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His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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July 26, 2021 3:30 am

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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July 26, 2021 3:30 am

One of the most beloved songs of all time serves as a the theme for this episode from our national broadcast. 

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Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger

And and and this is the show for you as a family. This is for those 65 million+ Americans right now are putting themselves below. That's only in the United States. This ministry, this book is goes out across the world and this is a problem that affects the human condition that we will have to care for someone who is chronically impaired. If you love somebody you be a caregiver.

If you live long enough, you need and that is the human condition.

So what is the response to the family caregiver is the response to the fabricator.

More importantly, what is the scriptural response to the family caregiver. That's why we do the show here were glad that you with this. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840.

If you'd like to be part of the show we do a couple different things on the show we start off usually with the humor song that I want to introduce to you or we introduce to you and Heidi and of why this is something that we can hang onto as a family caregiver not doing this for now 35 years and caring for my wife and we have serious medical issues that we deal with on a daily basis, and we've got a pretty rough week heading into next week of something to deal with.

So the way I have learned to anchor myself to calm myself down to to be oriented in time and space as opposed to just being disoriented and flopping around is to go back to these very simple principles in Scripture that a lot of times are manifested in the great hymns of the church and great music of the church where these wonderful writers would take these things and make it easy to remember. So I did this every week with that with the him or Saul, that you may know that this one today is embarrassingly easy, someone out. No also put out a plea to see if you know who wrote the lyric but it is is embarrassingly easy, but it hasn't exactly what would Thomas.

I will step up to the caregiver keyboard caregiver key will see if you know this so embarrassingly, but if you know that Saul gives a call 888-589-8840 888-589-8840.

I was up working on some fencing the other day with my father-in-law was about Montana in there was a gate that would there was struggling and we were out there repairing this and it's only by small stream and I was looking at stream and at present coming out here for many many years of 30+ years and then we finally moved out here so I'm very familiar with this area and there's a huge growth what the score is not huge but is a dense growth around the stream and from where I was working on the fence.

I could see the line of the stream because you can tell the growth that was running just followed all the way down and there's a moose that likes to hang out there and other wildlife and so forth.

But on either side of the stream. There's about 20 yards or so of growth, heavy growth, so much so that if you were walking in that growth. If you were if you were coming along that stream and support you think you are lost and yet you can throw a rock on either side of you and you would be out in clear pasture and if it goes on for some time and begins coming down from the mountain just goes on down the valley so if you stayed close to the stream, the holy down you would not ever see the view of what's going on around you in the mountains in the open countryside and so forth. When see it would simply be locked-in in this thicket. I thought about that for us as caregivers. That's kind of the way our life is when you're walking this narrow path and in that path is extremely nuts and often claustrophobic and often very difficult to to catch our breath into to see any kind of perspective and in people can call to us in that thicket, they can say. Come this way, but we have to make the decision to walk towards the sound of their voice. We have to make the decision to move you know perpendicular to the stream and once we do, we can come out into fresh air and and see perspective, and it provides us clarity and columns. I remember when I was just it was a kid, I was a teenager. We backpacking camped over and North Carolina near where I grew up and the rhododendron in the undergrowth there in the Western North Carolina mountains east and see mountains of Western North Carolina incredibly sick and I was with the backpacking group and we had to use whistles to make sure we can go towards Assam somebody whistling and and and find a way through the stuff you get extremely lost and disorient with Ashley.

This thicket looked over here except one nearly as is Bado overhears it wasn't in North Carolina and and yet this is the way we live as caregivers and we we we are so cut off enclosed in by our journey, but a fresh perspective is literally a stone's throw away.

Can we take that leap of faith to do it to step out and start thinking a little bit differently.

Are we so tired that we can't do this doesn't mean were abandoning our post doesn't mean that were walking away from it and beans were gaining perspective and that's what helps us avoid becoming disoriented. That's what helps us keep keep a picture of where this is going and how do we function in it that my friend Johnny Erickson taught up said perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of life. Now I ask you for perspective.

Today what is your perspective as a caregiver. What are you dealing with that is closing you in keeping you claustrophobic what your perspective we live in the moment, but as believers we have the perspective of eternity and that gives meaning to the moment are you keeping the perspective of eternity in mind as you do these things as you care for your loved one. As you watch somebody suffer as you preside over difficult things are you keeping perspective in mind. I was of talk to several people just this week alone, who struggle mightily with this.

And they're wondering your wares God wears God and Ender floundering around and I get that I have great compassion for that because I've been there. Sometimes, sadly, I still go there, you know, for those you listen to, so regular you know what my favorite prayers in Scripture is the guy that told Jesus is Lord, I believe, help my unbelief and it is not the amount of faith we have.

We don't have to squint are as real tight and and and look like were praying real hard. It's the object of our faith. And if your faith is in Christ, and the redemptive work that he's done that brings perspective to that claustrophobic closed off thicket that we find ourselves in, and this is the journey for us as caregivers. This is our this is our our our call to trust him in this. Can you do that will we take a leap of faith to talk about that in more would come back. Our song for today. 888-589-8840 it's painfully easy, but still is could apply very much what were talking about. 888-589-8840 is Peter Rosenberger.

This is hopefully caregiver will be right in family radio, this is Rosenberger this is the show for you as a family caregiver. He does know the plans he has for you. That's gracing my wife for mercy. The resilient it if you'd like a copy of the taste of the what's going on with what she's done recently you think you'll be very moved by this we had a cut about a milestone moment for us with the ministry that she envisioned after giving up both of her legs and you've heard her story standing with hope and if you face with brutal realities and you trust God with God will do extraordinary things with and this is repeated over and over and over in Scripture and in history and Gracie was in and out of never forget she was in her hospital bed and after losing that her remaining leg and she had this vision of of helping fellow amputees with prosthetics and it was an extraordinary moment of watching her do this in the hospital bed and tell me this and I was like mad on about but she was reason she was relentless on this, the name of her CD is resilient. I probably should've called it was relentless, but we just put on. We been working in Ghana for 15 years, but we just helped a man in Kenya, just this month. Just recently, as things Godfrey and Godfrey had a tragic event, he lost his wife last February Yuriko February and then three months later he lost his leg above the knee and we worked with the prosthetic clinic there in Kenya to help Godfrey get a knee out at me above knee prosthesis and and now he has it so he is walking they are jesting with and so forth and you could be a part of that right now.

We also just put on a limb last week for a young girl named Dorcas we been treating her since she was five and this is what happens when you have prosthetics you you go through a lot of prostheses over the course of your life and particular fury child you go through pretty quickly and Dorcas came to us with just a little girl.

Now she's 20 years old and just a beautiful young woman and we just put a new limb on her and worried also have a recycling program at prison in Arizona where prosthetic limbs come in from all of the country and inmates disassemble divorce we can reuse the parts that are available to use at all that you can find out more about got to hope for the caregiver. You see Gracie CD cover be a part of that we could use your help with that.

And you could help with Godfrey with Dorcas with other patients sponsor limb shipping whatever's on your heart to do we really need your help with it today and if you like what you're hearing on the show and in what we've been talking about for family caregivers now for several years here on American family radio help us to better help us do more and and send the podcast out to someone in and share this message with others. Strengthening family caregivers is what were all about ears for that are steady with hope. The ministry that Grace and I do it's it's for the wounded and those who care for the Sabia part of that glut. Hopefully today and you could be a part of that. I will yet we do have our salt today. I want you to do. It is embarrassingly simple but you'll know it if you know that him 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 and there's this wonderful story behind that the La Plata family caregivers as well. And if you do not because it's an easy one. If you do know that. See if you know the name of the that the woman who wrote the text. If you know that 1-888-589-8840 and the reason I'm doing this particular Psalm because there is a little the title of the song the whole theme of the song is something is going to help us go back again. What we talk about the opening block of anchoring ourselves when it gets gnarly for us when we feel so claustrophobic when we feel so closed in and cut off, and in an abandoned, I listen to someone today so you know me.

To me this week. They were struggling with somebody that they were having to care for anyone like Jesus, where are you and I I I get that week I speak more forcefully to that if folks are are are not understanding that that he's always there for spirit is everywhere. He is not you caught by surprise by these things and this is really important for us to understand this and also about we get in our mind that because something is happening to us that we don't like that is unpleasant that God is punishing us that God is somehow pulling his wrath on us or this is because of this of this or whatever and it it's not that way at all. And there are things in our life that are part of this broken world that are not going to be resolved in this lifetime, but he equips us and gives us strength and and grace to be able to walk through these things and and it's it's it's one of those things where you're like, do we believe this or not, do we do.

We believe Scripture or not. What is you.

What do we believe Christian, what do you believe, and yes, at the first sign of of difficulties we start flailing around I get it done. It been there. Hopefully a lot more than bring much anybody else does fulfill halfway a lot, but after 35 years of this, the flailing becomes exhausting and then you you realize limit I can trust him with this canter. Yeah, but how do I know I can trust what it tells me that I'm trusting what what what what communicates it to me this is you can trust it with this and I don't have to look any further than the cross and and there's there's things that start to make sense when you start studying Scripture the breath and the width of Scripture. The depth of it starts to make sense. So this is what he means. This is what this means for us. You remember when you remember when went when Thomas didn't believe Jesus was raised from the dead, and in Jesus," he said. I will bring to light touch the scars and and and and in his hands and his side. Notably, Jesus shows up.

A week later and he said here showed him the scars touch writer and I thought about that for a minute and I realized limit Jesus was raised from the dead, and he still had the scars was an important. My wife has a lot of scars. She had a terrible car wreck. Her scars are temporary. She stuck to have them for eternity with Jesus scars are eternal. That mean something. Also that's a game changer realized limit the score speak for eternity, and we somehow think that were lost in the thicket of what were doing is caregivers when it is so dismal for us when it is just screaming at us were so weary were so discouraged and then we realize we committed. This is temporary. We have the perspective of eternity and we have to recondition our mind to step back a little bit from this. It's okay. I don't like this. I'm not going to like it have no intention of liking this but I'm going to trust in it. There is a difference is there's a big difference in this is how we can walk calmly through these things.

This is how we can speak calmly to people around us and and and I think we spent an awful lot of time and a lot of energy trying to get out of this thing or feel better. It is that the goal for us to feel better to be out of pain grace. He lives with pain all the time she is not known.

A day of it since Reagan's first term.

Sometimes she tells me she even dreams.

She's in pain when she's dreaming she was dreaming that she was to get away from and it's it that significant. You don't have the kind of massive injuries that she had one report later. The surgeon that was on call renewal for his entire career is already retired and he was a resident there and and he told her prostitutes. Later, the guy that makes her legs that they stopped counting at 200 breaks when you don't. You don't have that kind of trauma and not have significant pain is the goal for her to be out of pain. She can be out of pain right now.

They can give her enough drugs.

They can number up they could sedate her. They could you all kinds of things, but she would be able to function so moving out of pain is really not the goal for her to be able to function with the pain is the goal. Can you function with whatever heartache you're going through. What does that look like tea. How do you do that and this is where Scripture looms so large in our life. Being able to help direct us to the six what does Scripture say that word is a lamp unto my path to my feet, not a searchlight lamp would not go to see everything. But he does we can trust that walk along that stream in your net thicket it so easy to become disoriented when everything is so close and in its wrapped around you and you you you just can't see and this is the way we are. You know in our caregiving journey with think about think about walking through that in and people could call to you and him but you gotta go to. Then you gotta step away. You could hear the voice can't see what you could go to it. How is it different from our Christian life that when it's so close on us and it's so smothering to a sober social lost in this but that's when the voice of God calls to us through Scripture whispering to you to come over here.

Trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not unto your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths.

This converses the roles through Scripture start to make sense guilty when you think that disorientation we feel that word is a lamp unto my feet and a light into my great this is over the care of this bureaus. This is the show for you was a family care link better.

Caregivers will be right caregiver is Peter Rosenberg. This is as a family caregiver.

I was go to the phones here and let's go to Cindy in Texas. Good morning. Are you feeling right. Indeed, indeed, so anybody know the song that we did this morning. I know that the words are. I bear out and I know what that is the exact title you were on it mean you are on it like a hobo on a bologna sandwich and that's that's it. Now, do you know who wrote it at.

It was written by heart young person and I think that they had parenting time right now it's a little tougher than it like yesterday like the one we know that the strength of glory will be our panel soon enough cell my understanding that the sparrow I don't know a lot about marriage, except a pretty I think it's fair how it wanted the day in the Canary family bluebird beautiful characteristics every day. I heard my story well that matter how hard your green.

How hard it is to find your barn that are your water ever hard it is for the sparrow guideline and God will take care of that era and found that that was my understanding the child. The music in the words in a long long time. I brought it back up. It's as you exit the references. Matthew 1029 through 31 are not two sparrows sold for a penny, yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your father's care referenced and how well and and so will it is. And so when the when you sing the song his eyes on the sparrow and I know he watches me in that the course and I played I seen because I'm happy I see because I'm free is I is on that spirit and I know he watches me and that's it just a bit, but that's that's the course of the song I wanted caregivers today and myself. I would include myself in that too. When things get gnarly when things get weird that we remember that particular phrase his eyes on the sparrow and I know he watches me are not two sparrows sold for pinning other words, there almost worthless, yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside of your father's care and so if God is watching the sparrow, how much more so you and all the stuff that you're going through with your family. That was pretty painful yesterday in may be painful today and may very well be painful tomorrow. And so, how much more so. And what does that mean to us, and that's where the author of this text. Her name was Sevilla Martin and she wrote this lyric now shares with the city.

Why should I feel discouraged, why should the shadows come. Why should my heart be lonely and long for heaven home. When Jesus is my portion, my constant friend is he, his eyes on the sparrow know he watches me in and ensue. I love what she says there's is why should my heart be lonely and long for heaven home. She's not saying that we don't want to go to heaven that we don't want this all to be over. But what I know what I would like for us to see as caregivers and as believers in general is that we grow up a little bit in our theology that were not so busy trying to escape this planet but were trusting in God while were here even with painful realities that we can be at peace on this and reflect God's glory and God's provision and God's faithfulness in the midst of what ever were dealing with in that surcharging.

This is what Scripture says throughout all of Scripture. Be still and know that he is God. He's not necessarily just okay you're saved and I was get you off to heaven and be done with this crazy place. We have a purpose.

Here we have a plan here pulses I can be content of learn to beat it to be present of Egypt to be absent from the body is present with the Lord. Or, you know what I'd be content right here to live is Christ and eyes gained and so do we incorporate that into our daily walk as caregivers as believers to recognize okay are we just so busy praying for the rapture that we were missing out on the opportunity to walk with God and these things and and learn more of him and discover more of him and trust more of him in it and that is a very difficult thing to do and so that's why you see a lot of people get out there. They preach about stuff you could get your breakthrough you can get this or got on delivery.

From this you don't get to break there you go get your break that you hear that a lot on television.

Cindy and I hear my callous well good for you that's but that's that's what were where a lot of these people come in is late. They won't tell you what you got your luggage breakthrough. And what grown-up theology is the same with our gutter breakthrough and this is where we learn to be adults is Christian to say we've Artie gutter breakthrough that was done at the cross and he sanctifying us. He is working in these things right now and revealing more of himself in it so that we can. We can trust him with this, so that's why wanted to see now there's a story behind this memo stared at just a moment here, but Cindy I want you to know how much I appreciate you calling a much preach each take the time and you got it right you got it right like good job on that and at night you sing a force library and grace. I understand that that's why let Gracie seen it begin when she sings it just something about something wonderful happens, but I loved these. I love these old songs and I love them so much and I thank you all for let me just play them for you and introduce them to you in reintroducing to use the city thank you so much for the call on this and these songs really have great depth to them. Now there's a story behind this and out before the back. The phone lines. I'll tell you the story. Sevilla Martin was vacationing and she was somewhere I think in New York or something and she got to be friends with another couple, and the woman that that they they met was bedridden. I think her name was Mrs. Doolittle and she was bedridden for nearly 20 years and her husband was crippled and he was back and forth from his business in a wheelchair and taking care of his wife is a very tough situation. They live with. But despite all that they were living this really meaningful life. They were happy enjoying life and in the Doolittle of wood were just a stunning couple and Sevilla Martin as Mrs. Doolittle what will are you doing this.

What was the secret of you being so hopeful and and bright in all these things and Mrs. Doolittle simply said, his eyes on the sparrow and I know he watches me and so that's where this song came from and it came from Sevilla Martin engaging with and becoming friends with and observing a couple going through really difficult difficult things bedridden and cripple and that song is gone on to inspire how many mean untold millions something all the people that have recorded that so and and perform the sides. I think he was associated urgently on with Ethel Merman, Whitney Houston did an amazing version of ME to just think about all the records thing about how many people have heard this and see Grammy people have been ministered to by this and and recognize it. So when you when you see this, why should I feel discouraged, why should my heart feel lonely and long for heaven and home. When Jesus is my portion, my constant friend to see his eyes on the sparrow and I know he watches me this song did not just come out of a nice piece of poetry did not just come out of a semi-sick does all the settlers.

This song came from somebody who observed two individuals with debilitating physical conditions.

Just like what you and I as caregivers have to watch and she observed this and she observed the light of Christ in their life and the answer was very simple. His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me whenever I am tempted, whenever clouds arise when songs give place to sighing we just heard that from Cindy. Sometimes the sign is so difficult that you can't sing songs when hope within me dies that's that. This is on the third verse I draw the closer to him, from care he sets me free his eyes on the sparrow and I know he watches me how many of you all right now are finding that your songs are giving way to sighing that you are unable to even sing like Cindy when she just call the grief is just too close when hope within you dies, I draw all the closer to him, from care he sets me free. That's the perspective of talking about we are in the thicket. We are we are. It's so close it's so claustrophobic that we start flailing around and how do we orient ourselves. How do we draw closer. How do we anchor ourselves. This is the message of this you hope for the caregivers that conviction that we can live a calm, healthy, and dare I say more joyful talk about that when we come back in your calls. 888-589-8888 eight 589-8840 Mrs. Peter Rosenberger this is over. The caregiver will be right you ever struggled to trust God when lousy things happen to you. I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became I questioned why God allowed something so brittle to happen to me. But over time I questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis. We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in Tennessee prison.

We also recycle parts from donated lambs all is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting others that standing I'm Gracie. I am staining with help of the caregiver. I Rosenberger this is a show for caregivers about caregivers hosted by caregiver and we are grateful that American family has as seen fit to put this on their so thanked them next time you talk to someone. American family radio. If you find this is helpful to you. This show was meaningful to you think they they saw what I was doing and he said look, this family is the middle name of American family radio in the family caregivers and at risk individuals who were grateful to be here 888-589-8848 885-8988 848-885-8988 40. If this song is meant something to you that we did today, his eyes on the sparrow for Frankie McCall tell me why I want to. We are caller just a little bit ago and she just called and she said that she likes the cords that I use and I want to explain something of this for those you don't know anything about music.

I'll try to make this brief. So won't bore you, but there's a reason I didn't things that I do with the songs and so when you sing when you do this so that's the way I've heard a lot of people play it said, but when I plant I wanted to tug at your ear little bit and you may not necessarily know what I'm doing but it's going up it's gonna feel different, and it's going to hopefully touch your heart in a way that is going to make the music come a little bit more personal, more, live more just temperature differently and so I put in different categories through in this scum flat nine cord so I do those things. Hopefully that will will freshen the song up a little bit and not just plunk it out and so that you will find it different and maybe drive home the text a little bit better and you remember that and you go through the day. My hope is that as you go to the day, and you'll find things that are unpleasant that you have to deal with that. Your struggling with that.

You remember this text, his eyes on the sparrow and I know he watches me. That is sound Scripture okay that is sound Scripture his eye is on the sparrow Matthew 10.

Their sulfur unit two for a piece of copper for a penny, and how much more so are you worth can you hang on to that day when it gets very claustrophobic when you get close to him when you're struggling when you're hurting when you want to just got even know you exist can you hang on to that and just sing that little melody, his eyes on the sparrow and I know he watches me.

I was go to Melissa in Texas. Melissa good morning are you feeling good morning are you well. I'm just lovely. Tell me how you doing well. I am more blessed to come all right and I was our first four copycats have never heard your program before I take care of my stepdad, my mom and my sister lost them all in the last four years and it just me now my mom a lot of My Copy of That Song As She Play Piano so I Feel like It's Working for You and I'm so Grateful the Radio Show Is Allowing You to Help All of Us out Here.

Now I Feel like Now, I'm Happy to Take Care Of Myself. I Might, and Your Wisdom and Years. Your Strength Is Just a Blessing. Thank You so Much for What You Day When I Will Say My Prayers for You and Your Wife Is Well. Thank You Melissa. I Do Appreciate That Very Much. And You Know My Mother Loves That Song and I Think of so Many of Her Mother's Love That Song in Our Fathers and in Its Amazing How Somewhat That Became Wrapped into the Fabric of Our Lives Is an and I Love Playing I Wish You Could Hear Gracie Sing. I Do Have a Recording for Summer Singing. It but I Couldn't Find It. But I May Have Her See You Tomorrow at Church. It It's When She Sings This Lease We Slow It down a Member When She Got in the Studio and Recorded This Many Many Years Ago and We Just Set and That We Slow down a Little Bit and Let Her Just Just Kind of Breathe Those Words out.

Why Should I Feel Discouraged, Why Should the Shadows Come.

Why Should My Heart Be Lonely and Long for Heaven Home with That. I Love the Second Verse. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled. His Tender Word I Hear in Resting on His Goodness, I Lose My Doubts and Fears, Though by the Path Deleted but One Step. I May See His Eyes on the Sparrow and I Know He Watches Me and That's That's the Whole Point of What Were to Mud It with the Scripture, but Were Only Going to See Sometimes One Step at a Time As You Took Care Of Your Family.

Most of That You Know It Was There Were Times When One Step and You Are Doing Good to See One Step at a Time Weren't You Here but but Here You Are and and You Know What It Is Your Time to Take Care Of You and to Be a Good Steward of You and for Season You Went to This Very Difficult Time and and Right Now Though. It's a Time for You to Rest in Knowing That You Know What He Knows Who You Are. He Knows Where You Are.

He Knows What You've Done and He Knows How Well You Did It and Help Poorly.

You Feel like You Did and How Much You Beat Yourself up for When You Felt like You Didn't Do a Good Job and There's so Much Grace That Is Available to You and Him and I'm Hoping That Today That Will Listen That You Can Just Rest and That Grace You Took Care Of Your Family. Honor Your Mother and Father That the Days May Be Long in the Land Which the Lord Gives You Your Hundred of You Did It Once Want. Well, There's A Lot Of Sadness There's A Lot Of Sadness out There for Folks That Are People That Were Do Not Have Good Family Situations. They Were Abused or Abandoned and Then There Parents Get to a Point Where There Feeble and in There's Unresolved Issues and Those Are Painful Things, but What You Do Does Not Reflect on How Well You Were Treated. What You Do Reflects on Who You Are Is a Person and What God Is Doing in Your Life What Was Going to Do This Afternoon. Melissa What You Got Planned Docking Commit What I like to Do the Radio All Day Long. Well, What Do You like the Recesses of the Radio Right Watch the Birds Is or Is There a Park Where You Can Go Do That Much, but Watch of Him and You Do This Also Write down the Different Kinds of Birds That You See Are You Pretty Good at Recognizing Different Kinds of Birds and My Mom and I Live Right down All the Different Birds You See an and Just Have That Time, Just Just Looking at God's Creation and Then I Was Watching Year and Yellow Hummingbirds Running. We Normally Did Was Watch What I Am a Dick.

I Was Sitting There and I Looked out and There Were Thereafter Two of Those Much, I Got a Picture of It Which Is Not an Easy Thing to Do Some Tests and but I Can.

I Was Watching Him and They're Just Exquisite Animals, Birds, Whatever You Come Out Of the with the Birds There Exquisite Birds and It's Fascinating to Watch and to into See Just the Way They They They They Hovered There, and in It Was. It Was Stunning to Watch That and I I Really Admire People Who Understand and and Study Birds and so Forth.

But Even That Is Exquisite Is That Hummingbird Is How Much More so Are You Exquisite Melissa Larson and How Much More so Does Your Heavenly Father Think of You and Consider You and As You Watch All Those Birthday. If You Take a Notepad or Whatever. Write down All Those Things Just Just Remember That As Wonderful As They Are, Your Heavenly Father Values and Steams You That Much More and Think about Those Times You Had with Your Mom and in That the Things That She Share with You the Things the Times You Had with Them. I Didn't Enjoy That Moment Get outside and Look at Them and Just Enjoy the Moment and Keep a Journal on It and Then Maybe Yes Lord to Give You a Scripture or Something That Would That Would Tile That Together. Maybe It's the Same One of Matthew 10 Resists You Know They Only Cost of a Penny for Two of but Ask Him to Show You. You, How Much More Valuable You Will Him about That Wonderful Year and I Greatly Admire You and Your Wife to Go to Church Where You Located in Montana Were Way of the Little Town of Montana Island Mouse from a Paved Road Were Way out Here in the Other Night. A Power Went off, Had a Pole When There Was an Accident Truck Hit It.

Power Was off about Five or Six Hours a Grace and I Just Got the Truck and We Went out the Force Were Backed up to National Forest. We Went out There.

We Looked at Dear Just Gives You Six Is Just Beautiful. It Was Just Was All Because Dear There's a Moose That Hangs up.

Didn't Get to See the Moose and Then a Couple Tabs Would Come Home and Sing Larger Animals.

There Was a Mountain Lion Sitting on the Gate Window That Was Not Good at It.

I Did Get Out Of the Car and Because I'm Not a Total Idiot. But When We Love to Be Able Just to Look at What's Going on around Us and and See It and You See Exquisite Beauty All around Us. Now I Want to Leave You with This Because Were Right up against the Break in the Show but I Will Leave You with This Scripture Says It All Creation Is Groaning in Anticipation of the Total Redemption the Gospel to Do, but There's Exquisite Beauty, but There's Groaning I'm Set Him up in the Rockies. There's Exquisite Beauty Everywhere I Look, but It's Also Groaning. According to Scripture in There's Pain and Sorrow. There's Groaning and I Would Say to You That Even in the Midst of the Difficult Journey That You've Had This Exquisite in the Midst of Can You Hang on and a Look at Those Birds and Write That down and Write out All the Birds That You See and Just Remember How Much More Exquisite. You Are That I've Got to Go This Is Peter Rosenberger. This Is Hope for the Caregiver. This Is the Show for You. You As a Family Caregiver for the See You Next Week


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