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White House allegedly asked Saudis to delay oil production cut until after midterm

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 13, 2022 12:57 pm

White House allegedly asked Saudis to delay oil production cut until after midterm

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 13, 2022 12:57 pm

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You always seeking versus selling, it's Brian Gill read thankful to be in their buddies. The brain shall be Joe wanting to relate 7669 love busy our company.

Why so glad you're here that confident you haven't heard from him in a while, senior fellow, a EIN founding editor of Washington inquiry begin offer of the book to write the hundred year war for American conservatism and we know. I think the board he pretty much is guy got a pretty strong hand going into the midterms. I can't wait to see what he has to say. The present United States is left dedicating a park in Colorado did not help Mike Bennett at all. Maybe by staying away did and now he heads out to the West Coast where he'll do his few fundraisers.

Not exactly something that Barack Obama and George W. Bush were doing. They were rushing around trying help everybody out, as was Donald Trump right now exclude the presence of lead weight, especially in light of this new economic report that shows a stubborn inflation in over 8%.

Still, what get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is reporting that US officials called Saudi Arabia to delay this decision. I am on after the midterm election. I certainly can't confirm that report Saudi OPEC plus clap back is buying made calamity because our oil and gas while alienating the kingdom and labeling them a pariah. Now we will suffer as our strategic partner helps Russia also according China more than any other policy.

This will take a toll on all of our pocketbooks. Murder is murder and rarely one of truth and everyone that I aptly support life and work murder per person degree clear right John Fatima.

Nothing is clear because about 10 1st� murder suspect got out suspects, excuse me, convicted killers got out under your Lieut. governorship economic headwinds strengthen the Dem sales pitch weakens and the latest in Pennsylvania as John Fetterman's health has his weed disappearing can eyes take and hold the lead in these last days. The photographer took the infamous photos said in an interview that things are what they seem that he and his colleagues never saw agents whipping anybody but soon 1/2 hours after receiving that email my orchestra failed to dispute or stop the falls whipping narrative film delusional over the story the broken border threatens to break the Democratic Party how do I know there to did something to stem some of the tidal wave and that's Venezuela to work with Mexico to make sure they have a criteria and if they're not there they be taught sent back if they are good enough to fit the criteria get to stay why is over hundred and 50,000 of come over the last two years because their country is terrible and ours isn't.

That's not a reason to come. So what I was referring to in the open, they are with this very topic is you remember the of course remember the horse as soldiers border patrol when the Haitians were coming in massive numbers in rough broad terrain. They use horses at which time they were accused of whipping the Haitians and all of a sudden people were screaming their racist white, seemingly white or Hispanic border patrol agent whipping black migrants. It's American slavery. It's 1619 all over again. Remember the breathlessness that everyone condemned all those would be border patrol agents who have enough to going against them. They have to deal with this. Remember when the president said this right after. In September 2021: to see people treat it like it did horses running over people being strapped. It's outrageous. I promise you. Those people will pay really say what will be yet. So you see you at all these tens of thousands in you don't care how are border patrol agents are abuse you don't see the cartels and the abuse and the rapes that took place on the way here.

The body bags piling up for people who are successful credit crossing the Rio Grande, would you have what you assume is racist actions by a overworked border patrol. You turn on but that's so last year. Remember May Arcus same thing. September 2021 cut to lead our entire nation's horrifying images that do not reflect who we are. We know that those images painfully conjured up the worst elements of our nation's ongoing battle against systemic racism. Okay, they did an investigation lasted over a year there some fines or minor suspensions or they had to deal with their ridicule throughout their community.

We know that they basically were exonerated. They did nothing wrong and now we know that they knew they did nothing wrong.

And here's what I'm led to the heritage foundation via a file a FOIA request now reveals that may orchestra was told that the photographer that was there, so no signs of the migrants being whipped marsh Espinoza, the assistant secretary of DHS public affairs of the communications person emailed the secretary.

May Arcus and others flagging the news article on September 24 saying the photographer those assayed is being mischaracterized don't say anything.

They did nothing wrong to read verbatim the photography from the email.

The photographer behind these images depicting the border patrol agents on horseback told Kate TSM things are not what they seem when it comes out to the photos photographer Paul Radke said he and his colleagues never saw agents whipping anyone quote I've never seen them whip anyone he was swinging it, but he cannot believe can be misconstrued when you're looking at the picture you had an eyewitness, you had somebody who took the picture they told you they did nothing wrong you tortured these people's lives.

Then you told the whole country all racist. We are May Arcus endemic racism reared its ugly head again and you held onto it for year. That's the only time he talked of the border that you broke your brain and judge.

Cut to it is smoking smoking gun evidence and it clearly shows that they're willing to lie to the American people for it for their self-interest.

They withheld facts and any time that you withhold facts from the American people you should be willing to step down from your job better man would step down. So did he miss the email. Is it possible really from your head of communications to your secretary on a national interest of national point of interest that the president speaks about is that even possible. Can Cuccinelli had that job. Former Deputy DHS Sec. country. There's nothing to stop by about the AC thought about the final four contract that entered a lot of heat from from from their neighborhoods in all third wives and children were or bullied, made the project I states the secretary. The vice president members of Congress basically called braces and and interstate are still not on the line doing the job trust resort on their administrative duties motorcycle choice and they want and I do, I only blame him because two days later he's on CNN makes a statement about how culture was that the board were training horses to cut children by right now that's Tom Homan who found out that the scene defendant who they were, they would be dredging their kids going to school, being bullied for something that their parents didn't do so can Cuccinelli says I guarantee if the secretary said of the White House press conference and gets an email from the communications team 2 1/2 hours before the email gets read to half hours before gets read by the secretary, not by somebody not by this, his secretary, but by the secretary himself is a guy that had the job.

So I mean what can you believe for this administration. You choose, trouble lying constantly, every other day. Always lying is lying. What is present by never telling the truth. He theories that much in the dark, which is scary or is in the dark, or he is not in the dark and just flat out that comfortable line so the other policy I want to share with you is this came out the middle of our bread show.

I tape it at night now bread show is the extremely vice procedure in the midterms, the DHS announced a new program for Venezuelan migrants aimed at easing pressure at the border, which include sending Venezuelans back to Mexico, lest they apply to a limited program since August 2020 in the August 2022. We've gotten 25,000 illegal immigrants 154,000 since 2021 in August, 6000 came alone of 2020. So in other words, let me make this clear. August 20 21, 6000 came across that way too many always of 2020 to 25,000 from Venezuela. Most of what you walking around 500 hotel rooms in New York. So now they are going to set up a series of sorry criteria the can a question Mexico symbol fly in here so will fly home as people they know this, as I told DS last week on one nation and required our message to Central and South America is when you throw some idiot they need to see it or they don't believe that they only see is people getting in greeting them in New York and Chicago and Washington with nice handshakes and Nike bags. They need to see people getting kicked out to stop, but they don't seem to understand that was also evidence to its is shown up at the polls.

How else would you explain that Nancy Pelosi came to New York City and said we have to do better on border security and Kathy Hogle same thing. This woman's invisible Mayor Adams like him or not he least easily. I the storm focal nowhere to be found until yesterday cut seven really are looking for a federal response to this to take ownership of a crisis and will be there to help, but this belongs in the federal government is that human beings need to be shipped all over.

They need to have it taken in a place on their heads while they're going through the asylum process.

Now with the federal government leave you do is go the present. That's it.

Yeah the speaker here. No problem. Mayor Adams's got a direct line schism abiding guy so you go in there and same is present destroy my career destroying my city.

This is totally unnecessary. You're making me the foolish for naming the sanctuary city. The one I took over the when I back and now that I have a sanctuary city got 20,000 people were nowhere to put him and I have a home was to go home.

A system that is overtaxed at 60,000 and they got nothing to do no job so close.

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Just go to banking That's Bank on you'll be glad you did. Fox News podcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast to strive and listen now by going to Fox News fastest three hours and radio is your Brian kill me either.

Journalists will also tell with Fetterman came forward and said they had a different experience.

Martin was the first in the room with Fetterman for an interview, rather than via remote videoconference out to find that small talk before that captioning was was difficult because of those auditory processing issues I mentioned in now is a Savannah Guthrie, just a little of the pushback that you gave on this reporter � a bird to does a great job locally, reportedly from NBC backed up by her station, but now you people on the view ripping her and just to give you context. John Fetterman has stroke he disappeared.

One his nomination did nearly appear on it when he finally came back he was due many appearances. He was way in front of Dr. Oz double digits because mainly because the Republican Party did not consolidate around Dr. Oz in a three-person race where all three people got 30% of the vote.

30+ he got the most of 36 today. McCormick's, 35, and then there was a woman there forgot her name was a 31 so that it took a while for the Republican Party consolidate Fetterman took that in my view is I got time to recover.

By the time he comes back, he's giving these halting speech is a last seven minutes they've gotten marginally better but now it turns out he needs a synthesizer or some type of close caption when people talk feels he can understand the words he's gonna read them. I'm not us. I'm not a stroke recovery expert. Neither you, but that's disturbing to think that the senator is that you know that it's not like he was there got the job at a stroke, like Sen. Kirk did years ago when you think okay what's gonna take to come back to staff around got elected you're electing someone that's clearly having huge issues. So this woman Dr. Burns is in small talk leading up to this one-on-one meeting. He was terrible. He was only slightly better in the interview, but is he getting answers on that screen from his handlers was he just getting questions so I couldn't believe the pushback she got in her own network so she said listen, I'm just telling you the truth you might like the truth but I'm telling you the truth that Fetterman had a hard time understanding and Savannah Guthrie pushback because they're desperate to not make Dr. Ozzie woos a favorite of everybody when he had his Oprah sponsored talkshow medical show. Now all of a sudden there's a fear. These gonna win.

Pat Toomey seat so here's what Mammon said about this and it's tough for him to see the doctor LLC want to be sensitive is you want a guy recover from a stroke. But if it was more indicting a John Fetterman is that he is anti-fracking. He's pro criminal. He's not telling the truth about his record.

Now he says go to be like Sen. Casey not to write a not to left. We don't believe that for a second he was John Federman in 2020, 18 and I sitting the presidents team is brown with fracking as a wedge issue when no one cares about it right now with the pandemic and everything going and I want to clear that up like I'm not Pro fracking and I signed that no fossil fuel pledge before, but before the cool kids were doing it. Back in 2015, hopes, so wait a second I'm not Pro fracking.

Oh, I won't stop illegal you get a locate other leases, you got a bad pushback for the people in your state that recovered like Ohio because of fracking in New York wallows because they won't. Here's Dr. Oz the 24 this entire Pain I've been trying to find out, as has the voters who he really is and he seems to be hiding a radical agenda and he definitely is radical, but that's a separate issue or he's hiding his health that he has refused his medical records to be released.

He refused probably a dozen times in this interview, which the first in person interview that he has done so what I'm asked is improving or not. I don't know because nobody knows, because we were given any kinds of insights into what really happened to him in his initial illness that can truly guide us and I think it's important to be aware that a lot of what's going on this race right now is people hiding the truth and that's the opposite of what we want in a democracy what your candidates out there asking and answering question. I'm not somebody you know of course the crudit�s tape was terrible, but I'm not somebody that thinks that Dr. Ozzie's own experience.

He can win is not like why think he's just the opposite. You don't get a syndicated show and have a for 20 years to be not likable. You don't hope on the Opera Winfrey show. Just be yourself and talk medicine and get your own show and press the best communicator arguably in the country impress her and get your own show Dr. Phil, I think the Dr. Phil got his own got a show to from Opera right was a so is I give you like Dr. Phil find these great communicator knows his stuff. I like talk to multiyear Dr. Phil should run after I should run.

He cares he is need this. The fact that he's rich I think is is great.

I think it shows a successful you'll become a surgeon because your dad inherited money so and that's on his case. Obviously much better to me.

There was a few candidates will moderate. That would give Dr. Oz a legitimate hard time John Fetterman is not moderate.

Although was pretending to be. Here's a little from his interview with the local newspaper. There I believes that Philadelphia Inquirer cut 19 strive over bridges and agreed to consider Marie can work together everything that compromises, but I believe that you love you love and and the other side believes that now that's been defined by the only woman or and again I can't compromise on natural so is like anyone would reasonably believe that compromise is is very easy if you really believe in science or facts and believing that is kind of basic issues okay means tailing off a little bit.

There's some things there, but he condemns relatively smooth but do you think that Dr. Oz is on the stump saying marriage is between and I'm against same-sex marriage is a nonissue.

Please don't bring up nonissues so many real issues for the factory want to be Sen. Casey, who he claims is a moderate no one's buying that usual in New York by Bernie Sanders.

He told everyone to socialist Emma.

His suits are terrible as a comb his hair, but he was who he was. They were mittens at a normal that continent inexorably precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your project Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite podcast talkshow that's getting you talking with Brian kill made you really claim to back the blue like I hear a lot of people know making that statement in waving that flag you should be in favor of gun control because we have three people with the hospital's morning and could've been killed as a result of someone not back in the blue. What an idiot. That's their answer. The mayor of Philadelphia and epic fail most dangerous state, arguably in the country. Per capita Mayor Jim can yell let's blame the gun. How about you you are about a thousand officers down you don't back them. You don't pay them. You certainly were defaming them and now you say you will get guns off the streets is like these idiots in New York to Matt continent to hear Senior fellow of AEI founding editor of washing free beacon Matt welcome back listed that this is how they are there, but they're beginning to understand that you cannot solve federal crime because it's hitting everywhere but their answer is guns the voters go by that I don't think the Brian I mean you can see beginning in the Wisconsin Senate race when Ron Johnson began pounding his opponent Mandela barns for being soft on crime and that race close very quickly.

Now Johnson is ahead. That's when I think the selection began to turn to the Republican advantage and and what barns answer is not talking even about gun control, ethernet, abortion, and they just showed you that the Democrats don't have any response because at the end of the day. They do support cutting police forces. They do support incarceration and that they do support a different approach to crime that doesn't get us anywhere from the Republican one, and I think that will help the GOP to live. That's about you leaving or or or tearing against it seems like that red wave is re-primed. If you look at the issues almost every poll sees abortion droppings from invisible, which, to his credit skipped extremely low profile.

You tried to write him up today with a January 6 stuff and then other issues, like a horrible economy. All oil and gas prices through the roof inflation that won't budge.

And now you have crime the border is in everybody's face finally coming please tell me where the Democrats excel, but not really anywhere at any point but I'm saying look I think there is a moment later in the summer permanent seem to so the wheels may be of coming off the Republican train but that his dad had stopped, and I think the big moment actually that switch the whole conversation with Rhonda Santos sending those asylum-seekers to Martha's Vineyard from that point on. In mid-September Republican gained the momentum people talking about immigration may need blue cities now are in crisis because of the vitamin ministrations border policies.

People begin to begin talking about crime and of course the number one issue for all Americans is the decline in their standard of living. We just got a new inflation number before going on the show today. It's bad is it a .5 3.38.3. I think it's not on record not transitory right it's it is that it is persistent and the bite administration doesn't know what to do with the Bidens. Let the Federal Reserve take the take the lead on it. But you know if the Federal Reserve cranks up interest rates that increases the likelihood that will end up in a recession, which might give us stagflation so on all these issues. The three core issues of the campaign inflation, crime, and the border. Independent voters are siding more and more with Republicans and I think that's what's kind of reenergized the red West. I think so too. Let's do a foreign policy for second as it relates to energy now oversaw the big push on the dams.

Let's punish Saudi Arabia for raising rates with OPEC plus they remember some of the films video in the 1970s and 60s, did we ever have control the oil and gas prices will we decide to do as a country is develop our own natural resources, which we did and he left. And now he's upset that his fist bump did not yield any results. In fact, to God, he got 2 million barrels of oil off the open market a day from OPEC plus white.

These Democrats suddenly finding that they have to divorce ourselves from Saudi Arabia part of the reason burn of panic administration and the congressional Democrats are panic that arrived an increase in gas prices ahead of the election will doom any chance they have of limiting your losses and that's why you saw this lobbying campaign that the bite administration launched targeting Saudi Arabia ahead of the decision last week saying please please help us and Saudi Arabia did not and the OPEC plus did not, but I think the bite administration is misread the reasons is not necessarily that the Saudi's want Russia prosper, or that the Saudi law-abiding fail. The Saudis are terrified of the proposals for price On oil. I don't want it and instead of trying to deal with them on that issue bite and the Democrats have moved into fullbore retaliation and some of the proposals come in a Congress or just ridiculous. I mean removing all of our forces from from Scotty Arabia in the Gulf states. I mean that we just weaken America's position throughout the world and underlying all of it of course is the fact that America sits on the huge reserves of oil and natural gas.

One of bite and give just death the other day he announced a whole other expansion of America's parks and memorials which means that there's more land in Colorado that cannot be used to increase our own domestic energy production. This is such a trademark example of policy insanity where you keep doing the wrong thing again and again and again and expect different results but never appear side.

First, I want people to see her with the press secretary said yesterday, just underline your point, I was talking my continuity of washing free beacon cut 27 but he was very clear there will be consequences.

We believe the decision that will last names.

Last week I was shortsighted and so we are we have said that I send this yesterday during the great thing that I read from the beginning talked about recalibrating readjusting our relationship okay readjusting relationship. The Wall Street Journal reports they called Saudi Arabia weeks before and said just wait till after November the election to do it this and I don't think so. We can do that. That's not what is about were going to were going to go ahead and cut rates and that's where the anger came from. So essentially he is not far off to say they were looking to manipulate an election by going to a Middle East country and asked them to not cut back production is would raise gas prices will focus here is domestic, it's not even about foreign policy not to be another reason why look who's the enemy of Iran in that region, other than our ally Israel fits our other ally Saudi Arabia and yet for some reason the Obama. Nailbiting Democrats have a fixation on Saudi Arabia and want to want to ruin that relationship while they're trying to appease Iran and it makes no sense to me that they focus all their attention on Saudi Arabia while you have this rebellion brewing in Iran and you have real opportunities for change in Iran and Iran is a threat to security. Iran is the party that giving the Russians. These kamikaze drones that are being launched against Ukrainian cities. It makes no sense to me that this administration would spend all of its energized energies criticizing Saudi Arabia, which despite all of its faults has been a US ally for 90 years and do nothing to undermine the terror regime in Iran.

That is the greatest threat to our interests and not only the Middle East but now spilling over into Ukraine as well right thing is everybody knows it is you have a choice in a bad neighborhood and a for 80 years, our choices been Saudi Arabia with its problems and because we take advantage of each other in the relationship and then income the Abraham accords and he galvanizes that we made the right choice because all these other countries recognize all one major friend and that Israel and that happened because Saudi Arabia, the king of the Sunni.

The Sunni Muslims say go ahead and there were about to normalize of Trumka reelected Trump want to visit them first and they would critical they say why visiting Saudi Arabia first solicit. I think we need this relationship here and maybe should be quicker to condemn their tactics in Yemen, but I understand their objective.

Stop Iran from taking over Yemen that to the food. The rebels did so in care of instead of me getting just your opinion giving my opinion, your opinion about what we should been doing with oil and gas. Here's many people think a Democrat he is running the most the most powerful financial institution America J.P. Morgan Chase.

Here's Jamie Dimon cut 24 in my view, America should have been pumping oil and gas and the servant supported. I would put in the critical category and that this should be treated almost as a matter war at this point, not as it is nothing short of that anyone on cut 25. I think again energy completely wrong.

People have this bad assumption that higher oil prices and gas prices reduce consumption, reduce you to know poor nations. India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, are turning back on coal plants as arbitrations called Germany, Netherlands, France. We have it completely backwards you argue with that community.

In this point Jamie Dimon is making sense and look what we doing domestically.

Here we have California basically mimicking the net zero policies of Western Europe that have put Western Europe in an entirely dependent position vis-�-vis Russia and their staring at a long hard winter because they base they have cut off all their own internal supplies of energy production now rely on an enemy to provide them energy for California and Gavin Newsom are trying to do the exact same policy here at home and other state governors including County Hogle in New York where following Newsom's lead. It's a it's a recipe for decline is no doubt about it.

I noticed in the new Biden national security strategy that they put out another mention Shimek nine times they mention the climate 63 times and climate change 20 so in the perspective of the Biden administration despite saying that we have to confront China. We have to constrain Russia. They continue to believe the most pressing and urgent threat to the United States, climate change, and if you believe that you are going to implement policies that cripple America's economy and our position in the world. And if anyone understands what we've been learning to understand what it's gonna take to have massive batteries in every driveway in every garage within a be stripping the earth of all its natural resources cobalt lithium. Most of these rare-earth qualities are in China were controlled by China will create solar panels made by Uighurs who are slaves enslaved force to be reeducated so they are the most shortsighted thing I've ever seen in my life is this whole massive push to electric and not even bring up nuclear natural gas it shows it's a religion. It's not a policy and now maybe Matt look at the bright side, everyone will realize when your lifestyle is hindered not just the rich and not just poor not just Republicans and not just Democrats all at the groups when your lifestyle is hindered by a theory about what might be happening on earth. That's when people step up and sober up. My hope and there's gotta be a major election message sent in a couple weeks.

Final thought going to happen and I think you know I'm in a be the last soldier in Maryland when it comes to my gasket were unlucky to give it up. They don't have the infrastructure for EB. They don't know how to reach these targets and there's going to be all black-market people like me who just want to keep their gasoline powered cars. I know you drive past a bunch of people with electric cars on the side of the land and their batteries ran out they run out in the charging stations are broken.

Imagine that you find the charging station on your app and turn that you get there doesn't work too bad your stock. Good luck getting an Uber that's also an electric that continuity. Thanks so much like you.

By 1-866-408-7669 a Qu�bec take your calls or emails or brain kill double frankly to educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian until made will gain close to Fox and friends we can to share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. So just subscribe and listen to Fox News by just is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me is my shepherd. I'm currently classified notes to micro horses or Pfizer report shows the FBI knew Mr. Darcy was tainted with fresh different gifts information from Ben Schenkel probably as early as October 2016.

Sermon by January 2017, and yet they continue to use that mood hadn't been more prone put this country through four years of political turmoil noted in the FBI and some the highest level some reactors and there are just corrupt disease be fully disclosed, fully exposed and we need full accountability.

That said, as Sen. Johnson once he backed a majority to finish up on these investigations. I know you have a lot to do and I know we have a lot of great stories but keep an eye and was tapping the door and forget about the conviction or not.

These guys are so guilty and did Schenkel could is there so much theater unpacked equal to Schenkel told the FBI during an interview over three days in January 2017 that in July 2016 he received a phone call from an anonymous Russian mail and some of that information made into the infamous in their widely debunked steel dossier. He does not know the guy called, but he put all the information given to Christmas deal who put in the dossier they want Hillary Clinton that she was paying for dorm scene incredulous when asked if Brian Norton when he asked Brian often. If you made any sense that Sergei made merely on a Trump support would called to Schenkel. That's been the accusation did Schenkel someone he didn't know, out of the blue and talk of a well-developed conspiracy between Trump and Karen the Kremlin. Brian often said he thought that the thing was peculiar Brian Norton for the FBI dorm then reminded Auden of his testimony from Tuesday that the FBI offered Christmas deal up to $1 million if he could cooperate information in the Christopher steel dossier, but he was unable to do it so we didn't get the million dollars correct.

They both agree that's correct. A phone call he said came from a Russian came from a Russian make it make it. He thought would be million on and you believe them. We weren't sure.

So the Schenkel is telling the FBI this story that a mysterious person call the movie didn't know and told him the story they're going with Millie on seems to be that person dorm then seemed to pounce on no one but you took the information from the dossier which now it's clear that nobody thought was true in faith and butt and butt and put into a phis application recorder page. He said well I didn't do it and dorm said well you and your colleague took the information of the felon to Schenkel on the phone and put into the current page phis application just to reaffirm when you have an application there's no judge this just a judge know of no counter attorney and then the phis application. It has to be all correct and then the judge decides if you could tap my phones and follow me all around and put a monitor on my car. When you make things up in a phis application. The whole process falls apart when you're bonded and FBI agent you're supposed to be honest, they are lying on the application getting information for mysterious voice putting it into a dossier that they can verify using that dossier putting for the judge.

The judge assumes its verified that it wasn't and they used it for the next 2 1/2 years and the mother report and beyond to go ahead and lead to CNN and MSNBC make it almost impossible to run the country's present Trump you should be disturbed by this because he can do it to your guy. Marty was sent WDB L Marty and Brian on the will, and immigration policy change is a bit more symbolic because what's to stop a Venezuelan proclaiming that hunger in a negative report, we do not have the ability availability to vet these people because were overwhelmed true at one point you gotta be processed at one point you have to have ID and viewing ID go to different area is possible to beat the system. When these people come across Nottingham from Venezuela and from Honduras and from Guatemala.

They're not lying about that but now the change of policy. Perhaps they will however they do have different criteria that would allow them to stay in the enter certain way. If they find that out in the whole system is blown up because I don't know if we have the wherewithal the investigators to find if it's true.

One of his do you have a sponsor family.

I don't care if you have a sponsor family are not close out the do with it is the fastest-growing radio talk show.

Brian kill me. I will delay his moments of the brain human child from 40th to 6 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world yesterday were not heard in WABC.

I totally understand.

It was a tribute to Bernie who passed away the age of 64 due to cancer. Bernie and Sue to be one of the finest morning shows in the country for years.

Number one, and is his death is so sad but was big tribute. How funny and interesting and how smart he was. What a great family many years so understand that. Glad to be back with you though as we here in New York so much going on is one of these weeks where there's like 12 top stories all entreating all moving and you have the election looming to I should say Scott man's gotta be joining us, giving us the latest on the war vet as well as well as the first meeting with the Taliban and US officials since we embarrassed ourselves and left the country over to the terrorist regime marked decent standing by. Let's get to the big three now the stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three is reporting that US officials called Saudi Arabia to delay this decision.

I am on after the midterm election. I certainly can't confirm that report really midprice. Can you confirm anything. So Pisani OPEC plus plus flatback on the Biden made calamity because our oil and gas while alienating the kingdom and labeling them a pariah state. He wondered why he got had this blowup in his face. What would that will mean for gas prices and his election hopes to murder is murder and rarely one of truth and and it simply was that I actually support Lincoln Mercury murder for 1st� clear emphasis is all off John Fetterman still learning economic headwinds strengthen and the Dem sales pitch. We can send the latest in Pennsylvania as John Federman's health has his weed disappearing can Oz take hold and take this election days before the big debate on the photographer who took the infamous photos said in an interview that things are what they seem that he and his colleagues never saw agents whipping anybody but Sue and 1/2 hours after receiving that email my orchestra failed to dispute or stop the falls whipping narrative that is delusion broken border threatens to break the Democratic Party how do I know they actually did something that stems from this that could stem the Tidal Wave and their addressing the border you have Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Hogle doing that Marti's and George's now Mark, can you believe I believe that you go back to DeSantis and Abbott sending a legal to sanctuary cities and then letting them understand how bad things are the border that is made everybody but the present United States acknowledge that this is going to cost you with the midterms no doubt will delusion like reporting from the border in the fantastical manager is just a remarkable young reporter analyzing star and you know the fact that having the fact that Mallorca new that no one had with anybody and came out that the things he said that that copper Rebecca when when Republicans take over the house.

That man needs to be impeached for a while among the first steps and you know that you got your Kemal Harris this week saying that they're keeping Abbott of dereliction of duty by sending me that the that these migrants up north. I mean, I'm sorry you are. The borders are documented dereliction of duty.

We had one million-dollar waves in the last two years. People could be terrors could be violent criminals could be drug smugglers pouring over our border into the country and she accuses him of dereliction of duty because he spent a few thousand up north so that other other states were the elite live could feel a little bit of the pain in his state of feeling really easy for people in Washington DC to sit back and ignore what's happening in the in the border communities in flyover country because they don't really care much about while Democratic Party is the party of coastal elites today but you know what this is how they got Donald Trump. They don't seem to understand that this that they were ignoring the center of the country, ignoring people who you know and their concerns and treating them like there like that like they don't matter is exactly what produce Donald Thompson there to do the same thing over again by and by dismissing their concerns the protecting that they don't matter. Couple things we do talk about, houses. Seth Meyers where she said it's a dereliction of duty she so self un-self-aware. She needs a mirror. It's full of fundamental your fault. Anybody even a late night funny talk funny, humorless talkshow host would come out and say it was taken but are you the borders are. Is that something you should be handling and if you just have what you said the root causes. What is the root causes the person leaving a camera from Siri Lanka. So are we supposed to go to call Siri Lanka. Now the word is the borders open. Come one come all in the other story referring to is a heritage foundation, FOIA request and revealed that my orchestra was told by the photographer at the border that when they saw the video that it seems as though the horse soldiers might've been whipping the patient. They weren't Marcia Espinoza, the assistant secretary of DHS public affairs emailed the secretary and saying the photographer there says it was no whipping going on. The photographer said that there's a story on KTS M that says things are and as they appear. The photo photographer Paul Racha said he and his colleagues never saw reasons would be anyone quote I've never seen them with anyone. He was swinging up, but he could be misconstrued. When you looking at the picture. 2 1/2 hours later Joe Biden, and may orchestra said this caught one to see people treat it like it did horses running over people being strapped. It's outrageous. I promise you. Those people will pay cut to lead our entire nation's horrifying images that do not reflect who we are. We know that those images painfully conjured up the worst elements of our nation's ongoing battle against systemic racism either. Now he knows this email exists is communication director told him and he still ranting calling us systemic racists to compare those more regard who are desperately trying to keep control of the border. When Joe Biden and Mallorca Kemal Harris have put a big welcome sign on it and said come one come all and they're desperately trying to protect our country to compare them to bull Connor and the end and the people who were doable were beating African-American protesters during the civil rights movement is such an affront to those people that that 888 Julio disqualifying for him for public office.

That man does not deserve to have any position of responsibility of the federal government listen to Tom Homan found out about those agents in his family discussing stuff back about the agency he thought about the men on horseback and I know for fact that it took a lot of heat from from from their neighborhoods and out their third wives and children were or bully made the project I states the secretary. The vice president members of Congress basically called braces so that the ramifications were believable. Two years later, the investigation just widows just kind of willows away and now these guys are still waiting come back on and they go so as to have their jobs back, and I hope they win. Where do I go to get my reputation back. You know that where were these guys go to get the repetition. Currently, federal court, where their Knesset and the other thing that it just shows again. You know, the disconnect between the coastal elites who run the Democratic Party and are running our government today and the rest the country that they see those images to very very different lenses.

If you are a rancher on the border and you have you know that we we saw those videos that they cannot "get up, the guy who's wearing where armed illegal migrants are trying to break into his house and in the breaking of the health of 91-year-old grandfather and their and their doing drugs in the inmate cartels are transporting drugs over your territory over your ranch, leaving needles in the end and things on the ground lit dead body being left left behind and you see the image of border patrol on horseback, trying to stop those people you look at that and think thank God the cavalry fear is people in Washington look at it and say oh my God, it's the O'Connor and the enemy and the Arizona State believe that a 1950 they don't understand how those images are seen differently in in flyover country.

They don't understand because they don't care about those people problems when they lose small so if we talk in my recent year mark on a pre-build up on what you comments about that's crime we watch state police held in the Congressman from Suffolk County, Long Island, was attacked on the stump by some drunken guy with a weapon and then we watched, we find out while he's marching in a Columbus Day Parade in the Bronx. There was a shooting outside his house. Bullets were everywhere. Turns out these guys are in in a gang of blood related shooting but we just watch Poughkeepsie dad get killed while making coffee at a Marriott when these two homeless guys were shooting at each other so you know his daughters rapidly imperil the 16-year-old twins and if you see the latest polls as he continues to show up at every crime site showing that things would change under him please Eldon is making progress sees for the first time is winning Long Island. According to Newsday Siena which leans left both the newspaper and the college 48, 46 word is he the word is he's got about 33 to 34% approval in New York City this Eva shot on the red wave might be crime wave might on the red wave a little bit and reach even New York. What I meant that I stay at my went to college and begin he and I stated that Marriott with my daughter.

I'm a copy of that you know this is the thing that's happening in with this crime way to leave the Eldon live in a leafy suburb of Long Island where you know if it is a middle-class suburb, home values, about $450,000 average incomes about $30,000 below the poverty rate.

The synthesis like the average American middle-class neighborhood, and there is a drive-by shooting gang shooting and he's got two teenage kids bleeding out on his lawn hiding under his porch to get away from a drive-by shooting. That's what's happening in America. This is not you know it used to be that the crime wave was contained to certain neighborhoods of border it within get out of bed guy and the another four-port Apache of the Bronx and all the rest of that and it's not me more it everywhere.

You can walk onto a subway in New York without fear that 75% of New Yorkers personally fear being victims of crime of criminal violence today. And that's true across the entire country. It's true not just in in the and big cities it's true in summer trip majorities and suburb majorities and in rural areas. The crime wave is hurting everywhere and bit the violence is spreading everywhere and people work and again, but Democrats don't see it.

They see this as the creation of Fox news. This is a conspiracy theory that thought come up with to energize conservative voters for and that's thinking said about the border though the sibling is the same pattern. They just dismiss the concerns of the wheel ordinary American every single day. The things that are going through and that's why they're there. There approval rating is so well so we know Dr. Oz is closing on Fetterman and we know that Ron Johnson is the biggest ladies ever had in any election in Wisconsin when he always pulls poorly and it's always controversial he comes whipping back and I was being wildly outspent.

Why does Manila Barnes is pleading for Barack Obama to join them on the stump because he has all these statements about defunding icing now at defunding the police and going of the law enforcement is now sexy. You write and then you have the Barnes is sitting there trying to tell everyone he's not for defining the police but no one buys it, because it can ocean Waukesha. They they've had it. They've had it with the criminal first attitude, but I also would bring you to something else in New York City. Overall, the subway is up 42%. The police Commissioner New York City Rd. the subway one stop and told WABC that she's really concerned about this so I'm not sure that this can make people feel better overall. The Fetterman stories got me fascinated before let you go. And that is he's got issues, cognitive issues, to the point where he can understand what you say pretty convinced it would ease what is written.

So now when you talk visit transcription close caption that's going to translate what you say it's not clear that some staffers not giving them the answers either. But because a reporter came out and reported things that in small talk he was actually less coherent than he was in a very halting interview.

Her name is Dasha Burns. Here's what she said to take a 22 a monitor set up so that he could read my questions because he still has lingering auditory processing issues. As a result of the stroke just in some of the small talk prior to the interview before the close captioning was up and running. It didn't seem that he had a hard time understanding our our conversations. If you say she must be bad at small talk and how dear you make fun of handicapped people and then she goes on the today show and get rid by Savannah Guthrie cut 23 either journalists will also tell with Fetterman came forward and said they had a different experience. Martin was the first in the room with Fetterman for an interview rather than the remote video conference out to find that small talk before that captioning was difficult because of those auditory processing issues I mentioned. So how do you play this new ones to mark anyone with a stroke, but he clearly can't do the job thing. So the fact that he has the ability that requires them the close captioning devices qualified immunity if he would get any needed a quote captioning device. No one would question it right what's what's disqualifying is the fact that he hiding medical records because that that same reporter NBC reporter � earned suddenly, and the story that she did. She asked Fetterman straight for straight up. Please release your red medical records to Atlanta interview one of your doctors to so they can tell us about your your medical condition and and he refused and you know, the fact is people ate the voters in Pennsylvania are being asked to elect somebody who had a stroke it out.

There are senators there offenders who have been more cognitively impaired and Fetterman inserted that mean I was there for seven years, you nap, but they have a right to know whether it just auditory processing, or whether there cognitive issues that are deeper than that. And the only way you can do that is by talking to his doctors by getting getting at by get by having medical records and you know whatever template.the weather is mentally fit for the job creation seems to have the debate present debates can be frustrating with all the translation and the delays.

Thanks so much Marti's will read, watch, and post your everywhere back in a moment, this is Brian kill me show information you want truths you demand. This is Brian kill me show.

Hey, welcome back out a few minutes it was go to mark in Pennsylvania hey Mark MRK. Brian, I would tell you my was going on Pennsylvania talk about Fetterman mental acuity typically I had an opportunity.

I'm part of the union in Pennsylvania that he, the big four as I say, Shapiro, Fetterman met Randall came in to speak to and then I want to preface it would just you know I understand numbers in my family had a stroke but they weren't running for Senate of the United States. So during the during the well the candidate came in, he actually came last, and he didn't come in here. The other three candidates came in and met withthe face.

He did the other zoom meeting and he was asked pointed questions regarding our union and I mean you hate to say it but he was all over the place really needs applause to understand what she was saying as he got transcribed. He had a computer in front of them obviously because of the meeting, but I think I watched the Dasha Burns interview and I thought how we pause there to read well. Thanks for your close personal opinion from his mouth to your ears. Brian kill me. His army around has never been lower.

Staggering defeats in Ukraine truths are retreating and surrendering to God's wrath. Conscripts are so desperate even breaking the arms and legs is said to show you believe that the Russians so top in modern there running for the hills.

Rather than fighting their action to stop Nazi-ism in Ukraine, which is laughable and there realizing that they've drafted 300,000. They've lost hundreds of thousand through their border people rather go to Mongolia than stay there and that I'm not kidding. Lieut. Col. Scott may enjoy just now. He conducted a coordinated task force, pineapple, author of the new book bestseller operation pineapple express the incredible story of a group of American Georgia took one last mission and honored a promising Afghanistan Col. first off you are. Take a week seeing this week, the blowup of the bridge over the weekend that linked Russia to Crimea, a place they stole and then the barrage of rockets yeah, go talk to Jim Brian you know what's happening in Ukraine and and and all in that area. The resistance that underway is really needed is a textbook resistance that you're seeing here, I mean I think it it is the culmination of likely US special operations, and other folks working with Ukrainians for years, but you cannot say enough about the weight of the Ukrainians have mounted their resistance against the Russians and it really is death by a thousand cuts and and when this kind of approach is used on a nationstate like Russia military is is frankly falling apart. You're going to see more and more guerrilla warfare employed at particularly if they bring in conscripts because that is you know that that lets the guerrilla warriors salivate right there that's what you that what you hope for their inexperience.

They don't want to be there and they usually put there as cannon fodder because you will valuable people are done I just as I said this breakdown by military people they said this, they were hoping the Russians it was 1940 and they were hoping that the Ukrainians would just line up straight across and then go tank to tank and the Ukrainians have a different way they surround the area and they basically closing like an anaconda and find a way to infiltrate into some reconnaissance before they actually attack and when they do not notice that the Russians are so laid-back they haven't made teaches there may protection they haven't fortified anything making these land grab grab back easier to talk about absolutely on a symmetric tactic. I think one of the thing, I would point out Brian at the note from an unconventional warfare perspective, which is how III look at things being the unity of effort and the whole nation approach that Ukraine is taking to their resistance in the Lord. They have they have established at the highest level of Zielinski all the way down that every single person in that country is responsible for resisting, and it showed like it shows in their public nation approach their unity of effort and their ability to just move with complete agility to do the things that you just described and I think it is important� Resistance operating concept is is is is a NATO thing it's a it's a Western thing that that US special forces and others are put in play and it's not just there, you're going to see that if they can't make moves and other places of Eastern Europe, Tennessee. Similar applications and it is very effective today.

What they do not adjust to the battlefield just to make in their senior officers make all the decision owns on the power and the one thing I crane has because you guys train the more likely is to give their junior officers the ability to fight the way they need to fight and not have to go check back with the general Lieut. Col. who might be somewhere else. There's a saying in the military that your your older Marine will follow you to hell and back.

If they know the answer to one simple question why and you know, our military, and a few others were all a rare error in the fact that we actually tell people why they're doing something that's what you see these amazing Lance Cpl. Marines in Helmand province take actions that are a level above their pay grade. When everything falls apart because they know why they're there and they are entrusted and empowered with the autonomy to lead and get it done. They know the intent and the Russian army has not, and it when you're dealing with the resistance, like you're in Ukraine you get your lunch right so I understand they shut down for Russian helicopters in 18 minutes from 840 yesterday to 858 so they use are probably the CK 50 to do that. They also say the Russians are afraid to fly their fighter jets over Ukraine because they're so lethal with their air defense which of course they were undermanned.

They knock down some rockets not nearly enough sewer rushing hours to the border to the border of I guess Poland as as is Germany.

Here's John Kirby you're talking about these in a Sandy's national and advanced a surface-to-air missile systems which were jointly developed by Norway in United States that there are eight on order to get to Ukraine, the Pentagon believes that they can get the first two in Ukraine in coming weeks. I don't have a deadline for you. Obviously everybody's focused on trying to see if we can accelerate that timeline to get on their little bit faster so I mean the sedimentary days and once they do that, then the main offense. The Russia has outside tactical news which which people like you say, they're knocking to be effective in this in this war. In this battle. In particular, if you could knocked on their rockets and their afraid to fly, and they can fight this is going to be a slow portable bloodletting yet and that really look forward you look for a way to just stagnate the opposition right to just ignore their supply lines are severed their morale decimated their right to fly their afraid to put themselves out there in a way that there assuming risk in using audacity and then you enjoy the upper right of the gorilla you enjoy the upper hand as a resistance fighter. You can then fight at the time and place of your choosing and that is when you really start to erode the morale it will people back home in Russia you're already seeing it when you know when you're relegated conscripts and people are breaking your own arms you know and don't forget the psychological warfare that is happening here as well. I have to say to Ukraine and and the other two are assisting them are brilliant with their messaging and their information operations under psychological warfare.

They are really taking it to a new level right so were talking with Scott Mann's best-selling book is a must-read operation pineapple express.this week the Taliban sat down with US officials what you would be giving them what you would be telling them you know how about let start with Al Qaeda you know they are operating and reemerging in that country. Brian on a level that is unprecedented and you know I service with you. I've been the last couple of days I've been also hearing reports from sources. You have a lot of confidence in both on the Afghan side of the left side that Isis has actually moved their headquarters from Syria into Afghanistan as well and no one is talking about this and and and and opposition from multiple sources.

Unsolicited and this place is becoming a playground for a note in the ultimate unfettered faith taken anything for Ouija. We are literally ignoring this as a nation and and I think this is why the veterans are so up in arms. This is why the veterans are so upset and were so upset about Afghanistan because the difference between Vietnam and Afghanistan is that Vietnam will follow us home. Afghanistan will end Isis and Al Qaeda are operating or a lot of it on. The way this ends is is is potentially very yet for some and they did not stay there. They can exploit their terror and they can imitate us. We understand that Isis K wants to fight the Taliban so they might they might provide intelligence on that front, but they need aid in the thing that still agonizing is there good people starving.

There are babies they can doesn't have don't have any formula but we want to make sure the egg gets to them. Yet we have no presence on the ground as UAE.

Do we use caught or do we you do we just walk away, what would you do Scott.

We need to put something out of it started on the ground line that we made getting to work together because all of the reports I've gotten to include from a former Army NCO named legend and just recently with in country and has been observing the nonapplication of a you know what what we're hearing is that it is not getting to where it needs to be at all and so it know it's weird.

There are definitely people starving to death that we have commandos and Afghan special forces. I don't know how to make it through another winter and I don't know how these veteran groups are going to sustain another year ending we have veterans that are cast in the 401(k) circuit savings accounts trying to keep their partners alive.

It is reached a point that it is it is untenable and if we don't get some kind of assurance on the ground that this revenue is doing what needs to go. I just think it's completely irresponsible and if we need to work with the international community. Let's do it, but we need some kind of assurance that the monies don't work. Lastly, I want you here with eyes, had a sparring since we John Kirby I could not be more adamant that we cannot lose 20,000 more men and women in uniform because of a vaccine doesn't even work on the variance and not giving these people right even to have the religious exemption honored so here is what you hear this to invest in our people and train them and then dismiss them for experimental vaccine is folly when you can't recruit every one of your branches can't recruit their threshold in your kicking out good men and women. How do you explain that lady did make their recruiting goals for enlisted personnel this year.

Yes, it's a tough recruiting environment.

We recognize that it is also a requirement to be healthy to be able to serve in this is a valid military requirements and you really think so seen and even even if it doesn't prevent you from getting cold until I got myself or just let it makes the symptoms a lot less severe. Get back on duty so health the healthiest people in our country already sacrificing your it's worth kicking them out. Ryan Ryan we would rather not lose anybody. Of course, so your thoughts on that.

What I will tell you is our military is in trouble from her recruiting and retention level. I've been talking a lot blind to the men and women at that. The NCO level at the junior officer level and their morale and their disposition right now. For this reason, and other no social experimentation, reason that it it it is eclipsing readiness.

It is eclipsing our ability to fight the nation wars and you know we have people walking in close, leaving I heard from one SF captain who told me that as many as 50 of his peers and fellow captains are leaving the ship and these are these are special operators as well that are leaving and then on the recruiting side. Same thing. I think it starts with Afghanistan Brian. I think people young people they look and they see what happened there but look at the way we walk away from our partners and left them on their own and nothing particular has been out and and I can also tell you that talking to my peers, veterans.

There are a lot of legacy war fighters you have the sons and daughters who are fighting right now in the military and barely thinking because this is not what they signed on for. This is not the military base. All in the 20 year war that their parents certain and walking away and and and I think the numbers show it and and and how are policymakers and leaders are sitting there scratching your head no and I don't get it is not just tone deaf. If you're responsible.

And lastly, when they say, what would you guys go when you know you get no vaccinations get a million shot just process questions.

I believe this is different.

They made on the fly.

We now know a lot more you trust these people with guns and tanks and planes which you don't trust to make their own personal decision how you feel about this. I think that no what you like that war fighters do have due out they do have a choice and that they need to be able to make a decision.

This week we trusted war fighters to put them on the battlefield and display autonomy and agency in the most trust depleted terrible places imaginable. The fact that we would not give them you know the option to make their choice in this situation if it is the godly I can understand it and now it seems like it's just digging in of the heels to to advance a policy decision authority been made much like Afghanistan where there is just doubling down and it's just making it worse in terms of recruiting and I think even public trust in the military while I was gone pick up Scott's book and even houses on the paperback version understand what you've done since is a lot still going on operation pineapple express thanks Col. you got 186640876. A Sino get to because just a moment we come back to some developments in the dorm case, I think you and want to know about coming to you need to know basis because you need to kill me talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show you what they've done to the FBI look with the Department of Justice and the fact that they are conducting raids on pro-life Catholic demonstrators to want to make a point the parent setting the doors of the school board meetings and complain when you talk about politicizing things.

This is exactly the kind of corruption that needs to be investigated that needs to be rooted out.

And finally I just say this is not forget who told FBI whistleblowers not to come forward.

It was Merrick Garland, who sent a memo out to all DOJ employees and said don't talk to Congress don't blow the whistle.

You gotta go through me. That's not the law sought to Utah about double standards.

Laura is double standards all around and that's why Republicans are gotta make an anticorruption agenda priority number one. Yeah, I think it's good point from Sen. John Charlie was breaking down what we've known so far from the dish ankle trial so he's the Russian who was the source for much of what was in the steel dossier in the dossier which Christopher still does not stand behind it was offered million dollars to verify by the CIA couldn't do it and that's what's come out over the last two days so the dossier that the buzz feed put out that CNN basically verified that allowed Carter pays to be tracked and trailed that there were going to do on Papadopoulos that they would try to do in the president an all-out offensive to stop from the candidate and the president. If that doesn't worry Democrats and Independents. I just think you so blindly and through trump hatred. You understand that that gun could be pointed at you next or intelligence officers. I cannot wait. If the setting house flips or one of the bodies flips it looks like the house for sure. The Senate maybe you will get these whistleblowers front and center they have to say, I was forced to go read prison trumps house and I didn't. Evidently that happened with two guys that are not generated. It's not right. I want to politicize this organization anymore than it has in the one to come forward when they talked about the agenda of Strauch and everybody else.

The DOJ Inspector General Michael Horwitz, a non-politician. No political affiliation found that the dossier was use the justify the initial Pfizer Warren and his three subsequent renewals. Republicans on the house until committee first said that the dossier served as a basis for those warrants.

It was proven and now we find out that this guy dish ankle lied about sources lied to his role. But here's the mystery.

He was also on the FBI payroll.

If you're lying to the FBI. How do you get to the point we again paid by the FBI on Johnson 35 is my shepherd uncovered the classified footnotes to micro-horses or buyers report that showed the FBI knew the steel dossier was tainted with Russian different distance information from Dan Schenkel probably as early as October 2016. Sermon by January 2017, and yet they continue to use that moved ahead with the more prone put this country through four years of particle turmoil noted in the FBI and some the highest level some reactors and there are just corrupt disease be fully disclosed, fully exposed and we need full accountability would be great is not going to happen and I. Johnson gets back in there is up by about four looks like, and I think he down to pull him for the most part in Wisconsin that the governor's race that he was in front of James Carville, said yesterday.

In situations like this when you have that eight races there too close to call.

Usually go 82944. So if anyways, minimus Republicans for Brian kill find a high catchment staging Brantford Mississippi Tulsa Oklahoma Newark New Jersey I New York City, always seeking solutions versus selling is Brian kill me if I won what delays most of the brain to Michelle Bottomley. I will talk a little soccer Lexi Lalas will be joining us talk about the World Cup. You have does the two team 64 matches to play for a month on Fox and the US team the best team will found that he ever had. We've never gotten close to 1930 final four a movie out of it. That's as close we got to see what happens four years ago he make today moved to the they moved into for the first time ever, the fall/winter and will see how it goes.

Will talk will break that down with the best animals in the league was formally a great World Cup player so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three is reporting that US officials called Saudi Arabia to delay this decision. I am on after the midterm election. I certainly can't confirm that report Ned price is they can be a policy change when it comes to our 80 year ally Saudi OPEC plus Sergio Peck plus clap back in the Biden calamity. He cuts our oil and gas while alienating the kingdom and labeling them a pariah state now will suffer all of the will all suffer because that your strategic partner, not our best friend, but the others go to Russia and China that they don't care nice move to murder is murder primarily one of truth and and it simply was that I actually support life and work in murder for 1st� clear economic headwinds strengthen the Dem sales pitch.

We can send the latest in Pennsylvania as John sediments health and you just heard has his lead, disappearing, as well as his policy cannot go the rest of the way and lock it up in the debate will see why the photographer took the infamous photos said in an interview that things are what they seem that he and his colleagues never saw agents whipping anybody but soon 1/2 hours after receiving that email my orchestra failed to dispute or stop the falls, whipping their job. Broken border threatens to break the Democratic Party how I know the actually did something to stem some of the tidal wave and that's in Venezuela stopping some of them in Mexico and then deciding who's going to get in because better hundred 50,000 of come here over the last two years. Now they see it as a problem. Unbelievable and will discuss that will discuss some of that so in the in the in the lead up to was going on with everything at the border in a phone apart. You could not get this ministration to comment on anything at the border. They just didn't want to hear it until thousands turned up under a bridge. The optics were too crazy even of the network showed up but you should know 4 million people roughly of come here that we know of 800,000 got a ways that we missed and now the the bussing to the major cities got everyone saying this is a major issue come the midterms, but thanks the heritage foundation, freedom of information act. We now have additional information that will truly outrage year we all remember the horse soldiers border patrol agents. I would try to control Haitian immigrants were pouring into our country, suddenly realizing we had to leave this our chance to get in let's go. They were accused of whipping them and that everyone talked about their race is strongly whipping them because they're black.

It turns out they didn't whip any of them, which makes it worse is they knew it L handle my orchids Biden and everybody else knew it had a we know will thanks to the freedom of information request that was honored the photographer behind those images depicting border patrol agents on horseback told KTS in the station there that things are not what they seem to be one on those photos, the photographer said he and his colleagues never saw agents whipping anyone quote I've ever seen anybody with anyone. He was just swinging it, but it can be misconstrued when you looking at this picture is communication agent told the Arcus got this information told my orchids and he still went out and made a inflammatory speech.

Listen to my orchids in September 2021. Cut to leave our entire nation saw horrifying images that do not reflect who we are.

Next we cut one Joe Biden to see people treat it like it did horses run them over people being strapped its outrageous unsound radio and it's not true, and in less he totally detached from his own administration which be skid that might be the case. Orchids didn't tell him his communications director didn't inform but at the very least, when you get back to the press conference.

You come back and say listen. It does no eyewitnesses. If you look at the video with the photographer the tire of those heiresses. Nothing was there but didn't stop them from running with his narrative and calling for a full investigation and the vice president doing interviews talk about racism again.

They love talking about race. We don't. Everyone was to live their lives in one country unless I keep dividing it so the chances of this email coming over directly to my orchids and not listening to it, not reading it. Here's Ken Cuccinelli who was the deputy DHS Sec. cut for let me anticipate the excuse is going to say why didn't see that email, I guarantee you if the secretary is headed to White House press conference and gets an email from their communications team two and half hours before that email gets read by the secretary, not by somebody not by his his secretary, but by secretary, may Arcus himself. I did more media for president trumps administration in my orchestra is that all let them out very often. I can tell you how this process works and I anticipate that life is coming, but I would be shocked, shocked if he had not read that before he went up and said everything you just show the American people get its outrageous so we comes to the border itself and is willing to overwhelming everyone by another country sucks their leaders awful bus driver, the inherited communist country ruined by Hugo Chavez a kick out all private industry. I know it got it, understand it, there were Iranians of their Cubans and their Russians are there. The Chinese are there. We're not so were trying to reestablish relations with Venezuela. So guess where they were doing. Knowing that there will overwhelming the border now being boss to these major cities they have ordered. Remove they this is our new policy. We have a supporter have a supporting that you need to have if you want to stay here have us border in the United States will provide financial and other support this rigorous biometric and biographic national security and public safety screening.

Are we ready for that complete facts and other public public health requirements.

Are we ready for that have ordered removed from the United States. The previous five years.

You ineligible. Having crossed without authorization you're ineligible. Having irregularly entered the Mexico or Panama after the date of announcement or permitted residence you're ineligible have not completed VAX your ineligible in the meantime they we worked out a deal with Mexico. They stay there until we decide why did you take this long to reestablish to a degree, a program that he vilified that was working that he sued to get rid of its phone apart. It's a top issue now for all of you. We wish you credit DeSantis and Abbott for that. Now you have Democratic zealots who have Democratic leaders who are coming out demanding some security the border and critical of the federal government. That's how bad the numbers are getting for Kathy Hogle, one of the worst governors ever cutting really are looking for a federal response to this to take ownership of a crisis and will be there to help fight this policy. The federal government is that human beings shipped all over. They need to have a place in their heads while they're going through the asylum process they're staying in 400 hour night hotel that's dignified isn't overwhelmed by Penn Station in New York City or they're staying in shelters, that's dignified in a major New York City.

They have nothing to do there. They have no job for the most part no money don't speak the language, overwhelming our schools but that's what happens.

Think about El Paso tens of thousand, 7000 a week throughout Texas and New York there overwhelmed that 19,000 19,000 9730 came to New York City. I think we got about 300 during Fox and friends this morning just about 10,000, and most of it from the Democratic run city of El Paso, Texas.

Good luck with that.

Now it's a major issue, thankfully, but to Betty about election we don't solve it during the election season it and let it go then dominates cut nine. If only we have someone, perhaps an old foreign policy hundred been a major figure on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for decades in the White House at this moment, the way we do, and he's making a mess of virtually everything by making the wrong decisions or volume of cases of the immigration issue failing to make the kind of decision. The hard decision that you need to make decisions like the remainder Mexico policy which many people may not like actually have the results that American voters like he's put his party in a very difficult position having them navigate this based on a lot of past assumptions that Joe Biden is made about the way of the world works the way foreign policy works the way that border security works and he does not seem like someone who's willing to take the kind of advice that he ought to be taking at this moment for members of his own party included that would put them in a much better position.

I think so yelled at solving it. If you are Hispanic, they said if you reasonably spent community like you know what percentage of the Hispanic community likes to open border. 38% year. The rest don't a lot of them came here the right way and know the problem and know how they worked their way up and take great pride that they learn the skill they begin to excel. The next generation does better better and better. That's way our country works.

People want to be here in that the worst of times. Border officers in Texas find this liquid methane condoms headed in pumpkins to believe this. They found that more than 402,000 worth of liquid meth held in condoms who were hidden inside these pumpkins during a vehicle inspection.

The seizure was discovered Tuesday at Eagle Pass. So another disaster, let alone all the fentanyl they seem to find will take a short timeout and come back and take some your calls, 1-866-408-7669 so glad you're here Bottomley I would talk a little soccer don't move the fastest growing talk show in America you're with Brian kill radio show like no other. Brian kill me. It is smoking gun evidence clearly shows that they're willing to lie American for their self-interest things withheld any time to withhold facts from the American people you should be willing to step down from your job better men would step down now that would be great, but it doesn't at the are that's lying about what they knew about the so-called soldiers who, whipping Haitians WABC as we have little Louisa Liza over in Yonkers which undermine believe know that when he continued having a yard and carries me. I think I think that how you feel about it. Let me enter anything more that we don't take care of, and we think everybody on the criminal and we don't take care. Imagine how many people have a hard if I just sent you okay give me give you hundred bucks today and tomorrow. The lease is for those people you're even only just got off the bus I get any money. Imagine we want everybody people to make 25,200 25,000. We asked for money every single day that's what they're doing with our money.

They're running a deficit cutting out programs giving it to people. The don't have a reason don't belong here, have broken our system broken the law to get here and now we have roughly 19,700 here illegally will putting them up in hotels and your answer about Selden. I think you will try to get rid of it but it depends how big his coattails are if he wins and begets and Republicans in there and if it is overwhelming.

Erica sent WDB away. Eric O'Brien great topics today. I just came back in the Fort Myers and Sarasota area for a week and I'll tell you one thing is the truth and nothing but the truth is, we were just all green and electric vehicle and battery-powered today. None of the phenomenal rescue work will be going on right now is no time to stop rescuing that lady in a flood that would change the battery for the no electric helicopters caking lady doesn't have electric airboats. None of this will be going on and we all be in big trouble right now change and wouldn't affect his and I hope we sober up soon, Eric, because our winters and our summers are all going to be affected for no reason. China, Russia west to the end and the rest of the world is going to realize this is folly soon.

Pam Fox nation hey Pam how are you like want to let you know that I just learned so much when I listen here so the other day on the Florida because I think that a vote for governor the Republicans down here illegally calling you from New Jersey I'm in Florida now for couple weeks and I want to work in tears shall be other day and I'm on your profile.

On the one that said on the planet. Like what I could tell you we should be paying her counseling, you should probably get but I just love your show. I start watching you on Fox News in the morning and I listen to you on the radio and you always teaching something. I love the way you just broke down for the Lisa about how our money back.

He realized that believe that you broke it down okay for my mind to understand them yesterday. Thank you Pam appreciated. Thanks for watching on a great app Fox nation. Benjamin listening and Amarillo Texas KG NCA Benjamin born good which undermine my Democrats are not afraid of the voters anymore.

The guy in Florida. He said the same thing about the you know, if you don't like it and don't vote for me.

The outcome already and are trying to manipulate it. Like Biden said the biggest hoaxes have been vice in American history day after the election. 20 so Benjamin would be just to fervent to know. Gov. Crist was once Republican and became a Democrat and now who knows what he is said that if you've this report to Santos your hater. I don't want you voting for me. It's insane that they're not there not more knowledge about. I will get kicked out welfare politician accepted Christ as a Republican governor in Florida for a reason nannies up by about eight points for reason so they should be afraid to get a loose and say all is well. Not that that calculates they have 33% approval rate 190 is in a year and I'm not sure, but a Benjamin thanks much for the call Amarillo, Texas. We appreciate the support over in Texas using the eye of the storm so much.

They did a study and they said what city is losing more of young talent, young educated towns.

Anybody else in New York, you know, a second there was 15,000 something like a month no second Californian over there going Texas you know the second place are going is is Florida. There's a reason. My hope is the negative look there to go to change things they go there to be a part of something that is more like-minded than they are. So here's here's what's going on.

We have an election under no where 26 days away just crush our now Fox News contributor with actio's weighed in on who's got the momentum right now in the big picture because in the big picture going after Saudi Arabia going after Republicans want to boast of the border: racist I think are saying that they have no plan is not seeing the big picture cut 33 Democratic Party space is talking about freezing arms sales and talking about ending our alliance with Saudi Arabia and it seems all about politics all about gas prices without looking at some of the bigger issues. Also, that are in play with the relationship and that makes this little very reactive very political from an administration that needs to think about the big picture not just about gas prices but about a national security posture.

Yeah, when you go out and you say every Saudi Arabia, the dealer there taking 2 million barrels of oil off the market there, causing California with the taxes and all the blends being seven dollars a gallon. I'm to blame Saudi Arabia. I go to China they get to go to Russia you don't have any leverage for one thing, the Trump should've taught everybody every politician get leverage leverages crack drill export and then become the swing player in the oil and gas market. We backed out. Give up all our power. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me during the holiday season. Biggest sporting event on the plaintiffs back in the middle of the holidays.

I saw all that is more billed for video and audio, but that is be the Fox people promo B means the World Cup is upon us. Normally we see this in June and July because we didn't realize till we gave Qatar the World Cup that they were actually I get really hot the summer in the desert and the Middle East.

We didn't quite realize that so now what to realize that we should let you change all of soccer and put it all on hold and let's interrupt the MLS season and then will actually it ends. The MLS season and let's have the World Cup then.

Regardless, everyone is really looking forward to it.

Especially Alexi Lalas because he gets to go wear a suit. He is not to sweat and he gets to leave the at the end of the coverage there for Fox Alexi Lalas are you excited about the prospect of the US being in the World Cup in you covering Oracle I am jacked up. I am not weights and look were only a few short weeks away from this tournament happening as you mentioned currently unique tournaments. I and I worked men's and women's.

And what does matter to me. Coed naked does really matters right people kick a ball.

I'm there, but the World Cup I mean that's that's your Super Bowl. That's your game seven.

That's all of it wrapped into into one and going to a specific place like Qatar for the first time and at a time of year like you mentioned, that is completely different than other World Cup's meanness. It's just it's good, exciting, and not the least of which of the excitement is relative to the fact that the US men's national team is back in the World Cup after missing out last and was disaster last because in my estimation, the biggest failure in US soccer history with Grossman not making World Cup last last time and not in Russia but maybe a step back in order to get go a couple steps forward so they come back to the World Cup here and it can Qatar and it's gonna be fun and or bringing it to be the youngest team of all the teams at the World Cup. With that comes positives and negatives. Obviously this youthful exuberance that they have coupled with some inexperience, but also this incredible swagger that they have and they don't know what they don't know and don't make mistakes, but ultimately I think that this team when all is said and done, will make us proud and will do something that not a lot of things nowadays and in life. Do which is unite us remember the whole thing was when a mosque is getting establish was well how many American players will be able to play overseas.

So after the World Cup was a 90 for you and over in Italy.

I remember 32. Landon Donovan went over and played forever 10 over in Britain the soup. You guys were established ready means the fact that there's teenagers American teenagers playing in England and in Germany and elsewhere. I was stunned by us. It's not me.

I had to star in a World Cup in order to get an opportunity to go to Europe and now we have players that some of them don't even play that game professionally yet and yet there have these pathways. Now don't get me wrong, this is wonderful.

This warms the cockles of my old redheaded soccer heart because there are all of these new opportunities. All these different pathways and Europe in particular recognizes that there is gold in them there. US soccer hills and they are coming over and they're bringing plenty of our talent over it's great experience for them playing some of the great leagues in the world she Arena cardio forever got the class father. It's amazing, and accommodating a great pleasure to write absolutely comes from incredible athletic family was to McKinney overnight Italy Christian post like playing for Chelsea over there in England and I laugh like your big guy, but there was would say you know yet if your big enough to play college soccer posted was about 150 pounds right and he said that we player with the church. Tenacity played amazing and and the touch that that that he has and will keep in mind when this team steps on the field and Qatar.

Not a single one of them will have played in the World Cup. They will have grown up watching world with the difference. It's just mean the gravity of it all and once again it's like playing in Olympics or it when you finally get to that moment. It's the fulfillment of a dream for a lot of players and to to be able to sit and look see some of these players are incredibly paid in the play on big club teams and they've had success, but the World Cup is just special.

I know I I I hear you, but for the player. When did you lose the butterflies. When the game store. How far into it so it was interesting what freaked me out.

The first time I walked on the field was. I always associated these big moments with music and a soundtrack in the fact that there was no soundtrack for a couple minutes it really free me that I present you have entry music entry music. The fact that when I'm growing up watching it, there's always this soundtrack kind of play. Okay, no, all sports. And then when you actually get on the field, there's no soundtrack is just everybody screaming and yelling and so the lack of the music for a little bit for a couple minutes just freaked me out and then the whistle blows and you very very quickly realize what you better realize it's a game you been playing all along, albeit in front of a billion people write soon.

Would you say 15 minutes. 10 minutes by having in the back like you played. You know you're going against the best of the country has so the quick players going to be small. As can be quicker muddy and be a legendary striker and Alexi U trip or you just get beat you know this can live forever. Does that work in your mind. I love that I love, love. I love you love the challenge being on the precipice of something good or bad. I means the same. Working in television. I love when that red light turns on, because the potential for something bad exist on the ball. I want the I want the butterflies. I don't think I'm prepared either when I was a player or when I'm going on television. I don't think that I'm prepared and ready if I don't feel that in the pit of my stomach and some some some players learn to embrace it and I learned Teresa very quickly what we went back in our archive the years 1993.

We know the US team is planning on again you played against England. Here's how it sounded and listen for the name Lalas cut 37 it was you it was me is back like that was back in the previous century back in the 1900s. My will that I got was right up the road of old Foxboro Stadium. We were playing against England. So look at his exhibition game to not really beat them. It was a huge changing point in my life in terms of getting more playing time and doing all of that wonderful, wonderful moment.

I'll never ever forget it.

I would love to handle the corner kick came and went off my big noggin and I went running around crazy and I I would love nothing more than to have that repeat, come November against England. When this listing takes so so here it is for people that don't know, I know you can be watching and maybe even betting that's the big change in our base. Talk about betting. I think the US team Faisal correctly 15,000 to 1 odds to win it all. You can make some things can happen or to bet is that is Brazil and II think the Brazil absolutely is is my pick to to win the team absent. This workup is a bunch of stories, including Leo Messi from Argentina and Highview Christiana Rinaldo for Portugal. Possibly their last World Cup's and messy certainly and channel not having checked off the box of winning a World Cup and so how that all plays out to your point about the actual tournaments and the star that it is in Qatar. It's all going to be in Doha, Qatar, so there's no flying anywhere everybody to be this incredible soccer Brigadoon if you will, where everybody is in this bubble of soccer be able to get the multiple games a day so you is foot, yet merely walking from Stadium to get in the car at something without Italy 45 and 38 Stadium and at all this for the tournament is been there a couple times it is it is it blows your mind what they have done a little thing a lot of money and they have spent it well on the roof so this is a roof so some of them some of them have roots. They also had another that was allowed or not allowed to call in air conditioning it's it's a climate control over there and so the temperature in the summer there's a reason why so downplaying the summary which is ridiculously hot. Having said that they have climate controlled stadiums over there. I don't think the temperature is even to be a promise would be incredibly comfortable for the fans and for the players of all that's can be great. I member the best Superboy ever saw was in Indianapolis why it was on one field, but also everything was around there and you can't get around anywhere and big events Olympics because the security mainly these days. So Alexi did the US is guaranteed three games up so they open up with whales. Then they'll play in England the day after Thanksgiving got black Friday potential to be the highest viewed soccer game in American broadcasting history and I don't know if I will be watching.

Here's the big difference in you and I can relate on this as there were nights or so playing I started playing in Massapequa and and Gordon Bradley was coach of the cosmos and his sons were playing in our club so we had this great we had this of Irish and Italians and Germans all national teams, players, high-level players, so there was no parents allowed the coach. Can you believe it and so we were able to play priced up.

Tell people in place like that quote you played that sport what it would've the rules, why can't you use your hands all those days are gone and now I'm watching non-players telling me about the sport we've gotten to a different place right now we have but as far as we have come.

There's still plenty of work to do and that's gets me back to talking about being welcoming. I don't ever want to have any barrier to entry and World Cup. As you know is a wonderful platform to bring people into my soccer to in your mind, are you talking to somebody's newly gained absolutely not dumbing it down.

It's a simple games the beautiful game.

It's very very simple.

I'm not dumbing it down, but I don't want to do or say things that are going to turn anybody off.

I think it did spend a little bit of time whether it's on our coverage or or walking or watching the actual game. It will infect you for lack of a better word, and you will want to know more.

But our job, whether it's me or Rob Stone or anybody else in our incredible team that is going to be working over there is to make its something that you want to see on a continual basis game after game and game out day after day and I don't want to do anything in the what I say or what I do. That's gonna turn people off and how much better is it now not going to Russia and going with the USA team and a time in which it's really a good time for post graded table tells me football. The uncle gets basketball. No one cares about base basketball yet or hockey early opals, weekends and foxes fully behind SAR. I mean there is a wonderful opportunity that we don't have normally only play in the summer and that is the cross promotion so you know I'm going over early were doing NFL cross promotion policy that we will talk about that black Friday game that comes on a week were doing Thanksgiving and the next day is Friday August US England that you got Michigan and Ohio State, so it has the potential for some great numbers and some wonderful synergy in connection like us a cross promotion that's going on with all of the different Fox things that we have with humans and the other side, but real quick just to finish off our Ron is the third game on Thursday and got a finish in first or second resource that was have to be a wildcard first or second the verse after teams go through and into the round of 16 which a single elimination. 32 teams eight and eight different groups of four. We only got to the final 41 to 1930. You were not there is not there right I'm watching and Fox didn't cover it. We could not get the right to appoint right and so we'll see if we get there again got so close to getting to eight other first and then when the we'll see what happens.

You do that first that I do. I do believe that this is a team that absolutely can get out of the group with the teams of their face and existed during your era and what most soccer players new one now that they knew you the new Balboa. They knew they knew me, always in gold a new Brad Friedel and Casey Keller. We got a chance to know you over 10 years, the chances are that you can get a chance and know these guys right so you let it get to know now and know they'll be there in their primes for you so that when the when the US host. The were exactly 26 and you can cut so much when you retain you get your money is our chef warming yes back in a moment. Alexi Lalas here to talk about the most exciting event that your not talking about yet, but that changes.

Now, educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me if you're interested in it. Bryan's talking about your Brian until made a mistake right now that is what it looked like when he was defeats Panama and officially gets into World Cup Alexi allows us here for a few more minutes Alexi, when you go over to Qatar, to go over the 10th.

We actually do we talk about cross cross promotion to do some stuff at the NFL from the base that we have in Delhi. That's always wonderful to be to be there. Is my third time now at going over to Qatar and so will do the cross-motion for the week before our set, which were were blown out. It's it's it's a whole other level and the set is really interesting because it becomes a star in it of itself have done so many workups now and what happens is people start the World Cup and the tournament will be watching from there the couch and if you're lucky enough have the ability to go to the World Cup.

And though this migration and his pilgrimage to the set to kind of see my God there is what I was watching on my take on my couch in our set is to prevent a lot of mean it would go for a lot of money here in New York in terms of rent that the NFL guys are coming over to Fox NFL Sunday yesterday they bent over and they've done stuff out of out of Delhi before so you will like us, that will cross promote and make sure that people know that hey a week from now World Cup. This is happening in the benefit will continue on through it like recent college football college basketball all sorts of different stuff so you can want you to spend all day watching Fox when it comes to us all. Yes and II guess this is something look forward to for a long time and if you do if you do this for a living.

So when you go over there.

You can go over there for about a month. For now I hear to dry country. Do you have a plan BU wanted to celebrate with a beer. Let me tell you something I've been there twice prior never once was having an alcoholic beverage. A concern really was everywhere that you went now were guests in this country. In this culture that's obviously very very different.

You can't be outside drinking. You can't be drunk. You can even appear to be drunk outside. Having said all that, there will be plenty of alcohol for people to drink.

Yes, that's not a that's not pursuant thankfully where it up. Otherwise we would do the right absolutely wouldn't do it. I did not know that you think about this if it was Russia this year, God would you tell me we might not know the relevant would it would've been canceled workable to been canceled and would you expect for you means I don't I know you and look ahead. But it's gonna be the US, Canada and Mexico are splitting the World Cup and so it's going to be huge. It's going up. We remember night playing war changed everything for soccer and yet in 2026 world is coming back to the United States and 80% of the games really played in the United States there coming back to a landscape that is fundamentally changed when it comes to soccer in our infrastructure and remission. Major league soccer and USL and NWS cell and all of the different facilities that we have in all the coaching that we have in all the different things that have grown up so it's it's night and day. However, it's another injection it's another opportunity that may produce before but two weeks before the World Cup started in 1984 I got a plane set my middle seat which is without we traveled visiting back. Then I sat down next to an older woman and we struck up a conversation and she said what you do. I set a place soccer. She said what your job is to play soccer. She said what you do for money.

I said I played two weeks later I'm in front of a billion people running around in the World Cup, such as some context. We thought we come a long way baby. As the saying is a single simile on the main thing the World Cup was able to see major league soccer and then grow and to Mexico to make a whole lot of money and don't ever forget with Phil and Charlotte's wife what everybody did the Huntsville keep soccer live when it started to crate a little bit you write look forward to it. Follow Alexi Lalas World Cup 32 gate 64 games.

32 teams hope USA when thank you so much power over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your hands box whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox news or wherever you did your

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