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More FBI bias? Agent leaves in disgrace, anti-Trump bias exposed

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 30, 2022 12:45 pm

More FBI bias? Agent leaves in disgrace, anti-Trump bias exposed

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 30, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:00:00] Chris Swecker

[00:18:25] Allen West

[00:36:46] Rick Perry

[00:55:08] Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

[01:05:57] Simulcast w/ Varney & Co.

[01:13:30] Trace Gallagher

[01:31:53] Kathie Lee Gifford

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Visit to learn more about galaxies he fold Fox Studios New York City pressure off the set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice I hear how you write to me Joe 1-866-408-7669 John by Chris worker the matter of moments, easy serve 24 years in the FBI before retiring, assistant director, the FBI's criminal investigative division and we need him now. Lt. Col. Allen West of the bottom of the hour. We know the Prez United States want to national dress on Thursday to see what network time to go into an independent all and talk about freedom. He's going to bring up anti-fascist mega Republicans cannot give the president network time for a partisan speech and for non-is no news in the speech, they never would take Trump. They never would take Prez Obama tours last few years is really realizes his network time and you just can't make political ground on network time yet to pay for so I will discuss that. So is good to the victory stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three takes exceptional circumstances to appoint a special master in a case like this the fact that the district Chargers, considering it shows.

I think that this court believes it might have been to Lucerne lax in allowing the search warrant to go out absolutely.

Mayor Lago raid rationalization weakens as the FBI has earned zero trust as their actions after raid after this raid going to the microscope and no one likes what they see how my countrymen back native role players are not talking about which world-class tennis player know that there are two different things you believe she said that what what world-class tennis player. Come on come on come one come all to America, I mean the southern border illegally. Of course, but is just too risky to let the world's best tennis player and know that joke that you are unbacked. We can't risk you sickening Americans. It's the height of idiocy and best defined as buying logic is just one of the cabal of FBI offices who have been playing these games. Since the very beginning of Donald Trump's entry into politics. Miranda Devine's been all over. Remember laptop from hell she wrote it and covered it is just one of the cabal of FBI officers. She says many of them center the Washington field office who have been playing these games. Since the beginning of down Trump's entry into politics. Maybe before I'm talking about crossfire hurricane will talk about all that another black guy for the FBI is Tim Tebo shown the door and the damage and disgrace continues.

Peter struck Lisa page G and he became you have Kleinsmith who was actually doctoring Pfizer reports what alone. Jim Baker and who knows how many others while the rest to an incredible job in a force to be put in that basket. Chris worker joined just now Chris, welcome which a reaction to Tim Tebo being shown the door, walked out last week. One riot that I am many of my former colleagues who serve in the Bureau name that you are part of our lives to the organization and love it card charges and astonished at what's going on inside the Bureau right now and you know what I'm hearing is there. There are quite a few call me leftovers if you will, people who were sorted indoctrinated and then came up to the ranks under call me have that political ideology they buried there more ideologues and ideologues in the our investigators so I am glad it happened. I think to correct the record. I think he actually tired you can retire after 20 years, but I call it a strategic retirement. I think he was probably given that an option of retiring or pacing subdisciplines. He chose to retire and righteous sad sad watches happen to it was such a great organization.

I just sent her angry and the teachers.

I am furious because the longest time. If you brought that up to you how dear you identify I am the most prolonged enforcement person on the planet. But if you look at evolve the you can say, well, that went well and if you look at those men. Men I mentioned in Lisa page, you can't say that was right in with Tim Tebo. I look at this guy 25 years been on leave for a month after top Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee from Ron Johnson to Chuck Grassley raise questions because whistleblower started coming forward. FBI whistleblower so fell your colleagues or former colleagues came forward and said I don't like what's going on so to your credit Chris Ray evidently was clueless into this was brought up by Grassley and Ron Johnson and others, and Jim Jordan and others because it was a blow succumbing to house people they could count on to come forward so he was allegedly forced out after cues of political bias. Now why would he have that I don't know. He's re-tweeting the Lincoln project about anti-we can project the most anti-Trump group out there today, he allegedly tweeted out that he want to give Kentucky back to the Russian Federation and he went out of his way to make sure the Hunter Biden investigation did not move forward and was successful into a month before the election. I did not think this how na�ve I am, it was possible for an FBI agent or agents to stop stories like that in a mass media market like Rin but it actually happened. Chris and Mary number with a blower in the mirror that I'm serving. You might've seen a handful of my 20 years now with over 14 going one congressman that tell you that something is something is happening inside the Bureau. In the end I talk to people inside and outside the Bureau people who served and are serving and they don't understand what's going on and they don't like what's going on inside the Bureau's particular mention that the Washington field office, but also in certain leadership positions on the seventh floor at FBI headquarters where you got ideology in the practice of ideology has become okay we what we need is a strong strong leader at the top that's willing to go to the ranks and sort of reinstate this guy with the blinders on, reproached every case, and a hands off political cases mentioned earlier about the special master and then the evidence and that sort of thing that that judges entertain a motion but I was involved in cases like that and that's that's strictly out of fairness and it was sort of knew I won't say it was routine, but it happened we investigation of a congressman like we did with Jefferson Cunningham. We did a search warrant which we did where to put the search warrant take in the hands of third parties. There was no question about whether boxes watching the henhouse. Chris is a filter team who went through Merrill Lago nine hours they were. He picked out two passports presence and it was my passport cellulite. That means you banned from leaving the country and they go now.

Sorry we picked him up by mistake and then they say hey guys, the filter team picked up together some attorney-client privilege stuff you want to back really talking to read it. Now you want to back the filter team FBI guy's Department of justice. People right so you worry about the department of justice targeting Chris worker Brian Kelly that does make you feel good that your your screen each other so you understand the special master might be necessary. And who knows and he just wonder, was it really necessary to raid moral Lago and then you go up this is sense amongst Republicans and Trump trump supporters and trump himself that the FBI is targeting. Well guess what this crossfire hurricane. This Peter struck's text messages in this a plan in place and enemy caves got the special plan in place in Lisa page and there's thousands of text messages and submit miraculously disappeared. I guess why Chris it's not you're doing when he gets a network contract on CNN provide expertise through this. He's the last person I rather have a guy that watches criminal shows that have a corrupt FBI agent offering me insight but here's what Chuck Grassley pointed out the clutter attention August 19 got one.

We got dozens and dozens of FBI engines operating in Iowa and Nebraska out of the office. We are questioning they're doing their work or questioning if they have political bias were talking about the upper echelons of the FBI, whether it's a Peter struck whether so you know you can name dozens of people.

He went on, and here's what he asked on August 19 about Tebo now resigned.

Cut to let me give you the most recent example I talked about and release the information of the political bias of a guy named Timo Special Agent in charge of starting investigations or closing investigation but not doing the investigation on fuzzy newspaper reports he started an investigation on trump on evidence of criminality in Hunter Biden.

He stopped that investigation. If you go back and look at two balls, social media, you know, is a highly partisan guy so he kills the Hunter Biden investigation into the New York Post published the story and the laptop got out because the crackhead dropped his laptop off at the repair shop and showed his hooker addiction as well as his drug addiction and always international business deals. It's important to point out Chris and I don't think I need to do it to you but to the audience.

I don't care these addicted to hookers, a crackle's relationship is. I just care about is the present United States in bed on international business deals that might compromise want to come to China, Ukraine, Romania, or anybody else.

That's what makes this relevant to the election prior to the election and this guy is stopping this from coming forward.

Did you if I told you this was happening. If this was possible if I told you this two years ago this was possible what you've told me well. Tell me, I would say not possible served in a very different Bureau that changed dramatically under come in and and it isn't just me, Brian. This is my former colleagues as many people inside the Bureau I'm hearing from a lot of people with the Bureau that we served and went. We were in used opposition research support of Pfizer or the predication to initiate a case on the president presidential campaign.

We would use newspaper articles to buttress a search warrant matching what I didn't gumshoe investigation end and investigated and not third party outsourcing to third party that she is one small thing coming. There is the big thing is that you mentioned is the leadership. Leadership needs to take the reins and pushback at the Justice Department when when it's justified in instilling the ranks of their there will be no politics in the Bureau were not an open political cases will not submit to political pressure back to what I said originally there was a very different FBI report coming. We came out and said look I got this Clinton stuff I got her emails and was highly responsible, but not prosecutable if I was just to summarize what it said I didn't even know she had got interview Saturday with solar attorneys there as witnesses and supporters. It wasn't him that did the interviews we still don't have a transcript of it. Having said all that, I mean. And then he came out and said after the Anthony Weiner laptop revealed more emails.

He never saw before business and I got open up an investigation. People say would mentally. At least he was saying about a Democrat, but to allow the Russian investigation to take root and blow through 2 1/2 years of any administration.

Chris have you thought about it I know you have the international ramifications of making up another country doing with their allegedly doing with a present United States, which they weren't doing. Russia did affect the election between affect the results they tried, they always try according to smart guys like you, but we pretended to a mock investigation that Vladimir Putin for two nephews excluding the present trump and that jeopardizes our foreign policy that's that's our national secure world. I never thought I would be use as a political tool and weapon eyes be able to weapon eyes on, the department administration denies the criminal justice system. Apparently in an accident you just can't get around that you compare the genteel way that Hillary Clinton, and that investigation was handled. No search warrant mother May I have some to have your emails letting lawyers today and on on the interviews who are also part of the investigation, I couldn't. I could cite you chapter and verse read and reread the IG report on that and it took astonishingly many college and we wanted more aggressive. In addition, and that investigation but then you look at anything trump that I'm not a trump acolyte, but you look at anything trump or anything slightly to the right of the political spectrum, and it gives pursuit was annealed with proactive investigated the most sensitive and powerful tools. FBI has just can't get around it. So Chris, this is something so knowing all this is going around and having with the mother reports early in the IG report completely and then knowing the Chris racing there telling everyone young word about the whistleblowers.

If I got a report into me. That said, I got a call from Eric Garland and I'm Chris Rago hey Chris I need you guys to go into Verilog going rate that he's got some archives there and weave and negotiate cycle. Well, if I'm Chris Randall you kidding me after spending the last three years try to tell everyone was staying at a politics if I going to a former president house you realize what they going to say regardless of the reason you think there was a conversation like that. I don't think so unfortunately I'm calling to serve under Robert Muller and they want about Robert Muller who was a man of integrity got co-opted at the very end of his career by Wiseman but he pushback at the Justice Department many times Louis three was a pillar of integrity he pushback I start with Janet Reno, and I think this is a circumstance where where Chris could've said look I can be use in that fashion. So similar to that Hillary Clinton investigation. Think about documents at the dispute about documents open up a criminal investigation on that and spin our wheels because this can to not get prosecuted. We know we know that trumps lawyers will will rip them apart.

If they ever got to pretrial stage directions are actually a trial stage that is the time to pushback director is a 10 year term to take him out of politics is, and frankly I director ought to be able to say look, I don't need this job. I am willing to step down from his job and proud to protest him not to get me to do something that I don't think it's right. I don't think it's good for the FBI, the optics are terrible.

There's a technical violation. You guys solve it civilly and guess what Chris if he does that Mayor Garland backs off, and since I click on it. Chris worker tremendously insightful. Appreciate your candor. Thank you.

Thank you. We come back and take you call to see up there 186-640-8766 I fired up about this. I never though come to this but it has tasks network and on the next Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen no Fox News five precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen no Fox News five or wherever you get your project is so busy. He'll make you kill me, what they're saying going after Democrat gratefully. He went to Planned Parenthood but you can't stand for America being late. Anytime there's a conservative group with the liberal side of things they go after that. And once that were saying no more conservatives complain and whine for too long absent on your radio show multiple times. Republicans are too nice.

No more so with the did to Nikki Haley is they took compact which was fighting about illegal immigration fighting on these woke schools and teaching gender studies to second graders and they decide to publish get a hold of the political said they got hold of, or the AG released all the donors to this pack that you put together release all their names.

They don't want their names. I didn't want to organizations after they believed in it, but they is a nonprofit optical get some money. All the names get released so she said that's it. It's Leticia James.

She clearly is political bias. You know how she's targeting trump and she came out and said no I'm suing I'm suing you for linking our names and now with discovery will find out who did what the IRS gave it up. Can't wait for $87 billion for that organization were all doomed Tenneco around West Fox News five just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News five or wherever you get your favorite cocaine close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News five just information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show my country and role players are not talking about which work that they're two different things to different things so comes over walked into Texas or Arizona.

That line, we actually silver and yes it is exactly it because it surely will republish that with us and Tenneco Allen West Thursday with what she do during the day before the press conference that she even talked anybody to she read a paper. No, I don't think so brought about asecond on helium. What the fact that she could not understand the Oedipal hypocrisy of what you know Peter Ducey was present there is unconscionable because yes, what you see happening are people walking across the border. They are not vaccinated. And guess what they could. Standing out of place. America's amount of fat you know you have people that walk across the border. We could put them on buses another showing up in New York to get to stay in New York City.

Yet we have a world-class tennis star that Knoblauch find the New York City Gothic. Should a technical debt level as well. US US tennis. What about the WTA. What about everybody dice this ridiculous over this have to be 90% of people in the audience probably are vaccinated when I checked in school kids were certainly not checking Yankee Stadium people puking for the country.

Yeah, you know that joke that you should change the rule. Open up the borders.

Are you nuts at the same time between two and 4 million people of come here illegally and she is not clear on that. Listen to how she described was happening with Gov. Abbott bossing illegals voluntarily to New York cut seven back in August 5 is the latest on from the governor another start of busing debt blessing.

I desperate migrates across across the country and down. He's using them as a political is a political ploy. This is what he's been doing it shameful.

It's a ploy right well nobody was doing it when he was putting people play their flying into Westchester County, New York, Florida, blinded in the middle of the night at least, this is not happening about in the middle of the night, the two wrongs don't make a right, but again the incredible hypocrisy. We see and you just � so who you know, preparing his press secretary if she could not understand the foolishness of telling a world-class you cannot come the United States of America because you have been vaccinated yet.

We have both of the people that haven't been back late showing up Washington DC where she is showing up in New York City. This doesn't make any sense for more about administration got real title 42. So basically they have sent no covert emergency anymore. I want you if you can, to the FBI bias left on the Peter struck Lisa Paige Kleinsmith Baker and McCabe.

I told about a new one. And there's more to come. And he is Tim Tebo. He is been told he was retiring. Basically, could be fired, a retired white and keep his pension is beyond me, but was walked out last week because of his role suppressing information part of the 22 eight election and showing blatant political bias John Solomon on just the news cut for the Washington field office.

The FBI in general politicizing cases that shouldn't have politics involved.

Specifically, the Washington field office which led the raid on Barlow. There are claims that in 2020. During the middle of the presidential election that office did two things wanted opened up an investigation of Pres. Trump in his campaign based on information from Democrats and liberal sources so that sounds familiar, right. The 2016 Russia collision started with the Democrats and he'll regret they opened up another one that didn't meet the standard for predicate investigation. It was an unlawful or unwarranted investigations. That's the first thing was a bar safe. The second thing is they came in with a memo trying to pretend that information. The doctor my laptop was this information and should not be any investigation of Hunter by laptop.

Both of those things occurred in the Washington field office in the midst of the 20/20 luncheon. According to multiple whistleblowers said you believe this bill will not be investigation into the laptop and it was quite to the New York Post published it. Then they decide to suspend accounts that didn't including the New York Post account and they were effective in doing so, then somehow they got 51 intelligence experts assign often say classic Russian disinformation. Now that we have a name to this whistleblower accusation basically confirmed and now what do you think Col. concerning Federal Bureau of investigation, the arm of the Atty. Gen. United States of America the top law enforcement agency in the country and we cannot trust them. We have seen this type of infiltration the politicized patient and then of course it could be the weaponization of them against the American people. Look at what just happened and that Gretchen Witmer kidnapped a case where we come to find out. That case was thrown out on the mistrial because the FBI planted and the exact same person. Those in charge of that kidnapping case was the one that became the charge of the morphological rate so all of these things are coming together and the people on the ground here out there.

Not very trusting of the federal Bureau Bureau of investigation right now and so something has to be done will be done on the Biden administration but eventually this will have to be some housecleaning from the top through all of those major political appointed positions in the federal Bureau of investigation. She tried to put a case together and order the investigation closed without providing a valid reason and try to market in a way that the case could not be reopened in the future while months later, the Washington Post, New York Times, probably disingenuously said we looked at it. It's it. This is legitimate. That is a laptop and we should've published it and then here's Mark Zuckerberg, who I think strategically said this to Joe Rogan cut five.

Basically the background here is the FBI basically came to us some some folks on our team is okay. Just so you know like you should get high alert. There is the week we thought there's a lot of Russian propaganda 2016 election we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of of that, similar to that.

So just be vigilant I think was five or seven days when it was basically being being determine whether was false.

The distribution on Facebook was decreased but people are still to share secrets will share it could still consume it today specifically say need to be on guard about that story. I know I don't remember for is that specifically, but it was basically fit the pattern. Grassley and Johnson want to know who the agents were they call to Facebook they talk to and he according to Brenda Devine. She heard that semi's a bright, don't buy they suppressed me almost impossible downloaded because they were first allowed Twitter and others to totally kill the story so he also FBI agents came to me and then this popped up in just a coincidence.

I looked out for now we know it's about to come. We know they probably said it specifically was probably a higher up and Zuckerberg was pouring money in the get out the vote campaign.

Dr. box all four Democratic causes infinitesimal amount for Republican causes. He already has had his hand on the scale. Now your writing was culpable and guilty as anyone else in his effort to do a little CYA and you talk about Zuckerberg we saw millions of poor and to Houston, Harris County near Texas in Harris County's largest County state of Texas because he felt that that was a good place to close election, we still been doing some operations now in the border area Laredo Webb County as well.

So this is the way up finally starting to come together, but I just want to remind people some of the former colleague of yours that Fox News critical assessment wants. She said the Washington DC is the city of no consequences in the things that we continue to learn all of these things but no one is held accountable. No want to sell small smoke and no consequences for these people going all the way back to the IRS what they. The tea party movement. Most learner still sitting some work in the six-figure taxpayer-funded retirement at some point in time the American people are looking for someone to be held accountable for these things instead of everyone come apart, come together say we know that this is accurate, but no one is doing the perp walk and stand with you about lady home private residence of the present he got to retire the invested premier investigative unit had all this going on underneath management and they did not know what they need whistleblowers to go to Congress which means he didn't feel comfortable going to the higher ups which I think also tells you a story. Lastly, Marilyn.Merrill Lago the raid on read the Washington Post account yesterday. Kind of interesting. They said the national archives are sparring with the present because the way was handling documents while he was in office when these documents were taken. They realize that they seal us. We need to see the dog was again 15 boxes back in those boxes. He did not like the way it was collated.

They didn't like the way newspaper call. The clippings were and with that they thought were secret and an important confidential folders or out of folder whenever they weather terminology want to use so they contacted the Department of Justice who tells the two tells the FBI going there really is like the librarian calling up the cops to arrest somebody was reading in the young adult section generally adult section or vice versa. So this is a even though I suppose wrote in a extraordinary move. The Department of Justice is contacted, he thinks about it for weeks and they just go raid this place.

Couple things is really benefited Democrats because we got our mind and focus off inflation of oil and gas prices home heating oil and fuel and we got it off his horrible green energy package which he told this was inflation reduction package and any got to talk about Donald Trump. The polarizing figure again or you have somebody who was just clueless that they would actually be support for Trump if you actually ransacked his house. Would you think which one think about about the ladder and backfired upon them and on top of that. Now the American people don't trust the Department of Justice they don't trust the federal Bureau of investigation on top of the fact that they still suffering on the record inflation gas prices and things commodity prices at the grocery store lawn that maketh a single border wide open and they have big concerns about all of these things. And on top of that there have that deal with.

Maybe 87,000 new RSA so the horrible calculations know about the progress associate party to do this and if you tell me the job. I didn't know about it. I will state that can't be true and if you truly did know about you have rogue actors there in the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of investigation, which is more disconcerting. So all of this is going to not play well for the Democrats. I know that Joe buys going to come out and start you know talking about you know our principles are not values but when you present United States America stand up and call people that did not vote for you. Don't support your politics and mustaches. The only people that are classes in theAmerica preflight Zuckerberg and others were suppressing the freedom of speech, freedom of expression of American service essential the left there to be of the passions.

Col. Col. Allen West. He said American constitutional rights to the executive director, former Congressman from Florida and author of whole Texas hold the nation victory or death and we can overcome American black conservative manifesto. Thanks, Col. Deborah, you got it. 186-640-8766. Time to finish this hour with you causing sure you have a lot to say. Using the brain to meet you too. You need to know basis. You need to kill me from his mouth to your earlier years. Brian kill me. How do we go from Obama's yeah well even Obama said Obama was famously quoted as saying Joe is an amazing capacity. I mean he was a dumb guy when he was okay using is never a bright guy mean he's very well known as a liar, like there's there's all these videos of him lying about his education record lying about so many different accomplishments that he's achieved in his life. He was always of artist and not just a spell like a liar like a flat out lie. I graduated top of my class not know you didn't and Joe Rogan laying on the line is known for being nonpartisan, but he's saying what most people are saying even though Mars, indicating Jeff was using a WDB you are very patient in Orlando. Thank you Jeff morning show on Fox this morning on loan business.

The problem of the student loan people make below the minimum payment on the minimum payment and cover the interest on the loan right so that compounding gets way out of whack and trouble and is handling or giving out $10,000 take the loans down to 0K $87 a month.

10 years on 10 grant for that and at least bargaining 324 10 grant you have student loan or did you never get five and 10%. I can tell you that the average rate on a student loan is around 7 1/2 to 8%. The average data balance is about 40 grant, but you can continue grandchildren to pay the 30 whenever they got left to take them down to zero, and let's get our 10 grant incentive cost somewhere between 300 million and the Wharton school yesterday happily came out and maybe up to a trillion yeah I listened I decided as he listened. Let's cut their interest rate they would did do some of these loans are predatory loans on my kid's school. He was they got into the car to go to Stanford and it's going to be the always missed his can be $77,000 would like you deserve the best. Give me that stepparent won't give you that student will get me have another four years worth. And you know it. Any books a problem to stay off campus. We get another and then you look around and go with a second Irene I don't know what the kids going to do through his 20s. But secondly can be a long time since it to become count this payment so you can tell that you could actually freeze it you freeze it for a year for these people for two years.

For these people. You've already helped them out and when people equate to the PPP loan. What an insult one you tell me to go home and don't open my restaurant and then you say okay here's some money to pay your people and I still can't pay my rent a lot of these people were suspended, they didn't have to pay the rent go okay but when they were told to pay the rent that backward to make up for it let's you had a landlord was very forgiving and to Jesus to his or her the reality check. They have payments to make the banks so these people get slapped in the face before student loan players. They didn't do anything for two years. Nothing at all. Jeff so thanks for the call. So now to get for him or 10,000 I think it's really blown up in his face because so many people against them is like a dozen Democratic lawmakers are against it. So many people out of the streak of really I just paid off my loan you can afford hundred $10 because I make $135,000.

I'm not eligible to get my loan repaid back out I was at right Suzanne get a Pell grant I can get 20,000 back and I'm 17 I just apply to go to college. I can only afford a get together but don't worry the payback of really change the rules again.

The pandemic does not apply to student loans getting you've had your break two year break. That's it. What you should do we start highlighting the predatory nature of an and then asked for a decrease in these interest payments that were behind returned back to private figure

Find out how to find the Albany Fox News radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with positive Brian kill me. Thanks much for being hereby used to bring to me Joe comedy from 46 in the dam and had heard around the country heard around the world. Rick Perry served in the 14th United States Sec. of energy. He'll be with us and extremely valuable information as well as the chaos in Texas sinner Marsha Blackburn right after that will do a simulcast on TV morning company and hosting for Jesse tonight. She could see me again at seven. I'll be in the five that'll be on the five Wednesday Thursday as we get closer and closer to Labor Day. So before we go any further. We have a lot of news to cover that of of great substance to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three takes exceptional circumstances to appoint a special master in a case like this the fact that the district Chargers, considering it shows.

I think that this court believes it might have been to Lucerne lax in allowing the search warrant to go out.

Yeah, quite possibly, that is John you of the Bush administration now teacher at Berkeley Mayor Lago grade rationalizations we can as the FBI is earned zero trust as their actions after the raid, going to the microscope and no one likes what they see how this country and role players are not right you talking about which world-class tennis player know that there are two different things really come on come on come one come all of America. I mean from the southern border you get here legally.

Of course, but too risky to bring the world's best tennis player and know that joke of it. You were unvaccinated.

You can endanger all of America is the height of idiocy and the best of the best defined as biologic is just one of the cabal of FBI offices who have been playing these games. Since the very beginning of Donald Trump's entry into politics is just one of the cabal of FBI officers, many of them centered at the Washington field office who have been playing these games is the very beginning of down Trump's entry into politics and maybe even before that crossfire hurricane remember that the collusion hopes. Remember that another FBI blackeye as Tim Tebo, a 25 year veteran is shown the door and the damage a disgrace starts but may not end with the hunter by laptop so I gotta get the take of Rick Perry so Rick probably would've been with the ministration. Again, if you wanted.

I know the present really like you a lot if you guys had one if they been exposed that person was in bed on these international business deals with this crackhead son with China and elsewhere and lied about it. I think that they say one of every six voters would change their vote. Now that we know that this was suppressed by the FBI themselves deliberately and directly. What is your reaction well, you had that type of activity Texas Department of Public Safety or one of our other law-enforcement groups. You'd be outraged been investigated and that's a real concern hereby is it you have Congress should be really focused on yet the Democrats and the house looked snobbish of the Democrats Senate are more interested in protecting this president because they see him as a shield for them. One, in effect, just a shield for potentially some foreign interest in. That's my great concern here is got you got a son of the president with immediate access to travel with talks to them that is on regular basis and the idea that there not putting this country in jeopardy with some of their relationships is that Americans know what they see they know what they expect is proper conduct. And I think there are really offended in this election cycle. Brian I think she will response to that a presidency that is out of control whether to come from aspect of national security, or whether it's something that's even more close to home people's bottom line. Inflation the cost of everything from gasoline to exclude. They make the dish really had it in and you see the spokesperson for the White House stand up and make the absolutely out of touch, sunny American people are looking at it and go on no there is no difference between a major tennis player and someone coming across our border that we have no idea, and one yeah that's true, we're pretty sure that that the major change player is not a agent for a foreign country that we don't know that about people come across our southern crazy Sue and Mr. Sec., a couple of things.

First off, came to light yesterday.

We have I guess a dozen whistleblowers within the FBI go to Jim Jordan Sen. Ron Johnson, Chuck Grassley and say listen is FBI bias of their route to get Trump during these years, it happened again the doctor by laptop and there was so specific they asked Chris Ray in a in testimony about this guy, Tim Tebo. Cut to let me give you the most recent example I talked about and release the information of the political biased of a guy named Timo Special Agent in charge of starting investigations or closing investigation but not doing the investigation on fuzzy newspaper reports he started an investigation on Trump on evidence of criminality and how to bite me. He stopped that investigation. If you go back and look at tube always social media you know is a highly partisan guy so he went ahead and he had this type of power to 25 years. He looked into himself provided a valid reason tried he tried to he order the investigation of Hunter by enclosed and without providing a valid reason and try to market in a way that the case could not be reopen in the future when the New York Post published the laptop story. He won around them. He got the social media companies to do think that we all know they suspended all the accounts. Even Kaylee Machen 80 header account frozen 51 Intel executive said this is Russian disinformation.

Now we know who is all real, all legitimate. Not one person made a call for anybody on those emails to say is that you Hunter is that you Devon Archer is that you judge Joe Biden so the FBI totally affected this election elect directly and deliberately volunteer will with social media leadership in this country that Americans should really fear. I think all of us recognize and I believe that the vast majority of men and women signed up to be the law enforcement, federal level, whether it's the FBI whether it Department how much good, honorable, noble people, patriots. But when you have an Apple are two that are rotten to the core, then it can affect the whole barrel so to speak in � what we gotta get to the absolute core of so the state and that is why it is so important in November that we lack Republicans in the Houston Republican Senate that can focus investigation on the lot at Derek amount expose them for what they they've done. If we don't then we have the potential to literally lose the foundation which is contrary found you think about, you know, the media can have to give you a hard internal look at.

Did we participate because we dislike Donald Trump so much in a process that is going to be very corrosive to America and freedoms that we hold dear the freedom of the class. There is not a free press in my opinion when they are not being judges of what's going on being you know people who look at the facts and report the facts, but they pick and choose what they want to report it is clear that certain aspects of the media did not report on this because they knew it would have a negative effect on the election and masters that is unconscionable. Student credit credits so some people are so bring this up Gov. listen to Bill Moore. You know the biggest critic of the chump years and Bush years.

We know the guy does ease everything the conservatives don't want to be, but he's actually been the extremely fair for the last 18 months. Listen to what he said Friday.

It's a little bit of a thorny question because once you go down this road. This is where we are in this country. The other side is so evil anything is justified in preventing them from taking office is now you know it's not justified using armed violence.

The question is when we had to bury the hunter by the press doing that he's saying that's what they did and that is what they did they bury the Hunter Biden story before the election because they were like, we can't risk having election thrown to Trump will tell them after the end we know for fact that that's what they didn't course you know for a fact that that's something I don't know what they did.

I know because you only watch MSNBC and scope just as we don't know for fact we do know for a fact, and then Zuckerberg came out and said it, I was told by the FBI.

Do you know basically stopping this Russian disinformation in the 51 Intel chiefly came out.

How about this.

Now it looks like Pfizer held back announcing that they had a vaccine before the election.

They held that news till after the election that clearly affects the election warp speed produces a vaccine in a year. That's a story and that cemented you the part of the administration that made that happen. This is big stuff nobody supplies a big corporate Obama does not manipulate made dollars and about political parties have not done enough stop that type of activity. I did not work at the FDA, but I would suggest it. You need to have again Congress needs to really get focused on what their job is and and her job is not to spend more money and to come up with more processes to govern the American people. It should be to protect the American people.

Yeah you mentioned build that the president signed into law in the 87,000 IRS agent used on the American scene going after all the billionaires I got you, and after regular Americans are out there working hard you, you couple that with this college loan forgiveness program and the American future download very bright.

With this in menstruation with what they're doing.

The amount of money that they're spending that they're creating and the police state that's being created by the hour. It should just shock everyone to their absolute inner core that there's something wrong, something rotten it needs to be addressed absently so let me ask some were about to were run fossil fuels, and in Europe they are deadly short of natural gas. Could we do more to help our allies. Without a doubt we were doing.

Unfortunately, by the administration hundred 90� turn on the North stream key pipeline we said early on that if Russians are allowed to the energy as a weapon, they will in the north central pipeline was one of the first things that already cut the fuel off to Ukraine some years before. During the wintertime. My bet is they do the same thing this coming winter. We got a supply shortage over there, it can turn into a real rat.

Interesting thing. One of the people that you would think I you en masse probably has as much interest is going to electric vehicles is anybody in the world.

Yet yesterday he basically said you get rid of fossil fuels, and the economy of the world will crumble. There is a wise man who understands that there's a balance. Yes, we need to be doing things to address the environment out there and and the well gets created by fossil fuel is one of the major avenues to do that by use fossil fuels to build economies to better the quality of life of billions of people around the world. At the same time address the issue of climate, etc., but this crazy idea California will do away with internal combustion engines by 2035 net 0 x 20 50.

That is sad it is and they need to have thoughtful people standing up and saying hey usual headship folks quit driving down the trail of what Mr. China destroyed America. No joke. Thanks so much to be what you brag about your brother back at your 186640876690, come back and take your calls give you lot are then sent Marsha Blackburn will bring us inside on services one year since Afghanistan judiciary committee with the going to be facing and the chances of her being the majority use in the brain tell me show don't move the fastest growing talkshow in America is your talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me, show that the black hole of identity in the heart of our nation so the thing that used to fill that vacuum yesterday. Things like faith and patriotism of the things I talked in the past. Work is one of those things to the sense of identity and purpose.

There were five the idea of working for embracing this attitude of sloth and laziness and I can get in the beginning of our national decline. If we don't turn around, beginning with our culture and some of us come from government, but the other half of it comes from our culture is getting both Bronx and turns around Vic Ramaswamy coming in and talk about a brand-new book to talk about the American work ethic where's he gone.

William was NWT RC in South Bend, Indiana.

William might call couple weeks ago you told him that I was talking about how nobody is held accountable all the way from Hillary and call me all the way down to structural lease page and so forth. I want you every morning I watch Fox every morning and you were talking about the same thing, but when I was talked about last week you said well that's what I understand, the number of things that can be held accountable.

Now it's the same thing gets into the FBI that the and I think that they had a hold of people that wanted to jump up that were low in the ranks of the FDI looks at you like to jump on board with company do everything I can to make this guy look bad and do everything I can to discredit so where are we going to go with these people.

Are they going to be held accountable in Europe and if you think you pay for what they've done to help Republicans take at least one body and they need the second to Ron Johnson Grassley or forward Jim Jordan, also an oversight.

I go there shoe and I think judging by anything sensational when I think it is much better chance of a when the send the nobody else does. But then there is we got a name already. This guy can get his pension. The others gotta be brought up forward and I think these investigations will lead the way, I really do think American people are fed up with it. I think the reason we feel even more corrupt radio show like no other in high are just not true.

You talking about what the term tax bill the past that reduce corporate tax rate 1% off the upper tax Moose was middle and working class and that's been proven a flat out lie. So they keep grasping at straws for analogies one of which is the PPP's program, it's okay develop businesses without people you are you not the pandemic stopped everybody from working to keep people employed to provide PPP loans to gyms and restaurants and dry cleaners. That's a lot different than telling someone. Don't be alone for two years and that will eat 20,000 of it sooner. Marsha Blackburn knows that a member of the Senate Judiciary and armed services committee in Tennessee.

Your reaction to the analogy talking about talking about doors open a lot more functional about grocery store not find anything memory that were in place because people were ordering on line� It's a lot of stuff that they can keep the doors open and supplying for a lot of people are electrician and plumber exercise lines that they did not have to lay people off course is totally different. So the student loan thing. How's it resonating in Tennessee by nature. People are calling our office about Brian and I are very about that talk about it all right lack of fear me and I just can't believe I told mom she and her daughter Bart to job in order to get country school with sheet had contracted nationwide. Well, I think going to give me an income tax credit card they going to be fair to me going to be here. My daughter and she lied about the contract for five years bank heartily anything that with an activity go anywhere they didn't take a vacation and I hate that daughter didn't take that were not dairy. In order for her to graduate care. Because they make a lot of sacrifice to get her to school to the present United States can have a national dress on Thursday. I don't how the networks carry. It is gonna be pure politics since clearly covering a political speech.

He says can be national speech on union coming from Philadelphia Independence Hall, but this is the Tony's been taking cut 24 where a serious moment our nation's history. Back Republicans don't just threaten our personal rights and economic security threat to our very democracy they refused to accept the will of the people that embrace embrace political violence.

They don't believe in democracy I mean is that the speech is at the gist of the speech. How can any network carried that partisan approach. You know, there are planning their policies and usually a primetime address to the nation about a policy I think you remember from previous precedents for their why Don current are some policy with a tremendous amount of the fact That Nation and Everyone Needed to Be Informed at a Different Time That Danny Can Usually Be Addressed to the Nation and Go out and Speak in Planetary and DM That Agree with You on Line Principal and I Never Heard of This Type Taking It like a Campaign Style and It They're Going to Give a Campaign to Ban Bad Timing. The Campaign Speech and Let People Know That the President Is Campaigning for the Democrats Who Are Running the Power of the Oval Office to Get the Check and Say If You Believe That Donald Trump or If You Believe That in America First Year of Really Hurt and You're a Danger to the Nation's Fastest Rhetoric Is Something That You and Feeling You Got My Car Check Can't Only I Want You Here. Stephen Miller Said 29 This Is the Part of the Lock People in Their Homes and Blue States and Blue Cities That Took Away People's Most Essential Freedoms at This Very Moment in Time There Masking Children and Democrat Cities like Philadelphia Deprive Them of an Education. Muriel Bowser Is Depriving Black Students of the Right to Even Attend School Because They Haven't Received the Vaccination and of Course This Is an Administration That Has Launched a Political Raid of His Chief Political Opponents All to Seize and Steal His Property and His Documents so What You Are Seeing Is a Classic Technique of Tyrants and Authoritarians Where They Use the Methods of Dictatorship While Accusing Their Opponents of Being Fascist Vince Administration Is Authoritarian and Repressive and I Just Think There Should Be Some Blowback Instead.

Nobody's Pushing Back on the Fascist in the We Know the Graffiti That Was Done at a RNC Headquarters over in Florida with the Fascist Reference Right There and Maggie Republicans. They Keep Testing That Are You a Mag, a Republican, Erica, Great, I'm Sorry I Only for a Concerted Institutional Approach.

I Stand on the First Principle That Made This Country Great. I Believe in the American Dream. I Believe the Ability of an Individual Right to Freedom and Freedom of Religion Right to Bear Arms Bear Trying to Defend Themselves. I Was so You As You into the Belief That This Senate Still Winnable and Where and What States Were You the Most Where You Think the Most Work Has To Be Done Is a Pennsylvania Is It Ohio Is a Georgia There's A Lot Of Hope for Republicans, a Understanding Colorado Now Woodward Is Your Sense. I Think I Think Are All Going to Work and Time on the Grant and When You Look at My Thinking Day I Finally Hit a Fair July Day in Colorado. I Had a Great Conversation with Karen and Why They Are Thanks Clearly Have Opportunity Is Going to Be Republican Party Taken the American People.

If You Honor Click Here It's What They're Going Today with Securing That Borderline Start Control under Control Federal Spending like 30 Hiring the Right Frame Will Only and Got It All under Control. That Will Be Nice to Speak with You, for I Wasn't Targeting You Guys, and Now We Find out Another Agent May Be to Be Leaving in Disgrace Forced to Resign in the Christopher Ray and Other We Testimony about This Which Is Pretty Important for You Guys to Win the Senate for Johnson and Grassley to Continue This. Are You Shocked That This Tim Tebo.

We Only Have 90 Seconds Left This Tim Tebo Directly Hands-On When It Comes to Suppressing the Hunter Biden Story Goal Ball A Lot Of Great Hard-Working People There That There Is a Political Group. Every Single One of the Individual That We Need to Find out What They Have Done What They Know, Done with Information All Need to Find the FBI They Are Carrying a Political Agenda and They Are Taking H Check Taxpayer and They Are Doing That.

It Is an Appropriate Center. Let Blackburn Take so Much Appreciated Right to Listen to Be Doing This Simulcast Was Doing Morning Shortly. So Just a Quick Announcement to Be at the Egg in Albany September 8 so I Want a Buddy to Bring to Got A Few Seats Left the Going Rapidly.

I Was Here Buddy Person VIP I Can Meet You before It's Good to Be Red White and Blue 1776 Not 1619 Right to We Come Back Funny Company Dental Squeeze in Some Calls Don't Move. Kill Me Now. Brian Kill Me Show Joints. FOXBusiness Is Firmly in Company with Stuart Varney Live on Your Radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian. Kill Me Anything Socialist Everybody in Our Moments Going on That Morning Using Commercial Right Now Do Simulcast and Then at the Backend Ice Your Calls up There 186-640-8766 to Be Able to Take Them Discuss That Will Going to Be Discussing Everything from What Joe Rogan's Telling Us about Who to Vote for to West Point Ordering the Takedown of Robert E Lee's Photo.

So to Me That Tradition You Got History Going at It in the Going to Our Premier Military Academy in the Country, Which Dates Back to the Revolutionary War. So Let's Listen Nearly 200 Points for the Same Line Is Now 1051. That Means It's Time for Brian Kelly, Brian, Gotta Start with This Podcast, Joe Rogan Has Advice for Voters Who Are Outraged over Those COBIT Restrictions.

He Says Vote Republican.

Listen to This I Get to Comment His Lessons Learned in This but No One Who Was Alive Today, He Never Experienced a True Pandemic and I'm Hoping That Now That This Is over. People Were Going to You Recognizes Some Serious Errors Were Made to Not Repeat Those That's the Best He Can Get Out Of It What He Tells People Vote Republican.

Well, That's the Last Thing Vote Republican and Could Not Move the Needle in November.

Do You Think Brian Will Just Think about This, Which Is Get Politics Out Of and Talk about What We Experience.

We Watch Prison. Trump Reluctantly Shut the Country down for Two Weeks to Stop the Spread.

Then He Tried to Open It up and All These Blue States Would Listen.

They Were Ignoring on the Presence Being Reckless. He Didn't Care and We Watch Florida Take the Lead and We Watch Other States Take the Initiative in Tennessee and Others and Especially Georgia Take the Initiative and They Stood Back up. I Got Some Criticism. I'd Rather Live There Where a Group of People Said, Let Me Make My Own Decisions about My Life and Let's Make Sure Seems to Take Care Of People with Underlying Conditions and the Democrats Never Want to Let Go, Which Were Says Ashley Is the Schools. Remember, the President Would Not Ask Mandy Schools Open Even after We Wrote the Checks God's He Was Scared the Union so If You Have Kids and You Want to Future You Want to Be Able to Go out to Eat.

You Want to Be Able to Run a Business That the Stakes Are Pretty Clear and Case in Point, You Know That Joe Goodrich, the President Is Not Lift One Finger to Release the People from the outside. People Want to Come Visit Unvaccinated for Coming Here Coverts over We Deal with It, the Vaccine Does Work against the Variance Anyway Because It Takes It. He Got It Twice. His Wife Got It Twice and Think That You Got It Back to Back. Please Stop Helping Me Write Yeah Monica, the Southern Border. They Don't Do Anything to Move on to Another Subject for Your Brian There All Coals for West Point to Remove Dedications Author Robert E Lee from Its Campus. I Mean Come on Outrageous He Was a Soldier in the Army. I Used To Premier He Might Be All of Our Premier Military Mind to Resolve the Union Command and Turned It down.

Sadly He Thought He George Washington Who Is Related to Said He Would Ratify Virginia Obviously Was a Bad Move.

We Never Want a Statue for Himself, but He Fought Brilliantly up to That Moment Was One of the Outstanding Recruits Didn't Want to West Point and Graduates Never Go through Their Note during the Time If You Look at What Lincoln Said, If You Talked about What Grant Talked about after They Won the War Was so Important to Bring Us Back Together That Actually There Was a Big Sense in America If You If You Pledge Loyalty to This Country. Your Back and to Now over. So I Got 150 Years Later Say No You're Not, Is Something That Should Be Approach with Now with the Motion Now with Politics but with the with a Stable, Clear Mind and I Think for the Longest Time, Our Oldest, Most Prestigious Military Academies Existed and Thrived Going to the Core of What the Academy Made It Academy and Eight. I Just Think That There Is a Huge Problem and Just As Donald Trump Told Us When You Take Confederate Statues down Is George Washington Next the Answer Is Yes Jessen Madison Washington yet. Why Do We Stop Loss, One for Your Brian Interestingly Major League Baseball Players Association Taking Steps Towards Unionizing the Minor League I Sent out Authorization Because the Basically Allow Players to Vote for a Possible Election. Good Idea or Not, but I Do Feel for These Minor Leaguers.

There Truly like Starving Artists Who Want to Make It in Hollywood. When You Make It to Make It into You Make Joe Make It All in 100 Years We Never Cared about the Minor Leagues before the Lease Gives Me Baseball Players. You Never Cared before. Now They Do Is Sadly Where the Revocations Will Be Less Minor-League Team Spot. I Do Think They Have To Find a Way to Make Them Give Give These Men a Livable Salary for Living below the Poverty Line Work Wintering at Night to Becoming Professional Players. I Do Believe There Be More Money That Could Be Come across There but Often Times with Unions If Their Intent Is Great. The Result Is Going to Be Less Teams, Less Affiliations Because with the Salaries Gone up in the by the Collective Bargaining. Often Times He Goes No Longer Goes the Pirates, for Example, a Less Lucrative Franchise. The Writer Pays Me to Do This While It's Eight You Know What Goodbye's AA Goodbye Rookie Ball and I Think of Just Got a Hold of Them. I Can Only Franchise That Would Be Less Jobs. Yeah, I Absolutely Agree Brian You Can, and I Can Ask You about Hungarian Basket Waivers and You Can Give Me Two Minutes of Excellent Feedback Brian Gill Made Terrific As Always Brian, Thank You so Much. I Still Had on Syria and in Alyssa WABC Head. You Don't Brian Goodwin Tremont Mentioned That on the Illegal Aliens. I Think I Was Doing a Good Job and Send Him to New York and Sending Them to Washington DC. However, I Think It Would Be More Effective If You Start Sending Them to Delaware There Yeah Why Not.

That Would Give A Lot More Attention to His Mentalist Time There That's Exactly Is Always Verification Drop Them off in Front of His House and He's Coachable. Remember I Was When Abby Called about the Keys with Doing Something He Was and He Was Okay but I'll Send Some to You and He Did As He Was Only Sending Them to DC at the Time.

Thanks Ed Good Suggestion. John WABC John Live. The Democratic Party Told Us over the Last Four Years Wondering If You Could Tell Me What Truth They Told You I Can't Come up with What Would You List That We Could Start with the Russian Collusion That We Can Go to Ukraine. Then We Could Go with You about the Inflation Reduction Bill, Which It Does Anything but Reduce Inflation Just to Throats and Told Us about a Great Deal from the Fox News Radio City Is New York City Set up Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice Kill Me. What Delays Moments of the Brain to Michelle. So Glad You're Here. 1-866-408-7669. This Arrow Can Be Joined by Our Trees. Calgary Kathy Lee Gifford Because They Can't Be Seen on the Same in the Same Studio That Had a Long Rivalry Together and in NC Solicited by Both Phobias Separately Trace. Would You Agree to Come on.

The Answer Was Yes Right. The Answer Was Yes. But Then Again You Know Me and What That One Time When I Be Afraid Gifford Not Running Race As It Was Downhill. He Was 77 and You I Find Is a Great Skit Right Here to Argue Was. Or Risking What Real Ski Actually Waterskiing Is Real Skiing to the Right.

Thank You for That.

I Was a Young Man I Was a Shows so Which Means I Performed in the Shows like Cypress Gardens and See What You Do Flip Something Soon. Barry Had All Kinds of Stuff That Was There Many Years Ago. So, Yes, but That Was Real Skiing That Friday but I Also Really Ski and Snow Version Part of the Reason Is Calculi Would Not Skew You Had Nothing in Common with No Break Could Run Kathy Lee Couldn't Ski It Was.

It Was Really One of Those Bad Dynamic Right like She's Not Here, Which Makes Sense Now All Of A Sudden Everything Is Coming in Clear Let's Get to the Victory. Now the Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Takes Exceptional Circumstances to Appoint a Special Master in a Case like This the Fact That the District Chargers, Considering It Shows. I Think That This Court Believes It Might Have Been to Lucerne Lax in Allowing the Search Warrant to Go out Now. We Might Get a Special Master As Early As Thursday. Despite the Fact That There Have Vetting Team Go through All the Stuff That Donald Trump Used To Own Used To Have Malaga Rate. The Rationalization Gets Weaker by the Day. The FBI Earned Zero Trust.

So Far, and Now Their Work Is under a Microscope and Nobody Likes What They Say How My Country Role Players Are Not Talking about Which World-Class Tennis Player Know That There Are Two Different Things Is Terrible.

Come One Come All to America, I Mean the Southern Border Illegally. Of Course, but It's Just Too Risky to Let the World's Best Tennis Player Kevin Novak Joke of It Is What Were Talking about Your Own Backs. We Can't Risk Sickening. America Is the Height of Idiocy and Defines the Biologic Is Just One of the Cabal of FBI Offices Who Have Pain Playing These Games. Since the Very Beginning of Donald Trump's Entry into Politics and Miranda Devine Is All over the Laptop from Hell, Which Is Now We Understood in the FBI's Hands and Blocked Intentionally Is One of the Cabal of FBI Officers, Many of Them Centered in Washington Field Office Who Have Been Playing These Games Is the Very Beginning of down Trump's Entry into Politics. I'm Talking about Crossfire Hurricane and Now We Talk about the Laptops Which Bring in Trace Recovering This the Last Few Days and Horse for Last Year's like All of Us. But What about the Fact We Now Have a Name.

Another Name Tim Tebo Escorted out a Week Ago. What Were Earlier Forced into Retirement after 25 Years Who Intentionally Set out the Investigation and Try to Seal It Forever Added to Kevin Kleinsmith, the Lawyer Who Changed the Document in the the Whole Concept Here.

Brian Is the FBI Is Now Losing Credibility by the Day Turns Really.

That Law Yes, and Here's the Thing That Miranda Devine Brought up a Great Point in the New York Post Today Saying You Know Mark Zuckerberg Told Joe Rogan. It Was It's All over.

He Knows about Mark Zuckerberg Says You Know, the FBI Came to Us and They Said You Gotta Be Careful about This Russian Disinformation and Rogan Asked Him Did They Talk about the Hundred Biden Thing and Mark Second Versus Now, but It Kind of Fit the Pattern. Miranda Devine Pointed out Today That the New York Post Article. The New York Post Article about Hundred Biden's Laptop Did Not Say a Single Word about Russian Disinformation.

And yet It Was Censored.

So How in the World Did Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Get from Were Looking for Russian Disinformation. All Of A Sudden the Hunter Laptop Story Breaks and You Censor It.

There's No Connection How You Make the Link There Is No Link until the FBI Makes the Link and Remember the FBI on This Whole Thing.

They Knew from Day One When They Got This Laptop, It Was Legit. Which Is Why They Never Called Tony Belinsky to Say Hey, Are These Emails Really Your That's Why They Are Asked the Computer Repair Person Brought It in Their Very Abrupt and Abusive to Him. In My Opinion and That's Why He Sent It on to This and This Is Terrible.

I Mean There's Some Huge Questions with Zuckerberg's Explanation. First off, When He Came out and Said I Have 1/3 Party Vetting Team Okay and the Board Fired Them Because You Didn't Even Pick up the Phone to Call the Biden Right the Say of These Real or Devon Archer Anybody Other Side of the Same One Person to Say Listen, If You Deny This, That's Fine.

I'll Put That in the Sorghum Writing the Story You Devon Archer.

By the Way, a Former Business Partner of Hundred Biden You Call Devon Archer and You Say Listen, I Just Want to Know. We've Got This Information Here. Would You like to Comment on Is It Legit and He's like Talking about What Information, What Emails They Never Called Never Called Tony Belinsky Never Called Any of These People Who Said, Who Came on National Television and Said These Are Legitimate, Don't You Think the FBI Would Pick up the Phone.

Five Minutes Later after Tony Belinsky's on Tucker Carlson and Say Hey by the Way, Tony, Are You Serious about This Are Are These Things Legit. Yeah There Legit.

That's Why When on Tucker by the Way, They Would Be Embarrassed Initially That They Can Get by Belinsky out Number One Knocked on His Door and Say Listen under Your Businessmen to the Bites We Have To Look into This Right and Will and One Thing I Just Said I'm Not Picking on a Guy They Clearly Had a Sexual Addiction and a Crack Addiction Issues. Nothing to Do with That Is How It Was with His Dad Did. Who Is the Future President and How We Might Be Compromised Because of International Deals Other Nation City. We Have To Deal with Them for a Relation so Tim Tebo 10 FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge. He Was Forced out after He Was Accused of Political Bias in His Handling of the Probes Involving Present Biden's Son. Now We Understand That He Did Something Specifically, He Ordered the Investigation Closed without Providing a Valid Reason and Try to Market in a Way That the Case Could Not Be Reopened in the Future.

It Blew up When the Post Got It. Henri Giuliani Cycled It through and Then What Happened after I Would Have To Say If I Wrote a Novel about It. I Would Go Yeah They'd Stuck It to Happen like That. Not in Such a Diffuse Social Media World with Fox and CNN and Facebook and Instagram and It Turns out They Went to Every Major Social Media outside and They Shut It down Right and If You Use If You You Forwarded the New York Post Story You Were Suspended. Kaylee Mac 80 Was Suspended As Press Secretary. They Pulled It off You Pulled Your Account and That's the Whole Thing Is They Pulled the New York Post to Account for 2+ Weeks They Shut It down. They Had Zero Evidence to Back It up. You Would Think If You Suspended Somebody's Account like the New York Post, Which Is Read by Millions of People That You Would Have Some Kind of Evidence You Would Give the Papers You Would Give These People like Kaylee Mac and Any Due Process If You're Going to If You're Going to Suspend Him Fine and Mark Zuckerberg Presently Know He Got This This Vetting Team.

We Do This, Do You Really Because Your Vetting Team Could've Made Two Phone Calls Three Phone Calls and and Legitimized All of This.

Instead, Nobody, Nobody Was Called. You Didn't Do Anything to Vet Any of This. You Were Waiting for Marching Orders from the Government and the Government Wasn't about to Come Back out and Widen the FBI on Day One. Widen the FBI If There Was No Conflict in This Call Zuckerberg on Day One and Say Listen This Hundred Biden Laptop Thing We Don't Know If It's Russian Disinformation Is Osama This so Tracy Let's Say You're in the FBI or NYPD and after Working Talk Then You Go Yeah He Trumpet in You. I Love to Write to Much like the Yankees Right Find You at the Age like That You like the Dodge Site Okay Has Affected T Child That Way. I Mean, Did You Think You Go to the Academy Go through This Training You Watch People Messed up You Study the to Be the FBI. The Background Check.

She Got to Go through You Say Well You Don't. If You Know I Met Tracy and You Know He Doesn't Elect Angels Right Heel Heat. You Know He Was Pulling from the Government and 72, Whatever It Is That's a Side Note, Don't Let It Affect My Job and That's What Exactly Would Happen. And If You Told Me This Five Years Ago I Go Maybe One or Two but Now You Have You Ran through Them and Struck a Page in McCabe and Kleinsmith and Ann Comey and Why Is It That Every Mistake the FBI Makes Every Time They Cannot.

Why Does It Only Affect One Side of the Political Ideology Makes. Can't You Make a Mistake That Benefit Some on the Right Side of the Aisle. For One Time. You Cannot Just Say Every Single Mistake Oops Oh Oops Oh Sorry Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Shoot. Again, It's All Based on One Hatred One Side, Hatred, and It's the Conservatives to Republican Senators Also Publicly Scrutinized Tebo's Alleged Antitrust Social Media Activity, Including a Retweet of Lincoln Projects Message They Called Donald Trump a Psychologically Broken, Embittered and Deeply Unhappy Man.

You Know They Look a Project Full of Pedophiles Right and and Corrupt Players on the Republican Side Who Should Be Disgraced Now, but Summer Back As Commentators.

He Also Allegedly Tweeted That He Wanted to Give Kentucky to the Russian Federation. I Assume It's Because It Was Sen. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell There Readmitted under Grilling from the GOP Centers Early This Month That the Allegations Were Deeply Troubling.

Why Does Why Does the Senate Have To Tell the FBI Director about Corruption in His Bureau. Yeah It's Amazing and I'm Wondering Is Tebo Busy Is He Start on MSNBC Tonight or Do We Not Know When He Starts Mercy. I Thought of Last Night. Yeah, Just As We Watch Peter Struck on Every Hours after Analyzing That You Think Are You Kidding Me.

I Mean It's What Time Do We Have To Watch MSNBC Tonight to Get This Person on Their Because You Think This Is Crazy When When Somebody Who Needs to Be in Jail Is Is Now You Know Looking to Get His Own Show, so Marty I Want You to Break down. I Want Everybody to Hear If, in Case You Haven't yet. Mark Zuckerberg Just Talking to Joe Rogan about This to Me. It Was like I Hope Yes I Hope Yes Because He Wants to Get This out Ahead of What's about to Come out Because He Smart Enough to Know This Is Hit the Fan Cut Five.

Basically the Background Here Is the FBI Basically Came to Us Some Some Folks on Our Team Is Okay. Just so You Know like You Should Be on High Alert. There Is We Thought There's A Lot Of Russian Propaganda 2016 Election We Have It on Notice That Basically There's about to Be Some Kind of Dump of of That, Similar to That.

So Just Be Vigilant so Be Vigilant.

Number 10 Really You Telling Mark Zuckerberg about the 2016 Election with Russian That He Probably Shut That down Give Me a Pen.

Number Two Is Also Know That Zuckerberg Poured in the Zucker Box into the Get out the Vote Campaign into Districts in Which Joe Biden One That Were Purple Districts That He Had to Win in Order to Get the Key States and They Work and Almost Everyone except Texas.

So That's Important Yeah but but He Goes on to Say That Things like the Sound Bite You Will You Was Five or Seven Days When It Was Basically Being Being Determine Whether Was False. The Distribution on Facebook Was Decreased but People Are Still to Share Miranda Devine Tells Me This Is How How How Disingenuous That Statement Is There with the First Ever for so When They Decreased It Made It Almost Impossible. Twitter Goes Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye Everyone Just Lined up and Stay or Not They Own Instagram so That's No Problem and Everybody Else Telling Lined and 51 Intelligence Agents Lined up and Said Russian Disinformation.

Don't Fall for It Again. It Was Not Limited. It Was Locked out. That's the Whole Thing.

It Was Locked out on Facebook.

It Was Locked out on Twitter and It Was Four Weeks and Know the Seven-Day. You Need Seven Days, the FBI, You Could've Made a Call on Day One. You Could've Made a Simple Call on Day One.

If You Were Really Interested in Finding the Truth and Not in Playing Politics You Could. Amanda Called the FBI and Say That Warning You Gave Us You Think This Falls under That This Hundred Biden Thing Does This Fall under That Not Say Anything about Russian Information Is Found on His Own Actions on a No Rush and It Does Get Laptop in This in This Computer Shop Is It Russian How the World We Can't Rush Information Nobody Nobody Said It. The FBI Knew It and They Didn't Say a Word.

So, Share It, You Can Still Consume It Today Specifically Say Need to Be on Guard about That Story. I Know I Don't Remember for Is That Specifically, but It Was Basically Fit the Pattern Pattern. What Pattern What Pattern Did It for. There Was Nothing When They're about Russian Informational Trace of the Pattern That Was Described to Him. Okay Fine so Grassley Said I Need to Know the Agents to Talk to Facebook but It Was You and Your Vice Presidents and We Need to Know What Exactly They Said so This Is Why, in My View, the Senate Will Get Answers If They Go If the Republicans Get a Majority but I Don't Understand What Pattern He's Talking about. Was There a Pattern of FBI of Russian Agents Coming in and Dropping Laptops for Months on End in Some and Some Guy Shop What Pattern Specifically Are They Talking They Took Him Four Years Ago When the Russian Set up Phony Accounts to Set off Republicans or Democrats in Certain Areas Which State You When People Say Will the Russians Affected the 2016 Election That Is Also Not a Good Not Accurate State. This Was a Well Researched and Well. Fact Check Story by One of the Major Publications in This Country, the New York Post, Which Is Been Doing This for 100 Years and They Checked and They Double Checked and They Crossed Every One of Their Tees and Daughter Their Eyes They Knew Exactly What They Had and Nobody Took Five Minutes. On the Other Side of the Thing to Say. I Wonder If the New York Host Has It Correct and Lastly Shut It down. So Then He Followed Him to Take Him Right in Retrospect You Know the Washable's New York Times That Was Correct. Right There Is Laptop Right Right so You Feel by the Cut Six Is There Regret for Not Having It Evenly Distributed for Throttling the Distribution of That Story Women Evenly Distributed. I Mean Evenly and That It's Not Suppressed It's Not Yes It's It Sucks That Enough to Suck Suck so That Socks Yeah I Got a Surfing Night and I Got You Mixed Martial Arts Now Yeah My T-Shirt. She Migrants Come across about Walking across All They Are All That Sucks Right Now Just Really Sucks Little Play That We Get Back I Trace Gallagher A Few More Minutes and Then I'm Gonna Get You out in Times You Have To See You This Sucks That I Can Show Have To Tune out Early. No Problem. Download the Podcast That Brian Kill Me Every Episode. The Exclusive Interview on Demand with and Kill Me. The More You Listen More, You'll Know It's Brian. Kill Me You Were Talking Trace about. During the Idiocy of Novak Jovovich Not Being Able to Play in New York at the Same Time, the Press Secretary. Honestly, I Met You Are Honestly Saying No One Can Just Walk into This Country with You Would between Two and 4 Million since She Took since Her Administration Came in We Had You Think She's Lying or You Think She's Not Lying Clueless Know She's Lying. She Knows That I Mean She Knows the Videotape Is There Any Unless They Absolutely Are Not Watching It and and They Have Forbidden Them to Watch Any Other Channel except for CNN and MSNBC and Read the New York Times There Then She's like Nobody Is That Uninformed. We Do This Every Single Day Wishing She Had to Read Those Notes.

Well, I Know, but That's a Whole Thing Is Is That You Know That This Is the Pattern. This Is the Whole Thing Where Joe Biden Said the Borders Not Open the Border Patrol Chief Will Tell You in Public.

The Borders Not Open and Private. He'll Say This Is a Crisis. The Borders Open. We Need to Handle This, but That's the Whole Thing Is If You Say It Enough That A Lot Of People or Some People Will Believe You.

And That's the Hope They Have Is to Turn That to Turn the Election.

Is That Enough People Will Believe You That That's All That Really Matters. Well I Guess I Guess so. I Do Feel As Though the Only Way They'll Get a Message at the White House Is If There's a Massive Red Wave Yeah and Then People Cite That Part of the Reason and Better Rockets Blown out in Texas and All These Hispanics Continue to Come over to Republicans like the Stats Say That Will Be the Key When They Realize This Next Generation of Illegal Immigrants Doesn't Want to Vote for Them Right but You and I Just Talk about This and in Los Angeles and in New York.

These Are Both Very Deep Blue Cities, and They're Not Getting a Conservative Message so the by Demonstration Can Keep Saying That They're Not Walking across the Border Because the People There Talking to Their Voters Are Not Watching Us.

They're Not Watching CNN Doesn't Show the Border Crisis. Notice MSNBC. They See It Only on Fox, but They're Not Watching Fox and so the Administration Is Convinced That They Keep Lying Lying Lying to Them Enough to Believe Them to Change on More If You're Interested in It. Bryan's Talking about a Tour with Brian. Kill Me, They Will Back Everyone 1-866-408-7669 Kathy Was to Talk to Anybody or Everybody. Yes, I Do Not Give Him This Year.

Host of Jesus to All the Host of the Jesus I Know on Fox Nation. When Is It Today I Think It's It's Been around Now for about Four Months or so. I Said so That When You Cumulate the New Movie I Will Go with Her Brand-New Book Called the God of the Way You Just on Fox and Friends Yes Eventually Just Be Honest and Just Say I Think Right Afterward.

You Kinda Yelled at Me and Said I Guess We Can Get in Your Radio Show. Little Did I Know I Said Well I Did, I Did Not Know and Maybe Sometimes People in Television Say That They Know I Actually Didn't Know and Then Allison Didn't Know, and Eric Didn't Know but Eric Does Really Talk to Me and Turns out This Is the First Time We Hear That You Want to Come onto Immediately. We Booked We Canceled Everybody Fully, so Right Now, after All, We Commit to One Another. Right Here, Right Now You Know I Was Love to Be with You. That's What I Was Know I Was. So We Were Trying to Maximize As Many Opportunities As We Can without Having Gone on like Come to New York Anymore. I Don't I Don't I Mean I Have Friends Here so I Come Because They're Wonderful People Still in New York City Right, but the City Is Not the Same. I've Been Here 40 I Lived Here 40 Years. I Thought I'd Stay Here and Is It Just Is Not Going in the Right Direction. This Just That the Problems Are Bigger That Homelessness Is Worse That the Addictions Are Worse the Item.

We Have To Try Something That's Going to Work Right. You Know I Mean I Don't Tell People How to Vote. It's Not My Business How a Person Votes but Can We Try and Stop Just Throw Money at Step with No Solutions. Yeah, I Would Work so Your Suggesting from Your Perspective Because You Know the City so Well and yet You Left. So When You Come Back You Have a Fresh Look at Where You Left It When He Comes Back I Will Go since You Went Being Here and Now That You're Back What You Notice. You Know What I Noticed before.

I Laughed and Isolate My Home in Connecticut and but I Don't Live There Anymore so My Residence I Live in Tennessee and I Was I'd Written a Movie for My Friend Craig Ferguson Brilliant Brilliant Actor, Comedian and I Were Shooting It in the Highlands and I Wrote Wrote All the Music with a Brilliant Writer down in Nashville Named Brett James Ansell from Month Know for a Here Every Month.

I Was Coming down to Work in National on Weekends Go Back to the Today Show on the Weekends I Go and Work on the Music Writing It, Producing It, Doing the Videos on That Recording and Every Time I Get on the Plane to Come Home. Brian I Go Why I Don't Leave Why Am I so Here It's It's It's a Combination of the Creativity That the Creativity Is off the Charts in in the National Area More so Than LA or New York for Me Has Ever Been.

I Don't Know What It Is and That the People There Are. They Let Me Be Who You Are. It's Way America Used To Be When You Could Talk Disagree about Something but Talk It over. You Know I Went to Two Elections down There and Not Once. Tonight I like a Tough Fight over Anything People Say after You Vote. Let's Get Together Have a Drink. Write a Song Right You Know but but You Vote the Way You Want to Vote They Let You Talk about It in Step with Getting Your Face and Cancel You and All the What Yeah I Think I Think the Canceling Thing I Think Is Boomerang. I Think People Are Enough People to Started and Her Son to Get Canceled.

How You like It and We All Make Mistakes for Goodness Sake for Human Right and I Don't Want to Live in a World Where Everybody's the Same. I Dropped Out Of the College I Was Going to Be Trying to Cookie-Cutter Christianity Went to A Lot Of Trouble to Make Us All Different and Unique with Different Skills and Gifts That We Try to Make Why We Try to Control Everybody and Everything Were Not Hello Earth's Why Me Now with Theirs Would Try to Pick Genders Now and When You Push Back It Said on My Second Grade of Learning about That, Then It's the Don't Say Gay Situation.

What We Talk about the Governor Says I Just Don't Want Second Graders and First Graders Coming on Going.

I Don't Have To Be a Boy or Girl.

We Never Discussed That until Seventh and Eighth Grade and Never That Way. By the Way, I Just Want Children to Have a Childhood. Most People Who Have Trouble. As Adults, and I've Been a Student of What Observing Human Inhumanity for a Long Time Now. The People If You What You Don't Get As a Child. You Spend the Rest of Your Life Looking for and When You Are Hurt You When You Haven't Had a Why Do We Have To Research to Find out That That a Home Where Children Grow up in with Parents Who Love Them and Care for Them a Two Parent Homework Six Paren I Don't Know I'm Testing Family and People Think You Can Go to and Feels a Safe Place. You Know, and Grow up That You Need Research to Tell You Less Addiction Dragon Have Less Problems You Can Have Less All Everything You Can Have More Shalom in Your Life Is the Only Word I Can Come up with. It's It's It's Agenda Hebrew Word People Think It Means Peace, but It's It Means All the Attributes of God in Written Actually It's It's God's Faithfulness Is His Justice, His Righteousness with Those Things Just a Matter in Our Culture They Used To Matter to People. I Was Taught Right from Wrong.

I Was Taught to Be Kind. Don't Be Cruel to Say That People Stood up to Bullies Back Then. Then Let the Bullies Decide That It's Now the Bullies Get Sued Now That Now the Bullies Now the Bullies Are That You Know That Get out with No Bail Paid by Know and and and and and I Couldn't Believe That I'm Sitting in Tennessee and I Watched on the News This Man Who Had Just Been Just Protected Himself, Defended Himself in the Bodega Was Called and the Forces of the Corner of the Tape You Still Be in Jail and They Came Showed You Had No Choice Even Try to Get past Them and Then He Picked up They Picked up a Knife and Pointed into the Guy You Killed Him Want to Do That but He Went to Rikers and the Girlfriend Knife to Myself. The Whole Thing Yeah Yeah This Is a Bodega You Probably Know These Neighborhood Climbing Course.

I Do Have the Upper East Side for Years, and ABC Just Knows Common Sense Anymore. You Know the Man Is Obviously Defending Himself Right and I'm Sorry If This This Person Came in Had a Tough Child or Something but That's Not Batman's Fault.

If You Want to See Primary Control.

I Thought about This Today. This Guy Brian Robertson from Alabama so We Discussed a Stud. You Know He's about to 20 Solid Muscle Comes out Nice Car, Washington DC, and Two Guys Try to Carjack Him and Then He Fights Back to Get Shot Twice He's in Jail Fighting First for His Life Now for His Career by Trying to Hold up His Car, a Black Guy Gets Attacked by Two Black Guys and This Guy's a Mountain of a Man with a Nice Car Just Goes to Show You Everybody Could Be a Victim at Any Moment at All of It. All the People Involved. Where Are the Same Color As Early Themselves, but They Don't like Writing a Great Assailant to White Guys Walked up and Sailed in His Sabbatical. You Can't Say That If It's Two Black Guys Assaulted a White Guy.

Then All Of A Sudden What We Don't Ago That Defined the Guy's That's What I Do Love about You That I Usually Don't Agree with You on Anything That's Not True That You Quest You Can't Say Wait a Minute Talk This through. You See That This Is Not Just an Isolated Incident Talk through the Ramifications of Things Long Term. You Always Ask Those Kinds of Questions and I so Respect. That Is to Say That the Hoda Think Things through and We Do Have a Laugh about It but People Don't Anymore. They Jumped to a Conclusion No Fax Date They Tell What Tar and Feather Yeah like They Used To and I You and I Know Nobody Gets a Chance to Defend Himself Anymore. And Even in a Court of Law.

Things Get Stacked against You and Is Why Did This Was Hopelessness in the World. Now That's What I'm Writing These Movies in Writing These Books Because People They've Lost so Much Faith in All of Our All of Our Institutions in a Somebody Has Gone Rogue Done That Renders Things I Used Their Power to Abuse and End It Happens More and More and More People Start to Say Wait a Minute, Wait a Minute. This Is Not the America I Grew up in This Not the America My Father's Father Died in World War II. My Father Served in World War II, His Brother Died out on D-Day. You Know I and His Other Brother Was Wounded, You Know That the People for Our Freedom Right and I When We Don't Have a Great Week. We Taken for Granted.

So When I Grew up You with the Big Story I Remember so Studies Went up and I Never Traveled I Went Went to Montauk A Few Times I Was My Travel As a Child, so I Really Am Saying.

Well, Will You Travel, You'll Find A Lot Of People Don't like Americans.

And One Thing Was about This. We Think Were Great. We Walk around in Those Loud Americans. We Thought We Know We Think Where the Culture of That with We Think We Walk on Water, so That Was Jesus Right. I Know I'm Pretty Sure We Don't Have Any of Them Go by Your Word on That. So, so That Was One Thing We Heard about Those Ugly Americans We Go Overseas. Don't Talk Loud Document.

People Speak English to Abuse.

Could You Think Are the Best Place Not to Tell Everybody Now Will Something to Reverse Your Own Worst Critic. The Rest of the World Is Trying to Pick up Our Self-Esteem Gone Really Because the World Would Not Be Okay without You.

If You Guys Don't Start Asserting Yourself Will Be Stuck with China and Russia As World Leaders. I Don't Think Anybody's Happy about That.

Well I Try Not to Talk Politics Because You Immediately Lose Half of Your Audience Right Away.

I Try to Keep It on the Fact That God Loves You, Whoever You Are, Wherever You Are and Whatever You've Done. It's Important, but at the Same Time with Lost Respect for One Another and Are Each Other's Opinions and and I Just Want to Get Back to Just Common Decency between People. I'm Not a Republican. I'm Not a Democrat. I Started Voting Independently. When I Was When I First Cut at the Age of 18, You Know, I Call It the Looney Verse People the Universe on the Left Universe.

On the Right Side of the Way Things Were. And I'm Not a Pie-In-The-Sky Girl and Rose-Colored Glasses. That Was a Time When People Could Sit across the Table from One Another How to Laugh. Sharon Drink Something and Discuss with Decency and Kind Kindness with One Another and Argue Raise the Decibel Level but Now They Shoot You in a Park When You're Practicing for for a Baseball Game or Something.

It's Just Killing in the God of the Way on a Separate Note, You You Team up with the Rabbi Yes and You Explore What Well My My Friend Rabbi Jason Sobel and I Wrote about Big Selling Book about about Five Years Ago Nobody Was More Surprised Than I Was and the Rabbi That Was Called the Rock the Road and the Rabbi and It Was about My Rabbinic Studies in Israel and How They Changed My Life Transformed Me Unite. I Grew up in Western Christianity.

Basically, Even Though My Father's Father Was Jewish Right Is a Russian Jew but I Became a Believer in Jesus When I Was 12 Years Old and I Said As a Young Girl Who Had Jewish Blonde of Course with Cousin My Father and My Grandfather. I I Wasn't Confused A Lot Of People Say What Wait a Minute, You're You Have Jewish Blood in You and People Do You Know You Got It Season Find out If You Do I Have A Lot Of Jewish Blood, and I Had A Lot Of Jewish Traditions Also and When My Mother and Father Would Go to Baltimore by the Brand and You Know We Didn't We Didn't Keep Me to Go to Temple but We We Went Really Bible Believing Christians. Either We Back of Great Reverence for God in Our Family That We Found out Years Later That My Daddy Is an Eight-year-old Little Boy Had Asked Jesus into His Heart and a Black Church during Vacation Bible School and but My Daddy Also Is like a 12-year-old Kid Was Stoned When He Was Walking around Annapolis Maryland People Threw Rocks at Him and Called Him a Christ Killer so It's It's a Confusing Way to Grow up. You Know, I Would Say so Yeah so so I Am Jewish I Am Jewish and by Nationality, Not Nationality by a Blood in Some Ways and I'm Also My on My Mother Side. I'm Whatever We Were Matter. The Point Is, What Do You Believe and I Believe That That Jesus I Know He Was a Jew.

We All Know He Was Jewish. He Was a Rabbi, so He Was a Good Jew He Was.

He Was a Teacher.

He Kept All the Jewish Law. The Torah Everything and but He Brought a Brand-New Message to the World That Is Yes, I Will Fulfill the Law but but God Loves Mercy. God Loves Forgiveness Right God Loves Justice, Yes. But All These Things Have To Go with It so That's What I'm Doing Now and Capable of Wait a Minute, What about Being a Jew. I Said All Believers and in Christianity Was Wasn't Even Called Christianity from till Much Later It Was Called the Way.

That's Why My Movies Called the Way I Did Not Know the Followers of Jesus Were Called the Way and They Were All Jewish. That's Why Angel Should It on This Interview Know so Much More about the Bible That I Can Put You You Teach Me Everything with Every Word on the God, the Way Is the Name of the New Book Cigar and Get a Catholic Histogram for A Few More Minutes We Come Back. And of Course You Go Still Download Her Show on Fox Nation. This Is Kathy Lee Gifford Is Here with Me. Should I Move Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Ratio Radio That Makes You Think This Is Brian. Kill Me to Show That You Gifford Is Agreed despite Everybody Telling Her Not to Step Your Career to Stay for One More Segment See As Those of Jesus. I Know on Fire Station Right Now, but Her New Book Is out Is Called the Bible Is Called the God of the Way so Jennifer Lyons Called the Way That's Most Important Thing the Movie the Most Important Thing Is You with Me, but That My Doctor That Is Self-Centered yet Just Real Quick about You. Do You Miss Being on Withholding Every Day to Sometimes Things Pop up. The News Is Such Good Friends. You Say I Wish I Was on Today. I Don't Miss Coming into the City and Doing the Show Anymore. I Don't Know That, Actually, but I Might Spell It out and I Was Three Cameras All Now the Honey I Don't. I Am Less There My Cameras and I'm Directing a Movie That's Not Now That's Exciting. I Did It for so Many Writers and I'm so Grateful for Most People Say to Me All the Time. Could You Left Your Dream Job with Regis at the Height of the Success You Left Your Dream Job. Without It, the Height of Your Success. I Said You Assuming That That's My Dream Job Talk Show Host When I Was Growing up, I Wanted to Be Hayley Mills and Being in Love Disney Movies. You Mentioned You Got Better Friends with Regis after 20 Years after. So I Guess Now I Do Have Very Close Friends of the 15 We Work Together Never Had an Argument Never Had an Unkind Word between Us That Once I Left the Show, We Became Deeper Friends. We Didn't We Just I Don't Know for Whatever Reason I Theft the Aging Process to Some of the Loss We Would Grieve Together Disparate People in Our Lives Would Pass in or We Just Have Dinner We Stick Get Together in Greenwich All the Time to Have Dinner and and II Just I Die. Just Gird Myself Because I Knew Once We Walk in Everything Rich Regis Could Not Stand to Not Be Noticed. He Lived to Be There for the People. My People Need Me, Used To Say. So We Walk into These Great Restaurants and I Think You Have a Nice Quiet Dinner Just the Four of Us. That's Right, Just As the Race It Says A Lot. I Looking Can't Live without Make, the Woman Will Email I Got Here We Go Because He Because He Felt like He Was Performing, Always Dizzy, Always Worried Things Are Going to Go Away. They Walked Out Of People like to Know Who Is Well Honestly It's Interesting You Should Bring That up by His Mother Was a Little Italian Lady and She Used To Always Quote Her Sheila Liston Mr. Smarty-Pants upon Half Is Just around the Corner. It's a Terrible Accent but He Would Do a Great He Is. His Mother and Father Were Depression Was Depression Time. They Did Lose Everything. A Lot Of People Are Losing Everything Now Talk about Depression Where I Work Knows What's Going to Happen Next.

It's Not Going the Right Way Right Anyway. So We Would Get Together and What Was Your Question like My Question Was He When He Stood up He Got Attention Is Having Fun Performing and He Never Dreamed He Could Come That the People Loved That He Understand He Was, but Was Always Was, Always, He Was Always the Guy Who Is the Biggest Fan in the Room He Got No Joe DiMaggio by No Everybody but He Was Always a Guy A Lot Of Him.

I'm Sitting Here with Frank Gifford Regis Phelan from the Bronx Giant Fan Giant Fan. He Lived This Huge, Huge, Likely Never Forgot Who He Was and As Usual You Know Your Business.

We Have 10 Seconds Left and You Knew How to Stop. I Just Want You to Know Brian That Regardless of All the Evil Things Done, and Has a Purpose for Your Life.

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