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WED HR 2 060822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 9, 2022 12:34 am

WED HR 2 060822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR article but it we told you this was common in yesterday's video we received word from law enforcement officials across United States of America.

But there was a heightened sense of security and a an increase in the likelihood of violence taking place in the next couple of weeks or next couple of months and just today the Department of Homeland Security has issued a bulletin warning of a quote heightened threat environment. Over the next up several months as the government continues to monitor the risk of different aspects of terrorism within the country, including both foreign and domestic adversaries that are saying that are looking to sow discord within the United States and promote acts of violence, the USA, this is a quote.

The United States remains in a heightened threat environment. As noted in the previous bulletin in several recent attacks have highlighted the dynamic according to the Department of Homeland Security and the complex nature of the threat environment in the coming months. We expect the threat environment to become more dynamic, as several high profile events could be exploited to justify acts of violence against a range of possible targets. So here we are is been less than 24 hours. We told you this was coming and now it's here out in the open.

Now you have the news choice. You know the news are pallets of your choice. Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. Whoever you like it to be our teeth. Anybody they are all talking about this event.

What we do know is that violence is coming to America, whether it's perpetrated by actors or it is another event taking place. We know it's coming so you and your family have a choice you have to make your decision right now are you going to accept that we are seeing an increase in threats of violence across the country and are you going to do something about it right now or are you going to deny that this is a reality. There's going to be lots of people in our country who denied that this is a reality they're going to say that all there's always been violence or all all you know is not in my area all I live in a nice area know this is happening from the east to west in a ritzy cities and in cities that are more accustomed to cross our criminal activity and violence so your decision right now will impact how you survived over the course of the next year to three years. You think about the things that you need to do it your home to harden your defenses extra locks on your doors may be odd upgrade to higher pic proof deadbolts extra chains alarm systems monitoring systems hardening your windows may be bars at some places of your house ladders to escape your house. Think about it right now because when the time comes for violence in your city and when it reaches your home is already too late the bulletin posted a list of potential targets. This includes places of public gatherings, which is basically everywhere you go to a concert public gathering griddle warm-up Walmart public gathering you're picking up your groceries public gathering about your pharmacies for grandma public gathering so basically sat there saying that the violence can take place anywhere faith-based institutions, schools, religious or racial minorities, government facilities, government personnel, US critical infrastructure areas of the media, and perceived ideological opponents you see they have pitted America against itself and they've done this for decades.

They divided you by your racial divides. They divided you by your political ideologies. They said that the right is against the left and you should hate all the left. They said the left is against the right you should hate all the right, they knew that it was only a matter of time until they crossed the line in the sand that there was no coming back from and they had pushed people so hard that they would actually break that's a little bit of what were experiencing right now people are been pushed so far along there ideologies that they are breaking. They aren't able to contain the monsters that are sometimes inside of humanity and they are acting out so it might be you cutting out in front of someone pulling out from the grocery store.

It could be envy or jealousy that you're able to buy that food and they are not. It might be a smile on your face while they have been stricken without a smile. For weeks, people are losing their minds they all are going to act out against others against innocent individuals who have nothing against them that's what you need to be ready for you need to think about where you're at what you're doing how you're looking you need to self examine and perceived possible threats in new ways.

Only in doing that. Will you and your family be safe. Continuing with this release threat actors have recently mobilized to violence. This is do they say to factors such as personal grievances reactions to current events, and adherence to violent extremist ideologies, including ethnically motivated or antigovernment or anti-authority violent extremism. That's according to the Department of Homeland Security is all but an admission that they have allowed this or perpetrated this to happen.

They have pushed people to their end and now people are acting out because there's a black swan was that they didn't know where or when this would happen. But people found that they weren't citizens. You and me found that they weren't able to buy their groceries pay for their rent handle the increase in electricity find a new place to live pay for their dog food or cat food. Get to the vet go to the doctor and when all of these powers combine so to say you have a major disaster and that's exactly what we are watching unfold right now, the department stressed that foreign adversaries including terrorist organizations and nationstate adversaries remain intent on exploiting the threat environment in order to promote or inspire of violence.

So discord or undermine US Democratic.

So when we look at the next mass violent violence event that takes place here in the country and you know we have to speak a little bit cryptically because they knock down the even just the words of certain types of events.

The one we see the next massive violent event take place in the United States of America. Watch for who they blame and then think is is there an agenda behind this blaming are they blaming Russia does it make sense that Russia would've done this. Are they blaming China doesn't make sense that China would've done this. Are they blaming Arena doesn't make sense that Iran would've done this. Are they blaming one political side or party doesn't make sense that they would have done this and we have to sort of navigate these grounds under a new idea of information gathering and seeking to find what is really because here we continue to to assess the primary threat of this violence in the United States of America stemming from loan offenders and small groups who are motivated by a range of ideological beliefs and or personal grievances are according to the bulletin. The update from DHS reiterated its previous bulletin that individuals both for and against things like abortion had advocated for violence against governments, religious and reproductive health care personnel and facilities in response to high profile US Supreme Court cases China Orion Russia and other foreign malign influence actors have sought to contribute to US internal discord and weaken the focus and position internationally. That's according to the DHS as the US 22 midterm elections approach, they say malign foreign actors are going to bolster their messaging to so discord and influence not just in may be hidden actors that they have within the country but influence US audiences.

In keeping with practices during previous election cycles. They like to place the blame for this during elections must think about that.

In one part in particular, they are saying that Russia cares whether it's the Republicans or the Democrats to get into power, right, so that is either in open admission that one of those two political parties are so corrupt for Russia that that would matter, or maybe China. And so if China wants to influence the Democrats. That's an open admission that the Democrats are so openly corrupt for China and we have a massive problem and then you start to see the bigger picture.

The picture isn't China Russia ran. Sometimes the pictures right here at home. Sometimes the picture is the purposeful division of our American brothers and sisters, and that's a little bit of what were experiencing right now. The bulletin noted how foreign actors have amplified narratives promoting societal division in the United States, including since the onset of the current Russian conflict. This is according to the DHS website key factors that are contributing to the current heightened threat environment include the proliferation of false or misleading narratives. These Ice Age so discord and undermine public trust. So what are they going to go after next visit. Videos just like these is it radio programs that advertising what will we see the clamp down on next. Who will be the next public enemy who will be a part or you know they they called a certain word where you're basically aligning with the bad guys who is going to be the next the next Ponzi that is part of this scheme, malign foreign powers they say excuse me, for example, there is widespread online proliferation of false.

This is according directly off the DHS website false or misleading narratives regarding un-substantially unsubstantiated widespread election fraud encoded 19 grievances that are associated with these themes.

They call them inspired violent attacks in 2021 malign foreign powers have and continue to amplify these foreign or misleading narratives in efforts to damage the USA continued calls for action directed at US critical infrastructure or so-called soft targets faith-based institutions, churches, synagogues, mosques, institutions of higher education, government facilities, government personnel, law enforcement, the military, the media, and perceived ideological opponents there.

It is right there, a perceived ideological opponent. That means your neighbor who doesn't have the same agreements with you politically, morally, religiously, the perception that they have made you make the decision on is that they are your opponent when they're not. They are paying taxes to corruption just like you are.

They are part of this widespread economic crisis just like you are.

We need to work harder and we need to rise up against that sort of thought control. We need to peel back all of those ideologies and say listen, Joe made your neighbor's name is Joe were just like I've nothing against you must work together you want to grow a garden.

Hey, do you want to one of the outgoing together on something.

You need a little help around your house or your door, your yard. We need to help each other because if we don't then they will have.divided every single person and have made them made a decision on who their enemies are not in my mind is just not okay. The alert continues foreign organizations, domestic threat actors continue to amplify pre-existing false or misleading narratives online in order to so discord and undermine public trust in government institutions. Some of these actors you know that's what really gets me about this sort of enemy name-calling. This is the DHS right.

The DHS is supposed to have no political bias there supposed to be beyond that bias right so if you if you look at the org chart file of government institutions disposed to have Republicans, Democrats, above that you'll have the FBI, the DHS, the org chart should be beyond that, but it splits after them. So if it's the government and the political parties that are dividing you. How are you supposed to believe the DHS that's above and beyond that, why are they just saying were all the same. Why are we seeing massive messages in billboards instead of things like it's okay to say whatever wire we seen messages on billboards that say Republicans plus Democrats equal the same wire we seen messages that say love your neighbor help your friends.

Why don't we see that there's a reason. That reason is to continue to divide you next time you look at someone that you get a feeling for regular driving with a giant you know Brandon sticker right that's the new thing everybody wants to throw their political ideologies lease down here in Florida throws a Brandon sticker out others. The minority in my area throw out Biden sticker out so next time you look at that and instead of feeling malice in your heart, look at them and say that's just another person that's getting tricked like me must not do that wave to him. Say hi. Maybe if you're wearing your your FJ whatever T-shirt there, wearing their Biden was a big all thumbs up an 80-year-old teeth in his mouth T-shirt. Maybe you'll wave each other and your smile and you'll be like it or not the told jerks that that the political parties want me to believe they are shake hands do things for each other. This is a mess. We tell you that when they say over 50% of the population believes that Civil War is coming. It's not.

It's not simple. This isn't going to be just something that we can turn a page on an oh but if this person gets back into being president, then everything is going to be okay absolutely not. That is a delusion in people's minds. That's just more of the dividing factor when 50% of the people believe that a civil war is coming. A civil war is coming. Everybody would have to be fat tax-free happy and have all of their needs met free healthcare. In a perfect world to avoid it. And that's not going to happen.

We don't live any longer in the realm of rainbows and sunshine. We live in a realm of storm clouds, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, pestilence, and famine and plague and control, and so we need to do all we can to get out of that. They say that violence is being inspired by a range of grievances. Ideologies continue to target crowded venues traditionally perceived to be soft targets such as commercial and publicly accessible facilities numbered as these are not my words. This is directly off the DHS website public facilities public gatherings certain government and state facilities and houses of worship.

They talk about a recent attack on how it shows that now more than one motivation is coming together.

Threats directed at God.

Different universities are becoming more increasing encoded 19 restrictions to continue to decrease. They say, but the anger that is left behind will not domestic events have also been viewed. Attacks have also viewed attacks against US critical infrastructure as a means to create chaos in advance ideological goals. These have recently in spot. Aspired to disrupt US electrical and communications critical infrastructure including spreading information about cellular technology, domestic people are generally have to speak cryptically here have continue to advocate for violence in response to false or misleading narratives about the full port politics. The months preceding the upcoming 2022 midterms will provide additional opportunities for these people and other individuals to call for violence.

A small number of actors are attempting to use evacuation and resettlement by different national nationals coming into the country following a US military withdrawal as a means to exacerbate long-standing grievances called by foreign organizations for attacks on US soil or increasing foreign organizations are likely to continue to maintain a highly visible online presence and attempt to inspire US-based individuals to engage in activity. Supporters of foreign organizations have encouraged copycat attacks. Foreign organizations remain intent on targeting the USA.

We warned you about this 24 hours before it came into light, and were warning you right now that you need to spend money wisely.

Fill up your pantry, get a self defense tool or to find a way to defend yourself if you don't have access to that main self-defense tools storm asked a good question about tasers the other day, and if we never use them defensively in training or use.

And yes, we have use them in defensive training tasers are an option for defensive training, but they're not the end-all be-all just like pepper spray as it a certain subset of individuals are going to be less less affected by a Taser, less affected by pepper spray, but the problem here is that your doctor know who that is, until it's too late. And so if you're not ready to drop that tool and pick up another one and use it that needs to be part of your planning. Are you training. I use this first because in our current rule of law and climate of the legal injustice system using a Taser and pepper spray at the perception of a threat is a much less luster and a charge to a lesser degree and probably no charge at all. As long as you can prove you are threatened, then pulling a edged or a projectile tool of self-defense and using that is a lot more you know what it out.

Ricky Ricardo said so you got a lot of explaining to do. You, Lucy, and that's kind of what we are seeing their if you use a tool like that you're going to have to explain yourself you're going to go to jail going to have to get a lawyer use pepper spray on somebody that came up to you yelling and screaming and yelling expletives of your children. The cops getting out. Good job. So think about using these tools, how you're going to drop them and use another tool. If they don't work. How you could escalate an altercation by the use of these tools and how to get ready for a time of increasing danger across the USA with this alert by the Department of Homeland Security with the alerts that we got from individuals in law enforcement over the last couple of days all across the country. We can see the direction of this is going in and that's what we watch for is a change in tempo and when you get that change in tempo you can say okay we always like people who are into like EDM music or your techno music they feel the tempo and then they wait for it to change and then that feeling is felt by everybody else and it it affects the mood and affects the feeling of everybody there. Same thing with classical or or R&B music. You feel the tempo change. That's what we see in the United States right now. The tempo is change in you could be walking on the street. You've walked safely on for the last 40 years and today is the day you get attacked you could be driving to and from work the same way that you have every day and today one time that you pulled out is the day someone acts out in road rage, you could be at the wrong place at the wrong time when somebody who has a grievance with somebody else. There comes to perform violence. You can send your kids off to school we sit in a church going to a football game or baseball game going to the library doesn't matter where they have divided the country so deeply that the people who are listening to their dark passengers and are going to act on that violence that monster they can control those people or might choose a library are grocery store in X Pl. of employment, storage facility they could choose a restaurant right here because why do you get to pay for food and they can't, why can you afford to do it and they can't that's the world right now if you don't start waking up and waken your friends and family up there going to be caught off guard, to say the least and I want each person that watches these videos and all of your families and all of your friends to know when you walk into a building like this close down one when it was open and you walk in through the entrance and you go immediately.

Where is another door and wears an exit.

Where's the fire escape.

Where's the fire door when you walk into a target. Take your first lap around the outside and find the fire exit. Tell your kids about.

That's the fire exits in the toy department. That's the emergency exits in this department and then God forbid something happens to disrupt your ability to hold onto them in an emergency. You've given them opportunity and that's what were waiting for. Here is opportunity. We need advantages. We need to put the people who are trying to do what's wrong at disadvantages. So when you going somewhere.

Watch for those exits look for other people who are aware of the world you're going to see it in their eyes. Some of those people are going to be predators. Others are going to be just like you. Some will be asked police current active police ex-military current military. Some will be just aware individuals look for their look to their waist do have a bulge there. Do they have a self defense tool maybe is not a self defense tool today in its offense of tool watch that person a note them is somebody coming in are addressed tactical know they got all their tactical colors on the got some yellow backpack that is in digester school backpack. No, the guy who is my guess. I don't want to really go that direction. What I do want to tell you is that you'll find people who are prepared and people who are prepared to do violence and they look very similar.

Sometimes it is up to you to discern who that is. And it's up to you to say I'm just gonna go over here if I can't discern who that is, watch people's actions watch their eyes watch their behavior. Watch where they're standing what they're doing. You almost have to take on the role and put on your hat on the police officer of the security guard private security of a person in the military, guarding a facility and each person 99% of them will just be innocent bystanders but each person out of those 100 could be a bad guy and how you watch them if they see you watching them, they might go today is not the day somebody started watching me in there and aware person and they might have the tools necessary to stop this so watch for that as you go out remain aware and it's there's a there's a total difference right here. This side might be paranoid.

This side might be aware you got remain aware, knowing that every shadow doesn't contain a bogeyman that the bogeyman is out there. Every person isn't listening to their dark passenger but somebody out there is today is not going to be in your environment or where you are and we have to check ourselves and so you know what, I'm not going to listen to my rage if it's not justified if it's not morally correct. If it's not something that I'm not going to let somebody push me into rage and act out. If it's not a danger to myself, my family, my friends. That's when it's okay to turn it on and let me know your thoughts in the comment box. Do you think that this alert by DHS is something that escalates that tempo you have friends and family who still even if you send this right off the DHS website.

I want you to go to open the link in the description copy that link and send it to them, asked them, you think something bad's going to happen.

Let them talk see what their ideas are. I know you and I also still have friends and family who want to avoid reality. I can understand that they can handle it, but I can and so can you. And thank you guys for being here with us. Please stay safe and keep watch this weeks post vector news is brought to us by each one of you for being here with us all of our friends and family over on patriotic everybody who leads a comet.

Already we are back in the new folks George Bush era documents reveal government plans for apocalyptic events that include a kill switch detentions. This is for the national news is an article by JD Hayes, a newly uncovered document is providing the latest proof for the Washington establishment and deep states will hate Donald Truman because he truly represents we the people America first and is not a calculating closet authoritarian until 12 will like to stereotype Democrats, Republicans who appear to be political opponents, but really weren't cases employed George H.

W. Bush to open Bill Clinton on global initiatives and bushes. Soon, George W the 43rd president also formed a bond with the gluten of one of the most corrupt men ever to sit in the Oval Office that all three of them have also joined Barack Hussein Obama nation at times. Another global initiatives. The point is scope isn't like that is not a team player, which is to say, he's not on the deep state team. What is all this matter because of the newly uncovered document Republican George Bush was supposed to be a champion of freedom and liberty. Like most of the GOP and it will office who signed off on a plan to myth incarcerated Americans as well as pull kill switch on communications, including the Internet, there apocalyptic situation like nuclear war.

According to zero heritage previously classified files obtained by the brethren center for Justice reveal that the 2004 George W. Bush administration conducted a holistic review of the president, emergency powers, with the goal of modernizing the set of secret plans for continually continuity of government in a nuclear war. I'm just a list of their goes on into more detail about you think that the people are starting to realize what is happening now to think that they're starting to become awake and realizing that those that are woke are really awake early after there is value in airing the I can hear you will will go in buyback.

I would talk and it reminded me of the book by Wesley Rall called patriot surviving the coming collapse. People want to know how to handle an infrastructure imploding that the book you want, what's the name of that again called patriot surviving the coming collapse, though it it's written by a guy that was the military operative who is the that he was sent into a country that where unit infrastructure was imploding with Fayette Bullard something and he gives you step-by-step what you need to survive like that. It is surviving the coming collapse of the tunnel rate by Wesley Rall R a W alien.

I read that book and I click note he tell you what they have in Waco. The goodie packet and it even indicate a regular backpack.

You don't have to have a military one, and he tell you what to put in there and you'll have enough in there for three days and then he tells you you should have a location that's away from the population within an hours drive okay and that's that's important because if you can't get gasoline or if they closed the roads you can you can walk to it in three days will really have to do the people of the list is in the billing you prepared. You really need to start cooking food stucco water of cycle with with gasoline while I'm in the inherent populated areas that the real risk unit.

There can be looting and burning and all kinds a nonevent that the virologist saying you want to have about allocation and a less populated area.

Now, I did have a lady who said that he she had. She didn't have a place at the don't you have anybody that you know that maybe has a farm for a country play and I can go and impose on anybody hello why don't you just buy a used travel trailer and park it on their property as if he had stayed go there you could stay in the trailer not feel like you are imposing and she thought that was a great idea. You know what will. A lot of us are doing. We realize you are County Sheriff is the size of authority within the county and we happen to have a mic on the constitutional Sheriff Scott Hildebrand's name in the shares realize that their job, their duty is to the Constitution first and then you actually God first because usually people and what we do is we make sure that they know that these good thousands of people ready to come when called upon and armed people because when the commode into our county when they spillover from the big cities in the commode torque only.

You have to stop it right away and when the sheriff department did.

I mean you you have to let them know with those certain terms you looking to do that in this county not here until there.

That way, everybody's property and everybody's life is protected and basically what you have is you have a militia of their know I was gonna get to that this week the come here in Ohio with in the month of July. We have no were going to have with cold constitutional carries constitutional.

The constitutional cure comes from the Second Amendment that reads a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed will him with the opposition with the Liberal lion lived, and you're not trying to be mean or nasty with is just absolute to think they got a life they have to like coming Karl Marx in the in one of their phone and he rose below tell him always say the opposite amenable to the wood you to do this is what you keep referring to the that the white supremacists are going to try to steal the election will they always accuse the opposition Nick away from work. Teaching the Democrats. The Democrats are to their tote to the election theft with Elvis was to rock 'n' roll with Mohammed Ali was to boxing what Laurel Hardy was the comedies. That's what they are. They are when it comes to election fraud.

Nick tried to blame the Republican Republicans don't know how to do a lick of fraud. They always always play the always played with impeccable they respond unit.

We have a real problem within the Republican Party as far as in the leadership there is a real dearth of spine, encourage and limited to just the door you back on that because you know that's why we have the situation we have those because when the time came for them to stay underground and do the right thing.

They filled God and country.

I watched it I was to have before my very eyes. So when they read a well regulated militia, what is that mean well regulated militia, what is that mean rank very well trained command-and-control of the private citizen militia made up of older and on a local basis will trained and supplied, trained and supplied and is being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people because the left always to destroy the table that this the National Guard no, that's not the National Guard. This is civilian. This is civilian militia folks and that this is what you need you need to get with this you need to get with you County Sheriff to make sure that that you have a strong civilian militia. Believe me this is the time no write, no and you don't consume here and we been talking about this all week long, but I'm just can arrange a little bit women one paragraph.

Here you heard of this thing called the Declaration of Independence listen to what is says no because God's Word, the Bible. First of all, which is the highest authority, but then here are Constitution agree that will let me read when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and the nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind require that they should declare the causes which impelled them to that separation. Let me OSU this does the opposition does the left. Do they have a decent respect for our opinions matter. No good and all known no they totally disrespected us. They insult our intelligence daily of the things that they say by always doing look you have Kamala Harris Kim Uhuru: remember she was the one I was out there getting burned load murder under Jill going out get them out of jail.

Go out and burn loot murder similar for two summers straight. You had burned outward antiphon. These are all Democrats 100% registered Democrats. They were all Democrats 100% burning down buildings destroy homes killing people murdering people and so what happens in Washington DC on January 6 21 you had patriots you had patriots who came to protest the stealing of an election. The stealing of an election something the that Mike Pentz did not have the honesty and encouraging the decency to do the integrity to do know instead of saying look I want to take a look a 10 day visit was good. A lot of reasons here. There's a lot of people right here with a lot of evidence that there was election fraud in this election was not legal and human said I know of losses but Mikey Mikey didn't have an president trumps is Mike, you do the right thing is, it was his responsibility to look at the before he certified that and make sure that it was not corrupted. He failed in those Republican senators don't cut was one and there were number two failed to stand with the president failed us to feel good.

They filled the country. They filled out so I won't forget it and I keep reminding because you see if you if you forget what happened here level to look to load the same thing to happen again and so that Constitution demands that we dissolve this government dissolve our relationship.

The government is not legitimate. It's his illegitimate God's Word, the Bible says that that government is his illegitimate is illegitimate could possibly be. And you know what you'll never find anybody from the other side that will come and set a cross for me on this radio program and argue that you won't find know why they don't have the guts to the courage and the decency to do that when you think you fellow remember the words of James Maryville throughout the first hero Supreme Court together.

He was a member of the only real security of liberty in any country is the jealousy and circumspection of the people themselves. Let them be watchful over their rulers. If they find a combination against their liberties and all other methods appear and proficient to preserve them. They have thanked God the ultimate remedy that power which created the government can destroy it on quote the other know he fought the revolution Israel put together our record legal system and our constitutional government is he preventing the enemy out there inside America. We've been taken over, eaten out from the inside and the people have to understand we are in the middle of a communist revolution. We have totally corrupt government and the we don't have enough people who work woken up enough yet to realize were in the middle of a revolution, all is at stake and the only solution is the people themselves going to take a stand.

So is the foundation to be destroyed, which the people to do though. What does God's word teach about doing exactly that dissolving our bands with the corrupt and starting the new government. There were two code is provided cannot stand right right like we have completely divided nation. There were two nations that were started. There's one nation under God. That was Israel and United States. Those two nations were forms nation under God. And so here the word is the Bible teach Bible teaches that the judgment starts where the house of God.

Okay, so it starts in the pulpit so whose responsibility though the black robed regiments knew this, those founding fathers who live for the battle of for independence, they they understood this, they understood the teachings of the word of God word came to resisting his standing against tyranny last night at the tea party meeting I went to the tea party me. I opened it up and it was it was Phil coming from wall-to-wall people. The plane place was packed and I said who will fight on the Lord side and you had people saying I will I will with that. I said I said who will fight on the Lord side in the play stood up in the whole place showed. We will and I could, you can feel the energy in the place people understand their they realize that what's at stake it's his stake in the entire liberty is a freedom that the death of Chris want to take away our liberty. They wanted take away our freedom. They wanted to go where property and they wanted take away our lives. That's with the best that is taking away the lives of the innocent is (written out tomorrow the whole dog and pony show going on in one of your respective Supreme Court. They won't be able to put Crump and jail were totally destroyed him up to move gratuities started and it's interesting because there is a report out that you won't see it both places that I found it on world news daily Bob Unruh their capital police had a secret after the action review of what they call the insurrection in this report revealed that the capital police found sweeping intelligent intelligence and security failures under Nancy Pelosi's what you see. She the one the power speaker of the house is in charge of all this, and the care they're going to get out there and have the dog and pony show with the television executive showmanship, but sacred thing.

The blunders range from delayed deployment of a specialized civil disturbance, union unit, we know they didn't do that to the faithful dismantling of an intelligence unit that monitors social media and the very found 53 areas of failure that needed correction, corrective action, and this was the fourth 2021 and is sustained by the new segment of the news draft if they don't think they ever wanted to see the light of day and has a very stark portrait of leadership failures and the UC way back we had to September 11 attack and they were supposed to set up a lot of security procedures then there were never meant never taking care of after two decades.

They didn't get around to any of the things they were supposed to do and this tooth fitness.

The member Crump said, here are the National Guard take the nationals living 20,000 he offered and over and over 11,000, and even the police chief said he offered, but no, they refused to look you know and I know that that whole thing was staged, Nancy Pelosi and the deep state that with the in the we had the dirty cops the corrupt cups involved in that whole thing was staged in the inverted paper where they were encouraging people they actually cut that out. They didn't bring in the guard.

They didn't look at the intelligence report they didn't bring in the special unit. I mean everything they did was the opposite of what should have been done and whenever you see folks the opposite of what should have been done. It was on purpose. It wasn't one mistake.

One thing that was forgotten.

Everything they did point to allowing this to happen, wanting this to happen.

They wanted the black mark. They wanted the problem.

They encouraged that they had FBI government agent you know a unit on and another trying to cover it up and have this dog and pony show. We've even got a congressman or a Democrat Rodney Davis from Illinois is the ranking member of the House administration committee and is talking about. This report raises all kinds of serious concerns with the Democrats who are in control of Congress will not investigate them. He said he said they have secured serious security failures that occurred during the looking at them focused on them don't care about them and he will and unease that the he wants accountability for the Democrats because of their incompetent and unwillingness to fix long-standing issues. Jo Jo Jo right after you Joe right after that staged in the insurrection was against the American people use the patriots by the Communist Party.

There the right after that stage insurrection. You know they they immediately built walls to the they brought out the build they put the big fences. The walls around all the barriers to protect the protect those the selfish, greedy dictator elite so called back to Congress.

But at the same time, he said, look, that's okay.

That's okay that's okay it's not really a crime to go out burn load murder. If you want to go out burn down the cities if you want to kill people said buildings of firewood people in go ahead. That's okay that your First Amendment rights. These are people burning down the city is a peaceful demonstration. Go ahead and do that and so there was no protection for the for the decent people living out there in the cities but they went. They put those fences and walls of the protect her own nasty hides did.

After after that meeting, he went to when you share her low met with the sheriff today were going to be exactly what were going to do were going to be meeting with Duke was the leaders.

The leaders in the county and will be discussing in their throne in doing that occurred. Pardon the incompetent meeting that you open, although that was the tea party when the tea party last night in the eye open the tea party meeting.

That's where all the patriots come until so and will in Ohio.

Here we have a very very large percentage of tea party in Ohio and in the given were ready to fight in so that in the time comes.

Right now where the time where Wendy very quickly. I want to see that number to call to get your free catalog is 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 or go to the WW W the power of the cup folks you want to have a good supply of real natural medicine real natural medicine when it was supplied. I got a good supply that I can tell you that no no, here with all of this. Like I said we don't hate the quick cups. We keep telling them they need to repent all of them out to everybody. Anyone whose unsaved dental care if you know if you're Republican.

If your whoever you are. If you have not received Christ as your Savior right now you lots got recognized two kinds of people. Those that received the sacrifice that his son, that the Lord Jesus Christ did on the cross and those that rejected both of the two kinds of people. Those that received the sacrifice of Christ and those that rejected and let me day this thing was he got always does exactly what he says he means what he says there's no stuttering will only God and in all it's right he literally spells it out for you in his word and folks out there listen to you so that I mean the did the liberals can figure this coastal thought.

They don't know who the woman is an investor would a person is this an but I take I can. I know that these things and I can tell you that you're gonna die someday you can. Another it will happen is not a matter of if the wind that hears what God has said when you die, then the judgment than the judgment.

The folks this is a really doesn't matter what you believe you can believe anything you want with God has said it supported all men once to die, and then the judgment when that happens you can encode either heaven or hell for eternity. That's right, this could be turned.

That's what because were the Bible says and believe me you don't want to go to the letter you want to make it to heaven. And here's how you do it you pray to the father asked for forgiveness of your sin US the Lord Jesus to be Lord of your life. All of your life without any reservations immediate and if you do that you will become a new creature born-again believer in their kingdom and indwelt with the Holy Spirit you have God's word and that if you failed to do that and you die will it's it's worse than the wood you have words to say and so that's all I can tell you would go to that were lit another time here tonight.

Wendy, thanks for being here with Joe and I can and Joe think should be in here all you folks out there listing tomorrow. I think of get a very important announcement tomorrow very important very very so as we do every night. At this time we see good night good night God bless God bless, always, always keep by being liked. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right once left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

Please visit us online at www.WR W. L.a. Please tune in next time for another edition of what's right and left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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