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November 7, 2023 4:11 pm

Matt Slick Live

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November 7, 2023 4:11 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--You can also email questions to Matt using-, Please put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE---Time stamps are approximate due to commercials being removed for PODCAST. --Topics Include---05- Addictions, health issues.-20- Neo-Calvinism, Theonomy-22- Top Christian Apologist

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. If you want, you can give me a call. All you've got to do is dial 877-207-2276.

I want to hear from you. Give me a call. It'll be fun. We've got one caller waiting. Let's see.

Today is November 6, 2023 for the podcasters. We are working on stuff on video. We've got a lot of stuff we're going to be working on. We're trying to do some video work, so we'll be changing a couple of things. We're working on stuff, the behind-the-scenes stuff. Just giving you guys a heads-up on that. We'll be asking people to take a look at things and tell us what they think about certain versions of stuff and stuff like that.

Anyway, I hope you guys can hear me okay at every place. That's good there. If you want to watch on Rumble, you can go to forward slash mattslicklive. You can do that. Also, we are broadcasting live on Clubhouse.

Just look at it for mattslicklive. You can get in there as well. That should be working.

Whoops. There we go. Now it should be working in there. All right, because I've got everything going. Let me know that it's working.

There you go. I had a good weekend. I'm busy, except on Sundays. On Sundays, I just relax and I watch a lot of TV because that's my relaxing time.

That's what I did. I enjoyed that. I've got so much to do, I almost don't look forward to Sundays because I want to work, but I've got to rest. It's like, oh, hurry up, Sunday.

Isn't that weird? We went to church. My wife and I went to church this Sunday. Praise God. First time she'd been a long time. We're sitting there during a sermon.

I've got a kick out of this. During the sermon, the pastor was reading a quote or something. What was that about? Got me off guard. There's like 500 people in the congregation.

He's just preaching away and he says, Matt Slick from says, and he read me a quote from my website. I'm sitting there. It was kind of funny. That was nice.

It was unexpected. There you go. That's okay. No problem.

No biggie. Hey, would you give me a call? 877-207-2276. Let's get to Erin from Mississippi. Erin, welcome.

You are on the air. How are you doing? Okay.

I just recently quit smoking. Good. And I was asked to the questions from, I met, I found you through Mr. Kitt. Okay. All right.

And I was wanting to ask questions like, like. I know that smoking and vaping is a sin, but I'm not necessarily, not necessarily. All right. So the Bible doesn't say thou shalt not smoke or thou shalt not vape. If you take the principle of not putting harmful stuff in your bodies, then then that principle Coca-Cola would be sinful. So you see, it's not exactly a sin. Now, is it good for you? Well, no. You shouldn't do it because it's not good for you. That kind of things. Okay.

You can't just say it's a sin directly. All right. Go ahead. Are you there?

So, yeah, I'm here. It's just, I didn't know. I've been trying to quit for a while since I have lung issues. I am on disability. I only have one working lung that's failing. And that my, my, my, my, my goal is to get on the heart and lung transplant list. So I have to quit smoking cigarettes. I have to quit vaping. I have to quit smoking weed so I can get on the heart lung transplant list. The only problem is they're saying I'm too healthy because I'm not on oxygen. Okay, well, okay, I'm not a doctor. Can't comment on that. But as far as stopping those, you know, they'll say like smoking, drinking and weed.

You definitely should do that. You should stop them because they're not healthy for you. And if we want to say that if you know it's harming you and you're willingly do those things that are harming you, then it could be a matter of sin. It's not exactly black and white.

Because, you know, is eating an ice cream bar good for you? Well, not necessarily. Well, that's sinful then because it's heart hurting you? Well, you see.

And so we want to have freedom, but at the same time we want to be responsible with what God has given us. And so, you know, smoking is definitely bad, bad for you. I don't understand why people do it.

I mean, I understand, but I don't understand why they continue to do it. It's because it's an addiction and it's hard to quit. And I quit smoking, I believe, in September. So vaping unfortunately helped me quit. I can't say vaping helps me quit. God helped me quit. Jesus and God helped me quit.

Because if it wasn't for them, I would be able to quit again. You know, sometimes people go from smoking to vaping, then they quit. OK, so this kind of stuff is not in scripture. Now, some may say, well, those things that you think are bad and you do them, then that would be sin.

So I recommend people don't vape, don't smoke, don't smoke pot, don't smoke that stuff, don't do that stuff. It tends to control you. That's when it becomes sinful. When those things control you and they're before you, I mean, they put themselves before your Lord and Savior, then it's sinful. So can a person, you know, can a person go out and have a cigarette?

Yeah, I could. What if you have an actor who's a Christian who goes on set and his bad character is going to play a bad character and the character is going to get what's coming to him at the end of the movie or whatever it is, and he smokes a cigarette? In that scene, is that a sin? I would say no, it's not, because he's showing how bad something is. See, just to say it, oh, it's always this, it's always that. Well, not necessarily. But I'm not saying, hey, it's OK to smoke because it's not good for your body and you should take care of your body so you can serve God longer, be around longer, and serve others longer.

And that's it. And if you think it's wrong, then it is definitely wrong. And if these things have control over you, then that's a problem. Then you're in the area of sin. Well, I can quit anytime I want, but I never quit because I can't.

Then you're in sin because you have something that's controlling you other than God. OK? OK. I mean, I haven't been vaping as much as I did yesterday.

I've picked it up here and there because I asked God not in my time, but in his time. I will quit because I can't quit cold turkey. I tried that with with so many times and I finally quit. Thanks to God. I'm actually healthier. I'm happy. I feel better.

But it's OK. I'm trying. I'm trying so hard to quit vaping because I have a goal. I have a goal to quit. And normally the only reason I would smoke weed was to help with my anorexia. I was having issues with an eating disorder.

That was the reason why I was smoking weed. That one I can relate to. I used to have anorexia.

It's rare among men. I used to be like in middle school and high school. I would stay in between 30 to sometimes 50 to sometimes 60 pounds. And right now I'm at a somewhat I'm at least 100 in between 124 pounds and 126 pounds. I'm four foot eight. So I'm on a short person like me. I look pregnant.

So I'm trying to lose weight to a healthy weight, like maybe 90, 90 to 100 pounds is what a person my size is supposed to be. OK, well, you know, my wife has a problem putting on weight. And so we're trying to get her to get on weight stuff because she needs to put a few pounds on. She really does. She's just how she and her brothers are. It's a genetic thing. So she has to take protein powder with a thousand kabillion calories in it to gain a pound or two.

So. But, yeah, the anorexia thing I can relate to. And when I was six feet tall at 19 years old, weighed 117 pounds. And now I weigh 100 pounds more than that.

I broke it. I learned how to get to 10 years, though, 10 years to break it. But so I understand. And this has to do with control, has to do with habit, has to do with conditioning.

And so all these kinds of things are interrelated. And so the thing is to get control of it. And it takes sometimes people to do it right away. My dad was a smoker in the service. And one day he just said, I'm done. And he put his cigarette back away and he never smoked again.

He was able to do that. Not everybody can do that. So different people have different personalities with different issues. And I would say that, you know, it's bad. You know, it's not good for you, particularly your medical condition. So gradually work to get rid of it. And you lean on the Lord and realize that at this point, it has become a sinful issue because you want to control it and it's controlling you.

Now it's a sinful issue. And so that's what addictions are. Now there could be legitimate addictions too. I know someone who's in pain constantly, not my wife, but someone else who's in constant pain and has to take heavy duty pain pills.

And she's kind of addicted, but it's a medical based addiction that she's in with the doctors who know that she has to be on these things. So you see, it's just not that simple. So for you, you're wanting to quit because you know it's bad. So therefore it's an issue of sin.

Give it to God, trust him. I'm sorry, what? I would get migraines. I would get really bad migraines because back in middle school and high school, I would pop pain pills like Tylenol, acetaminophen, ibuprofen. Like I became a serious addict on pain pills and sometimes two pain pills. Well, you know, there's lots of things that can get us addicted. TV, alcohol, all kinds of stuff.

It's vaping, you know, science fiction movies. Not that I would ever be addicted to that. But there could be things that can get in your way of relationship with God.

And when that happens and they're controlling you, then it's an issue that you need to deal with and it becomes an issue of sin. Okay. Right there. All right. Okay, Erin.

Yeah. Get going. Okay. Okay. All right. We'll talk to you later. Okay. God bless. All right.

Now let's see. Let's get on the air with Alan from Virginia. Alan, welcome.

You're on the air. Hey, man. How are you doing today? I'm doing okay. Busy as usual? I always like asking that.

It gets you riled up. Well, you know, I mean, I'm busy. I've been working since I got up, except for I took a half hour break today.

And in 15 minutes I've got to quit the show in order to do my three hours of D-min doctorate ministry work, which I made in my continuum. I don't know. So, yeah, you know, and then I got a new newsletter and then I got, I'm whining.

Is that second part going to be on the radio or is that like a... The whining? ...somewhere else?

What you said after this. Oh, the doctorate. I mean, on Mondays I have to be on a doctorate program.

I kind of accidentally got into it and the doors open. I went through it. But I don't know if it's worth it because it's a four-year program and I'm almost 67. And is it worth it for me? Because it's taking time away from the ministry.

I think I'm better off just writing and doing what I got to do for ministry work and not worry about a degree. Hey, hold on, man. We got a break coming up, so hold on. Hey, folks, we'll be right back after these messages, please. Stay tuned. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. All right, everybody, welcome back to the show.

Let's see, the next longest waiting that I see is Shaboo. Welcome, Shaboo. You're on the air. Hey, Matt, how are you? Doing all right, hanging in there.

So what do you got? Hey, what is Neo-Calvinism? Neo-Calvinism, what is that? Neo-Calvinism is, it emphasizes the sovereignty of God in all aspects of a Christian's life, society, medicine, politics, school, family, and everything. And it was, actually it's not new, it's a couple hundred years old, 150 years old or so. In the 1800s it started up. So that's what it is.

And it also kind of pushes the idea of the transformation of society as well. Okay. What is their view? Who is the Neo-Calvinist? Who are they?

I just told, I'm sorry, what? How many Neo-Calvinists do they have to say? I don't know.

I have no idea how many there are. But you see, I agree with that. I agree with that aspect. But I'm sure there's other areas of Neo-Calvinism I'm not aware of that I might not agree with. So as far as I'm aware of, that's what it is. Okay.

Okay. So what is that theology? What is that theology? Anything new of sovereignty of God? No, just think of Calvinism plus the intentional sovereignty of God in all spheres of life.

Family, work, society, politics, entertainment, etc. Okay. Alright. Thank you, sir. Okay. Alright, God bless.

Alright, that was Shabu. Let's get on with, let's see. Let me get into Allen. I thought he was here a lot longer. Allen from Virginia, welcome. You're on the air.

Hey, thank you, Matt. So how much time do we have before the end of the show? Well, about seven minutes. Okay. Okay. What are your top Christian apologists? Greg Bonson, John Frame. Those are the two that I like.

Okay. And on a different note, kind of, what are your top apologists for Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism? What are the top? My top?

I don't have my top for them. No, I mean, like, what are the, what would be kind of the most recognizable, most educated apologists for those, I guess? Well, in Roman Catholicism, Trent Horn takes, you know, he's one. And you mean inside of Catholicism or against Catholicism? Four, in this case. I'm trying to gather information of the top apologists in general.

Yeah, Trent Horn would be one of them. I've got other books from, let's see, I've got my thing open. There's another name that is pretty decent as far as intelligence goes, even though they're wrong, dealing with Catholicism. And I'm looking for my section, Religions. I've got so many books. So let me just do this then.

I'll do this. My library, an input Catholic, and I'll read some of the names. Trent Horn, I'm reading his book off and on, and Carl Keating, I think is one who's supposed to be good as far as defending Catholicism goes. And I think he's a, I believe so. So yeah, now there's good people against Catholicism.

But anyway, and whether category? As far as Mormons go, I don't know of any good Mormon apologists who defend the Mormon faith. None. They just really don't exist. What about Judaism?

I don't know any good defenders of Judaism either. I mean, I'm sure they're out there, but I just don't know of them. But I know a guy who would know.

So yeah, let's see. I don't know. I'm looking for my books. I have Kindle books. How many do I have? I have a lot.

576 books. So yeah, that's all I can tell you. Yeah, no worries.

And one last question. Do you have any plans to discuss or debate with any of these on the radio soon? No plans now. No plans.

Why? What church do you go to? I don't go to a church at this moment. Well, if you did, where would you go? Are you Catholic or East, Orthodox, Protestant or atheist or what? I used to go to Protestant Baptist Church.

Used to. Okay. Yeah, I've kind of shied away from debates lately because I'm so busy and it takes a long time to prep. But if it was a big name who wanted to debate a particular topic, I might be interested in setting a few weeks in advance kind of thing where I do study an hour a day in prep. Because the better apologists, sorry, there are levels of apologists in different areas that are better. And I would have to study their material more. And the more I study them, I think the better the debate goes.

Like when I studied and debated the atheist. Oh, man. I hate it. You know, it really bothers me that I'm bad with names. It's just bad.

During the club, I've been terrible with it for so long. Dan Barker. That's what it was, Dan Barker. And when I debated him, he's a well-known atheist. He's written several books and done lots of lectures. So I listened to his lectures and his debate and read some of his books. And I found stuff and I used it in my debate against him. And he was up against a wall. I was showing him stuff and he said, but you said this, but yet here. How can that be? And he was just backpedaling a lot.

And so out of that, I was able to develop really difficult questions for him to answer. And he didn't, you know, that's how it went. But any rate, so, you know, now, I don't know.

It's just what it is. Okay. Okay. I appreciate it, Matt. Thank you.

Sure, no problem. Excuse me. All right. We'll talk to you later. Okay. All right.

Let's get to next longest waiting is Anonymous 66. How are you doing? Welcome. You're on the air.

Appreciate it, Matt. Thank you. Sure.

I can barely hear you at all. Hello? Yes. There you go. All right.

Can you hear me? Yes. Hello? Yes.

I hear you. Okay. Hi. Hi.

This is Anonymous 66 calling back. Okay. Okay.

I'm calling in reference to the lady that called the first one. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in my left lung and then later on in my right lung. I was broken glass nodule, so I told them to use the other word. But please, if there's any way, no vaping, none of that stuff. Okay. I'm reaching out to you because I don't want you to go on through what I did.

And I know the other health issues. I've been through it myself. There's the music. We got to go. I'm sorry. Okay. Okay. Call back tomorrow.

You'll have a full hour. I have to quit. God bless you. Okay. Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, thank you.

Give your cat a hug. Okay. Folks, I'm out of here.

I've got a doctorate degree I have to work on on Mondays. So talk to you tomorrow. God bless everybody. Bye.

It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Welcome back to the show. Let's get back to Jacob.

Jacob, are you there? So with what you were saying, would you say that's one of the best arguments to use against the Roman Catholics when they say that Jesus is omnipresent in the Eucharist? No, because what they're saying is that the presence and the nature of Christ are distinct and distinguished from the essence of the Eucharistic presence or wafer. So they'll say that the wafer, here's what becomes inconsistent.

I'm trying to think, you might have a better point in that than I'm thinking. They say it's in with and under, transubstantiation. And the confusion rests in the issue of the blending of the natures of the bread and the body. And I've heard and read where they say it is only retaining the appearance of bread and is no longer bread, but has been transformed into it, so its nature has changed. So then they would say, and this would not violate the laws of logic here, but what they're saying is that the nature of the bread changes, it retains the physical appearance, but its nature is different and it's the nature of the body of Christ, so therefore when you take it you're taking the body of Christ.

So they wouldn't be violating logical category mistakes or stuff like that in that case. But wouldn't they be saying that the body is omnipresent because they're observing it all over the world. That's a problem. And I've asked Catholics, is it not the case that a human body is by definition in one place at a time?

Yes. Then how can Jesus' body be ubiquitous? And they say, well it's just a mystery. And what I'm doing is showing them, just from what you're getting at, is that there's a problem when they say that the body of Christ is in multiple places. And I've had them say, well we don't know what God does in heaven, so therefore it can happen.

And these are all arguments just from flat out ignorance. And so there's that. And plus, I'll say, well look, did they actually drink the blood of Christ? Yes.

Before the crucifixion? Yes. But you say that the Eucharist is the sacrificed body and blood of Christ, right?

Yes. Then how did it happen before the institution, before the sacrifice? That's a bit of a problem for them to work out. And the other thing is, well Leviticus 17, 14 says that Jews are not to drink the blood of any flesh.

So was Jesus breaking Levitical law by telling him to drink blood? And they have a problem with that too. They have their ways of trying to get out of it, but their ways aren't very good. They're not very sound, logically.

Anyway, okay. And in Luke 22, 20, when Jesus says the cup is the new covenant, if they were consistent, they would have to say that cup was literally the new covenant, right? That's a good point. I never thought of that before.

That's a good point. The cup. What they mean by it is the container of the cup, the blood. Now, what they do, they take the wafer, they dip it into the wine, and it's called intinction, so that the wine is then infused into the wafer. And when the priest lifts it up, it's changed into the body and blood of Christ. It's no longer just bread and wine. But yeah, the cup is what symbolizes it.

There's a word for that. It's a simile or something like that. And that's what's going on. And so when Jesus says, I'm the door, he's not literally a door. He just says, this is the cup.

It's not literally the cup or this specific cup that he's talking about. Okay. And when they do that, is it correct that they actually venerate the host? It's correct that they do it.

It's sinful that they do it. Yeah. So like they'll parade around the elements and stuff like that.

And they'll face them and venerate them. Yes. And it's called a monstrance.

M-O-N-S-T-R-A-N-C-E. A monstrance. Once the wafer has been transformed into the body of Christ, it's actually Jesus now. So they put it in a monstrance, and you can look up the word.

You can see pictures of varying kinds. And it's like a sunburst of rays of gold coming out, and they'll round the wafer in the middle. And then they will lift it up, and they'll bow before it. And so this is idolatry. And they'll say, well, it's the body of Christ. Well, it's not the body of Christ.

And then they'll parade it, like you said, do various things. It's just another form of idolatry that they're doing. And they like to say that it's not a re-sacrifice, but it's a propitiatory. It is a re-sacrifice.

They say it isn't, but it is. And it's a propitiatory sacrifice. It cleanses from sin. And a propitiatory sacrifice is a sacrifice. To say it's propitiatory, you would have to redefine propitiation then, because propitiation in the Bible is a sacrifice that turns away wrath. And so that's what it means. It doesn't mean it's potentially removed. It means it actually is, which is really interesting if you go to 1 John 2.2, propitiation for the whole world. Ooh, what does that mean then?

Everybody's going to go to heaven? Another side note. So when they say it's propitiatory, then they have a problem. And so let me see,,, eucharist, because I've got the quotes, eucharist sacrifice.

Let's see if I can find it really quickly. Yeah, sacrifice of Christ. And so, yeah, they call it a sacrifice. The holy sacrifice of the eucharist, paragraph 1055. The eucharist is also a sacrifice, paragraph 1365. There you go. It's a sacrifice.

Okay. So they're basically saying that Jesus' sacrifice was not perfect. It has to be done over again. That's what they're saying, but they don't realize it. If you tell them they're saying that, they're going to say, that's not what we're saying, but it is.

Because Jesus has offered... So it's basically self-refuting. Yes, right. But this is what happens... Like all false religions.

There you go. You just took the words out of my mouth. This is what happens with false religions. They don't make sense. And then it's called cognitive dissonance.

And, yeah, that's where it is. Okay. Okay, thank you. Good for you. Good for you, buddy.

Keep up the good work, man. All right. Hey, okay, let's see.

We've got William from Deacon, Ohio, waiting a long time. Okay, Will, you are on the air, if you're there. Hey, man, what's going on? Oh, I'm doing radio. This is a very, very important question. Okay.

I've been dwelling within me here lately. Okay. And everything that's going on with worldly events. So it says in the Bible for us to pray for our enemies, right? Yes. That means pray for Biden.

And to love our enemies. Mm-hmm. Okay.

Well, I believe Biden's an enemy of the people, I believe. I do. That's my opinion.

Okay. So what if they're just using that as a control mechanism to further their agenda? You know, to enslave the human race. You know, they can use the Bible as a control mechanism.

Of course. Do you see where I'm trying to get at? Sure, it was misused to justify slavery. It's been misused to justify destruction of people's rights.

And it can be misused in many different ways. That's true. Okay. So, but think about that.

They're using the words in the Bible, control mechanism, to further an agenda. Mm-hmm. Which could, and it's not even a question of it could. Eventually, you know, the human race is going to be totally enslaved.

At what point do we draw the line and fight? I can't repeat what I think on the air about that. Okay.

Well, can you kind of sum it up to me that I could, that we could, you know, use? That's why I tell people to read the Declaration of Independence. In my opinion, our government is no longer, has not been for quite a while, working for the best interests of the people. That's not to say every person in power is corrupt, but the corruption is obvious. We have hypocrisy in the highest levels.

We have insider trading. We have the people raiding the treasury. They've opened up our borders. They have broken laws. They go, like January 6th committee, they're going after people, trying to destroy people's lives for basically just what amounts to trespassing. They're going after everybody, looking for people they want to denounce. They want to destroy anybody.

It's just the same kind of technique, but with limits, as Stalin is Russia, in that they destroy their enemies. So, good men. It actually, it makes me feel bad to even question the Bible, because, you know, I want to pray for my enemies. I want to love my neighbor.

You should. But they're using that aspect to control us, to further an agenda. Yes, Satan did the same thing.

He would misuse scripture in order to get his agenda going. But, look, we are to pray for the enemies of the gospel. That means we pray for Biden and Pelosi and the Pope and things like that.

We pray for them. Hold on. But it's not just them.

Yes, I know it's not just them. Look at the world of comics. Hold on. We've got to break.

We've got to break. Hold on. Hey, folks, three open lines. You want to give me a call? 877-207-2276. Be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the show. I just want to let you know that we stay on the air by your support. And if you want to help out, all you've got to do is go to forward slash donate. If you like what you hear, please support us because that's what we need in order to stay on the air.

And if you don't like what you hear, then pray for me. Okay. All right. Let's get back on with Will from Dayton. Are you still there?

I'm still here, brother. Okay. So basically, when is enough enough? You know, I'm drawing my line in the sand, so to speak.

It's subjective. We use violence when there's no other recourse. There are recourses. The idea of taking back what needs to be taken back is a dangerous and a very serious issue.

The government is working against the people and against the Constitution, and it's doing things that are wrong. The recourse is for us to vote and to protest and to raise our ire so that they can be heard and do this consistently. We need to do this. That's what needs to happen. As Christians, we should be praying, and then we should be getting people in office on the local level and the great level. And then we should be demanding the legitimacy of our elections because, personally, I don't trust them anymore. I don't know. I've lost my faith in the elections.

I just have. And I believe COVID was used as a control marker. At first, I think it was legit. It had some problems. I was wearing a mask. We didn't know what was going on. I get that, and I grant that. That's not a problem. But after a while, it became obvious.

This is another just using for control. In fact, I'm getting into some stuff. I've written, like, 30 articles on COVID, masks, research, and things like that. And I will never take that COVID vaccine, personally. You and me both. Yeah. It's a matter of self-defense. But you see where this is heading. Like, if they start ushering digital currency in, you know, right now, we're running out of time. Right now, we're sheep in the pasture. If they start ushering in the digital currency and whatever comes with that, we're getting further and further closer to the slaughterhouse.

Absolutely. See, what's going to happen is the goal would be to be in control. They don't want to destroy everybody. You know, the powers that be. They don't want to have anarchy in their hands and people dying in the streets.

They want to have control. And so they're going to be gradually moving things. They can get control of the digital currency. And as we already know, now the banks are supposed to report transactions of $600 or more to the federal government. Now the federal government's telling us, watching over our shoulder what we spend our money on.

These little things like this, and then you get used to it, and then they'll just move it down to $500 or $400. Or any transactions now are to be judged by what the government allows and doesn't allow. Are you allowed to buy bullets? Are you allowed to buy guns? Are you allowed to buy extra food? Oh, you're storing up extra food.

We've noticed that your grocery bill has been increased at an unnecessary level. Why are you doing this? Are you a white supremacist because you're storing up food, getting ready to raid or fight back? Is that what you're doing? They can accuse you of all kinds of stuff.

And this is one of the issues. Let me tell you, I know indirectly, I'll just leave it that way, that there are trucks that are being developed that they can drive down the street and just aim a heat kind of a sensor gun at your home. They can tell you what everybody is and what weapons you have in the house.

That's wonderful. They can tap into your wireless, they can tap into your Internet, they can do all this kind of stuff. They can tell you exactly where people are in your house by looking at it. And this has been around for a long time. So I'm to the point to where I hate to question the word, but they're using that against them. They're using that as a control mechanism to advance their agenda.

A lot of them are. And when you hear politicians say Jesus would support pro-choice movement, that's blasphemy. And they will use God's word because they are liars, deceivers, cheats, and they serve their father the devil. And so as Christians we need to stand against this, and the primary way is by prayer. People think prayer doesn't do anything.

Well, no, it does. You've got to be praying. If all the Christian church is praying for this country, God's going to raise up people. That's what he does.

And he works things to change. We want conversions of people in government. I don't want them to go to hell. I don't want Biden to go to hell. I don't want Pelosi to go to hell. I don't trust either one of them.

Period. I think they're hypocrites and liars. But I don't want them to go to hell. I want them to be saved. Think about what you were saying, though, this equipment that they have that can monitor and see where the heat is within the home.

That's our own brothers and sisters. They can take a laser that you can't see, put it on your window, and they can hear what you're saying. They can watch the vibrations of the voice that hits a light source, like you have a light bulb in a lampshade, whatever, in your office. And there's a window. What they can do is aim a beam of some sort upon the window and look at the light. And your voice causes air pressure to hit the light bulb, which causes a slight super light flicker.

You can't see it, but they can pick it up, and it helps discern what you're saying at great distance. Why would they have something like that? Why would our government have something like that against its own people? Does that make any sense? Well, they would initially want to do this in order to root out the enemy.

You could turn it on at an embassy across the street, a different embassy, and you could do it. Well, it's never supposed to be used on the people. We've heard that. My mom and dad said something very interesting. They told me, to my face, income tax was specifically developed for World War II to help fund the war effort. And they were specifically told, it's only for the duration of the war. They both told me this. My dad served in World War II.

My mom helped build B-17 wings as a woman in the factories. They told me what was going on. They said it was supposed to only be for the war. They never repealed it. The government will say one thing and then very frequently do another. This is why it's important to have godly men and women, Christian men and women in office. Oh, no, church separates the church and state. No, what that means is that the state is not to tell you what religion to practice. It doesn't mean you can't have Christians in office who believe in the sufficiency of Scripture and the authority of God to whom they have to answer and so they won't take bribes.

This is what we have and what we deserve in this country because, I mean, look at it. LGBTQ is now indoctrinated and passed as law as being acceptable, and if you don't agree with it, you can be fined. You don't use a pronoun crap with the issue.

You don't use someone's pronouns according to what they want. You can be fined or jailed or lose your job or canceled, whatever different levels of this that's going out there. Or abortion, the killing of the unborn. These are all instantiated as laws or becoming more laws.

The stuff about the pronoun thing I've heard more about recently. These things are becoming laws and some are laws, which means our government is officiating in the practice of sin and rebelling against God. Now, what's the battle? The battle is a spiritual battle. Ephesians 6, 12. We as Christians, we have the Lord God on our side. The gates of hell will not prevail against the church. Matthew 16, 18. That means when we go kick the gates down, they're not going to stand.

Eventually, they're going to fall. But what Christians now do is say there's a gate of hell. Let's run. Take cover.

Gates don't do anything. We are the ones who are on the offensive, God says. Jesus says, go out into the world and make disciples of all nations. He sent them out.

He's even said, buy a sword, Luke 24, 36. It's not for the purpose of being aggressive. It's for defense. We have the right of defense. We can use the laws and the defensive means. And we should be saying to the politicians, get these people out of jails who've been in there without trial, without due process, who January 6 stuff, who just trespassed. Get them out. And yet these guys, like that one guy, I forgot his name, whatever his name is, who instigated the breaking of the laws, he, there's nothing happening to him. Why?

Because he's with the left. So when the people in control are the ones who can raid the treasury, set the laws, and they're the ones who can say who gets punished and not gets punished, that's where you get corruption. And the only way to prevent that is to have godly men and women in place. And we don't have them.

Our country's lost. Well, it sounds like to me is in essence, we're creating our own prison state. Humanity is allowing this to happen.

At some point, you see what I'm saying? At some point we have to, we can't let that control our faith. We have to intervene or God has to intervene.

That's right. You pray for, you pray for the salvation of the enemies of this country and of the Christian faith, like Biden and Pelosi and others. You pray for them.

Kamala Harris, you pray for them. You pray for their salvation. I have prayed for them. And we need to continue to pray for them. Okay?

And pray for them in the wishes I should. It's not just here on our own. This is a global thing.

Absolutely. See, the United States is practicing censorship through its pressuring of private corporations. Criminals are getting out under the name of equity. We tried equity.

Or not we. Equity has been tried. It was called Marxism. Everybody's equal. The equal outcome. And it led to the death of millions upon millions and millions and millions of people.

The United States is in really bad debt and it's getting worse. There's the funding of the police, which increases the rise of criminal activity. There's what's called democide, the intentional killing of the RNN people.

That's happened a lot. The elections, more and more people don't trust the elections. The FBI is weaponized. The IRS is being weaponized. The leaders apparently are hypocrites.

It's pretty obvious. They say wear masks and then they don't wear masks. They say get rid of your guns and they hire police protection.

They say don't drive carbon emitting vehicles and they take private jets. There's money laundering going through Ukraine. Open borders against the laws. That means that they don't care about the people of this country. Oppressive practices, like I said, $600 in transactions.

Schools are indoctrination areas for ideology, activism and protests against the status quo in our Constitution. This is what's going on. Christians should wake up. What can we do?

I'll tell you what we can do. All the pastors, real pastors, not the women pastors, because they're false pastors. Women shouldn't be in office in a past pulpit, but they can certainly be prayer warriors, that's for sure. And the men need to start teaching in the pulpit what needs to be done, not every day, every Sunday, but this needs to be on the forefront and all pastors across America and across the world should start praying. Number one, you start praying and you ask God to take care of this and you ask him to use you and pray for the conversion of the people in office. Pray that God would raise up godly people to replace the evil ones.

You ask God to do this. We don't raise a hand to hurt anybody. We vote.

We do whatever we can the best way we can and that's how it's supposed to be done. And the Christians need to start voting and it's doing other stuff. In fact, I've got almost out of time. Let me just throw this out really fast.

Number eight, if, let's say pick a day like September 1st through the entire month, that what happened is everybody with a letter, last name starts with A, showed up at the Capitol with signs protesting, won our Constitution back, won our state back, and then the next day, letter with B, letter with C. Everyone did it all over the United States at the same time. Guarantee you'll get in the news. We need to start doing stuff like this and be organized. That's what we need to do as Christians and we're out of time. Call back tomorrow. We've got to talk more about this stuff. We're out of time. And Curtis from South Carolina, I want to hear what you have to say about this.

I want you to call back tomorrow too. Please, Curtis, we're out of time. The Lord bless you all. By His grace, we're back on the air tomorrow and teach Bible study tonight. So, hey, God bless. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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