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BREAKING: FBI Top Agent Resigns After Shielding Hunter Biden

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 30, 2022 1:13 pm

BREAKING: FBI Top Agent Resigns After Shielding Hunter Biden

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 30, 2022 1:13 pm

In breaking news, it's being reported that Timothy Thibault has resigned from the FBI. Mere months ago, Senator Chuck Grassley accused Thibault of "improper conduct" for his handling of the Hunter Biden investigation. Jay, Jordan, and the Sekulow team discuss all the details regarding this Deep State revelation. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Breaking news to secure agent resides after shielding. Surprise, surprise.

Talk about that today execute in human form then and now is broadcast is certainly just for news from the FBI.

You got to go back again. Starting in 2016 with this guy.

The Special Agent in charge of the Washington DC field office Theobald a we talked about a little bit on the broadcast day previously but he has the left. The FBI subs. They reside others they fired.

He is no longer there.

This is the key with with him. He was heading up the FBI's and electors investigation. So one of those investigations political investigations in 2020, focusing on Donald Trump. He went on a trip in 2016 will go through the details here with Bruce, Adele, your overseas to the Czech Republic while deli or was working for future GPS to put together steel dossiers, he goes all the way back to crossfire hurricane. At least he also while doing all this post on social media, antitrust statements and title bar statements qualities in FBI while he that badger working for that present and working for that Atty. Gen. so again he that what's making a lot of the news today though, is that the tribe connection. It's he also was the agent who suppressed the hunter bided laptop. It tried to close the investigation so that no one at the FBI could physically be able to just reopen it again so really tried to protect Hunter by Joe Biden MEMBER, all leading into 2020 so as part of the dossier is part of 2017 is part of leaving it 2020 protecting Hunter by while the same time course of going after Donald Trump's political strategy. So here's what you have and this is really important understand you have a pattern now over a at least a six year period of election interference by the Federal Bureau of investigation you had with the Hillary Clinton emails when they were making those announcements, which they weren't supposed to make you had it with the 2016 and the steel dossier which remember the horse. Bruce and Ellie or he was then the port number for franking Department of Justice mortar. They tried to work on. She worked on the whole Ukraine.did dossier the steel dossier got was an information go-between. So was Bruce Dorothy F. The awe at the department justice so they were involved in this kind of election interference not kind of the selection inference back in 2016.

Now you got the FBI doing a 2020 investigation okay so it's 2020. The agent's assistant Special Agent is the assistant in charge of the Washington DC field office, which is where these investigations are coming out of Hunter Biden's info tries to suppress and gives a very direct attack camp when he tries actually physically close the files out at the FBI field office, then he's part of the team with one other agent that open up the 2020 investigation of Pres. Crompton present Trump and some of his associates and this is the agent that's involved in all of that silly suppressing the Hunter binder stop launching an investigation of the former President and then courses suppressing the evidence on Hunter binder stop before the election in 2020 sheet you got a look at all of the spokes and realize this is the same FBI that had an agent Peter Scott sending biased text messages to Lisa page and FBI lawyer who had climbs with FBI lawyer citing false documents to the Pfizer court. Look at all of this in totality. Folks, it's on believable what is happening so were to take your calls on this at 800-684-3110 but we are going to break it down on today's broadcast where you 1-800-684-3110 we do encourage people share this were watching our social media share this with your friends really important do that. That's right.

Support the work of the ACLJ.

Here we have a FOIA to the FBI on the suppression on Facebook of the Hunter by laptop so we don't just talk about the news here.

We are involved in the news sports work ACLJ donate today W impasto time for matching transit PC and by the way he likes the articles on LinkedIn like like for instance Bill bar was his boss's boss's boss's boss's boss we were to the FBI into yesterday. He likes article William bars God wrote you think right there. You might if that came to the attention you might lose your job and know the bureaucracy Protectively on Twitter. This is during the election he he retweeted a Lincoln project suite that included this statement while he was working for this present United States Donald Trump is a psychologically broken, embittered and deeply unhappy man that was that it is his actual commander-in-chief a while was working the FBI. He was retweeted that so he was not hiding while he was investigating the but his political bias is putting it out there on Twitter and social media. Again, he has connections back to 2016 because he was traveling overseas with deli or who helped put together dossier so he goes all the way back to the beginning of trying to take down Donald Trump to get this what I think is important. Enjoy and didn't really cajoling the site that we delay this whole thing out so you got bias in the FBI center grasses by the same as our self. Sen. Grassley said this Chris Wright was horrified he was. He was definitely the sound when he said he was in a deeply disappointed when he learned this, here's the problem, though, and this is the issue that we have to deal these agents are not just low-level beginning agent.

These are this was the assistant Special Agent in charge who is like the deputy of the Washington field office, which is conducting the investigation into Pres. Trump and his associates and he's got his biases out there in plain view at the same time he is squelching the Hunter Biden investigation try to actually close the investigation on their system. What that means is you clean it so it's hard to get it once it's been closed down and that is what you're dealing with here and looks of the is the ramifications of this bias are I think it's fair to say unprecedented in US history that the FBI is now become so politicized that they are going after existing candidates for in case of buying frontage quotes under buying story or going after form of now former President from particular calls and there's an 800-684-3110. We have a FOIA out already on the FBI we may have do another one here, and therefore the family FBI is also on this whole FBI. No telling Twitter as it ties right admin Facebook hey the Hunter buying story we think is Russian disinformation so Twitter doesn't run the story and they like like this would bid him probably immediately's originally because he was he was the one trying to close it out. He literally just close it, but in the in the letter from cigarettes and I think the good news this week.

There were good whistleblowers inside the FBI throughout this process provide info to Congress. He prided know that Tillie was locked out of the FBI and lost his job, but again when he retired all the stories you the bureaucracy protect themselves that the fact that he didn't just try to close it but tried to again mark the system improperly marketed this FBI system so it could be opened all so you get in and this is right before the election cites another example, whether it was Kobe interfering election, whether it is Peter Strauch and Lisa page and Andy became in that group member Peter Strauch was on special counsel Steve Lisa pay they got kicked off and that those not in their phones that will wipe clean. It did stop special counsel investigation that was there leave those of their lead FBI investigators. So here the issue is, he's gone. Guess what's not going investigation to Donald Trump so it is since it's like all these guys that they get. They end up leaving they that getting in trouble and finally having to resign but they quotes but their investigations collect Kobe's final part continue and that's the other goal they have. You'll put as FBI assistant director returned to DC tweets criticizing the President you work for the time that's just improper. If you're trying to appear at interest. Don't criticize either about that don't criticize Democrats leukocytes Republicans do your job, but instead you're working with highly partisan actors, especially if the FBI really come all the way back to deli or so. There's a letter that Sen. Grassley sent to America on the Atty. Gen. and Chris Brady FBI Dir. part of this is equally concerning is that the assistance but the special assistant Special Agent in charge while overseeing directing the FBI's most significant federal public corruption investigation. Travel to check Republic to attend the same seminar with Bruce and Nellie were in February 2016 at the time of the trip mill your was employed by fusion GPS which as you are aware, created anti-Trump pop propaganda for use by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee and was involved in the fake ALPA bank narrative in March of this year the MPC find both Clinton campaign and the DNC were falsely claiming money used for the opposition research against the Canada Trump were legal services to meet this is this is the agent.

This is the agent that's in charge of this and that you can understand the scope and nature of what were talking about here, because the reality is this is really serious and they got criminal case is now opened up one trying to close on Hunter buying the other trying to open and continue on Donald Trump now is lawyer should be pounding the table. Maybe they are made an almond and assume they will not aware about the Lord when I am there were about is the FBI is losing total credibility I could trace it all the way back to the molar problems we just it, we we have some experience with this. Folks we were the lawyers I did all that defense, but this is what were dealing with right now are taking your calls or 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110 two watching our social media applications share this need with your friends. We want to get this information out to as many people as we can. It shows a tremendous amount of bias and tremendous amount of danger and the agency goes to adjuster in California online what he just got my small development FBI saying and completely a professional organization, but my question is where request works basically how I understand that you request my new appeal so it sometimes 30 to 90 days to get responses and then if they say no, we don't have anything or know we can give you anything because the country was we go to court and we been very successful in court and getting documents of aluminum, but this just like we uncovered a document were doing a FOIA on in Israel matter where we found 59 states government to limit its unit US aid organizations gave $1 million to Mahmoud Abbas's son who was running some agency May 9 states government funded the terrorist organization baton, which is what they are and it was his son Michael and head of the Palestinian Authority. So if you're looking for a needle in a haystack, so to speak, but we generally found the needle and its it's usually very damaging.

So on this one that we got now is we will try to figure what the FBI is telling these social media companies and social media platform, but I want to be clear here this one goes to the heart of a constitutional republic. If you can view an inner if the FBI is now taking the posture that engaging election interference is part and parcel of what they do, which they did in 2016 and 2020. What stops them from doing in 2024.Sen. Grassley like the ACLJ that's what because if you don't draw light on this folks, I don't care if you're Republican, Democrat, independent Green party with a libertarian.

Whatever you are, this is ridiculous I said was ridiculous when they didn't Hillary Clinton three weeks before election Jim call me thinks he can you start talking about things in violation of department justice rules and guidelines but eat it, but this is now a pattern in this guy is posting stuff on social media applications. Just putting it out there.

This is this actually part is he was untried like hide his politics. He was he was using LinkedIn a lot, but that he also used twitter many ultimately was reassuring the Lincoln project and again it's not that people don't have political views who work in law enforcement, it's that you were supposed to leave those at the door that is part of their job unit do that every job become worked at the ACLJ talk about politics a lot more and and and a lot more issues with you. Go for the FBI different. That's not your rope so your role is to investigate crimes doesn't matter. In part two who committed them. And when we look at you. We shouldn't see the advantages someone who looks compromised, who looks like there a highly partisan actor way to involve the Washington DC politics that they are that they are compromising investigation and this guy didn't he elevated white investigation to a political opponent that he doesn't like Donald Trump and he tried to shut down an investigation into a politician. He liked Hunter buying and so Joe Biden's son right before the election. So that's what is also this is happened. This is electioneering by the FBI in public. Now that we know the information and why then should the American people trust if they are willing to go this far.

So many times, knowing that they will likely ultimately get caught but I think that what we've seen is if they if there investigation lives on. It's like they go on to build up on MSNBC and they get to keep out you know they get some kind of reboot and that's what I think I know it upsets people think they like widely collected charge for something is her frauds and play there be protective of her using this DOJ as it recharges about a guy try to suppress the Hunter my laptop. This is this the basis upon which this investigation not go forward. This is that you don't meditate a lot about tainting the whole process estate would come back and recommend go over what Sen. Grassley said was the basis on how they opened up some of these criminal investigations it's it's incredible post retainer because of 800-684-3110, 1-800-684-3110 do appreciate this broadcast appreciate the work of ACLJ would a matching challenge campaign last two days our River band concert tomorrow night so will match that you have more mobile to secularity your calls to as well. One 800 684 31 to the 2000 684-3110 play this. This is adds a flashback from earlier this month. Christopher Ray was testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and our good friend Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana had this task. Isn't it true that Mr. Tebo agent team though. Excuse me, and FBI supervisory intelligence analyst Brian oh Dan covered up derogatory information about Mr. Hunter Biden while working for the FBI well again I want to be very careful not to interfere with ongoing personnel matters, I should say that when I read the letter that describes the kinds of things that you're talking about. I found it deeply troubling. That's wonderful obviously was Artie the mix that he was probably on the way out to talk to personnel matters explores the deeply troubling that you had an FBI Christopher Ray who was put in there by Donald Trump serving present Biden's got that bipartisan move, you would say maybe I'd use this opportunity clean house because who was reporting this kind. A lot of people reporting to are they all compromised. Did he like put together a team of because if that's what we look like we sound like Peter struck his they put together like-minded people who said they were doing this for politics. This is not about crime. This is about politics.

We will suppress Hunter Biden who was an actual criminal investigation will suppress that and tacklers all the alts over the invitations.

He's got going on, but we are going to elevate investigation into Donald Trump and I think the news right outsourcing a lot of the Hunter buying side to get why because they suppress that huge story before the lecture they could change a lot of people's mind about Joe, but about the whether not he had the rights given kind of background, and whether he was to compromised himself by his son's business dealings with the Chinese and Ukrainians so that we have a war in Ukraine going on and admit her Job. I was deeply tied to all of that it remember walking out of the things if you you'll get if you find this prosecutor. They report $1 billion. I was a crime that was in Ukraine and they have business deals there. They had a lot of his deals in China tax fraud is being investigated as we speak. A criminal investigation. The laptop again, there's the salacious part of the laptop, but there's also that the part about helping out the big and I get basically say what you will about Hunter Bible what he was do is pay the family's bills so let me read from Sen. Grassley's letter because I again this is the kind give you the scope and nature of this so you see, this rewrites according to the FBI only seen in the FBI is investigating former President from his campaign and its advisor and the adjuster permits issued subpoenas to individuals going to electors during the 2020 elections were, that that was the alternate electrolyte issue. Whistleblowers have indicated that then it was the two agents DeBolt and Pilcher director of the election crimes branch within the Justice Department's public integrity section were deeply involved in the decisions to open and pursue this investigation. This is an investigation of former President from his campaign and his advisors based on allegations of the investigations predicate in document is based in substantial part. For the spokes on a January 2022.

CNN news article that's right, a CNN news article which relied on information derived from a liberal nonprofit group American oversight and referenced interview with Boris Epstein on MSNBC.

As you know, a hype profile investigation such as this would require the Atty. Gen. and the FBI director to be briefed on the full factual predicates which would then be reviewed and approved based on allegations. The only memo that you approve included selective assertions creating a large part by DeBolt and either removed or watered-down material connected to the left leaning organization that existed in previous versions and recommended that a full investigation, not a preliminary investigation be approved.

As you know, a full investigation requires a heightened factual basis as compared to a preliminary investigation so what is that say this is the entire investigatory process was compromised because of this agent and his bias but yet that is the predicate to all this opening up not be forcing well.

It had nothing to do with the raid in an monologue that took place three weeks ago he was on leave by that that's possible. Very true. He was only by then but he initiated opened up the investigations to start with, so he was also the assistant director of this field office in Washington so he knew what was going on and he tried then to close the Hunter Biden laptop investigation. Try to close the whole hundred Biden investigation down so any bragging about it on on social media. So this is words absolutely ridiculous outrageous engine and shows the bias and the problem with this whole system right now. Whistleblowers who are willing to support this out while they focus and uncouple these names who are the leaders in these problematic situation at the whistleblowers are blowing the whistle on this and this is widespread. It's not like these may be that the tip of the point. But this is not the only person who is a problem with the FBI that there's a widespread probably talk about that conservative purge at the FBI.

They should not be looked at. It shouldn't matter if he's a liberal or democratic, that they should be law enforcement agents while they are working for the FBI and you know if there's things to investigate about Joe Biden investigate that and and again, careful should be all careful because around elections and things like that but entreat trees all the same, but we see what gets elevated.

Donald Trump is bad so worded to elevate that in the news and were going to suppress Hunter Biden in his league since father's links to Chinese business interested maybe that that that those interested are compromising to him becoming President states that narrative.

That story never even was really debated in the public predilection because now we know of the federal Bureau of investigation, I got more information on the breakdown for you in the next half-hour. This broadcast. So if you don't get the full hour.

Go to order rumble or Facebook or YouTube.

You can get it there. Sirius XM accords in the number of stations around the country or or go to the website were also to take your calls in the next half-hour at 1-800-684-3110 at 2000 684-3110. I want to break all of this down for you because folks this goes to the heart of a constitutional republic when you have this kind, and I just cannot believe they do this every time that this is become standard operating procedure for the FBI interfere with the 2016 election interfere with the 2020 election a 2024 is not that far away. Maybe do something in the midterms like grade the President, former President's house three months before the midterm elections to Ashley's and Mayor Gartland approved this Christian right evidently approve this open investigation.

Grand juries have been impaneled here so will take your calls at 800-684-3110 if you're on the phone, stay there will get your calls in the next half-hour.

1-800-684-3110 support the work of the ACLJ when a matching challenge campaign post any amount you donate we get a matching gift for I will encourage you to support the work of the ACLJ Journal let you know how if you're listening on any resulting media applications share with your friends PC donate today can double the impact your donation if you got till tomorrow.

She had about 24 hours here to midnight tomorrow night where you are to be partner matching challenge was that mean again, if you just unfamiliar with this we have a group of donors. It will match your donation. This entire month of August. That means if you donate $25 that triggers you have to take the initial action there ready to matching you better make the initial donation is that $25 is like a 50 donation was space donate statement can vary back to the American Center for Law and Justice were engaging solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be now. $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 checking the constitutional and religious freedoms are most important to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular secular so I just reset a little bit. If you are destroyed is is is a lot here you put together these letters to editor Grassley has been put forward the FBI department of justice because of whistleblowers.

We talked about these whistleblowers covered say there's major problems here the FBI with the politics of the left really overtaking the work specially at a Washington DC office.

Of course, which meets biggest decisions by the FBI and sets the tone for the rest of the FBI agents of the country so we heard about the purge of conservators that was the word used by the whistleblowers that we know the FBI agent, special assistant in charge of the Washington DC office has retired. Put in quotes because it out. This was also the agent who suppress Hunter Biden's laptop investigation. Try to actually close out within the FBI so they could never be reopened wasn't successful in that aspect was successful in keeping it suppressed what was on social media or by law enforcement throughout the 2020 election so successful at that point that that's why I think that again. A lot of these individuals you say you what we say. Why are they willing to do this, but there's a bottle down. There's the peevish rock bottom it's retire maybe get fired maybe get a picture may be doubt take a little you take the heat from the right, but the left. She is a hero who should be making heroes out of people who are politicizing law enforcement on either side because if this becomes the norm that we touch as the secretary prepared. This becomes the norm of how they operate you off your politically suppress your political opponent you suppress your soup those who supports bad actions and you elevate action, the political actors you don't like this happening Washington DC at the FBI's DC headquarters. We are take your phone calls on it and what 100 684-3110 to this guys tied to at the boat. Hunter Biden then all the way back at least 2% through the stories about Mike Flanagan gently did traveled overseas with belly or will she worked for future GPS put together steel dossiers, he goes all the way back to that is part of that goes back to the crossfire hurricane days which we honestly torn. I handle that and for men.

President trumpeted the fact the matter is this agent gets, of course, becomes the assistant agent in charge of the Washington field office was probably the most most important field office in the country of for the FBI is Israel is doing all this squelching the Hunter binding investigation. Opening investigations of a President that is tweeting about how he doesn't like. So there's your in a blind justice is blind. Not really. Justice is not white and that's the problem with the epi RN and Chris Wright better get a handle on this.

Is it series a single phone call and screwed Julian Oregon online five hey Julie. Panicking about our time in Italy containing the Strapping and drinking during this or whomever about things from 2015 that Hillary Clinton can come out here sharing things for cleaning out the FBI because the IRS we were able to take the IRS nonprofit division and then clean it up in the course he got dirty again. This is the next demonstration came in to be honest he started all over again even though there was a court order so would support it requires vigilance but is your incident to prosecute these people in Mike my estimation. I just don't see this upon the justice of impressing. They've taken their investigations up so the lawyers representing the people being investigated can certainly use this to their legal advantage when you got this kind of bias. These are people filling out probable cause Marxists look so unbelievable getting the Obama DOJ, which is back again to not get a doctor prosecute so cannot hold onto that when you got here is to expose, utilize the information. The best Utilize the whistleblowers know what you're doing with it. Ultimately up to elect leaders who will clear house is problem was on that process, but all all those investigations he with her because starting with the river that bad FBI director with medical and antral. And of course the world with the cave. With so many take second leadership even start a security to your phone calls.

We go through this ridiculous code for online to fix you for hold on your earlier call.

The way with everything you did a wonderful job with the IRS to learn way that there could be a law or something that could be done that when somebody is retired (they live in retirement. Some of the Inspector General of the Department of Justice can do an investigation probably is and then they make recommendations including prosecutorial recommendations to the Department of Justice and to guess which office the field office in Washington DC.

That's part of the problem here so likely that that's can add probably not get you where you want to get now.

I think this is important understand where you find out who the Special Agent in charge nurse assistant Special Agent in charge was contacting but listen to this this from God Charles Grassley letter on July 25 and October 2020 there was an avenue of additional derogatory Hunter Biden reporting and this is what it is. The word closed at the direction of DeBolt people they closed this opening inquiry on the on the Biden laptop and buying involvement probably investigation his office in Gretz's office when they were made aware that the FBI agent responsible disinformation were interviewed by the FBI headquarters team in furtherance of this assessment. It's been alleged that the FBI headquarters team suggested to the FBI agents that the information was a risk of disinformation.

This goes all into the whole Hunter buying thing now listen to this discussion between Joe Rogan and Mark Zuckerberg.

There was a lot of attention on Twitter during the election because of the Hunter Biden laptop story to me that we have a seraph. Cassie you guys censored out as well.

So we took a different path than twitter. Basically the background here is the FBI basically came to us some some folks on our team as a caped just so you know like you should be on high alert.

There is the week without. There is a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of that, similar to that. So just be vigilant yet be vigilant about what we would like to know if your foyer is strictly come from people to office or indirectly BC the one putting out these warnings to Twitter and Facebook and I would to the apartment it's elevated to a eight when the richest people in the world, the CEO of the company suits us a nobler suppress the store so we have the for your information already sent into the FBI department just so will start that process is now started with here is was also interesting in the same timeframe. With all this going on. Mayor Gartland and Chris Ray sign off on the FBI seeking a search warrant of the former President of United States home and what you think about this for investigations originated out of Washington DC field office with involving the national archives. They authorize this to move forward knowing they knew at this point that the assistant agent in charge of the field office was causing a problem and had already shown his bias, yet they authorized a search warrant to be executed and they go to a judge who had recused himself because he had said nasty statements about the former President United States. Yet that judge who already recuse himself in a civil case goes ahead and does what goes ahead and signed the search warrant, even though in a criminal case, a civil case he recuse himself because of his statements regarding the former President of this tells you the nature and scope of what you're dealing with and that's where the lawyers may be very aggressive on this and show the biases we did in the molar investigation and it works is also goofiness going on. Even with the Inspector General's office said Jim Jordan's put out a letter just yesterday that August 29 to Inspector General Michael Horwitz because on the morning of August 10 through the FBI sees the phone of Carson Scott. River were that that happened is that a ton of attention but the seasons phone, but according to reports, this is a Jupiters letter that advance. Right now the Justice Department's office of Inspector General used its lab in northern Virginia to assist the FBI and doing a further view of Carson Perry's vote that is not the job the Inspector General's forensic lab is to investigate the FBI not to investigate Americans this is that some inspector general's office does not exist to investigate you beer Congress know it's interesting like the cut this FBI not the Congressman using his equipment, but it's just it just whether incident whether I everything is broken or whether you want to, but it just stinks right it all and all reeks race at one 800-6843 wanted to talk to us on air identity in New York on 91. A debit immediately zero sentiment works in our Constitution so they don't do reelection and certify reelection once the President is sworn into office. He is one way the present I present is movement through impeachment and conviction and Nestl actually should be, because if not, you have chaos, but the FBI is showing its bias continually here, which is very problematic for a constitutional republic. They did it with Hillary Clinton 2016 by going public on the investigation of her basement done that that wasn't the appropriate thing to do matter. Four Hillary Clinton against Tillich in that matter, you did a passion to done it. He opens it he closes it, and then he announces and again. Then they already law open crossfire hurricane or do to get in the steel dossier through Nellie and or Bruce or who this guy DeBolt is going in the Czech Republic with in 2016 during crossfire hurricane and that he opens up an investigation with his office of the Pres. under the election issues and then squelch is the Hunter Biden investigation that is not the weight that that's is clear and concise as I can say it. That's not the way it's supposed to work If you will join us on the broadcast at one 800 684 31 to Joyce Rickard as he rejoiced accepting the broadcast as well to just break on the step because again I do order a minute while we focus on these individuals and sometimes they can. They can be the lead probably because they are the of setting the tone it was to get to a certain level of the people working for the retried. Please their boss but what these whistleblowers said is it's not like water.

Too bad actors is wide spread is the word you widespread sets that like water.

Too bad apples in Washington DC that that means it like every every bit of the FBI. They feel like down to the agent.

Let field agent level where they say they are quote purging conservatives out of law enforcement, which they should even have the put, it should come into play at all whether someone is conservative or not. If they're in law enforcement and if they try to remove them and make them feel like that they don't belong there, because they happen to be politically conservative, back to those of you Larry and Iowa on line to a late yard wondering how come none of those people on the Russia collusion in the Hunter Biden scandal never lose her job again and they did. Larry they did lose their jobs and main Peter Scott lost his job.

Lisa page resigned CE to guide the cage we came tired, so it's not that they don't lose their jobs if the thing is that the left-wing the left-leaning media picks them up and makes the media consult mirrors. That's the part of a formative government doing this and that that's a bad that's a bad policy because that I think you encourage the fee process that would be like Peter struck because it you know that I get to write a book on TV.

I want to ski. FBI don't unite.

I castigated something but the cashier of the Rahway psyche of this is been a great law enforcement official comes in their career they want to go to the corporate world. It's one thing but these are bad apples who think they did resurrect as liberal heroes for putting their politics into into law enforcement, which once that happens, the agency loses all credibility. Some people actually care about the FBI people care about the DOJ and they understand the damage that you do when you allow that to be viewed to up with because you from a political lives on both sides of the aisle, and the Democrats think the tool for their Republicans think it's just another another deep state enemy and you get lots to say that but yet here's another story of another FBI agent in charge of an investigation involving the former President unites that having to reside up because of their wrongdoing.

So it's not a conspiracy theory it's a it's fact, it's fact this is what's going on.

These agencies give whistleblowers telling Congress. If the age of the of the ages getting fired to go back to like McCabe struck page now people I be disagrees or high level people. The usually the bureaucracy would not fire is not a day where they stay say the reside summer fired sub reside sub retire.

Whatever it is, ultimately, you have the facts that suck conspiracy there really bad actors there and these are just the tip of the ice ride because all the whistleblowers said don't just think I gave her this will persecute change the culture you not going to that the cultural changes the huge issue at play here.

Long-term is he cannot have it.

FBI viewed this way, I have rented doesn't work is work for agent with a with a do every law enforcement duty to to conduct because I gave your first reaction is to sell politics 164 30 wanted to join the broadcast to question even with Rickard out to Constitution 184 30 wanted support the work of ACLJVC River matching child double the impact your donation after midnight tomorrow night ACLJ.4.

Donate today double the impact your donation will be out this Dell's your customer for policy scree Rick again. We got senior FBI agent "get a resigning. He elevates investigations in the present trumpet and his allies of the electors and of that issue. He DS collates and tries to close out improperly. The Hunter Biden laptop investigation which was suppressed before the election. We also now know he goes all the way back to 2016 with Bruce and Nellie or traveled overseas while she was working for future GPS steel dossier. All of that, but I wanted just as you because you are the night, a director intelligence and I would I would imagine this is so bad for these agencies and the one after another.

You people like to say Haskin's. These are conspiracy theories.

These are actual individuals being let out of the job because they allowed purely partisan politics to decide who they were going to criminally investigate been going on for a very long time and let be very clear about that Ray had been the head of the FDI for a very long time.

He'd known these individuals are problem.

He did nothing until the heat got too much. Remember Chris Ray new that FBI agents were politicizing investigation and he didn't care what now is happening is the public, Republicans are are putting the pressure on him and he's Chris Ray is responding to the public press treatment responding to cleaning up the FBI if that was his goal. There would be all whole bunch of people that would lose their jobs for politicizing investigation and weapon 19 the FBI.

This reminds me of slot of the iris scandal that we litigated in one near the iris gives an apology over. Sorry which try that if you're being audited with the agent though sorry I made a mistake in my return to me really so apologies don't work with what is what is mind-boggling here and it's in following up on what you just said is it the director of the FBI and the Atty. Gen. United States know that this is Special Agent in charge and her assistant Special Agent in charge of number two in the field office. They know is a problem. They know the investigations.

He started in the nose.

The investigations I suppressed suppressing the Hunter Biden investigation open the 20/20 investigation again from the very same time that this is becoming public, but go ahead and authorize a search warrant by a judge who recused himself from a civil case involving present trumpet, Hillary Clinton, who posted on social media platforms anti-Trump statements and yet sign a search warrant at the President for the presence home in Florida that your Chris right UN agency you you you understand this you even think you know what is not worth just getting caught. It's worth cleaning the mess up and it's like Washington's incapable of doing that well. Ray didn't say that that the problem is my duty thought as a part of them are place and he was okay with. FBI agent being partisan because he agreed with the goal. It only became a problem. J when the public started to lose faith in the FBI when the mistakes were known politicians and some in the media began to pressure him. It only became a problem for Chris Ray when he was being outed and viewed as a weapon. 19 the FBI for partisan purpose that he liked it up until he got caught this this FBI agent as twitter account is now close pricewise without first he was using LinkedIn while he was working on for Trump administration that Tammy that was his commander-in-chief and is a work of art about a size 8. Yes, specific to the objects they start sharing. We can project with Abby this is dirt up the route up to the election is that was the Republican anti-from yeah go after the going after present trumpet to get you can have medical views had been FBI agent when you can't do. Rick is have your politics. Decide how you're going to enforce the law that at that point, all bets are off of the in Washington DC about the trust of these agencies have you built the trust the American people and edit when you win you lose the trust will it's really hard to get back. I would say that though I and the former acting director of national intelligence, but to work with Intel and investigation agent. I don't think too much to say to FBI agent who are leading prosecution or investigation that you cannot be on social media being part of that.

I know you get to do it as an individual, but when you sign up with the power that the FBI it's not too much that they put a check on that because you're going to have been credibility problems for the agency and so if you can't do it if you really want to have your voice, your partisan life that there and give up your job at the FBI.

I think it's totally right that the law regulates athletes really trace the problem with that is there is a compelling governmental interest in not being bias in law enforcement and that would be defeat any kind of speech interest. Let's take Tony's call out of the Maryland line 1 Tony Logan Sekulow on the good afternoon, thank you for taking my call. Robin's angry years. Our government is our enemy and I hear things like this in this latest revelation, how do we clean up these agencies.

It sounds like a daunting task or task. We tend to take the iris to federal court and beat them twice get an injunction and monetary damages. But Tony has a really good question recommend is I love people lose hope your week. Immediately you can get this done really hard to do it. Rick County, I would say that government is not our enemy because government is really supposed to be of the people for the people it ought to be the people and what I would say the problem that that you're pointing on Tony is that government gone awry harder than it weapon 19 for partisan purposes and that's what we have to clean up. There are a lot of bureaucrat are a lot of intelligent authors FBI agent who are very good and frustrated that that what happening at the leadership that need a gut renovation important salon is in the states for me was the director acting director nationally does these for your litigation that we get involved in all cases just like this. How important is that there are crucial and what I would say is you know were all sitting around frustrated with what happening but gone is the day that you get to get fit and listen and hope that the money out that something you gotta get involved. You gotta have a stronger boy.

You might have to write a bigger check, you might've to run for school board.

But what I would say it if you're listening to the eighth DLJ it on the front lines. I have been on the other side watching ate the update from the outside petition government and they have the best lawyers date date really hone in on the details of of the leverage. It's not a PR exercise in the legal actors I though I would take the port the eighth DLJ and you will feel like you're on the frontline doing something really appreciate it. Thanks for being with us again.

Rick Vernell is our senior advisor on national security, international security folks is your score. The ACLJ makes all this possible.

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