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Are the Midterms Still a Sure Thing For Republicans?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 19, 2022 3:34 pm

Are the Midterms Still a Sure Thing For Republicans?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 19, 2022 3:34 pm

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell acknowledged the GOP may not take the Senate in the midterms

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler and Jason Miller join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM University studio in Memphis Tennessee only since conservative commentary from Mary Walters sitting in the Liberty University.

Todd apparently Todd was out partying all night. You know the partier now. It's great to be sitting here in this eventide and I love when I get to do that. I love this audience and you know I appreciate it when you jump in and you join me talk about the midterms coming up to just want to give you the number 84474788688447478868 now graces in a spectacular job with the shout so coming up next hour we will be joined by Congressman Guy Russian dollar at a Pennsylvania were to talk about the FBI raid on Trump when you talk about the border crisis and talk to him about the midterms coming up because he has a problem and all the all is one seat they just need to keep what they have to keep what you have gained one more seat. The bar is really low and make it. Also, next hour, Jason Miller, he's the CEO of gear and Facebook and twitter and all his other social media platforms have just announced their new censorship rules going into the 2022 election. They did it in 2020. They're going to do it again in 2022's are going to talk to him about that. So let's talk about the midterms and again. I welcome your call 844-747-8868. This is a play into the midterms and it's a new poll that was released by Gallup and what they found is that more of millennial's and Jen's the Americans identify is independent then as Republican and Democrat combined. So the vast majority of those under the age of like safe, 40, 42, under under that are not joining the Democrat or the Republican Party is a good thing or bad thing.

I kinda think I personally think it's good, probably because I am unaffiliated as well. I've never declared an allegiance to a party. I have been tempted but I have not done so.

So I just I don't believe in parties. I believe in candidates. I believe in people and I have voted across the spectrum. In the past, because I try to pick the person that I feel is best for the job, not the party so that that's just the way I look at it, but I wonder if this could shake out to not be such a great thing on the other hand is going to work harder to win the middle there have to work harder to win the independence of making our politicians work harder to dig the poll found that 52% of both Jen's EM millennial's identify is independent only 21% of millennial's identify as Republican millennial is up like it somewhere between 22 and 25 and up to 40 to 42 somewhere, depending on who you listen to it in that age range, so those people are only 21% of them identify as Republican and 27% as Democrat be a lot more Democrats. That's interesting. Also, 1717% of Genesee, which is where from like 9 to 24 somewhere in that age range would nine-year-olds have in common with 24-year-olds, but I don't make these rules. I don't know who makes these rules, but I think it's kind of ridiculous, but okay I'll play some nine-year-olds. Only 17% of them identify as Republican and 31% as Democrat make sense, the younger you are the more liberal you are when you grow up and you start working for money instead of just great start working and I start paying taxes.

Your view of the world tends to change a lot unless of course you don't make a lot of money or you have a ton of money those two ends of the spectrum kind of gel together. According to Gallup. Historically, Americans as they get older, become more likely to identify as a Republican or Democrat is okay unpick a party that it but currently that's changing. Currently, 44% of Gen X which is only 41 to 57 there's like a tiny little sliver is Gen X again. I don't how they make these designations so 44% identifies political independence that's unchanged from when they first entered voting age is pretty much stayed the same, said they are the first generation coming up that is not affiliating themselves of the party as they get older. The majority of millennial's 52% and that the majority millennial's are independent, 52%.

That percentage has increased by five percentage points in each of the past two decades, so millennial's, who maybe when they were younger.

Join political parties are now moving away from them and are becoming independence. The data also reveal that each younger generation has had a greater proportion of independence throughout their lives in the prior generation did. Even at similar stages in their life.

44% of Gen X Wood Gundy, 42 to 57 4157 group that currently identifies as independent is 10 points higher than that.

Then the 34% of baby boomers who said they were independence in 02 when they were aged 30 to 56. Oh so about the same age so I would say about politics in this country that people are moving to independence was curious what you think that says an end. You know, if you join political party why I cannot vote in my state because I am with a call unaffiliated my state doesn't allow doesn't have an independent category.

They only have Democrat and Republican.

That's it. And if you are independent you're just what they call unaffiliated meaning you don't have a home they try to push here to get it up and actual classification of independence that would be 1/3 choice you choose, Democrat, Republican or independent in the states washed as I live in a very blue state and they don't want to think that anyone could possibly not be a Democrat so I just thought this was so interesting because independence figure more and more and more in elections and it makes sense because there's more and more of them and I think that that that if the Republicans don't jump on this. They're going to be behind the eight ball on this 844-747-8868 now speaking in the midterms Democrat Congressional campaign committee chair Sean Maloney did an interview with the New York Times earlier this week and he said in the interview you'll find broad agreement in our caucus from the conservative Democrats to the most progressive that we have a likability problem. I think he's right on the because I will tell you and maybe it's because I've gotten older, but when I was a kid when I do my first paycheck and I think a lot of you have this conversation but you get that first paycheck and I went to my dad and I said okay.

What's this was gross and accident understand whether all these different numbers but my paycheck was the smaller number and and so he sat down with me and he went through my state my paystub is okay this this year is for people who don't save enough money for retirement. This here is where P is the always big was because people can save enough money for retirement. This year's are people who don't save enough for healthcare when they get older. This here is unlikely.

I have to pay for this people for all those things are those people, he said yes this will okay but that's okay because I'm getting at that when I get older. He said it's probably gonna be bankrupt by the time you get there and I just little that's not fair.

He shook my hand and said welcome to the Republican Party so I think a lot of us have had that experience even when we were younger right so what he says are similarly saying that the Democrats don't do a good enough job reaching out to Americans in areas that have not benefited from the global economy, which is middle-class America right only if you're super wealthy.

You benefited it was we all benefited during the Trump years. Most of us did people had jobs, I was. I don't have a job since Jim's office I lost my job last year and during the pandemic know so I lost my job, but when Trump was in office. I was making more money than I ever made in my entire life. No methane is necessarily a function Trump but in my industry in the radio industry when times are good and people have money to spend on advertising.

The station makes more money. Hence, many may feel we get raises we get more money but when the pandemic hit and no restaurants were closed and businesses are closed and people didn't have the money. The advertising dollars drop to dry up and people lose their jobs.

That's the way it is so so yeah I kinda give Trump credit for me making a ton of money when he was president Maloney said that, I think most of the voters are think were at a touch, they think were elitist they think were better than than they are and identify from Democrats absolutely. He and I think they've gotten more so as time has gone on.

He also talked about the unpopularity of the word Latin next or what to next hundred and even how to say it.

It gives gender-neutral seen as a Latino or Latina and only 2% of Hispanics use that word.

They don't like it. He also criticized a liberal media hosts like Chris Hayes. He said the fact is that if you listen to the way people speak our cable news channels. It's not the way my neighbors talk that's not the way my family talks liberal policies are falling out of favor with Hispanic voters. We know that, but the question is can the Republicans put together by the midterms. I don't know I don't have a lot of faith in Republicans pulling together by the midterms.

Remember when one see one seat in the Senate. Now though, probably when the house that looks pretty good but they could update the Republicans can trip and fall just before the goal line and lose the game. He knows that the Democrats tie their shoelaces together in the day and they try to run anyway. And off they go when they never think of checking their shoelaces and then escape Republicans can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at every turn. I don't know if they can make it to November without falling spectacularly apart as a couple of different sources that tell different stories 844-747-8868.

Can the Republicans do it in November. Do you think there is a Republican senatorial candidate out there that can actually flip a seat to Republican and I just like was going on in Pennsylvania with Oz and Federman and I just shake my head and I don't understand how Donald Trump endorsed a Dr. Oz.

I get that their friends I get that they've known each other a long time. I get that supported Trump all the way through with that doesn't mean that you gave your friend a job for which he or she is not qualified and I'm kinda surprised Trump did that because he's a businessman and he hires people and fires people all the time he puts it best people in the job. Look at the apprentice, he fired plenty of friends on the apprentice.

So why would he endorse Oz doesn't make any sense to me. And that is just fall apart. I am James Carville chimes in on the Republican party, and I think you make some good points about their ability.

Mitch McConnell sounding the alarm on retaking the Senate's or talk about that coming up as well 844-747-8868 and we have a Congress in digressions Russian dollar say joining as coming up in the next hour to delve into this with him even more.

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Don't miss out. Also little public service announcement. I will be on the Todd's on on the Todd struck Sean Spicer showing his next TB today doing the company quit sodium from 530 to 6 o'clock Eastern time.

I try to do everything Eastern time and we can all do the math. Their heads because we so used to doing them at their heads. So between 530 and six. I will be on Sean Spicer show today on Newsmax team B and one last thing I do have a podcast weekly podcast we just did a new one last night even find it on YouTube if you search for Mary Walter radio and it is also on gator if you just search for Mary Walter. Speaking of getter, the CEO of Gary Jason Miller will be joining us in about an hour little bit more than an hour, 844-747-8868 is my never talk about the midterms. Charles from North Carolina. Listening on WSI. See Charles you on the Todd Stargell hello are you married Michael Mary get out the midterms last night to watch. Don't Dr. Carl how it appeared publicly have all about hot and cold. State of Arizona, George of Pennsylvania, as you alluded to happening when you have a president that has them below with cold numbers imaginable.

A guy has no coat till nobody likes them, yet Republican thing to be losing the faith. If you believe the polls, but what arguments like what looked like multicellular gonad production log yesterday and it was about a week you could get showed them walking around in the grocery store picked that had the letter all stock and it just locked up but it was weak guys wanted to get somebody job.

Looks like he could be holding up home. What about all the exit ramp of an interstate and he's behind this guy what they need to do is to get aggressive baby to start one in adult inflation, immigration and crop and show whether it's been incompetent with the challenger show that person's picture with Joe but you go after them relentlessly, and one of the best think Marriott think that you do right now.

Look what happened last week somebody some Republican needs to come out with their elected they're going to vote to repeal that inflation at an think I don't run a ranch on our right down the door point import somebody for something like that is what going to take what it takes to trigger Republican for an independent go vote for the Republican Democrat felt, but I gotta get a grip, so, so true. I agree with everything you said and I saw it happen. I blame the national the national GOP is so weak. You remember the last time around it and I remember in New Jersey, Jack Chiarelli could have beat Gov. Murphy and should have beat Gov. Murphy and he was not the strongest candidate and I think that's part of the Republicans probably don't pick don't vet and they don't choose strong candidates but they don't don't support anyone anything who was running. Was it Larry Elder, who was running in California. The income support. Not one Republican went on this topic and not one Republican showed up to a rally with him.

You know what is wrong with the nationally don't want to spend any money until after you win and then then I'll help you out.

I guess they think it's it's a waste. I guess maybe it just so used to losing that you know this is there at their operations. The status quo and I blame Mitch McConnell for that Mitch McConnell has got to get out there and he's got he's got to put people in line and he's not. And in that the party is a mess and I fear that they're not gonna win the Senate to squeak by in the house I really fear that that's what happened and it's good to get worse the closer we get to the midterms so you and Mary will be picking up 40 to 50 feet, but how we should make order. Poppy Bennett and Mitch McConnell note Meg start looking for your voter with the people that put you in your party in power in and up right Katie, please not do it, then by God we need Donald Crawford somebody like you for you Charles.

I don't mean to be route we got to go the music playing. Thank you so much for the conversation. I really, really, really appreciate it. Talk again soon. There's no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and mortgage you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold.

It's real physical always been valued since the dawn of time. What you see precious company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account with Goldbach IRA still own the principal goal also should purchase models safely and securely to your health. You know $1 million worth of gold could actually fit inside the box: legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM investments coming up in about half an hour will be Congressman guy Russian dollar at Vania a lot, especially the midterms and what happened with Republicans in the Senate races. It's just a disaster and why why why and also about an hour will speak with the CEO of getter Jason Miller on big tack announcing all of their censorship rules to keep election safe ahead of the midterms I don't buy any of that at all.

So we will speak to him about that. Let's just news shall be some news so you know that the judge yesterday, Judge Reinhold. He he was the magistrate.

The magistrate judge in Florida who gave the okay for the feds to raid more a lot of right so he signed that it was a lot of August 5 warrant for the August 8 raid.

Nancy ruled yesterday that he would meet that he wants the raid, the FBI excuse me to make public with reductions. The DOJ motion to seal the warrant and the affidavit so because everybody wants to see this is okay, what's the underlying documents that dead made them do this and what what is the reasoning for this rate because Republicans were outraged by this, but there are Democrats who have been vocal and some very quietly into the sizing. This is not good this is. This is not a good thing that was done here, especially when precedents has been set in the past with both Obama and Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton regarding having this confidential documents in their home and we know that Trump was cooperating with the archives, national archives and so is a what what what are they looking for. Look what's happening here now. Of course now I know the judge indicated that he may partially unseal the affidavit itself so the previous court order ceiling these records the affidavit and the. The warrant in the criminal cover sheet for the search warrant.

The DOJ motion to seal those he's wants to make public with reductions he may partially unseal the affidavit itself. So there's other papers such as the warrant affidavit, there is the cover sheet a criminal cover sheet and and some other things some records that they want redacted the judge judge that I find that on the present record. The government has not met its burden of showing that the entire affidavit should remain sealed. He ordered that the government shall file under it under seal its proposed reductions, along with a legal memorandum setting forth the justification for the proposed reductions by noon next Thursday, so he gave them a week to redacted. You want to redact the judge said in court. I am not prepared to find that the affidavit should be fully sealed. I he said there are are likely portions of it that could be made public without doing any harm that the DOJ had told the court their lawyers said that the DOJ does not object unsealing other materials filed in connection with the search warrant whose unsealing would not jeopardize the integrity of this national security investigation subject to minor reductions to protect government personnel.

Here's the thing we seen this play before right when the scene is played pretty sure we all, the whole country saw this play before some people to pay attention because was a really long one is Russian hoax part two.

It's the same thing.

It follows the same pattern right you get the links there dearly. The FBI and the DOJ are linking to the usual suspects. New York Times, Washington Post, right you get the leaks that they were looking for nuclear secrets. Trump took nuclear secrets to mark a lot and he was going to sell them to the Chinese that that's that's what we heard right.

So there leaking. This is what they've done time and time again and were were starting to see what what are they gonna do, they're going to keep all of this hush-hush, this is going to go on forever because they want to take it into the midterms because they want to make anyone associated with Trump unelectable number one because they saw what happened in the primaries were his candidates. 90% of the people he endorsed one that's a big deal so the Democrats are playing the long game they went back to the original playbook and they're doing it again.

So when this is redacted.

It's gonna be a sheet of black paper. There's to be nothing you can see, and the only thing that you can see, the only thing that Bill allowed to be seen are things that the media their friends in the media can construe and twist to make it look like trumps a foreign spy exactly what it's going to be when Adam Schiff comes out and tells me that we can redact and eat as we can. We can show this because people are going to die. We were told with a rush investigation of Trump rejects this material. People will die. It's going to put agents at risk and on and on and they put it out there and none of the stuff that they said was gonna be and was gonna be shown to the American people.

None of it was in their so is all it's it's the same thing over and over again the chief of the DOJ's counterintelligence and export control section name Jack J Brad said. In this case, the court has found probable cause there's a violation of one of the obstruction statute and that evidence of obstruction would be found more. A lot of he argued that the affidavit contained substantial grand jury information, but he said it's open. It's in its early stages and that I DOJ clear that he claimed unsealing. The affidavit serves no purpose, it does not edify the public in any meaningful way, but yet a lot of major outlets including the Wall Street Journal, DAP, New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Examiner all argue that they have to on seal it and you've got God several people say look this is one of the most significant events in our nation's history like people don't understand the gravity of this but the DOJ is fighting the redaction so you have that you also have Trump I we also now know was an FBI agent who authorized the request for the search warrant.

We don't know his or her name that that application for the warrant was made up by special FBI agent in this document is made public yesterday. It also shows that an agent possibly the same one author. The affidavit, the identity of the agent.

As I said was redacted and Trump says neither he that he declassified FBI crossfire hurricane materials in January, 20, 21, he notably posted on truth social that in October 2020, he wrote on his two on his twitter account. I have fully authorized the total declassification of any and all documents pertaining to the single greatest political crime in American history. The Russian hoax and he added to that. Likewise, the Hillary Clinton email scandal. No reductions Trump on Thursday despite yesterday made a reference to a memorandum that he issued January 19 of 20, 21, we heard about this that that memorandum client declassified quote certain materials relating to the crossfire hurricane investigation, but we know that the Biden administration has chosen not to declassify that. So Trump declassified a bunch of crossfire hurricane stuff that clearly they didn't want out and he gets to do that, whether they like it or not, but now they chose not to do that and I know my tinfoil hat and I wonder if if they were afraid that he had some of that information he had. So the crossfire hurricane stuff and they were a little worried about that will talk to Congressman Russian seller about that as well coming up because it was affecting Americans view of the FBI. It would help to pump Republicans in in after after the raid, like the on the percentage of Americans who who are interested in the midterms. Republicans, especially their interest increased after the raid compared to the numbers from a week before their interest in the midterms went up and why more Republicans are interested in the midterms is amazing to me but a lot of people are paying attention, but given a Rasmussen poll that shows a 53% of Americans don't have a favorable view of the FBI. 44% say that they trust the FBI less after trumps home was raided.

That's a lot 44% of the rate affected their view of the FBI before the attack. 50% of Americans had a favorable view of the FBI, but 46% state now say they view it negatively. The poll asked this this is a Rasmussen poll.

They asked him people what they thought of Trump's former advisor Roger Stone statement that says there is a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI who are using the FBI as Joe Biden's personal Gestapo. 53% agree with that 53%. That's up from 46% and that's just Republicans and Democrats have a strong approval of the FBI, 63, 63% believe that they are doing their job lawfully so you can you can see the difference.

There's a will talk to Congressman Russian borrower about the event more coming up and curious if you want to jump in 844747868 your view of the FBI hasn't changed, and when it is Sgt. mice my view, the FBI change. I never had a favorably view because a friend of mine years and years and years ago had a run-in with the FBI and when I heard what they did. I was like wow I was shocked, but it really opened my eyes and so I have been very leery of those big government agencies for a really long time just based on what my friend told me he said if you ever run into them don't say work get a lawyer. Don't say a word. Nothing doesn't matter what they tell you don't say a word. He doesn't trust him as far as he could throw them so there's that measured your opinion, change 447478868. Just curious some news about Biden's what you know and part of this is weird. And I'll tell you why, Florida and voter fraud and also shuffle in the chairs on the us to Titanic, also known as the CNN network have big news there as well. I'm very Walter in for Todd Starnes, uncle John two is the eye-opening documentary everyone in America should see Todd Starnes here and uncle Tom to offers a compelling and brave analysis of the true history of black America. The cultural shift from prosperity, integrity and faith to its current perceived state of anger, discontent and victimhood.

Uncle Tom to offers historical footage, photos, correspondence, and data revealed the genuine strides of black America of the 20th century the deliberate marginal strategy to create racial tension and replace God with government and the NAACP's sinister agenda. Don't miss uncle Tom drew from executive producer Larry Elder and director Justin Malone with Brandon Tatum and Brody Baucom and Chad O Jackson preorder it watch the movie on demand or by the DVD on Friday but sale sale just don't University studios tied just to catch up on some news Joe Biden went back to his Delray Beach has no he was vacationing on Aquila Island in South Carolina and he owed Jill Biden test positive COBIT so she and I guess she's in the when she is but is back to the White House.

He is now going to. He is $2.7 million summer home in Rehobeth Beach. I spent a couple of nights and with his other home in Wilmington, Delaware.

It's good to be king. And I said he went from Wilmington Delaware to the to the beach in to the house in Rehobeth he did was at the White House briefly to sign the ha ha because an inflation reduction. I fell with it is none of those things and I so the point. Here's the thing for small ate his. He was not planning to go there and I know this because my husband's pilot and when the president is going to be somewhere they they put up you get unit notices politics get notices weeks in advance days in advance when the presence to be in a certain spot. He's got the notice last night that that Biden is going to be at their Rehobeth beach house so this was not planned. Did this was a very quick thing that they put up so so this was not planned but for some reason he's going there and I just think it's because it's it's election season so they have to provide that the high Biden right it's heightened Biden season that just got a hide in the shuffle around from home to home. Here's the thing of that house $2.7 million summer home. You and I are paying to put a protective security fence around that house now. The man is incredibly insanely wealthy right millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars rate and the end.

The big guy he's got payments from all over the place out. So he's not wondering where his next meal is coming from. Neither is Joe, but we are going to pay almost half $1 million to put a security offense around his $2.7 million summer home that he has been to five times the summer contrast with Pres. Trump who is paycheck design and then donated back to the government. Do you think that if this is Tromso that he would be having us with the bill to put a fence around Margaret Mara Lago. I don't see that happening. But Biden yet. So in September 2021 September of last year. DHS awarded a $457,000 contract to company put the security fence up now that price has now gone up.

Thank you inflation to 490,000 and change this summer. So between it and any year it's gone up from 457 to 490,000 and they don't care because were paying for it. That is maybe so.

Construction of the fence, began on September 21 last year and it's expected to be created.

Completed June 6 of 2023. I have no idea what kind of fences is but I know a guy who can do it much faster and for much less money and besides Nancy Pelosi tell us that walls don't work right. They don't keep people out of the big huge wall at the southern border will keep people out how to they expect this fence to keep somebody out of away from Biden Florida is charging 20 people with voter fraud in the past elections they had illegally cast ballots in recent elections, with the majority of cases coming from Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties all Democrat strongholds.

The urgent was were disqualified from voting because they were either convicted of murder or sexual assault, and they do not have the right to vote, so they are also updating their keeping all records of 2020 elections from Florida to preserving all of that information in case there's any kind of investigation and there also going through a voter rolls to clean them out so good for Florida.

And last but not least, serious side Brian Stelter and CNN are parting ways now. I never like to gloat over someone else losing a job. I I don't gloat at someone else's misfortune. I really don't on my don't think that that's right because it can happen anybody happen to me last year Gavin anybody and I just think it's bad karma. So II do I do like to see someone lose a job.

However, Brian Stelter show was called reliable sources and conflict is a joke which is hilarious in August. The show was down 41% among the adults age 25 to 54 which is the demographic of your younger older advertisers don't care about you, a parent, for whatever reason, because if you're over 54. You have no money to buy things that was compared to the same month last year's when one year. He sure was down 41% for the year. His program got dropped 26% of its total 20 of its 21, 20, 20, 21 total audience. 34% among the key demo 2022 was also the lowest rated year for a reliable sources since before Trump took office.

Here's the thing. CNN, MSNBC, some of these other liberal outlets. The view that thing they have staked their their reputation and their claim on bashing Trump. That's what they've done and without trumpet office. They don't have a whipping boy and CNN never reported news rate, they've got a new CEO Crystal Lake late who is putting emphasis on news and I've noticed I've even talked about how every now and then Jake Tapper stumbles into actual news reporting. He actually asked the tough question of against a liberal guest and so because they're trying to stop the bleeding. CNN it is in the toilet. I they really are Brian Stelter Setting up a Twitter that he left and took both of his beers with him but if he is if he is being laid off because he wasn't performing in the job. I understand I got and if you don't change your program.

If you change that when with the rating start to go down and you don't address the problem. That's kind of on you. It's his Shelley carries his name so it looks like CNN. This new CEO said he is opposed to liberal opinion programming that they become known for his putting emphasis on news. Now I just don't know how many of them can actually do it. How many of them can actually report news. Stelter was very close with the former president of CNN. Jeff Zucker now even though he is his show was about media and reliably no reliable sources nor the Epstein scandal. He he ignored the judge banning MSNBC for the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse he he he he missed some big stories.

They just did report because they didn't bash Trump or the left. So that's what happened.

So sorry about that.

I feel badly for you Brian, but you kind of change and when you could coming up Congress and digression dollar will be joining us on the FBI raids border crisis and more on the pot starts out as universities do you see the long weekend. I all around me later in the show we are going to be joined by Jason Miller.

He is this CEO of getter will join he'll join us in about half an hour, but right now on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is a congressman digressing Russian dollar. I almost had it right out of Pennsylvania by Congress and thank you for joining the appreciated.

We only got I got I intend to thank you last name is thank goodness you don't have a list could could you imagine if you had a lisp I would try to say Russian dollar became a game over the political world go to all the binder dial the church. The guy very, very clean, very yeah there you go okay I like it I like it.

Let's start off with will give a talk on the midterms. As I was talking about it earlier, but let's talk a little bit about what is happening with the economy in this country you got this greeted the taxes. What was it the inflation reduction act. It really was the green new deal that they got passed under the guise of the inflation reduction act and I guess my question what will be doing some of the specifics about it. But the question I hear over and over again is if Republicans take back the house in the midterms and really talk about what you guys are doing with the Senate. Dear Lord, if you take that ticket back at the midterms. Are you going to repeal this horrible tax-and-spend bill, we will remember what the Democrats are doing using any means that very week green Yu-Gi-Oh they're doing it through regulation work where there incremental lysing degree new deal they're doing in bits and pieces.

With all the bills together degree new deal what it really the average American is your paying a lot more money. You're on your tank and a lot of the money is being sent to China because when you subsidize things like so-called renewable windmill solar panel all that technology and all the rare earth elements, for the most part that's required to make those come from China still worth sacrificing our own energy independence in our own industry for data China lead to slower economic growth as well and I should mention that while were doing green new deal.

Incremental changes are always built to carry neither bringing on coal-fired power to bring online nuclear power plant were doing on it at much cheaper to manufacture and live frankly and try to get a low in energy costs. Further disadvantage, yeah, absolutely. And this is the tingly people feel it in their wallet and so I will brings me to the midterms because this dovetails for me into the midterms is happening in Pennsylvania for the Senate. This is your state understand the president Trump is friends with Dr. Oz and I get it I realize he's a dear friend of of trumpet he supported Trump was there really no better candidate than Dr. Oz.

I'm not saying he's a bad guy. I'm just he's got the name recognition which is great but he somehow wrestling with him and he should be. I should be up by 10,000 points.

I don't understand why you doing on the only one in that race. They could have gone toe to toe with betterment, and here's what you are writing thing that betterment totally underrated.

He had the dark power around the Vania unites the burning grow with working-class voters who wrongfully think that he wanted them.

CM had it off with the beard, wearing a hoodie riding a Harley and that he shares our value. He does not overcome that fundraising ability to overcome that celebrity we really need a doctor ought any other candidate, we were put forward would've been even further behind in the fall it will bit of revisionary history to go back and say we should affect other candidates get on the only got, I think it ultimately win this race by slim margin. Remember the only ones I wanted to point each time you want to generate Pennsylvania after all. And you can do it by exposing betterment hypocrisy. The guy that wants to release one third of all prisoners in Pennsylvania. The guy that that one badly green new deal, totally eviscerate the dead natural gas economy. We are particularly around Fitchburg. Don't forget if you want to eliminate private health insurance is so way to radical primary color*question question, what is he talking about buying Kayla grocery store.

Why is he not in the hands are terrible with national.

I think that the national GOP they did to Chiarelli when he was running to. He could beat Murphy the national was nowhere to be seen. They did the same thing in Larry Elder in California. The national was nowhere to be seen. Where's the national Pennsylvania taking hold of his campaign. You need to win one Congress that the bar is low. Why aren't lysing the national preventing Oz from getting in these read keyless matches with but with the injustice going back and forth.

Why were were grossly being in all across the board with venerated betterment. For example, is reading money, get over it through low dollar donation. The Republican donation. The terms low dollar donation or way down because our people going into the economy that $20 you might extend to Dr. Oz. Another candidate got going and you got any good going to pay your gross result, Democrats remember the party but the woke yuppie and Bayview political donations we would you tithe to it not uncommon for them to have a continual payment going to bury his campaign help. Beto still raising so much money to get people to study it and forget it.

And of course in their paycheck every month goes, Beto O'Rourke and they do it just like the burning standard betterment better if the problem we gotta get our base accustomed to low dollar donation to overcome the Democrat. I think there's also a lack of leadership where you people just surrendering the seat we can with George. I think I think we will with Vania. JD Vance will win Ohio. Remember that leading into a lot of races are only as always Jonah down and we ended up winning the race is because polling is also skewed so I think that your lot upon the pride on the day after the election when we take back the house with 35, 45 feet. Maybe we retake the defendant by winning Georgia Vania will keep Ohio and I will pick up with wacko out what so I think that people working to be surprised the environment is bad. Very sorry. We just told you we have a set amount of time with you and and I want to get a lot of things but here's the thing we don't have enough money really want to hear that people don't I don't donate to the Republicans because the last time I dotage the Republican's. They spent more in mailers back to me asking me for money than they did with that money. I basically funded mailers back to me because I got far more in mailers back to me asking me for more money than I gave them that's number one number two.

Nobody wants to donate to a party that they view as a losing party Republicans. I say all the time snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with alarming regularity always managed to trip just before the goal line. Democrats make it do well with what they have. My feeling is stop asking me for more money proved to me that you're going to actually do something proved to me that you're gonna take got people you can tell me or people already employed by the national that they can't send to Pennsylvania to whip the eyes campaign into shape pick to pick two seats, Georgia and Pennsylvania whatever and go all in on them and win.

That's the problem nobody wanted to support losers who point number one Republican keep fighting the battle is no longer the party of the 1990s and early 2000 no longer the party of Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan, and the like, really. President Trump party work we keep getting compared to the Republican. All I can tell you that over 50% of all the House Republicans came in with Pres. Trump in office or on the ticket is remade the party so we got it, stop comparing ourselves to David Weiner and Paul Ryan is a very dogged tenacious party and unity that with the new propagandist. We out for the audience saying betterment has a lot of start power the way you cut against that is you do it with the amount of effort to expose his hypocrisy. You only get there when you when you're buying TV and radio ad did you eyes. I know that sounds cynical, but that's just the nature of the deed it in any business could tell you national business.

If they're not advertising they're not.

They're not going product is the same thing with candidate.

The Democrat have the ability to be on TV to be on radio on my credit because I got a constant source of funding, we unfortunately don't have building it would win read the online donation take time. The Democrats were starting out program will be seven or eight years ago, were now catching up. We will cut we will Job and again the environment is horrible. If you look at if you would even Democrat there saying that were on the wrong track. Biden is upside down is on favorability's favorability so we are on the verge of having a huge red way the naysaying will not help. We've got to get out the candidate and start hacking the Democrat candidates not infighting amongst herself yet.I agree with you. You got Mitch McConnell just yesterday saying that the GOP may not retake the Senate. He said I think there's a probability a greater likelihood that the house splits then the Senate. Senate races are different, and then he also says though in April, he said, the political environment look like a perfect storm for Democrats to lose the chamber, but Republicans could screw this up.

He said he also so you can't nominate somebody just sort of unacceptable to grotto border broader group of people and win. We had that experience in 2010 and 2012, but to your point, I agree that the party is changing and there's a lot more young people like yourself who have come into the party who are independents who are not Republican affiliated they're not Democrat affiliated and you gotta win them over and I don't know that Mitch McConnell is the person to do that and that's gotta change but he's not going anywhere before remembered to guide it will drop Pres. Trump writing McConnell turned out to be one of our best Republican president. The wrong unit that you will hear Kevin McCarthy talking like that. We hear Kevin McCarthy talking. Pick up a lot of people get out the agenda.

New commitment to America.

Much like the contract to America. I will be rolling out out that the visionary you don't want to come back to your football hard auto and have the QB start day. Would you call the shots. We might not win that you were� Done that without better line maybe stop it now.

You don't hear that you keep QB.

The leader always should be upbeat, positive in giving guidance to the party like Kevin McCarthy is doing and how it's unfortunate, but what it up to the editor today out of the tear off minority leader right. I am very proud that we got Kevin McCarty and others that are moving forward and making a fight. The last not not not negative and dragging it down will die Russian dollars. Thank you so much free time.

I didn't even get lakes and Nancy Pelosi has been pollen, insider trading, did you get to jump right this is I think the midterms is just a fascinating conversation to have because the questions being asked by so many people outside of the Washington DC bubble and and I really appreciate you tackling that it and your honesty I could look everybody in the midterms.

Thanks. Have a great weekend coming up in about half and 15 will be the CEO of getter Jason Miller were the talk of those midterms and about tick-tock and Facebook and twitter and their censorship again that they will be playing again this is why the Republicans can't sit back all coming up on the Todd Stern show in.

We were just speaking with a guy Russian dollars out Pennsylvania and it was interesting because one of things I didn't get to talking about was about Democrats violating the federal ethics laws with stock transactions.

I just want to quickly go over this with you because I think it is. It's really interesting what we have here all the time and this is what drives me crazy. She crazy too because that were held to the standards that they're not held to me nuts for Democrat House members may have violated the federal ethics law known as the stop trading on congressional knowledge act of 2012 stock.

They will discover the nice Ackerman and I swear they pick the names and has a good acronym is according to business insider which did some research and business insider found that house Democrats. Josh got Heimer out of New Jersey Mary Kay Scanlon from Pennsylvania. Susie Lee from Nevada and Brad Schneider at Illinois have all failed to adequately disclose their stock transactions within the allotted time required by the stock at his into the stock and business they have to submit a periodic transaction report within 30 to 45 days of stock transactions over $1000 that either they made for them or their spouse.

Okay, the threshold for reporting is $1000.

Lawmakers do not have to provide the specifics of the treatment.

Only a broad range like the ranges of how much is crazy is like $1000-$500,000 you made a stock transaction in that range. The report by business insider showed that got Heimer and his wife in November of last year exchanged up to $15,000 worth of bank stock and in and report was reported by business insider that the disclosure report was filed August 13 this year year later. It's not even close to 30 to 45 days and see if it was 4650 okay I got you by like five days tax is a daily getting hit almost a year late almost yearly on his spokesperson seminar office was notified of this exchange on August 10 we filed immediately. You were notified of this. A year later, every month I get something for my financial guy I get I get up I got a report every month. Of all of our transactions that he is made on our behalf. Are you telling me they don't get they don't have a guy should have a guy who does this.

This is such a lame excuse same thing and he went to paying a $200 fine.

Oh okay to $200 fine.

There you count the Scanlon same thing with her disclosure report was filed the day before.

Got Heimer is was almost a year and 1/2 after the deadline for her. She paid the late fee. There was another. There was another's two instances with her. Also, almost a year past the deadline. Same thing was Schneider but they all filed either August 12 or August 13.

They filed the correct paperwork and it makes me wonder why there are coincidences like that in the real world.

The reason why they all filed on the 12th or 13th. What is your punishment a slap on the wrist and oh, $200. It should be like you paid your taxes late like it should be like with with the rest of us have to deal with, so they should have to do that should be like $200 and that it accrues interest every single day. And even if you pay what you're supposed to get when you get the bill. They keep accruing interest until they get the check that you wind up owing like $11 and it's he paid $11 that's accruing interest, and you have to like it than 15 just in case which should happen here. This to me is absolutely egregious by they are above the law. They don't live by the same laws that the rest of us do. And when people and left. That's what about is whenever you compare like Trump to Hillary, or any think that they'll ask, what about-ism, but there's something wrong with them now it is pointing out the two-tiered system of justice in this country. That's not what about-ism and you should be on the bottom rung of that right coming up CEO Jason Miller with us to talk about censorship before the midterms liberty studios this next guest is to talk about something that everybody needs to pay attention to.

Because social media is a part of so many of our lives to welcome Jason Miller, the CEO of getter to the show here in he's on the patriot mobile newsmaker light Jason, thank you so much for joining is was great to talk to you on so I tell you something before you go into this because the funny thing is is before I knew we had you I pulled the story is to talk about so this is this is happened to work out beautifully so you know I tell people I have a podcast and I do on Thursdays on YouTube and getter last night when we did our podcast last night.

715 I had almost 500 views on gator live in like 20 on YouTube. It's insane and it's just be turning into such a wonderful medium and I think that speaks a lot to what to what you have created with getter and soak. I just want to say congratulations to you and thank you for allowing me to and to be doing the live podcasts on gator because it's just the responses been amazing. I will greatly earlier build a large audience because the thing with getter. There were actually making social media fun again with the great environment, go to where you can have excellent exchanges with people looking to break the tough issues, but people are more respectful thought truck full bath like it is with Twitter for all of the club full of negativity and hate all the con so much different feelings actually wake up and I'm looking forward to opening up getter work do my best to not look at Twitter ever because I could literally go in for a very sunny outside, like 25 times your you're an agent of the Russian is just such as cesspool, although I do have to say sometimes I like to engage in the battle of the wits with stupid people. You can they come on arms like on a Friday with a beer. It's a nice little diversion on buds.

I just I just want to say thank you for that.

I will tell you why have you on the air.

If you could get the comments from getter to transfer into this dream yard so I can bring them up on my stream. You're on the on the screen that would be great worry quite dear. I will ping the engineer currently is. I can do it on YouTube, and only the YouTube comments go up on the screen. I have to read to get her comments so I would like to put them up on the screen to your so sweet. By the way, thank you for for appeasing me. I appreciate that. So let's talk about what's happening with all with with no Twitter, Facebook, tick-tock the usual suspects I saw this is story that they have now assured is because meta is called med announce on Facebook anymore. It's there there Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are now pledging to keep the keep the elections, the midterm election safe from misinformation. We been down this road before and did not work out well you know almost down 2020 and you know we knew that going to happen because late last year. Early this year that about increasing their global anti-misinformation board with regard to Facebook for the whole name change and courtly mentor. Countries like the Philippines and France in Columbia and Brazil course the US with midterm elections.

Wait a minute, why would the be worried about the country. Oh, that's right because they have electric one. Victor looked with her foot on the skill like the last go round will now they're looking ahead to what to do with regard to 2022. Here's the thing. All you have to .2 as well. Dr. Barton laptop. They suppress that story got there always media to suppress the biting wind what was 44,000 votes split over three states.

The final certified Pali was and I were doing with the crisis over border inflation kind of on the move rush is on the move. All because people would know what the Hunter Biden story in the field exactly so quickly was Mark Zuckerberg testifying in front of Congress about what they did and made all sorts promises that were not to do that again sorry are bad we didn't mean to blah blah blah. How come they're doing it again. It seems like they're doing exactly what they said they were going to do what I think part of it once. People are formed from then were really counted in the unencumbered Internet stage of what they feel that they can do and get away with it you can get away with the platforming sitting president of United States and let's not forget about it Twitter on Twitter for temple. They allow the Taliban and local political director from Hobart once they realized that these companies can kick off a sitting president, but do anything else leave anyone else out there. They don't worry anymore.

They don't look over their shoulder like a were never to have as big of a backlash. What backlash do you know what to go try to shape the world we see it. So is it just is just mind blowing to me, but I do think that there is a is sort of the backlash is now there are alternatives like gator that are out there unfortunately think those on the left view getter. As you know us. It's right saying you know it's all the Nazis are hanging out over there and I think what were cemented by which I don't think is good that you know there are certain media outlets like CNN and MSNBC means to me that's considered left media and you know Newsmax Fox is considered more right television media and everybody just kind of accepts that you go to your corner is the same thing happening with social media you know I think maybe that might be on the surface that might be up but what if it were starting to feel an awakening work.

People are starting make a choice not so much on the clinical ideological but whether on more freedom ideological basis and people are starting to wake up and whether it's something to do with the oppose government mandates of the opposed draconian walk down toward all the different aspects of these progressive governments becoming more authoritarian regimes have a lot of people so you know what I don't even have the issue of social media getting kicked off like don't like the idea you can have free speech. In some places but not others. Replace the embrace of the all the time in return for a lot of people who are even inherently political to come together and thing you know what I did like the fact to three bidders that there are only political aspect of the platform and were to bring our friends. So what are you doing I saw somebody on getter posts. He denied out like a silly devoting hours. This is when you have to go to vote or the wrong dampers try to get people to not show up at the polls and it's clear that that's what they're doing. Do you censor that or does that stay up and people make their own decisions, something that goes to our company postponement are recovered by cutting off your luck or something work very clearly that could lead to, or you don't try to go from the arm and of course our leader currently service that comes down to something to quiet out with regard to people try to feel like it is one thing for Debbie to come to think of our leader currently service with your love to have your own opinion about what came to be to support what issues you back what you believe the healthcare and the medical safety the best for you and for your family, your love to go to express that without the government, getting beaten up on the web, but will I would think Hobart North Star which is always power to make it through people to express themselves the most without coming in and simply trying to interfere with with what they're saying about always, regarding, think of the one we looked for everything only person who finds it just weird when you said there like a someone posted if you yes you cut off your your left arm. You know the cure is coping that they were actually people who would go out there and do that that that we have to keep them safe. Might be a little bit of a Darwinism thing there like I really have to censor that because you're really gonna cut off your left arm and curated appointment which appeared your medical advice from random people you've heard on one for your doctor darker than the bigger issue be not only the one thing that I found really be completely misconstrued fig from the left of center media aspect of big news on the Internet and of course people post means the post parity. We watch the stuff pretty closely to make sure the say for example, composite think that there is a election date of the long prayer that there is a current active shooter situation when there isn't there something that we we watch things pretty closely to the various things that the left always says the center-right folks were full of on social media and we just we just don't see it but I think a lot of these things with regard to the fake news is really when you take a look at CNN or the New York Times or the Washington Post or even other social media platforms that shut down any debate over conflict Hunter Biden laptop for the fake news like this recall projecting and I didn't call you to be productive or the call everlike well actually guys you the figures. The last I find always does. Always is there always doing what they accuse you of doing that that's that's there tell if they're accusing you like. If there is there accusing him of cheating on your wife.

That's probably because they are one of those that's that's how I view the line here is that were going to see 2022, part two. As far as Facebook, twitter, etc. because they got away with it with swinging the election to two Biden with their cortical clampdown on misinformation and there's nothing anybody can do about Congress can't do anything about this right now I am working for free market to emergent people to look around. But wait a minute what I want to be in draconian greatest authoritarian walk down regimes that use Twitter or Facebook or even is researching Instagram to card everyone embrace freedom.

We want to make sure that people can express themselves with her thinking to be in any state censor mechanisms can be walking over everything and try to pick winners and losers.

Thank your lucky scenario unbridled free speech of your son to write the notes from your shutdown and I think people can make the best we wait around for Congress to go and fix something for full complement to work half the time we would run for the court will be waiting for years was another quick question jump running in 24 (bronco think after this really unprecedented FBI raid that I know you can partner quite a bit. Worldly doctors never seen anything like this. I think you almost assuredly running in 2024. Don't think it will be any sort of announcement before the midterms you probably wait until later in the fall.

Maybe even early part of next year. You know I was one of the hours was pushing first run between Mount particle galvanize Republican base picture people pointed the same direction, but think FBI raid really did that for him, so don't forget to go through that right now is amazing. They keep trying to take this minute entrances 2015 when he came down escalator and it is amazing. They've got the man they're looking for the crime and the just won't quit and he keeps winning at every turn, every team time they try he comes out on top you think they would learn Jason Miller, thank you so much is the CEO of getter and I'm telling you, I think there's a great a great platform and you can catch my podcast on Thursdays at 7:15 PM Eastern to slip for Mary Walter because I actually got my name, which makes me happy to have a great weekend. Thank you so much Jason.

844-747-8868 is my number coming up to talk about some education and education in the newsletter parents worried, especially as we get back to school about what their kids are going to be learning and learning in the classroom that is coming up on the Todd Sancho Liberty University Todd on Monday and tell you that now more than ever it's important to support companies and organizations that share our values.

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That's patriot or call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot little bit about some education. Shelley, I think that that's an important thing to discuss and what will take this over and into the next hour. As well, but the administration there's surely canceling all the student loan debt. Here is the latest earlier this week on Tuesday the by administration announced that borrowers who have federal student loans for the former ITT technical Institute to see the commercials all time on TV the other student loans forgiven the education department stated this is happening because the college misrepresented the value of their own programs. According to the AP former students are protected under the federal borrower defense rule established to protect against false advertising and fraud thing if you're loaning money to someone because they want to get an education or buy a house or any of those things does this mean that if you bought a house in the previous owners didn't disclose the the lead pipes or didn't disclose the oil tank in the backyard or for whatever the bad roof and your inspector didn't catch it, does not mean that taxpayers should pay your mortgage for you are saying here is their fault that ITT tech misrepresented themselves so to taxpayers somehow wind up footing the bill.

People who never went to college.

People who repaid their student loans where the ones who were going to pay for this and this can be expanded like his mortgages without car loans. I got a loan to buy a car turns out to be a lemon. The cars alive had cars, their limits will tell you, but you know I still keep making my car payments because the didn't really care that I made a poor choice in buying a car that I made a bad decision that was on me. I had to repay my load came along and said to my neighbors to make better choices in cars or don't have cars we have to pay for my car all ITT technical students as far back as 2005 will have their federal student loan debt canceled this forgiveness which means just passing that the cost of the forgiveness they are getting off the hook and were being put on the hook impacts 208,000 borrowers and passes the $3.9 billion bill to taxpayers student how much money did these people borrow 208,000 borrowers and is costing 3.9 billion that were to pick up you pay for now, does it hardly seems fair to me. If you want to jump in 844-747-8868 I paid off my student loan 10 years I paid the puppy off every single month whether I had a job or not. I had to pay that bill so the and this is just that this is a drop in the bucket by Ms. not to make a passive big sweeping bill because he knows it's nice to give an executive order signed a bill's passage through Congress is an executive order that he's getting to please not do it right away because he knows it's unpopular so it's the drip drip just like they did with the green new deal drip drip drip more and education coming up next on the Todd Starnes shall three day weekend will be back with you on Monday. All right, let's talk about your kids school Shelley 844-747-8868 is my number so I you body ministration canceled this a student with a 3.9 billion of your tax dollars to pay to pay off the debts former ITT technical Institute students as far back as 2005 because apparently ITT Tech lied about there according to the government about their you know what you can expect from their their program. They misrepresented the value of their programs. People misrepresent the value of stuff, it was an entire Brady Bunch episode on caveat emptor caveat emptor Greg does my the only person who remembers that because I'm old. Although, I have to tell you, my nieces loved the Brady Bunch. As we got them there for just the first season on a DVD for Christmas one year and then the following year is taking her out sent to the mall and she could buy.

We gave her so much money to buy what she wanted and she chose to buy more of the Brady Bunch for the family could so she could share because everybody liked it.

So they all landed to get my jokes tonight, but I think my nose like to get it. Which is great that you can learn every life lesson from an episode of the Brady Bunch. So caveat emptor okay you if you could, would you take your kid out out of public school. Maybe you've done it, and what did you do home school did you did you impediment charter school private school Catholic school or another type of religious school, something along those lines, 844-747-8868 and why is how many parents are just now waking up to what has been going on in our schools and I say just now because I have kids but I believe in every school board election. Every school board election because were paying for the zippo back from that system. So I always go to the school board elections because this person where whoever gets on the school board is going to be deciding you know the next generation what they know and what they don't know number one but those who are to be paying taxes hopefully down the road so hopefully there can and come out of school and not be total morons so smarter than the hosts on the view. Let's put the bars like the bar low because across the country. In the light of the pandemic, which was a gift in the sense that parents woke up to what their kids are being taught in school and get your moms working dads working on a time it's it's it's a tough thing. Some parents are not up on what their kids are learning. Arizona, the state has pioneered policies that expand school choice including education savings accounts state back to private school scholarships. A growing charter school sector and a thriving open enrollment policy. They are leading that the country I as far as school choice. Arizona is last month, Gov. Doug Ducey in Arizona signed a massive expansion of the states private voucher system so they expanded it. I think that's great.

The expansion let's every parent in Arizona take the money that the state sends to the 12 through K public school system and use it for their schools tuition or other educational costs.

All 1.1 million Arizona students who attend traditional public schools qualified to leave their public school and get money to go to a private one. An estimated 60,000 private school students and about 30,000 homeschooled children are immediately eligible to take up to $7000 per year. Great. I think that's important. The money belongs to the student. The money is to educate the student not prop the government run school system that's the difference. So I love that scene in 1991, Wisconsin became the first state to create a modern school voucher program. That same year, Minnesota became the first state to create a law allowing charter schools last year alone.

19 states enacted 32 new or expanded school choice policies. A total of 21 state Washington DC, which is probably the most liberal place in this country and I hated living there for three years I was there but it was horrible. They offer school choice programs to get parents financial assistance and private school options. There are currently about 77 charter schools in the US to serve about 3.6 million students, 45 states and DC have passed laws allowing for the creation of charter schools and the number of students attending charter schools in this country has more than doubled in the last 10 years there at 4000 magnet schools operating in the country. 30 states now offer programs that make scholarship money or tuition assistance available to families who want to send their kids to private school. Curious to find out if you've taken advantage of any of this and why, why did you put your kid out of public school my parents when I was a kid growing up think they moved where they moved because I was going and you know in it. I was in the school system and move their first second grade and my parents wanted to get us into a good school system and they did.

They picked up and they move cassettes which used to do because in this country you assigned to the school system based on your ZIP Code.

The best thing 84474766, excuse me 844-747-8868 cell is one of the reasons pull kids out of school. The JDA is the New Jersey chapter of the national education Association and the NEA being the largest teachers union in America. And boy did they get Betsy during COBIT. The administration actually got together with Randy Garten, Brian Weingarten, the head of the NJ EA and allowed them to make this policies of how the kids were going to be in school not know nobody else likes them to wear a mask during Conoco. The COBIT what millions and millions of dollars that were sent to schools to sanitize them to put new air filtration systems and blah blah blah. And then the teacher started running up we don't feel safe. So were not going back to school. No database administration allowed the union to dictate national policy and how taxpayer dollars would be spent. That is outrageous, especially when you hear something like this. The NJ EA posted a short ad on YouTube is only about 30 seconds long and so when they're talking about teachers and students.

It's black it's it's color and it's beautiful and there's birds and fields and all this other stuff when they talk about parents.

It's a black and white airy and they're very there pictures of people yelling and things like that suggest that you get the picture in your head and listen to this ad from the NJ EA agree on everything in New Jersey, but we all agree that our kids deserve world-class when extremist start attacking our schools not only want to fight to score political points should take them somewhere else so the pictures of extremists is pictures of parents holding signs about their kids in school and it's black and white look angry and their yelling appearance extremist New Jersey is a very very blue state, it would be as blue if the national GOP he got in and help Jack Chiarelli when he could've used to help but they chose not to sell you because we don't have money you got. They got Gov. Murphy for another term. I recently they call appearance extremist to stand up for their children. And that's more the demonization of parents who want to take the kids at a public schools New Jersey will never happen, it will never happen where they give the money can follow the kids California right got a new sons kid goes to private school. His kid was in school is kids are in school. While public schools were shut down for everyone else and that was not lost on most people accept the far left to a parent doesn't don't know anything about this there making it and it said of the woman at this woman Lawrence Zork is the executive director of building education for students together and she did an interview with the daily caller, and she said, standing up your children is not a political point of parents responsibility in the NJ EA should be ashamed for pretending that they care more about children and their parents typically don't care about your children.

They check that I don't think they do listen all teachers know, I think there are some teachers who are great before you write that email tell me I'm wrong I think. I think there are a lot of individual teachers who were great and then want to join the union.

They're forced to join the union.

They want any part of, but I think there are others, and I think the union and the leadership of the union doesn't care about your kids if they did, they wouldn't be insisting on masks on two-year-olds.

In order to give them an education and it would be actually teaching them how to read and write and do math instead of encouraging them to change their gender because there is no in in kindergarten and today I'm okay your boy here, take these drugs and don't tell mommy that's not education 844-747-8868. If you want to jump in in Florida.

Meanwhile, Gov. DeSantis is proposing bonuses for retired police officers to fill vacant teacher positions because none of teachers to be a teacher if you go on Twitter if you follow the lives of tick-tock. There is an amazing number of teachers very young. They all have purple or green or pink or blue hair. One of those four colors. They all did they look like they they dropped at a clown college and they're all talking about their gender identity and how they share it with their kids even know my teachers first name when I was in elementary school is a great school I knew was Mr. or Miss or Mrs. but that was as far as it goes. I didn't know they had first names, let alone what their gender was with their sexual preferences were what will become education so I Gov. DeSantis. There's no shortage of teachers and so now he's offering bonuses for on for people to join the teaching profession for two years as full-time classroom teachers. They have to have a bachelors degree in there waving the certificate exam fees in four vets and first responders in a way those fees is a great idea. This fantastic idea.

No, so I suggest just put your your thought of whether you have taken your kids out.

Would you take your kids out and got more coming up on on battle indoctrination of your kids in school anybody battle that indoctrination of your kids in school are you bothering to try to do that 844-747-8868 had a conversation with them revocation with people who had a house next to the house that we go to add. They got a 16-year-old daughter and I think she just got her driver's license, and in their state and put on your political party, political affiliation, for some dumb reason. So she chose socialist others like what you chose what is socialist.

She 16 and was asked to 16 inches know anything like as she is 17 and into your she's voting you might want to stop that now, you might want to give counter that indoctrination that she's getting and she wants to go to, you know, I think she wants to go to New York State schools to Sunni, the State University of New York schools she's gonna come out a card-carrying Marxist if you don't jump on this now. I'm curious how parents are dealing with that. When your kid comes home from college and they quit. What did you just say this is great okay your calls coming up on the Todd Stern show just joining us, but where have you been great very well to sitting in the liberty University studio 747-8868 is my number. I want to talk to you about our friend Mike Lindell at my pillow, limit his products are so amazing in a her great talk about multi-conduct normal time but I also very familiar with Mike Lindell and and I in his products and I just love. I tried my slippers and they were gone. In my size and couldn't believe it missed out on watching on TV saying they're gonna slippers the towels right is so hard to find a really good absorbent howl.

It's really hard to find them. Well Mike Lindell's towels are soft they fake it. You know they feel low shaped like stores in the Tellson's door. Ronnie, you write great but they don't dry you well you know it. He he decided he set out to change towels for ever. And that's what he's done. He has found the best hotel company right here in the USA the a proprietary technology and they create towns that feel soft but they actually really absorb the water off your body there made with cotton grown right here in the US and they come with them my pillows 60 day moneyback guarantee. Now you what we did we get the sexy guy get the sense I'm a big fan of essentially I don't need that many face that invented many handheld trusts me something that happened with your guess is getting a home with one of them in your kids is getting his imprisonment is misuse of were always good to have extra seam to the 16th set which is to back to hand towels to wash cloths there regularly hundred and 999 there just 3999 right now that's an incredible savings. As someone who just like towels well probably about six months ago. Great savings.

That was it a go back and do it now. Just go to my Click on the radio listener specials incident you'll find the towels in the radio listeners special square and there are tons a deep discount there on all of his products at deep discount on the my pillow products there, including the towels, but make sure you enter the promo code Starnes as TAR and ES. You can also call 1-800-839-8506 1-800-839-8506 for all of these great radio specials use the promo code. Starnes okay in northern Kansas City.

The kid northern Kansas City school system has announced that they have some new enforcement procedures to limit cell phone use at school. The district has stated that from 7:43 AM to 2:40 PM student cell phone use is prohibited during class time from bell to bell cell phones are only to be used before or after school during a passing period or during lunch because they say that student cell phone use at school has been identified as a tremendous distraction and while the deployment of the is district issued MacBooks. Cell phones are now unnecessary for academics throughout the school day. I think this is a great idea and I think it goes into the home as well and getting your kids off social media.

I just I want to talk to Tom Holland is the actor who plays Spider-Man and he just came out and made an announcement about leaving social media. I think a step like this helps take your kid away from the constantly having their head in the phone. Here's Tom Holland why guards try to make about an hour now and for someone to spend the loss. Nine 1314 years, however long acting is by C say I need to say without coming and honoring every five minutes on the trigon so I've taken a break media for my mental health because I find his garments were said to be overstimulating the overwhelming. I get cold my spiral when I read things about me online and ultimately is very detrimental to my mental state. So I decided to take a step back and delete the great message for kids.

I really do because the phone all the time all time. I know adult letterhead and phone all the time. I love this idea. I'm curious if you like it.

844-747-8868 and the stuff that you leave online your digital footprint is just incredible. And there's also study ethics mining comes out of Australia that will parents don't know how to limit their kids screen time because through the first generations had to worry about limiting their kids screen time and so there's no blueprint to it and they're having a hard time with that that was just so interesting that they're having a hard time limiting their kids screen time. So if you wanted one, but any hints want to share them with us 84 474-7868 is the number if you would like to share that with us about another family issue.

Dinner time. Do you have family dinner time because if you do in the minority, and I think that is a terrible thing to talk about that coming up on the Todd Stern show, 447478868 is my number and were talking about schools in your kids initially went on about regarding family dinner and I curious to find out if you still have family dinner to get it together. Did you do maybe maybe it's your grandkids, your grandkids do that with their failure.

Kids do that with their children and how important do you think it is. Maybe it's all important, but like to hear from you. One of the first let's go to Salem Oregon on Kate YK and it's time he timed on the Todd starts welcome: about.

I don't think we should be crying about Dr. not giving enough money it out there on the stone and talk to people, maybe your old old Raleigh but there's so much that they can talk about the Democrats and by our declared war on the American nightmare on know and you have to get awful oil and energy and beautiful when they don't have the electric up in Oregon I got a text other California and I need to cut back on my energy you and don't get like 80 or �82 million on a desert down there. Not doing 1/2 acres of anyway off the J and there's so much push the oil price will decrease their given away our energy your strategic reserve reserve going to declare war on on parents because they're terrorist but we gotta watch out for them. Conservatives are more dangerous than Al Qaeda else get out there and talk to people you get on the dump and don't worry about not having the money. I think if you created a ruckus to talk about what and talk to their independent there's a few Democrats that haven't joined the socialist communist party talk to them. They don't even know that the parties been taken over by the socialist make a good point. What he's referring to is is we spoke with Congress and out of Pennsylvania. Earlier in the shell and I asked Mina why what what is going on with Dr. Isaac really cute and he did say that he's a bad candidate is not to say that. Let's face it, Dr. Ross is not a great candidate everyone knows his name and honestly goes a long way. It truly does because there's a lot of people who just vote for the name they recognize, which is shocking to me and I don't think those people should be allowed to vote, but that's a different topic, but he's even gets in these shouting matches with with Fetterman and he's allowing Fetterman to drag him down and instead of being proactive he's being reactive to Fetterman so your point. I think he should just ignore all these tweets and comments from Fetterman don't give them any don't respond to twitter troll what you respond to them.

You you give them some kind of recognition don't do it any, should be setting his own agenda, but this congressman had said that that we should you know the money, the national does not of my Democrats are out are out raising us as far as money is at fundraising us as far as money goes to them me to send you money. How about you did know that you guys just not lose an election that you should win.

People don't like to give money to a losing party that sits in towards the money and they they did if they could've had California they could had New Jersey. They could've had the governorship in New Jersey and they gave they gave Jack to rally zero and that's what happens and then there they didn't yeah well we knew he could think they just write off these states is a gamble we didn't think he could win anyway. Well, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy when you don't give someone the tools that they need to win in a certain state so you're kind of left on your own. And that's what I think they're doing with eyes, and I think it's it's really really bad to you make a phenomenal point. Thank you. Appreciate you joining us a great weekend. 844-747-8868. If you want to do anything. We talked about previously. Feel free time here in the last half hour, but I wanted to bring up family dinner because three in five Americans believe that every dinner should be a family dinner, but a new poll found that the average person says they only get to spend three dinners out of the week with her family. The average person when they were younger recalled hitting four dinners a week with family and another to dinners with others outside of their family Circle when they were kids, but about 50% nearly have to pull 49%. I say having a family dinner together is an important way to connect over a meal. Shared dinners were also good for making is 46% of people said that learning more about their family and also continuing family traditions and we always had every dinner together sport. It didn't matter sports.

Whatever happened to be. We had every meal together and it was a great time. My parents would ask about what we are learning in school to great.

Maybe some parents wouldn't been surprised to find out what their kids are learning in school during the pandemic.

If they had had some more family dinners together and talk to their kids about what was going on in school. We might know me and have personal devices that then again because I'm ancient but TD was not allowed beyond the TV was in another room, but if you depending on where you sat.

You could see into the TV is not a lot if the phone rang when we were having dinner and answer it and when I was really young, there was no answering machine. So you just sit and wonder who it was like was it important you need it now. It was you had no idea my father would say if it's important to call back and that was the attitude because it was dinner time was sacrosanct in our house and all my peers as all sorts of questions I've I vividly remember like my parents quizzing me would quiz us on all the counties in our state and then we got good at that. We had a name in alphabetical order now. Didn't just find is that it was always something that they had to ask us and I know my brother when he was bringing up his kids. They did the same thing and I know it was considered really old-fashioned for the time but you know he's kids had no cell phones or anything like that at the table, no TV, but they had cars was again that they had the middle the table to stimulate conversation and he talked to think that is so important 844-747-6686 is my number. Let's go to Doug I'm sorry I missed Dr. Doug from I'm sorry in the Nevada talk network. Doug, welcome to the Todd Stargell I am so sorry I missed your call.

I apologize for making you wait I'm doing just great and so good a guy you wanted to talk about kids education exactly what were talking about right now we reported one newborn school yet but what you were talking about earlier. How you know deciding whether or not you want public school or charter school or want you you know you want to homeschool specially with everything happening today all the indoctrination you know the money that goes into the school to go to the younger parents were millennial parents so it definitely is a challenge in its own way because we would love to homeschool, we could but we both work and you know so the idea.

You know, figuring out how we would go about doing. Definitely a challenge that we provided we can overcome. But what we have decided to do you know they still go to public school, but like you said as far as dinners are concerned, we have at least three dinners at the table every day so that we can talk about how their day was what school like and you know that goes from social issues like you believe it or the you will have a falling out with a friend or maybe a relationship with the teacher. Kind of awkward all the way open to and including we feel like a very important that we talk about what happening today and you know were big about. We don't want to tell them what to think but you know teach them how to fix critical thinking skills.

You know, figure out what was important to you. What matters to you. What matters to the family and that way regardless of what teachers try to pull or you know you know what my reading one of the New Age local book they can sort that out from them so they have the mental cool faculties to get through the day without feeling uncomfortable without feeling pressured and that if they have to talk about it. The may have that option. I love that you might my brother-in-law was brilliant when he was raising his kids are one of the things that they did every every Fourth of July. The Declaration of Independence that was at Fourth of July tradition.

He did every year with his kids even when they thought it was okay. Now they think it's cool but he would if they were sitting around the can you bring me a cookie or whatever he would bring it, but it always had a bite out of it and what would you do you buy cookie.

He said at the tax so the kids grew up knowing what attacks was because they would say we meet the taxi and he explained to them taxes when when the government takes some of my money so I'm taxing you because I pay for the lights I pay for everything so I'm taxing you by taking a bite out of your cookie and they rapidly caught on to what attacks is so there's lots of ways to be creative and and teacher case. I have a quick question for you. This study out of Australia says that parents your age are having a hard time handling your kids screen time and they find that that conversation leads to a lot of fights in households. How are you handling it. You know, we grew up in the 90s so you know we are Tokyo brick phone you know we've got to grow up with the development of their 16 and I've already got phone stuff that we are challenged to spend more time on their computers were videogames, but we have a good which we do feel like you always an issue that we want to address. Sometimes we don't have the energy for it and we let them do what they're doing.

Sometimes you know we put our foot down with a know it or I'll take the boys out with me were going to go mow the lawn actual skill and usually we have a great time when they put their phones down and actually go out but do something. I think we met a lot of the time, usually excited for the go do something together that doesn't involve your screen that is so true and my friends.

But once if you insist, and you get them out of it and they they wind up having a good time insistently when they say no any pushback that is being kids. That's what they do is their job there annoying horrible little creatures.

For now, there's probably like a 5 to 8 year span, and there may be a little bit more. Were you really want. You understand why 53 on my mother used to say, that's us all the time, but once you get them engaged you're so right, so it sounds like you guys are handling it. I guess as best you can, because you are the trailblazers as far as pantry parenting goes with that. Thank you so much that is been a pleasure speaking with you. Have a great weekend. Thank you. 844-747-8868 is my number if you would like to join me here on the Todd Stargell you on Monday 844-747-8868 is my number. Don't forget, I will be on the show today news MacSpeech run from 530 to 6 Eastern time is a 536 Eastern time will be doubly doing.

I hit yellow tongue that is the day the FBI raid that kind of stuff and then we have the company quiz which they do on Fridays, and I am convinced the only reason they keep inviting me back on Fridays for the company quiz is because I'm awful at it.

I'm horrible and baby on his own easy markets as the videos can wait really hard and he is really weird, bizarre foreign questions you like five seconds to answer and that's it so but it's fun so that's today Monday I will be. I'm usually on the Crystal city show or add 445 Moodle shows around the all the old times and I had to 445.

As usual, Michael Reagan it's on Mike and Mary on Mondays.

On the Chris Salcedo shaft and I don't forget Thursdays if you go to you to look for Mary Walter radio my podcast is there I would just put a new podcast up last night. It airs on Thursdays at 7:15 PM Eastern. And if your getter is there as well just for Mary Walter. I got my actual name and get her so I didn't have to put Mary Walter radio which was great and you subscribe to the challenge to be appreciated if you do some some news around up here, California is becoming the first state to provide free meals to all students and starting this year for the 2223 school year, the governor, Cantonese, and signed into law legislation that establishes a universal meal programs on this law, all kindergarten through K Chi kindergarten through 12th grade public schools have to provide free meals breakfast and lunch during each school day to students who ask for list of whether they are eligible for free or reduced priced meals doesn't matter how much mommy and daddy make if you ask for a free meal. The seat and they're doing this because they found that some kids were eligible don't participate in the program because they are embarrassed or ashamed and so this way no one knows but I question if you qualify for free food in school or or reduced rate and especially for free. I would assume that you're on some kind of social program. Your family also qualifies for food stamps or something along those lines.

So if your peers are using the money to buy you food for dinner or breakfast or lunch or something like that in order to feed you. Do they cut in the school is doing a taxpayers are doing instead.

Are we cutting back on the amount of money you are getting in the form of food stamps or welfare whenever it happens to be ill with whatever the program is a 10,000 of them in order to help you supplement your income to buy food because if you're not finding food for the kids with the money as so much so that we gotta feed your kids breakfast and lunch responsible for one meal. Now are becoming back on the number in the amount of money were giving you to buy those meals to provide them for your kids. I think that's a really great question and in it were an upper and kids who who are wealthy his parents can afford it to also participate.

I think this is actually ridiculous.

American psychologist Greg Matos wrote a piece in psychology today that the current state of middle and young young and middle-aged men's love lives shows that they have a skills deficit.

Apparently on their awful communicators. Their terrible, horrible communicators and because of that dating apps are overrun with men 62% of you users and men are also lonelier than ever because they say the standards of women standards for dating are too high now.

So there you go. Tell women to lower their standards and you get a guy that's that that's the way to selling. I just laughed and I heard that and lastly ladies beginning in 2023. You can compete in the Miss universal Miss universe pageant because you no longer the rescinding the rules that you must be unmarried and cannot be a mother.

If you want to compete yeah so on parental status, marital status will no longer affect your eligibility. Mothers have historically been excluded. Winners have traditionally been expected not to become pregnant while training. As Miss universe. The current rating.

Miss universe says it is about knowing time.

She said I honestly love that this is happening just like society changes in women are now occupying leadership positions when the past only banquet.

It was about time pageants changed and opened up to women with families so she said in passing the they thought this was sexist that these are sexist views so ladies can get out the bathing suit on the self-care were complete and Mary want to thank you so much for joining me. Have a great week and

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