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August 30, 2022 1:34 am

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August 30, 2022 1:34 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Can you explain Matthew 13-10-17- Doesn't that refute Calvinism---2- If blasphemy of the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven, is that what limited atonement---3- What does irresistible grace mean---4- Matt discusses the atonement and when it occurs.--5- Do CARM's overseas missionaries discuss the rapture---6- A caller was trying to understand the trinity and how Christ's sacrifice fits into it.--7- How do I keep the Sabbath holy---8- Why did Jesus have to heal the blind man twice in Mark 8-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is thought a lot more. Why rent is called responding to your questions to the show… August 22, 2022.

Hopefully the Internet of my house will be up and stable. The reason I'm bringing that up is because lately it's been pretty good and so today I actually went and got a new Internet set up system. It works super fast downloading stuff, but even three or four times slower than I normally have uploading stuff and the uploading is the serious part so that didn't work and I get a check coming out another tech coming out on Friday to install another Internet line just dedicated to the radio show and stuff like that.

We had a tech guy come out Friday or Saturday think it was you spent almost 3 hours working on stuff and this is weird and you think so that the Internet is just maxed out.

So who knows what work on troubleshooting and the don't get it working and hopefully will be today. I did two things different today differently.

My wife's computer is off so she will be working on it during the Internet and with the ring doorbell. We turn stuff off.

I turned this topic turn that off so hopefully were dedicated here on this this Internet fever should be fun.

The positive thing.

We'll see what happens to open lines.

If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to general from Texas, a general welcome on the air while walking might actually about anything your big corn.

I am so you have connection with the minute talk to those guys going to do Bible says will have some yeah not a direct connection with a secondary connection actually okay gotcha you will have a direct hello.

My question is, you know what a question answered about that.

I can understand the reformed and You know something that the waters really help me through. But like the flowers I know you and I think you might've debated him. I know things like that that I will know if you have a discussion in and he really blew it on a certain ethical issue to make the bow you, but my question regarding Matthew chapter 13. From about 10 to 17-ish those verses, especially Matthew 13 1313 but he said you know I speak in parables, so that you hearing you will not hear that you think you do not see, and white flour.

So the later minute. If all our heart and hard hearts are dead and extended just doesn't fit in the cannot understand anyway, why would you be worried about the hearing and what he said was this is this is pertaining to the Jews that are following the father already and the ones that are not following the father already.

Cannot perceive in here and if you become true, then they probably could, but do you do here are the ones that are already following the father so he says that this is one thing you can't refute that if she is it's easy. I know I do I do about it because I like you were dead and can produce comparable but the stone sticking in parables doesn't mean that someone is not afraid to speak comparable so they will not here in Mark 410 through 12. He specifically says he speaks a parable so they will not be saved with this is because they're not elect if Jesus was God in flesh commands people to believe they're going to do it because of the nature of his word. So to the non-elect they get everything in parables so that they will not be saved because is not chosen to be saved. No problem using up easy man to be fake it. What would you do if Jesus believe I command you to believe lead they got a belief so all speaking to a mixed crowd of the judge in the Jews there people who are trusting in God and not trusting in God. Now this is an interesting issue because he's God in flesh. What he says occurs his speech is an attribute of his greatness in his holiness and purity and his deity if he commands things. Things are going to occur. So he speaks in parables because certain people are not destined to be the ones who are going to hear and so it's a guidance from them for that purpose is probably consistent with the reformed theology so you know big deal in Lincoln should know this one was the ones that were his disciples that would be that would be that they will deftly chosen and they would hear, but my point is either speaking thing of command that this giving general revelation. I don't think that intention of his command is different than it didn't will become my calling out interrogative indicative commands. Things that I forgot it imperative.

So the thing is if he's intending for them to do certain things by his command is going occur.

If you saying certain things covenantal. He required that are not intended for them to be under that of repentance area, then it won't occur okay you choice of got chewing something or not sending the data that okay so I did feel okay. What we see in the text that if you speak that it was imperative command to them that throttle that I've seen and heard of Jesus.

Verse 11 says to you, it has been granted. It's the perfect passive indicative so perfect tense means it's an action that's in the past with with the effects in the present perfect tense has been passive means they receive the action of knowing to you.

It has been granted to know the mysteries of God, but to them it has not been granted right there in the prick of the Jesus thing to use than granted them is not been granted, and what is that mean it means to you.

It's been granted, and to you over there it's not been granted the means to not only is Mr. that's all he speaking parables because to them. It's not been granted the problem at all. So speak granting them believe to be con so I interpreted be a conflict in his decrease and eat you know if it's latent in the others you know they say that you reformed theology does work. Is it what would let us think about it just got a call things after the counsel of his will have to say yes. Does God know how to move the heart of the king where he wishes it to go. They had to say yes because that's probably 23 three so God does this, he works all things right. Okay.

Does he know how to speak to someone to bring them to belief and perhaps address you can say will. Who knows. With their free will does God know how to work if God wants him to be saved. All he has to do always do is to shut his glory on just there. It is right, the people got so why does he do it for them. They think they have all the good questions.

Oh no you don't and I start asking them difficult questions of much value. I did this last week with so guide Kelly powers. We had a discussion and I asked difficult questions and the wheels came off his cart from his perspective it because he can't answer it. What is one person believe that it does not believe in that context could assert free will. Why does one person's free will and will believe nothing is not free will is the can't answer the question.

We can God grant that they have faith liquids 129 of them out like it but that's what it is all that you tell me God is in granted to everybody correct.

He doesn't and knows what it says right here in Matthew 1311 says is right there. He says to you, it has been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not been granted grants.

It God who had what I would say yeah granted to them. Granted to them is because they were following the father studying the father already dictated to the Jews first. You once will result believe they didn't die with it. So that is I've been gracious to them. There yes is the grace of God based on their goodness that's the it's never had to say. The reason God's granting this wisdom to them this ability and his great kindness and grace is because how good they are. That's what he's there saying that is all yeah util this person who's a hater God slave of God doesn't see forgot etc. etc. this is generally the unbelievers okay of the covenant people of Israel that's a different topic because don't forget the recovered obligation to God's can speak them confidentially believe do this art because what's obligated in the word but they choose not to know if he intends them to do so they're going to because he grants that people have belief in its is in Christ. This is with descriptors. Teach now you and I having this conversation. A lot of people listening going what I tell people this is what the Scriptures teach. It's not what is taught about the blonde hair blue like a Cajun surfer dude Jesus dressing room is like this with the Scripture reference God's offer, not us.

And so there's a combination of the covenant aspect of people under covenant requirements in Israel and also the fact that they have not been granted it because in verse 11 is exactly what Jesus is saying and I going more. If Bill cannot out and ends right I lot will bless you patently all right.

Three hole wide open logical to give me a call 877-207-2277 graduate from Pennsylvania Lodge welcoming on the year and I do admit to write while the Internet lasts having a lot of problems, but doing okay with him and what he got all I saw your your debate with Kelly powers lately in the one egg? The blasphemy of the Holy Spirit that we know that, but obviously did not err that on the cross is there think you have everything for it but I will bet you can't figure for if you've never report no you that never bore black meat of the Holy Spirit on the cross isn't that limited right there.

The belittlement means who not to how much Selena Tolman would say that Jesus only bore the sins of the elect not everybody that verse and that that what you said. I was thinking about that during our discussion going that I bring this up now, but enough conversations flow and can grow so I didn't. But that is another issue but if you remember for symbol 314. You know God says that's one of the house of the line that the iniquities of Eli's house shall not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever. You get the wheels came off his cart. At that point he didn't want to do with that and you could tell so heat. Heat heat is view is that Jesus literally paid the sin for everybody to lift your right blessing Holy Spirit could not be included but limited Tolman said his regarding people that have sent in ever strict restrictions. Hold on to break folks through open logical call 8776 Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic slave catchers because it is been going up and down deeper want to know. When they do block podcast of anthropological to give me a call 877-207-2276 or Elijah are you still there.

So where were we talk about what about you that's right so it could not have been born by Christ and you're exactly right. It could not happen. So you just not bear everybody sends because people committed blessing, Holy Spirit, therefore, is not paid for and is a logic problem to his special people know if you paid for your soon means a sentence paid for right asked me to debts paid for right it doesn't exist anymore because it and well you know that to come to Colossians 214 which heat you know Kelly messed up on that as well. If the senders cancel at the cross, not when you believe them to get baptized. That's a very sobering first and so who's a cancel for notices certain logical thing to deal with this cancel read what if and how can anybody go to hell on that except it does make a difference except are not because there is no sin, because it's canceled just can't be held against you. So there's nothing to hold against the believe it or not, and that's the issue.

This logic so that we need to get back to good biblical theology and to serve the namby-pamby stuff that's talking so many pulpits is true. All but what about Dr. Calvinism. It is irresistible great right out that the other you can't read the Holy Spirit.

Click on the pirate unlike that irresistible grace does not mean that people cannot resist God's kindness graciousness to us, doesn't mean what it means is take the gracious movement of regeneration. When God regenerates you. You can't resist that. That's what it is restricted to in its meaning.

It's a misnomer that logical 60 bullets, people resist God's grace all the time.

Yes, we know that that's not the terming to set tenant etc. unfortunately, the term is is used that way but in misunderstanding that that's what it is so. It has to do with regeneration. God causes us to be born again.

That regeneration is first Peter 13 were born again, not of her own will. John 113 so this is what God does when he changes us were changed. That's all it means. Okay, I'll just here and in the end of before I go. I didn't want to give you a video that I think you'll enjoy though, so you tell it to me. Can you email it to me and reason I'm saying is because I don't know if the Vic videos can be good or bad and if you might be accidentally distributing something that's bad to this email to mail check it out. No big deal just info icon that orders all you gotta do something so intimate what you want to let it like you know 20 minutes and 13 seconds right here.

Many says this that helps run it into the Bible on the on the big guy in the video. It did so without that there are likely a chapter in the book of Ezekiel that talked about the leader of the angel of the benefit think in a in a symbolic way.

You know you cannot out how to unlock the symbol of the audit as it is very very interesting 91 check announcer sounds interesting.

Okay good let me know a Miller or anybody sound good thing you to all right is Elijah.

We have four open lines. If you maybe want to give me a call 87722072276 Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina. Rudolph welcoming on the spirit you treat your every effort talk about but will not understanding you something about missionaries and what do you want to missionary ever talk to y'all about being away, you break enough so the connection is not very good to the missionaries ever talk to you about. And then I can understand what you're saying about what he hi Kate, you're breaking up call back you call back at me.

Okay I Rudolph we got a bad connection better call back okay look it's right on the highlighting sure hey folks know the previous colored stuff, you know, I say stuff is not popular and I have to say stuff that I know is biblical people may say what's your interpretation of things will call up we can talk legal notice what I do is I quote the Scriptures. I put the references. For example, Colossians 214 says that she canceled out the certificate of debt, consisting of decreased which was hostile to us, he took it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. That's when is taken away at the cross is not taken away when you believe because it is taken when you believe that is not taken away when Jesus did on the cross. It sees the case that what he did was accomplish at the cross works not the case that what he did was accomplish at the cross. This is simple, critical thinking and logic is applied to Scripture, it's the case that Jesus cancel the certificate that, having nailed to the cross. This means the certificate of death, not canceled. When you do something when you get baptized. When you believe will you take communion when you do whatever is not made effective by what you do. That's what's critical is made effective by what Jesus did Jesus work is not dependent on your goodness and your faithfulness. It's complete and total in himself. He did everything necessary.

That's why he says in John 1932 Telus die is finished. Jesus finished the war that God had given him to do. The father he did it on the cross. He bore our sins in his body on the cross.

First Peter 224. That's where he died with them. He canceled the certificate of debt at the cross. It's all done at the cross, not when you believe now when you get baptized.

Now you take communion now when you do penance. Now when you do anything because if you say that it must be completed by what you do and you're saying what Jesus did isn't finished when he said it was it's really simple and so we have to ask questions about this will what did he accomplish and finish at the cross. Well you finish the atoning work is up to us to believe it's up to us if it's up to us and why does God have to grant that we believe it's just simply that easy. See, it's not. I show people. These things work and like Psalm my same God grants that we believe they say no God grants the opportunity to believe, just add a word in their to change the meaning of the text.

That way it makes sense that way we feel better about it.

That's what we do change to make it fit, but we feel it must say that Griffin lines 877207 right back after that I call 77077 charismatic try again it Rudolph you're back on. Now I hear you better. Sounds much better.

Okay okay my missionary effort that back to my missionaries. There will be an American father which I was going out with which missionaries whose missionaries your missionary over it Africa with oh you mean the car ever evening Carmen missionary to the without of the rapture.

I don't know if they've never really but I'm sure that Carlos has because he translates all my material and I know that David Brito in Brazil has because he's translated by a lot of my material thousands of articles and we have a guy know in Malawi who takes a lot of my material translates it and another guy in Nigeria, which were planning on there so yeah they they have no but in Nigeria they're more concerned about not being murdered by the Muslims and are working on the issue of the right of self-defense. That's one major issue. The other one is the name and claimant stupidity that's going on, that God always wants us to be healthy and wealthy and it's causing all kinds of problems. Those are the things are dealing with in Nigeria so rapture stuff. I don't know forgetting talk specifically okay how come okay I'll call you back okay.

Got a letter okay Rudolph goblets what it's for. Open mind what you give me a call 87720722768 and from Texas welcoming on their I am hanging in there man hanging in there. We got but no work through no God and no one that I am God nature that Trinity and right human nature that warrant human nature. That way you will at thing lately at my son's death talk with the things I cannot Jesus so your mixing concepts so go ahead. I know I'm guessing I don't know what your question really is to go ahead okay I know where it right. We got nature and he came by Dell. I will Trinity.the don't know yet missed one word leasing damning the Trinity. I can't do it hurt so God dotted Dell, though now Trinity is no eternal illegal throughout all time and uncreated. Right human nature would not mean it dotted damning would not be letting Trinity a completely different entity know nothing that you have said logically flows from one point to another, nothing that you said you had us you have to be able to establish a logical connection.

First of all, the Trinity as three distinct simultaneous persons. One of the persons became man by becoming in union with a human nature. So Jesus is the one person with two distinct natures. And he's distinct from the father and the Holy Spirit, he bore our sins in his body in the cross, not the father and not the Holy Spirit. Okay, okay, where was the Holy Spirit wherever the Holy Spirit was everywhere like the father okay so I understand with the I'm a little confused on why you would say what you didn't know though. It might hurt three nature no no no no no no no, not three.

Nature's God is one nature, one thing three distinct simultaneous coeternal persons okay, not three natures of three yes person is significant. Yes, it's significant to understand theologically what person means it deals with the characteristics of such things as self awareness, self identity, awareness of others being able to have fellowship with the speak to communicate. These are the attributes we call personhood. We recognize the essence of something by its properties recognize an apple bite shape is a property is redness which is a property etc. and so we recognize the on toss of something. The essence of something by the properties that are related to the on toss or to the essence. So God is one thing and one being this is deals with the doctrine of divine simplicity that usually one substance, one nature divine, we perceive him and he reveals himself through three simultaneous and distinct persons so person. The father speaks to the sun. The sun speaks to the father, for example. Hence, this designates at least two persons in that immediate context of how it works. Theologically, right one. 03. Trinity right did you not confuse because I just said something to the contrary of that and then you speak in a manner that was inconsistent with what I just said any sake. He and I cannot different differentiating who you mean he by whether it's God as the single being or if it's the person of Christ. You gotta be more specific. Okay, go ahead… You will being okay and not in any way they'll think dotted one thing when you say in the will in any way. No hold on hold since it's a bullish issue of logic. If you say in any way. Now we have to discuss all possible understandings of any way possible, however, might exist.

You said in the way and it automatically makes the whole discussion to be extremely difficult. Okay what you need to do is stick with what it does say not with what it doesn't say this is a mistake a lot of people make what doesn't say this. Some argue from what it doesn't say don't do that argue for what it does say what it does say is the word which was God and was with God became flesh, and the word in flesh. Jesus is the one who bore our sins, then God the father is the one who is a saying you injected some point you one could buy Jesus on the cross. But you know why you forsaken me, pointing out the issue of the crucifixion of the prophecy to hold that so there's theological difficulties at this point there are certain things we just don't understand. Nobody does, how it would work. The first of the son whose divine had sinned imputed upon his personhood and yet is not imputed to the father or the Holy Spirit, and the only way we can really say that is if we understand the distinction of personhood because if this is the son there is sin and it's imputed to his account. If there's only one person in the Godhead, then sin will be imputed to the whole Godhead or the whole one person and that would be logistically a bit of problem because then you get in was called petro passion is him when the father is the one who died in and suffered in answer stuff biggest disease are a very interrelated from saying okay right now. One one third of it. We don't say one thing you don't say one thing that we don't say one third right don't say one third say the person of Christ, say one third is God is not divided into parts that violates the doctrine of divine simplicity, I tell you what I would suggest saying I agree with you there. I would like to hold on. We had a break of four to have a break coming up three open lines of what you calling 77207276 Van Slyke why call 770776 charismatic slave show last segment call three open line 7 straighteners ~right to suggest is that you go to car and I'm serious, I think usually do this, go to car and look up the article an in-depth study of the doctrine of the Trinity, the Christian coordinate the exact title as the Christian Trinitarian God examined in depth and its lengthy and the paragraph is that describes Trinity is over 500 words and then it goes in with Scripture references. Then it analyzes in the five groups of that paragraph and then it goes and was Scriptures, etc. and I took five weeks to teach through this. The reason I'm saying that I think you should do that is because he didn't it'll deal in there with what's called. Teresa's is also divine simplicity.

Some of the issues that you're dealing with.

Once you get that down that we can start talking about the relation of Christ in the atoning work okay are you a Christian will which are set out okay with what you okay denomination right you. I've written a great deal. The Trinity and debated hundreds of times. I would just suggest you go check that out as videos there attaching all of the rest of their own their own thirst be sitting in a chair just going through and explaining stuff so there's a lot there. I would suggest you check it out okay okay right goblet. All right for the lines. What you give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Taylor from Virginia Taylor welcome running and all about you, at the starting balm barium swallow… You want to go below on my long to keep the Sabbath holy. Your little bit muffled to me too close to the mic or what is that better yet think so quit asking to get my artwork whistle as well as her swallow the microphone was on how to keep the Sabbath holy. Well, holiness is the intention of the heart and so what we need to do and keep the Sabbath holy is to be holy before Christ, and we do that to trust in him because he's the one who imputes to us righteousness and he's the one through whom the father sees us know God says in first Peter 116 be holy, for I am holy. We can't be holy. Holiness is a quality of moral perfection that God alone possesses. He is the standard we can't achieve that. So holiness in the sense of keeping the Sabbath. Now we got a problem because in the Old Testament economy of the Old Testament law. There were certain requirements regarding the Sabbath, however, were no longer under that law. In Hebrews 813 and Hebrews 915 through 16 it says the Old Testament covenant has now been abrogated so were no longer under that obligation. Furthermore, the Sabbath was an issue of the law and of the 10 Commandments annexes 20, only nine of them are reiterated in the New Testament and the one that's not reiterated is the Sabbath and the reason is because Jesus is our Sabbath. He is our rest that live in 28 so we need to remember that our attitude of holiness before God is not by keeping the law or keeping the Sabbath holy.

But in her attitude and submission to the work of Christ on the cross. If he calls us on a particular day, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday whatever this because we can do that on any day quarterlies 14 one through 12, then what we do. If it's upon our hearts that God wants us to believe the more Old Testament-ish then fine as long as you're not doing it in order to obtain or maintain salvation.

And we cannot require that obligation of others. Okay will was out. In Mark 22.2 on start farming.

8.3 as a blind man by the hand and led them out of town and on it he thought anything a look up any shot that I command like trees, walking his hands on you guys again and made him look up and eat was restored and five clearly wandering the Lord has done field of biofuel blind many times are to construct the New Testament learn why this one was soaked together and having taken twice that's a good question. I actually started wondering about that.

Just a few days ago so there's possibility. I see men like Kriegel. I don't know. I know that means that means is this real simple is no cultural thing to what they would do back in the day back then is people in order to survive would do different businesses in one of the things that some people would do is go out, walk up into the hills and gather sticks from fallen trees dead this debt that twigs and they get her stuff up and they would put up in a humongous bundle that they would get underneath that bundle and they would walk it down.

They still do that for sexy pictures of all the Middle East doing that.

And so it looks like his men walking like trees. That's an expression school that was going on.

So Jesus puts the mud on on his eyes with the spit in the stuff down thinking okay why would he do that and why is it that he would say could elicit the kind of the state and they said it brought a blind mentor Jesus and implored him to touch taking a blind man by the hand he brought them out of the village, never spinning on his eyes and laying his hands on it. He asked see anything now what is spitting on is less asking to grow stagnant.

Well I don't know what that I don't know the significance of that is and I don't. I just don't know.

Maybe summa could have some insight that has studied this before can tell me and that there was a really good friend Mr. and also if it was a replica out of any calls while you cook. That's what this individual out of the town to do it. I don't know it. In Mark seven, he took someone aside from the crowd by himself, put his fingers into his ears. After spitting he touched his tongue with the saliva.

So Jesus does it look like it touches on with us like their lease is there and look at heaven and a deep sigh, said if AFTRA that is be open so it was opened. So why would you think about this why would Jesus had do this physically then give a command and then his eyes are open but it did to do so is wave his hand.

The back of his aunt Ida done anything to do. He could have with the case, is that Jesus often does things for our benefit. He does things in real time. He really went to sleep. He really took one step in front of another. He really walked into a crowd and a woman touched his elite and seeks eat the hem of his garment and with a longer list of encoded and she was healed and who did this, he turns around to touch me that the average touch. Why would he just feel her. Why is it he goes to the Samaritan woman in John four goes out of his way.

He rates up yet so there's this guy questions like, that's good question on how the something going on. So taking a blind man by by the hand he brought them out of the village that's interesting why my out of the village when a distal right there. I'm not exactly sure. Maybe it's because if he did it inside people be converted all the more and is is a political issue that some people think about that might be the case because Judas Iscariot they think may have tried to force Jesus and by turning a man because Judas will Iscariot was a zealot and they were political party seeking the overthrow the Roman government upon the Jews so someone theorizes that he was trying to force Jesus the Messiah to do stuff he betrayed him to do this for his aunt with one idea, but Jesus also said people don't tell anybody my for my time as I get in my time is not yet come to the took to his mother, Mary, Wyoming is my times I get, the time for his death. So if you been doing all this, and it was out there in the open all over the place in the Jews all the more we would have to kill them, but it wasn't the right time. So that's why it looks like he was saying don't tell anybody. He takes them out of the village can keep it low low and slow until the appointed time the appointed day was there that's that's why things doing that in this force will like you to respect his eyes lays hands on them and didn't ask him. Do you see anything he didn't say the healed.

He says he brought about the village after spitting on his eyes, laying his hand. He said you see anything less interesting. If you feel people to be watching and the man looked as you meant walking like trees and he laid his hands on his eyes looked intently restored and began to see everything he said don't even he sent him home as those that don't even have the village as I don't know tell anyone about that. I think it was because the timing of his crucifixion was not yet and it would've been forced early.

That wasn't what was going on and I already got it, or many other wobbly right implies Jesus for comparable sleep will not be saved, that there's a purpose to everything he does. So then you this is your belt.

I like that. Another one day I would Wednesday and I I get the bragging and get to is the one that glowed between me and 11. A go at faking enter camp now wondering they also act as I thinking. I'm not sure where that budget also said that you're not. We are not defiled by what goes into my mouth, but what comes out is toxic.

It's not the food doing in this work and that of your heart that the files you but Satan entered him, and notices as he went out into the night in the darkness that segmented him. It's just a little bit of information so those are just an unrelated things. And in that I am thousand outgoing, the disciples will follow what you think they had a window also are they welcome it took him so long and how they watch him… Software without intervening without going to supper with them, so long as you because they were sinners know who Jesus was. It was the women are shallow water.

They did know he was God in flesh.

They thought he might've been a great prophet.

That's a world of difference between a great prophet who could do a miracle like Elisha did versus God in flesh. There's expert admitted to look like a Christ means anointed one. Okay, so what is going well, okay, right there they feel right. But if the Bible is the goblins all right. Gary from Utah idea that Jesus was a socialist call back tomorrow and I'll show you what not all right. People think call back tomorrow. Talk about erratic time in the Lord bless you by his grace of Dulbecco there tomorrow and let another program powered by the Truth Network

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