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Short Take #4: Reaction to the Derek Chauvin Trial

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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April 26, 2021 12:25 pm

Short Take #4: Reaction to the Derek Chauvin Trial

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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April 26, 2021 12:25 pm

Short Take from The Christian Worldview program on Will You and Your Children Stand Firm?

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Here is another sort to the Christian worldview with Dave and we sort of the big takeaways from the trial of dear children, which took place right here in Minneapolis with the jury rendering their decision. Just this past week. I think the number one thing to take away from this trial is that the death of George Floyd had absolutely nothing to do with the race it was in a white versus black issue, but this is what it was and is made to be all about his race the whole pretext for the unrest, the protests the riots the burning the looting the violence is that the police and the whole system is racist against Blacks, but ironically enough and very tellingly enough, no allegations in the trial.

No witnesses, no evidence in the shelving background that Derek strove and acted with any racial animus against George Floyd was black.

Otherwise it would've been brought out in the court case it would been a actual hate crime and yet most media people on the street and of course the left keeps blathering on about this is just the beginning of racial justice. There is much more work to do and on and on and on but again there was nothing about race that even entered one moment of the trial, so the assertion that the police are systemically racist and should be abolished in our society is systemically or thoroughly racist against Blacks is just a lie. That's not what this case was about was about a police officer using too much force against the man that was handcuffed lying facedown on the ground. That's what this was about whether that was too much force used so much of this is just blame shifting by both Blacks and whites when the real problem is the disproportionately high crime rate amongst Blacks, and that has resulted from the breakdown of the nuclear family amongst the black community.

Something like 70% of children are born out of wedlock. This fatherless homes are rampant abortion widespread government dependency. All of those things result in chaos and in violence and crime and by the way, that doesn't just apply to black people applies to any skin carton care for white or something else until the family structure improves. Nothing is going to change. In fact, is gonna get worse because now the black community has been sold a bill of goods that they somehow have immunity their victims of this racial and police persecution. So even though they may get more power and position through equity programs. Even at reparations. It's not going to change anything.

The only thing that's going to change the dynamic in our country is regenerated souls through coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ that changes your life that changes your worldview that changes here. The way you think and the way you behave and also churches preaching sound doctrine.

Teaching people the ways in the doctrines of the Lord. That is where change begins the second take away from this trial was that this was a highly suspect trial, though this the way it was structured with with the jury basically being under threat. They should have never have held this trial in Hennepin County, which is the Minneapolis Metro area.

The jury should for sure have been sequestered in From outside media and other information during the trial, but they weren't the jury knew about the city of Minneapolis going in the trial just awarding the Floyd family, a $27 million settlement.

Basically an admission of wrongdoing by the police. The jury for sure heard what Pres. Biden said about that.

He was confident the jury would come to quote the correct decision. The jury knew and likely saw the National Guard and the barricades all around the courthouse and all the threats of riots going on, they likely heard the comments of Congresswoman Maxine Waters saying that people need to be more confrontational. They knew about the. The other police killing that Took Pl. in Brooklyn Center just north of Minneapolis, so they knew all these things. This kind of highly compromised environment. You can't hold a fair trial, and that this trial should have been moved out of the county, maybe even to another state. The third takeaways that Derek shelving should have been convicted. But I think he was over convicted based on the evidence presented, my watch much of the closing arguments made by both sides. Derek shelving the police officer used way too much force. This is been a short take on the Christian worldview with David. We find out more about the Christian worldview resources make a donation, monthly partner will contact us visit the Christian you can also call us toll-free 1-888-646-2233 or write to us at Box 401, Excelsior, MN 5531 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 551

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