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Joe Biden trots out his angry, midterm persona; Blasts "violent" MAGA

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 26, 2022 12:45 pm

Joe Biden trots out his angry, midterm persona; Blasts "violent" MAGA

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 26, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:00:00] Adm. James Stavridis (Ret.)

[00:18:25] Howard Kurtz

[00:36:48] Miranda Devine

[00:55:10] Andy McCarthy

[01:31:56] Jamie Lissow

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive voice kill me.

I would walk delayed his moment of the brain kill me Joe closing out the Friday edition so glad you're here how we her to the bottom of the hour.

Adm. James David is standing by and we have a lot to discuss. Today were supposed to get some breaking news right when the show comes to a close, will discuss that and will follow everything else looks like the president, oh midterm elections, dried, and if so if he's not running for election. No one told Pres. Biden. So to get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three is really hard to accept this outcome likely, even a year later after having indulged in all this time in Salt Lake. Today we we honor our troops the 13 troops that will kill that protecting the Afghan people. American security here since advocate suicide bombing. We now know how easily this could have been prevented. According to the CIA. The bomber ID days before but not allowed to take them out now.

13. Americans are dead. Hundreds of Afghans and Vladimir Putin is putting together a massive recruitment push because that war is bogging down for Russia. It would be highly unusual to have an affidavit become public in the middle of an investigation. This never becomes an issue at the end of an investigation, because all the stuff gets turned over in discovery interesting and McCarthy weighing in reaction to Don and the release may be any more any hour. Now is the judge in the Trump rate case is poised to release that affidavit which may or may not let us know why the DOJ would raid the compound of DJ T were a serious moment our nation's history bag.

Republicans don't just threaten our personal rights and economic security threat to our very democracy that embraced embrace political violence.

Yes, Liz Cheney wrote that all in for 2022 is Joe has the midterm angry glow and really disturbing revelations about 2020, which it up, all Republicans crying foul.

Even Liz Cheney and adding can trigger, but I just quick note if you ever want to if you ever miss the show live and I hope you never do want to get the podcast a lot of you're doing that and we thank you for that Adm. Jim Servetus, welcome back, Brian. One year anniversary since there the explosion that Abigail would see what your remembrances what you think. One year later feel so heavy in my heart thinking of those Marines and everything they were trying to do that.

This was at this point the humanitarian mission. They were trying to get our friends and allies. People at work with us for years out of there safely and their families. Like many other veteran I was involved in moving groups of these Afghans to that that very gate and I feel we still got work to do to understand what happened you mentioned no CIA report. I think we need to continue to understand why this withdrawal went so very, very badly, so I feel sadness crying about Paul.

I know, but disease you must be frustrated too because this is what you generals do for living.

You spend decades doing this. But politicians just by the way government is set up ultimately made that decision.

They did not listen. It seems to the military expert. That said, if you pull our troops out and do not give any type of coverage and gradually do it.

The Afghan army. More than likely would collapse and it did without air cover with the sense that America was leaving regardless they said either I save my family save myself or I stay here and die and they left and I think it's it's worth contrasting by the way what happened there, and what is happening now in Ukraine, in the sense that in Afghanistan leadership matters in one president.

I trust Donnie grabbed a bag of cash and got on the helicopter and left.

Contrast that with Claude Amir Zielinski staying put on his hunting gear and went to the front lines to fight Afghan leadership failed our military failed in how we executed that withdrawal that the bombing is a pretty good example of that. And I think thirdly you got. I hate to say this, you gotta give credit to the talent mandate mounted active high-speed fast-moving campaign and it shattered the will of the Afghan military and ultimately the Afghan people. My body military experts predicted that because America was in the new with Pakistan's help and all the supporting terror regions and money. They stood no chance. My views on this are well-known.

I felt and I still feel to this day that pulling our troop levels down below 15,000 troops, which was where it sat on the Trump administration came in the Trump team moved them down to about 7500 and in the Biden team came in and pulled the last 7500 out both administrations. My view made mistakes, I think we could have remained in Afghanistan had control of those strategic bases continued to ensure that the work of 20 years would not be thrown away in a single series of sudden withdrawal.

So yes, I believe we should have stayed, but nations are like people. Brian think they make decisions there are consequences and we move on. That's where we are now on Afghanistan so this is through the came out that I referred to earlier needed to so obviously read it that this Abdul Rockman look all the glory was at bar ground in prison where he belonged to terrorist and he was hanging out in Kabul airport two days a couple of days before the actual explosion is believed to be the suicide bomber CIA identified him. Everybody knew who he was with you were not there were not given orders to kill them.

He ends up being the bomber and the administration will confirm it, but it's the best it's a it's a poorly held secret within circles like yours. Could you tell me about this. Well tell you is if there is one organization that lived up to its reputation in the events following the collapse of during the collapse gets the CIA. They did a superb job predicting a lot of what ultimately occurred again outstanding tactical kinds of information they got their people. Many of them out clandestinely and overtly the CIA can be very proud of its efforts in those days.

Brian I don't know the details of this particular want to get to the answer on this. I would say yes I do. I absolutely do and I think that needs to be done in in and we need to draw the lessons learned and find out if the reports are true, why a decision was not made to move with, shall we say, more alacrity in eliminating the threat. Clearly there is more to learn about this many people do we put in those last weeks into Afghanistan rapidly roughly, I think we we managed to invent how you mean to my house and mean yeah I think that's a good round number.*To say that you imagine if we just told the Afghan army look back and I will cut down got hold onto bar grumble will be able to search 10,000 troops and addressed in a blink of an eye will be here and provide periodic air cover.

This thing would've lasted.

Then you would've had an additional chance to give some against you guys sacrifice you with lives and limbs for to take root mean it's so obvious it even at that time for nonmilitary person like me to see what was happening and NATO was never even informed we were doing. They had said they were getting their reports about our actions through news reports that to me is unacceptable.

Yet another aspect of this that deserves thorough look at an understanding of what happened is the coalition aspect of this which you allude to correctly and you could see that good disjointed nature. This the brats were moving in one direction the French and another. The Germans pulling out of the north lottery surely the Italians coming out of the West did it just was not a coordinated effort, and we tried to do it too quickly that we set an arbitrary date trying to match up with the 20 years we had been there. That wasn't another mistake. We should've at least stayed until the winter when that Caliban would've been much suppressed by the weather, there are all kinds of lessons that need to be pulled out of this and it's the coalition it's a work in the intelligence community, it's Abby gate itself.

It's the collapse of the Afghan government. There is 20 learn here so the ISC general team.

If China acts the way it does, and Russia, bills of troops and invades, which they did cut 32 if we did leave after us and what we did Yemen we can't prove it but the facts seem to support mostly shows up in 170,000 troops on Ukraine border.

He invades a few months after that China has become considerably more aggressive with Taiwan and it began way before the most recent aggression over the Pelosi visit the Iranians up their game and in terms of their proxy wars. After fighting in the Middle East and solely trying to kill Americans on American soil. I think the facts speak for themselves our adversary is what art wormhole. The one way in.

I completely agree with Gen. Jack and I'll add two other factors at play in his mind. By the way, Brian not only the chaotic nature and the way we did not stand with our allies, but a second factor was COBIT and the in the whole way in which the West was disjointed and kind of finding its way in changing its mind and it appeared to create a lot of uncertainties and then number three Brian I think Pruden looks at our divisions and or discord here in the United States. He put all that together. He said there distracted by their own internal politics there distracted by coded their military doesn't look very competent.

Looking at the events of Patty gate and he decided to make his move. By the way, I think he miscalculated and he's heading up pretty blood he knows at the moment, but yes, I agree with Jack Keene that you can drop a plumb line from the Benson Afghanistan to the invasion of that hope to realize that White House to the Pentagon.

Ukraine now turns out prison Pruden on Thursday ordered a sharp increase in the size of Russia's Armed Forces, a reversal of years of efforts by the Kremlin to slim down the bloated military now that they lost at least 80,000.

Also, over a dozen generals there now experiencing. Someone seems to be a guerrilla war, and some of the can Crimea in the surrounding areas. So where's let me put in getting these guys he doesn't want to do a draft.

What is he going to do. He doesn't have very good options.

Brian and by the way he is trying to raise 140,000 troops, which would be maybe a 10% increase in what his army is on paper he's probably lost those level of forces already in Ukraine where does he go to get up. Well we know a couple places he's going to the jails. He is literally throwing open locked cells and saying the convex okay you're going to the front lines and will pay you this will commute this party your sentence. He's also opening recruiting thing about this Friday, soaking recruiting to all-male 18 to wait for 16 years old get on in my 60s. I don't think the Navy is looking for Adm. staff greatest come back on active duty, but I could probably get a contract in Russia go to the front lines of the he is going to thirdly try and offer huge financial bonuses that may have some impact, given how the economy is grinding down there but bottom line he's got a demographic problem.

He's got a motivational problem and he's got a logistics problem getting people into the military trained into the front line. This is not gonna work out well for is a sense among some Ukrainian officials that Jake Sullivan specifically will walk up to them. Right before the election and say guys are. That's it let you see they can keep what they got. If you are that no I know Jake Sullivan. I don't believe people do that might hurt him consistently both privately and publicly say our job is to put the weapons in the hands of the Ukrainians and they will do the fighting and then when it comes time for negotiation. Those will be decisions for Ukrainians.

I'd never heard a scenario if she just describe your right.

What about which the moves I think the case silent but I so's cultic your son in that area. It looks like that's going to be the the place people look at the sea Ukrainians get on the offensive before the winter indeed and its key because it is the gateway city to Crimea Woodford Clinton is really the crown jewel so to speak of this invasion is that he can solidify his illegal control over the Crimean Peninsula which is very valuable strategically exits out into the Black Sea and so not care sans control water supplies for transport routes into Crimea. It's also the first significant city.

The Russians were able to take control of. So there's psychological, geographic and military reasons.

The Ukrainians are in a fight very hard to get back into care. Sans evidently there making progress, the blowing of the bridge is to isolate the Army in income the barges to make their a wood would seem to be a water bridge. Have you heard anything about that type of finding yes and it's more is being fought in many dimensions air land see but were not focused enough on the rivers and hear the Ukrainians have done very very well, but as you say, controlling the infrastructure, destroying where need be protecting more need be controlling access across those rivers, and if you look at a map of South Eastern Ukraine. It's lined with tributary rivers coming out of the Dnieper River. So yes, Ukrainians are doing quite well on the rivers believe that the words he was with the drones over the weekend and the Black Sea also do believe that they're responsible for some of these terror activity that seems to be taking place in primary Crimea, let alike what happened to that of the to the daughter of the food. Now I found two different things that daughter of the Putin ally. Personally, I do not believe the Ukrainians hands are on that one. It would be such a provocative going inside the country and in going after. I guess the other side of the I do.

No question about the others and and I'm glad to see a bright Adm. thanks so much. It was educational and will 1070's personal power is Americas with all of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen ON Fox's or wherever you get your project Fox News network London Domino's Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the bend on its podcast listen no Fox News is so busy he'll make your Brian kill me. Is there regret for not having evenly distributed and for throttling the distribution of that story women evenly distributed.

I mean evenly and that it's not suppressed it's not yes it sucks yeah it sucks me as was true and that is the backend play more when Howard Kurtz joined me of Mark Zuckerberg's interview with Joe Rogan the beginning there talking about his new oculus and their talk about him to being mixed martial arts like Joe Rogan is and talked about surfing and then in the middle of it. They start segueing to the New York Post story and the hunter by laptop and now the FBI came to visit and they said, look out the Russians going to do it to the election again and almost the next day encompasses laptop story so they didn't bend it like Twitter with they did as a suppressed it like maybe every other positive story, should they exist for Donald Trump and he said we had 1/3 party analyze it. You are the third point number one fire them because they didn't make any effort.

It seems to find out if any of the thousands of emails were sent to clinical call hunter by your Facebook hunter button on the phone to listen will put this laptop online with your dad is the big guy if you don't tell me if this is you are not, but instead they just suppressed it in a whistleblower told us from the FBI that the FBI was told whatever you do not open do not investigate till after the election. They did found out it was all true. Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now in Fox News or wherever you get your favorite will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News by just information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show you the background here is the FBI came to us some some folks on our team is okay just to know Michigan high alert. There is talk.

There's a lot of Russian propaganda 2016 election we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of of that, similar to that. So just be vigilant I think was five or seven days. What was basically being being determine whether was false. The distribution on Facebook was decreased but people are still up to share secrets will share it, you can still consume it today specifically say need to be on guard about that story.

I know I don't remember for is that specifically, but it was basically fit the pattern so there talking about the hunter by New York Post story and he was saying how much better Facebook did it in Twitter because Twitter suppressed it and suspended County as we didn't do that.

We did to suppress the story. So on the algorithm.

The matter how many people wanted to read it. They would just make sure it was almost impossible to find and I have not found anyone that said to me. I found this story on Facebook so maybe next to impossible to find. I'm not sophisticated enough or learned enough in that area to understand how these algorithm works, but they quickly suppressed it. Now you combine what he told Joe Reagan. Yet Rogan yesterday with the Zucker box. They want to key districts in key states in the election will disproportionately for Democrats and you could argue that he had his hand on the scale as much as anyone and again a little bit trying to blame the FBI when you first saw the headline of the story.

I said listen to this is really the FBI he's came up to him generically. Days later, the laptop story emerges is all okay let me do it. The other thing to keep in mind, let me suppress his story. This what they were talking about. Did he call the FBI said this what you mean what you want to do and he said I always I outsource it to 1/3 party who is the third party. They all should be fired. How we how we Kurtz joined yourself host a media buzz and he's on 11 o'clock for the first time on Sunday but is repeated Howard, welcome back. What is your take on the exchange that emerge from the three hour interview with Zuckerberg that we just played Flippin outraged about this. This is not so and you know in a way Twitter which completely screwed up by banning the New York Post, by laptop story at least was upfront about it and later apologized for we did not know that Zuckerberg's outfit was suppressing it and you know I did listen to more, try to parse the words well you know we we fiddled with the algorithm so that is by significant magnitude.

We decrease mean it was shadow bandit was hard to find and this only comes out now. I think the FBI looks bad.

I think Facebook looks bad and I think they both have a lot to account for so like you know and whatever but the Zucker box and you know I think was Niles Ferguson came in, let a book out and he just said to me after 26 election when Trump shocked the world. He said listen here hee hee as I live in Silicon Valley, they, they are humiliated because Trump use Facebook in particular in a genius way because new Hillary Clinton Or nothing to do with it. There will be a rift, they will not be used like this again. You watch and I'll never forget the conversation because was just a few weeks even before Russia really got traction. I felt you mean how could they possibly get revenge that they paid to use Facebook experts what you will Democrats get better. That's how na�ve I was doing it not only did they going suppress the stories that emerged this. I want to find out who the third party group is Howie today actually go and find out anyone on either end of any of these emails. I'm sure Facebook's executives called hunter would've picked up the phone and say listen were about to publish this laptop because we are trying to find out if these are authentic emails doodads involved in this, he might be president. I need a rationale to not printed. Tell me if this is stolen. Tell me if this is your email anybody that were on these emails. Anybody involved what did that third party to any of that homework or do they just join the other 50+ so-called Intel executive assistant. This is classic Russian disinformation. This is one of the slippery things that Mark is a good bird dogs were. You were not really a media company. People post whatever they want here when it comes to deciding the truth or falsity of the story.

I was farming out to some other group which may also be left-leaning. Everybody knows Zuckerberg and Facebook are left-leaning operations, but he makes a great show say no, no, we want conservative voices as well. So to do it in this fashion, and by the way different people haven't followed it intimately know the hunter by laptop story as reported by the New York Post in late 2020 was true, absolutely true, and it took a year and 1/2 of the Washington Post, New York Times got around to saying we've confirmed it and so for him to say what we were really sure what the dues we went a few days. I mean it just looks awful and it looks like Facebook. As you said so covering his finger on the scale but what about the FBI. This is during the truck lustration Chris raising charge I don't like the idea of them going to any social media company and saying we just want to warn you that we have concerns about that you know they should be hands-off, let these organizations which are giant media companies in Manila don't like to think of himself that way make their own decisions without government pressure.

That's what it was pressure from the FBI was more from that interview, cut 34 is there regret for not having it evenly distributed and for throttling the distribution of that story women evenly distributed timing evenly and that it's not suppressed it's not yes it sucks. Okay, all forgiven, it sucks you kidding so this is Sally and I know you know this but just for a listers and where were you know I am one done with the 2020 election. But when stories like this come up.

This is a legitimate story. It's not any thought of something happen Wisconsin to Pennsylvania in Arizona or Georgia that would've mysteriously through the election. Other say this is a fact in Georgia Zucker box of 45 million Georgia 75% of those grants went to County shifted that shifted to the left. 45 million of it went to two left-wing groups impacts in Pennsylvania, 25 million with the Pennsylvania 90% of the grant dollars went to Counties Joe Biden one in Ohio not effective. Obviously Ohio received 8,000,070% of Counties Joe Biden one 10 million went to Wisconsin 10 million Zucker box 8.5 million was spent in only five Democratic cities and we know that Wisconsin was one by Trump. The last time round in Michigan.

The Trump one in 2016. 15 million Zucker box with 7 million going to the city of Detroit, a Democratic stronghold in swing district to maximize that. So he did put he put Zucker box in a put his hand on the scale. I'm not saying it's illegal, but it's noteworthy. Would you say noteworthy indeed, and I would also say look, even if Facebook allowed it to be shared by the story women would controvert would've added to the coverage which was kinda minimal. I will figure were swarming the election, but as the principles of thinking for him to ask yesterday regret you think he would play. Please mount some kind of manly apology instead, it sucks. Well it does suck. Brian does and you know what you know I want to see say something about this Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsey. I mean the most conservative Republicans are known and are you you and I I think we overlook you overlap with Liz Cheney a little bit at Fox and not sure I did, and Jesus Martin conservative is anyone you meet. I thought you actually be running for president eventually before this happened. I think she voted without Trump. Most of the time before all hell broke loose and no reason to go through it now. I would add something else. Nate Silver wrote this story. He said liberal elites pressured Pfizer to delay the announcement of the vaccine till after the election, so it says he goes on to say that would've been listed as a political when he said to the New York Post liberal public health elites pressured Pfizer to delay fast-track approval of the coven. I found vaccine until after the 2020 election denying prison Trump a pivotal win before heading to the posted numbercrunching data. Journalists reacted to the article by politico that cited a house report the claim. The Trump administration sought to expedite approvals for both vaccines and unproven treatments. Silver call for a more scrutiny on whether Pfizer bowed to the pressure from liberal public officials. Now I don't really know Nate Silver, but I know anyone thinks he is a conservative, so for him to write that that is a legitimate story if can you imagine a week before a vaccine is found through operation warp speed, led by Jared Kushner to move forward with this vaccine and record pace. I just ask you.

Should that have been involved the election if somebody was holding that up is and want somebody to win. I think that is deftly worthy of a conversation look at would've been explosive news not on the Pfizer side of it.

No. Given that the pandemic was the dominant issue in 2020 of those vaccines if if if that breakthrough had been able to not be enough for the election that might actually have swung the needle nose. Few states where the bike was able to pull out the electoral college victory, but at the same and at same time Trump for all the mistakes that he may not have made a lot on family culvert deserves credit for the fact that we have these vaccines today and he you know he evidently tells people what people but when I bring up the vaccine because he so proud of it and realize that you know what is in my humble opinion it's the mandate is when you tell the American people. This is what you're getting your fired or you can go to school.

We better transfer schools or your horrible person you better not go to a restaurant you can't play tennis at the U.S. Open. That's when the American people go at that just goes against the grain and they look at who's telling you to do that someone you didn't vote for you. Forget about who brought it forward so I think you have been told reverse if Trump will run reelection. I think there a whole bunch of Democrats that are looking to take just I, Harrison when she was a candidate.

I'm looking to take any vaccine from down Trump to go to been an opposite story might be an interesting study. So today up before noon were here we might get this affidavit from the judge and find out what led to the raid on Mara Lago would you sense how big a story.

Will this be when this affidavit comes out okay will give nonstop coverage but I don't think we'll find out much, because the judge said he's not going to release parts of the affidavit that that would affect the roadmap of investigation or confidential sources and so forth. Several of the small slice that he will I give him credit for pointing it out and some of that will be redacted.

I think will be jumping in phrases of a basement. I don't think it's going to tell us very much.

I love to see the whole thing. I understand the concern about advertising investigation. Meanwhile, the Justice Department leaking its butt off to the New York Times about an ongoing criminal investigation, which are not supposed to do most immediate treating that as a bombshell but it's and it's outrageous that Merck: Justice Department file can't discuss this publicly is doing it by whispering to reporters yeah I'm is amazing the detail they came out about those outlets in my meter so much of the rush investigation where we can't do it is too dangerous. But let me tell the New York Times and Maggie Haberman all the details and will just say it will just lay low.

So it's it's a d�j� vu all over again.

So how we who benefits with the story front and center the whole Mara Lago start, you know, I think there's been such a backlash against the search that is politically it is benefit Donald Trump. That's the reason I think Justice felt like how to get inside us truly switch again this is a leaky town near Washington, but an ongoing criminal investigation are not supposed to say anything to protect the rights of a potential defendant and by the way, I'm not convinced that Donald Trump is to be charged with everything. However I do think as more and more has come out about multiple times by the national archives to get Belgium to give back some these highly classified documents and how this took a long time that our picture has changed, and so for a lot of people. Those who wish to follow this it doesn't seem the search warrant seems more like an attempt to get back highly sensitive documents rather than just to embarrass the former present right and we don't even know this can be a separate charges or they just want their stuff back. You know I I'm convinced it will not be a charge related to the classification of documents is just not going to charge for present United States with that unless it's something related to the capital. Ryan on January 6 were related to know some the various thing.

The Trump did with nuclear documents Merck Arlington can bring that prosecution but you know, like all of us. We don't know exactly what he has and I think is going to take us times this is to be handed over our whole system for a long time to come media buzz host Howie Kurtz with us now so we know this audit is a big change override at CNN and it's amazing that meteorite seems to be trying to keep certain people's jobs intact, one of which might be done. Lemon the headline a meteorite and look at this say wow what happened here Don lemon grilled Jean-Pierre on Verilog arete who is we who knew about it in the White House right so you play it down. Listen to the actual you heard the headline that listen to the question cut 29 them.

We gave them the further back to the new about a wife I'm just telling you are the White House, I'm not.

I don't have specific names of specific the White House further back to the national archives letter. It's very clear in the letter. It's out there. You guys have shown the letter that folks can take a look again when it comes to investment age that is it that you just explain that that's not grueling as you like them, making sure that Don lemon is it next what your reaction to Brian Stelter losing his job well. I haven't talked about that on to say that I wish everybody well know that is my old show and we are now media buzz Sunday mornings.

Love Eastern the only BML show on national television take that responsibility seriously and I always try to be fair and as you know you try to be fair to get it from both sides. Why aren't you on the team but there's an audience fairness I believe that's the main message I have.

What happened at CNN is for Don lemon look. At least he tried yes to question you know scripts like this trying the new president of scene is trying to return to its roots.

A more neutral news based services of most of you know I will have all those 81 panels trashing Donald Trump and Fox. I wish you luck with that.

It's hard to undo the damage to CNN's reputation at the place over the last six years.

When it did become anti-drop antifog's pro-Democrat and suddenly say okay nevermind were going to go back to roots take a lot of rebuilding. Yeah, I like what he will lose their job so I don't care even if they say horrible things about us. It died.

I just don't feel comfortable because it's the its careers and its families. I'm with you Howie Kurtz to watch you at 11.

Thanks so much. Sunday's thanks Ryan, you got it. Listen when we come back I'll take some calls and finish up this hour. I barely touched how much I still have to get into Sonoma Frank from his mouth to your earlier Brian Gill made Dr. Fouts is worth hiring settle down a flight as something I don't think Dr. Fouts is also in Florida that will open you write about make a movie because detail personally think it's time that does love TV and he's on more than Brian Kelly that her that's so funny that I said on the show that you guys had no doubt is actually on Johnny will dig from Jesse. What is bright and last name because you know the only person more hostile than got felt to me is Eric. Eric always takes shots at me, using my own words so easy to so couple of things I forgot. We'll talk about bounty missing the master against getting everything wrong with John Katzman today said what he said so yeah I don't think MS gives you false sense of security doesn't really protect you or protects somebody of okay nice, like government thing were to mask and then Dr. burst. These were goggles right but you remember that he said I don't predict that this virus is going to be much of a problem here. I mean come on and praises the WHO and it's not anything, of course, didn't come from a lab.

This came from natural current.

So this is these are inexcusable. Anybody else would be the laughing stock.

It would almost be like member brownie way to go brownie after Katrina when he said everything is under control. He is Katrina he is a the pandemics Katrina that makes sense for you and Fox news radio Studio City New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer.

Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here about you throwing to Michelle 1-866-408-7669 will come in here from midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world, especially in Ukraine where they continued to fight and grind on and was still thinking about the explosion at the gate where Afghanistan of course we lost 13 of our guys. Many more wounded, and hundreds of Afghans lost their lives is inevitable for much warned about. And now we know specifically, possibly, according to the CIA who actually did it and how could have been prevented.

It just makes everything so much worse and McCarthy at the bottom of the hour to make sense of the redacted affidavit that could be released sometime within this hour so we have a lot to discuss today.

So let's get to before you get to Miranda divide of the New York Post, let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is really hard to accept this outcome frantically, even a year later after having indulged for all this time in Salt Lake. Today we we are our troops the 13 troops that were killed that protecting the Afghan people that his general checking with me on Fox and friends. American security hereafter abdicates suicide bombing. We now know how easily this could have been prevented.

The bomber ID days before were not allowed to get him.

We were not allowed to kill him them and that it was not allowed to talk about it now that is not acceptable me while Vladimir Putin is putting together a massive recruitment push. He's losing too many people it would be highly unusual to have an affidavit become public in the middle of an investigation. This never becomes an issue at the end of an investigation, because all the stuff gets turned over in discovery rejections are done in the release may be upon us as the judge in the Trump case rate case is poised to release the affidavit, which may or may not let us know what the DOJ would raid the compound of DJ T word a serious moment our nation's history. Back Republicans don't just threaten our personal rights and economic security threat to our very democracy that embraced embrace political violence.

Yeah all in for 2022.

As Joe has that midterm angry glow and really disturbing revelations about 2020, which could have all Republicans crying foul.

Even Liz Cheney whispering in a want to borrow great old-time guests fantastic investigative reporter and columnist. Miranda divine New York Post laptop from hell Hunter Biden big tech the dirty secrets that prison tried to hide and now they're coming out, but they been delayed. Miranda I liked him and put Hunter on hold for a second and talk about the midterms. If we could really calm saying warning signs are there for the GOP abound and the Prez United States thinks he's got of term that will turn off a lot of would-be Republican voters. And that's Mager is not a turnoff to Republican voters.

Not at all.

I think it might be at Cheney and all three of them, but not really people. I think that the president dividing the country in the waking years and really using depraved kind of descriptors for half the citizens of this country having 75 million people that Donald Trump and he's calling them because I fashion outrageous it is and by the way you talk about a canary in the coal mine. You believe that the Republicans the defeat of Mark Molinaro in the 19th congressional district in New York is so much more than a midterms gives me a special election loss. Why do you think that is well off the fact that Republicans are not so with the Republican leadership is not understanding the climate in America. It's not just business as usual. Mitch McConnell seems to think it defeat an existential fight to win the midterms feelings 2020 goal will decide the future of this country and finally got a chance to set up rested back from that accelerated revolution that Joe Biden of all people should be and seller. Here we have in districting. No upstate New York.

We had a pretty good candidate and the problem was that rule and working, and not the college-educated white started basically the Trump bank Steinhardt and on the other side you got Democratic women have much to Michael when it comes to Joe Biden and his policy, but a newly energized by abortion even though it's completely irrelevant to New York. Even I Molinaro is pro-choice.

It doesn't matter become one of the steak rallying cries that the Democrats specializing in sorrow. I think you know I don't think abortion is being betrayed that Democrats think it is, but it really requires the Republicans to grab inerrancy and fight back and thing to be doing. Apart from the maggot people. Everybody else on Molinaro. He kind of have to do what you get advertising dollars doesn't get any Rachel so I think it's a wake-up call for the Republican leadership at the Mitch McConnell to stand up and say all we have a problem with the quality of the candidate less than three months before the election eve decrying fine Republican candidate Senate just so I dictated and kind of treacherous prison. Biden said, is a huge weakness is Afghanistan is usually disinflation sees weaknesses, his insistence on his energy policy, which is pivoting away from fossil fuels, and the price of gas, which is within his grasp.

But this guy loves to deflect like nobody I've never seen everything in my life.

Listen to what he said cut none.all this, but not our critics say inflation in the globalization caused by the worldwide pandemic includes war in Ukraine were making progress really that's his X that's his excuse well understand why you did. But still, Biden stands that he is in a basement lie. Terrible thinks that Pres. now. That's what he's paying for the entire at least adult life.

He tells told Kyle speaking stand to see him something. I think even before his current cognitive difficulties. He had a problem differentiating between truth and fiction I just just on Wednesday. He talked about having gone to a lie any kind of Ivy League college told about aggrandizing and and creating this mythology giant chip on his shoulder about borderline Ivy League education, whatever it is, a high IQ president and would think that he would rise to the occasion and I think: inauguration speech so divisive and destructive.

He he actually called out half of the population, the trumpeter and domestic terrorists and white supremacist was laying the ground for what was to come. But I think a lot of other people. Everybody pretty much gave him the benefit of the doubt. He is present in the United States. I want the country to do well, but only if done since banks divide to conquer and I think he's competent enough to know what he's doing.

I think it*part of his makeup to do that to be nasty and picky and cheap cheap departments while giving immediate appearance that he is a bipartisan moderate guy reaches across the aisle Stanley downswing appointments lie down and do what he wants it bad actually damaging the Democratic Party at Mike Donald Trump.

Then he's going to hate mine so I think the Republicans just need to fight fire with fire. I just wish he would have that same hate towards Iran that she made towards China that seemed towards Russia but he knuckles under never addresses the issues that affect our country the most. Also scared to death Joe mansion if you asked me real quick. I thought about you. Obviously, because Mark Zuckerberg talked about the suppression of the laptop story that you wrote a book about and covered every day in the newspaper.

The New York Post that had their Twitter handle suspended because they perp publish this information, which you all know, was 100% correct.

Listen to Zuckerberg with Joe Rogan yesterday cut 33. Basically the background here is the FBI basically came to us some some folks on our team is okay. Just so you know like you should be on high alert. There is the week we thought there's a lot of Russian propaganda 2016 election we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of of that, similar to that. So just be vigilant I think was five or seven days when it was basically being being determined whether was false. The distribution on Facebook was decreased but people are still allowed to share secrets all share it, you could still consume it today specifically say need to be on guard about that story. I know I don't remember for is not specifically but it was basically fit the pattern using 1/3 party comes out and looks at it and they decided not to suspend it, but they'll suppress it. So what is your take on him talking like that. Our two went to Joe Rogan.

Three hour podcast line because I did just send the laptop story on the very morning that we published at 11 AM, Andy starting his Facebook communications manager and used to what the pop up box that used to work for John Kerry for Pres. campaign used to work at Democratic super pack, he issued a statement on Twitter finally enough basically saying that that that dad going to be Jews distribution of the story on that platform immediately pending third-party fact checking. Now we still haven't heard what the results of that fact checking work until just set out in five of seven day 19 incredible damage Facebook coming out during that day and get the green light to twitter and to the New York Times and everybody else to quash the story and interesting. He's talking about the FBI. I think you can you can tell that he's being a little donkey when he specifically about the story and Biden story that the FBI was morning is all I don't think start the water was 13.

I need to get something like that so I know I now not plaintiff locks that Shari got all the FBI was interfering in the 2020 election. We have already Chuck Grassley has told FBI we can call it that Brian Orton and FBI analyst and team table with an FBI agent had stepped in and make sure that nobody was investigating the laptop October 2020. Also, not Johnson that August 20 20 when he and Chuck Grassley were doing the fantastic work on the first half of the hunter.

Biden enjoyed by corruption exposure that was a reporting to Hunter and operation on the Ukrainian company was paying him $4 million. They thank got a thank pushed actually by the PI for debriefing. That may never ask for debriefing against flesh and intonation and a few minutes into the meeting, Ron Johnson smelled and he had absolutely nothing to do with their investigation.

This was a lose to try and anemia.

Human Grassley and Mary Beth Yashin told the guy he said irrelevant. If I see this in the media.

I know what the game and sure enough, next minute in the New York Times and these kind hot on the heels of Nancy clergy Chuck Shayna.

She pulled getting up about Bradley Johnson investigation because they knew that were coming very close to the truth and the FBI had Dirty hands that had dirty hands. The Russia collusion heart and teach comp compile inside the Washington field office, which is still doing and next damaged, but people still there, still involved in the Verilog outlet right is more cut 34 is there regret for not having it evenly distributed for throttling the distribution of that story women evenly distributed. I mean evenly and that is not suppressed. It's not yes it's it sucks yet sucks. Okay, so the right kind of socks to bed.

It was getting millions of dollars to Democrats to go and now harvest effectively because it election security. Whatever it would if it you can it be used for not stock show.we know from polls taken by the media research Center strapped election that there was something like morning six Biden voters would change that bothers that I had known about the story and in an election that was won by $45,000 to handle a battleground state that would have made a material difference. So Facebook the FBI intermediate in the election and I changed the course of history and not just think that I would John arrived and enjoy writing Taconic happily accept what he saying with very little pushback sticking. 45 million in Georgia soccer box 75% 12212 counties shifted to the left 25 million Pennsylvania went to counties shifted to Joe Biden.

90% of those want to Joe Biden one counties 8 million in Ohio didn't work 10 million. Wisconsin did work 15 million of Zucker box 7,000,001 to the city of Detroit to maximize that vote. So Zucker put his hand on the scale. Any three season go. Almost probably the sole reason for the chief reason that Joe Biden's president. Thanks and much winded to find you the only person not duped. I think Foley is you.

You were there the whole time laptop from helping it up. That's the truth but talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show back**reduction for the castle thousand dollars that $20,000 grant is American making under hundred 25 now this is a game changer really one CL the whole time all the time, but to me I watch yesterday and you know he's been off for about a month think a covert reoccurrence of covert press coverage leaves sign something leaves goes back to the Delaware goes to live off sponge of somebody in South Carolina which I never understand your Prez United States even when Barack Obama did it, we don't mean you going to stay with people for free just bizarre. So now is finally back so he's fired up this know what he thinks is not running. He thinks he's running again and now they say these got 44% approval rating book.

He does have things that he accomplished Mike my feeling all along is he accomplished it for him and for his party. I ask you what is done for the country which he dove a crime with the dump of the border what he done for inflation. What you done for gas prices on every level.

He is hurt when he's done his stuff for climate change.

Got some bipartisan things and guns done in past together, but Bill, the nobody needs a rescue package that set the ground work for the worse, inflation in 40 years. I think that the American people to vote on will see Brian kill me, show rages on, we find out about the reactions will the report be released Andrew McCarthy next radio show like no other, just part is notorious for overreactions and over classification five to serve tactical purposes, I've been in cases where both of those problems have appeared when judges have agreed that the Justice Department has overreacted serial I the concern I have is that the government is a judge does not appear to have pushed back you suggesting that the government got it just right.

He doesn't have any area where he's saying look I still think you need to explore this section of that section. That of course is a guy we've heard a lot from lately and he is Jonathan Turley's with this, but another guy that we hear from just as often as any McCarthy I and he joins us right now and he had a moment maybe during this interview will go to get the release of redo of a heavily redacted document. We assume there will hopefully explain why they thought it was necessary to raid Verilog old two with two or three weeks ago what you think were going to receive. Well, we won't get that they're not. We already know that they're going to basically redact out there explanation of what their probable cause was and you're not going to be told more than likely you know why they decided an affidavit of why they define the search warrant was necessary.

I think the only kind of stuff will actually do not see in the affidavit is things like you know the type of dispute over whether there should be a special master to help the Symbicort and supervise sifting through trumps property so I know when they want to get the warrant they would've had to tell the magistrate. Here's what were going to do if you find any privileged documents and they have a process for that and I imagine it wouldn't harm the investigation to put stuff back out that the court can say we made them feel. And the government can reveal.

Without telling us to think we actually want to know but I don't think you're going to get that out of the reactions I do think we already have a pretty good idea what must be in their mean we hear about this top-secret documents a different classification of documents itself. They probably should've left and been taken but the question is, they just want to stuff back and they want to prosecute. I suspect they just want their stuff back, Brian. I put the most intriguing thing about judges order is that one of the things the Justice Department argued in why they should be able to withhold this information is a policy against putting out investigative information about uncharged persons. Now, as I said yesterday it might be that they're just saying that because that's what the Justice Department always says, but it also might be that they haven't decided. The trunk should be charged for this yet and what they really wanted more than anything else was to get the government records that and especially to get the top-secret classified information back I I think that you can have the historic first ever prosecution of a former American president is knocking of the open records retention crime, and I'm speculating because I don't know what it means, but by document and I know you know they'll also say that some evidence of obstruction of justice.

I don't know what that we haven't gotten that revealed I don't know if that's serious enough that they would prosecutable work, but I think unless you get unless you get a January 6 crime against trump. I don't think the Justice Department wants to prosecutable that that's just a hunch on my part and we have to speculate.

So it's okay to. This comes out but do you believe that they look at this and said yes hold onto documents, aggravating me will going back and forth and I need some more information on January 6. Off I go over that go into their under the guise that they took confidential information that if I happen to sift through it like when I sift through and got his passport. I might be able to find something is relevant to January 6 and expand this investigation. Do you think that there could the be that type of coordination.

I was convinced that that was the main reason at the beginning of all this, but I couldn't imagine a world record retention thing number one let's put that information on the side when Congress enacted the presidential record the 70s. It didn't have criminal law enforcement provisions in it so it was never thought that you would use no criminal methods like a search warrant of grand jury subpoenas to describe information classified in writing a specially if the top top-secret stuff obviously changes that calculation I thought at the beginning what they really wanted was they had a legitimate reason to get in, especially since temporally they did this church in the middle of all this other stuff that they're doing in the January 6 investigation that you couldn't disconnect the two and it's obviously true that the doctrine of law that if you lawfully conducting a search and you happen to stumble upon evidence of another crime you're allowed to take if the pages are not required to blind themselves to that but I now think that with everything we know about the timeline. It's clear that one of the things that drove this is the is the classified information which they were concerned about. And since we now know that they issued them in addition to having meetings like a million different communications back and forth. They also should come to grand jury subpoenas and they got a letter from lawyers in June saying that they had given the government back anything that was marked classified and obviously they had everything back in something some interview or other evidence that the FBI collected in July probably convince them that there was still stuff in there and they may have just drawn the conclusion you know what we tried meetings. We tried grand jury subpoena as we tried everything we never going to get the stuff back and look just going to take it.

Do you really think is legitimacy to people thought I'm surprised about the blowback.

Oh, no, no, I think that I think you and I talked about this before. I thought that when Garland spoke, you know that the departure from the Justice Department's normal procedure you usually you don't the government doesn't speak and what to file charges and the Atty. Gen. broke that it decided to speak but when he spoke he didn't respond to anything. Pres. Trump was saying publicly and he didn't give a good explanation for why do a search warrant and if they had any idea that doing a search warrant on the home of the former president was not going to be a huge thing that I think they're insane. I can't believe they would think that that this wouldn't be very, very controversial, even Brian if there was a good reason to do it what what you and I think that been talking about for couple weeks now is, no one is saying that the other could conceivably be a good reason for doing this but this is a very controversial thing to do.

So I think they should get the public to an explanation of why they did it so yeah, I'm sure you read this now, it turns out that the FBI was the department of justice called it some people and said to me a favor that Kim Jong-Il in letter once it is put into FedEx. Let me know the tracking number usually the Kim Jong-Il letter about one of our the notorious enemies they interaction, personal interaction, the present coveted I can just put into a FedEx pouch and melody and I thought this top-secret document had to be retrieved. You Canton FBI agent to pick it up will actually told that I suppose am Eric Garland and I hope that wasn't his idea of writing that is what they were thing you look how much worse could it be if it's on Trump's coffee table. How much work to get a FedEx but no, that's not the way you handle uses stories as I will, at one point during the year long talks the national archives was poorly willing to let Trump send document such as the letters from Kim Jong-Il and back to Washington via FedEx said please let me know before you mail it and then pass along the tracking number really is that all just read your house and go through your wife stuff and then parole blow open your safe, you can't.

You can't have two conversations like this let me let me take in the New York Times euphemism class less than optimal. Absolutely. So let me ask you yesterday you you desire leap is everybody knows that you're in debt to all your universities that you attended including a lot of the incidents so you got $10,000 forgiven because you make less than hundred 25,000 but having said that, the present, decisive, or give the student loans right we know about the inequities we know about the outrage but is it legal and who is gay who is has standing to sue yet totally not legal and Brian what your audience thinks that you pay me more than 125 know they don't talk about the legal freedom I'm still waiting here for coming by my side.

I just give you the tracking number but it's totally illegal, but I think that banking on on two things. Number one, there is a standing problem like will bring the food because you have to show your personally concretely damaged by this if you just arguing it as a policy matter that it's illegal that that's usually not good enough in court.

You have to show that you personally damaged by it so that there be a problem to challenge it in court and I think what Biden banking on is that even if the publicans take over both the Senate and the house and they were able to pass a resolution under the Congressional review act that would allow them to get rid of this rule.

Biden would veto that and the Democrats would have enough votes in the Senate to prevent and override both chambers would prevent an override of the Biden veto and then the publicans win the presidency in 2024 and hold both chambers.

The window for the Congressional review act would be over by 2024. The only way you'd be able to knock it out would be by regular legislation, and the Democrats could probably block that the Senate so it's totally illegal, but I think they've they've calculated that they can that they may be able to fend off challenges in the court and that they can keep the tamp down Jackie Heinrich and Jackie Henry brought something like this after sending you do this because it was an emergency right.

He said this, but the same time you said other times the pandemics done.

We don't need it. For example, at the border. Listen time.

I is over more important to celebrate not buying. So how is this a national emergency very good question. I'm glad you asked that we use the heroes act because there are going to be something some people when we lift the pause still going to suffer are still going to have a little bit of a hard time make you feel better.

A little bit of we go from an emergency to what I got a little scrapie on my right to designate an emergency or a little bit of harm.

I mind boggling to look know it's almost as if they put the press secretary in that quiet room these to do with the newlyweds with the newlywed game they put them into a quiet airtight room and they put her out there.

She has no idea about anything. Doesn't anticipate any questions that binder I think is full of empty pages. I've never seen someone overwhelmed in the end under answer everything as I see her soundbites on the sheet and thing myself. How can actually use these differences but remember, Amy, Tony Barrett had that pad that was also empty, but she because she knew all the you know it's very frustrating to listen. I do you have any sense when this thing when these redacted documents by prerelease it might be worth speaking Brian I don't know what talking to you was so important to me that I have my undivided attention. So I turned off my computer everything because I thought you might have me or question house and next time and is in a very sarcastic mood. Can we just booked early and is not possible. I mean this is unbelievable. I just want ads, I get sarcasm back. Well I tell you all this money with the tracking number.

I got the bank so much) 1-866-408-7669 I'll be back at take your phone calls and get your take it we really haven't discussed in detail what's going on with Afghanistan, and I haven't really played Zuckerberg this other Sarah much. So we'll get to that Branko Michelle your knowledge base.

Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me first, you're still missing the comedian as she was going for Jimmy Kimmel, his substitute house all week you think it often happens hanging out so you but that's true.

Nobody even the vice president Dawn in Hawaii to sign legislation, you know Joe mansion gives in Golden Hawaii with brother Brent present Obama for a while.

Right again late night going after the administration. That's a good point when there was Mike pence Jackson attended three but that's what you need me both sides and you know we play James Gordon earlier this week. In fact, you still have that Eric because I think that is so underappreciated. We played here I bring up to Fox and friends they thought was great. Nobody else picked it up. So after the present as an sciences for loan forgiveness. He spoke for a while. Joey recall his dad was at matter may still be fired if your college member going down after baseball.

I walked to my spikes because there is going down is great advantage to get a new card from his car.

So I think I'm going down my 51 Plymouth tells her she covers want to see the guys name is Charlie Belcher's present form which was a state-owned bank financing, purchase a car to Charlie by the end of the stories things like you and I will forget it will play in that that that's unbelievable to me while stuff turned out not to be true. He says he went to this ecology went to also so I was watching a line. You remember the 19 you remember but the 1980s.

The reason why you there. There were 30 had a legitimate shot, and Johnny Carson actually had his monologue, this is Sen. from Delaware Joe Biden made up things that happened in his past. Got caught cheating in college and then lifted parts of a famous speech in the UK and put into his speech and he came out as I go some little bit of myself on that.

You know I I have to resign American running who would think that this guy would actually be present where so much smarter today. Apparently he just wore us out and there was nobody left except Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders is the reason him and James Clyburn of the two reasons why he's present they didn't want Bernie Sanders and Clyburn anointed Joe by any basement. Yes, the pandemic kept in his basement as he didn't have to campaign which is Fetterman's doing right now but the reason he did is because he had a stroke clearly has not recovered Dr. Oz take advantage live from the FOXNews Rios New York City rash office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me. Welcome to one of the final hours that we cure the Branko Michelle so glad you're with us all week long to be joined by one of the funniest guys in the end I think instead of Jamie LaSalle, you see them all over the channel because he's on with I got fell and we were the number one show in late-night television I have to tell you. Also don't forget to watch one nation this weekend at 8 o'clock. Repeated 11 we get a jampacked show from center Marco Rubio to Jerry Kushner all said Jamie's going to be on, which is gonna be great and were also going to talk about what's happening with Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia.

He created the University he designed almost every building and guess what, in the school newspaper.

They want him out because he had slaves. Unbelievable. If you don't like Thomas Jefferson, then don't go to the University of Virginia, don't go to University of Virginia and try to take out Thomas Jefferson. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three is really hard to accept yourself likely even a year later after having indulged in folders time in Salt Lake. Today we we are our troops the 13 troops that were killed at protecting the Afghan people, absolutely American security a year since the advocate suicide bombing.

We now know how easily this could have been prevented. The bomber ID days before.

According to reports were now allowed to get him were not allowed to get him so he lived in 13 Americans died, Vladimir Putin, by the way, putting together a massive recruitment push. He's running out of guys.

Good job Ukraine it would be highly unusual to have an affidavit become public in the middle of an investigation.

This never becomes an issue at the end of an investigation, because all the stuff gets turned over in discovery reactions are done and the release may be upon us in the matter of moments, as the judge in the Trump case raid is poised to release the affidavit, which may or may not let us know why the DOJ would raid the compound of the JT word a serious moment our nation's history bag. Republicans don't just threaten our personal rights and economic security threat to our very democracy that embraced embrace political violence.

Are you nuts all and all in for 2022 Joe by doing something totally responsible as the midterm angry glows upon them and really disturbing revelations about 2020, which could have all Republicans crying fell even Adam Kinsinger and Liz Cheney. If there were two anti-trumped understand it while you can always get the podcast Brian kill me,, where you get podcasts we can listen live. I know you are listening live right now. So Joe Biden was in campaign mode and I might my feeling is this. If he is not running again. No one told you he's acting like a caddie to want to run again.

He feels as though the Democrats have momentum because he passed that horrible deficit reduction skews me inflation reduction act which does reduce inflation and because he got bipartisan legislation on things like guns and infrastructure. Now he feels and chips.

Now he feels impervious.

Look, I'm good. The chip thing was done infrastructure thing to a degree had to be done but it's all about execution is all business people there, but this whole inflation reduction act.

He tried to lie about in order to pass you titles mislabeled. It shows you have little faith I have in it, but according to reports, 44% approval rating, IRA data, because the American people looking that utility bill at their gas bill still see unemployment at this percentage and seeing the country still on fire and there wondering what is he talking about what is he doing.

He's been on vacation for almost a month so here's present buying yesterday talking about wealth talking very politically.

Listen to what you said about Clarence Thomas cutting as Clarence Thomas said. He said that the right to privacy don't exist for the right to use contraception, marriage equality whole right to privacy.

We can't let that happen. You got it kid can't let that happen. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Yeah, we can let that happen.

Clarence Thomas, it did right in the dissenting opinion just about how we felt. But everybody knows it was a majority opinion but their talk about in the Roe V Wade, the Dobbs decision that saved it, turned it over to the states. That's what he wants to run a and would I think Democrat Republicans are doing effectively in purple states or say look, I am pro-life saying if they are there sin there pro-life but they're not pro-abortion ban. That's pretty much the way you handle it and we'll see how much will see how much I guess Grandy can cover what I was really struck by the fact that Joe Biden's flat out talking about the Republicans as fascists you expect from pundits on MSNBC, but for now the present United States.

Who does he understand that when you go after Donald Trump. Well that's find this part of the course. When you go against his supporters and call them fascists. That's called self-destruction. Cut to trumpet extreme. Either Republicans have made our choice to go backwards full of anger, violence and aggression. We've chosen a different path forward to future unity, hope and optimism. Yeah that's right the the mega movement not optimistic make America great again.

Okay will see the acronym were broken out as think it's something everybody embraces only cannot name God called Republicans fascists is what Karl Rove said last night with Jessica 14 that was what he exemplified in the campaign both for me and I will unite the nation and those words which were kind emotional uplifting optimistic words he went to Montgomery County Maryland to a Democratic National Committee fundraiser and and basically said everything against what he had said in his inauguration address the pledge that he made unite the country. He threw it in the trash bin and why did he do that because he wants to win in this election.

Any is willing to say and do anything in order to achieve his purpose. So let's take 72,216,000 Americans and denounce them as believing in a fascist movement to be ashamed right Stephen Miller couldn't believe it. Last Sunday was Laura Ingram said, really, where fascists just look at your track record cut cut 15. What is fascism rating the home of your political opponent for purely political reasons. Shutting down people's lives and businesses. Kicking people out of school because they won't get your vaccine leading people at the mercy of violent criminals will weapon eyes injustice against her political opposition.

Those are fascist actions. It would also fascist forgiving student loan debt illegally going around Congress with no constitutional authority. Instead of asking for law all those activities are fascist.

Yeah I so go ahead of Mr. mandate call everybody else. Fascists I would think just the opposite. I would think that Donald Trump.

This should reinforce watching the speech yesterday.

She reinforced my present Trump should not declare or say much outside the raid that affects them directly or say much leading up to midterms if he wants his people to be effective.

If you decide to dim campaigning with Dr. Oz with Herschel Walker helps do it with Massey. I don't do it, but besides that, don't get into it. Don't make it about you, Mr. Pres., because it's not going to work to your ultimate objective and that is to get as many as your candidates in and put Republicans back on power will be scary if we don't need Joe matches vote as much as he let us down recently and Kristin said about you don't want to give the Republic the Democrats a chance to add to states of the union during the filibuster. Everything else they want to do and do nationalize voting reform. You can't do that through reconciliation, but you never know what they're up to. This letter Democrat to see the Prez United States and really want no part of cut 12 support the president and his reelection bed. I'm working on my own election and that's all I'm focused on right now. Would you support Biden Harris ticket in 2024. I'm looking squarely towards 2022 and every election ahead of me. I'm not talking about the 2022 elections in 2024. I'm just asking you have not, that's not as much.

The Jews, and every time I have a time that that question it's a yes or no time so exhausting it takes forever to say no I don't want to run for reelection. So I wanted to bring this up, you probably don't follow the New York State Senate candidate Kristin Gonzalez.

I guess you mentors are AOC and she said, as they God as the saying goes, said the quiet part out loud when celebrating cut 13 yes I do want to get rid of more my money. I want to be less productive and if I am productive. I like to give away most of my money I like to be assigned an apartment, a dog of future please don't make this whole capitalism thing, take root use of the brain kill me Joe, I'm a come back and take your calls and but when we do come back the first thing to do is tell you would Zuckerberg said to Joe Rogan yesterday. We have some of the state as a relates to 2020 and believe it or not. What Nate Silver said on 538 you take both these items as I explained it to you, Adam Kinsinger and Liz Cheney. If they're really trying to get truth justice and the American way. They would say now I have a problem with the 2020 election. You are listening to the brain kill me Joe diving deep into today's top story. Brian, kill me if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your Ryan kill me.

Is there regret for not having it evenly distributed for throttling the distribution of that story women evenly. I mean evenly and that it's not suppressed it's not yes it's it sucks. Yeah, he doesn't feel that bad it sucks that we got the Hunter Biden laptop story wrong and it turns out it was his laptop, you might've called him.

He said have a third-party team Mark Zuckerberg and sitting out Joe Rogan to review things like this and the FBI had warned us about things like this, so we just decided to suppressed not get rid of the story suppress it. But as Miranda Devine defined further in a way that not many people written up and as you know, she wrote the book laptop from hell she said before twitter bandit Facebook suppressed it and that laid the groundwork for everybody else to destroy the New York Post website frees all their social media not let them use Twitter and Facebook and if you actually will forwarding the story like Kaylee McInerney was forwarding the New York Post story even though she had covert of the time they suspended her account shows a massive push than 51 Intel experts say this is classic Russian disinformation know either that it was a shirtless crackhead who had dropped his laptop off at a local repair shop and the guy had a chance to look at it to fix it. And so these horrific images and thought I would give this to the FBI and then they try to arrest VFP the FBI try to harass him for bringing it forward and we also have a whistleblower. They came forward and said to other FBI agents do not investigate this laptop. I am not going to be part of a beeper play a role in another election wasn't up to you. FBI decide what you're investigating.

There was a major story not just of a president's son not of like George W. Bush, what a DWI when I think he was in college that emerged. I'm talking about international trade deal done with the big guy known as the Prez United States done by his son, who might be compromised because of hookers and crack. No joke. Jack incredible Mark Zuckerberg spouts out out after talking about these oculus classes virtual reality as well as grappling mixed martial arts with Joe Rogan the podcast legend so to me that is a big deal, and so is this 538 Nate Silver openly speculated in politico. If the vaccine actually was found out and could have been announced before the election, and they held it back because everyone at Pfizer is so politically to the left and they knew if warp speed produced a vaccine before the election, Donald Trump would benefit Betty would've benefited shows it worked instead days after the election, Pfizer's got an announcement. We have a vaccine.

Liz Cheney pleased anti-Trumper in the world by four should be just as angry as anybody else. Adam Kinsinger pleased anti-second-biggest anti-Trumper should be as angry because you're Republican and you're conservative than most, you depose your voting reflects that.

And you could see two major incidents that have nothing to do with present Trump except for his team put the other operation warp speed that that with all the misfit missteps are present made the one thing he did is get out of the way and let private industry take over cut deals with the pharmaceutical industry and were able to go mRNA vaccine in the still the most effective even know where few variance in edits not to effective anymore.

Case in point, Jill Biden with the Joe Biden Blewitt in my opinion Joe Biden Blewitt with the mandates that got people angry so right now waiting on an affidavit affidavit that was going to show why is Merrick Garland to the extraordinary step of sending the FBI to raid the presence house for nine hours. Going to a safe and his wife's sock drawer and dresses no joke, so the affidavits can be released. Evidently the DOJ got the affidavit redacted with they wanted to the judge. The judge so little problem with it said today around 12 Eastern noon. I will release this and will waiting on it. My speculation is to be a lot in there because the judge it was heavily redacted to the point being unreasonable.

The judge that I had sent it back. He didn't send it back. So here's Jonathan Turley cut 23 just farm is notorious for overreactions and over classifications to serve tactical purposes, I've been in cases where both of those problems have appeared were judges have agreed that the Justice Department has over redacted material. I the only concern I have is that the government they judge does not appear to have pushed back you suggesting that the government got it just right.

He doesn't have any area where he's saying look I still think you need to explore this section or that section is surprising, but I did predict here that the government wants this over with because this is bigger than they ever thought and if they just give a heavily redacted document back to just, you're embarrassing me. We I told you know the parts we got a redacted got to get rid of the names you gotta maybe give up you better redact something to talk about the direction the investigation that if there is one that Donald Trump may be detrimental to the investigation to head him off or tip them off. I get it, but for the most part it looks as though the Department of Justice handed a document that's reasonable just crash our says. Having said all that, you know Joshi's is with politico wasreport Les actio's rather just crash our said this about what to expect in a matter of moments got 35 I don't show a whole lot of light having to learn some details about the justification for the search for political most politically explosive details are what what is in those documents will trump key classified information.

The national security secrets how damaging the American national security and I don't think that's realistic. A lot of that information is going to be redacted so it's good to be back to no political fight partisan yeah and perhaps will find out more and will deftly have make whatever it is going to present the terrible because the affidavit had to be written in a way in which they got the okay to go in. So they had to say impossible and transient. We wrote them in May, we met with them in June and then on June 22 looks like a whistleblower step forward. He would witness some documents and people around that they asked for the surveillance camera they gave it to them, but they didn't give him surveillance. They did look at the surveillance or did release the surveillance of the nine-hour raid which was all taped the best he could have because Mayor Lago like every sophisticated health club knows it can be sued if someone falls or whatever happens, so they taped everything the Trumper excuse me the Biden team wanted everything Trump said no and I can do it we come back we have some fun. We go insight insightfully in a very comedic way with Jimmy LaSalle find comedians all right is divorcing from Alaska. That's all tell you about him personally.

This is the right to only show so that you radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show the last is aware place we get him some times of the year it will be only one hour of daylight for the entire day is a little like I go to this my favorite my favorite time of the arsenal so productive. What I do latest all day today on and that is Jimmy LaSalle was at the way you pronounce your name yeah I see list a lot of people say LaSalle oh you you still agitate right including God for it. Maybe haven't seen around right and I never thought about everything to take the blame Jamie, Gracie, that was you doing stand up and see over got fell down.

Now go build shows I loved it when it was read same right. We want to when I was there I did and I like 40 sizes describe the difference from when you did read. I was got fell as as Jimmy LaSalle yes is up, and as oppose what he calls you LaSalle half right and as opposed to this show. The biggest difference right is that people are watching the news. It's kind of funny to make. I did read.

I so many times I met got fell. They didn't audition it Gotham, club in New York to find comedians that would go on right. I and I did a sat and I was like okay I was there got closer I didn't know. Didn't know them at the time and I did my satin aphorisms like a bar next-door and he came up to me because duties like I know he remembers this really goes, people keep coming up to me saying good set. They thought we were dressed exactly like we both had glasses on these like Blaser thanks and that's how we met was a people were telling him he was funny, which is like a complement for me. Another so I guess I did okay and I did that show I went on to be and we became good friends. I like 40 times. I remember read. I used to beat Anderson Cooper seriously as damning their ratings were really good.crazy crazy yeah. And because no one really knew what you were doing right that's that was really race the wild West right is amazing and but it wouldn't. It was the most fun but it is up as a comedian. It really got me used to cameras giant cameras used to freak me out when I 40 times.

It's like that's disease you know how it is with your own show a sudden you almost love the Camry start to play like you become more comfortable and so right. I really did that for me and then put note but it did make an impact certain things don't impact the comedy club audience is very strange like that was a great show.

I have a Netflix series I diamond two seasons of a Netflix original showing it's called real Rob with Rob Schneider but it's not like I'm not not go to comedy clubs and some people will come, but is not like filling up because of the Netflix show you never know what will do that got filled will do that now. So I did. I came back my like read resurgence with got fell was like six months ago I did one spot. One night it was great fluid from Alaska and that we can is open for Rob Schneider after the show, this guy comes up and he goes, I do like I came because you mentioned your to be here on Godfather like you did and now is a line of P in like 50 people paid like 40 bucks on the opener doing 15 minutes to come see me open for a guy is interesting. And then we just in a hike. I started being on every two weeks then every week and then and now to Brian. It's it's I'm doing comedy for 25 years. I did the Tonight Show in 2001 did.

That's all that. So who's how Solano Leno was been a long time yeah of pretty mediocre like I did okay Sheila, did you kill on other sites of the Dubai centered around right in my life and in the next day was wasn't that transformational is just a Wednesday did it did it one thing that's blows me away gift for him or her. I love Steve Martin in his book he he sorted describes how I thought I came in on the school where the Tonight Show didn't impact it like it used to do where you would just do what and he said he did. Carson like 20 times before he started filling up you for him and I took a minute like it depends or selling outside arenas that he was staying and I got crazy but him in this.

The couple things been amazing. And then when you do. I'm doing comedy for 25 years. Like I work like really hard, even when no one knows who I am and so now I have people I was in St. Louis last weekend. I know that was in a beautiful audience. Sold out four or five shows they already know what we have eustachian KF TK St. Louis over national and that was probably the it's it's one of the most coveted affiliates. They are really into Fox and I man I did the funny glancing Charles Watertown what supportive people and then you're doing comedy people already know their email divorces. Greg makes fun of me all the time in your it's almost like stand-up comedy is harder than being funny with your friends because there's no context on the jokes with your friends because we all know what happened as a drunken and going on stage when they know you from got all these like that as opposed to building something from scratch like they already know it's I can.

I'm not only different rights and when people come in the audience. For example if they come to watch got felled they actually got tickets even though it's free and they took time out, they came to Manhattan.

They waited two hours so they're going to be had there cheering for you.

Yes I supposed to go to Gotham comedy club with Christmas really and you walk in there and you name you not famous yet yeah and those people said I paid my money, you better make me laugh so so dramatically different hundred percent right. Sometimes I feel like in New York.

They want you out of Ernest right really got her from Alaska you have any idea what New York was like when you got here, so I grew up in Rochester New York barely made the city though we we are always told it was dangerous and scary. We never weird how poor we never like matrixed on here and satisfies pretty from the criminals always go for the board know that you can have my wallet puts a minute right so be great.

So Rochester whether I spent a lot of time researching Frederick Douglass owes RICO. Do you know he's all over. Roger that that matter to the people of Rochester.

I would say didn't matter as much. As George Eastman, George Eastern because Kodak always been codec that was the big right because I don't know anything about IRB answer.

The only reason we all know juries is because he just did a lot of stuff. There's a lot of stuff around and they call George Eastman to that you know you like a little museum or a you know what he and his house is now a you walk and look around and stuff. It was pretty amazing and this may not be funny but I think it's noteworthy. So that's my whole act by the end of a lash, but it is noteworthy that I learned a lot from him. Some of the seminar. Nothing is left is a Canadian guy just tell me that talking is not right.

So my daughter who's 19. She goes because I can't wait to go watches. I took pictures on a disposable camera and I waited a month. I forgot wood pictures and I can't wait to get back and find it when you talk about it, which is a scam. Equates like me and my friends like when you can develop those pictures when you act like this is an event she had no first time she ever went to a place to get pictures dropped off no number one how I should exposure to other things. It's bad parenting a little bit of exposing myself but number two is there focus on like the surprise of like I remember that picture I supposed to get up your phone that's about culture and generational in your weed.

They do miss a lot of those funds will I will ever know wedding where they put disposable camera yeah and every to the cool thing right. That doesn't happen pronto anymore as well just die. By the way, how many people did things are responsible without camera yeah there's if there's a couple shots in there that are not family-friendly. So when did you realize your divorce was okay to get around about my ex-wife is the coolest chick like we have a great relationship and what I loved about her was her sense of humor from the start and her parents were trying to antic Fox news and got felled chance when I started doing redeye.

They were, they couldn't believe in it so that I'm sorry I'm I'm a terrible storyteller for being that was noteworthy right so like I start when I first met her.

And like I was meeting her parents are trying to impress them right rubbing on Fox News was huge it score like all these points because they are such fans of got felled, and Fox news and then so fast forward we get divorced she gets she totally gets it like she gets comedy and she has a great sense of humor. And so it was like to whatever you want right out of the gate.

I will tell you that clip they played which makes me cringe here in my own voice right any club made me cry. Just know it's not a producer's fathers can listen to my rent comedy so don't take it personally that that clip is from the sinkhole driver comedy.

Have you ever heard of this know.

So what happens is you go to they call yelping like would you like to do a driver special and you go sure and then they fly up in the pale of the money need to half-hour special in Salt Lake City where the entire audience or or hi 90% is Mormons and the only requirements are. You have to be so clean and I don't mean like, of course, no afterwords I mean you can see the other, but word that a word for. But like you couldn't possibly said they told me not to mention I was divorce. They felt like that wouldn't be good either. You can't say you certainly can't say oh my God I can't believe cancel my got like this is like this is real. So like INS not me really know this. Did you know the rules before you got up there I did and I thought about not doing it. I thought I'd try. I couple times I go.

I don't know if this is for me and the guy goes it's fine to be a challenge and will be great okay so I get there till me and they go I do and I was sick they were there helping you by telling everyone up there, but they're kinda going it's going to really get our call. If you do it this way you can do it reliably, but we will show the like were telling you if you do it this way you'll do good because amazing and then afterwards on a conference call and they release your special echoes on Amazon and they go where you want to call it. And I go into my compass, like nine people I go once we call it Jamie listener tries not city afford to go. Now we can because I do. What about if we call it, is it Mormon here or is it just me go now we can hang on to Linda calling it something whatever Telex on the Australian state that's on it yet.

Just depict what I think was funny sometimes as long term all last weekend. True story with another comedian friend of mine Josh need in walking this couple comes up and they go.

We can't believe you guys are in the small it's got to be got felled, or they must know me from duffel bag already knows from the goat little dry bargaining. My friend will have a big and I don't what are you doing here we go. We had a show tonight. This is crazy were walking to the mall. We see to her favorite driver, is a crazy thing ever became of the show. My friend was opening I was closing he was doing 30 minutes they laughed within three months because they think that our acts are.

This crazy clean Mormon thing, but they're not those just without one. And my friends Joe. He's very clean but I think he did so naturally they love to joke about.

Like I swear it wasn't there. He was like using an ultrasound in the baby's legs were open and as I got hope it's a boy. I don't want to be, not some kind of that was it and they got up and walked out. They left but I know Ainsley was one of the panelists I know if you were there. Ainsley Ehrhardt was on got felled. We want with her I was not well. She brought her eight-year-old or seven-year-old she healed she last liked her right escorted out by lobsters that we didn't have Jamie will find out if you infect others.

Mark Zuckerberg, we should punctually play that for you. Love to hear that you're okay to talk to Joe Rogan he opens. I guess you try to bond with him but he says he does mixed martial arts and he loves wrestling with all his friends okay yeah it's fantastic that he loves to surf is desperately trying to broaden out but he is remarkably intelligent doing, you have the feeling that every like as he's talking. He's like a robot trying to pretend human yes like I'm a person and will play that example just a moment because Jamie was so little Alyssa question right is here and he is actually in Belmont nation this weekend.

If we come to terms with them because there even stricter than the dry, but I this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel because apparently he's cheaper than infomercials for nonstick pans. That is not true. Got felled that really hurt one nation with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox News Channel Laura Brian coming out breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian kill me to show you the background here is the FBI basically came to us some some folks on our team is okay just to know you got high alert. There is a lot of Russian propaganda 2016 election we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of that, similar to that. So just be vigilant I think was five or seven days when it was basically being being determined whether was false. The distribution on Facebook was decreased but people are still to share secrets will share it, you can still consume it today specifically say need to be on guard about that story. I know I don't remember for is that specifically, but it was basically fit the pattern stimulus out here you hearing this for the first time Jamie so what is your take. This is like 2 1/2 hours in. After going over grappling in UFC oculus glasses.

He comes out he talk about the New York Post getting theirs.

I dare hold newspaper was brought down their account was frozen. If you retweeted it you were frozen at a twitter and this story was suppressed on Facebook rated vine came on earlier who had wrote the book laptop from hell Jamie. She said that they were the first and if Facebook didn't take the aggressive action.

Twitter would neither so what you think about his delivery you believe a word he saying to when I feel when I first heard Rogan talking is my first thought was I want to be on Rogan and then I was able to really listen and it's this makes it's hard not to. I'm not kidding. It's hard not to curse almost that I want to say like be. This is such bull like it's I don't believe anything you say only just what the affair briefly, generically, and in this came across and I was surfing at the time I disabled when we just think it really. I thought the algorithm source be pure where if there's a popular story becomes number one. So I'm sinking to make it hard and both sides of anatomy. Believe me, the Democrats were not mad at you absolutely is and doesn't sound like he's kinda making up some there comes a moment where I go, I think he's trying to say whatever he'd like. I think he's in his head right he's analyzing every word he sank and I can ensure there's a moment where I feel that Leica writers are correct.

I really, he's just like a million percent track like he's getting. During this interview took a break and plug himself in for half 1/2 licensing rejoinders this moment. Where do Rogan is like. That's why Rogan so good to get some comfortable right this minute for three hours and that's why we get these admissions are you comfortable now yeah okay thank you for okay Eric can you play the other Rogan cut is there regret for not having it evenly distributed for throttling the distribution of that story women evenly distributed timing evenly and that it's not suppressed it's not yes minutes. It sucks.

Moreover, given sucks.

It sucks that a crack addicted son was doing international business deals with his dad benefiting prohibitively. It's not a matter of George W. Bush getting DWI Woody Wood did when he was 20, which really affected the election against John against Al Gore. This is different. This really affects who you vote for because it's going to affect how we deal with our adversaries and you just set it it's not. I hear some folks like want to sign what is it have to do with it will take away all that. What about the fact that said, there is the big the big guy phot you know he's benefiting from some of these things right that that's the connection right. I can't do that, but it all sons that could drop off the laptop repair shop where the odds what you think was like in the buying house and go excuse me. Where's your laptop came to know did you know he took it to a place called you break it, we like it and I know that.

Yeah, first I couldn't get stuck shut but then right twitter noise.

He likes candies big fan candy and what what if you're the presents I can't.

Don't you have an he's that he supposed be the young guy, I can see if like I'm an older guy made a mistake I to I don't know that you can get things off the laptop of all the keys like the young guy. Shouldn't he know that that is a real estate right guy guy. How about this he writes a book goes in a book tour and doesn't have an answer to the question was that you left out because I don't know.

I don't know if don't be sweet.

That's my laptop with me with poker smoking crack. This guy comes to write a book like I blame buying the little because I heard when he paid him his allowance, he would roll up the dollar bills like cocaine strike in which that's a great point.

That's you research the research I guided Jamie will be on one nation. It is over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you

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