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Text Message Exposes Clinton Lawyer

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 6, 2022 3:28 pm

Text Message Exposes Clinton Lawyer

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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April 6, 2022 3:28 pm

A newly released text message in a new court filing by Special counsel John Durham is sending shockwaves through the political world. The message from Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann to Jim Baker, general counsel for the FBI reads, "Jim – it's Michael Sussmann. I have something time-sensitive (and sensitive) I need to discuss. Do you have availibilty for a short meeting tomorrow? I'm coming on my own – not on behalf of a client or company – want to help the Bureau. Thanks." Sussmann's mission was to push a phony Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Sussmann has been charged with lying to the FBI. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team break down this brand new filing by John Durham and provide their legal analysis on the case. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Text message exposes now newly released room during Michael Sussman was untruthful to the FBI.

Sussman pleaded not guilty to lying to the FBI specifically to an FBI General Counsel James Baker during a September 2016 face-to-face meeting. We want to hear from you. Sussman went to Baker he failed to disclose that he was actually working on behalf of the Clinton campaign now your hose secular secular others 100 yes of those wheels of justice time certainly has with their investigation, and I could get a sub making excuses about that.

This was taken a long time to get the information we do get the information that sheds a lot of light.

What was happening inside the Clinton campaign world back all the way back to the 2016 here.

Pre-election tried to take down Donald Trump with opposition research. The opposition research is a normal part of political campaigns was not a normal part of political campaigns is going to the FBI as a campaign's attorney said by the way, I'm not. Here's the campaign's attorney, but I'm going to give you opposition research on the candidate were running against this case, it was Hillary Clinton's outside counsel with info on Donald Trump in the Trump organization.

Ultimately this led to crossfire hurricane remembered all Baltimore. This led to molar within the list goes on and all these different fight that utilizes against Americans. But it all starts with now a text message so not just basing this off. Oral evidence now between what happened between Hillary Clinton's lawyer and James Baker, the chief counsel at the FBI. We now have the text message she sent to James Baker making it clear hey by the way, I'm not do this in any for my clients. I would be very clear because I know we had this issue with Facebook before, so I want to be very clear and you probably need to go to rumble as they may edit us here I'm reading the Facebook reviewers. I am reading the United States of America versus Michael Sussman the motion in limine filed by the United States government department Justice Department justice that's under Pres. Biden. This is what's in their documents. This is a motion in limine is to make sure certain evidence could be admitted at trial. What they have sought is that there's been a by the alleged violation of thousand one, which is a false statement. They then say that in the indictment, on September 19, less than two months before I'm reading exactly from the document less than two months before the 2016 Presidential election.

The defendant, a lawyer at a large international law firm that was then serving as counsel to the Kip Clinton campaign met with the FBI General Counsel at the FBI headquarters, the defendant provided the FBI General Counsel with imported data" white papers that allegedly demonstrated a covert communication channel between the Trump organization in a Russia bank was called out the bank. The indictment alleges that defendant line in that meeting, stating that he was, not representing any client not only stated it but on page 5 of the brief. They now have the notes where it says Michael Sussman Blair, with Perkins going put up on the screen and then it says represents DNC Clinton foundation, etc. but not during this proceeding, not for the purposes of this meeting, which raises two questions what is the FBI newly represented the DNC and the Clinton foundation were that you just come on over there to stop and chat sub unit. You gotta ask yourself about the FBI's actions hereto. They winking and nodding here but then he goes on further in the document will get this in the next segment and shows that there was a joint venture involving beast, the defendant, Sussman tech executive in the Clinton campaign.

Yes, of folks I would just scratch the surface of this week to give actual text message for you. We come back the break and take your phone calls 164 3110. How much confidence you have in this investigation. It's a fair question to ask at this point, which is which. There is some good news.

I will give it to relay the broadcast mainstream is actually covering it for the first time they had a very away but the New York Times actually covered that the findings in this filing, but we want to hear from you 100-684-3110 wheels of justice grinding slowly here. Is it way too slow. 1-800-684-3110.

Be right back on secular the American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad defending religious freedom.

Those who are persecuted for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is certainly is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life.

We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus/secular if you talk to a study or 1-800-684-3110 that's one 800 683110. Here is the text so you don't have to rely anymore. This was an oral exchange only between Hillary Clinton's and the campaigns outside counsel Sussman and the Baker at the FBI. Now you got actual text so that dear friends, I would put them like to if you're texting the FBI General Counsel pretty fairly casually about information like this, it means they know who you are and you know who there, which means you likely know, this is the guy this is Hillary Clinton's top attorney right okay so this is the text will be read it out you were going back to September 18, 2016 Jim is Michael Sussman absent something time sensitive and sensitive. I need to discuss.

You have availability for short meeting tomorrow then emboldened by Thursday I'm I'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a client or company and this is where it's so bogus because there's no attorneys doing this in the country. They just he just wants to quote I want to help the Bureau.

Thanks. First of all I meet at Wellesley Sussman. If the allegation proved true and false statement to the FBI because he did have a client in the billing records shows that he billed for these meetings but I would ask a fundamental question here, which insured dorms getting into his Jim Baker, the FBI General Counsel who knew that this law partner from Perkins Coit who represents DNC and the Clinton campaign and the Clinton foundation. Sussman's partner was a partner Perkins going so these were law firm partners.

He does and says I don't a specific client on the client but then he puts out this allegation about servers communicating with the by the trunk campaign and at the Trump property Trump Tower edit the White House office complex with out the bank a Russian own bank. None of this was true, and then later in this 47 page document again for Facebook so you know*misquoted when reading from the actual document page 14. This is the title that the durum uses to describe the relationship between the defendant, Michael Sussman, tech executive, one white, think will notice I think might be that cooperator and the Clinton campaign joint venture involving the defendant.

The tech company executive, one in the Clinton campaign and says, as an initial matter, the government expects that the evidence of trouble so that the beginning in the beginning in late July early August 2016.

The defendant tech executive and agents of the Clinton campaign's work acting in concert towards a common goal, namely the goal of assembling and disseminating the Russian bank allegations and other derogatory information about Trump and his associates to the media and the US government. This is what is alleged by the United States Department of Justice under Pres. Biden. So don't censor this out or don't start hoarding things were not reporting from the exact document and weep at the document up on the screen so there you have it be called a joint venture acting in concert with a common goal. Having this give folks I worry take your calls under 164 3110 all ties ultimately to the fact that the Clinton campaign started to use this information publicly via Twitter. It starts on page 46 of this document, but it but it is with what the government is ultimately is about evidence officially segment what were going to show in court order to prove in court this it indeed the government remember that when we talk about Durham yet. This is father's United States of America versus is this Department of Justice acting is the Biden DOJ acting in fact, because they've allowed them to continue and promised to allow Durham to continue his work is a quote indeed government will offer this evidence to prove, among other things, one of the defendant's primary goals and his work on the Russian bank one allegations is to generate negative publicity concerning Trump that would benefit the Clinton campaign. Accordingly, this is the tweet is admissible is not hearsay.

The tweet again was these allegations by Jake Sullivan and through enter Hillary Clinton's account as well. The Clinton campaign account making these allegations against Donald Trump weren't even published yet and in the talk, but these articles were finally published. He said the back of the Clinton campaign immediately issued a tweet. This is on page 48 again for those that might want to censor this issue between concerning the articles after receiving or knowledge of these issues from a law firm one going is probative of the defendants client relations remark. He denied that he was representing the campaign here and he clearly at least the allegation is that he was and they got the billing records show it. Indeed, the government government will offer this evidence to prove, among other things, that one of the defendants primary goals and his work on the Russia bank. One allegation was to generate negative publicity concerning Trump that would benefit the Clinton campaign. According to the tweet of accordingly. The tweet is admissible as nonhearsay because this is an evidentiary motion which understand what they said and that that the idea whole purpose of this was to generate this negative publicity. Here's the problem that I still have within us.

How did the FBI not real. At the start crossfire hurricane starts this whole process.

This ends up with what Jordan said Pfizer warnings were false statements are again charged by a lawyer in the Justice Department who changes the wording of an email submits it to the FISA court. James Coley signs off on it in the FISA court issues a warrant on American citizen that they been admonished since then, but I mean really and and it's of the PI should not be getting a free pass on any of this. No way I do every night. Again, it's is very bizarre to me because James Baker knew this person there texting each other in a phone call not a formal request for for meeting a text that means personal relationship at least a working/personal relationship where you know each other and the fact is, even in the notes that which are included in this document received James Baker's notes. He makes this addition in the know to put up on the screen was both refer back to see where the initiatives it says said not doing this for any client but as you defendant. That's not the first part of the notes.

I mean it's like you know that's a side note in this is all about the Russia bank getting this in connected servers. This is crazy stuff. Well, honestly, the fact that the FBI General Counsel is writing this down. The stuff they didn't figure out but it took an outside random attorney who just had random info on the figure out the disposing the prompt or Trump organization.

The company had a server without the bank also later on. This is interesting. What they also had one in a hospital. Yes, that was used to visit used as a communications mode up by Trump. So let me take a step further for a radio audience which is most of you, so we got this is not looks like it's on a yellow legal pad or a legal pad of some type of handwritten answers. Michael Sussman attorney Perkins Coie represents D&C Clinton foundation, etc. former DOJ official been approached by prominent cyber people, academics, and corporate types, then it has to decide said not doing this for any client although they did it and that's next to. By the way, represents D&C and Clinton foundation.

Then it says, New York Times, Washington Post or Wall Street Journal on Friday secret Trump org server that has had comms communications without the bank now you're the FBI okay you got a Presidential candidate is running for office. Trump Clinton and her lawyer comes in, but he's not representing her for this thing about that for a minute okay but it's the making of a candidate with that but acknowledge, yes, but is to make the other candidate look mentally bad but derogatory information which wasn't true in the lies about it allegedly to the FBI but I'm thinking like you said Jordan it's the FBI doing here right mean that fact is the crossfire hurricane you got it right you got this candidate information being shared and we now remember the information they got is supposedly because they they had this computer tech company that had a contract to go into servers to help with cyber attacks we get there. Using this information to go and look at Stout to look into Russian connections writer that comes out even later on in this but I think it all goes back to this, the FBI playing stupid is either two things they are stupid, that's only one that's one option. The second object is playing stupid. They played up now. If you receive a lot from Jim Covey playing the that's it.

That's kind of his modus operandi.

We get before congressional panels.

He laughs he's kinda talks down, but he can execute is a remember anything he doesn't know anything when it comes down to it. This is the saline who would believe this this is Washington DC the FBI headquarters that you're walking in as your main client is the most high-profile thing he gets to America, the Presidential election is to very high profile candidates, the wife of a former President and Donald Trump. Okay, so two of the more well-known people in the world running against each other. It's a divided election, but you're coming in just had a good faith in the FBI believes it they don't they know that's bogus that we don't know who's made deals and resume deals of my other things that I didn't remember this leads to actually remind you what it leads to at least the crossfire hurricane release to Bob Muller. It leads to Americans being spied on through FISA warrants, it leads to. Also, even the bigger picture. The distrust that we still have our country for these government apparatuses like the FBI department just kept who your cloud over the trumpet on the same time they were dealing with more than that when they were dealing with national security issues abuse proportion is a service to America Puget service that we still are dealing with today as we speak.

106 a poorly relative got quick. Ultimately, that will take you because we come back from the break. That's 100-684-3110 only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who are persecuted for their faith covering correction in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful.

Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way comes 100 constitutional and as a reader district to learn about this so long is you get to page 815, the New York Times at new filing by lit a listen to this implicit interview just got to the headline. You may say okay this unit was about might be about Donald Trump doing something wrong, new filings by counsel might strengthen case and trump air inquiry. I read that Caselli something about Donald Trump right it's actually so tight that misinformation, even when they feel now I think it's because the hunter by the laptop you got burned on that they get burned by 50 quote Intel officials, who are by the way, all got to those positions by being in a partisan because he had to get appointed to the position but then they write headlines like that and you realize no one will read because one it doesn't make since the headline right to headline could be about Donald Trump being in trouble they would read it maybe than it would be on the page, a 15 correct so that okay so here's what you got the same. I've been saying this for the last 20 minutes.

The thing that's fascinating to me about all this movement were reading directly from the emotional limit from the government's documents is the FBI went along with this, absolutely.

And so my presumption is in this is pure speculation on my part. The FBI was probably in the game before Sussman came with quote unquote hard evidence, and so I think there are three answers that we have to think about with respect to this particular motion. First, this particular motion provides real hard evidence that there was indeed a conspiracy even though there is no conspiracy alleged that this particular point of this motion also suggest that the evidence includes a tax and suggesting that there were affirmative steps taken by the Clinton campaign to implicate crop and third, this particular motion raises this question and I think it's the key question how far does the conspiracy go so even if a conspiracy is not alleged in the indictment. It is very likely that there are other key players out there and it's very likely that some of those key players are serving in the Biden administration. So those are some of the issues that I think the American people should think about. Obviously, we have incomplete information and obviously of entry motion. You're absolutely correct and right now all Durham is alleging is that they have sufficient evidence to show by a preponderance that this quote unquote evidence should indeed be found in muscle divided according to page 14 lately entitled a sub caption the argument about the evidence and mission. The Durham people department justice joint venture involving the defendant take executive one in the Clinton campaign and then they go on to say. Namely, this is exactly what they say. As an initial matter, the government expects that the evidence at trial will show that beginning in late July or early August, the defendant text exec one and the agents of the Clinton campaign were quote acting in concert toward a common goal.

That's how the Department of Justice raised all of this, but it's still mind-boggling to me that the FBI just went along with this yet opened up to say they open up a Pandora's box is an understatement, get a trailer. The phones 100-684-3110 muscular Jerry and Rhode Island first on line 1AJ Logan Sekulow you're on the air below team like a dj vu of new patent pending" them up at the thought that what we thought about the recusal of the judge. Anything interesting that all men turned around a bit. I just want to help, I'll be happy I just don't look at during lunchtime directors intermediate lunch but evidently put good so ironic about this is when you put the notes. Page 5.

This is again in the government's brief, page 5 on the screen that lists that Sussman does represent the Clinton campaign does represent the DNC is a new and does represent the Clinton foundation.

They knew immediately and compares point. They do use. It's interesting because it's the way it's worded for the evidentiary rule while they quality joint venture. This what they say again for the sensors that are out there want to center.

I'm reading from page 13 of the motion in limine so further than generate a nasty letter posted on Facebook.

Your fact checkers and understand like last time. I'm not were not just quoting this from a news article. This is from the document filed by the buying Department of Justice okay. Page 13 says this that the purpose of this was meant to carry forward the universally accepted doctrine that a joint venture is consent and then remembered identify the Clinton campaign's joint venture is considered as a co-conspirator for the purposes of this rule, even though no conspiracy has been charged. The rules are talking about. Of course, is an evidentiary bowl but they are deemed to be quote co-conspirators for the purposes of that rule joint venture for the purposes of the charge.

I'm just pointing out who was involved in this and the nature of this and that the FBI in my view turned pretty much a very a blind I wish it was staring them in the face with this was this was a political opposition research campaign conducted by the lawyers for the Clinton campaign were the FBI notes in the department.

Justice knows that when your disk when you campaign starting stay out of the stuff. I think that is correct, but I also would say I think this point, demands emphasis that the FBI was predisposed to support the Clinton administration. I think we have seen clear and unmistakable evidence of that in the communications between Peter Strock and Alisa page. And so if you look at the entire body of evidence, we can reach one conclusion and one conclusion only of that and that is that Pres. Propp was set up before the election, and it continued after the election, leading to the ill-fated Moeller investigation were Bob Muller proved his incompetence for the entire world to see and I think Gary's right and I think we look at the implications of this issue.

Guerrilla implications of this was put a cloud over presidency for over two years yes it it's divided. Still, I would ask you argue that our country still was damaged. To this day. People don't know what information they actually believe you shouldn't believe the truth the foot with what's true, what's false what media to trust stemming the fact the New York Times bears a center headline, you would not even know was about but you know that we have to even acknowledge your time is finally recovering this like they're finally covering Hunter binds laptop those kind and that kind of information affected the shame you out of information is a bit of Hunter binds laptop use careful words to say it's Russian. This information so don't use it.

Not that it's not true that the does it tell you about the potential complications and connections at the Biden family has China and these corporations and shiny Chinese government owned companies other than an adult look there was there because it's just the Russians try to be bad and ultimately where where are we right now the country were extremely divided.

We don't know what to trust or who to trust with artists. It is a nice word really to say about how we feel our politics has become a game of who had a put our enemies in jail and out of ports alleged by the Democrats to the January 6 committee. The idea that likes about you throw them out of office by impeachment instead of the normal political process that's become normal or impeaching former Presidents just for impeachment purposes that became part of the normal process. The people are fed up in their angry and rightly so. When I think there little bit up there with their disease. Taking forever to get the information. Hope this information is all done before the next Presidential election. Think goodness sakes, it's not. It's not really going to add a lot to the division or in the division in our country as the American civil injustice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate, it will be now. $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most important to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular. Your phone calls to 164, 31, two, that's what hundreds ask a or 3110. Let me encourage you were going through this new information filed in by Durham. It's an evidentiary five filing so I again along with 40 pages but it it it mostly centers around the fact of of now having direct evidence such as oral that Sussman, the Clinton campaign attorney went to the DOJ saying by the way, not doing this on behalf of client and a year later he testified he was Elsie. I was under a so these got himself in trouble.

Number Wiseman others. The text message if you see a text message which to me raises more concerns and visit us in line in the notes and in the notes DOJ at the FBI attorneys did Deputy General Counsel noted directly to who he works for right and and so the fact that the FBI push this information along even though they knew that Sussman was not really telling the full truth because they wrote down. By the way he writes it works for Clinton. The Clinton campaign the Clinton foundation.

The DNC, but they believe that is where the court coming here on my own. This is reading it directly. Listen to this fraternities out there for anybody out that you think you go to the object FBI know you not bother me or my client, which is good because Hillary Clinton is had a lot of bothered by the FBI very foundation so when they're not being bothered to go to you and bother you with some information that will really end up causing a mess to the country in a couple years but you know we try to win politics at all costs. So I hear FBI I'm just here on my own and I feel like I need to tell you this. The text message is a good throughout, on behalf of the client or company.

Just as someone who quote wants to help the Bureau reading George reading from the document. By the way, Ghent is out and he would if I was afraid you would still be suspicious of your friend, you say okay you called up and say what are you doing you get me in trouble and you in trouble so just tell the truth.

This is done about the click campaign in your Opera research. Let us note that but you know I didn't want to do that because of they would event now that was outside hurricane the new Groton are not getting you into launching crossfire hurricane if you knew this was on the applicant government but this about other related into what this became became Bob Muller. It became Pfizer warrants became general Flynn I go through the list. If the cloud over presidency for two years over two years I I know little bit about it. I represented the Jordan and I'm trying rehearse the history. It should consist this is in history. This is file just got yesterday before so this is is this is brand-new and again were reading from the document itself doing try to grab a call quickly here yet.

We can we can ask her to Doug in Texas on my three hey Doug hey Doug. All new and indict mostly to an indictment against Hillary Clinton.

I don't think so. I mean seems no indication that any of this is targeted at Sec. Clinton, and all it seems like the campaign is Kenneth I would suspect that all notice the campaigns as a way to tell his lawyers to go in like I mean, that's die die but I'm sure that's what the site I would guess a mag I have known is that evidence is of the department justice. That doesn't seem to be where this is going.

I do wonder though what it means to some of the people within the Clinton campaign that nodes knew that this was going on. Allowed this to go on this level. Banking was totally made up with servers never get taking data analysis from the White House complex when present troubles in office to continue this so you know who's next on the list here. I don't know.

I can't believe that this is it that they just could be the Sussman case and the one of the lawyer that the gunman they got a lawyer that needed all the problem is the FBI department just burn on this and that's that that's the part that makes you just really upset is an American that agencies are part of this Every this is either so eroded here in Georgia center of Slover memory IRS taste took years to resolve. This is this is criminal yeah mission should not be taken as long to be much quicker this is November is the government has the info they want.

Here we were fighting the government for this is the government they get all the info they want all the data all the evidence, which should not be taken is not really appraised there for everything.

I don't think what is happening. The wheels of Jessica speed up here that we can get to another prison selection with the still hanging over their head is not good for our country.

Be right back. The American Center for Law and just before engaging in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those for their faith covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful.

Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way income is 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus/Sankyo 164, 31, two, that's 100 63110 I do is take one final call on the Sussman matter and on this new matter involving what we found Mr. filing. I will still say for the record, I think this is going way to slow agree with all of you. I think it is a criminal investigation is removing a lot faster wheels of justice.

He's got plenty of people working for him.

I don't know why things like this this text this message, which we already knew he was saying this why this comes up weeks later from the last update on this instead of the same day and I don't I don't get that because certainly that's not how the melody was operated.

Somehow the impeachments it out. All that we need to get this finished for the American people. That's why this because we can't be voting the next Presidential election with this guy still at the first others that you have this. These are time sensitive matters. You can't just go on and on and on and when you get a criminal case like business a criminal case people suffer getting things in me every evidence gets gets you not handling limitations limitations, the point missing needs you right in each rep I think it needs to wrap up a lot of the before the midterms I think the next election easily free from all of this total, but will say let's take Lippmann's call to hail and welcome to secular on their learned to read and put in jail, possibly for lying to the FBI and or at least can he be debarred from being an attorney will easily be clear. He's been indicted so I'm easily been processed through that the criminal criminal proceedings start against him. He is been indicted.

If he is convicted, they go to transfers good from next month if he's convicted, will then the judge will issue a sentence and that will depend on factors. If he's convicted could be acquitted. Who knows, but just to be clear on this one is moving this one is moving Jordan's point. I think the three takeaways are this year. One is what took so what in the world is coming. This is longer than the moment investigation. Okay that's number one number two. This was in 2016 and the FBI gets a knock on the door from the lawyer they happened be the big DNC's lawyer Clint campaign Laura Clinton foundation learns about your on behalf of them. Of course, while allegedly is billing records show the opposite and Jim Baker who was the General Counsel of the federal Bureau of investigation says that's okay.

Let's check in your crossfire working authorized by James coming so to be very interesting to see if this actually goes to trial article let it go to trial. That's the other thing I want to hear Jordan.

Are they gonna let this go to trial. Have this evidence actually come out in life format. I don't know mostly right one for deceitfully and then that meant something anyway and talk about the disbarment issue that usually does occur. These attorneys usually temporary when it's only one charge. Yes, even if the tiniest biggest city suspended sounding we need to move gears. I think you because of the situation that's unfolding in in Ukraine and Russia, and Carla Smith has been out for other reasons. The last week.

So, I first want to get a sense Col. on militarily. There was all this talk a lot in the last week that there was this movement away from keep and more towards of debts and establish quickly take a death that would be gigantic what your sense of it militarily.

Right now you know. It appears that they are not really retreating. The Russians are not. They are simply realigning their troops. Those in the north north of the capital of Kyiv have moved back into Belarus. But the other other units have moved into the East into the South.

It seems like they're going to really sort of solidify their gains in those portions of Arena. Keep in mind that the Don Buss region which they already you occupy pretty much they have gone west of there and occupied additional territory. The Russians are still holding onto those territories are still holding onto the southern part of Ukraine that they took during this latest round of conflict and game think it's over know they are continuing to bombard from the air and with long-range artillery civilian populations all across Ukraine that has not stopped so then the next. I think the next. The issue at work sing a lot of discussion in the news right now is allegations, and Zelinski made a speech to the UN yesterday and this allegations of this is genocide. People saying is genocide. Genocide CC is a very specific in your name. You know this well to is a very specific allegation that the cosmos not war crimes by the white genocide is a war crime. Go ahead and enter that VLAN at the UN convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide and the definition is very specific. It calls for acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group and it says what those acts are such as killing members of the group, causing seriously body on mental harm, deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction, because on with 45 does but it has to be an act committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious grenade in one of the biggest difference is a war crime requires that you be in armed conflict.

Genocide can be committed during the war during peace.

Yeah, I think that this is your to this is first brought as a world leader. It's one thing to start saying they've done this to committing war crimes, but you have to finish this conflict out.

I mean, this is all forward thinking is acting as if you're still to be around like you really exist yet still an incisive and is very risky strategy to go to the UN East" are you ready to close the UN. They were on states obviously key institutions.

The world simply can't work effectively in his country hasn't really worked.

If I don't not traipsing nasty Ukraine, but it is not had an effective government since its independence from the USSR in his failed every year. This is the law.

I think you may be one the longest-serving President since because this war and half the country didn't came standing in the Ukraine, but they've they can rally behind him now but if you really listen to people there. When asked about Zelinski some people supporting other people kind of single. He's the President for right now it is been unstable. That's why they weren't allowed into their other European institutions include the EU for economic economics. They have had. I think for revolutions having try to figure out which side of that is good. The US is back some the Kremlin's back some. It's been MS so ought to have the world be lectured to I get that he is ease.

Yes Rick taken himself to a next level as a leader in time of war and conflict. You put politics aside, that's wonderful. But the truth is I to going to the UN and say that when you've not been a reliable country or leader and and using this moment I think is true for its two forward thinking in the conflict instance are talking about one day holding Vladimir Putin by the way, if you ever negotiate peace with them is I can be held liable for crimes. Second, I don't use this horrible position. The ICC no jurisdiction, no jurisdiction. Same argument we make the United States military did the same argument you have to make for the Russian soldiers if they want is create a special tribunal through the UN Security Council you could do that but the ICC has no jurisdiction here, so there's no place to try them for crimes right now.

Even if you could so what I can bill conflict was over.

You could arrest lab report. So here's the mediocrity of this are the sad part of this is that we've complained about you, and institutions as well me. Luckily have but were engaging in those we engage in the human rights Council reengage at the UN league range of the Gen. assembly was engaged at the Security Council but that the I think the problem here is the institutions themselves. For instance, the Security Council, Russia is a permanent member right so please talking before the UN Security Council and the five permanent members which have the right to veto our China, France, Russia, UK, and the United States now Russia would have to abstain because they are a interested party. But still, you have to get all four of those permanent members to vote +5 other of the rotating member said that my question is Wes is crumbs with his tunic and vote against Russia here are under a lot of pressure and interestingly, China has been pretty quiet right right, probably at best will get hope or be an extension. They are not going to vote against Russia.

I do not believe that all you know and it I might also say that you we think of the ICC and the Rome statute is beer were war crimes can be tried and they can if you if you are under their jurisdiction.

However, the Geneva conventions are where most war crimes in the past have been brought to trial with some sort of special commission that would require the United Nations yeah yeah because of war crimes under Geneva conventions everyone to the hundred 90 countries that recognize the Geneva Convention. So here's the interesting. This is a dynamical talk, but this lesson will take your calls when in order to escape were 3110 on both topics. We talked about today so 800-684-3110 will get your comments trying to come in our social media as well. What's interesting to me about all this is we've been to look their not many lawyers in United States event on the floor of the international criminal court, may we have been and what we're arguing there was no jurisdiction against the United States and proceeding against the with the office of the prosecutor of the international criminal court mag about five years, eight years before that we were there in order, arguing ICC had no jurisdiction over Israelite and members the statute so is a lot of this talk going on but you gotta look at what's the reality of what actually can happen. What Jordan said is right would take a special tribunal and you're not negotiate a peace with a special tribunal in the background. No, because it's never Russia ultimately were not going China Russia being defeated, the since of Russia falling like the country that happened to the Germans. There was a special tribunal because their country fell their leaders well here it be that they got seated on the battlefield and retreated Russia still exist. So how do you have to get process out of that and in are you are you hurting the ability to maybe get a cease-fire or peace process by saying Biomarin put you in jail for sure life and they even though we have no jurisdiction of finally putting on those that only one. A society can agree the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who are persecuted for their faith covering correction in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that.

We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way income is 100 constitutional and secco replace of the speech essays to the UN Security Council President Zielinski of Ukraine and Ellison remembered there is some there issues with Ukraine that they packed our key vesicles were conservatives question Ukraine well remember we have the entire beach patrol over the corruption in Ukraine there so corrupt with the Bidens over him, fire him before I get on the plane or elsewhere that you give your aid that was Joe Biden talking to the chief prosecutor that was a previous present to Zielinski because there was another revolution. After that it's it's a land of corruption. It's it's doesn't mean that people deserve to be treated this way. I'll kill the street or kids to be true it it no should be refugee crisis. Russia should've invaded. There is a reason why conservatives have a bad taste in their mouth, with these guys now is gotta be careful not to give a bad taste about the entire world which you can close yesterday at Osprey 536 is to the UN Security Council, and this is no different from that Terry and Terry, such as Diana Schimmel occupies uncharacteristic and here and is non-by Abbott at the Mettler Lafayette United Nations Security Council destroying internal unit think and borders country is and add taken that pride of more than it does in the country as a whole salary coming to an end and here's the thing seems to me just off okay and no disrespect to the President. Zielinski's under tremendous pressure in these countries been invaded and that scampi just by their sovereign borders were invaded by Russian okay what I don't understand is getting the United Nations would you spend a lot of time and cc Jordan. You spent a lot of time in getting them angry okay isn't getting the results right it it doesn't make sense. It shows I think that he's desperate and just trying whatever he can but it does not make sense to attack the one entity that you're trying to get to do something and by the way Isis is not the same as Russia.

Isis had no nuclear weapon's not especially that for 5000 of them pointed at the United States of America that they do not have the power to assure mutually assured destruction. They were horrible they were.

They were terrorist and they were defeated in a matter of years and really defeated the matter months when Pres. Tromp to change the policy of up a little bit tougher and more direct on Isis and so I again that comparison is not equal.

They may be doing acts that are similar to Isis but Isis you didn't have to worry about them shooting a nuclear weapon at Ed and taking out your entire country know with Russia you don't have to worry about that. So I was the whole world has to worry about the I was so West when he when he uses the statement. This is just like Isis. That's what he said there is no difference from other terrorists such as Isis that that explain that statement. I don't think it's right on the finger joints. It is right. The Russia have a nuclear weapons. This is so complicated Cadiz Russia apparently doing some terroristic thanks to the civilian population.

Yes, they are that they are not a terrorist group like Isis, they are they are country that is not only on the Security Council there on the human rights Council. If you believe it, but they also have nuclear weapons just the reality of what's going on in the world. We have to engage with Russia differently and I think his hyperbole.

Zielinski's hyperbole at the United Nations understand his frustration. It was not helpful as CC said, you can attack someone that you're asking for help. He went to the other country shooter parliaments in Congress is ended very, very well. He did not do so well yesterday were Scott to be a strategy and why he went directly at the UN yesterday coming into play. The early play this one because I think this one is where he goes even further, which I think Rick was on with us a few weeks ago couple weeks November. He said this for active UN peacekeeping missions. Right now we don't talk about a not at that tape.

That means that that it's so bad that the UN sends troops the world since troops and lotteries.

We'll talk about them is that they are the same color skin at SL as a majority of Americans and end in places where you can pronounce in the not Russia, not Ukraine. In place of the world. You might not know exist and so they don't get as much attention as the genocides their member Sudan that kind of attention.

There was talk at yourself but there's for active peacekeeping missions right now that hardly getting the attention then Zielinski does this like the UN doesn't put anybody in Hartford by 39 where is this a guarantee of that Security Council guarantee day, although there is a Security Council and as such and so I mean where is a pizza little or what those guarantees that the United Nations needs to guarantee. It is obviously anticancer edition of that world which you must ensure that correction of an aggressive two men simply cannot effectively create the Ewing kids of every conflict what he can do is try to put together coalitions to stop peacekeepers to enforce cease-fires you but it also I think again it misses the mark on where Ukraine is in the scale and that's unfortunately have to look at the world that way. Those five permanent members is five permanent members have the power to destroy each other. He got his country doesn't so this but their lower on the scale of what the kind of lethal weaponry that this is a conflict with India. They been referenced in the higher up bigger issue if there is constant with Pakistan bigger issue because of the nuclear weapons that are available there to see this again. You have to understand who you are before you tell the whole institution off your ear a poorly run post-Soviet country. It's been that is the number one of the more corrupt countries in the world. It suits her telling off the UN, which is also has some corruption issues and problems, but telling of the year that you're the Savior of the world is just not being honest it's I think that the more humble approach, which is the approach he took earlier this the approach that got people on his side, condemning everybody is saying you're all horrible when he should be able to read the news one they're not Isis that's not a fair comparison to Russia they don't have one, is no nuclear weapons to accept that the world of doing anything with the plot. They have an entire military weaponry because of us. So the peopling understand that we like takeaways in attendance. We talk about P5 +1 talk about permanent members of the United Nations, said there are five permanent members of the, the Security Council, China, France, Russia, you can US and then the RT 10. I'm sorry I members they get elected on a rotating basis every two years, were there. They are there and you don't get rid of them. The best you can hope for is if there involved in a dispute, they shall abstain so Russia would have to abstain, but they have the right one of them has a right to be tell if one of them does not Beltway it does not count. So it's your family I hate to say barking up the wrong tree but got a bargain up around three also points to this West United States has not authorized the transfer of those makes. They have not and you have to wonder why that is the case, and I think it goes back to what were discussing the dynamics of these five members of the Security Council and their weaponry and how to get along with each other and was involved in. When you negotiate with someone like that.

I just think that you enjoyed what you said is is right and that there's this is nine dimensional.

It's horrible. I would be clear Russia from what everything we had no basis may be under these treaties, various trees, you could you could likely create a tribunal because they violated some international laws are not saying that you cannot do that is on existing port and usually that doesn't happen unless a country holds so you're actually defeated Russian defeat here does not mean Russia is defeated as a country visit with draw out a plan that is different than like Nazi Germany probably or government following exactly and maybe him falling. They may be the cause of the need to have an opportunity to work tribunal. You get the piece you're threatening that over the other side. I was an essay quickly once we got 22nd. How does this help with negotiations with Russia, not at all.

I don't think it does a man I think he's eased his back is in his development that does it for the broadcast day folks remember you expert analysis here support the work of the ACLJ were matching challenge campaign it's talk tomorrow.

The American Center for Law and solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most to you and your family. You forgive today online

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