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Caregivers Have Tears, But Do We Ever Laugh?

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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January 30, 2021 12:48 pm

Caregivers Have Tears, But Do We Ever Laugh?

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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January 30, 2021 12:48 pm

As Caregivers, we certainly live with heartbreaking circumstances, but is there joy ...and even laughter?  Now in my my 35th year as a caregiver, I don't think Gracie and I could do this without keeping a sense of humor. In today's show, we talk about that, play a few hymns, and take a lot of calls. 

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Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger

Richard you are you doing school on you. This shows like no other. We focus exclusively on those were pushing a wheelchair for those who were staying up late at night, doing laundry, back-and-forth doctors office rehab. Whatever you're somebody different tests or somebody different scenarios with all secure is a chronic impairment. There is a character could be that you take care of somebody who is age. Maybe their special needs child. Maybe you have somebody with trauma in their life, somebody with mental illness, somebody with an addiction or somebody was an alcoholic. Whatever the chronic impairment there's always the caregiver and were glad that you're with us today. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840. The phone lines are open if you want to be a part of the show and we'd love to have right got a couple things that I like to start off with some kind of trivia, some kind of test you what I've found that you guys are a lot faster on the drawl that I expect sometimes of the things that's very cool that's that's exciting that you guys know these things, but I like to see if I can push the line even more to see if you can get this so you know I like to play hymns and that's been a big part of my life and I love the hymns like to try to try to update them a little bit and introduce them to a new audience and play the middle way. Hopefully, that the old audience really likes, and so I I pulled these things out and see if you if you can remember what this hymn is if you know this lyric and there's a, to part of this because I have a Psalm that touches base with this and in this office is when the Lord brought back the captors of Zion, we were like those who dream.

Then her mouth was filled with laughter and our time with Jeff Joyce and Shelley. Then they said among the nations Lord is done great things for them. The Lord has done great things for us. We are joyful in my know someone is know what Psalm that is 888-589-8840 and on that same thing and I love that.

But with that her mouth was filled with laughter and our time with Jack joyful shouting doing. Do we have enough laughter as caregivers we got plenty of tears. The laugh you cut up do you define humor you know I'm in my 35th year as a caregiver.

If I didn't have laughter know what we do it. I made Gracie like explosively laugh at times and that's not an easy thing to do when you're dealing with all the Stuff we deal with and I remember when when she got the coronavirus she was first wonder Kelly out here in in Montana where we live in this way back at the beginning of March and she'd gotten it evidently from going to a specialist to get her legs worked on and she is to prosthetic legs for those who do the audience and gracious, had about 80 surgeries that I can count, but she had a so she would.

We thought she had strep, and that's what it look like and deliver drinks you have coronavirus run middle of nowhere Montana and and so they wanted her to come down to the local community hospital and they said it in grayscale like 103 fever. She's pretty sick. She didn't feel good at all. We didn't know that this was coronavirus or anything we do. We did know, but the nurses like do you have a mask and whatever reason, because I'm just that kind of goofy asset. Well, we have Darth Vader mask with that's got a personal thing and started laughing.

Gracie started laughing and she had a fever would deal with stuff immediately. Just for whatever reason it just I grew up in a large family I have four brothers and a sister, and sarcasm was our native tongue is seem like for for us and my mother, dad, I have to listing hopefully I just got off the phone with them trying to help them stream on the show on Alexa and I go through this pretty rebooked on a regular basis with that's all just making fun of your mom and dad but it's dad loves to laugh and he liked it but it's best recent naval officer and he loves to laugh, but that's not really his thing. He's not known for his witty repartee. But no, my mother come from Irish stock and she is just you know we we we love to banter and it it's a lot of fun at my house and I grew up with that. I think that sustained me through a lot of things is a caregiver that we had this ability to laugh and when I met Gracie she was seen.

She's pretty serious young lady and she she took herself pretty seriously as she was dealing with Sears realities will you will again I grew up in rural South Carolina with a large family of boys and my one sister.

My sisters just as wild as the rest of and we we laugh do you laugh and I end up helping got taught Gracie how to laugh. You know, she took to it she begins.

Gracie got a great since it when she does laugh. She laughs like a drunk Viking. Sometimes, something she just belly laughs it in places that I've seen her do it on live TV and everything else. Do you laugh as a caregiver. If you don't, maybe today's the day you can start.

I do hope that what I started doing the show years ago Jeff Foxworthy you will know him and he told me he said look Peter make him laugh. You know more than most how important it is for people to have that pressure valve release of laughter is a caregiver. Do you do you do you laugh so what I started with the show. I set out to to have some fun with it and I and I I know that what we deal with a series okay.

I know that you're not tell him so that I don't know on that one.

Okay, we deal with Sears realities of my life, but is a roofer laughter and in this particular passage of Scripture. If you know what 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 when the Lord brought back the captors of Zion, we were like those who dream that her mouth was filled with laughter and our tongue with joyful shouting and they said among the nations. The Lord has done great things for them.

The Lord has done great things for us.

We are joyful and there's a wonderful him that pools that particular passage out maybe know this into because I'm waiting on some I know who knows that particular passage of Scripture, baby, know this would open and give him the glory, great things he hath done, you know that when you let him come to the father through Jesus is given the glory, great things he has done. Then they said among the nations. The Lord has done great things for the you know that the Lord has done great things for you. Do you do you know this. Do you laugh if you know this. 888-589-8840 888-589-8040 is a two-part trip you take the Psalm. If you know the Psalm just give away. If you know the Psalm I give you this insult. And then if you know the him if you go to him that you like.

By the way, I will play stump the band here this morning, but if you got a him this particularly meaningful.

Try to play 40. I think I am the only live radio show the country that has a keyboard hooked flight but I love the hands I love music I love to also laugh and integration.

I have we we live life large you life is worth living.

This is our life became to be a long time ago that you know we don't wait for this to get better before we start living a joyful, exciting. This is our life to make the best of it and do and have joyful moments of laughter in the midst of how much you 88858 988-488-8589 88 and this is hopeful to caregiver if you know that passage of Scripture 589-8840 24 seven emergency support increasing safety, reducing isolation, these things are more important than ever. As we deal with the challenges of covert 19.

How about your vulnerable loved ones. We can always check on them or be there in ways we like.

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They have a patented interlocking field adjusting your individual sleep needs and for caregivers trying to sleep in a hospital room chair believing our individual sleep needs get ramped up significantly.

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Pillows receive a discount on anything else on the website. When using your promo code caregiver. That's my promo code caregiver is the first time we were so hopefully she'll do it here and you love she was thinking this edit event many, many years ago. I think she live and band up there with her in this is that if it were doing over Duke University was a big fundraiser for the Children's Hospital with Jeff Foxworthy and his wife Greg and asked us to come to it. Greg just keep cooked it was afterwards in grace is that they're just things that we just wait and this during rehearsal.

He came up to Gracie. He said Gracie Gracie, would you say that I was just cried about talking tears. I had some not just thought that was the funniest thing and you don't do you laugh okay this is what the show is all about that Jeff and I did a whole bit on you might be a caregiver.

If it was hilarious like you know and and I asked him if you do it with me since your write up some jokes. These are jokes is my life and you know one of them was a if you've ever hooked up your dog to your wife wheelchair just to see if it would work which I have done that I have actual footage of that you know and we had injected Christie's you know she's doubling in. Jeff got me a while that I just busted out if anybody's ever seriously or seriously asked you baby. Have you seen my left leg, you're probably accurate since it was it was a lot of fun. Do you laugh is a caregiver.

888-589-8840 some I do my song this morning and I want to go to because there from South Carolina which is where I'm from, so I thought I go to visit Rhonda's Rhonda was Brenda so I bless way from South Carolina, Florence, with what he says that is at Marion County, Florida foreskin I was born and raised in Anderson you know that is there upstate. Yes, there dear Clemson, everybody knows a glimpse of this will.

How are things are. How are things in Florence today. Well, God be the glory which Word and want that atoll that told him thank God my grandmother, my mother's mother was a great all believing and and my mother claimed to be terrible term because the lack of joy and getting care my dad little or 40-year-old height heavily in town, and the matter is refusing I'll help.

I'll help that he's back in the corner and dig into it and that is the way our lack of joy will be as you question anybody request, but like you know the him you know who wrote I don't know, maybe any crime.

I'm not sorry. I wouldn't look it up.

Don't know look at getting together to see something help you hit anybody could Google it will, by the way did into yet, but you can't go wrong if you guess that impressed. She wrote 10,000 him sneaking around with tryout S and that is that may be my all-time favorite hymn and I love this the vilest of leaves the moment from Jesus apart and received the love that the files are getting hard to get there. When I sing that song and play not getting her to get to the vilest offender who truly believes that moment from Jesus apart season when you seen Arnold vilest that that man at him grabbed you need. Do you think your mother would accept some health maybe for me I would be shot if I sit if I sent a copy of my book. He thinks he did except on this night this you like you want Karen to find he will not that's not music that are designed to CD.

She is a hard to let you know what I would still like to send a copy of the book she may. It's very easy to read. I I I am you.

I don't know a lot of big words so it's it's real easy book to read. If I'd known I was going to be rid of. I know knows could be a writer, I would've probably paid a little bit more tension in in the in class I Greg County. Thank you Lottie and it's the first the first book I did a turn in the manuscript. The sucker came back with so much red ink on it. I thought it been stabbed. You know, and you work your you buddy, so IT will put you on hold and I will send you a copy get the address and I want to get get you copy my book is called hope for the caregiver and just give it to your mother and tell her it's for me and say look, here's this knucklehead is deceive himself to wear our welding sheet that that we speak the same language. If I could at center Cibolo peanuts, but it's stellar system knucklehead from South Carolina who's been doing this along to and wanted her to have a copy of this book, in which, just take a moment to read it's you it's it's episodic. It's not linear that you got to read the whole thing in one stretch.

You could open up to any agent or something on and there's things that are hilarious and it Anderson but it's not it's not a help to because I don't tell you or anybody else how to take care of their loved one. But what I didn't point to is what gives us that that anchoring so that like this. The Scripture says that our mouse could be filled with laughter and our tongue with joyful shouting even in the midst of great sorrow, even while tears are flowing on someone put you on hold and will go and get your information here if that's okay right now we you know we Carolinians South Carolina board South Carolina bread when we die will be South Carolina did so all to just share this with you and I'm glad you know you love this him and forgive and forget.

That will put you on hold so don't go away and ranch information. All right, let's see, Linden, Texas, Linda good morning Linda.

Did you know the Scripture one you close you missed it, you missed it by just a couple of dozen you close but are you doing in Texas are arguing here who's who you are somebody you love and care you are. I are you able to share only what kind of surgery is overall I have a lot of problem will tell the surgeon you look down in the mouth you like that you are probably working on will hopefully be asleep but are working on only snuffed out. I will be aware of every I don't want to be aware of when I'm doing that. I get people to get her out of my mouth that will owe you. You're braver than I am when I'm about what is going to be all right. You gotta get it all done in and you can move on and hopefully your mouth as it says our tongue with joyful shouting in the Scripture. Thank you so much for calling I'm sorry to get right.

Listen less. The surgery goes, you go get the surgery done Rita some try to think of what's a good song to read before oral surgery. I victory in Jesus.

That's a good one or regret for search, I heard an old story. Listen I got here. Thank you so much for calling starting get the right of the song, but it is your close your very very close to Nancy Louisiana good morning Macy how you doing I don't know if Romney there but I know that I will anyway I like found 91 song is 91 song. I read every morning so I don't get back around and I don't get another hurricane fell.

I don't know if you are reading this almost stop the coronavirus but but but you can, but I'm glad that you haven't got it yet, but you cannot. You can look it. Whoever dwells in the shelter of the most rock of ages, cleft for me down. You know that would be one that would be inspired by that, I would think so.

A mighty Fortress. I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and fortress, my God, in whom I trust will I would imagine Martin Luther probably had that in mind when he was writing a mighty fortress so about that. Does that help I did I do the best I can with what I got back all right. Thank you for listening and thinking forgive the call to the show here named Jason in Arkansas Jason. We got go to quit writing tomorrow can use. Can you stay on the phone for through the break. I don't go, I will be right back.

This Peter Rosenberg. This is hopefully caregiver. This is the nation's number one show for you as a family caregiver 888-589-8840 888-5898 laugh laugh laugh show next and I want to leave you better than driving you ever struggled to trust God when things happen to you. I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became questioned why God allowed something so brutal to happen to me.

But over time I questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis. We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in Tennessee prison. We also recycle parts from donated lambs.

All of this is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength, please visit standing with to learn more and participate in their brow out when I arrange the sale that you don't tell anybody what this twist is that Teresa set I was because I want to slow down just get unpacked a little bit and Johnny Johnny: we hope she said appears this is this a little slow and I suggest just just singsong. You know, I've Artie got one woman in a wheelchair that argues with me about so I don't need to yell Kelly but I will just keep that twixt us nobody's. Nobody has to know that just stays on the show. Okay don't don't think I've made Johnny left Dobbs and she doesn't know they can be soft but honestly I want to go back to visit Jason Jason in Arkansas.

Jason Highfield are going good about you know Fermanagh. My limited abilities of the good. All right, Jason. We got a brand-new snow here. We got several inches of new snow overnight. It's beautiful outside.

It still little bit dark here in Montana but we had full moon and then we got all this bright snow around so it's this could be a beautiful day was going on. Arkansas well warranted.

Yoke them all off, and then I am going to ask you not or are I love it when callers collated tell jokes that he dealt I had one guy called it that any any told you what it he was little bit belligerent. This is on the show while back and and it was really little bit and but it wasn't a funny joke and he thought it was funny. It really wasn't and I told was that this doesn't offend me as a Christian influenza B is a comedian and so tell me a joke or maraca grandparent. But what the best part about manner hundred and four-year-old lady and what he said I know peer pressure that this is it you're in the ballpark.

I'm not so sure that your bat right now, but you're in the ballpark. So that's pretty good. Jason I feel bad goat mom to learn not bad goat. I would.

Mondo. My anyway, my while they got the big heart that I've ever known about it and she goes in the Lord every day.

As a fan I and he the only one that truly cares about her patient things like because they're there for the money. Other therefore you know for school or something like that because I want to be a larger talk like that in the future, but she's there to provide for her family. Seriously, and she mentioned joke around with her patient everything and sometimes you find her patient lying in a pool of urine and over there their death, almost like a here so she'll get right up in her ear and talk back thanking say that you currently listening and most of the patients that come in there my head trying to their whole attitude Baja radically I think that that's awesome and nobody actually take the lead time to get on the parcel level of the patient will record an account of the bath.

I could give her about not let not get there because of outpatient and older are not been traded as well as she would trade will two things come to mind one of Ms. first off is still a lot of time in hospitals and I am very familiar with with the work of CNA's of these because and you know great Gracie was hurt back in 83 so we, but we been dealing with hospitals for a very very long time and we've had some of the best care and then we passed some that were coming and that was kind of whatever I had to come monitor some these things and it was it didn't go was this wasn't like sweet you. You can imagine how many nurses have you seen a semi-doctor. She's been treated over hundred Dr. so I get the journey.

I have a great deal of of regard and respect for CNA's because it is such a difficult job to go in, day after day of people who are suffering are people who are needy and you're doing very menial task now. If she sees somebody that is not doing their job. Certainly there is a path for that to say, okay, look, we need to bring this to the attention of the appropriate people to make sure that people are being treated properly, that there be careful with respect and dignity but as far as other people being perfunctory on it and doing their job really that's that's kind of out of her. That's out of her area and I would recommend that she just focus on what she's called to do and what she supposed to do what her job is and what she feels in her heart. The Lord has or do you know she can go in and be a huge source of blessing to so many. This sounds like she is an II get that I five come in. Many times into my wife's hospital room and seeing her praying was CNA's or singing hymns together done this many times in and those are deeply rewarding things you know of you be amazed at what just a guess.

Scripture says you know a kind word of widow. It mirrored the hardest made Mary Beth from this the sort of thing and and you'd be amazed at what people can respond to, and even if they are not responsive. I mean she's gone into place in the room for the patient is probably not responsive. Well let you be amazed what their spirits can hear and enough bear witness that was grace so we if we had a CNA that had a lousy attitude. For example, we would we would have them moved. We spent too much time there. This was not a one and done thing with us. This was something that we were back and forth, back and forth or gracious been sometimes months in the hospital so I think that I would for for if you asked me my advice and I want to give up isolate because I don't know your situation as well, but I would say this, you fill up your wife with this much Scripture, enjoy, try to get some better jokes. Jason just kidding you fill up you fill up your wife with this much joy as you possibly can.

When she comes home at the end of the day you let her know how important what she does is and how important she is to you and that's going to give her the wherewithal to draw deep these people that need to hear joy and in ministry and in care from her as she does these things, and as long as you keep putting more Jesus into her. She's going to be able to distribute it better to the patient that she sees and I think that's your that your job as husband that year that your calling as husband that is your you're a great blessing as husband to be able to do that. That's how Christ loved the church.

That's how Christ loves us so that we can go out then extend this that is propulsive week. We give thanks to the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all affliction, so that we may go out and give comfort to those who need comfort and and I think that your wife is going come home and you know this. She comes home after tough days. She sees tough things and as long as she is coming home to husband who recognize that is able to pour into her strength and encouragement and even jokes and and laugh and in no fix for a nice meal. Make sure the house is clean. The more you make it so she didn't have to come home would be a CNA in her home home. I think the better off she's going be able to do with that electric will have about that letter. Thank you for the call that Jason and try and see what happens in and I just let her know that from from somebody who has been the recipient of a lot of care from CNA's thank. I think okay abnormal parking for Shirley. How can I get a holier book for her if you love to read and will miss you like audiobooks know wireless and well I got the audiobook, and it's all is wherever books are sold wherever books are so and and it's called hope the kicker to get another seven caregiver alignment you get it.

The Kindle version of it you can get the print version is wherever books are sold throughout Amazon whatever and you get that copy for it and then the audiobook is out there as well. For those who like that and I read the audiobook read the whole thing if you want to hear me reading the whole thing.

That's for you if you don't I could have done it you. I should've done it with different impressions reading the book you know.

Also will hear from market psychedelic bureaus on Mike Huckabee show and I was imitating Bill Clinton might just put his head down on the desk and he said I've known him for 45 years and you hooked and I could visit Elbit read my book this is for the caregiver and but I probably better for you guys are already laughing out there. So, because already laughing up telling them will leave you better than I found you, but Jason, thank you so much for for for the call and you know what IT would just the heck without today I'm just feeling that way to do it. I'm going to give you a copy of it to give your wife a right to something on the shares of each information out is that you want and income come from from Nashville and will will have sent out to you is I don't have any about here. Yeah, I don't think I have any about here in Montana and Gracie. I live in a very tiny little cabin out here will ever try to figure out what's our next step in media so small he emptied a large pizza outside it it it it today so I let hang on and I get will get information on usage. I hang onto second all right. She is it three in Arkansas. Three yet good morning morning that you said I have to speak slowly because you have a difficult time processing what I'm saying Sharee in my life. I don't think anybody's ever told me to speak slower, I'm from the South, but while I have early onset Alzheimer's and my laying in bed with me and I wanted to call and I will speak I will speak slowly. I got to go to quick break. Do you know what is that obscure Gaither song that you like so much.

Let me online. I now OKAY let me see Jesus so we got to go to break it serene just for you and your husband. I'm going to speak very slowly. Does that help and I got just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned, my name is Abraham Hamilton, third, and this is the Hamilton minute of popular effort in social revisionism is happening where racism which is better described in biblical terms as skin color, base partiality is a crime of which only people of lighter skin color can be guilty.

Let's be clear, factions, divisions and dissensions, including those based on skin color are the fruit of the sinful flesh.

The root cause of partiality is sin.

Every person, regardless of the quantity of melanin in their skin is capable of partiality. The only remedy for sin is the blood listening today from 5 to 6 PM central for the Hamilton Abraham public policy and American family Association hey this Peter Rosenberger never helped somebody walk for the first time I've had that privilege many times through our organization. Standing with hope when my wife Gracie gave up both of her legs follow this horrible Rick that she had as a teenager and she try to save them for years and if it just wouldn't work out.

And finally she relinquished them and thought wow this is that I'm not happy legs anymore.

What can God do with that and then she had this vision for use in prosthetic limbs as a means of sharing the gospel to put legs on her fellow amputees and that's what we been doing now since 2005 was standing with hope. We work in the West African country of Ghana and you can be a part of that through supplies through supporting team members through supporting the work that were doing over there, you can designate a limb. There's all kinds of ways that you can be a part of giving the gift that keeps on walking and standing with what you take a moment ago understanding with and see how you can give they go walking and leaping and praising God. You can be a part of 20 this nation. You as a family.

You want to see more about this quite hope for the EC CD from Gracie if you want to click of the book tab for the books for Gracie's book by books, CDs, my CD Gracie see we got all kinds of stuff out there and I love you take advantage of it. Listen to podcasts of the pockets is free and the blog and our podcast. By the way weekly podcast on this show. But we do other records of it and it is the number one podcast caregivers in the world and subscribe. At any platform. Apple and Google player iHeartRadio. Whatever the platform is you can and podcast our show. We have A bomb stuff up that stuff Gracie on their and would love to have you be a part of this because we need to be hearing you know reinforcements torsos.

I was the bombshell because I got to hear from somebody with my level experience, you know, because this is the journey I'm still a caregiver and and I don't tell people how to do it right. I tell people what I've learned to the process mostly through failure and keeping a sense of humor is a big part of it living. I had to cut off we went to break and had to call Sherry Sharee in Arkansas was street telling him what was the name of that Gaither to that you were talking about.

Let me let me see Jesus.

I'll have to go look that would listen.

You are you will go ahead. Figure 4 just just a little bit as I got a color to get you to be just a little bit first birth dad to bring your MD and I messed up all the work that up for you. But listen, thank you for introducing it to me and I heard you husband near to you to have a fabulous day behave yourselves and I will leave you better than a found and I want you to laugh because I want us to understand it with the Lord brought back the captives of Zion, we were like those who dreamed that our mouth was filled with laughter and our tongue with joyful shouting.

Then they said among the nations.

The Lord has done great things for them. Lord has done great things for us.

We are joyful, you know what we been already set free. That's the whole point. That's what this song that you just saying is that it is all about. We've been set free and so I really do appreciate you bringing that to my mind this morning and and thank you so much for sharing.

And we gotta take another call here. Surely in Mississippi surely good morning.

I fail and right but talk to you one time only one time because I accidentally found this program and I love it and I've told PEOPLE about it, but probably not. Surely were used to people accidentally setting this program were used to the well because the hospice volunteer and well have done all kinds of volunteer knots. That's not been my life.

I'm 84, 85 years old and I'm still doing that kind of thing except for hospice. Now you can hardly go in any place because I got it all locked up but my husband several years ago with Alzheimer's.

That wasn't a pleasant thing that I did do the care given for six years but anyway that's not what I wanted to want to tell you about my pastor and his wife, and she has just finished. I don't know how many months of therapy.

She has cancer and exposed all be gone. I've never seen anyone that had to do so many things to try to get rid of some, but what it is that she's now supposed to be in remission and hopefully it won't come back. Hopefully. But then he my pastor is what he would just have if he thought I was saying this on the radio. We will know he is the best top triad (not on the wagon not too far but say that I'm here. Okay, we will alley them on the air getting ticked because you really you would like him and he, Bonnie, oh yes he has lots of nice to me laughing about were always laughing about somebody he's a dedicated man if I ever have known one and I won't tell you his name and then he'll be safe you know you asked was to he could feel free to call in yeah and I mean because I'm holding two or three times and she just gone yesterday. He tell me he said well I received schoolteacher, but of course can't teach go right now, but he said always that our friend brought around this, and because this is gone on for like five months. While I may not know you know about that kind of thing and so one yeah thanks one of the things I broader that was a puzzle that had a thousand pages and she said with a thousand piece puzzle, but I mean everything, but she still got a feeding tube and she's got in her way back, but these are two people that will give you some tips on getting your weight back.

I have asked struggled in that area of gating way back I mean. One point is that the chapter 1 of the books was excessive weight gain. We caregivers gain a lot of weight and I got so big.

One time at my picture fell off the wall. It will happen, doll eyes, but it's you will you you let him know about the show told you talked about about the show which images day but he's welcome to call and I'd love to hear from them and share how you would love to hear again and I'm sorry to hear that Shirley, I'm sorry I made the Weizmann okay well I don't need to type anymore your time. Right now you are a delight in it means a lot that you're out there listening and and and keep you know what, if you can't volunteer hospice like you been doing all stuff these callers a call in or deal with DIFFERENT things surely would you just remind yourself and and and letter and please just keep praying for them because I know that that's on your heart and you you know the journey you did it and and have the heart of of ministry and just keep praying for me by name as a call in and because this is the hope audibly of us doing the show was to build this community so caregivers know that there their names are important to you, don't we lose our entity is caregivers and went to heaven. We spent for part of 40 some years and southeast Kentucky and he was a builder and that was a life chain this beautiful country over there and not listen. Both of her legs amputated. She has 10 children and are all can still 11 but tell me about that, but by the late make sure that your friend knows and the family knows that we recycle prosthetic limbs. You've heard Gracie story and we have a West African so I have a land that they don't use will take that, but I will because I'll probably talk to her today that I mean she won't have her grandson said let's go for a walk.

Mommy said that she said will only have one lanky said, now there's another one then the other room. I think these are familiar conversations to be, and never lose a deer out in our yard. One time we lived in Nashville and are always there was little boy and he can Kim's running there's mom did you like about this when she was a single empty bucket leg on the guy. Come see this you know you you learn to just it's just life is just life.

And thank you so much for calling this if you if anybody wants to surely appreciate the call if anybody wants to donate you slim. It's very easy good standing standing and you'll see the tab there for the prosthetic limb outreach goes to prison in Arizona where inmates disassembled the legs for us that we take the parts that we can use in an recycle to send them over to West Africa and goes to helping someone else will give you some more. I did I leave you better than you found you the link better than offense.

Psalm 120 6123 when the Lord brought back the Sign. We were like those who dream that her mouth was filled with laughter and our tongues with said among the nations. The Lord is doing great things he has done great give him the glory, great things he has done has done great things can be joyful even in the midst very difficult things as healthcare over the for more information. This is John Butler and I produce hope for the caregiver with Peter Rosenberger.

Some of you know the remarkable story of Peter's wife Gracie and recently Peter talk to Gracie about all the wonderful things that have emerged from her difficult journey.

Take a listen Gracie. When you envision doing a prosthetic limb outreach.

Did you ever think that inmates would help you do that, not in a million years. When you go to the facility run by core civic and you see the faces of these inmates that are working on prosthetic limbs that you have helped collect from all of the country that you put out the plea for and their disassembly sell these legs like what you have your own prosody and arms and arms everything when you see all this. What do you make me cry because I see the smiles on their faces and I know I know what it is to be locked in place where you can't get out without somebody else allowing you to get out course, being in the hospital so much and so long and so these men are so glad that they get to be doing as as one man said something good family with my hands.

Did you know before you became an amputee that parts of prosthetic limbs could be recycled now had no idea and I thought a peg leg. I thought of wooden legs.

I never thought of titanium and carbon legs and flex feet. The legs and all that. I never thought about that as you watch these inmates participate in something like this, knowing that there there helping other people. Now walk there, providing the means for the supplies to get over there. What is it do to you.

Just on the heart level. I wish I could explain to the world. What I see in here and I wish that I could be able to go and say the this guy right here Denise go to Africa with that. I never not feel that way out every time you know you always make me have to leave. I don't want to leave them. I feel like I'm at home with them and I feel like we have a common bond that would've never expected that only God could put together. Now that you've had experience with it what you think of the faith-based programs. The core civic offers. I think they're just absolutely awesome and I think every prison out there should have faith-based programs like this because the return rate at the man that are involved in this particular faith-based program and other ones like it, but I know about this one are is just an amazingly low rate compared to those who don't happen and I think that says so much that has anything to do with me just has something to do with God using somebody broken to help other broken people. If people want to donate or use prosthetic limbs, whether from a loved one who passed away or you know somebody well groomed. You've donated some of your own for them to have it, how they do that please go to standing with staining Thanks Grace one of our generous sponsors here at the Truth Network has come under fire fire from the enemy fire for standing up for family values. Actually one of the biggest supporters of the movie unplanned that talked about the horrors of abortion. Yes, it's Mike Lindell. You've heard me talk about his pillows for a long long time and no doubt big business is responding to Mike Lindell and all this generosity for causes for the kingdom by trying to shut down his business. You can't buy pillows at Kohl's anymore. You can get them on Amazon or you can get them at Cosco there attempting to close his business because he stood up for kingdom values. What a chance to respond, especially if you need a pillow.

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