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Too Slow: Biden "Pauses" Disinformation Board, Finally Addresses Formula Shortage

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 19, 2022 12:42 pm

Too Slow: Biden "Pauses" Disinformation Board, Finally Addresses Formula Shortage

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 19, 2022 12:42 pm

[00:18:32] Mike Rogers

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[00:55:20] Mike Huckabee

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This episode is brought to you by peacock based on the international best-selling book series comes the peacock original vampire Academy two best friends. The sun rose romance politics. Ancient magic at St. Vladimir's Academy threats inside the gate and out vampire Academy new episodes stays strained now man peacock the limited time to peacock for just a dollar 99 a month for 12 months. Eligibility restrictions in terms apply as if he got to for complete details why Fox News 40 New York City restaurant first set of function for America's receptive voice. Brian would kill me regularly. Thanks much for making support of you Thursday things was to live this out by Mike Rogers the house Intel select Intel committee on intelligence. Of course then he's a former FBI guy with your probe things that are happening. This could be the Big Ten.

Usually a big three this then major things that will include some of the most bizarre statements of ever heard of in my life will take that you have our calls so it's good to the stories you need to know Brian's three number three. The allegations against this particular attorney I believe are the tip of the iceberg and that connection between fusion GPS Christopher Steele with that dossier and others very high up at DOJ and FBI. How could all of this be going on. Yeah, Mark Meadows coming together dorm is making his case in laying the foundation for how the Russian hoax was created as Mike Sussman stands trial, but many others like Hillary Clinton, a feeling the heat.

We bring you that we will bring you the reviews of day to tell customers as a moderate Republican vote and affect our board voted overwhelmingly for Democrats started overwhelmingly, sure I might never voted for Republican just write the selection. I will write Elon musk, the richest men in the world, primarily speaking he's been a great start for Republicans. Is there turnout in the first 10 states far exceeds 2018. But before we look ahead to Georgia. We have to wait on a winner from Pennsylvania on the Senate side, as McCormick and Dr. Oz wait to get all the ballots counted today call the Defense production act to ensure that manufacturers have the necessary ingredients make safe, healthy infant formula here at home we have we have the ingredients that is now to use the Defense production act for to slow into tone deaf. That's what the administration continues to be case in point there only using to give Defense production act to Sprint baby formula back on the shelves.

After knowing the shortage was there in February. Maybe as early as December. Plus they went to Fairway to name an FDA director was in charge of this.

Now they must pause and assume blow up the ridiculous disinformation panel.

Not a good week already for the administration hundred 75 days into the midterms, the Dems turnout is down 29%. The GOP turnout is up 60%. That's up there that's is 60% turnout.

That's up 13% in 2016. That is pretty impressive.

Oz McCormick is about 1200 votes separating them your conventional wisdom says if you looking at the elections gone. If the mail-in ballot would go towards McCormick. He gets more them day of ballot was big time for Oz and also if you're looking for military ballots. Maybe you thinking that McCormick your guy because he said he went to West Point will say since Pennsylvania doesn't allow officials to start processing mail ballots until the mail-in ballots till election day. They are slow state official said. About 11 o'clock yesterday there was an estimated hundred and 5000 male boats mail-in votes to count on data submitted by the counties. So count them what's taken so long now.

Pennsylvania got an automatic recount if the separation between the candidates is .5%.

It seems like it's heading that direction. So meanwhile, when it comes to baby formula. This affect you directly or indirectly. I can't even say, help is on the way. The presence doing something people are urging him to do earlier other people like Peter Pat Pat says it's ridiculous. He's a former FDA associate Commissioner cut for its tough talk of smoke and mirrors and it's insulting to American parents.

Your mix of baby formula, rice starch, corn syrup and putting country from cows milk commodities, there is no shortage never been a shortage there is one less skew of baby formula because of a shortage so the Defense production act. It's it's it's smoke and mirrors. It's insulting in the presence things going flying baby formula from where there's no baby formula depot anywhere in the world and were to conflate to. I want to gets the US housing get distributed. American parents want to know when the problems would resolve not soundbites that are ridiculous. From the outset right so we make the announcement yesterday halfheartedly. Now keep in mind with the defense to production act.

It's been enacted. Gents sake had a totally different explanation on Tuesday. On Friday when asked about why the president hasn't done this sooner. Despite the fact that Peter Pitts is as I can help.

Anyway, cut. Here's what she said. Cut to the reason why it would have a longer term impact is because there production of 90 baby formula is so specialized and so specific that you can't just use that Defense production at the testator company that produces something else produce baby formula just doesn't work that way, exactly, that is something that could be a consideration over the longer term, and certainly there are ways that Defense production act has been used in other industries right as it relates to a chemical that is needed or a specific tool or part that is needed. So right now, of course, where keeping that option under consideration by the way, so she basically was either misinformed Friday or that's the fact of the present says this is just political cover. The so-called problem-solving carcass of the Republic is a Democrats together there to solve problems have in pushing him to do this so Karine Jean-Pierre yesterday was bothering she is the worst worst start ever does not know the issues reading everything out of a book does it did make it into non sequiturs is even help the story that you need facts and story go read your book. Get the stats down 4 to 5, 6/10.

I will do this on July 11 got it yet array to memorize all that you don't know even the substance of issues in your reading things that they wrote down for you that you're supposed to digest not read out to the American public.

That's indeed the problem so the big problem. No further for this ministration is the economy yesterday. They lost about 1100 points off the stock market might sit with Abigail not heavily invested but if you are I have a 401(k), a 529 your invested in so it will matter and you can always say don't look for new ministration says don't look I got a problem with that. You have to look you have to learn. That means that people are starting to say I'm pretty sure things are going to get a lot worse so I don't to be stuck hold the bag and that's why I'm on bail now neck so I want to talk about the door and report a little bit but on the economy when picked it up all had to do you do approve or disapprove the way Joe Biden telling the economy 32% approve. Really, how likely do you think it's that there will be an economic recession of the next year, 85% of you say it is somewhat and very likely and also what economic issues are worrying the American people. Number one the prices on gas and goods.

55% 26% cost of housing rent 10%. The stock market 4%. Your job situation.

For the most part, jobs or are pretty good but there is a road to these the biggest story is the I think oil and gas because we have enough here. It's like were born on rocks inside Ireland toward Japan when I'd were not isolated. We have all these materials and the ministration is going down south to Venezuela to a country we don't even recognize you doing deals of buying their oil, which put in the oil business.

They say they have the dirtiest oil in the world and yet were going to save the environment by not doing the cleanest oil and gas in the world and that is ours right now across the country to over four dollars a gallon in all 50 states.

The present says he's is laser focused on it, but he's discourage the investment in oil and gas companies by stopping the Keystone pipeline. He stopped $1 million a million barrels of Canadian oil every day. I believe candidate is our friend up. Still looking for more information on that. And now there's a big push in Michigan to stop the N bridge line 5 pipeline that brings 500,000 barrels of Canadian oil a day from Canada through the Lake Michigan and to the US. So with that information. The Dow slid 1100 points. I will use that big of a deal yet, but it very well could be just wait. They say that now some gas stations getting fitted for $10 a gallon.

That means adding an extra digit and you just watch they can start rationing gas because I get to say hey odd numbers you gave your house is the odd number or license plates. An odd number.

Go get gas today of its even go get gas tomorrow. That's first number in the Carter years. I'm sure that's comparison.

They don't want 1-866-408-7669 we come back I'll take your call. Finally, our only get to the lease in the dorm investigation with Mike Rogers, Brian kill me show politics and use that up. Thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian kill me precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News time tests done, for wherever you get your project Fox News podcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor through the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the bend on its podcast.

Listen now by going to Fox News talkshow that's real.

This is Brian kill me show our campaign had put a lot of energy and time into focusing on these absentee voters and focusing on the ground and and so that has paid off big dividends and there's a huge number about 50 ballots which were winning disproportionately and that's why a lot of competent guy when this because there's tens of thousands of outstanding absentee ballots and windows disproportionately and and that'll put me over the top and that's what you saw happen over the last 12 hours or so is mammoth sizes lead got cut by more than half because of the absentee ballot.

They came in right so that's what Dave McCormick feels look the Republicans can lose with either candidate at the Depaul very strong and very different. One thing is Dr. Oz and I spent a ton of money on heat Dave McCormick stuff McCormick said, did a lot of money spent a lot of money on hate men and as stuff stuff.

Here's what Dr. Oz said on Sean unless I cut 90 we have covered all counties to ensure that the ballots correctly counted this election is ours. We have done well, but I want to do today. That was the place to talk about unifying our party because those three front runners and their other candidates as well. All work their tails off, but we need to get you not to take on Fetterman. He mentioned earlier.

I am praying that he makes a full recovery as a heart doctor trained at University Pennsylvania.

I am optimistic, but this really comes down to what people in Pennsylvania want you will have a clear choice. Fetterman is to the left of Joe Biden is not equal the Bidens to the left so he supports spending. He supports restricting energy production which nurse, it's a big issue that drives inflation number one driver of inflation. Okay II know the downturn came out reportedly said to tell Dr. Zach like you want to hear in the elegiac which one is very hard for me to take it away from you. I think I think it's a mistake. There's no sign of any corruption.

There's no sign of that. If you had a fight yet accountable the ballot is that closeness can be a recount. You just say I want you.

I just don't do that and I I like the Dr. Oz is kinda doing their little bit but and and I love with Dave McCormick said, regardless whether come together after this, regardless of who wins, but he's confident he'll win. Usually most of the night late. It was a late surge by Dr. Oz and now they think they can get it with the military ballots in the mail and ballots but not everything goes through as expected. Obviously, so the other big story is the huge turnout for Republicans, despite the fact the Roe V Wade could be overturned. They thought that would energize Democrats. Not that I've seen Molly Hemingway's encourage, cut 26 Democrats and keep on saying that they're going to replace Republican voters with other voters, but it's actually really stupid that they thought that demographic change would harm the Republican Party.

Right now the Republican Party is a multiracial working-class party.

It has made tremendous gains in recent years with a wide variety of Americans of different ethnicities and economic classes because it's creating policies that are appealing to those people on what we saw in the last five or six years with an embrace of protecting the border of caring about middle-class workers taking on global threats to the country of not doing these never ending wars without a clear entrance or exit strategy that appeals to a broad multiracial group of people you might Hemingway put in perspective with the Federalists, I do think the Republicans getting smart when Democrats attack these corporations.

Republicans usually go to the corporations defense, but there will voting for Democrats now and big business will go ahead fend for yourself.

You're spending all this money on this woke stop and you're scared to death of being canceled like Disney like what you did in Georgia. You're on your own think they're backing off.

I know this really condemn anything would act. I think, raise incorporates is so stupid and shortsighted.

Just make sure not competitive with other countries. It doesn't bring in more or less revenue so Georgia, early voting is gotta be the big story on Tuesday right so George's early voting shatters records despite the election reforms remove the electric forms of will to make it a possible vote will George Racine already 539,297 ballots cast as of Tuesday, but like the cops each Thursday for our pay for outpacing the hundred 82,000. By this point in 2018 at the midterms. The numbers been outpaced. Those have outpaced those from 20 22 x 156%. So much for the Jim Crow 2.0.

My correct so much. We told our Republican surging the big story. Elon musk is said in the past. I voted Democrat because they were mostly the kindest party, but they have become the party of division and eight so I can no longer support them key said I would level. I will now vote Republican. Now watch their dirty trick campaign against me unfold right away. Tesla is removed from the S&P 500 they say because because it's of its worth. But Dow Jones indices, senior director and head of the ESG indeed DC's Margaret Dorn said in a blog post on Tuesday that Tessa was ineligible for inclusion in the index due to his it's Lois and PD GIA DJI ESG score which fell to the bottom 25% of its global industry peers must came back and says X on this top rated ESG exit 10 best. It's action is top-rated 10 best in the world for the environment, social and governance S&P 500. While Tesla did make it. ESG is a scam is been weapon eyes by phony particle justice worries. I mean how could a electric car like no other. Be not listed as the most environmentally friendly vehicle or amongst them in the world and it's not message particle attacks on me will escalate dramatically in the coming months. No problem lawyer a pallet fight back as if you can't feign off the attacks. Nobody can. And by the way dial.

He's very much in doubt when it comes to twitter visa found out that they did a independent audit, and 50% of Joe Biden's followers I believe are all fake a huge proportion of the 90 million following Elon musk are fake and the big question is his boss. Just trying to is holding out since it deals on hold. Is he holding out to get a better deal is he holding out for others that want to want to invest. I'm not sure, but which you have in in twitter is somebody who went in there, identified all the problems and they still didn't want him now. They seem to put the deal together say find you could have them and then Jack Dorsey says would turn that was behind the whole thing very much in support. Why would that be this liberal from Silicon Valley. Why does he want Moscow's hard to figure out politically, owning his baby.

My feeling is he saw how left-wing a God embarrassing it is, does want to behold for the court again so is gotta be on the board for a little while longer.

They could call it quits. He said Elon you gotta buy this twitter so free. He says I'm not abides.

I find it have any real followers era could affect the price and now if he walks away and takes the billion-dollar hit. He will leave twitter as just an empty carcass. Some of the questions and on a recent survey must deal to buy twitter remains on hold. So what should he do about Trump. Most people over 50% one Trump back on twitter. Should he continue to be bad. 54% said should be allowed back.

Yes, 38% said continued to be bad. That's a staggeringly low number. Twitter should want to back into it is you want to back because he created interest by a Bim out there tweeting talking policy.

Everyone was putting up his tweets that many people putting up tweets anymore and nobody will play late-night television anymore because it's so blatantly partisan.

It's not entertaining or interesting we come back what's going on. The door report update you on the trial as well as what Mike Rogers wants to do. Brian Kilby, Joe Fox news contests network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite contest will came close to Fox and friends we can to share my thoughts in a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture to politics and business so will just subscribe and listen Fox news contests radio show like no other and kill me were confident that if you wish, and session process turkeys concerns can be addressed. Finland and Sweden are working directly with her to do this but were also talking.

I spoke with my counterpart today.

Secretary blinking is meeting with his counterpart, perhaps as we speak in New York and we feel very good about where this will track to and Pres. Biden will express that confidence as we believe the president for Prime Minister of Sweden and that today, but the problem is turkey turned turkeys is auto. I don't know if I want these guys in on we kicked turkey out and what would it be upset if turkey was noninvolvement NATO me like you do you trust them anyway. Disco with early one Mike Rogers with this now former chair of the House permanent select committee on intelligence FBI guy to curse and walk back. It is always good to be back by so first off, I I love the news about Sweden and Finland love that they're here to bring you told there is total asset to the organization.

2% of the GDP already spent. They notified they know I do work with NATO and Turkey standing in the way. All I know, it's worth has exceeded his flight response meaning every time the Russians something nefarious why Obama close to the border sometimes cross the border. They have to scramble Jepson planes deal with it and over the last few years.

It's just not worse and worse and worse and so the respondent keeps going about 101 of the largest plain US claim of 35 owners NATO to try to deal with aggression so turkey fighting.

The reasons are. I do know it was there that they're trying to get a deal on the current want want other NATO countries to help them with the their cookie Turkish accordance problem trying to play but they haven't been a good NATO member works NATO member actually trying to cause problems for two we think we know members is infuriating. So I know this, it's totally okay if you don't, but does everybody have to okay it it has to be a totally unanimous vote you.

I think people can say no but they think they have to have I don't know what the number is, but they can so they can block you can block it but I think you can't get away so you despite basically thrown a red car down on the table. Anyone control the red car down and you didn't have to deal with doing so.

It's very interesting because Ukraine is doing so well but still think they've lost a lot of is the sum of their territory, including Mary Opal. It looks like and they're taking some of these five spiders that have surrendered and they're taking them deep into Russia. According to reports where there off these penal colony areas.

Weather often tortured so if you're if you're Ukrainian fighter with the incentive to not fight what you have to remember: surrounded food and supplies in and they were just being a little girl, this is were you not try to guess that this on the program a while back. We have to be careful that we so Ukrainian should fight the absolute top trench that might not be the best decision for the long-term Ukraine and so listen candidly. They probably should've tried to find a way to get those troops out of miracle and then recondition them to put a benefit fight against the rest of the article do we encourage that with Dr. Trafton's acknowledged probably not a great place for us to be north and so now think about it or tired you're beaten or not get good information there.

Hope in the thirst of the beast of mercy. Those surrenders really no other option so Russians can stay there liquor ordinance a long time.

We have to remember that we don't have laser weapons. Evidently the Russians might bring laser weapons, seceder fighting lasers will be extremely weapons in the past to disrupt things so a lot of times to think about or that's actually 100 states. Believe it or not those disrupt not take out other satellites will also round weapons; kind of distant elected energy that goes into a certain spot and can either take out a weapon system for such doesn't have. It's not like a Star Wars zapping one of the most it is more of a directed energy weapon spot that can cause serious damage to the weapon system and keep it was 12 minutes or very high points on both feet and wavelength talk with talking to Mike Rogers from timber house, and select committee, FBI background, I get to get to Dorman. Second, I want to get you to this this report to a New York Times at the by demonstrations developing plans to further choke Russian oil reserves with the long-term goal of destroying the country's central role in the oil production are they say a mage it's a major escalatory step that could put them on the other side with China Indian turkey siding with Russia. So we want to up the ante as you are about an inch, but it's great to know Europe is finally waking up trying, including Germany, and you desperately try to get other areas to get oil, gas and coal and making progress and maybe even write brush personally out the US is accelerating that you will could you tell me about this. Well, this is ultimately about the many, but we really should go out one thing Russian natural resources but don't have a lot other than that going on, other than military sales. And so what you will do is probably push in the end is a country pitch. It's a big power.

Economically, our 20 years or so trying to launch because the United States wants the court and so buying oil on it so India, something like a 700% increase in oil since both professionally and so you know we we have to think about all the consequent as I do think it's an important thing to do. You need to start starving the beast and the way to start that these letters are prudent as you cut off money that you can make China Indian even Turkey concentric lesson looking at doing nothing and came out recently that originally done something what all you click. Oh we have this global recession and down its recoil. So Morgan Ransom's not right but that's what's going to happen and so I do think it's an important message that that's what you can't sustain this will will make it much more difficult for you to sell oil in the world and I think those are probably with targets to do, but it also means you can't not have a starting point on meeting oil production also all consequent notes that companies have getting a permit getting permission to drill to do things so we need to step up our production is going to do that right that's right for, but you also need to win a populist production just like the rest of Venezuela to produce more and their lifting sanctions on Venezuelan oil at government. We don't even recognize that the oil experts tell me, is the dirtiest oil on the planet with no infrastructure. They plan to rot since 1998. What are we to how is he allowed to do this. I mean, don't the other is there a protocol that Congress must sign off on this. After all, we know not recognize that government executive branch legislative happen. The case to do that. So when he went after the ability to get natural resources out of Alaska. He's basically telling America is getting a finger would pull up to the pump right you just as they continue to say one thing I know know they have the ability to cut off Trudy's Executive Order's company to find produce and distribute gasoline basically to Americans was while the price is not been so it's maddening and the fact that they would go wherever they try to go to Saudi Arabia to take the phone calls because they didn't correlate the fact that we left them in the hands of a Romanian sponsor on and then went to ask a favor right so you can imagine my side don't seem to get the connection of all of these issues and what's good for the long-term interest United States and going to his belt good for the United States is no. Even Sen. Menendez Democrats as you do not do this. Someone five. If I can to the dorm report wearing D3 now Michael Sussman. We have noted also. Yesterday Mark Elias took the stand Jim Baker for about 45 minutes Mark Elias for about three hours. So essentially you're saying with durum is saying in the big picture is they set up something and while you are at CNN comes Rogers with they did is made everybody think that there was this huge trunk connection to Russian. They use this transmission. The cyber transmission between Trump organization and the alpha bank which is a Russia bank. It ends up being just a marketing contact they end up going to Michael Sussman goes to Mike Baker with the FBI, a lawyer with the FBI not investigator and since I got this information, any tweets, any taxes this to hey Jim, it's Michael Sussman.

I've something time sensitive and sensitive.

I need to discuss your availability for short meeting tomorrow. I'm coming into my own, not on behalf of a client or company want to help the Bureau and Sussman build the Clinton campaign first time. By the way, which showed he was representing Clinton and his argument is well everybody knows, however, the Clinton campaign he should've known him on that instead of just but yet would defy we actually taxed. Why should people care about this. Well first of all because he was taking advantage of relationships to try to get the federal which has incredible power investigation.

We all know that and in most cases further for the good in this particular case he was using and was back channel like the guys, not necessarily an agent working cases that the Bureau is a lawyer using this back channel to try to force feed information that I'm going to guess Sussman also knew was not accurate into the Bureau to cause a criminal investigation. We should all care about this could happen to anybody at any time for any reason.

If we allow this to go unpunished candidly and just one quick thing I would say I was a commentator at sea in minutes, I was the guy at CNN and CNN have to have therapy for know and I watch YouTube because it is something to Trump. Did you can't make excuse for he was totally unorthodox and everything and some stuff was acceptable in some stuff which is different up being better when he kept saying over and over again. This is a fallacy. This is a hoax that we find out that Sussman goes in and tells the FBI which other people like Mark Elias was reading the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, until the same story so now they did.

The New York Times has this story about a possible investigation about a Trump link to an alphabetical rationale for bank in the keeps on building up the story that doesn't exist then Jake Sullivan, who was now it would got a key position as their security advisor to this guy named president Joe Biden with the Clinton camp releases a statement about this alleged link. The link that Sussman plants with the FBI. A link that Eliasson others plant with the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and then they put out. This is really concerning. And guess what the CNN see MSNBC's all these other mainstream organization Washington Post start talking about the only reason Donald Trump when he colluded with the with the Russians to release Hillary Clinton's emails and there and he's subjective to would provide a prudent once or twice a night still because there were no types of financial dealings with the Trump organization. All this didn't happen and it took William Barta come in to put dorm in place to allow some of this truth to come out over the big picture big picture of. We should never allow the FBI to be used as a political tool. I don't care if it's Republican or Democrat, and I don't care what it we can't allow to happen. I am a former FBI agent incredibly disappointed that they would even allow themselves in the senior leadership at the time kind of participating in this game and it's hard for me to tell if they actually believe it or they knew Mike and I said you don't know it structurally believed it, you know, I really believe the information coming out on strapless was bad enough, but you also had another thing McKay who also you know ended up not being controlling fire from the FBI, not because of the like that was part of that obviously.

But it was because he was not truthful to them than FBI investigator, which by the way, and no charge with the thousand and one violation, which is lined and so all of that was very unseemly and I really do believe the FBI needs to reached out to grab themselves by the bootstraps you can never allow that kind of political decision-making. Because there are some gray areas in an investigation of just all which is what you hope the investigation eventually clears. But if you're pushing an investigation because you want to see what you want to see and that is a very dangerous place.

Pushback is nothing here and one FBI agents is nothing to investigate. But Peter struck took it and ran with it. Lisa page took it and ran with it. When you read their text to each other is at this relationship going. You see how much they hated Trump and hated Trump supporters and that's if that's not Brian kill meets assessment it's in their attacks. So like I you by the IG report on all of this is pretty statement surprises and get as much done. It was a pretty scathing IG Inspector General for laying out all of the problems that led up to including dishonesty since the senior leadership in the that is what we need to be concerned about and I again I am FBI got served proudly. We did great work chasing gangsters in Chicago, but this really I think so much consul talk to you again soon come to my pride also appreciated. We come back and squeeze in some calls. I promise. 1-866-408-7669 your knowledge base. Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me.

My dear friend and fellow late-night host Jimmy Kimmel has tested positive for color once again.

We wish him the recovery but I do want to point out getting colder twice this kind of thing is still my I have no choice to steal one of yours to. It's time for me. Tweets get better Kimmel is you can't get worse. Sad to hear the covert sidelined my third favorite Jimmy after Fallon and Dean sausage, Jimmy Kimmel has coded. Who cares, I only watch a show for the roots anyway.

Okay, I get the opportunity is still the bit that he's going to for a long time right now. Yeah, it's pretty good. I mean, the family believes God can double vaccinating in the twice Emmy's sake had a three, four times so they in their the big vaccination people. I happen just note I've never had it did get vaccinated didn't get a booster so I bought with a big push. Now you see this, I saw Newsday locally Newsday. It's a local newspaper year in public areas CDC's recommending and high transmit and a high case areas where masking gnomes were held at the Hopkins study the Hopkins studies. It only makes you 2% safer. We know it totally shut down conversation.

It's not good for you to exhale and then breathe back in you carbon dioxide enough and also is the fact that everyone is still getting now is Alden Maxine. And yes, it may be landmass 6 feet stand in the basement.

The role getting a virus and I getting get it at some point will likely hopefully if you're elderly you take all the properly pecan proper precautions that can be scary right can be scared.

Make your own decision. We mail Brian kill Michelle, thanks much. Don't forget one nation coming up. Now it's getting close Saturday at 8 o'clock or 11. We could set a DVR center for series Y New York City pressure office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. I would so glad you're here at the Brian kill me show you from a job, and had heard around the country heard around the world, especially in the Ukraine, where I think you pretty is really fighting freedom in the West.

I firmly believe that not just about them is growing since the Republican Party that we gotta stop writing checks.

I don't feel that way the bottom of the final Mike Huckabee thinks former contender for presidency, former governor of Arkansas court of the greatest guys you will ever meet. Also, Dr. Ben Carson at 20 minutes after the 17 Sec. of the Department of Department of Housing and Urban Development will talk about that as well as crimes you know in New York City alone, we lead the nation with an increase of club violent crime up 40%.

That is, to me insane.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. The allegations against this particular attorney I believe are the tip of the iceberg and that connection between fusion GPS Christopher Steele the fake dossier and others very high up in DOJ and FBI. How could all of this been going on.

Unbelievable. As Mark Meadows, former Chief of Staff of the prison coming together dorm is making his case laying the foundation for how the Russia hoax was created as Mike Sussman stands trial, but many others like Hillary Clinton have to be feeling the heat will discuss sale price myself as a moderate Democrat, in effect, I have ordered overwhelmingly for Democrats started overwhelmingly, sure I might never voted for Republican just to clear the selection.

I will wow Eli must primarily speaking is been a great start for Republicans is there turned out, the first 10 states far exceeds 2018. But before we look ahead to George on Tuesday.

We have to wait on a winner for the Senate race from this Tuesday in Pennsylvania for the latest on the GOP as they go head over heels for their newest voter Elon musk today when looking at the call, the Defense production act to ensure that manufacturers have the necessary ingredients to make safe, healthy infant formula here at home while take your time is to present to slow into tone deaf. That's with the by demonstration continues to be a case in point, there are only now using the DPA to Sprint baby formula to shelves after knowing about the shortage in February.

Plus they would wait to February today when FDA director, plus they now have to pause and assume blow up the ridiculous disinformation panel more than the second was go back to the formula so we know the Abbott lab in in Michigan is the problem we've known about that since whistleblower came out last fall we brought about in February because it's such a big company that mean so much we know. Currently, only 43% of the shelves are full that they normally would be for for baby formula, which can't be made or made up in people's homes, so the present was urged him to the defensive production actin is what Harold Ford said country you have to wonder one when a shot from a safety standpoint that we would have to stop producing. I believe that why wasn't this smart action taken to long term.

We need probably more production here in this country since we seem to have a limited number of produce baby formula that should not be the case. I do hope that the lost art form of people coming together, Democrats, Republicans alike trying to fix a problem after we allocate the blame and there's going to be assigned here that we figure out ways to not be in this situation ever again right how Ford always making sense, and as a Democrat to it's important just to not blindly to support something or go against something because your party like Joe mansion. For example, I Jen Saki was asked about the Defense production act and why have they done for the baby formula like the problem solvers caucus has done you know the shelves are bare wherever you go. I mean I was in Boston, Los Angeles and Long Island and all three have one thing in common are the shelves will bear totally empty into of the cases there will bowl the baby formulas behind the counter because you know how terrible people moms are. They try to buy extra because they might be out and they can make sure these horrible bombs don't get a chance to do that because remember, hoarding is the issue Jen Saki cut to the reason why it would have a longer-term impact is because the production of 90 that baby formula is so specialized and so specific that you can't just use the Defense production act. This case NATO company that produces something else produce baby formula just doesn't work that way, exactly, that is something that could be a consideration over the longer term, and certainly there are ways that the Defense production act has been used in other industries right as it relates to a chemical that is needed or a specific tool or part that is needed. So right now, of course, where keeping that option under consideration. Famously, the car companies board Chrysler GM converted their carved floors. Their manufacturing floors to make ventilators they did so. I guess Ford can be estimate baby formula.

So now will give give me the give me the Jeep, there might my kids love the Jeep formula. The best is opposed to the Ford so it doesn't make sense because you don't have a manual you have a manufacturing probably don't have a shortage we have the ingredients we have in place to make it so here's what Peter Pitts says that was Peter Pitts, former FDA associate Commissioner wise and important because the president didn't even have an FDA Commissioner.

Despite the fact he took over in a pandemic until February a full year plus listen to what he said about the reality with the present suing cup for its tough talk of smoke and mirrors and it's insulting to American parents don't mix a baby formula, rice starch, corn syrup and putting country from cows milk commodities, there is no shortage never been a shortage there is one less skew of baby formula because of a shortage so the Defense production act, which is a smoke and mirrors. It's insulting on the presence of a flying baby formula from where there's no baby formula depot anywhere in the world and were to conflate to want to gets the US housing get distributed. American parents want to know when the problems would resolve not soundbites that are ridiculous.

From the outset right so so Jen Saki might've been right. Welch used at that job on the new press secretaries actually awful does not know what she's talking about.

We do everything from a form sometimes from the wrong pages so just useless. You want legitimate information into a story. If you really want to approach it is supposed to fill in gaps for your story, but she doesn't even know the answers to which he says yes even mean here's more from Peter Pitts cut six the FDA inspected the building service Michigan. It was so horrible that quality safety protocols and had to close with and revelatory malpractice allowed to be open to the right thing. They also then reached out to all the other manufacturers and ramp up your production so we can help ameliorate this crisis and they did so these other manufacturers are cruising upwards of 30% more than I did before all to the good that the uptake stopped thinking working with Abbott to fix the factory but they should have put in place a really aggressive education campaign to tell American parents listen there might be shortages. Be aware of it, understand what's happening should talk to retail outlets to make sure there was no hoarding or panic buying and then been transparent and truthful American parents throughout the process. Here's what were doing. Here's how it's going to do that than the result was in May. Parents going to the retail stores. The children think they can lose and I don't take too much time away from Ben Carson. It's a terrible staff.

The cheapest app is awful. Does time meeting with the squad you have a secretary of labor is a show horse doesn't do anything including get rid of the supply chain issues. He could actually be defining himself and showing himself the MVP of that staff.

Instead, the MVP left it. Jen Saki, you might not like I which he said or smugness or or sly smile, but she was good at her job and I want somebody that's good at their job at J Johnson. I rather have Tom home and okay J Johnson truly good at his job that these people are dead in their terrible endings. I feel like you lazy people have told me because of Kobe. When you walking the white out the whole place is empty. We have working from home. There's no synergy for the rest of the departments and that is an issue was we come back Ben Carson's with us got a brand-new book out called created equal. The painful past confusing parents and tell hopeful future of race in America. This is the Brian Kilby show don't move your knowledge base Brian film late show. If you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about your writing kill me always. That is the present United States in Buffalo on Sunday and oh so you know it also is bad subway shooter who happened to hate white people, and also the Jews and eroded every could and he said it on video and put on YouTube presidential up for that just makes things worse. I'm not saying everything's perfect but we have got a whole lot better and Dr. Ben Carson knows firsthand he's got a brand-new book out to Ben course, I should say cocreated equal the painful past, confusing, present, hopeful future of race in America and I'm what I was lucky enough to get an early copy and endorse it. Ben Carson, welcome back to you. Just do your topic almost sadly was good to be in the news by the time you released your book and I would talk about white supremacy. You have a different perspective on white supremacy you like to live.

Did you remember the KKK was in the South right there's no question about what people need to recognize know we have changed dramatically in this country and there are those who wish to use the race as you issue is a copy of the big people into submission commit white people feel guilty and one of the consequences of that intentional on mountaintop sure about if you're feeling guilty you're not likely to be as vocal about some of things that are going on.

So when people start defunding the police letting dangerous criminals back out to terrorize not guarding our borders so that everybody could come in and if you're feeling really guilty stand in the corner with your head down and let it cause you that's that's not good for our country and it's not truly and then there are those who say that we're systemically race this country.

But if we were to some of the reasons why would reform the caravan chunking in here and when I got here when they call their relatives don't come here.

This place that's not what's going on and I think there are a lot of people who want to fundamentally change this nation who should say to you don't believe your don't believe your ears don't believe your heart, just listen to us will tell you what you're supposed to think and then similar to collect his 18-year-old's crops up kills people brutally in Buffalo and schism a white supremacy. They say I told you how bad white people are and is just to start thinking so the big story was a few years ago when I imagine you start on this book with black lives matter the George Floyd riots and you were still in office at the time used the Patrice colors was running I was running BLM but walked away for the job.

When she realized people actually wanted her to spend money on causes it help. Here's what she said is the cause of her problems when it comes to the accountability and the millions that are missing the way that the right wing media specifically has characterized the mistakes are truly anti-black. They are about this idea that black people, especially black women on how to manage money to manage funds of knowledge, to do with money and and the reality is, if any organization receives tens of millions of dollars and 1 to 2 months time. Everybody would be trying to figure out what you do with it will have a leave fair into you figure it out. Is it really is racism because people want to say where is the money of course and the black lives matter. You know they took it down off the website, but their anti-nuclear family and know some of the concepts that they are against the very things that lead to success. For instance, there are those who talk about the wealth gap. How 5 to 10 X black families to what families and it's true, but I'm not denying that is true, but I we talking about the right reasons. Is it really because the system agree because if you look at Canadian families and Nigerian families. Black also in this country professional will and what you notice about those families on the Nigerian family the best fish agree is the baseline that's where you start yet and there's a tremendous emphasis on family and family structure.

Now traditional black American families who also hold those values. Also, very little or no well So is it possible that maybe were looking at the wrong stuff to send you this time with you was segregation. They did tell you will Blacks in the certain pill parts of this country that you experience you don't sit here you don't use this water found you don't use it was the Jim Crow era.

Why do you have no anger and bitterness from those days. Why did you grow from and overcome it. Other poverty, single-parent family bomb being illiterate. You become one of the nations the world's premier brain surgeons and very successful secretary of HUD what why do you harbor no bitterness. Dr. Carson because I look at the big picture.

You know my mother never accepted excuses excuse came out of her mouth mixing out of her mouth and call yourself blank and the next question was, do you have a burning dance was just a way to spot and when you live your life that way and not really looking for other people to blame and they may have a problem with you but that's their problem is my mother use the links if you walk into racist, bigoted people, you have a problem. They have a problem because there are going to cringe and wanted to benefit next to and that's cut from half sleep about focus on the real problems. Don't let everybody else's problem to your problem. I also have to say that America has changed from manically during my lifetime when I was a kid.

It was a big deal when a black person came on television and I'm not sure about all you called everybody down to watch it was just a big deal now in today's world, and much in the same lifetime the very same lifetime.

We have black admirals and generals and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and foundations of university presidents, including with the look of a black president classroom but to sit there and say that things have not changed is absolutely absurd that we haven't reached Nirvana and you know we need to reach a point where we see people as people and that's what Dr. King was talking about. He longed for the day. Pooley gentry from the color of their skin but the content of their character and I think a lot of us have reached that point, there are those who want us to think that we haven't reached that point that were still full of hatred and bigotry. There are some who are like that. I will readily admit that I don't think that's the majority of America by any stretch of the yeah I think this book is called the painful task of using present hopeful future. The race in America. You gotta read this book.

Gotta get it. Dr. Carson will have 20 seconds left with you. Hotel Trump runs again I would not be opposed to that at all, but I hope he runs again. You can let some things roll off his back and don't have to respond everything will be great to listen to you. I don't think this is the world he respects more than you Dr. Carson. I know that for a fact for very good reason. Like you there's nothing he can't do and this will be a bestseller. Dr. Ben Carson. Thanks so much. Congratulations on the book. Thank you for benefit. You got it" created equal, downloaded, you won't regret it back with Mike Huckabee you listen, the right to show some pleasure radio that makes you think this is Brian kill me to show what do you say a woman crying for. Do you believe in that man can become pregnant and have abortions. That is a democratic witness outerwear that will do even though the topic Allison for that. This is the idiocy were dealing with in our schools.

Among the walk amongst us. The crazy things you been reading about and when you push back. They try to cancel you go to my company doesn't care about that. He's got his own show is because own studio is building you can see that it should be done is assumed that naturals can be the Huckabee land Mike Huckabee joined just as factors contribute a former Arkansas governor Mike look back, I may have to cut short because I'm very concerned I'm about to go in the labor may have to rush to the emergency room and onto maternity what is good is going on me to believe that doubt that the congressional that's congressional testimony it's the craziest thing I've ever heard Brian. We all grew up believing there men and women and if somebody has once said there's a difference between men and women and people of different but now we have people who assignment can be women. Women can be man and you just do it by imagining you have the surgery anymore. You just wake up one day and say you know what kind of feeling famine and I think I'm going to be a woman and how this is supposed to work out biologically, is beyond me. I'm tired of hearing the people on the left, tell me to follow the science when they seem to reject science that most of us learned when we were in the first second third grade about boys and girls in the differences so you decide this woman's name is Amy are are indeed cheesy sector director of abortion rights in nonprofit Texas company. She was asked by Dan Bishop to define what a woman is when she responded.

I believe that everyone can identify for themselves, and then he says all right to believe that a man and woman can get pregnant and then you chances a man can get pregnant to believe that a man can become pregnant. Have an abortion. She said yes.

He woke one point what planet is she on what I would think the follow-up question okay. Can you give me any examples and can you document. When a man has been pregnant and when he's had an abortion should she run abortion clinics near abortion advocate. Can you give us some insight into that because we found zero evidence that any person who has male characteristics and male DNA has been pregnant or has had an abortion and if you have some indication that that's the case, we sure like to see it because that would be some amazing scientific discovery and would you be at the forefront because I'll have this tape to show you requested it first absolutely right as I want to be on the forefront of science. I've always wanted to be a pioneer in the trailblazer and I figured if I went into labor. Not just because of my gender. But it my age I'm in a 66-year-old male giving birth. Listen that she stored Brian, you gotta admit rights I mean and you see semi-real problems we have right now you see how much stuff is going wrong in this country we have gas.

The gas station is now preparing to put down an extra digit $10 to prepare for $10 a gallon to get back. They also said not only will you be more expensive. We might have to ration back to even and odd days in which we get it, were asking Venezuela to pump more. We can release the sanctions on the terrorist regime sponsored by China, Russia and Cuba would probably do the same thing with the Ron and at the same time, you know, obviously obviously we know it's going on with the baby formula that we don't have enough because of manufacturing problem, but we have reacted to it governor you you would never yell governors are in charge for the not doing everything I think the president has the worst staff in the history of the White House lawn mustard white person running the country right now is the person was operating his Teleprompter. I'm convinced Joe Biden doesn't even know what's in his Teleprompter but he just reads it is very much like and I thought Elon musk description was perfect is like Ron Burgundy on anchorman reads whatever is put in front of no matter how ridiculous it is what you just mentioned, Brian.

It's what I wish every American would stop and think about this country has enough oil and gas resources to take care of us. Even with increased use for for 500 years and that's assuming we don't come up with any new technology that we just use what we currently have.

But if you add to that the capacity batting nuclear and end green energy will find without but it needs to be efficient and affordable, neither of which is the current rate for what we need, but Joe Biden has declared war on what we have in order to dream about what we don't have and what were not going to have to the foreseeable future, and the result is a gut punch to every American family and if they don't understand that elections have consequences. To quote Barack Obama served more of these ridiculous prices empty shelves at the grocery store 20% hike in groceries double the cost of fuel from what it was when Joe Biden took office and millions of people pouring across the border that their taxes are going to have to pay for. This is beyond insanity.

It has to stop. I would think so governor I watch the dorm trial that I think about your daughter.

How many days had to get up there and say to talk about the issues of the day. Talk about some latest rumor planted it CNN or MSNBC of the Washington Post and New York Times about what about the Russia collusion with the Trump organization and with Donald Trump to become president and now we find out after I read the home of the report. Note no conclusion was that there was no collusion there was some disturbing contact. Nothing of note, but was on both sides with her turns out to be. If we keep it on the dorm report when she was getting all this pressure because of her hacked emails that leaked out how black she was about her own security and how ridiculous she was with her own policies is all that got into the mainstream. She wanted distraction, so along with her staff to use context of the FBI contacts in the media and created this scenario where Trump and Putin were together, and now it's being unwound.

If people would pay attention of the Michael Sussman trial with the dorm investigation. What do you think will come of this and how close you watching this well it's very concerning that the judge is allowed some jurors on that jury were Hillary Clinton donors. Some were Sierra Club donors and members, people who are clearly at one who said what. I will strive to the best of my ability to be fair, not that I would be but I'll try.

That's really concerning because only one juror has to decide the person is innocent or not guilty in this trial is over. Now the good part is the information will come out and people can see that there was absolutely collusion but it wasn't Trump of the Trump campaign. It was Hillary Clinton and millions of dollars that she paid in order to create this only thing that the Democrats continued to push when they knew it was a lie.

But here's an interesting thing. The person who is his that the judge's wife works for him is a close associate of get ready Merrick Garland so don't. Do you not see some kind of interesting connection going on is just beyond users like you can't make it up here is what Devon said about that 28.

If this case was not brought in DC on short-term had to bring the case to DC. There is no way that Sussman would not apply guilty. Sussman's best case right now is that he can get one or two jurors to hold this to let them off Scott free.

If not, none other story adds up. So the good thing that we are learning from this is that for the first time Durham is actually able to bring direct evidence that Mark and Jim Jordan some as we didn't have some of this direct evidence. We only have circumstantial evidence so and he's talked about was coming forward in my Mark allies was on the stand for three hours know he's that evil lawyer behind so much diabolical things to come out here so you think about this governor bad enough happened during the election, but he picked up steam after he became president and you talk to the present off-line. I don't think I know how much he likes you and your family.

I mean, how much did that way on him. A clear distraction is not to be. I think it was less a distraction for him that would been for almost any other human being because so much just falls off. But there's no way you can have that kind of pressure be impeached twice. All only evidence and nonsense and I just feel like that. There are times when people need to step back and ask why are we not investigating the level of corruption. Clear Cooper. The judge's wife and Jeffers actually is an attorney who represented Lisa page and the two of them were married Cooper and Jeffers were married by Merrick Garland. So it's even worse. It's just it's crazy that all these people are all tied together and then we're supposed to believe that there to be completely objective when they walk in the Cortland.

It's it's beyond belief that that would happen just France's sense it's breaking right now. The present United States. Historically, will be ease at the White House. Now with the other leaders of Sweden and Finland was formally partitioned to join NATO.

This is unbelievable.

They are true assets to the alliance now and one other thing Turkey might be standing in their way. I see you kick out turkey if that's the problem it's always been a little weird to me that Turkey was in military facilities there. Probably that's why they were ever placed, but they have become increasingly radicalized, especially under order one and there no longer as much an ally to the US entered democracies of Europe as they are an ally to Russia and to Vladimir Putin so it may be time to realign NATO and decide, hey stand for democracy and who wants to stand for totalitarian government and radicalism and make the decision and reformat just got back from Israel. I know the CUNY system in the city. The city system wants to go back to defunding Israel because of the way they treat the Palestinians, could you describe with things like over there so suddenly the cadence of terror attacks are coming back with the squad who keeps talking about this nonsense are insane their delusional the Palestinians are treated far better than any Jewish treated in the Palestinian Authority, or in a Muslim country, Israel holds only one 615 of the landmass, as is controlled by Muslims.

So when you hear people say one of the Israelis give up land. Well, they did. They gave up ganja and wanted that get them thousands of Katyusha rockets fired into civilian targets in Israel attempting to kill children and civilians. So if if there is really a push to say let's have a Palestinian nation fine the Muslim nations have 650 team times the landmass is central pickup a few hundred square miles and created but there actual Muslim serving the Israeli Knesset. Can you name one to lose in the government of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen) now because there aren't any. So there's just a a lot of lies that are told and most of it is the irrational anti-Semitic hate that comes from people like Rashida to leave Ben Johan Omar, these are dangerous people very very sad and hateful ideas. Mike Huckabee thanks so much. Always good to hear from you. Thanks.

Trying to talk you all right be still in the eye of the storm.

1-866-408-7669. We have out while I'm watching see if anything relevant comes up it is good news. Sweden and Finland here in America to make sure they have our support for joining NATO what Russia knows how much this operation has backfired on them.

In Ukraine something new every day, Brian kill me show you hear it all. Brian kill me show and don't want government involved in neither. What I think is important that our government get involved when we have real threats to our national security. Just add things like election interference between scene in which DHS has combated all sound threats at the border disinformation that is driving people to migrate here is information that could affect critical infrastructure like our financial systems and gas pipelines very real effects for the safety and frankly I think DHS and other federal agencies need to be involved because this problem isn't going away. It's only getting worse.

Couple of things that is the former disinformation secretary Czar.

She said after she found out there pausing the program. She resigned no kidding would embarrassment she is I and then she wanted ahead and does his video of imitating her critics on video, which is so unbecoming.

Somebody was a cabinet secretary were supposed to be serving the White House so the disinformation committee with display orchids, who's probably the worst serving secretary of ever seen. Totally ineffective and a liar comes out and says oh by the way, I know will focus on the portable we have at this information, we have a disinformation team with the czar and they been a place for three months. Usually disinformation whose assignment who is this person, we find that she put together some parity she loves musicals not no joke, no malarkey, and she is a blatant partisan even though Mallorca says the person is a nonpartisan, and what she's describing about getting information telling other countries not to come here and stopping them from advertising come here through human traffickers. That's the State Department's job. That homeland security shop weary of people in place there.

Step the consulates we don't need her so she's out, she's done boo as Vic Ramaswamy told me today are cyber expert, a self-made multimillionaire. He said I'm not convinced they disbanded the team. I'm not convinced that they're just trying to get the power of the pressure off but she want to had embarrassed herself, and then she is out of a job and I think that and I don't know who's going to ever hiring government mean if did anyone even look at her background say what wait a second. You wait a second. I'm not sure somebody was this type of work online in a YouTube channel with her singing and mocking Rudy Giuliani will be a nonpartisan play when it comes. This is information so here is may orchids actually making the announcement was in Cisco 13,000 starters consistently misinform the public about the hunter by laptop story and spread the lie that it was Russian propaganda. She has consistently spread false and misleading claims about the steel dossier which we now know was actually itself a piece of Russian propaganda.

Here she is on our August 7, 2020 promoting Christopher steal the student to help longer Russian propaganda including lying to the FBI about it here she is lauding him because you social media and the public to launder propaganda herself. You aware of this information.

When you chose her. I was not what how could you not be did you do any research on her center center. I will not discuss the internal workings of the hiring process. Case in point nobody does any work at this ministration they are lazy, inefficient, incompetent, unwilling to roll up their sleeves and be good which also presents an opportunity when we team if you go out there and you play hard on any level in white-collar blue-collar jobs in sports or in life, you will stand out more than you should nobody's doing their job. There actually I like I said either. Jen Saki was the best for which he had to do. People in mind I like your approach but nobody could doubt that she was competent and was the best messenger for that White House. They lost a lot with this new one. Thank you much was ever bright to me Joe if you want to know about history when the war in history for a my books up site is Fox News radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. Thanks for being here, but if the Brian kill me Joe from midtown Manhattan, where crime is up 40% but I will let it bother me. And of course, where 46 heard around the country heard around the world by Dana Perino's coming up right after her TV shows over which is right now in the martini's and the thought of the our former chief speechwriter for George W. Bush. Fox News contributor, Washington Post columnist will discuss the kind of historic I think it's great news.

I write out the Swedish present speaking Sweden and Finland will both join together NATO there applying what he's asking the prisoners it is asking Congress to approve it.

I hope they fast-track it and get every vote. The simple vote for. They say why we doing it. It makes NATO stronger, no question about it, and chose what a loser move total of swing and message was for Russia who are paying a economic and political price. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsor file I facts save a life and a choking emergency visit life to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three. The allegations against this particular attorney I believe are the tip of the iceberg and that connection between fusion GPS Christopher steal the thing dossier and others very high up at DOJ and FBI. How could all of this been going on the upcoming together.

Durum is making his case in laying the foundation for how the Russia probe really got started, Michael Sussman, Stan Straub, Mark Elias was on yesterday.

Jim Baker was also one for 45 minutes yesterday will all things point back to Hillary Clinton eventually will the DC jewelry be bias left trust myself as a moderate Republican in effect. I have ordered overwhelmingly for Democrats started overwhelmingly. I'm not sure I might never voted for Republican just not met the selection I will yeah but you hear that this election, he will primarily speak he's been a great start for Republicans.

Their turnout for the first 10 states exceeds 2018 by a mile. We still don't have a winner in Philadelphia for the Senate race but I'll tell all eyes are to be Tuesday for Georgia as the president's candidate, former Sen. Purdue was having a hell of a time trying to catch the sitting Gov. Gov. Brian Today when looking at their call, the Defense production act to ensure that manufacturers have the necessary ingredients to make safe, healthy infant formula here at home that is Joe Biden to slow into tone deaf. That's with the vitamin stretching continues to be a case in point there now using Defense production act for baby formula now that almost all the shelves of bearings, we have no alternative. Plus they wait till February to name an FDA director and they pause and assume blow up their ridiculous disinformation battle two weeks after it was announced solely for Dana, but in the meantime, let's talk a little. Let's talk about what the president did here he is announcing the Defense production echo one today when looking at their call.

Defense production act to ensure that manufacturers have the necessary ingredients to make safe, healthy infant formula here at home are directed to Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services to send aircraft plans overseas to pick up infant formula that meets US health and safety standards so we can get on the store shelves faster right. But the problem is it's we have the ingredients we don't have the proper lab to put it all together because Abbott labs is been down think the whistleblower came up and stuck it to them for having shoddy work practices and we had no plan B shadow FDA director. That's part of it there's a lot of people in the FDA but there's no and obviously that they cared enough to step up and blows me away because people do do those jobs not for money, not for fame. Certainly they do it because a filly can get back to the government and have the skill set to be successful. Britt, you is impressed with the move cut seven well do you want to fly sooner and how this crisis will become a crisis when it ministration has said this was a problem some months ago they shut that down here in this country in this country. So once again it looks like it ministries is on the case.

Finally, you never expect to see the present United States suggested sitting on the resolute desk baby formula, here we are, absolutely. He's talking to Gerber's he's talking to him and was all show because he learned nothing, thanks for calling and then he says he's my Dick Defense production act, which can change Peter Pitts was on. As a former FDA Commissioner was on this morning and he said he is absolutely incensed that the presence doing this cut for its tough talk of smoke and mirrors and it's insulting to American parents ask a baby formula, rice starch, corn syrup and putting country from cows milk commodities, there is no shortage never been a shortage there is one less skew of baby formula because of a shortage so the Defense production act. It's as if smoke and mirrors.

It's insulting on the presence that he can flying baby formula from where there's no baby formula depot anywhere in the world and were to conflate to want to gets the US housing get distributed. American parents want to know when the problems would resolve not soundbites that are ridiculous. From the outset. I let's talk about the election.

If we can. We have McCormick still against Dr. Oz. There's about 1200 votes separating them to submit there's a sense of the court Since they have more mailing ballots their way is got a military background in military ballots for the most part have not been counted yet that he could make up that difference that Oz has over him. Remember, he led most of the night surge ahead of him. He was up by about 2500 yesterday is down to about 1200.

Now I have not seen the ticker yet today but the Wall Street Journal says Pennsylvania doesn't allow officials to process mailing ballots. That's why until election day. That is why things have gone so slow. State officials say as of 11 o'clock. It was 105,000 ballots that were not counted. If it if the distance between both candidates is .05%.

This automatic recount, which means you might have a Georgia result before you with Herschel Walker running on the right along with Brian Looking to get the nomination again. You might have a Georgia result before you have a Pennsylvania result so far hundred 75 days to the midterms, the Dems turnout is been down 29%. The GOP turnout is at 60% up 13% from two 2012 and even more from 2016. So we come back I'll talk to Dean about that. I want to get into the dorm probe with her and see where she thinks this is going. There is a lot of interest in it.

I can't tame a very smart people said to me what exactly is going on with dorm on that window don't move the fastest growing talk show in America. Your fastest three hours and radio is your only my represent. I am a black gay immigrant woman. The first of all three of those to hold this position so yeah that was whatever first statements and I'll tell you I've never seen anyone struggle like that the imprint is with me right now and the thing that bullet struck me is it not so much being nervous. Randy just like she just had no instinctive answers to things Dana Perino coanchor America's newsroom of the five author of everything will be okay everything will be okay. Still in paperback. Now Dana welcome.

Thank you think I such an assignment. I like I said that Jen Saki was like there most competent member, no doubt ministration anyone of the things that she had was when a presence at the podium and sometimes that is instinctual is your newsman instincts but also her experience level was incredible because if you think back to the Obama days. She was the State Department's best person and she is to get just, every day by James Rosen is to be of a Fox and Matt Lee of the Associated Press. A lot of issues if you remember about a State Department lot issues writers Ron and you had on Isis. The rise of ISIS amongst other things, North Korea out of around when Jen Saki comes the people kind of surprising because there were a lot of people around the Biden team that were never elevated Simpson on Sanders who was on the Biden campaign team. It was seeming that would be a natural person to put up at the podium. She is very experienced as a spokesperson as she hadn't only been in punditry before she had actually worked on these campaigns knew the press corps.

They didn't give her the job and I think Ron claim probably wanted something that was more of a steady hand might be able to jump on in here and help us with all these things were going on on foreign policy wise things for me. That really helps why I was so happy being the deputy to Scott McClellan and then to Tony Snow and Tony Snow was a very different press dictate super generous and the willingness to allow me to fill-in for him at the podium and to travel with the president and to be in the meetings with the president and he also had been briefed the president before, press conferences, so he was very much hands-off.

He wasn't worried about face time with.

Yeah, that was so big for me. One thing that surprises me for this team here at this White House because of COBIT and their concerns and they don't have a lot of interaction with the boss and one of the things it would be to have instincts but it's also to be a mistake. I just talk to the president about that yesterday, and here's what he said and they don't have that capability but would this would stop her from going be with the president on on every major meeting is never Tony Snow wanted that before he went he said no if you could preclude me and only me yes is an easy ask for Tony Sapp as Ari Fleischer had not Scott McClellan tonight at night was that not a question.

I do think that in previous white houses and that people in the communications officer. The press office got cut out thinking particularly of Dede Myers going back to the Clinton Administration where nobody told her that the claimant was going to bomb Iraq are at the town. Nancy's me to check to try to take out Osama bin Laden question number that was the missiles into a tent and it ahead of time camels but whenever that line was from the 2000 campaign so nobody told Dede Myers that that was happening because they thought it would protect her.

Instead, it ended up Making it look like she had one was ignorant out of the loop are lying to the press. None of that none of those things were true. So after that I think that the relationship and the closeness between a president and a Press Secretary really improved right so she could do that since he is unaware like sometime people have a halting delivery and I talked about that.

I was just talking about you read her comebacks.

I did this I did sales in our college and they would have always come back from people you want to make the purchase. If all these comebacks to read off the boy is reading verbatim. Hey listen, don't worry about the money. The money to pay her.

She just knew how to handle this sixpack of beer to you yet understand three-step at this thing I had to cheer really want to totally inappropriate was all over the map of this matters matters because you need somebody that's going to.

If the president can't fully articulate it all for himself.

You need somebody who is going to do that for you and perhaps with more additional practice. She will she will get there and the thing is you don't want to practice on game day. You want to practice beforehand and part of that is one that is only as good as somebody who knows all the policy you have to be a policy. I heard and you actually also have the talent to articulate it very well understood. So looking at was happening right now. I cannot believe the series of events and I now just I want to play something different. You just came off three-hour show is it to Gary.

I will try to get you what I'm doing this year on I realize Harris that the last hour so the Defense production act. It is now enacted so Peter Pitts is on this morning a Fox difference versus a former FDA associate Commissioner and by the way, how do you wait a year and 1/2 without FDA Commissioner in the middle of a pandemic that tearful.

How do you not have an ambassador to the Ukraine. That is your fault. So here is Peter Pitts cup for its tough talk of smoke and mirrors and it's insulting to American parents don't mix up baby formula, rice starch, corn syrup and putting country from cows milk commodities. There's no shortage never been a shortage there is one less skew of baby formula because of a shortage so the Defense production act, which is it smoke and mirrors.

It's insulting on the presence things going flying baby formula from where there is no baby formula depot anywhere in the world and were to conflate to want to gets the US housing get distributed. American parents want to know when the problems would resolve not soundbites that are ridiculous.

From the outset, this issue for me is emblematic of all sorts of problems in the ministration all in one. They don't have an early warning system, probably because they don't have an FDA Commissioner who could come to the White House and say excuse me, Chief of Staff meeting with the president be a problem here. This plant shutdowns and we need to do XYZ to make sure the baby farm enough iMac, nobody's doing. Also, the media, they are so worried about former Pres. Trump that they don't cover any house that is happening in Washington DC every single federal agencies to have a reporter from the different organizations assigned to the spaces so there was somebody at the agriculture department somebody at Health and Human Services Summit and energy Summit Justice, etc. while after cutbacks over the past few years there's nobody there.

So did use have the White House reporters spying this young Karen Jean-Pierre is no answer not succeeding have that Jan Saki on May 13 at the Defense production act is not something you can use in this baby formula crisis, heresies really up in arms about the Roe V Wade Scotus decision that we don't have yet, but she can't make herself ask, how dare they close. He wants to indict somebody who are you going to night that she's been around the bite and is really really bad, and there's that they're so they still want to blame every one else could do at the podium is to have some of those phrases like I understand why you're asking that I fasted as well. Soon as I get a better answer YOU in the meantime he say what were doing or that's a good question.

Let me freeze-frame it because I think this will get to your answer.

You can use something to help give yourself brain couple minutes to just like get to where you want to land on an answer couple of the disinformation is our there was a great idea.

I really think it worked out well, so a lot of things really put the country together and so it's disbanded and then right after they did they put it on pause, Nina Janco, it's resigned, so was right after. Here's what she said, cut nine understand Americans concerned that they don't want government involved in policing speech and goodness that's an accident look wasn't involved in policing expansion. Neither was II think it is important that our government get involved when we have real threats to our national security.

Just add things like election interference which a scene in which DHS has combated all cell threats at the border disinformation and driving people to migrate here disinformation that could affect critical infrastructure like our financial systems and gas pipelines very real effects for the safety and frankly I think DHS and other federal agencies need to be involved because this problem is a going away, it's only getting worse. That's a long answer okay so on. The database is and as I said this board will never happen.

And as the patterns are going to repeat themselves. Do you remember when near Tandon was the person that the body ministration wanted to be that had an Office of Management and Budget, and they knew that they were going to be objections to her from the United States senators hang out there for weeks six can defender something they would let her talk. What happened reputation reliant they gave her a job inside the White House.

It doesn't need Senate confirmation. The ATF director same thing. The one who was member the communist lady to want to be in charge on the money now and again. So who is running presidential personnel for Biden.

I would say the Chief of Staff and biting themselves. They are responsible for these types of things Susan Rice as well and add her to that.

She's the head of domestic policy. Everybody forgets because she so quiet now that she's right there. This will defend her for a second. Nobody in the government decided to legislate America, but we think the problem is to solve it lets us hire this woman gave her no protection and not to anybody not look at any other tweets or any reference to just put out there and then DHS said you're not allowed to defend yourself. So she sat there for four weeks being horrifically made fun of the summit was on the merit sure that now she's out there with a terrible reputation because the administration wasn't prepared to do that like working hard to get her set up for success. Try anything to present her to terrible staff has done him no favors easily to just about every major decision and then blames us Fox, okay good talk show that's getting you talking with Brian kill made endorsements. The most powerful political endorsement in American history. Without a doubt. We understand that the country has common sense is Republican Party is the party common sense and regular people Democrat party is the party a craziest.

There's a reason. 7/10 of our fellow citizens think the countries on the wrong track in my time in politics. I don't ever seem wrong track numbers that that that's because America has common sense and the understand that Jerry never the chairman of the Judiciary Committee to approve that witness. They went out and got that witness to come testify that shows you how much they are with reality and with the American people and why I think as you said in his Clay said it's going to be a good night for Republicans on November 8 and that means a good night for the country will see the princes doing good with his endorsements present an automatic bid to the finals. It's deftly not a hall pass, especially seeing that now with Dr. Oz and Dave McCormick, Marti's and George's now how do you feel Mark in the wash Post comments. Fox's contributor you feel so Trump is doing so for 10 states in well and a lot of the people you so racking up a number of media watch, and in general there there there there really is a confidential manner in Eminem is clearly decisive and great event, but if you look at the polls before Trump endorsement. Vance was at about 23% ended up being 32+2121 so about one in 10 Republicans move to what Donald Trump set right.

It's about the same with that with that with Dr. Coles went up about 10% when Trump endorsed so you know when you got a crowded field, then moving 10% of the electorate is predicted made a different frame victory and defeat. Butting in Ohio 60% of Republicans voted for somebody other person not Donald Trump endorsed in Georgia you know where they were very crowded field. Just his nominee again. The superior candidate against my account to produce going across right now so you know it's it's it's it's it's I would if I was running for public and primary Trump endorsement but not a habit but it doesn't mean that he's got his grip on the Republican Party that they snap and what he says I just think that you wisdom shows that Oz is up by about 1200 Lancaster seems to have a lot of military ballots and McCormick is says he's originally from there in the most mail-in ballots of God him he could make up the difference. We might be looking at a recount anyway. What would you do this. I look at two strong candidates. Do you yeah I do think that were so close to call you when we are we don't know where which way to go but I think I think one of them could win and I think it's going to be a very good very good year for Republicans in November data where NBC news shows that there is a nationally 17 point gap between Republicans and Democrats with 17 points last summer was that I was in 2010 and they walked to the house so but it's also critical to remember in 2010. One of the big problems we had was that we lost we didn't take control of the Senate because the Republican Party nominated for the people of Sharron angle will end up bursting O'Donnell in Delaware say I'm not a witch and so we lost a lot of winnable races so it's it's really important that we pick William F. Buckley maxim which is support the most conservative candidate who can win and we need to do and looking at what's going on right now you look at what's happening in this country. Yes, it is guesses. It is high as six dollars a gallon with some people get ready for $10 a gallon. We know it's happening the borders about your worse with goodbye title 42, the Ministry of truth is been the biggest disaster. I can remember just flat out embarrassment. The market dropped 1100 points today it's down to hundred and 37 points baby formula disaster on top of that, and now he's scrambling to go to our enemy nations to get more oil like Venezuela.

I mean what is going on here. I mean literally that Carol came back from the Reagan Ranch were literally left in 1970 inflation out of control. Gas price is out of control. We had a US ally overtaken by Islamic radicals and Russian expand their expenses roster just invaded an area. One of its neighbor that mean, and we got it we got a relative new business with Libya. Literally as the 1970s all over again able to see where we go from here because I think you present the present. You had a president Jimmy Carter was nuclear scientists and a veteran and a governor you have this guy who clearly lost his fastball and his nobody around him who makes you think you know that's the Jim Baker or you know that's there you would have your say about Rahm Emanuel. No one ever said by the he's incompetent you know like his style, but he knew he knew what to get things done. I like Jay Johnson. I remember Jay Johnson was pretty strong with the other previous ministration, but Axelrod was extremely competent even if you didn't club like his tactics getting Obama elected twice. You respected them who around the president do you respect and people who got away in the way they correct him constantly.

Publicly the people who see him close up nobody's not completely there. It's the worst presidency of my lifetime. And if you think back to that cardinality and we were still paying for the mistakes the Carter minister made the whole crisis we have with Iran in the array you know the Iran nuclear deal and romp that was because of Jimmy Carter in there so many parts of the world where we are all paying the price or have me paying the price for the Biden presidency, even if it's only four years long for for generation loss describing what she sees. Along with this White House to 23 party is overly overly controlled by the union spent by Tyler.

Specifically, the class-action lawyers and generally if you see something that doesn't but is not of the people on the Democrat side, because of unions, which is another form of and the travelers that that's work actions will be happier front Democrats either not interested people to survive.

He is simply too much captured by unions word which is not the case with Obama so McKay so you can have quite reasonable and I think each of more overview of Europe, since it takes her concerns. The earrings in your account but they're bigger bigger issues at stake. Biden is not yeah I mean and that's the least of it and I think you know I'm a little bit on blogging are glad to welcome you all got away. But you know it's not the union or just one element of the left even completely captured by the progressive movement in that convinced him the worst thing that ever happened to Joe Biden with winning the Georgia because he promised to be bipartisan if they if he would have to be bipartisan. It would have no choice but instead they gave him the delusions of grandeur that he could be a new FDR note no one elected him to be a new FDR but he doesn't have FDR like majority 50-50 Senate got a handful of votes in the house that the mandate for compromise and make convinced that it is all of Democratic Bothell ran for all the spending will get our gender through and you can be the new FDR and he got yeah man 00 people voted what people voted for Joe Biden to be normal things to go back to normal and do not not have constant chaos and and I didn't write in my voted for Trump but a lot of Americans voted for him and he's not giving them what they want, which is why his approval is plummeted. Why he is why most Americans don't want him to run for second term and and why why Republicans afford to take back some huge miscalculation on their part 45 minutes ago, the leaders of Sweden simply came out and slowly got the endorsement of Joe Biden to push for the application to going to NATO and ascended to confirm it swiftly. We know Turkey standing in the way of this so far. Here is what Jake Sullivan said cut 3030 confident that at the end of the day filling in Sweden will have been effective and efficient session process.

Turkey's concerns can be addressed in in Sweden are working directly with her to do this but were also talking to the Turks to try to help facilitate I spoke with my counterpart today. Secretary blinking his meeting with his counterpart, perhaps as we speak in New York and we feel very good about where this will track to and present. Biden will express that confidence as we believe the president for Prime Minister, which she did already, which are senses turkeys trying to actually negotiate your weakest link. Why the ring there now justify with third alliance beyond me, they need unanimous Dante trade out turkey for apps and let them leave the dictator for an Islamist dictatorship that sucking up to Vladimir.

No wonder why there NATO in battle, he gave up the and they did a good job in the taxi so they did.

They debated but you know that the reality is, and should invite Sweden and Finland and the Internet. Of course Bill and if the entire alliance wanted to happen. I don't think turkey. The truth is we should've invited Ukraine and the narrator we wouldn't have this war right now.

If a unit George W. Bush in 2008 I went with him to our two Romanians of the NATO summit were a really hard and he couldn't get there with the Germans who stood in the way and wouldn't allow it to happen. If that happened, there would've been no war has been embedded in the Baltic states: he is only invaded the country that he thought we wouldn't defend or we wouldn't help because he did because he could get away with it and this is another reason why quite likely Brian, we need to get rid of our policy of strategic ambiguity in the Taiwan Strait and make very clear to you, to the clarity that if I tried to invade Taiwan. We will be there to defend them because that'll deter you know the net article 5 deter the Soviet Union for for you know in the first 60 years in the Cold War and that we need. We need the best way to work to determine war be clear about what the consequences will find a way for the Ukrainians to get the glory they deserve.

Yet I don't want endless war you want endless war.

By day they lost more Mary Opal Lusk, your son, and now that helps them connect the land bridge to Crimea in the Dunbar's what should be the strategy going forward. Even though we're not fighting were helping out with more personal Package before the Congress and give them heavy weapon and and help them take back this territory. I don't think Russia should get away with anything you noted that that that the Ukraine if you did not send any American troops to fight but you know what you meant and I was at the Reagan Ranch. Ronald Reagan did that they were were taken up webpage under Ronald Reagan's playbook when Ronald Reagan came to office and in the and in 1980.

Americans have lost all American groups around the world. The Vietnam War and here to find a way to confront expert Soviet expansionism without deploying American forces in the way he did it with the Reagan doctrine which is a we work, we would provide weapons and training and and intelligence and diplomatic support freedom fighters around the world want to fight their own work.

The liberation and they did and we and we we we we help you to liberate Nicaragua. We helped liberate Stanley help help stop the takeover of US dollars around the world, and the mark of communism in Central America and Africa and other places and that's what we should be doing here in Ukraine is doing the Reagan doctrine supporting Ukrainians, letting them take the fight to the Russians as long as it takes to drop them out of their country and they should leave their tail between her legs, just like they left Afghanistan.

Absolutely. But this time there, even their anchors to start to pick up the not doing well though. The plane, the Mary Opal thing as a major victory, but it would just be you work as a we could have a fortified Europe no longer on Russian oil, gas and coal and then we could really pivoted towards China. I see that scenario is plausible. Does do you mark teasing one of Ukraine are doing for us in the country if there after destroying the Russian of the Russian military. I saw the other day, a statistic that the Ukrainians had captured 264 Russian banks, which makes Russia big number one supplier of heavy weaponry to Ukraine United States, with the dirt work were decimating the military which means that there did go take them decades to rebuild from the disaster of Ukraine and there it weakens their ability to threaten NATO week of their ability to threaten the Baltics weakens their ability to threaten Poland and then exactly right. And once there we can bed then we can turn our attention here to the Pacific and to making sure that we don't repeat this disaster and that one absolutely multi-something so much appreciated. Think there I die.

He's the best 186640876690 come back I'll finish up with a flurry of calls you listen and keep in mind to coming up this weekend. 8 o'clock repeated 11 one nation trying to lead and you have a chance to set you series up. So if you say yourself. That's what I get in a I go to the clubs or I go ballroom dancing or I go to the gym we go watch you you going to go watch hockey playoffs just sent you series up and watch it on Sunday morning.

Set the series up one nation on your DVR. This is the Branko Mitchell this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel Saturday so rowing your weekends to take it easy Bill that really hurt one nation with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian coming out so as a filmmaker dear Brian, kill me WNBA brotherly responsibility renders one of our players part of our decision to not pick a higher profile here came at the suggestion of experts in and out of government the best path to getting Brittany out was not to amplify the issue.

Kathy Engelbert, the commission WNBA is on this issue every single day I'm working side-by-side with her but wouldn't touch with the White House, the State Department hostage negotiators at every level of government and also through the private sector as well so number one priority as her health and safety and making sure that she gets out of Russia yup that is out of silver.

The NBA Commissioner makes me think there's more to know know which is the NBA is so closing the China why doesn't someone the NBA call up tight and put pressure on Russian that's a great idea and maybe have China look like the good guy for absolutely. By the way, I think it's great that they're fighting. She is the best player may be in NBA WNBA history and she's 31 years old and many years to play next US women's soccer gets equal pay in her new deal. The organization will get the same as men side of the World Cup there much more successful the best team in the world.

On the women's side which blows me away.

I have got details out of the pool their money. I find them believable because men make so much more that tournament is much more lucrative is been around for 100 years. The first will come for the women I think was 1990, so there's no way the revenues equal sharing it. I think that's wrong. Same facilities yes same flight everything like that. Accommodations pay that's up to you but in terms of revenue, you can't take the men's revenue and compared to the women's it's not equal. Let me know if it's all the same organization like you know they're all it will work for Fox here at work for the company. In an ideal, but then you get they say maybe the men get a bonus based on revenue. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, each one brings in more money coming. For example, maybe Fox, whether I've no idea gets less than FOXBusiness and Mike and Leslie not. It depends on where the revenue comes everything just pull it all together you go. All right, they have no choice in this environment, I guess to detail that on this weekend with Michelle to FOIA on one nation over 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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