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Breaking: DHS Suspends ‘Disinformation Board’

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 18, 2022 1:12 pm

Breaking: DHS Suspends ‘Disinformation Board’

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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VHS form now the Washington Post today has just reported that the administration's controversial disinformation governance is being caused want to hear from you, Sharon poster, recall 1-800-684-3110 the apartment of all web security is securing the border. This is where there is vetting the time of a botch this one as well Jordan secular ranking reports that online doesn't like the social media companies obviously don't like desirable Facebook certainly not this is just coming in the last hour folks right before we were on air just three weeks after its announcement, it's Washington Post for you as well, which is interesting to spend a tripod, but the disinformation governance board. The truths truth police the speech police was speaking last night event a Constitution event and we were told that we talked about most of the attack on freedom of speech is "paused, according to multiple employees at DHS capital a back-and-forth we can on Monday the part of Homeland security decide to shut down the disinformation board. Then on Tuesday morning. Nina Jake which drafted her resignation letter in response to the boards dissolution. They then came back Tuesday night so you can stay on at the department of homeland security. We are suspending all of our working groups within DHS. Focusing on Miss this and mall information. They've all been suspended and shut down pending a review by the Homeland security advisory Council. Jake with herself and just evaluate whether she even has a role inside DHS folks, we told you if we stood up here in Fond du Lac here. This would be unacceptable in the United States of America. You don't have disinformation governance boards. I'll tell you this on April 29 as soon as we got word of this ammonium. I have put it up on the screen for those that are watching this was the demand letter we sent to the Department of Homeland Security of freedom of information request to DHS for records regarding the disinformation governance review board I we have not gotten response to that letter. In fact, is not even do yet we were extensive and what we ask for.

We pointed to the fact that Nina Jake was posted that the cat was out of the bag.

Here's what I've been up to the past two months and why been quiet on here between an honor to be serving a bind administration G DHS government helping shape our counter disinformation efforts and then she's late with the two other people that were named this news of the disinformation government boards came two days after remember Elon musk put in his bid for Twitter. Now it is a complete violation of the First Amendment is the government exercising viewpoint discrimination which is let me be clear, totally unconstitutional, you can't do it when the government engages in choosing sides in speech of American citizens that is classic appointments, discrimination, and it is totally 100% unconstitutional. We said this board meeting we disbanded. We initiated a legal proceeding to start it now, folks. This is why your American Center for Law and Justice doesn't just talk about these issues and we take action is not May 29 yet post this letter went out April 29.

We are what April 17 16 port register that it may, that one is April May make team on May 18.

Great to have weeks really after they got our letter is being paused this out actually reads now just three weeks after its announcement, the disinformation governance board is being paused and then it says on the in the headline it says how the bind administration. Let right-wing attacks derail. It states these information efforts. In other words, right wing that is constitutional conservatives.

That said, the government can't violate your free-speech rights. My free-speech rights There trying to salvage this in the Washington Post we get back. Horses that attack on you because you shut this down because he spoke up against this attack on speech, you will not believe what in the Washington Post about how they characterize why DHS you the ideal one their signatures because conservatives this is a Democrat run administration.

It was because Americans some issues are bolder than just Republican and Democrat. It's un-American to have a disinformation board gives a call what your reaction, 1-800-684-3110 be part of the show 164, 31 to Jake which is gone from the US government. She has resigned, the reporter who wrote the story for the Washington Post, says Nina.

Jake was has officially resigned from the disinformation governance board and the Department of Homeland Security. Three weeks after its announcement, and she's she Artie was residing on Monday there was some confusion there.

This is what's interesting one to point out is if they didn't just have a disinformation governance board.

They were also working on a misinformation in a mall information working groups. There are multiple groups like this in DHS they suspended all of this work. I guarantee if was the reason why is because of the when you file the FOIA you file the legal documents they did not want you to know, and they're hoping by shutting this down.

You don't find that they were creating this because of conservatives because of quotas they say the right way you want more proof. Here's the Washington Post journalist who broke the story explaining what happened here try to explain Jake which example is a prime example of how the right wing Internet apparatus.

Whatever that means. Operates were far right influencers far right mainstream post-mainstream if people who are either was such outrage of this from the Republicans from the middle-of-the-road to the to the right wing and attempt to identify a target presented narrative in the repeat mischaracterization self. Supposedly, misinformation, disinformation is the reason why there's no disinformation governance board that doesn't make a lot of sense.

But they do admit this, the Washington Post, it shows what happens when institutions we confronted with these attacks don't respond effectively member America so we could get a better job of rolling this out.

There is no better way to spin a speech police in the United States of America. I said this idea a bigger free-speech absolutist is a good thing in the United States of America. We are not all full speech that's lawful speech is protected speech. The government doesn't get a say in awful speech that's lawful speech we see the will of the war on trying to scare you in silence but we all speak up we all fight back is a this is un-American. This is like I don't say this lightly. This is what like Stalin does what Hitler does because only a few examples and it's what also these left-wing dictators in the current world is the Chinese do is tried to control every narrative that is out in the public and all the news we don't do that unites its America. We protect minority opinions. We protect without their opinions. We protect opinions we don't like. We protect pigs it offends us we protect dependents that fit other people we we protect all speech that's the starting point with anytime utilize why are we restricting the speech and in the most times you don't restrict you don't respect it unlimited is an table or nothing to do with not dismissing the freedom of information in that case, because I wonder if this was the reason. Maybe they decided to shut this down because the American Center for Law and just said this, we want records and information within an email memorandum visual presentation brief in your talking points within the custody of any DHS official.

We also want records of communications information between DHS and all other appointees and members of the Senate or House. We said we want all emails of Nina Janco its undersecretary for policy Rob Silvers and principal Deputy General Counsel Jennifer Gass Gill regarding the disinformation governance board review by Sec. maracas on the April 27 when they announce that we also want all final reports or memorandums regarding the DIP information governance board issued by sec. Americus at the Congressional hearing on April 27, so we asked for everything because here's what you had happening.

The federal government was setting up a governance review committee that was determined which of our speech is misinformation or disinformation. Weather was constitutionally protected and not. They didn't care they will misinformation the disinformation and they were going to go to the tech companies big Jack and say take these groups off that not like we don't already have an issue with. For instance, let me just say for today Facebook can be very interesting to note that I thought I got a an alert that we were on. Actually, I did not and obviously many of you did not because our number of people watching is down 40% from where it normally is coursework for all that were on and we really are thrilled that were on rumble where we don't have to worry about this and our numbers are continue to grow right through the broadcasts. In fact, I will say even YouTube has been better than these other groups is that this is the idea here subliminally said while they don't have any enforcement one. It's a law enforcement agency. DHS has lots of enforcement to these content platforms like Facebook.

I survive because of federal law that protects them by the section 230 why the protects them from liability. So if someone does put up their manifesto and means of shooting people. They don't have liability for for managing all of the content. So to keep that protection which they so desperately want. They are going to follow whatever the federal government dictates to them.

Here's here's here's here's the issue. I don't care if you're Republican or Democrat.

You do not want the federal government policing American speech.

It is not is not. It is what separates us from the rest of the world are true freedom is our ability to organize our ability to speak out when want to speak out our ability to be the opponents to be the dissenters to be. Sometimes in the majority sometimes of the minority to share views that may be radical. It's been radical. I would one of them. This question is so radical to them to be pro-life, I think so because your to say oh now if the Supreme Court the other breakers that was if the Supreme Court opinion holds and they were turned over suede violence in the streets of the barracuda but anything that violence would be by secondly pro-lifers so I was to be by left-wing activists.

That's true. DHS is actually worried about they never want to talk about the teeth of violence, the BLM violence that's again it is obviously to do the concert but they're trying to threaten the court. It's another way to threaten the court now exactly right. Melanie's a couple things here I'm going to make call a couple audibles into our team. Let's make sure that we get out on all of our social media platforms especially true social that we had this victory this pause in the DHS and that Nina Janco which is now no longer an employee of the federal government batches. By the way, that means a pause now is in the permanent beginning with the staff.OKC staff directors gone.

You know what's happening. Let's make sure will that all our teams are getting that out immediately on our social media platforms especially true social and like I said if you're watching on Facebook over the rumble were no ergonomic not be censored from organ say today, it's just that there's a link to rumble right on the YouTube site waiting on the Facebook site rather so I encourage you to do that.

That's number one. Number two I want to play the Janco its bite where they talk about lawful awful because I need is a complete violation of the First Amendment.

Nicholas the platforms to do more.

Frankly, law enforcement, and our legislature is to do more as well and in other countries they're looking at testing of the UK has an online safety belt that's being considered right now where they're trying to make a regal.

This currently quote awful about lawful content that exists online where people are being harassed. Here's the problem with that. That sounds really nice prefers limited with United Kingdom doesn't have a first of first member free-speech loss or any version of the free speech clause in the governing documents case, it's a completely different system number two. This is newly used was going to be used to silence dissenting viewpoints. We know that so I think we have to do is get beyond all of the fallacies and looking another one of her statements were not in the opinion lease. This is Americus were not the opinion please. Of course they were the opinion police were they think you're kidding they are exactly the PA opinion police.

They thought that they could control the content of what Americans were saying. Now they want to do all this while they have total protection from liability when they talk about harassing SpeechWorks or someone doing something awful, because what they post. What may be called the Bible that actually would do the kind of policing that would prevent that kind of spirit seat with when they say it's awful about lawful was not her.

It's not real harassment is not action because again if it's lawful it's protected in the United States of America. You're the person who holds the sign on the street court of the drive by on your way to work worst drop off your kids to school or every day that has their side about the end times are this, that person is protected that they get to stand out there with their side.

You get to decide if you want to engage them or not, but they could stay that they were there side and you can you can again you can organize political movements in the United States against the government you can you can organize a safe I disagree. And you know it is scary to be is again there is groupthink in Washington they think we are all extreme. They think we are all this far right extreme movement and and some everything they couch was his attempt to get average folks it's it's people who would not normally engage the process who decided I am so fed up. I'm so angry. I am going to join Wendy's restaurant organize my own reporting to defeat the school board candidates and then you had DOJ coming after them. Homeschool mom so he would be the FBI counterterrorism unit two.

After that what it would only be getting into the trial that's going on right now watching will do that tomorrow on the Russia hoax Utah about a hoax worried about the homeschool mom worried about worry about what was going on inside the federal Bureau of investigation is as nice as one of the agent said testified yesterday at the trial involving it's Michael Sussman.

They knew within hours that the Russia bank relationship that they let's with Crump was totally false hours. They said about Muller and took him to adhere this. Is this the issue of grace to stop you. Keep catching them keep catching them to push hard and you see you in there and control you can get victories you can defeat these horrible anti-American policies like a disinformation governance will be right back. Take your phone calls 164 30 with Casey destroy is that one announces to make sure it's Everclear. DHS has suspended the disinformation governance board Nina Janco which has resigned from the Department of Homeland Security and the federal government.

They have also suspended their mall information other disinformation governance boards indefinitely. They're going to have a review from the Homeland Security Council again, this is bit, but we also knows it was bigger than just the disinformation governance board. There was a whole team being put together. She is gone from the federal government folks this idea. Again, it's a good reminder that even when you're you don't have the White House you don't have the house you don't have the Senate when you speak out on issues that are American and they are taking action.

There literally anti-American goods policing speech right out of Orwell right out of the playbook of Hitler right on playbook of stolid right now the playbook of the cognitive strategies Putin tries to do, but he's not is capable to do is limit the ability for differing viewpoints and people take a view that the government like a pro-life you, which I think is so radical or an ultra mag of view, they don't really understand the left. Haven't learned their lesson.

What they do understand is that when they're getting clobbered politically and they are it will take some action when visiting the get. There was no industry that owns him on this note. This is like the abortion issue where they're owned by sub lobbies Facebook without saying we want more police tell us more.

What we have to do right, but they were to fight back. It was us that had to fight that we did big time, and because of that they're running scared two days after the announcement was made about the formation of the board of governance for misinformation and disinformation.

The American Center for Law and Justice, the ACLJ executed a of freedom of information act demand to the department of homeland school security and it said that art was regarding FOIA request to the US Department of Homeland security for records regarding disinformation governance review board. That is what we demanded to get answers to the one be clear what we ask for. We believe they were engaged in content-based and viewpoint discrimination.

We were prepared to go to court on that we were looking at legal remedies, even beyond a freedom of information act request senior counsel and the economy was with us in our line studio today and Andy. The fact that this is now been paused, which means it's over but you never over till the railroad paused and that Nina Janco which has after being offered a position elsewhere evidently in homeland security has resigned, shows that what the government was about to engage in was completely and totally a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

J that's exactly correct. It was a violation of the Constitution of the United States and of the traditions of free speech and nongovernment control of our minds. It was the attempt to create a ministry of truth. It was as Jordan alluded to Orwellian read the novel 1984 by George Orwell where the government tries to establish a Bureau of truth so they can tell you what to think. New speak how to talk, how to think what is right what is wrong emanating from the federal government from the central government. Our foil request. Our outspokenness with respect to this assertion of traditional United States and American values. I think instilled a great fear in the central government and the left-wing government that we have in Washington and they said there on to us. They're coming after us the spirit of the American people is not going to be fooled by these kinds of tactics and so what did they do, they suspended their operations there. Leaving her there was a person that was the point person Nina Janco has resigned and is out of this thing because the fear of what is being done to the American people was expressed by us in no uncertain terms, and we have in many ways prevailed on a very serious serious matter and that's the doing away with his horrid unbelievable ministry of information Ministry of truth board to call it what you will drag the propaganda committee is what it really was nothing in Bennett is our director of governmental affairs, and I want to follow up when Andy just said we went after this legally immediately. We filed within 2048 hrs. week we launched a freedom of information act demand and were prepared to go to court and we still will working to get all the answers is Lucas I make sure done apnea, but then we also went to the halls of Congress.

Yet, this is a classic example J of why we always engage in a multipronged effort on this week and he talked about the FOIA litigation need the propensity to expose what they're doing in a court of law. That's always one prong. We always go to the United States Congress as well. J obviously they have access to more information. Sen. Josh Holly was very influential on this also acting quickly really in about the same timeframe that we did in NJ. The third prong is always the court of public opinion here, and I really think that's the most significant one. They were they were shamed into shutting this board down the J I do want to say all all of what Andy said in all everything that you said about the win is absolutely true. It is a classic example of how we get a quick victory.

But honestly this J they were operating behind the scenes long before this announcement. The reason were not going to pull this FOIA back is we want to make sure they don't operate behind the scenes using a different figurehead going forward. What you waiting for all of this to blow over and then just implementing the exact same thing Jake. They will try it again one day and we are gonna be there when they do in the information that we get out of this FOIA date that is gonna be the most significant weapon in making sure that the next time they tried they don't succeed, either. And we have to get to stand up every time this idea again to criminalize political speech to criminalize being a conservative, a law enforcement agencies like the department of homeland security feeling like they can go and start sensory speech that they can make speech that's legal but they don't like it somehow and then the other to say that she was bullied because at first I was even about her.

The idea that many orchestras type in a 31-year-old or 32-year-old is some expert in anything relentlessly for literally certain disinformation that held a fellowship and disinformation is made up its beta if disinformation is what you don't like about your political opponents. This is his real disinformation saying there was disinformation misinformation because of it did to get rid of the board because if they really believe that they wouldn't rid of the board of course not. This is the circular reasoning, but Andy, I want to say this, we felt like this was perhaps the greatest encroachment on freedom of speech that you and I've seen them about 40 years of you and I doing litigation on these kind of issues we seen a lot of encroachments on free speech, but that the federal government create a board of governance for misinformation and disinformation.

I never thought we would see it, but I think it was that big of a threat. J I've been practicing law for 47 years I have never seen any attempt at overreaching by the federal government into our minds into our thoughts into our brain than the establishment of this board of information. Board of propaganda as you correctly call the board of truth or whatever you want phrase you want to put on it.

The left decided were going to overreach and the rise of the conservatives the traditionalists the constitutionalists, those of us believe in traditional values who believe in the sanctity of the Constitution. Loretto raised cane about it, filed a FOIA request. Told him were coming after you because were not going to permit this to happen in the United States of America and what happened is they turn tail in fear and trembling, and ran. But as Sam said we don't stop here we persist in our FOIA request. I want to find out the information to the room tested and our freedom of information act request. I want to find out who is responsible and who did this so that they can be identified and not hide behind the shield of whatever it was that they were trying to do rifles write back. Single-parent secular for decades ACLJ has been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side. If you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now, this is Jordan, secular secular, I just would update everybody history of people are just joining us, or just watch your listing the broadcast right now you don't about three weeks ago there was the announcement of the disinformation governance board by the Department of Homeland Security. We had this official needed Jake away if she was proud of the nonprofit world she's posing expert in disinformation, which by the way is usually other foreign governments. And if you're talking about real disinformation tell you about bad actors but hurts her commentary did not add up to that know they said it was about current drug cartels and in Russia, not like that, like the Russia host stuff like Russia really tried that you hack into our system baking system you put a 32-year-old who is an egg expert in political disinformation in charge of dealing with drug cartels and Russian hacking so didn't add up there misinformation and disinformation about their own committee. People were outraged.

We filed our FOIA.

We again this board was just in formation. It has been shut down by the Department of Homeland Security suspended indefinitely under review needed Jake which is gone. She is no longer working for the Biden administration.

She is no longer with the federal government.

She's out in the idea that they want to say was the right-wing media and look how strong they are. So if that's true great because we took a right wing media folks like us to protect freedom of speech, United States of America break, that's fine with me because it also protects the speech of the left wing host in a left-wing activist out there. There also today announcing better prepare because we stop killing kids with abortion in America there's gotta be massive violence in the streets this summer, but who is going to be engaged that violence is a lovely pro-life actors were celebrating the victory.

They Notes themselves. They're egging it on, they want another summer of burning cities this idea. Get that is disinformation that is misinformation and that again is coming out of the government. So here's what we have so you have this government agency that enrollment security would set up a board of governance for misinformation and disinformation, and we attacked and now it's fair to say is one of the producer said this morning it is completely falling apart. It is falling apart and then to add to that needed Jake which was running. It is now gone, but as they will point out and am thrilled with this and I'm glad we took the illegal actually did, but the fact is folks, buckle your seatbelts.

They will try this again and maybe they don't announce at this time right then hundred percent Jane. In fact, I am not sure they meant to announce at this time I met.

I think Sec. Merck is kind of accidentally spilled the beans and then ink it Nina Janco it's confirmed that on social media today.

I think if there had their preference, they'd still be operating behind the scenes and I want I want to reiterate this on a double back to this, even though this is a tremendous victory and are as of now, I completely agree with you hundred percent disbanded. I actually think this makes the information they were pursuing in this FOIA request even more important J because I don't think it's that the next time they do it.

I'm not sure there will be an announcement and we need to know where the skeletons are so to speak, who was involved in this, who skirted the constitutional requirements and who push forward with this anyway. J working to find that out so the next time when they don't announce it working I discovered anyway and it just did the math between you and maybe been practicing law hundred years. Okay, in 100 years of combined practice in your thinking when will you get a minute left ear. Did you ever think you would see the government a governance board to monitor our speech and then to notify companies is speaking out about this is you better tell him stop. No, I cannot apologize, Paul, and I'm just I'm so disheartened that this is happening in America.

I have never seen this. I never thought I would see this. I never thought I would live to see this day is appalling. It terrifies me.

I'm glad it is falling apart.

It needs to fall apart. We were instrumental in seeing it fall apart by the Lord. Never let it come upon us again right folks, this is a great example like you don't have our because the Democrats. Might have housesitting when you speak out on issues that American people understated bypass partisan politics. The idea of freedom of speech in our country. The idea that the awful speech that's lawful speech is protected speech because who's getting to determine that we don't want the government deciding what's awful awful. That's up to us and we went back to secular to your phone calls to 1-800-684-3110 if you want to join this discussion. That's 100-684-3110 must go right to the phones Rod called in from Oregon online five hayride welcome secular predicament called yes when I heard that the information escorted by first thought was that Dublin will yet bring it back in an underground which not visible only next time they'll pick a director that knows how to keep your mouth shut and not and be able to work quietly behind the scenes, you know. Was it could happen to be prepared for that. But I think there's something I said this earlier and was seen again because I think the framing of this is the right way to frame it, it's falling apart.

The entire their entire framework of this board of governments and disinformation. Misinformation is falling apart and the falling apart.

Continued 10 minutes after we got word on this.

The next falling apart was needed. Jake, which was out so you know this is what's happening. Meanwhile, I want to say this, though you're watching on YouTube.

Okay, great. If you're watching on rumble even better if you're watching on Facebook and this is disheartening Facebook and that's what most of us do not get a notice that her subscribers to Facebook on what is a huge breaking story on misinformation and disinformation. Now maybe Facebook's falling apart. I don't know but it sure seems that way. So if you're on Facebook right now share with your friends but then move them over to rumble because this is an outrage with the social media platforms. Yeah this again that the throttling the throttling we talk about. It's why we have to continue to speak out why many of these companies again at the regulations are in place of the deep.

The nod regulations are in place, but that they take. Again, their marching orders from the government on what to what they were willing to do that here.

They're willing to say government just tell us what you want tells the speech we like tells a speech you don't like tells people you want to talk about this. All I did it again. There's gotta be violence. If you overturn Roe versus Wade. That's a threat of conservative said that all imaginative conservatives that if you don't overturn Roe versus Wade were to burn down that because cities were to just go to work go to war literal put out today.

Even the headline doesn't say who they're talking about right.

Of course you know who they're talking about because the people were to be upset when people are already doing it already radicals these are people that work thrilled that someone leaked a Supreme Court opinion, but Prof. Hutchinson or director policies here and Harry. We sent from a policy standpoint, a board of governance was a complete violation of the Constitution, it violates the due process of the viewpoint discrimination content neutrality is a complete violation of the law. It was a federal government agency doing it. You are precisely correct J but it's also important to keep in mom mind that the elites who are at the very top of our deep state they do not necessarily believe in the Constitution. Rather, they are focused on governing the American people through what might be called a permanent state of a state of emergency under this state of emergency.

They want to suspend the Constitution why they want to then label all political all of their political opponents as a threat to democracy and so that includes citizens who question. For instance, Dr. Fauci individuals who still admire former Pres. Donald Trump. All of those individuals in the view of our elites are now labeled threats to our democracy.

And so we then claimed that there is a necessity run which requires the imposition of extraconstitutional measures designed to tear down dissent and you will see the same thing with respect to climate change, social justice initiatives in Canada, for instance, they declared literally at a state of emergency under their law. Why because you have truck drivers honking their horns in Ottawa and they had bouncy castles and they claimed that that was a threat to the Canadian democracy. This is nonsense on stilts by global elites here and take a step further and this was they took a new picture in the department justice I submit apartment treasury. They took the law enforcement agencies and decided work and invest this group with his board of governance in a missing disinformation which is now again I use the word falling apart suspended meeting Jacob which is out but they invested in a law enforcement agency homeland security. That's what makes it particularly appalling and outrageous J that they would take the instrumentalities of government not just any instrumentality of government but a law enforcement agency like Garland Merrick garlanded with the Department of Justice against parents who are outraged and speak out in public meetings of school boards with respect to their children. They weapon eyes government agencies who are law enforcement entities, homeland security, in this case justice. In other cases we have the IRS before and they use those agencies to enforce a political point of view of political stands, a political ideal.

That's what makes this so completely distasteful and so completely scary. We have to be frightened to death when something like this is created and we ought to rejoice in the fact that it's falling apart happened is that the very people you keep the throttle on.

I think this is important because when you got the administration running keep him running keep them. DHS should be figure out which the border they should be involved in speech, not American speech and but then I think we had to shift to keep that that you have to keep the pedal down now and you've got to make sure you disrupt any of their plants because we now know that there was a bigger plan going on a DHS tailspin lot time as the article there were these other boards.

There was a misinformation. There's a disinformation is also malformation and see all of these working groups, not a working group that the multiple working groups were to be put in place on this and they've all been suspended for now, and it's a keyword suspended weed to make sure it ultimately is totally shut down and we may not even know the magnitude of this win at this point Jordan because I think there are probably a lot of those boards that were doing equally dangerous work like I would say a lot of this folds together as well.

I mean the proof that this board is falling apart as Jay has said and and I would say, sort of. The best part of this. When Jordan is the fact that they've really lost in their own people on this. I mean people all across this country whether there left right or middle.

This is this is something that they cherish their ability to disagree with the government, you know, maybe, maybe like the government in power. Maybe you don't mean you will like the next one maybe won't Americans of all political stripes want the freedom to disagree with their government said they really lost their own based on this, but here's you they didn't lose Jordan.

They didn't lose the left in Washington DC and I'm in a just keep saying this, the left in Washington DC even though they lost their own people.

In this they will try it again Jordan and that's why were going to stay with it. It's a tremendous win, but working to use our success here as sort of the asserted the blueprint for how we can win it again in the future. This is the issue here is they were not willing to down this hill for this kid. That's exactly right. But the idea made see Americans today get that that he said that he could feel except that I think would they realize that they realized this was going to be a huge political liability. If so, would they if they actually think that this is what you know the exit exam is a danger to America. You don't shut it down because of political liability.

Notably, the defendant go figure out okay. Maybe we were when we are wrong of this maybe throughout people, but you really have this proverb cartels who really have the from Russia tried actually hacked bags not not disinformation, not Russia host with real Intel values that we have and we have former CIA director and former director of national intelligence on our staff at the ACLJ we really need another committee run by 30-year-old at the department of homeland security to handle against cyber attacks from Russia as though her specialty was especially was it online bullying yet. Will this is where they made. I think Harry a strategic miscalculation of what the reaction of the American people were to be like, and we we responded within 48 hours.

The American Center for Law and Justice responded to this within 48 hours that they did not anticipate. I think that is correct, but they've also been handicap because they have been led by what might be called old Deschutes arrogance.

They believe they know what's best for the American people. They consistently underestimate the willingness of the American people to fight back. And so I think it's important though to reemphasize fans point which is that the left is consistent left is persistent they will attempt to do this again why because they are driven by one thing and I think one thing only the pursuit of absolute power so that he will mine social division in order to gain power and I think we should expect some type of new ministry of truth to emerge down the road and that's why I can keep that you don't let up on this vicious you got it running. You kind of admitting that there were free speech.

Consider that there were issues that's up keep them running less run all the way through the midterms out office. They were here. Let's defeat them out on second base into that because the word defeat is a bad word. All that's been to them because you want.

They want to take I or Nancy Pelosi. I would take her job since her that what someone fired is that bullying now.

This is politics in America.

It's rough and tumble and it always has been. Let's keep it that way. It's a country we have rough-and-tumble politics. We don't have one party role. We have multiple opinions we have differing views week we are tough on our views like yard give a speech last night. People assembled together they share of common view of view, which is very outside the mainstream of the party because they think of your pro-life your something you somehow your part. This fridge and were to burn the cities down. If you overturn Roe versus Wade.

That's literally what they put out today, which sounds a little bit like misinformation and disinformation. It sounds a bit like try to threaten the judiciary a lot more than protesting from their house. By the way, when you say the sit in the country will burn because of a court decision to try and influence at the center. I want to to set the country on fire and to maybe scare one of those justices into not making it as a note exactly what they're doing and then we already have we got existing censorship in Logan this thing with Facebook today to me as I saw our other social media platforms rumble especially YouTube even just lit up shirt and Facebook we were at 700 the first 20 minutes.

The broadcast editable enhanced anatomy announcements are residing at 1 PM. I got one but I think that this idiot selected but I when you do look at how things run it in in the liquor situation right now is a broadcast live. There's about 1200 people watching right now, according the numbers.

I believe those numbers are not necessary. Accurate. There's two at 1200 people watching on Facebook. There is another couple thousand watching the other collector platform sums 2000 1700 on rumble alone. Now you look at probably about hundred 70,000 subscribers over rebel your Facebook we have 4 million likes so I think that is familiar with the other debit 4 million people are specifically now. I thought you left the platform let people have moved on Facebook we know is moving back towards multiplatform. That's a try to go away from news and going more towards your pictures in your grandkids that kind of thing is to have a big problem that exists in the military is breaking news and there things like this yet is very little transparency base if you get shadow bad is the real way for you to know of is no customer service related Facebook and it's it's unfortunate to see the people use these platforms with a coursing right now it's twittering any Lebowski.

They're trying to audit any people even know our real finding numbers are coming in staggeringly high to be two thirds it could be two thirds fake on twitter and BL real numbers and all these Victorville turn a profit. They never really figure out how to monetize that the poor, but even if you thought it was a good idea to have for the world this this the speech platform you that's the real problem those of the real issues and what not. My view on abortion. But what happens when you have these platforms and whereby can we say were very thankful for rumble and print encourage people to go to rumble where they highlight us. We can speak without being censored, but Facebook like usage of loading between my page in the ACLJ page and George page airplanes. We will probably 9 million people. There is in the say that they may know they are promoting people to go off the platform so there is no that they have not been reliable as a platform.

I understand there is a give-and-take in this. The algorithms a lot smarter than we think.

It's a lot more detailed than we think.

So it just little things you want could send that it's only a person who sitting there going nope not allowing it.

What is allowing a algorithm as you said the mainstream culture would lead you to believe that a lot of people have the views of Hollywood at the views of the it's simply not the case is why you haven't seen cities burn with these things.

You haven't seen these issues arise because when there's real public outcry you know about, but when there is manufactured, all it is a showing sure the algorithm is showing you a point of view of which to your promote what they like, you shall see the dozen or so represent the majority of the country or even half the country.

What we have to support is the wild West speech and they are very excited. They want their criminalizing that idea. The idea that you you could be a free-speech absolutes is with you will see horrendous things you don't like there's criminal activity in this awful but lawful speech in that that's what they wanted to go after and let me tell you who the awful folks are us. You listed because their own life. Your your gifts Roe versus Wade.

You support the Second Amendment you support freedom of speech you support lower taxes you or doubt that you are part of a the second one of the biggest political parties in the country likely and yet you still view the awful folks they called you deplorable already settings the same words gently flipping around you have a Twitter executive been caught on camera calling Elon musk, essentially because he special needs he can't take them seriously can't trust him because he has Asperger's.

These the kind of things that are coming out from those of the good guys got him targeted because of you know, because of theirs is the richest man in the world. Okay. That's absolutely insane.

A bit later things are coming out every day yet so would be ACL. You used to be the protector free-speech. I just went to the website. Any I just took a look at their website because we use to file briefs in free-speech cases get so used to file in support of our cases, the American Civil Liberties Union, how about this one for breaking news alert.

We represented we the ACLJ represented the ACLU on a free-speech case in Arizona years ago that ends up going all the way to the Supreme Court and they said that the phrase First Amendment was really designed to protect debate.

Even at the fringes is this important from their own director. You don't need the courts protect speech that everybody agrees with because that's brief would be tolerated Unita First Amendment to break protect speech that people regard as intolerable outrages or offensive. But believe me, that apparently is not the view of the ACLU anymore and it certainly was not the view of the buying administration because they launched a board of governance for misinformation and disinformation, but anything to stress here is in 48 hours. The ACLJ the American Center for Law and Justice work to shut it down and it looks like we have been successful and it certainly doesn't. It certainly looks like we have six and championing once again the Constitution of the United States free-speech rights. The rights of people to have speech and to say what they want to think this and not have a thought police monitor person in Washington DC saying this is misinformation.

Were going to buy this is not the party line. This is not the left-wing criteria were going to censor and we went kind of stuff is that in the United States of America whether it be an end in 1792, or in 2022.

It's not us know it's not what we stand for is not our nation and we are going to fight the protected our liberties no matter what the left says so. We are making sure getting all this information on this pause of the DHS board of governance of an mutagenic which no longer a federal employee not leave DHS when you get this out on all of our social media applications are forums where you get out our ACLJ website will be multiple articles posted today. We should get an email out on this in the next to no less than 24 hours talking about this when folks your support of the American Center for Law and Justice, but we just had a remember we had our matching moment. Just last week right yeah last week we can week ago because we were able to defeat the legislation that was to codify Roe versus Wade. And then two weeks later. Your American Center for Law and Justice went to work as soon as we got word that there was a B.

This disinformation, misinformation, review governance board and we went right to work threatening litigation getting information getting out there and then Kevin and demanding response from the federal government, and guess what, it's following up there falling apart. DHS your support of the ACLJ makes a huge difference.

I would encourage you folks as we are little more than halfway through the month. Support the American Center for Law and Justice Trager or our work in again this shows you the speed you better take on this action. Use of the forward history return.

The forward take time with faith because the federal government getting involved right away and see we're going to expose the discussion you had why you created this because it's it's not adding up. It doesn't look like you're putting in people to combat cartels.

Looks like you're putting your people to combat the homeschool moms in the pro-life speaker support the work ACLJ go to escape your faith able to Let's Talk to Mark

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