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Countering Chaos and Confusion

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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October 10, 2020 8:00 am

Countering Chaos and Confusion

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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October 10, 2020 8:00 am

Jan Markell features Michele Bachmann for two weeks. In this program, Michele warns that the Left plans to try every tactic imaginable using chaos and confusion to defeat Donald Trump and to re-make Americaor to re-imagine us, as a globalist paradise. What can the Christian and the Church do?

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We are the most critical time since the American Civil War effect. The Greek word for stress. You all know perilous times. That word is literally stress filled times the world right now say we are in stress filled kind welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel want to buy all of three ministries radio for the remnant player radio favorite begins a two-part series with us.

Michelle Bachmann shall ran for President of the United States in 2012.

We are at a turning point left has plans to steal our election in November and you push back against this darkness yes tell you how in our programming. Here are Jan Markel and Michelle Martin back here on the ground in Minneapolis on the coverage of the project are exhausted just exposed a voter fraud ring so widespread that many members of the Smalley community here considering an open secret. Many believe this corruption continues will be no more free elections are sources inside the Smalley community here alleged architect of this paper game is none other than US Congresswoman Johan Omar project Veritas is received an explosive piece of tape to take about to see shows a man buying a registration form for an absentee ballot from a voter giving" pocket money unquote of $200 and expecting to collect his ballot when the voter receives. I'm so glad you can join me for today's programming and with couple of teasers that we run here, including James O'Keefe, I think you know we've got a cutting edge topic and guest with Michelle Bachmann that Michelle on dozen times over the years and you write to me and say that she's perhaps my favorite radio. Guess that I feature what I can.

As anyone who is an observer of the times knows, perhaps the most important election in the history of modern civilization is about to take place in a few weeks Michelle has been very active in campaigning. She's been stumping for president Donald Trump had Michelle on April and we talked about Corona.

The concern that is the cure worse than the problem is the shutdown of society in the Western world almost 200 countries. Is that warranted in light of virus kind of on the level of the flu, perhaps a little more serious or contagious. Michelle, welcome back to the program.

Jan thank you so much what a full shower going all I know well will do the best we can to make proper use of the time, but I am going back to April. We talk heavily almost exclusively for one program out of two at that time about what was going on in America and you said to me, is in fact the cure worse than the illness to cure being shut down the cure being closing down the economy, etc. give me your thoughts. Now many months later, many months later the devastation sadly continues to go on in terms of our economy in terms of family relationship in terms of education we haven't even fully appreciated all of the businesses that have gone out of business.

We read some headline. It is been devastating, particularly with a lot of people who lost their life savings everything they had with the business that they poured themselves into some did quite well, particularly the big monopolies.

Some of the big box retailers. Because what we saw is that government officials took extraordinary power and they would take a magic wand and say it's okay if you visit Walmart and it's okay if you go to target that you can't go to your local dealer of whatever it is that you want to buy only these guys or your allowed to go to an abortion clinic. You can go to a casino you can get marijuana but you can't go to church, you can't go to other places that they keep you from going to and it completely up ended American life.

This is gone on for so long that I've seen people despair. I personally know two people who have committed suicide.

I know of older people who died a long drink without their family members and it's been devastating for that family members who weren't allowed to go and be with their loved one in every one of your listeners on this call has a story about how they've personally been impacted so 2020.

Jan has been a year unlike any other judgment in the United States you sent me a magazine cover letter references and I'm not really leaving the topic here of Corona and the slip into totalitarianism that we see really around the world.

This is an American issue exclusively of course the cover of the Forbes magazine was a banner in a headline reimagining capitalism. Our blueprint for a new American dream and I just have to conclude that the new American dream is in America without capitalism. I go back to Barack Obama were going to fundamentally transform America. In other words, take away freedom and impose my only conclusion is socialism/even Marxism on America is that the way you're reading this Forbes magazine cover that capitalism is outdated.

We need to toss it out and replace it with what that go along with the green new deal that goes along with Alexander Acadia quartet. It goes along with Joe Biden and the 2020 Democrat platform because they are looking at a reimagining you heard that word over and over in 2020.

We have to reimagine the police. In other words, get rid of the police and hand the brains of police work over to local subgroups, the running controller streets, making them less safe when it comes to the economy. This isn't just Forbes magazine all you have to do is go to the world economic forum which people hear about they meet twice a year and Davo Switzerland. It's the elite of the evening in the world and they collaborate and where they want the world to go and really in a lot of ways I would have to say they kinda replace the UN's goals. The UN was a body that was trying to have a subterfuge of looking toward one world government. They really expose themselves for the empty husk of a vessel that they are the power center is actually moved to the world economic form, and I encourage your listeners go on their website world economic were not just making this up there pretty blatant about it. They had a thing that they call global reset 2020.

Michelle, let me just say the website is WE I'm going by memory.

So I think it's WE but go ahead okay.

They call for global reset 20, Rainey realized that only about three months away from now they are calling for globally, not just in the United States getting rid of currency and all of the nations in the world and instead replacing it with a global currency what you replace it with a global currency just in the last few weeks we've seen, there is the biggest hack ever into health insurance companies.

There is hack all the time in various businesses. So if you have all of your money in digital currency.

You can easily see that there could be a hack into your bank account and all of a sudden you could be wiped out and what you gonna do it's digital currency. You can have it under your bed gold wouldn't be the same because you couldn't use gold for currency or any other item. So this is really a profound issue because it puts the control over how much money we have potentially in the hands of elites to make decisions over that currency and then also consider this because the coronavirus there is been a depleting of income and wealth creation in various nations across the world, including in the United States we've added eight 9 trillion to the Fed's balance sheet this year that the president we've never ever added that much debt because of that I believe that what the world economic form is pushing toward it. Having countries so stretched out financially that they will collapse. They have no possible way to pay their bills wealth that would happen with few these great countries that there'd be a collapse with their governments, then you could see that there could be a financial system where the digital currency would be equalized. Well, now there's a collapse if the crisis we have to equalize everybody's digital bank account. Truly, you get to the point of having what they dream for all along, which is global redistribution of wealth that all that climate change was about climate change was about creating a global tax so that we could redistribute it to other nations that was taking too long. No one is bought into that yet. I so this is one waited to bring this about quicker digital currency will global government is on the horizon global government is predicted in the Bible. When I read this magazine covers you sent me, which is talking about reimagining capitalism. Our blueprint for a new American dream. Frankly, folks, I believe it's the New World order on the horizon. First of all, I believe the church is in the be gone when one world system comes into play if that's on the horizon than the church's departure is also on the horizon. In the interest of time, Michelle and kinda moving on here because we opened the programming with a little bit of a tease there from James O'Keefe and that's project Veritas one of your burdens and boy have talk to you privately. I know what a burden it is and that is campaign 2020. The November 3 election would come off free and fair, the more I'm reading, the more I'm hearing about voter fraud. Ground Zero seems to be Minnesota folks pray for Michelle and I this is where we headquartered may not be the safest place on earth. So appreciate your prayers and I mean that in all sincerity, but Michelle we've got the red Green alliance here Minnesota. That means both Islam and communism came together here some years ago now, communism, probably a century ago Islam 30 years ago.

We now have 100,000 approximately Somalis. We've also got ballot harvesting voter fraud. My goodness can go into extensively talk to me a little bit about some of your concerns as a concerned the upcoming election. Potential voter fraud. I got a couple clips I want to play but go ahead is what the whole election is about.

I was observing what it different election.

This was from any other election. Usually the two parties focus on persuasion you want to persuade voters for your candidate based upon your political policies and what you intend to accomplish.

That's normally how it works for both parties. This year is decidedly different that the Republican Party has tended to go down the traditional path of focusing on persuasion accomplishments from the president or from his political party and where he is going to go in the future and what those accomplishments are and what the policies are.

You saw a lot of that epic convention. If your listeners viewed the Republican convention versus the Democrat convention on television. You heard a lot about policy of the Republican convention. The Democrat convention. You didn't hear as much about policy and that's because this year it's very strange, but the Democrat party is focusing on process, not on persuasion.

What I mean is, and I'm sure your listeners will recognize this and I say this with all due respect, not in any mocking tone it off. Joe Biden from my observation has been the non-essential candidate. He the nonessential candidate this year and I say that because it doesn't bother his campaign team at all that he's been off the campaign trail.

For instance, in the month of September. One of the highest months of activity in a presidential year he's been at home and he hasn't been seen for 40% of the days never happened before and neither has his running mate, Harris. How could that be that this is what you're selling, so to speak.

Is this individual and his running mate to lead the free world and we don't hear from them, what policies is even promoting it all about process. What is that process in the last few months. Unconstitutionally, whether it's governors, whether it's secretaries of state whether it's judges they've changed the voting laws by themselves are United States Constitution prohibits that it's his only state legislatures are permitted to establish the voting laws in the state. No one else is allowed to but this number unconstitutionally. Various individuals change the voting laws to put into place mail in voting what I call cheap by mail voting in order to create conditions for fraud to steal the election. This isn't just a Republic is accusing a Democrat demonstrable. This is completely objective to show what it is they've done. Never before in the history of America. Have we seen all of our voting laws in various states change so that 70% of the American population will be able to vote by nail scissors never happened before and it all done. Jan under the context of covert we've all been told it's too dangerous to go to the polls. We can go to Walmart we go to a grocery store but were not allowed to go to a folding play. So they want us to vote by nail. That's the pretext for cheap by mail voting folks are listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel in on having nice. I think it's a system update from Michelle Bachmann here in 2020.

You know why because it's been a bizarre year that need some explaining this because we are in strange times were in very perilous times, folks, I think you figured that much out.

The other angle, Michelle, were not leaving the voter fraud meant another equation is the role that big tech is playing, this is Mark Zuckerberg he's the head of Facebook. Many my listeners are on Facebook. This is what one of the biggest tech Titans is saying about our upcoming election and our exclusive interview with Mark Zuckerberg yesterday told us that the tech giant will prohibit new political ads in the week before the election.

He also says the company is preparing for potential disputes over election results, things that I'm quite worried about after election day is that since it may take additional time for the boats to counter this year especially with Millan voting is a greater chance of civil unrest and violence after the election. Some people expected there to be a comfort one election on election night, I don't think were necessarily to get and it's important that we start preparing people now is nothing illegitimate about taking a few extra days or even weeks in order to make sure that all the votes are counted. In fact, would be legitimate if we didn't make sure that all valid votes were counted.

Let me just add some comments here from fellow by the name of alum Beccaria believe is from India.

He's writing on Breitbart. He's an exposer of what big tech plans to do for this coming election and already has done. He writes this but cheap by mail isn't the only factor that could make this a rigged election. This is Mr. Bukhari. He says as Zuckerberg no doubt knows big tech stranglehold on the flow of information will also manipulate votes in favor of the left in interviews for my book deleted the big text battled to erase the trump movement and seal the election. Mr. Bukhari goes on to say sources inside Facebook, Google, and other big tech companies spoke of a relentless effort inside Silicon Valley to harness technology to prevent the reelection of Donald Trump, often in ways that can't be detected from the outside.

Over the past four years Facebook has banned countless pro trump voices from its platform, preventing some of the president's most vocal and effective supporters from spreading their message to voters on Facebook and then I'm gonna conclude this quote that I'm taking from Mr. Bukhari Twitter like Facebook says it will censor politicians that claim and early victory quote unquote an early victory on election night, a measure clearly announced in anticipation of large numbers of male in votes not being counted until after the election Michelle with the clips and the quotes here from Bukhari talking to you.

My conclusion is that coming to a firm decision election night November 3 may be in part from a complete miracle impossible that how it is in the natural in the Najaf why we need to be and prayer. This is all by design, and this is what I meant when early on the program I said that I had started to put the puzzle pieces together and you have mentioned a few of these puzzle pieces.

One is the cheap by mail voting. Many, many fraudulent examples that we may yet go through on the show as they can be important that we do, but also the fact of the tech censorship. Your listeners probably recall seeing on television at hearing where I believe it was Sen. Ted Cruz, who brought in an individual who is very good discrepancy yes and actually Mr. Epstein is the Democrats right but he was so offended by what he saw happening in Silicon Valley, whether it was Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, intentionally shifting the voter toward certain information and away from others. Jan that happened to you. You've also had your shows taken down. Absolutely you have it so that if these sources don't like what you have to say, they take it down. They see themselves as the arbiters of truth, not you.

They are deniers of free speech. It is completely anti-American, and I would also add they are protected against lawsuits because they're not called publishers will that's all they are so that something that has to be change in federal law, but this is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle because today we communicate through social media through Facebook and various forms and if there altering what we see if they are calling misinformation the truth and prohibiting us from seeing it and they're already warning us that on Facebook for instance the week before the election.

When people are making up their minds, usually at the last moment. Guess who won't be allowed to have their information on their telling us is Donald Trump it's Republican, you won't be allowed to see that while they might argue oval Joe Biden won't either. Really, how much do you think that's going to happen every thing that I have seen so far is to kill scale in favor of the nonessential candidate Joe Biden because they don't need him as a candidate.

They just need people to vote down that Democrat column and instead it's like their time cement blocks on every Republican effort so that those efforts are thwarted. This is again what I thought. I think I mentioned that you off-line Jan, I was almost getting to the point of despair because every single day I was reading how whether it's the tech giant weather was stealing to the election to vote by mail. All of these things are been put into place to make it virtually impossible for Donald Trump to be reelected. I don't despair. However, because I do believe that God is hearing our prayers for a true vote that the true way that people want to vote that that will be revealed because the whole purpose of this civil unrest in the streets under the pretext of coronavirus is to create two things Jan KF and confusion. That's really what the left is putting forward on the ballot this year. Chaos and confusion. They don't want a result on election night really want to delay delay because they want to win this election through lawsuits in the courtroom and lawsuits never go fast. They want to delay this until after January 20 when Donald Trump would be forced to leave the White House your listeners as seen on TV already with Nancy Pelosi as various Democrats think will you leave the white house you've got, leave the White House there already building. This expectation that Mark Zuckerberg taught us. In fact on that clip, he said, for this is just normal. This never happens.

Not normal and own normal and he traded down play the fact that in America we can't know the results on election night. Slowly we can. We did four years ago supposedly technology should be better now than it was four years ago. We can easily know what the results are right in a worst-case scenario and we don't know the say going into January 20 explained to us what does happen is Nancy Pelosi step in as president, Pelosi help us understand what could happen. You're asking the question that nobody would ever want to ask which is instability. Are you telling me that in America in 2020 going and 21, we wouldn't have a result week and to their destabilizing our country putting us in a situation of vulnerability to foreign aggression.

This is not a small thing. This is a major-league thing and realize this is artificially induced.

We didn't have to have all of the subterfuge through cheap by mail voting. We didn't have to have all of the censorship through the Silicon Valley telling us what to think and how were supposed to vote.

None of this have to happen, but they put it in place because they don't have enough confidence in their own team and Joe Biden and Kemal Harrison all the Democrats on down the line. They don't have enough confidence in them. And worse, they don't have confidence in us.

They don't trust us to vote for their Democrat candidate. They hate democracy do they want to tell us what the outcome will be. Then we have Hillary Clinton saying things like this doesn't help on election day Joe, I should see under any circumstances, because I think this is going to drag out and eventually I do believe people when we get on it and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is there lining up from Hillary Clinton on down the marching orders are there and I want talk to little bit more about the voter fraud and about what folks can do about voter fraud will do that as soon as we get into my second half of the programming here. Why are they running a Mr. Job as their pick out of I think they had 20 candidates.

This is a year ago now and they narrowed it down to Mr. Biden when you know he's got some mental challenges going on at the end of the day. It really didn't matter to the left to the candidate was going to be because Forbes magazine August issue reimagining capitalism the world economic forum there the big bosses. They're the ones who were telling us where this whole thing is gonna go with the digital currency and global governance that the intention so they really don't care who the president is they just wanted somebody who is compliant out of all of those candidates who are on the stage in the Democratic Party who want the most compliant person up there who could be easily managed and again I mean no disrespect, he's been called the sock puppet candidate, the Trojan horse in hand at the nonessential candidate because no one really thinks after looking at Joe Biden with all due respect that mentally he's going to be in a position of having a strong mind and a strong physical constitution be able to do the work of being president.

That's a very tough job. Does anyone think a Fortune 500 company would hire a 78-year-old Joe Biden to run their company. I don't think so. If you would hire them for Fortune 500 company. Why would you hire him to run the economic and military superpower the world to be honestly think he could stand up to Putin or the chairman G or to the Iranian no one thinks that will track record is terrible and you bring out a good point you referenced it a few minutes ago. In that is that our enemies are watching what's going on who our enemies than Veronica China and we got Russia begin with Korea.

We have lots more, but those first three anyway are powerhouses that we need to be very concerned about and they would love that we would fall into this kind of chaos started with no one in charge, at least for a matter of weeks and could even be a matter of months. Michelle that's kind of a terrifying thought.

Folks, what were you going to do is I promise you so far we've been kind of on the dark side.

We do have good news to talk about two and were going to get to that here. Eventually some very, very good news.

Did you know there were as many as 200,000 and maybe 250,000 believers who descended on Washington DC. This is back on September 26 to try to turn the tide to pray righteousness into our government into our nation and some amazing things happen that day will get to that eventually but I wanted to set the stage is to just why we even need to be having days of repentance and prayer for the country because we are at a crossroads. We really are. You may have heard that before various places including this program and we would get a spiritual war going on. That's kind of the heart of it all to what we do in a case like that one really do when we see voter fraud on the horizon within voter fraud going on, even as we speak. How can you as a listener combat this kind of voter fraud were to get into that as well is no shortage of things to talk about from my friend Michelle, who is never without an opinion and without some great insight into the side of our times are perilous times I'm coming back in just a couple of minutes don't go away love rightists were websites almost 3 views.large followed reviews for: Central Time 763559444 476-559-4444 made only one suture motel and follow through ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311, Box 14520, Minnesota 55311.

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In addition yourself to understand the times when tapping into our products or website live online updates and our weekly radio see how all the Bible to good news coming to us. Think with pot on the 20 16th to see the result. We thought that with miraculous people over and over again. I think this will be an even greater miracle, but I believe that God is involved of overcoming chaos because awareness can't come from the evil one where the confusion comes from the evil one and greater is he who is an absolutely within the world.

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Why haven't we had mailing ballots for the last 230 years.

Maybe the reason is mailing ballots are an invitation to widespread fraud and manipulation, and if you want to rattle people's faith in the system that we've had for centuries.

Maybe would do that under no confidence thought a lot about his present judicial watch joins us by itself right, it's just so interesting in a moment like this, people gravitate toward solutions that make you wonder between the all wind behind one solution you emission would like while for this minutes paradigm is up. But why are they for it. Do you think I think they want to set up a system that makes it easier to steal elections they don't want bail in voting. The way people understand it is or what he widely available absentee ballots. Absentee voting available to Americans and that will obviously should maybe be more widely available. If this contagion continues. What they don't like that because a lot of the states are too many of the states actually require you to set an idea and with your absentee ballot. They want to overturn that.

So this plan is to overturn the voter ID laws in 35 states have mailing to lists that are dirty which is sued today in North Carolina. They have, according to our analysis of about 1 million nearly 1 million in active voters. Most people who had voted since, say, 2014 so we can start mailing an active voters people daughter move away ballots. It's an open invitation for ballot fraud and voter fraud look the safest way to vote if you want secure voting is in person private, when you take that away. If anything goes. And of course I want to add ballot harvest into it, where they would allow third parties to go around banging on doors and collect ballots welcome back your listing to understanding, at times, radio and am so pleased to have as my guest Michelle Bachmann.

She represented Minnesota sixth district for number of years she ran for President of the United States in 2012. Many of us were quite glued to our televisions in 2012 with a very intriguing lineup of candidates back then many of us were hoping Michelle would prevail before I head into a deeper analysis here of the voter fraud scheme. Michelle and I are from the Twin Cities.

We are heartbroken that our skyline doesn't look like you soup that's been burned down and I'm not exaggerating Lee's portions of Minneapolis and portions of St. Paul at least one person died in all of the looting and the burning that began that was May 25 Michelle you said something interesting to me that I actually did a whole segment on here about with Eric Barger and Joe Martin Richey. This is perhaps six weeks ago.

That is the influence of the surroundings that you pointed out to me that the George Floyd incident of May 25 was right on the heels a day or two after Minneapolis celebrated Islam for an entire month.

Well, that's right, Jan care, which is a Muslim brotherhood front group use the pretext of coronavirus. They went to the Minneapolis Mayor Jacob try and they said it is a Ramadan for Muslims. We can't get together and break fast at the end of the evening, so we want to do something that will allow us all to be inclusive and be together. We want to have the Muslim call to prayer broadcast across the streets of Minneapolis, five times a day beginning before sunrise ending after sunset, just like they do it in Islamic countries for the month of Ramadan, Jacob Fry said sounds good to me and he left the Muslim call to prayer be broadcast this is in praise of their God Allah. So from our perspective. Allah is not the same God as the God of the Bible, Allah would be a false God and never before in American history had any major metropolitan city allowed the Islamic call to prayer be broadcast five times a day crying out praise to a false God. This happened throughout the month of Ramadan.

It ended on the Saturday just before memorial weekend in 2020, and on Monday, May 25 that is the day that the tragedy regarding George Floyd happened and that is the spark that began the civil unrest in the streets of America that is ongoing to this ongoing and then not sure when it's going to die down in their perfect world that is the left they would like to have it extended for months and months here and in the process.

Molly Harris sent out. I believe it's a tweet if you're able to pin now to the Minnesota freedom fund to help post-bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota, burning it to the ground, at which time some were killed think you sent me this though.

I'd heard about it before that Michelle Liska Molly Harris tweet. This is absolutely unbelievable. I refer Jan and I am living in Minneapolis. The listeners need to know this is 5 miles of business right that were burned down and destroyed and looters going in and stealing and destroying everything in sight.

You can't even imagine in all of American history. This was the second worst riot after the Rodney King riots.

This is not a small thing. This is huge.

So in the middle. The buildings were still burning. The looting was still going on in the Democrat vice presidential candidate is instructing people to send money to bail out the rioters the arsonists the murderers.

I couldn't believe it, and those on Joe Biden's presidential campaign spending money to bailout those who were destroying Minneapolis and St. Paul.

They were paying the law so that they can get back out on the street that's exactly what happened, people would burn down the building they would go into the jail. They have their fines paid for and literally overnight. This fund had like $10 million minute and never back out on the street the next day burning down another building, knocking over an innocent disabled woman. She was sitting in a wheelchair trying prevent people from eluding a target and they were beating her in her head and they were firing things that are faith.

It was just the most disgusting thing I've ever seen those were the people Joe Biden staffers and commonly Harris the Democrat vice present eligible candidate feeling out of a GL so they can get back on Minneapolis streets to destroy some are they refunding law.

The funding everything that Satanic must be blunt, what's going on is satanic is absolute evil and the needs to stop. And I think it only stop when God intervenes on Michelle Bachmann for the hour you've heard her on understanding the times radio numerous times. Let's help folks understand Michelle a little bit better. Just how on earth is this voter fraud being perpetrated as we speak. As this is being aired. The voter fraud is happening and we opened the whole program with the clip James O'Keefe project Veritas. He's the one who's uncovered the Minneapolis connection. Michelle let's go back to the scheme of the voter fraud folks help my listeners better understand happening right now is people are listening to this broadcast has been ongoing for the last several months in the last four elections, according to federal election data since 20 12/28,000,000 mail-in ballots have gone missing in every election cycle of the last four cycles. There is 24 million people who are ineligible shouldn't be allowed to vote in their registered on state voter rolls, so they should all be purged off the roles but what the states have done if they don't care who lives at a resident they are dumping ballots on every single home in various dates and whoever is there, can fill them out or not. Fill them out, but the ballot harvesting is that a third-party person comes to your house and that's what project Veritas showed that people will go to senior citizen centers.

The balance never got to the elderly.

The balance just went to this person who came and said hey give me the balance. Here's $200 you give me the balance I'll fill them out and then I'll get them into the person who supposed to count them so that ballot harvesting means and it means that there is maybe a drop off box not run by the state that ballot could go in there and a third-party person takes those ballots they could open them up see how you vote. You voted Republican, they throw it out if Democrat they resell it up they give it back to the official place or in the case of Elana Omar is actually on tape. They show $200 being given to a guy in exchange for his ballot. He was bragging say my car is filled with all these ballot and he's getting money for every single ballot there going house to house.

I would say less than two weeks ago I read a headline in the Minneapolis paper that said in air quotes a huge number of mail-in ballots was requested for Minneapolis. So let's say I requested 45 ballots at my house you could do that request 45 ballots and then I sell those balances with third person. They give me the money. They take the ballots they fill amount however they want to and then those ballots go in the cheating is done even before election day.

They have all these ballot sitting there that they've filled out just the way they want. Election day come. People go to the polls and vote and they find out that the Donald Trump one here in this precinct.

How much did he win by. Oh, he won by 500 votes. Okay, bring me a thousand votes that we ballot harvested.

It's a math game so will put in those thousand ballots okay now Donald Trump just lost by 500 votes rather than winning by 500.

That's how it's being accomplished. So for instance in the last election 2018. There were I believe five or six congressional seats in Orange County, California, and they were all one on election night, but over the next days as they counted these quotes fate mail-in ballots. They got all the ballots they needed, and guess what every single race was law was won by this man who came to vote, but all the pony ballots flooded and diminish the real vote so that it the end of the day Orange County which was all Republican today in the US Congress is all Democrat because those races were all stolen.

Also on the clip. Jan, it is shocking but an individual from the Smalley community states the reason why they're paying people for ballots is because it's all about defunding Israel that was important for your listeners know because they could choose somebody else on the Smalley community to sit in the seat, but they want her because she's dedicated to defunding Israel. So one of the head. People in the Muslim community is saying that on this tape and it absolutely shocking, very interesting. Appreciate that extra insight so there targeting certain states, particularly the president Trump 126 saying North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, tucked us a little bit about how there targeting the states and then I want you to talk a little bit about Minnesota, which is forever never been a blue state that's in the process of changing would talk to us about these targeted states, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin.

All went for Donald Trump. They have all been targeted. They want to make sure that those electoral votes don't go to Donald Trump or the down ticket races whether the Senate house. They don't want those seeds to go Republican either.

So what they're saying now this has never happened before their thing that they are going to accept ballots for up to nine days after the election of their assuring chaos. She also has national security risks that go with it. As we said they're going to keep accepting ballots for nine days after the election, and they're also establishing these ballot drop-off stations that are controlled by the county or the official election site, but if the ballot drop-off stations. Lithium requested 30 ballots to come to your home. That obviously illegal for going to take them and drop them off at this box and then they'll be quote harvested and taken to the actual site rather than account votes. At the end and then all of these illegal ballots. Then will be counted if they need to have them to get the final result that they want and remember again the whole pretext for mail-in voting with coronavirus. It's too dangerous individuals vote in person. So that's why we have to do this. So for instance the North Carolina there counting all the ballots that are postmarked and received 90s after the election, the raw supposed to sit here we have election day return on our TV think you were going to hear a result.

How can we, because there is an additional nine days in Michigan another nine days. North Carolina another nine days in Pennsylvania were all having to continue this agony of not having it result. They also are allowing the voters to correct rejected ballot. Somehow the ballot wasn't filled out right so call you up and say all you did something wrong in your ballot you can come in and redo your ballot. We never done that before ballot drop-off stations. Like I mentioned what third-party people pick these ballots up. Anybody can turn in anybody's ballot they could change it, they could throw it out. They could fill it in for them and that's already happened.

There were trays of ballots that were found in a ditch in Wisconsin their mailbag found in a parking lot in California. There were military ballots that have been opened in Pennsylvania and were counted because they were voting for Trump so if someone goes into Lithia very highly Republican area and they pick up these mail-in ballots they could just throw them away. We have examples of antitrust postal workers where if there picking up the mail and a Republican district. They take the mail and vote. They just assume that the great overwhelming number be Republican and they just toss them out. This extremely concerning and in Minnesota we have what I believe, unfortunately, was the most egregious situation. The Constitution states in article 1, section 4 that the times, places and manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof, judges can't change voting law. The Secretary of State can't change it. A governor can't change it. But in Minnesota two days before voting started.

Jan R.

Secretary of State made an agreement with himself that he would change the voting law and what's the voting law now in Minnesota. You can vote up to eight days after the election. If you want to.

You don't have to have any witness on your ballot to show who you are, no voter ID no notary and in Minnesota. No other state does this. You don't even need a postmark. So what this means Jan as if somebody wanted to they could just print Their own ballots and they could fill them all out the way they want to. Nobody never know the difference. And then you just have boxes and boxes of ballots sitting there, so that is the end of the day was ever doing the counting urologic take all these other ballots and say how many more votes to many. Okay, let's poor man will get our results.

That's the state of Minnesota. We've never ever done that before so now there's lawsuits that are filed in the state saying hey, this is unconstitutional you didn't have the right to put this into place. So what does that mean that means that that ties this issue up into the courts that could be months and months so this is a mess and again, what are the two pillars that you and I talked about earlier. Their whole ballgame is chaos and confusion that the intent this is a surprise. This is what they plan they want chaos and confusion for this election so we won't have a result so that Donald Trump will be forced out of the White House.

January 20 it throws the whole thing up in the air and they have full confidence that they can put this before a phony charge in these various states and get the result they want which is a Joe Biden presidency you're listening to understanding the time to heal and Jim Markel have on the line. She happens to be calling in here from the family research Council in Washington DC, Michelle Bachmann, she ran for President of the United States in 2012. She served Minnesota sixth district for number of years starting in 2007 that I had asked Michelle what can the average listener do. She gave me some bullet point such as give a few here because I was feeling some of you are sitting at home or in your car aware of your listening thinking own mind. This is a hopeless scenario is nothing I can do this is surely bringing about the demise of the country.

Well that's in God's hands and the timing and all that is in God's hands as we opened the program global government is just over the horizon. One world system church will be gone when that happens. Perhaps the Lord's return is more imminent than we think. Like any minute. But here's a few things she said to me talk about voter fraud to others. In other words, share some of the things being talked about here. Pray that God expose the fraud and corruption number three. If you give phony ballots in the mail ripped them up number four. Best to vote in person, you can go in anytime going today or absentee ballot if necessary. Number five if you see something, say something.

Number six. Pray there is a conclusion on election night that is looking like it will take an utter act of God, for there to be a conclusion on election night Michelle, let's talk about that for a moment here. What about a conclusion on election I what I hear you saying only an act of God would allow that to happen and what would that be at a landslide type of the victory or what. I think a landslide victory would do that I am urging every one of your listeners as you possibly can do it vote in person. That is the best way to safeguard that your vote will be counted. Please go in person. I firmly believe that there won't be at risk to your health. Only you can know that will give you one example in the Wisconsin primary this year 400,000 people voted across the state.

Only 52 people after voting had contracted coronavirus map may have had nothing to do with voting, but of those, 52, there were no fatalities. It is less than a 200 of 1% chance that there was any problem related with voting and getting covert it just doesn't happen so you can be pretty safe when you go to the voting booth. If you absolutely will not go to the voting booth then you need to contact and get an absentee ballot from your state fill out that absentee ballot and then send that in and you can do that any of these other bullet points he wanted to talk about this a talk about voter fraud to others.

If you get a phony ballots in the mail ripped that power. They even go to Nelson get a phony ballots in the mail if it's a male and ballot it should say on the outside envelope that it is a mail-in ballot you want to just throw it in the trash because someone could pull it out your trash and then use it to vote, so that's why you want to rip it up a few times so that it's unusable, but it should be marked on the envelope that it is a mail-in ballot and again these are unsolicited. These are ballots that you're not requesting there just emailed to you by your state because they are inducing this mail and voting so that the one thing that you can do that. I want to encourage people I haven't given up my have given up even though the laws were changed unconstitutionally and a number of states I am praying and I believe that God can hear our prayer that these lawsuits would be expedited and we can get answers from the court. Even before the election. I think that it is providential in many ways that we are having this Supreme Court discussion right now and there is the distinct possibility that Amy Kony bear in the president's nominee will be not only nominated but will be confirmed prior to the election. Apparently the president has the votes in the Senate and we need that because today, the court would be a four for decision we have to have a tiebreaker so she could be a tiebreaker. That doesn't say how shall vote.

No one knows how she would vote on any issues that would come to the court, but certainly I think that election law decisions will come to the court and we have to have a complete number on that court. Of the nine and I think that she will be confirmed. I think these lawsuits could prevail. I think the states that mail-in ballots would be construed as Ian eligible and so therefore they would only count in person voting. So again that's why I would suggest do not do mail-in voting only do in person voting. I think it's still entirely possible.

God is hearing our prayers, and I am committed, I'm in Washington DC every day. My purpose in being here in Washington is to pray, I felt the Lord was calling me here. This is the existential election meaning will America exist.

After this the night. How will we go on. That's a good question very seriously buys.

I have great hope in the Lord our God, and I am crying out to him as long as many, many other believers are crying out to him for nation for the selection and like I said you I came to such a place of despair because every hurdle that man was setting up meant that it be possible for Donald Trump to win, but I think that is when God gets the greatest glory when it is impossible for man.

It is possible for God and I have great belief and great hope that God is going to hear our prayers in the selection and show his greatness we think is possible in 2016 to see the result we saw that with the miraculous people that it over and over again. I think this will be an even greater miracle, but I believe that God is capable of overcoming chaos because word is can't come from the evil one beware and confusion come from the evil one and greater is he who is an absolutely who is in the world and Lulu Bible also says perfect love casts out fear. What happened in 20 2011. Because of this pandemic fear. Fear Henry on into the hearts of even young people. I've never seen young people more fearful from this coronavirus, but perfect love casts out fear. So we don't have to fear we have no reason to be fearful so we should stand like the Bible says he has put our feet on high places, so we should pray from appointive victory because were not the ones doing this is and he is worthy of our trust. He can do this with his strong right arm. He is powerful to say and I believe if we stand on the word of God and if we are praying according to Scripture like yesterday I was praying here in Washington. According to Scripture and the Psalms when it says the wicked Leah trap and they themselves will fall in it that's I'm praying and we been praying here for the last month and we've asked the Lord to expose the hidden deeds of darkness and Jan item after item, including this represents Omar, who is using people to pay people on the streets in Minneapolis for their votes and ballot that all came out not too long ago. These things are being exposed. Our prayers are being answered.

Just like the fraud is happening in front of her eyes. So to the prayers are being answered in front of our eyes.

I want to to come back next week, at least for a segment of my programming and I want you to talk about how God is moving because we spent an hour this week and it's troubling. Any listener would acknowledge that some of what you shared. I'm glad were wrapping this up and very positive note that with God all things are possible, but I wanted to share next week is some of the incredible things the spiritual high that have been particularly recently in Washington DC and you are very engaged with Franklin Graham and you even prayed over as VP Pentz has some incredible things that are going on in a very wonderful way. My listeners don't have to feel all is lost. The cut remains in control absolutely remains in control so folks will pick this up next week and if we don't spend the whole hour will certainly spend the first half of next week's programming presenting some very encouraging things to you. I want to go out of today's program and Michelle has encouraged you with her closing thoughts there. I always refer to Psalm 31. I trust in you, oh Lord, our times are in your hands.

And if we believe that then we can be at peace. In spite of the storms around this piece amidst the pieces.

In other words, in spite of the dark clouds on the horizon. In spite of the winds that threatened to envelop us and dashes to pieces because only if we believe our times are in his hands. God has everything under control and everything is falling into place. Can we have that total peace that indeed things are not falling apart.

They are falling into place.

Thanks for listening. Will talk to you next week.

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