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Meet Me in the Morning, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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September 3, 2021 8:00 am

Meet Me in the Morning, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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September 3, 2021 8:00 am

When Moses wanted to see God's glory, God said, "Come up to the mount in the morning and present yourself to me in the morning, and bring no one with you." Spending time alone with God first thing in the morning before the busy distractions and carnal routines intrude on our thoughts and set our emotions on course for the day, is the secret and price for intimacy with God.

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Greetings friends new listeners welcome this program of the Archie Hardy ministries I'm shy not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

I'm happy to bring you today's message. Meet me in the morning. I don't know about you but the most important thing in my life is the presence of the Lord without God's presence orchestrating the daily events of my life, whether extraordinary or mundane, I would have knows why did the no joy of life, and certainly no peace of mind and rest apart and they all flow from my morning time with God. This sets the tone for the day, but I did not always practice this until God showed me his way and said meet me in the morning so God said, I will no longer go with you. I want you to get these people that her lap and take them in there, the land that I said I swore to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I can go back on my word. It was a unilateral covenant God cannot change his mind.

He promised them the land in their seat. He said, get these people to come in there, but I'm not going with you and I love what Moses said. Exodus 3311.

Moses said if you don't go with us. I'm not going.

He was bold to say that God you don't know where us. I am not going either. Amen that exactly what wanted to hear. He wanted to hear from the boys of a man God. Your presence is more valuable to me than all these people, and anything else of this land of the promises of the honey and the milk that's blowing in the grapes and the silver in the boat and the cattle on a thousand hills will give me your presence. He said if you don't go with us on not going either. And the Lord said in verse 14 the Lord spake unto Moses, as a man was begun was a success. In verse 11 in verse 14 he said, my presence shall go with you and I will give you rest. Let me tell you something. The only way that we can have freedom from turmoil, inner turmoil and and being perturbed and send all kinds of conflicts of unrest. I was speaking to someone earlier this week and never tell me how they always got so much anxiety and they wake up in the middle of the night worrying about things that may never happen way out. Put away not to guard be in the future and worry and this person is is not away from the Lord and I said to them, they were thinking maybe I need to get some anxiety medicine.

No, I don't know Zoloft or one of them things and I said if you ever stop to think that maybe you need to get back with the Lord because he said I will go with you and not presence will go with you and I will give you Jesus said in Matthew the 11th chapter is upon you and learn of me, and you shall find rest for your snow God's presence is where you can have rest for yourself. God's presence and everything is greater than all material blessings even greater spiritual blessings oxymoron than me tell you something.

It's great many people get hung up on ministry. The presence of God want God's presence. Number one, number one God's presence try and I want not let my ministry come for God's presence because it doesn't work the opposite. It's not interchangeable ministry God's presence and where the present link did not give mechanical thing because you have learned how to do it. But God's presence is what chases the devil. Oprah should be your torment and everything that comes with that package and so Moses said in verse 13. Therefore, I pray the grace and not show me now by way that I may know the that I might I might find grace in thy sight. Here is what Moses asked God he said I want to know the way I want you to show me your way. God there is a very powerful burst don't turn their if you're taking notes just jot it down very powerful verse in Psalm 1037 says God made no unto the children of Israel, but he made known his ways to Moses.

There's a lot being said, there God showed his mighty power to Israel. I mean, think of the plagues that he put on the Egyptians think Kelly open the Red Sea and they walked think Kelly kept them in the wilderness he rang read out of habit had brought water out of a rock not followed them.

I don't know how it followed up what the Bible said the file that I believe the Bible and the Bible was amen don't think that the miracles that God did that, he showed his mighty power.

He showed them his mighty miracles and that's all some people want they want to go they want to see some mighty power.

I want to go away. I want to think about bailing. I want to be God, not God's way.

God is going to cost you something. Amen. It's not going to come by wishing it's going to cost you something, God will make his way is our non-get down Her head and hopefully somewhere in this building this morning. Okay, turn with me to access the 34th chapter. Just one chapter over so he said.I want to know your ways, and I'm paraphrasing a lot for the second time. Remember when he said show me your glory and that there where we were 33 chapter 33 reading lists all the 18 he said, God, I beseech you show me your glory thought had found favor in your sight. Like you say that this is a good time for me to ask Rob being big see what God says oh I know you by name your my friends love you. You're special to me trying to say hello. Well all what you think about please don't waste that would get me a new house a new car, a new wedding.

Please don't waste that moment on something like that show.

I don't know what the Lord. Amen. So we said you will show your glory and listen to what God said God answers him. Chapter 34 verse one can. It's just as drop-down.

Verse two. Get right to it. God said unto Moses, and be ready in the morning and come up in the morning I went to Mount Sinai and present thoughts sell their to be in the top of the mountains and no man shall come up with the let me tell you something right here, my brother and sister is the key. This is the secret to intimacy with God.

If you want to know God's heart God's ways. If you want a relationship with him if you're not happy with what God is. You want more. It's good what you God what you want more. What did not speak of all I glory, but you want all there is always small.

You never reach the ultimate pinnacle of the text that there are so God said, into the mount in the morning be ready.

See you in order for him to be ready in the morning he had to be ready when he went to bed already habit in his mind I'm not going to oversleep to push this button on the alarm clock. Let me get a few more winks in.

I'm a little tired of inclining us down. I need to sleep a little extra today. He went to bed at the clock set for 6 AM to get up oh 1 AM, he told himself when he went to bed about my shoes right here, right here Wrote right here I'm going to get up in the morning I'm going to present itself I'm going up on the mountain. He promised me he would show me his glory, and are not going to let anything stop me from being in their amen. He said be ready in the morning if you're going on a job interview and they tell you that the opposite 830 in the morning and you want your best your best be on your best Your resumes and everything you need before you go to bed that night all laid out, and you're going to get up on time. You're going to allow extra time for a traffic jam that allow extra time for something unexpected. If anything, you're going to get there only you're not going to be Going to get the worm, and if you miss your appointment. That will give you another one that they sorry your times up. We got somebody else you're going to be ready. Amen. He wanted to see God's glory and God said, you gotta be ready in the morning and he said present yourself when you come to God in the morning you present yourself. That's how I feel in the morning when I come to the Lord Lord. This is the day that you had made I will rejoice and I am here all Lord, I am here to worship at no time did about the prayer I wanted you and hear from you this day and let no man come with you when you're serious when you are serious about getting away with God. You don't have to go like Jesus said in your prayer closet and shut the door. Now that means different things to different people. Amen.

What you might have already been forced because I didn't have any choice to be in the where other people were around but you know but all but there is still a way that in my spirit I learned I learned how to discipline myself to shut everything else out and just let it beat me and God, why do you think that you put on the prayer shawl. Why do you think they put it over there had what they say the prayers I may be out here in the world, but in the spirit not in my prayer talking to my father talking to my God I worship and Yahweh calling on the name of the living God. Amen.

He said meet me in the morning first thing in the morning. Let me tell you something Saints of God, morning prayer is the secret to every great man and woman of God. Whoever walk with God, who did great things for God was use my God I tell you without a shadow of a doubt, you will search every one of you would find people that got up in the morning and spent their time with God to meet with him first thing in the morning before you're distracted by the busyness and the business of life and the carnal routines that come in because that's just how it is before you had contact with anyone else that could set your emotions in a particular course that would chart your day without the divine guidance of your father first before anything else can come in and I think of it is typing my time.

That's how I think of it, giving God the tide of my time see when you peg your tide.

You don't just give God your tense.

You're supposed to get your first and your best when I get paid and I count our money out when I can out the money I always found not tied first okay this is God's time right here I'm showing that you are number one most important you get yours first. Okay now Betty gets his and I get mine and the bills, how we do it, really. God gets his first and then the bills and then Betty and then me. Amen. It's all mixed up or we just leave it altogether and working unity like that. But what I'm saying it's only giving Dr. to give him your first because it will give him your first you will not give them a chance but by the time you get it all figured out if he gets 1%.


But when you give God your 10% forest fires all the rest and you'll have another one on the still get what I want. Amen. Because that's just how it works and so I think of it as giving God the first hours of my day before. I'm weary in my body before I got my emotions in gear may be in the wrong way in the wrong gear. Amen.

Because of me tell you something Saints of God. One thing about all of us. We had different status in this church. Some have more money than others, but a nicer nest. Maybe some have more money to spend a bigger house, better car better job you know more. This more that morning about one thing we all love is time charge may make 100,000 somebody else may make 25,000 but we all got 24 hours in a day were on place there and we are talking by our time. Amen. And so I think of it as giving God my time and I given the first hours of my morning not to confess was not always that way in my lifetime that was in upper tell you what is not true. It was not always that way. I will confess to you that for many many years. The weakest link in my spiritual walk with God was my prayer life and it was something that bothered me a great deal but I just didn't seem to I don't know Rick out of it and for a long time. You know, and here's the thing about it I lamented out Rick constantly. I was constantly lamenting over the fact that my prayer like was not what it should be.


And here's the paradox I can use the limited time that I did and in prayer apologizing to God all the time in right so what time I was praying that apologize for not writing it for me and I gained their because this only created feelings of trust right and so it's a vicious cycle, but I always held high hope one day I am going to have a powerful prayer life. One day I am going to be a prayer dynamo. One day I'm going to have a prayer like my brother so-and-so had and sister so-and-so had one day I am but I have a breakthrough in my prayer like I have a consistent, powerful, enjoyable, enjoyable prayer life is nothing enjoyable about a prayer like the whole time you're testing so I will try. I'm earlobe outside and pray, amen. And so my prayer like basically was a failure and I wanted to come out of it. I had high hopes that one day I would but and I did but it didn't happen all at once. It was a like a lightning out of heaven struck the parable prayer dynamo sister Sharon was born didn't happen that way. So why was my prayer like such a failure. Let's look at a couple things.

First of all, it was not about how it was not how I pray.

The problem was for me not speaking for me. So don't get mad about when you see my life was so busy okay I was a white I was the mother I was the minister I was the choir director. I was the bookkeeper I was the editor I was announcer for the radio announcer for the TV and I mean the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning Todd went to bed at night. I was just B US why busy busy busy. Sometimes I would just sit down in the chair for a minute.

After dinner and hung IP out I be not like that because I was so tired. You know I had. I had two boys and how me know they can drive you to distraction will go down there. Then I had a new toddler kindergartner and and so my day was just I would get up in the morning's breakfast and pack lunches and take care of this going go up the trap like I walked a mile in and then come home and I had one thing I have a clean house have sparkled dust in my house. Now you know it's Angel dust is not dirty. Think about I would actually look and see the glass tables would be shining my my, what, no, no crumbs on my floor than my carpet. I had a clean house and I would clean everything and then I would delve into all my work all my work with her was typing feuding your bookkeeping. There were days I had to get dressed up and run up your new TV tape and then do announcements for Tom and and then you know all of that then go pick Sarah up from school. Then go by the storage and get food then come home and fix dinner and then clean up from dinner.

Okay now finally time because you see being a part number we have always told choir members. We want you to pray a minimum of one half an hour minimum. Hopefully more but minimum one half an hour and when I got on the wire.

We work strongly urged to make that right before church like they stick the clock. The reason being that you're going to come to church with your mind stayed on the Lord you got all the stuff from all day and you turn the pulpit on the anointing of the Lord, make men's out there for some of you had the same message that you thought that's great in theory but it's poor and practice and the reason is because by the time 6 o'clock came, and I think on like this all day, so now I slow down so I can pray and when I slowed my body down the pray. It conked down it stalled. It conked out and there I was on fall asleep myself up sputter. If you are looking hello Eugene, I day after day after day after month after month and year after year. You see, physically, mentally, emotionally my body.

Every part of me was exerted and when I tried to put a few clicks in the ignition to get the prayer will harden and I click it. There was not enough the attorney and you don't let it start common because I was out of gas.

I done given everything I had to get amen and so I would try and try and I would end up right about time to time to get dressed and take tomato Lord, Lord, I'll do better. The bar Lord I'm not but I'm not my Lord mom would do better but you know what happened and I went to that pattern years and years and I knew one day a break he was going to come. Amen. So number one was about when when I pray number two was the fact that because of all that he put me under condemnation all the time.

There's nothing any greater to kill Faith and condemnation. It will undermine your prayer from the get go. You're already starting off from the point of failure before you even say amen.

So what is the remedy remedy is to get up and spend time with God before the distractions come in and take away completely. Your focus before the exertions drain your energy, your stamina, your strength, especially in older when you get younger you can burn the candle at both ends. For a while, but you don't like what you get older. Amen before somebody you that you know I pray, amen. Before your boss gets on your case before Billy's teacher called and said your child is a brat. I'm getting before your part refuses to start before you get in a traffic jam and before the washer overflows the carpet before your neighbor back to before your spouse pushes the wrong button that all that you all chance to get the wheel.

This is where were going today to get away all to get the tendency you get in the prayer closet, but they said they so sitting up in a service like sitting in here this morning and heard a message like this and went home to put into practice. No hopefully anybody here caught in what I just described. That sounds like you and I'm really anybody. Amen. Open confession for the soul. Hopefully you will take this message and it will be your turning point. But that's not how it work for me. What happened to me was I had a life altering back injury that turned my life upside down and inside out and I lived in pain 24 seven sleepless night after sleepless night knowing I had physical pain. But then I had mental, emotional and spiritual. And I don't know which one was the worst we all just kind mesh together and so there were times when the warfare against me was so great that even the physical pain that I felt I was going to very precipice. Not ready to be pushed into the abyss that I would never get out. There were times that work was almost there.

God in his mercy will going to detail, from time to time would send someone or something to pull me back before I went over the edge. But this went on and on and finally after being awake. I would lay awake all night, day would come.

There's nothing worse than the be in pain all night in the dark because at least you get busy doing something a little distracted, you can watch TV. You can put on something you can read you can talk to somebody when everything is dark and quiet this spring to become 120 minutes instead of 60 minutes. So what was my remedy. I stumbled on it. The desperation limitations third chapter. Lamentations the third chapter, I'll read it to you. Verse 19 remembering mine affliction and my misery. I was in misery. I can't even begin to describe to you the misery I was in some not think about it now. I can't believe I lived through it. Wormwood that means the bitterness at the ball myself. Still, in remembrance. Even now when I think about my but I know how but you know it's a rhetorical thing. Amen.

Still, in remembrance of me. When I think about it this I recall, to my mind therefore have I hope it is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning great is not faithfulness and what happened to me as I would get paid. I waited the part of the day, because I knew it will be another day of pain, but I got out of that bed was nothing I could do but wall and talk could not get on my knees, my wood I can get the position. So I would begin to walk and talk with God and as I began to walk and talk with God, he began to pour out his mercy for that day. I got that table next day. I repeated it Through that day and one day at a time, morning by morning, God sent his mercy, God sent his compassions and when I would begin to connect to God my spirit began to get stronger not begin to develop. It was slow. I don't want to leave you it didn't happen in a week was a long journey but was happening little by little, morning by morning, God was revealing more and more's mercies that may amen and I began morning by morning to be on and I begin to spend that time with God and God began to do what work on the inside out.

It would be a whole another message to tell you about that. Maybe I will one day but you see that was how I got my breakthrough start to fix the when the when part of my broken prayer life was getting up in the morning and being with God, and after a while it dawned on me, my Lord and my God why I all those years when I had a well Bob what I did and had pain in my body what it wanted God, what, maybe I don't know maybe I don't know but I know that's what it took for me to see and I'm saying to some of you if you are wondering how you can fix your broken prayer like there's nothing I could tell you more if you want to be in ministry if you want to be used by God.

Whatever it is the greatest advice I could give anybody start your day went. God and whatever the mind do it for our far outweigh in the time when you look back and forget about ever had a problem. Amen. Amen. What an inspiring word of the Lord. Meet me in the morning, you know, it was always God's intention to have a daily personal relationship with man and he did until Adam sinned, then God chose Abraham and his seed to reconnect the broken relationship when he sent Moses to bring them out of Egypt's bondage they were 2 to 3 million people and no one Mount Sinai God spoke to them and called them to be a nation of priests unto himself. God told Moses to tell the people to prepare themselves for their meeting on the holy mountain, but when they saw the lightning, the fire and smoke and heard the thunder.

They were afraid and ran. They said to Moses you speak to God and you tell us what God says and we will hear but we don't want to hear God speak, lest we die.

And sadly, they pulled away from the presence of God but not Moses. The Scripture says that God showed Israel his miracles, but he showed Moses his ways. Moses beseeched God not from material blessings or prominence.

But he said show me your glory and God told Moses be ready in the morning and come up in the morning to the mountain and present yourself to me and no man shall come with you. This is the secret and this is the price for intimacy with God. Morning prayer and meditation with the Lord every great man or woman of God you ever had a successful, influential ministry has had a daily time of intimate prayer with God to meet God first thing in the morning before the busyness of distractions and the carnal routines of life intrude on the thoughts and hearts and set the emotions when a particular course and chart the day without divine guidance and spiritual strength, even Jesus the son of God had to rise up early a great while before day to spend time with his father and receive his instructions for the days ministry. You know for many years I had a woefully impotent prayer life of which I greatly lamented I would try to break out of my rut, but always would fall back into powerlessness until I discovered it was not how I prayed that was my problem but when to meet God in the morning was the key to developing a dynamic and enjoyable prayer life to order meet me in the morning on CD.

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