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November 17, 2020 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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November 17, 2020 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can we know which denomination is giving us the correct interpretation of Scripture that the Holy Spirit intended---2- Can you explain why the trinitarian perspective is complete---3- Is Buddhism similar to Christianity- Can't there be truths in other religions---4- Should a Christian be involved in politics---5 What makes Jesus the one true God-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mass like why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research what is written found you have questions about Bible doctrine maps.

What why branches called in responding to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick show that slick of a girl have a good day to call as usual to do is delete 77207227 search of no callers waiting right now I do hope you will know as we get into the holidays.

It often slows down and that's okay with good questions and comments applicable regular talk about dues give me a call in for the podcast diversity is November 9, 2020. The we are working frantically to get the website going and overworking yourself to do. Look to see with the were converting the articles we wrecked 89% done almost 90% done today and I working frantically got to see people who are helping out converting articles to work now. What's happening is going to the place where more more work to do a few things, because the harder things are left over slowing down but that's okay were getting their use of this the hard work gets a detailed stuff files which is lost but that's okay. If you could please pray for us because we definitely definitely need a lot of prayer for this ministry is a lot of work and let people just don't realize that there's a lot of pressure involved with the and the various upgrades issues and things that can become problematic difficult this was. Ministry is like a job system are likely to call 877-207-2276. We also have three online schools. If you're interested in checking for schools. All you have to do is go to the right hand side of the page will find the.

The school link information, go to the homepage. Check it out and I really do urge people to come to secular theology, I was imagining a scenario I do the subtype of thinking about various things and was imagining going to Bible study and clinical Bible studies. The reason is a mess him up, and so on.

No Bible study into this before were good at studies and I can't say too much because the people get intimidated because I know this versus I know where this is correct this and correct that not try to both assist in the surprised sometimes accompany false doctrine, so many people teach and believe inside of the Christian Bible studies and so it was, but don't want to think about it recently is the case, there's a lot of false teachings out there.

They don't know the Scriptures that well most part a lot of pastors don't either. What pastors are just busy trying to know counsel sermon number eight in depth hundred soul problems in the existing pastor but we need a lot more than that. So these apologists well established doctrinal understanding and preaching and they were getting enough of it. But anyway, so this was think about put down in the light of that, if you want to learn the basics of the Christian faith, not just with the Trinity, but how they relate to the hypostatic union could be to cut you into bottom justification, imputation, sanctification why they are interrelated with white important. You can go to you can learn those terms.

You cannot go to the schools in the process of doing and we charge for the school security subject amount, please do. We also say that if you can't afford you want just let us know and we'll get you for free. We want to build lights on but want people to be able to get it to learn the truth and hopefully go to Bible studies as he went a minute, what about this is things like that. We need this, particularly the world today Boyd.

We need troops, not the sentimentality is watching some different palm white wife showed me just real idiocy change. This riff repetitive is repetitive over and over and is speaking in tongues repetitive stuff over and over and over and it was just just give us any right you just sound problematic, but he would helically through the logic you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is get to Ellen from Wisconsin Ellen here like both right and holy. We know the interpretation of Scripture. How can know all you Catholic. Okay let me tackle these to the magisterium first lay foundation for talk about a principal God, I would assume that you, you agree that God is the ultimate authority and everything okay and if he speaks the nature of his very speech is authoritative because that's just how it is. Would you agree would you agree that the Scriptures, the Bible is the inspired word of God. Everything in it is accurate and truthful and went with the records of the bad records of the good, but is accurately recording. It's all inspired right.

Kate is the Roman Catholic Church. A sacred tradition equal to the word of God equal is not, so that's good is not equal and that means that the Scriptures, because they reflect God's ultimate character the Scriptures and of the ultimate source of truth, not man's tradition right right okay in Roman Catholicism. They have to ultimate authorities there.

Their church authority/tradition in the Scriptures you can't have to ultimate authorities usually have one of the watch that ultimate they're not final, and so the Roman Catholic Church does is it submits its it submits the wood got to its authority, and it becomes the ultimate authority, the ultimate and because of this it will lead you astray because it does to submit itself to the word of God very clearly okay okay this is this is it also limited only to show you something because this is tied in place. I'm going to read some Scriptures to you to read two verses to you and Emma quote the catechism and have them given the interpretation stuff.

This is Romans 328 we maintained a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law. Justification is a legal declaration of righteousness. No approve that because in the next verse says in verse four, Romans 45 extrinsic but to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness to be justified is to have faith credit as righteousness to be justified need to be declared right. According to the law. This is by faith. The one who does not work but believes in him who justifies ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. You see that Romans were five when it is not work but believes in Greek the word for believes there is just 20 and in Greek the word for faith is to statistic the same word with the verb form was a noun form so we have you believe and have faith. But in English are different words but agree to the same verb form of the noun so it says what it does not work but believes in him justifies ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness believes his faith is credited as righteousness. So me ask you is his faith credit as righteousness when he believes or is it not when he believes quizzically, believes right to assess the catechism of the Catholic Church says you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments. So it adds work to salvation. It adds work to salvation therefore teaches a false gospel.

Here's a question for you. Are you willing to submit to the word of God over and above the authority self proclaimed authorities Roman Catholic Church which the candidate establishes being authoritative from the word of God, you will to submit to that authority. The word of God and affirm that your justification is by faith alone in Christ alone because the Roman Catholic Church denies it, because it has a tradition's tradition has gone in the way the gospel message itself to the Roman Catholic Church is not a true Christian church. It's an ancient false church. It's an ancient church that is false because the Bible clearly says what it says right here in original verse of the go.

Galatians 216. Nevertheless, knowing that a man is not justified by works of the law but through faith in Christ Jesus process, not by the law. The law is 613 commandments and indent laws love God and love your neighbor number 65 Leviticus 1918 as part of the law in Jesus quoted those for two verses in Matthew 2237 and 39 and then said in verse 40 that's the summation of the entire law. If the Bible says we maintained a man is justified by faith apart for the works of the law and needs apart from loving God and loving your neighbor do not justified before God because you love God you not justified before God because you love your neighbor justified before God, because you have faith in what Christ Jesus did. That's it. Roman Catholic Church is anathema. It's cursed teaches a false gospel yet, ask yourself this question. Are you seeking in any way to be justified by your works because that's what Roman Catholicism is offering.

Do you want to be justified before God by faith and faith alone in Christ alone or you will be justified by your faith and what you do in any way shape or form, whether it be the participation of the sacraments, because it will. The Catholicism of the sacraments are means of grace is infused into your soul. 1999 catechism is infused and when you sin you lose a little bit at infused grace you get to go to the Catholic Church. They get it back to you so they are in control of your salvation, not Jesus, to non-Christian religion rolled all site publicly without any shame that any doubt. The Roman Catholic Church is not a true Christian church is an apostate false church and all who believe in its official documents will end up going to hell.

This what happens.

I got stuff on on karma on the website of written over hundred 40 articles on Catholicism of the great deal of research and what it does is it submits the, the word of God Twitchell tradition says yet that authority to interpret the word that means the word has to be submitted to their authority. Therefore, they are the ones who are the ultimate people in control. Then the question becomes is you've asked how do you know which denomination interpreting Scripture properly using the same thing about the Catholic Church because that is during this time most things hold on what you never Please stay tuned folks right back after the mass Y call 77077 pairs mats like show everyone. Ellen, your reader all right so can I continue with you little but enjoys more stuff okay this with the Catholic Church says in paragraph 816 of the catechism of the Catholic Church for is through Christ Catholic Church alone, which is the universal help toward salvation. At the fullest of the means of salvation can be obtained with pointing to itself as the full means of salvation disappointed Jesus. Jesus has come to me, overregulated, and will give you rest.

This Jesus in every circumstance, each one of us should hope with the grace of God to persevere to the end and to obtain the joy of heaven as God's eternal reward for the good works accomplished with the grace of Christ proliferating 20 so our good works with God's grace gives us heaven, that heresy, we maintained a man is justified by faith apart the works of the law, the one who does not work but believes in him justifies ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. Nevertheless, knowing that a man is not justified by works of the law but through faith in Christ Jesus, that Scripture Roman Catholic Church Scripture is says and outscored summation here that which is in it says the word necessary in all these paragraphs word necessary for salvation necessary as there and includes the church which is necessary for salvation. Paragraph 846 baptism paragraph 1257 tendance 980 sacraments. 1129 service and witness of the faith. Paragraph 1816 people 10 Commandments.

2036 with 2070 a detachment from riches, 25, 56, there's no hope of salvation.

Catholicism works righteousness is to dislike the Colts Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses dislike Islam teaches you saved by your faith in God and what you do, your faithfulness, your ability that the descendents canceled when you believe in you baptizing things like that with me. Do you believe the Bible to believe the Bible there okay not the question amount per month Bible, how can a patient to comment on the no way of knowing for sure when language I sure have got what I could be reading about limited atonement doesn't affect your salvation the doctrine of salvation by faith in how do I know I'm kind. I don't think I'm trying.

How can I tell it like read the Scriptures do with the Scriptures yes to some market to preach epicondyle apartment nighttime can reduce classes to 13 when you were dead in your transgressions and the un-circumcision of your flesh, he made you alive together with him, having forgiven us all our transgressions, would you say that, he says he's forgiven us all transgressions. That's what it says. Would you agree, having forgiven us all the sunset of looking at it I'm reading it. Okay that's verse 13 verse 14 verse 13 says, having forgiven us all transgressions. Verse 14 having canceled out the certificate of debt for giving us your transgressions cancel the certificate that the certificate of debt.

What is that is has consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile to us to take in the way have a note of the cross so he for gave us our stellar transgressions which are sent. Having cancel of the certificate of debt would you agree that the other sin. Sin that's taken care of okay and when to take care of all the answers in the text. Having cancel of the certificate of debt that the sin debt, consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile towards you taken it out of the way, having nailed to the cross. When is ascendant removed. When you believe when you get baptized very good to hear your awesome.

There you go. So some church were to tell you that the sin that is canceled at your baptism with a be right or wrong. I do not know they be wrong about it is Mark 1616. It also says those who do not believe will not be saved. Okay, so the issue is unbelief right you never find any place it says baptism saves you except first Peter 321 which is corresponding to the fact, baptism now saves you, not the removal of dirt in the flesh for the field clean conscience before God, according to what were starting to what is what came before. That's when Noah entered the ark, the flood came and destroyed the people corresponding that baptism now saves you.

So what saved Noah was at the ark of the flood is the ark responded to that is no safe you they enter the ark by faith is not the baptism of water it saves you with an appeal to God for clean conscience justified by faith that the Bible says without a ceremony.

Without the University works rooms for five masking do you want to earn your salvation in any way shape or form by your faith and what you do not are you sure sure what you want is at your justified by faith alone in Christ alone. You can't add anything with her be baptism or sacraments are sincerity or honesty or integrity. Whatever it is, none of those things can contribute your salvation. Would you agree or not agree God I got that. But by faith is what I said and said grace I would justified by faith alone in Christ alone, apart from anything that we do with her. Be sincere, desires, prayers, baptism, sacraments, or anything by faith alone in Christ alone. Is it not by faith alone in Christ alone and I do not know what how would I give you a little bit of homework you call me back tomorrow talk about it some more like you to read Romans three, four and five just Romans 345 okay and what I want to do this is to pay attention to justification. Forgiveness of sins in their see how Paul the apostle teaches its accomplished because yet understand something that what you're flirting with his or her own righteousness seeking to be justified before God by faith in Galatians chapter okay do the homework going tomorrow all right. It was eligible.

Pray for her. The true gospel we write back after these messages. Mats like why call 770-7276 charismatic slave to the shorter one, hope you're enjoying it with Jase from Minnesota just welcome your on your site. I am in college and Harry why you're a polytheist is not the conversation on the defiantly coming from your polytheist right.

I just wanted verify that the yet to fit okay mean me and I'll shoot you a notion calculating and that major argument. I'm on anyway, the conversation I'm looking for and I hope that I.

He recently got shaken by the that that's the Covidien help can get my question at when I look at. I look I look at Christianity from the snake, not and when I try to look at me. I feel like the first of this question to be entering light, but I feel like the training.

The training tank expected it to be only logical rational conclusion you can receive. But I don't feel like you'd like there's morning and Mike made you believe that you can't expect you make justified light all in. And maybe why are there. It can be accredited all will sure to see what the policy is the perspective you don't have any ultimate source of truth without any ultimate source of truth. You can't know if anything is true. The only way to know if anything is ultimately true is if you have a nap than standard or source by which you can judge what is true and polytheism by default would necessitate that there are many sources of truth, many, many gods different levels and types, and you would know which is true, which is not or anything so it's a self refuting kind of the system and with it in your worldview can't know if anything is true so it's it just refutes itself.

If God was a single person from all existence. Okay then that would mean that from forever ago.

He did not participate in the attributes of personhood in the respective fellowship and intimacy awareness of others love being able to see you and yours and me in mind these are attributes of person which she would not of been able to apprehend free for forever.

How, then, is he a person and then when creation occurs in meetings occurred.

This is personhood in nature changed is problematic from the perspective. If you have a dual idea of who God is, say father and a son. When you have a problem. I will go about this quickly, but you would have a fundamental part of the nature of the duality being submitted is impersonal, namely the X the exchange of love, intimacy, fellowship itself would be inanimate things that would be a fundamental part of God's nature would be inanimate and that's a problem because selected to establish problems with the opening of all that right now is Trinitarian sense the father-son Holy Spirit which is the biblical revelation of God himself. You must understand that all revelation of God is analogical, which means that God will reveal himself in a way that we can relate to is definitely perfect because he's infinite were finite. He's everywhere. We are not. So what he's going to do is reveal himself. The only way to know the infinitely true God as if he reveals himself to us.

We cannot reach up into heaven to bring him down to sickness and what he's like, we can only observe the fingerprints of his creation in the Trinitarian form that around us, we can see the analogy found in his self revelation, the word of God and in the incarnation of Jesus Christ. All this is found course of the Scriptures. The Bible and soak in the chair had with not that night. I don't get a great drinking expected. I think it the only lot nearly 8 and underground throughout the bat that Andrew Antonelli laid can't have that. You cannot have for terrorism theological position and you be a polytheist because her mutually exclusive. You can use Matt. I respect your position.

I'm thinking I look at it from an agnostic edition if I guy my product back to myself in position I was a Christian, what would be the best, respective identity Islamic that the thing you booted did the same with every faith I could possibly get reader agnosticism is a problem because he knew agnosticism. You have no ultimate source of truth.

Therefore, you cannot justify your knowledge of anything including your own agnosticism. It leads to skepticism without the Christian Trinitarian necessity who is by definition a necessary being only through the Trinitarian God. Can we then make sense of anything around us.

Your polytheist in a self refuting an agnosticism which is a form of atheism means that you're saying that all the evidence around all the facts and all the actualities around you. Don't lead to God that I have asked you how you justify that everything that you experienced just denies God's existence and would make sense for you can try to begin to answer the question.

Can Tammy and Mike respected my hold on. I would actually have to sit down you go in. Conversation with my do that I might more about the Trinitarian perspective. I still we understand that there is a split in the early church fathers understand that there was a separation orthodoxy on Catholic Church and then there is that that the Roman Catholic Church and all the branch how would you say that. So what you think that the Orthodox Church had Bad thing. I do think they both lead to health health think that behind to hell because both of them teach that works are necessary for salvation. They both teach a false gospel.

The Bible is the self revelation of God and it clearly is a previous caller showed clearly teaches that justification by faith alone in Christ alone, not by faith and works. So both of those groups teach works are necessary for salvation. So therefore both of them are false both.

Both of them fail, and the reason they fail because they don't submit the final authority of God's word. They have thrown authority they want their own ultimacy and want to submit the word of God to them because they have yet to have authority to interpret what a God that means that the word of God is submitted to their authority.

They can justify their authority for the word of God as being true to to contradict the word of God. Both of those systems are false. Your polytheism is falls only the Christian Trinitarian God makes any sense of anything. You must repent of your polytheism to come to faith in Jesus Christ. He was, and it is a great everything, something so one of my eye. About Christianity in my study, and when I look at Christianity from a theological perspective which would be looking at the structure things and how things work in combination, we can stay here and we can. We have all the all the different branches by I don't get I don't get how people I don't one of the questions that indicate glad that he packed up in the meeting booted them and and basically not atheistic, and by spiritual Buddhism and Christianity thought that I've heard that claim that I is a musician in Buddhism is just another road to eternal damnation. Confucianism, Islam, all of them, Jesus says, either way, the truth and the life. Nobody comes in father but by me. John 14 six he is that final revelation of God's all of them are false because Jesus said so. He alone is where the truth the life and make sense of the infinitely knowledgeable God deeply powerful God is to reveal himself to us. He could do in three ways through creation to it through writing special revelation through do it through an incarnation and incarnation, which is the. The apex of the revolution. It revelation of God's creation is just there.

The written word is not him incarnate, but it is the spoken word and inspired and written, and then he becomes one of us. That's the person of Jesus is the highest form of revelation of God and you must trust in what Christ said without your trusting in Christ alone. What he said you will be lost to this what Jesus said you need to repent and come to faith in Christ beyond their yeah I am nine. A larger denying the true God. Your polytheism to the true God poisoned and it yet you so my life I think you really want your opinion on what is your this is a common client has a apologetic okay what he did it take and what he just got a call back is because the colors would break like no call back in line will tackle that okay. I would enjoy gas itself. Call back okay okay right back after these messages, please state to the max Y call 770-7276 pairs. Matt slick back to show everyone 072276 herb from Charlotte North Carolina welcoming earlier.

Immigrated to be involved in politics absolutely yes unequivocally yes yes yes. The rating probably public schools are controlled by poet there in the public school teacher to know God.

There is no God elimination down a Christian should be seeking to get educated is best level that they can in order to go into businesses and or politics in order to be salt and light in the world. They should be lawyers, and aim to be judges, they should work very hard and very very sad. There hello Eric. I said Christians should work to get educated and go in to legal fields and in political fields and they should also seek to get involved in the into the entertainment media as well as the leftist wacko agenda news media and gradually move it over to Lisa centrist position and I believe my opinion is churches are large enough should not only support missionaries. They go outside the country but also should support individuals who want to go to college and or graduate school in order to get an education in order to go into politics and that that is just as good a means of support to pay their bills so that they can go do these kinds of things and get in become Christians inside a political environment.

I think churches are big enough to afford it should do that, among other things. Okay well okay.

However, it will factory it out of the illusionist. I got out of vote that they should be speaking pulp politics in the pulpit, the pastors who don't want to do that are saying that there's an area of the world that doesn't belong to Jesus Christ. Jesus is Lord over all.

Not just some of the things that these the kind of pastors that are out there saying no we don't do politics, the pulpit, I tell you if I was a pastor again.

I would be preaching politics the pulpit all the time but when it came up to it I be saying things like, you can't vote as a good Christian you can't vote for anybody who's very pro-homosexual and pro abortion. If you do then if I find out of the bar you from the table thing communion because you can't support anybody who would support those things which are directly against Scripture. The evolution of the grace Scripture with you was that teaching evolution is very good Scripture to well there are a fixed chapter 7 chapter 6 verse seven report dictation your child about God day and night. Yes it is. But in this secular school. We can't dominate and tell them what they can can teach. I have no problem with evolution being taught is longest taught accurately and fairly, because then you'd have the evidence against it presented and there's plenty of evidence against it. Plenty it's not your particular it's a religious community.

Good work God that are communicated through the church after high school. You will also also because the pastors and teachers are teaching them stuff mom and dad don't know what to do at home.

You know you can't go to church for 1/2 hour on a Sunday and think that that's good to solve these to be done. This doesn't happen like that, you know I got answering pastor thinking that if you ever get everything out of the public school.

Well I don't know about that, but that's an attack on America got it. They got involved in politics there could do it well, that's a deeper topic. I have no problem with varying views being taught when they're taught completely. If evolution theory was taught completely along with the counter evidence it wouldn't stand for very far over the first everyone very thought of the fact downright large and it's a problem arbitrable. God bless thank served okay appreciate it. Throughout okay, let's get to Robert Bechtel from Texas over there though welcoming earlier. Hello hello young man, we got got a question and not very first of I really enjoy your bobcat watch all the time that I don't know me but that she faced some interesting stuff that good but I would not question it about back it mentioned that they like about a minute ago you while on the amount of the one though Christian. My question is our oneness. If your oneness you creat your false conference can mean just telling you believing a false God to deny the true God, and a lot of activism because your oneness. You did not indicate a trend area that many a lot of that none because you deny the doctrine of the Trinity deny the true living God, you have substituted a false God for the true God. In the 11 that person God is not the God of Scripture and so you believe in a false God, so that mixing idolatry cannot say.

None of true comfort can make God.

What makes Jesus got the likelihood that the heat went on.

Jesus is is one person with two distinct natures. The divine nature and the human nature. Colossians 29 teaches us that Philippians 2528 teaches this. This is well Jesus is but the oneness God is not the God of the Bible.

So because I love you said that the job because you believe in a false God. I will make the one true God. Okay that you're asking the wrong question you're asking the wrong question.

Nothing in the Bible says Jesus is the one true God is the wrong question. The right question is who is God, according to his own revelation and the answer is that he's a Trinitarian being the father the son and the Holy Spirit. They each are called God they speak to each other.

They speak of others they so you and yours and me in mind. That's exactly what personhood is and there's three of them, hence one God in 36 that's the biblical view you don't have the biblical view you have a false view. You believe in a different God than I do all we can go into that. But the question what about that okay with you? The question what say it acts 238) and the in the name of Jesus Christ for the care that they shall receive the gift, what is the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit and what is for that one effect that it is the definitely received the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives gifts as is the gift of the Holy Spirit. So what is the gift of the Holy Spirit was give flow from it. Well, it has an outlet familiar with the answers found there, and I do next 10 while Peter was still speaking these words Holy Spirit fell upon all those who were listening to the message of the circumcised believers computer remains because the gift of the Holy Spirit in the import of the Gentiles also further hearing them speaking with tongues, and consulting God. So what is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Yet, speaking in tongues resulting God care is the charismatic manifestation.

When you go to acts 238 repent each of you be baptized into Jesus Christ for the surgery said you shall receive the Holy Spirit.

Here it's baptism, then you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit next 10 you see the get the Holy Spirit then you get baptized. So which one is when you want to go with which order you want to go with what I don't think it's fair then I think it may get baptized and I think it is an attainable it can be that they get this one is called as teaching you to start.

If the when the scope okay you are doing as though they're true or not true at your first mistake.

We ask you at 238 is that a formula for salvation is so yeah okay then why is faith not mentioned in X2 38 lines faith faith is a form is necessary, but white water lines faith that is not a formula is it you.

Your experiment or study a that okay and I like that you have or to legal cartels alienate 30 acts 238 the oneness come to me all the time.

This exact verse. I know it well. I asked him is that verse and for the for salvation they say yes. I asked him why faith is actually an adverse then they backpedal if it was of formula for salvation, wise faith not mentioned that's a question what you are doing what you're doing well as your adding a work to salvation, she can have a false God, and a false gospel. You also the false Christ. This is why you believe what you do you don't believe in justification by faith. You believe in justification by baptism you add works.I got a question required your you're just telling you that your area you are an unbeliever, God grants. We believe lipids, 129 you are not a true converts if you die right now I don't want that to happen. Of course, you will face eternal damnation because you deny the true living God in you at work to salvation your and occult right.

All right move along because I told you. And folks, we don't have time to get the rest of the callers. Let me tell you that this is exactly what it means to be brainwashed and non-Christian colts and say something and they don't hear it. They don't respond to it that you ignore it dismissed going to something else I go on to their agenda. They go on to the just the rote inculcation that they been brainwashed with the just repeated. There is no thought, there is no examination.

This is what the cost of all of what is because it is a Volkswagen, the Lord bless you by his grace

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