cardinals are afraid to move on. So they put a clause in his contract and it's the dumbest, the dumbest.

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It's report day for Carolina and first day of workouts will be tomorrow. Here is the language from the Kyler Murray baseball clause in his contract. Remember, we already have a clause that demands that he does homework four hours a week. I think he also has to brush his teeth before he goes to bed. Otherwise, he gets no milk and cookies. A default of his contract is enacted if he participates in any type of baseball related activity, including, without limitation, a tryout, workout, practice, scrimmage, exhibition, or game for any baseball team in any baseball league. I think he can go back to Oklahoma and take batting practice with the Sooners, but that's basically what it boils down to. It's basically what it boils down to. Wow.

And last year, by the way, he admitted to not spending a lot of time watching film. The Arizona Cardinals were in a very bad spot. It's easy to sit here from where I am and say the Cardinals rolled over here, they should have just moved on. I have my doubts as to whether Kyler Murray is an elite NFL quarterback. He is an elite athlete. But who would you rather have, Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray?

Give me Lamar Jackson a hundred times in a row. Julian Council, Lockdown Panthers podcast. You have reported to training camp, sir. How are you? I'm great, Adam. How are you?

Doing very well. I've been laughing at the Kyler Murray contract clause. Did you do all your homework? Yes, I always did my homework.

If I didn't, my parents would have whooped my ass. I don't think that's an option for Steve Keim with the Arizona Cardinals. I would have liked to have seen that in a clause in his contract. Well, it's pretty sad that a professional like Kyler Murray has to be babied like this in order to do the extra things to make him better at his job. But it's also interesting that the Arizona Cardinals are even willing to give him this amount of money considering this addendum that they have in this contract. And now we understand why they were so hesitant to give him the money in the first place. So not our problem. We're actually trying to find a quarterback here in Carolina.

So Arizona, they at least have one as long as he does his homework every night. I mean, four hours is the absolute minimum. I mean, it's nothing. That's absolutely nothing. He should have already been like, what was he doing before? That's what I want to know. Like, was he literally not spending any time? And I know they have the Microsoft Surfaces that they each player has so they can track your time up there. So he literally must have just been going home and spending absolutely no time.

And then they were like, okay, Kyler, this is why we are terrible in the second half of the season and why your performances have been worse. Not just your size and stature, but the fact that you literally don't study at all. That's an issue, dude. So it's insane to me.

Like that is even a thing. When you think about like Brady and Manning and Rogers, all these great quarterbacks, you spend so much time working on a film and working out with their guys. And now Kyler Murray out here in the desert in Arizona needs to have a four hour minimum study in order to get the money that he has definitely earned. Yeah, look, he has earned. He's earned it basically by being the first pick in the draft and not sucking.

To me, that's what that's what he's earned. Because right now, to me, look, I don't want to make this about Kyler Murray. You and I were going to talk about the Panthers, but I just think that Murray is a spectacular athlete and a good quarterback. But I just I don't know that Murray drags you to where you need to be. I think you get there and Kyler Murray is a good part of that.

But and I think those two things are different. Let's let's get to the Panthers as we as we get to training camp. But I know Baker Baker rolled up with Shaq Thompson. Oh, wait a second. Sam Darnold, I don't know, was took the bus. I'm not really sure. Matt Matt Corral, I think, was was helicoptered in. Are we are we to read anything that Baker was already chummy with one of the Panthers veteran leaders? Absolutely not. I did have someone tweet that at me earlier today being like, look, this is Baker's team.

Now he's rolled up with Shaq. I think more so it's like, all right, do I really want to drive down? You've been down 85 South recently. It's a complete zoo.

Once you get down to Gaffney and the Big Peach and then in the upstate, it's horrible. So as someone who just moved here, I bet Baker Mayfield was really interested in having to drive to camp since he's ever been there. And he figured why not hit up Shaq and someone who has a truck and can take him down there. And by the way, Sam took his F-150 that he got back in 2020 down to Spartanburg by himself.

If you're wondering what he arrived in, I don't look at it as a big deal at all. Sam Donald, he called Baker. It was one of the first guys to reach out to him and invited him to the throwing session had this past weekend. Everyone is roster seems to have a pretty good rapport with each other and Baker's only fitting in. So it's cool to see Shaq Thompson, who won't be available throughout training camp, bringing Baker down there and that they're already making connection for one of the defensive leaders. And hopefully some of you on the leaders on offense, but I'm not going to make more out of it than it really needs to be. Other than like, hey, Baker got a carpool to training camp, which is probably the smartest way to go about it. Julian Council, Lockdown Panthers podcast is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. It's it would be it's very easy to spend all the time talking about Baker Mayfield versus Sam Darnold and Matt Corrales.

I think it was adorable. The Corrales said he was going to try to win the job by any means necessary. I hope there are no lead pipes anywhere around there. We don't want to Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan situation. But there are there have to be other things that we should be focusing on because obviously the quarterback position is going to get all the attention. But what are the next couple of things that you are going to be concerned with as we get in a training camp? I know most people are going to be concerned about the health of Christian McCaffrey. Someone asked him today. Are you tired of getting all these questions?

And he asked to be tired of getting all the questions after missing last of missing 23 games over the last two years. That's not necessarily a concern of mine. I think Christian obviously is important to this offense. When I look at the injuries you saw for the last couple of years, that's just really been hard luck more than, hey, this is Christian just being injury prone because he didn't miss any time before the last two years. For me, I'm looking at seeing how the offensive line kind of figures out.

We were projecting to be a lot better than they were the last couple of years. Taylor Moten, two back there at right tackle. Austin Corbett, who came over in free agency from the Rams after winning the Super Bowl, should likely be at right guard.

But then you got to figure out the center position. Is it Pat offline who was atrocious when he played left guard last year, but a little bit better at center versus Bradley Boseman who came over, started 16 games last year for the Ravens at the same position that is trying to figure out the left side. Matt Ruhle kind of alluded to a couple months ago during mandatory minicamp that they might end up starting Brady Christensen. The third round pick last year that a lot of fans are clamoring to see at left tackle last year that he might get the chance to start there at left tackle. Oh, Ricky Aquano to start off the season and then we'll see how things pan out there.

So I'm interested to see how that works. Robbie Anderson. He's had an interesting offseason.

There was, of course, the social media thing about Baker Mayfield, which turned out to be nothing, but he did leave it up to interpretation for a lot of folks who think that he was throwing some shade over Baker's way. And then there was the talk of I might retire and it's been a weird offseason for Robbie. I want to see if he's able to bounce back and if he doesn't guys like Terrace Marshall Jr. Rashard Higgins who played Baker Mayfield in Cleveland.

Those are some players. I want to see if they can bounce back the linebacker position. The last couple of years has been lacking since Luke equally retired. And now with Shaq Thompson not available. Can guys like Damian Wilson who came over from free agency and from Jacksonville, Corey Littleton, who's been a pro bowler with the Rams.

It was really bad the last few years of the Raiders. Can they step in improve to help out that at that position Brandon Smith, the fourth round pick out of Penn State as well. There's plenty of things I'm looking out at outside of just is McCaffrey can be healthy and what's going to happen at quarterback because this team still has plenty of questions to answer, even though I think that they're much improved as far as when you look at the roster. We'll find out just how good of a team they are, of course, for the next couple of weeks and months.

I don't know if it's if it's great minds think alike. But when I was listening to things that I am considered that I am watching for even more than because frankly, I don't think it's that big a difference between Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold. I think if Darnold played well, the Panthers could be I don't know, an eight win team. And if Baker plays well, maybe they can be a nine win team. I think there's a little bit of a higher ceiling for Baker than there is for Sam, but none of this matters if the offensive line ain't good.

So to me, that's the thing I will be looking at more than anything else. Hopefully they stay healthy, whether it's whether F line plays. I hope it's Boseman because you went out and you spent some money on him and I hope Ikhwanu can play left tackle because I actually think it would be really good and potentially the future to see Christiansen play left guard. Because if you have if you end up with that as your offensive line Boseman in the middle, Ikhwanu in and Christiansen on the left and then you've got, you know, the other components on the right, you got a pretty good offensive line. Yeah, no, and that's exactly how I've been looking at it. And regardless of how they start off the season, you're going to have Ikhwanu at some point be the future left tackle and the fact that you have Brady Christiansen who can move around and could start at left or he could push back inside at left guard.

And then you can you have options. You have guys who have played in this league and started games at the center position aiming at left guard like Boseman. If he somehow loses out at center, he can still potentially start at left guard. They can start out the season with Christiansen and if maybe Christiansen gets pushed to the bench, maybe you have that depth where you trust in that sixth guy. And now with Cam Irving, who hasn't been great former first round pick, he started at left tackle last year, him and Elf line and other younger players like Deontay Brown and Cade Mays, the fifth rounder out of Tennessee. You have a pretty solid depth there in Carolina, which they didn't have last season. I'll continue to tell people like last year, 13 out of 17 starting offensive line combinations. No team in the NFL is going to have success if that is the issue with the offensive line. They have that many injuries. If Carolina has injuries to Taylor Moten and say the Bradley Boseman and into Icky Ikhwan or Brady Christiansen and are back out there having to start Cam Irving and Pat Elf line and whoever else they might have been in there at right guard, they're likely not going to have success continuity. The communication is so important on the offense line staying healthy, but having some quality depth, which I think they do have is certainly a positive and should get whoever plays under center this year a chance to actually go out there and be able to move this offense down the field consistently.

One more thing for Julian Council locked on Panthers podcast. You mentioned wide receivers, so I'm going to skip over that because I think you're right. Whether it's Robbie Anderson or Terrace Marshall or whoever else, somebody has to be able to get out there with DJ Moore and impact the game. But you mentioned linebacker, but what about defensive tackle? Building because they did, you know, they made some additions to that position during the offseason and you have recent draft picks.

Who are the guys you are looking at in the middle of that defensive line? Well, the third year is kind of the year where you really need to see a player step up and make a major impact. Derek Brown has been a key starter there the last few years in Carolina after being drafted seventh overall back in 2020. He's got rules first draft on the job and he really has been pretty underwhelming for a player that was absolutely dominant, especially the last few years at Auburn in the SEC, which is proclaimed to be the best college football conference and the one that prepares you for the NFL better than any. He has not come out and played to that kind of level in that standard that you would have hoped and as the Panthers chose to get him there because they had the option to get Isaiah Simmons out of Clemson. That's somewhat worked out as Jeremy Chain has kind of filled the same role as Simmons would have had he come here to Carolina.

So that's not necessarily that much of an argument anymore. But Brown last year later on in the season, he was benched and maybe it would have helped him had KK Schwerpen healthy his rookie year and he's out playing next to Zach Kerr. And then last year playing next to Daquan Jones helped out. He got a pretty good payday for a player of his caliber up in Buffalo this past offseason.

But he needs to step up this year. Matt Ioannidis, who admitted a couple weeks ago back in his mini camp he was out of shape last year in Washington with I guess then the football team now the commanders and he's also been a Redskins. He's someone who's brought in that interior pass rush at the defensive tackle spot with seven and a half and eight and a half sacks per game or seven and a half and eight and a half sacks back to back seasons a couple years ago in Washington and he's a former Temple guy.

Surprise, surprise. They brought in another guy that played for them back in college but at least he's proven it in the NFL. He has a graveyard Roy a former Baylor guy who's been a solid run software suffer a draft until Hopkins last year out of Kentucky.

Maybe he'll be out there and have an opportunity. It's just really interesting to see because there's the run. So the run game has been terrible as far as far as the defense.

I'm going to stop the run. I mainly attribute that to the linebacker play but also guys in the inside have not been good enough and that needs to improve. Yeah defensive tackle. It's certainly one of those position groups to look at as far as going to season. That's what again why I go back to people always focus on the quarterback. This team is not a quarterback away from like competing and winning a Super Bowl. There's still so many questions on a young roster that need to be answered before we can even sit here and talk about. All right, if we get that one piece then things can change in Carolina. Yes quarterbacks important. But yeah guys like Derek Brown who if your option they're going to make a decision this upcoming May.

He's going to have to show that he's worth being around here in Carolina for the long haul, which is I think the expectation when they drafted in there a couple years ago. This is why people should check out the locked on Panthers podcast with Julian Council. This is why you should do it because Julian drops all sorts of knowledge.

I appreciate your time. My friend at Julian Council on Twitter enjoy training camp stay out of the heat. No out will always always say it Spartanburg. Just saw just so hot all the time, but I feel like it's hot everywhere anyway, so I don't really understand why they get the bad rap. It's not it's not cool in Raleigh. I'm sure it's definitely not cool in Charlotte. No, no.

Damn sure ain't cool in Spartanburg. It's hot everywhere Julian. Thanks, man. I appreciate it. All right, Adam.

Take care. You got a Julian Council always fun. All right, we have we have hit the break orange wedges for all. So as the jokes and memes and stuff were rolling in last night this morning about Kyler Murray as the news about is the addendum in his contract. Someone actually posted on Twitter going to give them credit for this. It was Rose City Peach.

Hi Rose City Peach. Well done put out a chart 2019 2020 and 2021. Here are Kyler Murray's fantasy points for each game of his career. But they drew a line down the middle or drew a line on the date of the season when the Call of Duty annual game was released in the new with the new game drive the new Call of Duty game was again. This is fantasy points little bit different but nevertheless, there's a decline. Yeah, it's like every season. There's a decline.

I saw it. It's a gradual. It's very gradually. It's not like he goes from, you know, a guy you have to have where you know what you can play him or you can play Marcus Mariota is the same like but it is a little is lower.

It's definitely on it. Yeah, and it's steady to it's a steady drop. Although maybe he goes from and I don't even know what fantasy would be a good Fantasy Week. He goes from like 35 points a game down to like 27 points a game. It's just it's just this kind of steady gradual drip, but it's very funny.

You know, it's interesting. There's actually let's see in 2019 is total number of fantasy points right after the game was released was just 10 on the chart on the chart. They have this breakdown and it's so it's just steadily decline week one. That is fantastic. So in 2020 the first half of the season or up until the Call of Duty game came out every game was about 22 points or higher after Call of Duty came out two games. Hmm.

Well that again very steep decline proof. Yep. Gotta love it.

Imagine imagine using fantasy points. Yes. Anyway, it's just something that somebody put out just the jokes and stuff.

They're wonderful likes it. Someone said a did to Kyler Murray make his bed this morning. If not, he's grounded. I mentioned earlier. He's got you. There's a clause. He asked them brush his teeth at night.

Yeah, you gotta brush your teeth before you go to bed. I wonder if they're parental controls like on his for example, did the did the Cardinals do they take away his controller? All right, and when you've done your four hours, you can have your controller back. Because if I were him I get it all done on Monday. Oh, yeah. And now I don't have to do any more homework. You know, it's funny we tell my son Jack we tell him that because he basically knows what homework he's got for the entire week on Monday like kid knock it all out. You don't have to worry about it then you can come home and you can watch YouTube. Yeah. Just knock it all out.

Knock it all out. That's one of the reasons why of my senior year in high school, I took a study hall class because I had taken an extra class my sophomore year just so I knew and I would have a study hall class. So I would just do all my homework and study hall and guess what I went home after practice had nothing to do and it was wonderful. Anyway, didn't have to hide the controller for me didn't I don't even have a controller you should. Speaking of the world of gaming EA Sports or EA Electronic Arts. They just call it EA now is this EA fun is actually in reportedly been in talks with Marvel games. Oh, great. I was wondering how long it would take us to get to something that sounded like Marvel what I mean, this is a big deal.

The guy who sat in that chair before you yeah, I believe there was a Caddyshack reference every show. Yeah, I know every show your record is unmatched with any mention of Marvel or DC Comics. Well, this is gaming. This is gaming relates fine. I'm not knocking.

I'm just pointing it out. EA makes Madden right? They also make other games they've been talked with Marvel games about creating a Black Panther game. Oh, very cool, which is very very cool. I'm very excited about that.

Apparently they're also in talks to create some other products as well Marvel does have a similar deal with Square Enix with their Avengers game of their Guardians of the Galaxy game by the way Marvel's Avengers that game is very very fun. Okay, just won't let you know that what happens in a lot of stuff. I haven't been perfect. I haven't finished it yet. So I can't you can finish a game. Well, like you can complete the storyline mode or like other side missions and stuff. I haven't completed the storyline but here's the thing with that these games now with way things are digitally.

They continue to add storylines to it, which is really cool because you don't have to worry about buying a new game every single year. I'm waiting for EA to do something along these lines with these gaming companies with sports games like 2K for NBA like 2K also has the PGA a golf games now, okay used to have it. Is there a live golf game? There will be maybe I don't know they could buy one look no live golf would pay you to play it. Yes, they would.

I bet that's the case. I would play you to play it. I'm wondering it when they're when the time will come where EA with Madden because it's so popular that you just make a purchase once and then you just have to pay like a certain amount each year like a rolling fee to continue to play the game or at least get the upgrades of upgrading of rosters game modes those kinds of things as opposed to buying the new game every year because a lot of people just downloaded digitally now, right? So I'm wondering there is what's called like EA pass.

I mean you have also in season updates, right? Yeah, which are which are included when you purchase the game, but I know there's an EA subscription where you can play the game for a certain number of hours without having to purchase it as a way to like test it out. If you if you're interested in the game then after a certain amount of time those games do become available free.

So again, I don't know sure how that's all going to work out. But anyway, I'm curious how gaming companies and these things are only involved over time. Do you know that so was I what do you know Netflix actually has mobile gaming. So if you're a subscriber on Netflix you use the app they have games available for you to play right? Are they good games? What do we have? I haven't played them.

I just know they have games available Donkey Kong. I mean, I don't know that'd be great. Frogger.

Um, Tony Dow who played Wally Cleaver in leave it to Beaver Oh, wow pass away at 77 no shame that's waiting. That is a shame for one out. Can you pour one out for? Absolutely.

You can pour one out from like our friends the og still have a 40 available for you to do that. I think they I think they polished it off on the way home. I'm sure they did. So John Cena's coming to Fortnite. Is he really? Yep. John Cena Fortnite developer, which is at Epic Games absolutely right here in the triangle carry North Carolina reveal that John Cena is officially coming to the popular free-to-play battle royale video game. The John Cena outfit will be available within the video games item shop. Did you call it an outfit this week?

Yeah, it's isn't it. Isn't it called the skin? Well, they call it the yeah, the overall they're called skins with the John Cena out costume. Yes. So it's like his entrance gear and his ring styles.

Very nice. So yeah, he's coming to Fortnite very nice. And final thing this kind of wraps up actually I meant to mention this with talking about Kyler Murray hard knocks this year HBO the preseason is going to be the Detroit Lions. Can't wait to hear Dan Campbell talk about biting off legs. Oh, man, we're going to bite off your kneecaps exactly.

So many sound bites. We're going to get from Dan Campbell because of this. I love Dan Campbell, by the way, I don't know if he can coach. I love his honesty.

Yeah, his energy and everything and I love he's he seems to be a genuinely good guy again. I don't know if he can coach the in-season hard knocks what yeah, they started this last season. I didn't there's an in-season hard knocks Arizona Cardinals. Oh, can we get a camera? I need a camera inside Kyler Murray's house with this needs to be independent study cam. That would be fantastic. That'd be great. Wow. Oh gosh. I'm now I might watch I might watch just to see how much Kyler Murray is studying film at one thing before we go to break on it.

We are going to place our bets on the other side. I mentioned earlier I we brought up the fact I was watching Ultimate on TV the other day and Jacob says I will not stand for disc golf slander. If we had to rewind the tape which we're not going to there was no disc golf slander. I was simply saying let's just give it a name. Yeah, the point was Ultimate Frisbee is not called Frisbee football. It's even though when it was invented. That's what it was called and they were like no, it's ultimate that has a name pickleball is not tiny tennis.

It's got a name disc golf which bears zero resemblance to actual golf other than how many times you have to throw this plate into a wire basket that determines your score simply needs a name go out and play it have fun be one with nature. That's fine. Can I get a drop? Yes. Are there penalties? You can open a window.

If I throw if I throw one of these plates into a Creek do I is it a lateral is it stroke and distance? What is it? You know, it actually be a wrap on this mention this as well for halftime entertainment. Do you think sports such as disc golf name to be changed later should be changed.

It's give it a name. You think that would go great on ESPN 8 the Ocho day? Yeah, why not on August 5th?

That's right ESPN's bringing it back on August 5th, though. Why not Friday? I don't know why they're not doing it the 8th some Monday. I don't know. Is there a preseason football game?

I don't know. I don't know 8th is a Monday. So they're doing it on a Friday.

Yep. So on 8 5 anyway 24 hours of programming, you know, it's actually going to be held. The Rock Hill Sports and Events Center and Manchester Meadows all of the events are going to be in Rock Hill Wow, not at Tepper Sports complex. Do you think one of the events like fall but we'll don't play spike ball. I will there's the AWA wiffle ball World Axe throwing League on axe throwing is big. Yeah Pogo Palooza Cup 2022. I'm looking forward to that.

Yeah, who is it? And then the USA dodgeball all-star showcase and slippery stairs. Oh, that's good.

That's a good one, too. June 19th 2006, but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly the canes corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina.

Listen now find Kane's 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast. Let's place our bets Dennis. Place your bets place your bets do here. I bet you slice into the woods a hundred bucks. Gambling is illegal with Bushwood, sir, and I never slide.

Okay, you can own it. I owe you. Baseball was very good to me or as Chico Escuela said back in the day baseball being Betty Betty good to Chico Escuela spit from Saturday Night Live back in the 70s.

I'll be I only have one baseball pick today Dennis Cox. Where do you go going? Euro 2020 2022 nice women. Give me England minus a goal and a half against Sweden plus 295 English my English. Yes them England minus a goal and a half or both on it. Very interesting.

All right. I'm going to leave my Euro wager out. I'm going to go with an international friendly first. Okay, by the way Barca and Juventus are playing a match in Texas.

So this is Weston McKinney was a Texas kid coming back with UV. So that's a match that is going I think it's on fs2 tonight. I'm going to take that match to end in a draw at plus 310. Did you know that City and Byron played an 80-minute game in Green Bay? No, I guess there was a there was a lightning delay. Okay, so they only played 80 minutes. Okay. So like nobody realized that they were done after 80 minutes.

They're like, why are we stopping it only says 80 on the clock anyway. So yeah, I'll say Barca and you've a with a draw at plus 310. Well, I'm going to stick to the pitch Champions League qualifying Shamrock Rovers. Oh, man. Good choice on ludagore.

It's razz grad. Sure. Yeah draw plus 235. Very good.

Both teams are plus money. So give me the draw plus 230. All right. All right. I'm going to go to the euro now you have England minus a goal and a half.

I do. All right, England, Sweden regulation draw. Okay, plus 215. All right, plus two Sweden. Very good. Yeah, England.

They're all good. The four teams that are left are all studs Sweden, England, France and Germany. If you were to pick either Germany or France, well, what's money about that regulation and that games tomorrow that matches tomorrow England, Germany and France are complete opposites in mindset. Germany is really good. France is super talented, but can't just break through Germany just wins man.

They just know how to win. I'm actually going to go to that game for my final pick. Oh regulation time draw plus 215 France will have 70 great scoring chances and not score and that I watched them who is against the Netherlands.

They won one nil goalie goal was scored on a penalty and I'm telling you France could have scored six goals in the match. All right, my final pick is a baseball game or a prop from a baseball game Subway Series tonight Citi Field in Queens Matt Carpenter of the Yankees plus 425 to go deep. All right, that's my own. It's my only pick left-handed bat from the Yankees to go yard at plus 425. I'm almost back to a plus 4000. So I did a lot of damage. I lost a lot of cash, but units units.

I'm almost back to 4,000. This is the Adam Gold Show June 19 2006, but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly the canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina. Listen now find canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast.
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