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What a way to end Week 1 of the new NFL season with a crazy Monday Night Football game that has a lot of people scratching their heads.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 13, 2022 3:38 pm

What a way to end Week 1 of the new NFL season with a crazy Monday Night Football game that has a lot of people scratching their heads.

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 13, 2022 3:38 pm

What a way to end Week 1 of the new NFL season with a crazy Monday Night Football game that has a lot of people scratching their heads. Plus, Adam has Julian Council on from Locked On Podcast to talk about his view with the Carolina Panthers game from Sunday.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. It is never a terrible thing to rock Baba O'Reilly at the start of the show. Never a bad thing. On the low, Who's Next is one of the five greatest albums that has ever been put out. And I'll fight you if you think otherwise. It just gets you.

It just gets you. You know the title of this song is not Teenage Wasteland. It is not. It's Baba O'Reilly. So yesterday, by the way, this is the Adam Gold Show. I'm Adam Gold. That's V to the Victoria.

I actually think that's the best way to identify you. So yesterday I started the show not really mad at Matt Ruhl. Because I watched the game. And I just didn't feel like, apart from that end of game, conservative nature, I didn't see a game in which Matt Ruhl screwed it up. I thought they used their timeouts well defensively, which is the better way to use your timeouts if you're trying to conserve time. There are too many ways to stop the clock on offense, running it out of bounds, spiking the ball, blah, blah, blah. In college, pick up a first down, which is stupid that they stop the clock after a first down. It's part of the reason why college football games are marathons. Seriously, I could watch the final round of a major golf championship in the same time as it takes to watch a college football game.

I wasn't mad at Matt Ruhl. And then I heard that. Adam Gold in studio with my friend Coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. We are talking retirement. Coach, how does longevity risk figure into our retirement and income plan?

This is the best of times and the worst of times, Adam. Longevity risk means we're going to live too long. But to me, every day I live is not too long.

Right, absolutely. So we want our money to outlive us. And unfortunately, many people have seen, you out there listening, maybe one of them, your money is not designed to outlive you. You might outlive your money and that's not what we want to have happen. Because when we get to that day after you run out of money, it's not going to be a fun time. So let's design a plan that guarantees you'll never run out of money. We call it the GPI plan, Growth Protection Lifetime Income, for the next 10 people. This is a golden ticket, Adam. $1,000 value, we're going to do it at no cost or obligation. And all you have to do is call, we make it so easy.

Would you like financial independence into your retirement? And beyond it, 800-661-7383, that golden ticket is a $1,000 value. Or you could text Adam to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuta. And now my question is, who would you rather have as your head coach? Matt Ruhl or Nathaniel Hackett?

No, thank you. The answer is not no. The answer is not neither. The answer is who would you rather have?

And I think at this point, well there's two answers. One, there's Nathaniel Hackett because we could chalk up yesterday to nerves and its first game, right? Just like we say the game moves too fast for rookie quarterbacks or things like that. Maybe the game just moved too fast for Nathaniel Hackett last night, like all game long. It was a dreadful performance from the, I thought, from the Denver Broncos.

They succeeded almost in spite of themselves. So there's that. Nathaniel Hackett might actually get better.

Or would you rather have Matt Ruhl because you know the end is nigh? Interesting dilemma. We might have to pose that question a little bit later on. Anyway, thanks for spending some time with us.

It's the Adam Gold show. We've got a lot of things to do. We're going to talk about the Panthers. Julian Council does the Lockdown Panthers podcast. We're going to talk to Wes Durham. ACC basketball schedules are going to be released today. Not sure we care, but the basketball schedules will be released today. I don't know that we're going to talk about it with Wes Durham. I actually think that other than the Sunbelt, which, you know, we're always grading everything on a curve.

Everything is relative. Actually, I think the ACC has an argument that, based on expectations and all of that, it's been a really good start to the conference season because we've played so few conference games. But I think it's been a pretty good start to the year for the ACC. Yeah, Boston College lost it home to Rutgers, a game they should have won. Virginia Tech, you know, pooped on their shoes at Old Dominion. Pitt lost a tough game at home against Tennessee, but Tennessee is legitimately good, and Pittsburgh was there with a backup quarterback to win.

I thought that was a competitive football game. But ACC has been pretty good, and I think the ceiling is high for a bunch of teams. I think we've seen Florida State look competent.

I think we've seen Miami look like they're certainly not going to be a seven-win team. Then at the bottom of the league, what's up with Syracuse? Louisville picked up a good win. After losing at Syracuse, Louisville picked up a good win at Central Florida. That's a good win. Again, the ACC going on the road against a group of five teams.

Like, don't get this wrong. I'm not saying you shouldn't play a group of five teams. I'm saying you should play them at home. You should play them on your field. That's the power of the group of five, unless you choose not to wield it, which apparently Louisville.

Like, I don't know, maybe that's a two-for-one deal. Maybe you play two in Louisville and one at Central Florida. But anyway, so I think the ACC has been pretty good. We'll talk to Wes Durham about that, and maybe we'll get into some other things.

For instance, I'll pose this question, and we'll get to it at some point today, maybe later in the week. But our friends at, Matt Norlander and Gary Parrish, and this is more of a Norlander thing, they do a Coaches Confidential where they pose questions regarding their sport to a bunch of basketball coaches. And the question was, should the NCAA lower the number of automatic bids to the basketball tournament? Sixty-eight teams playing the basketball tournament. I think there are 31 automatic bids, so 31 conferences, they each have an automatic bid. Should the NCAA take some of those automatic bids away? I will give you my answer to that question.

It's actually simple, it's a no. They should not. But if they do, you know where they should take them from? They should take them from the multi-bid leagues.

Not from the Atlantic Suns of the world, not from the Ivy Leagues of the world. They should take them from the ACCs and the Big 10s and the SECs, the multi-bid leagues, because in general, their champions were going to get bids anyway. In general, their champions were going. Now, that's not 100% across the board, but for the most part, they were going. And if you're going to take automatic bids away, that's where I'd take them. But that's another matter for another day or at least another part of the show.

With all of that said, we've got a lot of stuff to get to, so let's kick it off. This is an old coaching adage. I've heard Bill Belichick refer to this, and I'm not really sure who has said it. It's said by a lot of different coaches that more games are lost than one.

Bill Belichick definitely has said it, but again, he's not the only one. Last night is a supreme example of how teams and coaches can lose football games. The Broncos piled up nearly 450 yards of total offense at Seattle. The Seahawks barely moved the ball in the second half in a close game. Denver had three trips inside the Seahawks' 10-yard line that led to just three total points. Then, thanks to clock mismanagement and as much indecision as I have ever seen from an NFL head coach, Denver chose a 64-yard field goal attempt for the win instead of trusting Russell Wilson, to whom they just signed a $250-ish million contract. Fourth and five versus a 64-yard attempt, and they chose the 64-yard attempt.

Look, I don't know about probabilities of converting. The truth is, is that McManus, the kicker, had enough leg behind the ball to convert it. It was just a little bit wide left, but you know what? From 64 yards, there's a lot of room for it to be wide left.

My gosh. Also, there were two turnovers, both at the goal line. There were 12 penalties. That's why Denver's heading home 0-1. We're going to get to sound from this game in a moment. There's great sound on both sides from both locker rooms.

Just great stuff. Couple of other NFL matters to deal with before we circle back and you get a chance to hear from Denver and Seattle. Dallas Cowboys' season is hanging in the balance.

Flat hanging in the balance. And this is what happens when your roster is basically on a razor's edge. Dallas didn't do a ton to improve their roster. Amari Cooper is gone. They are suffering from some pretty significant injuries at the wide receiver spot not named C.D.

Lamb. I know they franchise tagged the wide receiver or the tight end. Ezekiel Elliott is still there, as is Tony Pollard. But the offensive line is not what it used to be. It's still good, providing they're completely healthy. But no, they're not. Terron Smith is hurt and the Dallas Cowboys defense is good.

In fact, it has potential to be really good. But they're not capable of winning it on their own and they couldn't do that against Tampa Bay. So when Dak Prescott breaks a bone in his hand that requires surgery and the initial reaction is four to six, six to eight weeks, which is essentially just about 45 percent of the season, 40 percent of the season. I mean, if it's eight weeks, it's through week nine, which I think Dallas has a buy coming up. Maybe they I don't even know. I think their buy is like in week seven or eight or something like that.

So maybe it encompasses the buy. But you're still talking about almost half the season with Cooper Rush as your quarterback. So Dallas had an option. Dallas could go the I.R. route, maybe even bring in a well, a viable option other than Cooper Rush, although Will Greer is on the Dallas Cowboys roster. Yeah, that Will Greer.

Their buy week is November 6th. All right. So halfway.

Halfway. There you go. Dallas could be over. It could be over. So Dallas is not putting Dak Prescott on I.R. OK. Jerry must know something that we don't.

All right. Couple of other one other NFL note. The Jets with the Jets on Sunday. I can't wait to play this audio.

We will get it for you, but we'll just set it up. Jets with the Jets on Sunday. In other words, unthreatening. Twenty four to nine loss to the Ravens, though there were some pretty good signs defensively from New York. The Ravens were mostly big plays. The Ravens were not sustained.

You know, in your face. They had less than 300 yards. Total offense wasn't it wasn't a time.

Maybe it was just a shade more than 300 yards. Lamar Jackson had three big plays at quarterback. But to Jets fans who were subjected to watching Joe Flacco play quarterback. When a more vibrant and mobile Mike White is on the roster. This is the same chapter in an 11 year book that way.

Everybody knows the outcome. They're not going to make the playoffs again. Matter of fact, the Jets only winning season.

I'm trying to remember exactly which one it is. I remember the head coach. It was Todd Bowles first year with the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick was their quarterback.

He wasn't supposed to be their quarterback, but he became their quarterback because it was a good Ryan Fitzpatrick season. They get to the final game of the season. They were ten and five going into Buffalo.

All they got to do is win a game and they make the playoffs. And this wasn't even a good Buffalo team. This was a bad Buffalo team. And the Jets got spanked. Had a good year. Just didn't make ten and six. Didn't make the playoffs. We'll listen to Robert Salah, who is feeling himself after a 24 nine loss at home to the Ravens. All right.

A couple of other things before we get back and you can hear this stuff or at least one more thing. Notre Dame is 0 and 2. They've got losses at Ohio State. Understandable. And at home to Marshall. What?

Really? Now, no offense. Marshall, quality football program from the Sunbelt. But on the road in South Bend, that's probably an unforced error by Notre Dame. But here's where it gets worse for the Irish. Set aside my joke that if Notre Dame were in the ACC, they would still have a lot of season left to play.

Set aside that. Starting quarterback Tyler Buckner's hurt. Drew Pine will be the starter. He's not as good as the guy he's replacing.

And he is less elusive, small and not quite as shifty. And the schedule suddenly looks pretty daunting for Notre Dame. When you lose at home to Marshall, you start to have doubts with a lot of the games left on their schedule. Cal this week. Look, I have no idea if Cal's any good. Zero.

I have zero idea. Let's just say Cal's not. All right. Talk that up. Tar Heels next week. I know this about North Carolina. If you're going to beat him, you're going to have to score.

Now, North Carolina sometimes cooperates with that. They will stay will cooperate with your desire to score. But you're going to have to score a fair amount. Notre Dame has. Was it twenty thirty one points in two games? Ten at Ohio State. Twenty one at home to Marshall.

If I have that right. But it's not just that. Suddenly the game at Syracuse doesn't look like such a pushover. They also have a game against Clemson and a trip to Southern Cal at the end of the season. Oh, by the way, BYU is on the schedule. BYU are men. They are grown men. Seriously, it's a bunch of sixth year players at BYU.

These are adults. Suddenly, Notre Dame in Marcus Freeman's first year. It doesn't look so promising.

And it gets me to this topic. And we'll explore this more with West Durham because I've been saying this for a long time. Jack Swarbrick, the AD at Notre Dame has been on the playoff expansion for person committee. And the theory was that Notre Dame has set themselves up to not need a conference. And I have been saying, as everybody has been talking about this, that that is a fallacy because Notre Dame is not Alabama, is not Ohio State before expansion or before realignment is not Oklahoma. And isn't even some of the other blue bloodish schools like a Georgia or if Lincoln Riley can return Southern Cal, Southern Cal. And keep this in mind, prior to Brian Kelly figuring it out and he figured it out.

Prior to Brian Kelly figuring it out. For about a quarter of a century, Notre Dame, if we go back and say there are these are all 12 team playoffs in the format that is being being suggested and going to be applied. Notre Dame in about a quarter of a century would have made the playoffs maybe four times. So.

My thought is that Notre Dame isn't set up and they are in the exact same position that some of us thought they were heading into this era. And that at some point you're going to need a playoff. You'd rather at some point you're going to need a conference. Edit that later.

It'll sound much better if I don't screw it up. Got you. OK. Edit that later.

That's that's my favorite. Talk about this more with West Durham a little bit later on. All right. I got to get back to the game last night. And I am like it's it's a lot for me to watch a Monday night football game that I don't have a ton of interest in either team. I'm not a gambler, so that's not it. Although I did win my fantasy football game last night.

Oh, good. My first time playing fantasy football in almost 20 years. Apparently, I played our friend Lauren Brownlow.

She's very mad and I'm sorry. I apologize if I could have tanked the game, I would have. But I had Jerry, Judy and Javante.

Oh, yeah. So I had to I had the guy who fumbled at the goal line. Anyway, I actually don't think it was his fault, but that's neither here nor there anyway.

But I watched last night because there was a there was a human interest angle to it. Russell Wilson is back in Seattle and they booed him and they booed him every time he stepped on the field. And I'm like, yeah, that's OK. I feel bad because he was so great for them. But I think they should have cheered him the first time they saw him.

And then you boo him every time he's on the field because he's no longer yours. And that's what fandom is about. And it's OK. But I was surprised that Russell was treated harshly at the beginning. We'll get back to that in just a second.

All right. So the real story of this game, when you boil it all down, comes in the final drive. And Nathaniel Hackett is the brand new head coach of the Broncos. I believe he was the offensive coordinator last year for the Green Bay Packers. Right. And he come from Green Bay. I think he was. So not only did you you know, did you work with Aaron Rodgers, but you have been indirectly blessed by Sean McVeigh. Because that's where. No, it's about Leflore. No, I didn't come from there.

I don't know. It's that whole Kyle Shanahan coaching arm anyway. So Nathaniel Hackett did not look like an accomplished head coach last night. And on the final drive. With Russell Wilson sort of moving the ball down the field, albeit conservatively short passes, Javonte Williams out of the backfield. They're faced with a fourth and five at just across the forty five yard line. Or right at the forty five yard line, just about.

Yeah. And there's 50 seconds left on the clock. And they let the clock run down to 20 and they. By the way, they have all three timeouts left. They do. And they settled for a sixty four yard field goal.

Sixty four. Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. I'm surprised. It just shows you this was such a team win and such a smart play, played a well-played game by all the fellows out there because we just kept hanging and we took advantage of the penalties. And we didn't give them hardly anything to with on their penalty side of it. The ball, the belief in our guys to keep hanging down there around the goal line. An incredible couple sequences down there and some great group plays that made that made that happen. One scrimmage was big and then the guy made a hit and the guy makes the recovery. Just fantastic stuff.

So, you know, I don't know. I was I was surprised that they took Russ out there at the end. You know, we weren't we weren't thinking field goal there. We think, you know, it's fourth down.

They're still going. So we, you know, it gave us a chance to win the game on that play. So it was we're fortunate. They're fortunate to get to make the kick. You kick the hell out of the ball.

Yeah. Look, there was enough on the ball, right? It was wide left, but it was from 64 yards.

So it's hard. It's not like you've got 30 yards. I'll put it I'll put it in golf term. I love to use golf analogies. If the fairway is 12 yards wide. Or however far apart the the hash marks are, if the fairway is 12 yards wide, then you're going to think twice about hitting driver.

Because the further you try to get the ball down the down the fairway, you just have to be that little bit offline for the ball to go offline. I mean, it was a great kick, but the odds of converting a 64 yard field goal versus the odds of converting fourth and five with Russell Wilson and weapons. They can't be the same.

They just can't be the same. Here's Nathaniel Hackett Broncos head coach on the decision fourth and six for me during that time. We have been just moving it slightly.

They weren't moving it with big chunks. I think we had just given up a sack right before that. So wanted to be sure that we took a chance when we had a chance. And I felt confident in him.

All that's true. All that's true, except it was still a dumb decision. Now, after remember that Broncos, the Broncos still had two timeouts after the missed field goal. And there's about 13 seconds left on the clock after the field goal is missed. The Broncos used both of those timeouts as Seattle was kneeling out the clock.

They couldn't force a punt because they only had two timeouts. But Pete Carroll noted that it did give his team something a little extra at the end. It was a great night. The fans were ridiculous. The 12s were so good tonight. God dang, they were great. I'm so pleased that we could give them a game like this and they could have that much fun. And we had to win the game three times with those timeouts.

So each time we won the game again, then we won the game again, then we won the game again. It was great. I wasn't bugged by that at all. That is just such beautiful trolling from Pete Carroll. He wasn't bugged at all by it.

Not bugged one single bit. Gosh. All right. We got more to hear from. We'll hear from Robert Sal a little bit later on. You'll hear from Russell Wilson on returning to Seattle. He put on a good face about it. But the truth is, is that the first time he stepped on the field, it should have been a good reception for him. I mean, he did bring the Seahawks a Super Bowl.

Yeah, right. They won a Super Bowl because of him and because of other factors. But he was great in that Super Bowl. And he did throw an interception that cost him another one.

But it really wasn't his fault as much. It was really a great defensive play by the New England Patriots. And I know people hate the play call.

I didn't hate the play call and love it, but I hate it. But anyway. The Adam Gold Show. I'm Adam Gold. V to the Victoria producing this program. Something I should have said during the commercial break.

Victoria, the Matt Rule clip from yesterday where he talks about the not surprised that somebody could go the length of the field. Oh, yes. That garbage grab that grab that. I want to I want to I want to use that as we talk to my friend Julian Council locked on Panthers podcast here on the Adam Gold Show. Sir, how you doing?

I'm doing well, Adam. Doing well, despite not being able to get through one week of the season without everyone losing their minds and being mad as hell because the Panthers looked pretty bad for the most part in that game. But then found a way to look like win the game and then lost it because of a little bit the officiating in the defense, not being able to get off the field all day. But other than that, North Carolina, you and I, you and I probably process that game the same way.

Nothing that I saw was a surprise. The Browns without, you know, with Jacoby preset were a mess early. They're significantly better in personnel, especially when they run the football than Carolina because you can run the ball, especially straight ahead and Cleveland's good at it.

They've got two great running backs. So I wasn't surprised at anything that I saw during the game and I actually didn't even hate the Matt Rule game one year three experience. I did question whether or not being super conservative after getting to the 15 yard line was the right call. But then he said after the game that he didn't think that somebody could go 40 to 45 yards without any timeouts in a little bit more than a minute. And I wondered if he'd ever watched NFL football. Did you have the same feeling because I didn't hear it until yesterday. Did you have the same feeling that, you know, do you watch the National Football League, Matt?

Yeah. And going back to that drive that led to a field goal. And honestly, credit to Baker Mayfield and the offense for being able to step up and finally find some rhythm in the second half. And for Baker's credit, he let it drive that Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Darnold failed to lead the last two years by leading what we thought was the game winning drive. And according to Matt Rule, the way that possession went, at least when they got to the 16 yard line was on that first down, Baker fumbles the ball. The thought was they're going to head off to McCaffrey. And when he looked at the film, it looked like McCaffrey was going to be in a situation where he would have been one on the one to safety after going through the hole where he probably wins that matchup. So on second down, they just want to move the ball a little bit, hand it off to Christian. Then third down is an RPO. The look was hopefully go to DJ, but the safety came up. So they handed it off.

My first thought was that absolutely they're way too conservative. But after listening to what he had to say, there's at least more of an understanding to how they led to the situation where they kicked the field goal. But Matt rule also said that he was going to rely on his defense, a defense that was not great against the run. But you would think up to that point to go, we were said only had 120 yards passing at a secondary that has two former tops and picks and JC Horn, CJ Henderson, who both had some costly penalties in that game. And Dante Jackson, former second rounder that they should be able to stop the Browns in that situation.

But you're right. Like 113 left one time out. We see it every week. A team able to get down the field and all Cleveland needed was 35 yards. I didn't know KJ York was going to hit from 58 and probably get hit from 70. How about how bad he how much he banged that kick in.

But certainly was a little confused. Fortunate and do a game. I really feel like they needed for the team to get off to a good start and get that momentum game. They haven't really even come close to winning last couple years, especially the way that they played.

Julian Council is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. Yeah, the all three plays on Carolina's drive once they got it to the 16 after the horse collar tackle on that happened on the Christian McCaffrey play all three plays. They ran apparently were RPOs. So my question though after the botched second down play netted them a like a one yard loss. Why don't they just throw it like I've always thought this I've always thought this and you tell me if you think I'm wrong or not because it's fair because it's I don't I'm not.

I think I'm almost on an island here. I am not in any way concerned about making the defense use their timeouts because you can stop the clock so many different ways when you're on offense. The best way to run the clock is to pick up a first down and at that point the best way to pick up a first down on third down was not running the football. It was throwing the football.

So why even bring that into the equation try it. I mean if Baker Mayfield gets sacked for a loss of 10, you can still kick a field goal. I just didn't understand like that ball should have been thrown on third down not run.

No, I understand what you're what you're where you come from and that's a good question to ask why didn't just drop back and throw it. I think you have to ask do they trust Baker Mayfield in that situation because it's been really early. He's only been in the offense about 30 40 days and that rule is talking about how they have to understand we have to understand.

Hey Baker's only been here for this short amount of time. Well, that's on you guys for not trading for him back in April there to draft and it's also on you for splitting all these reps of Sam Darnold and having the sham quarterback competition that the offense looks as clunky and out of sync as it looked in the first half of the game. I just look at it as maybe they didn't trust Baker in that situation and also didn't trust her off at the line.

Mikey Aquano he struggled on Sunday given up to sacks. They give a four sacks as a whole. Maybe they still want to be in a situation where he got clowny and you had miles Garrett coming off the edge and a Baker baby holds on the ball too long tries to make something happen. Doesn't interception and you lose the game right then and there so that's the only thought I could have is maybe they just did not press the quarterback in that situation. Now if that's the case, they probably have bigger problems and just losing that game in Cleveland on Sunday.

I also think and we're talking about Julian Council locked on Panthers podcast here on the Adam Gold show at Julian Council on Twitter. I also think that your perspective of the game really has everything to do with what your expectations are or were before the season started for this particular group. I think that the ceiling best case scenario is eight nine. So I'm going into this different than some fans who might be more optimistic. So I wasn't put off even by a loss to a backup quarterback, but there are people who have started the season at an 11 because I don't know because maybe they're they have outsized expectations for this group. No, I just think those are the people who want that rule gone and they're sick of David Tepper as well. Like they're you're not going to win those people back unless you win games and Matt rule was on the radio locally in Charlotte WF and Z and you talked about how it's on him that the fan base feels the way they feel about him because he has not won games. So really, he's already lost those people and those are the kind of people I try to ignore and we get in this Twitter echo chamber where I'm not quite sure how people actually feel because I talked to my friend.

Who are just, you know, normal people who aren't on social media all the time and they're like, yeah, I mean, it's not that great, whatever, but then you go on social media and it's just people yelling mad as hell. Me personally, I was fairly optimistic going into season that this team could win 10 games and be a playoff team. I felt like with this defense with Baker Mayfield getting bet, bring better quarterback play in an improved offensive line, at least on paper that this could be a better team. Now, as far as on Sunday, I didn't have high expectations for the offense considering it had been three weeks since Baker Mayfield had been named a starter and as a collective, they were all together. We didn't see DJ more and Robbie Anderson really in the preseason. We didn't see Christian McCaffrey, so I didn't know what to expect out of that unit. What I saw didn't necessarily surprise me. It was encouraging though, to see them kind of figure things out there in a second half defensively, not shocked at all about how many yards they go up to the Browns considering when they play tops in rushing teams a year ago. They went one and four and got gas in those games. You think about Dallas and week four where they were the top running team in the league as far as rush defense Carolina was, and they give a 245 yards in that game when they went into game averaging only 45 yards allowed on the ground.

So that didn't surprise me at all. I'm not discouraged. I'm honestly encouraged just based off of how poorly they played.

Typically, they don't come back in those situations. We only saw maybe you once last year in the Minnesota game where Sam Donald put him behind the six beginning of the game with that interception in the first play. But other than that, the last few years, we have not seen Carolina play as poorly as they played. Give us give up as many sacks as have given as many yards on the ground penalties and still being a situation to actually win the game. So consider that they were able to overcome all those things and be in a position with 1 13 by up by one point. That kind of encouragement shows me that that encourages me and see and shows me that they're making some sort of progression. But, of course, the progression that we did not see was in the win loss column.

They take yet another L. I real real quick before I let Julian Council go and I appreciate your level headed optimism and just level headed look at this team. The the at least one call on the final drive of the Browns. We can you could argue that two calls yet clearly went against Carolina. The first one was a joke, an absolute joke that that's roughing the passer on Brian Burns is no penalty there at all. And I am not an advocate of replay, but heck, even in English soccer, they can get rid of stupid penalty calls or non calls.

And we can't do that in the NFL. If we're going to have replay, you might as well use it. So that I was not put off by the intentional grounding non call because ultimately while there was a delay, he did spike the ball without standing up. What was your view on those two plays? The first one, I didn't necessarily have too much of a problem with the roughing the passer and live action. It did look like Brian Burns might have had home with the helmet contact now with the benefit of replay, which we get at home and the referees aren't allowed to use in that situation. You do see that Burns pushes Jedrick Wills, the left tackle and did you go be percent and that's where the contact was made.

So I just found that to be unfortunate. And if there was no replay at all, we wouldn't be yelling about this two days later. Now, the second one, I think a little bit more issue with that because it did look weird. And it probably by the leather law should have been a intentional grounding penalty on Cleveland.

Kevin's fancy. The Browns head coach, he was asked about it yesterday and he was kind of laughing thing like, yeah, we basically got away with one. But I look at it to like, okay, cool bad two penalties that didn't go in Carolina's way. Even before then, after the roughing the passer, the Caroline Panthers defense still needs to get that stop and not even give the Browns an opportunity to get into field goal range.

So they have to be better. They need to step up and the Panthers didn't lose that game because of those two penalties. They lost the game because other penalties like CJ Anderson basically tackling them are in the end zone.

They lose those. They lose because they have five defensive penalties that lead to a first down. They lose because they can't get off the field and stop the run. They lose because the offense was complete.

No show. So a slow start from the offense plus poor defense for stopping the run that led to the loss. And then you can throw in the two penalties. That's certainly eight of the Browns in that final drive. But those are the two things I'm looking at more so than the penalties that led to the Panthers lost on Sunday. Despite all that, they were right there in the game. But yeah, tough luck to the roughing the passer.

The second one. Yeah, seems pretty clear that that probably supposed to be intentional grounding, but you know, they didn't get the call and it is what it is. How many times are we going to say it is what it is? And now the Panthers right every week. Now the Panthers are going up to play the Giants and Saquon Barkley is coming off.

I believe he went for a thousand yards in week one. Yeah, they ran for 238 yards. So if you were concerned about the run defense last week, it's not going to probably get any better this weekend. They just got to toughen up, man. I don't I don't know what else is other than that because it's just embarrassing to have that constant performance on the ground. It's been like four years in a row now where they have not been able to stop the run. Don't know what they got to do at this point in time and maybe give Iki Iquanu some help. And a running back on on his side just to slow down somebody who's trying to kill the quarterback.

I would just think maybe do maybe do that once they did that once. And one of the facts he gave up, Tommy Trimble gave a pretty lackadaisical effort in the chip. And he got beat immediately. That is true. That is true.

I thought Miles Garrett was was unkind to Iki Iquanu. Julian Council at Julian Council Lockdown Panthers podcast. Thanks, man. I appreciate your time. Absolutely, Adam. Take care.

You got it. See, Julian and I, we saw both those penalties differently. He's optimistic. Somehow. Why?

I don't know. How are they winning 10? I know.

I don't see it. And I'm a Panther fan. I try to be optimistic, but I'm a realist. I don't know how they're going to win six.

How are they going to win 10? But it is I've been wrong before. So there is that to kind of just feel good about. I have been wrong before. Panthers at Giants next week.

That should look. I didn't think the Giants are going to be all that good. I'm not I'm still not sure the Giants are all that good. Yeah.

Remember that. And again, it is one week into the season. If we're drawing real conclusions after one game, we should all have our heads examined. But if you believe something beforehand and it looked like it was going to be so in week one, then you are more than willing to ride with it until proven otherwise. And I will just say that the Tennessee Titans are a team that I think will miss the playoffs.

I have very little faith in the Tennessee Titans. They had two pretty good receiving options last year in A.J. Brown and Julio Jones. And they have neither of them now. Why they allowed a day traded.

I didn't allow him to go. They traded A.J. Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles. He only had 10 catches, 455 yards in the opener for the Eagles and the Eagles are going to be really good. I'm surprised they give up 35 points to the Lions. But so anyway, the Giants who ran all over Tennessee, maybe the Panthers will have some success running the football. The thing about the Panthers and running the ball was that. In game one, they seemed to be best when the play was busted. Like when the snap rolled back to McCaffrey. Yeah, that was their best play. They actually made something happen there. That was their best play. I said this before the game. I don't think it's crazy.

Thirty might be a stretch. But Christian McCaffrey needs to touch the ball minimum 25 times a game minimum. Yes, it's no offense to Deontay Foreman or Chuba Hubbard. No, this is not that those guys are incapable. If you're going to hand the ball to them.

You have wasted everybody's time. Absolutely. McCaffrey.

If you're going to run it, hand it to 22. You can't keep him in a bubble forever. That's the thing.

He's made a name for himself for a reason. We talked about this. This goes all the way back to the Cam Newton days. And if if you're going to approach.

A player like Christian McCaffrey. And say, well, you know, we we want to protect him for the future. I'm like, no, you can't do that. Because if you do that, you're wasting the present. Well, there is no future if you don't use him.

So what do you get? I mean, are you going to make the playoffs without him? I threw my hands up in the air, which is terrible for radio, but good if you're watching us on TV. There's just it just doesn't make any sense. If you are saving Christian McCaffrey, you are saving him for a day that's not going to come. So with all respect, you've already paid him.

You might as well use him. Because the truth is, and I've been saying this about the NFL for a long time, and I think I'm right. There's no five year plan. Gosh, three years is sort of an outside plan to.

After year one, if you're not showing signs that you're better. Then you probably have the wrong, not just coach, you probably have the wrong people in charge. And I don't really believe that Scott Fitterer is bad at his jobs. I'm not saying that Scott Fitterer has got to go. I'm not that guy. I mean, we don't see him general manage every day, but we see Matt rule coach every Sunday. That hasn't really gotten better. David Tepper is probably the bigger problem with this franchise.

But again, all the owner can do is provide the resources. I think he's trying. He just doesn't necessarily know the best way to go about it, but I think he's trying. But did you see him shaking his head that clip? There was a clip on Twitter. He's just shaking. That was early in the game where they were completely inept.

We're all there. Their first three series where they gained negative yards. Yes. They were actually I think after their third series, they got it back to zero. Right. Right.

I think they got it back to zero on their third series. It was it just was not good. Embarrassing. Yeah, it was. It wasn't.

Well, embarrassing is relative. Again, I had very little, very low expectations for this team. I thought going in Baker was better than Sam, but he's not. Now, Baker has a way of winning you over with his confidence and talking to other people. We talked to Darren Gantt a week before the season started, and there's a lot of good about Baker Mayfield. And I'm not saying that Baker can't be pretty good.

I think he can be a pretty good quarterback. Yeah. But they didn't give him any time. Wasn't just the four sacks. I mean, he had no time in the backfield and then he couldn't catch a direct snap. Nope.

I mean, same issue with Cam. How many issues? Right. How many issues? How many times did they drop the snap?

Is it was it three times? At least it could have been more. I mean, there were a lot of those issues. Real quick about Denver last night.

And this I'll probably get into more later on. There were so many instances where it looked like Denver was rushing to snap the ball before the play clock play clock ran off. Apologize. They just looked completely disorganized. Completely disorganized. That's on the head coach. All of that is on the head coach. You have to be you have to look more prepared. This is the Adam Gold Show.
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