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CAUGHT: Biden Official Lied Under Oath About Disinfo Board

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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June 9, 2022 1:30 pm

CAUGHT: Biden Official Lied Under Oath About Disinfo Board

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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June 9, 2022 1:30 pm

Just last night, new whistleblower documents on the Biden Administration's Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Disinformation Governance Board were released. Senators Chuck Grassley and Josh Hawley are pressuring DHS to "provide additional clarity regarding its policies and procedures for identifying (mis-, dis- or mal-information), as well as its efforts to 'operationalize' public-private partnerships and the steps it is taking to ensure it does not infringe on the constitutional rights of American citizens." Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team break down what was in the whistleblower's documents, the efforts in Congress to get to the bottom of Biden's disinformation board, and what the ACLJ is doing to fight back and ensure free speech rights for Americans. This and more today on Sekulow.

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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Sekulow Radio Show
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Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

To Congress about this information. Talk about now all you see this right here with about 40 pages of documents from the Department of Homeland Security. The run classified documents.

The pre-decision and deliberative documents release was authorized by Sen. Grassley consider hollies from the UC Department of Homeland security if your watch really put up on the screen and walks are walking through the timeline for you. So this new whistleblower doctors were just released last night. If you thought the disinformation board was kind of stalled for right now were learning a lot more about all the work they were doing before they announced it publicly, which is in conflict also with the testimony and comments and media appearances by Sec. of a department Homeland security's arc is a first about the big take away just to let you all know this. The big picture is all about targeting Americans had nothing to do with drug cartels or Russian cyber attacks and we said Nina Jacob, which wouldn't be the person you would pick to lead to fight back against Russian cyber attacks and drug cartels used her profile didn't match that. So it would her profound match was the American disinformation targeting US Americans and of course infringing on your free speech rights. So we have that directly.

Again, I want to play center Holly talking about this because I will get to the timing first to walk you through step-by-step share this with your friends and family. I think on a day with a January 6. Hearings about to begin their public partner hearings. This is very important to remember the other party, how they conduct themselves. The Democrat party by 21. I'm sure there are documents pertaining to this board minutes of meetings communications about who would serve on the board you release those to this committee center that are not yet this this governance appointment there no meet there are no minutes of meetings about this board. It is not yet you've not operated any records it has not yet begun its work okay the board began DHS begin drafting plans for the board on September 20, 21, and explored possibly partnering with big tech companies like twitter will get to twitter little bit later but by February 2022 Americas had signed the charter for the board so well before this testimony that means.

At that point the board was operational. In fact they were planning meetings for April 28 with twitter, so the fact that he was saying there was nothing before.

This is already not true because we have the documents now. Joey goes back that to September 2020, 21, the beginnings of that and we also have documents in an April 28, 2022. Where there is a meeting between the this the governance oversight board and twitter released a plan meeting for Twitter where they said this meeting is an opportunity to discuss operationalizing public-private partnerships between DHS and twitter as well as informed twitter executives about the AIDS work on MDM's including the creation of the disinformation governance board its analytic exchange and ongoing DBE DBE stands for domestic violence extremists, which of course they labeled as parents at school board meetings only said in a nothing to do with domestic issues that was also false. You absolutely me working to get into all this with the undertaker phone calls on this as well. Again, the US government attempting to go after Americans because of your views views like origins of covert which they gone back and forth on so many times member. It was considered disinformation they would let you share it with the Chinese are responsible for this from the lab, then that became the leading theory. The lab link they try to go back on that again. So some of these are just as your lab to discuss his Americans. In your letter that an opinion on the efficacy of mask that's in here so you think this is another cartels.

Nothing to do with Dragon Russian spy attacks and a potential large infrastructure. This is about you. The American people. Conservative just having a voice we want to hear few give us a call 1-800-684-3110 got some breaking news about what were doing on this we come back in the register this with your friends your friends and family. Think about this the context of today to because there to start the January 6 public hearings which are pick and choose.

Typical of this ministry is to say right now there is for you deposition videos except for the not releasing the transcripts of the full depositions, suggesting that another haste edited by the level that it would at our tomorrow will get to later. The broadcast, possibly today. Just to put it because this is the people we are dealing with.

This is how you are fighting back against. We DHS. They also just have no problem going to Congress or the media, and telling just complete lies. This is on CNN case, this is Ray Arcus not under oath, but on CNN talking about the purpose of this disinformation or in Dana Bash was good reporter presses him very hard on this.

Listen, while American citizens be monitored.

No guarantee that with so what we do weekly in the Department of Homeland security don't monitor American citizen don't believe this board change that none of the board does not have any operational authority or capability, what it will do is gather together best practices in addressing the threat of disinformation from foreign state adversaries from the cartels and disseminate those best practices to the operators that have been executing in addressing this threat for years. Okay, they were going to twitter to monitor my sentence. Here we have the document now so the fact that there saying we don't have any operational controller to put pressure on social media companies to do that work for them, how they do that pressure section 230. The communications decency act, which gives them the liability protections so if twitter gets a phone call from DHS and says to this. Guess what, 200 us yet will do it one politically they were in line with this administration of the times things have been changing it twitter but they haven't changed yet and we also assumed by the whites of the father for that.

We fought into timeline wise.

I want to get people out. The edges updates of this goes out publicly. April 27. Now we know it predates that now. That's when we all found out about by April 29 we arty father FOIA in between the 27 the 29th is when they wanted at their twitter meeting in our foyer. We also talked about Facebook and other social media in our meeting in the twitter meeting understand they say this this is important. Says note this is in the twitter meeting we put that up on the screen. Twitter meeting document note Nick NUL this the people from twitter no DG B that state disinformation governance review board Executive Director Nina Janke wet snow they knew or purpose that twitter becomes involved in the disinformation government board analytics they want to know the analytic structure and they put in their domestic violent extremism which sounds like it would be fine except a. They said it won't be involving domestic action and number two the way the government defines domestic violence extremists is apparent going to school board meeting saying I don't want this curriculum. I may been tagged by the Department of Justice. So the whole problem of all this is that until the truth is we start that way it makes it very easy for all of us to say, I do believe the thing you say about this then you get the actual documents and process right yes every bad thing you could acquisition responded to the pavement and will now set the next segment we are working on a lawsuit may begin today but they did not respond at all to our FOIA request no pain but it's up there and watching him was a thin one thing they did do by the number four requested did not take long for them to fire or let her resign Nina J. Kreutz and put this on pause is what they said so they haven't said there to dissuade, but they they did, our foyer goes in, and this disinformation board started to unravel in its current edit edit its former state. They actually want to bring it back with her that from the White House Press Secretary, but the those individuals are gone because I and I think if we had a big part to play in that because more just to let them get away with letting her just go no question about it, you're not actually think this is exhibit a of why we pursue the strategy we do our FOIA practice. Look, not all of the answers come in. In response to our FOIA, but we start to shed light on the issue and we give other people to have different authorities like you know Sen. Grassley and Sen. Holly, sort of a roadmap on where to look. Now they got this information through whistleblower information about Jordan, working to get more information through the lawsuit, the organist were in a file.

I tell you this to. I think Sec. may organization a world of trouble here. His is May 4 testimony. This is the work has not begun. Jordan in this document you talked about it I got it right here.

My hands signed February 24, 2022 by Sec. my Arcus the very last section of this section 8. Jordan is the effective date is is this charter will go into effect when signed by the Sec. of Homeland security for this board formally not just informally, they formally began their work on February 24, 2022 and then he went to the Congress on May 4 and said their work has begun. That's a big problem for the secretary Jordan so that whole idea that they they had unplugged a bad rollout and I didn't really have the time to get their act together is not true that months that it had months to put this together they thought area to be able to announce this through a democratic senator's question which violate that they did. They had months to prepare and yet still it. This is because the American people of free speech at Isaac and it was in my heart is nonchalant, and it's been a tremendous way. But when I think you got a focus in on here is the fact that may organist was that of DHS knowingly and how does he not know scissors no documents number one, number two, there's nothing about anything domestic. Both of those are false is doing this under oath and this is the head of your department Homeland security. How does that make you feel that's the problem of what is happening here and what is developing. I think this is where the reason the American Center for Law and Justice, and that that FOIA was get the information out fan. I just Holly has and Sen. Grassley have both been very active in this today. Starting last night about getting this information out from this whistleblower. This is a significant development and will be a significant development in our case, was working dynamic as we do in these cases exactly what happened hugely significant. J may send the information were pursuing even more important.

Look, there can be follow-up work in the United States Senate and I think most of it chatting most of it being a focused on the conversation you just had with Jay. The domestic surveillance that was a part of this and it's all over the charter document that the secretary signed a you and Jordan have talked about the DDE is the domestic violent extremist, but also your covert information and inlet, election integrity, a date that those are issues of misinformation and disinformation.

Other issues that the American people that are be involved, and they better have an opinion and and they better stay tuned in on this board J it's very purpose. According to its charter signed by the secretary which try to push the American people out of the state. Those debates that just can't happen in the United States of America and I want to get phone calls and is 1-800-684-3110 because you can say one thing this administration as he is true they are not really competent when it comes to a lot of different things, but they are trying to do very bad things so they wanted to target. You don't go after that the parents and school board meetings. They get caught halfway if they start targeting them. They get caught halfway before the taking action that they may on like this disinformation were they had a couple months to prepare its rollout and they still messed that up.

But they wanted to do something that they wanted pressure social media companies to spy on Americans and to eliminate your ability to speak freely, undone, ridiculous things like the efficacy of mass which is something doctors have been talking about on TV right where you need where you not of this demonstration still fighting the make you put on an airplane.

Even though the airlines were saying was that we actually the best there and it is unnecessary at this point so wise is that now you could share that story. Yes, you could not after they would've tried to do is make sure they lease that that wasn't the either you don't have any research that were historically forgot you get tagged yet you get tagged is that we know what that's like a tag used information falsely or they don't put it up at all and was a big, big, not shadow Bennett band and this is the outrage of this and this is your American government doing this now we have an announcement to make. In about four minutes about what were doing on this. It's good to be pretty big. So we want you to share the speed of your social media.

I know phones examine up share the speed with your friends on if you're on rumble, which is our preferred provider on this YouTube and Facebook share with your friends right now because we're about to tell you how that were taken this up a notch. Because the American people been like to hear, but let's call this what it is. The American people have been told a false narrative in the false narrative is that they were the government's lead guy. The Department of Homeland Security made what it clear to be false statements or incorrect statements. Have you place it to a congressional committee. While it was under oath and we got the documents about meetings right here. This is just the beginning of uncovering what was going on but member yesterday we talked about the whole the whole issue of these disinformation boards in these international tribunals as well. World Health Organization. So this is serious stuff. Also want to say that they apprehended and charged with attempted murder. The individual from California that was set on assassinating Brett Cavanaugh evidently picked them up in front of his house. That's how serious this is when Chuck Schumer issued his own threat of disinformation we have that bite I want to play that just before going to break was I want to forget about what happened yesterday.

I wanted tell you is I want to tell you Cavanaugh, you will have really if you make a decision that you things right under the Constitution as a Supreme Court justice as an oath, you will not know what hit you, what was about to hit him was an assassin is a been a peep from Chuck Schumer at this point as a bar prep meeting this morning there wasn't nothing the clerk or whoever leak this very dangerous move there is a secular sweetly said were taken action on this were not letting this go. Remember in the vitamins for shoulder, mind you, they are letting this go yet either.

Now, this could change things significantly. Because of this whistleblower. But remember, even after the disastrous rollout even after Nina Jake will attest to resign from the federal government makes more sense as she had official photo done all that that they were already working in a ready setting up meetings with Twitter to start the spying on Americans and to start again trying to intimidate Americans and and really just an attack on free speech utilizing ice machines like Department of Homeland Security because take a list. This is a bite 60s, White House press secretary Peter Ducey talking about it, even after the disaster and and there was resignations of his filing because Ford was mischaracterized and disinformation board is being shut down because of disinformation is that aiming the board was put forth for a purpose rank to make sure that we really did really address what was happening across the country when it came to disinformation as is going to pause there's been a mischaracterizations from outside outside forces and seven out where we can do is an apposite and were going to do an assessment.

But does that work doesn't stop were still going to continue the work that DHS is still going to continue to do the work.

There was we were engaged in disinformation by pointing this out misinformation. That's what this thing blue table we just done a put it up on the screen for those that are watching. We have filed in the last few minutes in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia American Center for Law and Justice versus the United States Department of Homeland Security is a federal lawsuit seeking information including records of any communication or information exchange between DHS and all appointees of the GS 14 level or higher. That's the second highest level in any nongovernmental person that would be Twitter, Facebook whatever social media platforms are doing regarding the disinformation governance board revealed by Sec. my on April 27 we filed our freedom of information act request. In 29 April.

April 29. They did not respond.

We ask for the letter is a request in accordance with the freedom of information act. That is what it is they did not respond. Nothing so we filed a federal lawsuit now you look at what they've done here cc house during his former senior counselor got a question, prepare, and to cease if you look at what they've done here. They are covering up their whole origins of this entire matter, absolutely. And the fact that they did not respond to our FOIA request that then Sen. Hopp, Holly and Grassley get this from a leaker we whistleblower.

We know that these documents exist, but they have not turned over anything to us so thin they didn't even respond to and say hey give us 30 more days. You know what you were looking nothing. They ignored it as if were going away will guess what the American Center for Law and Justice is not going away will accomplish these things are clearly responsive to what we are asking for as well.

Any number one. The memo about the April 28 in a meeting with with big tech executives a J that's exactly what we are looking for.

We wanted to know if the law enforcement agency, the Department of Health of Homeland security was, not just pursuing disinformation. We wanted to know if they were using big tech to accomplish that NJ clearly the answer to that is yes.

Also, another document fully responsive to our now. Lawsuit J would be this fully executed charter that has the signature of the secretary on it. Look they say they're just taking a pause.

I believe that J because they still has that had this fully executed charter there just cannot hire another Executive Director and try to move work when I can let that happen. We are not and I think Congress is not will work with Congress members that are not and we are to fight back on this. We a lot of calls coming in on just that. Actually Bob Maryellen from Illinois on line 1 Hail Mary unlock the secular year on the year and I somewhere, and I don't remember demand name that somebody else is now filling the Houston Nina Janco vents and it's like, how do we keep mine and how can we find out what they're really doing behind the only way to do it Maryellen in the Star tire audience is to see government transparency and we have an Government accountability Project inside the American Center for Law and Justice, and when we see these things happen. We take immediate action, and here we took listen, we heard about this on the 27th and on the 29th our FOIA letter went out and now on June 9 we filed a federal lawsuit right and it's interesting that they say no. We shut this down temporarily because of mischaracterization, but these documents come out and it looks like we knew exactly exactness was, it was not a mischaracterization we hit the nail on the head.

They were going after the free speech in American citizens and these kind of actions just keep eroding the trust American citizens in our government we think about this folks, I just where you could've put in perspective to because you're here hearing tonight. I can go back like that. This time, that are cut and pasted edited a carefully like two people right now will save some surprises only two people scheduled to testify. Neither what you've ever heard of. As of two people that you've never heard of one as a law enforcement official was of former administration official names I could say I need to say because I can know the names sec. though. You can see videos of depositions not releasing the transcripts of the full definition of that for me only initial clips clips member. This is the shift show now then I can use Adam Schiff as much tonight, but he is on the committee so is Jamie Raskin.

These impeachment guys Zoloft and all his people and it's good to be edited carefully to show you probably out of context assume it is with them, they will get the benefit of doubt, assume everything they do is out of context because when you catch them on the disinformation board and when you catch up on going after parents as terrorist because of school board meetings, assume the worst. Make them after prove they're not the worst people in outliers because you know it's it just if they have too much of a pattern.

So tonight when you see below accurately.

A person said that, just remember whenever you get toward at this point.

Maybe later on, but that day when I can get the full transcript of what they said next, think about the fact I mean you competitively horrible. Think about the fact that this committee will say this clearly but this committee will release excerpts from video depositions they took, but will not release the entire transcript of the deposition currently hiding what intercourse you can't do that but here's what they're doing. They're doing this to create another narrative that's what they're trying to do and bank to control that narrative because they only show you the parts that they want you to see Jordan's exactly correct when you get to cut and paste. You can make someone say or look good or bad.

Whatever narrative they want to create their gonna be able to create it by cutting and pasting and not showing us the whole document for the whole deposition got there and I just a kind of get a sense to what is this it's in Washington DC I know I did it were to keep to cause on the DHS Madison is called 164 3110 but about tonight because they're trying to make it this mega primetime event is Artie tough to get Americans to tune in on some of it but what is deceives reaction was likely we have a fan thing that they got froze up there much it is.

That's all right you know what the reaction is why I think that you have you got Democrats hoping and praying that people tune into this. I think that maybe people will at first if there's like a compelling seasonality of video but boring video deposition video you watch the Amber heard Johnny Depp see me that they went to the deposition via its grainy happen a lot during covert so it's like yes they want even in person. There's a lot of cuts because while you step in and say don't answer that.

They cut it take breaks you it's it's it's just boring to watch. Whether you're interested.

This is not when you know you're not getting the full context.

You really don't trust Adam Schiff, I would tell mostly I would wish your time with watch it for you. Talk about it that mean if you're really interested in you might you know it, of course, watch what everyone watch you. You have the choice know you're getting a highly edited again version of events. Always been a blessing that will never talk about the fact they refused security from capital savings for decades ACLJ has been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking.

If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan's secular information posted ever writing right now so not just on one overpass in which you do not understand the full context so we know that many artists is a Tyler shows today is totally was lying to Congress line the media. I mean it's because about the disinformation government support. Is it okay so let's go back to February actually is going back to September 2021. That's when he signed the initial authorization to begin the boards formation by February he had Artie signed off on its charter. It was now in existence. So it started coming up with the idea in September. In February they start putting it out, you know, they simply get together in April 27 we learn about it on April 28. They try to meet with twitter and we have the document because I was a whistleblower provided 40. It was a least 40 pages.

That's what consider Holly and Sen. Grassley have released it's from the whistleblower DHS casino is not a good security officials there think the service absolutely wrong targeting going after Americans free speech without we filed our FOIA the day after they were supposed to meet with twitter. We don't know if that meeting happened to the said TBC to be confirmed might've happened, but there is a lot of outrage that day that he announced that cells probably not couple weeks later Nina Jake a way to get as announced on April 27 put that tweet out about how great it is. She got this new job. She's resigning from government by May 18. We filed a FOIA on the in insider Artie by the April 29 just a day to half. After hearing this, and now we filed a federal lawsuit. We know from the information that they were going after Americans. I regard to this. They were preparing legislation how this was going go through except it was probably go through it like a one-liner to codify a quote. Listen to this one rumor control program of the Department of Homeland Security to counter misinformation, disinformation, breathing and mall information may they were going to have a public facing website so this was not going to be secret, known as rumor control.

So were personal because about big brother government that get this control rumors is protected by the first met George Orwell just write the dates for this from select Miranda using this language tells you everything tells you everything about what the nice yes yeah so Stalinist. Yeah, rumor control and once again I think they can get away with it. If people don't take them to task and try and find out the truth like Sen. Halley and Ann Grassley did and like we do at the ACLJ asking for FOIA men and freight nation act documents they think they can get away with this crazy 90s documents are the more we get them.

It's not can be pretty for them to elaborate. Everybody got yes about 40 page documents are ready from sinner acids are highly because of a good whistleblower, the protected inside DHS because you know the folks who really worry about our secure like law enforcement security people volunteered to those jobs they're doing. They try to do the right thing there in a mess of administration willing, so, so much of a mess.

They're willing to to act as whistleblowers disinformation. That's how bad it is, instead of leaking it to the media right here. This is the way you do it you go to Congress that the that's the way it's supposed to work elsewhere.

Christian California quickly. Hey Chris payroll quick guide and bone guide for the last six years. So I really been intentional about getting involved in politics currently paying attention and are guided help and really got me wiser my quick question is, with all that I've been watching and seeing and hearing.

It seems like the government is lying to us, or at least I know it is a big word what seemed like a somewhat tyrannical, how do we would be to finish up really quick.

I just wanted to know, like how do we fight this or how do we punish again here I was exposed to board. The board Artie started falling apart. You make sure they never really able to put it back again. You filed a FOIA. The new thing you make sure the executrix she's resigned piles of fired told to reside.

She never got her job. They probably didn't get the meeting with twitter.

They necessarily ever started for twitter what to do any follow lawsuit to keep this pressure on this initiation list. This ministration great hearing out anything you can really fight back against the first of all, whoever came up with rumor control also should be fired as moronic as a politician try to help Democrats win elections with law sanity rumor control and policy national security Rick Grenell joining us now and Rick.

I will write to this wood learning so much more about what the by the ministry.

She was putting together with the disinformation government or we now know that they were planning on. This is backing into 2020. Once the fall of 2021. It had a whole rollout plan. They had meetings with twitter scheduled but also want to stick on this point because they were actually put this public so this is not like something with the whistleblower. They were like a hide in the background submit that the public would respond positively which goes at the request of just how inept this administration is because the DHS officials were preparing legislation to codify a quote now this is to do because you're codifying it, it means exist right inside DHS. It exists as a regulation in order ID energetic and creative. They wanted to be forever existing is called Rick a quote rumor I'm not using their language quote rumor control program of DHS to counter the missed this and mall information and they were going to put forward Rick a public facing website what to report on people. I guess called the rumor control website. This is in the United States of America, Rick remember that disinformation is dissenting information. That's what they're trying to go after anybody who dissents away from what they think is the line they tried to codify permanent permanently.

A a way to get big tack to do the Democrats work in getting rid of dissenting information. This is just the facts. We are in a very dangerous situation. Good thing they got caught good thing that they're peddling it back and thanks to ACLJ and others working to stay on this and get to the bottom of it and really bring forward the truth of what their plans were to calm client to law big tack going after conservatives and crushing dissenting information. This is what the ruling party does in Third World countries but Rick, you were the direct acting director of national intelligence. Okay, the fact that milk this would go to the Congress and deny that this had anything to do with domestic surveillance. Reminds me of the Pfizer warrant that was manipulated by the FBI and the Department of Justice against Carter page would actually change what the email said Symphony Orchestra.

He knows this is going to come out.

So why in the world when they do it because they get away with that in Washington they get to do anything they want the entire media that is literally working for the ruling party so they get away with it is the answer J is outrageous, but you look my arc is that he's the one who's telling us that the borders closed. He's living like Baghdad Bob. He literally is saying one thing in reality is shown another call because I think it ties into all this within target this week, as were on conservatives which received all evening tonight born in Idaho, though online for great question, work secularly on the air like all guys and I appreciate you what you're doing and that everybody donate limit can I do when I do, but the reception that I have neglected after how to live what you're talking about with the World Health Organization what they're trying to pull it disinformation and this administration working towards that end. It's got what you do proposes to Rick.

This is the new big talking point, not just the United States but in the global leftist movement is a disinformation board so that WI ministration proposed for the WHO to create their own disinformation panel and we know from the documents now released some of the disinformation.

It wasn't even about. So it was all one was about the origins of coven how that went back and forth.

They wanted shut you up if you weren't walking the party line that day, which of course change. I think we dropped Rick for psyche. Feed this they would shut you up you if you said it was from the lab.

Now it's okay to say it's from the lab Rick but they were giving us a mask efficacy of mass so I do think it's all related to the WHO trying this whole disinformation and they were going to plan to make it public were the rumor control website what they're trying to do is utilize huge agencies big forms of government whether it's the UN and UN agencies make tack all of the Washington DC, government agencies, they literally are using everything that crossed dissent and that's what's scary is that we we have to be able to push back because America was founded on the fact that we all get to have different opinions. You know I remember the arguments 20 years ago of diversity and tolerance and inherent in that idea was that we had differing views but we could sit in the list and I remember my father telling me sit and listen, you might learn from somebody but now what we have is an entire party going after utilizing every single tool they can to cross dissent, you must give the Democrat line. You must agree with the ruling party. This is what happens in Third World countries excess urgency Rick we have any really random and oversaw them at all the intelligence agencies of people have information of real security that they need to share file thing to share with law enforcement take their swords toward it's it's intelligence. There's so many places to do that in the United States we have those agency set up. This is the idea behind this. The ultimate goal was one there in a pressure of the social media the content platforms because he got that section 230 to hangover them, but to was they wanted Americans to start spying on Americans offer actual security issues.

Not like see something, say something, but what oh you don't like their opinion so reported to DHS look at if I can make a big jump here. This is one of the reasons why am very nervous about red flag laws. I had a Democratic activist on Twitter the last two days literally start saying to me whenever you on January 6. Are you a part of this were you inciting violence and the reality is that anyone answer my was in while I was in California this whole line of question is ridiculous, but I can see how they will immediately take a little piece of anything you will you said or did, or where were you on January 6 and seventh. Somehow you get reported to big tack or the government and went what happens next. Suddenly you're on a list to not be able to get a gun because you're mentally unstable. Suddenly, your credit card is going to be declined because your bank says that you are somehow fomenting something against the government.

This is a real problem and where is the ACLU where are the people that defend the first amendment. This is so ridiculous. It's scary and finished with this first and second generation Americans are listening to us.

They are with us because they seem fascism and totalitarianism. They are the canaries in the coal mine saying what's happening in Washington is scary. It's what happened in their countries and Third World countries they don't like it, and they are voting Republican and conservative because they see what's happening with this groupthink, crushing dissent in Washington DC, not the worst. Think of the fact that they were actually planning into me.

They want to keep it secret that we know about it.

But the fact that they thought the rumor control board but it's it's up to us. They show you something to do it anymore.

They said they become totally politically choose the speech they do adult like I always say when we win cases in court might be representing somewhat conservative, but that's another court issues a ruling with the speech Casey. It's for everybody.

So I think that's important were the ones fighting back here because this idea we we seen government abuse over and over again we see the IRS try to target conservatives, we see that going after the parents, the school board meeting with DOJ and FBI as well.

This was another law enforcement agency trying to get through Congress.

And I mean this actually raises my question now and and and certainly recorded track it down but they wanted to codify the rumor control program, but that by saying that to me it means that existence. I DHS right now there's some kind of rumor control program going on. They have a build released publicly yet and they may not because of all the attention's not right now but we do know from the White House Rick that they ultimately want this disinformation board up and running. They backed away from that will thank God.

Thank God that we rate the issue and allowed way and I want to say something that Warren, our previous caller said which is he gives and he supports ACLJ I am pretty positive person. Jordan and I don't want to leave people with a negative implication about the future of our country.

We have a lot of patriots were fighting back in if you want to do something you can join ACLJ you can join our fight. You can help us keep pushing were not stopping. We just have limited funds and limited means to take on all of the fights that we seek for us. So I would just encourage people don't give up hope. Get involved, help us and and week together will keep raising our voices when we see a problem and luckily we had a small glimmer of success in raising our voices about this particular situation and they backed down. Thank God we raise the issue and we gotta keep doing it. We gotta have people on watch 24 hours a day seven days a week. That's why file the lawsuit, exactly. That's what that's why fix it or how aggressively disinformation you have to keep your foot pedal on this, you can truly say I look sickly on the back off or not.

That's all it would be.

As for now, this is why we immediately filed a freedom of information act request as soon as they that respondent filed a federal lawsuit and we got on this immediately imports back.

Thank you Rick, but that's why your support of the American Center for Law and Justice is so critical it's ACLJ.Borg have your voice heard. Look were not taken the stuff working to fight back and push back and you see we are doing week working and will get answers listeners documents, you can see it now, this whole misinformation, disinformation was a way to try to silence all of us were not taking. That's when that will be but hold on to talk about the DHS were on this post.

If the lawsuit reticular calls right now out 164 through 10 Rhonda in California. First reasserted that they fold on the on the go there again, thank you so much for everything you idea just really the bottom of our hearts so we could a time this country needs keep this administration, and illegally stop there and take a bite and had already done several things okay to call for impeachment J himself instead of the program may make and we really do need to start impeaching this guy. No clear okay I said impeachment would not be a viable option because number one, you would never get it through the House of Representatives so when you got a situationally impeachment is not an option. You get to impeachment the bad policies driving said that that's impeachable nest on one or two. You gotta have control of the house and then you gotta figure out you can get a conviction in the Senate. Neither one were to happen, but where you are right is the people feel like is that there's an peak because what they did to impeachable offenses because if they set the bar so low it's it's the policies you don't like her.

Now impeachable regular to say that a guy give the people I get to have the frustrated rumor control board makes you feel like they should be impeachable. Yes exactly the initial reactions thrown out. Then you want you want by Pres. Harris because that's what happens. This is implosive you let me say something clear.

We do agree with the render is that this rumor control board.

The misinformation board and were just at the beginning of the document Terry Hutchins actually just one is a Greco policy. You this is an attempt to squelch free speech rights of American citizens is no doubt absent or not hiding it absolutely and it's it's two-stage attempt to squelch Americans freedom of speech. First, with respect to the DHS and the disinformation board which I refer to as the Ministry of truth and secondarily the Biden administration has attempted to embrace and use international organizations, particularly the World Health Organization so that they could could implement some version of a Ministry of truth, and then an international body, which at state what is affirmatively true that is contrary to the Anglo American tradition which allows for free speech and that if you don't like what someone has said then you have them the opportunity to counter that with your own speech and then the political process decides what is true. Increasingly, elites disbelieve in that approach. They believe they are the only individuals who are firmly equipped to decide what is true and what is false, and the American people ought to reject this outrightly and we should push back as spiritually as possible that the problem will call you. I want mood and energy to write a Connecticut online 28 Frank thanks you take my call.

It was announced last week that Connecticut will pay a security analyst hundred 50,000 a year to monitor election means for misinformation. Hopefully squash any online rumors before it impacts the polls get to crime the US lying about like what did you put out a phone call. You say tell people to vote on this day.

That's not the right day. That's a crime. People have done those kind of stunts before we prosecute them.

We take that seriously nice that you can't lie to people know would like to try to mislead them about taking away their ability vote. That's what we usually mean right. We talked about election keeping it all it be you don't want bad actors do that okay you don't need somebody, but this is the new. It's the new person of the day you highlight you see in corporate America.

They start they put a new kind of positions that they create that you never seen before. This is the new government thing is the new leftist movements by its global dub WHO wants it. You're sitting in your state level, Connecticut level and ended that is specifically mentioned here is the election integrity. They don't like the fact that we question mailing out ballots to be voted request the that's to them this and misinformation look were on top of the spokes. We can stay on top of it. We filed a federal lawsuit today what I want to move quickly to energy because I we got an issue here. People are paying.

It's breathtaking at the gas pump. Absolutely you follow this industry very carefully what what what what subdirectory here.

Well the trajectory is clearly up and it's going up largely because of Pres. Biden's policy is succeeding so secretary of treasury Yellen has said that Pres. Biden has done everything he can on gasoline prices. While most Biden officials are committed to lying in distant dissimulation secretary Yellen is absolutely correct. Pres. Biden has done everything he can to raise gasoline prices and socket to American citizens who can forget that Biden canceled the Keystone pipeline on day one of its President, who can forget Biden's plaintiff to plead to the Middle East oil producers to produce more oil while Biden halted oil production on Alaska's North Slope slope.

Alaska's oil slope sits on an estimated .32, 11.8 billion barrels of untouched recoverable oil. Pres. Trump open the Alaska air area and Biden shut it down. Pres. Biden has increased royalties. The royalty tax rate on oil by up to 50%. A barrel that's a deliberate effort to raise prices. So at the end of the day. Oil prices in the United States have more than doubled since Biden took office, and this means two things. First, Americans are being slammed by energy prices and the knockdown of facts that come from higher energy prices which affect mood and inflation's.

Secondly, Pres. Biden remains arguably complicit in pollutants war in the Ukraine. Merrill, the Russian ruble is reaching new heights as you can capitalizes on Biden's missteps because of the oil prices going up. It's because of the oil prices initially but then Hooton is also capitalizing on access to fertilizer and access to food, but at the end of the day. The foundation of Putin's war in the Ukraine is petroleum and natural gas really had a minute left that but people want to know where it's going to you think that there is any way with OPEC increasing production will we see a drop in prices in the short term are probably not. I don't think we will see a drop in oil prices in the short term term.

In fact, there is every possibility that oil prices may reach at least $10 per gallon in California within the next 30 to 60 days and refocuses abates breathtaking. We are monitoring it were talking to Congress about it. Pres. shut down production here that's what you get that policy, election of consequences as consequence or policies that policies cause American people money that does it for the broadcasting. This is been a lot of information both where just file this lawsuit against the department of homeland security reflect back for you.

Doing the ACLJ support us go online folks you can be part of this team ACLJ.Ward that's also ACLJ perjury to go there as well for ACLJackson about to launch again on his fish in the Dobbs case and watch it all the procedures for ACLJ, member $25

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