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December 8, 2021 6:30 pm

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December 8, 2021 6:30 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How does one talk about predestination to those who aren't convinced---2- Does God ordain evil---3- Doesn't John 18-33-36 refute the idea that Jesus' kingdom is over everything---4- How would you respond to Gino Jennings -a Oneness Pentecostal pastor- and his claims about baptism and salvation---5- When do we cut off ties with an believer living in unrepentant sin-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is log on questions of our Bible doctrine why France's is called responding to your questions and show you have a good time around which to date. It is so 12 720 2180 years ago today. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. All right what you McCall. All we gotta do is dial 87720776. Want to hear from you. Five open lines wide open line. I just let you guys know the couple thinks you're the type of things to look. One is that so were doing a month and the year and thing of the month of June of December for anybody who donates the car to get matched.

The matching fund drive so oh talk of the main guy who supports that he doesn't want to hear and praise God for him and his godliness. And so if you're interested in supporting you to get $25 he'll match 2550 so your 100 becomes 200 etc. and if you were to sign up for new recurring donations. Let's say five dollars a month will 51260 SBL next year so that would mean he'd match 60 and if you already are donating that it will be matched to this all right what it is.

But if you increase it increase will be accounted in as well as a matching fund stick so that I just let you know that is going on to help not only to do is go to See ARM.O RG/donates all information director. All right, now I don't talk about money hardly ever or donations or anything I just don't like doing it. We do this because of the matching funds drive and if you're new to the show. Please don't think you do this all the time. People who listen. They know I rarely talk about it.

I do I'm real. I just don't like talking about God provides, but is not to be political know what's happening so they want to support you motivated that with the can.

If you don't that's fine and also we have three online schools and we charged up $35 for three schools or 33 for the individual schools and how they help keep the lights on so to speak and paste us because we pay the bills. Home missionaries all over and visit how it works. If you like the schools you want the school to check amounts and you can afford them. All you gotta do is email us and thought carving or just say I want to schools or can afford them. We give you for free. All you do is ask and it it's free.

We don't have don't ask why we don't ask anything we don't check up on you. That's all this and so sometimes you like to pay for two or three schools up with this toll-free schools and sometimes you will decide if whatever they wanted. This make a difference right here to make money. What we are to do was spread the gospel of Jesus Christ not want to do so well. The real thing that that we would be moving around a little bit on you to. I would like some a lot of research for YouTube videos I need to get some equipment, I have been doing are now 30, 40 hours of research on video, video editing, cameras, sliders, lights, audio, different kinds of cameras to get because what we can do to be doing is shifting from writing articles so much to doing a lot more videos and the reason is because you look at some videos I don't really dislike you know what that word is if the words the okay and so you know it's going over the watch videos trying reach out. That's the way to go and get a lot of research and make him out quick and slick and almost logically doing a one minute seminary one minute seminary will be going through and producing one minute clips one minute things about different topics. I like quick and slick out to get this right to it and so I think it be nicer to do a lot of video is something to keep it interesting. That's decent for the camera it on staring and this is the Trinity in a monotone. Doing a slider camera work and lighting effects on the thing about getting a drone to do it if I just on Mormonism sliding towards the temple from a certain heights and show that missionaries and images. Whatever things in public so I get a bile that equipments and donations for that as well, but I'm trying to get his cheaply as possible.

But the goal the absolute goal is to to to make better video quality to reach out to people, but is one minute things are under one minute.

I can also put them on Instagram and tick-tock where the youth are in the startling questions like why does God allow you on the world in one minute solutions things like that all kinds of stuff and that's the goals to reach out to all people, for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and the light of Agatha battalia and a break about a heart attack after writing to preach the gospel online. It really was, was just bizarre but a lot of that also because of strategies, review moving our videos would moving to Odyssey were going to Odyssey were also good to be streaming to Matt slick live YouTube and I just set it up yesterday. It still go to the acceptance process.

It takes like 24 hours and so what I did was a clinically link on this experiment actually for him to be doing this for all her videos are they going to Matt slick live YouTube to push everything so I did was I went to Carmen and I made a page called is called Matt slick life and so if you were to go to slick live just all one word. It'll take you to a page and little segment will be broadcast to the YouTube channel and it gives it the the link there doesn't have the itsy has a big long name. It's not updated to the shortening Matt slick life.

So I'm given that now big reason I say this because I like you to go in and subscribe the channel, get this, even though you haven't seen anything. There is nothing there. I just got a kick out of that to see if you subscribe that right away and so is a test. So if you're interested were to finance Matt slick logically slick live to be doing that doing with car videos really do. It's a different stuff. I'll talk about that later in my Matt slick of you to vaguely descend without it will be different as well suck us and plans of doing a lot of thinking and I left Limburg because the subject plants I should sit on plans by man voice. Okay, there's, that's, and all those women thing the Bullet is, but that's okay anyway so good upon federal/Matt slick life and you can find the YouTube channel and the first one to sign up all right for open lines which you may call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Kevin from Alberta, Canada. A Kevin welcome around here aim out how the going it's going is known for. Well I like you to become a panel of okay all right what it is. First, already enjoying myself so as well at the idea that if I'll get a yes I buy think it is.

I trust my Lord. That is going to pan out in the end that's right you know the reason. The reason I'm bringing up the whole concept of that it become. I think with that what you laughingly wanted to be appointed and lastly, the court should become heretical rights. I would find it a great perspective, been keeping an open mind right now. We can we can all be late for long. On any given absolutely issue with the back. The event actually take place when asked why I want to bring it up and thought maybe we could latch on the why archer I reaffirm that choice under question one. How to do it if I just wanted to get your thoughts on is that quite often when talking to somebody regards to the election destination, but one way I deal with the roadblock. I guess some people have it. I just asked three questions about his does God know all and if their Christianly aftermarket death and will be so sure that man can got the wrong that I can't letter to the extent it can't have you, exactly, therefore it doesn't make for cells with ill do is also when a libertarian free will.

Libertarian free will means that God doesn't really know what were going to do because it's free because if we can also looking to freely choose and how we free to choose.

It was how to choose it because I do and guns of right is a little reduce God and elevate man.

It's a form of idolatry that leads to multiline and adolescent open theism trying but you know that I think keeping it. Can we make legal decisions of the answers yes of course we know thing is about making God knowing all they don't talk we don't absolutely right. You are highly intelligent, very smart, and always your available guide on satellite you are wise as I wipe out your wife and my wife to get together and have her talk done talking smack for three days about their husbands in the continual three minutes of praise is about applicable to protective ratio with my doctor today and United wellness check will be turning 65. Your will quickly and I wellness check. We do talk about our lives said for some reason my wife doesn't listen to me you know if it is legal is not the thread about it when when it is great.

I I think that have to do with their intelligent will. If they're so smart why they marry us all. I don't know but there are enough not to look out here that one. Thanks a lot. That's right okay so you got it requested the cell Everything all right with that much for being you.

Do you think it needs to goblets, and left all right. A lot of guys are laughing your latte three open lines 87720722 Ceftin six, let's get this CJ or Boise Idaho Heidelberg I am writing its way you will also I actually I should be irrelevant, but your I have I have my own YouTube audit grant on every caused little bit of thought.

You do much of the conduct that I would eventually be self-promoting if I gave you, but nonetheless I made the claim that God Lewdly positively according to Isaiah 45 750 20 and so on ordained people correct and I would okay that I was. My question was this day. Do you agree with that because what the price me. I knew I was going to get back in the bowling at the L of W thought that what the prize he was getting flack from a couple of my allegedly reformed friend. They that that was incorrect.

I don't understand how you yourself reported that I think I thought that was really my question was just bring over that you do, you will see what the schedule is the bread of life over the right that gathers messages 87720776 Matt slick live call 7707 okay let's get back to CJ from Boise.

All right, so what were talking about ordination unders and that means so knee-jerk reaction against right yeah relatively near one. If I may, are now granted I'm glad that I did because the amount of conversation going around in that little tomatoes that I have in my car but nonetheless the thing that like I said, the kind of shocked me about it with some of the orange people or the claim year or two. Very.

If you with my staying exactly that right got an be specific in what I mean when I say God ordained evil.

What I mean is that God has.

God is the uncaused first cause meeting.

That is the ultimate cause of all things, secondly, that God actively chose to have a world with evil rather than without people for his own right, and that's how I worded it and I would not take into very fondly and felt be the point that I've been kinda going around and asking other higher up reformed apologist if you love the question is just the thing is this something that it ended in reformed circles that I was under the flesh out of the impression that it was it's really not what I would say ordination means God includes something to pass within his sovereign plan and give things the opportunity to exist is very loose way of saying the so people who understand. I could tell people this that when we talk ordination I remembered was I think it was the second guy was James White and was talking on a Catholic radio show and the acid. It is got a game evil. He said yes and they wouldn't let him finish and explain what was going on with meant by it to say he caused it. That's not the position. So anything that's going to occur can only occur by God's permission if anything is going occur in the world like like for example at this for people. I know you know this with us for people listening to Adam and Eve in the garden. Will God knew exactly what was going to happen in the garden and he knew that Satan would be there God allowed him to be there God allowed him to tempt Eve. So God ordained that that would occur is mean he put the devil in the garden.

It means that he allowed by his choice that he would come in his God could stop that added coconut phones or whatever it is you can stuff but did not and so this means that he allow that circumstance will occur and the allowance is part of his ordination.

Nothing can occur. And this is by the direct or indirect will of God.

That's it is a lot of people with. They don't realize this have to happen to themselves is that of becoming humanistic in that they are elevating their own free will to the level of God. God's free will and say look this is how it has to be mine free will, God would never do X ABC and they submit the Bible to their to themselves affect when a new nuclear thing I did get out of if you've heard me say that you take your right hand to your face. Look to your left us 5% upside the head.

Another when I got now I say is, can you look at your feet please.

Nothing like just looking at you see thing in your feet, you know why. Okay, I just checked the mixer because the effect of the Bible. This under your feet is your severest your standing over it, and upon it as you decide how it's supposed to be. This is the case with so many people and what is with this issue.

Ordination I could take a story about the stupid go-ahead and the interesting thing that I found that I've been I have the luxury of being relatively good friends and in a manner of speaking, we never personally met, but with Chris date good form and also building plans with by having the ear of Anthony Rogers and yeah and the young lady explaining you know this but that melt with you but reaffirmed a lot of what was that I was thinking you're right. I don't think the title just to state you know he's a net annihilation. This you know that I fan a physical wall. Jan physicalism is self refuting.

Annihilation is not biblical.

So I've written an article mentioning him specifically local and people stalling in both heretics for certain physician at the health exit exit. This read on, but you do when I thought that but maybe I'm but the well you may know that I wanted to know that your understanding the warmth of the be relatively uncontroversial. I would also want to thank Bob it will be spent applying that question to other position I've recently been arguing against Mormonism. I did because I feel like thank you but yet been toppled because the fact that I got a part of the little bit of fun right where my primary argument that the moment is that if the nature of the creature is determined by the course of events leading up to their birth which William and Craig affirmed and reaffirmed. It is unbelievable conversation and if needed, subjunctive conditionals, which are not in fact determined by an active free agent are determined then by God that think they need to be put back agent into why situation and the event will inevitably occur. I don't understand how that's not compatible with the can think need to be even more compatible with the maybe minor your view might be in the mall they got to be meticulously ordaining each individual, or suggest each individual event, delete this person be God making the decision that they did not question anything all that is my go or is this a good argument is a good argument and you are correct and the significant additional information in the counterfactual still with Mormonism were losing people. Here's what you talk, let's it is a serious thing because James White was right in his debate as well. Where these of these free will thoughts originating from from all eternity.

Particularly how they relate to the person human nature of Christ, so yeah you go to the well right well more. You are the well church right are not are not actually the if you ever need, and that I frequently okay sometimes are spent by the member yet, but we should get together and have coffee and talk. Stop just in time and damp. I absolutely am this email me you got a phone on because it's not Mormonism is. I enjoy talking to somebody who knows the terminology of the arguments in the theology we can talk great. I absolutely and before you go, so a couple days ago three days ago I was in checkable discord and what happens is because of the public figure going these rooms and given special privileges for multiple or not this is how it works. There are people say no that's fine so come around and ask questions of the short answer questions and at one point I gave the gospel.

I mean, I gave the gospel of Jesus Christ on the ring tell you what happened they fellowship through the lines give a call 7772], Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic sling right so if it does give you a brief thing that happened today is what really disturbed related discord among the bending teaching impromptu discussions things like that and on about 23 nights ago I forgot which I was in a room and a lot of skeptics were there asking questions and one thing that another is the Gospels would save so I actually gave the gospel actually had people listening a lot of unbelievers present. I talked about the death of the resurrection of Christ and his resurrection is a proof of who he is and he's garbage our judge and trusting what he did the eyewitness accounts all the stuff and that you trust what he did by faith. Give the gospel right and then this Eastern Orthodox guy gets up he says why would you teach that if you're Calvinist, and this other guy gets up. He says the outcome of this is that why would you even say that and they attacked me personally and theologically right after I gave the gospel. It was very interesting because they just jumped and like a bunch of maggots. They just went right in and it was it was a dog pile. I could not believe that these people were so angry about God's sovereignty that to preach the gospel that that's not the issue. Met your reformed theology. That's the issue, not the preaching of the gospel, but the roof we can have it is your free will and all the stuff so it's out there and it's amazing well and were people charge much more than an one thing I will say again in a little bit of hope is the or I will formed I was stability that was the same and I will admit to having in my teenage years.

This doctrine to the nail I just I didn't want to accept it, but I think you know there is something to be said about God, humbling of spirit you looking to the Scriptures and trustworthiness and then eventually I think the unifying regular thing I can comfort really. I me I could describe it where it's like a completely different angle and at the quite beautiful thing when you when you're on the throne. Someone talks about a theological position.

We are not thrown react with a lot of violence and so anyway okay see Jimmy to go to college like buddy appreciate it right okay ma'am you absolutely think very much all right God bless man give me a email me okay will get together sometime just got up." Okay right this get to Brian from Pennsylvania.

Brian will come sorry for the long wait you on the air.

Thank you very much protect my call.

I have a question about John chapter 18 and if you don't mind I would like to read both the 33 through 36. The pilot edited headquarters again and called you are you can you begin to answer do you say this of your own accord, or that others say you about pilot answers MI through your your own measurement you please have delivered you over to me what you done you that that's what my kingdom is not of this world.

If my kingdom were of this well but servants would've been fighting that I might not be delivered over to the Jews.

But my kingdom is not of this world. In light of this passage that you still say that the Lord to do this over every aspect of our lives is that his kingdom is not of this world because his kingdom thing of the worlds of the sinful fallen nature that he is not the one who is in that sinful realm as the Lord, but he is the Lord because all things are correct the counsel of God's will. Ephesians 111 a different context of things don't you believe Jesus Christ flesh right letter okay is see on the present, not when money was on the earth. Not as young as I said is he omnipresent God the father is Jesus omnipresent currently got okay so is he not Lord over everything since he's everywhere, but depend on what you mean by Lord and go if you yeah because if you if you mean by Lord that he according to your geology anyway.

Everything occurs according to his will then know.I just just elevations on 11 is denied official and well if you got results and I cannot as well. God works all things you agree with that or disagree with well truth that it do you think about your finger.everything occurs according to God. Well, and you're also thing the God is not the author of all people all said that all suffering is your being explicitly contradictory. Knowing that a new problem is less okay Ryan, let me just tell you I've had this discussion countless times with all kinds of people over many many years and I can constantly tell you with respect, you're not understanding the issues fully and this is why you see you and I am when you have to hold everything and God will yes okay Doug Geiger got the author of all evil, all seven no house but not completely contradict because you don't understand what a contradiction is new mixing categories. You okay Ryan look just tell you look, the Bible says he works all things after the counsel of his will. Ephesians 111. That's what it says to agree or disagree with the word of God and that well lived. Once again, if you're going to say the God of the grand opening party look like I got sucked out of all evil, I asked? I Ryan I know? I have your client in euros.

When I show okay my show.

I've answered you and I'm asking a question I word it says also. Okay have obtained an inheritance, have been predestined according to his purpose who works all things after the counsel of his will that I just read it. Do you agree with that you do well that out.

You are you are familiar with the idea that John, the author victories in the altercation lying on how you do you agree that God works all things after the counsel of his will you agree or disagree with it.

Suggest you agree know you don't agree, which is about you're doing what I call custom framing your thinking about the Atherton way and what you are doing and out of them that the style of the text. The text says that Jesus went to you believe that Jesus wept, or do you not believe that Jesus wept.

I believe that's what the doctor yeah okay so the text says he works all things according after the counsel of his will. You agree that the text says he works all things after the counsel of his will work in the context of the driver done this just so tired of people get to Tom from Clayton, North Carolina Tom Buchan on the air you just deal with. Can't think straight. Think they do. They don't stick target area fixed what he got. Okay, back met. Yes, I can find somebody you are directly. Have you ever heard the path that you know didn't you have heard the name so I have John you would debate with you.

Okay if you don't. And if you know if you if you don't get baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and you thank you that that is a nice name of the grass out on David that not right at you and if you go to hear that lately God. God is all-knowing you in the amount that men mutate immediate God wage if you got all your he's all right but I don't believe it. I don't believe it at the moment. I thought my grandmother with the manager and that the church of Christ and in the, the brother to Beth out of Catalina why in my life. The family felt he had little why we get back.

So for small how to spell guys first thing Lena knew when he pulled it out here because there's GLI and all energy is GE and JDM outside one omission correct one. When you get to write what you know that is yes you GLI and no you hear me out.

You know the beginning okay. You is the first character of the garden. It had a right.

What you guys got there so I just try to fight it first was a whole lot of these messages both your phone lines 87707 mass Y call 77077 pairs nicely atomic that I could go/holder for second electronic good karma GORT-4/Matt slick live and what we do is move these shows to the Matt slick live on YouTube with Jessica to be the radio shows that just go to that YouTube account strategies were doing some other stuff. So if you're interested go. Please check it out. Matt slick go to Kundera/Matt slick live in a give you the link to the new paper to the new Matt slick live YouTube think which has nothing on it yet and so I think because of a fun thing to ask, to get people subscribing before there's anything on there because we are in a place of honor and the reason I'm single that page Kundera/Matt slick lighted. There's a bunch of letters and numbers for the URL right now on YouTube is not Matt slick life. It has take 24 hours for the name to come up and then I'll update everything so check that out okay. All right. Tommy okay so you break down I was I was reading up on the general Jenny's got you your you're right he sees is occultist is false and I would debate the problem you hear me okay.

Here it is nice my wife that they will care. She would do and what we got to Atlanta they progress in this terrible account had created and always will. The word of God and ask him about the pathogen involvement. Manuel went to the Jesus was not happy about that because you said we got to be rebaptized because not brothers my brothers why write it all had to defecate is because of the Louisiana guy is it because of this genome. With these two head start. Okay, that will just have a life that he is occultist, okay and is teaching going to baptized in Jesus name, not in the name Fossen Holy Spirit and in so I don't know let's try to find what he says about if he says in the Trinity and because you looking for statement of faith. I can't find it. Honest. His website, and always talk about. There they look. It is on the one God you got what we know that Jonathan is right. Okay, yeah, but he's getting his fortitude to go so he doesn't understand. I'm sure but okay yeah II you know me just some terse little time I get so much on my plate. I'm researching videos, editing, camerawork, lighting equipment, trying to get stuff ready for video shooting to shift what I do. Moreover, towards the flow of writing in videos for to reaching all kinds of people because the media is works going down to the written word. Trying to do that and I have to research guys like this when we be doing this so you know when I do stuff like this. I'll be writing articles and suiting videos on them as well.

That's the idea. Equipment started around funds for that which might be one or $2000 but wearable sick some elective 30 have we.

You wrote a note about yet another badly a group at the locket working it out about it about 13 submissions as possible to box that's for sure. So you you happy is when the sky that's been yeah yeah yeah you been debating a lot of them were recently with my department that Matt and I appreciated the glory of God complex you match. If you are ever out in Idaho this let me know. Manuel apply to state something about you. I like you just my kind of guy you know you're all right. I will do that I would argue that Dublin all right sometimes I don't know I just look just like him going forward. So I think that's good. All right, this get to Joseph from Tacoma, Washington Joseph, welcome here.

Hello again hello Matt.

How much time is what go today and on adult documents that they have nine minutes quit nine minutes okay that will perfect workday on Thurman audio I'm really appreciating the next day upload from the show the day before. Okay sometimes it hadn't been like that you a couple weeks no upload really pretty and Carol look at that little yesterday so I enjoyed that a lot and I sort of pay you found a good sounded happy and I know that you struggle sometimes the threat of anxiety and you think you worked out last weekend and Kurt found a good contact with the gym today and the doctor today and submit get a health checkup or had one today and go to Jim on the sign-up to be trained in owner Jim eat right. Do right. They when you're 65, which I will be this week. You're not 19 anymore when you can do anything right away that there yes or that you know what that's what it is that would praise God and made it this far, and I wanted to serve my Lord even longer to go to get a particular what I am was given me so that that's the goal or invite so we got okay so my question is in first Corinthians 511 all three addresses that not 30 with certain people of any kind had to clarify that didn't mean unbeliever actually meant professing believer who are living in and out the answer to when to do that with the people may be more objective than object right but I'm right. Then on your opinion or if there is an objective after when do we pull the trigger when doing cut off. I well want to give you my opinion since Scripture don't give us a directive that I would say that's generally speaking, if you are, you know someone who is in moral and the word there in Greek is is porn us so sexually immoral, covetous, idolatrous refiner Jenkinson don't even fellowship with him and I agree this don't so right away. Now it's different, you know, if you go if you act literally some people going to bars to witness. I know people have done that but that's not associated with them.

That is, reaching out to them, but associating is to be be friends with and that's what you don't want to go and in regard to me to spend about going to the bargaining family. Those would be unbeliever, the contractor, those with physically professing believer yeah it well. It says it says I look verse nine to associate with immoral people. I did not at all. Many more people this world or with the covetous and swing his rental before then you would not in the world, but action wrote you can associate with any so-called brother if he is an immoral person and and you know you saying you you when you have the world you have to associate or encounter people you don't like the gym today I met with some people and talked and I could tell nonbelievers on that associating with them in a familial sense or friendship way.

But in a business way. That's okay, but it did in the issue of a brother who supposed some claim to be Christian, and they are living as though they're not will you, don't be corrected by their their sin and don't associate with warning say I can be. Don't sensing what you are breaking a fellowship and that's what this thing you got okay specific example might be a Mormon who they would profess to be a Christian. But we know that they're not.

And then if you had an opportunity invite the Mormon pin and you can use this as an invented little opportunity to take come over for dinner and then we'll talk about that would not be wrong, knowing that profess Christ.

No it is not because you not you fellowship thing with them to the idea of eating is different than that.

It is now July 1 John third John second John we see which one it is says so, but not even to eat with them and the reason is is because of this signal didn't find any rate may make the thing is that when when eat it when people would eat. It was a form of fellowship and acceptance because you would lay on your left elbow down near the ground were on foot high table was there kind of thing on cushions you would lay there you take us a common piece of bread and rip it and rip off a short portion of bread you'd kind of ended and use it as a scoop into this.

The soup or stew kind of a dish that you would eat out of and so this is a fellowship thing and it meant to accept that person. Generally speaking, it's Alisa don't even associate that even eat with them. That's what he's talking about and that accepting them. But if you want to have Mormon missionaries over and feed them, which is fine and you know they don't go to doing you don't know that they're teaching false god. But you try to witness to. That's fine and probably not associating and of fellowship thing with them in their sinfulness, but as an opportunity to witness to them to get them out of their sinfulness that very good. Thank you so much. If I could just go more specific with wanted for Mike that there fully embrace the welcome theology you call yourself a Christian. Accepting of homosexuality's shift ran through all the speckled she made be in the closet homosexual weeks, we think, possibly with this be an example of the nice jet at that point.

Let's just say your stone sisters like that you find out that she's completely woke which is idiocy and that she's homosexual that she's lesbian, let's say, then, would you do now. We got a problem because say this. I've talked to atheist is the video to work on talk with atheists who have told me that Christian mom and dad will kick their children out of the house with a fine up to three literally to pack your bags and out the front door and close the door on their own children and that what happens is the children have no place to go in the call of the atheists and the atheists help them know what's the skin due to the child to make him feel like a Christian or love Christians actually not.

The trustee thrice that so there's this degree of separation so Say I have a daughter who is necessary bad news. ABC sin and this is real and she's always welcome over here and she was always keen on and she's had boyfriends over and we don't allow them to sleep together in our house. They know that so I don't participate in their sin, but I'm loving her and her boyfriend whatever you have in a godly way so I'm not associating with them and participating in their sin or supporting it. They know my position. My wife also.

And yet we are drawing a line and you also loving them at the same time. It's a difficult balance because he wanted to understand that we love them but we don't approve their sin and that's where I think we have to try and find the right thing is not correct tomorrow. All I went to Harvard work is worth discussing.

Some may the Lord bless you, my grace is tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, males and another program powered by the Truth Network

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