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Pro-Palestinian Leader Declares CHRISTIANS Enemy No. 1

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 9, 2024 1:14 pm

Pro-Palestinian Leader Declares CHRISTIANS Enemy No. 1

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 9, 2024 1:14 pm

A shocking video features a director of American Muslims for Palestine proclaiming: "Anybody who has a relationship with . . . or identifies themself as a Jewish person or as a Christian Zionist, . . . they are enemy number one." The Sekulow team discusses the vile antisemitism in the video and on our university campuses, President Biden's plan to withhold weapons from Israel, the ACLJ's work to protect Jewish students amid the college protests, the latest news on President Trump, developments in the Middle East – and much more.


This is Logan Sekulow, a pro-Palestinian leader declares a number one enemy.

And of course, it's Christians. Keeping you informed and engaged, now more than ever, this is Sekulow. We want to hear from you.

Share and post your comments or call 1-800-684-3110. And now your host, Logan Sekulow. Welcome to Sekulow. This is Logan Sekulow, executive producer Will Hays joining me in studio. We got a packed show today. Lots of guests. Jeff Balaban, the head of our ACLJ in Jerusalem is going to be joining us in the next segment, then followed by Mike Pompeo.

And then later on the broadcast, Rick Grenell. And most importantly, I want to hear from you. You're my most important guest. Give me a call. 1-800-684-3110.

That's 1-800-684-3110. You know, I've been saying this for a couple of weeks now. And finally, you know, we have the proof. And I want to give a minute for those on social media to join us. I'm going to give it a minute.

I'm going to start teasing it. Because I have been saying for the last few weeks that when these pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas, as we say, protests happen around the country, happen throughout college campuses, that when they say pro-Zionist, what they really mean is not just that they are going against people who support the state of Israel. That specifically is targeting Jewish kids, Jewish adults, and Evangelical Christians. Christian, Zionists, because a lot of Evangelical Christians, shocker, are pro-Israel. The fact, and again, you can be against Israel's government, but just for the existence of a Jewish state of Israel.

And of course, finally, as they say, as the kids say, they said the quiet part out loud. This came from the Director of Outreach and Community Organizing for American Muslims for Palestine. Let me read to you on their website what they say is their mission. Again, this is an American company, a 501c3 nonprofit company right here in our great country. So we're not talking about an organization out of the Middle East. This is American Muslims for Palestine.

Sounds nice enough. This is their about. The American Muslims for Palestine is a national education and grassroots-based organization dedicated to educating the American public about Palestine and its rich cultural, historical, and religious heritage.

Founded in 2006 and has had offices nationwide since 2009. Okay, so that's just a generic, here's who they are. Sounds nice, sounds peaceful, sounds like they're just trying to educate people, even if we disagree with their point of view. Just sounds like they're trying to educate people. Let's hear from the Director of Outreach.

Again, this isn't just some random member. This isn't someone, this is the Director of Outreach and Community Organizing for their group. Anybody who has any relationship or any support or identifies themselves as a Jewish person or as a Christian Zionist, then we shall not be their friend. I will tell you that they are enemy number one and our community needs to recognize that as such. Enemy number one.

Again, yeah, thanks to them for posting that. Enemy number one are who? Not just Jewish people.

By the way, not just people who support Israel. This guy, again, the Director of Outreach and Community Organization for American Muslims for Palestine. A 501c3 nonprofit organization right here in the US of A is saying enemy number one. Someone we can't deal with or identify or have any sort of relationship with. Enemy number one. People who identify as Jewish, that's number one.

So not again. There's plenty of people who are Jewish who do not support even the state of Israel. We've seen some of them in the protests. Sure, I think they're way off base, but it happens.

But it doesn't matter. He didn't say that. He said anyone who identifies as Jewish and anyone who identifies as a Christian Zionist, and I have a feeling if you're watching this broadcast, all a Christian Zionist is, and they're trying to wrap that up with Christian nationalists. They're trying to rub that in with fascism. All it is is to be a Zionist. So when a Zionist just believes that there should be the right for a Jewish state of Israel to exist. Again, a lot of evangelicals, as he said, because enemy number one, Christians and all Jews. This is what we're actually dealing with here. This fight is well beyond the college campuses. It's well beyond politics at this point. We're going to take you to Jerusalem in the next segment. Get feedback from Jeff Balaban, our office at ACLJ Jerusalem.

Going strong with him at the leadership core. This is such an egregious moment, but it's what I've been telling you for weeks. And finally, we have the proof. Here it is. Give us a call.

Also 1-800-684-3110. Welcome back to Secula. We're going to take you live. Jeff Balaban, who joins us at ACLJ Jerusalem. Jeff, this has been what I've been saying for weeks, which was eventually they were just going to say the quiet part out loud, if you will. No longer is it being, if you're pro-Israel, if you're pro just generic Zionism, it's no longer those kind of statements that are being made by these organizations. This is American Muslims for Palestine.

I read they're about us on here. It sounds very nice, very peaceful, as expected. A 501c3 nonprofit organization here in America. This isn't propaganda coming out of the Middle East.

This is an American company with an American board. And if you look at who this came from, this was the director of outreach and community organizing for American Muslims for Palestine, which again, sounds all good and nice. We all know what that really means, that maybe they're smart enough to not again say what they really think. But I think we got to play this real quick and get people just joining us. And then, Jeff, I'm sure your reaction similar to mine. Go ahead.

Let's play it again. Anybody who has any relationship or any support or identifies themselves as a Jewish person or as a Christian Zionist, then we shall not be their friend. I will tell you that they are enemy number one and our community needs to recognize that as such. Enemy number one. Christian Zionists and anyone identifying as Jewish, this is the true time when it becomes terrifying to hear this out loud.

You're 100 percent correct, Logan. And, you know, we should listen to our enemies when they tell us who they are. They say a lot of things. You know, he started this organization supposedly for the great Palestinian culture. Well, there is no Palestinian culture because the notion of a Palestinian Arab came into existence in the 1960s, taking over the name Palestine from what was always the Jewish state, the Jewish land. Palestinian meant Jew until the 1960s. And they've been clear since the beginning that one mission and one goal, total genocide of the Jews. But also, but also, they've said that while the Jews are the small Satan, that Christians and America are the great Satan. So the war that started on October 7th, Israel is just a front for a war that's against our entire civilization, against Judeo-Christian civilization. And they're getting closer and closer to saying it out loud.

People like him have been working for years and years. And now you have college kids bowing down to Mecca. They don't know anything that these non-binary queer college kids who would be slaughtered in areas controlled by the Palestinians, bowing down to Mecca and declaring that they want death to America.

Right. Death to America. And look, one of our producers here, he put together a list of, I think they all did put together a list of who number one, you're talking about Osama bin Laden, El Chapo. You're talking about big name terrorists and what they label as number one. Again, you may go, this is some fringe group. These are legitimate groups within this country.

And you have to figure out how to respond. We have to bring media attention to it because maybe then the pressure builds to where they got to walk some of this back. But probably they won't because they said enemy number one is Christian Zionist, which, okay, I've said that before. If you're saying Christian Zionist or Zionist, you're saying most evangelical Christians. That's just the truth because most evangelical Christians support a state of Israel existing.

All it is. You don't even support the government of what's going on in Israel. You're just supporting the general idea that Israel should exist.

But then to take it one step further and again, not to just say Zionist, but now just Jews. I mean, this is this is the time we have to wake up. And when you hear these kind of sentiment coming out of our own country, what has to get done to wake people up to realize what they're really dealing with? They're seeing the atrocities now on the college campuses. They're seeing what's going on. They're being force fed lies. You know, there's obviously the situation happening currently in Rafah. And I see some of my friends who are well-meaning, like you said, posting things about, well, what about this? What about the people who are there?

What about the the kids who kick it out? Of course, we all feel horrible for what it has to happen. But in this situation, also, the Israeli government said, leave. We're going to tell you to evacuate. But guess what?

Hamas says, no, no, no, we're not letting that happen because we know how we play this game and it's using our own people. That's right. And Logan, it's even worse. I'm going to connect a couple of dots now. Everything you're saying is true. And it's even worse because the same Biden administration that has essentially declared religious Catholics to be terrorists. There's declared religious Christians in general to be a threat to America. The same Biden administration that is saturated with the same kind of people, with the same kind of background.

I don't mean Muslims. I mean, people who support jihad, who support genocide or who are now influential in the government are have control of our government. And it's incredibly dangerous. And so this this narrative is being presided over by the White House itself. And so we're in a moment of great peril now for America.

You know, American Christians know well, and I'm not I'm an American Jew, but I've heard this from so many Christian friends over the years, right? About they they know that what happened in the Holocaust can never happen again. And the Christians have a role in fighting it. Well, that's exactly the time we live in now.

That's the time we live in today. And the work we have to do is to do everything in our power at ACLJ to try and stop it on the legal front, on the political front and on the media front. Jeff, as we were talking earlier, you are seeing this rhetoric, one, get more brazen by organizations. We know that the American Muslims for Palestine also help organize for Students for Justice in Palestine, which is behind many of these encampments and have been kicked off many college campuses because of their rhetoric in the past. But we also know at the same time is we're seeing it spread here on American campuses.

We're now seeing horrific video out of Europe where you saw at the University of Amsterdam, people wearing kafias were beating Jewish students with two by fours as they tried to walk through the campus. But we also have just a day after the United States President said that his support for the security of Israel is ironclad. He admitted that they had paused munitions transfers and marked a very distinct red line about any munitions going forward if anything happens in Rafah. What's your take on that?

We've discussed this before here on Sekulow, William. What this President has done is, unlike every other war conducted currently or recently, where the goal is to get noncombatants out of the way of the fighting, to move them to a different place geographically, this President has locked them in. He's demanded that the Israelis not let them leave. The Israelis have been trying to get noncombatants out of the way. Biden has forced them into Rafah and then withheld precision munitions, which means they're forcing the death of Arabs. You know who forces the death of Arabs to make Israel look bad? That's exactly what Hamas does. And we have the Biden administration doing exactly what Hamas does. And every one of these casualties, every noncombatant casualty, their blood is on the hands of Hamas and Joe Biden.

I want to make sure people understand sort of the severity of this. You know, we can get kind of worked up in sort of the entertainment side of this because you do watch these clips. And I saw this clip this morning, by the way, that clip from the organization of the American Muslims for Palestine. And I saw it because people like you who are watching share this kind of content. I saw this because Patricia Heaton, another Nash villain, she shared it.

Again, a devout Catholic, someone out there, not a Jewish person, but someone who has really taken a strong stand for Israel. But it's important. Someone asked, will you post this clip? We absolutely will.

We'll make sure our team posts this with our commentary as well, because you don't only need to hear the clip. You need to hear about how you can take action and how you can actually support people like Jeff, like the ACLJ in Jerusalem. Right now, there's an easy way to do it. You can donate if you want. We encourage you, please, to support the work of the ACLJ. But we have a petition right now.

You go to slash sign, because look, do that right now. Sign the petition to support Israel, because it's sad to say this, but now it's not just supporting and standing with the Jewish people. It's also standing and supporting the Jewish people and also standing and supporting, likely, if you're listening on Christian radio or you're a conservative or you're a Christian, they are coming after you as well. We are now enemy number one, collectively. Jews and Christians standing together as what?

As the enemy to organizations like this. And sure, you could have drawn that conclusion already. You could have said, well, of course, Logan, you've been saying that for weeks.

You said it on air. Christian Zionists are who they're going to be coming after next. But it's almost like as if we said it out loud that that is who the target was. And now they go, oh, thank God. Now we can say it.

That's how it feels. It's like now they understand. Of course, they understand they're the target. The target is American Christians and Jews who support the state of Israel.

A pretty generic statement, a statement that was not all that controversial even six months ago. But now, of course, the tide has turned. We've got to make sure we're sharing. We've got to make sure we're signing. We're getting involved in different ways. Jeff, I know that you're on the ground there and it's important, but we also need to do it to make sure, like you said, that our message.

Thankfully, we're able to broadcast on platforms even like YouTube and rubble that are available around the world. Free speech platforms that can be seen because we've got to make sure the people of Israel. I'm not talking about even the governments of Israel. You can disagree with the government of Israel, just like you disagree with the government here. But that the people understand that we are there for them.

One hundred percent, Logan. Look, as you know, as I said before, look, I'm Jewish. I decided that my fight for the survival of my people and for the survival of America was with ACLJ precisely because of the credibility ACLJ has, because of the depth of the power that ACLJ has legally, politically. And by the way, I know we're going to be joined soon by the former secretary of state, who's a tremendous hero of America and of the Jewish people and precisely the people like that who joined ACLJ.

Honestly, this is the place to stand to make this fight. And here in Jerusalem, I'm here because people here appreciate it. They're shocked at what's going on in America. They don't understand. They need our help and they need the support. People support ACLJ to support the work that we're trying to do here to help save the Jewish people and to help save America. Absolutely. We'll be right back with Secretary Mike Pompeo. Welcome back. We are now joined by Mike Pompeo, senior counsel for global affairs at the ACLJ.

Of course, you know him as former U.S. secretary of state and so much more. Before we get to you, Secretary Pompeo, I wanted you to respond because they just played. I was watching the videos we played during the breaks. If you watch on social media, by the way, on YouTube or on Facebook or rumble, you don't go to break.

You get special video content created just for you. So I encourage you to all watch this broadcast as well. But they played a clip from President Biden being interviewed. And this is when he kind of confirmed that they've been holding up shipments. But when you hear this, check out the level of confidence coming out of this President right now.

Bite four. We've held up the weapons. We've held up the one shipment as an old shipment. We've held that up. And I quote, we've we've we've held that up. The weapons we've held up the one shipment as an oil shipment has been designed.

Old shipment. We held that up. But at least the one thing you can say confirmed, confirmed that this weapons shipment was delayed intentionally. And it's pretty much said if they continue their strikes in Rafah, the U.S. is not going to supply. This is stunning and this is dangerous and the whole world is watching. So this has a real impact on the relationship between the United States and Israel and Israel's capacity to defend itself.

That's what the real focus is. But think about what's in the minds of Hezbollah today. Think about what's in the mind of the Houthi rambles in Yemen. I think about what's in the mind of the leadership of Hamas who's sitting in tunnels under Rafah. They're all enormously encouraged.

They cheered that interview. You should also think about students on campuses who think we caused this. Our chaos creation are denying some students the capacity to live their lives, practice their faith, actually just get a basic education. That work that we did on these campuses influenced the President of the United States and now caused him to break with a 75 year ally of the United States of America. The Israelis will get it right. They'll do the right thing. But the fact that the President of the United States spoke this way, spoke just the day after he'd given this full throated support of the Jewish people and their rightful homeland is indecent and truly dangerous.

It is stunning. It is shocking. I can't even imagine a situation and maybe you could even tell me as someone who's been at least somewhat in that situation. Other than politics, which at some point, some point politics shouldn't be the answer. Getting votes should not be what determines what every Presidential decision is, is to make sure you've solidified your reelection. Unfortunately, that feels where we are because how could an American President, knowing they're still hostages, knowing they're still American hostages, seeing what's going on, how can they justify this? How can they justify doing this in a time when there are still Americans held hostage? There are still these terrorist organizations, they're firing, of course, on that dock that was built, the pier, the humanitarian pier.

This is only, it seems like, for votes and it's a sad state when that's the truth. So I think two things. One, I do think there's a domestic political angle to this.

I talked about these young people on campuses. There's no doubt he's thinking about the fact he needs to win Michigan to be reelected and what's happening in Dearborn and Detroit. I think that's true. I would also say, and I think the folks who watch the ACLJ for a long time and who have supported it so deeply and importantly to defend Israel's right to do the right thing. I think this is also ideological from the Biden administration.

Think about this. We've got a fellow named Robert Malley, who at the very beginning of the administration undid the very sanctions, the very pressure on Iran that had kept them from performing acts like we saw on October 7th. It was a deterrent model against Iran. And these folks, the Biden administration, Rob Malley, that is clear and suspended. He's clearly working on behalf of something other than the United States of America.

I think this administration suspended his clearance. This idea that you can work with the Iranians and we've now encouraged them. This is another step in that chain. This is part of their ideology. It is the United States doesn't have the value set to actually defend things that matter to it. Israel is the problem child here. And if they just find a way to get along with the Palestinians, this would all go away. And gosh, if we talked to Iran a little bit more, we'd find peace and stability in the Middle East.

That insanity, that ideology that is attached to that, I think is also part of this as well. Mr. Secretary, you brought up the point that this confirmation of the pause of the shipment came the day after he gave the Holocaust Memorial speech where he said his commitment to Israel's security was ironclad. Do you also make any comparisons where the fact they decided to even do this was right after Congress passed more aid for Israel? Is there some sort of Capitol Hill infighting as well with the administration on who the administration is going to support? Undoubtedly. If you're a Republican member who said, no, I'm going to support this package, maybe you weren't as excited about some piece of it, but you knew that the support for Israel was an important part of American national security.

You now feel like you were given a bait and switch because, frankly, it appears that you may well have been given a bait and switch. I also always think about what's Zelensky thinking today? Zelensky's got to be thinking, oh, my goodness, if there's some protesters on a campus somewhere, this will all go away again. Or if you're Xi Jinping and you say, you know, I think before I actually take on Taiwan, I think I want to go create organizations and build leaders and underwrite college campus protests and go build out in the Chinese diaspora, a political voting base. This is a this is a model that is deeply dangerous. And I don't think President Biden has begun to consider the ramifications that go far beyond the problem that we face on the ground today.

I'll say this. I'm confident Israel will go do what they need to do. I'm confident they'll have the tools instead of capabilities to do that. But, man, it gets really hard when your friend and ally, the United States of America, has basically told the world we're out and we are not going to participate in this. We are not even going to allow the Israelis to do the necessary.

Absolutely. And you see that you said that model can be made where protests can happen and support can be withdrawn or created, whether that was in Ukraine or whether that happened in Israel. The sense of you can find humanitarian responses, even if they are built upon lies. And I wanted to play this.

We've played it now both segments because it's just insane. This is from, again, American Muslims for Palestine. I read you the about us. It sounds very nice, very peaceful, historical organization. But this is what's coming out of 501C3 nonprofit organizations in America. Of course, we know probably where the messaging is coming from, but this is what they're preaching, which is this. This is the organizer for who? For, of course, things like the college campus protest.

Take a listen. Anybody who has any relationship or any support or any or identifies themselves as a Jewish person or as a Christian Zionist, then we shall not be their friend. I will tell you that they are enemy number one in our community needs to recognize that as such. Secretary Pompeo, you and I both said it, once they start using Christian Zionist or Zionist, that means evangelicals, that means all of us. And then obviously for the Jewish people, he didn't even label Israelis or people who are supportive. He just said anyone who identifies as Jewish, plus any pretty much evangelical Christian in America are enemy number one.

Yep. Look, we've heard this. We've heard this language before. This is a anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist rant that goes far beyond just the idea that it would be good to get a ceasefire. This is the exact language that is used by the Ayatollah in Tehran.

This is the exact language used by those who want to eliminate the nation state of Israel. And we should respond to it accordingly. The second thought is, as I was listening to him, I was thinking about exactly where this money is coming from and its deep connectivity. So when we talk about politics, we're not just talking about a set of votes in Dearborn. We're talking about some of the same people who are underwriting President Biden's campaign.

Absolutely. And some of the Democrat senators. So this funding issue, where these protests are being generated and resourced, undoubtedly is deeply connected to the Democrat party and to the Biden administration's political campaign as well. We've got to fight back again. Thank you, Secretary Pompeo, for joining us.

Incredible insight. Go to to sign that petition right now. is signed. They're coming after you now as well. Okay. You've got to stand up. slash sign. Be right back. Second half hour. Keeping you informed and engaged now more than ever. This is Sekulow. And now your host, Logan Sekulow. If you're joining us right now and you've been watching on YouTube or rumble or any of these platforms, Facebook even or X. I really encourage you, if you're on YouTube right now, we know over four hundred and one four hundred one four one thousand people have subscribed to this channel.

Well, I want to say thank you. But right now we know there are certain hot button topics and titles and things that may not quite get served as regularly by YouTube's algorithm. But what helps with that is if you hit that thumbs up, hit the subscribe, of course, and I'm going to ask you to comment. And if you don't know what to comment, you don't know what to say because you're so aghast at what you've just heard.

You see these statements coming from these organizations that are calling you out as Christians are calling you out as Jewish. They're calling you enemy number one. If you just don't know what else to say. And I understand I feel that way sometimes, too. I'm just going to say, say, hey, Logan, hey, Will, put that in there. Tell us where you're watching from, because the more people comment, the more it gets served.

And it's just the truth. Let's go ahead and maybe take a quick call and maybe that will encourage more people to call you. We'll do that.

No, we do. Let's go. Let's go ahead and go to let's go to Steve, who's calling online one.

Steve, you're in New York. Go ahead. Thank you. I think it's time to buy the First Amendment because you're not going to defeat aspiring tyrants that want to kill people for blaspheming a lot. Or for Marxist Leninists or Nazis. So First Amendment free speech, I think, should be a rebuttable presumption by clear and convincing evidence. And any ideology that says you don't have the unconditional right to mock anybody for any reason is not protected by the First Amendment. But you're not going to defeat these people by just saying everyone has the right to free speech.

They will take all our rights away. Steve, I think you do have to respond with speech, with more speech. Sure, I do believe everyone has the right to free speech, so we may disagree there. However, free speech, I don't know when it becomes threats. And when you start saying anyone who identifies as Jewish or Christian are enemy number one to an entire people group, you have to at least put up some red flags. You have to at least look and see what's actually going on with these organizations, because that's who is getting the training and the funding to the things like the college protests. That's what's happening. We have to be clear-headed about that.

Again, they finally said the quiet part out loud, which was not only is it people who support the Israeli government or people that even support a state of Israel existing, it's anyone who identifies as Jews, anyone who identifies as a Christian. They're coming after you, and we have to stand up to that. I'm going to see what we can actually do and what kind of legal work we can do when it comes to what these organizations are actually preaching, specifically at our young people around the country. But in the meantime, we have a petition right now, and we are sending a letter today, as you knew this was coming, to a lot of the major universities, UCLA, Columbia, Harvard. I think we have that letter. I think Will has it right now. You can see it if we could cut to Will. There you go.

Will has it. There's the letter that's going right now to these. The only part that's blacked out is just private information, addresses, and things, so you guys don't see that. But those are demanding that they take action to defend the Jewish and Christian students on their campus or the students that just support a state of Israel, to help us defend them and defend Israel. I would encourage you, though, to continue, because we're going to continue sending these letters, and we have that petition right now.

And also, probably the most important thing, if you are being targeted because you are one of these kids, a Jewish kid, a Christian kid, a pro-Israel kid on one of these college campuses, or your kid is one of those people, I'm going to ask you to go to slash help, H-E-L-P, slash help. You fill out a simple form, and you are attached with an ACLJ attorney at no cost. And of course, as I've said, and I'll say it to you again, how is it at no cost? Because we are a non-profit law firm. Supporters, ACLJ champions, those that give monthly help set that baseline. We can't do it without you, but if you need help, we're not going to charge you either. It is free legal services.

Absolutely no strings attached. slash help. Get associated with one of our attorneys today if you think you are being targeted on a college campus or in your job, wherever it may be, because this is America, and if you want to support the freedoms that we hold dear, you need to stand up as well., sign the petition, and get help right back with Rick Grenell.

Welcome back to Secular. We are joined by Rick Grenell. I did want to tell everyone who is on hold right now, we are going to get to your calls and comments coming up in the next segment, so stay tuned.

We do about 10 minutes with Rick. We'll discuss what's going on, whether that is, of course, the continuation of some of the college campuses. That clip I've been playing you all morning from the grassroots leader of American- American Muslims for Palestine. American Muslims for Palestine. I'll make sure I get it right so I don't tell you they're wrong.

Director of Outreach and Community Organizing for the Organization. I'm going to play that clip again for you in a second. So re-up that, get ready, because I'm going to play it for you, because look, I wanted to get Secretary Pompeo's point of view. I wanted to get Jeff Balaban's point of view on it, and I certainly want to hear from Rick Grenell. Because when you hear these kind of statements, again, they're saying the quiet part out loud, which is no longer is enemy number one, just this sort of- Yes, we disagree with the policies of Israel, the government of Israel. Again, we've said you can criticize the government. You can criticize a political leadership. Not only do we have not a problem with it, we encourage that kind of discussion and debate.

But when you start saying this is where, again, the truth becomes a bit clearer. We've been saying it for weeks, but now it's coming from real, legitimate, 501c3 nonprofit American organizations. Anybody who has any relationship or any support or identifies themselves as a Jewish person or as a Christian Zionist, then we shall not be their friend. I will tell you that they are enemy number one, and our community needs to recognize that as such. Enemy number one, I want to thank our friend Patricia Heaton for posting that this morning because I was looking on X and she had shared it.

And it just took my breath away to finally actually hear. And again, we did some deep dives to make sure this isn't some fringe person. No, this is someone who has a very real position and a very real organization. And of course, it's about grassroots motivation of the Palestinian causes. But again, it's not really truly about the Palestinian plight. It's not about the humanitarian crisis that could be going on. It is about the destruction of now not just Israel and the Jewish people, specifically anyone who identifies as Jews, it's also Christians.

And Rick, then you start talking about us and probably 95% of our viewers and listeners. Look, what I'm concerned about is language like this, enemy number one, sounds to me like a reason why someone would kill you. And I don't say that lightly, but this is the type of rhetoric that we're hearing from the far left. And we're hearing it too much, which is when you label someone the number one enemy or you label someone as completely, you know, a person who should not be tolerated at all. Or their words or deeds should not be tolerated.

What you're really saying is that this person should be eliminated. And that's what people are going to hear. Now, whether they intended to make that assumption or that deliver that message, that is what people will hear. This rhetoric has gone too far and we are going to see some terrible consequences coming because the far left is completely unhinged intolerant. They hate America. They hate dissenting views. They can't even be in the same room as someone and they're calling for their demise. I'm very concerned that the mainstream left isn't doing enough about the far left.

And, Rick, that leads to my question for you also. As Logan described this as, you know, this is an organization that's been around for 20 years. It does organizing with students in the Muslim community. We know that they work with Students for Justice in Palestine, which has organized a lot of these encampments. And Logan said this isn't a fringe figure, which historically you'd think this is a fringe idea. But when this is starting to infect the mainstream non-fringe of the left, and when you couple it with the groups that he targets, people who identify as Jewish or Christian Zionists, it really boils down to it seems like that the pro-Hamas wing of the party shares a lot with the mainstream left in their hatred for just Judeo-Christian values as a whole and the foundation of America.

Yeah. Look, the reality is that when you call someone a Christian Zionist, what you're saying is if you believe that the Bible has a mandate that we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem, protect Israel, then you are the enemy. And really what you're saying is that's all Christians.

People who believe that the Bible calls for the protection of Israel and protection of Jerusalem, that's every Christian believes that. So I don't understand why they're going to get away with attacking Christians like this. Again, I call upon the mainstream left to calm the far left down. They've got to call them out. They cannot make it seem like the far left is in control of the left. If the mainstream left stays silent, then that's what we have to assume. There are a lot of comments I'm looking because of that statement, Rick, you just made, which is we've got to have the mainstream left call out. And I guess a lot of people's thoughts, and I guess when you hear this kind of rhetoric, it's easy to see that when you see who the left has made their rock stars, if you will. It starts to feel like there is no more mainstream left. It feels like the hardcore leftist agenda is becoming the mainstream.

Now you are in California often, you're there all the time. I know, and from what you probably know as well, which is there at least was, and up until very recently, a mainstream left you could at least have a conversation with. You could at least have some connective tissue that you're all in this together somewhat, but I understand our comments that are coming in feeling that way, feeling like the mainstream left maybe doesn't exist anymore. Yeah.

Well, look, I think here's one identification. If you're wondering if someone is mainstream left or far left, I think there's a very clear criteria now, and it's can you listen? Can you actually have a rational discussion with someone who you disagree with?

Inherent in the word intolerance is this idea of you tolerate another person's views. You don't have to accept those views. You don't have to like those views. You don't have to think that those views are good. You have to tolerate them, which means you sit quietly. You're nice. You may debate about the issues and push back and say, you know, I disagree and here's why I disagree, but you don't get up and run out of the room and try to cancel the individual who you disagree with or far be it unbelievably that we have to talk about it in today's world.

Try to kill them, try to eliminate them, try to de-bank them. This is where we are and at the mainstream left is going to allow this intolerance where you can't discuss issues and have dissenting views and opinions. We used to call it debate. When I was growing up, it was like, oh, let's have a nice, healthy, calm debate.

Well, now you can't do that with the far left, and so we have really developed in our society a crisis, and I call upon the mainstream left to call out the radicals in their party. And it is easy, Rick, to, you know, I opened again X this morning and I saw that clip. It's the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning because again Patricia Heaton posted it and she's been great on her support of Israel. I opened it.

I clipped it. And, you know, for a moment, it is that sense of fear that comes upon you. We can't live in a world of fear. We can't live in a world where fear dictates us or mandates us.

But I understand because look, it was my initial reaction too, because it's how I felt just walking around in society right now, which is there is a sense of being Jewish, being a Christian, being something, you know, having to take my necklace and put it under my shirt. I don't not think that because you see clips like this and then when you do a dive and you realize this isn't someone who is just some random person on TikTok, this is someone who is a leader in this movement. It's scary, but we need to not live in fear. We need to stand up and support the good voices. We need to be there and to share our voice as well.

That's why we have a petition right now at slash sign because we know that you need to stand up. We need to live not in fear. We need to live in power and truth and say this is what's happening. Call it out and understand that's what's happening in America. Don't be blind to it and certainly don't be naive to it, but do not walk in fear from it because as you said, is that moments where you read that, there are people who will certainly watch that clip and be motivated to violence.

I can't imagine there won't be, but we can not live that way. I think, Will, you got a question or comment. Get off my soapbox here for a second. Well, just quickly, Rick, before we wrap up here, President Biden waited till after he gave his ironclad defense of Israel speech to announce that, yes, indeed, we had paused armed shipments to Israel and that he put those in jeopardy for the future, making Rafa his red line. I just want to get your quick take on that. Yeah, first of all, we need to clip the soapbox speech from Logan right there and put it out.

That was very good. Let me just say this. I know a lot of people who are very concerned about death and destruction and war and they see what's going on throughout Gaza and they're very concerned. But those same people understand that there are hostages that Israel is looking for. And those same people always understand that the solution is giving the hostages up and getting rid of Hamas as the government. Hamas is responsible for this and all of the destruction will stop.

All of the great conversations about rebuilding will begin once the hostages are returned and we purge the terrorist organization from being a government. Rick, thank you so much for joining us. Hey, in the next segment, I want to hear from you. You've heard from incredible leaders.

Jeff Balaban, Mike Pompeo, Rick Grinnell. And now it's your turn. We do have one line open right now.

Those will open up, though. 1-800-684-3110. 1-800-684-3110 to have your voice heard on the air today. I encourage you again.

1-800-684-3110. Sign that petition right now at slash sign. If this doesn't motivate you, I don't know what will.

Do it now. We'll be back in one minute. Welcome back to Secula. Let's wrap up the day hearing from you. We've heard from former Secretary of State's, former directors of national intelligence. We've heard from our offices in Israel. We've obviously heard from Will and I. We're similar in that capacity. I would like to think so, at least. We're happy to be your hosts here, but we're also happy to hear from you.

So let's go ahead and we're going to take these in order they came in. Mike's calling in New Jersey, listening on the radio. Been on hold for 27 minutes, so I appreciate that, Mike. I'm glad we don't live still in the 90s where you're getting charged at every minute of every view. If you do, I apologize.

Mike, you're on the air in New Jersey. Thank you very much. World War II ended when Germany and Japan surrendered. This war will end when Hamas surrenders. That's usually what takes place in a war. Yeah, hopefully that day will come, but I don't know if Hamas will surrender or if you're just going to have to see the final destruction of Hamas. That is Israel's plan because I don't think they see where it will in a world where Hamas just gives in. No, and unfortunately, it probably would have come sooner if places like the White House weren't meddling to the degree of not letting Israel do what needed to be done to get rid of Hamas.

They put too many constraints on Israel early on, and they continue to magnify those constraints, and that's all messaging to Hamas that, hey, if you hold out, you're probably going to have a little bit more leeway in the future. All right, let's continue on. Oh, man, these came in seconds apart, so I've got to really plan this out. Martha's in Florida watching on Rumble, our favorite free speech platform. Martha, you're on the air. Thank you very much.

I'm an ACLJ champion for a long time. Thank you. I have two questions. How can Biden stop the weapons sale to Israel when Congress authorized it? And how can we get word to Israel that we are behind them, the American people are, and we're not behind what this administration does? Thank you. Martha, thank you. To answer the second part first, sign that petition, because that goes straight to there.

And also, when you see those big numbers, when you see 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, you know 400,000 are on our YouTube channel. So engage with the ACLJ. You heard from Jeff Balabon. He is in Jerusalem. He's the head of our ACLJ Jerusalem office.

Why does that exist? Why is it not like our European center? Our European center is the ECLJ, European Center for Law and Justice, fighting for European law. No, it's ACLJ. It's the American Center for Law and Justice, Jerusalem, because we are being the important voice for the American people in Israel. You can be a part of that too.

Go to, get engaged, and of course sign that petition. To answer the first part of your question, and first I also want to say thank you for watching on Rumble, because Rumble, you know, YouTube has algorithms. Rumble does not. So we always know consistently pretty much a few thousand people are watching on Rumble each and every day. YouTube, we know it depends on the content we're saying, whether they're going to serve it or not. And though we're 400,000 strong and I appreciate it, we know these conversations are different.

So thanks to our friends at Rumble for standing up for free speech. But Will, I think you have an answer to the first part. That's right. And I think a little bit you can read into that statement that we played a little bit earlier in the show from Joe Biden, which was a little jumbled, but he said we've held up the one shipment. It was an old shipment, and I believe he was trying to give himself some cover there that as the slated aid was in their pipeline, this one, it was already designated. It was pre-Congressional authorization of more aid. I think he was trying to really draw out that, hey, this is something that I didn't just completely slap the face of Congress. But I do think also that they have a lot of leverage. Once Congress passes aid, which is the dollar amounts that can go, there's a lot of leeway within the administration of how they divvy that up.

So being specifically for these types of bombs, they could say, well, no, we're going to help bolster this area of the Iron Dome or do something here where it doesn't necessarily not still go to Israel, but it is changing the tactics and the purpose of what the aid was meant for. All right, let's continue on. Let's hopefully answer your question. Jim in New Hampshire. Jim's got a different point of view, but that's OK.

I like to take those as well. Jim, you're on the air. Hey, yeah, just an earlier caller made a point that I found disagreeable. Mentioned that Palestine, Palestinian culture isn't a real culture, that it just came about in 1967. And to me, that's just a hateful remark. I think we can love loving your enemies is the heart of what Jesus taught. It's it's what makes us different from Islam and Judaism.

Jim, I think the ways we can look, I 100 percent agree with the second part. You say I did actually want to put you on the air because I want to clarify a bit of what that was actually from our offices at A.C.L.J. Jerusalem. That was Jeff Balaban talking about Palestinian culture and how maybe that lacks Palestinian culture exists. But I think what he was more saying was that traditional Arab culture in the Middle East was also included in sort of what was considered Palestinian culture historically up until that point. And that is a rather new situation to start labeling it as Palestinian culture. And some of that is specifically to eradicate a state of Israel. Right. And we actually have a video up on our YouTube channel called The Myth of Palestine that does walk through the the myth that is put out there by many of the protesters in the pro Hamas propaganda that you see that differentiates itself between the historic Arab population of the area and also shows the rich history of the Jewish population of that area.

But with what is considered the modern Palestinian movement, which was born out of a completely different set of parameters and historical parameters after the creation of the state of Israel and where there was the rebellion against that by many that were Jordanian Arabs or Egyptian Arabs that were against the creation of the Jewish state. Not sure if we're gonna be able to get to everybody today. Quickly, Debbie, though, in Massachusetts line one, you're on the air. Hi, my question is, if these children or these college children are going to college, maybe the colleges should take a stand and tell the parents that if your child does not get educated because evidently they're not fully educated in exactly what's going on and Debbie, I know what you're doing. I'm only doing this because I'm running out of time. A lot of people are saying that why are they not being expelled and that so on and so on. Some of the universities are, by the way, but we have sent this letter today to a lot of the top universities to demand that.

Columbia, Harvard, UCLA, Michigan, USC, and UC San Diego specifically are receiving this letter today, and it's the duty of the school leadership to protect Jewish students from a hostile campus environment and all of those things that are entailed what they are legally responsible for doing to protect those students. All right, let's go to Michelle very quickly in Washington. Ken, I'm sorry we're not gonna be able to get to you today, but I really do appreciate your comment. Michelle, you're on the air. Thank you for taking my call very quickly. I want to call everybody out to pray and to sign the petition, but to call White House directly and tell them that we support Israel and raise your voice. These are important voices and let God do the rest, but we need to do our part. Michelle, I don't mean to cut you off, but you know what?

You've inspired me right now. You know what I'm gonna say? If you sign that petition right now, we'll take that. We'll deliver it to the White House as well. How about that? We can do that. Team, you're hearing me right now? Make that happen.

Michelle's right. You've inspired me, so go to slash sign. We will deliver that as well. We will deliver this petition to the White House directly. We can do that. Sign the petition. slash sign. Support the work of the ACLJ.

Again, when you can hear us work like that, work on a dime, things can happen like this. You can inspire us because you are the reason this organization exists. Michelle, thank you for that.

You're right. I'm gonna get that done here at the ACLJ. Again, thank you for listening.

Thank you for watching. Thank you for joining us and commenting and for calling in. Sign that petition while you can. slash sign. Again, pray for us. Pray for the organization. Make sure you're staying engaged, but that prayers and those support that comes from that means so much more to us than anything you could possibly do. So sign the petition. Support the ACLJ. Do all that, but pray for us. We'll be back again tomorrow. See you then.
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