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The Broadcast Show 3/6/2021

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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March 9, 2021 3:30 am

The Broadcast Show 3/6/2021

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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March 9, 2021 3:30 am

I picked the topic, but callers took it in a much different direction. From vaccines to mourning, this show hit a pile of topics. 

Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
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Laundry, cleaned up lighting meals. All the things that go on with the family. Back-and-forth doctors offices back-and-forth rehab centers back and forth to pharmacist on the phone with insurance companies and then just sometimes laying there and having a late night conversation with the ceiling fan.

This is the show for you as a family caregivers hosted by caregiver. It's for caregivers about caregivers. All things caregiver were glad that your with this 88858 net 8840 888-589-8840. I wanted before we get into the meat of the show today. I have a letter that I received yesterday from a listener and his name is Colby and Colby is incarcerated in a Texas prison and he listens to the show and to the network faithfully. It's a beautiful letter Colby and I and I thank you for listening.

I thank you that you took the time to write you sitting here at many times your voice is called muscle and got his usual wonderful voice.

You and Gracie are big part of my thoughts and prayers and just is a beautiful letter of how God is working in Colby's life and how this show is connected to him. He goes on to say that his dear uncle and aunt are struggling right now because his uncles had a pretty rough surgery and is aunt. Think of it in his mother whose widow is taking care of him. He's only got 12 months left its nonviolent crime and he will be released on parole. And then he's going to live and help take care of this beloved uncle and aunt and provide some relief to his mother.

Through this process and just a real meaningful letter. He asked if I could reach out to others is uncle and aunt, his mother and and communicate to them. Some tangible, practical help and hope is as a caregiver. And so I'm going to do that. Colby, I want to let you know about the message and note about this, but you're missing the show today.

I just got your letter yesterday, call your your clinic and after the show today. I'll give a chance to wake up this morning and that amount also send them a copy of my book hope for the caregiver and go ahead and send him a copy of my CD Psalms for the caregiver that they can just play in just hopefully you'll it'll help when things get a little agitated. It's just a very calming CD of fumes and those of you who listen so regularly know how much I love the hymns and music that that builds us up my book hope for the caregiver just x-ray just sent the proposal to my agent for my next book that hope to be out next year working on that, but this book is one that launched all and it's available wherever books are sold out. Think they even have the Kindle version it's only like $0.99 right now if you want to go and get that on Amazon and I did an audio version of the book, but I when I wrote this book Colby.

I wrote it for situation just like you're describing for people who could pick it up and put it down, and whatever page you turn it to you to find something that's going to help you and strengthen you as a caregiver. I know Buffalo caregivers. I know that we don't have time to sit down and read these long epistles were people just go to blather on and on and on that.

We gotta get right to it. Most the time we could best we can do is is is is catch a couple pages as I tell people I say that it's so easy you can read in the bathroom. I know because that's where I wrote it.

Now I'm just kidding and I wanted to have something that would be available to my fellow caregivers that would just be a source of strength and comfort to my member went to a counselor. Dominoes really struggled some years ago and out.

I was really struggling and the counselor said what I recommend the book for you to read which are the gotta write and so I did and I thought what what what I say to fellow caregivers and then I thought what what what I say to myself and and what what I want people to say to me, and that's what I wrote in some said that to your uncle and aunt Colby and appreciate this.

I think if you go and look at Scripture. Scripture talks an awful lot about those were imprisoned.

Psalm 6933 says for the Lord hears the needy and does not despise his own people who are prisoners well I want to tell you, O all you listeners that that Colby is belongs to the Lord is one of the Lord's own people. He's a prisoner right now observing at this time and he will be released in 12 months and and you all that I we hope will be very smooth for him, but he belongs to Christ This shows a part of this audience and is a part of our family and so I would ask that you take that to heart and to continue to lift them up and you know they're there a lot of scriptures where the Lord speaks to the plight of the prisoner. An innocent also want to see.

It's a metaphor for all of us in and leave the bondage of sin.

Jesus started off his entire public ministries that have come the set the captive free and there are people who are behind bars in this country right now who are more free than people who live in mansions and our captivity is is is in the heart.

You know Schultz needs and was able to say after many many years in a Russian prison thank you prison for the changes made in my life.

Mandela was in prison for 27 years and came out of a changed man.

And Paul spent many times imprisoned Peter you know there's there's there's Joseph just go to the list of all these amazing stories how God worked in the midst of a prison in East and he does it every day and that is the gospel that is the message that he goes into the dungeons. He goes into the prisons and so Colby I do thank you for listen the show. And aren't you glad that we have a network here on the shows carried on American family radio in the Truth Network in his radio some other stations that pick it up but American family radio has has a wide reach and in that this is not the first letter that I've gotten from individuals who are incarcerated who listen to the show and they never cease to touch my heart in ways that it's it's it's the highest compliment that that I can get for doing the shows that somebody who is in prison is finding hope in this and in its is the highest affirmation that were doing something that has value because this will I do it do it because I understand of the hopelessness that so many feel and if we can if we can anchor ourselves in Christ.

Regardless of where whether we are in a prisoner and were stuck in a hospital room or rehab centers or wherever else we are dead we are free and who the Lord sets free is free indeed. So II just I really appreciate this Colby in and I will reach out to your family and communicate this to them in and hopefully we can offer them some some tangible things that they don't strengthen them today and we look for the time when you're with them in and we want to hear more from you.

So thank you so much for that I am, I wanted switch gears a little bit today. We've talked with undercover series over the last couple of weeks and so forth of a vast you as a listener into what is something of favorite meal that you have. What say you know what's with something that you shared with your loved one or or something that connects with you and I had some great stories of that have been one lady cultivated. She had this wonderful lemon pie that she bought from this restaurant makes really good lemon pie and she had to have that in the refrigerator and her mother woke up at two in the morning and and was hungry so when I got 11 possibly had lemon pie together. That was the last meal that they had was a piece of pie together and it was just a real moving story. Then we talked about what's a favorite song of yours was something that that that resonates with you as a piece of music that is connected to get one resource that and and today I want to talk about laughter dessert is or something that particularly set you off this funny that's that's kind of chuckled list of maybe something 70 was a caregiver have plenty of those schedule story, joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries the bone dries up the bones of the problem.

1722 says in Ecclesiastes 34 times a week to handle the laughter secure well go try to see if we can help.

885 897 emergency support. Things are more important than ever.

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It's smart, easy, and incredibly affordable.

Go to today. That's my companion. connection and independence for you and those you care about my companion. hey this Steve Rosenberg my three decades as a caregiver. I have spent my share of nights in the hospital trying to sleep in waiting rooms on foldout cotton chairs and even the floor nurse caregivers.

We have to sleep in uncomfortable places, but we don't have to be miserable. Do what were doing in my home by using pillows for my These things are greatly heavy patented interlocking feel that adjusting your individual sleep needs and for caregivers trying to sleep in a hospital room chair believing our individual sleep needs get ramped up significantly. You know, I've never liked taking pillows from home to the hospital was because I never felt like I could get them clean again, but with pillows for my you could throw them in the washer and dryer get a 10 year warranty guarantee not to go flat 60 day moneyback guarantee that made the USA as a caregiver you need wrist to start by going to my type in the promo code caregiver get 50% off the four pack which includes two premium pillows and to go anywhere pillows, you receive a discount on anything else on the website. When using your promo code caregiver. That's my promo code caregiver. This is a family caregiver for somebody who is struggling care for someone who's got a chronic impairment and you try to keep them healthy, but stayed healthy yourself and that is Gracie singing that no matter what comes my way. My life is in your hands the server see the resilient go out to a website it's Debbie Debbie Debbie.hope for the caregiver., you said about longtime producer in Nashville with the facility when I was a W instead of W www.W I would go to talk today a little bit about laughter what you got going on with you if you ever had something funny happened to you as a caregiver you know Scripture says there is a time to weep and a time to laugh. Luke 621 Jesus says Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh. You know, do you have to wait for your caregiving responsibilities to be over have laughter to have moments of levity. I don't think so. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 if you have something that you want to share something this kind of made you chuckle a little bit or you fasten a sense of humor you are able to laugh with your loved one. The left I've been to fight a lot of funerals in my life as a pianist.

I've done this for my dad when as a pastor when he would you officiate funerals and then I've also done this once a left went off to college and and longtime pastor Nash will have seem to do quite a few of them together and and I've been to some that were just, you know, horrifically tragic that I've been somewhere.

The people could come together and rejoice and laugh at a life well lived in and out in the midst of even great sorrow so there's all kinds of time for that. I think there is a time to laugh and I think as caregivers we had tears of plenty, you know, but laughter is about a scarce Charmin on Walmart counter, you know it's it's wheat we don't laugh, we don't have keep a sense of humor. This thing that's I think that's one thing that sustained Gracie that through lo these many years on them 35 years and that this is a caregiver try to go 35 years without laughing in that that'll that'll that that's just that's just wrong and and and I've seen people who were just so consumed with bitterness. But I think that is is as we learn to accept the freedom as we talk about lesson with the freedom that comes in Christ. Realize that you know this is not the end of the story and there is a you know a place for this. There's a place for us to have joy and Psalm 126 two that her mouth was filled with laughter and our tongues with shouts of joy. Then they said among the nation. The Lord has done great things for them. You know, and I think that's that I'm not about laughing silly and being stupid goofy even though I do that quite often, but I am talking about learning to it to lighten up. Now I've got a rather serious call is as you guys call it will take all that, but I got a rather serious call. This commits only going to take this from Ted in Grand Rapids, Michigan Ted good morning how you feeling good morning Sir how are you qualified to me how your drunk really good but I have a question on right okay I am. I have heard that the corporate home shots right now. Kamal fighter looked pretty good but it's really scary on point made the Johnson & Johnson the new single dose, now is using unborn babies aborted baby material either in the development artist.

I don't know it's component of the vaccine.

My concern is on the fire reaching under the spiritual relevancy. Could this be possibly the mark of the beast the sense that this is something that inadvertently and nationally. Could be a spiritual matter like this. I have no clue I can tell you that the Catholic Church is come out again so at least a lot of them have because the Johnson & Johnson according to the article I read was based on a clone of aborted tissue from the abortion.

It was basically a clone of that and that's how they developed that's what the article said I have no clue on whether that's done I big fan of not using any type of of testing and research that came from abortions. There's something in the law and it when you're practicing law. Things are inadmissible in court if it came is called fruit of the poison tree never heard that phrase, and so if you got information that goes towards convicting someone and yet it came from a source that was not allowed by law. Whether you got the information without a warrant through the various rings means or whatever it's fruit of the poison tree and its inadmissible in court, even if it proves that the person was guilty so I don't understand why the same overall doesn't apply here now for doesn't apply by man's law you man's law was not the standard wheat we live our lives by the weight doesn't apply. By God's law and if this is coming from, you know, basically fruit of the poison tree which is if you are using medical research based upon the horrific pack practice of abortion to me that just to me that's wrong to me that is is out in a bad place and and and so I'm glad that the other two vaccines do not do that so I would.

You don't course, we we've lost our moral compass is a country in this world anyway whenever the world never had it moral compass that we have that guides us in these ethical matters is is just blown to smithereens, but that doesn't alleviate us from still responding to God's directive and and so to our best knowledge. If you have something like this I would want to. I would want to avoid that particular for me.

You know it is as much as we possibly can. Paul says we can we can eat meat that is offered to idols and I understand and I'm no theologian. I don't pretend to be his scripture said not to succumb how to profit or the son of a prophet. I just simply know that God's grace is greater that even this but I think that it's some point we need to do this, you'll find it a recurring theme throughout this entire network of pro-life Willow for using a probe abortion platform to to help us live healthier lives than what if we really done and so I take a pro-life stance from cradle-to-grave in and so we have we have were were were killing in the womb. In the were killing at the end of life or when people have certain significant disabilities or whatever we're determining whether not this life has any value or not. And if were profiting off of that type of mentality. I think that becomes a very horrific place for us morally and ethically in our country and our society so I don't know if that answers your question or not. I don't know if this has anything to with the mark of the beast you don't. I'm not in eschatology is on the caregiver but I do value life and I don't want to see us build a a series of products based on a path of death. If that makes sense to you that makes me think of the other two other two vaccine companies start yet and I'd say IIII have a feeling empty and pay attention to some news read a lot because I have a feeling there a lot of people that are much more scholarly and learned that I am who are going to be awaiting into this and addressing this and you you going to see that. But if were going to be pro-life, that we need to be consistent and so and in that this is this is changed a lot of things with me.

I mean, you know, I even look at the death penalty different now is if I'm gonna be pro-life in my going to be pro-life. You know or might it be a deed.

These are hard things and but but the point of of what I've my journey has been, is announcing that God is able to to weigh into all these author of all life and I'm not comfortable.

I think given the way the state has acted in the countries after the government is active. I don't know that I'm comfortable turning over to the government the ability to take a life that I know I'm not. I'm not comfortable to the government's ability to run a checkbook. Those are my thoughts. I found the Scripture is very much in the in the point of God's invading in these places of death and resurrecting and bringing life and that I think that's her stance. We should be as believers so I hope that hope that just kinda gives you at least a little bit of a 360 view from my point of where I'm looking at this things that help at all absolutely anonymous cultures so cold abortion on sort jumpstart the way that any kind of stuff you can take it. It's very smart spiritually to follow the exact most pure white state the Lord with the cultures we have a culture of death.

If you don't like it, kill it.

You know if it's uncomfortable, kill it. You get rid of it, whether that's in the womb or that's in the nursing home or that's in the you know somebody who's living with chronic disabilities so you know that that's the whole point of of where our culture is is is if it's inconvenient for doesn't make us feel good. If we don't like implicit in the way we get rid of, but that's not what God's, and in God reaches into the most horrific circumstances, and you know and is able to to resurrect and bring life no matter what's going on in. And that's the whole point. You know when he he is the resurrection life is what he said to to Mary and Martha, you know, when Lazarus was dead and they kept thinking when another one day and he said no, no, no, I'm the resurrection right here in front of you.

I'm life and in and I think that that is the place for us as believers to anchor ourselves no matter what the world says it's not to be politically correct. The good of laughing imputed as they did to him but doesn't matter. That's the way it is. You know, and I would rather stand with that. So I hope that helps. It gives you some at least a starting point, but I would. I would highly recommend you research and read and and study all these things because you know if we don't do this, as believers, we can risk being just washed out to sea with this thing we we have to anchor ourselves in these things we have to study and show ourselves approved we have to be educated so that we can speak with clarity.

In this are we in for pro-life did we pro-life consistently and unknowingly reflected that way that we communicate with each other.

Thank you very much. So for the call that did appreciate that very much. This is hope for the caregiver. This is Peter Rosenberg will be right back Grace Rosenberger 26 years ago I walked for the first time in two prosthetic legs.

I saw firsthand how important quality prosthetic limbs are 20 PT this understanding compelled me to establish standing without more than a dozen years we've been working with the government of Ghana in West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis we purchase and ship equipment and supplies and with the help and inmates in a Tennessee prison. We also recycle parts from donated lambs. All of this is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength, please visit standing to learn more and participate in lifting others that that standing with

I'm Gracie and I'm standing with help and hope the caregiver here on American family radio. The speed Rosenberger. This is the show for you as a family caregiver and was glad to have you with this 880-589-8848 885-8988.

The phones Wilma and North Carolina Wilma good morning are you feeling I so what you got going on, but I'm not caregiver anymore not care my mother for seven years and now the caller can't say here that when she got out. And no, I asked my one in your nominee's account all the time on the phone. Camino, no more when I don't want body and now I'm afraid you might be asleep or something and I sent no matter. I wake her up. People that are bedridden all the time.

Mainly because their debt depressed. No one coming to visit or call and people just like you know Ellen to decide on a flight come to the house trademarked or somebody you don't have to bring some sweet sweet not good for them laying around But bring a little piece of food, Chinese food are some companies that fed on the porch. You can ask them that when they were young.

You might even get educated and Bill.

Bill said you know Jesus said when I was sick you visit me naked you close me hungry. You thirsty and imprisoned in a syllable. Lord, Lord, when we see that he said as much done to the least of these done it to me those are his directives and and I think that in the covered world. It's hard to go.

You don't want to go to visit people if you think that you may know, get them sicker, but that as many Phone and that doesn't mean you can't write a note and I think living run something by you here and see what you think about this one, but I think that a lot of times people don't know what to say so in the absence of not knowing what to say they'd still say anything would does that resonate with you.

I got when I was young and contacted you know I lug around topped out people learn another company.

Your age regular patients. Patients and you know it just sit and talk until you let them start ask about you know when they were young or something you know these people that it is so weak that oh I don't. My brother used to say I'd say come to see mommy] not to have the Breaks my heart to come and see how I just can't deal with it and I think you know that's a sorry excuse and one day at you know one day he might be bedridden for I dad I'm going to remind them of it when people say can't deal with it always asked why, but what's what's stopping you from dealing with this. It's uncomfortable to see infirmity. It's uncomfortable to see disability. It's uncomfortable for these things.

This is the human condition. However, any know and I think that one of things I try to do on the show Wilma is that I tried to give people a vocabulary and understanding of what it to how to even start the conversation and it's it is uncomfortable but you know what Jesus did this for us and once we understand once we understand just what our plight was without Christ, then it gives us a picture a better understanding then of of what's going on with other people when they are sick or distressed or disability, or of marriages are falling apart relationships. Whatever drugs, alcohol, all those kinds of things that is nothing compared to the plight of sin and in Jesus came into that plight, you keep it to that prison became into that but a lot of people don't want to go visit anybody in the jail. I knew a pastor who hated to go to the hospital and I was like manager in the wrong business.

You know, but EEE like to get up there and preach in front of people, but he didn't want to go to the hospital. Like that was his calling and I was like well I don't believe, but my response to that what it with us. But Aleave headed to DeSales right now, but I was I was appalled by that but but I was like you know this is this is our calling as believers is not a vocational, this is what Jesus asked us to do when I was sick you visited me. It could not be any clear well I got one paperless you know that are not caregiver don't say that I know I can't deal with it.

Now don't think what your mind think with your heart, think about then people want to be laying there in bed and I can get out and grabbed their car.

A car sitting out there from thinking no more often to take him for a ride to countryside due to people with people say they can't deal with the don't let Christ deal with you. Just be obedient and and it is uncomfortable. I've been in more hospital rooms, not just with with Gracie a bit and more hospital rooms and then the funerals and in you all the above five of five waited into horrific circuit. Tell your picture give you picture of what changed for me and I realized it was him it was and it was one those kind of snapshot moments Wilma when everything just kinda comes into focus and my my best friend in life and we been friends for 45 years and he he and I went where hanging out with my dad and dad said I gotta make a stop yell at you boys come with me and we were in high school. Whatever and so little there and he went to the mission and our little town there in South Carolina and these these guys at the mission part of their journey was they had to. They got a free meal and a place to stay within the had to listen to somebody come in and preach it always of Richard dad volunteered to do this and it's over there it not the best out of town over there by the bus station, you can cut a picture and these guys are out there. Most of look like they were hung over and they didn't think they think they really cared about being there, but I listen to dad get up there and speak and I realized in an that that he wasn't speaking to the guys he was speaking to himself. He was preaching to himself and they just they just happen to to be able to witness it because he was doing.

He was speaking these words to himself, to strengthen himself. He was preaching these things and reminding his own spirit of this of these great truths, and these guys were able to participate is out of whatever impact it had on the gas but I don't have an impact on him. My father and I don't have an impact on my friend in front of me that my friend and meet you in and it was just one of those things those those moments were realized when we go would do this were actually building ourselves that were speaking ourselves speaking the gospel to ourselves. Like David did exec like when my favorite verses in Scripture with his own men were going to stone him and he encouraged himself in the Lord Jesus would often did this by himself when he went and prayed with his father and he he did this was a because nobody else was doing it for him.

So when you visit somebody was sick and you visit somebody's in distress and you are offering. The presence just to be there with them just enjoyed being with them speaking to them whatever laughing with him cut up with them your pure building yourself up when you do that and I hope the people could see that now that there is a path for that. So Wilma think that was a very good reminder that people do need it when I was sick, you visited me this is what Jesus said these are his words, if it helps you there in red letter in your bottle. They are his words and he's pretty serious about it and will you have done us a great service by reminding that this morning so thank you very much. Let's go to Cheryl in Kansas.

Cheryl good morning, how are you feeling how are you well and fun, but first off our you outline this question.

Always ask every call I go to ask you how are you feeling someone here to voice I would hear how you're doing. I really get I caregiver 104 we care from outer were having a big birthday party tomorrow going to be 100 sheet.

The main thing is on very little matter still pretty sharp. Make the lab. I don't remember most things now you know I'm pretty lucky pretty cocky at the caregiver back.

I would been caring for her, probably. I know in late years she did real good just you.

Well, maybe three broker. Everything changed after that, I found myself I didn't even realize that I just got. I mean, I drank it flat that you nominate, a problem I gave up my job, my my class everything and I tumble up on you. I believe in divine intervention. One morning when I turned on the radio expecting to find something out. I had my days mixed up and you had talked about. You have to be careful you don't get lost and that was a real wake-up call for me and that then I have been a whole lot better. Like the light that I needed the here and it really kind help me realize I had gotten lost in not hating it, not anything bad, but just my mind. I got lost in an ugly abuse to people say that they stumble to do but show in family bags out of pretty used to that. But it's I know it's not my. I know it well known naked Eugene here little bit just because it's hilarious to me. I what happens is is that we get into what I call the fear obligation and guilt.

The fog of caregivers and we get disoriented and then another thing that happens to us as caregivers is we lose our identity. We just We just lose ourselves in someone else's story and we have a very hard time speaking in first person singular.

This is why always ask every caregiver, every caller when you call. How are you feeling and I just watched. I just want caregivers to get used to speaking in their own voice and I don't care. You know what what the answer is as far as you know, if you feel if you had a bad day you don't have to dress it up but I just want you to say I feel whatever because were spat in my first person singular.

Yesterday caregiver Harry doing well.

We had a bad nighter. She's doing okay your or his situation to such and such, but when I ask you, how are you feeling that's when the rails come off emotionally for so many caregivers and then that's when the tears come and so forth. And that's that's what I found to be consistent with caregivers is that we do lose ourselves in it so I'm glad that you have regain your footing getting back up on the road of your own identity, Cheryl, and you know what happy birthday to your mom 100 years old us. That's, that's quite a wonder for his all that you hold on let me let you hold to the break that okay we got to go to break that's with music means, and if you just hang on will go to bring this hope this is the show for you as a family caregiver right back you ever struggled to trust God when lousy things happen to you.

I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became I questioned why God allowed something so brutal to happen to me. But over time, my questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis. We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in Tennessee prison. We also recycle parts from donated lambs. All of this is to point others to Christ.

The source of my help and strength, please visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting others that standing I'm Gracie.

I am staining with help of God tells us many times in one way or another.

Fear non-today in the world and many are very fearful and afraid of the coronavirus and other perils that are going on in our world. Psalm 91 verses one and two tells us dwells in the syncopation of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and my fortress, my God in him I will trust I'm Joseph Parker and we here in the American family Association would like to remind you, fear not, trust in the Lord would like both encourage and challenge you to aggressively put your faith to work certainly use wisdom and insight in government and medical professionals are encouraging, but first put your trust in the Lord would like to encourage you to pray Psalm 91 daily for yourself and your family and keep your trust in him dying to get a copy of the Psalm 91 prayer for yourself, email us here at

This is 888-589-8848 885-8988 talk with Cheryl in Kansas who had something she wanted at his will secure going by. The reason I called it you gentlemen talking about vaccine.

After Vanek, Danica God have cloned human DNA from the lung tissue and adapting Wikipedia medical research Council, so I thought I tell you that will appreciate it if you were to find out more more stuff but all these things and I think this is the more we educate ourselves, the better off we are and will be able to deal with this appropriately and think that I'm far I keep trying to talk over Jan bad about biting and I don't know that I getting out. And then that lady I talked to that another person called in with the same thing but she did not she could stay on the line and she had to hang up, but I just wanted to put that out there that's all Get out will everything Scripture says study, and show yourself approved right, the more we understand the word of God, the more you be able to to deal with these things that come in and will have wisdom and will have insight beyond our payroll beyond what we can do because it will be anchored in the word of God and the further we get into the nuances of science, the more the word of God becomes applicable. Francis Schaeffer talked about this in his series. Whatever happened to human race back in the 70s and it's spooky how much he was on point for what's going on right now in our culture today so again I cannot stress enough of this that we anchor ourselves in the word of God what is God say about it now.

God's word does not get into love the nitty-gritty things like for example I've used on the show. There's no case scenario in the Scripture about.

Amanda took care of his wife of 35 years through 80 surgeries both her legs amputated in the hundred doctors and 12 hospitals yet yet yet all the stuff the gray should have done, but there a lot of places in Scripture talks about fear, despair, resentment, rage, frustration, depression, all those things if it's a matter of the heart. It's in Scripture. If it's a matter of the policies of God. It's in Scripture and God is a God of life.

He is the author of life, and if we don't land on this then where are we going to land and so that's that's that's our points of Cheryl, thank you for bringing that to our attention.

We go to Ginger in Missouri, Ginger, good morning. Are you feeling are you just peachy out of Bexley. I had a snapshot of you can go out and see it on on our Facebook page. Hope for the caregiver. The view from my office window because of watching the sunrise over the Rockies and it is just spectacular and I'll post it on our Facebook page. It is just truly spectacular but hope for the caregiver. You'll see it and and so and I'm looking over snow-covered fields and so forth. So it just it's very soul settling to be. So I'm doing okay to tell you what's going on with you. I wrote you earlier on that and I can't quite hear incarcerated on) acting out back my family event noneconomic timing and amount. Now on I not gotten And I think I'm not happening that are not and she thinks she dying. I mean I like him dying. I Can any emotional anger came back. I really will I understand it.

I know I could hear the grief in your voice and I know that you try to keep it together here Ginger and and I want you to stay.

There's a wonderful Scripture. There's a wonderful Scripture that applies to you right now in Jesus said this blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Now will be unpacked a little bit. Ginger, you have a lot more about and that Scripture implies that there will be morning and that Scripture also doesn't give any kind of timeframe on how long that morning will continue. It's it just says you're going to mourn. Blessed are those who mourn, there could be people who mourn in the end we all did. I think we all grieve and groan of the six, but it also but he doesn't leave you with that place of morning it doesn't abandon you. There he comforts you and there a lot of things that you go hit my mom comforting remembering. Tracking hump and secreting to carry graham cracker well and it it it may indeed and she does need comforting and you know what the good news is is that he is not short of comforting. He's never going to run out of comforting our saviors able to extend grace and mercy and comfort, abundantly, without reservation and inexhaustible. That's what he does. That's who uses the God of all comfort pulses that we comfort one another with the same comfort that we ourselves receive so that we can go out and comfort others. With the got from the God of all comfort, because that's where it comes from. That's our source said as he comforts you this morning. Even to this phone call you and are having right now, all I'm doing is extended to you the same comfort that others have extended to be all coming from the God of all comfort.

And so now Ginger you are recipient of this is you've heard these wonderful words of life you've hurt if you've heard the show it all you heard me play hymns on here in one of my favorite is is wonderful words of life sing them over and over again, wonderful words of life. Beautiful words, wonderful words, wonderful words of life it is.

I relate those words to you, then you can go and relate these to your mother. There's a note you know that old hymn, beautiful, wonderful words of life to know that him now now is wonderful words seeing them over and over again, wonderful words of life would you do me a favor Ginger, would you go and look this up.

Just look at the lyrics to wonderful words of life and insight into yourself and then save them to your mother and I want to ask you one more favor as with a lot of time does your mom like music okay I'm going to send you a copy of my CDs call songs for the caregiver. I want both of you listen to it.

It'll just there, there can be times when you just fall asleep, listen to this very relaxing the times when you weep listening to it because that's the whole point.

We don't were not going to get through this life without weeping, but we have the option to receive his comfort. We don't have to receive executive force of but in our distress.

He does here and there a moment you know distress of me you brood behind bars. You know you know it in Hong Kong that I really got a great man turned will I know will you do now and you understand distress in a way that that many don't quit now I'm asking you to to the fourth of give the invitation to understand comfort in them in a way that many half and and if you hang on were going to get your information and I want to send you a copy of a CD for you and your mom is it okay you are quite welcome Ginger you want to do the show, you know that don't you. You want to show and and I'm not. I'm not offering you anything that somebody hasn't offered me okay and and we comfort one another with the same comfort we ourselves have received from God who is the author follows her comfort and so I want to send this to you because I think it'll just be comforting to you and your mom tears are not a sign of weakness or failure, but let them come without a sense of despair because that's where God intercepts us so those tears are not tears of rage or despair, but there their genuine morning and then in that morning we will be comforted and so I got sick able to get your information will send this to your mom and you okay for both the right. You are quite welcome. God bless you and this is why we do the show. This is why we do the show because in the midst of our morning in our distress and our angst and our sorrow. He invades the site so that we can have joy. I was going to hold much stuff on laughter day, but the conversation Scott took a different place. So I wanted to tell you next week. Get ready and have something that's funny in your life.

So we talk about that because you know we don't. That's the whole point about being believers is that that that we can walk around with calmness and assurance and joy knowing that he who began a good work in us is faithful to complete it to the day of Christ Jesus. That's the whole point and we as caregivers, we have to look at. Painful things we have to walk into very painful things that is like the one colored his sheet she shared with us that people don't come and visit.

They don't know what to do. They want to go to the house of sickness and disability in sorrow and death of aging. You know I don't want that we want everything to be pretty and Rosie and and pleasant and all that Stuff. But Jesus invades all of those things. He invaded this world to come into those places is asking us to do the same and he equips us to do the same. So whether it's you know the situation like my father was your preaching at a homeless shelter or your visiting somebody who was sick or you just pick up the phone calling you go in brain that comfort to these others just as someone has done for you. Hope for the caregiver, hope for the If you want more information you want is that our podcast is free.

But when we got 500+ episodes on the list of all kinds stuff and share it with books. If you don't know how to speak caregiver.

Guess what I do fluid, but as our Savior's native tongue. And this is this is what we wanted to do is help people understand we have a Savior deep interested in your distress and is it is extended his arm is not sure to save his ears, not the Mrs. B. Rosenberg back your this is John Butler and I produce hope for the caregiver with Peter Rosenberger. Some of you know the remarkable story of Peter's wife Gracie and recently Peter talk to Gracie about all the wonderful things that have emerged from her difficult journey.

Take a listen Gracie. When you envision doing a prosthetic limb outreach. Did you ever think that inmates would help you do that, not in a million years.

When you go to the facility run by core civic and you see the faces of these inmates that are working on prosthetic limbs that you have helped collect from all of the country that you put out the plea for and their disassembly sell these legs like what you have your own prosody and arms and arms everything when you see all this. What do you make me cry because I see the smiles on their faces and I know I know what it is to be locked someplace where you can't get out without somebody else allowing you to get out course, being in the hospital so much and so long and so that these men are so glad that they get to be doing as as one man said something good family with my hands. Did you know before you became an amputee that parts of prosthetic limbs could be recycled now had no idea and I thought a peg leg. I thought of wooden legs.

I never thought of titanium and carbon legs and flex feet. The legs and all that.

I never thought about that as you watch these inmates participate in something like this, knowing that there there helping other people. Now walk there, providing the means for the supplies to get over there. What is it do to you.

Just on the heart level. I wish I could explain to the world. What I see in here and I wish that I could be able to go and say the this guy right here Denise go to Africa with that. I never not feel that way out every time you know you always make me have to leave. I don't want to leave them.

II feel like I'm at home with them and I feel like that we have a common bond that would've never expected that only God could put together. Now that you've had experience with it what you think of the faith-based programs. The core civic offers. I think they're just absolutely awesome and I think every prison out there should have faith-based programs like this because the return rate of the man that are involved in this particular faith-based program and other ones like it, but I know about this one are. It is just an amazingly low rate compared to those who don't happen and I think that that says so much that has anything to do with me just has something to do with God using somebody broken to help other broken people. If people want to donate or use prosthetic limbs, whether from a loved one who passed away or you know somebody well groomed.

You've donated some of your own for the did it how to how they do that please go to standing with staining with

Thanks Grace

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