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November 17, 2023 4:25 pm

Matt Slick Live

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November 17, 2023 4:25 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--You can also email questions to Matt using-, Please put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE---Time stamps are approximate due to commercials being removed for PODCAST. --Topics Include---07- Is Son of God, John 5-18, Is Jesus God---11- Presuppositionalism- and apologetics.-25- Logic and proof of God.-32- Essentials of the faith, unity among Christians, Calvinism and Arminianism.-46- Why can't I quit cursing as a saved person, assurance of salvation.-53- Does the Bible validate Jesus is God,- Hebrews 1-8, John 1-1, Colossians 2-9, Exodus 3-14-15.


It's Matt Slick Live! Matt is the founder and president of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics of the Christian Apologetics for example, and they say they don't know if God exists or doesn't exist and I'll say okay, so What do you affirm? Because if they say they don't know what to affirm say, okay Well, what do you affirm? Well, I affirm that and then whatever it is. Let's say I affirm evolution is true Or what they say I affirm that rationality is the ultimate source of knowledge I think it could be whatever.

Mm-hmm. So let's say they say with evolution right now. I'll say well, have you read any anti-evolution books to get both sides of the argument and 99% of the time no, there is no evidence against evolution I say well there you go because there is a lot of evidence against evolution and if you're going to put all your eggs in The evolutionary basket and you haven't even studied the other side to see what scientists are saying on the other side Well, then you're misinformed, aren't you? What I'm doing is finding the the assumption and I'm gently undermining it Mm-hmm, or what if someone says rationality is the ultimate means by which we learn something And I'm gonna just ask them. Okay Can you explain to me what rationality is? And they might say well, it's just a process of proper reasoning. I said, okay, I can go with that and Why do you say proper reasoning is the right way to gain knowledge? It might be it might not be I'm just asking Well, it's because reason is something we have to assume to be true in order to find things out And I'll say so is that a faith statement or is it a reason statement?

Because if it's a reason statement You're presupposing the validity of reason to support reason and in logic we call that circular reasoning now This means false because it's circular because everybody has circularity And so I'll say okay, so you're just assuming the validity of rationality But you don't know if others are thinking rationally like you and you're assuming a universal principle, aren't you? Now we're getting interesting here, you know, all right So you're assuming a universal principle and now are you an evolutionist? Yes. Do you believe in God? No, okay How do you have a universal true principle? in your worldview What I'm doing is as I've just discovered they believe in a universal truth But how do you have universal truth in an atheist worldview for example?

Why do you have them because truth? is an abstraction See 2 plus 2 equals 4 is true But you can't hold 2 and plus and 4 and equal you can't hold them in your hand You can't take picture of it. You can write symbols that represent those concepts, but the concepts are abstractions. So the person is affirming universal abstractions their truth values Okay. Well, how do you how does that work in your worldview?

These are not the kind of questions Christians think oh, they're not taught to ask questions like this I'd love to teach a course on this And atheists and unbelievers are also not taught to think like this So I've actually been thinking the past few days. I think yesterday someone asked about I was thinking about it last night About writing a book on this or booklet What must be the case? And that that's what I'm thinking as it was a working title and it's what must be the case in order for Whatever it is. Well, there's the music coming out so we can take a break. But what must be the case for Rationality be universal for axioms to have existence for evolution to be true.

What must be the case? What's the underlying things and that's what you go for? That's where you make them blend. That's what you do So hold on. I got a break. Okay. Hey folks be right back after these messages, please stay tuned It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six, here's Matt slick All right, I've been welcome back to the show.

Let's get back on with Chris. Are you still there? Yeah All right, so you get the basic idea.

I Think so. Yeah, I think I'd have to practice it with different different things that they come up with me, but Yeah, very much looking forward to your book. I hope you do do it Yeah, I'm gonna write a booklet on it I'm gonna write a booklet on it just and do it like a conversational style so people can follow it and then do outlines You know techniques and stuff like that, but it does take a lot of practice And so I practice regularly I go into oculus, you know the virtual world.

I'm on clubhouse. I'm on Let's see on Facebook On discord different places where I interact with people and so get a lot of practice But that's what I've learned is that? Presuppositional apologetics is by far in a way the easiest and most powerful It is hmm Okay Can I ask you one quick question about that about your I? Know you didn't get to the other question yet, but about the oculus, you know There are so many kids I hear now and people that just live sort of in a virtual world and that's all they They do it's like their whole Existence and I'm just wondering how you how would you talk to someone? How do you talk to people like that that you know where that is there?

It's almost like what they're they're divorced from the physical world in a way, and they just think everything is mental or something There are different degrees of that kind of addiction and problem You know most people get them for entertainment things like that my wife got me these a couple of years ago Because I'm always working and she you know and someone a friend came over for Christmas and had one and had a fishing thing I like to fish and so I was just sitting there fishing in the virtual world so my wife got me The fishing ones and within one day. I was witnessing. I found places to go talk about Jesus She's just rubbing her forehead in like sheesh Yeah, so that's what I do and I go in different places, and I just try and witness and That's it. You know and there's a lot it's a different kind of a world people feel emboldened and it can be quite rude, and there's not many controls and And one of the big problems believe it or not is kids well adults will be in a place having a discussion and kids will Come in and just act like little brats, and they get kicked out and so that's just one of the things we're going to deal with but but I want to get the newer one because the one I have is big and heavy and It's just heavy you know and not as good and since I spent a lot of time on it So we'll see but it costs a lot But it's a place to evangelize and I go and in fact my voice Carries over really well in there, and I've been in rooms not saying anything, and then I'll just speak and good My voice is different boy. I'll tell you talk about everybody stopping you turn You know they physically think it turn around you have your hand controls, and I think are you on a distortion thing no So I use that as a witnessing tool as well You know you never know you know I? Love being in that world.

I love it. It's fun So you don't think that you think people have a problem with it sometimes like yes, you know that there yeah Yeah, yeah, there are people who go in there. There's bad stuff that happens in those kind of worlds. There's also something called Second life and I Used to go in there quite a bit and witness in places as well My whole thing is I just go everywhere to witness. That's what I do and it's a it's not an oculus thing but it's a 2d thing on your computer and so there are people who are addicted to these kind of things because that's just their life and That's unfortunate, but it is the case and then there's people like me who go in there to witness you know and that's it Okay, all right all right, so then that last question was Um can you explain a little bit more about how you know God God as a person has to be the basis for living? The large ability you see logic is an abstraction So I love my wife love is an abstraction an abstract entity is something you can't capture holding your hand measure take a picture of freeze Etc yet, it has existence like a thought does and so my intention is an abstraction my love for my wife is an abstraction my Appreciation for so-and-so is an abstraction all right the laws of logic however They are see their abstractions as well, but they're universal and that's the kicker Because whether someone believes they're true or not has no bearing on whether or not they are true We judge rationality based on the basics of the laws of logic law of identity law of non-contradiction law of excluded middle a law of proper inference, and there's far more complicated logical laws which are beyond me and So these things are abstractions or abstract entities What must be the case in order for universal abstract entities to exist? That's the question well since my appreciation it resides in my mind and My love resides in my mind in my soul in a mind soul well Then where does logic reside well? I partake in it But it's not a product of my mind because if logic was a product of my mind then when I die logic ceases and if I'm Discussing something with a friend who disagrees with me on a logical issue One of us is right and the other one is wrong or both of us are wrong Because both can't be right if we contradict But both could be wrong through ignorance We're just bad thinking or one is right and one is wrong and the way we would decide that is to go deeper into the Issues of logic and the laws of logic and inference and things like this Well in order for this to occur that person has to be in touch with the same laws of logic I do that. I am where those laws of logic reside in me.

No and that person No, are they under rocks? No, but they're abstractions and they're universal Therefore it makes sense to say that God is the one who is behind them that he is the universal mind and the laws of Logic are products of his mind Being made in his image. We can perceive them And so when a Christian proposes that we can at least give an account But the atheists can't and they try in different ways. Well, it's just extractions that we make out of the observations Well, then that means you presuppose something in order to make an abstraction and observe an object And so you're betting the question and you're you're breaking the laws of logic for justification And so you go on through these kind of discussions so there's that realm which I haven't got into deeply and then there's the realm of the one in the many and the issue of the one in the many deals with is the universe one thing or many things is a Chair and a tree of the same substance with just a different manifestation or are they different substances? And so because they're different substances, they have different manifestations. Once a chair once a tree we get into what's called ontology Year won't get into all that and so the questions of philosophers have been dealing with for 2,500 years Yes, what is the ultimate nature of the universe all that stuff out there that exists star dust energy? What it what is all of it? Is it one ultimate thing and we are different we see different manifestations At one ultimate or are they ultimately different substances? alright If there's just one substance and we see Differentiations between them then how can you have differentiations between ontology ontological? objects Since distinctions are required for truth statements if everything is ultimately one thing Then you're having a problem justifying truth statement because truth is based on distinctions But if everything is separate then you don't have unity between them.

They have trouble with truth statements But God is both one and many and so they're equally ultimate not in contradiction to each other That's how Christianity works. That's a super short version. Okay? Okay, there's a brave you gonna call Talk to you later. God bless.

All right. God bless everybody It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt slick Welcome back to the show if you want to give me a call.

It's eight seven seven two zero seven two two two seven six Let's get to Matt From Connecticut welcome you're on the air Hi Matt, how are you today? Good. How are you doing Matt? I'm doing good so far All right, good. So what do you got buddy?

I? Guess my question is like I was looking at one of your articles on and you were saying I Strongly believe that God's grace and mercy are so extensive That within the Christian community. There is a wide range of beliefs and as long as the essentials are not violated Then anyone holds to those essentials but differs and not the non essentials is my brother or sister in Christ And I agree with that question I feel the same way, you know, I I tend to be charitable towards people that disagree on the non-essential issues But when it comes to the issue of Calvinism it seems that some Calvinists are not as Terrible as others, you know as you are, you know you you still consider people that Disagree on predestination elections as brothers and sisters and Christ that Are just them, you know, they're either misunderstanding or maybe they're ignorant to some of the Bible's teachings on that issue But I guess my question is how come some people seem to make it like Some people appeal to Galatians 1 that the people that are more Arminian and they're thinking they make it seem like They're the Arminians are preaching another gospel. Like they go as far to accuse them of preaching a false gospel Because they get Calvinism wrong Why do you think some Calvinists go there? Because sometimes they are preaching a false gospel Sometimes but what often happens is new Calvinists. It's we call it the cage stage and They are just going after everybody about everything And um, what I've realized over the years is God casts his net further than we do and I have a saying about Calvinists and I'm a Calvinist, you know, we Calvinists have God in a doctrinal box and don't want to let him out and So, you know we fall in our strengths as well as our weaknesses now the Bible teaches election predestination I mean it just doesn't work Well, okay, you should believe that why because the Bible teaches it.

All right. Well, if people don't believe it, I'm not going to attack them Because I don't know what their background is. I don't know where they're at. I don't know what's going on with them I don't know if they've been Beat up by Calvinists intellectually and they now they have a knee-jerk reaction I don't know and I'm not there to judge them on that because as Romans 14 says, you know The Lord who bought them was the one who made them and the Lord who bought them was the one who made them You know the Lord who bought them I'm not to stumble them and I'll be teaching on this again tonight on the Bible study. Well some Calvinists what they'll do Is they will say that the gospel or excuse me?

The five points is the gospel and I always stand against that Always me too. I do and because you know the gospel is a death-barrel resurrection of Jesus Christ and You know total gravity unconditional election limited atonement your discipline grace perseverance of the Saints These are not the gospel, but I understand what they mean by them when they say that and I've tackled Calvinists for that you can't say that go to the scriptures see what the Bible says It is you don't want to change the Word of God. I have to get on them as well so Sometimes however our minions will teach a false gospel But doesn't mean they're not saved though. And there's reason I say that is because they can teach a false gospel It's up to me and my wisdom my judgment and I decided that I needed Jesus Now that's pretty arrogant and foolish But I wouldn't say such a person is not saved because they are ending up trusting in Christ And what I'll do in that situation is trying to work with them I say well, do you know that the Bible says that God granted that you believe it never says that yes It does right here and I show them the exact verse where it says it. I'm very patiently just try and work with them Because people can have different levels of understanding and knee-jerk reactions And so I just want to be patient with them and find out and I try and and tell other Calvinists to do the same thing You have to beat them up.

It's not gonna help You know, let him see the love of God in us We don't want to just beat him over with a rake, you know, the five-pointed rake, you know slam slams. No, no because Jesus says that the world will know that you're my disciples, but the love you have for one another so love on them And I say to people I didn't become Christian right finally adopted the five points And the last one for me was limited atonement, which I adopted about 1991 or 92. I can't remember exactly that was whatever Well, I think suddenly become a cow now I'm saved when I affirm that of course not was believer before then Regenerate before that so that's why I tell Calvinists and yes, we certainly mess up.

Don't we? That's for sure You know, I agree with everything you said I I'm actually I think one time I heard you say and you can correct me if I'm wrong But I think I heard you say that at least at one time you attended a church. That wasn't You know a reform church that they didn't teach Calvinism that accurate. Yeah, I prefer to go to churches that don't teach Calvinism That's an odd thing for Calvinist to say but there's a reason I actually yeah I actually currently attend a church that doesn't Believe and they believe in perseverance of the things but they don't believe in the other four points. Mm-hmm Yeah, so I guess my question is when when does it become they're preaching a false gospel like how?

When is it at that point of error that it would be considered? They're not teaching a true gospel Whenever they add works to salvation Okay, add works you keep yourself saved by being good And you have to be baptized to be saved or you can't go to see an R-rated movie or lose your salvation Salvation now we have a problem Okay, now we have a problem So there are some Arminians that actually go in that direction Yes, sir Wow, I didn't really You just remember this it's a true statement. We fall in our strengths as well as our weaknesses so the strength of Calvinism is really good doctrine and Then the weakness of it is well, we've got it down, right? You need to believe like us because we're right and Then the other side, you know, the strength of the Arminians is is just the equality of of their Desire for everyone to be saved which should be the same for Calvinist, but they're not consistent But anyway in and that and that's fine, you know, and they just are more open and loving in that way Generally speaking, but then they get so weak man be pamby theology and it God just loves everybody equally It's just up to you. Well, no, it's not just because the Bible says it's not So, you know, we've fallen our strengths as well as our weaknesses and you know I've gone to far more Armenian churches than I have Calvinist churches because Calvinist churches to me They're just too uppity in their literature stand up Him and I don't like him's I don't want to sing a bunch of him's that's just me So that's why I go to place where they have worship bands. I grew up in Southern, California You know and all the contemporary stuff and that's what I prefer. That's the reason I don't go to churches as much That's all yeah Yeah, me too and and you know, it's it's tough because You know, I live in Connecticut and you know I've looked around for like another church over the years and I just can't find one that really Feels like the right one, you know when I listen to the preaching and it's just I can't find That's why I've ultimately just stayed where I am Because I just can't find one that I I don't want to just do it to do it I if I'm gonna leave I want to go to a place that you're good about, you know But it's hard to find something that's hard to find the right church Well, I'm hoping to find one that has Contemporary worship no Hillsong people get excited.

They can say amen during the sermon they can get up and they can clap their hands if they want and The pastor gets excited about the Word of God and preaches extemporaneously, you know right from the scriptures and You know, he gets excited. Okay, and that's what I like Well, a lot of people don't like that a lot of people just they can't worship that way Well, the reform camp seems to be a little bit drier in my opinion and your minions a little bit Livelier and I have to go right and survive So we have our I'm sorry. No, go ahead. Okay. No, I just always appreciate I just always appreciate like you're the way you see things when I've watched debates with you with people to disagree with you on Calvinism and I I always appreciated how you were always, you know charitable about it Like, you know, you would you would get intense in the debate But at the same time you would have respect and you would still consider unless they taught something that was really out there You would you would consider them a great a fellow Christian You know, you know, I tell people my wife and I in next week we will have been married 36 years So I think it was I don't know maybe it was 12 or 15 years ago You know halfway through our marriage. I approached her. I said, are you a Calvinist and she was of course I am I said you are she was yeah, I've been one for years. I said, okay I mean I didn't even know because it that's not the issue in the house. It's Jesus That's all yeah, I went. Oh, okay.

And if she just said no, I said, well if you want to talk about it You know, let me know if you don't that's okay, because I know she loves the Lord Jesus and that's what's critical. Okay? I agree. There's a break man. All right, brother.

Well, God bless You too, man, God bless. Hey folks, we'll be right back after these messages, please. Stay tuned. It's Matt Slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276 Here's Matt Slick Everybody welcome back to the show. Let's get to Curtis from Richmond, Virginia. Welcome.

You're on the air Hello Hi Hey, so what have you got? I've got a problem with, I've been going back, man read back, I keep calling, I keep slipping, I keep messing up No matter how hard I try, but this time, I'm not doing anything wrong, I'm trying my best to quit everything But I got one problem, I can't quit pressing, and it makes, it hurts, it makes me cry, it's, it's just driving me nuts And I feel like God has turned his back on me, because I've been baptized Three or four different times at three or four different churches No, don't, don't waste your time doing that. Does that do anything to harm me? No, it's, it's, you're putting your faith in the wrong thing, you're putting it in baptism Don't, don't put it in baptism There's one faith, one Lord, one baptism, Ephesians 4-5. If you've trusted in Christ, you get baptized as the public covenant sign That's it. You're done. You don't get, go get re-baptized if you think it's gonna make things better Now, you can be baptized like people go on a tour, they go to the Jordan River, they want to get baptized again And I get that, that's fine But what you're doing is, you're saying, um, you're saying, well, I'm, I'm bad, so I gotta get re-baptized to make it right That's not what makes you right with God You got to stop that Right What makes you right with God is you're- Well, I read, uh Go ahead Uh, I keep reading this verse, and I think it's Hebrews 13-4 or 4-13 And it says that For those who have fallen away and try to come back to their loss It's nailing Jesus to the cross again And that's what I feel like I've been doing every time I get re-baptized.

Have I been doing that? Even, you don't, okay, let me just tell you, don't go get re-baptized again. You don't need that And what you quoted was out of Hebrews 6 Yeah, don't do it again.

You don't need to Baptism isn't the thing that cleanses you of your sin, and I know a lot of people think that is the case But it's not. Your faith in Jesus is what it is. Now look, let me, let me give you an illustration of something, okay? Let's just say that you and I are out in, out in the ocean, and we've been fishing and just talking We've been out there for a few hours, right? We're having a good time And we start heading back in the shore. It's a couple miles out, you know We started back in the shore, and we come across a couple of guys in the water, and they're dressed in street clothes And there's nothing around them Like what the heck and we take a life preserver and a rope and we tie it there We throw it out to them as far as we can and it's just a couple three feet from them And we're yelling grab the life preserver grab it grab it And one of them's you know trying and he's not doing real well But he's trying and the other guy is just floating face down in the water He's not moving Now I got a question for you, which one is alive?

Which one of those two men is alive? Right because he's struggling in his life dead people don't struggle against their sin You are struggling against your sin You're alive in Christ You don't have to go through a ceremony to be made right with God you get baptized Because you've trusted in Christ. It's a covenant sign it Represents what Christ has done on the cross your identification with them you are justified by faith not by faith and repeated baptisms False religions teach that kind of thing You just need to trust in Christ now. It may not be that easy because you're feeling guilty and good good You're feeling guilty you should It doesn't mean that you're not it doesn't it doesn't mean you're not saved It just means that the Lord's working in you, and there are people now. Let me give it another illustration There's a man who his whole life. He dies at 80 years old he gets saved at 20 until he's been a Christian for 60 years and Basically he's had victory over most every sin in his life I mean no one's perfect.

You know little things come up every now and then he deals with them, but there's this one sin He's been struggling with he can never seem to have victory over He has victory for a while, and it pops its ugly head up again, and he struggles with it yearly for 60 years Never having complete memory over it now then he dies Well he goes to heaven because his place in heaven is not based on how good he is it's based on what Christ did on the cross and Furthermore is his repeated struggle against him glorifying God Yes, it is Because he's judging it as sin working against it and So he is repeatedly going to the cross and repeatedly trusting what Christ has done repeatedly going there that glorifies God and Sometimes God does not heal us from things so that we continue to rely on him So I guess I needed that because that yeah, I've been joined the choir at my church now I've done so many different things to make sure that I'm and that's my problem I was trying to do it my way. I just need to let I I'm saying I just couldn't get that through my hair. I got it now.

Thank you so much. I mean this I Was losing sleep and everything cuz I've just buried my last brother all five of my brothers are gone I just buried him five weeks ago, and I've just been a mess since then and I said I'm not doing nothing no more, but I can't stop cussing I don't know as far as I know I yeah the major thing well you keep working on it and read Colossians chapter 3 Colossians 3 the first 17 verses okay, but The thing is you're gonna have to work on it. Okay.

I used to have a very foul mouth and when I got saved It was gone. Just that way. It was just that easy It was easy for me, but other things weren't so some things for you were probably easy, and this isn't So it's the same formula different variables, so you need to continually trust in Christ continually work it and You will eventually improve and have a victory one way or another okay? Okay, thank you You're welcome. God bless, okay? All right all right now.

Let's get to Levi Levi welcome. You are on the air Hi Hi So my question for you is how does it show in the Bible that Jesus is God? How or where Like how and where does it show that Jesus is in the flow how does it show that you know God? The how is by how God? The how is how God does it through communication through his prophets and his apostles That's how where you can go to Hebrews 1 8 where God the Father speaking and he says but of the Son He says your throne. Oh God is forever and ever that's a direct declaration by God the Father calling the Son God Okay, one more, okay So it's my I go to a Christian school and my teacher asked me that and we had that for homework And I was thinking about it recently When a bunch of the kids in my class were confused by what she meant Because they does they look ever like they looked in the Old Testament and the New Testament But I don't think they were looking for the right chapter of the New Testament well Here's a thing about ethics and doing what's right. So you're talking to me on the radio I'm gonna give you some verses and then you can say I called a guy on the radio He gave me these verses and I found them here. They are you check them out You make sure I'm telling you is the curve is true because my last name is slick.

So you got to be careful. Okay? All right. Yes, sir Okay now so another one you want to go to is John 1 1 and verse 14 In the beginning was the word the word was God in the word The word was with God in the word was God and the word became flesh. That's where Jesus Christ is called God. Sure and also Colossians 2 9 Okay, Colossians 2 9 for in him dwells all the fullness of deity in bodily form Then you can also go to John 8 58 Before Abraham was I am and you cross-reference that with Exodus 3 verses 14 and 15 Or God Moses said to God, what's your name? And God says I am that I am Okay, so those will do it there's a lot more but those will help you out, okay Yes, sir. Thank you You're welcome right brother anything else No Sir, how about this?

Let me ask you we got nobody waiting. Let me ask you a question Why is it that Jesus must be God and man? What's the reason for that? He died on the cross and when and when he said it is finished the whole earth shook yes, that's what happened John 1930, but Um, why must Jesus be both God and man, what's the reason He was born to a Family that was human, but he was also promised by God Yes, but why does he okay. Let me ask you this Do you know how many natures Jesus has?

Do you know what that means? Yes, no, sir Okay, his two natures. He's both God and man at the same time. He has two natures We're just human. He's human and God in the one person That's who Jesus is. Why is it? He has to have two natures.

Well, it's simple. He has to be human to be under the law Galatians 4 4 So he could fulfill the law That's Matthew 5 17 in Matthew 3 15 and he has to be God in Order to offer a perfect sacrifice because only God can do that So he's man to take care of the sins of people He's God to an to offer an infinitely value set valuable sacrifice to God the Father So there's to be both God and man and Here's a question for you. We've got a couple of minutes left is Jesus a man Right now right this second is Jesus a man.

What do you think? No Well, he is Colossians 2 9 says For in him dwells as present tense all the fullness of deity in bodily form Now when Jesus was walking around in John 2 19 through 21 He says destroy this temple in three days. I will raise it up and he was speaking the temple of his body in 1st Corinthians 15 35 through 45 it talks about the resurrection That which is sown is the same thing that is raised. Our body is sown. Our body is raised Jesus was crucified and in John 20 25 through 28 Jesus said to Thomas take your hand and put it into my side and Take your finger and put it into my hand. This is after his resurrection He was resurrected in the same body.

He died in and Paul wrote to Timothy decades after Jesus was ascended into heaven and he said in 1st Timothy 2 5 He says there's one mediator between man and God the man Christ Jesus. He's a man right now Okay Yes, sir, all right Sound good. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Thank you. All right, man. God bless. Thank you. Okay Thank you.

Hey, you know prob that god bless. Sure. Okay, so the dead alright Well, hey, we're out of time. The music's gonna start any second. May the Lord bless you by his grace but back on near tomorrow and If you want to listen to a Bible study, I'm teaching tonight online. Just go to Forward slash Matt slick Bible study all one word 930 Eastern Time is what we kind of go online. That's because I live here in Idaho. We do it people come over at the house Hey, may the Lord bless you by his grace back on here tomorrow. We'll talk to you then. Have a good evening
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