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The Shaking of America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 1, 2020 4:20 pm

The Shaking of America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 1, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/01/20.

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We go from the pandemic in the shutdown to the riots to the looting with God doing in the midst of this stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive to the line of fire. It is first.

I'm kinda shocked that when the six months of 2020 ready for some nuclear time stood still with the shutdown and all of that, but for me, boy. Unbelievable that when you're ready and it's even more unbelievable that America's being shaken in ways from different angles. One after another after another in ways we've never seen altogether in our history. This is a major time. It's a major time for the church to rise and shine the midst of the chaos in the midst of the crisis, Michael Brown delighted to be with you serving by God's grace is your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity as we always say society in chaos in the church.

All too often compromise her somebody call 86634 that's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 when you weigh in with your comments or questions were gonna be talking about what's happening in America today were going to be coming at it from a number of different angles. I just want to make an appeal to. I am not here to please anyone except the Lord here to serve you and please the Lord. I'm not here to impress anyone. While I am compassionate all I have a heart for justice. Although I am the balance. One under my best as a servant of the Lord to be honest, truthful, and to speak with the hearing here, listening, learning, open heart to God and to people meant to speak truth right so on. But try to win the battle of who is most will go or whatever I want to speak the truth as clear as I can, and please listen to everything I have to say before coming to conclusions that fair fair enough. All right there is an article on national review which says what many of us are thinking and feeling.

Namely, this that we understand the anger we understand frustration when I say we I mean Americans across the board see the outrage over the killing of George Floyd see that the cumulative pain that's been rising for decades in the African-American community.

Many get it on a certain level, that didn't get it before.

At the same time, violent looting, rioting is always with out exception unjustified wrong and this is simply lawlessness. When you are burning down buildings that is lawlessness. When you are assaulting people that is lawlessness.

When you are smashing windows, breaking into stores and stealing things that is lawlessness. There is no justification. There's nothing godly about this is something good about this peaceful protest yes and there are times in armed struggle where you fight against your oppressors. There are times for things like an American revolution against British oppression and and there are times when you're being invaded by a foreign army when you fight back. It's another thing when major government leaders say we are standing with you and we want to see justice and other leaders are saying we recognize systemic issues that must be addressed.

And then there are peaceful protests sending out a positive message and sharing pain and sharing concern in getting a message out to the nation when all of that is taking place. There is no place for the violence. There is no place for the looting. There is no place for the rioting. There is no place for the vandalizing.

There is no place for any of this zero so bottom line. When you look at some of the footage when you look at buildings ablaze fire departments, police buildings ablaze and remember the vast majority of the time the people involved. There are serving, since when is the fire department oppressing you since one is the fire department hurting since what is the fire department killing you. You got people risking their lives. Many of them volunteered to save your life to save my life. Why burning down there building or police. I was reading an article on Townhall about an ESPN commentator and he had tweeted out as he saw one building on fire.

One city protest. Burn it down burn the S down burn it all down and then a couple days later some of the violent crowd made its way over to his neighbor and he said hey where peaceful community where engagement animal you animals get out here all what happened when it's burn it down because I was in his community.

That was it.

A small business that that that was where his family made their livelihood. That was where his local police are now he's chairing the police for the police, clearing the animals out how things change how the tide does turn so friends let's step back and let's recognize that there are major things going on that need to be resisted that are destructive and we do not want to play into them or give any place to them under any circumstances. At the same time we want to refocus where we need to do an intake in was actually happening at and say what can we do together as a nation to address corporate pain, corporate injustice, let's be willing to ask the big questions now.

Over the last few days I have posted three different major articles dealing with race issues here in America. One of them is up only on the stream. All the others are up on all of our other outlets, as well as, of course, interrupts up website S. Dr. about the first article I wrote said that that white fragility has no place among those who are seeking justice. There is a best-selling book by Robin D'Angelo cold white fragility and addresses why whites legibly so fragile when it comes from a race. I'm not not raise on the drama. Why can we talk about so the whole point of my article was not to agree with the thesis of her book which have not yet studied for me with some of but haven't studied it.

It's not to buy into things like critical race theory or intersection reality. It is certainly not to support a victim mentality but it's to say this if you really have a heart for justice. If you genuinely have a heart for justice. If you generally want to see equality for all Americans. Also be fragile about what here if I'm a baseball player and I want to be the best baseball player possible and I want to be the best player for my team and the coaches. Hey, I've been watching your swing and here so we can fix.

It's like okay great.

Let's fix it. Let's find out with issues are so let me read this to because I I put six questions in the article it was entitled for those who love justice white fragility can't be an issue. So here are the questions that I asked 1 you want true equality for every American.

You want true equality for every American. I would hope everyone of you would say yes absolutely.

Regardless of skin color or ethnicity. Whatever hope we will send over to his justice of value that your firm begets a positive value, good value in and of itself justice number three you believe that ultimately there is one race, the human race right some three number four to reject the idea that people of color are inherently inferior. Hope everyone sorry that we reject that idea number five to reject any form of apartheid or segregation of hope thereto. The answers yeah of course absolutely and then number six if you consider yourself a follower of Jesus to agree that the spirit of racism is contrary to the spirit of the gospel hope everyone of you to follow Jesus would say yes. So here's the deal. It why he fragile it if if racism in any way is enshrined in our history and our laws was fixated investigation of not no problem. But if racism has a history of Americus. It was enshrined in our earliest history on any level. I was there when it happened participate that my mother came over from England basically is an orphan.

But my father's parents came over from Russia busily fleeing from anti-Semitism in Russia starting a new life here in Americus.

They came as immigrants and how to work the way up in the cultural Edsel.

If there are things in our personal bag will fix him and and let's celebrate the good weather perfect country. What countries perfect. Here, the children of Israel handpicked by God through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Ann given his laws directly and with holy prophets in their midst.

They messed up all the time will have one think Americans can be perfect. So if there this wonderful stuff in her history. Great stuff. Beautiful stuff and bad stuff and if any of it still goes also so we fix it and that we take everything on a case-by-case basis. For example, many of us could not buy into the hands up don't shoot narrative with my namesake Michael Brown Ferguson and even the Department of Justice and Eric Holder they did an extensive investigation of the Ferguson Police Department came out with a scathing report of inequality as scathing report about Ferguson but they said there is no evidence that would indict Darren Wilson. The officers shot Michael Brown and everything they could find and and everyone else that looked into an official investigation found that he acted what he felt was legitimate self defense. So you take everything on a case-by-case basis and evaluated. But the point is this, be humble. If there's a promise fix it if our problem problems only because I don't want to be part of the problem. If you're part of the promotional you and let's help each other because don't we want the same goals overall just be secure in the Lord secure in our relationship with one another and then put issues on the table with her valid.

We address them and not move on. I would walk around feeling guiltless is the feel guilt on white no.

I thank the Lord that I was child and as a child I want you you put your heart light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown 7884 if if you are blessed by the content that we share, help I three things you can do share with a friend with know about the broadcast. However, you listen overview watch share with them. Second thing, pray for us. Pray for God's blessing God's grace God's anointing, so we could do everything were doing with even greater efficiency, greater clarity help more people.

We know that we are here for such a time as this is three.

If you're able. If you feel prompted stand with us and financial support. You can do that by going to ask Dr. Click on donate one time gift or to become a monthly torchbearer report back into many many different ways to thank you for standing with us and thank you for the many kind words of encouragement that you send our way. Okay, wrote an article that posted last night entitled hope for black Americans and the reason I wrote it was to say look, there has been frustration at different times, the death of Eric Carter New York City at the hands of police in an charges don't, how can that be just of a laundry list of people and and now, most recently, there is there is the aqueduct Barry and and then after that George Floyd and it seemed that the arbor everyone got a lot of people's attention and and then after that George Floyd it's like okay people are waking up, now I understand that you go through all kinds of statistical analysis and you can show that there is police brutality here please fertility there is white on white, it's black on white is white on black ends and all the different ones, but bottom line, you have to trust when enough people who love the Lord, or people of conscience and integrity tell you the same story that they've had the same bad experience right that you you have to take it seriously and then that pain comes bursting forward with a horrific agonizing situation like the killing of George Floyd. So I wrote this article to say hey look people more and more people are getting get on the true impression with being 10 Mike Brown his soul care nonsense. Okay, I'm simply with my voice with my position on radio on the Internet writing articles trying to do what's right before the Lord and honor him and speak up and use my voice for good purposes. Okay new virtue self virtue signal is words.

I will look up some of these terms, I get accused virtue signal the other this account. I deposited virtue signal houses virtue signal and then then the interregnum somebody else in your gas line is like what is gaslight AI.

Does this mean for my heart. You analyze it however you want right, but I felt it was important for my black brothers and sisters to know that with these recent killings in particular, the agonizing video with George Floyd is as well as the horrific video with with with arbor that more and more people are becoming sensitive issues." Getting it are willing to ask bigger questions so for exhibit and and look I I am a pro police person was on pro law enforcement appreciate what police do I realize that the bad apples are greatly outnumbered by the good apples.

I understand that okay at the same time recognize the issues with my friends is white pastor, so his wife white couple with their own kids. Then they adopted Blackett and and he said to EEE was outrageous and you have no idea how unequal treatment is to get you have no idea the discrimination he's faced space being raised in a white family, school, and different things like that as of this outrageous believe him, but the look there is reason for hope. Let me just share some voices with you who have been speaking up my friend Pastor Robert Morris, pastor of Gateway church in Grapevine Texas. One of the biggest churches in America.

He said our hearts are broken by the racial injustice in our country. God did not create a racial divide accreted diversity.

We have a problem with racism in our country. Racism is evil. Racism is pure self-righteousness, racism, questions God, creation, and racism defies God it's time for all of us to stand up and declare that racism is evil. So says a white pastor in Texas now obviously we don't know exactly what was in the mind of the police officer who killed George Floyd. We we don't know what was in his mind there are some other issues that work together understand maybe having infirm.

Maybe race wasn't the issue, but race is certainly the issue. Many other cases and this is what this is standing for Franklin Graham posted this, among many other posts.

This makes me sick to My Stomach Which Took Pl., Monday on the Minneapolis Street by the Minneapolis Police Department should deeply concern each and every American. Both of the streets from May 27 a few days ago. It's excusable what you police officer, an unarmed black man with no concern on his face his hand in his pocket indifferent to the bystanders begging for some to be done to help women is so disturbing and he sees a quite a few posts as well.

Pres. Trump immediately called for the FBI and the Department of Justice to look into Floyd's death mutilates the president immediately.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Maltz, what will he was urging the rioters and looters to stand on the course. Pres. Trump spoken out against the rioters and looters he said is trying to rebuild rebuild the city rebuild our justice system and rebuild the relationship between law enforcement and those their charge to protect George Floyd's death should lead to justice and systemic change. Not more death and destruction. There he speaks about systemic cancel. People are speaking in these terms. That should give you hope if you feel like no one ever cares of the system never changes. Okay Deb on Gino (last name correctly strong conservative strong Trump supporter. Fox news guy for the Secret Service aid agent X New York Police Department officer. He called the video disturbing. He said it's really really tough to watch. He was one while the officer had been arrested ends before was arrested.

Laura Ingram Fox news right right wing conservative also spoke out about quote the outrageous behavior of the police officers. The New York Times even wrote that, for those on the right as usual state instinct is the standard for law enforcement. The stark video showing Mr. Floyd being fatally penned by police officer raises conflicting feelings about the incident. So friends and this is the time to seize that momentum and the looting and the rioting only distracts from it. I wrote this article which went live today for reasons the rights to far more harm than good in the first is that they come at a time when more and more Americans were willing to talk about apparent racial injustice is a black rapper podcast resume be treated this the USA temporarily had a moment were virtually all Americans were united in empathy and sympathy over the pointless awful killing of a fellow citizen. People of all colors and all political stripes unanimous on an issue clear injustice.

That's extremely rare exactly.

This is now. This unity and sympathy has been divided diluted misdirected as people find on the street steel from the neighbors and torch their own communities. It's like you said to see said again some people thrive on division and anger. They don't want solutions was reading about black firemen say for years. Both of his business and bought himself a bar bobs them out into someone having a bar this is business as is you have lively outside of being a firefighter gets burned down and get some folks in some parts of the cities and not properly insured and how they rebuild houses on a George Floyd had it.

How does this promote justice. Second reason that the protest you far more harm than good. The riots pain a negative picture of black Americans as if this is what they do use it was all kinds of people involved North I know, but who's going to play more and and who's going to be looked at as as the main protagonists in this and the main instigators in this black Americans.

There are to be blamed even got bad apples who are white or Hispanic and and and and and other groups, along with Blacks and they are the bad apples they are the minority there regular be the ones that look like the bad guys.

Scott lively conservative activist and always with a strong opinion actually wrote this he said that he contends that the purpose of black lives matters rioting is to increase racist racism to justify the Marxist race were narrative and they laments the too many conservatives and constitutions fall into the trap of look at the innocent majority black Americans with the train thugs of the BLM and the useful idiots who run with them, you may reject his overall thesis. But the point is this produces more racism. This makes things makes things look bad for everybody than third, the riots are destructive in their very nature appealing to our worst instincts. It is chaos is anarchy. It is lawlessness. When my black friends a story with a strong social conscience it to be anything that comes to steal, kill and destroy. Is the enemy, Satan, with reference to John 1010 so it's it's me hey looked in Jesus cleansed the temple would whip us yeah the act in perfect harmony with the Lord.

We often do not and in kill anyone even set the temp on fighting destroy businesses of honest hard-working people. Lastly, number four why these riots. The looting do more harm than good for more harm than good.

There appears to be strong evidence that the riots are being aided and abetted by bad players. Atty. Gen. bar this are there others involved. I'm hearing from reliable people.

Pastor Jim Garland California singer of a friend of his black in Minneapolis in the Minneapolis airport decent was full of people say being flown in to create havoc there others. Evidence of pallets of bricks being dropped off on street corners and so on and then Minneapolis Atty. Gen. Keith Ellison, a black American liberal Democrat Muslim said other players are involved in this friends step away from the craziness that follows the Louisiana and let us step back, the outrage of Floyd and the larger issues and holes exposed the system together.

Justice is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us. Mentis Brown letter to be with you a little bit later in the broadcast I want to talk about how we can seize the moment as the church. What I believe God wants to do in the midst of this upheaval love to hear from all of you 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 Google phones shortly. What happened to the virus. What happened to covert, 19 what happened to the shut down the lockdown social distancing what happened in the Supreme Court made a decision very bad decision. John Robert sided with Chief Justice Roberts sided with the liberal justices and stood with Gov. Gavin Newsom in terms of continuing to shut down church meetings sing a maximum of 100 people sever church of 10,000 to 20,000 maximum of 100 people. What come on and I I tweeted this out and we turned it into a meme so want to go to church.

There is no no got a stay home want to open up your business reopen your business.

You can pay your bills and care for your family know know God is stay home one grout riot loot tear down the city have added go for what was going on and this raises all kinds of other questions, namely, have we overreacted to the virus again. I don't play downplay its deadliness right now. Friend of ours from his 40s is hospitalized and and we've lost friends to this not downplaying its deadliness. But have we overreacted to it. That's one thing if not then suddenly in city after city, all of America. With so many people in close proximity to each other. Give some landmass on an ottoman with so many people in such close proximity to each other with hugging and other stuff than this suddenly could undo everything that the lockdown did and it could be spreading like crazy run America again is just what will happen and and who can about who could've imagined this scenario at the start of this year.

The impeachment of the president. The third time in American history massive news giant news the country terribly divide the present acquitted reamer members that is like ancient would even remembers that then the pandemic now reportedly over hundred thousand Americans dead because of covert, 19, and with it the shut down, and with it the economic meltdown downturn several times said you know we we had pandemic in the past that killed more people and and we've had economic crises like the Great Depression and great recession and had that before and we had riots in the cities if if you remember, for example, when you're older for Dr. King was killed and 68 when he was assassinated. Riots over American cities in the Rodney King riots broke out. We've had that we never had altogether. Though at one time when the world so now that of the virus. The economic downturn that that's almost in the rearview mirror because the riots in the leaven the White House under attack and this this is this is unprecedented on this level with everything happening like this to gather talk about America being shaken and let me say right now this.

The time for the church to rise. This is a great time for us to separate from mainly being associated with on for Trump rum against Trump Manley being associated with a political party or political cause. Manley being associated even with our stand about certain issues, be it be at the activism or the things like that now is the time for us to say to the world. We have the solution. We have the answer Jesus. Jesus who makes us want Jesus through whom we overcome differences Jesus who calms her fears, who sets the captives free, who brings us forgiveness brings us eternal life. So even if we die we live on.

This is the moment for a great harvest the deep burden of my heart is is for an army of evangelists to rise up all over America mean people to preach Jesus people that know the Lord people full of the spirit people grounded in the word people for love to share the gospel in city after city and venue after venue and for the evangelistic spirit to rise up in the church. Once you start sharing the gospel with others and they start opening up and receiving the message just spreads takes over this is a time of harvest the time for the church to rise times of great shaking can be great times of gospel advance because people are asking deeper questions and people are recognizing that something is terribly wrong. We come with the answer and eternal answer that works in every culture, every setting, every situation now is the time it six 634-2000 and finish that late in the show but got it out now. All right, let's go to the phones start in Maryland with Alex. Thank you for calling the line of fire.

Hello I only wondering listening to the quick element in it. Okay, I actually get Alex, thank you for calling my bad. I saw you were referring to our current situation, so I want to write your call but this is a matter for you to judge between you and God.

For example, you might listen to music by a famous composer and find out that he was an anti-Semite. Can you still enjoy the music. Could you trash it or you might really enjoy your particular lyric by particular singer, only to find out that they are like strong probe Planned Parenthood supporters can still listen or there may be something a little off color in the lyrics and you think old now that I realize with her singing on both feel good about that. Just ask yourself what you would do if Jesus was sitting next you and you having fellowship and would you flip it on Alyssa. I guess that's the simplest thing to ask right, but thank you for the call. I appreciate 866-34-TRUTH we go to destiny in Chicago. Thanks for calling the line of fire. What's on your mind there. I wanted all about grid parity in pertinent kind of response. Please know I'm black and I'm a Christian and I'm not been alive and really hard night and seeing what happened with Lloyd and not just weight but it all the people lining up in the end, so I will eat when I'm in the eye would be around the time years ago. I didn't really even know about. It wasn't until a few years ago when I start thinking more and I did a lot of research and I was very overwhelmed on a I think that some people just need to know that some people and black church community are hurting and it's just a good idea to be sensitive to that you know is agree with everything. It is good to be come. People don't have any activity whatsoever and have heard so many people with the .8 people saying we need all the correct meeting of an office there had on the guys that you know during the whole video I'm trying to figure out what else we need to know when I'll get to. I think there's so much hidden history `this country had covered up. I think one of the reasons why there's a divide in our responding to this is because there's so much hidden history. For example, how did give a quick example. There was black, thriving community, in Wilmington, North Carolina very long time ago. Early in this country's history, and a lot of people were getting jealous that these black people are so financially accessible anywhere entering into our political office in the Republican Party. And so the whole entire place was just completely destroyed and demolished in one of the mainly they did that, but they made black men in particular look like criminal and look like rape. It ended so that with the candlelit or people being completed in the place being torn down I think is just a quick example of how people need to understand the history of how the media been used again people, yet they can be conflicted and applicable that you can ask a question destiny.

We were able to listen to the show today from the beginning, like listening to it yet okay right so yes so when I was talking about the article I wrote on there can be no place for white fragility. If you want justice and I said hey let's put the questions on the table if you got bad things in our history. Let's acknowledge America's not perfect but a great country and with some real bad history in it and you will the question make America great again. What is that me to white American was a mutual black American.

These are questions we have to talk about salt.

I want you to be brutally honest with me yesterday. Right as I said on the truck prove anything on the try to be like a walk I am or whatever but do you feel that that that I'm providing a sympathetic ear and a voice to say hey we know you're hurting and it hurts us as well or you feel that I'm I missing, things are being insensitive, I think you're doing a great background at all empathetic ear and out at night it because I knew that your covering this topic and feel good on his bike on a spiritual level, know that you have a brother here. You know what I mean come by yet what you do you have a brother that that Karis and I and I do care. Look at some work around the world and so many cultures you see America little differently. Strengths and weaknesses will be more and I got some of my Christian friends over the years that have helped educate the art.

I remembered this and I put this one articles a call that I got a black caller who is in basically a distant on an all white church and he said what you said right at the beginning just assume one of articles from over the weekend. He said that it was one of the killings, I forget which one but one of these similar to George for now, the cell phones a lot more people are seeing things that you have seen before and and he said look I don't expect the pastor to make a big fuss about this or the preshow sermon on the said but there was not even a syllable, he said, here we are were in pain.

Archimedes and pain was not even a syllable so destiny. A lot of people just are ignorant they don't know.

Let's keep educating. Let's face the fact some of them make us very uncomfortable. Let's do it.

Need to, especially his brothers and sisters and for this is Jesus's gospel. Thank you so much for the call of the modern day.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to revolution. We go back to the phones in LA Julie, welcome to the line of fire Louisiana I'm sorry walking to the line of fire from Los Angeles.

All right, all right, go ahead. I wanted to comment on. Thank you for having me. I'm enjoying your book.

Not afraid to cry.

I took out an 800 plant my college because I am going on late last night and the night before on my my question comes at a point where they'll given everything that's happening and I know there's a lot of pretrip topic and a lot of mentor talking on a poster on and and you have a lot of preachers that are pretty much at this point.

Think big guys this is the unrest that's been talking about the Bible and many artifacts expecting email the rest at any moment.

Of course I'm reading a book and I come to my own conclusion to the fact that I just, you know, again I feel like after that, I am pretty or pretty much sign and we had to trick me to write that.

However, I'm just kinda conflicted because everything that's going on globally and Ashley any kind of wonder. Well in Arianna something here are I just wanted to yes so number one. Here we are right now we have insurrections here we are right and and George Lloyd was enraptured and and people that been killed in the riots raptures and the Nigerian Christians who been butchered in recent days weren't raptures and all the people or soldiers that died in Afghanistan weren't raptures and some of the died an agonizing death of cancer was enraptured.

All that to say or here in a fallen hurting messed up world, what are we going to do about yes understand I'm 65 now reveals for the sake of the kid but I'm 65 so I got saved and 71 it was it was over. Then Jesus was coming at any minute. We had a really live through that the 60s.

That was the final apostasy. Okay, we are we have the rise with the death of Dr. Hilliker, 63, Kennedy assassinated 68 Robert Kennedy assassinated Martin Luther King assassinated the cultural upheaval that I mean the massive shaking, this is it. The final apostasy that sounds like a child. There the six day war 1967 Jerusalem back in in in Jewish hands this it is all over these coming any second that was almost 50 years ago were still here. Hey, what was more tumultuous for Europe, a covert, 19 or World War II.

I'm in which we can go on and on and through history went when you hire/Marriott large percentages of of the population and timeout night so honestly Julie, I don't. I don't feel we're anywhere close to the final shake I'm doing with close to a note if everything keeps going like this and doesn't let up, followed by one plague after another pestilence after another natural disaster after another in all kinds of appealable remorse.

Then that'll get my attention just over 2 billion people that if you said you know who Jesus is in the light was ever noisy. What you talking about this and I don't know this you live in the next village or I never heard of that place over 2 billion. So I live with readiness because I don't have my next breath guaranteed but with readiness to meet the Lord, but you better believe that this is just another birth paying something that's going to be far, far, far more into anyone that thinks this is the end. This is the final shaking and Jesus is coming at any moment. Reread the book of Revelation. A bunch of times on your knees I think you change the perspective let us who were here. Let's not be escapist are thinking were here.

If there is a Tom Goggin Paula Savitz's business but were here we are, let's make a difference certifying an escape route, but let's let's plan out an impact rather what can we do to bring about impact for the kingdom. Thank you for the call. Very much appreciated. We go over to John in Michigan. Welcome to the line of fire. Hey, how you doing Dr. Brown doing good thank you and I really appreciate you watching it for a little while now senior year association with Mike Bickel and IHOP and I got onto what you have been doing for a while so appreciate your stand in your heart.

The thing that I want to call it that last call was kind of a great segue, yet we can't get it to a myopic view. I think in two things are happening to us locally. When you've made this point quite a few times, the people around the world have been suffering much greater thing you offer quite a time now and I really agree with that really nationally. I see us like it's the same pattern that we see in Deuteronomy 28 through 32 and there's a progression of judgment and I think it'll the Lord is trying to wake us up. And I think on a bigger scale you look at step back is like a Joel one moment you know were standing at the beginning of what's going to be in my opinion is going to be a devastating economic depression.

That's going to be a global thing, and of much like what is really experienced with the progression of four successive mochas plagued the drought and the buyer and Joel stands up in the midst of that state. You know you elders everyone.

Have you ever seen anything like this is that anything like that happened in your day and kinda points forward to a greater destruction coming which was the Babylonian invasion. I think this is God's heart to start to wake up. Stop so we can start training the generations that are coming up now for the greater trouble that they had in his heart really for the younger generation. You and Jones are just interested it just a jump just to jump in.

Appreciate you sharing that whatever shaking is going to come at the end of the world is far far far far far more intense than the shaking and I don't have a timeframe could be 100 years to be in six months.

I'm a timeframe for.

I read the Bible, same as you do. I studied same as you do know the teaching in the arguments and things on all sides. All I know is that the Gospels made for the hard times and in that the greater will moves inside of us and that we are over comers and pulses will tribulation separated us from love got no death separateness removed though so we don't know what will happen but we know God's grace is sufficient.

Let's be strong in the midst with friends. If you don't have my book when the world stops get it, grab it just came out super relevant not just deal with the virus is a whole chapter, how the gospel is made for the hard times right we sometimes Vicki in Charlotte.

Thanks for joining us what's on your mind.

They Vicki the future denier radio, you realize you're on the air now hello Vicki hello Vicki how are you doing go ahead with you… I really really appreciate the show and in all the things I learned from it and and what Alice want to comment on West because I want what was happening downtown Charlotte all Friday night and watched it last night that I can walk it by now they have something larger it happening and what we have seen, think that we have been infiltrated because we have never ever had. This cannot rioting and this can of the unranked column at the same time and I think is to destroy the country and using the race there something to be able to do what they are doing yet – but that's what what I believe and I think that also what not and I agree with everything the truck does but trying to get people to understand that there are people who want America anyone down. So what came down from you and some large city that large city large skating and doubts what's going on. This is not just about the floor again in Manus Minnesota. This is about something after launch and what we have seen, the next day not agree with what you what you say and what other people think all the neoprene they told you this is something that you yeah and Vicki think that you live in Charlotte if you lived in Sharon for long time. Yeah I am from Weinfeld, but the okay so you're at your friends and your your circle of people that you know folks in your church people in the neighborhood people that you work with over the years they would be turned on the city like this with the know know know where it isn't exactly American yeah exactly suits of the thing is, and then use these look at some cycle witnesses to houses happen spot this spontaneously and and and people somehow armed and ready to do this and that so is there are others involved that will stoke the fires listen. They do not have your best interest in mind. They do not have America's best interest in mind, let's join together as Americans especially us believers within America.

Let's feel each other's pain. Let stand for justice together and that also announcing violent bias, lawlessness, chaos below

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