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Democrats admit they're getting "crushed" in midterm messaging

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 26, 2022 12:45 pm

Democrats admit they're getting "crushed" in midterm messaging

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 26, 2022 12:45 pm

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All these things are what make our lives in the world extraordinary and all these things are powered by Intel. How wonderful is that.

Learn more wonderful you are seeking ever so thankful to be your body is the right human Job every weekend. 186-640-8766 on the number to be on the show will have an up for doing that next will hurdle join us of former Texas Congressman cybersecurity expert officer of the CIA, author, American reboot will be with us. I have always been perfect to put in perspective what's happening in Texas also tapping the Republican party want things breaking their way even though you would not know it because when certain polls go their way. People just don't govern their own pole will discuss that and take your calls and meanwhile we are also white and understand that some of you more concerned especially of so many stations affiliates in Florida. Many of you, concerned, there is a hurricane to be hitting so what was put your mind at ease and talk about things that matter most of the American people with the big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness three. I think it interesting in Iran are seated in Russia your seat in China rising up all of them have anti-American sentiment encouraging to see the countries that are most anti-American have as much trouble historic opportunities.

That's how I see it for America as we watch riots crop up in Russia and Iran for the horrific abuses of their own people and for Russia, Ukrainian people as well. The latest on the riots in the war were Russia is losing voters anything inflation and the economy all points which challenges for Democrats trying to keep the house and ABC's Rachel Scott being honest. The economic thundercloud together in we are all feeling even if the bi demonstration does not acknowledge of the poser and in the numbers or housing are on housing on stocks on inflation have all of us have affected all of us into all of us are concerned. He never said I looked at was the president at 36 on his approval rating. 74% of the people, the pulse of the economy is bad. The top issue. 84% of the people. That's all bad news for the Democrats of Apple yeah I just don't know IBC was opposes talk more about it.

Six weeks into the midterms and the Dems got devastating numbers of presence approval rating below 40 Republican Party gained substantial trust advantages on crime, immigration, and the economy. What does it mean for the red wave will break it down along with the most intriguing midterm matchups on talking with that in the Senate. So how I know things are serious, forward to Democratic Party because abortion sixth and the things that matter most. Yes, I know a lot of females have registered all different ages because of of the Dobbs decision which would still relevant to the recent rescinding of Roe V Wade, now the state will decide with the abortion roles are okay don't worry about a New York.

Don't worry about offending school states it's the red states will be affected. Having said that, it's a June story, intimate story matters, I get it, you know, depending on where you are, the matters, but if you are looking at the issues that matter most. This is not rank on Tony or it does not rank as high first were getting everyone talk about the economy, then inflation so it even so, in this ABC ball registered voters, 85% are concerned about the economy 70% concerned about inflation and rising prices, then 77% on schools that explains why people who have dropped the ball and would govern young cat would govern the young can use to win in Virginia now Republicans are talking more about education a look at these issues. Don't tell me that Democrats have these issues. They don't and it's not because Republicans are better messaging. They're not lunatics want to come to the economy did not looking to put 1.55 trillion 1.9 trillion into economy those early recovering with the recovery act. They're not crazy enough to try to dupe us into thinking the inflation reduction act would actually reduce inflation instead was really a green energy acting new green deal and because of the spending combined with her upping interest rates were all affected in some way shape or form or housing has lost on average 20% of its value. We had J.P. Morgan Chase is Jamie Dimon saying there's going to be the there's thunder clouds gathering over economy now who the voters trust when it comes to these major issues, 56% trust crime of Republican Party on crime, 54% on the economy, 54% on inflation. 45% on immigration think about that immigrations now looming that even cut that even got Gavin Newsom critical being critical of his own party: we are getting crushed. We are on the defense over and over and over again. It's immigration today was CRT yesterday helping ESG look that up tomorrow. They consistently process against the wall. We have no compelling alternative narrative and that's on all of us why you know I did my words exactly is a good speaker. He obviously is comfortable with the copy because it's the facts, but it's not the Republicans that are doing it. Crime is not a Republican idea will witnessing inflation is not a Republican idea will living with it. The economic response is a Democratic. It's the people's response with the with the read Democrats are doing. It's not a great marketing campaign. There's no call role pulling the strings is no maestro trying to undermine anybody. Beto O'Rourke to the Texas Tribune at the Texas Tribune Festival brought up what's going on at the border cut to Canada and spend a dime or a day in the Rio Grande Valley or really anywhere in Texas for that matter.

Once we got down the home stretch of the general election. You got me locking eyeballs with the people that you want to fight Sir's votes you want to win is true, look when abortion broke and down trumps any Republican Senate will my goodness they were not ready. They were not ready to catch the car and there were not ready to do what they been talking about for 40 years and that's get fine pro of the pro-life movement that got them to this point your conservatives on the Supreme Court by having said that were used to it now. It leapt out. I think in March we finally got the decision in June, July, and now looking at September and major issues. Chris Christie sees it the same I think Chris Christie can break down political moves and morays better than anybody cut nine I think the further you get away from the Dobbs decision and closer to the midterms, the less of a motivating factor. Abortion is obviously from these numbers more motivating factor. The economy is an and I understand history.

Is this way actually said and we better pay heed to history. It's can happen again. When you have a bad economy. That is what people vote on they don't vote on anything else because that's what affects them and their families every day. So would the Democrats want to do is run and abortion tromp and justice make Republicans to evil to elect and that to the present brought up about three weeks ago he reaffirmed in that ridiculous Independence Day speech.

He said in various other locations and other people have walked out. I don't mean every body I just mean mega Republicans are for the most part everybody but every Republican except for a handful of moderates and they agree on most agree with what Donald Trump ran on what he did not against his approach on trade-in, not against his approach on crime did not against his approach. Want to come to a Ron did not against his approach of the brand records did not against his approach with tax cuts that to the magna movement is, but they want you to think Maggio will give you January January 6. It's not the case. It didn't stop the newest operative within the Biden White House for speaking out Keisha Lance bottoms cut 12 what we say again what that is not a Republican agenda is an effort to disrupt our democracy.

So whether it be through November and began November I think it will always be important to call out any effort there is to destroy essentially destroy the United States of America.

Yeah, I will see destroy the niceties of America run the issues I talked about not being for the rescue package going along when it comes to minor gun legislation. I don't think that's that's detrimental to the health of the country. A lot of people are upset that they signed 15 signed on to the infrastructure deal we needed an infrastructure done, but they thought they signed onto that I'll never get go back better.

Joe mansion came for no reason. Didn't get anything in return is trying to get some I guess some fossil fuel legislation passed. Republicans are in the mood and Democrats aren't on board so it looks like he was 100% duped, which is crazy so we'll talk about that we get back. I don't eat up all your time. 1-866-408-7669 I'll talk about was also going on Iran and Russia. Sometimes you you try to manipulate foreign policy and get influence foreign policy that doesn't work and sometimes you just watch and you can't you can't believe how fortuitous it is for American interest and I'm talking about Vladimir Putin's horrible way that he fought the war with the terrible army and his I guess conscription of 300,000 which he claimed a reservist but they don't really exist causing the mast exit. It's of young people from his country. Brain drain from his from his cabinet, and now you have even his loyalists speaking out at the highest rankings of the Politburo and riots in the streets, not to the point with who can overthrow the government, but how they expect to get hundreds of thousands of sort of Russians to fight any award that they don't want in an army. They don't want to serve.

Good luck with that. They are arresting protesters and putting them into the military will cover fighters to think they'll get an Iran. The horrific way they treated this woman wasn't wearing her. He job right hi job right whatever it's called the end of killer and a lot of it's caught on video and widespread riots. Some have say worse than anything we have seen, we come back that as well as your thoughts about the economy how it's affecting you and do you believe the red wave is really been stop. I don't I don't at all I did for a while now anymore doesn't mean that the sentence got to go their way necessarily. I will will break down those match by match match ups from New Hampshire to Arizona to Pennsylvania and Ohio. Now the challenges are still there will CO comes out you are listening to the brain kill Nietzsche diving deep into today's top stories Brian kill me. Fox News contests network Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine precise personal powerful is America's leather team in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast is so busy you'll make your hands Brian kill me crime and vulnerability for Democrats.

I would say one of the biggest vulnerabilities and if you look at Pennsylvania for example what's been interesting to me is it always follow the money and where people spending money and in Pennsylvania. The Republicans have been spending millions of dollars in the air on crime against betterment because that's where they see his vulnerability. So yes the economy is hanging over everything you do have to look at state-by-state factors and crime is a huge issue in the Lansing race. Yeah that is true but betterment also has other vulnerabilities. For example, fracking what is done and how they print. Even the president now present the then candidate was afraid to seed cut off racking a Pennsylvania and now this guy says he'll do it, you want to third of the prisons emptied our visas. People don't belong there. This guy is pro-criminal.

And that's the problem. I think it's a problem. Don't you in Pennsylvania can call me.


I think the major problem. The reason why Oz is an up right now and I'm not sure is not a dead heat or slightly up. But right now he's not predominately up big time because Fatima such a bad candidate who can speak because of his stroke and can't do the job was bouncy.

He can't leak his events last between five and 10 minutes usually makes no sense and leaves and he is pro-criminal anti-fracking. He is Bernie Sanders inability that's it so that to me. It reeks of vulnerability when he's got his name recognition that we look into his background 40 years old without a job until he became lieutenant governor when he was a mayor he was an absolute embarrassment. He lives in a house that his sister pays for and directly he's an everyman disguising Ivy League grad.

He just flat out lazy but betterment fired back at Tucker because Mr. Carlson said would you do with these insulting tattoos. These temporary tattoos that is not professional essentially says, well, I've got tattooed of the people that were gunned down is a gun violence in this country will see where that goes. I don't understand it super back in line with Sen. Mitch McConnell withdrew 9 million in ads from Blake Masters are you nuts you know that Kelly even knows that this great resume is been useless as a senator, you know that's purple/red states still in a recent study of Arizona voters conducted by the Trump poster 25 Breezy a says that Masters was then eight I might even be closer and listen. He's gotta establish himself as a Trump candidate Trump should be writing checks to you are not sure why he is not but I don't think it's up to Mitch McConnell decides that worth my time does he want to be majority leader with 3080 something.

So the down ballot Cook political report, move the ratings of two competitive Arizona seeds into the Democratic column Tom O'Halloran were the most vulnerable Democrat to see was we briefly redrawn in a +8 district is competitive with Eli Crane who is a special operations officer. We gotta get him on Eli as a came out of the military became a very sessile businessperson and then decide to come back in the Congress arrived they would be better off with a guy like him in Congress and you Republican carrier, Carrie Lake is doing very well running for the governor try to place Brian Ducey was terminated out so see where that goes. And we'll see how that goes. But for the most part the present United States handling the economy is 36% is overall proving is 39% are Americans were asked this on the current rate of inflation. Are you upset 45% of the country upset by the by weight with the direction of the country is right now and by inflation. In particular, so Anthony cell poncho was a sweet CBS.

He's been on here before. He believes that abortion is still a hot issue and he believes that migration illegal immigration is something that with the Democrats got to I guess lean into, but I think it's good area for them.

Listen to the CBS Dir. of elections cup for the other thing they want the selection to be about is immigration. There's a big part of the Republican base almost 9 to 87% who like the idea of moving migrants from border areas into Democratic leaning areas. Why is that important.

With the base well. To the extent that this is a turnout election. It's important to motivate your patient okay Republicans really like that much more mixed with the rest of the public, but they specifically like it's one reason that they think it calls attention to the problem and to the extent that it's putting that more on the radar is for independence for other Republican voters.

And again, back to the idea. What is the selection going right that's white DeSantis doing what he did is so brilliant she always cruel.

It's not cruel with the reality understanding it made everybody talk about it. Even Peter Rourke was forced to talk about it. So if you want to be governor of Texas and you think well governor I was being cruel accrual. Really, what is cruel telling people it's okay to come by not showing that there being kicked out.

If you are kicking them out, which are not but you say you kicking people out of Warren worthy yet, mostly people getting on these buses and getting off in New York and Chicago seem to be young males that should not be eligible for this relocation project and now pretending that communism is the realize is the real real thing that's causing the search of the border. We know that's not true as we told you before Jen Saki came out better. Rourke came out against with the presence been doing because with the presence been doing is hurting their chances. Rachel Scott and NBC congressional correspondent talked about the challenges that the both that both houses Apple descendent house to keep the majority's content is abortion energizing Democrat Miller thinks thinking that obviously then cephalexin) New York Pat Ryan won his special election in a critical thing that struck me was down in the polls by campaigning and making abortion a central issue that the conservative state vote supports abortion rights, registered voters issue is that that's anything inflation and the economy and use the 74% of Americans say that the economy is in a bad state right now and not only that independent thinking that Republicans would do a better job of handling the economy, all point to an extraordinary set of challenges for Democrats trying to keep the house and I think so. I mean, you would know but I think she's being honest is pretty good. She looked to the ABC poll was asked to sit on a panel where you had Donna Brazil just trying to spin and there were these bring Joe Biden's been a genius when the greatest presence ever fact is the Dow use of gains were gone. That was fish on Friday we drop below 30,000 housing now under attack interest rate over 6% if you're about to buy a house in your rate currently is 3%.

Let's say why would you sell that house you never really get a mortgage like that. Maybe ever again. The so-called shelter inflation surging home prices and rents facing far outpacing the rise in wages, homes, overvalued Moody's analytics says more than half America's largest regional markets are sniffly, overvalued ouch. Fox News network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast to strive and listen now by doing a Fox News five Fox News can't just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News by or wherever you get your favorite podcast information you want to truth you demand for this is that Brian kill me show. I think that Democrats the election is about who is the most extreme you know Kevin McCarthy touch on now with Marjorie tailoring her name thing over his left side. Then there and when and if it is a referendum on the president they will lose and they know that that is Jen Saki who came out all but actually is an analyst rather than a person in my view on there so that you will not, alas, but that was her debut on the network show I believe she's been on MSNBC before will her. George's former Texas Congress in cybersecurity executive and officer of this officer. The CIA alter American reboot will welcome back good. Same here comes been first off Woody think Jen Saki comes out and says if this is about prison buying Democrats lose II would that's true.

I was surprised to hear her say I hadn't heard that now and I. It's shocking that she's being on it and the answer is correct that I never thought that I'd be agreeing with a hot cake by Jen Saki.

But here's reality.

She's right because you look at one of the most important issues on the economy right Johnson economy, inflation and economic all those things together it's about people being concerned about cable and make each of the people they love being healthy happy face.

This is this is an area where by has been terrible on inflation gone.

He wants to say that the initiation role in that fiscal policy how you use taxes, and how you deal with regulation that has an impact on our economy, and so this is where he's getting that marks like to hear more from Jen Saki cut 6000 of that crime is a huge vulnerability for Democrats. I would say one of the biggest vulnerabilities and if you look at Pennsylvania for example what's been interesting to me is it's always a follow the money and where people spending money and in Pennsylvania. The Republicans have been spending millions of dollars in the air on crime against betterment because that's where they see his vulnerability. So yes the economy is hanging over everything you do have to look at state-by-state factors and crime is a huge issue in the Lansing race is going up on crime is now third in most polls about wood people concerned most about management here at the CIA you're fighting global crime domestically. Almost every city is dealing with something that's overwhelming and I had an experience recently our little Los Angeles meeting with client and my friend talking about how they have to pay extra money to retired police officers so that if they ever have to call 911. Somebody will show up and there is an arrangement with 911 that they call these retired police officers because they know the current ones won't show up because partly because they're over well I crazy that communities are having to resort to pooling their resources to in order to be protected in their own home and this issue also resonates good to me and in The border security issue for for folks that live on the border border security is a is a public safety issue and even Democratic mayors and county judges because I, are frustrated with how bad the policy to go by is fueling the border crisis and the amount and volume of illegal immigration. Some Republicans are divided on this. I'm not. I understand the frustration I've only been there three times and I I and that was two years ago and I was overwhelmed by what I was seeing. And that's when border patrol was crying and administration was exiting to stop the influx they were having sewer measured success with it at the border, but this they're not even trying to fix it at the border. How do you feel about Gov. Abbott and Gov. DeSantis shipping these legal or these migrants here illegally to these blue states and blue cities worldwide people that are more focused on in the broader problem on some people call thinking a lot about her claim and shipping them to the country cool that he got a call having 14,000 people living under a bridge in 100� weather cool happened last summer. I will detention facility that are overcrowded by three times capacity that cool releasing holes and people on the streets of El Paso that cruel and these are these are this is this is I wish the cities.

The governors from Illinois and Massachusetts and New York would tell Gov. out that hey, here's a number of people we can accept it helping process and send them to this location, or even better yet will get to be the one from the but because we know the communities in Texas are having comparative part of this for the entire country.

Let us help out. I wish those were the kind yes you have an opportunity where you can have great faith believes they and and and read governors and blue mayors working together on on on what is truly an actual Christ is in here is I want to travel the country with Beto O'Rourke argues what he said. Cut to spend a dime or a day in the Rio Grande Valley or really anywhere in Texas for that matter.

Once we got down the home stretch of the general election. You got me locking eyeballs with the people that you want to fight for and serve his votes. You want to win so a lot of them are saying that now my more of them. Anyway, about which going on the border because you can't say that is not a problem when 7000 people a day are coming through in Texas alone, let alone the thousands coming through in Arizona is destroying the lives of the small towns in town. People lash when you take the number people that were in it and track the number of people that were taken in that in that one calendar year prison buying basically grew the population five you added you added San Francisco's people that were here unlawfully and yes, you look real asylum is something we should be. We should be supportive of also being taken advantage of by people that are not part of the protected class not being there not being persecuted in their home country.

If you look over the last one I want to save 20 years. If you look at how many people that go through the entire immigration court system to get that number is about 40% and and that is that is influenced by a couple years with the numbers were approvals within the 70. Not many people going through so this is only coughing problem and showing people that you're here, you're circumventing the traditional process of growing growing our economy, immigration is important program ablation. If you could be a hard-working member of society as quickly as possible.

Legally and that is I can talk and it will hurt come from a Congressman from Texas and his former officer in the CIA suck. I tap into your knowledgeable could be going on in Russia, Ukraine is having great success. Right now it seems that Vladimir Putin can push back from two top lawmakers at least two top Russian lawmakers who were against this mobilization of of the 300,000 reservists who don't exist for the most part, so this woman who chairs the Russia's upper legislative chamber, and a man who Vlad a subfolder forwarding another poo. Now why is been very critical of him. He is actually a speaker of the Russia's lower chamber speaking out against his mobilization. Some of the right wanted to do a total draft but is causing chaos in their country.

Thousand streaming towards the borders this country in protest 13 under protest over the weekend and we see the success Ukrainians are having.

Tell me what the American people should know about Vladimir Putin's hold on his power all candy and afraid we had no not good for for any in an authoritarian government, public opinion matters. What kinds of public outrage and this is what were saying. You also gotta realize that if he's trying to call a 300,000 people that form that mean they have been training they're not prepared. This is not the kind of fighting force that is to have any major impact on on on the battlefield. So this is definitely a sign that and the fact that you have public protest, and then you have people with power and speaking that 14 potential more and the real question is a little place watching some of that inner circle of senior leaders within the military that looking and potentially yes there are some hard hard hawkish folks within the Russian government that thinks that need to call this a military action in an invasion stop saying it can exercise that he needs to be part of some of them and there's other realize that things are spiraling out of control. But here's what we have to remember that it will usually collect and he will live long work will use part of their part of their military planning. This is something that we have to take him on word as something that he's willing to do and what we needed a haircut and I know the White House have back channels with on this particular issue we have to be very clear that he would use any kind of tactical nuclear weapon that could have a impact smaller than some of the destruction and death of any pharmacy that that they have set they have become so small, so tactical that you may not be as disastrous as what happened in these lessons is to be met with overwhelming force I think is minimal. We should say all Russian troops in Ukraine will be destroyed. That the rest of the world will come to the aid of Ukraine have seen with his own forces and their I think I think there's a lot that we can use our honey on the ground. I think we can use some of our overwhelming air superiority whole Ukrainian American in harm's way. There are a lot of reflecting pools that will allow them to destroy all the very same Leslie, the Iranian uprisings.

He said there bigger than the 2008 uprisings. They happen with the murder of this woman who didn't have her her headdress on right.

They said she had a heart attack knocked on possible sourcing all these protests in Iran are you are you optimistic that this is something he could gain momentum will gain momentum we see that the Iranian regime is cut down a shut off the Internet and look I will say start again in a positive mood and need move, I think, by the by administration allow American companies services and a lot of people can communicate the fact that women across the lawn and in all 31 provinces are leading this and and are frustrated. Here's what here's what is interesting for me. You have progressives in the United States and Europe that are finally coming around to being supportive of strong measures Iran people are now saying we should get into a rotten deal and if Europe and America back into Longview the hands of the surrounding receipt of this is creating agreement among the far left and far right in other parts of the world, which I think is a good thing to have a question we need to see change in the running. I hope this is this is not going to fizzle out the way the green revolution.

And this is something. And thanks for bringing it up, and she can focus on more. We keep focusing attention on the more it can possibly grow reports of people, but will hurt. I just hope we do not continue with these ridiculous nuclear associations and we are Jake Sullivan made it clear as a blanket as well. Sadly, because it's the total force will hurt. Always great to talk to you when you decide what's next for you to thinking about anything other than the current election cycle does make sense. So all not on the ballot in the future will hurt thanks so much Congressman, you got it we come back. The teacher calls 1-866-408-7669 use of the brain to meet you more Brian love the podcast Brian every episode, exclusive interviews on demand more. Kill me coming up will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen from his mouth to your ears kill me all America will. This is really insidious. Mortgage is now $24 one year ago. It was $16. Theater was 4000 547,000 Americans have been shut out completely shut out the American dream part about it didn't have to happen, and that is you know Charles, this is that is a look at our economy right now and if you look at some of these numbers on our economy. I don't have to tell you you are he made your decision about the health of our economy. But if you see what is actually happening with these numbers right now. 57% of the country disapprove of it. 45% say they call themselves very upset by the average gas prices have ticked up for the last three days.

That usually is not a good thing. It's up to 3000 $0.71 of the present said just on the other direction. I'll add something to that, Jamie diamond and one in his testimony, no one's talking about it, but J.P. Morgan Chase CEO. He predicted economic hurricane are you kidding me in economic hurricane because inflation is going up and spending is too high and a soft landing for high inflation they say is not to be easy. So something is going to happen. Most economists it. We never been in this place because we are still spending. For some reason, even though mortgage rates are going up and things are slowing down but not to the degree that they thought why to me not being an economist is good. We got all that free money. We don't feel the fact that was supposed to start spending we don't feel the fact that was for our accounts are going to be depleted because the dollars it, we were given are worth less worth less and we were given it to the pandemic through PPP loans money we didn't have that we actually printed, they say, for the most part 72% of all home prices or to buy the overvalued heist areas that are overvalued. The most Austin, Charlotte, Las Vegas and Phoenix, 210 of the 413 market markets there were listed as a boon are now overvalued and they will plunge. The question is how fast, how quick and with a bounce back so when people in charge using terms, hope, and we think gets me worried, especially when the present United States says everything that I just said is just inaccurate and he wants to focus on abortion Donald Trump and January 6.

I don't even know they can give another shot at making Donald Trump. The story when they talk about January 6 one more time to go crying to Find out how to see me in Tulsa Oklahoma as well as Brandon, Mississippi over 1213 go there now is the fastest-growing radio talk show and kill me.

Thanks. By forcing everybody as the right to meet your company from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country around the world is visiting Ukraine and maybe listening in Iran because we put that you on my system that stalling system over Ron so when they go to shut down the Internet to stop these riots. Hopefully we can fire it back up again with the Iranian people stand up for their own country. Jim Bana has got to be joining us shortly on the CEO and cofounder of actio's co-author of smart brevity. The power of saying more with less, and by the way, these two Senate actuals is a much real must read for me and most likely for you because you're probably passionate about all the country about politics if you listen to the show and it just gives me a great idea of not only what's going on but where'd it were to continue where great stories are being written and to follow up on the expand on.

But they do it briefly, and succinctly.

That's what this book so perfect and then Britt Hume at the bottom of the hour. Operate room bring perspective about what's going on with these extraordinarily important midterms solicited to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three. I think it interesting in Iran you're seeing it in Russia and China people rising up all of them have anti-American sentiment time encouraging to see the countries that are most anti-American out as much trouble Vic Ramaswamy on with Omar last night historic opportunities. That's how I see it for America as we watch riots crop up in Russia and Iran for the horrific abuses of their own people in Russia's case for the Ukrainian people.

The latest on the riots in the war to war.

Russia is losing voters what anything inflation and the economy all points which ordinary challenges for Democrats trying to keep the house and Rachel Scott wing in from ABC. The economic thundercloud together and we are feeling it. Even if the bite administration does not acknowledge of the poser in the numbers are on housing stocks and inflation have all of us affected and concerned why he numbers that I looked at was the president at 36 on his approval rating 74% of the people. A pulse of the economy is bad. If the top issue that 84% of the people.

That's all bad news for the Democrats of Apple and with the former governor of New Jersey within 36% of his that's his approval on the economy. Six weeks into the midterms and the numbers in many cases for the Democrats are devastating when it comes to crime, inflation, and overall on the economy and now immigration is the red wave back on will well witness.

A lot can change over the course of weeks, Jim and I joined yourself Jim congratulations on actuals all the success you took a big risk leaving a political did you think would be the successful for having me.

You know, we were confident that we would have some success is probably bigger, faster than we would have hated but like having done two companies I was for most of my life deleted politico once you've done it once it does make it a lot easier the second time can tell you how screwed up the first time we tried it in terms of how to build a business, how to build a culture and so to be able to essentially say play the same videogame twice it's easier the second so soon particular political these are wells I get my if I could do this again I would do it different was the main difference from playbook. I think the big 1.1 not politics because it is a great idea.

At that moment, but if you think about the world you talk about your show. You gotta understand what happening overseas what's happening in technology what's happening with artificial intelligence will testing with media, information dissemination, and consumption and politics and so having that daughter Beutel to look. Everybody here is a shareholder and I think the fact that everybody profits from our company. Big successful. I like that about animal spirit of capitalism which I like pupils better company.

We have a really strong culture because what do you know were able to hire people who are high achieving, they get along you want you want to do fun things with people you enjoy being around the coolest part of.

I want you to brevity and in your approach and how can help everybody and pretty much it reflects you reflected the culture and gave the culture, something that reflects the sum of the attributes we've been displaying. I get it, but I do want to talk about what's going on right now for these midterms and people keep saying every election, I should be keeping it.

This is most important election ever in terms of midterms I never remember this type of interest which your greatest concern as we head into it like a lot of translated election could be relatively low but I think with the people on both sides are highly highly motivated Republican you feel like your way of life. You feel like people trying to police every aspect of your life. You don't like it you want about your Democrat, especially since important ruling you feel motivated. You feel like what they think is there like to do what they want to do and you're seeing that manifests itself in higher turnout. These off your elections and so you know you talk about politics more radioactive, more polarized than ever before and will see interesting to present selection.

We did a pretty high voter turnout people do. You seem to be translating what you're seeing on social media and worship on different shows and into folding my big concern would be like so much toxicity in the system.

When I when I look around I feel like this country are so many aspects of it that are just got clogged by volatility volatility in the market volatility and supply chain through such volatility in our political system is a lack of trust on both sides.

In terms of what the other side says leave when you have that type of volatility, particularly when you have the market as wobbly as right now you know it's not a great outcome about the country focused on the things we can be that crush the only scratch the Chinese question.

Instructional Russian attributes of this company to countries that are so much more formidable than anything you see overseas. But the more we focus on that better chance we have of making sure that we do end up on top and stand top issues facing voters going to the South. This latest what's imposable $0.85 of the economy.

Number two inflation 70. Simpson says education it seems like abortion is dropping, then comes crime. Then comes a porch with 62%, then immigration and then immigration also at 62% and then climate change 51% you expect that this day since this came this Dobbs decision came out in June and are you surprised that immigration was able to go to catapult itself up what's motivating each part is no doubt motivated Democrats in a way that no other topic was before that ruling. That little lecture for the economy was wobbly by motion chalking up a ton of accomplishments that point things were going bad with the world. Receive pension obviously trying abortion has been a galvanizing topic for Democrats in a moment that they needed it immigration might not be number one but for a lot of people care about immigration 8 to 10 couple is a direct correlation between energy around that topic. An actual order, turnout and so listeners are.

There's a lot that motivated people.

If you can't market taking supply chain still locked up in inflation is still searching, that's not good for Democrats is that that's terrible. Chris Christie said we can come you get away from the tops decision and closer to the midterms, the less of a motivating factor. Abortion is obviously from these numbers more motivating factor. The economy is in, and I understand history. Is this way actually said we better pay heed to history. It's going to happen again. When you have a bad economy that is will people vote on they don't vote on anything else because that's what affects them and their families every day. You write yet, but no doubt economy motivates people to the election. I would say you remember this more women vote in this country on election, I think, 15, 16 straight in terms of more women than men, voting, and if Democrats can get more women in the swing districts to show up to vote for them to help them on the margins likely to be almost impossible for Democrats to keep the house closely loses the house and that her job very much up for grabs, and we see these last couple election for the last 345.

A lot of these races, including presidential elections that are decided by a few thousand votes here and there. So all of the stuff on the edges matters economy will decided the abortion topic no doubt is a motivator you're seeing that collaboration. For that reason I love our reactions is to the point it substantive and it's not sensationalistic begin to get to get your attention you. That's why you got the book smart brevity you say delays at the data in the science and what you've experienced, leading up to this moment to launch actio's. What prompted you to put this together and what you want people to get out your book, never written one seeing the difference that it makes not for journalist actio but that number of people that have basically taken the practice and try to become much more efficient communicators whether their preachers, teachers, students, and adeptly anybody in business which was so profound that I wanted to write down what we've learned so that people out there, not shirtless like normal people were trying to get ahead trying to be heard in the figure of noise could learn from what what what we been able to see firsthand what were I think it's really useful is for anybody who's in business for anyone who is in college or anyone trying to make a difference.

It needs to communicate one of many just think about that era were hit with so much information it almost impossible to get anyone to pay attention and yet no one's teaching people how to communicate differently and indifferently. I mean, much more effectively and much more efficiently and that's what this book walks you through step-by-step. If you want people to be heard again if you want to break. Here's exactly what you could do as a playbook, follow it and you'll see exponentially better results.

Almost overnight, and it certainly helped us as a company, but I see that help other companies right we check our phones on average 260 times per day. You write that 70% of employees want shorter communication at work. We know about this. We heard a lot about this 20 years ago the MTV generation short ADD short-term attention span of a right to the point get this a thirst for information you managed to get both words, the world's to: collide correct, short and shallow. What happened to humanity will do equate blank right. The longer the book the smarter it is your teacher. Make your right 5000 words.

Even if you only have 1000 to say in our point is that people have time for it anymore. You have to adapt to the fact that 80% information consumption is done on a mobile phone that people are hit with 100 times more information today than it 13 years ago. So you have to learn how to simplify what it is you're trying to say, say it much more specifically, give people a context for why you're saying it and if you do those steps suddenly those emails that you send this text to send those notes you sent the staffer to colleagues and bosses, they start to resonate as a funny story will be writing this Pope give a speech overseas and he was talking making it okay for smart.

He told the fellow. You gotta stop the 40 minute probably cut it down to 10 minutes and he said when he did it. He said that a lot of applause came from the nuns who were the victims of their verbal torture. All of us were all long-winded and I think the more we can save people time.

The more we save ourselves time the board sharpens our thinking better working to be at work and at life and with the finish line you write that and it's kind of universal things to make people's lives better correct what I write on Thursday very much about lessons I learned from money to companies and having to hire the fire literally hundreds of thousands of people and a lot of normal guys from the journalism and start to companies and so most of what I've learned. I did learn at Harvard � I learned that by doing it the hard way and often getting it wrong, but that learning having the ability to learn and get it right and I love sharing those stories because I think so much of what you read in books and all the nonsense that you hear from the superheroes in business is not applicable to people realize that's not actually business works. Unless you're born with a silver spoon countdown was co-authored smart brevity, the power of saying more with less of Jim in a time in which I agree with you. Everything you said is be to the point. Be concise, be informative not going to rush true, how you explain the success of the two and three hour podcast with the with the poor, the growth of the podcast words 45 minutes. 90 minutes is at least sometimes get people seem to be consuming. I think it should be information about your quite smart brevity to most transactional femoral information you have more time to listen to more podcast some pockets of the been very successful.

Joe Logan of Massillon, the great media success. The last 20 years of their time is pretty good listenership for their daily and so there are some that one long Joe Logan's often run three hours because you know I think before on the goal. People are covert, but now increasingly proposed: back to commuting an easy thing to do, and people like to have my radio show was successful. Like people want to have a relationship with you when they're going to sit there and they get familiar with you and I start to trust you.

Over time, and that's kind of the caseworker I'd like to see media and basically information creation and consumption goal which is free people from the purity of like the father words like to think sometimes things are just to be quick and easy. Make a quick and easy so that you can read a book that you can listen to two or three hour podcast because despite all of the noise and nonsense out there.

There's never been more good information available to humans at any point in humanity and it's not even close.

Like the amount of just googling things and finding high quality information at your discerning consumer is like in his mind blowing and we just have to learn how to get people to the right information that they can trust and I love that when people get that slightly on the media like the better information people have, I think over time, the better decisions will make and I think that benefits us in our local community. I think it benefits assault Jim, thanks so much. Congratulations success guys pick this up make you live better, smart brevity, the power of saying more with less. Jim and I thank you.

I really appreciate you got all the proceeds go to the actual fellowship program. Use of the brain to me. Joe don't move back.

You close just a moment something new every day, Brian kill me talk show that's real.

This is Brian kill me show level numbers 6% everybody watching this show will just for inflation. $1.9 trillion was pushed through a negative with negative wages every single month since then. So, wages. That was 3000 purchasing power. I just don't think is better than him.

When you break down the practical and in the macro economic and he could do that with anybody but we talk about everyday living with going on with housing, which going on with wages was going on with inflation was going on which shopping was going on with use cars with growing new cars and was about to happen. Housing is going to be an will is going to be cataclysmic because we lose the values of our houses that we have is going to stop people from selling because instead of leaving it. I guess it was. This is a 20 year high 6.7% is a 20 that since 1980.

So it's even more than that's a four year high. So if you think you so I got 3.2% mortgage and I'm thinking about selling to a get a bit on microcell is now looking instead of 4.55 I could probably do it now at 6.5 and going up so I'm not selling. And if I'm about to buy all the sudden, if I did my math and I'm doing my weekly budget number realizing monthly budget was announced on the way to psych about the ripple effect is going to be huge and that's the practical side of the economy is people what happens when did it start. Oh, I remember when it started radio show like no other. We are getting we on the defense over and over and over again its integration with CRT yesterday on ESG. Look that up consistently against the wall. We have no compelling alternative narrative and all of us. Gavin Newsom in the midst of ripping trying to get famous in and try to take on DeSantis and set up a matchup syndicated synthetic matchup with government DeSantis or others went to Texas over the weekend. By the way I think is taxpayer dollars to pretend as if that's of interest of the people of California were overrun with homeless, who by the way he is pledged to give all illegal immigrants ID cards. If you think that's a priority for the people California but it's been a while since I lived out there but I cannot picture.

That being the case, so Gavin Newsom said something that's kind of the truth. There were actually wipe the phone with him when it comes to these immigration and these other issues because I think the American people are seeing what's going on in a little bit taken aback by joining us now to discuss and review Fox's senior political analyst Britt welcome back.

What is bug Gavin Newsom up to criticizing Democrats running around the land why not me got great hair got a big statement, a big, big political bases got tons of money raised which is what I suspected trip to Texas we went straight for my level to be as aggressive in his approach as he says he wants to be to look at him and said what's not to like the condition of the state is arguable point great state.

Great natural assets economy but all kinds of problems.

Problems report card, US government, DeSantis.

You might Democrats like Nancy not successful and you are appreciated by the people in Florida and around the country. People look at schools open in the business is open to a much greater extent during the night becomes conservative Republicans in real point in his favor right like he said he looks the part is to cast the governor from California, but in terms of performance in terms of exit is from the state itself. I know he'll probably win California to run for president. But how does he stand on stage and go to bat for what he's done that. That's what I find almost mind-boggling to think that he must think he's doing a good job all favors and on immigration anyone crime is tolerated will sit well with the electric how well that would carry a troubled time in the general election is another matter entirely. So much easier to an sake yesterday on the network appearance.

It might be your first season on MSNBC on Meet the Press on target about where were at the midterms I was six weeks away and a lot of the abortion sinking on the importance list and crime inflation in the economy is rising. Cut 6000 of that crime is a huge vulnerability for Democrats. I would say one of the biggest vulnerabilities and if you look at Pennsylvania for example what's been interesting to me is it's always a money and where people spending money and in Pennsylvania.

The Republicans have been spending millions of dollars in the air on crime against betterment because that's where they see his vulnerability. So yes economy is hanging over everything you do have to look at state-by-state factors and crime is a huge issue in the Lansing rate and also is the lack of fracking basically said when Frankie went on to say that if it's about prison buying Democrats know they will lose.

I was shocked to see the press secretary former press secretary say that will prove woman hormones on crime is out there where the buses don't run on release from prison and all that is pretty vulnerable, very peculiar guy is in some ways is strange guy with no shirt and his sweatshirts, baldhead and goatee it already. You look at your first thought is a United States senator is not an and I think he to some extent for time, not obscured the fact that the Republic to bring forward now that he's pretty far left people to read waves the doesn't seem to the Senate is is necessarily as vulnerable to waves. I think matchups makes fights and then when it comes to boxing and a lot of it has to do when it comes to the Senate in their state. For example, I don't understand your Blake masses is a choice in Arizona is within single digits. Depending on the on the on the pole and yet to center Kelly Hughes before his resume looks great, but his track praise performance looks terrible doesn't really do much and then you had Mitch McConnell pull out $9 million from his campaign and then pour money into JD Vance whose basically got a 402 to 4 point lead when he thinks behind that part money toward Republican Senate members. He's putting money McConnell and the races where the candidate is someone who's attacked him. So you know that he's not going to take no well while he's out there spending money to help candidate to protect him from me will endorse all these people and raise all his money is sitting on it standing on these guys. Whether it's Dr. Oz was doing a lot of his own campaign financing for the rich. JD Vance, a particular Blake Masters now Don Baldock in New Hampshire is interesting is that Trump never endorsed anyone there, but he ran on saying that the election was stolen and he's a general and one thing he's done is very similar to Scott Brown. I've understand he's done dozens and dozens of Townhall's in order to get the nomination and Chris Sununu is not holding out any bitterness even though he attacked Chris Sununu to use. Look at Maggie Hassan as vulnerable to a Don Baldock still question stolen message. I don't think this is a majority since amending many places since amended help put the toothpaste back in to something like that when you look at the yeah when you look at the economy right now you look at the Dow to use gains gone. Inflation still between eight and 9% housing now under attack. You have to you have a mortgage people not leaving a 3% mortgage for 6% mortgage so sales going to plummet home prices are 72% two and 72% of homes they are priced too high so is over value of homes in places like Austin, Charlotte, Las Vegas and Phoenix. So when you see some of these things happening. It's almost as if the housing market is about to be slammed but he hasn't been slammed yet. What kind of trouble. Could that be in the next six weeks 24 months because of looking like it could be exactly where were going to be a merchant environment so the next next next cyclist cycle in the next Ukraine.

Did you ever expect to rationally perform this badly. And did you ever expect to high-ranking Russian officials. Pro-Putin to speak out against him and is entire and is and is 300,000 activation of what he call reservist but for the most part are just young males start pretty clear direction on what it was cracked up to be. We saw that you went back and startled us and they were repelled and humiliated in that effort. And now must say I didn't fully expect this counterattack in the region of the country were written section after section, which is really quite remarkable, and what weapons and certainly helped last-minute play here from what you could tell this is the sign said she's vulnerable now were you feel that that's that is without thinking like that is a hard thing to do and can happen because we don't have good vision inside Russia is pretty close to. We can't see very well. I woke up tomorrow morning and found it to be stoned chattering, no resume, senior political analyst, thanks so much for appreciate the quality time right now. Let's go Ukraine little bit more 10,000 young men are exiting the country. The protests are massing up. I could not believe this but they said there was 40 cities had protests at least 1300 were arrested. Think about the guts it takes approaches even here sometimes can result in arrest that's really not going to keep you if it keeps you from work on Monday as per your chattering here to get you killed and put into jail for 10 years and they grab your families and they still did it. Why because he tried to activated Vladimir Putin 300,000 reservist which means they either are serving.

They have a degree of commitment or they have served.

Turns out they don't have 300,000 that if any, fundamentals and training. Many of these 300,000 going to come from This the protesters they're dragging, probably by the air or by the back of the neck ordering cops into prison, so they can ask them to wear uniform get a gun and shoot Ukrainians that last about an hour. Then the walkover dropped the guns and go and let's get you on the back of the head at the very least they're knocking to be effective. Would you say I think so. The deer now. Today, voting in the occupied areas of done boss. Don't ask Lujan's here, son, and zapper risk to get pronounce it correctly but you understand what I'm talking about these four areas so they get a boat and we see these people being not there there at the Russians knocking on the doors and the Dragon about the vote on their behalf so they can be annexed by Russia and the connect like this is a glorious day and the going to pretend as if the if the Ukrainians go to get that area back Russia propers being invaded. Therefore, they can maybe activate the entire country. Good luck with that. 2500 cards report of the Russia Georgia border on Sunday. We know they almost are two different almost ready to shut down the border with the borders of Finland and Russia already and then on the elsewhere causing Stan also being proceeds and Mongolia. Can you imagine things being that bed in your country you say hunting tactics station wagon will gonna Mongolia.

That's how bad it is.

This is a historic time.

If you look at our enemies in the world. It's Ron, North Korea, China and Russia right we don't formally say at different degrees fine over the most part are Ron is looking at multiple unread alto unrest in multiple cities and were looking at Russia for falling on their face and embarrass themselves around the globe. You have a unified needle for the first time in a long time that added to sophisticated countries with with well-regarded armies already into NATO and then you have the failing Russian performance that failed to take the capital and now was failing to hold the land they stole is down to 15% of the country and I'm not sure I could go down quicker to the point where Vladimir Putin is threatening nuclear weapons. Why would you do that because you try to get people's respect and attention because your army hasn't fired multiple general so many been killed 80,000 dead and you now have to bake 300,000 a fight.

They rather leave the country to do it.

That is a disaster for a country that's been trying to put a poker in RI since Vladimir Putin took over that we for a while thought we had an ally.

That's why we had the G8 now down to a G7 and all the G7 are against the Russian one right we come back I'll take some more phone calls, 1-866-408-7669 and then get your opinion about what's happening. This is the brain tell me show this commentary. You need to know try and kill me.

The more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me. I think there is going to be such a slot against the traders, especially the hundred and 47 Republicans who just hours after the insurrection voted to not certify the elected president of the United States, and I think that there is going to be selling people coming out the vote. I want to thank the Supreme Court for reminding women that they are in fact second-class citizens and taking the rights away like this. I think we can throw out a huge number of these Republican traders is Michael Moore and Bill Moore show and Michael Moore said Trump's level, vulnerable people thought was right in 2016 Michael Moore's world January 6 world that was Cheney world and Adam Schiff, world if January 6 was the calling card for the midterms he be right, but he's not right. We have moved so far past that things are moving so quickly so much more impact fully in the January 6 committee wants to get the spotlight back, but they can't get the spotlight back.

II just don't think I mean we know a horrible day was no one's making excuses for the most part that's an anomaly. If you look at all the Trump rallies violence of those rallies. In fact, most of the drum people getting beat up Michael Moore will twirl the Adam Schiff world to Jamie Raskin's world that's with the midterms will go, but it's not his decisions on spending when it comes to our economy's decision is the Afghanistan withdrawal.

It is the present, continuing to push a green agenda which is not America's agenda by letting the border collapse. Yet the advantage for them is run on Donald Trump and run run on Donald Trump and run on abortion that they Republicans don't like women, which is crazy and returning it to the states and I think you'll see that I think is way off on this but you know where Michael Moore stands Trinka and think that's how you say your name hey Trinka, which are your mind over in Arkansas wherein both fell apart every morning. Hello lab anymore because you covered all Betty covered all anything I need. I don't think any, at the network that are like little five 2007, which at the Toyota engine gets really got mild to fill it out for $24 and now that the tank 40 chair just finished picking up 20 chicken leg quarters dog to get up at 589-8990 for a 10 pound bag that things are going. What I'm really concerned about is the younger family are both retired. We have income coming in, but it sure not to get increased 8% to cover the inflation I feel sorry for the younger family are struggling.

We have a relish in this country in our area and in many areas. It charity and that if the concurrent mind that you are by Don about the topic and I appreciate you. Thank you so much as you see the name of the wedding. I got it wrong okay on my mom was my dad Canadian American state-sponsored. My uncle from Holland and other family members sponsored down in a chair they had job and they came out the immigration issue that you know the whole thing weekly loud immigrants wait lab that I am concerned, just asking to do it right online that are coming really concerned that now let me On a happy note. I want you now that I have let it be worth bringing down early Christmas present and what I would like to go see my guy Brian dollar granted Mississippi. I preshow make sure to see you try to always seeking solutions first selling is Brian kill me. Thanks for being here values the right to me Joe 1-866-408-7669 will get to be taking a phone call throughout the hour, then find out there's a deed more to know Michael Goodwin standing by for the New York Post boxes contributor we talk about the midterms with him and so much world as well as Donald Trump sound jumped at 6 Major Ct. cases come and Adam, I think the biggest the biggest bully case the most synthetic case makes the present in your article like this. These people that don't like present, Trump makes wigs almost a sympathetic figure is when you see they took aim at his family and his company where there's nothing there. This is somebody just try to get famous Leticia. James talked about that, where he still is the number one Republican in the country and that's what the Democrats like to run on. To be successful.

Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian is three, number three, I think it interesting in Iran you're seeing it in Russia and China people rising up all of them have anti-American sentiment encouraging to see the countries that are most anti-American out as much trouble. That is the Vic Ramaswamy on with Bill Moore last week yet actually on Friday night a historic opportunity. That's OIC for Americans. We watch the riots crop up in Russian around for the horrific abuses of their own people as well as Russia, in particular losing this war in Ukraine for voters what she inflation any economy.

All points of challenges for Democrats trying to keep the house and Rachel's going in for maybe see the economic thundercloud togetherness. We are all feeling it and seeing it, even if the bite administration does not acknowledge at the polls are in and the numbers on housing stocks and inflation of overwhelmed abortion will discuss the key numbers I looked at was the president at 36 on his approval rating. 74% of the people pulse of the economy is bad.

It should 84% of the people. That's all bad news from Democrats about: six weeks into the midterms and Dems are getting devastating numbers is present binds approval dropped from under 40% now and Republican Party gained substantial trust on crime, immigration, and the economy. What does it mean for the red wave will break it down for you with Michael Goodwin, Michael, welcome back. I think people are II just find these numbers coming in overwhelming for Republicans this weekend and ABC's try to run from their own pole. I mean this is so crazy but awake job presence prorating under 40% right 39% in last week. I believe NBC had a 45%. How you explain this unless you believe that all that there is some oversampling going on among Democrats or something else and I write about the whole on the migrant flight Reuters and Brian, I know I've read a lot of polls. I've seen a lot of polls I've never seen quite like this one, Reuters, Reuters tested the Republican governors flying the migrants to the blue cities and states have a wake-up call to get the White House to secure the border and so a poll that says 29 only one third support the migrant flight but when you look inside the pole only 29% supported but only 40% rejected disapprove right so 29% that are talking about. That makes it seem like two thirds then then disapprove of the Republicans. In fact, only 40% to Reuters not mention the other 31% 29 for the flight 40 against no mention of the remaining 31%. What Paul is that then it's an online poll right and and I broke down this that they give you the sample size of thousand people, roughly 46% of whom were Democrats and much smaller sampling size for Republican and you look at what Gallup says about the national preference, Democrats, Republicans in the fourth quarter of 21. It was actually a Republican advantage among independents and Republicans versus Democrats and Independents so well. Reuters doing a poll accounting 46% Republicans and Democrats in 1935 or 34% 99 point gap between Democrats and Republicans when in reality we Should favor Republicans right now in this in this moment, as you point out in the other polls about the economy, a phony poll done by Reuters to create the impression that the migrant flight unpopular. But the pole doesn't support that.

But that's how they write their story and to me this is emblematic.

This is a case study in how the media relates the facts to support last try to magnify the left talking points they distort the real facts.

For example, on the migrant situation, all the attacks on the Republicans for the migrant flight. They never defend the Biden policy. What about the Biden policy that is allowed in more than 4 million people in his term in office size that I mean what's happening on the border and how the media is distorting it just to also solicit a bit of work on this topic. Cut to spend time in the Rio Grande Valley or really anywhere in Texas for that matter. Once we got down the home stretch of the general election. Me locking eyeballs with the people that you want to fight so is she wants when yeah I mean he's panicking because he was used to take down the wall. Now I realize this is this is a terrible development when you have 7 million people coming here illegally through taxes he want their vote when you've done nothing to help them.

I think what the Republican governors and what they've successfully done the country's attention on the border and that's why people like Reuters are trying to shut it down because they see that there are no Reuters called Biden.

Border policies quote more welcoming."

More welcoming right.what a benign description of an open border and yet the media continues to try to demonize Republican governors because they see it as a threat and that's why I think the Democrats are running on two things Donald trumps a bad guy, and abortion is a good thing that that their fundamental appeal to voters and as you say when you when you hear people talk about the economy about inflation, even wage gains have been wiped out by inflation. Inflation stuff is simply remarkable. When you look at the price of everything is incredible is the oldest of the stuff for small cuts on the arm that hurts you.

Inflation cuts right to the heart and doesn't matter what you say it doesn't matter your marketing scheme.

It doesn't matter slick commercial because I do wishing what's going on. I'm having trouble be my utility bills said the bills have doubled gas when living paycheck to paycheck is now more expensive and you're telling me will kill you. But let's it was from how high it was and then you say and then you look around, see crime is an issue my area.

I don't feel comfortable with my kids go out at night.

I don't feel comfortable in New York City anymore. I am a cop of no longer appreciated. I mean, when you with the or and no longer can afford to keep that same job without getting another I'm looking the president's approval rating so it's our 39%. Only 22% strongly improve his performance that's abysmal and we have is economy.

Only 36% approve of the ways in on the economy. This is a disaster so yet everyone talks about issues when it comes to abortion is really two thirds are against with the Supreme Court ruled to wear a bra overruling Roe V Wade okay that's fine.

That's seventh. It's now the seventh most important issue and I just don't. I just felt this week in particular, there was discordance between what they would with the numbers were saying and what they wanted us to believe that I think you're realizing that to that desperate to make Donald Trump an issue and I think the read. These reporters are cheering for this January 6 hearing to steal the headlines.

How dare they, I thought there was was to investigate what happened, why they trying to steal the headlines and produce another TV show what they want. They want a democratic government. They want a government that will arrest its opponents that will do whatever it can to shut down dissent what the media wants which is one of the great changes in our country great. Being large that the media used to be for free speech that it knew that the First Amendment is what gave it right to say and do what it did every day.

Now the media has become sensors made. They now side with tact and big government censoring points of view. It's an extraordinary change in our society that's having huge impact. I don't think enough people really appreciate what is happened to the media in America is pretty clear that the department of justice has radicalized size. The FBI used have one person who was appointed a guy 10 year term or she not be a political figure and now these people that are placed in picked input to the FBI and the Washington Bureau has politicize the agents. Now they're suffering from that and then you brought up something else and you, did no one's talking about. I want to make sure we do and that is the anti-Semitic behaviors Congresswoman receded to leave called out by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but almost nobody else what they used to be a time when someone like Sen. Schumer according to reports is Jewish would be offended by that why they were widely silent about anti-Semitism real and Semitic caucus within the Democratic Party to leave Eli and Omar and a handful of others and they are they are not just criticizing Israel their anti-Semites and that they are and the Democratic Party is afraid to offend again.

One of the great mysteries Bryant why Joe Biden Nancy Pelosi and Schumer have given so much power to the radicals in their party to leave and Omar to the radicals but you see on on socialism stuff. Bernie Sanders, head of the budget committee. I mean this is this is ridiculous and I think that it may have stolen the Democratic Party and the so-called moderate leaders have let them do it and had participated in it. It's it's one of the great mysteries. It's why Joe Biden is so unpopular. His policies are unpopular. People still have a sort of affectionate feeling for him, which I think is misguided. Nonetheless, it is because they know him is crafted this image of you know the lunch pail guy and all of that but in fact he been the architect of the disastrous policies he continues to support them to go out there and say them is Megan Megan Megan speech in Philadelphia was the most divisive, polarizing speech, you can imagine. And yet he's still the president and so I think the public is beginning to wake up to the things that are of change that are rippling through the government now. Now the Democrats love the FBI but hate the police.

I mean, go figure that one out right but the problem is.

Now they want to pretend they like the police because he realized he lost so long. Order boats and they lost any man or woman in blue should never vote for a Democrat, probably when I said that idiotic sheriff in the Texas and now you have people who are related to cops nonvoting form and then you have retired voting for them. They know who wanted to reimagine police and their desperate by to putting this bill through the house.

There they said to put a bill through to help police and local in large cities. No one buys it socket a pass.

It's all symbolic and will see if there was a big push in this country to defame it to throne a dishonor police they beat, they love it.

But they realize they lost that when pupils lost their security.

I'm fascinated to see if if the Democrats are losing earned it. It's not the Republicans had a great message. They had a normal message. Let's not make it impossible to make a living. And let's not destroy the borders, not even crackdown. Let's not destroy the but let's not destroy inner cities.

Let's not tell cops to go home and that's a Republican message to whatever bro didn't have a great brilliant orator and I know you agree with me on this, but I look to Barack Obama regardless of what you thought his policies. He's unbelievably talented. Bill Clinton is unbelievable communicator. I don't care if you believe you loved everything or nothing, just respected her talent. I thought George Bush is relatable. Even though we came from a very famous family. He was an average guy working well. Feels he was part of Texas.

He was in the Connecticut guy, having said all that, I see no challenge Joe Biden. I was a likability. If you ever notice when he gives a speech even when he gets applause, he interrupts and says no, no joke. Yes, I think. Plus, I find them totally unlikable and effectively lies especially about his son with just was able to do that so we so easily. Makes you wonder what else he's lying about that we haven't even thought to ask anyway. Joe Biden creature of government. If you were designing a person who born and raised in the raised and lived in government for their entire life. That would be Joe Biden and look at them. I mean, there's a surface appeal, but underneath it. There's corruption. There's dishonesty, right clear racism and its past. All of these things you know are art to me about government life and this is what he had government life and he will never change. He will never be the architect of a kind of freedom and a kind of blinding liberty that America aspires to and that the Constitution gave us. He will always.

I think the store and is constant embrace of bigger and bigger and more coercive government is really quite something we well beyond, like good when I read his columns once a month socks New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin thanks back in moment if you're interested in Bryan's talking about kill me. Hey, welcome back everybody. I will be talking with 10-CA station chief in Moscow around Pakistan in South Asia and talk about all the arrest is placed in Iran as well as what was happening in Russia, including the war this fighting and they are finding killing field. After killing field and their finding kids tortured that to the right. This with these people are made of these Russian absolute mutants. These these officers in charge the people they were able to survive the generals that were killed have ordered some of these done so they go. If they can't meet the Ukrainian soldiers had to had the oldest kill innocent people were unarmed, so we'll talk about that and talk about what's happening around DC these this unrest is already greater than 2008 arrest was it possible for the to be more than just angry people speaking up. Is it possible that they could actually get a new government out of this and how is it feasible and plausible for us to continue to negotiate with Iran on a nuclear deal that they were already breaching before we pulled out of it with Russia leading the charge on behalf of Iran and the West. No joke will talk about that in the wind with more no use of the brain to Michaux so glad you're here have a chance to see me on stage. Talk about history and perspective is what was going on the news and Brenda Mississippi, Tulsa, Oklahoma radio makes you think this is the Brian kill me show to friends and you now Russians can turn off the electricity and one gives them an opportunity to live a normal human life force people. They throw them in prisons. They force them to come to these pseudo-referenda that is part of his was he speaking CBS through translator obviously coming out talk about what life is like an occupied righteously try to annex for key areas in the Don Bass region which they don't even control the force him to have a phony referendum. You see these people being pulled out of their houses being forced to vote Daniel Hoffman with joins us now from CA station CA station chief served in Moscow around Pakistan just about everywhere. That's bad. Daniel welcome back home. What what is your take on the state of affairs right now in the Starbucks region is phony referendum. What's the point I just put out a column on Fox news on the road colored block with three lines of support both registered Fox News website and take a look at it. But really, you know, Gen. Millie said that Ukraine exceed the strategic initiative and after their blistering counteroffensive in Harkin they are threatening Russia in the Don Bosco threatening to take back Crimea and bladder, run out of options and so what he's done is mobilized 300,000 reservists for the first time in world war. He threatening the world that he might use some of the 2000 tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine and we can talk about that more detail if you like, and then you got these referenda essentially illegally annexing poor regions of Ukraine to make them Russian territory, with the hope that he'll deter the blinded industries include providing the military equipment, especially long-range tactical missile systems that Ukraine needs to take a flight to Russia so he freely uses them as big a story is 300,000 so-called reservists is close to panic inside Russia. It seems thousands of streaming towards the borders they made these. He's been recouped by two high ranking allies in the Politburo which I know is just ceremonial. These days, like the House of Lords, but he got replacing this is not acceptable and plus the 90 reservists they have no experience.

It seems they're actually taking protesters and forcing them to go to the Army soldiers would protesters be the problem now. It allowed the war to come to mother Russia and he was very popular when Russia illegally annexed Crimea and you spare some of their irregular forces where group and others to to fight in the Don box back in 2014 but now the war is coming home.

And that's why you're seeing all the people fleeing Russia. You know I was talking with some friends about the mind and laughing from animal health and everybody just gone kind of pandemonium in the street there and people just turn it down someplace get out so I think Tarski reference but you know when I was in Russia. We talk about all the things that are unimaginable that you could never predicted the major risky step of Vladimir. You know domestically he's risking a lot. He knows he can kind of snuff out his domestic more liberal opposition.

That's like doing it. The real threat to him or his ultranationalist Hawks who believe that Russia would topple the Ukrainian government three days in the so-called special military operation. It never happened knows that he's at risk potentially losing his grip on the Kremlin at the Duncan satisfied their need to take Ukraine and this is going where you got the wind up in Ukraine per month do anything about the logistical challenges, but the Russian path or the morale which is you noted that his hit rock bottom so look this military adventure but humanitarian catastrophe. The more he loses, the more those losses accelerate the Russian military more dangerous to get because each is backed into a corner, so the presence of widespread protests 1300 Russian protests with 1300 protesters were detained when they were out there were outbreaks in 40 cities. Thousands of Russians of also been attempting to flee the country try to go to Finland obviously Mongolia cosmic stand they just try to get the running into Georgia over the weekend tens of thousands of men exit the country because they don't want to be in the draft and something we actually interviewing on camera forcing them to translate a senior to be kidding me. 2500 cars, reported the Russia Georgia border on Sunday alone. So we've never seen anything like this but I thought Dan. You be the perfect person to put in perspective.

Do you have an idea how vulnerable he actually is where at the point where he can fire generals fire second Defense Secretary so every be the analogy is in their system now at some point. He's running out of people to fire is that 80,000 dead, he's God. He's now on the run around these regions there dropping their uniforms leaving their equipment Ukraine to picking them up.

How vulnerable is he from losing power that the big question for the intelligence community and remember we know when Russia gone to war in 1905 1917 those losses wound up in revolution. Stalin knew that and was so concerned about it that you mounted a massive purge and kill 25 million of his own people, knowing full well that in general intelligence officer be the greatest threat to him.

He knows that his own inner circle of Ministry of Defense and those under him and it the FSB director Borton McAuliffe and the next. Dr. Packer shut those three are really key and and there were hundreds of attempts to kill Hitler back in the day.

None succeeded. I'm sure that Russian senior officials are thinking about it with Putin and he's a very cagey operator and make it hard on them. Whatever they're doing though is so incredibly secret and so opaque.

It's very difficult for us even in our intelligence community to track that and we could be surprised by a succession crisis where somebody winds up with no control over the Russian nuclear the nuclear arsenal and it might be somebody worse than bladder and frankly one of those right-wing nationalist ultranationalist Hawks succeeds in overthrowing bladder you could be faced with an even more cataclysmic humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. They may not hesitate to use tactical nuclear weapons. Although there are questions about whether the command and control it with anyone would actually take torso. All I can tell you with that situation in Russia and in Ukraine, day by day just gets more dangerous for the region and beyond which we do you think now's the time to give them everything they need you rehab camp earlier but now really go for the kill everything by the mistress in the first of all, only narrative the territory that Russia is now illegally annexed net Ukrainian Ukrainian phone with Ukraine and if Ukraine wants to fight for that territory and they do. We should give them all the weapons they need and were not were not given them the weapons with the brains they need to keep the high Mars only have a range about 50 miles.

There are the Army tactical missile with a range of 200 mile bike administration is not given Ukraine and they should.

You're absolutely right need to give Ukraine all the weapons they need. Everything we need to do to go back channel with all of our contacts in the Russian government in their Foreign Ministry there intelligence service of their military. Jake Sullivan did not devise over the weekend on the TV shows that any Russian use of weapons of mass destruction, whatever that might be, will be met with a movement with catastrophic consequences. US will take action. I think we should consider article 5. Russia launches a nuclear attack in European territories and remember to that Ukrainian forces are not coalesced in a way that any tactical weapons that caused them a lot of damage, but it would cause massive damage to civilian and Russian soldiers as well, but they never hesitated to throw his own ill under the bus and and and put them in a position to be killed on his behalf so you have to factor in the likelihood that that might happen, but only by taking the fight to Russia and winning we reduce the likelihood I know that sounds counterintuitive of this getting even worse the longer it goes on the potential for even more stuff happening grants actually. So I do want Germany start paying their way and start providing with promised as well as France and others. I know the UK's been strong, but I'm hearing terrible things about Germany not come across with anything. Meanwhile, I just makes no sense to me but is quick this and some more the better. We better off they are getting energy back but not from Russia. Hopefully, I want to get to Iran before you go Ellie Cohan and is a one of the many Iranian refugees in our country.

She talked about what's going on there and what we could be doing cut 30 Jake Sullivan and Joe Biden have it exactly wrong. Right now the people of Iran are out on the streets risking their lives protesting our calling for the death of the Ayatollah dominating the supreme leader they are demanding. Regime change basic human rights and freedom, and letting America by now that this regime has no health point was stopped negotiating this new deal and just support us, to their credit did not do with with with Obama did, which was nothing but the yard to saying that the condemning because this woman were killed because she was wearing a high jab, right they killed her.

They said she died of a heart attack. No one believes that so that's what probe really started these protests. These morale against the morality police, which is just just terrible by description, so what do you think is happening on the ground will most significant protest.

The green movement in Iran seem reportedly very hard on to track all the figures but you know hundreds killed thousands arrested and let's be clear, the protests spark with this poor woman who was legally murdered because her hair was out of place, but really the protests are coalescing around the people. Anger over the corruption that they see in Iran and their poorly functioning economy so you could argue that now was not the time to give them a way out economically and open up all sorts of opportunities by eliminating sanctions for this corrupt regime to take in more money and use it on their proxy terrorists. The date that the Army to fight against up like Lebanese Hezbollah and all the proxy terrorists militants and in Iraq were doing their bidding against the government of Arachne against us as well. You know, but is there more that we could do absolutely. There's more that I think the world can be doing right now and we shouldn't be deterred from doing it. This is why Ron wants nuclear weapons frankly because they want to be able to have control over the region to launch those terrorist attacks. It's a revolutionary government they want to bring that revolution to the region and beyond and they also want to ensure that no one can interfere with their domestic affairs we should be doing absolutely the opposite white records because we could. We believe we agreed on one thing particular, there is real is not the problem. Ron was in the president just doesn't see it that way. It's it's it's it's so frustrating, Daniel-thanks much. Go to and check out Dan's calm. Thanks Dan thank you all right listen we come back will finance indeed need to know more.

Your knowledge base Brian show breaking loose unique opinions. All Brian kill me show. We've got to stop this and realize the power that we have right now to get 2 to 5 new Democratic senators after the selection come November. I really truly believe that to keep the house for a long wrong so many times that is Michael Moore and that's what that's what you believe. Some go more and I would leave that to if I hung out the people that that Michael Moore hangs out with. He believes January 6 is what this election is all about January 6. As bad as it is and preventable as it was, as almost it's gonna have a negligible effect. Despite the generate six hearings in the efforts of Liz Cheney and Company and Kinsinger, both of which are very friendly with plate were always great to interview on the show but I think they have to trump derangement syndrome and whatever whatever goes on.

It's not about January 6. Maybe if the economy was better or somewhat like it has been in the past and there wasn't an Afghanistan withdrawal the way it was and you didn't see crime rising the way it is and you would certainly weren't alerted to the fact of the mainstream independents and Democrats were alerted to the fact of the collapse of our border, possibly January 6 we got bored of my by what a focus on that, but that's a Michael Moore's world in Hollywood's world in Democratic circles the Jimmy Raskin group of good good good luck with that.

II would say I'll keep that out are more willing to say I'm wrong. If that happens, but they're not losing the house as of now election was today but who knows what could happen around the corner. Let's find out there's more to know crashing into an asteroid on purpose this at the slimmest spacecraft into it as Wall Street Journal puts on occasion said this is not a movie, why it matters, is possibly a large space rock that could be found heading towards our planet.

Why take chances with having the first of its kind mission.

It's called the double asteroid redirection test marks the first true test of whether or not NASA can one day be able to push a potential dangers asteroid off a collision course with us. We don't end up like the dinosaurs. I think we all agree on that to even know what wiped Eric or Pete do you know wiped out the dinosaurs was an asteroid.

We agree on this.

I think we do things in asteroid and then once volcanic activity. The middle form to asteroid was the killing blow roast beef. Everything was going great for the dinosaurs until that asteroid. From what I understand from what you know.

So where did head at exactly's Grand Canyon.

That's my one that that hit in Mexico. Theatrics of appraiser you think so. I know so so that's where it happened that's wordless to try to source Rex and the T Rex the brontosaurus I believe so there that I met well let's hope that doesn't happen again and that I hope so. The collision inspected 714 soldiers next Nostradamus. My favorite predictor of things since Jean Dixon's passing, a book sales are skyrocketing after prediction that Queen Elizabeth diet 96. Now the book is interpreting the prophecies of the 16th-century French astrologer Nostradamus is flying off the shelves again. The book Nostradamus the complete prophecies for the future, was published in 2005 is interpretation of Nostradamus, less prophecies of the late great planet Earth while they are predicting that she would die 96 because but that this is with her saying that Prince Charles will abdicate his throne, and someone totally surprising will take over why they disapproved of his divorce, a man who later they considered unworthy the people. The king of the islands then replace him, who never affected to be king.

See the problem with this is the Kings have no power. We don't care about the king and queen.

It's ceremonial. It's like a reality show yet and I was like people cared by king and queen a prediction. I really think Harry's can become the king, they can go over right back to England now you gotta worry about is not being here in America was Nostradamus's last Anderson Johnson probably was one main lecture share. Thank you. Or or use of his words have attacked from secure could be sick. Yes, Shakira next stop and hold up despite similarities there was another blood pump. Did you guys see this is a pump to the right did this guy put the right to somebody else's but late in the game 2119 in the 2119 went over the bills. Dolphins punter Thomas Moore Steed punted the ball of the blood of Trent sure field is this bigger than Mark Sanchez. Let's listen and 18 seconds left no timeouts left.

That's when that's when it happened.

You see the bill Dorsey meltdown. Again, I saw that looking for game to go right so Monday quarterback to a complex. It was is this guy can play was to find out about they wanted traded over 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber.

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