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Knowing When Or When Not To Act

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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August 9, 2022 3:30 am

Knowing When Or When Not To Act

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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August 9, 2022 3:30 am

In trauma, the clock is the adversary, but in caregiving, it's the calendar. While emergencies demand an immediate response, quick actions for caregivers often result in several battles on multiple fronts. Nothing stretches a caregiver too thin like rushing to a crisis- while already embroiled in one. "Oh, yes, my friend, you would have fought very bravely and died very quickly." - Don Diego to Alejandro in The Mask of Zorro. In the long journey of caregiving, caregivers benefit from incorporating "discretionary valor." For many caregivers (including me), the default is to hurl ourselves or our opinions recklessly at situations that require neither. Being still often takes enormous discipline and is its own form of bravery. Although some may not recognize it, knowing when to - or when not to - act often reflects extraordinary wisdom and courage. It's hard to "stay at one's post" when it seems everything is falling apart. Yet one's mettle is often tested by not interfering when things get dicey. Sometimes, others need to experience failure in order to grow. Hampering that experience inhibits their growth. Although not often valued, discretionary valor remains one of the most critical attributes a caregiver can utilize. While soldiers receive medals reflecting bravery under duress, our medals for discretionary valor appear differently. Our awards reflect peace of mind, less drama, and a good night's sleep.

"Don't just do something, stand there!" - Unknown

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Blue chicken is so much to do with religion. I feel like I have to do then you hear talk about a floating feeling when you back from vacation. That's mutually estate unchecked the investment accounts just in case you want to retire here with Vanguard advice. No matter what your retirement goals are, we can help you get there. That's the value of ownership is a and explore Vanguard advice on the risk fund euros on the hospital Vanguard services provided by Vanguard advisors, Inc., a registered investment caregiver here at American family radio with us. That is my wife Gracie from her CD resilient, you will have sent me so many notes this audit is so awesome care for us to pray for us again.

All these notes and I'm very grateful you've asked about how she's doing and see if you had a hard year. Last year this time she fell and broke her leg broken femur. She is to prosthetic legs for those you don't know or and then she was recovering from all that and predict surgery to fix that is pretty free roof break and then she lost her mother and then she had this big back surgery scheduled in January and she was in the hospital for 10 weeks and so it's been a hard year for them. She's no stranger to hard years but this been particularly difficult year for thank you for your prayers. She is getting better. She's very slow she's out walking with the help of her physical therapist and is pushing yourself is just is just a slow process of recovery for her and I know this audience gets that I will tell you that she is looking forward to getting back in the studio and singing some more.

She's got some great songs that we been working on the tracks for and I've got some wonderful players in Nashville that are putting together subtraction that you get into studio their friend of ours has adhered Montana to lay down the vocals and I can't wait for you to hear some of the cells so that will be forthcoming. If you can just bear with us is just bitter. A difficult journey for but she's tough and she is resilient, were returning to Denver for follow-up visit with her neurosurgeon and her physical therapist here in Montana said please ask if I can push her little harder. Gracie look to be like oh my goodness, but it's time we hope that that he'll clearer say that the fusion and all for back is strong enough that she can start doing some more activities.

Thank you for your continued prayer on that and I would execute with drug she lives with a lot of pain and she wrestles with it daily.

Sometimes it gets the best of so we we do ask for continued prayer for both of us. You know in trauma. The clock is the adversary but in caregiving is the calendar you know these things take a long time. Healing takes a long time. There's a long Jevity to what we do as caregivers.

Nonemergencies demand an immediate response, but quick actions from caregivers can often result in several battles on multiple fronts and tell me if I hit the target with this one.

Nothing stretches a caregiver to thin like rushing to a crisis, while already embroiled in one dear see that movie the mask of Zorro. It was Anthony Hopkins in cannot believe the guys name escaped me. Antonio been theirs. That was it Antonio Bender's okay so he wants to rush off and avenge his brother's death. He gets this very very bad. Get in at this point Don Diego played by Anthony Hopkins interception and he stops them from going off to take his revenge on the skip is he knows is not ready ill-equipped is rushing off to battle. He says, is wonderful line. Oh yes my friend you would've thought very briefly and died very quickly said that resonate with you as a caregiver we fight very bravely and it quickly you'll leave it wheat we rush into these things and you can't do that as caregivers you. You've got to pace yourself in the long journey of caregiving caregivers benefit from incorporating what I call discretionary valor, discretionary valor for many characters, including me. The default is to hurl ourselves or our opinions recklessly in situations that require neither being still often takes an enormous discipline in its and being still is his own form of bravery we think about all the Scriptures the talk about being still. How many times did God tell his people to be still. Be still and know that I am God standstill and see the salvation of the Lord River in in the garden of Gethsemane.

You know, Peter went cut off Malthus's ear Jesus and put his sword away. Still Jesus is that your battle to fight. You don't have to rush into this. How many times have we think about yourself here.

Think about the times I have rushed into situations recklessly and I offer my opinion. I've opened up my mouth when I shouldn't suggest been quiet and still.

Some may not recognize but knowing when or when not to. Often reflects extraordinary wisdom encouraged people get may not validate some people may say what you just being quiet. You just you know your slower, you know, anything to offer but but sometimes what we have to offer is just learning to be still and to be quite and to use some discretion. It takes a lot of bravery to use discretion in times like this, particularly when there's a crisis brewing on any given day. It's it's hard to stay at once. Post when it seems that everything is falling apart. Just one restroom start fixing things right in my MS because the right crowd here yet one's metal him ETT Ellie is often tested by not interfering when things get dicey. Sometimes others need to experience failure in order to grow should I say that one more time. Sometimes others need to experience failure in order to grow and if we hamper that experience. It inhibits their growth. Sometimes you and I need to experience failure in order to grow this caregivers and if people intercept us in hamper that went to grow would have to keep repeating that same lesson until we get although it's not often valued discretionary valor remains one of the most critical attributes caregiver can utilize while soldiers receive medals reflecting bravery under duress are medals for discretionary valor appeared differently or Dr. Ware them pinned on our uniform are just but we do get awards for this what they look like they look like peace of mind.

That's an award that you get for discretionary valor piece of mine you want another one is less trauma. That's an award to get for discretionary valor. You don't know what is a good night sleep good night sleep.

That's learning to control your own thoughts, words and deeds not insert them into situations that doesn't require it takes a lot of work a lot of discipline and a lot of trust that God is working in this and doesn't need you to jump it is all saying out alike it says don't just do something, stand there coaches due south of stand. It sounds counterintuitive but is it it seems to line up with so much of what Scripture states over and over and over. In fact that's what that him, be still my soul reflects the rep told applicable to 25 hymns that everybody ought to know, last week he was there as a Redeemer but this week I think of to be still my soul producer Pat, would you play Gracie singing this. We may be the one in two he that extraordinary leave to thank God, to order and provide a sense of awful lot like learning to be still take your hands off the situation as a reason these hymns have endured for hundreds of years is because they have plumbed the depths of what the core issue is for all of us again about what I talk about the last block is the core issue learning all these tips as caregivers that there is the caregiving task.

Is that really what the core issue is, or is it learning to be in control of our own thoughts, words and deeds. Is it learning for us to use discipline and discretion and wisdom and stillness and trust even in the midst of the craziness. I know it is hard to stay at your post when everything looks like it's falling apart and getting really gnarly yet that is what we often find is the most appropriate thing to do is to be still and let me clarify being still doesn't mean we just sit there in front of the television or to sit in the chair, we can be still while doing task as caregivers, being still is a matter of our spirits of her heart, of trusting that God is responsible for results here. We are stewards so therefore we can trust him but we don't have to run into every battle that we see.

We don't have to go to every fight that we get a ticket to we can just be still and leave to thy God, to order and decide it is the great hymn six speed Roseburg… Hopefully caregiver, hopefully caregiver.comfortable way will be right back

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