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God's Answer to Anger | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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December 2, 2021 7:00 am

God's Answer to Anger | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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December 2, 2021 7:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers shows us God’s answer to anger, found in Proverbs 19.


Goal: listen to Adrian Rogers, personal involvement in the sweet little us that we could get angry. Did you know that it's all right to be angry because Jesus was moved with anger, you can be angry and sin not for Jesus Christ was without sin. What I'm trying to tell you ladies and gentlemen, as you can be good and may welcome to love line featuring the convicting truth of the gospel, found in the practical messages Adrian Rogers are one of today's message God's answer to anger. We learned that if we can't control her temper. We risk wrecking our lives and destroying your testimony. If we don't control suddenly condemn sinful anger and conquer stubborn anger, it will control condemn and conquer us, but there is a sanctified anger. We are instructed to channel as Jesus did in Mark chapter 3, turning your Bible now to Proverbs chapter 19 verse 11 as Adrian Rogers reveals God's answer to anger. Proverbs chapter 19 in verse 11 the discretion of a man is aimed that is a smart fella not quick to get mad. The discretion of a man furthers anger and it is his glory to pass over a transgression. The king's wrath is as a roaring lion, but his favor is, as they do upon the grass God's answer danger as somebody said that anger is an asset that destroys its container. Sudden anger is to be control. That is if you're a person who pride yourself and having a short few, you better be careful now when you get angry, dear friend.

There is so much that you got to lose you can lose your job you can lose your friends as you children your wife. You lose your help may lose a few teeth you can lose your testimony is nothing more debilitating your Christian testimony like that you just fly off the handle.

Now the Bible tells us here that we are deferring. That is, sudden anger is to be control out-of-control is all you have to confess that a lot of us are just like to admit.

We getting on a Christian I am not mad I mean we sweet little dear little us that we can getting close we and so the very first thing we must do is confess by the way, if you repress it rather than confess it illegal contraband map is a very first thing you need to do is to confess it and then the second thing you need to do you consider you say I'm getting upset that you need to consider and say what is it Lord that is making me upset look to Proverbs chapter and verse 29 here for moment. Chapter 14 verse 29 he that is slow to wrath is of great understanding you see when you don't get angry right away or when you feel his anger coming you just kind of confessing to the Lord and say now, Lord, show me you will show he that is slow to wrath is of great understanding you need to analyze what it is is making you angry. They don't all have to confess it, consider control is identical only if you can let you this, something comes over me. I can't control myself yes you can. Yes you can also has been widely and when these family discussions can be heard. About two blocks away and they will just be at one another's throat and the phone will ring hello tell me you can't turn it on and turn it off. You can ride you know as I pass you know, 902. I'm telling you folks, all is a lot of excuses to say that we can control can control what we can control and we better learn out-of-control at Proverbs chapter 29 and verse 11 flu letter that is mine but a wise man keeps the lack you keep just about everything. A wise man can control it everywhere with him about God's way to help welcome wisdom.

So what I'm trying to say is if you find that first class of anger over and over and over again in the book of Proverbs and in other places in the Bible. The Bible says that we are to control something that we have a chance confess considerate and contain all right now look.

Sudden anger is to be control. Secondly, sinful anger is to be condemn why we defer anger as our text tells us to do. Why is it that we are slow that we might find out whether it is righteous anger sampling if it is sinful anger is to be condemn is to be dealt with harshly is to be repudiated is to be repented. I don't treat anger, unjustified anger, sinful anger as weakness is not weakness. It is wickedness. One thing that God will not accept for sin. It is an alibi. By the way, what is sinful anger when I want to say without a car knowing Jesus at inception angry with his brother without a cause to be in danger of hell fire. Anger without a call that a something else that is sinful anger is anger that is centered in a person rather than anger that is centered on an offense sinful anger is anger that burns and desires remain all right. Sudden anger is to be control sinful anger is to be condemn, now's stubborn anger is to be conquered now. The Bible goes on to say in our textbook at again if you will hear in the Proverbs chapter 19 the discretion of Amanda Firth is anger and it is his glory to pass over transgression. What a glorious victory. It is when we learn the Passover transgression. That is to forgive and get a something little seemed be able to do that. You see you not to be copied by anger God wants you to be victorious. Now how you going to do it. Ephesians chapter 4 verse 26 be angry and sin not let not the sun go down upon your wrath and I hear talk about stubborn anger again when you let the sun go down upon your ring. That is when you live with during the husbands and wives get into an argument and then rather than kneeling by the bed and getting right with God getting right with one another. You go to bed. Back to back pain you let the sun go down upon your what you've done. You open the door. Olson foot hood and what you've done is this you said that will come in and write my home now let me show you how the devil works when you open the door, you let the sun go down upon your wrath and you come in. The devil has six this is going to destroy you with this matter of stubborn anger that I'm talking about beginning verse 31 when Ephesians 431 let all bitterness, one, and wrath to remainder three and clamor for an evil speaking five people away from you, with all malice.

Six those of the six days six.

The number remain. And when you open the door to the devil you let the sun go down upon your wrath. That is, sudden anger becomes stubborn anger measure what happened. First of all he talked about bitterness here. What is bitterness bitterness is that feeling of resentment when somebody does your wrong and you get better in your heart. Now the Bible in the book of Hebrews calls this a router bit in dealing with your long waiting a long time give them the lineup. So Jim dealt with at rascal because the room is down there and there is that root of bitterness and it gets in there and you began to feel hurt now, what happens to bitterness.

Well the next thing is the next word he uses here is that step number two but were wrath come from the Greek word means you get all hot about you get all hot and bothered and then look at the third step.

The third word is anger now wrath speaks of that which is on the inside. But anger speaks of that which is only outside and the Greek word for anger here means that which is open and outward.

It is outward hostility now as that the smoldering rags that are in the attic of the mind now burst into flame the maven better for quite a while. We may be doing the slow burn for quite a while and then just the right catalyst happened and that is same. That's the third step. This is outward now and is active now and then. That's followed by number four clamor.

Now the Lord clamor as the idea being vocal being live and maybe tears, but most often it is shouting that clamor turns the evil speaking, then when we hear ourselves talking that way and open hostility breaks out. Then we start to say things we never really meant meant that evil speaking, does one turns to malice, no analysis as when you're hurt somebody or you can do for us to hurt them with words I do is not one of his had been at one time another you say pastor that's exactly the way work chores. You only some psychologist to take God's word is already here.

Does exactly what the devil wants to do harm is the hardest to write as directors to destroy us to destroy testimony. What I'm saying is this that sudden anger is to be control. They have a chance to think it through sinful anger is to be condemn immediately. Stubborn anger is to be conquered well number one you must recognize you've got to trace it back is why my such an angry person and you got to go back to find out where the missing because I don't care how much you pick off the tops of those vandalizing roots of their you're going to have to get down to the root of the matter and analyze Toyota recognize it admitted confessing and then secondly you got repent now. This verse says in verse 31 let all bitterness and wrath and anger, and evil speaking, put away from you. Are you willing to put it away if you not willing to put it away, just forget does not, you can whine and cry all that you put it away. The Greek word for Christmas but annoy me to change my means. I'm sick of it I had done with it. I don't want I don't want I choose against it and what you suggested that you now you must recognize that you must repent, recognition, repent, and then repudiation you must repudiate the devil.

I may kick him out. You gave a play something that you can have it, you will have a place in my life and in my home and in my family. You go in the name of Jean. I give you boys not taking it back in the blood of Jesus Christ his claims that place and out you go. Bible says resist that we one flee from you to command out in the name of Jesus and then rely rely upon the Holy Spirit of God. Now the Bible says here grieve not the Holy Spirit whereby you see you of the day of redemption that is in verse 30 the Holy Spirit of God is there. He's going to give you the power to do what look in verse 33 to be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you dictator friend.

We better get into Ephesians chapter 4 we better get a proper learn how to deal with this thing stubborn anger, so I've been angry for a long time. Your husband hurt you sometime long time ago and you been nursing a fever feeding a grad credit not worth not worth what were saying here.

Let's go back to our text again where saying that number one son anger to be control we say number two that sinful anger is to be condemn with a number three that start running is to be conquered and number four sanctified anger is to be channeled digital is something that I want to call sanctified anger. Did you know that it's all right to be angry remember what Scripture said that I just read you. Ephesians chapter 4 verse 26 what is a site being being be angry was last time you obey that command Whiteman be angry and sin not there is an anger that is not a sinful anger at all. If anger is sinful and Jesus was a samurai because Jesus was moved with anger, like if you will please in Mark chapter 3 just turn through a now Mark chapter 3 and he that is, Jesus entered again into the synagogue and there was a man there which had a withered hand and they were watched him. That is, the Pharisees watched him whether he heal him on the Sabbath day that they might accuse him.

And he said to the man which had with an handstand for any set under them. That is the Pharisees, is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath days of the newly say why 40 kill and they held their peace and when he had looked around about all them and being greedy for the hardness of their hearts, he said unto them, and stretch forth thine hand, and he stressed out in his hand was restored whole as the others in the Pharisees went for the straightway took counsel with the Herodian's against him, how they might destroy him. That Jesus was moved with anger, and he was moved with anger the right thing you can be angry and sin not for Jesus Christ was without sin.

What I'm trying to tell you ladies and gentlemen, as you can be good and man you can be good and may you can be angry and sin not Jesus was moved with pain for some things that only name that I think something wrong, Jesus anger was the attitude of these Pharisees taught that paralyzed man.

There was a man that beat me, but it where other people were filled with selfishness and pride and arrogance and self-seeking. What do they have against Jesus. It was not primarily because Jesus was teaching what was teaching the problem was not theological it was personal. But Jesus was doing was as we would say that he was eating their lunch. I knew all the people and bragging on them and following them and and preening all Mammon.

All of these things, they had cheap places and so and now the crowd going after Jesus and they were filled rotten in that was the problem.

They were filled with selfishness and pride and self-seeking and they cared not for people who were hurting is a little half pipe preacher named Channing. He weighed hundred 20 pounds. He said when I get mad.

I weigh a ton things are stirring move veggies.

Jesus never got angry when somebody harm him and never find Jesus retaliate with people did things that Jesus, he was not moved with anger, and he never got angry, even with a name into the calls. But Jesus was moved with anger, righteous indignation when he saw the people being missed you and abuse, righteous anger. This anger is not primarily at the person, but at the injustice.

It is anger, not primarily at the center, but at the scene what you say now that's fancy footwork you can be angry at sin without being angry at the center. Oh yes you can you can love the sinner and still be angry the same intention sure she can know how I know because I get angry at me and I love my wife is nearly angry to shoot it. We had angry ourselves. What I do as nonresident, yet you love you as a matter fact, the reason that you love you is why you getting and it was a law that motivated the Lord Jesus Christ sometimes angers love. Clearest expression, but we need to be careful.

You see that real anger, righteous anger, godly anger is not getting even with somebody is not trying to do somebody harm is righteous indignation that does not sin, and real godly anger, pay attention now comes at the right time is expressed in the right way and it is against the right thing righteous anger to be channeled. I would to God that we would not just have so much rhetoric about the things that are wrong in our world. We get angry about the injustices that we see the do something about this man of God.

The people in the city that if they were to get angry in the right way they get rid of pornography in the city was out in Wonderland embarrassment when talking to Rhonda to stir you up to act ugly. I'm just trying to stir you up at night Christian beautifully is a fast. That's what we pay you for.

You get a fine line we behind utilize drop your blood test this Frank you get a city where people get righteously and as one more all the laws of the book we asked about what is happening and we get angry the right time for the right reason is the right thing in the right way saddening is to be control sinful anger is to be condemn stubborn anger is to become sanctified anger is to be channel got you to help us when we let the love of stir is a will take the stand for those who bring harm and those who bring her look again if you will please in Proverbs chapter 19 look in verse 12. If you will you not a Christian. You say you don't know if you died right now you go to heaven you will in verse 12, the king's wrath is as the roaring ally, but his favorite is as the dual pomegranates. Now the King of Kings, veggies. He's a line of product to you can face his wrath.

If you want to or you can have his favor if you want you all the king's favor by good due on the morning grass sweet gentle loving for defying life-giving you can have will be saved today. Not face the wrath of God became dry when you can be saved by receiving Christ as your personal Savior and Lord. Listen to your not going be able to conquer anger, or anything else of the Christ on the inside is not victory over the devil you need is the victor of the devil, the Lord Jesus Christ and having Christ on the inside and you know whatever you feel with lots bills out to Jocelyn that Ryan you will know what you feel with this.

He was bills out when you jostle you feel when Jesus somebody just as you, Jesus is spilling soul is to bad you need to be say born-again born from above to be saying means that every sin is forgiven to be saying means that Jesus Christ now is in your heart be saying means when you die. Are you saying if your answer to that question today is no or I'm not sure you want to surrender to Jesus right now.

Would you pray something like this from your heart got in heaven. I know that I'm a sinner I'm separated from you because of that sin your holy and I'm not right now. I want to put my full trust, faith and hope in what Jesus did on the cross for me.

I believe he lived a sinless life. He died in my place on that cross.

And he rose again to new life so that I could spend eternity with you. I fully trust in his sacrifice for me today come into my life change me from the inside out.

I pray in Jesus name, amen. What you prayed to receive Christ just now.

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Is there a sudden, sinful, stubborn anger in your life that's controlling you recognize repentant and rebuke the enemy so you can live righteously and protect her test. Join us next time. For more from Adrian Rogers right arm. Love, Alyssa wrote recently.

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