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Caregivers and Home Security

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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June 2, 2021 3:30 am

Caregivers and Home Security

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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June 2, 2021 3:30 am

According to a recent survey, 92% of  Americans want to age in their own homes and communities.  Given the disperse of the American family. and the challenges of caregiving, this goal seems unattainable. That's why companies such as ADT are offering an increasing number of services that help caregivers be in two places at the same time ...while keeping vulnerable loved ones safe. 



Your your little to do.

This is the Roseburg.

This is the show for you as you lick your 65 million currently serving some type of care. Special-needs child.

Maybe it is a love one who was head trauma.

That's my case. Whatever the issue is there's always a family caregiver and what are your needs one school what's going on with you how you help a caregiver.

That's what this show is all about 877-655-6755 will be a part of the show would love to have you with us or you want to help or the Hopefully and since comments message whatever's on your heart. Whatever's on your mind and will be glad to get back to you since we keep joining me today is any drawing he is with ADT. You've all heard of ADT using signs everywhere. Did you know that home security is a big issue for family caregivers, not necessarily in the event of invasions and break-ins, burglars, and so forth. That is critically important. But there's just more to it than that this health and safety as well. Your your security, your level of security is more than just alarm going off. There somebody different things and you know we love tech on the show anything that's innovative and or the family caregiver that that helps us a little bit more independent and below safer along our journey were there and so and is joining us from Baltimore, Maryland, and he is the senior director of health and innovation programs were glad to have you with the city something for joints good to be here. I what's been going on in home security, which is evolved significantly in the last 10 to 15 years. Absolutely a lot and and and what you mentioned around around home security being more than just intrusion detection or burglar alarm ADT's is moving into the different spaces not just on the on the security side which were most known for.

We've been in business forever hundred 45 years on that security people were also starting to not start we been doing it for a while. He is also the largest home automation company in the country and one of the things that I'm excited to be a part of is how we take security systems and devices and technology that are deployed in a house or maybe Gordon asked repurpose those into useful tools that go beyond simply intrusion detection which is very important. Life safety devices like smoke alarms and fire alarms in CO2 monitors for detection etc. doing for a firm along long time and just can't reimagine what can I do with these devices that are possibly are you now or may be installed to provide for the listeners here caregiver with a better way to you to care for the person they love to provide a way for say seniors or others to remain independent in a home or little bit more independent in all while the caregiver give them a little bit of a chance to get out and do some things that they might have to do so really excited about where ADT is headed and where the industry is headed and in our ability to think I repurpose and reimagine what I helpful home may be what it would help the home for a caregiver may be we got all kinds of different technologies that we can we can deploy to be neutralized and utilized. If you will incidents and innovative ways. One of the will of the essay the squad up to the show the king with three what I call three eyes will be become isolated, we lose their identity and we lose our independence so the, the loss of identity will put aside for just a little bit that's something to focus on a lot of the shows helping caregiver speak from the heart but the isolation of the loss of independence. I have said this for some years now that tech is a great way to offload that particular challenge those particular challenges because we are so isolated in the nature of caring for somebody that but that independence, loss of both the caregiver and the loved one and and 92% of people want to age in their own home going to happen without tech is not what I have so did that, then there's the factor of special-needs families get autism. For example, one of the biggest issues with autism for love these kids is elopement to just walk off the bill and in parents I talk to more parents who you spend a lot of sleepless nights, you know, because they're afraid to if they have to come up with elaborate ways to make sure that child is not open the door and leave the house. You guys can speak to that. You guys have all kinds of stuff for that talk about that little bit okay so absolutely the best thing about the offerings and how the technology is developing as it is our ability to Customized based on on those knee. We saw with with coven. There was there was a real drive to let's, let's talk about independence. First of all the key people in the place that they call home because they may be worried about moving into an assisted living facility because of the stories that heard weekly filling that served as an accelerated to enabling using technology to to keep people independent but I can talk through through a couple of those things and then when you talk about some of our automation devices that are coupled with her part of the home security offering things like door sensors or motion detectors don't necessarily want to certainly work very well as a intrusion detection device. They can also be utilized as an activity monitor groupings and I can get a charmer.

I can get a notification that the door and opened the ability to take those devices and set up schedules or scenes and control lights and locks and and I can give you a couple of examples of how that might look for different scenarios will have you talking about, so an autistic child not wanting not wanting a child to get out of the hole. Obviously, we have connected locks that can lock the door and and and can be can be locked door opened. Couple that with a door motion sensor for parents in the home and their sleep. If the child gets up, the motion sensor can detect activity in the house before the chow meeting listed the door and setting off of a full-blown alarm where ADT would get a signal instant and its assuming that was an intruder device. The system can be set up to bring a chime, that's a different sound, and it apparently like no way somebody will gobble somebody's moving around in the living room. I can go check that and see what's going on eventually turn on the light so somebody doesn't tripping over over devices in between different times of the day those lights might not come on full blast because of you wake up in the middle of the night and you walk out and do not want you know hundred percent lighting when you come out and oblige. You could set that up the colonic 10 or 15% like a nightlight so that I can see what is going on in the house and it's not necessarily why near startled me with the BS about that with Dick because a lot of people are afraid of technology with I don't know what to do in the come stuff, your technicians will help set all this up absolutely would have preset sees if you want for customized scenes and one of the interesting things about how the technology is developed.

As you can set up different. If this happens, then do something else and based on your own personal needs. Very easy to set those up so you can say if something happens which is an unexpected event.

Somebody gets up between the hours of midnight and five and I'm going to do. Why see consent of these asked unexpected times and trigger some sort of reaction from the home from from the other devices I chime in an alert thing.

I got a camera clip is one way to do it. So do you have a loved one who maybe are not in the home with the loved one, and in between those hours a door opens. You may get a clip on the camera to see what's going on you could look at your phone and say we look like mommy. Yeah, this applies to aging parents, particular those with dementia and this is becoming a real problem for a lot of folks you get the silver works everywhere will.

This is the way I've always felt like we can we can preempt those silver alerts and and little bit of lightning round the I think this because what about if you have firearms in the house. Do you have a mechanism of you have a safe you have, you know you do all the things you to safety and security weapons, but you still want to have you one more thing of monitoring or some type of sensor on anything to get you a notification boom boom boom this is happening, absolutely absent door window sensors are magnetic sensors MA basically work with any kind, nor something that would open the trigger alarm and again when I say alarm and not saying a full-blown burglar alarm, but an alarm or action or some sort of chime door opened, or there is activity in want to keep people out of motion detector door window sensors and there's activity in this room where I don't normally want people to be tech is immediately going on. We get a text you get a clip from a camera that may be deployed in that room and and and maybe know to say, I can see when in the room and I can take action on that I can say all that's a person that I'm okay with having in that room versus someone who I don't want to learn and window sensors on liquor cabinets for people with teenagers what's going on so there's a reason to do it.

It's not necessarily. While perimeter security certainly important for Mexican security aspect is not just perimeter security. There's other things that you can set up with these home automation devices, cameras, sensors that understand what's going on in no this is this is what I just love because I feel like that for the first time. A lot of caregivers are provided the opportunity to restructure the way they do the monitoring thereof.

You know, because that that there they feel like they have to have hands-on and eyes on at all times. It that is a recipe for disaster. Sabella got a tool that allows 24 hour vigilance over everything that you could possibly just write a list of all the issues that I guarantee you that there's some type of technical application of what you guys do this going to resolve so many of those things and what a relief. The cameras that I mentioned our cameras have a speaker microphone built into the meeting due to a talk through a camera.

So again from from a perspective unsafe securing gun safe or not. You could talk to somebody through the cameras and whatnot but also you could act with a loved one.

Only through phone and want to think about it. See if you're saying Karen for senior you may want to make sure mom and dad's okay and you can either set up an expected or unexpected event when the get up out of bed. You know that they got up about about anyone you want to wait for them to wake up before you talk to him and I can arouse another sleep. You could say that the camera and get a clip that mom walked out of the living room. I can talk to the cameras and with they have sensors that are in the bid in the release the pressure of that that it will send a text if you could do up an algorithm or some kind of things that you know if then if this is not back in one 1/2 hours, thing that will give Chickamauga make sure she's okay. She has a got up and fall of the building like a thing, and this allows seniors to have a little bit more agency in their life and independence but knowing that there protected and safe.

They don't have to leave their home. One of the issues 80 for a lot of seniors particulars. You know if there's any kind of dementia, but for all of us as we get older is that we did when we get out of her own familiar environments. Whatever cognitive slowdown were having will be exacerbated so staying in the home is is really paramount for so many I've ever had this conversation with my own parents and we're exploring all the opportunities about my brothers and sister and I are looking at ways that we can do this. Mom and dad are probably not go to manage this kind of stuff the dad's dad got it he was a captain in the Navy pastor for 60 years got his doctorate and he never bothered to learn computers and I'm like that really why you know, so I give up. Mom is very good with computers but she's lost a lot of revision since you can't see very well, so it's on us and that brings us to my final point with you is that so many caregivers are the purchasing agent where the ones driving this need and we don't have to be incredibly technical. Technically, technologically astute.

Do we draw this this, not at all intuitive you not need to be a programmer you can do a lot of these automations on your phone. Our technicians when they do an installation can certainly help you set that up trying to accomplish with got some pre-canned ones that you want to do what he set the scene at night. Go to bed senior press the button on your phone and and the lights turn off the doors lock the system arms itself. It becomes very simple things you bring up there around around critically seniors not necessarily having the tech savviness are interested in dealing with technology are computers in general. We spent a lot of time around like one of the best interfaces for those folks in our act with the ones we found. It's become a real one that's that's very well adopted, particularly by seniors is using your voice as it is that as the interface so we recently partnered with Google on using a lot of their home. One of the patient devices and NRA Jesus was in architecture beginnings children's are beginning to sell Google and nest devices as well as install them, and that the Google home devices you can speak through you can call through you can talk to one another through. You can ask it to do things in your house and become a really great interface because it's intuitive and it's also if you have eyesight issues.

It's it's easy for you to use.

You just talk to say Google do XYZ for a good while going to bed house up for good night motor for things like that that easy to dictate interact within the set up is easy as I said through the phone and give you that ability for a caregiver to check in on somebody mom went bad and and that you lock the doors. The door locked either set up as part of scene you can just push button lock the door close the garage there's another one is very easy to do those kinds of things do you have an interface with Alexa okay good because we that's what we do here in and I am I got to my wife and Alexa I listen to her, argue with Alexa regular basis and what time I came home and she was in a wheelchair and she was trying to program looks for some stuff that she looked at me. She said I've had it with you know who could kiss their neighbors. Smoke was coming out of her ear and she said I've had it would've treated her in for Google I just had it had just had it in.

I looked over with Alexa tell us that Alexa how you feel. I swear this is a true story. Alexa exit have witnesses that to be honest, it's been a pretty rough day. My wife is brought you which I can understand this, so I these are these the cut interfaces that I wanted people to understand. It can be done. I would've you back me up if I got this right. I think before you call ADT. I would ask each of you is listening to this right now.

Make a list of the. The pressure points that you have right now. Something that you would want your doctor to get a comprehensive list. Is there to come up with things that you won't, but at least you can start that process and then that'll ping-pong some ideas around for both you and the technician but give a call to folks and of a right that list out of all the things that you feel like would be very helpful for you to have the monitor to give your love once more agency to give you peace of mind.

That's kind of the whole point and then also do it for yourself, not just for your love will do it for yourself to and and there ways that you can offload some of the stress what we carry is enough. Let's find the right partner to help us do this better. Okay, so maybe if people want to get in touch or find out more.

What is the best way you can go to our website that you're more interested in some of our senior specific products\health and MIC senior specific.

We also have a large line.

We haven't spoken a lot about personal emergency response devices first devices where we have a pending that a boxer will fall detection pendant that folks can wear around the house and waterproof device. We also have on the go devices that can go outside the house.

If you're more independent and 10 travel. Ms. devices can trigger assistance where you would push them push the button and get help from ADT. That's probably the best way to go is because depending on what you want the security and home automation side is available there. The bid per side is available there as well. First for seniors and and that's probably the best place to go. That brings me one less put them just part of this is important to, and you have a set situation where if emergency personnel are called to the scene that there is some type of communication interface. Of. Here are some specific mids or medical conditions to be aware of before they even get to the scene is some kind of interface for that or in the works, we can set up an account so that our agent when they come on, they would see the specific notes and when they're talking to an emergency contact the work they're talking to emergency services can relay that information the diabetic. They have epilepsy all summer snow back in the thing exactly 44 are I know on a per side. We offer a lockbox it's it's a low-tech device, but I think it's a key lock box on somebody were to fall and sometimes people get stuck in their furniture like hacking on my couch and you got a neighborly.

There for me. That's me know that's that's me binging on snow. I just rather then having Samantha break the door down, which was just terrible thing happened to you. We can get the code lockbox that caregiver emergency services they plot a key and get in the house so it's like in real estate that lockbox and so that's we can interact in and provide that information that we also provide follow-up to our our goal emergency contact list is what's going on to keep them in the loop as well. As you may get a notification on your app pending on how your system is set up that this is happening your alarm went off for this. This this interaction happen. You can get notifications place as well, and I would be remiss to if I didn't mention Peter, one of the shining star with ADT is our monitoring agents are top-notch. They're all ADT employees and that's really important when you think about this like the people that you're going to be calling. We don't have contract monitoring. We have ADT employees are specially trained on our senior care products. Dispersed products are specially trained and in senior sensitivity issues and and issues around being empathetic toward folks are going going through an understanding iCal macular did the generation can impact your your eyesight. Arthritic conditions can can make it difficult interact. We train them on that. There are second to none and and and there really important to talk. It's super important to another directive to know that you got somebody there who is not just you know they're not just phoning it in literally and figuratively think they really are engaged in in the customer's needs in the client's needs and and they know that when they get a call stuff like this that there's a lot of drama and they are prepared to speak into it with clarity and that's a huge hill absolutely and and and we cover all on our website. There are examples of we have these events called lifesaver events, we do frequently throughout the year and it's it's somebody had an event averaging came on got them the help they needed. Most of them as is the title says somebody's locked life was saved for for whatever reason, words, fire, carbon monoxide, a banner or some other type of event and there were really hot when we reunite the agent who made the call technician to install the system we bring them first responders in the came in and in the really heartwarming stories that they put a face to what we do every day I tell the employees that work for me frequently on like this.

This is not going cable TV when the cable TV are those out of the bad starting Super Bowl is really bad, but you know you're on call every day. Every time we get a signal. It's there's a high likelihood that somebody or his life is potentially in jeopardy. Those agents are top-notch of what they do that that is deeply be NNO that has to be very, very meaningful to you guys is a company to realize that at the end of the day. This is what you're about is is you're dealing with people's drama and and trauma and to know that you're speaking into it with that kind of clarity and training, and compassion is is a huge help and this is why I'm so glad to have you on the show today. This is a part of the caregivers journey.

I know I've been there done that and and still do.

I am out.

I remember being up in DC with now. Sen. Marsha Blackburn, but it's time she's representative and she's working on a big infrastructure bill of Heist high-speed Internet in rule areas in broadband in rural areas, which is a big part of what we try to do here with this type of service and and so I was speaking to the bid and and I I gave the example that like that day I had. I was in Washington.

My wife is back in Nashville will be live there at the time that I lit the technician into the house through my phone them to draw blood and do the things to do then they were able to leave and and I was able to secure the home after they left off my phone while I was doing a press thing with her sitter bloodwork. It drove the point home. This is why were doing this is not just for kicks and giggles and had fun a in this kind a cool look what I could do it. This is a huge help because it allowed me to really literally be in two places at the same time and make sure my wife was cared for. That's why you guys are so important to this journey.

ADT yes and then then you get all kinds of submenus there of the senior's look at this is any drone he and he has been a tremendous help and insight today and what's available to us caregivers take advantage of this. Do not sit there and white knuckle this by yourself.

You gotta home team of people that can help you right now

This is hopefully caregivers to Roseburg or any thank you so much. We can have you back on. I love the comeback argument for my pleasure, Peter really think I gotta go. Healthy caregivers but better care givers will see the extent this Peter Rosenberger and I hope you've enjoyed this podcast as much as we've enjoyed bring it to you. I like to find interesting ideas. Maybe people have thought of the connect to the family caregiver.

I'm in my 35th year of this I know the journey for fellow caregivers.

It is a tough journey and I am just passionate about equipping my fellow caregivers to stay strong and healthy while taking care of somebody who is not.

That is my life and I know is the life of so many others. And if you know a caregiver you're not a caregiver you would enjoy this podcast but you know of a caregiver. That's really struggling, you don't know what to say the word about it. I do know what to say them a copy of my book I speak fluent caregivers go hope for the caregiver or seven caregiver landmines and how you can avoid them either one of those things that are available wherever books are sold. There's an audio version of hope for the caregivers on a bridge over the whole thing get a CD called songs for the caregiver that a lot of people getting for love ones who are hospitalists or nursing homes or dementia patients. Kids with autism.

It just settles down I play him throughout the whole thing and then Gracie sings about half a dozen. She's world-class singer.

Speaking of which, if you go out to hope for the and you'll see the donation button. You can do a tax-deductible gift.

This organization and you will get a copy of Gracie CD, just as our gift to you. It's called resiliency is indeed resilient and even a love the music that we put out there for you.

There a lot of different resources so please take advantage of them.

Thank you again for being a part of what were doing here and hope for the caregiver and we look forward to the next episode

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