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February 9, 2021 3:00 am

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February 9, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Are Seventh Day Adventists Christian- What should I be looking out for when speaking with them---2- Where are your online debates posted---3- Why is believing the doctrine of the Trinity considered essential for salvation---4- Do you believe those who are not Calvinists are still Christian---5- What exactly does Calvinism teach---6- Why did God order that innocent women and children in Joshua---7- Why do so many churches seem to teach gnostic teaching or just worldly philosophy-

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The previously recorded mats like show mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrines versus a max what Y rises called to respond 77207276 mats would live in a good day on a good time and I ask hey you called her dude was dialing 77207227652 that for the Brown hundred times over once as a radio station were restricted ready for like 12 years there and the I would give often the station number every day.

You know, 23 times a day in the different years and when they had a look at the phone number was good column I had it memorized was the weirdest thing I've written a single time you how our brains work or sometimes don't hate. We have five open lines.

You may call 877-207-2276. If by chance you saw the debate I was in last night you heard it, which most people calling a train wreck or well after dumpster fire you may call you give your feedback on its end and it's in the know you think tonight in three hours three or so now I'm supposed to have debates another venue on abortion and I'm looking forward to that because I'm very much against it and have a lot of arguments against Internet counter arguments for the people who say that it's a good thing or whatever and so it if it manifests. I hope it does. Have any of the information is to be on discord tonight which I get asked to do debates there frequently and I also asked to go to rooms just answer questions and so I do.

That happens a lot is going on after questions and own people say questions so 2030 4050 people show up like Al Qaeda question is like a fast-paced radio show a lot of question wish that they would call up on the radio that be good to get some get this stuff put into try that assuming is put into discord. See what happens. Anyway, so we are for the lives of you want to give me a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to see Tommy from Greensboro, North Carolina. Tony welcome that effort. I had a conversation with the acquainted but a and in implant Friday on down into the battle that you talking Bible, let it go where they take a from biblical teaching crap and in defending the faith. What do I need to be on the lookout for in this conversation will you find out what a person affirms or denies he asked questions.

That's what I would say to do is that people need to start asking questions. But the so let's see some of the evidence teach that you should worship on Saturdays and Sunday were to be in the truth I don't agree with that at all okay to worship on Saturday and if any group says that you must worship on Saturday in order to be a true Christian and are adding work to the finished work of Christ enough that we don't want every treatment throughout their first little bit and so they also teach that Jesus is Michael the Archangel, but when they say that they don't mean that Jesus is an angel. They mean that Michael the Archangel is a pre-incarnate form of Jesus God in flesh, so they actually get Michael the Archangel wrong, that doesn't mean that they are not Christian with me so far. I yet I am not a great target anyone that they're all yeah the they're doing that. But the thing is they're not denying that Jesus is God in flesh are not denying that he's a second verse of the Trinity there just making a mistake when it comes to Seventh-day Adventist coming this week so they write the coming. In regard to Michael the Archangel, that's the problem with her hand right okay.South. They also teach that there is no eternal hell and that of the chiefs of the cold soul sleep and that's bad yeah okay because both over falls, there is eternal hell right no such thing as soul sleep locates is made up stuff. I want the Bible to teach what they wanted to teach and they did. They deny reformed theology which do they deny you total depravity. Things like that and that's neither here nor there.

That's doesn't make him Christian non-Christians.

They are generally premillennial right they would deny the idea of infant baptism.

That's okay, you know, they deny predestination, which is stupid because the Bible teaches predestination writer like anybody would not hire to replace the Christian Bible rear one that's what it says right there I and on that last night ugly little was that you get on that a little bit last evening on the nation that the that the predestination of the bank ugly Virginia yesterday show you that this be for me this evening. I guess for you it's it's the freeze afternoon for you.

It's evening so that's why I got so they also teach this is a heresy that our sins will ultimately be placed on Satan and in that is ridiculous because if you think about it.

If everybody sends me place on Satan's eggs cast out, that means everyone since paid for. That means you have to go to Everett has go to heaven and you can have that right and closets is not true that he's the one who is going to take care of our sins neglect up so this doesn't work, and also teach at October 22 of 1844 Jesus entered a second and last I Tony work, then there's a thing called investigative judgment which the fate of all people will be decided based on that day and stuff like that. It's so II could never recommend anybody go to the SDA church. I just don't recommend it right.

Some aspects of the cultic and some are not. Some groups within the SDA are deftly cultic and some are not so easy right to get brought up about the that the health or eternity and think like that in that obviously with a red flag, a you know and in that scripture also states the act of the body with the board context that estimate obviously your your faith, the thought, yeah. And with that correct this agreement is 5/8 to get the bodies be home with the Lord this little do is will say that it means that you do have soul sleep and then when you wake up to the presence of the Lord. It's the just tired of laying theology. You know, I just come on and I agree.

I know they get a little I saw you. I will write thank you, alright. But God bless a photo for the lines. If you want to give me a call I'll get to do is dial 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Cliff from Florida a Cliff welcome you on the matter.

Are you going to debate last night with the outlook for a man that the bank that night. I have not find that will the I didn't do the debate on my form set of people have their own set up so they just bite me in the, they arrange everything that's fine and the debates link to watch is on the car and Facebook pages look for last night. Thing to put a haze of the baking on and up with the dates and into the link and you can watch it and that there you go, the US opposed debate for tonight which I'm hoping will occur is at 9 PM Eastern time is will to be. I believe this with good discord and I forgot which server it's gonna be inside of this court, but held that step. So I'm Ashley trying something new.

Right now, as a matter fact is I'm on the discord server in the karma room in the general voice for broadcasting the showing audio and I'm hoping that people can going to check and see if it works, but so and try to make my technology more available frivolously can hear more stuff but I can try and do is if this debate does occur tonight. I can try and put the information up on on the Facebook page and go check it out, but I would suggest that if that's your interest in watching or listening listings will be what it is and you can go to downloading stuff and sign up and then we'll see.

We can figure things out and have somebody in their will help govern the skull. The server and see what happens. Yes okay okay I am as I got was that it operated as you like like debates on here you will learn about you that I why are you good I really have figured out that operated look good. The debate last night was something called a dumpster fire.

I think my poem did not it's what they called it that in the did not be submissive happened list was interesting could get the colors waiting so Michael could go a little bit in the Philly airwaves and talk about what happened with this guy I got some of the statements that he may have like what you know he supposed to be this all got out was that topic, morality, and he's an atheist and saying that the that I cannot defend any universal morals and things like that and he said I just Christianity teaches blind faith that said no it doesn't like. I give the example in the Scriptures with father Casey. He just rejects it. He said guards got our God is arbitrary to explain why is not yet decided. Here's a direct quote from him total nothingness is bad at everything, because it can't do anything. Total nothingness is that it everything because he can't do anything.

What then he said existence is good by definition okay and he goes by the nickname SH. The snake was right. So this is what he does it on a Mike Joe you don't you're doubting God's word in your siding with the devil so your you are siding with the satanic ideology eat.

He didn't like that at all. Got that when I asked him I said I said so what are you an atheist or agnostic as I don't tell you is not relevant.

I said I just try to stay were coming from so I can keep my answers tell you it was bad. It was bad so will wait. We made a lot of mistakes is what was going to hell as so hereafter show after showing one guy came in and he actually had his is his image that he is no Flora, namely, haven't little image you go with it. He put a dumpster on fire, so it was it was something else. So the guy studied so you know I enjoy enjoy debates mostly learned go buddy in a couple outside of that one and try to show a particular view of non-Christian thought it was certainly easy with that guy horribly. They operate that map you two men have the folks we have four open lines. If you want to give me a call 877207276.

Guess what we got people signing up who are interested in going to Israel next year. You want to check it out. Karma all one word Karma 77207276 max Y call 77077 charismatic sling back to open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to her from New York. Welcome Ron year. There were a click and whiten here anything, let's see. There's few seconds here. Let's see something wrong I'm here alright let's go to CJ from Boise hey CJ, are you there, yes I can handle glitch problem there. Okay so we got buddy, what's up. Thank you for all court so easy. My question actually pertains to reality of understanding the Godhead, so I got by agreement virtually everything on the car websites and at the refreshing thing to fear from an apologist, but there is something that I personally have an issue with that is that I don't see how understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity can be considered to be essential. Doesn't seem to me like it anywhere in Scripture that that understanding the Godhead is essential.

What I think of something essential for salvation or to cook up a Christian.

Okay, it seems to me like you know, if you look at the Scripture there's nothing that if I were to, for example, right flat with me that Jesus is God right.

He prophesied in Betty Propp rather in Malachi and Isaiah with the testimony of comets right. I can tell them explicitly where it is that there long. The best I ever get from people in their thing.

Trinity is first on Q2 but that not something that you worked at all. Never heard an apologist be able to explain in answer to my personal objective that would give John Q2 20 through 22 is very clearly thing not have the thought is not except Jesus as Messiah and that birth in a vacuum doesn't even actually contradict Job theology hello Mike, looking at them yet. One bottle so let me ask you, what with your question with a specific question we got to go way, where is it that we get the idea that that the mental doctrine like the one that Pentecostalism, the Aryan okay with the somebody that we consider prescription and especially in light of the fact that it does seem like virtually all of the anti-19 father had a view that is different from what we would consider a document what I tell people is that the dock of the Trinity is essential in the proper definition of who God is and what the Christian position on God is. I teach that you don't have to affirm the Trinity in order to become a Christian.

I mean is that there are a lot of people who just don't understand what the Trinity is you don't have to accept the Trinity in order to become a Christian you trust in Christ by faith. And then the truth will be made manifest to you and you will gradually come to acknowledge Dr. the Trinity, so the doctor the Trinity is a proper understanding of who God is and if someone were to deny the Trinity is a problem when I meet people online and I'm talking to them and they say why don't leave the Trinity. I don't judge for the prescription or not.

At least not yet, because they may have a faulty understanding of what it is they may not realize how it's derived in Scripture to work with them and several times, and I've done as a people and some limitless talk about it though so I don't picture the Trinity says okay let's let's talk about.

I've had several times where people said now I understand what you're saying oh I see.

Okay, great. And so they didn't become Christian because except the Trinity, but they became teary because he accepted the truth of God's word, which is something that they do because a regenerate Suite 17 rejected even after that point I still don't see the true believer messy.

You don't bring me to work with the some more very gentle and patient with them and to let this talk about it some more and maybe next day or next week or something like that so that's what you don't, we mean is essentially essential for what essential to become a Christian.

No. Is it essential for the proper definition of what Christianity is. Yes I say my doctrine were saved by Jesus Christ in his shed blood in the week, believers in the truth is a regenerate make sense if I may, what then I agree with Abelard with the exception being I personally, I had very heavy load of cleaning the path that I've only recently come out of that. I'm still not quite comfortable using the term Trinitarian, but I do like the term unity earth Dr. Michael Brown that make you happy next to Terrence arrived Dr. Michael Brown needs to come on on board the proper ship and I talked to him before the Trinity is the proper doctrine.

It is derived out of the Christian church throughout history. That's the kind of I do not get me something about my my question would be what then is that the only thing it seems to me that separate oneness Pentecostal or a method believer along the lines of people who believe localism moralism is a denial of the true living God enters algal soup very quickly without getting into this but in moralism the teachers. Only one person. The Godhead and if one person is can have personhood. Some of the requirements of personhood means expression. Awareness of others. I worsened yourself the expression of love.

Things like that. But if God is one person for eternity.

In the past been on those attributes can be expressed.

How then can you exhibit true personhood and this is a serious issue within the doctrine of the idea of the of one single person God. Whether it's a dynamic menarche and is in remote mode of an archivist and so this is another issue. I can impact that more detail. Plus, you can't have the of the intra-Trinitarian eternal covenant spoken of in Hebrews 1320+ you could not have Ephesians 14 that he chose us in him the father chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world.

You also could not have John 639, as it is very important verse this point which says this is the will of him who sent me that all that he has given me. I lose none of this, the will of him who sent me, that means that Jesus was in what was in a place with the father the will of him who sent me. The father sent him back. This would set in verse 38 after death in heaven not to do my own will, but will of him sent me, that means Jesus said he was in heaven with the father.

You can't have that be the case and in moralism. Furthermore is not a problem.

In Luke 2242 Jesus is not my will but your will be done when you talk to mode lists oneness Pentecostal associate who was praying to those who will praying to you don't get different answers. Praying to God's appointment is and he got the flesh will yes you praying to himself to think themselves of your site will not always a pain to himself is praying to the spirit. Wait a minute.

Everything that Jesus is not God's praying to God the spirit someplace else will know that's not it. It's the flesh, playing, praying to the spirit will buy to see the spirit in heaven. We set our father who art in heaven that's whispering to you saying that there is no true incarnation, no seek when you start asking the question to start realizing that the oneness Pentecostal stuff is called flesh oneness Pentecostals and the advertisement for salvation army baptism in the name of Jesus thing the father-son Holy Spirit in language he did which they failed to properly write the folks to open lines you call 877-0777 mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave brought back Joe and 72072276 CJ is still there for right now we know each other concerned voice.

He would be met before a familiar stuff so met before. I don't think I am actually starting my own apologetic thing at the moment. You may potentially although I unlikely. I'm not very big Bird of the synagogue that my you can channel on actually debating about intimate night. Okay, we debated but that now would be a debate include the question who was the guy there. I think his name is Brett and Michael and another gentleman name.

I know Michael Fitzgerald and Brenton up and ultimately forgotten, but Mike Fitzgerald of the methods then Britain is a bit okay so good.

Yes, who is Jesus, but you can see still got in flesh, etc. will good you know and I'm interested there's a guy who wants Mr. teaching a study here and I miss her doing that going through teaching to hundreds and joining in. To learn more about this issue because the Trinitarian issue is very important and there's other issues related to the doctor the committee-stemming the economic Trinity deontological Trinity and the more we unpacked the issue of of moralism. The more we find out that it is heretical and it is his dental heresy. It doesn't mean that everybody who automatically believes it is automatically dead in the sand and ends going to hell because people can be saved in varying levels of ignorance and mistake, and then assess another topic, but moralism is is bad and trinitarianism is the proper doctrine you want to get together and talk about.

Let me know. I absolutely love the you always contact me on Carmine.

I live here Napa so no big deal. People have the guy wants research studies on Thursdays and just go to Scripture and will see love Scripture and will and so it you mind if I just kind of differ like one little more but not reported about real fast. Absolutely. You know you a lot of point about you. Why the bimodal it would be all that much ovarian would be true, thing you take away from certain parts of God character, but as a Calvinist wooden who believe the same about the predestination question whether that would take away from certain element God character. If you believe in Arminianism think like that.

And yet you admit I got I may not be too familiar with your family recently started a thing of the like four or five months ago but you gave afternoon action that was pointing. It didn't seem like you think that Arminians are they right but would not be like a similar situation. Nile could leave like out good similar, I should say yes to the issue. The nature of God. God defines himself who he is, were to believe in him in his nature.

How we understand God's action is different. The action of election predestination is different than his nature. Trinitarianism or moralistic one person or three persons. So that's why and E if you understand the true nature of the doctrine of the Trinity. Then election predestination makes sense covenant makes sense. Eternal covenant makes sense eternal generation of the sun procession makes sense. Otherwise, it does not make sense and you cannot justify and moralism you cannot justify the true incarnation, and therefore it risks very seriously risks the sufficiency of the atoning work. This is very serious stuff you want to talk you about it if you to be in apologetics you need to get this done right you get it down right because you don't even know I shipwreck a lot of people you'll be held responsible by God so your local I'm willing to work with you if you want okay in the veranda when I break it up. Journal problem right so you know is contacting okay on Carmine's email address or anybody absolutely thinking about you. God bless. Okay. All right. Let's get back on the phone. The strike her lost always lie somebody else to let's get Mitch from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, a match welcoming on the way there and it may not question all we didn't talk much about Calvinism.

I know that we weren't really taught it and prepare part of the I'm just like them. Get a synopsis of the Calvinism's in reference to Arminianism and such will compare them so laudable. Don't know that Arminianism is a lot more Calvinistic than most Arminians is realized. Arminians affirm total depravity. Total depravity is Calvinist to total depravity is the teaching that the person is whoever he is or she is touched by sin in all areas of his life, his existence was heart, soul, mind, body are all touched by sin and both teach that of the average person is not as bad as he could be Calvinist will say however that the result of that effective sin. Total depravity means that the unbeliever cannot freely of his own sinfully enslaved free will simply believe in Jesus.

He needs regeneration. First, where the Arminian would say that God gives them convenient grace, a kind of gracious movement that enables that person to then freely choosing God and that's when the major differences I call person.

I call that the Arminian position of leaving a greater color kindergarten theology I heard that it's it's got a lot of problems with it so that I had. There's other stuff ago so hard to take in the that the Lord we were elected foundation of the world that's being at certain people or elect Internet fit. What about faith and say it that had a network will of the Bible says Jesus is John and Mark 1320 unless the Lord in short withthedaysoftheendofthe.Theageistofnolifewouldhavebeensavedbutforthesakeoftheelect,whomhechose.HeshortenedthedaysthatheshouldtalkaboutshorteningthedaysforthesakeoftheelecttotalkabouttheelectorsoftheBibleteachesalotpeopledon'tlikethis.IjustreadScriptureandsaysinEphesians14justashechoseusinhimbeforethefoundationoftheworld.Sothat'selectionandthechoosingusbeforethefoundationoftheworldandthenassessthatwebeholyandblamelessbeforehiminlovehepredestinedustoadoptionassons.Mostpeopledon'twanttohearaboutelectionpredestinationbecausethey'vebeentaughtfalsedoctrinesfromsomachurchesandthefalsedoctrineisthatelectionpredestinationisnottrue,buttheyarejustreadingitrightthereinScripture.Andyetpeopleresistedbecausetheydon'tlikeitiswithherdoingthesubmittingGod'swordtotheirfeelingsandpreferencesandthat'sthat'swhymyparentsthatmembersofourcharacterCalvinistic.Perspirationandthatthegreatestpreacherofalltime,CharlesHaddonSpurgeon.IreallyamconstantlyandIknowwhoisworkssoon,thathewasveryCalvinisticsoyouknowIhavesaidandthatIbeenreadingandstudying.Ijustcutoutwith.IdidgrowupwithCalvinismrightwhoeveryouaftertheLordgivehersavednottonotsafetolifeandlifepicturesjustliketheyouweresaved.Yougetoutoflineandwedofalterfailandaskforgivenessthatmeanthathe'searnedthisorisoutofthehouse90Arminiansforsleep.PenthousetypeinbothSetslimeusedinbothICmediasituationinArminianismthatpeoplegotothealtaronSundayorsomethingstatedorhealedandthenthattheverynextservicedorthealtarforthesamethingoverandoverIheardyourcommentforlifephonecallthathewasthemotherofIdon'tknow.It'sveryconfusingtobewellhere'sthething.Iteachpeople'sstatswasareformedskunkonthereformedornon-reformedRomanianthattheissueisnotallofthat,theissueis,doyouloveJesusChristtopleaseGodandflashedonthecrossthatit'simportantIwantpeopletobelieveinelectionpredestinationbecauseaftertheBibleteaches.Ican'tdenyit.Iwon'tnotteachitbecauseitbasicallycomfortableiswhatitsaysbutnotaffirmingit,whichIthinkisamistake,butnotaffirmingitdoesn'tmeanthatatrueChristiandoesn'tmeanyoudon'tlovetheLord'speoplearesavedatdifferentlevelsofunderstandingyouwanttoholdyouokaytheyfeltwehaveformycall76Man'sYcall770727charismaticslingbacktotheshowwhatyoureminderthatinIsraeltripnextyear.IfyouwanttojoinusandwillcheckitouttodowasgotoCarmenIsrael.,CARMIsraelonewordforyoutoanotherpageandcheckitoutundersomestuffinthemiddlequestionnaireforquestions.Ifyouwanttoletusknowifyou'dliketogoorwanttogoplantogothatwayhelpsusdecideifweultimatelysetitupbecauseyoumakereservationsandstufflikethat.Let'sgetbackonthephonewithMitchfromWinston-Salem,NorthCarolinaisstillthereyetorerect,sodon'tknowifIhelpedyouanother'salotmoreIcouldtalkabout.Ifyou'reinterested,buttonoquestionhadyeahit'sIthinkMarkyearsagoandthattheycouldseethatwhatIwasgoingthere.Theyhadadimview.CalvinismandsoIwasinthefightingfundamental.WhatImeanIcangetBiblegrayintherethingsthatafterthat.Afteryearsofflesharound.IjustbeenconfrontedwithCalvinism'sandI'mjusttryingtofleshitoutandseewhat'swhat.IknowtheyknowtheyusedfivepointaccountwithadminornotbypointerssuchthatthatnatureandthatIjustlittlebitonthat.Here'sthething,askyourselfthequestionisGod'ssovereignorgy,notsovereign.Ishethekingorishenottheking,areweableofourownfreewill,inoursinfulnessabletopickGodormustbethatGodhastopickuswithasseskindofquestionsintheBibletellsusthattheunbelieverisaslaveofsin.Romans614220sahaterofGodwhodoesnogood.Romans310,11,12.Hisheartisfullofwickedness.Jeremiah79.HecannotreceivethethingsofGod.FirstCorinthians214he'sdeadandthesins.Ephesians21isbynatureachildofwrath.Ephesians23Ephesians215sayshe'satenmitywithGodinahatingstateofrelationshipwithGodandthereforeitisGodwhocausesustobebornagain.FirstPeter13whograntsthatwebelievewithVince129,whoworksfaithinus.John62829whograntsthatwebelievesecondTimothy225,whomakeshisbornagain,notofourownwills.John113.WecannotcometoChristwasbeengrantedtotousfromthefather.John6605C.ThisiswhattheBibleteachesthatMattelyousomethingtogobacktoGenesischapter3,GodhadalreadyspokenandthenthedevilcomesinandsaysdidGodreallysayhecastdoubtonthewordofGodandthetruthofGod,andweeffectivelywhathappenedwasAdamandEvedecidedtojudgethewordofGodbytheirexperiencetheresensibilitiesandinsodoingtheyweredoubtinganddenyingthetruthofGod'sword.IfGodissovereign.HedoeswhathewantsinallofcreationtogotoDanielandhis435.Ithinkitis.Youcanfinditreallyfacileregion.Itsaysalltheinhabitantsoftheeartharecountedasnothing,butshedoesaccordingtohiswillinthehostofheavenandamongtheinhabitantsofearthandnoonecanwardoffhishandorsaytohimwhathaveyoudoneanditBiblesaysinEphesians111saysthatheworksallthingsafterthecounselofhiswillthatthiswouldBiblesaysGodistheonewhosovereign.He'sthekingyoushouldbeRomans99223andseethisiswhattheBibleteachesthatGodhasarighttodowithhiscreationashedesireswillmostpeopledon'tlikemostofthewanttheblondehairedblue-eyedCaucasiansurferJesustrustedawoman'snightgownstandingatthedoorofyourheart,askingpermissionforyoutoletamanbecauseherhumanisticwhenAdamandEvewereinthatgarden.WhattheydidstillusetheirownfeelingsandsentimentalitytojudgethewordofGodandtheinerrorfordoingitandthisiswhathappensintheChristianchurchtoday.Peoplesaywhatwedon'taffirmwithwhattheycallitCalvinismandwhatthey'resayingiswedon'taffirmthatGodelectionpredestines,buttheBibleteaches.HedoesdoesnotaffirmthatGodgrantstobebelief,butitteachesthatPhilippians129andItrickedthemallsick.WhybelievethatGodmakeseverything,eventhewickedforthedayofevil.Nothingknowhedoesn'tlikeaguydoesexcluded.Proverbs1640verbatimandsothisiswhatthewordofGodsaysshewhatwedoispeoplebecausewearesinnersbynature,asweloweredGodandexaltourselveswewantGodtobeonourlevel.Soourfreedom,ourfreewill.OurwisdomisthatwhichcanenableustobelieveinGodsothatwecanthentakecreditforourownbelieving.ThisisthehumanisticphilosophythatinvadingtheChristianchurchanditspartoftheapostasytocome.Sowhatwehaveunderstandisthatyou'renotsavedbyreformedtheologynotnotlikeCalvinismyousaywiththeLordJesusChristinyourfaithandtrustinhim,buttowhatextentonceweresaved.ArewegoingtoaffirmthegreatsovereigntyandmajestyofGodorarewegoingtosotospeak,bydefinition,anexpectationlowerhiscapabilitiesandsaythatI'mtheonewhokeepsmyselfrightwithGodthroughmyfaithfulnesstodoit'swhatreformedtheologydoesisitexaltedGod,anditlowersmanwhatArminianismdoestoadegreeislowerGodandexaltmenwithWesleyanasitdoesisevenmoreofthatwithCatholicismdoesasfarevenmorethanthatandwiththecalltodowasswapsothatmanissovereignoverGodandsowehavetounderstand,thereisaGod,youarenothim.He'sthesovereignincontrolandyethelovesus,andyethediedforusandhecallsustohimselfandheworksinus,andforsomereason,themoreweprayforpeople,themorewepreachthegospel.Apparently,themorepeopleareelectedfromthefoundationoftheworldtobesaved.Wedon'tknowhowitworks.JustknowthatGodistheonewho'sinsovereigncontrolofeverythinginitthouthekneeandI'maverystrongCalvinist.I'vebeendefendingyoucloseto30yearsoverthedocumentoutlineshernotesonCalvinism.It'sonAmazonandit'slikeIdon't90pagesandIcanfromandwhatevercodingyouversusIwasreadingit.Ijustaccordingtofrommemoryandnotboasting,IjustthinkIreallybelievethestuffIreallydostudyitinyourIknowyoudo,becauseIbetyouallputonandtheAmericannowaythatGodCalvinisticinIjustslowlybutsurelyIhavequestionsandneedanswers,tryingitthoughyoudoyoucounselgettingyourinformationoffofAmazon'sliteraturebookthatIcanyetthere'sthat,youknow,I'vewrittenalotofbooksandyoucangotoAmazonlookofmynameandyou'llfindsomeyouknowifyou'reinterestedinthat.Gocheckitout,butmyconcernisnotthatifyouknowifyouwanttolearnmorewillthenbyallmeansdothat.IwantpeopleunderstandI'mnottryingtoconvertanybody.Calvinism,Iwanttounderstandwhojustdoesimprovethat.That'sgoodbecausehe'sLordandI'mtobecorrected.OnethingIgettoheaven.Ijustdon'tknowwhereitisyetbutit'sgoingtohappen,butyouknowanywaysothatthere'sago.Icantellyoualotmoreaboutit.Iknowverywellandpeopledon'tagreewithit.IgookayyouloveJesus,afterwitnessingyousharingthegospel.Youbetterbe.That'smymainconcernrightthankyousir.Youarewelcomearrival.Godbless.Okaythat'sMitchandIlet'sgetovertoDavidfromCharlotteNorthCarolinaday.Welcomingontheair.Yes,Icanloudandclear.Idon'tIdon'tIdon'tquestionyourwhyGoddoeswhathedoesbutoneone.IamhavingtroublewithisanOldTestament.IthinkthebookofJoshua.WhywouldGodorthekillingandhitwomenandchildrenwillhedoesn'torderthekillingofinnocentwomenandchildren.Thisplanformebecausenobody'sinnocentandIhaveadoctorcalledfederalheadshipofthemalerepresentedthesentenceoutinAdamalldieprescriptions1522.WhatthismeansisthatwewoulddiedinAdam.Herepresentedusaswiththefallennature.Wearebynaturechildrenofwrath.Ephesians23.Evenbabiesillogicaldon'tlikethisthathewashertoocute.Can'tsaythat.SoGodhastherighttoexecutejudgmentuponanybodyandeverybodyforvaryingreasons.SoifyoulookatJericho,theywerepaganverypagan.I'vebeentoJericho,IstoodonthewallsseeingthedestructionandwhenGodordersthatthedestructionofthenation,likethatofagroupofthecityisnotbecauseheyIjustdecidedonedayyouwakeupandkillthemoff.It'snotwhatitisisbecauseareinvolvedinpaganism,idolatry,andthey'retryingtogetinanddestroythemessianiclineinsideofIsraelbycorrectingIsraelandGodwon'tletthathappen.Sotheordersarecompletedestructionaslogicalreasonsaswell.Womenhavemorechildrenandwomenwhoarestillleftaliveinthatcontextwereidolaters,theydeservedajudgmentlikewealldo…God'smercyletpeoplelive,andsoheexecutesthemthroughthehandofthoughtofIsraelandtheywillnolongerproducemoreandmorepaganismandfalsedoctrinesofthingslikethatofthechildren,whethertheygotoheavenorhellisnotatopicIbelievethatallbabiesgotoheavenwithaguyIcan'tproveit.That'smypositionsandsoifyoudeliversthebabiesintotheirthehandofjudgment,thentheyenterintothepresenceofGodandsavedherasiftheyhadgrownandbecomepagansandtheywouldn'thavesoyousee,there'salotalotmoreandwantstothenjustwhywouldhedothatokay…ThankyousomuchIgot.Ireallythinkhe'sreallyblessedmejustlikeimmediateormarigold.Iamverygrateful.Idothankyou,thankyouforwhatyoudoingIgotpraiseGodisrightthat'srightPrescottallrightokaywilllistentothephoneswithKentfromDurham,NorthCarolinaKentwithMichelle.Idon'tdookaybutalignmentwhilethechargesinthefalafelandliveinthechurchtodaylittleiftheydon'ttrustScriptureissaved,thelessyoutrustScripture,themoreyoudecidedtosomethingelse.Okaythinkalotoftheuniqueandnotatthetopofthe.basicallyinstructedthecall.Themaineverything..didnotput.whatthepublicthingaboutpeoplepopNewTestamentduetotheteachoftheNewTestamentthatJesusChristisGodinfleshalotofthings,buttheBible…Youknow,howdoyouknowthatIknowiteither.Youknowit'sIknowtherighttimetocomebacktomorrowemailmeokayastheyfallshortoftime.TheLordblessbyhisgraceasusualbackontheLordblessyouthiseveningandthegreat

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