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REPORT: FBI Hired Russian Spy to Investigate Trump

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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September 15, 2022 2:57 pm

REPORT: FBI Hired Russian Spy to Investigate Trump

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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September 15, 2022 2:57 pm

FBI Hired Russian Spy to Investigate Trump.

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You should source the steel was on the rise 2020. Talk about that now to get out without laughing or by reading this correctly or we really talking about this seriously, so you have the FBI we now know because of filing that was released by John Durham of the special councils investigation. There into Igor dish I go that Igor was Christopher Steeles made source for really the nastiest stuff they said about Donald Trump and the steel Bossier. This was the guy. This was the Russian connection this week rusted inside source. Here's the problem with the Igor.

Couple things. What is years before he had anything to do with the steel Bossier a Donald Trump was running for President.

They wanted to take a bag with false information. He was being investigated by the FBI as a as a Russian intelligence asset in Washington DC because he was working at a take it. He started to approach people saying I know people you're about to get a job in administration. If you get access to classified information. I know people who will buy that the only reason that investigation came to an end was Igor fled the United States returned back to Russia.

But then he reared his head again. This time in 2016. You know with the election and with the steel Bossier back in the United States but get this, Christopher still gets let go from the FBI because he was talking to reporters violating their clearing information or cowrite leaking information to a state because who gets brought on when steel is pushed out Igor.

So they hire someone they were investigating as a Russian asset to continue.

This is the kicker that for me until 2020 of the net through the next election cycle that you personally realize they hire the guy right and he's hired he's paid by our taxpayer dollars. He was investigated as Jordan said as a counterintelligence officer for the Russian intelligence. They then hire him to verify the aspects of the steel dossier. They keep them on payroll until a month before the election last two years ago.

Why, because if they had them not on the payroll. He's not a human asset and you could be disclosed to all the government agencies with all the oversight. So what's fastening but as we come back from the break I am to read you from the filing of the United States of America versus Dick Janco and Janco is accused of lying to the FBI but it says in March of time reading this from the document folks. In March 2017. The FBI signed up. Defendant is a paid, confidential human source of the FBI. The FBI terminated source relationship with the defendant in October 2020 everywhere was that in the in the mall report was that I miss that section about Igor DiFranco that I blogged that when I didn't say another one of their masses. So this is the continuous practice of this is the Federal Bureau of investigation leadership doing this so understand why there's skepticism right now. When the government is doing is working to get into this more in the next segment I want you to reaction to this will hear what you have to say about a Russian spy basically work some accused of being Russians hired by the FBI and kept on the payroll after the mobile report was done. 1-800-684-3110 this'll be a good cream of information act request. Again, 1-800-684-3110 will take your calls. We come back from break 800 684 31 double agent. By the way, this is guy guy who is being investigated as a Russian Intel asset decade ago he flees he comes back and now he's at the center of the dossier special counsel special councils investigation, 1-800-684-3110. If you are waiting on this 1-800-684-3110, 364 3110 will be right is latest filing. He says that Igor Checo the primary source for the discredited steel dossier. This is the Russian source. The Christopher still was relying on was paid by the FBI as a confidential human source for three years, despite prior concerns and investigation that he was tied to Russian intelligence services. That's because about a decade ago when he was at a take in Washington DC and there was about to be a new President so those people going into the new administration that he grabbed her by the side of the and said hey I know people you can have access to classified info I have people that will pay top dollar for that.

Those people then reported they did the right thing and reported it and he fled, but then he comes back because back right. Would Christopher steel is getting pushed out because he violated the department policies of leaking information to the press so still gets pushed out who they bring into replace steel, Igor bringing her back. This is some of the FBI was concerned was Russian Intel they bring him back for what purpose up until a month before the 2020 election and the only purpose would be to continue to push their bogus claim that the dossier was legit and to also not have to disclose this to oversight committees because he was a current asset by one review exactly the wording used by Durham. I think it's this is coming from the reef filed in the US to frequent Eastern District of Virginia which is Alexandria in March 2017. The FBI signed the defendant up as a paid, confidential human source of the FBI.

The FBI torn terminated source relationship with defendant in October 2020, the month before the election, as alleged further detail below, the defendant lied to the FBI agents during several of the interview so understand exactly what is taking place here.

They hire a guy they don't think mother wasn't done and there still paying them, ask yourself this question, why in the world are they still were they still paying them until a month before the 2020 election. This wasn't in the mullahs report. He didn't know about this.

I mean really, place, and they talk about collusion mean he was no evidence of collusion with the trunk campaign and Russia but there's evidence of the FBI kinda colluding with Russian Russian agents at the sky was a counterintelligence agent for the Russian FSB totally unrelated to just like a decade before because he would around efforts. I have a lot of contacts with the Moscow Embassy a Russian Embassy in DC with Intel people.

She received around DC with the Intel people from the embassy sets one side second side is he literally went up the people at his place of work in a think tank and said hey you're about to go to the administration.

You have access to classified info I have people who will buy it be this pretty upfront as it gets in those people reportedly fled. They opened up an investigation if that first time that he fled the country were take your phone calls at one 800 684 31 two that's what he hundred 68431103 Carolyn in Virginia on line 3 hey Carolyn what because it totally cuts against the narrative of the left and that was there was, you know that Muller failed only because he couldn't prove beyond reasonable doubt that there was collusion between the trunk campaign and Russia. They certainly don't want out there that the FBI hired a source that was the subject six years earlier of a investigation because he thought he was the guy was an FSB. That's the Russian KGB. Basically the replacement the KGB and then they put them on payroll as they can spin a consulting informant on the steel dossier which none of it is verifiable. James Kelly tells that to the then incoming President and 26.20 17. He says this is unverified but meanwhile they hire the guy kept him on payroll until four weeks before the election for President in 2020. So ask yourself, what was he doing during this period of time.

They deserve our taxpayer money. So now they've indicted him, which I think in terms doing the right thing where it goes.

Who knows. But the point is you had when Christopher steel is pushed out.

But keep this guy and payroll why because they don't want him testifying the plane. On information and let him share with Congress.

They don't want to share with other people as a human source. They say they can protect that. That's exactly what this is yet will go back to full 2064, 31, two, that's all he had hunted us 64. They are very upset about this 1-800-684-3110 Mike in Tennessee on line 1 hey Mike cannot call American. The evidence point back to lower the bake sale which make and I don't think we can make anything different than just a crooked so here's what's interesting about this though this isn't someone saying to the FBI. Now, if the Republicans get the House of Representatives and the Senate. They could do oversight hearing on this and I'm sure they will see what kind of boy information we can get LMS information act request, but indispensably this is the United States department of justice bringing the case against Igor DiFranco. It's not an internal investigation as far as we know of the Inspector General same.

Why in the world. We are hiring this guy when you thought he was an agent for the Russian government six years, eight years before and paying taxpayer dollars. And why in the world you keep them on the payroll until a month before the 2020 election.

What possible justification to damper that particular cause of this at 1-800-684-3110 in Jordan.

Politically, this is this is very bad for the left. It is, and I think this continues that narrative for truck supporters. Would you look at all of the accidents occurred.

Just this week that the such bad actors at the top of the FBI since bad judgment at the FBI with the fact that you would bring in someone back into the fold, who was already investigated as being a Russian agent tried to purchase classified information in your to bring them back into the fold to put together a dossier to pay the matter taxpayer funds make them an asset of the US government when you suspected they were not some kind of double asset, but they were actually an asset of the Russian intelligence community and why on earth this again for the entire basis for why there was a special counsel a special counsel investigation and so we rely on voting Christopher steel and Igor that the Russian military, the Russian Intel agent and they were paid with our dollars and in this again.

I think it directly relates to overseeing right now at the FBI, which is all the feels like political persecution of conservatives certainly people surrounding present trump add this idea that we now find out about this. Lord knows who they got advising them right now less than you don't know.

So what this doesn't get to is who's in charge Luther sources right now all the stuff that you get and you got assume that this is an ongoing operation. I just that, but it's hard to believe that it would not be attending the spokes.

I'm telling you this is exactly what work is never made its way into Bob mullahs report they net the innovation when disclosing to us exculpatory evidence.

This would've been a big one. We got a lot we fired him. That is, that we can find out he lied to left of the fact I mean this is what this is the nonsense that we were dealing with here is that it was going to be thing in the call you are calling on this. Obviously it's a big topic, 1-800-684-3110 is next. Yeah I shot in West Virginia on my two Haitian Apollo appreciated whatever playing with the roadmap of investigations and all the stuff over the years Carol pay up a pretty solid base of being in you know pointed out in target illness during why the Supreme Court get a hold list and say you know your rights been violated. The strength of persecuted and have to bring you have to bring a cause of action again. It doesn't originally arise in the Supreme Court to bring an action in the District Court and the best way to of done that I think would have been to bring bring a challenge to this a search warrant under the fourth amendment they didn't do it, and there may be reasons they don't know that we don't know because when it represents. We don't we don't know all the details but that's how you would. That's how you would force your concerns here. This is this is equally a legal issue. Obviously, because he's been indicted but is also political sugar Jordan he I think search I think that what you have to understand is that you know there's the one thing of what you want to bring up who you want to take the court does a lot of legal things going on right now the President trumps world of the second it's either this idea was already defeated. We defeated the Russian narrative. For now, and I think if he was the candidate.

Again, it comes right back hundreds that's why you have to file this away, very importantly, I even if this case comes to a close at the end of the year file this away because of present trump does right again, though, come up with the same kind of narratives.

This will be one of them and so I think that's where you go politically.

You fight the battles and what you can do is the is continue to elect people and really start electing people en masse that that the FBI is just not able to pick out 1234 because you shut your tell of the FBI. You're telling the Department of Justice. These are the people we want, leaving our country on the case of the post as some of the as for the lawyers that handle this and none of this was disclosed towards us. This was one of the Christmas… Obviously we knew about fusion GPS which is all in this brief but none of this was disclosed to us, ask yourself this question, this is what's not. What else can we not know that took place during this time.

Whatever your political positions are.

It's irrelevant this is that we live in a constitutional republic is due process of law. What else do we not know that's what I like yeah all right, folks continue to cost 100 684 31 tilting more of your calls more of your comments order questions at 1-800-684-3110. Find out more about all the work were doing PSC was this former British spy who became an asset for the FBI putting together this dossier report on Donald Trump that was being paid for by the Clinton campaign officially out of that and still gets pushed out in 2016. Not because it love is that is information but because he starts leaking to the press.

He becomes too much of a liability. So he goes back to the UK really does disappear, then we've now found out through an unsealed court filing by a special counsel. Durham, who I was saying I know people expect a lot more from durability spokes and on this one because of how outrageous this gets to the FBI.

Replaced steel with his main Russian source and a guy named Igor den Checo no Igor at was not just somebody who showed up on the seated in the 2016 2017 with the FBI. As someone who may be flipping from Russian Intel though in fact he was being investigated during his time in Washington DC with a DC think tank by the FBI because he started approaching his colleagues at that thing take who were about to leave the think tank and enter a new administration and said to them, hey, you have access to classified information.

I have people pay top dollar for that.

If you're interested.

His colleagues reported he flees the United States did a few years later, 2017. Sin of Christopher Steele anymore. They need the guy who made the allegations in the dossier where is this Russian source will now we know it's Igor did Checo the former Moscow. Russian Intel guy would be investigated for try to get classified in forward buying that from people about the inner administration is who they are using as the main source for the most salacious info in the steel dossier a and B repeats as the FBI learned that Christopher Steele relied primarily on a then US-based Russian national defendant E Gordon Janco to collect information that ultimately form the core allegations found in the steel report. It also noted that in July and continue through December 2016. The FBI began receiving a series of reports from former British government employee Christopher Steele and his book is firm. Earlier that year, Perkins Coley, US-based international law firm acting as counsel to Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign retain fusion GPS to conduct research on Trump Associates at then says that from January 2017.

Listen to this post. Most of the dates are from January 2017 October 2020 mothers long done. October 2020 and as part of its effort to determine the truth or falsity of specific information in the steel report so they are still looking at the steel report in October 2020 a month before the election of the mullah reported been closed in the report issued any Artie testified before Congress may think about this. That's is the FBI conducted multigroup bull interviews of the defendant regarding what other things, the information that he provided to steel and then says I want to get this exactly as it's written in March 2017 so this is two months after Donald Trump's warning is present in nine states.

The FBI sign up. The defendant, so they were getting. They weren't stopping as a paid, confidential human source of the abatement taxpayer dollars went to him. The FBI terminated source relationship with. In October 2020 and the allegation is the defendant liked FBI agents during their interview process. Folks, none of this was a with anybody made aware of. During the course of the mullah probe you tell me Bob Muller and his team that know about this that this was that false. They should open collation never open crossfire hurricane basically closed immediately and this just shows you how it reeks when I see these guys on CNN, the former FBI director's assistant directors, police, I mean really, let's go takes more calls 800-684-3110. Yeah, let's go to Jerry Rhode Island online, for he Jerry will consecutively on the air hello team, pioneered a weekly parent about the now targeted to members of the legal team, taxpayer-funded paving impingement are there discovery sanctions against somebody here that you guys didn't have this information was exculpatory information that they should made us aware of the date they were going to say they were going to indict anyways because I can and I do see can indict a sitting President. So that's their defense, but you would've thought in their report in that transparency and honesty they would've said hey listen, we check the source in which the paper until I mean the course.

It was the evening paper athlete. The guy was being paid after mother wasn't being paid by mother was done. Jim Quarles done that will group done enjoyment done and are still paying this guy the Russian source. Think about that is really unbelievable when you said when you realize what they've done here yet is in 164 3110. I want you to take your calls, your questions or comments as well on the broadcast Ellis go to a Druid Texas recalls all around the country look to see that because you see people care about this from all over the country that with this is very sad because they're not spending enough time on it on major news outlets or cable autistics still bequeath the sum of the news it still just not getting the attention it should. But let me tell you something file it away because it will become a back of Donald Trump is present, they'll start their narrative and we need to remember who wrote those narratives it's Igor did Checo, a Russian Intel asset who made lies that the FBI's confirm relies about present Trump so he drew welcome to show you earlier Parnell, where are the Republican and Democrat, will be held are not right before the election here with Hillary Clinton that who wanted to James, tell me of the FBI director rightly for leading up to the election what happened, why did they drop their equipment emails right for lunch. It's almost like Republican and Democrat article, snakes in the grass here and hear me out. You remember Oliver North nonmember Ronald Reagan that will deal well here's the thing is that happens all through history here as part of this is coming. Politics is a nasty business with James, he did was wrong on three different counts. He should not of announced that they'd open investigation against Hillary Clinton four weeks before six weeks eight weeks before the election that was ridiculous that he should not of announced that he closed it. Many should not about to announce that he reopened it. He said he said nothing. The whole time we criticized him for impacting the election if not of impact that on boats probably tell you this. It was Department of Justice had no business doing it and he doesn't get to make he get to make prosecutorial decisions and he did it because he felt the revelers. The Atty. Gen. was incapable doing it. This is the problem with all of this we got another half hour. This broadcast really get into the folks I mean this is a bombshell. This case go to trial. By the way, in the next couple weeks in Washington DC our Eastern District of Virginia Alexander. If they don't resolve it and don't settle out played out or something but I mean it is a bombshell of information right folks to join our broadcast is one 800 684 31 two. There's one line open right now, she can grab that during this next. A quick break so a minute and I guess yeah that's right say they will brothers podcast the secular that's SDK ULOW

So our third podcast will be doing today so I get very prerecorded. These that were to be done today in the afternoon and it's a totally different vibe. If you have heard it. If you have listened if you're to be the chance to let us know during the show. If you have listened to the podcast yet. If your are you watching it are you doing it through Apple iPad Apple podcasts modify so we got both awaited for you to to do the audio to the video of the mix of both.

We really appreciate you. I checking it out is a very different tone, sometimes totally different topics hundred percent different topics of tethers so that we might still hit but in a very different way. So I encourage you to check it out in secular oh it's part of the Salem podcast network were excited about it.

We had a lot of fun with it and I think that's the difference is that you can have a little brevity with this with this shovel will be right back secular power secular ACLJ is been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular different second reset it just for a little bit. So bear with me for it was the broadcast first of her, because it's so shocking to hear the first time. If you been following, which I have a feeling you have fearlessly are watching our broadcast the legal sagas surrounding the drama surrounding present Trump by going back to his five this presidency until this week and all imitating at the FBI in finding out more. More about bad actors within the FBI.

You would think this guy would be the top the list of bad actors being paid for by you and me at the FBI's name is Igor did Checo. He was a Russian who was working at a US think take about a decade ago and that was his first run in with the FBI, not a positive one. Did that because he started approaching colleagues at that thing take and give to those colleges that you're about to get a job in administration.

New election from it.

You can get access to classified info. I know people who will buy that classified info from you that put in the context this, he gets reported by those people. He did the right thing. Simultaneously, he was already being investigated by the FBI as a Russian Intel asset operating in Washington DC because of his visits to the Russian Embassy who he was hanging out with outside of the embassy that were Russian Intel in Washington DC okay so then they start to bring almost a full investigation against him cases starting he fleece he shows back up it in Washington DC. This time the steel dossier member who is the main Russian source who said all the salacious stuff that Donald Trump did what he was in Moscow, Igor, Dan Checo, who after Christopher steel was fired from the FBI Laurier leaking information out and brought in his main source using your taxpayer dollars, a guide eight headaches suspected was trying to buy and sell US classified info to Russia as a Russian asset.

They brought him back kid as an FBI asset REIT paper by taxpayer dollars will get it gets worse.

So in March 2017. The FBI signed the defendant up as a pampering from the brief.

The Durham vault is a paid, confidential human source of the FBI. She's working for the FBI paper are taxpayer dollars.

The FBI terminated its source relationship with the defendant in October 2020.

That's one month before the general election for the presidency of the United States. It's many, many months after Muller's report was filed and done, which was in March which you ask yourself this question, we just think about this from.

They kept this guy on payroll till October 2020. Why were they doing that. What was the basis that you would do that and how come they never told us Bob Muller that by the way, the source of the steel dossier was making stuff up and you need to know is lying to the FBI in working to do that is both good faith disclosure because it keep him on as a source is human source so they don't have to disclose who the person is because in your putting quote a human asset at risk. This is how they played this time it's really were. It's really repulsive to a constitutional republic when it's time to take it weekly.

Take equipment to close we will grant calls coming up. Stay on the line appear on the line were to be joined by Rick Cornell who was the director of national intelligence, so this will be a fascinating conversation will take some Caldwell ricks on the air as well and folks are Jordan and Logan's podcast episode three comes out this afternoon will be recording it afterward on the radio today completely different than this broadcast people are loving it. It's gotten great rankings in the podcast ranking system is called secular you can find out all the different places you can download the podcast I can watch it you can listen to it through Apple podcasts modify or any other place you'd like to get your podcast but we also are videoing like we do this practice, but totally different looks different set different topics discussion at a very different tone so have it so is a lot lighter in the sense of yet sometimes were hit heavy issues, but we know there's only so much you could.

We want to keep educating you but also to your learning stuff but also you do not make everything so hard-hitting that you feel like taking I like is to take anymore of this news so it's it's the opposite of that.

And I hope you'll check it out. Secular have a lot of fun with it. We think you will too, will be right back on secular secular Costa Rica to take those live hundred 60 3110 so Rick, you are acting director of national intelligence. The story focusing on today which was released because of the court filing by special counsel Durham about a guy name Igor Dan Checo, who was once investigated by the FBI's being a Russian Intel asset tried to buy classified info while he was in Washington DC think take from people about to enter a new administration. Then he flees because he gets word of their investigating of their hot on his trail on that. That's an easy crime to prosecute, so goes back to Russia. But then the FBI trust and once again they get rid of Christopher steel because steel is that Jo is going to the media. He's leaking to the media so they bring in a dead Checo for a multiyear gig as a confidential human source going through 2020 and in Rick. This is the guy who supposedly had all the salacious lies.

Now we know about the present Trump when he was in Russia.

This was the source and yet even after that first time around with a new he was no good. The FBI brings it back on the taxpayers dime as a human as a confidential source booklet be very clear and Panko was hired and paid by the FBI while the FBI absolutely knew that he was a liar. They knew that he had lied so many times that couldn't trust him, but yet they paid him may ask yourself why.

Why would the FBI detain somebody who they don't try and I can't answer that. What I can tell you is that FBI agents rank-and-file DOJ officials, rank-and-file all knew that the steel dossier was filled with steak news that steeled himself the compromise and paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign and that Dan Janco was the source for the field dossier and he was not a credible source and everybody knew that he was a liar. The FBI continued to pay him someone in the Senate haven't got to go crazy with oversight. This is that this is an outrage.

American taxpayers were paying a liar to theories.

I have nothing one course Muller never tells my legal team which included Jordan represented present Trump that this was the situation with the steel dossier never comes up so that exculpatory evidence the guy they relied on their investigating. That's one thing at number two, or that or that his information was, not trustworthy or truthful.

Number two. He is retained and paid for this, like you tell everybody Rick until after Muller is done. He has history finished and then they start paying this guy. So here's my theory US a question required a bang up because as long as he is a human asset there disclosure and you ran for the DNI national intelligence, their obligations on disclosure are significantly reduced. That's what I think it is what you're putting on day to summarize that if he is still a patent informant then hear the door that everything he said did or touches can be redacted and covered up which then means we continue to pay him so that the cover-up is never known to the public that we screwed up. It's a public relations exercise for DOJ and the FBI who knows that they messed up. But if they continue to pay Dan Janco and they get to say you don't get to see any of that real truth, any of the information because we have to keep a story for the name covered very well could be the reason we go out to the sounds and she will talk to Sonny or one 800-6843 11. Jerry also talked to Rick for now Connie in Washington state online to a conic micron so green you're right that bombshell revelation. My question and why Hathaway and credit Republicans take over the house but oversight to begin, and all of their Republican don't take over the house like no oversight. That's not the reality is that the oversight function here is how you get to file for is on this, but there is a ongoing investigation formula member to look at that. But the truth of the matter is, the Republicans regain the house through the center of the boat. This is certainly subject to oversight by the House of Representatives and the Democrats still control the House of Representatives.

However, I am instantly clear it's not likely that the defendant, Rick. I can do oversight on this because it's embarrassing now. I think probably make a really great point about the problem of oversight and the politicization that we have going on in Congress, and Maline must have members of Congress on the house and the tenant side that regardless of how embarrassing it is for Democrat to Republican administration that they get to the truth and and if I can just say one thing.

This is why I'm so proud to be part of the eight DLJ is because we I am part of the family that gets to the bottom of facts and and pushes the US government hold them accountable.

No matter what. And this is the case J that I think that we should absolutely look into that.

We should take up thanks to our supporters. We have a team of lawyers that can do that but this is an outrage. Your tax dollars are paying for a liar simply because DOJ and the FBI don't want to admit that they messed up. It's really something is is the lawyers and handle this. This is breathtaking. I'm glad you're involved a bit. This is a debris by the resumes he found out about it was the unredacted HEB filed a brief unredacted because a get ready to go to trial, but it tells you how serious this bus and the corruption on this in the company kept them on payroll a month before the 2020 election. Just so, in my view, and this is speculation, a bedpost, but we been doing this a long time. He's a human source we don't disclose it could be disclose before the election. Right. So you had time to file the right things that he was being paid to the end of October. Believe me this is not the stars. As he receives a November Job I would not want to the story out of you are now running for President note, Apsley, that was for Mary North Carolina online. Six. He married, and so much for helping us understand and know it. Every day third grade and we are so grateful to have you and God bless you all and Muller when after tromping out for ration collision were actually colluding and who is going to bring them together.

People that are polluting you right skimming the old investigation reckless is no rush in the hoaxes we called it is collusion by the trunk and in reality the FBI has a paid informant knowingly was investigated by the FBI is maybe working for Oregon try to get information for FSB, the Russian Secret Service and then turned around use them as a source, then they fire him but they don't stop paying until October 2020 but you asked the question, Mary. How do we hold them accountable Rick this work comes and there's two avenues here in this where the score the ACLJ members makes a huge difference. We have a team.

As Rick said, that does the four issues which part of the team that helps us to stop on all this.

Sure going the right direction. And then there's congressional oversight and Government affairs office works on that but Rick, this is gonna have to be handled by the legislative branch, in large part, I think just because the nature the way that the FOIA stuff will move slower. This is a list would be the perfect oversight for an incoming Congress yeah I'm I want to play Mary that under record this year, she's right when I would acting director of national intelligence, one of the reason I declassified the 52 transcript for this exact reason the FBI and DOJ were trying to tell me that I couldn't unredacted these transcripts because it would reveal source of the method. When I went through each one that wasn't the case with the PR exercise. They were covering up their mistakes, not sources are method and NJ. I think that you are right this hunch of why Dan Janco would continue to be paid is to put back just their storyline it to protect DOJ and FBI's narrative and so I think if you're hearing Arboles you need to get involved because we need new members of Congress. We need people who actually get to the bottom that you cannot rely on Adam Schiff about this moment by moment was not being paid anymore, but this Still be paid 14th expanded in in June of was a 2020 and not they were gone. I mean really going reporting that March and this guys getting paid to look weeks before the election mean literally, weeks, days before the election so it's it's outrageous greatly appreciated. Ricky courses the senior member of our team. We appreciate your expertise on this box get the acting director of national intelligence, member the cabinet as part of this team. So when we can get to the bottom of the stuff folks we do intake more because of this in 100 684-3110. Don't forget episode three of the secular brothers pot podcast majority. Logan is great is nothing like the radio blog is regular totally different experience that is definitely true. It is totally different experience awaits it much lighter so you if you feel like it like the second timer hit you with heavy heavy news. We do talk about the big issues obviously of the day of the week that are on your mind. We also get the more cultural should pop culture's of the sports as well and what's happening around our country and the world to check it out. Secular your final segment coming up will take your phone calls, one 800 684 31 two.

There's a couple lines open will start within that bill.

First, there are couple lines open one 800 683110 secular figure because in order right now.

We got to the very close but that's came in 10 seconds before Carrie secure.

You will be next, that in Illinois online one hand it other apparently withholding about matters of national security and others for our path, especially around the election cycle where it should be informing motor. The voting population and I just feel like there is something that can be done to force our media into a position of actual reporting and perhaps investigative reporting to remember at the end and I'm just curious to know is there any possibility in class action filed in behalf of Dave or been deprived. The information we need to make an educated vote which is lawyers telling us the stuff your client and recusing all kinds of things and they don't give us the exculpatory evidence all by the way, the guy we relied on wheat we already investigated him once and were about to indict him and that would been some new helpful of and by the way he was being paid in this entire time. So here's the thing on the media. Thank goodness that we have this book broadcast like this and stations around the country and satellite radio when all the social media platforms were able to broadcast every day for an hour and now Jordan Logan have launched a podcast for three days a week for more content so you cannot, soon you can't make the media under the First Amendment. You can't make the media cover stop what you can do which we are going to do is you look at every legal recourse we have, whether it is for my snack request which will end up in litigation as the jail, never giving this or oversight hearings in the House and Senate all possible depending on who gets the house and Senate. That's how you do this with the political process and the legal process is how this works but frankly the political process here Jordan will be the better of the two. As far as timeliness goes, yeah, that's right. If that the political process is coming up in November. All we need is to flip one in the house or the Senate. You can get investigations into this. You can also shut down some these bogus investigations as well. So things are still looking very good for the house to house regular lobbies investigations start there. So I think you get River to get out the vote.

Remember these issues. Don't forget file them away in your mind makes you River to talk about these issues and and I think to this was even more long-term than that. This is one to remember to have Donald Trump in support about again sometime in the future as well.

The leaks they will go try and stop him from becoming President again because these release.

They would go to try take him out while he was President buy back the phones we go I cemetery next to Montana and carry my caller will shorten the when we were dealing with Democratic left wing liars formed the American and Greek. Our tax dollars. My class. We keep the taxpayer lawsuit so there's not a you can say generally doing this money was spent on this informing from Russia so I as a taxpayer minister to reason, I'm really up to speed on this is when I can get to it today as we got a big Supreme Court case on eat issues involving legal standing that were about to file in the next couple weeks will tell you more about her department tomorrow for Monday's program and these issues come up. So the tax is a taxpayer. Your recourse is not filing a lawsuit. Your recourse in a situation like this is support groups like the ACLJ so we can do our job in court and legislatively for the office of government affairs which we beefed up significantly and we are going to make sure that your voice is heard, but a lot of this is an event on the outcome of the election. We also launched ACLJ action. We made a lot of major moves in the last several weeks I'll really slot several months on a lot of these issues, then let's keep on the phones 164. 31. Ted will go to Kirsten next to Washington state that will get you built thinkers.

Thank you for taking care of my calling for all you do like and what partly answered.

I forgot the option of joining a failed case.

My question what other than Boeing are praying and voting. What can we do to help uncover active campaigns you and that that the voting is the middle that that you should do it. Of course, phrase importance, joining organizations like ACLJ's to counter ACLJ action as well, which takes up another step on the political around but I also encourage you if you're able to you to have money to to help campaigns your time is very valuable. Whether it's and if the Savior if you're not really mobile go door-to-door phone baking in a couple hours a week for a campaign helping put together campaign materials. That is a way you can really make an impact, where again your type is also extremely valuable to campaigns and volunteering is very important.

We know the left. That is one place there very strong in and that we need to be able to match that at least match it. And so always remember there's a step you can go further than voting in our political process. All these little campaigns from the smallest to the statewide need volunteers at your state party does as well. So get involved. That way if you can. There's ways to do if your is just simply options your time is valuable for campaigns and to donate it that way. I think is very important is credibility wildly as next call. He built her. Let me call you by Otis.

I like my question is what that conflict going on with the business in Mario Largo. With this new information so there's there's a couple things. One, these are independent issues so that this search warrant is now subject to litigation from the presence current lawyers against the department against the Department of Justice as relates to the search warrant being executed and the specifically as the appointment of a special master with the judge said she's going to do another department justice talk about maybe appealing that some will say, but but that is a different issue that so that's a case where the former President sued the Department of Justice this case it is the United States of America through the Department of Justice that has brought a criminal indictment against Ivor does Janco. So that's the differential here so there really are independent of each other, but what it does show you is that you got a look behind the scenes as to what's really going on because one thing you cannot explain with any of this. Frankly, is a how do we not get information about this when we were doing the the whole molar probe and that this guy was paid after Muller was not being paid anymore. They were still paying this informant up to days before the 2020 election in excusable so the ACLJ schemes are government affairs team and our litigation team that does remember breakneck quest to find out while tempted to wear there's avenues there were bringing achieve this on this broadcast which we produce five days a week live lot of your hearing it tape delayed course as well, but live day and night and some markets sit course Sirius XM and all the social media platform. We support the work of the ACLJ you're allowing all this information because we spent an hour today going over this with you not get mad anyplace else you understand what your government was doing here and also Jordan Logan of the launch this great new. I am really thrilled with it a great new podcast called secular brothers will give you details.

You gotta subscribe for to it and listen to it. It was great for watching as multiple ways to get we we we produce it, just similar to this broadcast different different look that comes out of the afternoon Monday Tuesday than today Thursday slot a new episode. We haven't done it yet, so be a brand-new.

It's a totally different deal if you go to Apple podcasts codified. Of course we got it to Facebook and on the facing pages to view or watch it that way secular though

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