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I Surrender All

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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January 22, 2022 3:30 am

I Surrender All

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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January 22, 2022 3:30 am

From our national broadcast (1/15/2022)

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This is this is hope this is the program for you as a family caregiver were so glad you were with us more than 65 million Americans right serving as a family care for someone who has special needs traumatic for life some type of chronic disease, type of addiction, alcoholism is all types of different afflictions, there's always caregiver may be that you are so glad that you with this. If you would be a part of the program at 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 to be a part of the program or you go out to Facebook. Lathered watches it hope the caregiver. Hopefully Karen wrote her Facebook page.

We think sometimes it it works for us sometimes which becomes a little bit challenging but there's lots different ways and that of course are podcast is available 24 seven. We put it out there for free please take advantage of it. Hope for the caregivers name of the podcast where you string podcast is to search on and it'll be there for you and would love to have you listen and share put out now well over 600 episodes and bone staff music and all kinds of things for the family caregiver speaking to music. I'd like to start off with the him that this can be familiar to a lot of you, but there's a particular reason why I using this here to the caregiver keyboard here. If you notice him.

If you do give me call 888-589-8840 will talk about why this him means something to the family caregiver. This can be very familiar him to a lot of you. Some of you may not of heard I get letters I got this week just gushed about how much she appreciates these hymns names cutting some kind of you listen today. Thank you for your kind letter, but how much she appreciates these hymns and I was talking to someone else about this same thing and in I have a lot of people in this audience who know these things from way back and then I get younger people who have no idea what these hymns are and which is sad but that's okay.

We were going to help fix that problem working to reintroduce them to some member can introduce them to others. We love to hear your thoughts on that. But I want to talk about why I love that him and why that is claiming something to us as a family caregiver 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 before you and all that, and before I get into your phone calls and so forth. I want to share some of us thought of it having for a while now when they storm is coming and you you see the news in particular on the Gulf Coast and you you see this a lot by wife grew up on the Gulf Coast and so this is a pretty common occurrence.

You see him kinds of media outlets that are showing footage of people placing plywood in on homes and businesses and everything else in there hunkering down, you know, caregiving is its own storm and you know, although sometimes we can receive advance notice. Caregiving can often to select a tornado.

We saw these devastating tornadoes that hit over there in the South just several weeks ago and the devastation can last of the storms of the students caregiving for a lifetime. If cameras followed caregivers around many of our daily activities might look like the boarding up of businesses and homes. Imagine trying to build a five year plan okay as I get your deposit where you see yourself in five years that can stuff in your tub of business and goals in life goals and so forth.

Imagine trying to do that while simultaneously trying to survive hurricane yet that's what a lot of caregivers are doing and the aftermath of hurricanes usually clears the air. There's a lot of you know the heirs binge. It feels real, pristine and nice and in there's a lot of sunshine's you go out there and start rebuilding. But the caregiving storm usually ends at the cemetery in the path rebuilding after that can be little bit murky and even filled with desolation. Yet there is a path there is a path that's what I want to talk about throughout the show. Today there is a path it's called endurance and I was struggling with this some time ago and I was talking to a pastor friend of mine down to South Carolina and he said something to me that really resonated deeply and I felt like maybe some of you will only find it meaningful as well because I when I was struggling state. You don't wear wishes to how I got to be able to ever accomplish her or I was looking at what I what I still had left to do. Are all the work that must be done and I just felt like I was just not achieving the success moving forward in no building a business.

Being able to put away savings you any of those kinds of things that you become a plan for long-term in your life and do this caregiving journey of mine, which is now 35 years. It's it's kind hard plant you boarding up a home in a hurricane will try to somehow build a business that kind of thing and it was rough. It was kind of a frustrating moment for me and he said something he said, perseverance is his own success. Perseverance is its own success enough to know that for some time and I felt like maybe that's something that some of you will might want to hear this morning and and and understand that you may be hard on yourself or you may be looking at yourself with a sense of failure, or that you have accomplish this, you have it accomplish this, but your persevering endurance is is a word that is, it doesn't sell as well as breakthrough get your big blessing and in all those kinds of things. It doesn't sell as well but yet that is a word that is the theme of it is all throughout Scripture of endurance during during the challenges of caregiving. What we face everyday is a character forges a resilience and forges a a resolve and that resilience that resolve spills into every area of our life is caregivers you may not see it at the time you member of the karate kid. You know wax on wax off paint the fence send a floor. He was the Mr. Biagi was teaching Daniel. The skills endangered and real estate studies doing manual labor that was doing drugs work he was. It was very uncomfortable for that. All of a sudden, through a teachable moment he realized that he was learning tremendous skills in karate and I'm on the 2nd° black belt, myself and II understand that principle that seems drudgery at the time but is developing muscle memories developing skill sets that we don't even understand it may not for some time and we ask, how do we get out of this but the question becomes what we've been coming through but that will come back.

This is the right caregiver. This Peter Rosenberg. This is the program for you as a family caregiver. That's crazy and I love that phone has and what were talking about today and I want to get into our him in just a moment.

It's our him today is one that's very familiar to a lot of people and it but it's got a line in it that I want us to hang onto because part of the way we endure is recognizing what we have and don't have responsibility for what is ours. What is not ours and is him is little bit of it in this move will get to it.

Just a minute or there's a reason I'm playing that particular hymn written by a fellow named Jay W. Van diff enter bleep from Michigan. He was the consummate Dutch family and used to be a public school teacher that he went into the ministry. Oh, that we had more public school teachers that wrote hymns like that because it would it would change her culture. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 if you know that particular hymn, and I wanted to touch base with estimate and a block here of this this notion that we as caregivers are often trying to plan out our lives are businesses whatever life goals. Whatever we have. While boarding up homes, preparing for hurricane or in the middle of the hurricane and I I know how that feels. It feels very frustrating at times because you feel like I'm not getting I'm not gaining any ground.

I'm just I'm just not drowning, but perseverance is its own success. Perseverance is its own success and what does that mean to us as caregivers know their entire marketing ads that promote tempting versions of success of what success looks like. I mean entire marketing.

As for this, but they over time those things ring hollow, but perseverance it stands the test of time. Paul talked about this in Romans he said, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance and perseverance, character, and character, hope, and end so I would.

I would like to offer this to you all just fellow caregivers one caregiver to another, that it is okay for you to take a moment and reflect on the fact that your persevering in this. This is a storm. Make no mistake about it. Caregiving is a storm and it is a relentless storm is often very much storm without mercy and it doesn't seem fair at times it just the Windsor howling.

It is, it is very uncomfortable and it is hard to play guitar to play the grocery list at times, but you are persevering in this and I want to encourage you on that of from somebody who is doing it with the and you know I look at a lot of different I'm I will be very careful say this because it will get in trouble Seattle tell anybody about status with a lot of different self-help type of folks induced programs and so forth.

And they gladly achieve this this and this and this and that they go out in tell others how to do it.

Now that they've achieved particular with money and things such as that. I don't know that I've achieved anything other than perseverance. I'm still doing this. This is not something I've done and I look back on a reflect on this is something I'm doing right now and so I'm in the trenches with you and these are things I'm kind of pondering on thinking on this sustain me and equip me to do this and this. Why love this particular hymn and and I because it's it's a starting point and it seems it seems almost little bit like it's is it of him coming at this thing backwards, but I'm not because this is the starting point of realizing what is mine and what is not mine until we go to a couple of callers here and if you know the him and somebody else tells you before I get to your phone call is our hang on because the point is not to see how many people listen to know the him I would know why it's important to what it does for you on a soul level. What is him means to you and and why you feel drawn to it because the more we connect to these great text. The more that we can draw strength from them in the middle of our storm so let's go to Trinity South Carolina Trinity good morning how you feel character once I actually know that hand though I knew that would bring joy long time loan, lister and color to this program and I thank you for that. By the way you your screen or at the caregiver and I get that now I'm not. His story for me on the arm, our mutual friend Ravi was making it big change in life and she was moving on well center which is, it was a Presbyterian home for children and she can be athletic and I was cross stitching for her. I surrender all hand because God really wanted teach me something. I was all gone, and I forgot one of the Irish so and I think I forgot the supplicant.

I surrender all, lessening them even as not to condemn it and accept so I had to meet with leaning on me on to surrender and to pay attention and arm that brief times in my life I've been a caregiver to my children's father and I would sit there and he'd be cursing me and yelling at me and I endured those three hours, but I still can't say I was a character I was doing that for my son, but the primary caregiver. Anyway that you did use the light showed up in. If you take if you take the curse. A lot of people realize how much a part of so many caregivers lives involves swearing. You know there's there's a lot of caregivers who take it on the chin with the most horrific things that come out of somebody's mouth and sometimes we do it ourselves, but there I have talked to so many caregivers who are with the somebody that they've known for a lifetime and all of a sudden just it's like to come down with a case of Tourette's syndrome as well and ended its harsh, it's brutal.

It's ugly and yet you know you sit there you took it and and that's part of that surrendering process and I think that I am glad you knew the song that I want to jump on calls others because of what will you do this to him evidently strikes a chord with a lot of people and and so I that I love them but I surrender, I surrender all, is that how you said that when you left out the youth are*I will, for now, that's forever in my brain now and I can't get it out. I surrender all, with thank you for the call very much.

It is always a treat to hear your voice and I thank you very much for that and let me go to Amos in Illinois. Amos Amos good morning how you feeling you don't know.

I think I'm all right. It was a little chilly this morning about commute down the hill to do the show at the studio here and was 21° where I am about where you are shoveling snow about knowing a thing is you know where where where in Illinois are you Amos Rock Island right on the border of Iowa, Illinois, you know about I live in Montana where we have no stranger to winners but been the coldest I've ever been is in Illinois. The wind itself up there in Chicago Internet what that wind comes off that leg admit to you what, it gets cold. Amos you know that that's that that's chilly with tell about this song and this him and tell me what it means to you while I was going through my divorce and I was really depressed. I mean an inkling of heart and the more and more that I send the more more depression came up often and it helped me to realize that without God.

Now, you really can't find a perfect you going anyway. So, the better I felt, the more I try the link mass cannot still struggle, but man, that song was a blessing and I think it everywhere I went. Family would get tired of hearing but I love that Fox built a big luck latest. That's the whole point of what I call this one. That's how you persevered and this thing it and you you King's realization that the way you go to endure this is you go to surrender your life your dreams you had a marriage that was the tornado basically tore your marriage. Apart storm tore your marriage apart and you're hanging onto these these simple phrases in these hymns and I I I'd never ceased to go one week when I don't hear from multiple people about how much they appreciate me talk about these films because they seem to be that nobody seems to be talking about it as much.

They think they the these things are getting dust on them and I think of long long long it here. You are totally just this one him sustained G very painful time in your life and continues to do so and what what does it mean to you Amos the surrender. What is it that look like to you. What is it mean to you. A lot of what we like to go to church with my favorite but we rec.oatmeal our Lord will and when I surrender that need now is making it difficult for me based on what he wants and what is Marty what is perfectly my life. So I'm trying to be more into that because sometimes on a good path not known, followed then the next day. Well I didn't cement and I find out I mixed up when I'm not surrender. So it's about becoming To correct the possible positive that that when I surrender when I die to myself daily is not me anymore, but Christ lives in and we can do that. A friend in one stop curtain to stop divorce that rendered the brothers inside the body would really be able to show love Amos is usually said, beautifully said and I want to know how much that means to me as a caregiver to hear you say that because your encouraging me with those words, and I'm very, very, very grateful that you took the time, and that you listen to the program.

Thank you so much.

Amos and I hope you'll keep listening and calling it is I want to hear what you go to break, this is Peter Rosenberg. I hope you caregiver your American family radio this Peter Rosenberg. This is the program for you as a family care. Healthy caregivers make better caregivers and the journey were all together is for us to be healthier, and dare I say it, even joyful while we service a caregiver. Many of us have to look at very heartbreaking realities of a love one that is struggling. How do we stay strong in this how we stay focused in this. How do we deal with the storm that is caregiving. It starts with surrendering and that's with. That's what our him was today and let's go to Don in Indiana. Don good morning, thought Harry feeling hey Phil and Don while under on the road in Indiana headed to Milwaukee.

My dad is there yeah wants to phone or you on speakerphone or Bluetooth on speakerphone. I will be careful to careful I give you, but I want you be careful what you drive all yeah you that I am I okay headed north my father. He, you know, Christ always live ration to me and I and you like a dementia ward.

My mom is in the same place, you care here you memory care center. Yeah, yeah, memory care center and Maggie probably on line manager now it giving relief sister was a geriatric nurse, about 35 years she about a mile away from Dulles. We need to gather, my way to do that with my two brothers and my sister all the altogether and well all four believers have been remembering that both the pediatrician and an allergist and he would share Christ with patients and took a lot of Denver kind of guy with always love Christian radio and I we remember when Don Wolman started years ago our and I only got for me understand you're heading up now together for the final time as your families that what you're saying to me. Yeah yeah hardly know probably going to be the final days of my dad on the start, how you doing with that done all last very blessed that you love the Lord and all strive to be the light for our family and God. All four of us kids are following the Lord our condo next generation. And even there, their children well you you obviously know the name you know the that the song says the thing here that you know the name of this him tell me the name of the CM I surrender all this out to him that your dad knew will why are you early and easy guys like you guys as a family like to sing always verily we really care. My wife for years, on our worship team in the pastorate for about in years and loved every minute of it and think asking them to gather around his bed and just think doing get a hymnal somewhere. Just think doing yeah got a wonderful idea. We did that with several family members and it it really is an extraordinary thing to do with the family comes around in your singing hymns as you safely deliver your dad to Jesus and I would what what to him that you like to him that you you'd like to sing around your dad's bed 011 day Is a great one. That's a great one that is your driving up there. How much longer you got to get to Milwaukee about three hours is your driving up there I would. I would love to just offer this to you just asked the Lord to give you a list of hymns start singing a male and like just recalled into your mind and then have them and then you get with your family.

Just sit around and just just keep singing just keeps thing. And I think you'll find it. I think you'll find it'll be an incredible experience I've had that I would wind my wife's grandmother was passing away. She was very close with her grandmother and we went over there and that I see her sister were there, just only two grandchildren. Was she and her sister and I stepped out of the room and I went down to the facility. They had a keyboard somewhere and I brought it back to the room. I didn't really ask permission.

I just brought it back to set up in her room and I played and her dad and mom and her sister, her sister and her aunt, dad, sister. They all saying and I think we must've son and played for about five or six hours while it it was it it went.

It was a plate for a very long time and just played in the sometimes they would stop singing for minute and just they just sit there and yeah and and it was an just prayers and singing. It was really meaningful experience and you know and and those are those are those are treasured moments, Don. It had it's a holy moment is a sacred moment with you and your family. You know it, and your dad evidently showed you all how to face life and now he's also showed you will how to face death. Yet my mom well there piano group each week care center will see if you can wheel a keyboard in viewed interest in the amount of if they'll let you do that.but but I did it and and the nothing about today's world is that you can you can go out on London and download all the. The text of the hymns and so forth so everybody can be singing in and pick out pick out a couple songs that you know that that that have meant something to you all in and sing them in and rejoice and and you could start off with this one.

If you want. If I surrender all, because that's what he did. He surrendered it all and its caregivers. That's our first that's are launching point is to realize we don't control this. This is not mine. I didn't do this to my wife.

You didn't do this to your dad. This is part of this broken world. We can't undo it.

We can trust that God is working through it and that that's what that whole line means I surrender all, we always think about him is an invitation him in the play if you know 100,000 times when having about a church service of one people to walk out of so forth.

But I look at that is when you are mopping doing laundry, cleaning up the mess he stayed up late at night, you have to plan the menus your to cook and clean up and everything else and at those moments that summoned him comes to my mind as well as a caregiver area.

It is you are looking at your father's last days here you can recognize that that he belongs to God and he is he is been faithful to serving and you can rejoice in that it is weak but we grieve with you as well and and I think we could talk about this on the program a little bit up in writing about this Jesus said blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. But it's your doctor to get any comfort you're not morning if you're raging out of your despair, the comfortable, when morning morning means accepting it for what it is and trusting God with this brokenness of and the comfort does come in. So, it sounds so much like you guys are modeling this is a family that your morning you're not raging about it. You're not despairing about it.

Your morning you grieving but that's when you'll see that the Holy Spirit, who is the comforter will indeed comfort you in this ad is such a beautiful picture of you and your siblings sitting around your dad with your mom there and you're just singing hymns and you watch and see if it doesn't affect the staff at this place as well to Don.

LOL try to get back to your troop leader, would you let me know.

Please tell Ed and asked you what if you hang on the line. Do you how good are you with technology.

Can you do download songs and hymns and so forth. I ratified and I do have a problem I can't get out later that there Groucho Marx used to say it so easy it's out of five can do it. Somebody give me a child of five. So if you if you hang on. I want to get your information and I want to connect you.

I got a CD that I put out chromosomes for the caregivers is just filled with hymns and you can download out if I get it to you in the mail fast enough, but it can be downloaded wherever music is streamed and is just there.

Gracie sings about five or six of the songs rest of just piano instrumental it.

It's the souls that you codified. I think meaningful. There's a live version of of the old rugged Cross with it's a medley of old rugged Cross and near the cross that for the month and I did he explain the Valley and we didn't live in Churchill even lifted some of the clanking of the church because it was that he played so beautifully in the land and edge, but it just is just music that sues your soul that I have a lot of people who play that just round the clock while other level dispatch what we did this for my mother-in-law, and which I had it running just just looped and it was just well. These hymns mean something.

You know know the songs they mean something to us at this moment, so we thank you for sharing a little bit of your family's journey with us this morning will be lifting you up in prayer as well and would you we wouldn't. When the dust settles, which he calls back. Just share some of those experiences that they could give a lot of hope to others as well.

Yeah, I can appreciate it and turn on the radio that I had that direction in our lot lot there you are, God will will you you're very gracious to spend this time with this this morning. I know you got a three hour journey that is good be filled with a lot of different emotions ahead of you and that I think that God will bring these hymns to your mind and and sing it. Just think about with everything you got, then sings my soul, my Savior God to the thing that outdone and rejoice that your father is eternally In Christ, as are you grateful for you. This is Peter Rosenberger.

This is hope caregiver. This is the program for you as a family caregiver whatever storm you're going 888-589-8840 will be right back. I dispute. Rosenberger never helped somebody walk for the first time I've had that privilege many times through our organization. Standing with hope when my wife Gracie gave up both of her legs follow this horrible Rick that she had as a teenager and she try to save them for years and if it just wouldn't work out. And finally she relinquished him and thought wow this is that I'm not happy legs anymore. What can God do with that and then she had this vision for using prosthetic limbs as a means of sharing the gospel to put legs on her fellow amputees and that's what we been doing now since 2005 was standing with hope. We work in the West African country of Ghana and you can be a part of that through supplies through supporting team members through supporting the work that we're doing over there, you can designate a limb. There's all kinds of ways that you can be a part of giving the gift that keeps on walking and standing with would you take a moment ago understanding with and see how you can give they go walking and leaping and praising God. You could be a part of that at standing with hope and hope caregiver the speed Rosenberger. This is program caregiver about what you heard our story with what we do with prosthetics. We bought several more gallons of resin to make the for the sockets we can recycle prosthetic limbs through a program we have a prison in Arizona run by a company called core civic and in the inmates at the prison volunteered to disassemble the limbs force and we can recycle the feet needs the pylons, screws, adapters, connectors, prosthetic socks, some of the letters of the sleeve we always have to buy resin and other materials that are used to make a brand-new socket for that patient. And we did that this week and we got a whole bunch of supplies finally arrived there and done with all the shipping stuff is going on and we also have a patient there were looking at in Cameroon and we had our first patient cannula. She would mostly work of Ghana and then it spills and some in Nigeria, but we would welcome your help. If you if you want to get involved with that please fear the word that people can recycle prosthetic limb. So if you know somebody's in a PT or somebody suppress the tester somebody who has a relative that survey 50. Let them know that that we can recycle prosthetic limbs children that outgrow them, and so forth. We really need pediatric ones as well so stayed with which is the presenting sponsor this program. I I want to go to Debbie at Oklahoma was Debbie good morning, how are you feeling are I can. I kid good morning Debbie how are you feeling great morning while with digit did you know that song Debbie how are you that I can. I grew up going to church with my family and parents and grandparents and I did on the pew and Frank down before I could read and I remiss song I surrender all very dear to my heart because it reminds me of the church I grew up, and in my family and going to church there or not gambling that they inflict any song that play when I went down and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ that really did well that that is a testimony for so many people dishonest penalty that in in this this man, this pastor, Judson Vandeventer who wrote this. You know I imagine when we all get to heaven. Theirs is going to be a quiet on the line to say hello to him to evoke his hands around at what it what a great him that he wrote in his wheel sing and shout the victory till he tell me who your caregiving for my had quite a bit overnight to Get diagnosed with dementia couple years ago we provided Hillary body to mankind still at home.

I had not wanted to pity me not if you're looking for anything and it's just gotten increasingly more difficult to take care of him and effectively over the last two years with the pandemic in Ellie. He is not getting out going anywhere anyway. But it's really been difficult. The last couple of years that here in August.

My daughter she got married and I had a lot of things going on in my life at that time, trying to prepare for her wedding and United taking care of all current details, plus dealing with my family and when he survived the landing only. Well, I highly survive the landing. I covet at the landing and my husband came down with at the following link after I was diagnosed with it and that finger to very, very difficult at that time he was hallucinating a lot gambling following. There is a lot going on and that the point where I needed help. I didn't know where to turn. I didn't know what today and I my prayer life. Pray that I pray the bath when I go into my closet shut the door and turn the light off and get down on my knee and talk to God and at that point I thought I did like dear Lord, I don't know what today.

I don't know where to turn and really turned up in probably cutting off decisions email FRA were to go with my husband what today and that kind of thing help to get and how Ghana I can't be there. I do not know how to do it, and I've made a lot of daikon mama went down the wrong path and you know there's always consequences for that and not.

I told him Lord, I need your help. I do not know what today I did not know what steps to take and Lord you know that I am sometimes thickheaded and down always know what you're showing me so I had with what I need today show me your staff tell me what I need and he did things started blowing the next day I got my had been signed up with hospice and I have help narrow can infuriate but we are giving him showers. There's a nurse that current. I found a lady my neighbor lady. Her mother-in-law is that I private nursing Center in nearby calendar fighting only takes care of about people in her home or it's not her home, but I home at you now just a regular home and she takes care of that six people and I'm able to take him there and on a daily basis. If I want to have a May date the leak in it at it's just been fantastic.

It's been fantastic. I have heard local nursing home facilities memory carrying at 10 I came away with a terrible feeling in my gut and when I famished life. I just now got it work. God let you fail. This I wanted to circle back to something you said Debbie would you go into your closet.

Did you hear her program Leslie now you know program will will think you are welcome. Last week I had a young man ways that you may have known him since he was a kid.

I still think of them as a 13-year-old others 40, everybody has down syndrome. You can go get the podcast and listen to it because he talked about his his prayer closet to his room.

Yes, it is a war room because of that three ghostly sets the door he puts off by request wall price solitude and quiet and he has down syndrome and and this is it was just such a just reminded me of that. Would you would you said that it I think that is the time when God meets us when we get along get alone with her thoughts, and earth God in and we we sit still and would be still wood were worse. I think somebody tough for me as a caregiver. I was like Lord bless this mess and that that I've created a lot of but but I think so but but the place that God would have us go to is just to be still and still and know that he is God. This was this what it says in an Gracie things on on one of the cities we done the socially caregiver she sings, be still my soul and those of those moments when we are we are telling ourselves to be still so that we can hear from God so that we can properly evaluate all these things are going on and and you know I come back to the whole purpose of this program.

Debbie since your rent due to it out. I'll reiterate this with you within for anyone else's listed this brand-new their lot different programs you have out there self-help for this and talk about caregiving and so forth. What makes us unique.

Here is that I am convinced that if the caregiver's heart is a train wreck.

It doesn't matter how many memory care centers you know about it. How many caregiving tips you get. If our hearts a train wreck were not to make good decisions no matter how much information we it always comes back to us being settled in our spirit and trusting in God, I surrender all recognize that I am not in charge of this is why did this you and I do a him usually every week that reiterate some of these things were talking about because I found that the more settled I am in my heart the better equipped time to take care of my wife and I been doing this now for more than 35 years and since you do, I'll tell you she's had doubts she's facing her 82nd operation and both of her legs are gone.

She's had over hundred Dr. Streeter it's ongoing edit hundred 50 other smaller procedures that she said edit it doesn't yet it's relentless off our current ahead well doesn't yeah that and that's that's what we talked about but how do you navigate something like that without losing your mind will be implied that I didn't lose well, but I've lost my model complications, but forcefully people brought it back to me and we we go back to these hymns.

We go back to Scripture and settle ourselves down so that we can make these good decisions. So if you going to these places and you get a check in your good at this. As you know, I don't think this the right place for my husband. You're going to be at a much better position to make those decisions.

If you're not just limited the squirrel cage you know in your mind. And so the fact that you go into your room you shut the door, you're in the quiet, you're on your knees and you're just being alone with God. That is such an amazing picture of how to how a caregiving journey is strengthened and endured and how you could persevere.

So thank you for sharing that with you're welcome. I don't how people dare life without God make camp in my mind and in their class surrender. All you know there's a line I will ever love and trust him.

In the present day Langley Avenue, let me feel the Holy Spirit trailing direct outline and when you surrender like gave you. You file and think I will only absolutely, absolutely. And he will. Eddie says that word is a lamp unto my feet, not a search like C7 to give you the five year plan. He's going to just deal with you today because that's what he says.

Give us this day our daily bread.

You said this is how you pray. Give us this day and so sometimes that's all we have. Sometimes this our and you have reminded us of this great him in truth in your own life.

That picture of you go in your closet pricing. Debbie, thank you, Greta time I got go. This is over. The caregiver over the for more information we'll see you next

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