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FRI HR 2 081922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 20, 2022 12:09 am

FRI HR 2 081922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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To learn more, go to Donate and listen to the podcast at All right, we are back. And let me give you this. Critical gender theory in the newest term used to describe transgender and LGBTQ. That's lewd, gross, belligerent, transgressing, queer, OK, indoctrination of children in public schools. And what it entitles is virtually indistinguishable from the grooming tactics used by sexual predators. That's what's happening in the public school. Sexual. They become sexual predators and pedophiles against their human prey.

Almost every element of inclusion and becoming oneself is defined as LGBTQ. Cultists who are teaching America's children is taken straight from the child predator playbook. All of its aims to sexualize children at the youngest age possible so adult perverts can have their way with them. Again, the Democratic Communist Party is flush. It's flush with pedophiles, folks. We're telling you.

Just ask yourself, has what we've told you in the past, have we been right? And we're telling you again, OK, you need to get your children out of the public schools. I know there's a lot out there in the countries on the countryside where the parents are on the school board and, you know, they control the curriculum and that's good.

And I have no problem with that. But for the most part, the public schools are great gates to hell. In fact, what was it that the NEA, one of the teachers unions just recently came out and wanted to have parents classified, OK, as terrorists? Whoever whoever comes to the school board meetings to protest would be classified as a terrorist. OK, there you go. And the NEA just did that test this week in New Jersey. That's where this happened. They took an ad out saying that parents that protested at school boards were terrorists. Over the past several years, such tactics have. Yeah, let me read this real quick.

Over the past several years, such tactics have increased in prevalence throughout America, public schools, which is why increasingly more children now want to lob off their body parts and take gender bending pharmaceuticals in order to go tranny. All right. We want to say thank you to.

Where do we leave off? And in May, any in Maple Heights, 40 dollars pledges 40. Thank you. Rose in San Diego pledges 50. Thank you, Rose. OK. We're going to have we have our radio rookie here, Hal Warren.

This is going to be his first article he's going to read live on the radio. Right. You ready? You ready? Go or you go.

Go for it. OK. We are also seeing the power of the dollar when Disney's true colors were shown and you had that internal board room conversation come out where they're like. Yeah, we are trying to get drag trannies. Basically, in every Little Prince's movie, a lot of parents who weren't awake were like, what? I don't think so.

Scootie. And they can cancel the Disney's subscription in Disney's stock took one hell of a beating. All right. There you go again, folks. We can you have to remember, remember God's word. The Bible doesn't stutter.

Let me go back and read where we left off here. In Proverbs one, wisdom cries without she utters her voice in the streets. She cried in the chief place of concourse in the opening of the gates in the city. She utters her words, saying now all those areas she's talking about that the gates of the city is talking about government. It's talking about that, that this is in government and. It's in the marketplace and government wisdom is speaking out there. It's God's word and wisdom is God's word. This is what we're telling you. You have to listen. We're living in the time that the Bible talks about.

Jesus reverted to the days of sorrow. Now we can win. But I'm going to tell you this. OK. You know, if you've ever been in the military, if you've ever been under combat, combat conditions, when you come under fire, the best and the best thing you can possibly do is charge that fire, charge the fire. You don't run from it. If you run from it, you're going to get shot in the back.

If you if you stand still, you're still going to get and you might get shot if you charge. But you've got a much better chance if you charge the fire, giving them everything you got. That's what we have to do. We have to charge the fire.

OK. And look again, remember this. God has expectations of us. We have obligations to him. Now, what I'm telling you is this.

One of these days, this life is going to be over with one of these days. You're going to stand before the Almighty on the other side, right? That's correct. And you're either going to hear these words, well done, my good and faithful servant, or you're going to wish you had. Right.

That's that's your choices. And so when he says here, how long you simple ones, will you love simplicity? And the scorners delight in this morning. And fools hate knowledge.

Fools hate knowledge. This is what you find in all of your your local media. They're hiding all of this pedophilia.

Why? Because NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, they're all owned by the deep state. They're all a part of the deep state. Why don't we have a Department of Justice? We don't have one. And I've said it before, folks, at this point, Merrick Garland needs to repent.

I mean, you really do out there. Joe, Joe, Obama, Biden, nasty Pelosi, your money, all that money that you've been stealing from the people. All that money that you've been stealing from the people cannot buy you not one minute out of hell. Listen to me. All of the money that you've been stealing from the people will not buy you one minute out of hell. What I'm telling you is, you know, you have little time left, but a little time left to repent.

And you know what? I want you guys in the FBI, you dirty cops, to think of what you've done. Think about how you've tarnished the reputation. Think about those those FBI agents that lived up to the oath that they took. Men of honor and integrity.

I knew some of them. They were honorable. They were men of integrity. That oath meant something. Their country meant something to their God and their country. And what have you guys done?

What have you done? You put a dagger right in there, right in their hearts. Those think about the founding fathers. Think about all of us that fought communism for years. We fought and you've turned around and joined in with them. You need to repent of that. You really need to repent of that.

OK, because here, it's this simple. Three words. The Lord Jesus said it. Repent or perish. Repent or perish. John, am I right? That's right, Pastor Ernie.

We have to repent from our sin and turn through Jesus Christ as our Savior. OK. Is that season and is that Susan and and Cezanne in Minnesota? Pledges 50. Thank you, Cezanne. Edna in New York. Pledges 25.

Thank you, Edna. All right. There you go. OK, 888-281-1110, 888-677-9673, 888-677-9673.

Something that John and I haven't been able to do recently is, you know, to say something very brilliant and how we kind of expect the people the first time they're here with us to do that. Are you up to that? I am up to that. I'm willing to try out and see what I can do.

I may surprise you. All righty. All right. Very good. There you go. Sometimes the look on some of the folks faces when I say these things is, well, it's exciting, you might say. All right.

This is what we covered before. FBI agents who raided Trump's Meryl Hargo estate work in the same division that launched the phony Russian gate hoax. Do they have like a special? I know these are these are right out of Washington, D.C. Beltway agents. John, do you think they have kind of like a special forces of deep state corruption? Yeah, I think they do, Pastor Ernie. Ones that they can trust, you know, with complete confidence. They just don't let any agent there. They're sending ones that they know are corrupt like them.

All righty. How one brave nurse exposed the gender mutilation of children taking place at Tavistock. This is an article by Lance Johnson. According to the Gender Mapping Project in America, there are now over 200 gender bending clinics that prey on children while enabling gender delusions and allowing mass castration of the youth.

Just a decade ago, there were only 10 of these clinics in America. This predatory industry continues to expand its violence towards youth unchallenged. You remember in the days in this country where we had decency, how people that do these things would have gone to prison. They would have gone to prison because this is this is nothing more than the abuse of its child molestation. It's nothing less than child molestation. However, in London, something big just went down, a move that will shake trans activism to its core.

The National Health Service has just shut down the most aggressive gender bending youth clinic in the world, and all the gender mutations of children must cease operations by 2023. Well, that's a that's a little late, but it's better than nothing, I guess. Isn't it? Well, yeah, Pastor Ernie.

I mean, but look at the damage that's been done. Unbelievable. All right.

What do we have here? Jan in Minnesota pledges 50. Kathy in Florida pledges 200. Thank you, Jan.

Thank you, Kathy. We have approximately 40 minutes left. Well, we have 38 minutes left. Pardon?

OK. Already left in tonight's radio program. OK. Adam Schiff can explain this little detail about the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Deathicratic. Adam Schiff. Adam Schiff. Leave little boys alone. Adam Schiff.

Leave little boys alone. Representative Adam Schiff was unable to explain what took the FBI so long to raid former President Donald Trump's home in South Florida, Mar-a-Lago Club. If the documents Trump had in his position were so sensitive, Adam, like you say, making the issue yet another one of the many questions surrounding the inexplicable police station action. Schiff's inability to explain the matter was on full display this weekend during his visit to the CBS Sunday morning show Face the Nation with host Margaret Brennan asked him that one key question. If there was that sensitive level of information being held, why did Justice Department officials wait 18 months after the end of the Trump presidency?

What changed that made this immediate? Brennan asked the California congressman. So there's something that Trump knows that's going on. They don't want out.

There's corruption. They're scared to death to get Trump back in because they know that Trump knows where all the bodies are buried, huh? Well, he's going back in. If he does, does go back in as a completely different president.

He understands how the system works. And what he'd have to do immediately is chop all the heads off in the Justice Department down to a certain level. The FBI, the State Department, I mean, all of them, all of them, Milley and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, all of them probably would have to go. Milley is, I'm at loss for words to describe what Milley is. Folks, in case you're not familiar, Milley is the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. So, I mean, the corruption there is so bad, Pastor Ernie, he just has to clean house.

Okay, let me ask you a question. Between Milley and Austin, Austin is supposed to be General, the Secretary of Defense. Between the two of them, do you know of any foreign nation that has done as much damage to our military, that has weakened our military as much as those two have? Well, between Milley and Austin, don't they have, what do you call them, you know, those female imitators, they have them putting shows on...

Drag queens, yeah, they have drag queens, they've been bringing in, I mean, and then they want them to push critical race theory. Austin... Only one communism thought it was point. Yeah, and then Austin, okay, that excused himself from taking the kill shot, okay, but he's pushing, pushing him and Milley, all of these good soldiers. Look, the bravest and the best, the smartest, the smartest soldiers are the ones that refuse to take the kill shot, right? Obviously, these people are the smartest people that wouldn't take the shot.

They understood what the others didn't understand. How many of those ones that took the shot are sick now, and how many have died with myocarditis? And yet, those are the ones they're trying to throw out of the military. One third of the Navy SEALs quit.

They resigned. So again, Milley and Austin have done more to destroy our military than in the enemy. Now, let me ask you this, we'll ask... You can't forget this, you can't forget this, that Milley told the Chinese, don't worry, if Trump has plans to attack you, I'll tell you. That's called treason, isn't it? Yeah, yeah, what's the chances that Trump had zero intention of attacking China?

He had China on its heels economically and all, but Milley was in charge and in contact with the number one Chinese, you know, head of the military, his equivalent in China, and said, don't worry, I'll tell you if we have any plans to attack you. Here's something, prominent podcaster Sam Harris admits, conspiracy to prevent President Trump was warranted and not half-carried if Hunter Biden hid corpses of children. Now, this guy, he's got the mindset of most of these Democrats, whether you're at the very top, every one of them immoral, he goes on here to say, at that point, Hunter Biden literally could have had the corpses of children in his basement, I would not have cared.

He later said, Trump University's story is worse than anything that could be in Hunter Biden's laptop. These people have, I mean, they've set, they've taken corruption and immorality, immorality and corruption to a new level, haven't they? Oh, it's off the chart.

It's off the chart, Dustin. All right, Steven in Minnesota pledges $10, Jane in Pennsylvania pledges $30, and Frank in Orlando pledges $100. Let's ask Hal here a question. Hey, Hal, if you took $85 billion worth of equipment, military equipment, weapons, and you gave them to your enemy, what do you think your enemy would do with that, with all that equipment? Well, I believe you're speaking about Afghanistan and the tragedy of what Joe Biden did. The fact is, the enemy is going to take that money, also the military equipment that was left behind, and they're going to use it against us, perhaps try to take this country over. I question the fact about my understanding of 500 Americans that have been left behind in Afghanistan. When in the world are they safely going to be brought back to this country? Anyhow, it's a fine example of what Joe Biden has done, actually throughout this world, never mind just to this country.

What's happening from Communist China to Russia to North Korea to Venezuela to Afghanistan, my God, it's making you wonder what very well will happen to this country if the nuclear war missiles are pointed to the USA. But you know what Hillary Clinton would say about those 500 Americans left in Afghanistan? At this point, what does it even matter?

It matters because they're human beings, and the fact is that we need to be devoted to making sure that our US citizens are brought safely home. That would be one thing, that's for sure. Alrighty, very good. 888-677-9673, 888-677-9673 or 888, folks, this number 888-281-1110, or for the credit cards, if you have credit cards, that's the number to call, 888-281-1110. We've got approximately 30 minutes left in tonight's program, we've got to make our goal, I don't know where we're at now, but anyhow, let me, pardon? Okay, so we need approximately, yeah, yeah, we need approximately $1000, but we'll take more than that if we can get it, right?

Okay. Heads up, FBI media allies, now laying groundwork for dirty bomb false flag incident that will be blamed on Trump supporters. I believe this, I believe this, that J.D. Hayes has got it right here. Here's an article by J.D.

Hayes in the natural news. More evidence that the FBI is rotten to the core was revealed over the weekend following the agency's politicized rage to former Donald Trump's Mayoralago estate, proving once again how scared the deep state is that he will win the Oval Office again in 2024. According to a report from CBS News, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security appear to be laying the groundwork for a major false flag attack, with the outlet, with the outlet noting that both agencies are claiming that threats against them and their personnel have dramatically gone up since the Biden regime's raid. The FBI and the DHS have observed an increase in threats to federal law enforcement, and to a lesser extent, other law enforcement government officials following the FBI's recent execution of a search warrant in Palm Beach, Florida, says a joint bulletin.

These threats are occurring primarily online across multiple platforms. Well, folks, listen, you know what's going on. This is another false flag. It's another false flag out there.

I don't know where. This is really pathetic, isn't it? It's really absolutely pathetic that this is happening. They are scared to death of Trump.

Now, here's the other thing what they're doing. Do not believe these polls when they're telling you the polls, the latest polls, the idea when they're telling you, John, that that the Republicans and the Democrats are running head to head. They're running even as far as if the election were held today. Let me ask you this, John, if you got a call from people out there asking you, who are you going to vote for? And if you were a Trump, you know, a Trump supporter and a whole lot of them are what happened back in 2016 when and 2015 and 16 when that happened? Well, the Trump people didn't didn't speak out and said they were voting for Trump.

So that's one thing. The polls were off. And then the polls are skewed anyways by these liberals that run the polls. So they'll skew them. Here's how they do it.

Let me ask Ernie, they'll say we interview potential voters, these people like that have registered to vote. So what they do is they they skew it. 60 percent are Democrats and 40 percent are Republicans. So then they can get whatever they know then that they'll get a higher vote for the Democrats because they got more there.

They're using more Democrats than Republicans. Now, if you know this and I know this, don't you think that Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade know this on Fox News? Yeah. OK. No, not maybe not. Maybe not.

They've been doing this all these years. By this time, they haven't figured it out yet. I don't know how bright they all are. All right.

Probably just Ernie, probably. All right. OK, folks, phone lines are open at eight, eight, eight, two, eight, one, one, one, one, zero. OK, I got to whenever we got to hell here, he's still thinking of saying something brilliant. So when that when that brilliance hits you, let us know face. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'm going to give him this article and let him read this article here and see if he does it brilliantly. Go ahead. Tell them about the face, Master.

OK, that I can do. It's rather amazing, isn't it? Yes. Turns out that face masks are petrol tissues with pathogens to fester and multiply, whether they be the flu, the common cold, the fungal infection. If it causes illness, it will find a home in the mesh of a face mask.

This study found since masks can be direct source of infection to the respiratory tract, digestive tract and skin, it is crucial to maintain their hygiene to prevent bacteria and fungal infections. They can assassinate, aspirate covered 19. The authors gently wrote. All right.

Very good. We've seen what's happened. They want to bring this. They want to try to force these face diapers back on us.

And you folks out there, too. Believe me, you know, instead of taking your child to one of those schools where they're forced to wear that, you're much better to keep the child at home. Don't put that dirty diaper upon your children. You know what's happened? Many of these children now have gotten mouth infections and and, you know, they've done no good. They've done no good at all. They've done not not help any children from catching the virus. Not one.

But they've done a lot of damage, a whole lot of damage. You know, I had these masks, the ones that they've been handing out right on the box. You know, right in the box, it says this mask will not prevent or stop the spread of any virus.

It says that on the box. OK, well, the company kind of got Richard doing that, didn't they? Yeah. Unbelievable.

And if I could butt in for just one moment. The fact is that how many Americans have been vulnerable to wearing those masks? Absolutely everywhere. And it makes you wonder about the government. If we're wearing masks, if we're limited going to church, if we're limited to going into restaurants.

And so many things was just this. Was this a dry run of what's going to be in the future of many other things we as Americans will have to be submissive to? We're not going to be submissive.

You see, that's the whole point. Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. We are not to be submissive to that. If we are submissive to the corrupt government, then we are disobedient to God. OK. And so that's reality.

You know, it seems like there's a total dearth, a complete and total dearth of common sense. Now, the Bible doesn't stutter. The Bible doesn't stutter anywhere along the way, right? Right.

OK. When you go in the days of Noah, Noah could have listened to the world, to the leaders, but he didn't. He listened to God.

He preached repentance for 120 years. They could have listened to the king and killed the male babies, but they didn't. They listened to God and God gave them homes. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, they could have obeyed the king, Nebuchadnezzar, but they didn't. They listened to God, didn't they?

OK. Now, you see, you understand that if you go all the way down through it, Peter, Paul, John, Stephen, all the apostles, right? If you go back and look at all the martyrs, folks, we are to obey God and not the corrupt world. OK, if you do that, it's disobedience to God. Because do we know that to force these masks on us is wrong? It's a sin. Do we know that?

I know that it's a sin. OK. Am I that much smarter than the vast majority of the people? Well, I think a lot of people are desensitized and they're going to be obedient to the government. In reality, we, the people, are the government, as if there's a tremendous amount of confusion there.

We'll be back after this with more Don't Go Away. The strength and courage from power upon high and crisis battle cry. No king, no king, no king but King Jesus. The Messiah. No king, no king, no king but King Jesus. The Holy One of Israel. The Holy One of Israel. Through the toil and the tears and the last one hundred years, we have fainted from the fight for his liberty and life.

We've been blinded by the lies, so we hardly know what's right from wrong. As the anti-Christian hordes and their global overlords now surround us, holy saints in the camp United States, just like Israel of old, we now find ourselves a Babylon. So now's the time for all good men to seek his face on high and bow to do his will on earth and rise up and defy the lie and cry this battle cry. No king, no king, no king but King Jesus. The Messiah. No king, no king, no king but King Jesus. The Holy One of Israel. The Holy One of Israel.

So now's the time for all good men to seek his face on high and bow to do his will on earth and rise up and defy the lie and cry this battle cry. No king, no king, no king but King Jesus. The Messiah. No king, no king, no king but Yahushua. The Holy One of Israel.

The Holy One of Israel. Alrighty, we're back, we're back folks. You know this week we came short of our goal on one day just to very little but on another day we came $2,500 short of our goal. And right now as we're here tonight we have about 15 minutes left.

We were about $1,070 to making our goal but, again, it's been a very very tough this is August, and we really need to hear from you, it would really be nice if we could get three people out there to match those $2,000 gifts that we got tonight $2,000 pledges. Help us to get back and we want to stay on all the stations you're listening to us on, and I'm going to tell you this, and John McTernan, you can tell them, have we not fought with everything we've had to stay on. And you know there's things behind the scenes with like interfering, the show was being interfered with, like electronically jammed and all sorts of problems like that.

All the time, it only happens, I've had more station managers tell me, you know, that only happens when your program comes on. We don't have a problem to that. Why? Well, could it possibly be that we don't pull any punches, could it possibly be we tell you what's really happening out there. You know we've got one policy no compromise period none. Now, tonight I failed to say that we have many things available tonight out there too for you folks to give, but you like we say every night you gotta let us know it. I mean if we if you don't tell us that we don't know it but we have these caps that say, America needs Jesus, hold, hold on a minute, got another pledge in here. Okay, very good.

Thank you. We've got these caps, and the caps are really dynamite. They're black and they've gotten bold red letters. America needs Jesus. We've got t-shirts, and these t-shirts are black and red, white and blue letters on the front. It says America needs Jesus and big bold letters.

What a witnessing tool. I wear these things every time I go to speak. I'll be wearing them when I go out there, when I go to speak at the Heritage Club of Northeast Ohio. Coming up on the second annual Judeo Christian Patrik rally, coming up on September 3rd at 11 from 11 to 3 p.m. out there at the Veterans Park in Painesville. And so I'll be wearing those, and when you say one, hell you'll want one too.

Sounds great to me. So anyhow, we have these t-shirts and we ask for a donation of $40, you can get either small, medium, or large for a donation of $50, double, you know, that's 2x or 3x. Then we also have, for a donation of $25, the Bible answer for every need. It's a book, it's a Bible answer book, folks, and it's the right scripture at the right time every time. It is one of the best books out there. Whatever topic you look at, you're looking for, you'll find it.

Here, let me just give you an example. I just opened up to page 88. The Bible inspired Word of God. Now these are scriptures that talk about that. 2 Timothy 3.16, 2 Peter 1.20-21, Romans 15.4, Revelation 14.13, Isaiah 8.1-2, it goes on and on and on. This book is absolutely dynamite. The Bible answer for every need.

We have these for a donation of $20, or $25, and then we have 28 years to know here. The inspirational tragedy by Larry Nichols, and if you remember Larry Nichols, Larry Nichols did more single-handedly to expose the corruption of the Clinton crime cartel than anybody. I mean, Hillary hated him. I mean, she really hated him, okay?

I mean, Hillary don't like me, but she really hated Larry because he exposed her corruptness. Anyhow, $25 for each, or you can get both of them for $40. If you want both of them, you get both of them for $40. But you've got to let us know. You've got to say, well, this is what we want. We'd like to have this book here. If you don't, then we won't send it. Because what happens is people will give us a donation, and then a week later they'll write us, well, you know, I didn't know that you were doing that.

I want that book. Why didn't you send it to me? We didn't know you wanted it.

You've got to tell us, right? You've got to tell us, and then we'll send it to you. Now, anyhow, the phone numbers are short, and we can take, use all the help we can get, and so the number is 888-281-1110, 888-281-1110.

Those, if you've got a credit card, that's the number to call, or 888-677-9673, 888-677-9673. And so, all right, John, I was going to ask you a question, but I can't remember what it was now. You don't happen to know what it is, do you, John? No, sir, no. All righty.

How about this? Pennsylvania's 2020 alternate electors who were selected in response to the stolen 2020 election. The 2020 election was stolen, and here now the FBI are going after these alternates.

They're going after them. From the American people and President Trump and the FBI and the DOJ were complicit. When they turned the other way in the states like Pennsylvania, when crimes were committed, I mean, they were really bad, truckloads, truckloads of ballots being shipped in. In 2020 Pennsylvania, the FBI looked the other way when crimes were committed and Philadelphia's ballots were manufactured to make up for Joe Biden's 700,000 ballot deficit to President Trump in that state. In Philadelphia, Americans were physically and forcefully prevented from observing the election process, and the FBI looked the other way. It was as bad as it gets. It was, it was in your face, we can do whatever we want, we are above the law.

Republicans can't, in Detroit, you know, they covered up, the police, they used, the police sold themselves and kept Republicans from going into the polls and watching the corruption. It was a terrible thing. On election night that year, I went to bed with Trump like 300,000 ahead and with like 10% of the vote left, and it was a sure thing. And I woke up in the morning and he was losing by like 15,000.

I was staying up and watching it and I watched him invert the numbers right before, right in front of my eyes, right in front of my eyes, they flipped the numbers upside down. And they had Trump ahead, unbelievable. It's like, you see what we can do? What are you going to do about it? You don't have a Justice Department. You don't have a legitimate FBI anymore.

You can't do anything about it. We are in control. And remember folks, resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. Did you have something to say there? Oh, I just wanted to mention about rather unusual that Donald Trump with his rally, he would have thousands and thousands of people at his rally. And then when it came to Joe Biden, it was rather scarce. So if you use that analogy, you would think that Trump would have gained greater and greater votes to the point that he would have become president. So I believe you could evaluate that in many, many states across this country.

And it's a mystery to me, or perhaps no, it isn't. Well, you know, here, all across the country, you had Trump trains. You had Trump boats out there that were 90 miles long out there off the shores of California. You had here, I mean, we had Trump trains through the Amish country.

The Amish were out there in their buggies holding up signs. Trump was turning out crowds of 40, 50, 60,000 people coming out. You're right. We were up against an extremely and totally corrupt media and extremely, totally corrupt government. And, you know, it's just amazing, folks. And the people were lying and they knew they were lying. And this is why they're so angry at us, because we got them. They know that.

OK, we named Brett Baer. He knew it. He knew he was lying. OK, we named these people off when they were talking about what there was no election fraud. Anyone and everyone, anyone and everyone, anyone and everyone that says there was no election fraud, a liar and not a bit of truth in them.

What do you think, John? Absolutely. I mean, and the fraud wasn't limited to a couple of states past the earnings. I think every state, they chopped down the win for Trump. So even like in Texas, when they won, when we won Texas, still, I think the vote would have been bigger if it was legitimate.

But every state had, was cut down. They would take, they would trim or skim like five percent of the votes off and give it to Biden. Well, they're planning on doing it again. But believe me, the Communist Party knows they cannot afford to lose this midterm. They know that. They know that they cannot. But they know that if they what they've done to the people, what they have done to the American people, the American people are angry. And what they've done to the American people, they know if they lose Congress in the Senate, that they're in trouble.

Right now. Definitely. They would sure be nice that that happens. That's for sure. And they know if Trump gets back in office, Trump knows where the bodies are buried and he's got the guts and he's not totally and completely corrupt like Joe Biden. And not only that, but remember that this whole there's this whole thing with pedophilia, it's huge, folks, amongst the Democratic Party. You know, we're telling you this because it's like you're nobody in there. You're nobody in there unless you're involved with that.

Same thing. Like, here's how sick it was amongst these so-called elites. The mindset you had that unless you were being blackmailed by Jeffrey Epstein, I mean, you were nobody. Unless Epstein was blackmailing you within the collective, the up of the up, you weren't nobody. I mean, that is that is a really sick mindset, isn't it?

But that's the way it is out there. And we we we know one thing. Epstein didn't kill himself.

Epstein was right. Oh, my goodness. And so. All right, we have anonymous the Massachusetts pledges, 100 Janice and Minnesota pledges, 70 Cheryl and Michigan pledges, 50 already. OK, Mike and Carol in San Diego pledges, 100.

All right, eight, eight, eight, six, seven, seven, nine, six, seven, three or folks were running out of time. We've got approximately five minutes. Already, and we will we will be here. We were down. We need about to make our goal for tonight. We need about another seven hundred dollars to make our goal for tonight.

But we can we can make more. In fact, we'll be here for about five minutes after we'll be here. We're going to be here till midnight. We'll be here till midnight till 12 midnight, hoping that you'll keep calling because this is it.

This is the last night and we won't won't have a chance for another whole month to raise enough money to stay on the station you're listening to us on right now. So, again, we want a couple of things I wanted to talk about, folks. Oh, yeah. Those that we are currently waiting on two thousand mules, the DVDs, two thousand mules. We don't have those. We're currently waiting on those. But we do have a good supply of the of our CDs. We kneel at the cross and and stand for the flag. That CD that we have with the songs that you hear on this radio program, assuming they're very popular out there.

We have plenty of those right now. So we asked a donation of twenty five dollars for one of those and boy, they're popular. Now, the other thing I wanted to say very quickly, folks have been asking about what time does church start? Doers of the word Baptist Church. This is give your address. Our address is one four seven eight one Sperry Road. It's one four seven eight one Sperry Road, Newberry, Ohio.

And our zip code is four four zero six five there. We start at eight thirty in the morning with praise and worship and an in-depth Bible study. Followed by nine thirty with another in-depth Bible study. And then the regular morning service starts at eleven fifteen. And then normally what we have between four or I think this week, I'm not sure, but I think this week it starts at four thirty to six. We have a class that's the Bible in current events is things that's happening out there that they do that you're not supposed to know the things that NBC, ABC, CBS, all of them do not know. So we have that class. And then at six p.m. we have the evening service.

And again, the phone number there for doers of the word Baptist Church is four four zero three three eight one three six seven four four zero three three eight one three six seven. All right. You want to make that announcement? You got two minutes. Go ahead.

OK. The announcement again is the Heritage Club of Northeast Ohio, second annual Judeo Christian Patriotic Rally, downtown Painesville, Veterans Park, Saturday, September 3rd, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. We're also going to have guest speakers of President John Hammercheck of the Lake County Commissioners, Vice President John Pletchnick of the Lake County Commissioners, Lake County Treasurer, the county courts of Faith Andrews, a clerk of courts. Do I have about one more minute to speak?

Yeah, go ahead. Everybody out there, this has been a privilege for me to be with Pastor Sanders here at the radio station. I reach out to each and every one of you throughout this whole nation under God that it is basically desperate that we get this one nation back together. And the fact is of the Christian concepts, the fact is of the true patriotism that our forefathers sacrificed their lives for.

This is not something that should be treated very lightly. The fact is that we all need to group together. This Judeo Christian Patriotic Rally should echo throughout this whole country, calling out for Christian soldiers to form their own Judeo Christian Patriotic Rally and bring this country, one nation under God, back where it's supposed to be at.

Thank you very much for everyone out there. Amen. God has raised himself for such a time as this. The proof is the time is now and we are here. And John, you've got four minutes. Can you tell us how we can avoid the lake of fire and how we can get to glory? I sure can, Pastor Ernie.

For all our listeners out there, we are very interested and very focused on political issues because they directly affect us, political and economic. But so do the spiritual issues. And spiritual, our relationship with Jesus Christ depends upon where we go in eternity. People tend to have a workspace acceptance with God, that if they are a good person and they do this, that they will make it into heaven. But it's not workspace because one sin, one sin is enough to separate us from God.

There's a penalty. The Bible says the wages of sin is death. But then it says the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

So the way of eternity is through the cross of Jesus that he died on and shed his blood. When Jesus Christ died on the cross, he was sinless. He was the sinless only begotten Son of God. So when he died, he died as an innocent man. And God then placed all of our sin on Jesus on the cross.

So his death was way more than just physical folks. He was being taken the penalty for our sin. And then the way God worked it was our sin was transferred to Jesus. And his righteousness, because he was without sin, is transferred to us. So when Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, he pays the penalty for sin. His righteousness is transferred to us, which God accepts. And this is how we have eternal life.

You can go to church seven days a week, go to all the church holidays, do this, that, and the other thing. That has nothing to do with eternal life. When Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, then Christian works and follows us.

That's part of us. That's evidence that we believe in Jesus Christ. So eternal life is done by repentance of sin and confessing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. And then the Bible says, For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. And one other thing that's needed is believing that he rose from the dead. Pastor Ernie, how much time has left? You've got about a minute. Okay, so I want to lead in a prayer, because Pastor Ernie and all the members here, we all want everybody in heaven.

We don't want anybody to miss. So I'm going to say a simple, quick prayer. God, I now repent of my sin according to your word, and I turn to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and his word. I believe that when Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood, that paid the price for my sin. I now confess Jesus Christ and that he rose from the dead. I now, with my mouth, confess Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and believe that his righteousness was placed in me. And this is why I have the assurance of eternal life.

Amen, John. We're out of time. Thank you. We'll be here until midnight.

Tonight, God bless, and always, always keep fighting the fight! What's right? What's left? The preceding program is sponsored by What's right? What's left? Ministries, and is responsible for its content.
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