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Top 5 Teams To Trade For A QB

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 28, 2024 3:24 pm

Top 5 Teams To Trade For A QB

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 28, 2024 3:24 pm

2/28/24 - Hour 2

Guest host Suzy Shuster and the guys react to this year’s team grades handed out by the NFL Players Association with some shocking results for the 2-time defending champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Rich joins the show from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis where he breaks down his lunch with Pat McAfee, discusses the Jets giving QB Zach Wilson permission to seek a trade, a report that Caleb Williams would be excited to be drafted by the Chicago Bears, says which teams should definitely move up in the NFL Draft to select a quarterback, reacts to the Arizona Cardinals’ latest social media homage to Kyler Murray, and to the NFLPA’s team report cards.

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Oh my god, you guys are my favorites. This is the Rich Eisen Show. The one and only Rich Eisen. With guest host, Suzy Schuster. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Atlanta would be tough.

The only con of going back home is just people hitting my phone like crazy. What are you willing to share about your quarterback plans? We are definitely in the quarterback hunting business.

And we gotta go out, we gotta find ways to acquire them, we know the ways we can do it. Earlier on the show, NFL Network reporter Stacey Dales. Coming up, Emmy nominated host of the Rich Eisen Show, Rich Eisen. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Suzy Schuster. Hi everybody, Suzy Schuster here on the Rich Eisen Show, thrilled to be sitting in for Rich. I'm sitting here booking Pete Thamel, so he is going to call in in the next hour, zoom in in the next hour.

Guys, I'm busy over here, I'm a mom, I'm multitasking, I'm doing many things. My kid's asking me if he can have 23andMe. I'm like, honey, I'm on the air, can we talk about this after school? Trying to book Pete, trying to get him the zoom info. 23andMe, bad idea, they're stealing your data. Is that right?

Yeah, it's known. Also, I'm like, aren't you in school? Why are you asking me for this? Like, go away, I'm working. Because someone else is talking about it?

Mom's working, okay, so like, beat it. Hi everybody, thrilled to be here with you on the Roku channel. Love being in the seat when Rich is out. Brought the guys some breakfast, did the other guys bring you breakfast? I don't think so. Never.

Whatever. The other guys meaning Rich? Or like Andrew?

Andrew has brought stuff before, now that we shamed him, Andrew brings stuff in. Yeah, because moms take care of the people in the room, people. Appreciate you. 844-204-rich is the number. I'm a little pingy this morning. Like, I love taking the calls, call in, we got time. We got time to talk to you and I want to hear what's on your mind. But first, Chris, you got some report cards out, could you share with us?

I went from talking about my kid, texting during class, they might want to look into that. Can you share some NFL report cards, please? The NFL report cards, so this is something that's been kind of fun the last couple of years. It's the NFL Players Association. They do these kind of team by team, anonymous, poll and report card in all these different categories, treatment of families, the food and cafeteria, the nutritionist and dietitian on the team, locker room, training room, training staff, weight room, strength coaches, team travel, head coach, and ownership overall, what grade you would give. Each player fills out this survey for the team that they're on.

Now, some of these are hilarious. So, when you look at some of the best teams in the league, now, last year I think this kind of went viral because the Cardinals were just dead last in everything and kind of that came out that they were making them buy their own food in the cafeteria. What do you mean buy their own food in the cafeteria?

That's insane. It would literally have, it was like in Moneyball where they had to buy their own soda, the A's. It was like the Cardinal players had to buy their own food in the cafeteria. So, some of the report cards, okay, the best teams in the NFL, top to bottom, are the Dolphins and the Vikings in terms of all these criteria that I said. The worst, and this was surprising, TJ, Cardinals, F, they're on the West, they were last last year, obviously. The Chiefs were an F-. The Chiefs got an F-. The Chiefs got an F-. Why? The Steelers got an F-. Why? The Bucks got a D-.

What? Panthers, D, and the Patriots were a D+. Those were the bottom of the bottom. The whole year was an F, so there you go. Like the Chiefs got a D-plus in nutrition.

Weird. A C-plus in weight room. What else do we got here? Their strength staff, they got an A-. A D-plus in training room and a D-minus in training staff. They got a, I mean, a D-minus in locker room. So, basically, luckily they have an A-plus, plus, plus in Patrick Mahomes. Otherwise, how are they doing it, Chris? How are you so low in all of these key points? Does this prove that you don't need a lot of pomp and circumstance to win the Super Bowl? Does this prove that you don't need the best facilities? Because the Chiefs are making an argument, clearly, that you don't need all this extra junk to become back-to-back Super Bowl champions. I have no idea. Some of the things going viral right now are the treatment of families section for various teams.

So, this is the one that kind of stood out, thanks to Kevin Clark. He said the Chargers, okay, the Chargers got an F when it comes to treatment of families. So while they do provide a family room at the stadium, not every team does, they do provide daycare, but not on-site. And the players have to pay. So, not only is there for players that have kids and they bring them to the game on game day. How much? $75 for the first child.

$50 for each additional child per family. Not on-site. So, you got to drop them off. What do you mean not on-site? On your way to the stadium. What? Here in Los Angeles. Where? It's something like Randa Daycare Center on the way down? It's in Hollywood Park, Mike.

This is crazy. Maybe there's a bathroom in Hollywood Park and they just throw the gifts up. It's so big.

You mean to tell me there's not rooms that they can bring your kids to and let somebody watch them? The major complaint from players... It's not even in the... Wait, wait.

Hold on. It's not even in the building? Not even in the building. Off-site. It's like somewhere on Jefferson? Who knows?

Imperial. They play a game, right? And then they've got to get out of the game, shower, do the media, change, fight the same traffic. Oh yeah. 60,000 other people. Waiting so fast. Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Cindy. We got to go pick up the baby. And hope that baby doesn't have hand, foot, and mouth from being with every other kid in there. I mean, this is ridiculous.

Inglewood Library. No, I have no idea. Yeah, crazy. So just running down, like for me, Patriots got an F- treatment of families, kind of the same type of deal.

Well, I mean, look at how they treated their family on the field. Brutal. An F for the weight room?

Like, how does every team's weight room not an A? Exactly. What are we doing?

What are we doing? Team travel was a D. I thought the Patriots had those two nice jets, Mike. Exactly. And ownership. D plus. Oh. Oh. The Patriots got a D plus in ownership?

For ownership. Mr. Kraft, what's happening there, huh? And I thought Bill was the problem. This is crazy. Some teams still don't offer three mills a day to their players, and the Bucks charge younger players $1,750 for the season to have their own hotel room on the road.

Ooh. That's insane. And I know, so we're going to post this on YouTube, and all the comms are going to be, like, we're millionaires and dah, dah, dah. No, but they're not, actually. A lot of them aren't. And the fact that, like, if you're trying to run a successful business, Google does it like this, and they're slightly successful. Why wouldn't you, like, give your players these amenities so that they can do their best on the field?

If you feed your players garbage, they're going to play like garbage. That's number one. Number two, what about the shame factor? If you're the car dulcet, you got an F last year. Aren't you ashamed of this?

And aren't you, like, bending over backwards to fix this? You'll love this, TJ. In the olden days, in the dark ages when I covered the NBA, with the Lakers and the Clippers, you'd walk into Staples, and the Lakers would have A++ everything through one entrance. But you'd go around the other side, and it would be jank city for the Clippers, even down to the snacks in the locker room that we would avail ourselves of in between games. I mean, it was janky.

Why do you think I would like that? I did, because you love the Clippers. Well, you painted this in a horrible lightbreaker. But this is Sterling. This is Sterling. And it was just... I mean, everything was low rent. Now with Ballmer, it's like, this is a guy who gets that, you know... Yeah, he understands toilets.

He understands toilets. It's also kind of funny, just kind of looking at the grades here, right? And how that translates to winning. So the Chiefs are the bottom, and F-, and they won the Super Bowl, you know? The Vikings were at the top, and, you know, Avi Kirk gets hurt this year, but they missed the playoffs.

You look at kind of the rankings for head coach. I mean, the Raiders, obviously, they hated Josh McDaniel, so they got a D. But, you know, Falcons, Patriots, B-, you know, the coaching things were pretty positive, everyone for the most part. But I was kind of looking at the locker room. That was kind of... How does the locker room not do well?

The locker room was kind of interesting to me. So the Falcons are in a sort of pretty new stadium, right? They have an F for locker room.

How? The commanders, F-, we know that FedEx, they know they need an upgrade in a new stadium for Washington. But the Chargers are part of the new stadium at SoFi.

There's three locker rooms, right? At SoFi, there's a Rams, Chargers, and then the visitors. The Chargers have an F. What do the Rams have?

Let's see, good question. The Rams have a D+. What the hell?

A brand new $5 billion stadium. How are the locker rooms anything but an A? I don't get it.

I'm sorry to you. I don't get it. This is simple interior designing, guys. We should go over there, we've got to pitch a new show on Roku, and it's called Renovating NFL Stadiums.

Yes. We're going to go... Renovate your locker room. This is a great idea. We're going to go locker room to locker room. We're going to fix the snacks, the weight rooms, what have you. We're going to walk in there, I'm going to dress you guys up real fancy, and we're going to go in there and renovate all these locker rooms. Because there's got to be a big budget, people.

Where's the money going? And Del Tufo, this is a testament to you and your dedication. The Green Bay Packers ownership got an A. Wow. Good job, Mikey. Congratulations. That's what we do.

Congratulations. We do it. Why does the Green Bay Packer ownership have a grade at all? There's no actual ownership. There's owners. There's fractional owners. There's jokes like this guy on a piece of paper for 400 bucks or whatever it is.

Also, like, okay, let's face it. A lot of these billionaire owners have billionaire size egos, so if you see your ownership is getting a D minus, I'm a little chuffed. F minus for ownership. That's horrific. I am stunned.

That's insane. I don't care because I don't know, the air smells so good up there. Pittsburgh Steelers. F for ownership.

Stunned. We know some of those owners. I don't get it. The Hunts and the Rooney's. What? Two of the founders of the league.

They're just at the bottom. I mean, Bob Kraft, D plus. Shocked. I like the head coach ones. Shocked.

The head coach ones are pretty good. Don't you want to unpack this a little bit more, though, Chris? I mean, selfishly speaking, from a New England perspective, we think of Robert Kraft as being the beloved owner.

I think it's actually in print everywhere. One of the top owners in the NFL. Beloved owner. Right. By the way, the head coach. Why are they giving him that grade? It's pretty good.

E plus. Wow. I like the head coaches. The coaches were all positive. Yeah, but they're all teams that made the playoffs a lot, if you look at it. But for coach, the lowest grade was the Raiders, but obviously those guys hated Josh McDaniels, so that's not a surprise.

Who got the highest grade? The highest grade for coach, there were three A pluses, were Vikings, Lions, and Chiefs. Had to be Chiefs, right?

Right. Don't you think that Andrew Reid must be the most popular coach out there? And when you think of the teams who got A's, there were a bunch, and it's all the ones you would expect. Mike McDaniel, Nick Sirianni, Kyle Shanahan, Sean McDermott, Mike McCarthy, TJ, there you go. Mike, what are you... What did Belichick get? Pete Carroll, Sean McVeigh. Belichick got a B minus.

I think one of the big complaints was that the players didn't feel like Bill valued their time. He doesn't. Right. Which is not surprising. Breaking news.

Breaking news. He doesn't value your time, because it's his time. And he didn't want their input. Like, yeah, no kidding. That's so weird to say that of Bill Belichick. Anyway, if you go to the website, you can find the report cards, and it's just kind of interesting. It's like, you know, the combine hasn't really started yet, TJ.

The individual drills start tomorrow. So this is kind of something that gets dropped on the slow news day of a Wednesday combine week. And it's kind of fun to digest and discuss and kind of break down. Does it mean anything?

I don't know. I think your point is great, Susie. It's the shame of the all you guys. It's humiliating. It's humiliating. If you're in charge of these teams and you're getting D's and F's, I'd be so embarrassed. The best team in the league, two years in a row, three out of the last five rank. I mean, I didn't do great in high school.

And like, if I took this report card home, it looks like my report card. I mean, D plus, C minus, F, F, D, F, C plus, C plus, D, F, D, F, D, F, D, F, D, F, D, F, C plus, C plus, D, F, D, F, D, F, D, F, D, F, D, F, D, F, D, F, D, F, D, F, D, F, D, F, the chiefs, right, yeah, the chiefs, chiefs, crazy, that's the team I'm talking, F Mike, like, Brockman, I showed you a, an Instagram post where apparently the hunts have like a three story apartment inside of the stadium, inside the stadium, maybe they should take some of those funds to the locker room, but then again, it's like, what's your argument? What argument can you make? It's like the team is suffering.

Is it? Cause we just had the parade. Exactly.

So we're not suffering that much. Is he collecting sun rays from the glint off of the Lombardi so he doesn't really care? Well, Chris. CJ, I know that like, Obie, you're not a Miami guy, right? I, you know, I don't love it, but Miami, I mean, every player should want to go to South Beach treatment of families, A minus food and cafeteria, A, a nutritionist, A, locker room, A, training room, A, training staff, A minus weight room, A plus strength coaches, A, travel, A, head coach, A, ownership, A plus.

I mean, it was massage therapists on there. Is it too soon? That's a free agent destination right there, man. Like, let's go to South Beach, baby. South Beach is in A plus right off the bat, right?

So I'm in. Yeah. Think about that though, Chris. If you are, Mike, if you're a free agent and you are up in the air, like, I don't know how many guys really pay attention to this, but you probably should if you're, if you're having a hard time making your decision and you're like, wait a second.

You're making a family decision, TJ. Don't you think you'd be looking at child care, nutrition, locker room, food, nutrition, travel is what I don't get because every one of these teams have private jets they use for the year. Right. They planes that they use every same flight attendants, pilots. It's like all they're structured so that they have like a, like a bigger first class for all the coaches and stuff. There's no, if you got an F, what are you driving yourself from place to place? It's like major league.

You have to go get a rental car. Major league when they have to take the bus. Some of these teams have taken soul planes.

I mean Tennessee, Washington, and Tampa F for travel. It's exactly like, come on, how do you get an F Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, you know that some of those planes are older planes and there's a whole hierarchy of who sits where because there are three across this and usually that they do give the players three across to spread out. I watched in that, in that Patriots talk the other day, some old school shots and Tom Brady is like, he's riding a middle seat, middle seat, kind of crammed in 2002, 2003, he didn't have seniority yet, but the Patriots got a bad grade and they got those jets.

Like I want to know what's going on in those jets, the Patriots jets. Maybe it, maybe people are trying to open the door. Don't they serve donkeys? Isn't there like a free donkeys in the locker room? These people are not serving warm nuts on their flights and they could learn hot towels and warm nuts.

Get a chocolate chip cookie. Come on ham. By the way, speaking of the Patriots and their grade for Bill Belichick and the concern that they didn't have their, their own time, their free time, Bill didn't care about their time and input.

The director of scouting, Elliot Wolf, basically said at the combine, the Patriots are looking forward to moving with an open kind of less hard ass type vibe in the building. Oh really? Yeah. No kidding. I mean, breaking news there, right?

It's like when you get divorced, you're not going to, you know, get back with the same type of person that your ex was. Right? I mean.

By the way, didn't the Chargers, didn't they poach Michigan's strength and conditioning coach? Yeah. So that's going to go up. So yeah.

Maybe a B minus now. This is exactly, New Orleans is one of the best parents for food. Just bring, just go to Bourbon Street. All right. Let's take a break, Mikey, let's take, I know you want to talk food, but let's go back to, let's go back to football. Let's take a break. Let's ask Rich what the grades are for the Rich Isons. We do that.

Rich doesn't. Rich Ison, when we come back. I do believe it was the first time that we met, I'm going to bring this up. It was in the city of Houston. It was the first ever Super Bowl the NFL network had ever covered, but you and the entire Manning family strolled into the Gatorade suite. And who did you hear singing karaoke in the Gatorade suite that night?

It was a beautiful voice. Would you say like, in terms of, it was like an angel bringing us in and there we walk in and we see, see Rich Ison karaoke dominating to basically, by the way, nobody else in the room, right? Just solo.

Just, you know, you get a little practice. There was my, me and my buddy, there was nobody else there. What song, Eli? That's a good question. Sinatra.

Sinatra? Yeah. Okay. Well, I mean, did you have to ask? Yeah.

Seriously? It was me and my buddy. I remember we walked in and yeah, we joined, but we joined right in. Did you, you did sing, right? You guys all did get on the mic.

I think we got up there, you know, we can't turn that down. No, I know. And it was honestly, I was obviously like pre cell phone, like pre, I mean, you had cell phone, but pre like, you know, I had a camera, you didn't worry about anybody filming. So there's no video.

You get up and sing, you saw karaoke, you sing, you don't think twice. It was just the moment. Yeah.

That's it. You didn't have to memorialize it. It was me, my buddy, Doug. And then it was, I think your entire family, your mom and your dad, you and you and Peyton and Copper.

Copper. Yeah, exactly. And what do you have a go to karaoke song at all? It's changed over the years. Yeah.

You kind of go with the time. So, you know, Footloose has always been one, you know, just because you can kind of dance with it. You know, it's, it's tough, it's tough to do karaoke now. You're just kind of worried, you know, people are filming all the time, then they judge and, you know, I get judged enough, I don't need to be judged, on my singing ability. That's, you know, that's fun.

Yeah. Everybody's made it too serious. Welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show, Suzy Schuster in for Rich. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger's got the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Guess who's stopping by now, guys? Without further ado, it's Rich Eisen joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show. Hi, honey. Hello. How are you, hon? I'm great. I'm great. We're having fun.

Brought the guys breakfast as always, you know. By the way, is it wrong that I also, when I say hon, I mean Del Tufo as well? Is that okay? Thank you, Rich. I didn't think you were talking to me. Nope. Our friend Sam in Fort Worth asked me if I could do a class for wives out there.

I said, you don't want any part of this. What would that class be? What would that? I don't understand. Like what was the awesome curriculum? Just being awesome.

What would the curriculum be? Okay. How to how to outbook your husband. Pete Thamel joining us, by the way, in the third hour. Is he?

Yeah. I got to tell you, when you reached out to me this morning and and told me, hey, you know, Pete Thamel, we're we're we're trying to reach out to him. I looked across the table at my brunch mate and mentioned this to him. And he immediately FaceTimed Pete Thamel. Oh, no.

Told him and told him that Suzy Schuster was looking for him and that he needed to do the show and then flash the phone in my direction when I just went like that. So I'm glad that this came through because you know who that person is, right, Suze? I do. That person. I do. His name is Pat McAfee.

So McAfee helped book the show today. I can't decide whether I'm happy about this or I feel out flexed. No. Can I can I really can I really feel smug about this if I got help? I know. Can I jump in here real quick? Right. Suze, can I jump in here real quick?

Yes, please. Your husband. Such a good guy. Could have taken that story to the grave, right?

He could have allowed you to believe that you had booked Pete solely on your own merits. Hold on a second. No, no, no. Excuse me.

And he did this to you. I don't like that. No, no, no.

Was that kind of like 1950s housewife? No, no, no. Because the story. Was he being sweet? No, the story isn't.

First of all, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm chipping, no, I love sitting in this seat. Sorry. No, but I think the details of the story are I was trying to be helpful.

Also very cool. So, but the first thing he said to Pat was, I know Suzy's already reached out. Oh, so, and he said he was doing it.

So I'm glad that you've done this because I can't book Pete family. So there's that. I think the bigger headline here is you're having brunch with the enemy.

What is it? Why are you the enemy? No, he's here in LA.

He is not the enemy, Chris. Why would you refer to him as that? Cause he's from New England. That's why.

Well, but where, but Pat's our, that's our guy for a long time. He played for the groups and that's never going to say, no, Chris is trying to play a role here because back in the day, you, Chris were one of the first ones to say this guy McAfee is awesome and we should have him part of our show, our podcast, our show, 12 years ago. I think exactly. So you're just playing a role here. All right.

I appreciate that. There's a bunch of people at noon Eastern. Yeah. I mean, you could have brunch with anybody in Indianapolis. They're all there.

That's all. It's a brotherhood, Chris. This is a brotherhood of broadcasters. Is this, this is like, you know, symbiosis with Rome and Colin also at this, uh, well, excuse me, you know, I've had lunch with Colin in the last couple of months, Chris, you know that you're playing a role. I know that this is all out there.

Bottom line is Pete, that was on the show at hour three. Of course. Always. Always. What'd you have?

Yeah. What'd you go? What'd you have? Did you bring your own eggs? B Y O E. Is this like a table conversation or this week?

If you watch curb this week, like when I let up with gratitude on Monday, you will get them and you will laugh your head off at this age. I did not bring my own eggs. That was fun. Chris. I'm going to die. All right. What'd you have? Uh, I had, I had eggs.

So he got, he got to brunch before 11 is what he said. Egg whites. Egg whites. Egg whites.

No green vegetables. Uh, and Pat was, Pat was an outstanding, uh, brunch friends. On the way out the door, we said hello to West Welker, West Welker, I believe dolphins. He's on the dolphins deck. I did not bring up how, uh, one of his famous moments in Indianapolis once led to the supposition that a one individual can't throw it and catch the ball.

Um, didn't bring that one up, uh, left that to myself or to bring it up on this program when we're on conversation, played with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and didn't win a Superbowl. That's the saddest thing I've ever heard. Isn't that crazy? It hurts my heart. That's insane.

Painful. I mean, by the way, and he should have caught it. Yeah.

By the way, maybe, maybe he would have won one just right, but West looked like he could give us some snaps. You look great. Um, and so yeah, it was a fun brunch and, uh, Pete Thamel's on the show on, uh, on an hour three and that was all you, Suze. So what did you, what did, what did you talk about at brunch, Rich?

Let's, let's, let's, I don't think that's suitable for Eric. Oh, no, I'm just kidding. We just talked about, you know, just us here.

We're just chatting. We just want to know. It was great. It was great.

Pat, Pat is just great. And he is a, as you might imagine, Mr Indianapolis, we were, the, the meal was interrupted many times, um, and sleeves or no sleeves, a full sleeve. It's cold out, dude. Oh yeah.

It's cold. This is not fodder. This is not conversation fodder.

There's gotta be other stuff to talk about. Did you go to stay and shake yet? That's, that's what I want to know. Rich.

Oh, Mike, I arrived at midnight last night. If the answer to that was yes, it would be a major problem for me. Um, and not just cause Suze would frown upon such a below two hundo. I was watching Ricky Sinicki last night. I mean, I don't know what you were doing, but I was watching Ricky Sinicki because Jeff Ross is going to come in for tomorrow. Yeah. You're, you're being a professional.

And I'm glad that you're doing that and uh, yeah, so I'm getting ready for a, I've got a meeting later on today heading over to the, to the stadium, uh, to talk about four days of television. Um, and, um, I'm, I'm jacked up. All right. So let's, um, let's get your opinions. Let's get right into this. Then let's, um, let's make it right into it, but no, what do you got?

Let's just, let's just go jets right away. Joe Douglas talking about Zach Wilson's future with the team. Let's hear what he had to say. There's not much. Well, I've had good conversation with his agent, Brian Ariel. Um, we, where we are exactly, we've given, we've given them permission to talk to other teams about a trade.

Um, I'm going to circle back with Brian at some point, um, either this week or next week just to see how those conversations go. Um, but, um, other than that, there's, there's nothing else to report. Wow. Okay.

Yeah. I know, but listen, um, they, they're, we already know what the market is for, for what they could get for Zach Wilson and it's what the Niners got for Trey Lance. You know, I mean, that's it. The not Trey Lance was chosen right after him, the Niners got a fifth round pick from Dallas for, for, uh, Trey Lance. So you know, it's a fifth round pick at least I imagine, or it's less than that now because the jets are clearly not going to have him on the team. And um, and, and the only question is, is what are the jets do at quarterback, um, for this season?

And the answer is got to have somebody who, um, can grow a five o'clock shadow by five o'clock. That's for sure. You know, and, and it's just, it's just an unfortunate set of circumstances for, for this team and, uh, that they're back here at a combine trying to wonder about what their future is at quarterback and, you know, going into the season with Aaron Rogers, um, and not knowing who's going to back them up. And it's just, uh, and, and also hearing how me, Cole Hardman said on a podcast that he thought that things were at a level with the team, uh, somewhat unprofessional helmets on the ground and things like that, which is, you know, those sorts of details that you don't hear from winning teams, uh, helmets on the ground and practice are a red flag because those things, believe it or not are tripping hazards. And those are the attention to detail type things that normally, um, uh, you don't hear about from teams that, uh, win like the Kansas city chiefs.

It's just as a, uh, an unfortunate set of circumstances. The jets have the 10th overall pick. They're going to use it on an offensive lineman to protect their quarterback.

And then the question is, is what are we, what do they do from there? Um, so what do you think is kind of all, what do I think is do you got, they're going to have to go out and get a veteran quarterback and it's going to have to be somebody that, um, it would be ironic if it's Joe Flacco, don't you think at the very end of the day, that are the guy that they could have had and gotten off the couch and maybe he could have won a comeback player of the year award for them. Although I doubt it, you know, the Browns are just a better team than the jets upfront running backs, the whole thing. Um, and I say that knowing that breeze hall is one of the most dynamite people that the jets have found in the draft. So I'm just kind of down on all of it right now.

And, um, it makes sense that they're letting him seek a trade because he, he, he's not going to be with the team next year. Rich, so you've been there about 12 hours. What's the, what have you heard so far?

What's the best thing you've heard so far in Indy? Um, basically, you know, that Pat likes his eggs, um, uh, with bacon in it, honestly, that's about it in it. He had, he had to chop up four slices of bacon in his eggs.

Um, long story short, I haven't, it was, it was really good. No doubt. Uh, not egg whites though for Pat.

Not egg whites. No, listen, uh, I haven't been out yet, so, uh, I'm heading to the stadium later on and trust me, my ears will be to the ground. I'm going to be out for dinner tonight. That's usually where you start hearing stuff like that. Um, and then, and then comes the actual day itself when you're strolling around the building and you hear a lot. Um, but the, the interesting piece of news that I, I, I read about today and I'm sure that's why you're having Pete Thamelon is he spoke to Caleb Williams and Caleb Williams says that, uh, if he goes to Chicago, he's excited. And listen, if he's sitting out there wondering why that's even part of the conversation, it's because there is a drum beat that I heard before even getting to this, uh, city, uh, it's a drum beat that he is going to try and control the draft in a way that players usually don't attempt it. And it does appear that he is 100% just throwing him into this mix of the draft and whatever will be, will be, um, I, and, and so I would just counsel my own two cents if it was on this committee of attorneys and, uh, media relations people that are on his team. Uh, I would tell him, uh, to say exactly what he told Pete Thamel, which is, um, just like everybody else, um, who, um, who comes to this event and decides not to throw, not to go and do anything here except interviews and speak to media. Uh, I would go ahead and say, I'm happy to go wherever I want to go.

And then I'm, I'm excited to go wherever I go. And that's the end of that because the whole concept about Caleb Williams that people are still potentially not bought on is, is he going to be a headache when it comes to the conversations of being a rookie and throwing yourself into the mix of the NFL or you're trying to already try to change the way, uh, NFL teams do business with incoming rookies in a way that might, uh, ruffle a feather or cause a headache again, we're just all looking for flags that I don't think that exist right now, but he should not play into that. Um, and that sense all came from the conversation back in September about, you know, his dad talking to GQ and us also wondering if, if he is, uh, going to forego the draft, if he was going to stay in school, even though that was a weird conversation to have, because no matter how much you make, make from NIL, it would pale in comparison to starting the clock towards a monumental contract for him by year four.

So makes sense. And I can't wait to hear what else Pete Tamil has to say when he zooms into the show later on. You know, you know, we talked about this with Stacy Dales earlier about character and how so many of these GMs want to assess a player's character and person, how important it is to have character fit into a locker room.

Lewis Riddick mentioned that yesterday on what the football, and he mentioned also about, there are a couple of people out there who are still reserving judgment on, on Caleb Williams character. So it'll be fascinating for you to get in the building and start talking to people. It's all about the hallway conversations, right? In Indianapolis, like a little running in the hallway and a whisper in the ear.

Yeah. It's always somebody who's spoken to this trainer or spoken to that scout or the assistant spoke this way and they heard about this or about that. But I really haven't heard anything about Caleb Williams' character issues about being a bad teammate or being somebody that can't be counted on when the chips are down and a third down situation. You know, it, it really, it's really just red flags that I don't, that, that I don't think exist. And I think he'll be number one overall.

And the only question is who's going to exact that pick. Yeah. He's smart and savvy, Rich. I mean, he says all the right things in the article about being excited to get into the cadence again and having a team to build rapport with. He says, um, it's not anxiousness or anything like that. I can't wait to say my first cadence, you know, the guys, the guy is smart. I mean, you don't go to school in Southern California without learning how to deal with the media and the attention and the spotlight he's made.

We're hearing rumors of up to $10 million coming in and he's had exposure to everything. So he's, of course he's going to say the right things. Absolutely. I hear you. Uh, Hey, I have a top five. No, let's do it. Mikey wait a minute before we do it, I'll introduce it to you because it is just kind of all play into, um, what we just had a conversation about. I've got the top five teams that should trade up for a quarterback in this year's draft hit it by one, two, three, four, five, top five.

All right. So before I get to the actual teams on this list, because some of these teams on this list are somewhat down in the middle of this draft and, and might not in your minds have the capital to move up or shouldn't move up because they could take a quarterback in free agency instead and be cool and not give up any of their draft capital. So if you're sitting there thinking that, and maybe you will be thinking it throughout this entire top five, I present to you the general manager of the Buffalo bills, Brandon Bean, when he talked on this very day about what his thought process was when he traded up for Josh Allen in the draft back in the day in 2018 hit it. If you can get a franchise quarterback, if he turns out to be a franchise quarterback, it'll be a good move. He got criticized a little bit for how much we gave up for Josh. And I'm like, well, if he doesn't work out, I'm not going to be here anyway.

And if he does work out, nobody's going to give it. Right. Okay. Right. Right.

So that's the way I set things up for you. As I go down this list right here, starting with the team that's in the Baker's dozen spot on the clock and it's the Las Vegas Raiders. Listen, Aidan O'Connell is there. And I see all the charger fans out there. I mean, the Raider fans out there who tweeted me saying how they love AOC. And I'm like, well, wait a minute.

I just looked at your Twitter bio and it's got a red MAGA hat on it. Oh, I'm like, but not that AOC you're talking about Aidan O'Connell. Listen, I think the kid is a quality quarterback.

I think he definitely acquitted himself very well. I don't believe the Raiders should go ahead and go into this off season and figure out is Russell Wilson the guy or throw $50 million at Kirk Cousins and try and hook him up with Devante Adams. And I know Devante Adams might be like really another rookie quarterback, but yeah, I think if you can trade up and get Jayden Daniels, you can trade up and get even maybe JJ McCarthy. You can trade up and really go up there and go get Drake May or heaven forbid you sell the entire farm.

And by the farm, I don't mean, you know, the ranch in Vegas. Listen, my wife's on the set. I'm going to move on here and tell you this. If you can go and get one of these kids and have him go against Mahomes, if you want to say, go against Mahomes, maybe you get the next Mahomes and you give up as much as you can to get up from 13. I think the Raiders should decide to go and get a rookie quarterback if they really love that guy. Next up on the list is just two spots up.

Number 11. Listen, I think they're going to go ahead and resign Kirk Cousins. I think that that is their plan, but instead maybe the Minnesota Vikings use some draft capital, move up and draft a young quarterback and start the clock all over again and use that cap space that you're not spending on your quarterback and give it to Justin Jefferson quite frankly, and figure out other people that you can sign, build your team with this young quarterback. The rest of this division, as you know, you've got a young quarterback in Chicago, probably going to be Caleb Williams, and you've got a young quarterback in Jordan Love. Start the clock yourself from the very beginning and build up from there if you're the Minnesota Vikings.

Number three on this list is sixth on the list overall. Maybe they shouldn't have to trade up. Maybe you stay and get Jayden Daniels dropping their lap. But I think it's for the time for the Giants to do what Chris Brockman's been advocating pretty much for three years and set up for a future that does not have Daniel Jones as their quarterback. I think the Giants starting the clock again, it might be a nice move for Joe Shane and Brandon Bean, who might be feeling a bit of the heat as to their decision making over the last year in their roster building to start all over again and get a rookie quarterback and get some fresh blood into the NFC East. Number two on the list is the team that is right in between the number four and five teams on the list. The Denver Broncos are sitting at Baker's dozen. I mean, at the actual dozen, pardon me, 12th overall. I think the Broncos should decide to move up and they'll take their medicine with Russell Wilson. I know they just got draft picks back that they've actually, when I say back, I mean actual draft picks for them to use as opposed to having the last two years where they didn't have any. I like the Denver Broncos starting from scratch and Sean Payton getting his young kid and going to work.

And number one on the list is I think the Washington commanders should figure out what to do. Tell the Chicago Bears, you know, you love Justin Fields, or maybe you like Drake May just as much as you're like Caleb Williams. You like Jayden Daniels just as much, or you're like Justin Fields.

How about you stick with that situation? We'll give you some extra picks. You then move down to just the second overall and you can take anybody you want, not named Caleb Williams. Maybe that is Marvin Harrison Jr. And you get Caleb Williams right there in Washington, DC, which is his home area.

And I think the Washington commanders are the number one team that should trade up and get a rookie quarterback. And that's my, my problem. All right.

All right. We'll get one more. There it is. I know we're up against the clock, so we'll get right to it. This would be highly provocative because you're telling your guy that's coming back from an Achilles injury. Listen, we're starting the clock on you again, just like Brian Gudekunz did years ago. And I know it'd be very, very provocative if the Jets trade up and get another rookie quarterback.

And Aaron's like, really? This entire time I'm sitting here thinking I'm rehabbing and I can play till I'm 45 like Tom Brady. You're going to go ahead and get some fresh blood in here and you're going to back me up with a rookie? Didn't you see what just happened with Zach Wilson? But I think the Jets need to plan for the future.

And lo and behold, did you see one of the teams that Jayden Daniels is meeting with this week? The New York Jets. I might be thinking the same thing I'm thinking if they fall in love with one of these kids, maybe just maybe they go ahead and they trade up and go and get that kid instead of the protection for Aaron Rodgers. It would be a highly provocative move, certainly after they put all their eggs in the Rodgers basket last year, even when not being around. I think the Jets should kick the tires on it, maybe consider it. That's why they're my one more on my top five teams that should trade up for a quarterback.

Love it, love it, Rich, real quick before you go. Yeah. The Arizona Cardinals did it again last night at six thirty seven p.m. Pacific Time. They posted this, the one and only. What is this? What's going on?

Are they now are they now accepting artwork from people around the country? Just what is this? What are they doing? Well, Rich, as you know, we had to have a response. Do we have Del Tufo? Show us what we've got. What do we got?

Show us. Oh, yeah. Well done.

Women only. Michael, Del Tufo. That's beautiful. You're very good there, Mikey.

You're very svelte. That is pretty beautiful. I like it. I like it. I like it. Hold on. Hold on. Let me use the lanyard on my my combine credentials to wipe away the tears.

That is just beautiful. You are the one and only, Mike. I know that. They don't know if they know. We also went over the grades that came out from the NFL, P.A. and the Arizona Cardinals. Chris, tell them how they did.

Oh, rich Arizona Cardinals at the bottom once again. Have you seen some of these rich? I know you got to go. I have.

I have. Well, you have to go more than any. We're going to take a break. And when we come back, we're going to grade the rich eyes and show we're going to go around the room facilities, bathroom.

People who bring breakfast, I get an A. Back on Roku with rich eyes and Susie Schuster in for rich eyes and hi. Hi. What's up? I got a bag in my room from me, from the visit indie people. Oh, yeah.

Well, I remember those. What do we got? I got a I got a note, nice personalized note to rich welcoming me to town. I'm assuming it says welcome to Indy.

Well, better than it's saying, Rick, that's right. That's what happens on time. Yeah. OK, welcome back to Indy. We're proud to have you here in Indy. Nice. We're proud to have hosted this event since nineteen eighty seven thought you'd enjoy the enclosed here if you need anything during your visitor stay. That's nice.

We got some gift cards. I don't know. Hold on.

We're some beer. Oh, yeah. Sweet.

Let's all have that. Oh, wait a minute. Look at this. Look at this golf balls with the logo on it for all your free time in Indy. Right.

Oh, it's like a cheat, a cheat sheet on Indianapolis art and athletes. OK. Now, you know, they lost me. Reggie Miller. Oh, thanks. Oh, this is a Nick fan.

I don't hear Reggie. No, thank you. Oh, yeah. Chocolates. Oh, yeah. Oh, yes.

See what kind of open them up and then close it up and donate them and bring them home. It's a milk chocolate race car, Suze Cooper Cooper, they do. And then in Indianapolis says milk chocolate thoughts on what that means. Dinner thinks he's going to eat those. That's what his thoughts are. That's what the thoughts are.

There's only two Suze. What do you got to go back a little girl? Well, I'm I'm going to knock on other people's doors and say, you're going to have your chocolate cake. That's not weird. That weird.

Just a little bit weird at all. Maybe just maybe just just a very little myself at home here in Indy. Back on the radio. Rich Eisen here joining us from Indianapolis, Suze Schuster in taking the seat for the rest of the week.

All right, Rich. So we thought we would do some grading, some grading. So real quick, though, this NFL P.A.

grading. So so so basically it's it's the players on the teams just like given their two cents on all the amenities that the team offers from like child care and lights and all. So so the team knows who it is, right?

They know it's going to be anonymous, right? For sure. For sure. But they play it. You just look at their roster, you know. Yeah.

But you just get voting. You just got to like in handwriting where they're like, oh, that was my homes. I can tell by his handwriting, I think it was like an online submittal. But the bottom line is like you like let's just say you go over the roster and you see that you've you've been given a bad grade on child care, like you're not going to think it's somebody without a kid, like it wouldn't be in the right. Exactly.

Like it would look down from 53 to 30. Right. Right. So about bottom line is bottom line is if if we had child care at the Rich Eisen show and there was an F delivered in child care, who's the only one who's got a kid? Well, there's two.

There's Sarah and Chris. Yeah. Right. So it could be right.

Two of them. OK. But if I knew that Sarah had not put her kid in Rich Eisen show child, but Chris had, wouldn't you think I'd be able to find out who's bitching about it? Well, if you made me go off site and that's true, then I heard about you deserve that negative feedback.

Well, maybe there were rich moments before the air. I mean, Chris kind of dressed me down and on my parenting skills, he told me, you parent your way. I'll parent my way. When I suggested that we take cage to the car museum, he's like, no way. And I said, no, no, that's wow. That is so not what actually happened.

This does not sound accurate. It's kind of what happened. You were there. I said you were like, take cage to the automotive museum. Like, yes, that would be awesome. However, he's just going to want to touch and get in every single car. And you're like, eh, that's fine. And I'm like, no, no, it's fine. Not that it's fine for him to get in every car. You're like, not fine. Kid needs to know some discipline.

We taught Cooper that he couldn't touch all the cars and get in them. And he's 13 and doing just fine. I offered to take your kid. My kid's a maniac. I offered to take Cage Rich because I love him and my kid and our kids love him.

Yeah, it's part of the Rich Eisen Show child care package. You get an A. You and Sarah could have had cocktails Moscow, Memphis by the beach. You immediately were like, no, you didn't think, wait a minute, I could have an extra two hours to do whatever I want to do. And then I said to him, my son is doing pretty well.

He goes, which one? I was like, OK, Touche. Wow. Yes.

Well, knowing Sarah, knowing Sarah and Chris, they'd walk around the car museum with their own roadie Moscow mules anyway. Yes, exactly. Well done. Last situation.

Well, any rate, so, yeah, that's the whole thing. When I'm reading this, I'm like, don't the teams kind of know, like, what if somebody's already complained about the weight room and suddenly they got a D in it, you know, no surprise then. Let me ask you this.

If you were the owner and you see that you get a D plus, I'd be embarrassed, an F minus for ownership. Who did? The Chiefs.

How? Their grades are awful, Rich. And the Steelers.

Chiefs and Steelers, F. Mr. Craft got a D plus, D minus, what are you talking about? They travel in their own plane. By the way, the plane got a D. The plane got a D, Rich. The plane got a D. Well, yeah. What are they?

Not serving warm nuts like T.J. said? The Boeings? Mike, the Boeing Maxes? What's going on? We determined it was sole plane that was flying a lot of these guys around.

I just know that we got an A, whatever that is. Stay out of trouble, Rich. I won't do that. Well. They're still on Roku.

They're still on Roku. Hi, guys. Hi, everybody on Roku. Hey, Rich. Before I forget it, when you have breakfast with McAfee tomorrow, could you put a good note in for me to get some WrestleMania tickets from him, because I know he's got an in.

Oh, we could do that, sure. So listen, tomorrow I'm getting in a workout. Oh, you're Zooming in your workout, right? I'm Zooming into my workout, yeah. And then I'll have lunch with agents of the stars, Jerry Silverwitz. My Friday brunch is open at present. Saturday, big finish, Adam Schefter.

Oh, yeah. Got Schefter. Brunch with Schefter.

Insta-worthy photograph. Like Tuesdays with Maury. Tuesdays with Maury. Who would you like to have fill your brunch slot on Friday? Oh, great question. I don't know. Anyone. Anyone, Rich. Who's here?

I don't know. My coach. Who isn't there? Half the coaches aren't here. That's right. I mean, I don't know. Is it weird that most of the coaches aren't there?

I don't like them. No, it's not. It's just that the broadcast is so enjoyable and it makes them feel like they're there because that's my job, to make people feel like they're there. Rich, he was on his way. You should text him. I will. There you go. Why don't you get together for a little cocktail?

Maybe he could be your brunch slot. Here, coach. Here, coach.

Thank you very much. Hey, Aaron. All right, everybody. Listen. Do you think there are melon camps still live in Indiana?

You can have a bunch of melons. Oh, yeah. I'll do that. I'll do that. I'll do that. Okay. Have a great time with Pete Thamel.

Can't wait. Pete Thamel joins us when we come back on The Rich Eisen Show. The Rolling Stone Music Now podcast gets inside the biggest stories with Rolling Stone's senior writer Brian Hyatt. And here's Lil Yachty with T.R.

Wack. I've never been to a fashion show. I never did any pairs fashion week, New York fashion week, and I'll tell you why, because I would always go to events and people would say to me, oh, man, Yachty, man, I love your music, bro. And I'd be like, what song? I didn't even at the time, I didn't love my music. I always feel like I'm in a room with all these artists and they all respect each other. I feel like no one respects me. Rolling Stone Music Now, wherever you listen.
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