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The Georgia News That Might Win the 2024 Election

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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May 8, 2024 7:00 pm

The Georgia News That Might Win the 2024 Election

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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May 8, 2024 7:00 pm

There's some breaking news out of Georgia that drastically improves Republican hopes of winning the state, and by extension Donald Trump's shot of beating Joe Biden. Charlie breaks it down, then talks to Emma-Jo Morris about surging antisemitism on campus. Prosecutor Andrew Cherkasky talks about the woke ruination of the American military, and the potential to use RICO laws to target the funders of violent and destructive left-wing riots.

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Hey everybody, Tana Charlie Kirk Show. Excellent news out of Georgia that dramatically improves our chances of winning Georgia and the White House. You're gonna want to hear this. It's some great news that we have to share with you. Then Andrew Tchaikovsky joins us about his new book, Woke Warriors, and how we can criminally indict the left. And finally, Emma Jo Morris from Breitbart joins us to talk about the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act and also younger voters that are becoming increasingly right-wing. Email us as always, freedom at Subscribe to our podcast, open up your podcast application, and type in charliekirkshow. Get involved with Turning Point USA at, start a high school or college chapter, and become part of the most important movement in America at

That is Email me as always, freedom at Buckle up everybody, here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Register now at slash peoples. I want to share some good news out of the must win state of Georgia. Almost every day I get asked questions. Charlie, are any of these states making changes to secure our elections?

And my answer is typically not enough. However, I've been saying Georgia made some changes previously that were good and this recent victory out of Georgia is terrific. Brian Kemp deserves some credit, not all the credit because it's really the patriots in the Georgia House and the Senate that pushed this forward. But to Brian Kemp's credit, he signed it and the left and the Democrats are losing it.

They're very, very worried. Brian Kemp just signed SB 189 into law, a new law, which is a voter integrity measure that will help clean up dirty voter rolls in the state. The law defines probable cause for removing voters from the rolls when their eligibility is challenged. The list of challenges includes death evidence of voting or registering in another jurisdiction.

A tax exemption indicating a primary residence elsewhere or a non-residential address. The new law even says the national change of address list can be considered to help clean the rolls. The Georgia bill allows voters to be removed from the rolls up until 40 days ahead of the election. The left is already slamming this new law as voter suppression.

That's how you know this is a big win. Stacey Abrams and the whole group, they are so upset. They are worried because of this law, Georgia will no longer become a Democrat state.

Interesting how that works. They're calling this voter suppression and an effort to disenfranchise marginalized groups. They're calling it Jim Crow 2.0.

Of course they're wrong. This is about ensuring that mass mail-in ballots, a scheme designed by Democrats, isn't used and abused to stuff ballot boxes by activist groups with millions in Democrat dark money. Georgia, congratulations. This is terrific.

And I want to repeat this. Fair Fight Action, a voting rights group founded by Stacey Abrams, slammed the signing of SB 189, calling the measure a quote voter suppression bill that emboldens right-wing activists in their efforts to kick black and brown voters off the rolls. Quote, by signing SB 189, Stacey Abrams says to become law, Brian Kemp delivered a gift to MAGA election deniers. Andrea Young, an executive director of the ACLU Georgia, called the bill a step back for voters rights and voting access. Now Republicans have come to the table and they have the ability to remove over 100,000 potentially fraudulent illegal voters in the state of Georgia. Mark Elias is probably already readying a legal challenge. My guess is that this is written correctly and that this is going to further secure our elections in Georgia.

This is not a comprehensive solution, but it is a step in the right direction. I am a vocal critic of Brian Kemp on lots of things, but he deserves credit where credit is due. Him signing this bill, not filibustering it or pocket vetoing it or vetoing it is the right move. So thank you Brian Kemp, but most importantly thank you for the patriots of Georgia in the grassroots that have been pushing for this. You guys deserve the credit. You're the ones that have been demanding this. And the members of the Georgia legislature, thank you for persisting. If you're going to have mass mail-in ballots, you need to have clean voting rolls.

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Just for Kirk listeners, forward slash Charlie. Check it out right now. Joining us now is Emma Jo Morris, politics editor at Breitbart News.

Emma Jo, welcome to the program. So, Emma, help me understand there's there are multiple crises happening in the West. And Mike Johnson and Republicans decided to go and sprint bypassing committee process, not even reading the bill to try and restrict people's First Amendment rights to quote unquote fight anti-Semitism.

What's going on here? Yeah, it's it's pretty bad. It's definitely pretty bad. And you're right to diagnose it as a problem that's all across the West. You know, this campus anti-Semitism is not really that.

That's my opinion of it. And keep in mind, I'm Jewish and I'm watching this. But these are the same people who obviously are talking about Intifada and they're talking about exterminating Jews in essence. And and they're also the same people who are constantly talking about how white men are the biggest threat to like humankind. And they're also the same people who were, you know, at the George Floyd riots. They're the same people who were Occupy Wall Street.

I mean, not literally, obviously. These are different age groups, but it's the same it's the same ideology. And that ideology is an anti-American ideology. And it didn't just spring up out of thin air, right? It came from these tenured professors who have been sitting in and stewing in this anti-American and anti-Western ideology for their entire lives, basically, and inculcating an entire generation and multiple generations with their toxic ideology. So today it's wrapped in a Palestinian flag, but it's it's been going on for 20, 30 years.

It's gotten really bad in the last 10 years. And these people are revolutionaries. And listen, you know, I wouldn't I wouldn't have a problem with with, you know, Johnson kind of trying to, I guess, virtue signal or whatever, except that this is pressing.

These people are entering society and Johnson has immediate capability in his power to do something about it. What would that be? It would be saying, listen, we give 200 billion dollars a year to fund higher education. Are we seeing any ROI on that? No. OK, so how do we justify that expense?

This is what that expense has given us. And it's just not acceptable. I can't imagine that Mike Johnson's constituents are comfortable funding this. So so as as a Jewish American, do you want the House to pass this wide reaching anti-Semitism civil rights law? Well, of course, of course not, because what is that doing to protect Jews? So you're like redefining anti-Semitism to have a more modern definition now where it's kind of like you're not really allowed to criticize Israel.

That's preposterous. First of all, Israel is a is a state with a political leadership that obviously deserves criticism. In Israel, you're allowed to criticize Israel.

And I don't really know what that's supposed to do. Like I said, if you're interested in combating anti-Semitism, who are the worst anti-Semites? The people who are coming out of these schools, which Mike Johnson's funding, like I'm all for combating anti-Semitism, but I'm equally for combating anti-Americanism and racism that's now more and more geared toward white people. That's that's the priority. And that's fine. Let's do that.

Start by cutting them off. No, I told I mean, I completely agree. But who then is pushing for this bill? I don't know a single Jewish American in my life who's in support of it. And why are Republicans what what is the reason they felt the need to do this? Who's lobbying for this? Honestly, I don't think it's that deep. What I think it is, is you're looking at a group of people who absolutely refuse to seriously confront problems, think deeply about them and find, you know, pragmatic and thoughtful solutions that require political will to implement.

I don't think that it's actually that nefarious and I don't think it's that complicated. I think you're looking at people who do not want to solve any problems. You know, listen, I was on Fox last night and right before my hit on Jesse Watters show, it was Lindsey Graham was on before me and Watters asked him kind of like, you know, a very broad question, kind of like, what do we do about all of this, all of this rioting and what these people are talking about? And Lindsey Graham goes, you know, when Trump's in office, we're going to have the DOJ investigate. He's going to have the DOJ investigate these things and, you know, civil rights. No, we don't need that. We don't need an investigation.

Is it not obvious when people are talking about Intifada and they're pulling down the American flag, burning it and raising a foreign flag that we clearly have a problem in these institutions? I don't think it needs an investigation. Investigate what?

Investigate what? These schools are a mess. Yeah, I completely agree. I just I'm I guess we don't know who someone's obviously lobbying for this. Someone is pushing for it and someone thinks it's a good idea. And now the Senate is going to take it up, which is one of the most restrictive bills that we've seen in quite some time against the First Amendment and free speech. Don't get me wrong.

This is totally horrifying. You don't obviously obviously we know that you don't fix a problem by rendering it illegal to talk about or more difficult to talk about or more restrictive to talk about or stigmatizing speech around it in any way whatsoever. If anything, actually, that creates a festering problem, you know, because what are we talking about right now is who's lobbying to make it illegal to talk about Jews? Not to say I don't blame you for wondering that.

And I'm wondering it, too. But, you know, I don't again, like I think that this is a bunch of people who are too lazy to think about something. No, no, I totally agree with that. I'm just there's always all you still do is create a worse problem. No, I just I totally agree. I just I don't they say it's like moderate Republicans from New York, but we have so many issues happening in our country right now that are way bigger than, you know, people spewing hatred on campus.

I'm sorry. There are much bigger problems. We're borrowing a trillion dollars every 100 days.

The border is wide open. The country is collapsing. I want to know who was the actual lobbyist pushing for this and why Mike Johnson was so scared that he had to bypass committee process, not allow 72 hours to read the bill.

And it's even worse than that. Emma Jo is that Eli Crane and some wonderful members in the U.S. House met with Speaker Johnson privately before the bill hit the floor and like, hey, can you change part of this bill because this might outlaw parts of the Bible and it's like not good? He's like, yeah, I'll get on it. And then he just put the bill on the floor, just totally lied about it.

No, slimy, very slimy. The whole thing is very slimy, but I'm just looking at it kind of in a series of virtue signals. You know, the first was making this like pilgrimage to Colombia, where he goes and stands in front of this like Hamas encampment with like Jewish children, Jewish students behind him as these kind of props in a photo op. Well, by the way, the people inside the encampment are like heckling the guy and like saying that he should go back to Louisiana, you know, and then he comes up with this bill.

This bill obviously received basically unanimous backlash. And then from there, he's calling for the board of Colombia to call for the resignation of the president, Shafiq. Like, it just strikes me as just this guy can't. It's just this impotent kind of, yeah, impotent virtue signaling. I just see him as this totally ineffectual, ineffective, meek kind of guy. And yeah, you're right, it's preposterous. It's preposterous and it, you know, it went outside normal rules and it's useless.

And it's just these, it's like these people can't get it together and they're not serious about tackling anything, let alone acting. Let alone anti-Semitism, which would really honestly be the easiest problem for him. Like I said, cut them all. $280 can save 10 babies. $28 a month can save a baby a month all year long.

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They're terrific. Go to Click on the preborn banner. Let's set this up here with a piece of tape. Let's play cut 95 from Morning Joe. But what we found, actually, we just released a poll with CNBC yesterday that found that Biden's only leading Trump by one and RFK gets 29% of 29% of the age frame on that. So that was 18 to 34, 1834, Biden won young voters 18 to 29.

He won them by 24 points in 20 and it's one now. It's plus one. And then I want to play the next clip here.

Play cut 96. The reason for that. It's not Gaza. Believe it or not, it's not Gaza, despite everything that we've been seeing for weeks. It's the kitchen table issues. It's the boring stuff for students, for students.

I mean, it's amazing health care, education, the economy, just normal life issues. So strike like every other voter, like every other voter. Emma Jote, we have a huge opportunity with younger voters. Your reaction? How amazing. That's so weird. These people are hilarious. It's amazing that they're that they can tie their shoes, let alone be on TV.

But yeah, yeah, duh. Obviously, you know, you're looking at a young generation right now who has credit card debt at 25 percent APR. They have no prospects of ever buying a house. They've been told that the only way to pay down debt and buy a house would be to pursue higher education, which has buried them in even more debt. And they still don't get the house. Fertility rates are through the floor. Marriage rates are through the floor.

And by the way, your race is your defining characteristic and you can't get along with other races and you can never repent or the sins of people of your race from the past. So that is the world that young people are living in right now. And breaking news, they're very upset. They're obviously very upset. You know, the way that I see these protests, as I said in the last segment, I linked this protest with the George Floyd riots and I linked the George Floyd riots with Occupy Wall Street because it all has the same vibe. And the vibe is like this general like rage at the futility of life. And can you blame them? The elites have completely thrown this generation under the bus completely.

The money is worthless and a house is worth more worthless dollars than you can ever accrue. So, you know, Bannon says this all the time and it's absolutely right. I think this is bang on. He says this generation is well-dressed Russian serfs. And that is so right. And everybody knows that. It's like we have nice clothes.

We can like sometimes rent like a chic apartment. We have iPhones, we have MacBooks, but that stuff's all nothingness. It's stupid because we can never own a home and raise a family in it. It's really like these people, you have to wonder if they've ever been outside because this is obvious. This is an obvious reality. Did they ever for one moment observe why it could be that somebody like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, for that matter, could be so popular? Yeah, but they they take younger people for granted. And so they so what needs to because they care about Gaza and transing.

No, that's right. So what should the agenda be moving forward then for Trump in your opinion? How do you capitalize on this? Trump needs to figure out and listen, this is about my pay grade. If I knew I'd be running for president myself, but Trump needs to find a way to make it possible to get married and buy a house, get married and buy a house and have kids. You know, and Hungary has very interesting ideas about this. And Poland has very interesting ideas about this.

He needs to look at countries that are figuring it out and figure out a way to bump up that fertility rate and bump up that marriage rate and homeownership rate, because if he's able to do that, and I don't know if it's just through normal economic stimulus, or if it's through finding a way to figure something out with student debt, or whether I don't know what it is, tax breaks, I don't know what it is, but he needs to find a way to give people a reason to be proud to be American. And obviously, you know, I say that kind of flippantly. But for a lot of these kids, they don't see the American dream in their in their fate, they don't see it, and then they lose the point. And, you know, you and I have faith in this country. And we know that this is the best place on earth to live. And not only today, but throughout all of human history. But for people who don't necessarily really know that as well as we do, and are just looking at the prospects for their life, they're like, what's like, what is this American dream that everybody's talking about?

Because I don't get it. Emma Jo, excellent work. Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

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Salem Very important guest here to talk about the protest. And if we can go after them from a RICO approach, joining us is Andrew D. Trachowski, a lawyer, former federal prosecutor, and also author of a new book. Very important book called Woke Warriors.

How the left is destroying America's ability to fight and win its wars. Andrew, welcome to the program. Andrew, I caught one clip of you on cable television breaking down how we potentially could put forward a RICO case against all of this activity.

Please explain. Well, any sort of organized crime where the idea of a general group of people is to fund, plan, and execute on a plan to essentially commit crimes and to do it in an interstate fashion, you can put that into the category of RICO. There's also a wide array of other types of criminal statutes that can be applied and were certainly applied in the January 6th prosecutions of over 700 people. So there are ways to differentiate between the individual's First Amendment rights in our country to both speak and to assemble from the idea that people who have a message think that they can violate the law. They simply can't. And we need strong law enforcement in order to make sure that it's acted upon and done so in a thorough way, I think, across the country.

And it's great to be on your show. So Andrew, let's go to the facts. So what do we know about this? We know that funding networks are backing this campus protest movement. Who potentially could investigate this? Is this a civil suit, a state AG thing? Because let's take Texas, for example.

Texas is a red state. A lot of attorneys general, Attorney General Paxton, who would be interested in this, DAs, that would be sympathetic. So what is necessary to launch one of these investigations?

And who exactly are the ones that are financing this? Well, I'll tell you first the ones that I'm most afraid of doing the investigation, and that's the the heavily left, heavily Democratic DAs that have essentially been Soros funded DA campaigns throughout this country. I think that they let down the country and a lack of prosecutions during the BLM riots that took place in the summer of 2020. So who are the appropriate investigators and those who I think should be looking into this?

While I have concerns with the Department of Justice heading it up, just from a US attorney perspective, I think that the best would be a special counsel. We have these protests, which include criminal activity occurring across the country. And I think that there's interstate discussions that are going on.

And I think that that can turn it into a federal offense. I do think that you have to be cautious saying that it's the Department of Justice or special counsel for the Department of Justice who should run these, because many of the crimes that we're talking about would most likely be local crimes. And so there has to be deep coordination with local agencies. But I want to see investigations into the big money behind this, the plans that occurred beforehand and the discussions that these these protests would include criminal activity. Do you believe we have enough reasonable cause to launch such an investigation? And could that lead us all the way up to the financiers and the foundations?

For example, if a foundation was pitched by an NGO and they said something of give us money, we want to disrupt on college campuses and make good trouble, could we potentially loop in the financing source here? Oh, undoubtedly, and I think that's actually the type of target that that a federal investigation should look into, because that's where they most likely have jurisdiction, where there's wiring of money, where there's actual money, money crossing state lines. That's where you have the best connection to federal investigations. And I think that the big money is exactly where the the focus should be for purposes of federal investigations. I think that there's all sorts of those sources out there. I think that it's well documented.

I think you can see it just with your own plain eyes, the fact that these tents all look the same from one protest to the next, the fact that they're all organized in a very similar fashion. I think the very plan to simply move in on a college campus and set up one of these little Gaza's is is the type of criminal enterprise that all is all you need in order to launch an investigation. I'm not saying there's enough for indictments or arrests at this time, but for purposes of an investigation, undoubtedly. Yeah. So the I guess the question is, what why is this not yet been done? It seems as if that there is no lack of gusto to go after if like four proud boys meet for coffee and joke about doing something regarding a Democrat leader.

Right. Or the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case where it was really the Fed case, where it was more feds than actual people that wanted to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer. We have seen the continuation of brute force for January six protesters that peacefully protested and they keep on going after people that didn't even enter the capital, that were hundreds of feet outside of the capital, charging them with the most aggressive federal crimes. Why is it that we can't get a single person interested to use prosecutorial invest investigatory powers to get to the bottom of this?

It's got to be politics. I mean, that's that's the only explanation, because we see the political left go pretty wild on what they call radical conservatism or radical right wing individuals. And there certainly have been incidences over the years that have called for appropriate investigations. But we see pouring an unbelievable amount of time, resources and money into extremist investigations post January 6th to include the, like I said, over 700 prosecutions. We've seen so many millions of dollars poured into the Department of Defense for stand down days and complex investigations trying to root out right wing extremists, as they refer to them within the military. There just seems to be no attention or care to those that act up in the same fashion on the left.

I think that they try to differentiate on some sort of ground of moral equivalence, that they don't see that. But I think these Gaza protests have exposed it to the max. This is no longer about civil unrest or civil rights complaints within our country, many of which have legitimate air to be to be grieved in, I guess, in public forum from time to time and person to person. I'm not here to make judgments about people's positions. I'm here to say that those who act in an extreme and illegal fashion on the left or the right, if they're falsifying their exercise of a First Amendment right in order to instead violate the law, those are people who have to be rooted out and we have to make sure that we are proceeding in an organized and law abiding fashion, even when we're executing on our First Amendment rights. I'm very sympathetic with all of this, and I think it's time for us at the very least to start investigating. And I agree it's politics. They're afraid of the politics. And I don't love this because it just sounds so cheap and silly.

But I want to make sure I repeat this, because it is important. If a bunch of Trump supporters took over a campus with tents wearing MAGA hats, what would happen to them? Andrew, what would happen to them? I mean, I think that it would get violent very quickly. I think that we would see something that the universities would go bananas over. I mean, you see this when you go on to college campuses and you're confronted with so much pushback from the actual campuses themselves and the administrators that don't want you around. It's because of your viewpoint. And that's the real troubling part of all of this, is that we're dealing with First Amendment through the lens of viewpoint criticism, and that's not the way that it should be handled. If you go on to a college campus and you want to exercise your First Amendment rights, well, there are time, place, manner restrictions that have to be respected. I don't care what your viewpoint is. Same thing with the streets, whether it's New York City, whether it's Los Angeles, or whether it's in Dallas, Texas, or Austin, Texas.

Wherever you are in the country, there are ways in which you can employ your First Amendment rights to assemble and speak without violating the law. I mean, plain and simple. Andrew, tell us about your book. It's a terrific work. Tell us about it.

Thank you. I've got a copy right here, Woke Warriors. My wife and I wrote this. We're both Air Force veterans. We were judge advocates in the Air Force, and we continue to represent military members and their families on a whole wide variety of individual needs in the military. So we thought that this would be a great opportunity for us to give our perspective, both on the legal front as well as our working with service members every day like we do, to show just how extreme and woke the United States military has become.

The issue of wokeness is not just one for college campuses anymore. It is deeply ingrained in the United States military. We walked through the whole history of it, starting in the Clinton administration and then a huge boom in the Obama administration. And now we've virtually created a crisis for the military in the Biden administration. We've got recruiting crises. We've got an overall reduction of strength in our forces, both in their mind and their might.

And we give all of the data on it. We're also bleeding money, billions and billions of dollars spent on things like global warming and medical expenses for transgender surgeries and the tolerance for our military, having folks on the rolls that have no fighting power at all because of mental health issues or other sensitivities that we've decided to give our attention to instead of being focused on fighting and winning our nation's wars. So I think that it is a very complete book on so many of the woke issues and how it has gone so deep into the military.

People have to see this before they vote in the 2024 election. Can you give us some of the more egregious examples of how the military has been captured by the woke? Well, I think that what I deal with most is I see unnecessary prosecutions of people from everything from criticism about how they're speaking to sexual harassment and sexual assault cases that should have never been brought.

And I think that the money that we're spending on these policies to have more service members who are just incapable of actually performing their duties and instead we're just putting our money and resources into folks that are more interested in their social identity. It's a it's a real problem and we go deep into all of that in the book and I hope people thank you so much for joining the program. Thank you. Thanks so much for listening. Everybody email us as always freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening and God bless.
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