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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 28, 2017 4:40 pm

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 28, 2017 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/28/17.

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Well I'm ready with the answers. Waiting for your questions.

Let's do it. You got questions. We got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I was in the car with Nancy and and I remembered something.

Our younger daughter Megan is in her late 30s. Now married with two wonderful teenage kids and which is little girl. She asked me a question about some kind of bug or flyer part of whatever it wasn't and I know I do know the answer. So then I saw her write down the question and a little piece of paper and she put it in her pocket where the skinny little legs of the skin little jeans a little little vague and she she wrote the question down, put in a pocket asked what she was doing she said moment Jesus comes Schultz Alaska on the would have those genes into that piece of paper that their whole Lotta questions will get to ask the Lord and in eternity. And I imagine a whole lot more questions will come up forever and ever, ever, in the adventures in which God sends us, but right now will do our best to answer your questions.

Here's the call 86634 Michael Brown hear your joyful voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Any question of any kind in any area of expertise. I have a before I go to the phones.

Here's a question from Naseem hi am 21 years old got saved less than a year ago. Your goal listening to people on YouTube like Paul washer etc. recently, my life has radically changed I would start to obey Jesus and read his word and grow in holiness.

So Naseem then explains how he began to share with his mother about various quote false teachers they should be Christian leaders with different emphases and their message may be an overemphasis on prosperity or faith or something which Naseem understood to actually be false teachers and the question came up in discussion with him as much about tongues, which she felt were demonic and now he's he's wondering. Well maybe the spirit of God is working through some of these charismatic men that I've labeled false teachers that I thought the tongues was demonic and now I'm wondering, have I committed the unforgivable sin that is Naseem's question art Naseem speech you plainly and clearly no no no is a sincere young man trying to follow Jesus and perhaps speaking a little rashly in a little bit beyond your knowledge. You said something she shouldn't said they were done in ignorance.

In other words, if you did speak wrongly about someone in the Lord. If you did speak wrongly about a gift of the spirit. If tongues in fact offer today as I believe they aren't scripturally and experientially. If you spoke against these things you did it ignorantly, not knowingly, God forbid Naseem that you would know that this was the Holy Spirit that you would know that someone was a man or woman of God and that knowingly you would speak. Yes, you wouldn't do that because you love the Lord you want to please himself. Be at peace.

Don't worry that you somehow committed the unforgivable sin of blaspheming the spirit of attributing the works of the spirit to the devil. Paul said in first Timothy one that he receive mercy from God. He went he was a blasphemer, he persecuted believers was a violent man but he said he received mercy because he acted ignorantly and in unbelief. God is incredibly patient and loving and kind.

He's not there with a big stick. Waiting for one. Ronald Tolman is going to get you that's not how he is he is holy and he is righteous and he is just and their consequences for send God's desire in heart is to bless us to do good to his people as we honor and follow him.

Here's the one word of advice I give you.

Yes, there is error in the body. Yes, there are false teachers masquerading as true preachers.

Yes, there were abuses of things that purport to be gifts of the spirit and really are not.

Don't make that your major focus in crusade right make your major focus growing in the Lord. Getting closer to Jesus becoming more and more like him and winning others Jesus and let others right now might some of the heresy battles the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us 74 Michael Brown delighted to be with you. Be sure to check out my latest articles and videos. What you see happening in the world around you. You're frustrated about this. I don't agree about this hate. Let me be your voice were probably addressing these things in writing on video on the radio broadcast in this way you can share them with your friends go to asked Dr. Brown a SK DR when you there. Just look for latest articles, videos search our digital library. It's a great database with thousands of hours of material they are all free for you and be sure to sign up for our weekly E blast their informative they're helpful. Just go to asked Dr. Brown's O'Rourke and when you're there, sign up for the E list and I got a free e-book to send you a fascinating e-book, seven secrets of the real Messiah. All right let us go to the phones and will start in Canada, Nova Scotia, Graham, welcome to the line of fire background. Hey, I really your ministry. My wife and I and direct our family near her family recently lacked the Jehovah's Witness organization that yeah I would say that the debate that you did with James White against Anthony buzzard at played a key role for me in beginning to accept the deity of Christ on it.

I creation that I'm so glad to hear that Graham how long were you and your wife and Jehovah's Witnesses were both very third-generation really so great where's Lauren and at end yeah now have have you come to a place where you can look back at Jehovah's Witnesses, not just wrong, doctrinally, but as not bringing you into a relationship with the living God, and now on the other side looking at having a relationship with the living God, yeah, I went directly to her. I mean, we really just from reading the Bible the New Testament we started to realize how how beautiful gifts.

We have been in the sacrifice of Jesus and the free gift of grace.

Nothing really new to the Bible way to earn it. That's really remarkable and one is an idea that you can trust alone in Jesus for salvation and you don't have to worry about rule keep paying our listening to the governing body or whatever. It's been really refreshing thank thank God that is so good to you, held in can what that how old you children. We have asked for your all than a one month old so you get them started the right way.

Now let me ask one other question Graham and it's so good to hear this in a mature, pass this on to Dr. White and an a for those listening and watching grants, referring to a debate that Dr. White and I did a few years back. It was on Jewish voice broadcast and it was against Anthony buzzard Mr. Joseph good and the question was is is Jesus, the eternal son of God or is he just a glorified man and I was asked to do this debate and needed a partner said hey Dr. White lives in Phoenix were coworkers. Let's do it so was the first time regular team together on something. And amazingly we been looking to debate any any two guys for many years on and any of the subject of rough running takers. But Graham from the inside. You were you raised in this we we relate to Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on doors and being zealous in and of course using a strange translation of the Bible and having some very odd beliefs and things like that that you are very devoted and hard-working. Is there some type of legalistic pressure on you to be devoted and hard-working as a Jehovah's Witness. Oh yeah and you ever want to how to have a chat about occur for a long time or couple our David, I'd be willing to do it, but yeah for sure.

There, the pressure, so I would been a ministerial servant would you like a deacon and if you if you aren't spending at least 10 hours a month knocking on doors you get taken aside and talk to about about your numbers so that in the record. You have to record how many hours you spent on some every month you can turn that in. In this accountability with that.

Oh yeah, and it's not that you record the number of pieces of literature your place. A number of people you talk to so it's it's pretty yet that point legalistic and I mean that's that's considered a benchmark of your spirituality so any any position within the organization. That's pretty much the first thing they're gonna look at if you're to be promoted to be an elder or minstrel servant for your applying for some kind of special school committed missionary school or something they're gonna look at your your permanent service are kept on a permanent file and in what was what was your best hope in other words, since she didn't have the hope of eternal life.

Since she didn't have the assurance that if you were to die you the string to the presence of God didn't have the assurance that your sins were forgiven. Of course, is not a license to sin.

It's it's it's an incentive to holiness but didn't have assurance that you knew that you knew that your sins were forgiven and that you are right relationship with God. If you were to die, you'd be with him immediately.

So what was your best hope. What were you working towards what we were hoping for a lot of winter. Don't think about that. My but I mean that hope is to live forever on. I think how would you like that and that you have. How would you go about securing that that that link not like it not possible in this life right okay or witness your your your forever, you're bound to that the decrees of the watchtower, regardless of how those back up again. The Bible or your content planning like you have certainly gave Jacob a blood transfusion you get kicked out of the organization like running off today flip-flop the number of times on on doctrines that are life or death matter I mean right between 1967 in 1981 accepting organ transplant with a fellow shipping offense so that they had been okay and then you know whatever whatever spirit is directing the organization is not God's spirit decided that now this was going to be a fellow shipping offense and then since 1981 or so it's been back to their way of running that kind of thing you're expected to obey another rule of men rather than the word of God.

When I first came to faith read the book by follow-up within the first few years and I was a believer called 30 years, a watchtower slave and he went way back. Early on in the organization when they were getting ready for the return of Jesus in 1914 and he was wondering if everything was good. And why were they expanding their printing capability sent different things like that event course let it happen literally that I have a spiritual interpretation and all these kinds of crazy things.

But yeah, for me what's always been the saddest. It's got people working so hard and without the hope of eternal life. You're just being faithful slaves to make it into the millennial kingdom and somehow earn their way in and I remember Graham some years back. Two guys came knocking on my at my door. We were living in a little rental than in a small community and to Jehovah's Witnesses and one was in training so he was even newer things. So of course I knew what they believed in fundamental error but I want to smash them with theological debate and the update. I let them give their patch and then I talked about my own relationship with God and knowing God having eternal life and being with him forever in intimacy with him and knowing him as father and my sins are forgiven.

What a joy to live for him and the power to live a holy life in all of this and I said so what are you offering me that I don't have and that when the trainee got well it's it's all about hope for the future euros can the world is getting a bad of it was so. And I felt so bad for the normally weather coming by knowing the weather is hot and in their euro. The guys a long sleeve shirts and student silence like hobbies. These poor guys but knowing what's behind it even more in the legalism and that the lack of life makes it all the more said Graham.

I thank you sir for calling.

I'm thrilled to hear your story. That if you wife if you want to shoot us a note that I can pass on to Dr. White you can do through the website asked Dr. Brown the Lord but God bless you and wonderful fruit and life ahead for you on your journey with your family. Thanks surfer calling in 866342 let us go to Joel in Lake Isabella California. Thanks for calling the line of fire.

You doing well thank you sir, thank you for helping me stay up late but I would think about three or four look cool. How have the painting go. Did you stay on track. It look good. I'm in your out there in California, but I probably wasn't much behind. You can sum a late night person even even nominees and standard so glad to keep you company while you paint you did the hard part. I did the fun part. But thank you all talking about Devon 3135 the other day.

Okay are partnering. What hair think the children of the people of this generation to like children are in the street. They say we play the dirge and didn't mourn the food and you didn't answer I can say what we got. We have right here we have Rachel got just a short while to go back to painting. I if you need to be back here momentarily and will finish off quest, the right that her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred the questions we've got answers phone lines open 86634878841 go back to Lake Isabella California Joel so in in Luke the seventh chapter. Jesus has been ministering and messengers, of course, from John the Baptist on the immersive is been in prison you want to come. Should we look for another and he talks about the miracles what's happening and how the poor having the gospel preached to them, etc. go to hotel that John was John will recognize that on the woman you say the city begins to talk about John and why were the crowds attracted to him, etc. and he begins to tie about how fickle the generation is and now he likens that two children and a sister like children sitting in the marketplace calling to one another. We played the flute for you and you didn't dance missing dirge for you that we can always we play happy music for you and and and you that you didn't dance we played said music for you even weep meaning while Johnny Mercer comes in and he's obstinate he doesn't eat, drink, he's fasting all the time is living in the wilderness. He separated his alley as a demon. Okay, so now Jesus comes and he's with the people in the sitting and and and eating and drinking with them of this. He's a glutton and a drunkard, so he saved.

However, this generation.

They're just rejecting everybody. It doesn't matter how you come to reject John because he doesn't eat and drink.

They can reject Jesus because he doesn't drink and that's his way of illustrating it though so that children and their are are the people there go away. It's just like children others that this generation the people of this generation are like children. This is that she's not currently sensing their childlike he's comparing them to children who reject this and who reject this. It would be it would be like saying you know, this generation is like your kids and you and you give them food that's hot.

It's too hot you get the flu that's cold and it's too cold, just not satisfied with anything they can reject everything that comes in and label it negatively. So that's the point. Dr. yet another question I can pick your brain. Speaking Sunday at church, or until we have no elevation no break my great day, but then 13th to be clear indication that there is reward absolutely no like what are the reward sermon on the Mount, you'll be rewarded if you pray this way or this way or that way you don't 14th thing that you know if you will obey me. My father will come.

Make your home with you and right of the faithful servant. But then really hurt that really been speaking in the Corinthian and pre-Asia through 15th exactly about every everyone smart like is this can be tested and some smoke with a stubble and others will endure like gold, silver, precious stones yet.

Luke insurance there. There are two sides to this. And you're right it's not about salvation. Salvation is a free gift and the person saved in their last moments of life is saved just as much is the person that got saved when their little child growing up.

Salvation is a free gift of eternal life is a free gift, but there there there are definitely rewards for example Matthew six in the sermon on the mount. When Jesus talks about. If you pray, if you fast if you giving you do these things, the secret your heavenly father will reward you are some manuscripts they will reward you openly above that summit in in this world it's it's talking about and fellowship with God and intimacy with God and express the blessing of God. But certainly this is the other part a lot of at some of the world to come, because Jesus talks about the religious leaders they have their reward ready that people praise them all look at us spiritually look a whole. Your based on what they do outwardly. So that's all the rewards are to get it's very clear in the parables that Jesus gives many of the parables about accountability and then reward and as you mentioned. First Corinthians 3, which is a dispute about all believers about those in particular who are building up the body or church planters.

You might say a certainly there is going to be accountability for deeds. Second Corinthians 5 and Romans 14 both say that we will appear before the judgment seat of the Messiah to give account again this is not for salvation. This is not giving account in terms of all I didn't pray enough. So I'm going to hell why gossip the little some going to hell no, it's not that it's as a believer.

Here's the assignment that was given to you is what your father called you to do. We are sons and daughters relationally but vocationally we are servants we are bond slaves of the Lord. Here we are.

Use us send us so we will give account to God on that day and there will be rewards at what kind of rewards we don't know exactly what's gonna happen through eternity, or even exactly what our role will be through what I believe will be a thousand year millennial kingdom on this earth but it could well be greater authority that that there is still governance and responsibility in the world to come, so there could be greater authority.

There could be greater responsibility.

There could be greater ability.

There, there could be a greater experience of God that someone has because they have a greater capacity for God so that they may start the place that is more advanced the world to come. Certainly, you gotta imagine that the apostle Paul enters the world to come in a different way then the thief who was saved on the cross. They're both equally saved, equally forgiving, equally loved equally children of God, but certainly Paul had advanced to certain place so we don't know exactly what skill look like, but certainly what I want to do number one out of love for God only for him in such a way that he says to me on that day.

Well done good and faithful servant. I want that smile and that approval because I love him number two as is the old Como CT stud want only one life will soon be passed on what's done for Christ will last.

II want to make the maximum impact accountable to one life. If I live to be 90 or hundred years old was active till the end, only one short life to repay my debt of gratitude towards the Lord only one short life to reach this generation or missions directorate fire school of ministry made the comment.

Some years ago. I don't know if this is the last generation, but it's our last generation so the great commission for this generations been entrusted to us.

I want to do my best to run the race not under condemnation, not to win brownie points from the Lord. But having found the favor and love of God.

I don't want to run my race with everything within me to please him in so doing, I'm not doing it for the reward, but I know that there will be a reward. The greatest reward is seeing his smile, but there will be other rewards with it. How that pans out. Only God knows you can meditate.

Also, in some of the parables found in Matthew 25 some further insight as well. Hate. Thank you very much for the call 8663. Foray 7884 is the number to call hate just a special word to all of you watching the broadcast as we fill many of our Friday line of fire shows. Remember we are on the radio two hours a day five days a week are Thursday show is thoroughly Jewish Thursday, Monday through Wednesday were hitting on all kinds of other topics what's happening in the news issues in the church theology Bible all kinds of things phone lines open great guest as well. You listen all the shows that the line of and subscribe to our podcast there as well. Just click on listen and to get our e-book, seven secrets of the real Messiah. When you sign up for our weekly class. Jesus is Lord of all, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown, you know that every Bible translation in a way is a commentary in itself that is much as you do your best.

As a Bible translator to be impartial as much as you do your best to just look at the words look at the words with words in context with the words, the way the author of this particular book uses them look at the words in light of the larger context of Scripture as much as you do your best to do that and be objective. There still choices you have to make in translation and there still interpretation wears a quotation began when this event and and that's why you'll find differences in different translations, even different faith traditions, a Catholic translation versus an evangelical translation a messianic Jewish translation versus a traditional Jewish translation and it's good to compare versions you'll get insight. This is Michael Brown you are listening to and watching the line of fire broadcast 8663 foray 87884. You've got questions, we've got answers before I get to your phone questions. We got some fascinating questions are. I want to get to in a moment before I get to those got an email question that deals with translation and it is from taffy.

Can you please help me understand Psalm 109 I've looked at different translations, most translation seem to agree with the complete Jewish Bible difference. Can you please help me understand whether Psalm 1096 through 20 is the prayer of the righteous man or the false accusation levied upon him by his enemies. In other words, in Psalm 109 there is a litany of curses right and it's it starts. Be not silent O God of my praise, for we can deceitful Mauser opened against me speaking against me with lying tongues. They encircle me with words of hate. So it goes on talking about the evil things that people are doing against the psalmist and then beginning in verse six, appoint a wicked man against and let an accuser stand at his right hand when he is tried, let him come forth guilty list prayer be counted as sin made his days be few may another take his office and on and on it goes right through verse 20. May this be the reward of IQs is from the Lord of those who speak evil against my life. So it ends the previous verse English translations verse 19 I should say Christian translations verse 19 Jewish translations will in verse 20. Same say versus just different numbering so verse 19 earnings translations may be like a garment that he wraps around like a belt that he puts in everyday know it's bad stuff, bad stuff, bad stuff, bad stuff, bad stuff and then back to the psalmist saying. May this be the reward by excuses from the Lord of those who speak evil against my life. So here's the question, is the psalmist calling them all these curses against those who do evil to him.

Now this is before Jesus is taught us to bless those who curse us to love our enemies. You have that ethic to a certain degree. In the Old Testament, but it's brought to much more focused through the coming of Jesus calls us even higher. So is the psalmist saying their people doing evil to be God judge them and I'm to be very specific in how I'm asking the judge to do this and do this and do this and this, or is this now. The psalmist quality. All of the terrible things being spoken against him made this happen to me this happened to me this happened and he's courting all this and then at the enemies is Lord made that happen to them. Either way, he's wishing that those wishing evil on him will suffer that evil he's wishing that those who curse him instead will experience the curse that seems plain but this is simply a matter of interpretation.

In other words, the Hebrew doesn't tell us any more than the English. The complete Jewish Bible is following a Jewish traditional understanding that this is a quotation here. All of these verses.

The psalmist is quoting the evil things being said against him in anything made that come upon him.

The other understanding as we have in most of our English translations is that this is what the psalmist is invoking which one is accurate. That's a matter of study and interpretation. In other words, if there were quotes around these verses are not as a psalmist court has. There's nothing in Hebrew for "so it's a matter of rotation but I'd encourage you to do is study it versions look at other Psalms. In a similar income to your own conclusions. Because the Hebrew itself doesn't tell us. Either way will be right back on file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends. The questions we've got answers. Let's go right phones pester Eric in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Thanks: the line of fire. I got round great Dr. thank you know this week you been talking about no issues regarding the psychological earth we can you been commenting about them.

The question of the you spoke about how you you came to change your views on the rapture by simply reading the Scripture realizing that to have a preacher view. You kinda have to have some kind of an outside employment without those hands even in other words, for right to catch everyone else up when I came to faith, I devour the word with the word day and night our church discourage reading other books.

The first year to just read the word saw. I read the word day and night, day and night and memorize thousands of verses and read to the Bible cover to cover about five times if you asked me what I believe in the deity of Jesus. What what what I believe in, and Jesus being the Messiah. What I believe that Jesus died for us and do whatever you want to throw at me fundamental doctrines ides I give you verse after verse after verse. Someone asked me about the different screen the rapture and the second coming in every think you ought, but I don't know much about that somehow. So I bought all these books by fine Christian men that that explained the dispensational's view, and that there was a pretrip rapture. Of course, that's what I believe. But now they gave me all the evidence for the Scripture and answer the objections so I became very dogmatic on that and then a few years later, it dawned on me when I read the book questioning the pretrip rapture. At dawn the me that I got this by reading other books rather than just reading the word for myself when I went back to being with myself.

I concluded that it wasn't there. Although to be clear there fine Christians that hold to pretrip rapture, their friends and colleagues or by the holder preacher rapture and their folks of work with for as long as 2025 years.

I don't even know they believe about a pretrip rapture is never come up in our ministry conversation. So this is nothing I divide over. But, correct, and I do not believe in a pretrip rapture and in my view, you would have to have some outside guidance to say will there's this whole system. There's a secret rapture than the public appearing and the seven year period between and so on so forth. To me, you wouldn't get that if you just locked in a room reading the Bible by yourself or period of years, my opinion they wrote equipment. I went through some alert.

Although I was a little longer and coming to the party than you, but it will experience an end but you know the more I listen to you over the last five years to help give some validation to that for me and I got it back on but but the reason I called is applying the same principle for me when I came to faith in the Lord. Although I had grown up Catholic. We kind of a kind, we can nod kind of thing they would possible in all the Bible teaches about the creation of the heavens and the earth, but evolution is true and when I came to faith in the Lord. I kinda held to what would probably describe the evolution but the more that I read the Scripture III can't have the thing. Just a plain reading of Scripture.

II can't can't arrive at that. So I want to get your thoughts on that kind of the same principle that you applied and been talking about the rapture ill and apply not to the creation there yet yes or so, let me answer that on on two levels.

One level is. Can there be any evolutionary process within God's creation. If all I was doing was reading Scripture when I see the possibility for that. I would say yes, meaning what's called microevolution versus macro evolution. Evolution yet in a species as to between species.

Why would I say that because what's drilled home of the creation account is everything reproduces after its own kind, right.

So cats reprints cats dogs reproduce dogs, humans reproduce.

Humans are industries we produce oranges, applicants reproduce apples so could there be variation within that. Could there be growth and change and adaptation within that the Bible would not say that that couldn't happen but a good cats produce dogs or could humans produce cats or you could you have now crossing over species that to me. I would say no. I would say the Bible would be against and as far as understand the best science would agree with that. I would say that Darwinian evolution remains wrong and quite fallible here and in terms of it.

It's never proven demonstrated that there is evolution from one species to another.

That's on the water level I would say that you could have microevolution but not macro evolution as far as the age of the earth. When I hold to a literal six day creation and the earth less than 6000 years old. The genealogies would point me in that direction. The genealogies in Genesis 5 Genesis 10 they would point me in that direction in that it would say so-and-so moves this number of years that has a child than this, this number of years and the only other way to read that so-and-so has a child with a child when the child was a child whose next famous child with this name and then goes on from there. It's possible to read it like that you might have evidence from ancient recent genealogies with the genealogies would point to a young earth. On the flipside, in my own view and this is something I meditated on deeply when I was doing my at my doctoral work in near Eastern languages and literatures, and reading a lot of ancient near Eastern literature as as I was thinking about the subject of cosmology, so the origins of the world. Why did the ancients write their stories about the creation of the world in Egypt and Babylon whether they write their stories.

It was not a quest for science. It was primarily a talk about the particular deities involved and so I asked myself the question it with in the Bible. What function does Genesis 1 have within the Bible wasn't what the teacher why was it written I'm not annexing it scientific or nonscientific, not even addressing it, saying why God given to us within the Scripture what role is it and it talks to us about God, about the one true God and about this transcendent God and how he brings light out of darkness, and brings order out of chaos and how everything follows according to his word and the more I meditated on it and then when I looked at how the subjects of Genesis 1 of light and darkness in day and night and see and try land in an order and define work how those were carried out to the rest of the Bible, I realized that the asked scientific questions was not the purpose of Genesis 1 would answer scientific questions so not reading as a scientist on just reading it is the Scripture and say what's it therefore so based on that. I saw no reason to say that would be six literal days, it could well be, but I saw no reason to interpret like that and that was that was not the message that was coming across a I would say if I was just reading the Bible did know anything else. The genealogies would point towards a young earth creation, but Genesis 1 itself would not Genesis 1 itself would be there to send a theological message in a structured, ordered way. And through that to give me a picture of who God is. So those are the conclusions I come to as best as I understand reading this in a vacuum and without knowing much either way outside of that all right. Could I ask you one quick follow-up, yeah, go ahead. Sure okay and you wouldn't just direction. I was going in and out with reference to those that day.

Now Princeton you I know you. You've interviewed Ken M okay and just as an example. Can you update the president of and and the view that they will take it and I know you've addressed the use of the word your home. The deck and refer to our job on the document in an age.

Correct will know it's not authentic and friendly nature. It might my point about you yes italic the day of the Lord obviously right. It is right does not have mirrorlike throne. Of Adam.

In the end, and even even for example the word day it's used two different ways ready its use for 24-hour period in its use for daytime versus nighttime within Genesis 1 and then which have a meeting right after Genesis 2, the Villaume which is a preposition, followed by young Villaume in the day of the day one and a judge humor just means when you have that over and over and over again beginning in the second chapter, Villaume just meaning when I would say most likely that people in ancient times who were looking at this and reading six days the liquid have theirs there have no reason to not think it was 24 hour days and I and I probably respect a Ken Hammond Jonathan Soffer TN and in various other young earth creationist have had them all along with you Rawson and and and others from a resistor believer old earth creationists, but to me the Hebrew evidence can can easily go either way of the genealogical evidence would be a larger argument to me, but the evidence about the use of the word day they could go either way. In Hebrew, I don't believe it's it's absolute in terms of what conclusions we come to you. I think the thing that they've always focused on one was in Everett. This would only be in chapter 1, when you first day there was evening there was morning, the first day X-Acto view of the argument. There is well thought out like they write. What if, if, in fact had such a thing as normal, day and night time at the beginning of creation. This existence of this is just dividing it into darkness and light and getting names business at the time frames for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown so day in Hebrew.

Here's the simple explanation. It's the same as the English word day. All right, so day can mean daytime they can mean a 24 hour period. The day of the Lord can be referring to. As a days is weeks is it months is that it is it a certain timeframe in which God is doing a pretty good thing.

It can have that ambiguity as well. All depends on context and is a Hebrew phrase be home literally in the day, of which something means when so Villaume in the day that just means when it could be referring to one month. All right it in in the day of the Civil War could be of several years right so the question again this is context to how something is used so see a bit every time you have morning evening and then day and in the Bible. It's about 24. Because all that I was being used as after creation.

When you have 24 appears on the earth. All right were the 24 appears in Genesis 1 could be.

Doesn't have to be this is before everything else is a stage before this even sunlight moonlight established was that on the fourth day, but you can freely say no, although I believe in an old earth no-no has me on earth. I just urge you don't divide over. Don't divide over you might say science goes this way or that we find have the scientific discussion of the biblical discussion but a sum is devoted many years to studying the Scriptures in Hebrew and in looking at the Bible as best as I can in its original context. Again, as best as I can like role making an effort ask God for wisdom and insight. I don't see this as an area over which we can divide or should divide 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Deborah in Keller Texas walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hair you doing very well thank you when you peer. Scholars are talking about the rapture because that is my question for you I think your similar condition that you are or you were Anna got checked and I'm hungry for truth and spending hours going over Scripture and I've been following you for a while and thought, I think I surprised to see that you didn't believe in the rapture do you get my first question would be, are you still addicted patient or on the out but it is always the sensationalist. I believe in if we could rapture that there was a complete shift in how you approach picture then yes, what with all was all respect my dispensations brothers and sisters who some of the finest Christians on the earth and and to their credit they think more about the return of Jesus than most of the church. Most of the church in America thinks very little about the return of Jesus except income and sensationalized ways. If it comes up was dispensations talk about it more than expected more. I still believe in a pre-millennial coming of Jesus. I believe I do believe will be rapture up who we will be caught up to me and I don't believe in a pre-trip rapture, dispensationalism divide their undoing of understanding Scripture between Israel and the church is to totally separate entities. Right.

So God's dealing with Israel. Jesus comes announces the kingdom to Israel.

Israel rejects the kingdom. So now we've got this big parentheses right. This is the church age. This is the way dispensations believe it. This is the church age is the age of grace and and during this church age God's dealing with the church that Israel is on the side. He still deal with them but the ones who deal with him in a salvific way, is there with the church so would you get say the Gentile could say the become part of the church and in God's dealing with Israel physical Israel in a separate plane over here and then Jesus returns before the tribulation secretly and especially could be any second takes us out. This is what dispensations believe that ends the parentheses and now God starts dealing with Israel again on a national level in in the land during the tribulation and then what's called the great tribulation, and at the end of that time we return with Jesus to set up his kingdom on the earth. The millennial kingdom.

Hence his coming is pre-millennial before the millennium. I still believe in a pre-millennial return of Jesus from what we can see that was the majority view of the early church leaders as well that Jesus would return and establish a thousand year kingdom on the earth but I do not believe in a pretrip rapture or the church being taken out or this total distinction. This is the church age versus God dealing with Israel and let let me ask you this, Deborah, in your own search. What are we looking forward to what are we waiting for is it not the appearing of the Lord doesn't Paul say in second Timothy four that we are longing for his appearing in Hebrews 9 that says that that that he's gonna return a second time for us. He's going to appear in first John three when he appears, we see him will be like him. So what we're waiting for is a public event and and it's going to be the end of whatever tribulation testing trial. There is Jesus said in John 1633 in this world you have tribulation would be of good cheer. I've overcome the world and whatever we go through. He'll be with us were protected from God's wrath, but not from the wrath of Satan and the wrath of man so whatever tribulation testing. There is poured out on the earth. Satan attacking God's wrath will be in the middle of that protected by God, but in the middle of hellish times on the earth at the end of that time we look up with great expectation.

We don't know the exact day or hour, we don't know exactly how that works out. But we look up with great expectation. We see him.

It's a public event. There's the sound of the trumpet of the voice of the archangel, and he appears publicly we are caught up to meet him in glory and we descend to earth with them. Second Thessalonians 1. We will receive rest when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who don't whatever apostasy happens with every writ revelation of Antichrist were here to see that we are to be witnesses in the midst of it and yes it's hellish times on the earth, just like people in Syria are going to write down people in other countries have gone through in the past but God will be with us and then we will experience his great victory at the end of the age.

That's how I understand okay. I love the way you explained might be a good reverent sake and however it right struggle them out. And yet, I'm looking at a different perspective and even interpretations of Scripture when it comes down to for me that the heart of God and his desire to let me and protect me in the promises that he had made to me and so not having a a pretrip rapture view almost takes away every prominent God has made in item fan I cannot turn around the opposite gender.

On the opposite existence exact opposite. It's that, as Catherine Booth said right before she died that the waters arising but so lie on the going under. But over turn around and that God is say no matter what hell breaks loose on the earth. I'll be with you turn around just to say out Revelation 7 out of great tribulation on the earth. A multitude will come will be more salvation taking place in the midst of this than ever before. Turn around and go to the end of of Isaiah 26, where God says come away hide in the inner chambers until my wrath passes by and go back to John 1633. Yet this can be tribulation, but be of good cheer.

Jesus is of overcome the world. Go to Revelation 19 where were John writes on your companion. Your brother in the midst of tribulation and kingdom and patient endurance. God's going to be with us all the more the worse it gets on the earth more God is going to be with us. It's glorious.

It's how we overcome is the gospel. While I'm ready with the answers.

Waiting for your questions. Let's do it. You got questions.

We got answers for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown right phone lines are (I've got my emails in front of me with some great questions and I'm ready for your questions.

This is the line of fire is my joy to be with you. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I love discovery in Scripture. I love digging and finding insights. II been reading the Bible now for 45+ years and and it's so wonderful. You are reading it. You're familiar with the text and suddenly notice something I think I wonder how many times that phrase occurs.

I didn't realize it occurs three times in the same chapter what was the meaning of it. I wonder if this is a significant work will I didn't realize it was used that much by Paul in this letter. That's quite an is an and you digging you find something new or someone asked you a question about a person. You look at it from a different angle, so I never saw it like that it's it's glorious and it's wonderful and it's beautiful God's word is never boring. If you ever feel bored reading Scripture like tights feels dull asked to pray about and ask God as a father, make your words come alive to meet and help with a focus in and give me insight if you dig if you pray you will discover great riches in the word of God or it will take some calls momentarily.

866-34-TRUTH 7884 first that email from Joshua dear Dr. Brown I consider myself a born-again believer.

As of February 2, 2015 yet to an overwhelming degree. I feel like I may not be that I'm deluded or at least a false convert struggle with sin every day is the most what I know or think that I should not just end up doing just that.

I do not rely my works but on Christ with print repents to the best of understanding of repentance that I fear that I may hear those dreadful words in Matthew 721 to 23 depart from me and never knew you mostly for being saved and be our Lord only to be heartbroken by his disappointment that I didn't do enough did not obey him to the best I could after being saved and Joshua goes on to recount his his best efforts and reject his family and others of different faiths and feels like it's fairly hate Joshua first.

I believe God deeply appreciates the sincerity of your heart. Where did you get this desire from the please God, where did you get this desire for him to live for God did Jesus say no one can come to me unless the father who sent me draws him. Didn't Paul say that that in me, and of myself. There's no good thing and didn't affirm what the psalmist said that in ourselves. No one seeks after God. The fact that you want to please him. The fact that you live for him.

The fact that you feel you disappointing.

This is because you are his child. This is because you have asked him to forgive your sins it's because he has come into your life, you say, but why am I hearing this wall okay this is where the crisis can lead to a breakthrough. I've had to do this myself in different areas of my life were what hit a wall where I felt like I can change I know what's right and I'm not doing it and I've got a change because I can't live like this and what I did is I cried out to God and I cried out to God and I cried out to God and I said oh God, demonstrate the power of the resurrection of Jesus in my life.

If this is just another religion I have to try harder and harder and harder and harder and harder than saw the gospel all I'm unwilling to make the effort, but you have to help God. Lord write your word in my heart. God demonstrate the life-giving power of the blood of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus and show your power in a change life in the and out of that crying out to God.

Joshua, I saw change in you will as well so meditate on his word could do it as a child is loved by God he's with you is for you list to help you for sharing the gospel with the lost.

We plant seeds God has to give increase they have to respect the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome to the line of fire. Michael Brown delighted to 86634878848.

Have you gotten your free e-book from us seven secrets of the real Messiah how to get it very simple to skim a website asked Dr. ask your Brown total work and you see little box to sign up for our weekly emails. These E blast will keep you posted on latest articles with videos and other special resources we have for you when you do when you sign up to get our emails. We will gladly send you the free e-book seven secrets of the real Messiah. Also, you may be looking at a question you're wondering about is about teach about the Sabbath or tithing. Work was a Bible teach about the second coming of Jesus or how should we address cultural issues or things like that school website asked her to search in the search engine their search. Our digital library.

We got tons of resources ready for you to equip you and help you be a disciple and make disciples. 866-34-TRUTH all right. We go back to the phones in Chesterfield, Virginia Graham, welcome to line the fire. Thank you Michael my joy.

Thank you's are a quick question on sorbent putting the book of Isaiah are trying to at least come across on different opinions on the authorship of the weather was one person or several people over several hundred years want to know your opinion on that evidence, that would be convincing. Once you are to let me see if I can figure out a way to condense this and a lot of people just read in the Bible might not know about this question, but if you're in any academic work at all or Bible college and seminary.

This is going to come up so the traditional view, the view that would've been held to until all just a few hundred years ago and almost all circles was there was one Isaiah the prophet, who was the contemporary of King of cause and King use Isaiah. Isaiah 60 or can decide dies. Isaiah has his heavenly vision, Isaiah 7 he's dealing with chaos because he has a word for King Hezekiah so this is in in the the eighth and seventh centuries BC's roughly 700+ years before the time of Jesus. And there's one Isaiah and John 12 would seek to confirm this that Jesus is talking about. And John is describing this Isaiah's vision speak of the suffering servant in Isaiah 53, but speaking of the same Isaiah in Isaiah 6 would seem to confirm what is is. This is the traditional view, there is one Jewish commentator named Ibn Ezra in the 12th century who may have hinted that there was another author Isaiah you so why would anyone think that way will when you read chapters 1 through 39. It ends with a prophecy about the Babylonian exile the coming Babylonian exile. So let's say that Isaiah finishes ministries give a rough numbers around 680 BC. That's about 100 years before the Babylonian exile. But when you start chapter 40. It starts with comfort, comfort my people, words of comfort to the Jewish people in Babylonian exile and a lot of the following chapters talk about the Jewish people coming out of exile and being redeemed from Babylon, and even talks about King Cyrus and chapters 44 and 45 the Persian king who who then resettled the Jewish people back in the lender allow them to return us as part of his larger policy and then some would say yeah that's 43, 55, 56, did the 66 that's that's different. Still, that has different themes as well. So the critical view is that there were at least two Isaiah's right and and the second one called neutral Isaiah or second Isaiah in the same cold tree two Isaiah or third Isaiah, so there's the Isaiah chapters 1 through 39.

That's first Isaiah 2nd Isaiah 40 to 55 or 40 to 66 or there's 1/3 Isaiah and that's 56, 266 arguments against it would be. How could a prophet that great with that important to voice have been lost in Jewish thinking in history and tradition. How could that possibly have been that would be one argument against multiple authors, another very different book with different names right right. It exactly, especially the lofty monotheism and language of it.

Isaiah 40 to 55 and some of those chapters to this day I read him and I'm stunned that I'm overwhelmed with the majesty of the vision is, how could it be to some unknown prophet of others point to similar vocabulary referring to two God is the holy one of Israel and that occurs throughout the book of others even pointed out the fascination with trees. There lots of different references to trees that's consistent you know through the through the whole book. Little things like that and a normal Christian response would be. What's the big deal. What's the big deal aft after all. Predictive prophecy is normal. After all, God can give words in advance.

You have prophecies about people coming years. Invention of a prophecy about Josiah's team to sign first Kings 13 that he's gonna rise up. His name is given.

So why can't you be predictive prophecy is insipid. This totally unusual. This is the prophet speaking to events that have you have a chapter after chapter of chapters. If there are ongoing so is there internal evidence internal linguistic evidence that there must be difficult. There's no there there deftly different styles for sure. The different styles is overlap but are different styles but you cannot make a conclusive argument that there must be different authors based on vocabulary or style. And let's also recognize that if you read say my book, Israel's divine healer and then you put that down. That's brain drain that's 80,000 words of text and 85,000 words of endnotes you put that down then you pick up into the American gospel enterprise which is less than 100 pages is like preaching nothing to different people wrote them right so different style or something right. When you're 30 versus of the right when you're 60, that cannot be explained.

I I find no come telling evidence that there have to be multiple authors, but I find it very odd that beginning in chapter 40 you now have a whole different backdrop and subject matter. One kind of in between view is this Isaiah 8, Isaiah mentions himself and the children God has given him their physical children, but there seems to be a school of disciples. He's told us it did that to see of the vision with the disciples and things like that so there's some who believe that the prophecies of Isaiah recorded and then he had a school of disciples that may have continued to publish in his name. In other words, that they were his prophetic children. So to say. And they continue to prophesy, but anything that was prophesied was prophesied in his name and included in this. Hence later words from the school of Isaiah were incorporated. We just have no hard evidence for does does John 12 say decisively that there was one Isaiah. It certainly points in that direction. The only argument you could raise his will know that was just what was believed in that day in the Bible was writing based on what was believed in that day and that's that's the common way that Scripture rights just talks about the rising and setting of the Sonnen yeah that's observational language.

So if the people believed certain person wrote a book of the Bible. That's how they dress it because that's what they will believe and thought doesn't say but where's inspiration Scripture that so John 12 points strongly to one Isaiah, the subject matter points strongly to different Isaiah's but there is nothing conclusive, definite and conclusive to say that there were multiple authors, I'm going to have to definitively address this sir gobbling in the years ahead because I agreed to write a commentary on Isaiah for really for a series it's gonna be Pentecostal charismatic scholars writing a commentary so to be good scholarship but also be ready for more background, so the certain point I'll have to lay out exactly why I feel a particular way. So from a simple faith perspective, the evidence lean strongly to one Isaiah, but if so, my best guess is not just that he saw everything ahead in the spirit, but that there may have been a school of disciples that continue to produce part of the book of Isaiah. In the generations ahead with the Babylonian exile and that were just subsumed under the words of that, the head of that school of disciples, namely, Isaiah himself, that is a viable option. To me it's it doesn't deny anything scripturally but does John 12 argue the other way you could make a case work. I got no problem. Personally, I have zero problem with the idea of Isaiah seeing all this in the spirit and prophesying years ahead.

I just have not put it in writing in a definitive way myself. But I see no compelling arguments with critical scholarship that you have to believe in the second, third Isaiah. If you believe in predictive prophecy. You don't need to. So sorry for the, longest rambling answer, but through my go straight to lay things out so the questions are all right, all right. Thank you all right 866-34-TRUTH so for those you don't know. I would commentary Jeremiah 550 pages for the expositor's Bible counter the revised edition of the expositor's Bible commentary. I am re-editing a commentary on the book of Job with a fresh translation of Job try to make it more accessible to a larger audience would have to be a scholar to read. So I'm doing a complete rewrite on that scholar should enjoy it, but try to make it more accessible to a larger public. Let's take a lot of time. One day gobbling our Job commentary with lots of essays and reflections will come out as well and then one day book of Isaiah to write a commentary that fact I committed to it, but that's seven years down the line right back with more of your phone calls. This is the line of fire.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown really is my goal's of moral insanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often a compromise of years back I use that phrase your forcible sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society and Cassie Churchill to offer in compromise of people and we talk about society in chaos with the church too often all too often compromise. I get many people asking me what I mean by that anymore. I think it is very clear. All right, I'm here to answer your questions, 866-348-7884 and we go back to the phones in Richmond, Virginia Craig, welcome to the line of fire about value doing very well thank you for your God would give them a new current Dr. little bit about the new earth. All of it ever thought about and want to share about allow you to talk about it. Novel outbound Multics was booked, but the dark about it has to be millions of years old and believe that I believe what the Bible teaches about God creating it.

But the thing is you. You and I have been there and every stripe is that we possibly know that being there one day after Adam was created with every bit of scientific suggestion and even visual acuity with the city with more than one bail yeah you wouldn't you want the body was you might've gotten with a genome at a party with 30 but none of them. One day old exam wouldn't when it will play spin the evening. They were placed there with with with saplings able, please bear with develop three trees that were already bearing fruit that I think the thing is that there than it is the easy to confuse creation with Bert to build the two different entire existence of two different things altogether. I believe that the earth have to be millions of years old. Just because God created it and have developed speak right right so that that's one of the common arguments, a strong argument that's made by young earth creationists, and again it is you listen to the show so you know that I don't comment much on the scientific and because that's not my area of expertise. So I bring scientists on on either side young earth creationist old earth creationist to debated or are those who are atheists and things like that during believe in a creator to discuss the scientific issues and I'm focusing more just on exegetical scriptural theological issues but here's your point, and for those who who are missing your point. When we just explain it briefly, a young earth creationist would say yes, there are indications of of age on the earth. There are indications of things being very old.

But what if they were created like that meaning.

Adam was certainly a fully formed male when he was crazy with you was not like an infant was on a one day old infant because he's walking and talking, God puts them in the garden and he's naming animals and things like that. He recognizes Eve's as it is a perfect matching companion things that that's what he is. He and Eve are fully formed human beings that they were we want.

So if we just appear there for more knowledge, we think, wow you what you been here for a while. You know your birthday and note that service created okay what about stars and light. It takes a certain amount of time for the light to come. But what if it started like that, that the light was ready here you know those are some the arguments now. The counterargument would be well wouldn't be deceptive. In other words, the tree rings and things like that and you can tell the age of a tree by tree rings and things like that. We have created something with the appearance of being old would not be deceptive and then your argument would be well would be deceptive to create a fully formed Adam and Eve and and if something is ages can have any sign of age or can it just me maturity.

So if that's that's one of the common arguments that is raised and then young earth creationists would say many of the the things that were looking at a lot of the natural phenomenon on the earth is the result of the flood and the catastrophe of the flood and the upheaval that the flood brought about this much I know there are there are great scientists who are young earth creationists the idea that no good scientist no real geologist and a real biologist. No real chemist.

No real bona fide scientist would believe in a young earth creationist actually wrong. There are top-flight PhD well trained University recognized trained scientists who believe young earth, and the same way we are deeply committed Christians who love the Lord love the word who are old earth scientists, a weakness loaded onto vital route but yes, your point is a major point that would be raised by young earth creationist incident. A lot of people never thought of the arguments I appreciate you raising Rebecca Rooker got a broke trailer people who work older people with greater guy would be good for deceiving people to create three with a drink, but the thing that I don't buy that memoranda simply because time is for us and is not forgot God got a good eternal being so everything of the same with him in the beginning became the Gulfstream he visualized it all from the same aspirate farming ability create the treatment that it develop better than this very minute they develop that level exactly the right rights. In other words, it would be theoretically okay theoretically if a human being ages right in and let's say in Adam's day.

By the time you were 700 and started to have wrinkly skin so if God wanted to fully form. He was a 700-year-old he would form you with wrinkly skin that that that would be the argument that if you want to tree formed in a certain level of development. He would form it to look as if it was a certain age because that would be appropriate for that level of development. Yeah II appreciate the logic behind your argument.

And again, and thank you for the call Craig.

Let me emphasize this I know for some this is a very volatile issue in and let explain what for some who are young earth creationist you read the Scripture and say this is black and white.

This is the words on the page.

Assists in six days liquid the heavens and the earth. He rested on the seventh. He tells Israel. You rest on the seventh day, just like I did six days same six days and and the genealogies are clear and to deny this is to deny Scripture. Once you deny young earth creation, you start to go the path of apostasy. I know some young earth creationists were very very zealous for this, and to them it is a major issue of the faith. I would simply say there's no evidence to church history over this being laid out as required. Dr. Sybil who denied this of the issue ultimately does require dock on the flipside, I know old earth creationists, and there are some who are very very strong on this because they say that for us to deny the age of the earth and to deny the evidence of science is to make us look foolish and when we take the silly stands and argue that the earth is only 10,000 years old or whatever it is that we now make the whole gospel look like a mockery. So I've heard the passionate arguments on each side. May I just make a humble appeal. Hold your views with passion, study the Scriptures. Look at science, cultural conclusions, but on her brothers and sisters who are Orthodox in the faith, and who have a different perspective. All right, my elders, creationist friends, please respect the passion of the young earth creationists is look to me this is the clear evidence of Scripture, and I believe their sciences. The scientific study backs it and to young earth creationist.

Please understand that your old creation brothers and sisters, not just look at science there looking at Scripture to and they believe there other scriptural ways of reading things that are fair and true in light of the overall with the Scripture that points to an old earth, and the younger so hold your views but please don't divide over this unaccredited compromise position. I don't live like that. I don't take the path of least resistance, but I don't relate to that thinking if I feel sums right understand for, regardless of cost consequences as I've lived all my life. The Lord up to now simply making an appeal, let's not attack each other over this divider. Let's be passionate for summer convictions of the do it. The spirit of grace and art will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey I hi hold that you enjoy these broadcast, much as I do. Can't wait to get into the studio. Can't wait to sit down behind this Mike wait to look at the screen and see the calls that have come in and the subjects want to talk about on our broadcast. You got questions. We got answers this is Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of our broadcast. This is our Friday Q&A broadcast. You may be watching it on TV in a different day the week. You may be listening to podcasts online different day of the week but Fridays you got questions. We got answers number to call 866-348-7884 before go to the phones. Here is an email from Miguel Menendez, Miguel, and I'm hoping for some suggestions or recommendation about commentaries and systematic theology books I'm looking for Arminian, not Calvinist ones would gladly appreciate your help.

Let me tell you an interesting story and then into exactly where to go to get some great, great, Arminian scholarship, systematic theology and commentaries and things like that. When I came to faith. I came to faith in Arminian church. So we did not believe in Calvinism. We did not believe in predestination election we Calvinist teach it. We were Pentecostal church. That's right came to faith in 1971 as a heroin shooting LSD using Jewish hippie rock drummer 16 years old.

Yeah so once I got to college I started college and 73 and Esther reading other books and I start reading some more theology and things like that in a certain notice and seen that most of the commentators were not Pentecostal charismatic. Most of them were not Arminian so say the police. John Wesley would've held things like that. They were Calvinist like Charles Spurgeon was in others, especially systematic theology and and I went to a shift myself where from 77 to 82.

I really embrace Calvinism, I embrace the tool of the doctrines of Calvinism. I appreciate the great Puritan scholars in the great Puritan preachers Baptist preachers and theologians and things like that. And to this day I have a great appreciation for Calvinist scholars and Calvinist revivalists and and Calvinist commentators and some of the finest Christian leaders that we've had in the body, Calvinist brothers and sisters. She colleagues of mine in seminaries and other places a different Dr. James White apologist Dr. James White. He revived we've debated from the debates on Calvinism versus Arminianism a great appreciation for Calvinist brothers and believe this often great scholarship in Calvinism.

Despite the differences that I would have now.

Now here's a question. Is there good Arminian sculpture. Of course course, there is some of the top of biblical commentaries and commentators are Calvinist and there's great theology being written by Susan by Arminian also was a slip of the tongue Freudian slip, though I meant to say Arminian verified Arminian commentaries.

There are five Arminian theologies and things like that you Sybil where I find them. Just a good place to go get online and look for the society of evangelical Arminians right the society of evangelical Arminians and you'll find great theological work there you will find great commentary work. By the way a whole of the subject. There are many fine charismatic scholars Pentecostal cars masses that was is not the case when I came to faith 45 years ago. A lot of the Pentecostal church, a kind of an anti-scholarship mentality. I remember favorite verse in our churches and in acts 413.

In the King James is of the apostles were just ignorant unlearned man. If that was good enough for the apostles is good enough for Austin is so there was kind of a downplaying of education seminary Cemetery and I notice a lot of dead scholarship is a good scholarship to but go to the society evangelical Arminians they have lists of commentaries on different books of the Bible. The ring Arminians.

One of the world's finest New Testament scholars today. Craig Keener is both Arminian and charismatic in his commentaries on John and asked masses of the books are classic so check it out society for evangelical Arminians to find lots of great resources.

There and benefit from other brothers and sisters in the body can as well be watching watch for the Hebrew word of the day care on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is knee. He had us Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Let's go to Chris in in the Alexandria, Louisiana. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you. I'm pretty familiar with grandpa back in the 90 I read most book.

I'm pretty familiar but imagine what my question please, please, I'm yelling for those with those listeners don't know what Brownsville is a Chris is referring to is called the Brownsville revival from 1995 to 2002 place in Pensacola, Florida. For those who heard about me for good or bad.

Any time there's a move of God revival. You can hear good and bad. In fact, Christian leaders of status of the claims to be revival is not spoken against question it to see if it's really revival their souls can be controversy. The key thing is what really happened in. I was there in the midst of it. It was repentance based holiness based Jesus exalting reaching out to the Lawson radical conversion backside is coming to get right with God, with great fruit that remains to this day, people touch the revival of going around the world planted churches done missions work in the works continue to grow in that respect.

So a very sacred time and it was a Brownsville Texas that's the bed on Brownsville but in neighborhood Pensacola Florida called Brownsville where God put on the spirit mightily in about 3+ million people cumulatively came from over hundred 30 nations to be in the meetings there so I the privilege of being a leader there raising up the school in the mitzvah okay just this one of the fill function for those who are familiar right so to your questions are.

I know I've been a revival for a long time really not been my doing God put my heart and I think over my study of my life I've noted the divine ordered a critical element of God present in the tabernacle, carrying up the ark in the Old Testament where we see David on. Now all.and it seemed like you know the very basic essence of who we are men and women in an and what we have for leadership in the family directional leadership in the family and the church.

It was like we have kind of moved away from that in the end we started to equate you know if there's different roles. The nurse you and at different value when you know when only value surely is no knowing Christ love the love of God given away the greatest calling no doubt to manifest Jesus. Call Naxos winter rights of Sinai Smith.

You're going to cry questionnaire. Do you think you see that as an issue.

Dominant fingerlike even in the church we would distort the roles of men and women to the point that you not think that the core of the breakdown of invented breakout American right right I thought I saw you going that direction is limitless. First step back and think of the larger perspective when when we see the importance of order in Scripture and the tabernacle and strict requirements within the temple and strict requirements within priesthood and strict requirements with it when we see those kinds of things when we when we see in the New Testament that Paul says in first Corinthians 11 that there's a certain order for praying and prophesy men and women in the body. The first routines for two minutes is everything must be done in a decent and orderly way it it's interesting there that it's that this one has a tongue and this one is an interpretation of this in a song this mess. Revelation there's less of a ministry it's in a certain order. There are a few things a few issues.

One is foundations that God is established foundations and when you mess with those foundations. Everything gets thrown. That's one thing. The other thing the other thing is is distinguishing that which is holy from that which is unholy. God may move in powerful ways people may all shout fall on their faces when the fire of God falls like in first Kings the 18th chapter. There's a will it's not.

Did they all shout at the same moment for the same with us on the issue, but there is the recognition that which is holy and sacred and that bowing down before that so II see Chris to two things happening. Number one, there is a breaking down of order in terms of reference for that which is holy, that things just become so commonplace even in our church services. There is very little sense of of the holy presence or awareness of the holy presence or book I do. I don't like calling one part of the building of the sanctuary as if the place itself is holy because we know holiness comes from the presence of God, not from the physical building.

I mean, you might meet in a gymnasium and and you put your chairs on a Sunday morning and bring from a local school and when the Holy Spirit comes down in power and and or during worship you you you are focused on the Lord in his holy presence is there in the word of God is being preached and is a holy all yeah and then you take the chairs down and and it's it's gymnasium. The rest of the week it there's holiness there but that's because of God's presence. God's word God's truth right we got away from the Chris in many ways. There's very little fear of the Lord reverential godly good holy fear.

Very little of that with that very little conviction of sin. Not so bad because God is not so holy and that's a real problem if we have a fresh wave of revival. There will be a fresh wave of holiness and with that a fresh wave of recognition of God's order and God's ways. The other thing which he specifically mentioned about male-female distinctions yes yes we've lost that in the church there is unity in Jesus. Men are not here women on here when I hear Mennonite heroes is not higher, lower, all right there is no caste system.

There is no class system. In that sense we are absolutely equal in Jesus and yeah say in the home.

The husband is called to be the head of the home. There's a certain role.

He is to carry, even though the husband wife listen to each other respect each other. The husband's call to lay down his life for his wife in a unique way the wife to honor submit to the husband unique way. Their unique callings and and we just planned everything everybody's the same. Everything is the same. We downplay the reality of gender distinctions does that then play out in the larger society that's lost its way with gender distinctions absolutely. So we have lost our way and the fundamentals of divine order, and we must come back to that father. What did you intend when you created us male and female father. What do you intend when you call us out to be your holy people in the midst of ascending world there is a pattern in template that God has laid out that we have largely deviated from. That's another reason we need to go back to the basics back to the word back to the foundations and back to seeking God for fresh outpouring of asperity.

Chris, thank you for the call. Thank you for raising the issues, 866-34-TRUTH we go to Charlotte North Carolina will welcome to the line of fire over hey Mark thought Amber, I go ahead. Lord, what wave of temporary Christianity when it comes to the question of morality and then help all the comments that I I know I still wait for quite some time and I left largely because of those felt like irreconcilable belief, whether epic is a list of the largest I sexuality and roles of art gender in our society. What plaintiff wait in a friendly manner. Can I fill all my fellow Christian. I wish I had like to be able to do that.

What would you give it give you an example of where you would have dissent to you. Are you pro-life or are you pro-abortion.

I am order right of an individual to have an abortion. I what if the child was just as if it was okay.

What will come back to that a what about to do to a man or two women who love each other have the right to quote Mary yeah yeah so I would fundamentally say that in saying that you are now taking yourself outside of the word of God and outside the church in a in other words it. In other words, I would fundamentally reject those views as immoral and contrary to Scripture, and are not judging whether you know the Lord are not with a future Savior not God is the judge of that. But as I understand abortion to be the taking of human life right and and if a mother is distressed and feels she can handle of the child or were they just can't afford to bring another baby into the world that that's distressing understand their people at standby wanted to adopt and help in every way they can. But you don't kill that baby in the womb, anymore than you kill the baby if it was a day old for the same circumstances in the same way God plainly defines marriage in Scripture is union of one man one woman, and he plainly forbids homosexual practice and says that that those who live like that will not inherit the kingdom of God. So your dissent.

So this between you and God. There are churches you can go to that will agree with you totally let the say hey this is the Christian view were pro-choice and were tolerances, love is love go there.

I say you are deceiving yourself. If you go there and I would go back to reading Scripture and say do my views line up with what's written the word of God. That's the really for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us on the line of fire. 864 truth.

That's number to call to make a quick comment caller asked me where's the room for dissent in the church. If he believes that under certain circumstances. One has a right to abortion.

He believes that to manner to "Mary can still call himself a Christian.

Again, that's between him and God is between you and God. What you call yourself as between you and God how God used you right, but let's go back to the time of slavery in the 1800s if if you were a slave owner. Let's say you lived in New York's city and and you are part of Charles Finney's congregation in New York City and you are slaveowner or you are in any way involved in the slave trade. You could not take communion in his church, he would not allow you to partake in communion. How would you feel about that. If someone today is involved in in slave trade.

All right let's their loving human trafficking and the consuls a Christian, how would you feel about that. Would they have fellowship in church now that they did repent they be put out of the claim to be Christians assume to send me a link about a woman a porn star who divorced her husband is down a lesbian relationship is as I have evangelical faith. I go to the church as often as I can carry my bottle in my hand. You can't just judge by outward things, whether that woman needs to find Jesus and get truly say is the place to be saved and is living like that and and is professing Jesus then if you won't repent. After patient, gracious outreach in morning then just be disfellowshipped.

So there are plenty of churches that are liberal and that that have homosexual weddings and homosexual clergy and things like that, say, hey, it's the law of the land. Anyway, and were now more like no interpretation of Scripture, and some feel abortion is a very compassionate godly thing to do. You can find a church like that. I say if you do, you deceiving yourself and say the word of God warrants plainly.

So in my book. Following God's book as best as I understand if someone affirms that which God expressly forbids if someone says that too many. Two women can be involved in a loving relationship and blessed by God was word of God plainly says those who practice this will not inherit the kingdom that now now you are setting yourself outside the evangelical faith as I understand it, also outside of the traditional Catholic faith. For that matter as well. 866340 we go to Granberry Texas will welcome to the line of fire. Thank you for taking my call in question, yes, this comes about. After I heard your comment on what you thought about the master and time and was wondering what you thought of Psalms 83 now the as they know and time war, but I think it paralleled the 1957 Six-Day War like. Yes or yes so so will you are referring back to some sometime I cannot remember exactly what was the context but talk about Damascus and and the war in Syria and a self-fulfilling prophecy, and destruction of Damascus is a filling prophecy like in the book of Isaiah and things like that so I discuss those issues in times past and said that the prophecies in Isaiah were deftly speaking of stuff that happened in Isaiah's day in that timeframe, but what about Asaph, like Psalm 83 your enemies make it up for those who hatred raise their head, they say, swipe the Madison nation but the name of Israel be remembered no more. And it mentions the tense of either him and the issue like smog and the hag writes give all and I'm on and on.

Alexa listed with the habits of Tyre Osher has also joined them there to strong-arm the children of Lot and it goes on from there will here's the way I understand it.

In times past in Israel's history. Those peoples have tried to wipe them out. In times past in Israel's history those peoples those nations have tried to wipe them out. So certainly there is a past reference as well. However, could this Psalm also be recited say in 1948 when five surrounding Arab nations declared war on the fledgling state of Israel.

When Iraq and Egypt and Jordan and other nations are all attacking Israel at the same time, the surrounding nations. Maybe the names of some of the nations it changed with surrounding peoples in the past. Now the present were attacking or the Six-Day War. Egypt poised to attack and an Israel thing and this could this could be really really bad and and then Israel now strikes and and and seems like miraculous deliverance I believe was was God's hand graciously preserving the modern state of Israel and could be something that still happens in the end of the age.

I believe there are multiple levels of meaning and usage of Scripture. What I mean by this are simple that this Psalm does have a historical context and that within Old Testament times, you can point to times when there were attacks from the surrounding nations the desire to destroy Israel so that the people of Israel would cease to be a nation that has happened has it happened again.

Now in in in in our day, beginning with the restoration of the modern state of Israel and the regathering of the Jewish people. Large numbers for the beginning of the 20th century on Chanel. Yes, I believe that living in Israel being in 1947, 48, or being 1967, were in many ways is Terrace continue to try to talk to this day, and perhaps a final war that this Psalm can be repeated and used as relevant yet again, maybe not every single detail, though it's maybe not every last nation or people is going to still be represented, but the same thing.

The surrounding hostile nations wanted to wipe out Israel. It's happened before.

Hence, the original context for this Psalm. It has happened again and I believe it will happen yet again with ultimately the same results. God will deliver his people out of it.

Yes we've suffered in the midst of it. Yes, there's often been disciplined and divine judgment chastisement. But God has delivered in the midst of it. So that's my understanding and will. If you have access to my commentary on the book of Jeremiah that I wrote for the revised edition of the expositor's Bible commentary. Check out my commentary on Jeremiah 30 about Jacob's trouble. It definitely has first application to the destruction of Jerusalem. The exiling of the people under the Babylonians, especially in 586 BC. It deftly has application to that, but as I read the text and really dug deep into the Hebrew and the way it was structured, laid out, I concluded that it also has relevance for later tragedies that you could apply it to something as horrible as the Holocaust and perhaps a final and time siege with the same principle that God ultimately delivers his people out of it. He will take you very much for the question white friends. We are out of time. But I remind you once again on the website asked her to there are thousands of hours of resources for you, go to the digital library check out our videos.

Debates with rabbis debates with agnostic professor debates with gay activists, theological debates with other brothers in the Lord articles on cultural issues cutting edge issues articles on Israel today.

All these archives all these resources waiting for you search subjects of great interest.

Find out what's there and if we are blessing to you stand with us all together to make a difference. Make sure you sign up for my email list. I want to send you the book as you blessing of God

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