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Peter Schrager: I Think Chargers Take Marvin Harrison Jr In The Draft

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 16, 2024 3:37 pm

Peter Schrager: I Think Chargers Take Marvin Harrison Jr In The Draft

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 16, 2024 3:37 pm

4/16/24 - Hour 1

Rich weighs in on the growing intrigue surrounding what the Commanders and Patriots will do at the top of the NFL Draft and pounds the table for the New York Giants to move up to select J.J. McCarthy.

‘Good Morning Football’ co-host Peter Schrager and Rich discuss his brand new NFL Mock draft including what the Washington Commanders and New England Patriots will do with picks #2 and #3, the New York Giants making a bold move to land Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy, the Colts trading up for LSU WR Malik Nabers, if the New York Jets should take Georgia TE Brock Bowers, and why the Dallas Cowboys will take speedy Texas Longhorns WR Xavier Worthy instead of addressing their offensive line with their first-round pick.

Rich says why it would be wise of the Dallas Cowboys to pay WR CeeDee Lamb sooner rather than later.

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Plus, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yes, indeed. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Hi, my name is Rich Eisen. I've never started this show that way in almost 10 years and I've been waiting.

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It's that time of year to start raising some money and saving some kids' lives and keeping some kids healthy and some families in the black if we can while they're trying to get healthy at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the great state of Tennessee. We're here over the next three hours. Peter Schrager of Good Morning Football has a mock draft out today, and this is a guy who's got his ear to the ground, so when he comes up with some concepts of some big-time trades on a draft night like two Thursdays from now, you listen to what he's got to say, and he's going to be joining us in about 18 minutes' time to kick things off. We're tipping things off on the Western Conference play-in tournament games tonight. We've got Howard Beck of The Ringer joining us in hour number two and the very funny comedian who helped create the Chappelle Show all those years ago, Neil Brennan. You might be listening to a lot of podcasts involving him.

He's in studio at hour number three, and as I mentioned, there's you at 844-204-RICH as the number to dial right here on the program. Kaitlin Clark is, in fact, in Indiana Fever. The WNBA draft went down last night.

Camila Cardozo and April Reese are teammates. This is a lot of fun, and so there's a lot of things to talk about on this program today, as we will with you and also you, Chris Brockman. How are you on this day, sir? What's up, my man? Good to see you over there.

DJ Mikey D is in these nuts. How are you doing? Good to see you. How are you? TJ Jefferson, is the candle already lit over there? I can see it aglow from my seat right here. How are you?

The candle's lit. It smells great, and I'll be honest with you, good luck getting a rebound against the Chicago sky next year, because it ain't going to happen. Are you wearing a WNBA shirt, sir?

I am indeed. Okay, very good. I like it. Where do you get that?

Where does one get one of those? You know, I get places. I get caught up on Instagram algorithms a lot, where I look at one thing and they suggest something, and then like a dummy, I usually buy these things, and then I just get...

But this was specific. I'm afraid to look at your algorithm for fear it might jump into mine. Well, you'd probably like it, you know.

You like it. The algorithm you own might not like it. And I'm not talking about apparel.

I'm talking about the lack of it being potentially adorned by those that you see on Instagram. You'd want Dell 2 phones on your phone. You want my algorithm. I'm a happily married man.

What's the matter with you people? That's why you don't want my algorithm. You don't want it. You don't want to... Didn't think I'd be starting the show with that, but all right.

Bad algorithm. A lot of good stuff. Okay, fantastic. And we'll be talking about the WNBA draft with none other than Howard Beck later on in this program. And as I mentioned, the play-in tournament games begin tonight, but we begin with football on the brain, because not only is that our forte here in many ways, but we'll be in Detroit one week from today. We're going to be flying out to Detroit, Michigan.

We're going to do the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday shows of the Rich Eisen show from the NFL draft the day before the first round, the day after the first round, and the day of the first round. We'll be in downtown Detroit. We'll let you know if you want to stop by and just wave at us, or we'll come out and we'll say hello from our draft set. We're going to be everywhere. We are going to be everywhere. We're going to be absolutely everywhere in Detroit. We're very excited about that. Seven, eight, and nine mile. That's right. Is that what we're going to be? Okay. That's a lot of miles to cover.

A lot of miles. The Washington commanders are sitting at the second overall pick in this draft, and that's when things begin because we're all expecting Caleb Williams to go first over all of the Chicago Bears, and if they do not, I do believe something akin to Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicking something over might happen in the city of Chicago. It's going to be Caleb Williams. He's the next Patrick Mahomes a lot of people believe because he has those off platform throws and he does have the ability to, it does appear, to lead and be accurate at the same time and just have a lot of things you don't expect to see from your quarterback and he's got that all innate abilities to separate and he will be the first overall pick in the draft. So what are the commanders going to do? Who are they going to choose? They have the entire draft not named Caleb Williams and a ton of top notch quarterbacks available that could have been number one overall, even last year.

Even in a draft without Caleb Williams like last year. So what do they do? Here's what they do today.

First order of business. In the final days in which you can have players in for top 30 or whatever the hell they're called visits, they have all three quarterbacks, they meet with all three quarterbacks today not named Caleb Williams at the top of the draft and they are Jayden Daniels, your Heisman Trophy winner, they are Drake May, your University of North Carolina quarterback, who sounds like Philip Rivers and throws like Justin Herbert. And then there's JJ McCarthy, your national championship reigning national champion quarterback. He's going to be chatting with the Washington commanders today.

And what do they do? I'll tell you what I think they're going to do. And Peter Schrager is exactly right in his mock draft. It's something I heard at the combine that it was going to be Jayden Daniels number two overall and I think that's what's going to happen. He's the guy that is apparently most pro ready is the guy who was taken off from his Arizona State days and we saw what he did with LSU with somebody like Malik Nabors.

And then you stick him with Terry McLaurin and you stick him with Cliff Kingsbury as the offensive coordinator. And you got Bryan Robinson Jr. being able to take screen passes the distance and being able to run the football in between the tackles and Jayden Daniels keeps it and runs it himself. I think this is too good of an opportunity, too big of a quarterback with a ceiling like his to pass up on him. And I think it's going to be Jayden Daniels. Now, it can be Drake May as well.

It can be Drake May as well. And I think Chris, with you sitting there at number three for the New England Patriots, you would take that in a heartbeat. I'll take either guy. You would take either guy. I'll take either guy. You would be happy with either guy. Absolutely.

You would be able to say. We got a quarterback. You got a Maserati, not a minivan, which is what you said after they drafted Mac Jones a couple of years ago.

Was I right or was I right? Well, the first year he looked more like the sports car. But hey, listen, Chris, in this day and age, like if you had one more kid, you'd take the minivan. That's right. You know what I mean? Sometimes the minivan is what you need.

So close to a minivan. I know that. So what you saying? Well, we can move on. But yeah.

We can go home now. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So you take either one.

Yeah. And I'll tell you what, New England's very lucky to be sitting there at three and having the opportunity to do well. I'll take either one. I'll take the hot reigning Heisman Trophy winner. He's got a huge ceiling.

Or I'll take a kid like Drake May, who apparently can make every damn throw and he's a total gamer. Right. Absolutely. And so you're lucky to have that position. And as we all know, Jim Harbaugh has been pounding the table to say, do not sleep on J.J. McCarthy being the number one overall pick.

Remember he said that here when he joined us? And it's just like, OK, you're just, you know, you're just you're just honking the horn for your guy, right? You're just, you know, trying to pump up your guy like you did pregame every single game that you were coaching at the University of Michigan, being his spirit animal. And the other part of it is, is if J.J. McCarthy does go fourth overall, if somebody does go and trade up for him and tells Arizona, we'll take your pick and we'll give you the Godfather offer to have you move out of that spot and forego telling Kyler Murray, welcome to your new world with Marvin Harrison Jr. as your primary target. Hello. OK, with Hollywood Brown now a Kansas City chief and Ronda Elmore pew pew pewing in a way with your guy, Marvin Harrison Jr.

Pass up on that. Guess what happens? The fireworks happen for Jim Harbaugh here because you bet he's taken Marvin Harrison Jr. And wouldn't that be something that J.J. McCarthy gets taken fourth overall? To allow Jim Harbaugh in his first pick, returning to the National Football League, taking one of the best Ohio State Buckeyes that we've seen come out of Columbus, Ohio. You bet Jim Harbaugh is going to do that. So the question is, is who would go up and take J.J. McCarthy fourth overall? Would it be Minnesota doing that?

Could it be Denver? Denver would have to dip into future draft picks for that. And they're just finally coming out of catching up from the Russell Wilson trade that turned out to be completely disastrous for them. They're finally digging out and start using their own draft choices again.

So would they go ahead and do that? Would the Raiders move up from 13? Well, Peter Schrager is about to join us, says the New York Giants are going to be the one doing it.

Oh, hello. 6-4. And that makes sense because Arizona doesn't have to move down too far. And they know if they make that trade, the Giants are moving up to take a quarterback, which means once Jim Harbaugh makes his pick of Marvin Harrison Jr., sure, they forego getting Marvin Harrison Jr., that means they can get either Malik Nabors or Roma Dunze, which ain't too shabby. And that with the extra picks they get from the Giants might be a nice move for Arizona to make. And then the Giants would get J.J. McCarthy. And I will just say this, if this happens, I would love it.

Good Lord, would I love it. And it would be great for J.J. McCarthy to go to New York City and have that entire world cracked open for him, a world in which Phil Simms can win a championship there and be a face on television for three decades after, where Justin Tuck can play alongside Michael Strahan, win a championship and sell a bunch of Subway sandwiches in a place that he normally wouldn't. This man can win a championship and become the modern day Dick Clark. This kid on that stage, the city would love him and he would love it back.

He would love it back and he would love it back with an ability that I think Giants fans would love. And on top of it, he doesn't have to start right away. He's just 21 years old, just 21 years old. And Daniel Jones is going to be there this year, folks. He's going to be there this year. They are not cutting him. They are not trading him.

He is uncuttable at present and he's untradeable at present coming off of a knee injury. He won't even be ready till the middle of the season. And maybe just maybe some team is injury stricken and would take Daniel Jones in the middle of the season. We'll take him off your hands in the middle of a trade deadline.

We'll do it. And even if they do that, it wouldn't be to have J.J. McCarthy play, it would be to have Drew Locke sitting there. They've got him. Right. Well, that's true. I believe Drew Locke is going to be the week one starter of the New York Giants, whoever the hell they trade up to go get. You have mentioned that. I believe that's the case. So they can sit there and say, J.J., you get in that quarterback room and you see from Drew Locke and you see from Daniel Jones how to be a professional quarterback and you can learn all that stuff.

You can get up to speed and we can totally red shirt you and they can get away with it. Unless Drew Locke gets hurt like Tarod Taylor and then all of a sudden you have to throw J.J. McCarthy in there right in the middle of the first month of the season before Daniel Jones gets ready. Is it entirely possible that J.J. McCarthy could come out like a house of fire and is ready to play in the National Football League? I don't put anything past this kid and I am biased when it comes to him because I did see him make every throw and the number of people that we have on this program that looks at his tape and does not think he's got a first.

I mean, Greg Cosell even said yesterday he doesn't even think he's got a potentially first round game looking at his tape. I watched the kid play. I know what he has brought to the program. I know what he did from start to finish. I know how he supplanted the guy in front of him. I know what he brought to the game in terms of just sheer confidence and sheer uplifting the entire team and program. I saw what he did and I saw how he was able to swallow some sort of one would think pride messing with his mind, 32 straight handoffs against Penn State at age 20. Normally a kid would be like, you're messing with my draft stock status as I'm about to leave you here.

Nope. I saw him go up top in the horseshoe a couple of times and change the tenor of that game. I saw him make some beautiful dime throws.

I saw him thread needles. I've seen him be a winner. And as far as I'm concerned, he could play for my team and in New York City, what a spot that would be for him. And I would love to see him in the division with Drake May slash Jayden Daniels and love to see him in the division with Jalen Hurts. And I would love to see him in the division with Trey Lance, the future of the Dallas Cowboys at quarterback.

Because they're all in. We'll see what Dak does this year. But in all seriousness, a great, great set up to not only a draft week next week, but for this program, because the man who thinks the Giants are trading up for J.J. McCarthy. And again, he has his ear to the ground. He's got a reporter's nose locked in a sideline reporter and co-host of an Emmy Award winning show's body and Peter Schrager from Good Morning Football, Fox Sports and his own pod. And his mock draft is next on the Rich Eisen Show. Do not move. Lots of fun draft chat coming up. 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cancel this booking cuz there time no he's about to zoom in oh it's fine he did that to hurt us I think I don't think so well maybe we'll make yeah bring it in the whole Daniel Jones press conference that we showed yesterday everyone's talking about his eyes so open that you could see the the white above the eyeball yeah yeah I think that's what throws people off questions like are you the best quarterback for the job what happens if they draft a replacement for you at the top of the draft is Peter Schrager is about to join us to tell us they're gonna do you think he had a bet with one of his friends like you know you know you know who looked like that at the end of the day Minnesota Vikings fans a couple of wildcards ago it looked exactly like that yeah cuz he made him look like that I just see also he doesn't have the elite quarterback hair I could do that with my eye do not I mean do I give you that I would say do not sleep on this guy but he's he's wide awake I'm sleeping get my eyes that wide just take a look at that photograph one more time right there maybe maybe maybe Trump should take some pointers on the Rich Eisen show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger's got the right product for you call click Granger calm or just stop by here with a mock draft a lot of people are talking about because there's a couple of trades in his top 10 that if they happen it'll be buzzy a draft night to say the least they'll be part of NFL Network's draft coverage on day three as always the co-host of the Emmy Award-winning Good Morning Football Peter Schrager back here on the program how you doing Peter it is like a rite of passage in a yearly ritual and I put out this mock draft I immediately come on the Rich Eisen show we dissect the hell out of it I appreciate it I know right cuz here we are nine days away and this is truly one of the most fascinating drafts and I think for fans I think that the interest level is through the roof Peter I think it also helps that some of the key franchises at the top are franchises that in recent years haven't been necessarily the top and that includes the New England Patriots it includes the Washington commanders obviously the Bears we know what they're gonna do most likely but you've got two different Bears picks you've got a Jets pick at ten like these are very very passionate vocal fan bases when in truth in recent years it's been Carolina it's been Jacksonville these are blue blood crown jewel type franchises all at the top of the draft vying for probably the same players all right and and you know the Giants are crucial in your mock draft but we'll we'll bury that lead for a second and get straight to the decision we're all wondering about the commanders about who they're going to take from the draft pool not named Caleb Williams they're gonna have that choice in about nine days from now and you say they're gonna take fill in that blank for everybody Peter I got Jayden Daniels the quarterback at LSU the Heisman Trophy winner I know they really liked meeting with May and McCarthy as well obviously you look at all those quarterbacks they bring different things to the table at the end of the day I think they are going quarterback they've got six picks in the top 100 so they're gonna totally you know beef up their team in this draft process in the first three days very close with Cliff Kingsbury I will tell you he has not told me here is the pick right just from a lot of Intel around the league and from inside that building I want to say I feel confidence saying Daniels over me at this point nine days out well I mean because the evaluators that I've been chit-chatting with right here from this seat a lot of them say may because of the system that he ran in North Carolina is similar to what Kingsbury does but I imagine it's the two-way threat from Daniels that is the eventual one would say separator here yeah he can move and you know even if cliff absolutely loved May and said he fits in his offense quote-unquote there are so many voices now in there and I'll tell you you know Bob Myers who is the general manager of the Golden State Warriors you saw that news come out from Schefter like during for agency that he was joining you know in some consultant Terry well I'll tell you he's had a very big voice not only with who they hired at coaching but also just the future of this franchise and then rich this one's close to us kind of buried on Schefter's timeline yesterday but Dave Gardie leaving the league office after decades of being such a prominent figure in Park Avenue to go to work with Washington there's gonna be a lot of different voices who weigh in and not necessarily on this first pick but with the future of the Washington commanders franchise they have the best and brightest right now and a lot of bright minds working together it's pretty cool to see well I mean so that means if Dave Gardie is leaving them the the voice of day three of the NFL draft the one who makes the announcements of the trades is available but you and I can't do that because you and I are gonna be on the set together totally we can't do that all right so who gets that gig we should have a poll on that that's your deep cut NFL dress Peter stop stop you you know Scott Hansen wants it you know it deep down and you know he's gonna take it it's it's Scott Hansen's world we're paying rent in right now so you're absolutely right you honestly he might he might slice the back of our hamstrings like Caddyshack you know like Carl Spackler said you could do just boom and he'll just take it totally with 134th pick there has been a trade yeah oh yeah yeah the 100 boxes hey listen Peter so then it's Drake May as the New England Patriots right because I know again we're suddenly we're inching our way to the big news from your from your mock draft or the worthy I guess splashiest piece of information that you may be plugging in here but so you think New England does go ahead and take Drake May off the board they spent a lot of time with Daniels May and over the past 48 hours they've had McCarthy in the building I'll tell you this they went to Davios which is an Italian steakhouse in Patriot Place and they took out Drake May a couple weeks back and he dazzled that then they look look he's 21 years old he can throw the ball a country mile he comes from a great basketball family we could do the whole profile if you want I also think he's a great dude and like a leader and one of those types that if you don't get Jayden Daniels you could say all right we're fine with Drake May and if you're the Patriots they have a lot of holes yes but you don't expect to be at the number three two or one overall pick this guy can play quarterback this guy can be your franchise guy and you know the traded Mac Jones away there's obviously a void there maybe per set starts the start the season but I think Drake may they'd be very happy with Drake May at third overall I agree and also you could say the Patriots are fortunate that there is a top flight quarterback available when you do pick number three overall I understand it you're you you go with a quarterback if one's available when you're choosing that high in the draft but it is rare to see somebody that everyone would consider if this was another draft could be number one overall sitting there at three and I and Bob Kraft basically said at the owners meeting hey I'm staying out of it but I think a young kid at the quarterback spot would look pretty good is essentially what I'm paraphrasing you know 21 21 years old six foot four like I think it makes a lot of sense which leads to number four okay so let's get to that so you think at number four what's going to happen when that hits all right I I'm gonna say this right now nine days out I think Minnesota is very interested in trading up I've heard from others around the league that that is almost common knowledge right now they've got two first-round picks they've got you know more future firsts than anybody they're loaded with picks and ammo except they're all the way back at 11 the New York Giants are at six they can make a trade with Arizona and Arizona can still get one of the top wide receivers which would be Harrison a dunes a or neighbors if they go back all the way to 11 and trade with the Minnesota Vikings those guys aren't on the board anymore so to me the Giants they make an offer they offer their their sixth overall pick they offer either a future first or they offer a second and a third however you want to do it and Joe Shane and the Giants go and get a quarterback that this group selected that this group drafted and yes they gave a quarterback 80 million dollars a year ago that they didn't select but they can get out of that contract in is here I could tell you the Giants have done so much work on these quarterbacks that has been maybe a little underreported I would not be surprised if New York jumped up just two spots and they got JJ McCarthy and away we go okay and away we go and how do you see that playing out because they got Drew Locke and we know that Daniel Jones is still gonna be a giant this year based on his contract you just said the words that they can get out of it after this year and he is coming back from a knee injury and he will be made available at some point during the playing season but then there's JJ McCarthy right there how do you see this all playing out in a New York City market that would go nuts if something like this happens isn't this crazy like I'm picturing the New York Post headlines the next morning and it's just one of those deals where okay we've got three young quarterbacks now obviously Daniel Jones would be in the catbird seat as the number one and Locke would be the two and then let's see how McCarthy does rich I remember being in Seattle for training camp in 2011 where it was the late Tavares Jackson and Matt Flynn had just signed a major deal and it's just like well Russell Wilson's the best quarterback in camp he's gonna start week one and everyone was like we can't deny that it's one of those deals where let's let them all compete obviously it's Jones's job to lose but at some point McCarthy is gonna get a look if they draft him fourth overall okay so let's just say this happens draft night and the buzz finally leaves the draft room in Detroit after JJ McCarthy is named a New York Giant Peter Schrager here on the Rich Eisen show with a mock draft so in this you can't make it up world right in this you can't make it up sport in the event of the NFL that is in the non-playing season the most you can't make it up event they have you're saying JJ McCarthy getting taken off the board at four being traded up for to go take off the board allows Jim Harbaugh his spirit animal national champion coach from Michigan to take Ohio State's Marvin Harrison jr. that's what you're saying the football gods are potentially cooking up for us Peter Schrager aren't they aren't they hilarious isn't that how they can do it yeah and I don't think they would pass on them I know a lot of people are saying that that's a trade back possibility that the Chargers and Joe Ortiz their new GM with Harbaugh would be looking to trade back a little bit maybe pick up some ammunition I think that's if McCarthy is still on the board they might be able to help pick in place where he ends up whether it be Minnesota or Denver or even the Giants moving up one spot but I think they stay put if McCarthy goes for which is how I have it and they take Marvin Harrison jr. and if anybody knows the Ohio statewide receiver and what he can do I think it's the guy who played him in the big game for several years that's right and the defensive coordinator he just hired for Michigan and Jesse Minter I mean obviously he's probably pounding a table for something a trade back and maybe Dallas Turner or who knows but they did keep you know the the the two defensive linemen Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa and let both of their wide receivers go one by trade one by just letting him walk to the Jets this makes complete and total sense Peter to just say okay Marvin Harrison jr. meet Justin Herbert Justin that's Marvin and go to work I mean that makes total sense right let's go I think so and you know I had one GM I sent this to it was like yeah but Greg Roman offenses they don't really value the wire you're overthinking it like if Marvin Harrison's on the board at five and you have a need a wide receiver take Marvin Harrison and then next Arizona would be at six based on the trade that you presume would happen between the Giants and Arizona and then they would go Roma dunes a over Malik neighbors in your opinion why do you think that either or right like what do you want and in this case I like a dunes a to go before neighbors in this scenario but if you said neighbors went six I wouldn't bat an eye either in this case they're very different types of players but also a dune say with me with Kyler like I just feel like that's a good combination and so many stories about a dunes a the guy and this is nothing like a dunes a versus neighbors but you saw the stuff at the combine how he stayed like to do the three-cone drill but I've heard from people at his pro day that he was the most you know charismatic upbeat teammate leader the whole thing and he walks it talks it like as far as ranking the people in this draft I've not heard a negative word on Roma dunes a and there's not even a con to his game so I think he would be a very solid pick and if you're Arizona all right you're trading back a couple spots but you can still get a dunes a I think that's a nice little win right there oh sure absolutely and then whatever the Giants would flip to Arizona to move up those two spots would be in their quiver for the rest of this draft did not future drafts the host of the season with Peter Schrager podcast and also good morning football and also from Fox Sports Peter Schrager walking us through his mock draft one by one in the top ten here on the Rich Eisen show nine days before the NFL draft in Detroit so Joe all going to Tennessee and Dallas Turner going to Atlanta I think that that is a consensus for a lot of mock drafts for sure not though what you have happening at number nine so I think a lot of Bears fans are sitting there thinking that Ryan polls is going to take a nice new toy to go along with DJ Moore and Keenan Allen for Caleb Williams with whatever wide receiver is left from the dunes a neighbors are Harrison junior Troika but you say the Colts would pop up and take that receiver and Ryan polls would trade out why do you think that's gonna happen Peter maybe I'm being too cute maybe it's just take neighbors get the card in what do we even talking about here but with such a good offensive line offensive tackle draft and there's five guys that can go in any order yeah like Chicago can still get one of those dudes and you know DJ move the sticks can go through all those players but whether it's Watanu or it's Fuwanga or it's JC Latham there are so many of these guys that are all considered top dudes at the offensive tackle position that could play right away and could play multiple spots that if I'm Chicago and I know you took right last year in the first round yes neighbors is a lovely like you've got DJ Moore you've got Keenan Allen for this year you've got some other young guys that you've acquired why not just give Caleb Williams one of those book ends and pick up maybe a future first-round pick or a second round pick and add more and more talent so to me I'm getting a little cute here but I don't think it's gonna be as cut and dry as quarterback wide receiver we're set I think that the Bears might look to beef up that offensive line just a little bit and give protection for Caleb and then Malik neighbors showing up in in Indianapolis for you know they they signed Pittman took the franchise tag off of him we all know they got Alec Pierce sitting there and they had neighbors for Anthony Richardson coming off the shoulder surgery with Jonathan Taylor back there I mean that's a nice move here's how I look at it too I look at what Tennessee did this offseason they went on a spending spree and a gradient frenzy Jacksonville brought in Eric Armstead and Gabe Davis and they've been very active of course and then the Houston Texans might have the best offseason well the Colts 10 players were resigned from a team that missed the playoffs last year they kind of kept on moving the ball along but like no big splash this would be a move and this would be one that would really activate the fan base and say you know what now we're in this AFC South thing as well which suddenly has become one of those interesting divisions in the league after about a decade of being one of the least interesting in the league and then rounding out the top ten I saw you tweeted out on Monday that Brock Bowers is visiting the Jets I don't know if you saw my response to your tweet Peter yeah saying essentially is there any way we the Jets could just keep him there is that is that legal you know cuz well that's it I mean rip the knob off and thankfully I think you agree with the mock draft I think right I think it's one of those deals where if they wanted to trade back they can get something or if they wanted to go offensive tackle they can do that but like gosh you know how many years do you expect to have Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and how many years do you expect to have a chance to win the AFC East it's a little small window here and Bowers rich I mean he doesn't have the build of a Gronk and he doesn't have necessarily the the abilities of a Tony Gonzalez athletically but like I've talked to so many GM's who have just been saying like you watch him after the catch the guy is an absolute beast he does everything right he blocks he catches like don't overthink this Jets don't overthink it if he's there at 10 he worked out yeah he was there yesterday with them Rogers is in the building I'm sure they had some sort of interaction while he was there like Brock Bowers to the Jets might sound boring at this point a lot of Jets fans have seen that in mock drafts I think it makes a lot of sense well I mean he's like in terms of the ability to run away from people and yards after catch he's got a Breece Hall like ability at the tight end position I mean like that where he could score from anywhere and oh my god I would be very happy from the NFL draft set on NFL Network and two Thursdays from now and the few minutes I have left with you Peter fascinatingly enough in your mock again it's just a mock draft for all that you don't have the Vikings trading up you don't have the Broncos trading up and you don't have the Raiders trading up and they're all quarterback needy you don't have any of them taking Bo Nix or Michael Pennix off the board as a matter of fact you do have however Minnesota taking him off the board with their second first round draft choice sitting there at 23 and you do not have Michael Pennix jr. going in the first round why do you see that in your crystal ball for your mocks I don't have I've talked to a lot of teams that that love Pennix as a kid and like him as a I don't have a team that I could I don't see 11 12 or 13 taking Pennix so I don't see Minnesota taking Pennix I don't see Denver at 12 taking Pennix and I don't see the Raiders at 13 taking Pennix then you start going through it and it's like which one of these teams is quarterback needy well the Vikings have another bite at the apple at 23 and I gave them Bo Nix so is it possible that someone trades back into the end of the first round and gets Michael Pennix sure is it possible that Minnesota says screw it we love them at 11 we're taking them sure this is a mock draft but it's not as clean and simple as alright team takes Pennix go I didn't have a place for him here and maybe in my next mock draft which would be the morning of the draft I've got him going as high as 11 to the Vikings I have Nick's going before Pennix in this simulation and I don't have a spot for him which kills me because he might be my favorite player in this dress well a beautiful one of them things that differentiate your mock draft from from others Peter is you have information as well I mean you talked to everybody in the league here and so what are you hearing ear to the ground about Pennix that might cause you to sit here and go well I can't find a team as opposed to well I'm going to find a team because I know people I dig them you know so what are you hearing on the Pennix front this reminds me a little bit and these are very these are not similar players but last year we had these quarterbacks in the draft and you know everyone's like well will Levis has to go in the first round he has to he just has to because he's a first-round caliber quarterback and we've been hearing about him for a year and he just has to well Pennix this is where I was in the conundrum with Pennix I don't have a team and I talked to teams and they're like you know what six-year quarterback or whatever he was with Indiana and Washington he's not a 21 or 22 year old he's come he's got two ACL injuries like he's got the left-handed release which is a little bit long like these are all things that are cons on the kid but yet is the ultimate winner he looks amazing post injury and two years at Washington and has interviewed and been on the board and has been incredible so it's one of those where it's like are we talking like we love him we totally I don't have a team for him in the first round in this mock draft like I said rich it's nothing against the kid he might go as high as 11 he could go as high in the top 10 if a team loves him I I don't make the rules and I don't know it I just in my mock draft I didn't have a place for him so I unfortunately click send and afterwards was like I didn't put Pennix in the first round I hate that for the kid but who cares it's just my mock draft he might very well be in the top 15 yeah and you you see offensive tackles going galore in so many wide receivers right in the middle in the middle picks you know you've got for Shauna going to Vegas after the Broncos take latu off the board tearing Arnold to Minnesota would be really nice pick right there for Tano going to Seattle that just seems like such a Seattle pick and then Latham going to Jacksonville and and fascinatingly enough though you got Dallas taking the fastest kid in the history of the combine you got Xavier worthy going to Dallas what do you like that for for Dallas I like that fit I like that man I mean Mims is sitting right there right I mean wow you like it instead of Mims instead of his teammate a D Mitchell who everyone has going in the top 15 I like worthy for Dallas I think we're the actually it's being undervalued which is odd everyone I talk to is like he's a first-round pick and he competes and he's an absolute burner and for me yes Dallas offensive line is what everyone's projecting and it makes a lot of sense but crap I don't know what we're doing with with these these contract situations with DAC and with CD it's gonna be a very long process getting both of those done they will get done I'm confident they'll get done when in the meantime I don't know seriously I don't know it's it's it's such an interesting deal because it's not just one guy it's two guys and they're both awesome and they both deserve to be paid and everyone agrees about it and they went through this with DAC during COVID in the pin in the pandemic here I remember every day on Good Morning Football waking up from a home cam talking about all right DAC's contract is he worth 35 million I don't know is he worth 36 million I don't know well now we're talking 60 million those deals will get done I'm confident in the meantime here's a relatively cheap first-round talent at wide receiver you put them in there and you give you know CD lamb a number two guy that's an absolute burner I went with worthy five quarterback seven receivers in your first 32 picks man that's that's we can do the math that's more than a third of the first night of the draft being quarterbacks and wide receivers Peter thanks for the time and speaking on behalf of everyone in the studio this is how much we like you Peter that we spoke with you for well over 20 minutes about your mock draft and that's our Emmy Award that's over your right shoulder this entire conversation so I took a photo of it and framed it and that's just a picture of your Emmy Award that's all right no that's that's the one that you know we we were first time we were nominated as a daily studio show the Rich Eisen show you know with with our friends at Roku and you know it's okay at least within the family Peter you know I mean you know I haven't been on television daily television in quite some time so I dug that out of the closet I'm gonna I'm gonna promote it when I'm actually on TV and let people know I was once I once upon a time I did television I know that I know that Peter I'm aware of that very much so so I'll point out which camera is yours on the third day of the draft okay Peter if you need that sort of we can help we'll have Puma the best of the best in the business who is running the tight ship as our stage manager so hope just your course exactly and I look forward to that day when we stumped the truck and we will definitely get a rescue animal from the Detroit area to urinate on at Daniel Jeremiah's shirt just like last year not new tradition I Peter dude I'm so excited it's the best rich thank you you bet it's a great draft and it's a I look forward to it good morning football's Peter Schrager which by the way will be back on the air on draft week and then of course check out his mock draft wherever you can through the NFL media group channels good to see you Peter you're the best rich thank you man fun stuff all right lots to discuss right there lots to talk about with you in the next segment TJ Jefferson during that interview that was in a retirement announced so in the NBA and the NBA playoffs tip off tonight although the games don't really count in terms of this the actual record books it's the annual play in tournament conundrum we'll have Howard Beck of the ringer coming up and I got a fun top five at least for me and you Mike coming up let's talk sleep number people we all know quality sleep is essential I'm just not myself when I don't get a good night's sleep that's why the sleep number smart bed is designed for your ever-evolving sleep needs so you can choose what's right for you whenever you like for instance my side of the bed my sleep number setting is 60 my wife's side of the bed her sleep number setting is 72 different numbers same bed but we get the same great sleep so make sure you get your sleep number bed right now because you will absolutely love it JD power ranked sleep number number one in customer satisfaction with mattresses purchased in store and now you can save up to $800 on select sleep number smart beds for a limited time that's right $800 for JD power 2023 award information visit JD slash awards only at a sleep number store or sleep check it out sleep number you won't regret it our house is a mess come on in I'm amber wallin internet comedian and host of your new favorite podcast fly on the water that's pretty presumptuous to assume that this is gonna be their favorite podcast by the way anyway that wasp that you just heard interrupt me is my husband and co-host Benjamin wallin listen in as we discuss relationships and keeping our sweet baby kid alive fly on the wallin wherever you listen do I call you a free agent quarterback sitting here what do I call you I'm is it my first time going through this you tell me call me whatever I guess I will call you Jack Prescott that works I'm gonna ask you the question this way about what contract you think you're gonna get okay in terms of pie so I've heard there's less pie I've heard there's less pie that's right there's the there's there's Jerry Jones right there the voice of Jerry Jones we've heard there's less pie we've heard there's more pie I'm wondering if you think this is deep dish pie how deep is that is it a deep dish pie if I'm guessing I'd say yeah okay yeah is it franchise pie I would say you'd say well I mean I don't know what kind of pie we're talking about franchise tag is it franchise tag I don't know I mean long-term pie is it long-term pie I don't know I just want a piece of the pie just put it like that okay that's it yeah okay and is it is it a pie that that starts with a four is it a pie that starts with a four I could just said I'm leaving up to my agents to cut my piece of the pie I'm just ready for it and ready to eat okay when that happens I'm ready to get to work and excited for this off-season and now we've also heard through DeMarcus Ware told us that when you sit in Jerry's office have you gotten the Jerry's office meeting yet I've been in Jerry's office okay and he lights a candle turns the lights down and gives you a whole Dallas Cowboy speech if you had that you have not had that you know I haven't had that one yeah he says that that happens when he's trying to close a deal so I think you'll know that you're really close if you walk it's turn off lights go down thank you for that that warning and that heads up so now I know like what's going on when that happens apparently a votive candle with a Dallas Cowboy star right on the side of it I don't know if it's scented it's maybe to smell it make me the smell of pie of some sort I'm just saying that hasn't happened that is what you're saying it hasn't okay when you get that call you know wow I'm closer it's back in the day back here on the rich eyes and show eight four four two old full riches the number to dial on the program and when Peter Sugar was going through his mock draft and Xavier worthy the fastest guy in the history of the combine we had him on after the combine couldn't have been a nicer kid someone to root for TJ Jefferson busted out his pom-poms cuz he's going to the Dallas Cowboys right you're all fired up to hear that yeah no I mean great kid had him on here very fast no doubt we're not the Raiders so we don't just draft based on speed alone no I've got memes from Georgia I've got him penciled in as of two months ago just to fortify that line so that's well I mean they're gonna move Peter Schrader I don't know what he knows they're gonna move the kid from Tulsa that they drafted for inside the line of the left tackle spot you know okay so they need to take his spot okay a Marius memes should be a Dallas Cowboy okay and I've got him going to the Packers well he's got him going to the pastor we have to choose after you choose everyone because you what are you just gonna you're gonna you're gonna go run in there with Brandon cooks again why not okay and he's thinks that he seems to think that the Cowboys are gonna get it done with Dak and CD lamb absolutely I mean think about this rich when his Jerry Jones ever not paid for a player that he wanted now he might do a it on some weird Mario Cooper well he's on the keys on the Cleveland Browns now by the way Amari Cooper well apparently not I mean Amari Cooper 20 million bucks a year you take a look at how much the wide receivers du jour are making it's in the mid 20s right now you could have had Amari Cooper still stuck and stayed there but traditionally Jerry will as we know he will pay for the players that he does I don't understand why you're waiting it just gets more expensive while you're waiting I don't get that either it's more expensive while you're waiting do you think the Minnesota Vikings but when they finally do give the bag to Justin Jefferson what it would have cost a year and a half ago if they gave him the bag the first second they could give him the bag I mean 10 15 20 percent the Eagles do it right give him the bag when when when it's early and it's less expensive and if you find out that you unfortunately gave the bag too soon then you figure out how to take the bag back like a good host they pivot live on air that's why I don't understand it like the longer you wait to give CD what are you waiting for Justin Jefferson it's at the market look at market you set the market what understand yesterday's price is not today's price Eagles set the market with Jalen hurts and then the then the Ravens followed basically gave him the same deal and so I mean and in case you're wondering if Jalen hurts is worthy of that bag and last season gives you pause guess what will happen the Eagles will figure out where the inflection point is of the Jalen hurts contract and pivot and soon he'll be gone he'll be somewhere else he ain't going anywhere though I don't think so I'm just using this as a point that you pay them early that's the way you do it Joe banner comes on here all the time and pounds the table for that sort of thing yeah I don't know just like what are you waiting for if if you're hearing oh they'll get it done eventually then why didn't you get it done in March or late February when you could get it done and then have the flexibility to add to it it's because I'm just wondering if this is gonna be the conversation all year here at least is the way that the Cowboys front office reacted to being one and done by the Green Bay Packers wasn't like okay so the roster is it's currently formed and the coaching staff is currently formed we need to tinker with it we need to tinker with it and we need to supplement it if we like the core of it we like the coach and we like the core of it let's supplement it in ways that the core needed the help based on the Packers exposure of it the way of the Niners exposed it and early in the season well they can't be mad because they're the front office no no I understand it but what I'm saying is will we continue to talk about it this year as no we're just gonna stick with what we got barely supplement will supplement it hardly at all in free agency and with the draft we'll do our we'll do our due diligence drafting which the Cowboys do a good job of very I think right and will we be discussing that in October and November in December or most importantly January oh man we're gonna be talking about Bill Belichick should have been this coach in October you think so I don't know we'll see how the regular season plays out and then obviously rubber meets the road in the playoffs I'm just wondering if that's how we're gonna be talking about it because if you know you're gonna sign DAC and you know you're gonna sign CD do it early don't let us and set the market and allow yourself the cap flexibility to supplement in free agency in a way that they did not do I I agree I I find that just fascinating when Peter Schrager is like oh they'll get it done like well what that's my I'm like when yeah now we're two coming up you know I'm just wondering if and and the only reason why I bring up Hertz is because it's a quarterback driven league what was what what did seem to flag in the follow-up season to their Super Bowl year and offensively they flagged and the question is is was it really a coordinator issue was it a coaching coordinator issue they kept the coach they changed the coordinators and then they supplemented they didn't just say we're going all in with the same damn thing yet they supplemented they got Saquon Barkley for crying out loud now that is a difference maker that is someone who they were missing they let Miles Sanders walk DeAndre Swift had a very nice first half of the season as anybody who had him in fantasy would say and then the second half of the season everything fell to crap all of it did was it due to injury was it due to coaching staff was it due to big Dom not being on the sideline I'm truly throwing everything out there that changed and the Eagles didn't just sit there and go we're running it back we're all in they changed the coordinators they added Saquon Barkley we all know what they did also in free agency as well they got younger at the position they traded Huff for Hassan Radek essentially right yeah and we'll see what they do in the draft and then they'll be going into the season in a way supplementing what potentially flagged for them last year where the Cowboys are like we're all in and we're gonna wait to sign our guys even though we're gonna we you know we're gonna have to it's kind of wild two different ways of doing it we'll see who winds up on top our number one in the books Mike Carruthers shares little pieces of Intel and interviews you can use to improve your life on the something you should know podcast the next time you're looking for a job and have to write a cover letter here's some advice from 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