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Clueless: Biden takes a bow for "strong" economy

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 14, 2022 12:45 pm

Clueless: Biden takes a bow for "strong" economy

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 14, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:18:25] Rich Lowry

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We have a lot to discuss, including the total gift of the White House.

I like it.

Rich Lowry at the bottom of the hour to make sense of it. I know sometimes when you're in war in Iraq or you you wanting to be better okay with looking at good things go to Baghdad you know having problems in Kabul but you know in Pakistan where he we worked out a deal with and we get our supply chain through but I've never seen anything like it. I mean you just pretend this is the reality of what you're seeing doesn't exist by saying the exact opposite. The exact opposite of the border. The exact opposite. Afghanistan was a great success.

The exact of the border is closed. The last time was disaster the world is embracing us trying is not a threat really II can't believe what I'm saying and then to wheel out James Taylor yesterday for a White House event listings were James Taylor, the Washington event this file let left-wing liberal who has written a great song since the 70s I the no doubt his talent. I love you. His music listlessly honest is not exactly relevant, but roll it out when John Kerry wants to show Francie's got a friend.

He brings over James Taylor. What an insult to France and now we bring our James Taylor to announce inflations down when it's up. When the economy sucking wind and he acts like it's a big victory, victory the stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three. Have you talked about within not yet weeping Olympic to BC, not yet.

But down.

I'm sure to discussion looking all kill his. He has Turned to Mike he said he would do right destroy the country.

Dr. Jill Biden never comes up honey another were in Delaware. 5 to 7 days a week on coming off six weeks of vacation.

I don't believe doing in 2024. I'm sorry the phones ringing, I gotta get this 20 2050+ days where the primary circa are complete. Where is the red wave now and what Jill Biden just said about her husband just doesn't make sense were certainly doing a lot more to secure the border and could be doing even more Republicans would stop their obstruction.

Are you nuts yes the answer is green Jean-Pierre flat out lying about the broken border flat out lying about Brendan Republicans press secretary really wants us to believe the board was bad before they fixed it as Texas towns are overrun, as Tucson is as as Arizona as will Haswell unwelcome 230,000 people as families feel their safety and security threatened as many illegals are boss from major city to major city. Biden says things are going great.

Nope this law. The American people want and special interest lost said again the American people want. When the prompt against Jim just repeat yourself.

Clueless present takes about for an economy as his policies inflict pain on the people from food to utilities to energy inflation killing the American family and he wants us to be happy about it, brings James Taylor's to sing about it could not be more tone deaf. Sorry James Taylor next time the White House calls and says I need a favor. I don't give them Jackson Brown or Pink Floyd or somebody else. It was relevant in the 70s, maybe more. The Pink Floyd more in the 80s was a less big so before it was officially announced that they made official party to announce the signing of the inflation reduction act which doesn't fully increase inflation increase our dependence on green energy windmills and solar panels that are not ready to warm our country the not ready to cool our country, but there is some we are inflicting ourselves with this while trying to build coal plants and we have most of the call we got the oil. We don't want to use it. We will make it impossible to be successful in implementing it so when it becomes clearer than inflations at 8.3% at the cost of the core in the core inflations at 6% when gas prices are low, but utilities are high when the average price of everything continues to rise, you are having an event to herald the health of the economy but nobody feels it in and here's why eggs are up 39%. Coffees up 17% milks up 18% fish up 8% fruits and vegetables of 9% meet up 6%. If I go shopping and get one of those items things have doubled or tripled in the present want to say what he where exactly where he wants to be. That's an insult and it's scary. If he means it food prices overall, up 13% year to year inflation up 8.3% it's down from 9% but 8.3% is seven points higher than the economy that he had and we will coming out of the pandemic. Here's the oblivious president cut one start working on.

Have you ever heard anything like that your life so inflation remains high electricity up 13%. I should add used car up 8% medical services going through the roof's statement of consumer prices.

Today's data shows more progress in bringing global inflation down in the US economy what you talking about Jason Furman, the former Obama economic advisor tweets to set up my interpretation. A lot of things it was supposed to bring down inflation have happened to the degree energy prices pass into core. We should see the reverse. Now I was and am skeptical of the magnitude labor force. Returning goods prices moderating but they're moderating at a high level center John Thune cut 10 this is an example. Again, just the complete split screen you see in this country between White House. You know celebrating.

Take a victory lap down there this afternoon and the American people dealing with the reality left by the policies of this administration who still don't get it. They continue to celebrate the tax increases the amount of spending their doing, and inflation continues to choke look the markets up slightly now and drop the law had the biggest drop in 2020 when the pandemic shut down the economy.

We did it voluntarily and for John Thune to say that that is like John McEnroe screaming full voice at an umpire in tennis that he never gets emotional he stoic and he can't believe what he's witnessing Larry Kudlow who seen it all lived it all cut 12.

The inflation report, shocked Wall Street, but it shocked the whole country so for them to put on some kind of celebratory concert with James Taylor or whoever is really a slap in the face in the back of the hand to typical working folks who are getting clobbered by this inflation and inflation is going to be the number one issue in this election as it must be and Laura in Ali. You're exactly right.

Typical family income has declined under Biden. After was soaring under trump beating the prior several presidents Larry right on the money.

So we saw a rescue plan to spend every minute. Add to inflation. We did need to put you want to get your agenda across the vaccine. If you get vaccinated doing to worry about this of this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Then we find out as much as I'm pleased by the vaccine. The progress and made it is not effective against these variants and should never been mandated and so the economy again gets infusion with more pandemic money as it starts to bottom out the presence try to get Bill back better. Sadly he doesn't. Thankfully, he doesn't get it, but suddenly Joe mansion gives in and says I can do it as long as you promise. All these fossil fuel provisions, including permitting to ease up, including to a carbon capture to allow coal plans to continue and some other nuances, the pie and continuing of certain pipelines really affect more West Virginia but it's okay if you act in your own interest because I listen, I have a debt of gratitude to Joe mansion for standing up against packing the courts blowing up the filibuster and passing the mammoth bill back better on the pure credit card but why he gave it makes no sense why he gave into a deal that only Chuck Schumer verbally agreed to without getting Bernie Sanders of Bordeaux Nancy Pelosi to get commitments from her caucus. So with these fossil fuel provisions. It's a separate paper why because it's nothing to do with finances. They can pass on a simply partyline vote, yet that if you wanted to reconciliation, which is simply majority.

You need to be needs to be fiscal needs to be financial not the financial about this stoicism into a separate paper for you. Joe will get a pass it for you if you sign onto this other stuff will do it in September. Will turns out 70 members. Democratic members are Haskell yeah I'm not into this Bernie Sanders that I never agreed to this and Chuck Schumer's let them out to dry. So, appearing with bread parallel site is Joe mansion defending what he did. No one's buying, especially because he doesn't have any guarantees. And now we need Republicans to bail him out, cutting with F-16 in the and the Senate will only have 50 Democrats that Bernie is not going to vote for in any way shape or form. So if we have 45 or 49 Democrats, don't you think there will be at least 15 or more Republicans fix the only thing that we have ever done that has a chance to really fight inflation. I hope Democrats and Republicans will come to their senses. Brent Angie is just incredible. Because this guy stood up to his entire party and all the pundits all these people on kayaks harassing him there jumping on his car and then I know where you say I'll do this agreement, and I never thought it made me sense will being cognizant I think is a good guy I think he said some good things, but this deal makes no sense.

Even in it. If he gets it passed and I was headed west Republicans for a favor. Mitch McConnell's not doing that form. Bernie Sanders clearly not there now he knows it. So I did Chuck Schumer demand the Bernie Sanders pass wisely. Demand that he get 10 votes in the Senate from Cassidy on down here Jim Jordan cut 11. I mean how tone deaf can the Democrats be terrible inflation numbers. The market dropped over a thousand points. What they do invite James Taylor to the White House for a pep rally. This is crazy Kelly is exactly right. American voters, American people, American families have common sense they know what's going on there is a reason why so many people think Joe Biden is doing a bad job. It's because he is and they're going to sell.

I think in a big way and 56 days and change to run the government. Please.

All I could tell you is if you are allowed to break the border led 1.9 million in a year illegally. If you're allowed let crime run rampant in all these major cities only respond to it when you realize you numbers or cratering allow cops to run for the hills not push them to join the Academy. Go ahead and throw out members of the military even though recruitment is down on every branch because they're not vaccinated a vaccine that doesn't respond to any variance either healthy men and women in the prime of their lives. They have almost no danger of dying or being injured from this pandemic. And now you kicking tens of thousands that if you allow that to happen we are doing for the next two years and I'm not even one. I'm even wondering what's going happen in the next two years.

You have to have standards look at the border. The border is an absolute travesty, but the White House claims that Biden is taking unprecedented action at the border.

He admits that 30% of migrants didn't report after 30 days, like it was supposed of the numbers probably even higher. So if you come across and from Venezuela hi how you doing I like to be processed through okay go to Catholic charities, get yourself a phone get to several first articles stay in the bed for a couple days get some medicine we got in taxpayer dollars and then here's a bracelet come back and 30 is all you not showing up in 30 days I'm never going to see again. It's too bad you beat the system. Karine job.

Pierre claimed Tuesday that by demonstrations taking unprecedented action yeah unprecedented on in action. The DHS personal partner agencies of the border implement a manual and ad hoc workarounds to process migrants apprehended illegally enter the US the legal workarounds or let them all in you defanged in the funded ice you told the border patrol you're overwhelmed you will be replenished. The only time you cared about the border was when you thought and men on horseback or Burrell were abusing Haitian illegal immigrants.

The cost of the failed policies of illegal immigrants who went to the US since Biden took office is about $20 billion a year you think we could use that $20 billion.

The number of illegals rent to the US is astronomical. I look at what's happening in Arizona because everyone focuses on taxes. These numbers are insane. Last month, 376,000 migrant encounters in Eagle Pass in Texas when it comes to the Rio Grande Valley. The numbers are also through the roof.

Now when it comes to those people who are in Arizona or New Mexico. We don't hear about.

But in human Arizona.

They been bearing the brunt of the mass influx of migrants going to the US Taylor reports thanks to gaps in the border fence that we paid for their leeward 250,000 people to a town of 100,000 officials have been left with a $20 million medical bill for treating migrant since January logos complaining are being shot being shot at by cartel traffickers and this is experience a drop in tourism. No kidding honey let's go to Yuma and duct and dodge the bullets.

Humans become the origin for the many, the migrant buses had to Washington DC, New York and Chicago. If you are Sen. Kelly, how dare you even try to get another six years when you have been counted on as a military man who flies into space than incredible things in your life. Can you just walk to your border and demand some repercussions for the people breaking down our system will we come back I'll take your calls on this 1-868-408-7669 and there's been a verdict in New Hampshire when the Republican side on the Senate seat. There annotate what Democrats will be happy running to meet you diving deep into today's top stories try and kill me. Fox News's net worth diamond on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the been Dominic's podcasts and strive and listen now by doing a Fox News five precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your flocks. Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now in Fox News five or wherever you get your project is so busy he'll make your hands and kill me is going to give them an upper hand firing near where there so favor also have a lot of very view Republicans as this moral imperative right that Republicans are the threat to democracy. If you are doing things to help get Republicans elected, at least in a primary who hold these contrary views.

I don't get to have that kind of bad moral politics. This time he wanted when you want to do it takes to get the candidate had been. I think the plaintiff five and that's crucial to Sanderson on CNN talking about promoting mega candidates won just one Don Bullock put about $400,000 of his New Hampshire campaign. He has won the Republican nominee nomination to go against Maggie Hassan, one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the country for their Senate seat and flip that seat all had called, I met Ami's is good guy but he called Gov. Sununu and agent of China really Gov. Sununu probably one of those pop and the family were the most popular figures in New Hampshire and he just needs to run away with his reelection will be his third term. Not the way. Not a politically savvy thing to do now Sununu was gone for Morris Morse lost by about a pointer to so balder bolstered by the Democrats will be the nominee because they look is most vulnerable.

If you truly are and Dave worry about the country and ultra magna and the mag ones. This guy would actually take a bullet for Donald Trump even of Donald Trump did not endorse general Bullock.

He is going to get the nomination, I think it's going to be a lot worse. The polls indicate here is JD Vance on making sure that Tim Ryan does get the house he cut 26 this is a guy who when he runs his scripted TV commercials says that he wants to appeal to trumpeters. He wants to appeal to the entire state of Ohio and it weighs unscripted Sean. He is saying that we need to confront and kill the entire movement. A majority of all of the people of Ohio courts voted for that movement in 2016 and 2020. So he just a complete fraud on every single issue.

He is voting with Joe Biden, and yet he pretends in his TV commercials, but he actually thinks exactly the opposite.

Yeah that is true. That's what makes it tough to run against know if he pretends to be a Republican, says Democrats are toxic and in one I do want to run with the president. You gotta go on and say listen while you vote for him every single time why you scream about Republicans for the last six years.

That's Tim Ryan will gain close to Fox and friends, we can try and share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture to politics and business. Subscribe and listen. Fox News five just Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now in Fox News on or wherever you get your favorite contest information you want truth you demand. This is the variety kill me show nothing more than driving and excitement factor like Donald Trump Democrats right. I mean, they love to be opposed to him because they are on independence. Many are don't want to see another reign of Trump and the more he engages in the race the more he puts himself out there the more it's a reminder of what to people and having Trump on the ballot is a hugely energizing factor in a lot of these races Jen sake now working for MSNBC making you clear the Democratic plan is now transparent.

We all knew it when you put $19 million into Donald Trump to sanction candidates who were affiliated candidates are people that he likes across eight states and then say you fear for our democracy. If they win, I have news for you. A lot of are gonna win. She can't have it both ways. Or can you reach Larry George's abdomen � review a rich Jen sake weighing in no secret they want Trump involved. Yeah so the selection analyst at the New York Times named Nate Cohen is pretty sharp guy and had a piece yesterday before unwanted midterm might be different. I don't Anatoly. By this, but this is a plausible theory, one because midterms are usually their referendum on incumbent. But if you have Trump in the picture is totally immoral choice, not not a referendum and to midterm reaction usually based on the other side doing something big and that that is is hateful to the other side.

But the big thing that happened in the last three or four months of his robe being overturned which it is something you know conservative victory which is which is unusual to them. The account at that for how this this thing is looking little closer than I would've thought through four month ago. I still think you know, even if it's just a normal midterm. Republicans you know the picking up 2025 House seats and in the winning the Senate. It's just it's just not gonna be in our 1994 style blowout lease is not what it looks like at the moment. Right. So first is on a car site. Looks like Morris has a New Hampshire's conceded via twitter but it's still not call by the AP Don Bolduc in New Hampshire now looks like by Mitch McConnell's pack was gonna put about 25 million to make sure that Bolduc one because it's on so vulnerable.

But they didn't want bold now she's a Morris one.

Whoever was the emergent would get that 25 million but didn't want Bolduc are they gonna walk away from the general if EA like they did macchiato it seems were like they did with Cox in Maryland yeah at that is in question it. You know II think the standard for walking away has to be really high. You know you need the NEB seats and what one Senate seat can make an enormous difference in a Democrat had two more senators told us to be gone and I would've passed in a half-dozen like country changing initiative. So it just hard to throw away the receipt. Even if you don't like that the candidate I hope they realize that you feel about and I know you seen it all and are you taking this question on the Sunday shows but you cannot take Joe Biden for his word to say. I fear for democracy at the same time, his party puts 19 million in costs eight states to make sure you Matt Ike I think the Boulder play had $300,000 got like 3.5 million for Democrats done it again and again. And, inherited on Meet the Press last weekend and she started with the whole threat to democracy.

Thanks and then Chuck Todd was well that he thinks mistake for your party to proceed.

Candidates are a threat are supposed wish to tell anyone how to run, run a campaign and asked what would you do it again, telling him how to run their campaign to obviously so cynical and hypocritical and it's this is just one of the half-dozen ways bait if if they really took the threat to democracy seriously. They been doing many many things differently right that they be moderating their entire program entirely to try to get get more moderate Republican supporting them to stop the thief candidates who who are a threat made they work out a deal on the electoral count acting right now but none of that happening now and and that they're just using it as a talking point of fundraising initiative and and awaited the boost. All the same stuff they wanted to do for 50 years with the same tired left-wing agenda since is so amazing yesterday to see yesterday afternoon with James Taylor singing in a celebration of the inflation reduction act wants to market Craig River 1200 points community .3%. Prices across the board and everything, especially utilities underappreciated doubling peoples of them out there paying for air conditioning soon for eating for for heating and refrigeration, yet they want to celebrate Hughes Joe Biden cut to with this law. The American people want and special interest lost said again the American people. One, and special interest lost folks were in a lower prescription drug costs, lower health insurance costs lower energy costs for the families.

I want to take the most aggressive action ever ever ever confront the climate crisis and increase our energy security ever in the whole world right on Mr. celebration high five.

This is something where I said if if this was my thing and it turns out that the reason I was having a party was exact is a reason I shouldn't be having the party I would just take a covert test. I would say I'm just concerned about reign whatever it takes but now you have people both agile say what are you thinking what is going quite like the day of her day to day after an inflation report that you know might not be good couple days ahead, sir. Once forgotten about your celebration of the number comes in bad another case of here incompetent and obviously that this act has nothing to do with inflation reduction that they favored all the model measures prior to the onset of him 89% inflation.

Nate favor them even if we didn't have a 9% inflation and check the title on the bill that's convenient so it's it's it's a completely cynical, so she cuts to Steelers would've been possible, and in it he supposed to get all these fossil fuel provisions, including permitting easy on permitting the pipeline will cause a carbon capture allowable coal plants to steal whatever it was, the details of their fossil fuels. But hey Joe, we are doing a separate letter will be in September. Will turns out about 70 Democrats in the house are our same were not doing this Bernie Sanders were not doing this Hughes Joe mansion connate we have to have 60 and in the Senate. We only have 50 Democrats not Bernie is not going to vote for any way shape or form. So if we have 45 or 49 Democrats, don't you think there will be at least 15 or more Republicans. It's the only thing that we have ever done that has a chance to really fight inflation. I hope Democrats and Republicans will come to their senses, but what is he talking about the should of been a done deal to make a widget Chuck she was let them out to dry.

Yeah I'm in Joe mansion. It is not not the expert later if you don't get it in the bill that they desperately want to have it look like humor played like a violent. So what happens from here you go home you could get nothing there that Paul had them what 26% approval 26 approval 66 disapproval.

I think he retired in and get some lucrative NOL Association lobbying job, but I don't think you getting elected Sen. from West Virginia anymore and you got that guy Alex Mooney. Very impressive, hard-working, conservative congressman in West Virginia is looking at this rate and will will be breathing down his neck and I don't eat mansion. I think you gotta go away yeah years.

In the meantime, what else is going to be blocking or able to block and then you wonder if mansion doesn't matter. Please marginalize the human cinema marginalized or, for example, they flip Pennsylvania. If, for example, they flip Wisconsin if for example the whole Georgia and the Republicans can find a way to upset in Washington and Colorado this this could be problematic. I don't I don't think it's a 70% chance like 538 says that the Senate stays Democrat what you think. I more than 50% Republican.

I think her to walk. And when I think has a chance I think lacks all probably will win in Nevada and you know Ron Johnson, all that happens and Ron Johnson holds Wisconsin and is not a guarantee, but he held it before one people have have counted amount in a bit, then Republicans have enough to take the majority but the nightmare scenario is always close races at the end and and very often they cut it. One way the other whatever reason they took the wrong way and if you get 52 feet Democratic majority everything will depend everything on it have for this event will be magnified by 10 with mansion and sent whether mansion cinema will hold out on the filibuster and whether there someone else who pulled out otherwise and Katie bar the door. That would be a debacle right but it's so short-term because the odds are if the deal is the cynicism flip now it's going to flip in 2024 so you gonna blow up the filibuster and get the Republicans have an open feel like that. Does anyone think about this and I think they were they would just do it. I think they would just do it that they. They have such pent-up frustration. They think Obama was a moderator to get enough done they think the same thing of of Biden and that they really commit himself. The filibuster is a racist relic. Even Biden youbeen institutionalized, rounded up to you so yeah that they they blow it up and just camp there is much as they could and to take their medicine, 20, 24 people 1.930 cross the border illegally, the Sentinel and all the other heroin and all these are the legal drugs are coming through the way we never imagined that the cartels have taken over the border cities, especially over in Arizona were people dodging bullets on a daily basis but listen to Karine Jean-Pierre talk about the border cut 18, we've got Mexico to agree to pay $1.5 billion to improve border processing and security through smart proven border management solutions and the president brought 20 world leaders together to collectively manage my migration flows across Western Hemisphere.

Compare that to the trump administration, which largely just try to build a wall ineffective will along the border and couldn't even finish that in four years were certainly doing a lot more to secure the border and could be doing even more if publicans would stop their obstruction any of you ever heard such fiction in your life. Serve lie.

It's true that there is a time of the border under trump still out of control, but that then they implemented the creative policy today in Mexico and third third country protocols that that solved it and then they ripped it all up or minimize it all and now we have this massive flow and they want to blame trump in faith trumps multimodal only trying to build a wall not not building in there doing more I do it. It's just Orwellian and you, Harris on Meet the Press is a border secure I you know, secure in the sense that maybe if the equivalent of the the 10th Mountain division in Mexico try to invade yet would stop them at the border, but if if not secure against these migrants you know and lately they're inundating the border states and you know the tricks small trickles being sent to a blue cities and you have is Mantell my � we can't control the prices we need more federal aid to the whole thing is it is amazing that they think they can get away with it and I get that to some extent they do not depress outrage that would be for public administration would would be doing this, but it's incredibly bad series with Sen. Joe mansion said with breathless and cut 16 wrong on that. I sent this if we don't secure. I voted every time for the wall. We need to warm a lot more technology more agents. The 2013 immigration bill was still the best piece of legislation. I think that we've ever had before us.

We couldn't get a pass through the Republican house at that time because of some politics involved in the amnesty people were in a shot nor Adamczyk that piece of legislation would've corrected everything we have going wrong but for anybody device present present but he said our borders are secured. That is not accurate not been there.

It's wrong and everybody on the Democratic Party, knows it, so they just ignore it and the press secretary feels that she could see anything and not be called out for its insane. Which would you be writing about today.

I might be right about that. I have not met the border in a while.

It's really bad people misunderstanding what trump did it was very clever and imaginative, and it it worked and it being lied about. And if I don't write about that I might write about your plaid tie Brian that they were in Monday is really left left an indelible impression on my mind this week. You are so jealous. I think that I wouldn't dare try. Good job Rich.

I know you never say that the Chuck Todd could say to me I have on my much thicker skin. Sorry.

Thanks so much.

This was your last appearance ductility 1-866-408-7669 site your last appearance.

I want you because we come back also urge you if you want to see me person. I have six fragile banks WG WG DJ up in Albany New York and Paul of Vandenberg, Vanderburgh, and he's done a great job everybody in Albany.

They came out to see in person talk about the news when my first questions when we opened up to the audience was about immigration and what they're even seeing in Albany, New York and other could be a change in Albany, New York.

People who have just had it with the current regime and the current party but everyone came out. I appreciate if you want to join me until so, November 13 brain kill same thing in Brandon, Mississippi just reserve yourself some seat so I could see in person. Branko educating, entertaining and enlightening.

You're with Brian kill me from his mouth to your leaders Brian kill me talk about it with an Olympic tip is not yet down here discussion you feel ready, and Pres. Biden second presidential campaign to be taxing, taxing, looking all kill his True to what he said he would do and that so I think he just needs to keep going really. But you're not sure begin to run again, why did you just say the party line yeah of course can run in the last minute. If you have a change of change, but is just so interesting that she had no answer steward listing online in Orange County, California. Stuart, Brian, yes I had a quick thought on the ground introduced a bill for nationwide abortion man after 15 weeks, I have nothing against the bill like this, but to do it right now in the minutes before the midterm election when polling is already shown is not a popular matter not a popular subject with independent voters, I'm just it boggles my mind on this point my wife syndrome doing this, she's not up for reelection for 2000.02 thousand 27 so the people who see appealing to you know he's thinking I could say what he's thinking. He says Republicans roll over the map on this.

So if you're pro-life and you want zero weeks, you're okay. Five.

To know that I can apply this politically that's not where your people are we your status even though South Carolina wants go down to zero, so having said that, he says have an idea. Let me give a pathway for other Republicans in places like Virginia and Pennsylvania, so they know and maybe Florida so they know what I look for total abortion.

So you want to give everyone a threshold which evidently the Chief Justice at bully did is give somebody else. Everyone the tide something else to talk about except for the for the tone deaf party that they had at the White House yesterday. But you're right, it's a little exasperating and wonder about the timing my closing online in Glendora, California. Mike good morning Brian California we have a question that I don't think that is when are we going to present Hillary Clinton with a bill for hundred million dollars for schemers are scandalous she started she is to get it. The D&C instigated and there's no accountability here. If we have if we present her with $100 million bill that you can't just do whatever you want to against an opposing party and start using United States resources on things like that euro bill for hundred billion dollars. I will see. I'm sure with Hillary Clinton. I don't make news, but I actually wanted, solve problems, but it would make news Brian kill me choke even here good friend to or the podcast.

Brian kill join any of my book signed, sealed and delivered is always seeking solutions first sewing is Brian kill me. Thank you and to be nearby.

If the brain kill Michelle. They love me they hate me all coming your way. I'm so glad you listened me right now that's been damages book to the bottom of the hour, Daniel Pyle actually does a bill actually just from Ukraine is the territorial defense forces of Ukraine. He is a member of that and former chief investment advisor to the Prime Minister mansion.

Great news coming out of the country and I am loving it for the rest of the West. But before we get to Dan. Let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three talked about everything not yet been Olympic tip is not yet down here. Don't be a discussion looking all kill his True to what he said he would do 20 2050+ days away in primaries are complete. Where is the red wave now and what is Jill Biden target about is not discussed reelection with the president of our husband really were certainly doing a lot more to secure the border and could be doing even more if publicans would stop their obstruction that does not pass the lab test. I'm legitimately laughing. Republicans are blocked or stopping progress of the border that's a flat out lie. The press secretary really wants us to believe it was worse under trump family safety security threatened. That is just in the border cities, let alone in your city. This law, the American people want and special interest lost said again the American people want you how that ends clueless. The present takes a bow for our economy that is sucking wind moved utility energy prices soaring inflation incredibly fine families feeling the strain the president plans a party. No joke. Jack Daniel bill actually just now right from Ukraine.

Daniel welcome back in a week that some weeks in which we spoken in things a toff on the ground you know from the invasion on down but man I'm reading these stories and I feel great about what's happening. Ukraine is gained as as much is 3000 mi.� back in certain areas of the country. The Russians are in such a rush there throwing off the uniforms dressing like civilians leaving their equipment leaving their tanks behind what else can you tell us all Black Friday shopping Ukraine Army.

You know we talked about this last final to calm down and not an action. Once once you started or counterattacked back up in the top of the news hour. The Russians are the problem why nobody wants to fight, and their weapons. Their storage gradient now for their supply lines or animal dump fuel dump been going after them for the last two months preparing for this posting in The but Also Are Also in the East and the American American Military, Right behind Us and Help Us Plan This, You Know, and We Told Them We Talked about All I and They Got Really Anxious. So They Took 10,000 Troops in the Northeast Out Of and Left an Opening in and We Exploited It. The and It Looked like a Knife through Butter. Not to Say That This Is This a Long Way from Being over What I Can Encounter but You Know When Something Starts to Collapse. We Actually Saw This in 1970 Russian Army Had 4 Million Men and Just Collapsed to Stop Fighting Anymore Were Fighting Crimes Are Fighting for Our Lives for Our Very Existence for Life to Exist on the Russians Are Fighting for Money.

You Know, I Could Say Which One You Bring up Some Fiction Which Is Doesn't Pass the Left Is about Nazis. Nazis Taken of Ukraine.

We Have No Choice with That the Special Operations That Even a War Is Afraid to Have a Draft. Is He Lose the Entire Country.

Word Is He's Used 80% of Us Foresee That the Ring Action or Cycled through and He Does Not Many More Cards to Play a Group of Mayors Evidently Sign a Petition to Ask for Vladimir Putin to Be Removed from Office That Takes Great Courage. Here's John Kirby from the White House Cut 36. I Think What You're Seeing Is Certainly a Shift in Momentum by Ukrainian Armed Forces, Particularly in the North. Now We Been Talking about This for Quite Some Days Now. This Long Planned Counteroffensive It's Really to Counteroffensive Stephen Got One in the North and South. Clearly We Been Watching Closely and Events in the North Are More Dramatic Than What We Seen in the South. I Would Let Pres. Zielinski Determine and Decide Whether He Feels Militarily. They've Reached a Turning Point, but Clearly and At Least in the Don Boston There's a Sense of Momentum Here by the Ukraine Sandwich.

Further, Can You Get without Elves. I Know You're Not a Military Guy by Deb by Training Daniel, but How Much Further Can You Get without Worrying about Your Own Supply Lines Are Still Moving Forward. The Cleaning up Expect to Get in the Shortest Period of Time We Took Advantage of It. But Now We Gotta Clean It up but Still Pockets of His Mind That These Places, We Have To Make It. We Gotta Feed the People That We Liberated Their Money Basically Been Treated like Slaves for the Last Six Months and so I Think You'll See It Seems to Me Anyway Because Then You Got Me and We Got Them on the Back Foot.

You Just Gotta Keep Keep Pressing Me in Getting Our Supplies Often Getting and Repositioning Some of Our Our Our Equipment Lot of It Being American like American-Made on the Battlefield and They Will Keep Hammering on the Run. Just Gotta Keep Sewing Panic Which Which Is Infectious. You Know You Know You Better.

They're Running like Crazy and We Got to Keep after Them. So I Suspect You Know.

If All Goes Well and We Could We Could Take the Gondola. Not Sure Whether to Go to Boot.

Contemporaneously Simultaneously and in the Certain Movement They're Keeping Them Keeping the Russians Guessing and Busy All along the Front Line 1200 Miles of All of Frontline and so We You're Right. We Have To Be Careful Smart, Very Tactical Group Got Close to Coordinating the with the American Army and That to Me Is a Absolutely Pretorius a Combination so Couple Things I Think Green Is Moving at a Pretty Good Clip. Now, so That Deal Seems to Be Holding You Can You Can Disabuse Me of That. If That I Get. I Can Only Go by What I Hear and Read and Number Two Is You Guys Have Your Own Version of FedEx It's up to 90% Capacity of Where Was Prior to the Invasion. What Other Economically Would Let Whether Economic Things Can You Do to Try to to Try to Get Everything to Kickstart It Again on a Big Concern Right Now Is Our Structure and Electricity Grid. After Interest Is a Terrorist State When on the Battlefield. So, after Civilian Targets in the Old War and I Really Hope That the Administration Turns around and Listens to Congress and Declare Structure State-Sponsored Terrorism Because They Absolutely Extend Secondary Sections Means It Squeezes Rush Economically Even More Makes It Tougher for Companies to Run around Sanctions and It Means That It Degraded the Ability to Wage This More in Future Wars, but We Really Need What We Need Now, More Than Anything Else. I Think You Have More Than I Is Anti-Antiaircraft and Anti-Rocket Systems Which We Don't Have Enough We Had 16 Billion Pledged His Ranch Signed Defense Procurement Meetings and We've Only Got Half of That Equipment Delivered and We Really Need to Close This Worse Is I Think It Is a Combination but Mostly Mostly Almost and and so We Got A Lot Of Stuff You Really Need to Antiaircraft Rockets Is Desperately. Otherwise They're Going to Cut Electricity Grid That All I've Gone from Gas Pump Stocking up on You Were Expecting to Be a Very Good Cold Winter Forest Because, Well, like the, after Our Infrastructure. That's What These Terrorists Do and That's the Biggest That You Know You Really Need to Drive Out Of Strategically And These Are the Most Important Areas Because That Supports Gotta Have Access to Not Live and in the Other Ports so That We Could Move Our Move Our Grain out Some 3 Million Tons since the Gradient Was Struck, There Still 17 Million Tons from Last Year's Harvest Waiting to Go about and That's like 50 60 Million People That Are Getting Rain around the World Daniel Dulac Are Our Guest. He's a Member, the Territorial Defense Forces, the Ukraine, Daniel, Can You Give Me an Idea If the Russians Want to Talk and If They Were Going to Talk Would You Would You Hold Talks on Now That Things Are the Moments on Your Side. 1 O'clock There There There There Proposal Is You Guys Capitulate. There Are Terms You Can Officially and We Keep Everything We Thought All the Stuff Right since since Were on the Front so the Negotiations Right Now Have To Take Place on the Battlefield of Our Position. Pres. Elaine Stated Very Very Clear on This, and so Will Talk When the Only Thing That We Can Discuss with the Russian Is a Cease-Fire or Some Sort of Idea. A Negotiated Settlement. Once They Left All All of Our Everything Everything We Originally Apparently Apparently Defense Minister Public Last Week. He Said at the Beginning of the War. We Will Prepare to Stop the War. The 23rd Borders Which Would Have Been Included Parts of the Don Boston Crimea and Have a Discussion around That Now.

Now There's No Way They Slaughter Too Many People the Way Too Many Children Bombed Too Many Cities. 98% of Ukraine 90% Don't Want This One, and until Every Single Russian and and Then We Can Talk about the Arrangement Our Government Together for the Future Is to Keep in Mind Today Wanting Looking Crimea.

I've Never Been There but Here It's Unbelievably Nice.

They Wanted to Be a Resort Town the Minute It's No Longer Pleasurable to Be There. The Russians Are Going to Leave You Made after the Nine Chats Mysteriously Blew up on the Tarmac. Have You As Their Operations in Place, or Perhaps in the Works to Infiltrate behind Enemy Lines and Start Making Crimea a Little Less Hospitable Already Started Work Rockets Were Combination and You're Seeing More Now the Arresting People like You, Listening to the Left, the Level of Paranoia Is Its Marketing People. All the Families of Life People Been Huge Lines across Crimea to Get to the Kerch Bridge to Get Back to Russia and, Frankly, It's a Nice Place to Hang out on the Beach but the Russians Want Crimea Project Course Control They Want As Their Primary Military Base in the Black Sheep Because Then They Can Threaten NATO Countries like Romania and Bulgaria and in Turkey so Basically If They Keep Their Base in Sevastopol in Crimea Means the Block, She Becomes a Rush of Light and That Is Not Something the Western Alliance and Then You Allow International Waters. In the End, and Partly Ukraine Daniel I Know You Know the Person She Imprisoned Meet with You Main Worry about This Alliance at This Point They Can Provide Weapons. They Could Provide Money.

We Know That Buying Their Oil at a Discount Rate. What Concerns You Hear What You Think Will Happen, It Turned out I Was before. I Think She Is Really Not Going to Wait. It's Not Going the Way He Was Told It Was Going to Go China Has A Lot More to Lose from Sanctions Being Placed on It by the United States Than Russian Speakers Trying Economy Is Much More Integrated into the World Economy Played a Very, Very Careful Gave Brian If You Look at It.

They Have Been All in on Helping the Russians Are Buying Equipment from North Korea Gives You of How Desperate They Are and If the Chinese Were All in the Shipping. This Topical Structure Which Does Not Seem to Be the Case and This Is Often the Case, so I'm Worried about That Just like to Say One Thing I Want to Thank the American People Because More Than Anything Else.

More Than Anything That The Government to the Fire Support. Over 70% across the Country Hard for Any Country to Muster the Support of and We Just Hope That Everybody Stays in the Game. We Don't Bring It to Win It and and This Will Be America's Victory As Well. Please You Guys Fight so We Give You the Intelligence Given the Weapons You'll Win and I Think the American People See That the Ulcer Member Were to Know If Ukraine Falls down Goes Georgia Tangos Mulled over the Baltics Can Be Infiltrated and Who Knows What Kind of Wood. Who Knows What Kind of Will Set Will Sway They'll Have over the Rest of Eastern Europe. So You Guys Stop It There and We Could Stop Them for Decades. Daniel Be Lack of the Lack Thanks so Much. Back at Your 1-866-408-7669 Some Good News Finally Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Me Show Talk Show That's Real. This Is Brian. Kill Me Show Hey Let's Go out to the Phones in a Better Moment to Reinvent Dominance Close to Hank and Virginia Hank Got Mine All about Some of the Tank over a Dollar Short When the Whole Thing Started Earlier. So Now You Got the Russians on the Run While You Are Currently We Have a New Part of Great Britain and Right Now, When the Tide Is Turning Winter Gets Hank. I Think I so Understand You Lot of People Agree with Us on This Push Our Allies Push Back in India.

Hey Guys Stop by the Discount Oil You Single-Handedly Killing People in Ukraine throughout the West, Jeopardizing Alliances with Us.

If You Go to This Dying Regime. Instead, Their Buying of the Discount Oil Because They're Afraid of Losing Rush As an Ally, but They Don't Have To Do It to This Degree. They Should Be Getting American Pressure Number Two. Germany Is Not Coming across with the Weaponry They Promised Their Right There. Turn It around Pressure Him Go Public with It a Go for Complete Victory and Actually Save Their Bots in Years to Come. In Doing so Is the Brian Kelly Joe, We Come Back Then Dominate from the Spectator. Most of the Broadcast. Don't Radio Show like No Other Law When Using I Propose This As I Got in Her Face. I've Said That Day, I Determined I Was Determined the Work of the Republic That Historic Laws like Infrastructure, All Republicans Came across the Aisle and Workforces. In Fact, I Think It's Fair to Say We've Achieved More Bipartisan Agreement in These Nearly 2 Years in My President Anyone Thought Was Even Remotely Possible 100 Office, Well You Got Bipartisan Guns Bipartisan to a Degree Gun Legislation Was Reasonable.

Many Republican Stone and Then on Infrastructure Bill You Got That Was Passed Purely through the Senate Was Now Three Orchestration Was Really David through Your Plan.

In Fact, Almost Blew up Infrastructure by Saying I Will Pass One without Bill Back Better. Remember That in the Gun Thing Was Done While You Were Condemning Republicans for Allowing Guns to Be in America at the Same Time Behind-The-Scenes. It Worked out a Limited Use of Limited Gun Reform and Then the Rest Was Just Jam down Everyone's Throat outside the Chips Bill, Which Got Some Republican Support to Many People Feel like They Were Duped, Regardless What He's Done since We Bestow the Rescue Plan When He's Done with the Many Bill Back Better As Done Nothing but Make Our Economy Suck Wind Beauty Celebrated Yesterday and Dominate You Have To Suspend Disbelief to Understand What Was Going on Yesterday. These Were Horrible Numbers for the Economy and yet the President Wanted Everyone to Sing with James Taylor about Surreal Seeing the White House Really Good Running to the Reality of the Help That the Economy Is Really Performing It's Only Different Ways That Have the Numbers Come out to See What Happened. The Stock Market Yesterday and How the Celebratory White House Event Which Included Charlie James Taylor Don't Actually I Don't Know What Press Staffer Looked around the Office and Said You Know What Would Be Really Good for Us to Do. Let's Get James Taylor Is Really Going to Really Going to Make Things Better. And so When It Came to Time, Spin This Whole Thing Just Seemed Very Desperate Seem Very Partisan. It Seemed like a Kind of Event That Is Just Trying to Put Spin on Something That Can't Easily Be Spun about How Badly Things Really Are in America and the Fact Is That This Is the Point Where People Start Really Paying Attention to the Midterm Races into I Think so All the Different Decisions of the Going Have To Make the Climate Could Not Be Worse for This White House Could Not Be Worse for Democrats and Same Time That This Is Going on in My Talk Yesterday Two Very Prominent Consultant to Fall A Lot Of These Different Republican Races. There Is More Confidence on Their Side about Taking Back the Senate Debate in Months. They Really Feel like We Knew That There Back in A Lot Of Respects the Democrats Have Gotten This Much Out Of Perhaps Leave the Job Decision in the Energy Generated among Pro-Abortion Voters and the like, and I Think Really They Feel That They're Going to Have the Odds in Their Favor in November to Take Back the Senate and Once That Happens, I Think You Will Please You Have the Buying Agenda Really Will Run into a Brick Wall. They're Not Going to Be Able to Get Anything Done after November. The Idea Is Going to Be Little Work across Party Lines Is Just Delusional Is Sears Present by Really Revealing That the Deficit Redone the Inflation Reduction but Was Never That at All. Even Though He's Claiming It Still Is Cut for This Legislation Is Good, Helpless, Triple Win Power Unleashed American Manufacturing to Own the Global Market. All Electric Vehicles to Fight the Environmental Just for Environment Environmental Justice to Create Clean Energy Jobs in Apprenticeships and Front-Line Fence Line Communities That Have Been Smothered by the Legacy Pollution Really Would Put Killing for Oil and Gas Right Now in Our Reserves and He's Telling a Windmill Is on Its Way Home. Little of This Package Had Anything to Do with Economic Priorities and with What People Actually Need When It Comes to Inflation and so Many Other Respects, This Was a Grab Bag of Climate Addressing Subsidies and Kind of Regulatory Policies That Wanted for Ages, Healthcare and Prescription Drugs and the like. Nothing to Do with Trying to Get the Economy Working Again and Frankly You Know This Is a President Who I Think Just Doesn't Know How to Do This Kind of Thing Is Getting so Went around by the by the Left Plaintiff's Party When It Comes to the Policy Agenda That He Is Pushing Forward That He Maybe Doesn't Even Know the Kind of Thing That People Don't Want They Want to Have Confidence in the Power of the Dollar When I Can See the Prices for Energy and for Rent and Everything Else with Their Unseeing Go down the Food Prices Go down. They Don't Want to Have the Promise of Working out Just Shift Things around in Order to Try to Boost People from Buying Electric Vehicles. That's Not What They Care about Right Now. And yet This White House Seems to Just Be so Stuck on This Approach a Policy That They're Not Considering Any of the Other Horses in the Room and a President Who Is Unwilling to Triangulate. She Saw Bill Clinton Do in the past with with the Reality of the Bipartisan Agenda but You Would Need to Do in Order to Have Guns, Then That's What He Did He Realized I Lost a Majority in the in the House so He Starts Coming up with Policies Dick Morris Let It Any Got Credit for the Coast to Reelection against Bob Dole Dr. Dumping Some Republicans Crazy, but in the End, the Country Was Better off the Deficit Was Actually Going down.

I Was Play the State of the Union Address. We Said Our Deficit Zero and It Was in Everyone Deserve Credit and Clinton Got the Claim He Left the Popular Present Day after the Worst Sex Scandal That Will Ever See. Hopefully a Chief Executive Have the Others Subplot Is Was Going on with Joe Mansion. So Joe Mansion Get a Handshake Deal Chuck Schumer to Do a Deal When It Comes to Fossil Fuels, Carbon Capture When It Comes to Coal As Well As Pipeline As Well As Permitting a Reform and It Turns out He Does That.

They Do Not Have the Democrats Not Go along with the House. Bernie Sanders on the Senate and the Republicans Don't Want to Play, Play Ball in the Senate Listen to Him Almost Bag Yesterday with Brad Cutting with F-16 and the Senate Will Have 50 Democrats Not Bernie Is Not Going to Vote for Any Way Shape or Form.

So If We Have 45 or 49 Democrats, Don't You Think There Will Be At Least 15 or More Republicans Fix the Only Thing That We've Ever Done That Has a Chance to Really Fight Inflation. I Hope Democrats and Republicans Will Come to Their Senses. What You Thoughts on This. You Seen A Lot Of Political Gains. Before This Joe Mansion Left out in the Cold Alone. Republicans Really Don't Want to Deal with Them Anymore Set up with Them Feel Betrayed by Him Certain Respects in Terms of Approach All Say Joe Mansion's Perspective.

You Know You Can Make a Strong Case That You Know Hey I Was Just Looking out for My Own State and I Want to Do Thing.

Now That's Good for the Country Come along Then Go with Me but Republican Election Year, and the Public As You Are Not Going to Go along with Giving Democrats to Win Effectively Even after All the Different Things That They Had to Put up with over the Course of the past Year and 1/2 on Think You Got Want to Add to Any Kind of in Any Way That the Other Side. At This Moment. I Think That This Is a Situation Where to Look. Joe Mansion Have Survived in West Virginia for a Very Long Time. Being Able to Navigate When You Really Were against Him That You Would Not Think That You Be Able to Win Reelection in the State As Red As West Virginia but I Think the Time Is Coming to an End.

I Think the Republicans Really Are Set up.

After Some of the Different Feelings That He's Done Going to Target Him in a Very Big Way. If He Decides to Suckle from Now to Run for Reelection and I Think That There Will Be a Real Republican Efforts to Push Them out the Back Seat Should Be a Republican Sleep Was a Republican so You Wouldn't See Things Go the Way That They Have over the past Month, but You Can't Discount the Fact That He Did Not Pack the Court Can't Discount the Fact That the Major Bill Back Better Was Stopped in His Tracks Really by Him. Of Course, so It's Fair and I Think That Your Side of the Argument, I Think You Can Certainly Make That Argument, Republican Senate, Limit on It and I Don't Think They're Going to Work with. Let's Let's Take a Look at This on the Border Been Damage. I Want You Here. Karine Jean-Pierre Said Cut 17 Care. Last Month Alone. I Will Send It Here Somehow How That As Far As the Border. We're Taking Unprecedented Action, Unprecedented Means Lack of Action. She Went on to Say That Was Broken They Doing a Much Better Job Was All Trump Did Was Build a Wall and He Couldn't Get It Done in Four Years I'm There. I Think They Want You to Believe the Economy Is Healthy Yesterday and the Border Secured Today and Donald Trump Broke It.

What the Amount of Gas Lighting Going on in Washington Right Now. Brian Will Make You Just Pretend You're Okay, but Clearly Aren't You Look with Your Ex-Wife When You Are Trying to Spin You Know, Catching All of This Sentinel or or Having This Many Encounters Is a Good Thing. What You Are Obviously Saying Is Numbers Are up so High That We Are Able to Get This Much All People of the Better Living through the Drug's Ability for This Is Indicative of the Fact That They Do Not Have the Resources Necessary in Order to Have the Kind of Security That Americans Deserve and Look Is Also One Thing I Think Really Needs to Be Heard by Republican King's Cross Border" on Our Issues That They Need to Be Talking about More and More and More Because Those Are the Kinds of Things That Concern Dependent Voters Just Rest on the Wall of God. Inflation Numbers in a Bad Economy. You Gotta Lead into This Stuff and Start Talking about It and You Have To Start Laying out What You Will Do If You Take That Congress Personally Believe That My Work Is Thought to Be Impeached. I Believe You Want to Have Accountability for the Level of Dysfunction of the Department of Public Security and along the Border. We've Seen Our Unprecedented Level and yet You Know I Think That Unfortunately the Timeline for the Consultant Class Basically Says Oh No It's Fine Just Just Depend on How Bad the Current Situation Is Economically and You'll Be Able to Win.

I Think That That Is a Mistake and I Think the Republican Candidates across the Country Believe in Doing This They Need to Make a Priority to Send the Message That There's Going to Be Consequences for Help. That Got so 2020 Forces around the Corner.

Pneumocystis I Get It When Dr. Biden Went to Say That When the First Lady Jill Biden Said This, I Took Note Cut 23. We Talked about Everything and yet We Been Olympic to PC, Not yet, but I'm Sure I Don't Discussion and the Question Was, and She Talked about Is He Running for Election. We Haven't Talked about It between the Lines, You Know She Can Answer That so Easily Have Joe Plans on Running and You Can Always behind the Scenes She Could Been Absolutely Not What You Can Play the Game.

There Why Not Run, Run, Run, Look so Bad so Awful Bigger Question Would Be Quite Right or Not so Terrible and so Unpopular That You Can't Shift There Really Is No Other Option.

Gonna Run in It. It's Going to Be Terrible, but We Haven't Talked about It Because It Could Be so Uncomfortable to Have a Conversation That Everybody Knows That It's the Worst Kept Secret in Washington but Nobody Really Close to Him. You Don't Even Really Want to Run Last Time around. They Knew That He Was Too Old for the Significant Serious Physical and Health Problems. I I Wish That We Had Better Options. I Wish We Had Better Option, but Younger Options and People Who Were Very Confident and Capable of Working Seven Days a Week, Which Is Something You Can't Do the Things That I Think It's Going to Be so Disturbing If We See We Have To See Him Campaign Actually Campaign Got Insulated from That Last Time You Hit the Basement It out You Didn't Have To Go out There. He Didn't Have To Do Anything. You Know I Saw Her Little Colleague Chris Wallace Complementing Its Retail Politicking Ability Certainly Didn't See That Last Time around. I Think the Situation That's Going to Be Very Embarrassing for the Country. You Have To Watch What It's Going to Happen Because They Don't Have Any Other Options.

Well, That Will Be Something Busy Stepped Aside and Have Options and Maybe Gavin Newsom Got Gov. Pritzker, You Would Have. They All Have Problems with This Is a Rematch. Trump Goes to Knowing the Rematch and Look out. I Would like to See the Country Move on to Younger People to Move Away from from the Older Class of Folks but the Dynamics of It the Way That It's Going to the Dynamics of the Fact That the Former President Obviously Now Have Massive Warchest You Want to Remax You Think That You One Last Time around.

The Difficulty Biden Again and from That Perspective I Think That You Note for Joe Series of Options for Democrats and Great to Not Have the Ability to Replace, Replace Trump but No One's Mike Noons Got His Maybe Done His Popularity.

It's Really Fascinating That Thanks Really Will I Great. Will Satan Be 50 Nations Can Be Sprinkle into a Constant Autopsy Where the Selections Going Use of the Brain to Meet You Both Sides.

All of the More You Listen More, You'll Know It's Brian Kill Me.

The Historic Factor Is That a President's Job Approval Rating Is the Single Best Predictor of How His Party Is Going to Do in the Midterm Elections in Here Again I Was Talking about Democratic Optimism.

Biden's Approval Rating Real Clear Politics Average Did Go from Little under 37 up to about 40 to Almost 6 Points That One up A Lot Of Optimism among Democrats, but It's Still 42 and Presidents Who Have Job Approval Ratings below 50% Lose A Lot Of Seats. It Is Never Been That Is Byron York, of Course, and He's Talk about Where We Stand and That Was before Inflation Stated He .3%.

That Was before the Market Dropped 1200 Points. That Was before the Price of Goods across the Board Food for the Most Part.

13% More in Someplace a Little Less and Others from Use Cars to Real Estate Getting Harder to Buy a House Because Rates Are Going up.

He's Spending Instead of Cutting in Terms of in Times like This, in Which Recession Looms and a Fear of Inflation Is Real. He's Not Doing the the Economic Principles of Anyone Can Say What I'm Doing Kinsey's Economic Some of Them Act like Paul Volker M. I'm Acting like Any Bodies Done in the past. Keep Keep Spending Push Agreed Agenda. Don't Worry about Inflation Look Hello Job Numbers Are While Not Even Discussing the Fact 11 Million Jobs 10.4 Million Jobs Remain Open so That Approval of 42%.

I Can See Getting Much Better Fastest-Growing Radio Talk Show and Kill Me. Thank You Much for Listening to the Show Everyone the Brian Kill Michelle from 46 in Midtown Manhattan. Like Most Big Cities Overrun with Crime and We Need More Cops. People Want to Do It Anymore. Will Discuss That Reporter Saw Her on the Country around the World and We Have A Lot to Discuss Is by Gerard Baker to Put Our Economy Perspective. It's Now off 120 Points Is the Dalby Yesterday Dropped over 1200 Points in the Person How to Party.

It Makes Absolutely No Sense Keep My Two Were Monitoring All Events Overseas First Time in 70 Years Has Been a Vacancy in the Throne. As You Know, and This Is the Longest Series of Funerals I've Ever Seen in My Life and Were Not Done Talking until Monday so Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's 33 Talked about Not yet We Been Olympic to PC, Not yet, but I'm Sure I Don't Discussion Looking All Tell Him He Has True to What He Said He Would Do Scarily Maybe 20, 2250+ Days Where the Primaries Are Complete Where the Red Wave Is Is Going to Crash or Is It Stopped Will Continue Joe Biden about Her Husband Not Knowing about Reelection. It Boggles Your Mind That Were Certainly Doing A Lot More to Secure the Border and Could Be Doing Even More. Stop Clear Obstruction Right Exactly Republicans Are Extracting You Stopping the Border Flow Right on the Money.

What a Press Secretary Flat out Lying Is More like a Persecutor Really Wants Us to Believe What Was Worse under Trumpet. It Is Right Now. Ask Any Texas Town in Arizona, New Mexico and California. Given Sodium Pedestal. While the Presence Fighting for Trains with This Law.

The American People Want and Special Interest Lost Said Again the American People Want Clueless Person Takes about Four's Economy As the Policies Inflict Pain on the People from Food Utilities to Energy and Inflation Killing the American Family Putting Them under Extreme Stress and the Present Has a Party Books James Taylor's and They Sing about Fire and Marine.

No Joke. Jack Was Bringing Barry Possible. He Served As Special Assistant for Defense Policy and Strategy on the National Security Council Present George W. Bush and Barack Obama and He Is Vice President.

The Ran National Security Research Division and Director of the National Defense Research Institute Barry Welcome Brian Kill Michelle, Thank You Very Much Barry That the Direction of the War Overseas and the Meeting between Russia and China. First off the Momentum That Ukraine Has Right Now You Expected to Continue As They Picked up At Least 1500 Mi.�. Some Say 3000 Mi.� from the Russians Well and an Inherently Unpredictable Endeavor. But I Do Think They Have Momentum on Their Side with the Brilliant Operational Plan. Continuing to Get the Plies of Increasingly Capable Military Equipment from Their Their Partners from NATO and United States. So I Think It Is Expected to Continue, but the Enemy Get the Boat and so Russia Will Try to Push Back with the Tools, but It Had Little Pushback in Ukraine and I Might Also Think the Pushback Hidden in the Home Countries of the Coalition As Well so This Is an over I Think Is the Bottom Line Capable Percent of the Forces Are to Getting You See the Rotated through Are Actually in Action Running so Fast at Dropping Their Uniforms Changing Civilian Clothes, Leaving Tanks and Armaments behind the Doesn't See Mikey or Me That Knows What They're Doing Now Is Not Lucky in That Regard, Corruption and Dictatorships Also Affect Military Performance and so I Think Working out One of the Results of That Quite A Lot Of Russian Money Going to the Military but I Do Think There Are Still Tools That You Can Turn to. You Still Have Mental Capability and Capability Diaper Information and Intelligent Others Don't Think That He Can Do You Know, Stepping Back. No One's Ever Overestimated the Ability of the Russian. And so You Know If He Wants to Stay in. I Think We Should Expect Him to Look for Way to Stay in It, but It Doesn't Mean That I Think Your Point Is in Their Ground Forces Will Take A While to Rearm to Get Smarter to Learn Lessons in Try to Put Back on the Ukrainian but I Don't Expect That Anytime Soon but I Do Expect to Retaliate. Another Way so We See a Group of Mayors to Sign the Petition to Remove Vladimir Putin.

They No Longer Have a Support. No Telegram Is There. Their Chief Way of Communicating with These Pro-War Operatives That They Have and They Are Criticizing the Russian Tactics. What Was I'm Not Saying That He's Ready to Be Ousted from the Room. The People You Know.

Do You Sense That He Is.

He's on Really Unstable Footing Really Don't Know What He's Done A Lot Of Things Done Ethically to Make Sure It Protected.

I Was Told. Details for the Other Senior National 30 Minute. Their Main Purpose Is to Make Sure You Know What They're Doing and What They're up to. One Example but There Is No I Think We Are in the Territory Here with the Catastrophic Losses That the Russian Military Suffering. With Thanks and Continuing Though I Do Think Let's Continue to Watch That.

But Again, I Will. I Would Not Say Things That Are Either Unstable or That He's Leaving Anytime Soon but Think That You Don't You Don't Hear That You Don't See the Evidence.

You Know, until All Of A Sudden, Everything from so I Think People Watching and We Don't out Tomorrow Morning We Could Wake up, but It Could Be 2024 Says No Reason Special Ops Intelligence Analyst a Works for Us Now and Also in over the Ukraine to Help out There Physically on the Ground with the Troops.

He Just Said This Could 35 Very Major Problem.

Right Now He's Losing Leverage Globally As Well. They Can't Keep This Propaganda Wheel Turning Hard Enough or Just Whistle past These Recent Losses Public Now Too Many Russian Citizens Are Learning about What's Happening There Spreading the Word of the Series to See You Got Dignity and Pride in Question Is These Weaknesses Are Being Exposed Were Seeing Massive Manpower, Logistical Issues, Major Equipment Losses Ukrainians Battlefield Is Littered Right Now Were Destroyed and Abandoned Russian Military Equipment and Right Now Are Starting to See Even Some Russian News Outlets That Are Publicly Calling His Right Resignation Because of the Damage That Was Done on the World Stage. So I Mean I Threw up in April. I Never Thought We Would Hear Reports like That.

Did You Know Territory Here and so Certainly According Ukraine. I like Supporting Them for the Vacant Land and Not a Party Member That They Don't Lose That.

I Think That Going out in a Fantastic Direction Right 50 D. Do You Think the Administration Should Pick up the Pace Germany to Pick up the Pace Others to Fulfill Their Promises Quickly.

Yeah, I Think Time Is Not on Early on, on the Side of Ukraine We Get.the Sooner They Can Keep Pressing the Advantage. I Think That an Element That That I Do Think Is Useful When You Know When Winter Comes in the Energy Tool Comes into Play Geopolitically and Specially in Your I Think That That Somewhat More Challenging Proposition Than What Going on Right Now, Keep Pressing. Obviously the Capabilities and the Advice Are Having Different and of Course Ukrainian Will Fight and That Brilliant Leadership Is the Major Factor.

But No, I Think Let's Keep Pressing Us. Let's Not Let up until I Agree with Very Puzzles with Us. Now He Works for the Joys of Christmas Trees) and Obama's Administration. Barry, Would You Expect to Happen When Vladimir Putin Meets with Prison.

She Tomorrow I Think It's Kazakhstan Lose Pakistan. One of Them. We Know about the Alliance but What If China Could Tip the Balance by Writing a Big Check or Providing Armaments Will They Already Writing the Check in the Form of Buying Russian Oil Discount to Sell Elsewhere and so They Are Friend.

The Friend Autocratic Dictator Help Each Other out, but It Is a Marriage of Convenience until One of Them Decided No Longer Useful Marriage at This Point I China Has A Lot More Leverage Than Russia. Russia You Know Desperately Need Friends like China for Lots of Breathing Technology. Another Thing I Think You to Try to Read the Meal between Not Doing so Much Overtly That Will Suffer from Backlash from the Coalition Left but Keep Doing What They're Doing behind the Scenes.

Now I Think Underappreciated in My View, How Many Challenges She Didn't Know, Is Now Facing and What Is Not Enough. The Question of How Much Weaker I Might Be Himself Because of the Time the Chinese Economy Doing Terribly in the Second Quarter. The COBIT Lockdown Strangling the Tech Sector Putting in Party People Instead of Letting That Florist Protest across China on Things like Banking and Housing. I Think Stepping Back That They Both Are Financially Weaker Than They Were a Year Ago That Might Make Them Both More Dangerous They Might Talk about That Together but I Do Think That Obviously China by Far the Big Brother in the Relationship and Will Use the Meeting to Strengthen Their International Standing.

Putin Will Show That Still Respected Member of the Community with Smaller Community at the Court of Public Diplomacy. Well I Barry I Think so Much It's Procedure Is Providing Your Insight, Especially in These Perilous Uncharted Times, My Pleasure, 186-640-8766 and Come Back Take Some Calls and Then at the Bottom of the I Will Go inside the Economy Not Rhetoric to Go inside the Numbers Would Really Means to You Only so That Core Inflation Inflation.

We Talk about Gas Prices and Food Prices and What It Means for the Election 50 Days in It's a Sprint to November. Brian Kill Me Show You Places You Need to Kill Me If You're Interested in Brian's Talking about Your until Made. I Think This Is a Really Actually an Important Day Because for a Month or More.

The Story Had Been Rising Optimism among Them That They Were Going to Do Better in the Midterms and I Thought Maybe They Were Going to Get Slaughtered. Maybe They'd Even Hold the Senate, or Maybe Even the House and the Reason I Thought They Could Do It Because Is Because They Thought Inflation Was in Be Going down. They Thought They Could Capitalize on the Abortion Decision from the Supreme Court and I Thought They Could Make the Election More about Donald Trump Than They Could Have before His Latest Legal Problems. I Think Today Was the Day Than Inflation in the Economy in General As an Issue Just Came Roaring Back and They Could Not Ignore the Fact That This Is Still and Always Has Been the Public's Number One Issue so Interesting. Byron Byron York You See with the Differences with Democrats Looking to Find Something That Will Resonate and Demean Republicans. Republicans Try to Say Look What's Happening the Border Real Crime Real Spending Real Inflation, Real Food, so They're Looking to Say Look at All He's Done and Look at All. They've Gotten Wrong in the Party in Power since You Don't Want Donald Trump to Kill Those Investigations He's Having That Ultra Maggot Crowd and Follows up down Trump and PACS Arenas without Trump or Open Fields Have To Be Terrible People. How Is That a Policy Scott Schiller Zones We Find Jim Hey Jim, Right Month.

Your Chosen Books. I like to Thank You Yeah I Used To Be a Republican Independent Because Republicans Are Party of Do-Nothing. We Have Serious Issues and Talked All about Him with All Your Guest � No Coherent Message Other Than Maybe Trump Himself out There to Say Hey, Are We Better off Than We Were Two Years Ago. Support Issues Were Talking about.

And Here's the Solutions That We Have and Maybe Time for Third Party a Constitutional Party Where Jim Jim Justice Theory I Insert How the Parts Can Have Any Validity. I Will Say This If You Don't Want to Vote Republican. That's Fine, but I Know Exactly What They Would Do If They Were in Power. They Immediately Would Finish up the Wall. The Children Continue with the Technology. For They Would Pressure in the Central and South American Nations Keep Their Populations under Control.

They Were Cracked on the Businesses That Are Hiring Illegals in Right Away. They Will Be Cracking down in Every Way Shape and Form Number Two They Be Bolstering Police Officers by Changing the Profile Going Ahead and Pressuring Legislatures in Order to Flip Them in a Way That's Going to Stop the Zero Cash Bail so They Be Tackling Crime When It Comes to Defense. I Don't Again. He Went down to Republicans Would Bolster Defense. They Do Spend Too Much and Social Programs Are Afraid to Cut Them Because They're Afraid to Go to Lou's Constituency but a Reform of Some of These Areas Would Certainly Work. I Understand People's Impatience and A Lot Of People Want to Do If You Want Republicans Get Back in Power Investigate. I Think That Would Be a Mistake and in Fairness to Them.

McCarthy Last Week Was Ready to Roll out with His Version of What the Demo with the Republicans Would Do with the Queen Died and He Feels Is Only Press Conference He Has. To Get Smothered Because If You Look at Our Channel Mean Every Half Hour with Doing Something from Some Other from Scotland or England or or about the Queen Today Waiting with the with Ministration Will Do Is Cracked on the Board for Sure Market Rubies in a Tough Race against Val Deming's Not If You Look at What Her Track Record Is She's Just Because She Is a a Law Enforcement Background Doesn't Mean She's Pro Law Enforcement Hears Marco Rubio on the Present Administration and the President's Press Secretary Coming out and Saying about the Previous Menstruation Broke the Border Cut 22 to Set up like a near Finished the Water Contest. A Lot Of Democrats Would Vote for Funding. They Literally Would Not Approve a Dollar More.

They Call the Wall a Racist Idea and at the End of the Day Look, It's Not Just a Might Consider Coming across Because There's the Most People Just Turn Themselves in Because They Know If You Turn Yourself and Be Allowed to Stay in the Country Will Be Given a Work Permit to Be Told Show up in 10 Years, Five Years for Asylum Hearing and Outlook, but Some People Don't Know the Ones That Were Wired to Turning Themselves in Exactly Then to Be the Ministration Should Start with Crime and My Goodness Have You Seen Some of This Footage Is out There. You See Was Going on in Chicago You Know When the World into Week Two and Half Hours for a Call in Multiples People Are You to Show up and Just Take Your Version of How You Will Rob Beaton Burglarized or Something Worse.

Same Thing with the Same Thing Was Seen about St. Louis since They Were Cured about Chicago. I Tell You about New York. The Philadelphia Numbers in Proportion Per Capita or Worsen. I Think Anyplace Else in the Country. Did You See Los Angeles Lately. How Can You If You're an Opposition Party of Was Ever in Power Not Run on That One Thing about the President of the Former President He Was Getting Scrutiny Because He Was Coming down Too Hard on Law Enforcement Party Put Fed Federal Troops into Seattle and to Portland to Crack down on These Riots in There. They Were Criticizing Prison Trump for Cracking down Those Good Old Days. Let's Have the Debate on Who Should Crackdown We Don't Have That Debate Anymore. That's What This Administration's Not a Hard Stretch. I Want This Protested Don't Go Tomorrow and Ask People to Do a Focus Group Just As People What's Going on Crime. Are You Worried about You Getting College Are You Worried about When You Go out to Park. What about 11 O'clock in the Afternoon. As We See This Footage in Chicago over the Weekend and I Don't Know Chicago That Well but Evidently a Very Nice Area.

11 O'clock Guy Goes out to His Car and He Gets Sold by Four Guys with Guns. He Ends up. The One Guy with the Ghanaians of Breaking Free Getting Away, Keeping His Wallet.

Aces Listen, Don't Do What I Did.

I Military Trained Him Also Mixed Martial Arts. I Got Free That We Were Heading As a Country If I'm Running for Office. Big or Small, Local or National Excellent Starting with Starting the Crime. This Isn't Because We Have Ring Doorbell's Is Actually Happening Is Because We Have Cameras in Every Street, Law Enforcement, Wanted out There and Even Though Money Is Not the Primary Issue.

Find a Way to Make It Really Cool Again to Be a Cop and That Comes with Publicity Comes with Image Image Training Great Stories We See It All the Time.

Market Tell Us What You Doing a Perfect but You're Not Perfect I'm Not Perfect Rather Main Uniform Radio That Makes You Think This Is the Brian Kill Me Show Core Inflation Numbers Better Today, but It Is Worth Noting That Overall Inflation Is Been Flat for the Last Two Months That the Rates Come down That Energy Prices Were down near 5% and Gas Prices down 11% and I Think Yes There Are A Lot Of Reasons to Think That Core Inflation Will Move in the Right Direction. Yeah, That Is Jean Sperling Trying to Say the Glass Is Half-Full after Those Numbers Came down.

Talk about Inflation in the 1200 Point Drop in the Dow and the Average Price of Food up 13% and It Looks like. Interest Rates Are Heading up That Direction to Beget the Body Ministration Continue to Have a Party Saying This Is a Great Day for Inflation Reduction When It's Not Going down and It Still Intolerably High. Drugmaker Joint Is Now Editor at Large, the Wall Street Journal, Host of the Wall Street Journal at Large on Fridays at 730. George, You Must've Lost Your Mind Watching Their Party Detached from Reality Take Place at the White House. Did They Know That This Is Not a Time to Celebrate the Economy on Some Level for Mutual Today.

You Couldn't Possibly Have Chosen a Worse Day to Celebrate the Inflation Reduction to Pick a When We Had One of the Most Disturbing Inflation. Inflation That We Cannot Because the Headline Figure Suggested That the Underlying Inflation Which the Real Problem Here.

We Know the Front of the Comedown While She Bumped the Underlying Problem. Inflation Getting Dramatically Worse. Interest Rates More Aggressively Recession. As Result, I'm Really Not Chosen Will State Bronchial Thing Was That They Still Went Ahead with the Celebrate Your Meaning of Those Numbers Came out Late Morning but Change At Least You to Change the Script You out. Change the Script Was Still Battling Inflation, with the Right Thing to Whatever You like This by Himself, but Also Their Men to Come. Thank You Mr. Pres.: You Can't Transform the Economy. I Mean I to Meet Brian That You Want to Will Leave That Date Will Live on and I Hope Republican Candidate Will Take That You Have the Image of the Split Screen of Biden Celebrating the Economy with the with the Dow Jones Industrial Average Same Time Pulling 1200 Points in the Morning to Get Ready. Wall's Son Just How Completely Out Of Touch These People Is the Present Case You Missed a Cut to with This Law. The American People Want and Special Interest Lost Said Again the American People Want and Special-Interest Loss. Folks Were a Lower Prescription Drug Costs, Lower Health Insurance Costs Lower Energy Costs for the Families. I Want to Take the Most Aggressive Action Ever Ever Ever Confront the Climate Crisis and Increase Our Energy Security Ever in the Whole World Solution. George, That's It. That's Second-Half Is It the Inflation Thing Is Is a Head Fake. We Know That a Drug 30 Almost 40% Coffee 17% Milk 17% Fruit and Vegetables Nine Fish and Others All up.

Overall 13% Increase Inflation.

We Know It's up to 83% Electricity's Killing People in the Utility Bills. If Your Paycheck to Paycheck Person, Which I Think Most of Our Country Is This Is a Killer. But He Cares about the Agenda. Doesn't He. Can You Get Your Head around That There Is Right Saying Things Special-Interest Loss One. I Was Thinking You Kidding Special-Interest Companies You Know Which Companies of the Been Looking for a Special Credit for Energy in the Louisiana Was Renewable Company. The Counseling for A Few Years Ago, so Some Huge Numbers of Government Subsidies. A Lot Of This Bill of This Act Now, Watching the So-Called Inflation Production Is a Long Packed with Goodies for Companies to Get Credit to Spend Money on on Some Cool Green Green Energy Soak Date for Complete Fiction.

To Begin, As You Say How the American People Winning Brine for the Units We Have the Inflation Obviously Was 8.3%. Consumer Prices and Wages All Writing about an Average of about 5% Year. That Means That Every Single Year Americans Illusion up Seeing 83% Plus Decline in Their Real Disposable Income down Literally Right Looking at Their Actually There Actually Experiencing Wage Increases on Any When the Increase in Almost All, You Didn't Mention Housing Housing Brought It 6% Today from Where They Were Basically Just Just a Year Old Just to Use It to Open Two Years Ago to Kill Housing Market. That Means Anyone from Buying a House Right Now Can Get It from the Critical Lots of Money from Those People Who Have Houses Decline in the Housing. Looks like the Housing Market Crash Again and the Rhetoric about the American People Winning Just so Removed from the Reality.

What Is the Right Recipe. So Sometimes Things Come in Cycles so You Know We Did Spend a Whole Lot of Mice in the Rest of the World and the Pandemic.

I Know the Rescue Package Was Folly Was Pure Agenda This Mini Bill Back Better Is Horrific.

So When You Do Spend Too Much. And Inflation Goes up Too Much and You Don't Want to Cause Too Much Plane and the People I Always Thought That the Way Out Of It Was to Cut Spending and Taxes. With This, but Instead All You Have Is to Slow the American People down by Making It Very Hard to Take out Due To Get to Use Their Credit Card and to Buy a House up Interest Rates When Inflation Is Embedded Right Now It's Incredibly All the Government Even the Federal Reserve to Actually like Turning a Tanker Ocean Going Tank around. It's Already Well Setting Course Inflation. We've Been Building Some Ways We Can Build This Inflation Place Request for Very Loose Monetary Policy Is Very, Very Least, Let Loose and You Turn That around Again in a Single Active Single Government-Backed Turnaround Is Interest-Rate Interest Rate Increase That Was a Necessary Witness One Not to Spend More to Add Fuel to the Claims Which Is Exactly What This Administration and Congress Are Doing to You Need to Stop Putting in Place. Posted Address the Real Underlying Problems of Creating This Inflation.

One of Those Is the Fiscal Position and We Can Have an Incredibly Lax Fiscal Position despite His Claimed Inflation Reduction to Reduce the Deficit. During the Second Half of the 10 Year Outlook Is When When When the Desktop Coming on. That's What You like Me to Do Much More to Get Control and Sickly Grunt to Do Much More Just to Stimulate Domestic Energy Production. We Will Have a Good Story Last Week Coming Out Of the Binder Ministration Is Given Fewer Leases School Problem for Domestic Energy Production Than Any Any Administration in History in the Last 50 Years That Policy They Want to Know That You Do Something about Green Energy That Will Basically Shutdown As Much As They Can at Mystical People, Energy Production and and They Want to Encourage with These Big Fat Subsidies and Credit Defined in the Long-Term Renewables a Crate in the Long Term, and the Possibility to Quickly Some of Our Energy Needs with Renewables Great and We Should Do That. But in the Immediate United States Is Still Sitting on a Reservoir of Natural Gas. Huge Quantities of Oil. There Are Ways in Which That Can Be Extracted Cheaply and without Doing and We Know Much Cleaner We Do Much with Damage to the Environment Is Logically Close to That That Will Help Bring down the Stage Course for a Long-Term Reduction in Energy Cost Which Is Not Part of People Suffering from Right Now with These Huge Increases Drugmakers with Us. Now You Know Show on Friday. She Was at Her and Thought A Lot Large of Wall Street Journal. So Joe Mansion. Cut This Deal That Was to Enable the Spending to Take Place, but It Looks like He's Got No Deal. Geordie Is Nobody in the House Talking to Go for His Fossil Fuel Pushes Loosening up of Leases and Regulations around It Is Carbon Capture That Allows Coal to Flourish in West Virginia. He Is Desperate, He Finds Himself in a Handshake Deal with.

So, Chuck Schumer, Which He Seems to Be Worthless.

Here's Mentioned Yesterday, Nine but Your Politics Aside.

If You're Mad at Me or Whatever Take Me Out Of This Equation.

The Bottom Line Is You Have a Piece of Legislation.

Finally, This Been Passed Permitting Is Something We've Always Tried to Do All of Us Together and Not Been There with You and Why Can't We Look at the Fact We Had a Chance and It Happened Again the Next Decade, Maybe Not. My Life Ever Get a Chance to Pass, Permitting Is Usually Democrats Have Not Supported Permitting Reform. This Is One Time They Benefit by and They See It, but Still yet There Are Some There Is Some Reluctant Matter on Any Kit Situation to Do Anything That Looks like It Might Help. Fossil, so He Wants Republicans to Bail Him out in the House and He Needs and Votes, Maybe 11 in the Senate Where It Is Said to Remind You Little Joke about You Know Someone on the Outcome of the Way Works in Mind What You Want Is Mine and What's Mine Is Mine Mean Nothing from It and by the Way, Politically Suffered from a Poll Recently Showing Him 3040 Points on the Wall. Somehow That's White Desperate for Them to Give You Many Hoops to Get Anything from Somebody EPT Created the Circumstances, I'm Still Having Told Again and Again and Again. He Didn't Want to Do a Big Infrastructure. Deal Letters Are a Big Green Energy. Do You Want to Do the Circle and on Any Signs up to This This Slimmed-Down Version, Supposedly on the Understanding That He Can Get Some Favorable Treatment for Energy Production West Virginia and Surprise Surprise, to Get That One Republicans Bailing out Not Having Having You Know and Again He Really Is.

You Will Note, Blindsided Mitch McConnell When He Get That Deal with Chuck Schumer Back in August to Get This Set Get Him Something to Get This Bill through Winans with a Bail Him Out Of What Will Interest As They Possibly Have Been Seeing Him and Helping Him in West Virginia, Where He Is Now Becoming Very Unpopular Yeah I Just Wish People Understood That Going to Fossil Fuels Right Now Is Something in Our National Security Interests on a Bise Political Interest.

At the Same Time Moving Forward with Any Innovations in Renewables That You Might Be Able to Put Together You and I'll Be the First Online If You Could You Provide the Infrastructure Available for Electric Car That's Gonna Save Me Money and Be Responsible for the Environmental Do It, but Instead You Give Me $7500 to Buy a Car.

I Don't Want to Get Refueled in the State Can't Do It so You Can Really One of the Reason You All Accurately in Terms of Costs Is Because Fossil Fuel Costs so High When Oil Is over Hundred Dollars Hundred Barrel over Hundred Dollars a Barrel, Then That Actually Makes the Cost.

All Women, so Now Have It Make Some Relatively More Attractive If We Were Actually Producing As We Could Produce Much More Much More Fossil Fuel Energy Prices Will Come down to Producing More Mesh Disruptions in Global Supply with That Project Come down. That Would Make Natural Gas and Oil Much More Affordable Compared with Very Very Expensive Renewable Production so We Should Also Think Misunderstanding Feel a Possible Plan Here of the Long-Term Plan of the Green Energy.

People Who Know That If You Live There. They Write You Fuel Is Actually Very Very Expensive Very Very Costly to Produce, to Make It Look More Attractive by by Pushing up the Price of Fossil Fuel and Also One Wanting Me Cryptically Pallets a Week and That Something the World Crazily Turned His Back on Tremendously Clean Energy Source Which Could Provide Much of Our Energy Needs of the Future, but Again These Crazy Greens. None of Them Will Let You Know That There Person He Could Count to Because They Have the Psychological Commitment to Each of These Renewables like Solar and Wind, Which Is to Say All Basically Very Expensive Show Friday Know yet Was Still Figuring out Talking about the Inflation Numbers with a Couple of Commentators I Think It Should Be. It Should Because It Was the Economy, Will Talk about the Political Climate Coming up to 2222 Mitchum Sees This, Change the Inflation Number Change That so Absently As Usual 730 on STN Dry. Thank You. Thanks Brian I Listen We Come Back Will Find That This Morning Now and Find It Was on Your Mind. Can We Do Both Challenge Myself Your Knowledge Base Brian Show Breaking News Unique Opinions. All Brian Kill Me. Joe Welcome Back Everyone I Know If You Heard the Queen Died. As We Have a King. King Charles III. He Was Prince Charles, the Third Season the Same Guy Don't Know What They're Really like by the Seas Is Everything so Formal Will Get a Little Idea of Seems like Prince Now Turn King's Little Bit of a Temper Wants Everything to Go Right Here He Is Signing a Document Make Himself out a Note Making Sure the Queens Data Making Sure He Takes over and He's Upset about His Pan. He Also Writes down the Wrong Date. Listen to This Court on My Clearly He Didn't Think so. So Using Scotland about the Sign Something Make It Official That His Mom's Dead in Northern Ireland. Any the Pen Doesn't Work You Write down the Wrong Date and He Says You Buddy Penn Grew Visibly Frustrated. September 12 Is It September 12, despite the Fact That a Calendar with the Date on It Was Right in Front of Them Was Told Was 1/13 Euros of God.

I Put the Wrong Date down.

I Guess He Can't Be King. Let's Find out There's More to Know Gave Me Some Stuff Can Start.

I Use Great Friend of the Show He Actually Hosted Me for Sam Houston Yelled More Than Just Put Together Great Event in Texas Used To Run Baylor Used To Run Pepperdine. He Prosecuted for Clinton over Whitewater. He Has Passed Away. The Age of 76. It Looks like They Had Surgery and Went Awry. Never Was Able to Recover but He Leaves Nine Grandchildren, the Wife of over 50 Years. He Was a Great Guy and a Brilliant Mind Is a Wonderful Person. Next NBC Sunday Night Football Continued to Grow and Improve Its Metal.

Guess What They Got 25 Million Viewers on Sunday Night to Watch the Cowboys Lose Couple to Last Thursday's Game the Buffalo Bills against the Los Angeles Rams Got 23 Million like the NFL on CBS They Kicked off the Got 17 Million so Nielsen Ratings.

It Was up 21% Fox Sports Degree with Alabama, Texas.

They Got about 32% up to 10.6 Million. What a Great Game That Was Alabama Wins and I ESPN College Football Is up 4.5 Million Evenly WNBA Was up a Little Bit. They Got Five, 872,005 Instead of the 555,000 Set up 18%. People Want to See a Break. No More Kneeling, so It's Got a Good Right beneath the Politics Out Of It Just Entertain Us and Let Them yet. So Next Baseball Legend Ty Cobb's Dentures Are Optional for $18,000. Of Course Eric Had to Go into a Savings Account to Do but Eric You Glad You Did Right, of Course, It Was Expensive It Was Worth. Write a Member. He Was Very Good at Baseball.

Every Time You Look at His Teeth. What's Left of the Bidder Shelled out $18,000 for the Legend Who Is a Bit of Racially Intolerant, so to Speak, so I'm Not Sure What Kind of Shape They're in That the Upper and Lower Dentures Are They Come with Cobb's Original Plaster Denture Holder and Brass Opening Device so Cobb Was Born in 1886, so These Must Be Smelt Great over 100 Meteorologists Handle Worldwide Resources of Fox Box Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not or Wherever You Get Your

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