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February 4, 2021 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 4, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Does God interact differently with those who are the elect and those who are not---2- A caller had questions regarding the Israel trip.--3- Do you have any new information on the NAR movement---4- How should I feel and pray for those who have died who were not believers---5- What questions would you ask LDS missionaries---6- What's the significance of believing that God is or is not outside of time---7- Is there a connection between spiritual attacks and sickness---8- I hear voices in my head that I'm sure are demons. Can I still be saved-

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A previously recorded that's like show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max what why bribes is called to respond to your questions at 877072276 Matt slick welcome everyone we met slick match look like it is. Let's see, generally 2020 21 for the podcast. We have five open lines switch McCauley 772072276 now.

Well, you can watch the show go there right now. Take a look and watch a show on big deal to handle it.

It's on the website and on the homepage should go check it out. You can see me sitting here and with my new shirt new shirt. Initially the shirt and let's see what you think of the shirt, but you might be interested in checking it out. It's an interesting shirt and the here we go see can see it says political correctness is tyranny with a :-) Charlton Heston said that anyway so awarded out today and run some errands and nobody jumped out of the way and through the exam he so was okay maybe just by having something like that. Wearing it you get cancer you know they can threaten to take your bank account your house away because so for something that's not politically correct. Something about the freedom of speech I five-member hearing about that to have that pay looking to call five open lines 877-207-2276 now, right now, Carmen is can forward to letter site and you try and get what was going on. They didn't work miracles to try get a Viacom trip and apologetics do all kind of stuff to Israel next year, so March 2022. If you're interested in going.

We would like it if you were to go to that website and you can there's a survey and is finally fixed its fix all you do a sale interest-free question is not a big deal three or four think and that's if you're interested in going, you can know the commit is just anything about going in here some information and stuff like that you could do that because we need to know how many would be going.

I think by the end of March of this year in order to be able to reserve everything and do everything and down a lot of information on Carmen. Israel will get to that again later. All right, so if you want give me a call 877-207-2276 and down just above the fungus get to Brandon from Florida Brandon welcome you on the air by the Garnet it's going reasonably I didn't I didn't get a chance call back yesterday had a lot going on but I'm calling though way to me, this is Brandon Brandon right why just a data okay right but anyway okay gotcha so what's up though. Like I wrote the Bible talk about how our Bethel meant innovation in our Bethel developer to start right still in the infant of the. The interaction in which God has led at that going to probably assume that nuclear that indicate the same way he communicated has really nowhere. There is different to how this works is people have to understand is a good question.

Slick little theology down is that people understand biblical theology, not just what they feel. That is what they think taught from the race. People biblical theology is at the male represents the descendents not the female to Adam and Eve in the garden she send first, but sin entered the world throughout Romans 512 and that's because of what's called federal headship federal headship means a male represents a descendents and so in Adam all die in Christ also made a lifer strengthens 1522 says that right. So why is it important because when adamant and fell.

We fell in him and Adam all die, so that means it when he died because he represented us. We died in him and we are by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 because of work, but were sinners by nature and so people will so I don't agree with what you have to agree with but if you can reject it, then reject the idea that Jesus represented us on the cross because he's called the last Adam and her court to represent us on the cross as White says in Adam all die in Christ all shall be made alive. The second all is a limited all and it's an interesting study in the Bible, which I don't going to hunt on the radio very often because it takes too much time so the people all people are under wrath, except for Jesus. Of course, and so God does not have to predestined them for destruction. They are already on their way to destruction predestines people for salvation because predestination in this cause is housed with the election good officials 145X. It says that he chose us in him as a father chose the elect in Christ before the foundation of the world. This is part of the Trinitarian communion. This is all theology, study theology, they don't get this, but this would teach so when it says vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, then we have to get into what does it mean that predestined we could make the case but always saying that God intervenes to make him downed know he wouldn't say that, in what sense, then, could he prepare them for that destruction will by their existence.

For one thing might give them a soul and given them life as they exist and that they are going to go to hell in that sensor prepared for that.

So that's their different ways understand it is more complicated.

Nursing deeper things to talk about related to what that's the basics. Make sure I'm I'm Correctly Not. It's Not That Much That He Just Simply Wet. Okay You Are Part of the Elect.

Everything You Will Be Here Okay Your Arm in It That Your Destruction. If Mark the Conveyor Belt or Both Are Already That Going to the Incarnate Guy and Thought Going and I Want That One and I Want That One. That Kinda Waited a Good Illustration. I Read in a Book Report Document Predestination Was Years and Years Ago There Was Illustration of the of the Prison There so It's 100 Men in This Prison. Men and Women This Measurement Been This Essay. In This Prison, and They Are All Absolutely without a Doubt Guilty. Nobody Doubts the Guilt and There's an Individual Who Has the Ability to Go into That Prison and Pay Debts, Pay Fines and Free People from the Prison so There's 100 of Them and He Lets Us a He Saves 20 so He Has a Right to Do That Was at Mean That the Other 80 Were Chosen Not to Be Saved in One Sense, Yes, Another Letter since No If He Did, the Act of Choosing It Was. Of Those 20 and so This Will by Get into This Issue of Flow That We Actually Choose That Person Not to Be and He Chose This One to Be or Did He Just Choose the Ones to Be Saved and Left Evelyn's Go There.

The Regular Way and That's One of the Illustrations That We Use in Trying to Understand This, We Can't Get Too Far into It Because the Bible Doesn't Tell Us Too Much about so That's about It. That's about It except I Think out Give It Give Another Call Academic Three More Calling to Go Ahead Question. Go Have Records of Orders I Wanted My Power. My Power? That Is Been a Going on the Foundation That Obviously God Created Everything He Is Who He Is the Root of All of Adam All Died Were Already Preset. As a Result That Nature to Yeah He Did. He Didn't Give Obviously Not Shooting Specifically like You Said You Shooting at Diabetic, Not Early, Specifically Pointing out Damning Note That He Created All Things about the Indirect 20 Will Just Be More Problematic Because If God Knows All Things from Eternity Does Not Grow in Wisdom or Knowledge He Doesn't Decrease in Wisdom and Knowledge and All Things Actual and Potential Are Known by God. Whatever University Brings into Existence with All Things Ordained Is His Choice so We Could Make the Case Then That He Is Chosen.

Certain People to Be down to Certain Wants to Be Saved, If You Will Not like That but That He Certainly Has a Right to Do It in Romans Nine Is about Is Right to Do the Scraper As He Desires Me with the Right to Object but the Thing Is That like to Tell People at This Point Is That There Are Things in the Scriptures We Do Not Know We Cannot Fathom Completely and Are Certainly Things in the Mind of God That We Do Not Understand As Well Has That Right to Do What He Wants to Do What Paul Revealed to Us Largely That He Does Have That Right. And There's an Involvement of Him in You in Vessels Prepared for Honor, As Well As Professional Prepared for Destruction and It Says That He Did so and so Is This the Case We Will Cross-Reference It with Proverbs 16 for God Makes All Things.

The WIC for Even the Wicked for the Day of Evil like Wow How Do You Do That You Know and Then We Get into Issues of Causation.

We Have Direct and Indirect Cause We Have Was Called Ultimate Proximate and Efficient Cause of These Are Topics That We Try and Theologians Logicians Tryon and Work through to Understand the Nuances of How Certain Things Can Be Done and It Gets Complicated and It's Not Good Fodder for Radio. Generally Speaking, but Generally the Little so That'll Get into It, Depending on the Situation. But the Thing Is That God Is the One Control and yet at the Same Time through All of This, the More We Pray. Apparently, the More People Have Been Chosen for the Foundation of the World to Be Saved so You Know I Was at Work.

I Don't Know Just That's As You Know Me Any Religion for Years. I'm Very Evangelical with Nixon and Doug What Do Stuff and Look for Opportunities Is Because I Know Enough to Know That I Don't Have All the Answers in God's Bigger Than Me and He Knows More, He Says, Go, Witness, and yet He Predestines Okay on the Witness. Now It How It All Works. Not like Is Not for Me to Decide Your Ear at How the Hyper Calvinist, You Don't Know Therefore You Do It. I Don't Know How It Works and I'm Smart Enough to Know That I'm Not Smart Enough to Know I like. I Appreciate It. Matt Arrived What Okay Printable.

So You May Goblets but Get Her Some Time to Let You Know.

Brandon Hope She's Fully 15 Years.

Okay, Let's Get to See Billy from Charlotte, North Carolina. Billy Welcoming on the Swing. I Was Wondering How Long Are You Staying in Israel.

13 Days or Is It Possible If I Could Be Allowed to Continue to Stay for Four Weeks. I Guess It's up to You You You You Just Work with the Travel Agency and Get the Hotels. The Hold That the Use Extend Your Stay and You Come Back When You Want If You Don't like Your Work without You Could Email and ask inspect. I understand that he's gonna be there for a week or so before we even get there. He just can extend his stay so they can stuff happens.

The problem okay. I appreciate it. You want to go think about it. Think about it.

If you were then no, it's a pretty cool really is just glad you're there. There is a break. Okay okay by a folks if you want to give a call 877762 max Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave reopen lines if you want to give me a call. All you have to do 772-072-2760 in heaven give a call or write. Let's get on the phones with see Karen from Midway and the question was lost or the question was to have any new information on the new apostolic Reformation and answers no, I do not not yet I need to work on that. But to push it back to the assembly things happening the past year, but it is a project and when it get to because it's necessarily new apostolic Reformation is full of some bad stuff and it's seeking to be a movement within Christianity that that revives present-day apostles and prophets, and the miraculous units compromising the gospel in a lot of areas so well that sonnets talk about it weekly for open lines give me a call 877-207-2276 Jenny from Iowa Jenny welcome on the make sure I think you're great and if not stated, and I look work you to my wife a greater discount tire I'm great.

Okay, she needs to hear it right now. You really keep a real reality that you know you got. I think you got mad at me. Part yell abortion if they think that it always there, but you can keep a real real. I think Paul circle thing.

Anyway, I won't get into that. I just appreciate currently.

I could go to Israel that would dream dream dream to go with you. I right now I do something in my life. I'm financially able to do that and I am going to vehicle tire to get that really know Jesus was go to Mount hands were all summarily could to go to Bethlehem well. This was at and and John for you could actually go to very well. We drank on that very delicate help all my weight is not. I partly know I haven't been very get my money.

I need articulate that I have been hiding out and doing think you know trying to be God first with the many things that I still get a little salvation. I ain't got a look at it. I think you call my name. I think I'm working on and I would love to be baptized there, you know, I think three Nanyang that's wrong – oh yeah, and lots are like the sodomy walk-through line with their election. His guys tunnel get a flashlight mild walk to the water at all. It is Galilee JC Sally V8 give me thing I would like time I knew what else is going to sit reminiscing smiling that the food is different and you get these four-star hotels that have breakfasts and dinners waiting for you, and you can take up we took baggies of one God that he's I got bread and he got Olive's we would just snack on the road bread and all. It's all fine and the all of you even born near the Lord Mayor I or any I'm sure you get, you can imagine it when you see Golgotha for example see the place of this you look at it like in the pictures there. It was all is great and into most crimes on Kumon cave one when the Dead Sea Scrolls were we to Jericho stood on the walls at fault had fallen on our I can't take it is so.

So time to follow you throughout the lobby. I'm getting living here back in 58 Eric vicariously through your trip. I hope you okay, whatever. I don't know, but you actually inspired. I call it night and I would love to you that night while trip and no other terrific matter to me but I do have a question I IM I didn't I don't I study the Bible and I thank you Bible study night church and it's really hurting me right now there were any. But feeling like my life and there I don't I don't who stayed active and from what I know Aaron or I wouldn't take anything from the Lord arm you know I don't know that relationship let that concern when my cat landing. My brother, and Gary might not pray for them, but I don't know. Pray for those that are past that nothing nothing the Bible says to do that Roman Catholics the Eastern Orthodox Sibley praying for the dead, and you can get Gracie pay money and Grayson given to them ridiculously athletic so know it's nothing. The Bible says to do that, if anything, it did speaks against pray to God so know I've lost a son, and the loss of the birth soon after birth died in our arms and I remember one time specifically to talk to my son Jacob.

But what I did once was. I talked to the Lord said, Lord, I don't know how it works. I don't know what the situation is where he is.

You are but if you could tell him that I love him and miss him and so I addressed my Lord and he's the sovereign King. I'm not to get involved with know, hate, and Martha, who died five years ago and all of a sudden know she likes flowers. Also, the flower falls in front of me. You know who it must be her failure involving the Alcala open to deception will stay with okay great I work on your income either. I lighten sure I night I got a part of the newly armed their there are people do little gravesite and need to sit and talk and with a flick of talking that person is idolatrous or pagan. You know sometimes you just you just gotta talk and you feel better for talking and as long as I don't think that they're actually talking to who the person sitting there listening okay you know what Sonata is just just get it off your chest you know and talk there. It's it's difficult yet is difficult to prove.

Great to keep it real real real you. Early kind, and I have other questions that I I do a shocking and down, but I been on my Harley thinking about my dad might have an answer now I'm speaking in and I just feel like me now and I'm Lord and I can reset a true bad that I know you if you were not in my hands and I've heard that it is living living I can pray for the guidance. Knowing that you'll hit the gun yeah it's a lot of people what happens a lot of people don't trust the word of God we trust her feelings and they look for things and to substantiate your feelings that's that's the reverse of house multiply school to look great God and use it as a standard of truth and when you write electric Catholics in the Eastern Orthodox don't do that. They look at it as a means of justifying their traditions. That's what they believe in somebody eventually have a false gospel exactly exactly how much I love your program and you and thanks for all your knowledge and that was Jennifer my way function for line 27 707 right back after mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way back to show everyone. We have three open lines were to give a call 87720722760 scripts to Nick from Wisconsin Nick welcome around here is going strong radio we got couple question about when you think the Mormons and JW. I've been witnessing to some of them for a couple years at their church and in personal meetings and video chat. So I guess my question is the two thing if and thank you for your ministry. By the way, I deftly usually restart the and I even inspired me to be my balls and that that way so if you want to hear in your own work.

Your like video chatting once a week and had like 30 minute with a young 19, 20-year-old Mormon missionary. What questions would you ask them well. One of the things I found to be very effective is to show them something. Prepare this though nice to carry these books in my core when I was in Southern California was very effective and so what I could see the long answer now to get couple short quick and slick things but back what I did was I took a book of Mormon. I still have us all beat up and do it again, and that's a hard cover book of Mormon and just a book of Mormon and so you turn it sideways so you can look in on itsvertical but it sideways and then you take other tabs for tabs and there in the book of Mormon in line where L is is one God says to polygamy is condemned. Salvation is by grace, things like this are that are not Mormon doctrine against Mormonism believe you're not. And so I have had this opportunity.

Countless times she Mormon missionaries just walk up my car, walk up just shows in the book of Mormon and the letter to the words are there.

Trinity, one God, just to get a really small and I just put it sideways for the can read the words. I can't tell you how may times more missionaries have simply grabbed the book politely and started opening it up and looking in the book of Mormon for 5 to 10 minutes and said a word yet. I'm waiting and are looking Enders blown away the book of Mormon doesn't contain Mormonism and it contains things against Mormonism. It's been a very effective means of witnessing to them and they would all do is I have a Greek New Testament cost like 40 to 60 bucks.

You don't have to read Greek in order to do this and I have you go to go to the committee gets of the 3913 changes in the book of Mormon from Utah lighthouse ministry UT LM.orc and its search enter and if I were you, or any Mormon how any Mormons to order the book of 2113 changes the book of Mormon and the reason I would have these two books by New Testament in the book of Mormon for the talk of the missionaries I'd say look this right here by New Testament. This is Greek of had Greek document will greet but look, you recognize the numbers. These are down below here of the textual variants of the health and as we open the page as open it randomly New Testament I say look, there's two variants on on both of these page liquors for variance of both these page and also devotional like a real small letter is missing and one manuscript get another very basic no show like that and they get us to confirm to them that the Bible is been corrected, but they don't know I'm pulling a fast one on I see is that interestingness again is used in change cycle. What hasn't been changed just textual variants in a few words, you understand book that I pick up the book of Mormon. The 3913 changes and I opened it up and with Jerald and Sandra Tanner did is I took an original Mormon I've actually held it on a very original 1830 of the first printing. She held my hand so they took original and I think she told me center told me that he would read and she would. He read the original and she would take the then current book of Mormon and mark the differences and that then the print this up to 3113 changes okay will do is open of the book of Mormon just to any page and shown and man. The changes are all over the place. I mean thousands in Alaska Mormons question New Testament's 2000 years old and the book of Mormon's 200 years old and yet the book of Mormon has far many far far more frequent changes and alterations significant ones in the New Testament us. Watch we trust the book of Mormon or Italia okay you the original back to modern-day yet there's very very yet there's thousands of changes and some of them are quite significant going on website and you can look up changes in the book of Mormon, but also recommend that you want get that that 2013 changes in the New Testament.

You may spend 100 bucks total. The mailings it once it's very powerful to carry run your car just about to show you Mormon missionaries. He has a way of doing that wrong turn it over the top that one way back then. That no nothing to do because they see with our own eyes they just think it the most available will be if they believed the testimony they misused. James 15 if any of you lack wisdom, ask of God, and they think that that means you pray about a book to see if it's true what's not with the Texas thing so they pray about the book of Mormon to see figure testimony to go to Mona 1034 insist on you. Don't ask ask God if you think you're not true that's that's why has to Mormon's you prayed about the book of Mormon to see if it was truly suggestible what you got this. It was true also stitched his good morning 1034 is a Moron I 1034 insist to see Dr. pray to see these things are not true. See they are true and yet that by now. See, these are not true and it's frozen for a loop. Is it you got an affirmation that is not true and not sure what to do, the not looking at the heart and member that Jeremiah Wright they have, but manager my 79 the action. Yes, right, first event, Mormon pray to see is true. Maybe the part of right right. First, my 1010 for 10 for my thinking is time for okay okay also. Quick question related that love will I die doing it people and I really liked interact with them. I think it is divine, God met me up the connection but Galatian one.

The anathema burden how you rank and file. When you think about with other youth is other gospel and to lever you tell them that they have full price and false gospel. That's what I do with Mormons you know and I do it lovingly, patiently, they have a testimony and realize her testimony comes to think the Holy Spirit didn't have the to Jesus because of Jesus, the Bible, pray to the data.

Pray to Jesus. They have a feeling that they go with not truth but a feeling they submit the word of God to their sensibilities and feelings and they think that the feeling comes from God with their doing is sending to begin with because of praying about the book of Mormon to see if it's true will in the Astley pray about the Bible to see if it's true the Bible is just true within pray about it to see if it's true so they're essentially doing a single trust God's word disconnect, pray about something else that someone else wrote to see if it's true, so they don't realize are doing is sinning against God when they do that is so God lets them have the deception and the enemy. The gospel makes him feel with the looking for and is part of the deception upon the preset epistle into God would even send a deluding influence of people to believe a lie that Joseph Smith claim to be a prophet. Jesus is a lot of the prophets were until John. Matthew 2424 is one of things I use with Mormons to stand up for the Mormon temples. With that went under opening days with signs you know is Mormonism which I did get that website going back again, but I'll ask him. In Matthew 2751 when Jesus was crucified.

The Temple veil was destroyed by God was torn in half was removed got that done away with. Why did the Mormons put the Temple veil back in the temple ceremony. Why would they put back God destroyed if there so from truth God the can answer the question. You know West latter-day revelation to look at the Straits of God destroyed it. You tort from top down in the temples, like 4 inches thick. It was torn by the hand of God. This this separation from God and man is removed veil separate that symbolized the holy place in the holy of holies in the in the temple was destroyed, torn, and yet they put it back get there from God with a put it back.

They don't realize that they are insulting the blood of Christ to the true sacrifice of Christ are essentially saying that justification by faith.

Salvation by faith alone in Christ alone is not true in so many great all is all false religions do they think that you have to add to what Christ did, and that by adding you.

You show your sincerity or worthiness to be saying that is blasphemy of less than a photograph through the lines of what you may call 8776 max Y call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg back to the showed liberty know that we are planning an Israel trip and if you're interested in checking it out. All information you need is click harm Israel CRM Israel.comet afforded that website and check it out is little survey there are interested in going to check it out trying to get there in March 2022. Let's get to Josh from New York and Josh welcome on their McInerney yes I Okay all be dear Matt had a question for him a big fan.

I don't like them, you're being written on the from idle, but I love your work on the good you do now Matt, that being that you are in the debate not long ago made.

I don't know the date actually where it will about the youngster you remembered it felt Matt when you doing is trying to hold it the point where he would feel the thing that well Matt you… A time but you wouldn't think that would be fine but, been thinking about what it repercussion thinking or holding to you know theological idea that God is… I didn't know the significance of the treatment day, God is there anything out that time, but maybe you remember that question. Maybe you remember that the court did the debate yeah you know, as is the case with basically anybody the more you debate, teach, learn rights, the more you learn, and since then I've gotten the place where I won't acknowledge that the phrase outside of time, God is outside of time really is a place to begin with. So to really argue from the reason is because we don't know what that means. When Christiansen got outside of time is it what what is that mean you don't think about it over the years. You know what it just doesn't make sense to say that and so I don't and so I was debating him again which may happen.

Who knows, you know it is in the this issue God the author Thomas looked we don't know what that means if we don't know what it means we can't assert position based on what that means.

What outfit we can say God relates to time differently than we do, we can say that God works inside of time in the sense of your work are aware of that because Christ was inside time and walked one step front of another one had to get one place with undertook in some time to do that so we understand that we can like that but other than that we really can't, so that it becomes problematic.

Arguments based on something we can't justify and can't explain yeah that's good I'm I do know the thing that I think of you know the significance of what he was trying to push there.

I think it would evolving the line of another open gift idea what you questioning you know God followed admit that I'm going to meet the that the good Christ way. No reincarnate form then became a man and then you know now it exalted in heaven. You know it don't question them, like you're always on the circular got about that on and I think that because of the reference endemic the core God, you know. But having your and I think that's where we go.

Okay… The creator of all things, but not direct them without knowing you say that… Upon Pierce look a little more into this is how to debating the site safety first define what time is fully and say God's outside of it and outside has with me are talking about we talk outside. I'm inside my house. I'm outside my house if I'm outside my house and my house is something separate from me. If God is where we find time to be these outside of it.

Does he look into the universe and what time is occurring and he can go around the universe illegal either side of the universe was already outside all over. How does that relate and if time is a sequence of events, and some people say it is measurement of sequence of events within does God have a sequence of events that occurred in his mind within.

If he does, how is it possible since he knows all things eternally and innately make decisions will help you make decisions of all this is this is are foreordained in his own nature's essence because he knows all things. This gets very complicated so I disabled folks we don't know what it means. And God is not revealed, and it means so the open theists like to say that God is restricted by time and that he must cooperate with limitations that time imposed upon him, and therefore cannot know all things actual which is ludicrous. But here's of the think about if God does not know every detail because the future is open, hence open theism, then how does he know exactly what sins that you might commit in the future housing which was to impute to Christ is to be out there our sins.

How can he do that because he does know every detail in advance. Every sin exhaustively before Christ was even born.

And yet prolonged with futures open because of our free will.

They want to have God's predestination and free will are on equal level, which is a letter Harris F that they begin with rights of open theism is his amateur time. His amateur hour theology as is prepared integrates okay so I love them that much appreciated.correctly sets good and God bless. All right, let's get to see Brian from Chicago. Brian welcome you are on the air. They don't look all right.

We got what that a question for you. How do you feel weird thoughts on the relation between spiritual attack will I'm sure that some spiritual attacks result in sickness and I'm sure that some spiritual attacks don't result in sickness and I'm sure that some sicknesses have little to do with spiritual things, you know, so we don't know we don't know which which it had my eval evolved a little bit more into it. I suffer from narcolepsy and I've noticed that I do have are troubling, everything from sleep paralysis to exploding at the got hallucinations and I have noticed that when I when I do get more into word and devote more of myself to the half that Jesus those bills become more abundant and really so the more you focus on Jesus, the more abundant they become after you go to church. I do, I took a I've my father after I now I've been born-again Christian life. I don't and I guess some people do it, Took a pause in my younger years.

It something recently just, I guess, for lack of better term, hit the on pause button open the floodgates and then my world is become amazing and unbelievable trial of time and it it's hard because I could people thing I can. I can see the trials I can see how God putting me through it make me stronger and I can look at mile because I can I get E is great but it gets extremely hard to learn even just the thought of taking another's death, or even taking another breath almost so cumbersome that I can even if the tiredness I don't want to describe. I am married, had sleep problems myself.

Nothing like what you talked about because of autistic and so my mind will take often things is one of things I've done anywhere whenever you come sure you thought a million things is either pattern I go through do a certain thing in bed with my phone. I'll do this do that my pillow a certain way. I turn over certain direction. Like I can certain body position and this is my means of going to sleep.

I train myself over the years that that's what I do body knows it and able to go to sleep, usually within a half-hour salad because I asked about him elders because if it increases while you're under, when really what the Lord might be a spiritual connection there. You should talk to the elders about that and it occurred to me that may be prayer and fasting might be want to some degree course with your situation. Regulating FA that it it I don't even words escape me lately, but I could feel the Lord pushing the direction I don't know what direction is on trying to grab everything that I can fit.

Please note that do what I think it will live and I know on I feel I'm doing the right thing because I have much pushback from the world itself will should leave the problem.

The use pushback from the world's first standard, but Scripture yeah this could be the Scriptures. The Scripture says you will receive persecution because of never the nest that's the standard we have to have you wait up prayer and fasting may be something there or something.

Just a thought or try and see you in prayer with the elders and after – Pastor 10 with him to the best account stuff like son ordered me to face certain issues and the fortitude that it need that you need push through from them six years ago.

I know that but the okay to think about the prayer, fasting thing, talk to people to think think that anybody got publicly back in a week or two them and I are doing okay. If it fell apart often email okay, sounds good. Is sure okay let's get over to Kim from Seattle time.

Kim welcomed me on the ear is again.

I can barely hear you all the time like the you had you to tell you what wondering if you or develop. That's a competent question answered yes but the ultimate thing is what's really happening so you would need to be involved with the pastor, your church, and under care with Dr. because sometimes have meds that can help sometimes our brains are messed up born that way they can mess up and we can hear things that aren't really there could also be a real spiritual presence going on and decided between them practice what you have involved parties in the church is okay but times are like that. Tomorrow tomorrow and will talk come from Florida who call back tomorrow let's talk about that one for folks went on the Lord bless you by his grace that the model

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