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Biden Admin Wages Economic War on American Families

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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June 15, 2022 1:17 pm

Biden Admin Wages Economic War on American Families

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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June 15, 2022 1:17 pm

As a candidate, President Biden campaigned to shut oil companies down. Now the Biden Administration is blaming them for our current energy crisis. It’s not just hypocrisy; it’s an economic war being waged against American families. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss. Oklahoma Senator James Lankford joins the broadcast. This and more today on Sekulow.


SICU industry should engage even more against American families will talk about that, we must consider James Langford joining us keeping you informed and now this is secular enable yesterday to get all of your phone call so if you want to talk to severe about this issue to the oil, gas prices with the administration to say they are doing their attacking through letters like the letter to Exxon Mobil CO and saying blaming them for not producing more oil.

Now let's do a couple things. One, this administration campaigns about Joe Biden himself as a candidate campaigned on on shoving these companies now. Ultimately also it ending these companies.

Now he's he's trying to shame them into producing more oil that's part what he Artie told him if he wanted there would be no more new drilling and they would be increased really affect the record in these companies to he's comparing there. There where they were in 2019.

Pre-pandemic, ignoring the pandemic and the fact that his administration hasn't really fully come out of the pandemic. There still fighting to keep mastering people and airplanes remember that so if you want these companies.

It's still very volatile time to say yeah I feel we could spend more and and we could produce more with an administration that that hates us and I'll think that's too strong a word because he said they wanted to eliminate them is an industry that's a pretty tough word eliminate them is industry was split for fossil fuels, including call tracking, and violent ministration know when we'll work it out. We would make sure it's eliminated. No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling including offshore knowability for the oil industry to continue to drill.

I guarantee fossil fuels so okay if you daren't woods Chairman and she gives chief executive of you get this letter from the President and the President now telling you he's got his prices and then he saying you got increases in a direct quote as I request you provide the Sec. of energy with an explanation of any reduction your fighting capacity since 2020 in any concrete ideas would address the immediate inventory price of refining capacity issues in the coming months will okay I don't even get to be like some oil and gas expert to know what happened in 2020 people stopped going to work traveling.

Everything was shut down. So of course they had to figure out they had us decrease their production because they will be there were losing money already is companies were having a tough time now when I get. It takes years for them to rent back up when Ms. ignored all of that. He's acting like a blazer in Russia given this letter is called the rut if you believe the Russia part in total $2.70 think about some of the efforts that it's still high and still going out of control evenly believe that part. Inflation was Artie there yet so the reality is, then you got the climates are junk everything you put all these things all these enterprise that business there's a problem if you're in this industry you know what you promise. The problem is to be afraid to be doing drilling to be afraid to increase production because it get ready businesses. We get through this crisis to crisis right now self-made. I think now we needed the produce. This is this is where policies that make no sense become very dangerous folks out here from you want if you if you work in oil and gas and said love your 100-684-3110 but also this is just as a consumer estimate is got to get to work.

When you see this is the letter to Exxon Mobil the no letter from the White House or the oil company CEO you're very powerful person.

Big companies you got your corporate interest at stake your shareholder interests at stake here. The Prez United States puts in the letter, why what what excavation why he didn't refine more since 2020. Like he doesn't know one is covert to is the fact that these guys came in and said that they are going to destroy, eliminate the oil and gas industries and this is yesterday a secretary grade on this is the energy Sec.'s asking report to on CNN talking about five and 10 years from now when it comes to refineries. You cannot have it both ways by ministration will not acknowledge it, you can never produce more and also threaten to close about 510 years because it takes, it would bring on the price they say that they announced they can increase more but to actually get them resources is years and years.

Take a listen.

Five years from now.

10 years from now.

Are you telling me you want them drilling for more oil you want to refineries putting out more gasoline in five or 10 years. What were saying is today. We need that supply increased. Of course, in five or 10 years actually and in the immediate we are also pressing on the accelerator, if you will to move toward clean energy so that we don't have to be under the Fama petro dictators like Putin or at the whim of the volatility of fossil fuels. Ultimately, America will be most secure when we can align upon our own clean domestic production energy independent 24 months ago.

Let's not look like yourself. We were energy independent 24 months, now would we have is the energy Sec. eat right saying we want to drill now, but you're not a member drilling 3 to 5 years so spend money now your publicly held company you not to be in business to do that anymore because were to put you out of business. So this is where they have got this so dangerously backwards, and this was that you were trying to close the industry down while the bank and then they blame Vladimir Putin and they cannot resist you know when I see this in this letter that he sent to the CEO of Exxon Mobil, the President and he calls it and he continually refers to as the Vladimir Putin price hike and that's in capital letters. That just galls me when I see that that everything that has happened to American oil into the prize of fuel of the gas pump. Today is the result of the war in the Ukraine and the Vladimir Putin price hike that is an absolute false narrative.

This President said, and we heard it said earlier, no drilling on federal lands. No drilling offshore. No fossil fuels no fracking and now he's coming in trying to make nice to the oil companies that he castigated an attack on the campaign trail was closed and he wants to close him down and then the and and and then eliminate them. We want you to do what you do your part in the in making us energy independent. What about your part, Mr. Pres., let me tell you, letting loose of the strategic petroleum reserve okay and doing the end, the defense energy production that does not solve the problem if they met in Washington DC a director covert affairs that were taken action on this. We just wants to bring a petition up at ACLJ.or just moments ago, literally stop present binds economic war on American families. I think this doublespeak from the administration want you to ramp up now, but also within that ramping up. We know will take that many years before they even entered the market. So what you ramp up to lower prices right now for futures but also to shut you debt were to try policies in place to shut you down in 5 to 10 years so we want this from you but we also want to injure business and of course take out the corporate side of this, like, what is that about Exxon Mobil. This is the impact it has the American families, American workers, you absolutely can't have it both ways. During it's outrageous to blame the energy companies for not producing or not ramping up exhalation when it's been the federal government that stood in the way of that exploration at every stage of the process we had Sen. Blackburn on this broadcast yesterday and she laid out a very articulate case for exactly what the administration can do to bring this pressure down a door and that's with this petition that we really need people to sign and stand for. That's exactly what were asking were demanding that the administration stop the war on American energy and really stop the the economic warfare that is happening here.

There are very specific ways they can do it during they need to be for leasing they need to before permitting the Navy for exploration and production and transportation transportation. Of course, comes to the Keystone XL pipeline, but Jordan it really doesn't require a new law, and we know that because we had it 18 months ago.

We just need the American need the administration to decide that therefore the American people rather than against them. But you know you send out a letter is the present United States begging these companies to increase production what you want them increased oil production and then this is what you say in the letter in advance of that is what I want to do. I request you provide the secretary with an explanation of any reduction like you said Jordan. Your refining capacity since 2020.

Any concrete ideas that would address the immediate inventory price refining capacity issues in the coming months including transportation measures to get refined product market. We were energy independent energy exporters. 20 months ago and this policy has done this and you're the CEO of Exxon you cite this present you know why we haven't come back to pull market because you tell us what can be out of business real soon and what guarantees guarantees the Joe Biden can't deliver, because his party is the Democratic Party is hijacked by the Greek new Deal Democrats.

His entire administration.

I bet they don't even like this letter from German. I mean, I bet just getting this letter out, which was still in its actually nasty letter is very nasty to the companies as if they are trying to like destroying the American worker by list they need you to build a fort.

It is that there's a price point here they have to make money. They that's their job as a company. They also need you to be able to afford it almost where you're not thinking about right to purchase part that because that's how the business works.

They need you to travel as much as you want drive is much as you need to fly as much as you want. The list goes on and on. So when you start cutting back and having to think about it that they don't love the fact that that that's a good for them, either long-term, so I just think what we ultimately have to do. It's like a petition and a push bar got a .1 .1 is he starting to ask guys and asking a nice way but if you start again shows this is great hopes he put the accelerator down which cost a lot of money right now. If you reside through in your car. We need to put that accelerator down on this take. This is the one time I think really have of this administration to possibly get something done that helps the American people and I think with the harp on it every single day that they're hurting country and the shortages of a new shortage every day being announced and supply chain issues. All of it comes back to their bad policies. They laugh about it.

Don't forget that here's secretary Granholm, this is Sec. of energy at the in in November, laughing, what is the Granholm plan to increase oil production in America is hilarious. One that I had the magic wand on this is this is now the center of energy laughing and now look at the situation.

The countries in coming. Understand this, the countries in an unbelievably difficult situation with gas prices going up, and she's that water that was how she viewed things. That's the problem many with all of this is there is no concrete plan except as you said the other day Jordan to try to eliminate fossil fuel at the end of the day that's what they're really trying on.

That's what they're trying to do in the trying to do it through the left wing approach that were just going to make it so tough on you. The juvenile half to go electric and were, and then you can afford to do that will work in the do that and then he says and he has the audacity to say in this letter to the CEO of Exxon and I keep on looking at the letter. There is no question that Vladimir Putin is principally responsible for the intense financial pain. The American people and their families are bank. What nonsense.

So then in this ghosted Jordan fan that week with Marsha Blackburn on yesterday. Specific concrete steps that we could take were to push for those in Washington absolutely jamming because the plan of the administration was specifically not to produce that was the plan. And now that the chickens have come home to roost their scrambling the J they're not scrambling to fix the problem.

They're scrambling to point point the finger of blame Ola coordinate where the tell them exactly what they need to do to fix the problem.

They need to expand leasing permitting production exploration and transportation. Sen. Blackburn talked about it on our broadcast before were going to Capitol Hill day to try to tell them look now is the time you've got a pressure the administration to do it. It doesn't require new law, by the way, it just requires the administration getting off the regulatory back of these companies. J they better do it quickly. It's gonna take some time to rant production backup at the end of the drawdown of the regulations that has to happen very quickly quit when you talk that to these younger influential people around Biden are socialists out there on the left that just listed cream John. Yesterday when she talks about the oil companies to buy 25 oil companies making their largest profit in years and have a choice to put money into producing and refining oil or to print to put it into the pockets of wealth East Shea Coast estate whole shareholders well American family center at Hanks I made that choice they made the choice in this quarter. Exxon announced that it is tripling its climax to $30 for the our company bubble to help. Their job is for their first and really their only duty is to the shareholders that their only financial duty. The fiduciary duty they comply with the laws which they do and they they do what's best interest to try to make decision at best interest of the shareholders not the best interest of either ministration.

Not that it not in the best interest of the consumer but they have to deal with consumers so that it's a ridiculous statement to say that they want the price of gas to be so far Teresa you decide you to stop driving economic decisions not to drive that is hurting the company perks oil and gas companies don't want the prices to be out of your reach. Take your calls 164 31 over tracking all these issues must consider James Langford to be joyous next half hour. The broadcast because God let letter out to the chairman.

The Homeland security committee saying get meerkats back on this disinformation board because he misled us and was telling us it was even started yet, and it was Artie operationally had meeting scheduled with Twitter in place. They are so targeted that with Sarah Lyford in the next half hour. You deftly want to join the broadcast were also you know Stacy okay we would say we are preparing for war in the states when it comes to life especially with the Dobbs decision coming any week now and there is a timeline on that. You probably know no later than first week of July and will in some states, both received pro-life states taking good proactive steps also very far left states doing taking very extreme pro-abortion steps, especially in California yet so in California.

We sent a letter adjusting a blog limit two days ago to the Senate Judiciary Committee because they are using the phrase perinatal which is on the abortion which is post light for me and the child born life in the womb anyways.

But it did its job is actually born on top of that, this is also breaking news the state Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill that would put a right to abortion the California Constitution so our teams are working on this and CC Hiles here a list first talk about the legislation that we addressed in our letter. What what is going on.

What is the what I trying to do with that. While an end in many states we have, and identified the fact that Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion act team are trying to get perinatal at language into the statutes and what that means is perinatal as a child at T 28 days after they are born, so almost a month old. The child on is what perinatal is, is addressing and they insert this language into the statutes and making it not a crime not a crime if at perinatal death occurs. So, basically allowing infanticide up to 20 days after the baby is born and so we are addressing each one of the statutes and and telling you know we are objecting to this language and here in California. It was a BTT 23 Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on it yesterday and they also held a hearing on that the constitutional right to abortion and our letter that you were to talk about that in a moment because Jordan there is a postop strategy that were doing at the ACLJ but also a seal J action. I think very important people understand we both entities working on this yet there there are states pro-life states that it could still pass a law they're going to have to look it's similar measures like California's doing that in a bad way for abortion.

They're going to have to look at putting in constitutional amendments as easy at the state level in the federal level to do that to do is ballot initiatives like California's etiquette you can do it as early as even like this election cycle so it's it's also analyzing so what legislation you need. What you might need on the ballot. What ballot initiative you might need. What's the makeup not just of the governor and the legislature, but also the state. The state courts is in session state Supreme Court. How are they selected.

So what laws so were doing the phone as a seal J action were were breaking it all down by Secretary of State. Every potential hurdle you could be in place even in the state wants to go right at the gate with pro-life legislation is the Atty. Gen. so is going to defendant what kind of authority as the governor's office. At first, the Atty. Gen. is different folks than ever in all 50 states, or even what you call your state legislatures versus different or when the sums are the others, some that are bicameral, but so there's a huge war.

Even when I think win-win and overturn your overturn Roe versus Wade.

We should celebrate that yes is a huge victory. We should take that type take the momentum you better go right to the states because it will be a hollow victory if you don't fight those battles 100%. And so I want to be clear what we've done so far.

Here so first when we found out about the language it was in be that the we took action absolutely and said you know when bills pass and and Jordan's right. Every states different but this was an assembly bill first, and said that's their house and and so we address this actually in the assembly first. And it's interesting that the chief counsel for the committee on Judiciary at the assembly. Let level even agreed with us that the perinatal death language could lead to an unintended and undesirable conclusion that the bill could be interpreted to immunize a pregnant person from all criminal penalties for all pregnancy outcomes including the death of a newborn for any reason during the perinatal period after birth, which is 20 days sitting at their own attorney telling them this is problematic in the assembly in the house part yet it still passes and now it's gone to the Senate and their several committees in the Senate that will hear it and every time he goes to a committee, we will send a letter again reiterating our objection to this language and the paralytic puts babies and and then at the same time as Jordan said is that's going on a seal J action is working as you just said, laying out the legislative hurdles that are there and how to overcome them because she got a real general fight here yes and so would some states you should really get legislation very quick.

Those are good and a lot of states of Artie taking that actually have these laws are called trigger loss of the court case comes than the way they want they will go into effect immediately, there ought to be challenged in court for an under various different state constitutions. Some might end up being federal because of health that they're going further than what this decision might do, but I think what we have to look at is what were what were up against even in states how we fight in states that are deeply blue deeply pro-abortion politicians what we know is this, that in a lot of the states. People will vote Democrat, and likely they are to vote Democrat. They put their not voting to protect perinatal death liability correct and that's the difference is that you can go to states like Massachusetts, California, and so you know or Marilyn and say your politicians that it's not given that convincing a vote conservative Republican.

Maybe not even vote pro-life but they're not that extreme.

Most people just not that extreme. On this issue to you point out, and what the C4 can do is how extreme your politicians are acting and maybe rethink sourcing that, like the DA level you will is that I can honestly put in a conservative Republican DA's. They were putting the issue, at least are going to enforce the law. Same thing here. Let's point, we can point out how extreme, how to just thing they are and we can do through ads targeting the politicians themselves really been targeted that the justices all this kind of idea, but it's up to that. They're the ones trying to protect any liability. This is from their own chief counsel, including the death of a newborn for any reason during the perinatal period after birth, including a cause of death, which is not attributable to pregnancy complications that that's exactly why we got this two-pronged approach with the C4 a seal J action in the ACLJ because were pointing up in the ACLJ only at the legal issues that are at stake here and I looked, which Jordan said is right cc that is your neck.

This is an amino pro-life legislature, but they may not be pro-infanticide that's exactly right. And people don't realize that Sally takes the ACLJ. Legal team and the C4 bringing this to people's attention and encouraging people to take action again. There there been amendments to decibel on through the assembly process and I'm sure they'll be more in the Senate process. But what's interesting to know they have yet to take out perinatal so is very intentional that they want to leave that in at two be able to continue abortion after someone after babies born right so we are not we on top of the amendment process were monitoring the hearings were sending in letters were making the analysis and ACLJ action will be taking appropriate action as well push this back both. We'll just take this we can win this actually even in California. We just gotta get the word out thinking you resetting the city from what you can do in each state. What is a victory this state to look like a different victory right now in another state, and of course it's just the immediate actions you take to support our work and ACLJ. Also, if you haven't joined as a member ACLJ action yet.

It's $25 a year to become a official member of a seal J actually do it. It ACLJ action.or you were preparing R.postop strategy based on the resources available ACLJ action where how many states were able to work in what were able to do and how many ads we can run is based of your support a seal J for decades ACLJ's been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now this is Jordan's secular oil and gas consider likely to be joyous in the necks of the broadcast live, and I want you give with this issue we know again were staying on because the by demonstration was you could've turned the other to say well you know we got rid of either. Jake awaits, but we do want to start back up the disinformation board of the miss this mall information board member. They said as Sec. Marcus testify that had nothing do with Americans was about Russian cyber attacks and Latin American cartels. But then we found out it was about whether or not you think that the efficacy of mask and it was about domestic surveillance in meetings with Twitter were on their calendar that they were already stood up as much to guide me in February so you're talking about again. The committee information was provided then by Sec. Marcus was incorrect either. He lied intentionally or he was provided with incorrect information by his staff.

They want to get to the bottom of the IDI. I can feel about where I think it is at the was a little too direct to be acting like he didn't understand who was talking about that twitter meeting all of that coming at some time, but that was her life are coming up because what he's doing with a team of sinners say were not like this go with the pressure of the chairman right now.

Still, Democrat-controlled committees to bring Sec. Memphis back on the specific issue so we can't say a logical get that info for you later, so he knows what is coming knows what is gonna be testifying about and the letter lays out what we've laid out the timeline is just exactly opposite of what he testified to under oath right so we got a letter we sent. Remember, to the initially to the US Department of Homeland security. This was our freedom of information act request on this misinformation, disinformation will because we knew this was problematic and was in fact since going to be monitoring Americans. No response. She know we did that we file this in the United States District Court up on the screen for those that are watching on the social media platforms for a radio and it's all explained it to. This is our federal lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Americans on the flaw in Johnson's versus the US Department of Homeland security and it lays out what we are entitled to know, including the notes from the purported director of the committee that talked about monitoring Americans in misinformation and disinformation and working so we will get to the bottom of the board and be joined by Sen. Langford was calling for the hearing folks meet you at the shows you I hope it's clear to your audience at the American Center for Law and Justice are affiliates globally are ACLJ action were able to, which I believe hit how many intrastate energy pro-life and now government oversight. With this misinformation. The disinformation issue and were in federal court in one did this on this whole issue of the misinformation, disinformation board where addressing legal issues in California directly on pro-life matters and at the same time on the oil and gas. Our government affairs office is working with Sen. Blackburn to get protections and relief to the American families and pointing out hypocrisy of the by administration's approach here yet. I think this is one of those issues where they wanted to say well they got rid of Nina Jake awaits. So maybe you won't pay attention anymore. One person was not the only issue behind this is heard from the White House. They double down and said they were there to reconstitute this.

It was a bad rollout. They blamed it on kind of you.

They didn't do a good job for which they did a horrendous job even if what they said was true. It was bad and now we know it's even worse, what they're planning and I think it still exist in existence, either. I think they said that this existed before they announced it, they were already setting up meetings to put pressure on so all that did not have any teeth they have federal law that gives an unbelievable teeth because this federal law that protects these companies from liability. That's huge. These Internet companies content platforms for all the federal government has to do is pressure them into saying we want your content moderation focused on efficacy of mask or immigration or election integrity. These are some of those are all domestic issues that part about Russian cyber attacks into our into our infrastructure or drug cartels and human smuggling from Latin America. It's about domestic what they consider miss this mall information for what they said awful but lawful speech. How can a sensor through these content platforms. Sen. Langford during his next share with your friends and family.

The latest update US sitter James Laver Oklahoma grapefruit of the American civil law and justice served severely for leading a team of sinners who sent a letter to the chairman of the house of the Senate committee on Homeland security to bring back Sec. my work is to answer a lot of questions about this disinformation governance board which is not completely dead yet is the by demonstration. So they want to bring it back to just the it was a good rollout for the right to Sen. Langford and consider appreciate being Julius Taylor broadcast to go first to the letter as it lays out we been laying it out for our audience. The misstatements of your calm lies, misstatements everyone to characterize it from Sec. Marcus to you and the Senators on that committee about when the can win this governance board started what its purpose was if it was gonna target Americans are what where target was and it was all the opposite. Everything was the opposite of what he was testifying to the most basic elements of the recorded document. Documentation. I would like to know were just a game together when they actually had already documents that are to have an outline for Gary make decisions forward to what it was going to do we know it was given the outward focus to be going to be focused on international judgment dealing with immigration issues internationally rumors the cartels put out, and where to find out know it's gonna be on my absence, be on anything on election security. They want to bill put out. It basically what they think is not the correct line to have. They want to build out put out the information. I will try to affirm to them is people are not looking to the government to say tell me what's right and wrong there looking the government to do the right thing, and that includes protecting the rights of Americans to be able to have free speech and not try to go manage speech, so clearly that's what is about they can blame it on it's a bad rollout.

It's a bad idea is really what it is sitter.

One of the concerns we had a course and we talked about this before and am glad your dressings again with the secretary and that is this whole idea that you have a misinformation disinformation board anyways so antithetical to the First Amendment make cuts so against First Amendment free-speech and the concept of ordered liberty that you have the government determining what was the appropriate speech for individual citizens and then you had to complicated, that the secretary sing of the socio-foreign governments were looking at the maybe new disinformation campaigns when they already had listed that you have talking points on US surveillance of American citizens.

We sent a freedom of information act request in the Homeland security which was in response. We now gone to court. How dangerous is the proposal that Homeland security put forward here with this misinformation, disinformation, board to freedom for the American people.

One. Government says okay here's the website that's what we believe scientists are saying or do we think accurate information as is very different to what you adhere was DHS cooperating with Twitter to say hey let's help identify together what is misinformation and what working to disqualify and then were going to work on trying to be able to get those things taken out of American conversations, neither talking about government working with a private group to be able to silence voices that government doesn't agree with that. Think very different issues to visit others putting out clinical accurate information. This is trying to be able to silence voices and workable private companies and entities and be able to find out a way to be able to take out your your enemies. People who disagree with you need to be silencing that there working without that individual to do it.

That is a toxic combination sitter. He was testifying about originally were things I would think that DHS is Artie doing they did need to bring in 32.33-year-old expert on twitter toothed on drug cartels or on Russian cyber attacks on US infrastructure and so wouldn't it never made sense because the people that they were empowering like me that Jake was to be the executive director of this would've had no expertise to that kind of security and you would.

I would've imagined department Homeland security should Artie been doing that you are surely do this work and don't need to come up with the top even the title alone just shows me how out of touch they are with the American people that someone thought this would be a good thing to do was to eight disinformation governance board after all these attacks about social media and content providers, and flagging posting comments in a intellectually or really come out of the disinformation governance board but yet they did and and he does need to come back to your committee and can testify to the truth about what is going on. We often very simple question one set of answers to document the background.

It's a very different set of answers that judges loosely out there. It's things that actually had his physical signature on it that he was very well aware that the answer is incorrect about what you are correct. The State Department Artie engages with misinformation from overseas there already interesting to do this so at a minimum. It's redundant in government and not needed. If there is misinformation moving from cartels by internationally state departments Artie engage in those areas, but this is not about just international movement in cartels. This was about managing American speech and work on private entities to find a way to be able silence voices. They disagree with. I wanted change topics a little bit Sen. that is the situation to American people are facing right now with skyrocketing inflation but also gas prices that are are just unbelievable and in some states at $70 a gallon others. It's five.

You come from a broad energy state.

And what, what's your sense of what what I did. The pine ministration had a bad policy begin with and then they just double down on it, which is made it worse. We went from energy independence energy exports out to now working bacon. The Saudis and Venezuela to help us and in the present as threatening oil companies after he told him he was going to try to shut them down in the next 3 to 5 years. It is amazing to me you wanted policy because the boiling they are fulfilling the climate activist desires just take out all fossil fuel and this was about the simple thing that they continue to say and that candidate Biden said to some of the campaign trail and one of the of information when they asked about again. Get rid of fossil fuels and he said look at me, looking walked after and said I'm gonna get rid of fossil fuels will this is what this looks like when he is present. Drop tariffs on solar panels coming from foreign companies to try to offset that the high cost of energy just shows how out of touch this administration is our allies are confused by that literally he's going to Saudi Arabia.

Ask if they can get more oil when Canada, our next-door neighbor is saying we have lots of oil you cut off the pipeline from us how our energy companies are confused because they're literally cutting off access to capital access to moving pipelines access to more drilling on federal lands and waters at the same time he Sangamon to punish you if you'd like to do more refining.

It's the most bizarre set of ideas that lead to this kind of policy and discounted price blocks.

So this is not Arctic supply and demand increased supply, the price goes down.

It's not just that global) is a male with a global issue. The American price with WTI West Texas intermediate is traditionally much lower than the blink crude price with international price because we produce our own yes of the global market, but our price OS. Now it's almost identical global in us because we don't have enough production here. Vladimir Putin, that since we did this lighthouses excuse for everything. Center it it would have been philology commemorative and Administration. It was Russia Russia Russia everything and they just shifted back to that same Bible book silica procedures on the broadcast it on about these issues. One, because money is the bonds disinformation or because our goal here is ultimately it doesn't exist that in there trying to reconstitute.

They admitted that there try to be constant for the least last press secretary that appreciate what you're doing on that appreciative information is a sinner from Oklahoma on energy is important for people to understand as we keep reiterates like Sue Langford said this idea that they can take this nasty gram CLE a letter threatening that the gonna you know about putting their own resources somehow punish the oil companies when they've Artie told the oil companies want to put you out of business so you can't, you have no leverage. That's the problem. This administration is no leverage of Sally's so you got no leverage with and with international producers, you have no leverage with your domestic producers because they don't trust you. No one trust that this is no look, I mean in a failed policies produce failed results that the problem is as much a citizen. Langford's joinder doubling down on all this meet blameless in Vladimir Putin's ridiculous okay in order to talk about Ukrainian Russian annexing the broadcast.

But it's ridiculous. We do a question coming on the light fish.

I think we should take. I will switch Kaiser back gears here let's take a call.

Hey, Larry is coming from your online to welcome the secular law want to thank you gentlemen are what will you. My question: board the language in the establishment of state. The proposed language excrement be established in the stage for this abortion issue.

Once you were always right over top, which I assume it will be, should it not protect the child as well as the mother because right now it seems like this whole issue is focusing more on the mother more rights over to China so here's the thing dictates. We were just talking about the California was after delivery and their legislative Council even said they agreed with us that this would allow infanticide so given the argument about what is Roe versus Wade do for that one look think Dobbs I think is good to come out by the end of June will be overturned reversibly. But that's just going to be the beginning of the CNS degree pickup was the ideas that I say this about punishing women or criminalizing women and that that's actually not the case. Even the most pro-life states.

You don't see the laws and not the not attacking the woman attacking the abortionist if they if there is anyone that there they are singling out in the criminal codes preparing the abortionist is not it's not the woman who's in the situation and that's that that's the line of trying to take and I think it's even more streamlined. They don't really want talk about abortion is the issue they want to make about others. But we know this is real and the battle is provided in the practice tape is evident in the weeks more in-depth kind of focus on where we where the situation in Ukraine. The war in Ukraine stands because while I do not agree with any of that. The biting associate blaming everything on it. It certainly has an impact on a lot of things it does impact the gas prices. It's not the only impact the policies, the biting ministries are bigger, but it certainly is a impact when you cut it off and you don't have a plan that was the Beale because he talks about it with all archive experts is that these are all moves. It worked fine to do if you had a backup. They did have a backup but enabling the officer but is also worth doing update because a single event much stronger language with the West with Wes from Russian political leaders that were starting to peel off maybe him a month ago who were now doubling down. We have the former President of Russia when they were not constitutional. Change the Constitution for Putin the light he became prime minister, followed by the elevators present the former President said in on the telegram that basically put the questions. Does Ukraine even exist as a country and two years as it is a place does Ukraine even exist. This is the kind leg was missing from food allies.

It is shifted again back towards it seems like in favor of where Russia internally Russia right right you and Western intelligence officials.

Just this week said that the warden Ukraine is at a critical turning point right now as to what happens long-term with this war on an encouraging note Jordan today in Brussels, the NATO defense chiefs called a meeting. There's 30 members of NATO to discuss the war in Ukraine that groups called the Ukraine defense contractor.

They opened it up to other nations. You might want to come 50 nations showed up for this meeting in Brussels to discuss how to help Ukraine win this war, which is indicative that the world has not given up on Ukraine but they are taking a pounding Jay right now. Russian forces occupy about 1/5 of Ukraine but Putin has made it clear he wants the whole thing the entire country.

Here's what I just watching the ship with prison Zielinski and Ukraine. It is trying to rally his troops is trying to keep his populace motivated right but clearly he is very good at losing over hundred trips a day that the reports on the running out of ammunition. The Russians you said that the number of armaments missiles coming in and coming out the differential is gigantic or is Ukraine forces are expending about 5000 rounds of artillery a day.

That's a lot and we have given them a lot of those weapons they saved at the Associated Press is Russia expands 10 times that amount on any given day. Set your firing 5000 from Ukraine to Russian troops. Russia spying back 50,000 hard to imagine in their turn to flatten some of the cities ransoming the destruction the rebuild with this ever and successfully for Ukraine line to be mess. Yeah, there they are targeting civilian population centers, which is of course a violation of the laws of war. Zielinski was owned on the video address to his nation yesterday was very touching, but he talked about these losses of troops and civilians and he said this, the losses unfortunately are painful but we have to hold on and he went on to say in that address that they have to also keep your troops and the Don Buss region and take it back. That is indicative of a very very long war, when the other things I want to bring up is the and we can talk about this after if your questions were in but that is Ukraine is the breadbasket of programming yesteryear and there's concern that if they cannot get there seen in the ground you could have a real real international food crisis. Yes, it is already actually developing in places like Africa, the Russian Navy has blockaded the coast of Ukraine. They controlled most of their seaports Nelly Ukraine seaports. Although there are some places where Ukraine still controls the harbor. Here's the interesting thing about that Russia had told Ukrainian officials if you will take the minds out of the harbors will lift the blockade the Ukrainian forces of mind. The harbor ski Russian ships out. That is like the big bad Wolf saying no, let me and let me in. They cannot afford to do that. Meanwhile, Western nations have actually gone to Vladimir Putin and told him you need to let them export their grain. It is the breadbasket of the world and particularly in Asia and Africa. They depend on food from Ukraine and Vladimir Putin refused to even consider it.

Play this sound for the White House because it is this important to me because it's all the blame Russia issue and and I want to take back oil.

Yes I theaters it drives it home to the American people if if the imagery in the war. That's happy that the one thing but that also just how it's affecting you at home soliciting into the White House on oil, gas, Ukraine by toilet and don't have anything for you don't have anything to #gas prices are gas tax. As you know gas prices are up nearly 2 dollars and has been the case.

Allen danced in the case since started to threaten the voice of Ukraine with the troop enforcement US is on track to produce a record amount of oil next year that solicitor for the letter from prison, but I insisted I just present us with wars in Europe. You talk about what Chinese aggression in Taiwan and our own domestic issues that were facing shortages within the price of gas inflation. This administration has no polish. Like she said they have a policy she said that they have no positive plan but oh the oils back when you would've written this letter saying the oil is not back. So even your actual press secretary, not someone else in a different part of the ministry should not John Kerry is our something he was with your actual press secretary in the exact messages you is not on the same message.

The letter you're sending to the ex-NCO accent see all your advising that you would say don't take any action based on Philip right in the inflation including the present guzzling you note did not go up as dramatically as it has until he was the President because of his policies and what he is indicating towards the holding of our guests and in all industry. The other thing Jay about this whole issue in another time and era before there were nuclear weapons. What Russia is doing in Ukraine that impacts the global economy gas food. It would've instigated a war war and another time. I also think that we we have to realize to because of the Khmer casualties Russians taken. It's a reminder that their country still out there who will take those kind casualties like before and I think that's Russia. The Chinese are a few others where we again we value life at such a different level and and will Moose, Iraq and Afghanistan in the.

The thousands but not hitting like 10, 20, 30,000, not nothing like they've hit in months and yet were still time with them is potentially winning.

If you look at their history. They would allow times lose more troops and then who they beat exactly right or and and civilians. So this is again it's a reminder of what your potential enemies are willing to how far they're willing to go for victory.

So which Luke begs this question. We had a minute left, and that is what's the prognosis right now. You know, most military experts there prognosis is that this will go alone for a long time.

Probably some are saying another two years and it is 50-50 how it ends up here's the thing though, if you end up with all of Ukraine they could.

But if we allow that to happen.

J that will be a picture of what the future looks like, and then okay honestly of tourmaline will even so, will she be nice if you were not putting troops on the ground. Aircraft isn't cut topic for another day. The weapons and supplies rescinding them are being held up because of a lot of bureaucratic red tape that the things we promise in the heavenly received all of them yet.

We could expedite that a washing poster sent out a notice saying $1 billion more in a going to great damage. Continue and will continue it's not a short-term there's no short-term solution for right surprised that I was as nothing floating around right now in the public sphere that short-term solution to this. I think the American people's attention has been brought back to what's going on here in our go to say that the petitioner that

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