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Did the Early Church Leaders Believe in a Future for Israel?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 14, 2019 5:10 pm

Did the Early Church Leaders Believe in a Future for Israel?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 14, 2019 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/14/19.


Is it true that the early church leaders all said that there was no future hope for the nation of Israel started for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown yes rented early Thursday. That means phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 to take any of your Jewish related calls Sophie related to the Hebrew language related to Judaism today related to the Hebrew Scriptures related to the Israeli mideastern Middle Eastern conflict. Give me a call Jewish interpretation of the Bible Jewish objections to Jesus. 866-34-TRUTH 7884 will take those calls not other calls today.

I do want to enlighten you about what some of the key early church fathers taught about God's promises regarding the future hope of Israel want to share some information with you about the antidefamation league and their failure to adequately report their findings about anti-Semitism in the Muslim world. Some interesting clips to play for you as well and then out one start here. What is happened recently in Israel. So if if you've missed the news this week there was an Islamic Jihad leader, Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Aba Abu out onto he was killed by Israeli troops. Israeli military in the early hours of the morning Tuesday so the Palestinian Islamic Jihad targeted Israel with 450 rockets over today. Which then led to retaliatory strikes from Israel. There is at the moment a cease-fire city characterized this shaky cease-fire. There is a cease-fire know some say will is it right to assassinate leaders that you believe are terrorist will we do it all the time America does it. Other nations do it Israel doesn't. Now I read a whole book about targeted killing in Israeli history and what ethics or are used, how decisions are made. A.

What if innocent family members will be injured. What what if there will be collateral damage in's and and just civilians will be injured or killed or is there a way to capture this person alive how dangerous are there is the real threat against Jewish lives through this person did have a history of killing people and and and leisure complete despotic nation and you're just going to kill her if you want to kill these are questions that just like America's taken out known terrorist with drone attacks and we rejoice with it and I will be here in Ashley's wonderful. We got a bad guy in here just that the killing of the leader of the devices actually committed suicide as we are about to capture him, but if he had been killed just like a bin Laden was killed. These are targeted assassinations.

You could call him.

We go after the persons there is resistance there take out some cases, like with a drone attack on an American cleric who was in Yemen and who would sponsor terrorism and provoke terrorism in the and led to bloodshed. It is in our American shores.

So he was just taken out a drone attack, there is no attempt to capture and was taken out. So this is done. Nations do it.

It is part of warfare is part of defense, but their consequences when you take out a terrorist leader than the terrorist followers are going to respond with more terror now in Israel because you do have a government that is made up of Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims because you have that representation you're going to have fireworks in the Knesset in the parliament. So just looking at a report. Sorry don't have it to put on the screen for those watching from world is real news that noted that it that a heat exchanger up to the Knesset between the prime minister and joint Arab list members who walked out of the hall so as as Prime Minister Netanyahu.

We speak against going after these terrorists then some of the Arab leaders objected and anyway, things got fiery there's a fragile unity in Israel and another report that I'm just reading here and haven't been able to dig deep into it a from today unity back in play.

Netanyahu God's may be closer to agreement then sought from what I can tell with all of the moving pieces involve.

From what I can tell, this would be something positive.

This would shut out some of the smaller parties that have very specific agenda and one that concerns me high on the list is the ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties say why means don't they stand for all the intolerant things like that certain things they do and I applaud but other things they do.

I believe her drain on the government and more importantly they will use their position to fight against Jewish believers in the land they will use their position to stop messianic Jews from making aliyah from emigrating to Israel. They could even try to stop people like me from entering the country to do ministry work and things like that so when you have the ultra-Orthodox parties that make deals with the government. The words you need them to tip the coalition in your favor to get your 61 Knesset seats were often happens is this okay.

We want the ministry of interior what this position. This position, we want these guarantees any party, any smaller parties can do that right any parties can use leverage is okay if you want me and okay even though I only have 10 seats right now you need me to form the coalition's even have to make disproportionate concessions to me. That happens all the time. It's this the concessions that are made to the ultra-Orthodox Orthodox are very troubling to me and would definitely affect the freedoms and liberties of messianic Jews in the land and those seeking to minister in the land so the end and then there other issues of concern as well. In terms of of having too much power over the country. That being said, if you can form a unity government between blue-and-white and Likud and basically just the two of them together. Then they have the necessary standing to form a strong unity government could they do it well gone. Since Eddie's ocular servant. A government with Netanyahu and an end to the corruption charges come against Netanyahu and maybe things are intense enough. Maybe the thought of the third election is, is fraught with enough difficulties. Maybe the paralysis that's on the government right now. Maybe all these things are too much. Maybe the idea of smaller parties being the kingmakers who's going to decide who wins and who leads and how it happens.

Maybe the ongoing terrorist attacks may be all those things are enough to make these two men sit down and say okay we are parties to work together now look, there is no perfect earthly solution for anything in this planet okay when you're talking the cut here in America. What is the perfect political solution for racial conflict. What is the perfect political solution for helping the poor was the perfect political solution for strengthening the family.

What there is no perfect political situation because politics can't bring those perfect solutions, especially in country like Israel, but there are some things that are better than others and therefore we pray God your best, your will for many years now when he comes to Israel, government decisions being made. I pray very general prayers for God's best in for his good purposes to come to pass for security and safety and for religious liberty and for for his blessing on on Palestinian Muslims and Israeli Jews is best for that II pray for those things because to pray more specifically, I I can't figure it all out just like the mess in Syria who's got the earthly answer for that or or rebuilding some of these nations that have been so destroyed by Civil War like Yemen or taking sides. Okay I'm in a stand against Iran by standing with Saudi Arabia much. How much do you really want to stand with Saudi Arabia stand against Iran, but have a strong stand with Saudi Arabia. So everything has to be done carefully everything you make one decision today it's can affect things tomorrow you help one prop up one party, one group today, they may bite you tomorrow so we just pray for God's best. We act pragmatically. We pray for wisdom for the leaders.

We pray for the salvation of all involved, which is the number one most important thing that we can do. Pray for people to come to know Jesus pray for Jew and Gentile Muslim Arab Israeli pray for them to come to know Jesus the Messiah. In a true and living way, the son of God the eternal Redeemer. Pray for that and then be his practice.

Now, having said all that, this remind you is really really safe to visit Israel is really really safe to come to Israel.

There is tremendous security, the IDF has done an amazing job. In fact, the security is less visible today than in years past I would so much as been done technologically.

So many steps have been taken to combat terror of so much terrorism is thwarted on a daily basis is really very safe to be in his shows chronic anywhere else right in there someplace safe and others especially go on the tour and things like that where you're staying with the groups. It's wonderfully safe.

So never, ever worry about that if there was ever any concern programs would go ahead right so all that to say we probably got out 35 seats left. That's in and we may have a rush very soon. It was some of the churches will be speaking at sharing this. So if you been planning on going. May 2020 the 11th to 20 May 2020. If you been planning on signing up.

Get your deposit in now at the still time to get the rest of the payments and get your deposit in now and and I'll say it once again. Enough said. Dozens of times. I am continually blown away by how powerfully impacted or tourists, or as they come our friends that join us and of course you build deeper relationship with the time together. One of our torchbearers. Remember, you get 10% off. So if if you're going with your family, than one of you take 10% off of the ticket price that they could be what you give to us in a whole year to get back off the ticket price. So take advantage of this is something that you don't want to miss and it's a great time to go as well. So go to Esther to ask a DR that's regal and just you see right on the homepage first or second banner that comes up. The Israel tour click on that.

Find out more fun about the schedule will be doing the day what we do on the nights it's really quite extraordinary and can't wait to see you there. All right, 866-348-7884.

A table regarding next. I am writing a new book scheduled to come owl next fall on confronting contemporary Christian anti-Semitism without the name of the book, but that's what it's about. I mean, some of the really ugly ugly bad stuff that's out there and one of the most notorious videos and one of the most terribly poorly done in terms of accuracy and facts and and and honesty, is this pastor Stephen Anderson's video marching to Zion I mean it's it's really bad.

I'm finally going through it carefully sums two hours long and one of the chapters in my book I devote to debunking some of the junk in there pastor Anderson quotes early church leaders to say they they may still say this was the Lord God's chosen is an accurate ceiling, Qu�bec, 866 bones are open usually on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown yeah yeah I bad forgot or started talking. Welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday got the phone number, critics, questioners, skeptics, seekers, phonons are open 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 just has to be Jewish related because it's thoroughly Jewish Thursday okay before I give you some interesting quotes from early church leaders. I was going through some old boxes, together with Nancy today boxes that we had storage units for many years and before that they had been boxes in the basement. One of our houses and then finally going through boxes have an open these in many years and lo and behold found all my degrees. I knew they were in a box somewhere. So my bachelors in Hebrew BA in Hebrew from Queens College and a certificate for excellence in academics there and then my Masters and PhD from New York University and its Maple put my wallet-family members customer to do that but they been boxes because I so thoroughly died to the idol of scholarship. It had become an idol in my life. Late 70s early 80s. As I was pursuing my doctoral work at that same time even though I was a committed believer actively working my church and an end with my family involved in many good works, and known as a follower of Jesus in grad school unashamedly so I had though lost my first lips usually left my first love. II had left and lost some of the passion and devotion I had in my earlier years that I become intellectually and theologically proud as I was working my doctoral dissertation, God brought me to it through a season of repentance and in the season of repentance brought me into a place of tremendous renewal of the Holy Spirit was put on my Lifetouch many in my church I served as an elder that was 8283 and and then I lay down my doctoral work because I realize these things become idols in my life, prayed and sought the Lord fasted for over a period of nine months, prayed and fasted and sought him and then it was given back to me but I was in idols to also finish my doctoral dissertation change the subject's did my doctoral dissertation got my PhD and 85, but then just an everyone to the graduations. In retrospect, it would've been fun, but I had so died to the idolatry of it.

I didn't go to the graduations and actually feminine, college graduation were message graduations.

I guess it just wasn't that into going graduations of presiding over in our school for decades, that which is wonderful but anyway, having died to the idol it for me. I'm not judging anyone else nominal, but for me this is just put in the box and and scholarship is just a tool for his divine purposes and it's been a great tool a wonderful tool. An important tool, a blessed tool these many years, but discovery is like yeah that's that's right. A lot of hard work and and cut your teeth than in a very difficult subject him to learn what ancient difficult languages. But what a joy with a good foundation platform it's given other studies and work through the years 866-34-TRUTH okay so one of the worst anti-Jewish, anti-Israel videos online that is been widely watchman hundreds of thousands of times is Stephen Anderson's marching to Zion.

Now it's true that pastor Anderson is a complete fringe player in the larger evangelical world who pastors a very small church. He is known as a King James only fanatic he rejoices when homosexuals were killed say is in the pulse past pulse pulse massacre postwar massacre pulse club massacre of glad to see that once gays executed by law is kind of infamous for a message that he preached based on translation some verses in the King James as to why it's essential that men urinate standing rather than sitting is actually message still see it online example why in given time date. Unfortunately, because the videos been watched by a lot of people and spread standard incident because I mean starts off with excerpts of his interaction with rabbis was wondering if you had to get rabbis on what is the Phoenix area.

There are over 50 rabbis locally.

So he wrote to each of them, and therefore that willing to meet him and one is as a human humanists on the nothing of pleasing God.

Okay, not one of them is Orthodox traditional rabbi. Okay, not not one right there. There liberal or moderately conservative, just depending on clean simple what you're saying but he duped them.

Even Talley said he's doing a video lesson such knowing they would think as a Christian pastor was gonna be positive instead of trying to get negative information from any goes on this whole rant about you still believe the Bible and so on and how these rabbis don't believe little creation Genesis 1 of them believe in this and this rabbis if yes, liberal pastors get the same answers yes liberal pastors or humanist Christians.

You get the exact same answers.

Ask conservative Christians asked religious Jews and you get similar answers about believing what's written some minutes it's really misleading that he's got quotes from Augustine's got quotes from Christmastime. He's got quotes from other early church leaders and these early church leaders say some very negative things about the Jewish people. They say some very negative things some very ugly things about Israel. Jewish people, which he quotes not to say this is shameful.

This is terrible. This is bad, but he quotes them to say yes. See, these Jews are evil.

Yes, see Israel's evil you see they all said the Jewish people and the Lord God's chosen people for slaves wrongful. I should say fortunately he's wrong. So in this book that I'm writing right confront exposed contemporary Christian anti-Semitism will deal with the anti-Semitism of true news will deal with the anti-Semitism text Morris will be with the anti-Semitism you Michael Jones on the book, all with practical factual responses, all with biblical responses and then with reasons to have God's heart for Israel and the Jewish people is to be a great supplement to our hands are stained with blood, which goes through church history, which goes through a lot of the other aspects of persecution of the Jewish people in history takes you into the Jewish faith morsel. This will be a supplement to our hands are stained with blood, but let me share a few coaches. Sorry don't have these to put up for you, but these are all found in Mike of latches, excellent book, has the church replaced Israel and here you go, Justin Martyr okay who actually spoke of the church's spiritual Israel. He held that the tribes of Israel would be gathered and restored with it in accordance with what the prophet Zechariah predicted season Zechariah status can happen there for scab. He believed there would be a future for the tribes of Israel that they had not been displaced by the church and forever cursed by God and no longer chosen that God would keep his promises.

Justin Martyr to Chile. It these are all in the in the early centuries and all highly esteemed leaders. He wrote this group will be fitting for the Christian to rejoice and not to grieve at the restoration of Israel if it be true as it is that the whole of our hope is intimately united with the remaining expectation of Israel. So it's gonna happen is going to be a restoration of Israel, and he says that it's true the whole of our hope is intimately united with the remaining expectation of his that's what I should pray for Israel salvation along for Israel salvation and support ministries is ours, which worked to reach the lost sheep of the house of Israel and and and believe it is that God is restoring the Jewish people back to the Lamb is the firstfruits before the spiritual restoration. First, the natural than the spiritual right that this is good news and and that as you see these things happening, that should be encouraging your faith origin who was so famous for his allegorical method actually wrote when the fullness of the Gentiles has come in then will all Israel, having been called again be saved. Yes, this was his expectation based on Romans 11 Christmastime whose eight sermons against the Jews remain infamous. To this day who's eight sermons against the Jews were reprinted and and distributed by the Nazis, Christmastime, and that such ugly things to say about the Jewish people in the synagogue in Judaism Christmastime I could watch points out, who often made harsh statements against the Jews, but he still believed in the future salvation of the Jews. He linked the coming salvation of the Jews. With the coming of Elijah, so he said there's gonna be a real Elijah who comes and Elijah is going to turn hearts and lodges can be involved in in calling the Jewish people back to God.

He expected it to happen because it's written in the Bible because it's written in the Bible. Augustine who had a lot to say about Israel's future salvation and negative things to say about the Jewish people as well. He said this, Israel has been supplanted to bring blessings to the church. But this time of being supplanted will come to an end. So this the time will come the end of the world will come, and all Israel shall believe, not who they now are both their children, who shall then be the newest can happen now, but at the end of the world.

So now in his day at the end of the world the children of the Jews you don't believe today will leave and Jerome so this when the Jews receive the faith.

At the end of the world.

They will find themselves in dazzling light as if our Lord returning to them from Egypt refused me to get returning to them from Egypt. I could quote from the Puritans like John Nolan. I could quote from Charles Spurgeon Robert Murray McShane and Andrew Horatius Bomar. I could quote from these leaders, none of whom were dispensational us. That's always accusation nobody knew this before dispensationalism arose in the 1830s, not true. Absolutely not true in these leaders.

Even some of them with their anti-Jewish biases still saw with the Scripture said Taylor friends stay with the word stay with the promises of God. I will stay with the faithfulness of God.

I believe her in the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown DLs domestic policy of clinging to the left a left which forbids any and all criticism of religious or racial minorities. Except, of course, of the Jews, since Muslims in America are seen by the left as vulnerable and marginalized it since they have been added to the left's Pantheon victim groups the ADL if it wants to stay attached to the left must abandon its own mission as the voice of Dr. Charles Jacobs. He's president of Americans for peace and tolerance. It's a video was uploaded yesterday, November 13 ADL protecting American Muslims fooling American Jews. Suicide about what will come back to that in a moment, something that should get our attention is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Welcome to the broadcast hears number to call 86 634-8784 with your Jewish related calls. Let's start in Richmond, Virginia, Jim. Welcome to the line of fire are like 200 are your same background through the wonderfully art.rapid during the 71 the Army and it found the Lord over your basic training but my research but before that I read a book called the by James Messner but open up by Mark. Have you heard of� Haven't read it and it's it's a novel, correct correct, but James Messner when it does anything to go to Walmart yet just a historical novel historically and yet with the creation of of man basically through and introducing the one true God, and the whole thing is book over thousand of them cried when it starts moving the whole book start to tell outside of scissor and I don't have the you know the name of the book of Christmas is worth, but I never read it not obviously on the Jewish civilization you and it basic amazing dark about you often read that a high law unjustly and I can handle getting on Kindle. It's got over 1100 ratings is known at 6 foot home yet yeah yeah at an edit some detail about what is what is it that most states with you about the book having ready to take away always been put always been put start have always been treated a certain way all drivers and it goes from like us to prior to price introducing product, introducing Yahweh to them. I mean it's just mind-boggling. It is incredibly detail and how they go from gathering food and am trying to say and worshiping idols. Worshiping a God yet say what you when you read the Bible say you read Genesis 1, the creation account or you read some of the words of the prophet Isaiah, and you compare them to other ancient near Eastern literature. It's just as amazing. Obviously it's God speaking. It's inspired by God but these are ideas the put into the hearts and minds of people and and there's a book so yeah so what was the professor prophet of his this to my Kindle reader probably over thousand books and then many thousands of resources in my Bible and religion Jewish software admin many, many thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of physical books. But the thing is like yeah I want to read that. So I ordered that's what I do. That's one reason I have so many books but you push me to say I won't read this. There is a book that I own. I've only read part of it.

It's Thomas Cahill's book came at a 99. The gifts of the Jews. How a tribe of desert nomads change the way everyone thinks and feels.


So for all the anti-Semites out there. This is one for you if you're open, that is, the gifts of the Jews have a tribe of desert nomads change the way everyone thinks and feels as Thomas Cahill hey Jim, thank you for the call. Much appreciated. 866-34-TRUTH let's go over to Shirley and Raleigh North Carolina. Thank you for calling the line of fire back wondering character, character, entry, do you know whether they'll like them. Elder Pastor Pastor Elder and Deacon went back patterned after happening in the first century God is so very differently. Similarities. For example, having a local congregation that was led by a plurality of elders that was something that you had in the synagogue right.

See you then just have one person running the show you how to plant a plurality of elders. I believe you have a lead Elder in their midst.

But that was definitely something that was done in the synagogue and that was similar structure set up the idea of having deacons. You have a similar concept which is the helpers, the shallow shame that with would be engaged in the practical affairs of things.

How ancient is that no that can be debatable, but that basic structure. You could definitely say would be similar to structures that would be seen in in ancient synagogues and synagogue communities. The, the idea of, say, our no-no, so that's that's what I was about to get our no-no.

No, no, you did not have those so that this is where you have something very different. The moving of the spirit.

The Charis Matta the speaking in tongues.

The interpreting of tongues, prophecies, laying hands on the sick drive and driving out demons and things like this, though this was not normal for for ancient synagogue worship Jesus driving out a demon in it you know it in in the early chapters of the Gospels when he encounters this Cinemark one. For example, that that was not the norm in a synagogue service or healing on the Sabbath. As you have various accounts in the Gospels like Luke 13 that was not the norm or apostles profits avenges pastors, teachers that five folder or fourfold division was certainly not the norm but some of the concepts related and apostles would just be the he briefly seen those were emissaries. Those were people sent on a mission, and that consequently could have in the ancient world just gets change allopathy in breaking of the spirit that was definitely not normal in the synagogue. This was something different. I think you are very welcome. Sure thing 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Benjamin in Kingston, Tennessee answer: the line of fire. Dr. Mark Rennert great premier aerobic man of you in your ministry and everything that you hear. Thank you Dr. Q. Grill. I can't help but go to in the Bible that were grafted into the barn. Your coming with development of the Old Testament in regard or edict inherited the nation than Babel bringing arc back and correcting them in the barn was used to casing to look at Benjamin work where Paul talks about Gentiles being grafted into the olive tree so Gentile branches are now joined together with Jewish branches in the same olive tree is really interesting is this Paul says this in in Romans 1111. Speaking of the Jewish people as a whole the nation as a whole. Again I ask, did they who the Jewish people, nation of Israel. Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery. Not at all. Rather, because of their transgression. Notice the salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious that if their transgression is Russ transgression Jewish people transgression list leads to riches for the world and their lost riches for the Gentiles, much more their fullness. So we say there is gratefulness there is good to be turning of the Jewish people right. There's been rejection. This can be turning, but I'm speaking to you who are Gentiles so he doesn't call the Gentile believers spiritual Jews are spiritual's rights. I'm speaking to who are Gentiles insofar as and I am an emissary to the Gentiles.

I spotlight my ministry if somehow I might provoke to jealousy my own flesh and blood and save some of them. For if there rejection so there rejected the Messiah than than being rejected under judgment of God.

If there rejection leads to the reconciliation of the world.

What will their acceptance be, but like from the dead, so they will be brought back. There will be a national restoration and that will literally bring about life from the dead, so it is.

It is so glorious and wonderful and beautiful and absolutely going to happen because God is said it. However, it will happen through the prayers of the church. It will happen to the faithful living witness of Gentile believers along with Jewish believers.

It is to gather that we will see Israel say, hey Benjamin, thank you for your heart and the call 86634. Hang on. Let us take one more call go to Providence, Rhode Island William, welcome to the line of fire.

By the way, is it cold up there today and are currently my temperature I gave you my car read 43� and we were in 60 to 70 greatly. I must set that is it in at central North Carolina hit 25 in the middle of the night last night. Anyway, I I guess it's going to get cold. Yes, for sure, yes, go homeless so I can I go ahead with my question, yes, please.

Okay so recently. I recently came to know of who you are. I watched a lot of your debate dreamily impressed and just so glad that there's another Christian hero out there Like William Ln., Craig like I looked up and I wanted to say that and second Mike.

My question is that recently I watched the YouTube video of messianic Jews interviewing people in public in Jerusalem and cut it quoting the Scriptures, but basically kind of doing it in a way where they say we'd like to tell you about somebody in history. Obviously there referring to Jesus. That was a pretty incredible person and this person said that if Mr. basically quoting the New Testament.

Long story short is that each person that was interviewed that all my gosh, what a great person that what is on holy. He almost seems to really be true. Like God and at the at the Ozzie is back in the sun� Jesus then it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends for someone grandma Thursday. Go back to William, Providence, Rhode Island. So we are talking.

It's probably one for Israel is really believers talking to others. Really believers tell them about your charrette without telling them that it is Yeshua, and they seem to really like this person, whoever it is you go ahead correct answer alternately at at the end they reveal that these are pictures from the New Testament that was word and it was amazing to me me a response. The response was immediately, as if a five letter word was spoken and people work became even antagonistic.

So my question really is is you. Do you believe that there's almost like a brainwashing that has gone and because it's just amazing how negative the influence of Jesus has on the mind of those who are Jewish and to me it just seems almost at like a brainwashing techniques or brainwashing event yeah so here's here's the problem. I understand that there is a veil over the hearts of Jewish people don't believe that I recognize that every person is responsible for their own life in their own soul, but you have to remember is that for many Jews. The only Jesus they know is the Jesus of church history.

The only Jesus they know is the Jesus that's been represented by hypocritical Christians and if you talk to a traditional Jew in America or in Israel, especially very traditional Jew in their mind is a straight line from the New Testament to the Holocaust and the only one they know about us. This deceiver who destroyed the Jewish people and his followers have been Israel's worst enemies and killed and slaughtered their their people in exile them over the centuries. So what we have to do is get past that emotional response and get past the ignorance and get past the deception with just persistently sharing the truth in love, and you can see that the real Jesus has appeal to these people and that's why this the same folks to do that. Israel, that video will tether getting flooded with requests from seekers that person after person after person after person is coming to them.

It's hard to follow-up all the request of Israelis wanted to find out more about Yeshua. So there is openness Jewish people coming to faith left and right all around the world including a trickle of very religious Jews were on the front lines, helping with some of that as well. So once you get past the initial negative reaction.

References really doesn't know much about who Jesus really is. They haven't read the New Testament.

Little by little.

There is teaching in Israeli schools that that paints Jesus in a more positive light is one of our own in one of our own teachers that influence the world in a positive way. But your averages really has to read the New Testament doesn't know a lot about who Jesus really is and has increasingly positive view of Christians because of Christian support and love for Israel for more than a generation now that's done a lot to take the bad taste out of their mouths, but have you read my book, our hands are stained with blood. I have not yet in fact I like I said I just recently I turned to know who you are and I want to read a lot of your books actually and one of them. Blood tell you it wouldn't stay right there. I appreciate the kind words. Danny get Williams address. I want to send you the new edition of our hands are stained with blood as a gift right my joy to so ensure life. It'll give you more understanding as well as as a greater burden to see Israel safe so our hands are stained with blood. The new edition I want to send that to you. So William Danny is going to get your contact info and illness and that you as a gift. I got bless you.

Appreciate the call very much white friends. Can I encourage you to be praying for us.

We are on the front lines of reaching Jewish people with the gospel. We have a lot of plans and a lot of fusion in front of us and with your prayerful support and your financial support we can reach many more people. If you're not on our team. Join us today friends a dollar a day can help change the world can help see many Jewish people safe. Go to asked Dr. Brown a SK DR Brown, double-click on donate and click on monthly support become a torchbearer and you will be amazed at the resources that we pour back into you every single month as our thank you to you and our way of helping to equip you okay the ADL antidefamation league in many ways does a good job of exposing anti-Semitism and bringing attention to the rising tide of anti-Semitism in America and around the world and documents things and exposes some bad characters the same time, the ADL in many ways is strongly left leaning, funded by many on the left and therefore is not going to take stands were we would want them to take stance if it is politically incorrect. That's why I have mixed feelings about the ADL. I appreciate good that it does, but also many ways.

I know it's gonna come down on the wrong side of other issues and on social issues of importance to me.

The ADL is often on the wrong side of those so the good they do the exposing they do the fax information that's well done off site and use it because it's it's been well done.

But where they will get involved with a political motivation. That's where there's a problem. So lead into this segment. I play the clip for your last statement from Dr. Charles Jacobs president of Americans for peace and tolerance that video ADL protecting American Muslims fully American Jews sold out what you hear some of the stats basin ADL report about anti-Semitism in the Muslim world. Clip number one. Muslims are between two and 4 1/2 times more likely to hold anti-Semitic views than those of any other tradition worldwide by religious affiliation, 49% of Muslims hate Jews compared to 24% of Christians 21% of atheist 19% of Hindus and 17% of Buddhists yeah that's that's scary stuff. Very scary stuff, but that's reality.

There's a lot of anti-Semitism in the Muslim world and it was there before the modern state of Israel. It's been there since Jewish rejection of Mohammed's claims to be the end time profit right it's been there since innocent Jews were slaughtered by Mohammed's been there for a long time it's there through Koran and early Islamic tradition surprise that it's there.

Interestingly, when when some of the most radical anti-Israel Muslims get save they become great lovers of Israel and the Jewish people right here is more from the same video clip number two in the United States, 34% of American Muslims hold anti-Semitic views compared to 14% of the rest of America in the heavily Muslim Middle East and North Africa, 74% of the potholes population holds anti-Semitic views the 16 most anti-Jewish countries in the world where all Islamic nations in those 16 countries extreme anti-Semitic views average between 80 and 93% among their populations are and and one more clip you got time to play.

Clip number four right of not hearing that seeing it but not hearing it. So, let me know if you got that ready or not. So bottom line. This ADL report found what we know but but documented in detail the degree of Jew hatred to degree of anti-Semitism around the world and break it down by groups and by nations and finds a disproportionately high amount in the Muslim world, but does not report that widely because it is politically incorrect with the left to single out Muslims because that there there protected minority in American thinking and leftist thinking and therefore you can expose it does me every Muslim feels that through every American Muslim but this is part of the compromise.

This is what Dr. Jacobs is addressing okay less clip you will not find the ADL talking about these results. ADL leaders have a terrible problem. Nothing could be more politically incorrect than finding that Islamic Jew hatred tops any other sort of anti-Semitism publicizing the truth about anti-Semitism and then trying to deal with it.

What one would think define ADL's mission but its stated mission flies in the face of its current policy, which is to align itself is much as possible with the Democratic Party and the left side of American politics so to stay anchored in the left, the ADL has had no choice but to bury its findings about Muslim anti-Semitism, the ADL knows it cannot do its job.

It cannot educate Jews about how and why they are hated more broadly among Muslim peoples than among any other without being branded is Islam a phobic exactly well said. So this is this is important to know that yes there is. There is good information that is put out by the ADL absolutely good information, helpful information brought it is often not going to be presented in full or presented in a slanted way because of the ADL's close connection with the Democratic Party with the left.

Therefore there will be compromises in the way things are presented because of which the whole goal of the ADL antidefamation league to expose the defamation of the Jewish people to expose anti-Semitism that they get hamstrung during the very thing that they're supposed to be doing because of leftist ideology. We've seen this this report by Dr. Jacobs, Americans for peace and tolerance really does nail encourage you to search on YouTube for ADL taking American Muslims fully American. If you don't have my book our hands as they would like the new revised edition get on really books get them of the website after round the Lord. Trust me to book you will be able to put them back with you tomorrow

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