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CGR MONDAY 050624 Pastor Vitaly and Marina Dudukaloff UKRAINE LIVE

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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May 6, 2024 3:00 pm

CGR MONDAY 050624 Pastor Vitaly and Marina Dudukaloff UKRAINE LIVE

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Pastor Greg Young The camera was a was a was a wider angle Pastor Greg Young than in real life. Anyway, it's great to have you all here with me. I want to welcome Pastor Vitaly to the far right, his son Daniel and his wife Marina live from the Ukraine. Wonderful to have you with me. Thanks for being here. Pastor Vitaly We're happy to be with you and with your listeners. So hello from Ukraine.

Pastor Greg Young Yes. Pastor Vitaly You know, Pastor Vitaly when when we first started having conversations, it was early it was last year when the war first started. This time, I mean, the first time we spoke was in 2014. That was when we met but when we first started, we had to you had to be in a place where you had to keep the lights down low. You had to be very careful about where you were because of the bombings that were taking place. How intense is that today compared to when it was at the time the time we first started having those conversations? Pastor Vitaly Yeah, when we reconnected again, when the war began in the full scale here in Ukraine, it was very intense. We were we heard bombs and rockets each day, many times our house would be, you know, shaking from this explosions. We couldn't see them. They were quite ways but still the shock waves were coming through our land and so we could hear them pretty good. So each noise that was not connected to the explosion but reminded us explosion would make us alert and we would be just checking was it explosion close, you know, what was a danger or not.

So that was very intense. Now, yeah, we don't have any of that because Russia was kicked out of Kiev Oblast. That's where we are located.

And the closest they were to us was about 10-15 miles away from our home. And we've heard the sounds of fights. Now, this territory is clean. I mean, clear from all the Russian troops. We're fine here. We get air alerts.

But usually, the rockets are targeting Kiev and we might hear explosions from air defense systems that are working to shoot down the Russian rockets that are flying over our village towards Kiev. So that's kind of the worst what we are experiencing here right now. Marina, back in those days, you initially were there at your home and then Pastor Vitaly, they said you should move away from there and he sent you to a place where it was safer.

Talk to me about that experience, if you would, please. In our church, we have the agreement what we will do if the war will start because really we didn't know what will happen. But the agreement was if the war starts, we meet in the church. And so the war started at five o'clock in the morning. We met in the church at nine o'clock and Vitalik said all women and kids need to go to the east part of Ukraine.

West, so yeah, west part of Ukraine. And although I didn't want to go, but I had to go because I was one of the driver of the van. So 25 of us, the same day when the war started, we left to the west part of Ukraine and we came back two months later. Okay, now Daniel, where were you during that time? I was here, I was with the dad and some of the men that left from our church here in the town.

Me and my wife, we stayed, we decided to be here. And then you have an older brother, correct? A younger. Younger brother. And he's serving now.

Yes. So he was with us from the beginning. He didn't go to the west. He was here with us all the time.

Marina, come back to you for a minute. What was it like in the west during those initial days of the war? It was hard.

It was hard. We have learned what does it mean to be a refugee when you have only one bag of your own stuff. And this is it, what you have left from your home. And you live in one room where is 16 people. And you have, you need to cook food for, we had to cook food like for 30, 30, 40 people every day.

When you have only one shower, one bathroom, and you need to share all of this. And so it was hard, emotional experience, which had not only me, but all of the refugees that was running all over, west of Ukraine, across the border. It's very, it's very hard.

Well, and being separated from your husband and both of your boys, that is, was, I'm sure, not easy at all for a mom. It's one of the issues, the next issues that every moment, each minute, something was happening. And so we were constantly on the news, constantly.

We heard a prayer at night and we would take turns, you know, two person pray for one hour and then another person wakes up and they pray for one hour. And, you know, it was impossible just to live peacefully because although we were far away from the war, but because of every moment something is happening and it's coming closer and closer to Kyiv where my family is living. It was heartbreaking. It was very emotional.

I just, I remember I was asking Vitalik, Vitalik, I trust you. If they come closer, take them and save their lives of my boys because they were closed. What saved us, the river, the river that was not far from our home. Our soldiers, our army had blown up all the bridges and they were not able to cross the river.

Wow. I remember, Pastor Vitalik, you telling me about one of the villages that they came into and that they murdered the priest in that, or the pastor in that particular village when they raided that town. And I know that there were other towns around you that were raided and then you and your son, I believe Daniel here, were going on supply missions to pick up supplies and also to take supplies to surrounding areas.

Talk to me about that, Daniel. Can you share a little bit about that and how that felt for you? Yes, it was right after the Russians were kicked out of our region. We did couple trips with the food supplies and just helping people out with the cleaning, the mess at their properties with cleaning, the ruined homes, trying to figure out where they would live. We did couple trips there and it was horrible to see how much destruction the Russia brought there.

People who lived all of their life trying to build something at their property, trying to gain some wealth, comfort, build their nest. It all was destroyed in a span of one, two months and we were just trying to clean up all of this rubble that was left after it and try to figure out how they will live after it. So it was pretty sad to see this after and the stories of people that we heard of people being killed, men being murdered, killed just because they're men, just because they're a potential threat to them.

So it was really hard to see how much people suffered from it. Also, I wanted to add that Russian soldiers, they had all information about all people who were serving in Ukrainian army. So when they came, they were looking for them because there were their targets. They needed to kill them, all the active people, all the pro-Ukrainian people, pro-Ukrainian people and all the soldiers.

Why? Because Russia had their key agents in our government for many years. So they had all of the information because this is why it was we had so many people being killed. Let's talk about that for just a minute relative to the issue of the infiltration.

And I guess this kind of goes back even to 2014, Pastor Vitaly, and our conversations that we've had about that. And I address it to whoever wants to speak on it. But the issue that a lot of people have in trying to understand how Ukrainian, the corruption, the oligarchies, who was the leaders, who was a trustworthy leader, who wasn't, is there trustworthy leadership in Ukraine? Those kinds of questions are very much on the minds of Americans that are trying to figure out where should we be in this situation.

Okay, I'll pick up the microphone. So yes, Russia historically was trying to get a hold of neighboring nations for centuries, either by bribes or by force, or using both. And Soviet Union was doing the same thing with getting control over Soviet Union republics. So if you know, Soviet Union consisted out of 15 countries. Russia, then there was Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic countries, all Central Asia countries, and Caucasus countries.

So, 15 countries. And how was Russia getting the necessary authority there? Because those nations were not, people were not there for receiving communism.

They were not there for receiving Russia. So Russia was using, we call them, yeah, the convenient bandits, we would say, you know, criminals, who are against the current authority, let's say, in Kazakhstan. And those criminals, they are being funded by Russia, saying, okay, guys, we'll give you weapons, money, authority, we'll back you, you go against the current authority here in the country. And we'll say, you are the fighters for freedom. You are fighters against these oppressors, and we will create the necessary informational background for you.

And disinformation. Yes, and you go and you fight your own government. So these people, you know, emboldened, and also bigger in number now, they go against the current government, overthrow the government, and establish so-called communism state now, and declare, now you're all free from oppressors, from capitalists, now we will be communists. And you are all free, you're all equal, which means you are all under our pressure. And this DNA was spreaded, this corruption DNA was spreaded through all the Soviet Union countries, and this infiltration of Russia's influence was present in all the governments of all the countries, even after the Soviet Union fell apart. Because we inherited this.

We know it is wrong. And we, as free people, we are trying to fight this on our own level. Those who are higher and have stronger influence, and are in their right mind, they are fighting with corruption on their levels. But still, we have those people who live with corruption. They don't know how to live without it.

And they want to maybe maintain it under cover, maybe in a smaller amount, but still use it for their convenient life. So Ukraine has partially, what we know with corruption, what we know with the corruption here in Ukraine, we do have it. But Ukraine has freedom, where people can stand against corruption, or raise their voice against corruption. Our two main revolutions that we had in 2004 and in 2014 were people rising up against the corruption on the very high level, where there was a decision made about the future of Ukraine. In 2004, it was decision made between two presidents or candidates to become presidents, where one was in a corrupt way trying to win election, and the whole country rose up against him.

And in 2014, when the president, who was at that time in authority, he was trying to lead a promising Ukraine, where he was going to Europe, but finally decided to go to Russia, and the entire country rose up again. So those two huge cases of corruption that were on the very high level deciding the fate of Ukraine, the nation was against it. We are fighting corruption as much as we possibly can with a peaceful or even maybe a strong revolution.

We're trying to fight this in our country. I also would like to add that the corruption is a tool of Russia against Ukraine. It's something that they use in order to destroy Ukraine. And the revolution that took place in 2004 and 2014, why? Because the president that wanted to be a president, he was from Russia, supported by Russia.

Yanukovych, the one who twice was in the prison was stealing. Russia supported him as a president. And that's the guy that became the president in 2014, right? Yes. He was a president at that time, yeah. He was in the presidency a little bit earlier before, I think, 2012. Okay. And then who took over in 2014?

Russia, I'm come. At first, no. At first, it was like a collection of leaders. It was like a team of leaders that were making decisions after Yanukovych left Ukraine. Ran away.

Yes. And they had to face terrible situation when Russia took Crimea over and Russia began the war against Ukraine on the east. So, but then there came an election time and Poroshenko was the one who won the election and he was our president for the next few years. And then what ended up happening? What was it about his situation that went awry? What went wrong? What went wrong with his presidency? With his presidency, okay. You probably want to say a few things.

I don't know, maybe I will not say much. At that time, the war started with Russia. It's also interesting, you know, that Russia started to bring their own soldiers to the east part of Ukraine during the, like a protest, you know, saying that we want to protect Russian language. People that was always speaking Russian, you know, they want to protect Russian language.

And why it is funny? Because Russia was always trying to destroy Ukrainian language, always was fighting against Ukrainian language. So, the war that started in 2014, it was the biggest problem during the time of Poroshenko and there was some not good cases with the business going on between occupied Syria and Ukraine, you know, and it was not clear who is staying behind all of this, Poroshenko and his people or not. So, it's hard for me to say right now.

I'm not the fan of Poroshenko and I don't know all the details, you know, to give the correct information. I want to ask Daniel for a minute. Daniel, you were in school then during that time, am I right? I finished school in 2013. Okay. I was in university. Okay.

So, until 2018. Okay. So, as a college student, I imagine that, because there was a lot of student movement that was associated with a lot of this as well, the protests and different things that were taking place regarding what was happening. What were you hearing on the college campuses? During revolution of 2014? Yes, sir.

Okay. So, I studied in Lithuania. So, I didn't study in Ukraine. My university was based in Lithuania and we had, although it was Lithuania, but we had a lot of Ukrainians there. We had also Russians there, Belarus, Kazakh people, Lithuanians and other people from other countries. So, it was pretty multinational and Ukrainian students were fully supporting the rise of the people. I would say the whole nation was in agreement about it, almost the whole nation of Ukraine on this topic. We are against Yanukovych. We are fed up with his team. We are fed up with himself, with his corruption, with the horrific way he is dealing with the revolution, with beating people up, killing people, beating up the journalists who were trying to show the world what is happening.

It all happened during his time. So, we were all supporting a revolution of dignity, as we call it. All students were, yeah, we were supporting, I remember, the Ukrainian flags at that time in Lithuania, in a Lithuanian university, but we had Ukrainian flags on our dormitories, yes, and we were all cheering for our people on the new year of 2014. I myself, with all of our family, we went to Maidan, which was the place where the revolution took place. I was here in Ukraine and it was massive. So many people and all knew why they were there and they had one goal and it was incredible to be, at least for one day or couple days, to be part of it.

The unity. Now, in 2014, ultimately, there was an agreement reached. Crimea then became a part of Russia. Is that how that settled out as you guys saw it or what happened with Crimea? So, Crimea was a goal for Russia since Ukraine became independent.

In 2000... Okay, so in the beginning of the 2000s, I don't remember the exact year, but Russia started building a bridge, a dam, to one of Ukraine's islands between Russia's part of the mainland and Ukraine. They tried to take the island and there was a conflict at the time and finally Russia stopped building the dam.

The president took a strong position on this. Yes, in the beginning of 1990s, some people in Crimea supported by Russia, they tried to separate from Ukraine. One guy who led it was a citizen of Russia. He declared himself a president of Crimea. So, Russia was always supporting separatist movements in Crimea. They had their black sea fleet in Sevastopol, which was a big part of influence. So, in 2014, they had troops there already. They brought maybe some more troops, but they used the troops that they had there and blockaded all the Ukrainian army military bases. They took over the government, all the authorities, and they kind of had a referendum with no international supervisors. Under the guns.

Okay, right. This was not voluntary. So, this was a small group of basically Russian insurgent revolutionaries that came in and basically said, we're taking over, everybody else needs to shut up or we'll shoot you, and they took over Crimea. Yes, it was Russian troops. Yeah, this was Russian troops.

I want to just insert a little bit of my view here as well. Yes, Russia was working on Ukrainian soil in Crimea to make people convince them that Russia is better. And Crimea is one of those parts of Ukraine that held sweet memories about Soviet Union, because Crimea used to be like in Soviet Union time, like Florida in America, you know, like the place of the sea, of fun, of summer vacations. And so Russia had this sweet memory about Crimea and cherished this, you know, this piece of land and told, kept telling people in Crimea, like, oh, you know, those were sweet times, you know, don't you want to come back, you know, and people were like, yeah, military base, that military base that was in Sevastopol was hiring Ukrainians to work there and they were paying Ukrainians very high wages. So among people in Crimea, it was a high prestige to get a job at Russian military base.

So this slur of, you know, sweet... It was like, let's go back to, it was like, let's go back to Egypt. It was like the Israelites in the desert and they said, let's just go back to Egypt.

Life will be better if we go back to Egypt. That's right, yes. So, and supporting this atmosphere, Russian base and the Russian propaganda was even issuing Russian passports to those who wanted in Crimea. Like, those people in Crimea, like, there was a Russian consul office and so if you want Russian passport, no problem, here's Russian passport. And Russian flags were all over Crimea at this time, together with Ukrainian flags.

Like, yeah, we're friends, we're friends. Until 2014, when Ukrainian flag was just picked out, thrown away, and now it was just Russia. So there was a lot of work going in Crimea before this referendum. So people already mentally were ready, if Russia will come, will surrender. So it didn't take much effort for small military units to go take over key places and say, now we're here together with you, Ukrainian people, let's go back to Russia.

And people turned in very easy. Now, one of the claims that is out there, or the propaganda, the pieces of information that is out there is, is that, oh, the Russian people, the Russian language people in Crimea were being abused, they were all being abused. And so Russia was just simply, you know, stepping in because they were protecting Russian victims. Who wants to speak to that?

Yeah, okay, yeah, I'll add a little bit of that. We had a ministry in Crimea for 16 years. So we were going there since 1999, for 16 years, until 2014. So we could see the situation in Crimea each year. There was no oppression of Russian language. We spoke Russian language there everywhere, freely, with nobody accusing, abusing or anything. This is a total lie. I can bring you the videos from those years when we do have programs for children in Russian. Everything was in Russian, there was no oppression on the Russian language.

So this is totally made up fake. The next piece of information that was put out was, is that the Ukrainians were all secret Nazis. I'm sure you've all heard that, right?

And that's another piece of information that Russia has managed to, you know, to call about. There's a particular group, I forget the name of it right now, you probably know it. Yes, yes, yeah, that's the ones. So talk to me, Mariana, talk to me about who are those people? You know that our son is in this group.

The younger son, yes, who is in the army. And again, this is the propaganda of Russia, this is the tool against Ukraine. Azov is one of the best, one of the most motivated with zero corruption groups in army. They are nationalists, which means that they love their country. But for Russia, there is not nationalist, it's the same as Nazis.

So let me add something in here as a as a Cold War Russian linguist. The battle in World War Two in Germany actually did exist between the Nazis and the communists. That was a part of it. Part of the reason that the German people sided initially with the quote unquote Nazi movement was because they thought that that group was supporting Germany, was protecting Germany from an invasion from communist forces that were coming in that were going to do the same thing to them. And they were going to experience the same kind of oppression they'd experienced coming out of World War One. That was that was a big part of that.

That that's part of the reason why you get that. I mean, we have that right here, with our, our, you know, with President Trump and the Make America Great movement. You know, the other side likes to yell at those of us who believe in making America great, who believe in, in, in America as a great nation and support our country. They call us all a bunch of nationalists.

I just want to point that out to my audience so you can get a better understanding. Because somebody believes in the sovereignty of their country, because someone supports sovereign borders and supports the sovereignty of their nation, and they call them a nationalist, that that's not the same thing as the historic view that we that we came to see in what Hitler and his Nazi Germany represented. Yes, when Russia came to Ukraine in 2014, this group, military group Azov was started.

So this year, they are celebrating the 10 years, anniversary 10 years of this group. And I will, I will, I will repeat that it is one of the best group in our army, with zero corruption, with zero corruption. They, these people was motivated really to fight against Russia. And they were fighting, especially in the city called Mariupol, which Russia was trying to conquer and occupied even in 2014. But because most of the people in Mariupol did not support, and because of strong resistance of Azov that was staying there, they did not occupy occupied Mariupol. This is why Putin, he hates Azov. He hates Azov. This is why he, this is why, how you can destroy something.

Just find the lie and make all people believe in this lie. Because really, who is the Nazis? Russia. Yeah.

All right. I want to take now, and because I think this is a good place to segue into the conversation that I wanted to have, the question I had written to you is, Putin's looked at by a number of people as the great hope for Christianity because of his apparent stance on the LGBTQ issues. Is he a supporter of the church? And what's it like to live in Russia for a Christian?

It's interesting, you know how, it's interesting, it's very interesting. In Russia there is, the church can survive only if they are controlled by government. So, the church that exists there is a Moscow Orthodox Church. And they, Moscow Russian Church is a part of KGB. I don't know, do you know this? Yes, no, no, no.

I know this, but a lot of people that may be watching, or that will watch this, may not be aware that of the seriousness of that issue. Yes, so the priests in Ukraine from this church, they are the same. They are KGB spy working against of Ukraine.

All the rest of the churches in Russia, they do exist, but in very small amount and under strong control. And because we are, me and Vitalik, we lived for 20 years in Russia and more than 20 years we are living in Ukraine. And believe me, we know the difference. And this difference always existed. And now it's like heaven and hell. Putin made it so, like he turned the country back, the Soviet Union, to Stalin times. Wow.

Well, that speak, go ahead, Vitalik, if you wanted to add to that. Regarding Putin being the protector of Christian values or being against LGBT. This is a blown up fact, let me tell you. First of all, he divorced his wife. He now lives with a woman and he is not married with her.

And they have their children. This is not a support of family values. There were cases of LGBT, like, okay, homosexual cases among his close people, among, around his like, you know, advisors or minister or whoever, which are very well kept under the carpet. And so if we're talking about homosexuality, but being a Christian, if you are a Christian, the Bible says, Chris is the one who is moving the borders of the neighbor. He is doing this. He is moving the borders of Ukraine. He's moving the borders of Georgia, of Moldova and other countries. He is against other countries. He hates the West. He hates Christian West.

So how can you be a pro-Christian if you're hating Christian Europe or Christian America? It is just being used again as a very good tool to infest Western minds about Russia. He is like when, okay, when Russia came to Crimea and we know those pastors in Crimea who we worked with, they had to silence. We know one pastor in Crimea.

I won't tell his name or where he is at, but the Russian KGB put his daughter under a home arrest because of his strong position about Ukraine or Russia. And there were cases of like suing her. The government was suing her for something, for something, but she wasn't guilty of any of that. She was just prosecuted for her father's position until he said, okay, I will pastor the church without saying any political views.

So this is one of the cases. Other pastors, they submitted to Russian authority just because they would be shut down, closed down and just get out from Crimea. On occupied territories on the east of Ukraine, we've heard many and many stories that churches were arrested. The buildings were taken away.

Now the buildings are being used for offices, for the government or other things. Is this a pro-Christian position of Putin, of Russia? No, no, there is nothing pro-Christian. With so much lies, with so much propaganda pouring out, you just can see that Russia is copying what Jesus said about the enemy who came to steal, kill and destroy. This is what Russia is doing. So, and putting a facade on the Christian nation, please look a little further, deeper into the actions that speak louder than just words. And I would like to add that we have ministry in Crimea since 2099 and there was such freedom.

We could come with Christian program in each, in kindergarten, in school. The moment Russia came in 2014, all of our ministry was stopped. Wow. I remember talking with, yeah, I remember talking with you Pastor Vitaly about that and how they, you know, eventually you weren't even able to get into Crimea. It was too dangerous for you to go. And my understanding from some other sources is, is that we're very concerned as to what ultimately ended up happening to the orphans that you used to care for over there, because Russia has a history of ending the lives of those types of children. Yes, because they become a very useful tool for the army or you just, you know, you just hire them. You glorify army among the orphans and they begin to believe that this is their future. And once you need a new meat, we call, for your troops, yeah, here they are, you know, just get the gun and you're on the top of the world. Everybody will surrender to you because you have the weapon in your arms.

It's a dream of any, you know, abused child. He is going to teach this world new lessons, you know, something like this. Daniel, do you have something you wanted to add to that?

Daniel, do you have something you wanted to add to that? I would add, I would say that Russia is a facade. Everything they say is what they want you to hear and, but what they do is totally different and maybe some people might perceive Putin as the fighter for family values and against LGBT. But in Russian prisons, men are being raped, tortured by rape, by people who are hired by government, by the people who are working in those facilities. This is a totally normal practice in Russian prison to break people, to make them, submit them, make them do what you want, or stop them from doing something. And to break the soul, you know, the spirit. How can we talk about Russia fighting against LGBTQ if they are using this kind of methods for their own people?

Sodomy is a form of torture. All right, let me ask this. We're going to get close to the time we're going to need to end for today. And folks, I want to let you know, we are going to be bringing you live updates from Ukraine on a weekly basis to let you know what's going on. We are also going to be putting together a longer form recorded documentary about the issues we're talking about today, including video evidence that'll show you what has happened and what has been done. And we're going to be putting all of that together for you so that you have the truth about what is really going on in Ukraine. I want to ask this question. Ukraine is accused of cracking down on the Christians because of their treatment of the Russian Orthodox Church. What justification is there for a crackdown on the Russian Orthodox Church connected to Moscow? Okay, this is my question.

I took it because I kind of, you know, go around these circles. So I'll start a little bit from far. Russia has always painted, like Daniel said, a picture, the really opposite picture. It's like mirror, you know, whatever Russia is talking bad about the West, this is what bad is happening in Russia.

That's exactly what it is. Or what good Russia paints about itself, this is what good is happening in the West. Since my childhood, there were news, like at nine o'clock in the evening, there were news reports and the whole Soviet Union would gather around TV sets, you know, just to watch this news. And each TV program at nine o'clock would say that, say these words, Western Empire, meaning the whole Western world calling the whole West, Europe and America, an empire. Or saying about aggressive West and calling the Soviet Union the country of peace and democracy.

Now we're laughing at this. The Soviet Union, a country of peace and democracy. And so it always was switched, it always was switched like this. So as we said today, KGB made church its own tool. I think in KGB they have realized that, so when the revolution, communist revolution, took place in the beginning of 20th century, they were killing priests.

My great-grandfather, one of them was killed as a priest, and another great-grandfather, who was a priest, he was forced to be silent about God and work for the government state. So they were destroying churches, either arresting or killing priests of the Orthodox Church. And finally they realized that they can't really kill the church in the country. People wanted to have some kind of faith in God. So they made a church its own tool.

They said, okay church will exist, and a smaller number, but it will exist. Now all the priests will be our agents, secretly. So a KGB agent would come to the priest and say, you don't need to do anything, you just, you know, answer our questions, you know. What do you know about this person who is coming to your congregation?

What do you know about this person? And priests usually had times when the people would come to the church and they would do the confessions. And priests were like a point of information, very good point source of information for KGB.

KGB used it. And let's say that until the whole church became like a KGB instrument. Now, look at what Ukraine had in 2008.

I just pulled out some statistics. In 2008, Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine had 12,700 congregations. 12,700 congregations. Ukrainian Orthodox Church at that time had 4,700 congregations, so three times less. So the Russian Church in Ukraine became an agent to promote Russian idea, Russian world, we say. So Russian Orthodox Church began to position itself as the only and true Christian church in the world. Just like this, you know. The manipulation.

Yes, manipulation. And it's what we call this sect, yeah. A sect and position. Like we're the only church, we know the truth, all others are wrong. And for the Russian mind, it's very safe. Oh, look, I'm on the right side. We are on the right side, you know, like all the whole world is bad. Now we are safe. We're good with God. You know, our priests are telling us we're good. So we can continue like this. And now imagine this church is in Ukraine.

What they're telling. The only right church is Russian Orthodox Church. The only right country is Russia. Ukraine is really not a country. This narrative was spreading around through churches.

So now people who were going to this church began to change their mind. Yes, you know, look at Russia. It's richer country, but because of the oil, not because of the technology or something, because richer countries, stronger army. Look at Ukraine. We're infested with corruption.

We're nothing. So, yeah, let's believe that Russia is a better country. So this was spreading, this propaganda was spreading. And some of the priests were even using their churches to keep their weapons, the Russian weapons, or host Russian KGB agents in their churches. In 2017, Franklin Graham held in Washington a summit for prosecuted churches. And I was at that summit.

And I was one of the team members to host all the churches that were coming to this summit. So I was there and I was interpreting one Russian Orthodox priest from Ukraine to the government there, to the people who were there. And he was talking about how Ukraine is oppressing him for their faith. Ukraine was not oppressing for faith. Ukraine never presses church for faith. They were oppressing him for their spreading Russian propaganda. And fortunately, those American representatives that were listening to him, they knew what he was talking about and they kind of took care of like, OK, thank you for sharing, but we know what you're talking about.

So that's why that church is being stopped, but not for their faith. Excellent. Thank you for that incredible answer. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you all for being with me.

I know it's late there. I really appreciate this. We will be doing this again soon.

I'll reschedule with you. We'll probably actually do this about twice a month to do an update like this. But we are folks going to be getting together and doing a full on recording that we will be making available and presenting to talk about these things.

And I know one of the other questions has to do with where the money is going. We'll be talking about that as we as we move forward as well. Thank you again for being with me today. God bless you all.

And I will thank you. Thank you for having us. And we're going to take a break. We'll be back right after this. Dr. David Worms, you're joining us. We're going to talk about Israel coming up and what's happening in Israel right after this brief break.

This is Adam and always state. No, no, no, you're fine. Everything's great. No problem at all. Thank you so much. That was wonderful. Thank you.

Thank you. I think you guys did really, really well. And I think we got a lot of a lot of information and a lot of material covered and we'll reschedule and do another live in two weeks. But in the in between, we'll get together and talk about putting it, you know, putting together the documentary that I discussed and putting in the video clips and and things of that nature.

So we will we will get that accomplished. Yes. Yes. OK. OK. Thank you very much. God bless you. All right. Thank you. God bless you all. Bye bye now.

Hey, David. I cannot hear you yet. Let me unmute my. There you go. Yeah. Good.

Yes. You can hear me now. I can hear we go. Excellent. This is Adam Mundell with state air. We need people on radio willing to speak about the Bible, the Constitution and putting God back in our nation again. So join me in sponsoring Chosen Generation and Pastor Greg. Call him today at 8 3 0 4 4 6 3 6 2 4. That's 8 3 0 4 4 6 3 6 2 4.

This has blessed my business and it will bless yours. That was a shooting gallery up there. I could hear the tremble in his voice. She suffered a very severe being. The video is just pretty graphic. Justice for us seems almost impossible.

It's not fun to watch somebody die and they knew she was in mortal peril. They have not asked the hard questions. Why was the Capitol intentionally secure that day? The FBI had information about security concerns before January 6th. They're out for blood and they're getting it. They appear to be winning. Were the actions of the Capitol police out of line? Were there violations in use of force?

Now I describe it as an inside job. Ready to do whatever God calls me. There's an old Chinese saying my ancestors learned before the Communist Party took over our country. The family is the essential unit of human society. And that you must have honor and defend your family. But it's not always easy to do.
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