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State Investigates Christian University Over LGBT Policies

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 1, 2022 3:19 pm

State Investigates Christian University Over LGBT Policies

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 1, 2022 3:19 pm

I warned people in my book, “Culture Jihad,” that one day the government would target Christian universities over LGBT policies. That day has arrived. 
Richard Kline, Rep. Troy Nehls,  Ryan Gardner, and Annie Downs join the conversation!

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There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM investments.job liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee only since conservative commentary from our radio program border to border across the and while we a show for you today. Hope you had a great week. All I could tell you is we finally got rained every month month of drought and pestilence. We finally have rain in the Memphis area so I were very happy today to write down our telephone number. You will need this of you plan on calling the program today 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868. No couple of big stories and the jumping off point today is something I wrote about in my book, culture, jihadist how to stop a letter from Kelly and a ship now when the book originally came out there was all sorts of blowback from conservatives not the time I didn't really understand that the blowback was coming from what we would now know as the woke conservatives of the woke Republicans/true conservatives. They understood the book they understood that our culture was literally under attack from the left and long before people were talking about cancel culture. I wrote about this in 2019 in my book culture she hot and I warn people in the book that we would we would be approaching a day when when people of faith when goodhearted people who believe that, for example, marriage is between a man and a woman that those kinds of people would be persecuted and even a lot of these are woke up Angelica's who turned out to be the never trump Christian crowd. They were among some of the fiercest critics of fiercest opponents of my book and they said I was blowing things out of proportion and it was just a load of who we was hyperbole that there was no way ever in American history or even world history that people of the Christian faith could be persecuted because of their religious beliefs on marriage. Now I say this because we have a a cacophony of LGBT related stories to share with you. To kick off the show and there they're pretty horrific were to start in Seattle, Washington, Seattle Pacific University. It is a university that is a part of the free Methodist denomination of I to be honest, I'm not all that familiar with the free Methodist. I know the United Methodist are going through all all search of formal turmoil of the LGBT nonsense, but Seattle Pacific University affiliated with the free Methodist and the free Methodist are very conservative on issues regarding marriage and sex, and they followed the Bible's teachings on those issues. Now this is caused a lot of chaos and controversy over the past couple of months you've had students that are now raising concerns in their accusing the University being discriminatory. Now the University they don't hire people who are engaged in LGBT relationships. They say that goes against their teachings.

Now I get it just seems to me that if you are if you are a pure hearted person and let's just say that your you're a gay person in your to go in your to apply for a job you want to be a professor, and you realize a way to second Seattle Pacific University.

They don't allow gays to teach. It seems to me at that point you would want to go and find a job where they would embrace you where that sort of thing is permissible. The same thing for student it would be like this. Let's just say that.

Let's just say Todd starts back and that I wanted to go to a vegan University.

In other words, a university where they did not serve meat and one day I get upset because there are not cheeseburgers on the menu will whose fault is that will be my fault I should've gone to a university that serves hamburgers and the same thing should apply here these people have a set of beliefs and their following those beliefs.

What's the big deal. May I just sit suggest something here.

The fact that all of these kids are now outraged. There was not outrage in years prior.

You know why because these kids are coming out of a public school system that has been radicalized. I mean you've got predators now walking the hallways of the schools disguised as teachers there not teaching the kids how to read and write their confusing them about their pronouns there teaching them how to have gay sex there teach I'm it's just unbelievable what they're teaching these kids any of this is happening. And these are your tax dollars be used, to propagate all of this so this is why a lot of these Christian universities are now facing this problem.

This dilemma of these young students that are protesting long-held long cherished beliefs. So now we get word that the Atty. Gen. of the state of Washington has officially filed an investigation and we have the story up on Todd this is insane because now you have the state of Washington investigating a Christian University because of their religious beliefs.

It's obscene. But this is what's happening with reasons all this is what's happening in America. I told you was going to happen. People laughed people at Fox news channel mocked me. They openly mocked me and by the way it was.

Even the prime time lineup before Tucker Carlson became the Tucker Carlson is now his staff said there's no way any of the stuff is true. Well it turned out to be true.

No need to apologize, Fox news, but at the end of the day. I knew what I was talking about. So here you have Seattle Pacific University, a Christian school. I want to read the quote from the Atty. Gen. a guy by the name of Bob Ferguson is a wise sentiment about why does Bob Ferguson's name ring a bell. He's the guy that went after the 78-year-old grandma who owned the flower shop. Remember Barrett L Stutzman.

He actually when he filed a lawsuit against her. He went after her personally as well as her business so he wanted to make sure this woman was homeless and living in a shelter.

By the time he got finished with her. By the way, what was her crime.

What was a 78-year-old grandmother's crime. She declined to participate in a same-sex union.

That was her crime. So anyway the Washington State Atty. Gen. Bob Ferguson is now going after Seattle Pacific University. And here's the quote Seattle Pacific University admits that it refuses to hire gay faculty and staff bow investigation what why do they need to waste all the taxpayer money on an investigation because I'm sure the folks at Seattle Pacific University would be willing to say, hey, no need to investigate. Guilty as charged. You see, Seattle Pacific University had a choice. They could either follow God's teachings on marriage or the governments they chose God's so if I were Seattle Pacific. I would and they filed a lawsuit against the state. By the way, but honestly there was, I would've even bothered to do that. I would've just said you know what were guilty as charge of that means we gotta go to jail. Where are the handcuffs, but they're gonna fight it, and I say good for them.

Good for them that is story number one story number two. Now this 1 Takes Pl. in of all places, Texas title to what the heck is going on in Texas. I have a theory and I'll share that theory with you adjustable.

We have the story a 25-year-old man who identifies as a woman was kicked out of a cheerleading camp and was slapped with a criminal citation of a misdemeanor charge by police.

Now, this involves a man named Avery Chanelle Medlock and this guy says that he's a woman or girl and he says he's transgender. The guys huge I mean he's like big like a linebacker wearing a miniskirt with pom-poms that to this guy is so anyway he got into it with one of the biological girls and rising girls. Everybody else of the campus underage were talking about young girls here like 16, 17 years old.

One of the girls a 17-year-old pointed out rightfully so, that that Mr. Medlock was in fact a man with man reproductive organs and that a man should not be on the girls team and that set this dude off and there is video and it is awful, and terrible, and the words coming out of that me and smell the girls were so terrified they lock themselves in a in a room. One of the girls called her father and the father shows up and I gotta tell you they should give this guy a metal for restraint because I suspect, like many of you had that been my daughter.

There would've been a come to Jesus meeting and I can assure you that the transgender dude would not of had pom-poms by the end of that encounter.

So anyway they call the police and the police, and the big grown man here. The big hulking transgender man says that he's the victim and he actually told the girls that they should be adult enough to come out and confronted the only adult in the room was the transgender man so the police come and they and then that the guy confesses is what kills me. The guy confesses that he choked the girl. But he said he was just doing it in good humor and fun just good-natured fun.

Is that what happens a cheerleading camp these days and now he's accusing Anita how this goes. So the guys black and so now is accusing the father of using racist language and homophobic language, and the father posted item on his Facebook page and says hey look we to do any of that stuff.

But here's what here's what he asked of this is a question were to ask your audience today. He says I ask you, what would you have done when receiving a phone call at 1 o'clock in the morning from your daughter stating they had locked themselves in the room with other girls and you get here that I met the video the guys calling the ball. The B word, I'd be terrified if I was a girl under age at a cheerleading camp. By the way, the name of the college and you need to be aware of this Ranger college diesel in County, Texas hello what's going on at that school. So, anyway, that one point of the video. Medlock says if anyone is a problem, address it to my face like an adult. Then she told the girls the one that she choked. To quote the man up and watch your back. Now imagine your 1617-year-old girl and you got a 25-year-old man wearing a miniskirt was in a linebacker he be terrified. Now here's what I don't get the guy was only charged with a misdemeanor and he was even arrested. They were just just kicked them off the campus I'd like to know why this man was not arrested felony charges. And what about this college I want I want to meet the person who thought it was a good idea to let a 25-year-old grown man bunk with teenage girls. What does the guy did to the guy say we know what yard my birth certificate says I'm 25 but it also says on a man and are not a man and I'm not 25 I now identify as a 16-year-old girl. It is and what he did. This stuff is messed up America. It is messed up. That's only two of the four stories up real quick. The other and want to take a breaker but let me throw this and now you've got a member of the Carolina courage who is not allowed to play because she refuses to bow down and pledge allegiance to the LGBT movement.

What's up with that Carolinas what's going on there. Are we gotta take a break 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number. What would you do if that was your kid moms dads what grandma's grandpas what would you do if your daughter called you at 1 o'clock in the morning and said there's a grown man in a miniskirt with pom-poms threatening to beat me up 844-747-8868 this is the Todd storage. We are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worst seniors are struggling to survive.

It's not time to panic, but it is time to act by friends and a Mac the Association of mature American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts.

Your membership will support their nonprofit eMac action which takes the challenges against our Constitution and the free market straight to Capitol Hill. Joining is easy just go to Amax .us/starts to start saving today. 2.3 million Americans have already joined a Mac and you should to aim at cares about you and America so save money and support conservative causes go to a Mac .us/Starnes. It's only $60 per year and great news. Anyone can join, go to a back .us/stars. That's a Mac .us/guards for this is the young lady over at the North line of that's the soccer team. She was sidelined for Friday's games you refuse to wear a gay pride themes. Jerzy Daniels is open Christian. She made headlines in 2017. She chose to withdraw from the US soccer team. Two weeks after it was announced that both teams.

Men's and women's would be wearing rainbow jerseys in honor of pride. The team says were disappointed with her choice. We respect your right to make the decision know she's not making the decision. They're the ones making the decision now. My understanding is that the courage they have a mascot.

They have uniforms now with the if the soccer team wants to change the uniform of the mascot, then why is that the fault of the players. Why should they be penalized. Anyway, seems to be the only person with courage on that team is jailing Daniels 844-747-8868 that's our telephone number. That's 844-747-8868 David Wright stand strong. This is so ridiculous. Christians are gotta stand tall and is true. I don't know of many people. Well, I mean most of the big churches in America have been neutralized that they've got these woke preachers, and they don't want to touch anything that's controversial. Don't want to interfere with those ties and offerings of you know what I mean. Breitbart news has the story up by the headline Los Angeles now ends citizenship requirement for government jobs. So let's just say that your name is Julio and you came across the border from what the follow-up will guess what Julio now you can get a job on the taxpayer dime Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to allowed noncitizens to work in government positions. Now you might say that's up that's up that's a big deal and it is a big deal. Los Angeles, as you still gotta provide proof of citizenship. But Lara Logan says guess what's happening down at the border cut number 11 around you, and I turned and raced and now, possibly a this confirms import of Trajan's laxity during this scary scary across not sure how many of you out when you anyone teaching science holds anything that is not counting any senses. She's absolutely right, and who do you think those people are to be voting for the ones that are coming across the border they're being given Social Security cards using the gotta be voting for the party that wants to make America great again.

You think there to be voting for the party that wants to put America first. I don't think so. America I think what we're watching in real time is how the Democrats plan on trying to steal another election.

That's what I think's going on down there. Are gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd surgery. My pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year you all of help build by fellow into an amazing company that it is today. Now, Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO once to get back exclusively to his listeners the parochial bedsheets that is available in a variety of colors and sizes and are all on sale. For example the Queen size normally 8998 now only 3998 with our listener promo code order now because when they're gone they're gone. The percale sheets are breathable, have a cool crisp feel these come with a 10 year warranty and a 60 day moneyback guarantee, so don't miss out on this incredible offer. There is a limited supply, so be sure to order now. Call 1-800-839-8506 and use the promo code Starnes or go to my

Click on the radio Lister Square and use the promo code Starnes.

That's 1-800-839-8506 use the promo code Starnes organa and click on the radio listener square back to the first radio show is our website to bookmark that boat that I have a story up a little while about our next yes he is the owner of an incredible diner in West Palm Beach. I think I've actually put into this diner before a timer to city diner and the food was amazing next time.tomorrow I go up I forget about having dinner at bar loggers big red bow to the city diner. Again, there is a big controversy surrounding the diner and Congresswoman Lois Frankel, who was a Democrat and she got really nasty with the, the owners of this diner. By the way, patriotic folks want it all and were honored to have the owner that diner on the patriot mobile newsmaker like Richard Klein, Richard good to have you with us for having me, sir. So first of all I just I hear nothing but great things about your diner and I have to imagine you guys are doing some brisk business down there. Especially in the student summertime out little off but were still going very well. Good stuff. I'm glad to hear that.

I want you to tell our listeners what happened when Democrat Florida representative Lois Frankel drop by well as you know I hung up, a young woman running for her at her opponent in the area near end. I support Archie to conservative that I am an I put a picture up. You commute to work and I support her and I have that right is limited to all Americans. First but told Lois anyway. She came in were actually back it was somebody came in.

I just wonder operatives came in and had lunch around 1 o'clock if and that he came up the pay he saw the poster there of that rotini running against Lois and Noah. He questioned why don't you like Lois you I wasn't out in the back. My son was there and my waitresses were there and he said the owner supports this. This woman for candidacy. She got started and when she saw this poster. She got a little I guess disturbed at what that on their attire, Lois Frankel, you know nothing nothing talking nothing bad. She didn't care for that. She started to have a little bit of a melt down to my waitresses like my wasted time on the owner of the owner. She called me out in the back so I came out to talk to Lois which I never Lois is a conservator for quite a few years the customer with all due respect, all serve anybody, Democrat or Republican matter that you had to agree with her but you know I'll server with all due respect anyway. She she called me out in front of her. She said allow you to what is this as well as I support this woman here and not try to remember to my best ability is been about a month and 1/2 now.

So anyway she kept going on and on acid map were Americans first. I believe we are and I had the right to vote in support of the right shoes and she went ahead and said yes you do. Mr. Trump oh okay I guess you're upset. She started having a melt down more or get you to see the video you see them talking about that. She went on and on. I'm never coming here again, my contact man. You don't have to be this way you will have to really hate each other because you don't agree politically okay but you know there's a reason letter so you see the video she got angry and stormed out of the restaurant very upset because I would not support her.

I was supporting somebody else that got me a little bit surprised as we all know that's pretty much it would happen five minute I'm in ordeal it's it's insane, but this is how a lot of these Democrats believe it's their way or the highway and to your point, you open up your establishment to everybody you want to feed out anybody and in my opinion these are Democrats anymore because my grandparents were Democrats.

They were truly Democrat John F. Kennedy Democrat will antedate will they would be Republicans. These people now working with our Marxist communist and it is either their way or the highway. We know what that's all about it. I know she got cut off, but it sounded like in that video that she was ready to threaten you, and in some way hide it. But, again, to your point odds with the Marxist do well when you say I'm telling all my contacts never coming here and get wet, trying to hurt me financially to business and contact not come into the picture. Such a down that's that's what what what really concerned really. I thought about it was why she so upset with Deborah Demeo who has neither won the primary, yet are primaries next about to create 23 August okay there's something about this girl. It Deborah Keeley that she's concerned what it is to a Republican candidate running against Deborah right now in the primary, in my opinion this is why I get behind Deborah because she's fifth-generation prophetically prominent family here in town.

They gray concrete construction company here she's fifth-generation or hundred euros in town. She took Luke liberty and she has 30 years of financial advising and fiduciary actually knows number two I got behind her and she's a true conservative is what I and Vincent Ronald Reagan present that season.

It will she's cut interest coming out in your defense, by the way, Richard says that a Frankel's behavior is appalling and excusable.

It goes beyond politics she says is appalling. A sitting member of Congress would intimidate or threaten anyone for supporting me, or for any reason.

It's inexcusable behavior and a and she's right about that. Absolutely that's kinda how it felt to yell at night like I said to her very first thing I said there were Americans first gate that I said my grandparents were Democrats. But great day. What runaround taking the neighbors because it worked you know it is just doesn't make sense.

You know, in the old days, took O'Neill Ronald Reagan. They fought all day long, but they didn't have to hate each other because we don't agree politically stony way this country going to heal become together, work together and your babies Marxist, you're absolutely right about that Richard Klein or the patriot mobile newsmaker line owner of the city diner in West Palm Beach Florida a Richard.

I'm curious, how has business been since this this blowup well I got a lot of new customer that I never knew I had lost a couple Democrats but let it a lot of thought. When you take him back and take out that he wasn't going to know but I picked up a few people.

It never heard of me that are conservative and so. Again, I'll serve everybody to measure Democrat or Republican or independent doesn't matter. You know, I serve good food.

I served everyone with respect, I am the play. I'm proud of my conservatism and that's how it on the feet.

Well I guess I have to imagine maybe you'll get a visit from Pres. Trump. One of these days further than the other yeah easy my neighbor that I do have other guy that there comes in. I used to have you cast away on this weekend you received about three months ago, he died. He was a White House chief of staff Ronald Reagan at the end of his term that the end of the eighth year he was a regular city diner can't become a conservative place hang out you will know nothing a lot of I even have Sean Hannity come in time to time is a good guy. Yeah, I hope he leaves a big tip you know I humble good guy you is exactly what he said under very real in a Richard Burton Fox News 15 years and he was one of the few guys the real deal. What you saw on TV is what you got in an off-camera life as well. So eat your bodies a living absolutely true. All right.

Will Richard Outlook where Herod out to stand up alongside you guys that you you didn't do anything wrong same of this congresswoman ever so glad that people are showing up in order and food and look forward to grabbing a burger at one of those All-America burgers when I begged her thank you very much all right rich yes sorry Richard Klein, everybody, and we've got a direct link to his website. They got the menu a little bit about the it's one of these restaurants.

If you grace you have you ever watched Food Network dry fairy so I set all the time.

Triple D diners Drive L yeah if this is one of those places. Yeah I know I totally I can tell from the pictures are in local spy where all the locals go so you know it's good and I'm not surprised. I'm really not surprised that Hannity is his regular logistic out of the local place yeah we do we have a place like that in Germantown called the West Street diner yes at a sister great place to go there. You got your regulars and value consistent no burials but delicious food markets but he's right about this, and I'm so glad that he pointed this out this is not about Republicans and Democrats is about Republicans and Marxist and these are people that want to shut you down.

These are people that want to silence your voices. That's what this is all about shame on shame on you Congresswoman Frankel are we are to take a break here heading right back to the phones when we get back 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number can I tell you about our friends over patriot mobile I love these guys. I'll be running into them later this week at sea pack they are mobilizing for freedom patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They share our beliefs. That's what you need to know about these guys know what about the service they provide is incredible broad nationwide coverage.

They use the same towers. The other guys use and I am pleased to fit any budget along with great discounts for veterans and first responders. All you need to do is go to patriot patriot or give them a call 972 patriot there to give you a special discount and free premier activation, but you gotta use my promo code Todd that's patriot call 972 patriot use the promo code Todd there is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets. You are vulnerable.

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They can help you roll your retirement account with Goldbach IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house.

You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them legacy PM investments heart hello everybody. Welcome our thoughts and prayers with Jove.

I doubt that China virus again plugged in. The guys quadrant. What quadrupling, then he's got the boosters and that he still came down with the China virus again now Pres. Trump weighed in on all of this over the weekend. He said that Biden does not have the China virus that, in fact, Joe Biden has dementia and probably needs to be in a nursing home and the present is not wrong about this. You know he normally he never is there to catch the big golf tournament over the weekend of that was a big doings of their add to was at Bedminster in New Jersey.

Grace Baker says she was sleeping all weekend. What's up with Apple. No golfing. This puts you to sleep what it's the perfect just going to sleep Sunday afternoon.

What I want you to get different story. You're exhausted from all that walking. Well, they don't walk. I think they have golf carts and then you could easily take a nap in between. I'm sorry I don't think like a legitimate sport but I just here. Sometimes I like it's the most like Pam to be pampered sport.

Sounds like you get only playing basketball and running up and down the court handy to take a golf. I need to take a golf cart to the other end of the court clearly all out will know they call cheerleading a sport but I beat it more physically intense than golfing you could in certain ways. What are they doing and truly throwing girls up in the air and got the guys to attention and what you doing to golf you. You gotta have some either throwing golf clubs abuse and you gotta be in condition to be able to throw golf class have watched happy Gilmore before I'm just all that's a great movie is a good movie. That's a fine movie have you see, I've seen some movies.heavy. I'm impressed of using Caddy shack know I have a cell race with little with a little like go for their Avent that he's doing the dance and I got a C. Gotta watch. Have you heard about. I'm just afraid to ask this question.

The Jetsons have you heard about the jets I have heard about the Jetsons. All is one of the great great cartoons of all time. Yeah it's one of the best. I watched the grown up on.

They had a channel of all the old cartoons called boomerang and I'd like to Jetsons on Scooby Doo and all that good stuff so so the jets as a percent of the future and they always have this like futuristic view of of what life would be like. And of course they had, you know that everybody had their own little their own little personal jet they had they had to the of the Rosie the Rosie was like the.

The robot made yeah I remember that and got the dog on the catchy theme song says theme song have I the reason why were like this awesome conversation of the in the cartoon series George Jensen was actually born on July 31, 2022.

That's freaking so we got a long ways to go between now and then. No, what, what was he of the series was 38, 40 yes I like that had about practically cricket able to get the robot needs by then you know that I would believe the flying cars. I'm a little more like I don't think people are just your average citizens. This can be driving around the flying car, but the maids I could see it happening in your little robot vacuum zone around your house and something somebody with their there was a story over the weekend and they were talking about the number of things that the Jetsons got right, yeah, the Jetsons did not get right yeah so I feel they have the machine that brushes her teeth and dresses you are not quite there, not quite yet. So we got the robot back inside the robot writing was the mother called the rumbles I think creeps me out. You don't try to trivia question real quick witted George jets at work.

What was the name of the company George Jensen worked 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 that is no big TV series like or cartoons like that anymore for the kids and the and again, the best thing about Hanna-Barbera. It wasn't that you know the kids love the stop at the jokes were for the adults so it was literally a cartoon show that the whole year.

The whole family could watch started back in the 1960s of all time. All right coming up. We got some great guest are good friend Congressman Troy Nelson is going to be her brand-new book, the big fraud.

What Democrats don't want you to know about January 6 and the 2020 election.

We also have some updates on all the investigations at the Hunter Biden so will keep you updated on that.

Also, Ryan Gardner from first liberty yesterday.

It's going to be here.

There is a big attack on a prison ministry in Indiana so will keep you updated on that as well.

Let's go to the phones real quick. God, wow a lot of Jetsons fans are waiting and today Portland Maine W LOP are great affiliate Samantha on the line hi Samantha how are you well thank you how are you I'm doing well thank you for asking. All right, let's see if you've got the answer here where did George jets and work [yeah, that's right, Samantha. Basically sprockets you are the winner dig real big fan of the cartoon back in the day, my goodness, that's what we did on Saturday morning we were all want those cars. That's why we still favorite Robert all right wrote. I love it. I think it was Scooby Doo headache, Samantha. Hang tight working to get you hooked up with a prize will try try support later on. Hang tight. Everybody hour to come. This is the time start radios galaxies. He flipped for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I found in flax mountain capture hands-free text from multiple angles. Short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its contract and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies.

He flipped for University studio in Memphis Tennessee.

Yeah well hello everybody.

Welcome this hour, we had a lot of fun in the last hour with Jetsons trivia and the response was off to try to get this little while so hang tight jeans read to win a great prize from the Todd Stern's radio program on a couple of things I want to share with you to get to the Fox news. We have an update on the big Fox news story over the weekend the New York Times issuing a scathing report and and it's not so the New York Times thought this was scathing against Trump but it really is scathing against Fox news channel as there is now a concerted effort to ban and banish Pres. Trump from Fox news channel to get that in just a moment there is an update we been covering elections tomorrow. Big primary battles across the nation to get to those but one of the big races were looking at is happening later this week in Memphis Tennessee where the, the district attorney who is a Republican faces a George Soros style Democrat and this is a race that is garnered national attention and the concern is that Memphis Tennessee is about to go the way of San Francisco and New York City and Los Angeles and it is a very dangerous situation.

One of the big challenges here and again what we've been saying campaign. If you are a Republican campaign like your 20 points behind what's happened in Memphis early voting numbers have come out and it looks pretty devastating for the Republicans. It looks just flat out devastating voter turnout very low. Not much enthusiasm and there is some concern that even in the midst of a red tsunami. The Republicans in Memphis Tennessee Barbara nation's largest cities could go down in defeat. And so my encouragement is get out and vote and it doesn't matter if in this particular instance the die is already been cast and there's been a lot of there's been a lot of shenanigans going on, but the reality is we cannot allow a Democrat to become the district attorney. This is a guy who believes that the juvenile crime age should be raised to 25 years old.

In other words you brought their new shoots about is a 25-year-old urine to get a slap on the wrist and you're just going to be set free in a year or so there accusing the white Republican district attorney.

Her name is Amy Wyrick of being a racist because 90+ percent of the people that are being sent to sent to prison are black. What they don't want to tell you is that 90% of the victims are black so Amy Wyrick is actually out there defending the victims and bringing justice to the city.

One of the deadliest cities in America. If that Democrat gets elected little be the deadliest city in America. Elections have consequences, and you folks across the country you better you better pay very close attention to what happens in Memphis Tennessee this week, Republicans. You cannot take your base for granted that I to tell you there are meat look, there's a big primary battle. We have Congressman Steve Cohen. He says all of you Republicans out there have a weapon fetish. There are two Republicans that are that are vying to take on: one is a black conservative who is pro-life, the other is a white guy who says he's a Republican and he supports social justice. He supports gay marriage. He supports the climate change movement, and he supports first-term first trimester abortions. Elections have consequences. That's all I meant to say about that, but it's a mess and the Republican Party is that they don't want to do well. It might help if you if you actually pick conservatives to run for office. And it might help if you don't ignore the base of your party. That is a message for every Republican leader in this nation.

The New York Times has a story out Fox News once home to Trump now often ignores him. It's been more than 100 days since Donald Trump was interviewed on Fox News. Jeremy peters is the writer of the story as evidence.

He points that Fox News chose not to broadcast the president's rally in Arizona. The same approach. It is taken for nearly all of his rallies. Instead, the network air Laura Ingram's interview with a possible rival Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. It was the first of two primetime interviews Fox aired with Mr. DeSantis in the span of five days he appeared on Tucker Carlson show shortly after talking to Ms. Ingram when Mr. Trotta spoke to a gathering of conservatives in Washington last week, Fox did not air the speech live. Instead, it showed a few clips after he was done speaking, that same day. It did broadcast live for 17 minutes, a speech by former VP Mike Pentz. Mr. Trump has complained recently to aides that even Sean Hannity, his friend of 20 years does not seem to be paying him much attention anymore. The snobs are not coincidental. According to several people close to Mr. Murdochs Fox Corporation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

This month the New York Post of the Wall Street Journal both owned by Mr. Murdoch published blistering editorials about Pres. Trump's actions on January 6, Fox News came out. They said that they were not banning Mr. Trump but the fact of the fact of the matter is, he has not been on the network for more than 100 days. Meanwhile, all of his rivals. All of his opponents have been. That brings me to another story. This is from the Washington Post.

It was published yesterday, Sarah Ellison and Jeremy Barr are the writers the headline the Murdochs and Tromp aligned for mutual benefit.

That may be changing speculation over Rupert Murdoch's thinking crescendoed after the first set of hearings concluded this month and his two papers published nearly simultaneous editorials again going back to the Wall Street Journal, New York Post Murdoch to controls a vast swath of the political media world has spent decades learning to ride the waves of US politics and hedge his bets on candidates boxes trying to pull away from the 45th president before only to the return to return of the face of Trump's fury. So the issue now is that Fox News may be thinking that Trump's days are numbered and they are trying to move the network to another candidate looks like Ron DeSantis but I'm curious, have you made the conscious decision to stop watching Fox News Channel's are like a drug with a lot of conservatives you're addicted to Fox. Some people keep Fox News Channel on 24 seven. A lot of people I know of already made the switch to Newsmax and with the, the issue regarding Verizon dropping one America news Newsmax is really an and I know there are others out there, but Newsmax is really the only contender that could take on and his position to take on Fox News Channel. Do you feel betrayed by Fox News 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 I was talking to some some former colleagues of mine, and there are sadly a lot of former colleagues of height at Fox News and they they all got the heave ho in the aftermath of the firing of Roger Ailes and then the and then when the bill shine left and as a result of the hat that the network is really wavered me Suzanne Scott's doing a great job, but of the news division is controlled by leftist and there's really not much that can be done other than to send a very clear message was that clear message change the channel if you really want to get Fox News Channel's attention. You gotta go after their pocketbook.

That's what you gotta do, they will respond to that they will respond to our ratings collapse in a ratings drop.

And what better way to do that than to change the channel to Newsmax and for full disclosure. I do a lot of work with Newsmax now because they appreciate fair and balanced journalism and they they actually appreciate the coverage of some of the big cultural issues that we talk about, but Fox News led by Paul Ryan and a bunch of these other rhinos. They are hell-bent on taking out Donald Trump so there's there's a lot of speculation that the January 6 panel is going to make a move and try to somehow force an indictment of the former president you got the grand jury situation in Georgia. There are a lot of moving parts here, but Fox News Channel is no longer fair or balanced, and they do not want the base of their of their network to watching. They really don't care about you evangelical Christians and they don't care about you conservatives and they're taking you for granted just like the Republican Party history by Dwight R. Look, we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number.

We will open up the phone lines will best. That's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd charge to the Todd Stern's radio program. So over the weekend.

George Jetson was born somewhere somewhere in America. July 31, 2020. So we got a trivia question here to throw out we want to know the name of the Jetsons family dog. If you know the name of the Jetsons family dog I were to hook you up with a prize package 844-747-8868.

That is our telephone number. That's 844-747-8868 while MCG Marjorie Taylor Green making some headlines.

She is Marge it Marjorie was doing an interview last week, and galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I found that it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video disease look for is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket good to be galaxies. He flipped for. She said that she was proud to be a Christian nationalist and now more than 12,000 people in a Christian organization called faithful America are condemning Marjorie Taylor, Green, and they say that embracing Christian nationalism is unchristian and unpatriotic. Really, do you find that to be the case. So really they got a petition going and so far 12,000 people of sign-on of this petition they say that Christian nationalism is unchristian, unpatriotic. It is defined not as a religion, but as a political ideology that unconstitutionally and biblically merges Christian and American identity, declaring that democracy does not matter because only conservative Christians are true Americans will that's a load of who you ladies and gentlemen, it's that's simply not true.

The fact of the matter is we are a Christian nation.

Anybody who's had spent any time reading our founding documents and reading below the letters and the writings of our founding fathers will come away with a very clear understanding that is John Adams at our second president that our Constitution is wholly inadequate for anyone other than a moral and religious people.

So yes, that there it, yes. You can't be a Christian nationalist you can love your country you can love your God.

That doesn't make you a bad person but you get a lot of these woke preachers out there and they're all over this stuff because they and their heart of hearts, hate America. Our lives go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Arnie listening to us on W GUN in Georgia. Arnie, how are you today I thought that Arnie good to have you back with us all right, let's when you apprise here.

We want to know the name of the Jetsons family dog who was that Arnie Ashbrook gone baby gone yeah your own letter.

You're right it was in fact asked. It's like every all the phone lines are swamped but now they're open all preview quaking at probably wouldn't get you and I was well when I was a kid, you hand the Hanna-Barbera and the only drag queen was the guy was a Col. clink on was that on not match. He wasn't a Col. was he met Max Klinger clink is run by Hogan's heroes.

You're right out from, but he was from Ohio. I seem to remember that for some weird reason Arnie were to put you on hold. Congratulations and I love another opportunity. The next hour to win a prize package. I let's go to Kentucky Pastor John by the way Howard house the flood situation there. John on the worst state because were in an area were not a flood zone area so we can eat but I but we pray for the family lost in the what the reason why I'm calling Todd. You're one of the you are the reason I found you on Fox News your talkshow lot and then what ended up happening is that you in the back so bad that Doc became useful about useful as a backside okay I've seen your heart. Turn left and it really kinda started with all the conservative new talkshow, but especially the way they treated you okay I know you get. They welded that no Todd had no right to treat you like that you stood by Christian value. Goodbye conservative values which are also biblically Christian guy so honestly I only cut box out. I canceled them on my belt. I can't like I got rid of their I got rid of everything because I may treat a good person badly.

I know what the entertainment and Greek, but it doesn't matter when you treat somebody with respect.

They don't deserve that respect of their listeners so I just wanted to put that out there taught on what I appreciate you saying that and there's no doubt they did it and it's sad.

It's unfortunate, and many other people were given the heave ho as as well, but ultimately there was you.

There is an effort afoot to remake Fox News Channel and turned it into of CNN lights and that was going on during the last year and 1/2 that I was there at the network. There just aren't any true conservatives in management and leadership anymore and and that's it. That's a challenge. It's a problem and the only way to remedy that is to do what you did. John was just to shut him down you get rid of them. Get rid of the apps that you stop reading the stuff on the website. You gotta make up.

You just gotta cut them off. And who knows that that just might do the trick down the road, but absolutely God and the coolest thing is I watch on TV just getting the first person to say that pastor thank you to take a break.

There 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number 84 474-7886.

This is someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much better now.

I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

See full for the reading the book by Congressman Troy Ellis is living on Pres. Trump says this is a must read for all Americans is called the big fraud.

What Democrats don't want you to know about January 6 the 2020 election of a whole and a whole lot else here is from the from the early pages of the book Congressman Nels what brand you to Congress and he was he was in the House chamber when the Bob tried to break into the doors.

You might remember him. He was one of the lawmakers who stayed behind and you would expect them to do that because he's from Texas, Mark Wayne Mullen are good friend from Oklahoma was there to and I want to read this to you. I am what I found fascinating is that they really were getting a lot of information of the Congressman.

They were getting any Intel or what was going on. So you had Mark Wayne Mullen, who snapped off a the, the legs of a hand sanitizer dispenser and he was going to use that for his weapon.

Congressman Nels did the same thing. This is via security told the Congressman to leave and they said no sir, I will not I will remain here with my brothers and sisters and blowing it. It is a riveting account of what happened on that day and I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line Congressman Troy Nels joins us. Congressman good to have you back with us God take your gravity having me back all of what a what a powerful story you you wrote, and I want you to take our listers back to those back to those moments when I found fascinating is your brother was giving you Intel as they were watching this. You guys had no idea what was happening outside the chamber right there. You know, there are no calibrations on the house floor so you don't know what's happening yet they were the recalibration cloakroom that we were out of the house floor going through the business of the day, which was certifying the electorate, which I didn't die. I objected to Arizona and then after we went and reconvened at the Pennsylvania but Jan getting text messages on my current and hey you know what's happening on the Internet, the capital.

The Rochon that the writer felt we were getting their information through social media to text messaging from family members, but then it was quite clear what was happening because then all of a sudden a bunch of uniformed personnel from the Capitol police. You know, they rushed into the house chamber and then you know with Nancy away and then we we we were figuring out what was happening. At one point you you wrote that they were passing out gas masks here. You are the new gospel Capitol Hill what was going through your mind in those early moments you don't like her day in air and in Congress, and I was there at the back door at the main doors leading house chamber. Those are the doors that a president will walk through together deliver a State of the Union address was back at the center doors and ear when they came in and they with Nancy away and you could see the uniformed personnel up in the gallery. You know, looking at trying to secure all the doors upstairs and then the back door started you shaking violently and there were some other capital cleats and for other members that started putting furniture placement in front of the main doors and they were banging on the door so that's where my my law enforcement experience. 30 years and it in eight years of the sheriff kicked in and I cannot leave and I'm staying right here, my brothers and sisters in blue so it was a shock. I'm thinking, what the hell happening here anywhere were trying to conduct business, but I think I was the only member actually talk to a writer that he actually had a conversation with the knucklehead on the other side of the door and that's what you can see on the cover of the book, me eyeballing this guy and am in a conversation with me said you were from Texas and you will be on the others. You said you're from Texas and he said you will be on our side that you Texas you should be weather, and young your ear we we are going through their you are interrupting your breaking windows which I did not support the idea.

I'm all about peaceful protest found Donald Trump let peacefully march up to the capital.

Donald Trump don't not support violent on this knucklehead and some of the others on the other side of the door breaking windows. Of course I could support that. So I told him I could, you better stop banging on the doors and stuff the men and women. To my left and my right with their guns drawn to eBay today will shoot and kill you if you're not careful. You must not Congressman. When you when you step back and you look at that that moment, I mean clearly you have armed your self are your fellow lawmakers in the Congressman Pat Fallon and and Ronnie Jackson everybody there was prepared to I guess what, to defend your life if need be, is, is that what that was for, well, I never felt my job that day representing the 22nd congressional district that law enforcement, you know, I just kicked in for me and my job is to help the unit de-escalate the situation at the door. Yeah Mark Wayne Mullen broke off one of those wooden and that I weapon and I said great idea though. I broke the other one out they were to look by the doors there so I broke the other one off and you can see pictures and I've included pictures in the book, work on taking that hand sanitizer and punching it through the broken glass to keep them on the other side because it could of got really really bad if they would've continued to try to break down those doors got that they would True. I think there would've been some bloodshed and I certainly applaud the capital cleats that day that will with me that they did not shoot their you know discharge their firearm individuals on the other side door after the glass is broken because the meat we know what happened to Ashley Babbitt and I was the only gunshot fired that day and I'm questioning that investigation.

Quite honestly, I said that I believe Ashley Babbitt was murdered that day. I don't want to give away the full story of the book here but you. It's called the big fraud. What is it that the Democrats don't want us to know about January 6 well of the fact that that really it could have been avoided. It could have been prevented. Yes, your hearing from this sham committee, and any current topic and believe it. Nancy Pelosi of the puppet master all your hearing from that group that sham committee is this is Donald Trump's fault. Donald Trump is to blame for that Donald Trump is the one that could have stopped it. No no no, what you need to know is is the leadership within the Capitol police had all the intelligence they had it weeks prior, and they didn't do anything with the intelligent and I lay this out in the book that you know everyone in the leadership of the capital police.

Specifically, the intelligence section they knew that the capital itself was going to be the target. They knew that white premise groups and militias were there they were to be up there. They knew cowboy goalkeepers and people, all of them are coming. They knew that they reconciled the current thousands of people coming asking to bring weapons up there and and and they had to have it all and they did nothing with it, if they would've shared the intelligent if they would've shared the intelligent, it would've never happened. The National Guard would've been there on January 4 but they chose not to share. They wanted this to happen. They didn't prevent it.

In my opinion they wanted it that what you think. That is why do you think they wanted this to happen. Well I personally believe is because number one they knew they were Trump supporters coming up there.

They knew that people were coming out they were upset about the election. The 2020 election.

They had a lot of question they were coming up the peacefully program but then it turned violent, and it turned into a riot and I believe that there were several organizations and groups up there and NT 5 there very very good. You can look at the summer of 2020 when you put NT for insight, the peaceful protest they can immediately turn it into a riot and that's what we saw throughout the entire summer of 2020 and so now all of a sudden you got a peaceful protest turned into a riot and it interfered with going to the elect the electors I meet. There was only one after we current back in session later that evening we only objected to one more statement with Pennsylvania but we should have had conversations we should've been talking about Georgia. We should've been talking about Wisconsin here in the and and and we didn't is because then all the sudden it just took a lot of wind from our sale because you know they will windows broken and things are just out-of-control and and I can kick it if they were pretty smart about the left. They were very clever and how they orchestrated this, and and and that's my belief because when you turn it into a riot.

We work at a bank you actually go through all the different state and challenge them Congressman at the end of all of this. Do you, do you believe this was perhaps concocted as some sort of a of a plot to try and prevent Trump from from ever running from for office again and I asked that because Nancy Pelosi needed.

It seems to me she knew about all of these threats and yet every effort to try and protect and secure the US capital was either ignored or rejected Lily out at my belief is that Mary closely oversees the capital police, court, which is made up of the Senate Sgt. at arms. The house I capital we know that she signed was asking for the capital police to be deplored the National Guard to be deployed and they Delay and delay and delay in then there's conversations about they didn't like the optics of the National Guard on the Capitol grounds sulk and and these are things that I discuss and talk about in the book, but this sham committee right now is all about Donald Trump in 2024. It's not even really about the midterm date.

They focus so much on Donald Trump because the great they are afraid of him. They do not want Donald Trump to run in 2024 and they don't talk about anybody else.

It took about Donald Trump. They do not want him to come back.

I am telling you listeners Donald Trump coming back in 2024 even went. Donald Trump is going to win and it's going to take people like me and and other real true America first patriot could could document their experiences and the research they've done and I've done a lot of that on January 6 and place it in the book for the American people to see and Donald Trump endorsed it.

He said it's a must read for all Americans. So this is a counter narrative to the January 6 sham committee.

All right, Congressman leave it there. Congratulations on writing a riveting account of what happened that day of folks we got it directly to it over in our lives shall blog the big fraud written by Congressman Troy Nels Congressman good to have you on congratulations they did not God bless you and all your listeners are a of folks going to take a break here.

Do you agree with the Congressman that really what happened on January 6 was simply an attempt to make sure Trump could not run for office again 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8860, it will be right back galaxies.

He slept for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for I know I love him back.

So glad to have you so couple of big stories out there. We do have a monkeypox update to share with this is the headline for the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Chronicle of this is the headline from their annual heat and fetish, and this is not the time to be in San Francisco. There are a lot of people wandering the streets wearing leather thongs and chains and whatnot. The headline from the San Francisco Chronicle want a whipping at San Francisco's kink and fetish best get a monkeypox vaccine so there so get this down this is an and you have to go back to the early days of the China virus pandemic. What is it they did go all the way back to the early days of the China virus pandemic and what did they do. Ladies and gentlemen.

They shut down the churches right they declared these big emergencies and they shut down the churches. That's what they did just what they didn't do in San Francisco.

They've declared an emergency, a state of emergency over this of this new disease. They've declared the state of emergency, but they did not cancel this kink and fetish best which quite frankly is sort of like ground zero for that sort of behavior the name of the event. The up your alley, leather and fetish. This is like a huge event in San Francisco.

It's an sortable idle thoughts are like anything we do in Memphis Tennessee.

We have appeal Street music. That's what everybody's part pretty much clothed, there are no more or less but there are too many people wandering around in leather thongs. I'm just Dennis, I just believe that there but now Newsweek is reporting that the King confessed his igniting concerns about a potential spread of monkeypox really you think so you think that could happen. I don't care how many wet wipes you bring with you that's not going to be a good thing. Unbelievable 844-747-8868.

Meanwhile, you've got a Catholic school that is desecrating it sanctuary in the name of tolerance and diversity. They had a drag queen show up inside a Catholic church.number six and so coming right up the middle of the church sanctuary. There it was part of a chapel service were Catholic high school. I got to say something or quick. Did they see the stage name was Britta filter like the water filter that right there is a love that the best stage name, you could come up with Britta filter. I got questions the park church is the name of the congregation and the event was called worship is a drag. Unbelievable. So there you go.

Clearly now, even the churches have been conquered by the other sex and gender revolutionaries, but this is this is what it is all by the way Howard Kurtz over at Fox News having to come out and say look, we have no we have no official Trump band page New York Times story this week and strongly suggest that Fox News hasn't done so for over 100 days because the Murdoch family whose Wall Street Journal and your post about highly critical editorials cassettes were soured on him, but I can report.

There is no edict whatsoever against having trouble on this network. Every stuff myself with an invitation. Some weeks ago people close to the former president confirm he hasn't said yes. 25.

Joe Corbin turned out, after asking to be but a functional just for the record, I don't believe it. By the way how we Kurtz neckties, a far left lunatic used to be over at CNN and Roger Mills hired the guy after he got the boot there is about. Sorry for the guy.

But anyway, how we Kurtz, formerly of CNN. I think he worked for was in the Washington Post. It was a newspaper guy always had it in for the conservative side and he's a big pallet bread bear and bread. Prayer is for all you don't breath.

There's a leftist and all you have to do it. He's trying to be the new Chris Wallace, by the way, I heard from a source of mine that Chris Wallace is is freaking out over at CNN is doing his best to try to get out of there. He can't stand my wonderful bring it back over at Fox News are they very well may. But that but going back to an earlier carving was John from the talkie unit sent a message to Fox News. Just look, stop, stop watching get rid of the Unsubscribe to the newsletters and that you got a break free. It's like a drug. You gotta go to rehab once Newsmax are our three covered up.

This is, this surgery is galaxies. He flipped for all these new tracks it might not like best selfies of the park.

I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for universities to you in Memphis, Tennessee is so glad to have you with 447-4788, turtle 447-4788 60, so got got a note just before we we left for the weekend from our friends over at first Liberty Institute.

There is a crazy story coming from Greensburg, Indiana where the church Barbara's been doing a pretty darn good thing they been partnering with other groups and organizations to to host religious gatherings inside the prison. So which is perfectly permissible under the law and some photographs surfaced recently of one of these Christian ministries baptizing prisoners in the jail, which again is a good thing because that means somebody's getting their life in order.

And we ought to be celebrating well there's a big problem because the freedom from religion foundation, which is an out-of-town group of atheists and agnostics very mean bunch of folks they have filed complaints threatening to sue. I want to go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line right now because we have a good friend of this program. Ryan Gardner from first Liberty out with the swine good to have you on the show here. What will you take us through what's going on down there that County Jail and Decatur County, Indiana, Lily said the department had partnering with local community.

According to at least 2019 or so and what they call red encounter Christ event or event and it important to know that these are completely voluntary and as you can see from husband that you had made a huge impact on the people that attended and what they're doing is department is working to meet their needs by allowing administered to meet with inmate and the right thing to do them anyway on on one level required to do this manually because like anyone else. Prisoners have a free exercise right and they are partnering with churches to make sure that those rights are met. Now it seems to me Ryan that the issue here is it's voluntary so as not like the seers were missing.

You have to participate you have to be baptizes that right.

This is all voluntary and involuntary and 100% put on by the congregation that really like to conflate and make it seem like that is all coming from the article what they're doing and they are partnering with and allowing outside managers to come in yet there is matter of fact, the freedom from religion foundation says the whole thing is unconstitutional and that these groups are not allowed to come into the jail.

Why, what, what is the was good to the bottom line here. What is the Constitution say what is permissible inside the jails well and held and cool that you now when determining cause related issues and whether it fits within our nation's history and tradition. If it doesn't fit within our nation's history and tradition presumptively. No waiting that we have here clearly ministering the inmate had a very long and deep history. Following that entry. If you want to about this very thing that will timed about going and getting out of prison and look to the founding era again.

Had a very big role in back then. A lot of what they did was working with and ministering to condemned prisoners who were set for execution. The court actually discussed this in a case that came out (called premier Collier stone with an inmate one data minister lay hands on him during execution, and the court did not opinion in the top room history and tradition of ministers. When it came to execution and prayer engine.

The court, the court said with commonplace in the American colonies and only continued over time the nation to develop arrive.

Howling like an inmate and so the chaplain's role shifted from execution focusing on rehabilitation and providing counseling to all the inmate. On this yet.

No doubt about it, and the Ryan I know that you guys at first Liberty offering to represent the sheriff pro bono free of charge because that's the great thing you guys do work and people go if they want to help out if they were to contribute to of the great work that you guys are doing a first Liberty, Oregon, and he all that were involved in right now there are early related liberty. Is it happening right now that we are so thankful that we have from you and in your list. All right, Ryan. We appreciate the update and I keep us posted on the what happens next will do our Ryan Gardner everybody from first Liberty Institute on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is crazy of all the things that are happening in prison. She would think that prisoners finding the Lord and be baptized would be something we celebrated the station. At least you would think that by the way, pulling data out Liz Cheney.

She is already putting out resumes right now. Her primary opponent is a 22 point lead. That's according to a new Casper, Wyoming StarTribune pole Harriet Hagman leads Cheney 52% to 30% so CNN they sent a reporter down to find out what of the people. One of the people over in Wyoming. What are they think about Liz Cheney cut number three Cheney first short-term plaything of the Philistine cannot pass. Don't know how you think support missing. Absolutely not.

Liz Cheney writing for fourth term person. I think she's had 432 many keep in mind in 2020. Donald Trump when about 70% of the voting Wyoming, so Liz Cheney's work on the January 6 investigation isn't playing so well with many Wyoming photographs sees Dennis very has so house is done. 12. I'm I'm at something and I'm sorry sis you lost your vote because of her role in the January 6 committee and was doing about trim.

Yes she supposed to be supporting Nancy's a Republican for crying out loud.

I find her work just propose that you feel about her work on the January 6 committee in the wrong. It's all a hoax is all propaganda has nothing to do with anything, it's a which she says she's defending with supporting two people here in Wyoming upholding the rule of God. In addition, if there was rule what is the defense team in a courtroom. The rule of law that's a kangaroo court. That's not the Wyoming way she has been proud of her for taking on downtrend now in Cheyenne with hundred miles from Washington DC. Almost everyone we spoke with told us they believe Liz Cheney is to focus on Donald Trump in the January 6 committee not paying enough attention to what they believe matters to the people here in Wyoming. All that to say Liz may be below bagging groceries down at the Casper Wyoming Piggly Wiggly this time next year. Not looking good for all lives all by the way this is coming a Liz Cheney expected the land in Taiwan tomorrow.

Even though there are threats of war that's that's getting it ugly Herschel Walker, who is running for the running to brief the senator from Georgia, so Herschel Walker has offered his assistance for the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in Speaker Pelosi. You should go to Taiwan to send a signal to the wall that were going to set up the chain goes if you break down everyone to look at us as we then some singled to China that they can invade Taiwan if need be. Speaker Pelosi take you to Taiwan myself because I know what it means extended to tough opponent. Thank you, thank you, Herschel Walker, who happens to be the most conservative man in Georgia.

As a matter of fact, all the hate mail. I've been getting from people from Georgia. I know you are right I I standout this man is the smartest, most intelligent, most conservative man of any conservative of any Republican of the state of Georgia. Herschel Walker is the best of the best there can be good luck with 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number. This is the Todd storage will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much better now.

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Be sure to use my promo code Todd 10 and you're going to enjoy some delicious ice tea and a feel great by the way, you really are all right where is that audio I wanted to I wanted to play all yes so look Fox News are some of you folks weighing in over on the social media page by the way, before we had a Fox News. Ricky says Todd. The Jetsons were not woke. That's why people love the man was a man, a woman was a woman, a dog was a dog, a robot was all metal and the left hates the says George Jensen was a good man. He never kicked Astro or their that's true you never kicked the dog and he never put the dog on top of the flying car with the family was going on vacation. Yes, I'm talking about.

You met Romney anyway. Sheila says Todd Fox, change long time ago.

I'm in Washington two years we don't need Fox to watch Tucker with rumble true social podcast right side broadcasting. There are many outlets to get the info we want. The only reason I watch boxes to get the local news around Fort Worth. Sorry. Good for you but here we go. Rita says Newsmax should develop a business channel and hired Dagan and Maria that's Dicken McDowell and Maria Bartiromo. Fox would really have issues then that's a good point here, by the way, is a compilation of recent attacks from Fox News on Pres. Trump cut for the heart of the outrage media coverage of January 6 is Donald Trump's insistence, and sometimes have several statements today from him that he did not, as the election you have some thoughts about that. I do II think that in life you have to learn to lose present was unhinged doing that. I interviewed him at West Point and he was kind of give me a few minutes. I've never seen them so angry that was in between the election in January 6. Cassie Hutchison is under oath on Capitol Hill.

The present is on true social making his statements. What is so compelling. I think is is how was laid out. We always point out that there's not a pushback.

It would be great to hear Jim Jordan or some congressman say some other angle to this the testimony in and of itself is really really powerful.

They are afraid of his supporters and one come out against him directly but they like you to go away is the effect of this committee is to make as possible candidates to go away. I think a great privately be very glad the focus seems to be the target of present Trump and he looks really bad in this presentation he always is watching the TVs and kind of applauding what's happening and then Liz Cheney says that he says maybe Mike pence deserves to be hung in there was a University of New Hampshire poll in June says it dissent is actually led Trump 3937 and that your time seeing a college for that. We decided to quite a few times less than half of Republican voters back Donald Trump are you there you have it, a compilation of Pres. Trump says even Fox and friends is going to the dark side, you find that to be the case. 844-747-8868 this news just in from Washington DC the White House announcing the Biden administration is going to send more money to Ukraine $550 million, according to national security, councils John Kirby weaves that more than $8 billion on Ukraine $8 billion. What's going on over there folks from day one.

I've told you none of this makes sense what. Just last week.

You have the president of Ukraine and his wife posing for a photo shoot with the famed celebrity photographer Annie Leibowitz who does that. Who does that when your countries been invaded. This guys going off to the cans film Festival always doing all these interviews welcoming all the celebrities. It's almost as if it's a fake war and I know you don't like that. There's just something not right about all of this wasn't last week week before last. We showed they had thousands of people turning out for the outdoor music concert books have a good time at the beach your countries been invaded, shouldn't you be out on the front lines fighting the Russians what's going on here. We've got all these problems in America. We got American people going to bed hungry parents that can even afford to go to the grocery store.

Bombs can't buy formula. People can fill up their gas tanks, dare I say if we got $8 billion just laying around.

I would say that the American people could find good use for that money right now.

But no, they can't because we are sending this money to Ukraine more than $8 billion.

At what point do you draw the line and what is going on over there with this war, dare I say the alleged war. Nobody knows what's going on over there. All I know is we were told to shut up pledge our allegiance to the Ukrainian flag and don't ask any questions. And for me as a journalist that always raises the red flags when you've got people out there in the media say don't you ask any questions and if you do, you're not a patriot that concerns me. So yeah, I think it's a fair thing to ask why United States taxpayers. All of us are being forced to send our hard earned money to Ukraine.

Would someone please explain that to me $8 billion 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 will be right back will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for going back. By the way, I miss our intern, Alan from Liberty University relate to a great job set a high bar for future interns at the time surgery.

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Starnes my That's my all right well we have a very special guest on the patriot mobile newsmaker line brand-new book coming out called chase the fun 100 days to discover fun right where you are great to have with us any down. She's a best-selling author Spiegel speaker and a great podcast is any hope you're doing well. I'm glad I met look, I'm ready to have some fun here. What or where we start what we do what you have to find out how you got that right. So find a way to meet a happy day out right now. If everybody had a little bit of a restart.

Elway like weather going back going to get the going back to full or were done with a case can't but it did get back in the habit of the things that matter most to make the most healthy and best version of ourselves that I really think having fun in your life really prioritizing it. Getting a hobby part of what makes you to help the happiest version of yourself and let's talk about that because a lot of people think they don't, as you point out in your books. They do not prioritize fund what you mean by that, and how can we do that thing on the deal at the right really get the right man wrapping up Amazon that I want to and I meant to go on a lot and I meant that work on that puzzle that we have on the table their family but to do that if they get keep growing and every day really not finished.

I find usually end that one of my big hope is that people will start think finance like a really important part of our most on our spirit and benefit from your to do with your actual calendar things that you don't get on a daily make CNE. I have to confess I'm I love reading that's that's kind of my jam, and with this job.

I don't do it. I have 183 books that I have yet to read in the in the home so I gotta start having some fun. I clearly do you think something beautiful helpful generate by the world OR build something and I think our imagination or our knowledge. I think that only great hobby I leverage I get that it cannot happen like I might go there, but after that when I have in my hand.

You see, I am old school.

Any I gotta have that book. I got a hold it, I gotta be able to feel it to be able to turn the pages hundred 80 right now you thanks for reminding me. I want to get back to the book of the minute I I love reading you a lot of times the publicist will send us this Intel on you and I gotta read this is Amy is a huge fan of laughing with friends and I'm concerned, I'm conceding confused about this when you're a big fan of confetti. What you do with confetti when he not do it. Confetti timing my purse at all times. You never know when you celebrate that day the birthday you pop a little confetti and allied that Marty degrades bigger turn your microphone on your graces are female on the program and is a grace what Jesus is like a thing. Do you like have a confetti wage what you call it any confetti topic to have a confetti pot know what I should what it says given me and I are definitely through TSA checkpoint with one that's what I want to grant every little Walmart in your car. One unit on and maybe clean it up in the middle you're making a real memory that people are knocking up again. One thing in my car because it will be stuck in my seats forever like the idea you get your car in case are going well, okay, fair enough. And that brings me to the more fascinating part of this bio you apparently love boiled peanuts, specifically from a backroads Georgia cash that the dirtier the better it like it worked out rule all out yet.

I have, but I've always put them in the Coca-Cola do you do that yeah little bit yet. But I don't love it, but I only know what you're not looking at Manhattan. That is the treatment of all treat any we've lost all of her West Coast listeners right now they have no I'm talking about something they did not like that again, uniting it, I don't know where you're going. Now any any downs is a best-selling author, New York Times, author, by the way, best-selling author got a brand-new book out chase the phone 100 days to discover fun right where you are any.

We we talk a lot about the horrible things happening in this country and I'm telling you I think your book is one of these for such a time as this projects and thank you you know at what a beautiful thing. We get feel like the world gets darker and darker which you can now regulated live 500 years ago that we get to bring light and and everybody get to bring light you view the world and await their typically get that in mind, it's a little bit strange but find it kind of thing we can talk about. I really think it is a really intentional branch that can break people to Jesus so so let's talk about let's talk about older folks. Maybe you've lived your life and you think, well, there's no way I can really get out of the rut. You know, is it possible to get out of the rut and what are some are some steps that we can do to make that happen. I would get some friends that I'm in my 40 watching when my friend in her will. New exercise journey working learning all the new actors I'd love to get your diet to me and her behavior like you. You're never too old to learn something new to try something new. Now I'm 40 skateboarding probably in the world that felt like.

I have left the learning left. No matter what your age is very fine weather going back to me. Her favorite thing like playing piano or book you read it, child or are even going back and gardening are where battle don't start doing a puzzle in your house with your friends and family in that all that fun thing.

There are are limitless. As far as age is concerned about. Don't be afraid to try something new or to pick something at the lab.

All right, you give this a shot you I'm in my early 50s, so I may try the exercise thing blocking to be really find any.

Can't we get to move our body that we can with what were able to get the gap and I love being outside that that one of my plants today. Real careful there because were in Memphis were destroyed on the interstate is like 100 something degrees outside our heart, we need boiled.

I love it. That's it with the air conditioner on how II love it yet yet all right the book is out tomorrow everybody. You gotta get yourself a copy. We have a directly to it on our lives your blog. It's called chase the fund 100 days to discover fun right where you are any downs. Great to have you with this really gets her back on the show we have more fun on the show.

All right, fun, coach grace, we gotta have a fun coax, do you happen to like a whistle and he is that like a like a hat whistle that any downs everybody on the picture double D's medical.

I think Sammy I'm not sure about the confetti popper, not only because I have a heart condition that like to do little scary.

There's a lot of did I just run into the studio and start popping off confetti over everything that a new radio station just run in and start pump and motor to be pop in all the time now I have a question about that.

She's a fun coach coach yet. So that means no stadiums, no drills. That's true now. Is there fun related yeah so you got me.

What are like the calisthenics fun calisthenics is what I'd be curious about no as I had to have her back on the book is out of the link to it. Folks chase the fund 100 days to discover fun right where you are all right. Gotta take a break. This is the time Stearns galaxies.

He flipped for all these new taxes might not like southeast of the park. I found it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles for short training sessions for his father simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flipped for to the phone line 0 844-747-8838 Michael in North Carolina WSI C wants to weigh in on Ukraine. Michael what he thinks going on over there will well well I again more than $8 billion of our tax money heading over there. Do you really think it's being used to fight the Russians well I will bet anything that you see this is and this is what gets me Michael is II don't want to go down that path. But you really wonder when you've got the president out there doing the photo shoots with the celebrities. There's so there's been so much corruption in Ukraine and that's been happening for years that that's no secret.

And yet they tell you they told us early on, you shut up you don't ask questions. You salute the Ukrainian flag and if you don't, you're an un-American paint. You're an un-American Russia lover well.

Obama and all them are famous for laundry money here and there. I just think there's a little bit of that. Nothing but also counsel their and I think that I think your little bit of money laundering going. Let's that is a good theory.

Michael appreciate the call. All I can tell you here folks is something doesn't smell right about this, and it never hands 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number so there is a crazy story from Washington state home depot you have one of these whacker doodle nut jobs and sheep were beginning to discover that all of these leftist that are out there are flaming racist nasty pieces of work and one of them got captured on video going after a couple of home depot workers. I want you to take a listen to what happened to your country, your country country are her name is Amanda Marie and she runs a website called Art Van She lives in one of these tiny people houses no she's not a midget. She is lives in a tiny you know these little houses is kind of all the rage with millennial's now and that these tiny houses and she's basically one of these whacker doodle mud job leftist.

She she's a minimalist on a self self growth journey. Just living life authentically while inspiring others to do the same. What a nut job. She does unbelievable. All right, but others were a lot what we have five or six more athletes dropdead over the weekend. Is that about right. That is not it's getting bad out there and sadly a lot of these kids were vaccinated and now they're just they're just dropping an airline pilot is speaking out about this cut number 12,000 years service is 31 years on November 7 I was mandated to receive vaccine quite literally.

I was told if I could not receive fire/so dressers exit now dollars six minutes and I passed out I coded three sharks. I know you dollars. This is, I will probably never fly again on the criteria establishes parts she wants to be a pilot.

Following all courtesy of Max is acceptable. See this is actual result that some of us, no questions asked. This is not all right. I'm you hate it, and he's not the only pilot there was a doctor in the Air Force who's been documenting this and she got in a world of trouble because she pointed out that all a big problem in the Air Force. These mandated vaccines.

All of a sudden you had pilot young pilots that develop our problems. They did not have. Which means there are no longer allowed to fly airplanes so II heated for this sub for this pilot. I just hope that he can sue the living daylights out of his employer, but it is it's it's a tragedy and you you do wonder and I will say this, you do wonder what the endgame of these vaccines. What the endgame really was because a lot of the people that were pushing these vaccines are the depopulation crowd, Bill Gates, chief among them, and now all of a sudden you have people just dropping dead, for no apparent reason, who been vaccinated, and it does make you wonder what's really going on here.

So again we have said this from day one. Consult with your doctor before you get a needle stuck in your arm, but be aware that there are some very nefarious people out there that are proponents of all of this just say all right, folks been a good show a lot more leading edge. A lot of the stories were going to try to get those in tomorrow. Todd start is a website, download our podcasts.

If you haven't done that. This is the time Stearns radius galaxies.

He flipped for all these new taxes might not like southeast of the park. I found it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flipped for

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