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The NFL Draft starts tomorrow!

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April 24, 2024 3:42 pm

The NFL Draft starts tomorrow!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 24, 2024 3:42 pm

Brooke Pryor, ESPN/Steelers Reporter, on what she anticipates seeing during the draft tomorrow, how she thinks the Panthers will do, and why is Jerry talking like THIS…

Jerry Jones tried to explain why he’s been dragging his feet with the extensions for players like Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb, but what does Brooke take away from the word salad he presented during his press conference? Does Brooke think the Dallas Cowboys might draft a QB in this draft? How does she see the QBs going in this draft? Will Drake Maye go in the first round? Should the NY Jets consider drafting a QB?  


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Grainger, for the ones who get it done. Our next guest, the one and only Brooke Friar, at B.E. Friar on Twitter, on television, was in, I think, a pool with a rubber duck. Not a rubber duck, an inflatable duck. Was that Monday that you were in the pool? I think it was a warmer Monday. Was that the day?

You were right. I was in the pool with a rubber duck. I was actually in the pool with 61 rubber ducks and one 5-foot inflatable duck. I filmed that over the weekend when I was in Florida on a bachelorette to make my NFL nation mock draft pick. Shockingly, the Steelers picked an Oregon duck in our mock draft exercise, so I really leaned into it.

It's interesting. Did you have backups just in case the player was off the board? Did you have a rubber Blue Devil just in case you had to take Graham Barton with that pick? You know, I'm not going to say that I let my props influence my pick, but that may have been a factor. But I will tell you, I did not own any of those ducks before I made the pick. And instead, I had to Amazon Prime all the ducks to the bachelorette house the day that I made the pick. So, shout out to same-day delivery and overnight delivery.

It really came in clutch. Shout out to Amazon Prime. Brooke Pryor, ESPN covers the Pittsburgh Steelers. So I woke up to not the unsurprising news that the Steelers would not pick up what would have been like a 20-some-odd million dollar fifth-year option on Justin Fields, but to the reality that both he and Russell Wilson each have one year left on a deal. And it's hard to really evaluate Justin Fields without seeing him play. And since they've only got one year to really evaluate Justin Fields, how's this going to work?

It's a great question. And what I think that we will figure out more about once we get into, you know, OTAs, minicamp, training camp, the actual season. I mean, the Steelers really, I think, are putting themselves under the gun here. They are learning to work with deadline pressure because they do like to extend guys before the season if they're going to like their historical precedent is that they do not do contracts once the season starts. So that kind of paints them into a corner here where they're not going to pick up a fifth-year option and they're not going to extend Russell Wilson before the season. They're really going to have to get something done in between the time that their season ends in January or maybe even February and the start of free agency. So they're kind of kicking the can down the road, but that's all they really can do in this case because you don't want to pick the can up now and have it cost 25 million dollars for a product that you don't know how it's going to perform in your system.

What are the chances, because I floated this possibility out, what are the chances that they come to an agreement with Justin Fields on a one-year extension at like 15 million for next year, for the following season? Hey, it's Adam Goldin. I'm in studio with my friend Coach Peter Rudder with the Capital Financial Advisory Group. Is it ever too soon to seek out you and your expertise? Really, there's no too soon. It's time to get serious. So if you're 50 or over, we call it the financial red zone, and that's when really it's time for you to take control of your money and make sure you have a firm on your side that's a fiduciary planning firm, which means they take your side at all times. Now, we'll do this for the next 10 of you to call.

This is a $1,000 value, but I'm going to waive my planning fee to make sure you get your total retirement plan and you get on the right path for retirement. Call 888-843-0013, 888-843-0013 or text ADAM to 600-700. Yeah, that would not surprise me, kind of the Jordan Love method of acknowledging, hey, we want to give you a longer leash or at least more time to prove yourself while also looking at like, hey, it may not be this season. Like we want to see you play at some point.

We don't know when that is, but we want to make sure that your at least short-term future is set up. I could see that happening. I think they have to see how the draft shakes out and how any of these like last minute trade rumors shake out.

I don't think they're going to get branded. I use, but hey, I also didn't think they were going to get Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. Really, who knows. Brooke Pryor, ESPN covers the Steelers at B.E. Pryor on Twitter, but you also cover the NFL. So I want you to kind of interpret this for me.

I have my own theories. Jerry Jones at his press conference yesterday, when asked about extensions, the question was about Dak Prescott and C.D. Lamb. He wants to see more cards played. He wants to wait at more evaluation time, I guess, for both players. What more do you think he needs to see from Dak Prescott and or C.D.

Lamb? No one is more says more while really saying less than Jerry Jones. Nobody is more nonsensical in some of these press conferences because this is just his way of saying everything that he said at this point signals to me that he doesn't think that can win him a Super Bowl. Because if he did think that, then he would not continue with these, you know, we're we're going to be we're going to wait and see. And I don't know if we want to pay him and all these things like he's always been. It feels like very lukewarm on Jack, which is, I think, really frustrating if you're back because some of these things that have happened, you know, not having success in the playoffs is outside of Jack's control or happening.

Not, you know, Jack isn't the reason that they're not going far in the playoffs. So I think it's frustrating for him. But I mean, Jerry Jones has not said that nothing that Jerry Jones has done or said makes me think that he thinks that can win in the Super Bowl. And to me, the only sample size that he wants to see from those guys is the only sample he wants to see from those guys is a Lombardi and that's not going to happen. So I think this is just Jerry Jones kind of vamping and trying to kill time answering the question while saying actually nothing in reality, nothing at least that makes sense.

See, here's the thing. I actually think it almost makes more sense to wait for Dak because he's an older player at this point. He's been around a lot longer than people think.

He's already in his 30s. Right. So like so if this year, if there's any any hint of kind of, you know, his skills sort of diminishing some, then I understand waiting. I don't understand waiting on C.D. Lamb because waiting for a wide receiver like that just means the price is going up. Exactly.

You are exactly. That is exactly what I was going to say is that in the wide receiver market for a guy as young and as his talented as CDS, he's not going to get cheaper. You do make a good point about Dak that he's kind of already hit that peak and now that price could start to come down depending on how next season goes. So, yeah, that that makes sense to me.

But yeah, C.D. Lamb, the caught the price tag on young skill players, especially as the cap goes up, is going to just keep climbing and climbing and climbing. And Jerry Jones is a very wealthy man. And the Cowboys spend a lot of money. So maybe he just really, really wants to spend a lot of money.

I don't know what that's like. I enjoy shopping on the sale rack, but he's like, no, I want to wait until the price of the thing. I know I really need jumps until inflation really hits and then I'll buy it. Were the 61 rubber ducks at Amazon Prime sale?

They were actually I think that they were eleven ninety nine and I got them for nine ninety nine. So, you know, really I shopped around. That is the best. Brooke Fryer, final thing. And it's really about the Cowboys, too. Do you think I might have one more?

Do you think the Cowboys might draft a quarterback at some point in this draft? Code five travel to save 20 percent. Without the ones like you who work tirelessly to keep things running, everything would suddenly stop. Hospitals, factories, schools and power plants.

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Count on real time product availability and fast delivery call click Grainger dot com or just stop by Grainger for the ones who get it done. Sure. Why not? You know, I think that this is a deep quarterback class and I don't think that they will reach for one. But if one falls in their lap and a later round, I don't think it hurts to take that, especially when, like you mentioned, you do have a quarterback that is probably has, as Mike Tomlin says, more sand in the bottom of the hourglass than on the top. He's kind of right there in the middle, but skewing that way. I think that if you can get a guy, I don't know, like a Sam Hartman, maybe in a later round, take a flyer on a guy.

I don't think that it hurts in that situation. And given how I don't know that it feels like the Cowboys have just made no sense through free agency. So, hey, let's keep not making a lot of sense in the draft. And while everyone thinks you're going to stock up on wide receivers and running backs and add guys to your defense, let's just take a quarterback. Why not?

I think they might. I think that'll tell you really what Jerry thinks. It's probably smart anyway, right, to take a quarterback if you're Dallas. Because Dak doesn't have a ton left and you should start thinking about the future.

The great football axiom, I don't even know who said it. The best time to get a quarterback is when you don't need one. And theoretically, the Cowboys don't need one. Should the Jets consider drafting a quarterback? Oh, that's a tough one.

I think so. Mostly because I don't want to hang my hopes on Aaron Rodgers's healed achilles. I think that Aaron Rodgers, when he was healthy, was an MVP quarterback.

Back to back MVPs. But I think that he is even closer to the end than than Dak. And I think that the situation the Jets found themselves in last year, where it felt like they were a quarterback away from being real contenders, and they did not do anything to address that position. They need to do something to add more to that room so that, A, in the short term, they're not scrambling the way that they were last year. And B, in the medium to long term, whatever it is that Aaron Rodgers finally goes away and leaves a fallen piece. They have more of a succession plan than just throwing out whatever street agent, street free agent they can find.

Look, the twenty twenty eight presidential election is not that far away. So Aaron Rodgers will probably need to start getting his ducks in a row, so to speak, for that. Rick Pryor, you are the best at B.E. Pryor on Twitter. Thank you very much. I hope I didn't disturb you at a bachelorette party, but I'll talk to you soon. Absolutely. I'm back in Pittsburgh. No more bachelorettes, but I did bring the duck. Excellent. Thank you very much. That's awesome. For the ones who get it done.
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